Police State Raids Family’s Home: “The Fight Has Officially Been Brought To My Front Door”

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    When certified firearms instructor Shawn Moore posted a photo of his 11 year-old son on Facebook the last thing he expected was a SWAT style raid on his home. The picture showed his son, a licensed hunter, holding his new birthday gift, a .22 caliber rifle.


    While Moore’s son proudly displaying his semi-automatic personal defense rifle was completely legal, an anonymous tipster contacted New Jersey’s Department of Children and Family Services and declared that the Moore family was neglecting and abusing their child, an unfounded accusation that led to the mobilization of local police who were apparently not at all concerned with the unconstitutionality of their actions which violated numerous protections of the Moore family including their right to bear arms, their right to be secure in their homes, their right to speak freely, and their right to be considered innocent until proven guilty.

    Of critical importance is that the police who raided the Moore home never even saw the photo.

    “It was all hear say. Just a phone call saying someone saw a pic of a child holding a gun,” reports Moore.

    Shawn Moore recounted the incident at the Delaware Open Carry forums:

    The fight has officially been brought to my front door.

    Last night I was out with a buddy of mine. I got a text from my wife that the cops and DYFS [Division of Youth and Family Services] are at the house and they wanna check out my guns and needed me to open my safe.

    I’m instantly on my way. I get in contact with [attorney] Evan Nappen on the way. I explain the situation.

    I walk in my house and hand the phone to the first cop I see. Then direct all of them outside. DYFS got a call because of a pic of my son holding a gun.

    They wanted to look around and check all my guns out, make sure they were all registered.

    Obviously that didn’t go well because I refused.

    I had Nappen on speaker phone the entire time so they had to deal with both of us. They kept trying to pressure me to open my safe. They had no warrant, no charges, nothing.

    I didn’t budge.

    I was told I was being “unreasonable” and that I was acting suspicious because I wouldn’t open my safe. Told me they were gonna get a search warrant. Told em go ahead.

    Nappen (my lawyer) asked me for the DYFS workers name. She wouldn’t give it. I asked for credentials and she wouldn’t show them. I tried to take a pic of her and she turned around real fast and walked away.

    After a while of them threatening to take my kids, get warrants and intimidation they left. Empty handed and seeing nothing.

    People it can happen that fast.

    Police and Family Services overstepped their bounds when they illegally entered this man’s home, demanded he open his gun safe, and threatened to take away his children because of an anonymous tip based on absolutely zero evidence. 

    This is the world in which we now find ourselves, where an American exercising his right to bear arms is considered suspicious simply because he refuses to give up his Constitutionally protected rights.

    If you resist in any form or fashion you are immediately considered a criminal or terrorist.

    The government and its storm troopers will continue to act brazenly, violating the rights of Americans until they are held accountable. As citizens, we are left with no other choice than to resist the tyranny and fight back, just as Shawn Moore did when they came for his guns AND his children. We can do this by understanding the laws of the land, and by documenting every interaction with officials of the government, who will stop at nothing to pursue their agenda and stroke their own egos.

    They will come to each of our front doors, and when they do, we must resist. We must fight back with every tool our Founding Fathers afforded us.


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      1. The authorities are lucky this man (gun owner – dad) was a reasonable person. They keep this crap up and they are going to start a shooting war.

        • “””Police and Family Services overstepped their bounds when they illegally entered this man’s home,””

          Did the wife by chance LET them in? Probably. Had the door not been opened they would not have come in no matter how badly they wanted to.

          “””They will come to each of our front doors, and when they do, we must resist. We must fight back with every tool our Founding Fathers afforded us.”””

          The door itself is the most powerful tool we have. DON”T OPEN IT. Even the dumbest cop knows they can not enter the door of your home if you do not open it and let them in.

          Unfortunately, the dumbest Citizen has no idea how strong that door is, and still believes the lies of police when they make threats. Turn them off, and tune them out.

          They will go away on their own if they have no warrant and they CAN NOT get a warrant based on an anonymous call or without probable cause.

          After all, they are only looking for a paycheck. Better to let them stand around with their fingers up their ass wondering what to do in your front yard than to have them out harassing somebody else who can’t protect themselves.

          • Let’s quit calling them Officals of the Government, They are PUBLIC SERVANTS and should be adressed in no other way. These people need to be reminded constantly they are our servants not our rulers.

            • Amen to both you Gus and Mr. Moore. It is getting closer to the point of no return for tptb. They have lit the fuse and any day now it will ignite their full scale assault on us. Everyone ready?

              • Speaking of a “shooting war”, I initially thought when I found this article


                …that if someone was starting some kind of “purge”, they were starting too low on the totem pole. The article mentions that there has been a recent rash of officials being assaulted in a similar fashion, the article kinda leads one to think that maybe it’s more than just a coincidence.

                I don’t know about that, but it sure could add fuel to the gun grabber fire.

                • The absolute best course of action here and with any other police abuse cases is AWARENESS. Mac, and other sites that put out articles like this allow the people to see the abuse of the government, and it does help the future people that might come under UNFAIR attack. Someone with a video camera can save a person or family from so much torture. PROOF, when you can get people aware of this, there is a better chance that someone will tape what is going on in their own neck of the woods. Better yet, give a second thought to a bad cop from ever committing police abuse, a crime that can get them put in prison.

                  I can’t stand most lawyers, but when you can hurt the state financially for unfair police practices you accomplish two things. First you help stop the leaders from allowing this to happen because money going out in lawsuits will get you kicked out of office. Second is the police are looking over their own shoulders from someone that can get them nailed for acting like a pig. The main objective here is prevention while society is still functioning.

                  After society falls apart, this is a wild card. I remember that episode after the pilot show of Jericho in which those two convicts were diguised as police. This is something that is likely after chaos erupts, criminals posing as cops or military to gain entrance to someone’s home to steal, rape, or worse. My best advice is still to be as quiet as possible and don’t open the door to anyone. OR get some red spray paint and spell out QUARANTINE across the front and back doors and/or windows. Maybe something like the words; disease, plague, cholera, very sick, contaminated, anything that can scare off those that want something. Worked in World War 2 and other wars because the house down the street without a risk of getting quite ill is a lot safer.

                  My best advice to anyone facing an enemy in pre-SHTF, SHTF, and post-SHTF times is to try to outsmart them. Brute force works if you are Russia or China with mass military hardware to back you up, but the regular prepper/survivalist can win far easier and more battles by fooling or out-manipulating the enemy. This tactic works well also if you have to use physical force at any time. Throughout history many fights have been won by outnumbered armies because they outthought their opponents. The more that all of us can contribute ideas on outsmarting those that want to take our freedoms, the better we all will be if and when we are individually faced with an attack on most fronts.

                • Anybody who thinks fineswine has been beaten back is whistling past the graveyard. Stay on your toes. They will try to sneak or EO something into place. Obunghole et al know that their chances of ramming something through decrease with every event like the attempted theft from bank accounts in Cyprus or the Chase “computer glitch” (Note how such a “glitch” NEVER increases customers’ balances. Would you be raped by overdraft fees while your balance was 0?).

                  This whole thing about “elected officials” being targeted is pure BS. Look how long they go back to find instances of these schmucks being killed. Check it against homicide rates in general sny you willprobably find no increase. These are usually arrogant assholes who try to run roughshod over people in every aspect of their lives anyway. They don’t get so worked up when it’s US being murdered.The police won’t even mention it if these individuals were whacked because they tried to screw their drug supplier.

                  • @Bob, You’re absolutely right that this fight is not over. After the 2014 elections, however they come out, it is my belief that the president will issue what ever executive orders are required to effect closure on the gun and magazine issues. That’s when the final gauntlet will be thrown to the ground and all the talking will end.

                    Notice that there hasn’t been a lot of coverage or speculation about the motive behind the shooting of the CO corrections chief. If TPTB heads around the country didn’t immediately snap up and have them paying attention when this shooting was announced, they’re a lot dumber than we think they are. My first thought was: a hit by an irate citizen to wake them up. I wonder how many more it’s going to take to get them to PAY ATTENTION.

                  • @Navy Vet, you’re right there is little speculation about why the CO chief was murdered. Our own Michael Francke case here in Oregon is another example of a corrupt system/institution purging the investigator.

                    The similarity here, is in BOTH cases, the Chief was NEW from another institution.

                    Perhaps this newer one was the same thing as the Francke case—a dept of corruption murdering the investigator who was going to tear down their little profit system.

                • Funny, that was the first thing I though given the new colorado gun law.

                  • come on people, executive orders don’t mean doodly squat. none of the basTURDs in d.c. can take away a right they had no part in giving us. our rights come from the ALMIGHTY. PERIOD.

            • Amen to both of you Gus and Mr.Moore. Are you all ready for the battles coming soon? TPTB have lit the fuse a while back and they are waiting to go full scale against us. Real soon.

            • I’m with you also Gus. I always refer to all of them as our servants. They work for us. Much like a maid. Hired and paid by us to do a job.

          • Wrong–an anonymous call is all CPS needs in Tn.–I had a preschool/daycare for 4 years.
            Parents with children disenrolled due to non-payment will do just that…CLAIM they saw something, it’s anonymous, so they are covered.
            I had several visits; disruptive, yes, and ALWAYS followed up with a call saying ‘you’re doing a good job’ and keep it up. Complaint unwarranted.

            • Wrong. I live in Tn and had one made against me. The lady came out the house, I opened the door and she identified herself with my kids standing right by me at the door.

              She said she had an anonymous tip about the kids and she needed to come in and talk to us. I said do you have a sworn affidavit, she said no.

              I pulled the kids back inside and told her to leave the property, her services were not needed.

              She said But I NEED to talk to the kids. I said no you don’t and I have nothing else to say either. then I closed the door in her face.

              She went out to her car and called the cops. They knocked LOUDLY on the door for 45 minutes while me and the two boys sat inside.

              Eventually, they left and have never returned. That was almost two years ago.

              There is no obligation to answer them. they represent a corporation trying to force services on you. refuse the services and send them on their way.


              • In addition, you must understand that the ONLY information they can use against you is what YOU give the.

                SAY NOTHING and ANSWER NOTHING. They will be forced to work with the evidence they have, which is none. Then they have no dispute with you.

                • Great advice GC.

                • Exactly, GC! If they actually HAD anything substantial, they would have come with a frigging warrant, and they wouldn’t have asked permission.

                  To me, its kind of like those vampire movies, where they can’t come in unless you invite them in.

                • They are trying to get you to provide evidence for their case against you. I read a site where one retired OH cop admitted just that. He said that if he had probablecause for a warrent, he hed it in hand when he arrived. He also said that government schools would usually let CPS talk to your child alone, even if you had forbidden them to. CPS will probably drop their witchunt quickly if you stand up to them. GC is right that your best course of action is to terminate contact right away. Do NOT let them “because you have nothing to hide”. They will twist anything to fit their agenda.

                • Exercise your right to REMAIN SILENT,DO NOT CONSENT TO ANY SEARCHES,request an attorney.

              • But they were your kids–these were not mine–but kids in my care and the state could have made it hard on me.
                I was not abused; glad to show what I teach.

              • GC: I wish that more people understood their rights as you do. Without a warrant, they’re just fishing. If you’d opened your door the cops could have fabricated some ‘probable cause’ to force their way in and later claim it was an ‘honest mistake’. However, if someone such as a teacher or medical professional calls and makes a formal complaint, it’s a different story. In your case, as with many anonymous reports, it’s often someone with a grudge againts you that made the call. By keeping your wits about you and insisting on your 4th and 5th amendment rights, you’re still a free man. And having a good attorney like the fellow in the story helps too.

                • Makes no difference if a complaint came from a doctor, or teacher- they still need a warrant if they didn’t personally witness anything

                  • allen reynolds: You missed the point entirely. They are not anonymous folks when they identify themselves as teachers or medical professionals who are, by law, required to report any neglect or abuse. THAT’S enough for an order for removal by a judge or magistrate. Read your state’s laws on this. In these types of cases a warrant isn’t needed, just an order for removal and observation/examination to determine the validiy of the complaint.

              • Should have dropped a dime……911….armed intruders
                dressed as Law Enforcement attempting to kick in my door.
                Kinda makes them look stupid…….deny everything

            • you know, I could NEVER understand how some folks will $ bail out on the caretakers of their hopefully most precious thing–their children!!!!!! Makes no sense does it?

          • “.. Even the dumbest cop knows they can not enter the door of your home if you do not open it and let them in.”


            Does the phrase ‘dynamic entry’ ring any bells?

            • Not without a warrant.

              • They can enter your home without a warrant if exergent circumstances exist. Examples are Felony in Progress, Evidence will be destroyed, Danger to Human Life.

                A practical example would be a domestic violence call. The husband or boyfriend answers the door and says everything is fine but will not let the cops talk to the wife or girlfriend who does not show herself. The cops have a duty to make sure the female is OK and not bleeding to death in the backroom.

                The best thing is for everyone to tell the cops or anyone else to stay off their property unless they have a warrant. The biggest mistake is to open the door and talk to them. Don’t let them get a foot in the door so to speak. Speak through the door or step outside and close the door behind you. Always tell them you are exerting your Fourth amendment rights as well as your Fifth Amendment rights. Videotape and or record everything. If you have been drinking don’t step out on the porch. They will fabricate a drunk in public arrest. Your front porch is considered a public place.

                • I don’t know much about law but how can your front porch be public place when it is private property? I think not answering the door is the best answer because you just never know.

                  • You don’t get a beer summit with the prez.

                • No, do not step outside. If you step outside they can arrest you. If you stay in the house with the door closed, they cannot arrest you without breaking down the door.

                  In Indiana that is grounds to shoot them.

                  • DK, What would be the probable cause for them to arrest you if you have not committed a crime?

                    You do make a good point though about opening the door. They could detain and handcuff you for “officer safety” since a gun is mentioned. Also, if you do open the door and they see anything that might be considered illegal,or evidence, they could make entry and seize the evidence in plain sight then freeze the location pending obtaining a search warrant. If they did this, they would then have the right to make a “Protective Sweep” of the entire home for officer safety, to look for anyone that could harm them. They could search anywhere in the house where a person could hide. If they found something else while searching for a person (protective sweep), it would hold up in court.

                    Best advice is what DK said. Don’t open the door.

                  • If they have a warrant for your arrest, then it would make sense to go outside and shut the door behind you. That way, you keep them out of your house, which they otherwise have legal right to enter to make the arrest. Once inside, all kinds of things can go wrong from there.

                    Without a warrant, it’s harder to enter and have it stand up. But once you are outside your house, it’s considered “public” which introduces a lot of other laws (i.e., public intoxication) and PC becomes pretty easy. Why invite it? Maybe after getting cuffed and hauled into jail, fingerprinted, and left to stew overnight you’ll get the BS charge dropped. But why invite it to begin with?

                  • I think you can make them get a warrant you can read, instead of this “call over the radio” bit. The retired OH cop admitted he lied to and tried to intimidate, bully, and bluff people.

              • I’ve seen videos of them kicking the door in and firing (50+ rounds) at this vet. They claimed he fired first but he hadn’t even pulled the trigger back. Plain assassination! And they CLAIMED he had been selling drugs– no proof of that either! Videos on Drudge report.

                Similar incident in Delaware few years ago– a vet was just sitting on his front steps when cops surrounded him and began firing tasers at him. He stood up and tried to put his hands up but tasers prevent you from moving much. He was killed too– all he had in his pocket was a pocket knife. Cops claimed he may have been involved in selling marijuana.

              • Have you ever heard the term “No Knock Warrant”?
                That means that the front door is laying in the middle of the living room floor and the the cops are rummaging through your house, then MAYBE you get to see the warrant.

                • “No Knock Warrant”? Yes, I have heard of it. Have you heard of the “No Knock Response”? In Indiana it will get an LEO killed.

                  An armed society is a polite society. A man’s home is his castle. If you plan to cross the moat and penetrate the walls, expect hot oil from the ramparts.

                  Just saying.

            • Seems to ring one about the 4th Amendment and the use of deadly force against Unlawful entry.

              Other than that, it must be some term the corp created to justify the Unlawful acts of its officers.

              We are talking about CPS and an anonymous call. Not an interrupted 911 call, which is certainly a probable cause to believe assistance is needed and has been requested.

              Under normal circumstances, yes they KNOW the power of the front door and silence.

              • You’re welcome to argue with all the legalese that you want, but debating the semantics of the law isn’t likely to have much practical effect when the flashbangs come crashing through your windows.

                Legal or not, dynamic entries are now SOP throughout much of the USSA.

                • That’s why you use Security Film on your windows. Google it.

                  • Sierra Dave:

                    Methinks my point passed you by at an altitude of about 20,000 ft.

            • countered by “Dynamic exit via 7.62” .Thats how it will have to be. Peace

              • Barterman….I agree, that’s what I would want to do also. But having said that, have you considered the next actions by the ptb…ie a platoon of swat goons surrounding your house and it all ending when you and perhaps members of your family are dead and/or your house burned down around you.

                Realistically, until SHTF day there’s not much by way of armed resistance “WE THE PEOPLE” can do without ending up dead…and they know it!

                • i agree MD ,but at some point them thoughts are going to have to be put aside ,just as those that ran onto the beach at normandy were’nt thinking about what was going to happen after they did it ,they just did it because it needed to be done ,i by no means put myself on the same level as those brave men that made there selfless sacrafice ,BUT! at some point we will have to step up to the plate to continue those freedoms that they gave there live’s for

          • Its not the homeowners fault no matter what. You are suggesting that its two wife’s fault that is just ignorant.

          • Absolutely correct GC, if they HAD a warrant, they’d probably just have kicked it in to start with. Remember, any time they ask permission, they DON’T have the authority to do it, or they’d just do it.

          • @GC, that was my first thought as well. Did she open the door and invite them in? If she did it is on her but come on who would think that there was a problem and you don’t know what they said when she did answer the door. Lesson to be learned: Don’t open the door.

            I read an article the other day about people who have been evicted from a home who have RV’s are parking them on the streets near where they lived so there kids can go to the same school. Anyway the neighbors would complain about an RV parked on the street and the cops would come out and have them leave.

            Now the people have learned that if they do not answer the door on the RV the cops cannot do anything but marfk the tires and ticket them if they are there 24 hours later.

            Here is some thing I learned many years ago that some of you may need to use some day. If you are living in a trailer and or motor home and Johnny law tries to have it towed away or force you out of it you need to use the term “sole residence”. They by law cannot have it towed or confiscate it for bad tags etc. if you use that term. It means this is my home and principle residence. In most of not all states it puts a stop to any further action.

          • unfortunatley, they can come in “in some cities”…Ours just recently passed an ordinance that allows a building inspector to enter your home with the escort of law officials and DFS just based on suspicion that the dwelling could be an endangerment to said occupants. It’s the game of zigging & zagging to gain access.
            Our rights are being ignored…This proposal was never brought up for a vote. It was implimented by political heads in our city government. They have already flexed their new muscle and some have been taken into custody for trying to stand up for their privacy – you just don’t answer the door but they will keep coming back until you do… Can anyone say the fourth Reich?

          • You can bet that this ain’t over. The CPS worker and the Police School Resource Officer will get the kid at school, take him to a private room and double team him with leading questions to get him to say something against his parents.

            It is not only vital to instruct your wife what to do but your kids as well.

            • So the CPS worker needs to be OUTED: name, place of work, phone number, the works. These criminals only feel “invincible” when they can hide the mask of anonymity. Maybe this heartless clueless bitch should have to feel as uncomfortable in her little bubble world as this man was made to feel in his home

              • Property deeds are public record. The internet can be a beautiful thing.

                • put a lean on the control freak’s property.

                  • sorry lien is not spelled ‘lean’, duh.

            • I think CPS is a major problem. The social workers and lawyers who get paid to be a guardian ad litum to the children have an attitude that they are the only ones who knows what is right for the child. In many localities, they get a monthly stipend for every child under their care. They also get fees for supervising parental meetings for children that are in custody. Is it any surprise that they try to find ways to confiscate more children? Perhaps this will improve as more local governments need to decrease spending.

          • you advise on resitance is based on the assumption that the rule of law still exists, as if warrants or lack thereof will make a difference. When rule of law goes out the window, might is right.

          • In some cities/counties public employees are required to wear id or a badge showing their name and department. If they do not, citizens are encouraged to ask for them or to call 911 to report possible impersonation of a public employee. So I wonder if that Family Services worker had the legal right to refuse her name. I do not belive she did. In my county she would not have that right of refusal. At that point she could be asked to leave the porperty. Her failure to do that might constitute trespass. The police would then be bound to enforce her removal or arrest her for tresspass.
            The police/swat team could also be ordered to remove themselves immediately unless they could present a warrent. I would have required all but one officer off the property prior to my talking with them unless they could present a warrent. The big thing here is to NEVER escalate your tone or wording. They take that as a threat and may respond with force. And while many remain peace officers, many others are not.

          • Unfortunately things will not work out the way “God’s Creation” believes. When you refuse entry, the response will be somthing like this:

            A reasonable citizen would let us in to talk – after all we (authorities) only want to look after the welfare of the children. Therefore, there must be somethig to the complaint. If there is something to the complaint, then children may be in danger – after all, we know firearms are involved. If the authorities believe someone is in danger they don’t need no stinking warrant……they now have probable cause. In their eyes, we now have potential hostage situation; so the SWAT team will be dispached. The authorities WILL escalate the situation. They can, and will, resort to forced entry. When they perpetrate a forced entry, it WILL be with guns drawn.
            The survivors WILL be arrested.

            This incident turned out OK because the citizen DID let them in and had an attorney on the speakerphone.

            I’m ont condoning the adbication of anyone’s rights and I am not defending the Gestapo, but this is reality in the Amerikan Police State. Happens every day.

          • easier said than done. overzealous cops will break down your door, weapons in hand ready to shoot, killing as many household occupants as possible. then they will say something like you refused to open the door, that you said you had a gun ready to fire, etc etc and they had justified reason to break the door down, storm the house and shoot. a few more cases like this and the citizenry had actually better be prepared to shoot it out, later claiming fear for life because the “cops” never showed any identification or search warrant so could have been criminals or thugs trying to raid a peace loving house

          • Not opening the door is not always enough anymore. It’s not uncommon for them to force their way in an use ‘exigent circumstances’ as a phony excuse. Popo don’t like to hear no, no.

        • In an interview with the father, he and his lawyer both said that the police were very respectfull and they were only there because cps requested their presence. Both of them said they had no problems with the LEO’s whom were respectfull and profesional. All the threats came from the woman CPS broad. That being said this story seems to be very misleading, plenty of bad cops out there whom do shity things everyday but when the person involved in the incident has not a bad word to say about the LEO’s on scene it seems to contradict this whole article!

          • DD,

            The truth is, once those guys showed up with CPS they became criminals. They may have been nice criminals, but they actively assisted a government agent in the abuse of rights of a Citizen by creating an armed threat of force.

            Had they been good cops, they would have arrested the CPS agents and protected the rights of the Man at his home.

            More proof that you can not be a good cop in a bad system. If you allow the abuse and look the other way while it happens, you may as well cause it. If you don’t stop it when you do see it, you in fact have caused it.

            And if your sole purpose there is to present an armed threat of force in protection of an officer committing Unlawful act, how can any action you take be good?

            When cops are appreciated for not hurting someone, rather than helping them, the end can’t be far off.

            • My friend: I will go with CPS every time just make sure they don’t break the law. There have been serval times where I have stopped them from taking kids from there family or I made them contact a family member to come and get the kids. I have also taken kids away from some of the lowest scumb in the world. It is better that we go and find a child that is OK, than to find one beaten so bad he or she can’t talk or move or dead. You can bet that when I find one that has been abused, IT TAKES ALL I HAVE NOT TO KICK THE LIVING SH8876 OUT OF SOMEONE FOR HURTING A KID. I have been a cop for over 30 years and I have seen almost everything!

              • “””My friend: I will go with CPS every time just make sure they don’t break the law. There have been serval times where I have stopped them from taking kids from there family or I made them contact a family member to come and get the kids. I have also taken kids away from some of the lowest scumb in the world. “””

                Going with them is a crime on it’s own, unless they are in possession of probable cause AND a signed warrant.

                You have stopped them from kidnapping kids, and instead forced someone to give them to a relative and subject themselves to to lowest indignities while begging and pleading for their return.

                And you have also taken it upon yourself to remove children based on your own judgement, as though it is your call. IT IS NOT.

                They probably thought you were the lowest scum on the earth, but that gives them no rights over you just like it gives you no rights over them.

                You are not protecting anyone by going with CPS. you are creating an armed threat to their victim.

                • “Going with them is a crime” … ummmm. What law is broken there GC ? So showing up at the door with CPS without a warrant is a crime ? ….Sorry, it is not.
                  So the officers should have arrested the CPS official ? Once again, name the crime.

                  Love some of the wording used in the article. The police “mobilized”…ummm, both of them ? “Raided” ? So flash bangs were thrown in, doors blown off their hinges ? Nope, they knocked and were let in.

                  So what rights were violated, what laws broken here ? Was CPS out of line…yep, but that’s CPS for ya….

                • GC: I strongly suggest you hire a very good attorney if you don’t already have one because you don’t know spit about the law. When it comes to children and the elderly the cops can remove them from an environment without a warrant if they believe that that person is in danger, and if you interfere with the removal you’ll also be arrested. If the officer arrests you for assault and it sticks, say goodbye to all your guns because in most states you’re now a felon. Every state has tough laws on the books that give the cops this broad authority. Don’t have to believe me, just ask your attorney.

                • I Agree with Sgt Dale. Some people are not fit to be parents not everytihing is a conspiracy, those children must be taken away to a save place. However in this case from what I understand The child is happy and. If someone saw that the boy was playing Cowboys and indians whit his friends useing this gun then it would be another story.Children should not play whit real guns

              • Sgt Dale: I appreciate your participation here. As a citizen I want to encourage you to be pro active about OUR Second Amendment rights within your department and community.

                I realize that guns make your job more dangerous, but if guns were confiscated, violent criminals would still have guns, and these are the people who most endanger the lives of OUR officers.

                Understand that the NWO WILL come for OUR guns, eventually. They cannot allow Americans to retain their guns and ammo and dissolve the US Constitution in favor of the North American Union under UN auspices.

                Sgt Dale, that is their goal, make no mistake about it. If that statement were not true, a North American Secretariat would not have been put in place to take control when the NWO believes that moment has arrived.

                Americans have a moral and patriotic duty to shoot ANYONE who comes for their guns. Engage.

                • d kidd
                  you are 100% correct most people dont know anything
                  about plans on gun control it has nothing to do with kids
                  being killed. if it did then they would care about the kids being killed in all these countries their invadeing
                  those countries are resisting the NWO and america is doing the dirty work to bring them down their not
                  terroist their people just like us now the NWO is
                  at our door now those so called terroist are laughing
                  at us and know one coming to up us our own military will kill us just like them if ordered to GET READY

              • Thanks for your input Sgt. Dale. It is good to hear the perspective of one of the good guys in blue.

              • Sgt Dale, I appreciate what you are saying…you took the high road.
                I taught public school for 6 years.
                I saw some tragic situations, and we both know it is better to be with a relative, a loved one, than placed in a foster home.
                Thanks for your service. The times they are achanging.

              • Seems to be the norm that CPS gets it backwards almost every time.

              • Sgt. Dale, you are of the ‘old school’ mentality when the motto for police was ‘to protect and serve’. I dated an officer like yourself several years ago and heard many instances where he helped instead of arresting. For example, instead of arresting one man for OUI, he drove him home because the guy’s wife just left him (which was why he got drunk – and no priors). He would only arrest someone if the circumstances warranted it. That is no longer the case, however, Now, the motto appears to have become ‘to seek and arrest’. I remember my ex saying many times that ‘the new guys coming on the force now “think it’s for real”.’ I wish there were more like you still on the force.

          • Here’s a link to a video about CPS and the Senator who was gunned down after she started fighting the corrupt system she exposed.


            This might explain why it was the child worker who was most despicable, not the LEOs.

          • … “They kept trying to pressure me”. < That, Sir, is not being respectful.

          • Was it the cops or the CPS who wanted to look at all his guns?

          • DD. Your post is not exactly correct. In a televised interview Mr. Moore stated that the police instructed him that they were going to search the house and his safe to 1.) determine that fire arms were properly stored. 2.) to catalog and check the serial numbers of each firearm he owned. As far as him saying they were respectful, etc , I can’t comment on that, it wasn’t part of the interview I saw. I think your missing the whole point of why people are concerned.


        • They’ll get their shooting war when they arrive at my door, except Ill be behind them with their death in my hands. Early detection is key.

        • The fascist state has and will continue to try an push wherever they can. They will use gun owners as the fault for anything that happens in the months and days to come.

          TPTB despise Americans an will continually act against us. Some have said what can you do, but this shows you can resist.
          One, his wife was probably afraid, shocked, and had no idea of what to say or do. Keeping everyone well informed in your family and with your friends goes a long way.

          Also, anyone should know that FB is not your friend or to be use as a trust worthy site!!!!

          B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

        • This is one reason I would never post any family pics on facebook. People invite most of their troubles.

          • No worries if you live in a flyover state. Maybe not. Good thing I did not post the picture of my daughters 9 n 12 standing over a bloody deer with a black rifle. 10 years and 20 deer later… Praise the Lord.

        • Sounds like the US is going into Syria. Benghazi and other things ring a bell? Things are not going well.

        • Most importantly, NEVER open the door when the police are at the door. LOCK IT and talk through the door. An unlocked door is considered an invitation to come in.

          NEVER let them in the house because that is an approval to search the premises.

          If they request to enter, tell them that you do not consent to a search. If they say they want to talk, then tell them to talk with you through the door. Ask what the purpose of their visit.

          Tell them you are retaining your rights not to speak to them. And only in the presence of a lawyer. If you can, you should be calling a lawyer. Call someone accessible that can help.

          If they say they have an order to search. Request to see the warrant. Do not open the door.

          It is becoming increasingly problematic where the police will attempt to deceive you. In fact, it has been ruled as permissible for law enforcement to lie. Request to view the warrant through the glass or at a window. Make sure it has a judge’s signature.

          DO NOT go outside.

        • Tom say: You’re right.These government thugs are going to push too far, too many times, and they’ll ignite a civil war.

          • My thoughts exactly Tom. However, the military have been trained to uphold the Constitution above all else. They are becoming increasing disenchanted with our corrupt government (I sometimes wonder if that is why most are kept deployed oversees). More veterans supported Ron Paul than any other candidate last presidential election. So, I have to wonder, if it came down to mass riots against a ‘police state’, will the military step in, engage in ‘civil disobedience’ and opt to uphold the Constitution….. military v. police?

        • If they did start a shooting war, the police would kill him, the victim would be labelled a terrorist, his child taken away, and the story declared a victory for law enforcement, it happens every day. Any retractions would show up on page A16.

        • Shawn had better make sure his lawyer requests that all records of the incident (police and DYFS)are expunged and that he has not been placed on the do not fly list and as a person of interest in the national crime database or he will not be able to purchase a firearm.

        • As a former officer I say you bet your arse they are going to start a shooting war.. each of those officers could have been in body bags that day and for what? Violating their oaths of office.. Where is the respect of their badge where is their SELF RESPECT? Not one of them stood up to say stand down brothers? WTF is wrong with Law Enforcement these days? If something does happen they will lie and make something up no doubt. If something does happen I hope camera’s will be there for all sides to see the atrocities our police are doing to terrorize their own people !!!!!! arg..

          • Rick, I have seen more lies in police reports than truth. I have seen abusive police practices that are never questioned by the Court. A judge believes what he/she reads in the police report – even though so much of it is fabricated to substantiate an unlawful arrest. I have seen over-zealous prosecutors fresh out of law school refuse to apply the law to a case and railroad someone into a jail sentence.

            I have seen judges completely ignore the law and subjectively decide a man’s fate. It’s too often the petty offender who does time for a misdemeanor and and thereafter become systematized.

            The ‘judicial system’ stinks. It has become a business that needs to be funded by the petty criminals who must pay exhorbitant fees to the court simply because they were arrested – whether or not there was any probable cause for the arrest.

            The sad fact is that any of us can be arrested at any time for no reason at all.

      2. AMEN. Good for Mr. Moore.

        Too many times we find that the authorities don’t really care about the Constitution.

        My question is why if you are a Democrat does it mean that you want to tear up the Constitution? I’m not saying that anyone in this case was Democrat or Republican, but if you look at all the anti Constitution legislation being introduced both in federal and state legislatures, it’s always a Democrat who wants to take away freedoms.

        The goal of socialism is communism.

        Remember this.

        God Bless,

        • The Republicans propose plenty of freedom-hating legislation. I encourage you to look more deeply.

          The goal of both socialism and communism is to enrich the oligarchs at the expense of the middle class.

          We need bitcoin.

          • Fascism and Communism have a common thread and that is control. It appears that for the most part these two formerly opposing forces have united with Fascism at the top doing the directing and Communism below being used as the tool to control the masses. Sometimes a tad of one leaks into the domain of the other which drives the adherents of the opposing ideology angry as hell. They’re all marching to the same place down a parallel road.

            • Fascism and communism both are products of Marx. Watch the documentary “The Soviet Story”.

              • Fascism and Communism have another thing in common. They are collectivist in their basic philosophy. Socialism is also a collectivist concept.

                Only a philosophy founded in individualism will allow men to be free.

            • Whatever you call it, it’s an exclusive club and WE’RE NOT IN IT!

          • the Repub’s took over my state in the last election

            they refuse to cap one of the countries highest gas taxe

            they want to bring back payday loans with usurious interest rates

            unemployment is UP

            they passed a law interfering with local zoning laws

            they refused to stand up for the 2nd Amendment

            the first thing the Governor did was give his personal staff
            a big pay raise (state employees havent got a raise in 4 years)

            he bought himself a new SUV (excuse me taxpayers bought him
            a new SUV,I guess the ash tray on the old one needed to be emptied ?)

            and now they have announced they want to tax personal services

            meet the new boss


            ha ha ha

            jokes on us


            • and then there is this


              “He has proposed boosting the gasoline tax from 19 cents to 33 cents a gallon and hiking car license plate fees by 60 percent, firmly grabbing what many politicians consider a third rail for consumers — gasoline prices.”

              but don’t worry kids

              “This is common sense,” he declared

          • Bitcoin? OMG! If you dont hold it physically you dont own it. The net goes down and where and what good is your bitcoin? Jebus, buy gold, silver, ammo, food etc. HOLD it in the house/trunk of the car where ever.. Possession is 9/10th of the law NOW.. TSHTF it will be 100% law. No power, no bitcoin.

          • You need a tat on your “four head & rist”.

        • Crap like this is what makes government look an evil enemy of the people. I hope his taxes are in order and his dog is properly licensed and tagged with up to date shots and that he still has tread life on his tires and a light for his license plate. He is now a “Red Flag” in all dealings with government and transportation.

        • There is no difference between Dems and Reps. Most of them are part of the problem. They do not care about us, only what works for them. I see more and more of this happening. Resist!!!

        • Your question became moot immediately upon the mention of democrats.

          No question concerning a political party is relevant to our real problems and is a waste of precious mental energy better put elsewhere.

          Political parties are a diversion of the banksters to divide the people. Nothing else.

          To be either a democrat or a republican, is to be an idiot who ignorantly serves the banksters and their corp.

          • People… please pay attention to what GC just said here. Political parties are an illusion. Until our minds are free, we will be hopelessly enslaved.

            These federal, state, county and local corporations serve only one function which is ultimately to funnel the fruits of your labor and freedom into the top of the pyramid through the careful and methodical use of taxation, fines, usurpation and policy enforcement.

            In England, they have dozens of major and minor political parties. They’re people have been under this type of control much longer than we have in America so they have layered on many “choices” to make the people feel like they are empowered. It’s all bullshit! Please don’t waste energy on it.

          • GOP vs Dems
            Right vs Left

            who gives a damn? Two butt cheeks, side by side, with the same shit spewing out of them every day

            • SOS

              Agreed wholeheartedly

              Spineless assholes..and all of em!
              The sooner the purge..the better.


        • You really think this is OVER?

          I’ve dealt with these assholes. It’ll be “over” when the kid’s 18. He better not have any more if he values his sanity.

          It ain’t over. Not even close. They’ll have a file on him as long as the Encyclopedia Britanica by now and they’ll be looking for the slightest excuse. Kid gains a little weight from eating cafeteria food? To foster care with him!

          Trust me. This is very, very far from over.

          • Its not over, because we need to find out the name, address and phone number of this heartless witch from CPS, and publish it in every corner of the Net. We start to start realizing that the only way to deal with an ambush is to attack it head on, ASAP

        • Really, Norse Prepper??
          Wasn’t G.W. Bush the one who instituted the Patriot act and appointed Governor Tom Ridge the 1st director of Homeland Security? Weren’t they both members of the Republican Party? Wise up, the left/right paradigm has been proven an illusion long ago!! Neither the Patriot Act nor Homeland Security are about giving you MORE rights!!

        • i’m a republican and i disagree. the repubs spearheaded all the drug war and terrorist war legislation that rewrote our Constitution.

      3. love the sneakers!!!

      4. Please tell me that they are suing for their Constitutional Rights. We always hear about such incidents but never hear if these “Government” agencies were put in their place. Also were the individual government employees sued for professional malpractice. Would really love to know.

        • To stop this shit , Civil suits on the individuals who carry out these acts is what will do it.

          sueing the tax payers doesnt seem to hurt bad enough, and people (citizen tax payers that foot these bills ) arnt getting mad enough about it….yet

          • Not only sue the dept,you also sue the perps in their personal capacity….they cant violate your rights and hide behind the dept…and they know it!

            • The CPS bitch was in the wrong and knew it. That’s why she turned away when somebody tried to photograph her.

        • Suing requires a retainer which, most families do not have available.


        • That kind of thinking will lead us right down the path to a police state. If you fear for the government seeing your pictures than we’ve already lost.

          • lead us to a police state?..where the fuck have you been ..were already there

        • Mclovin, I pretty much have to agree. I rule my life based on 2 things; 1) OpsSec and 2)something my grandfather always told me…”No one needs to know your business”

          As for the actions of Mr Moore, cudos to him for knowing his rights and telling this people to go shit in their hat!! More Americans need to start understanding their rights and not giving them up. As for Facebook, stay far away, no reason to know that your friend is eating a grilled cheese sandwich while playing Call of Duty. I, for one, have too many other things to do.

          • He is fortunate they hadn’t already trumped up “probable cause” and they left when ordered to do so.

        • other wise known as OPSEC!

        • Mclovin- true indeed. You make a good point.
          Only possibility I could think of is, maybe he was using FB to promote his firearms instructor business. And thought the photo of his boy would help attract some clients. Still….it’s not without it’s risks. Personally,I never use social media.

          • and the “cloud” and amazon. old school preppers prob know this but the new kids may not think about it. and pcmag dot come has a story about amazon teaming up with cia for $600 million cloud deal. link to follow.

          • Facebook is just as stupid a thing a person can sign up to do. Any social media is just another tool that can be used against. For my own OPSEC I cannot be real forthcoming on details but will say that I helped develop a program for skip tracing two years ago.

            We were able through various means follow a person 24 hours a day. Example, They can tell by using the new water meters and your electric bill what time you get up in the morning, take a poop or pee, turn on the drip coffee maker, start the dish washer and the list goes on throughout the day. That’s just from your electric and water meter. They can tell from your debit card where you by your gas, how much, average use. They can tell from your credit report what kind of car you have and the estimated gas mileage.

            My point is everything you do is recorded some where and if some one wants to know they can put the pieces together like a puzzle. You have all heard of the underage guy or girl who gets busted for driving under the influence. Attorney says it was a once in a life time mistake and the DA shows pictures from their Facebook page showing them partying like a mad dog on a regular basis.

            Some day I will write up a full post on how to go off the grid for reals. Till then I have to tell you that the more you share the more they know. And the more they know the more they can use it against you.

            • BB…excellent points(doesnt apply to me personally) most people are very wired into the grid so to speak.

            • Employers are checking FB now when you apply for a job.

            • That goes for posting on anti gov’t intrusion websites too.

        • Smart move on Mom standing strong.
          I hope the Federal civil rights lawsuit has already been filed.
          Once again it was the ‘anonymous caller’ who alerted authorities after something they saw on FB.
          Facebook facial recognition software
          Facebook Photo recognition & photo tagging software
          Facebook word/key phrase monitoring
          Free Facebook email account set up (hah)

          At this point, there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind about this hideous data mining operation masquerading as a social networking site that keeps your data forever.
          There are thousands of photos of thugs and gang bangers signifyin with their pieces on FB, and Youtube videos for that matter and those are ignored.
          Where’s the anonymous calls regarding those pictures and violent videos.

          But they zero in on this little man who just happens to be the son of a certified firearms instructor. Right.

          Brandon Raub anyone?

        • Mclovin,

          Technology is advancing so quick that soon it will be impossible to keep your anonymity. Google Glass’s and the Utah fusion center will be the end of the private citizen. Someone will be able to look at you and through facial recognition software you will be immediately recognized and your location recorded. There will be 100’s of millions of these glasses sitting on the heads of vidiot tools and you wont be able to avoid being tracked, overheard, recorded, photographed and cataloged. It’s just a few years away. The last realm for privacy will be the off trail hike-in wilderness camp site and that’s only if you have the skills to use a map and compass and leave all electronics back in the rig and take your drone avoidance blanket and binki with you.

          • Rick, the world is running out of petroleum and its needed in almost every modern day thing we have. I don’t think they will be able to keep up with all this s– when the oils all gone. Hope not!

            • The world is far from running out of petroleum.

            • Oil will be mandated by law as “for gov’t use only” very soon. we’ll all be driving solar cars that,can’t be out past 6pm.

        • Mclovin—Dead Center
          They broke the very rule of OPSEC.
          Keep it on a need to know basis—
          and no one needs to know…..

          • @ OutWest
            I have heard so much of OPSEC that I have revise my thoughts and agree that the dispersal of information is not worth the exposure in a hostile enviorment, hell bent to destroy our rights.

            • slingshot
              Amen, Bro
              The problem is, even if we tell the absolute truth, they
              have the power of lies and deception with the court
              system that will back them up regardless of that truth.
              My brother was a cop for ten yesrs. He finally quit and
              told me there was no room for an honest cop anymore.
              I took his word to heart and haven’t said shit publicly
              since. Heads they win–Tails we lose

            • i hope you folks realize that the local police have your SS# and can look up your income on their computers. I got fired from 5 straight jobs while being investigated. No reason was given for most. The ones that gave reason made it up. I’m a model employee, show up early and stay late.Work until the job is done and stay behind to fix that job of those that wouldn’t.

              It’s as simple as ” this is the _PD. Do you have a __ employed there?. No, there’s no charges at this time. it’s only an investigation. thank you.” Goodbye security clearance job.

      6. Avoid all social media…..delete Facebook….evil company working for the Goverment. …..Tell them nothing and fight them every step of the way!!!

        • Yes, and lets think who founded FB and who runs it. Tribe members all, just like NYC, The Fed and the lead gun grabbing control freak POS in the senate

      7. Time to put hidden camera’s throughout your home, in anticipation of “Illegal, unauthorized, or covert activities” brought on by the Big Brother State…………..

        • I’d like to figure out some way to put dark clothes over all the little cameras they got everywhere. According to AOL news, they’re even thinking of putting cameras in school class rooms.

        • Those cameras don’t identify ninjas.

      8. This incident makes me burn with rage, but on the flip side it is uplifting to see how desperate the system is. They are making many mistakes the Cypress bank theft being the biggest.

        • Cyprus bank theft, not Cypress. A country, not a tree.

      9. Lesson #1: NOBODY has to know, what kind of firearms (or ANYTHING ELSE) you have. Lay low, stay out of the limelight.

        Lesson #2: stay the hell away from the social media, this kind of stuff DOESN’T BELONG OUT THERE. Social media is one of the PRIMARY sources of information to all sorts of government creeps.

        • You want to live in a free country? Post the pics and fight the vermin.

      10. Looks like a Terrorist to me. I say we go into orbit and nuke the kid, it’s the only way to be sure!

        If this was not sooooooo stupid, it would make a great satire piece on the People’s Cube.

      11. this story should interest and provide guidance to anyone who might be confused about whose side law enforcement will be on when the time comes…

        • Agreed. We hear of this sheriff and that sheriff pledging never to violate the Constitution’s guarantee of the right to keep and bear arms, but talk is cheap. When the SHTF, I expect 99.9% of LEO’s to toe the government line and ride roughshod over the citizenry.

          • Colorado’s .gov just signed a gun control bill.

            Colorado’s Weld County Sheriff, John Cooke, has said that he will not enforce these laws as they are unconstitutional.

            • Colorado’s Weld County Sheriff, John Cooke, has said that he will not enforce these laws as they are unconstitutional.

              I hope he’s serious, but I’ll bet a dollar he’ll fold when push comes to shove.

              And may Colorado’s legislators, and governor rot in hell for passing this bill!

              • He may fold but he doesnt have to…hes top dog in his county,no one is over him except the people…the people need to get behind their sheriffs when they do the right thing…guy and three deputys need backup from the people when push comes to shove..Ive already toldmy local sheriff Im there if this comes to a head…he said he’ll give me a badge and swear me in if it comes to it…and believe me he and I have had our differences!

            • Yeah, I just read somewhere its connected to money– of course, I figured that! Oh, now I remember! They said they weren’t going to get paid unless they went along with it.

            • I guess time will tell Constitutional Charlie Company, or call him out as a lier..guess we’ll have to wait and see

      12. So what exactly is the problem that the nannies are having a hissy fit over? I see a happy smiling boy, who has taken to heart the rules of firearm safety. His finger is OFF the trigger, with the muzzle pointing is a safe direction. An AR platform rifle in a .22 caliber. Ok, so what is the problem with that? None that I can see. And if a father has the money to buy one for his kid rather that some other, and more cheaper firearm then that is his choice to make and more power to him. Good for you, dad. I hope that the liberal a–hole that made the phone call, drops dead tommorrow. All liberals are either “usefull idiots or closest tyrannts.

        • Yes they are. Very much so. Damnable thing is they sound so “reasonable” when you’re gullible.

          Deeds not words, you bloody creeps.

        • Weapons with triggers are constitutional only if the middle finger is off the trigger. Make sure you put your finger in the proper place.

          Loose fingers sink ships.

          When seconds count stick your finger up a hole.

        • When I was a teenager in New York City early sixties I used to open carry my Daisy Pump BB gun when we would go to Cunningham Park which was mostly woods. No one including the cops ever hassled us.

        • …got my first one(.22)about that age…it was a Savage single shot from Monkey Wards $29 shipped to my door…my brother and I got one each that we collected popbottles and copper wire for scrapto pay for… .22 was .49 cents for a box of 50 Winchester Wildcats…shells were like gold to us we didnt waste ’em and you couldnt find a chipmunk/rator a woodchuck in a coupla miles of the ole farm…still have that ole rifle…still get most critters first shot…taught both my kids to shoot withthat rifle and to make shots count…if Id had that AR22 or similar Id never learned to not waste rounds most likely.

      13. The one who turned him in was probably a relative who was jealous of the kid’s gun. Remember human nature is what it is and we are all vulnerable to this type of tactic.

      14. I agree. If we don’t do the legal thing…like the Lefties do…..then nothing will change. We also need to post it on Facebook, Twitter, & other Blogs….& try to make sure that other Preppers….and maybe a couple Sheeple…learn that they do not have to give in . If we are supposed to follow the laws…..then they need to also. I have learned a lot about this subject recently…do to the excellent articles that Mac posts on this site.
        Montgomery County Texas

      15. I hope he hits them with a federal civil rights lawsuit. You get enough law suits stacked against a municipality, and their insurance company will see them as a high risk and drop them.

        • yeah true, but the tax payers are the ones that end up taking it up the ass..not the jackasses that broke the laws/rules/rights..and thats what needs to change if we want this type of shit to change

          • We need laws that fire and tap or eliminate pensions when a government employee causes a lawsuit costing said government a lot of money.

      16. Have you guys heard about BITCOIN?

        It’s an electronic currency that has no central issuer, so it can’t be inflated, no transaction fee, no interest. This is the wave of the future.

        • Till the grid goes down, then how is that working out for you?

          • If the grid goes down 90% would be dead! Who cares about money in that situation? For argument’s sake, in that eventuality you got your PMs and your cash on hand. The grid is not going to go down in any case. That idea is paranoid in my estimation, which is not to say that I don’t believe in prepping for it.

            • I think the grid could go down.. there are a number of ways for it to happen. Actually, I think its inevitable. For one thing– there are those who are proposing to take it down because of all the environmental issues that are taking place because of our industrial civilization. (“Eco terrorists”)
              Then there are the Chinese, who have infiltrated our Cyber Space.. its a matter of time before they pull the plug on us. Then there are the meteor things… whatever. Plus, the fact that the grid is so old and decrepid– installed in the 20’s. Then there is climate hell… remember what happened in W.Va. this past summer when the whole state was without electricity due to the terrible storm? And in NY/NJ area? Yep, only a matter of time…

          • So far I’ve been led to believe that there is no centralized record of BITCOIN transactions, so all the computers in the world would have to go down to stop BITCOIN. I’m not an expert here.

            We need more intel on BITCOIN. This is looking better by the minute.

            • From what I have seen, the people who got into Bitcoin early on have now made a huge profit. But I am wondering whether it will continue to increase in profitability or whether it is in a bubble right now.

              I have been watching it because it is an interesting idea but I do not understand how it could be protected from hacking. I also seem to recall that there was some problem from two different groups that were doing the Bit mining and their efforts were creating a system crisis.

              What concerns me most is that governments are starting to wake up to the idea that BitCoin represents a form of money exchange that they don’t have under their control. I think there have been some minor incidents with governments but I expect there will be some major attacks on Bitcoin in the future.

              For these reasons, I will watch for a while and not jump in. I still prefer things that I can handle in the physical world and that have had a track record of centuries of use.

        • They have the right idea with eliminating the central issuer, aka the central bank.

        • Please shut up… you f…in shmuck. Get a life boy.

        • E.
          It,s still not untraceable “Cash”, being electronic
          currency, is it?

          • It’s completely anonymous. That also means somebody was robbed of $250,000 worth of Bitcoins with no recourse. Rights come with responsibilities. The US government is now talking about regulating it. We need to keep this currency totally free of the government. This is the game changer we’ve been looking for, guys.

        • If it you don’t have it in your possession, you don’t own it. Who has control of the internet? Not us. The government could raid Bitcoin in a heart beat.

          • There is no central source of Bitcoin information. Every computer in the world would have to be shutdown. Accept Bitcoin.

      17. Do not trust anyone that doesn’t live in your HOME. Watch your neighbors and what you do outside. STAY OFF FACE BOOK or any other SOCIAL Networks like such, they feed the BEAST.

        Hard times bring hard choices in life; we can trust no one that we do not know like ourselves PERIOD. Its tuff to have to change our habits, but that must be done to survive what is coming.

        Get your house in order; Defenses inside and out, food, water, other things needed, and a rock solid plan on what you are going to do depending on what you are facing at that time. Practice your plans often and adjust accordingly.

        Walk or drive around your area and observe what goes on, take notes and pictures if you like and just study– USE COMMONSENSE.

        Keep the FAITH

        • I wonder if we could A) Overfeed their systems with DATA. Fill the hard drives with unnecessary data. Or B) Misfeed them so much data they cannot get a clue on who you are.

      18. FEEL BAD FOR THE KID … ;0p

        Gotta feel BAD for the kid … this is going to affect him terribly mentally … cause him to truly Rebel against Resent Authority Figures as he matures into a adult .

        which in turn will affect his whole life and life decisions .

        All because some ZOG Gestapo Pricks from the ZOG FEDGOV are bored chasing imaginary zog CIA FBI NSA fedgov created false-fag terrorists .



        • Stalinist commies will have their finger on the trigger and they will kill you.

        • ;Op
          Just learning lifes real lessons early, the way it is now

      19. A few observations:

        From the position of the kid’s trigger finger, I can see he has had safety training, which I would expect given the dad’s occupation.

        Having guns locked in a safe tells me they take safety and gun laws seriously, especially with kids in the house.

        The dad, a responsible adult, was present when the photo was taken, meaning the kid is not on his own, taking pot shots at birds on telephone lines.

        In NJ gun registration is not mandatory, meaning a crime has to be committed for the authorities to have solid legal grounds to demand he open the safe.

        I can easily imagine Nervous Nelly or Paranoid Paul reporting the photo to the police, and I can easily imagine a LEO agreeing to investigate to see if there is evidence of criminal activity. But once it becomes clear the situation is not dangerous, the LEO should apologize for the intrusion, thank the homeowner for their cooperation (however limited), and file a report that complaint was without merit of any sort. There’s no crime in investigating a complaint as long as the investigators observe constitutional protections.

        I hope this incident takes a well deserved trip into the dustbin of history.

        • ~~~But once it becomes clear the situation is not dangerous, the LEO should apologize for the intrusion, thank the homeowner for their cooperation (however limited), and file a report that complaint was without merit of any sort~~~
          Reading my post above, that is entirely what CPS does and did in my cases.
          ‘Complaiant unwarranted’ is the terminology used in the follow up call to me.
          You know they get their share of crackpot calls.

        • I beg to differ.. nj has the most stringent gun laws in the U S.
          You must apply for a long gun permit and after fingerprinting and nj state police
          Background check , then you can buy a rifle or shotgun. Only after that B S can
          You apply for a hand gun permit.This has been in effect for 30+ years.

        • With respect, I believe this case has to be pursued and beaten…a picture in which no crime was committed gave no reason for them to pull this stunt and CYS has no basis for this BS(apologies arnt good enough…this was harrassment plain and simple carried out by goons using threats and a color of law…my God actually refused to identify themselves?)…and they know it but they count on you NOT knowing it…the so called humane society pulls the same BS and when you dont back down from them they slink away…this commie brownshirt crap has gotta stop or be stopped….it has no place in a civilized nation of freemen,enough!

      20. I want people to know my son knows and respects personal defensive objectives. With things like this starting now,it will be time to clog the courts with governments illegal threats. Keep the phone open with a 2nd party, a tape recorder taping, a vidio recording & firm restance.

      21. I have a tear in my eye and I’m not even an American.

      22. Where are the names, addresses and photographs of EVERY employee of the NJ Dept of Family Tyranny? Especially the field agents? The info is surely available. It should be added to our List. just sayin’

      23. Well done, Mr. Moore! The one thing I would do in addition would be to pull my pocket camera out and videotape the entire exchange. And post it on youtube to show how to deal with government thugs.

        Oh, and (apologies for nitpicking) how did the thugs get inside the house? My wife and I have discussed that we’ll never invite a LEO to do more than stand on the front porch.

      24. We are living in a Police State and why people feel the urge to post personal info on Facebook and Twitter is mind boggling. 🙄

        I hope people realize the authorities scan those sites for trouble and violations.

      25. The very key take-aways from this are the obvious. Stay calm, don’t be an ass. Don’t be hostile, belligerent or antagonistic. Be assertive as to your rights and KNOW YOUR RIGHTS.

        Obviously not everyone is going to have a lawyer on speed dial so everything you can do in your favor you need to do.

        RECORD EVERYTHING, if you can record it straight to youtube or other types of services which many phones can do DO IT. Call someone and get them on speaker purely as a witness, don’t lie and say it’s a lawyer if it’s not. YOu do not want to be caught in a lie of any kind, it can and will bite you in the ass.

        Do not agree to a search of any kind, do not converse with them. Don’t engage in chit chat, don’t fall for the ‘let’s be reasonable, just let us look and we’ll be on our way’.

        We have due process in this country for exactly this reason Force them to use it while it still exists.

        So 1) don’t converse with them, answer only as much as you’re required to by law, which if you’re not under arrest isn’t very far 2) keep the situation calm and on an even keel 3) make sure you record it

        • How about just don’t open the door?

      26. How can they enter your house yet refuse to identify themselves? Throw her to the ground and made a citizens arrest

        • I think I would’ve tested the cop. I’d have asked HIM to either identify the woman as a CPS caseworker (by name) or arrest her for trespassing…as just a person without “official capacity” she was eligible for arrest, just like any other stranger who just walked in your door.

      27. Ya’ll find it funny that the man has a lawyer on speed dial?

        • nope, not at all in this day and age..Mine is easy to find in my contacts saved in my cell phone,, you should think about doing this too

        • New Jersey is full of big money bankers, lawyers and stock brokers. I mean big money. When you travel in those circles it is not at all unusual. Not everyone is a minimum wage red neck posting on SHTF.

        • Jeez allie, thats it? Lawyer on speed dial? I would have thought you would have said something like, “So what you people dont want the police to take child endangerment cases seriously, even if its a tip?”
          That would have got peoples blood boiling more than what you came back with.
          Im sure you wouldnt mind if a SWAT team flooded your place to check out alleged animal abuse of the 100 cats Im sure you own.
          Heck maybe I will call the authorities and send them your way… Do you post pictures of your cats on FB, are they wearing sweaters.

        • allie, now y’all are starting to think.

          Y’all Beware! Your pickings are gettin’ real thin. Trollin’ takes it’s toll.

        • You don’t in todays world. Mine is 7# Send and he is kept on retainer always.

      28. I think the problem here is that by Opting on posting the pic on Facebook this happened because of that..


      29. When I keep reading posts from LEOs that say “not all of us are like that…”, then we see this type of abuse happening on a daily basis, how can anyone believe them. Maybe, just maybe there are a few good ones. And they may come to this site and support all of us here. But put that one good cop next to 5, 10 or however many other cops that he works with, who have no problem stomping on your rights. Whose side do you think he will be on? I just find it hard to imagine that the one cop would stand up against the others when a citizen like Mr. Moore needs it the most. Maybe I’m way off base here, but I don’t think so.

      30. Crazy.

      31. yep. a low profile is best for sure.
        Talk loud and attract attention.
        Talk softly and they wonder where the noise is coming from.

        • second that.

          at some point, they will push too far that the people will push back in enough numbers that the tide turns(at least i hope so or the USA is dead country walking); but until then; unless you’re an attorney or have one at your beck and call; you can be dealt with if deemed necessary.

      32. I COMPLETELY agree with limiting or abstaining from Facebook postings. Deleting one’s Fbook account permanently is extremely difficult, so avoiding usage altogether is the best option. I am even more amazed at the photos of children, etc. that parents deem suitable for the random public to view (unless the have made their profile “Private” (a joke in itself)). Nitwit parents will post these photos, along with contact info associated with their accounts. Once a photo is posted, it is fair game for anyone. There are no privacy or ownership rights assigned to ANY materials uploaded to a Fbook account.

          • @JdL, thanks for the info.

            However, while this may be true, this is also posted under the Warnings listed in this “How To”:

            “Be aware that Facebook may still retain information from your account in their databases (they have been unclear about whether they do this). Even though it may never be given out in public, authorities can ask for this information.”

            This is still a MAJOR red flag for me.

            • This is still a MAJOR red flag for me.

              No argument there! By all means assume that anything once posted never really goes away.

              Every social network posting, or anything else on a web page, is recorded by the government. Every e-mail is recorded by the government. Every telephone call … not quite so clear, but it’s prudent to assume that it’s recorded and translated to scannable text by the government.

            • And there is this:
              Under the new policy, Facebook claims the perpetual right to license all public Instagram photos to companies or any other organization, including for advertising purposes, which would effectively transform the Web site into the world’s largest stock photo agency. One irked Twitter user quipped that “Instagram is now the new iStockPhoto, except they won’t have to pay you anything to use your images.”

        • “”There are no privacy or ownership rights assigned to ANY materials uploaded to a Fbook account.””

          that needs to be read again.

      33. The SIMPLE solution…> DON’T USE FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Those who fly low and under the radar and don’t comment of what is going on in their daily life don’t ever have these things happen.. just because they know that we are not free.. we are just pawns in the game.. and once visible and in the way.. the king or queen will move on you..

        life is a game.. you just need to really plan your moves..

        Just talk to your pillow if you have something important to say.. “it never talks back or will tell anyone of your plans or moves”

        • “””Just talk to your pillow if you have something important to say.. “it never talks back or will tell anyone of your plans or moves””””

          Dogs work pretty good to and give you something back. And God has never told anyone one of my secrets so He’s reliable too.

          So many better choices than a pillow…

          • …in this crazy world how long before they have a machine(theyd claim at least)can read Fidos mind and extract all the info they need to hang you?…Fido sells you out to the feds…unwillingly of course…

      34. They would never find my safe..or my guns

        if they came into my house they would never see a safe.( not saying i do or dont have one..opsec)

        I not only did this to protect my investment and to keep them secure from theifs, but also safe from government goons, yep those theifs too

        • I’ll go ya one further… I have a fake FB account where I do nothing but talk about flower gardening and the weather.

          Let the lil fucks think I’m a pansy

      35. Ahhhh…

        “NEW JERSEY”…that explains everything here, nothing else need be said…


        • You mean that state with the conservative skinny little dictator?

          • Hah, GOOD ONE!! T’anks Shootit…


        • “NEW JERSEY”…that explains everything here, nothing else need be said…

          Har! But seriously … is there a state where this kind of thing does NOT happen?

      36. I see several things wrong with this situation:
        1. Do not post anything like that on a social media, my choice would be don’t go on a social media, period it is nothing more then a back yard fence gossip place.
        2. Somewhere along the way you will find out the call to CFS was made by someone with an ax to grind and just had the perfect situation handed to them on a silver platter.
        3. Without the search paperwork the law needed to stay home and mind their own business, but in todays world that isn’t going to happen as dumb as it is they were just hoping the adults in this situation had little or no knowledge of his rights and would open up the safe so they could have a look see. In the county I live in the Sheriff’s Dept. follows the ambulance to medical calls and goes into the house with the EMT’s, never never as much as to even lend a hand to do anything when someone asked one of the Deputies why they came on medical calls, the answer was so we can look around and see if they have anything illegal.
        My advise is trust no one except me and thee and your little black dog and sometimes not even your little black dog.

      37. Pick 7 and get on with it.

      38. “Some are born leaders, some achieve leadership, and some have leadership thrust upon them. Which of these are you, or would you rather not bother?”

        Maurice Flanagan.

      39. This young man will turn out just fine if NJ could get out of this fine young man’s way.

      40. i DONT POST ANYTHING PERSONAL thats not ok for everyone to see on he internet or phone ANYWHERE. Some things we wont even talk about on thephone without speaking in code. We live in that World now and have for a while, its just that most people are just starting to figure out the we live uder the illusion of freedom not the freedom we are supposed to enjoy.

        • I’ve read that they can even hear your conversations with your phone turned off and if you’re in front of your computer screen…don’t know if that’s true or not. Sometimes when I see that old Frankenstein’s face and I start cursing out loud, I wonder…

      41. That is a nice birthday present. I think I had a Savage .22 single shot at that age. I would be smiling from ear to ear too. Heck I would be happy to get that for my birthday and Im 50.

      42. Oh Jesus Christ, CPS.

        CP FUCKING S.

        I hate these assholes with a passion unparalleled in human experience. To call them Nazis is an insult to Nazis.

        Want to give the .gov a sure fire means of bending you over a table? Have a kid.

        THANK YOU SO MUCH HILLARY AND BIDEN. Now kindly please go fuck yourselves.

      43. Glenn Greenwald: “The Rule Of Law Is Dead In America”

        Greenwald speaks at Yale Law School.

        ‘We need to put the fear into these people. In a healthy society, politicians should always fear for their job, and sometimes fear for their physical safety. In a tyrannical society, people fear the government. We have a tyrannical society.’ http://dailybail.com/home/glenn-greenwald-the-rule-of-law-is-dead-in-america.html

      44. Any liability to the person who complained? It seems to me that I would be inclined to seek redress from the individual who called in the false report.

      45. Might be related to this kid. In my family, when any of us turned 11, and if we had been good, we hoped for our first .22 at Christmas. Sure enough, Pop came through. After taking us to a local outdoor range a few times, and a few varmit hunting trips, by the time we were 12 we were off on our own. Dad used to send me and my stepbrother down the “hardroad” to a local lake where we’d shoot turtles off semi-sunken logs, the objective being to save Dad’s catfish from being nibbled on by turtles when hanging on Dad’s trot line. Other times it was woodchucks. We had horses then and the wooodchuck holes were, after all, a hazard to be reckoned with. Today, two 12-year olds toting .22 rifles down a public road would likely be tossed in the hoosegow.

        Had some child welfare do gooder come to my Dad’s door, I shudder to think what colorful collection of epithets would have gushed forth. So today we are experiencing this nightmarish Orwellian future, and it is freaking unbelievable. These statist ass—-s have lost their minds. Savage is right about liberalism being a mental disorder.

      46. When we make these people AFRAID to continue to abuse US, then, and ONLY THEN, will we begin to see REAL JUSTICE in the USA.

      47. “Police and Family Services overstepped their bounds when they illegally entered this man’s home, demanded he open his gun safe, and threatened to take away his children because of an anonymous tip based on absolutely zero evidence.”

        This is the world we are NOW living in???

        You’re VERY late to the party.

        I know someone that got similarly assraped by CPS in 1994. We’ve been here quite a long time, kids.

      48. Infuriating. Don’t know aout the NJ stats but numbers like 30% of kids are abused and 5% molested. Here this department which is supposed to help children is going on a gun hunt instead of hunting real criminals and helping out the poor children they are supposed to help? Sickening.

        “this past year, DYFS received 80,000 calls to report child abuse in New Jersey” She decided the one about a guy having guns was more important than the ones about child abuse!!!???!?!?!?!?!

        • They never help children. You are absolutely ABSOLUTELY kidding yourself if you think they “help children”.

          They are used as a bludgeon by people looking to get even with other people.

          They are used to mess with your rights.

          “Helping children” = helping the adult caretaker in question, WHERE POSSIBLE. I have no dispute that some methed out freak with a penchant for using baseball bats on his / her kids is beyond all help, and in that case I say fine, go for it.

          CPS, however, ROUTINELY (and deliberately) sets the bar way, way, way, WAYYYY too low. With these fucking diabolical assholes it can literally be anything. I mean… come on, look how many laws there are already for shit’s sake. You probably broke 5 today already and didn’t even know it. Do that with a kid in your house, and get someone really pissed off at you, and you can kiss it goodbye thanks to your friendly neighborhood gestapo.

          It’s “better” for a kid to go into FOSTER CARE??? Really? The stats for abuse occuring in foster homes is like to the goddamned moon. Oh, but since CPS touched it already, and it’s their solution to the so-called problem, do you think they keep monitoring their “solution”? They do not.

        • That’s what bothers me with this. There was a family downstairs from us in our start-up apartment, and that father beat the crap out of his kids. I’m not talking about a spanking or getting yelled at, I’m talking about beatings! I would call 911 about it, even holding the phone in the hallway so they could hear the kids getting beat, and every time, it fell on deaf ears. The cops never came.

          That was in the 90s, but not much has changed since.

          • That’s the awesome part, isn’t it.

            It’s like it’s deliberately set up to be as INEFFICIENT as humanly possible. I saw someone who roundly deserved their kid taken away. How can I say that? Kid DIED, that’s how I can say that.

            Impossible to get anyone to pay attention.

            Oh, but. Just wait. Once you GET the attention due to the kid like… I dunno, something silly… having a .22, etc… once you GET the attention, it’s like getting a blueberry stain into pure white cotton fabric. You will NEVER. EVER. Get rid of that shit. Ever.

            At that point they are GOING to have their way with you. Maybe not today, maybe not next week, but it’s in the mail, rest assured.

            Seems like it’s the way it is with anything law enforcement related, sorry to say. One wonders how the hell that even works.

      49. Should be a way they can sue. An ACOG would sure look nice on top of that rifle.

      50. My son related this story to me earlier today. I won’t say here what I told my son that I would have done. Besides, Mac would just delete it. I also reminded my son if he EVER put up pictures of our family on that Goddamn Facebook, I would heel and hide his sorry ass to the shed door.
        These Corp minions were probably looking for their next recruit to stage another mass shooting. If you take a look at the youngster’s eyes, they’re clear, bright and happy. They wouldn’t look that way after they shot him up, wound him up and cut him loose, had they got him away from his parents.

      51. PREPPER’s listen up.

        I know what I’ll say below others will disagree with, but the basic seems needed now… I know my rights as an american, so we don’t need to go there.

        1) do not show a picuture of a child holding what a normal shooter would consider an AR15.
        2) posting on media site or friend site can and is viewed by anyone with the right computer skills.
        3) of all the states, why would anyone living their show what they have as far as weapons are concern..
        4) camo suit w/ gun is view now as anti-govt
        5) now crimminals who knows this person or child knows they have a weapon.

        I know this might sound like I’m a scare chicken or someone who won’t defend his county or a invasion of another, but hear me out. After 3 tours to the beautiful shit holes of the middle east, take my advice;

        1) play dumb
        2) blend in
        3) always be aware of the events that are happening
        4) act indigent
        5) act civil
        6) have preps
        7) always have a water backup plan

        People, I know a lot of you think your bad ass ( some of you are ), but you will be facing the strongest military in the world. Just ask the countries we’ve destroy! Now look at the countries we haven’t destroyed. The countries we haven’t destroyed are the ones who act like they don’t know what’s going on.

        The element of surprise is always favorable.

        • @johnnyblaze1971

          You’re spot on about this. I do play dumb and lay low. Only a few close relatives sharing compatible views know our true sentiments.When politics comes up in a discussion, we just don’t have an opinion. Additionally, nobody knows about our preps, our PMs, our guns and ammo, – nobody. Don’t wear cammos, controversial T-shirts, and no bumper stickers on the truck. As far as the neighborhood goes, we’re just happy go lucky folks, friendly to all and happy to discuss sports, food, movies et al – our intellectual capacity limited to just those subjects. A couple of years ago I got into a discuussion with one neighbor about NDAA. Guess my views branded me as the neighborhood “nutjob” as half the folks on our block quit speaking to us.

        • You don’t sound like a scared chicken.

          They make us all INTO what in 1940 would have been considered “scared chickens”. The problem is there’s no such thing as an “army of one”.

          Longer we keep buying their BS and letting them divide us, the more they can scare us into compliance with that which should have been voted out of existence years ago.

          It’s got to be truly awesome, too, having to tell your kid to do something or not do something for no logical reason whatsoever. Never letting on that the REAL reason is that they can take him / her away if he / she does. How fucking cool is that?

          And you can’t let on unless your kid is really really mature for their age because it undermines your leadership.

          Look up there. It’s the Sword of Damoclese.

          Seems like they have to have one of those damned things every generation, in one form or another.

      52. Its actually WORSE than originally thought. 4 – count them FOUR – police in body armor are there too. Click the link in the article. This is absolutely criminal. 5 children are abused to death each day and New Jersey sends out a task force because a kid has a 22 rifle?!?!?!?!

        • They never go after targets that require actual WORK, RISK, etc.

          Shit it might even make them have to think too hard.

      53. time to use the system as intended. Know your rights and be prepared to use them!

        • I got bad news for you. With regard to parental rights… this IS the system as intended.

      54. To put this in a geographical / political context Carneys Point NJ is not the NYC suburb Joysey of TV fame. In political context this is in an area that is pretty pro gun with historically pro gun State Legislators even of the Democrat Party. Geographically it’s just to your left as you cross from Delaware into NJ across the Delaware Memorial Bridge. It’s the place Bruce Wills grew up in.

        As heavy handed as this was I bet it would have been more so if it was about 80 miles north.

      55. A wave of nostalgia passes over me. That picture could have been me not too long ago. I remember when grandpa got me my first gun. It was a combination .22/20 gauge over and under. I still have it, well-maintained, in the safe. The idyllic, America I grew up in in WVa is a far cry from what we have today. What kind of shithole society are we living in when we have to ruin a happy child’s birthday? What kind of message are we sending? We need a reset.

        • I grew up in that area and in the day as late as the late as the 1970s we put a .22 rifle in a case with a couple of boxes of ammo in our pocket and at the age of 15 went to a range that was open to the public and w/o any adult supervision shot tin cans until the ammo ran out. We mowed lawns for ammo money. That same rifle was labeled an “Assault Weapon” in NJ in 1991 because it held over 15 rounds in it’s tube and was semi auto. A dozen teens to mid 40s guys shot blackbirds with shotguns from the train tracks every Friday evening too.

          Fast forward a decade later and the range is POLICE ONLY and SWAT Teams would be deployed if you did the above.

          • “Fast forward a decade later and the range is POLICE ONLY and SWAT Teams would be deployed if you did the above.”

            Actually the Swat Teams started their appearance two decades later.

          • Heck man I was shooting .22’s, 12 gages, and a .357 when I was 11.

            Not regularly but at a summer camp thing.

            • Theguy

              You must have grown up in America. NJ divorced itself from the US sometime about 1965. It took a few more years for the settlement to go statewide.

        • why did anyone give him a thumbs down for this? this was GOOD!!!

          • Because who he is. The content of his posts mean nothing to how he is rated. He is an outcast.

        • I feel the same way, Eisen. When I was a child, we used to wade in the creeks and the water was so clean, you could see your toes at the bottom and the multi-colored rocks. We used to catch craw dads– could see them too. Now, the water is so contaminated back there where we grew up, there’s nothing alive in the water– its just this dark murky- reddish color. Everyone’s afraid to get in it. And we used to go to bed with the doors unlocked at night… or sleep with just the screen door shut int the summer time– we slept in front of it on hot summer nights… everything’s changed. Really sad. And there were so many lighteneing bugs, it was like living in a fairy land at night… and bees everywhere… now most are dead… really sad.

          • What a beautiful description, Grasshopper. You made my day for all the memories that brought back!

      56. Just another reason why I don’t use facebook. OPSEC, PEOPLE!

      57. I think the photo is GREAT!!! I’ve been a cop for almost 30 years, and a firearms instructor for 25 years. Just the first look a the 22 rifle I knew it was just that a 22. You can tell that the little guy was trained RIGHT. he was holding it in a safe way. NO FINGER ON TRIGGER, and IN A SAFE DIRECT. You can also see that the mag appeared to be empty, but “GUNS ARE ALWAYS LOADED”!!!The whole damn thing was screwed up. They should SUE the hell out of who called this in, the CPS for making unfounded threats.
        I think his father should get him a 22 in a 1911 or a Beretta frame. So the little guy can shoot a 22 in a military style handgund to go with his military style 22 AR. What do you guys think?

        • I think that is considered a straw purchase?

          • nahh it was gifted, and the individual recieving the gift doesnt have a felony record, therefore can own and excercise his 2nd amend rights.

        • Sgt Dale arent you the guy who said a ways back in this article that you would have escorted the state people there?
          Make up your mind. Oh right… your a cop…

        • Unfounded???

          That’s their job.

          They deal in “unfounded threats” by charter.

        • I agree, the person that called in should be sued fully on this. he or she wasted many resources and possibly had a gruge or either a stupid lesiban or pissed off yucky looking women and saw this and freked out. there are so many homely looking women that are very jealous of a happy family or someone possibly you went to HS school with and they thought you were a fuck up and turned out good and any sign of a “gun or something they dont like they call the cops on and make some bogus story about up. people are screwed up these days and I dont blame the cops on this. I totally blame the stupid shit that called this up. We probably didnt hear the whole call or whatever they said.
          The women im guessing if I had to bet money on it, probably said he forces guns on the kids and they have outside in the yard, and yells at them(thats made up) and so on. Fucking stupid bitch I would bet money on this who called. Nothing against females just the nozy ones or jealous ones.

      58. OK, everyone, i’ve got to get on a roll again because of govt. employees with bad intentions toward the public, especially in the case of LE and so-called social workers. This man handled everything exactly right and kept a cool head throughout the whole ordeal. I’ve got to give him top marks for that. He is most fortunate to not lose his guns or his kids. This is just another example of LE not caring about anyone’s rights. they don’t care about the public, period! If someone breaks into your home for any purpose, in that situation, you will be on your own and you will have to fend for yourself. It’s not worth the effort to dial 911. if you want to call them afterwards to come clean up the mess, that’s your own affair. The federal and state supreme courts have ruled numerous times that law enforcement has no obligations to protect any citizens ever. If someone forces their way into your home, use your own discretion on how to handle the situation and just forget about any kind of restrictions on self-defense. Everyone has a natural, God-given right to self-defense and nobody has any business tampering with that. it’s the same as tampering with human life itself. It is a red line that should never be crossed, period! Following any restrictions on self-defense does carry a price tag; it could get someone killed for no good reason. You never owe anything to anybody who has evil intentions toward you. Every government official and social worker involved in Mr. Moore’s case should have their addresses, phone numbers, email, etc. posted somewhere and flood them with warnings to follow constitutional guidelines or else. Braveheart

        • That would be great, any chance anyone here can get this done?

        • Would you have acted the same way brave H,……be honest when answering ?

      59. Don’t let anyone in. If they barge in, shoot! Call 911 and have a deputy sheriff present and like this gentleman have your lawyer on speaker phone!

        • hoser

          You do that and it will be the last thing you’ll ever do. Once your dead whatever evidence to justify their actions ex post facto will appear.

          Ask for a warrant. Call someone that can record the events. Place the cell phone with video on somewhere where it would not be found right away. Once found it’s done.

          The public is growing more and more intolerant of this kind of thuggery. You do need proof because they will lie like a rug to protect their own.

        • I’m with Hoser, start shooting because they are going to kill you anyway and your dog. Might as well take some of the pig bastards with you.

      60. Let this serve as a reminder to ALL:

        If/when Dear Leader declares martial law, do not count on ANY of the gestapo to side with the people. They will not. Every day these jackbooted thugs violate the rights of innocent people and they do it with great gusto.

        And they pat themselves on the back and congratulate each other, and there’s numerous TV shows portraying these goons as “heroes”. It almost makes me phyically ill.

        They are not our friends. They are hired enforcers. Thugs for The State. Nothing more.

        • Like I said before..Guilt by association is a bitch!

        • ~~~If/when Dear Leader declares martial law, do not count on ANY of the gestapo to side with the people~~~

          Until they miss that first paycheck!!

      61. “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”

        — Israeli Prime Minister Menechem Begin

      62. Thanks you morons for emboldening child molestors with your bravado. You fuckheads will be the ones screaming the loudest when a long-time child molester is discovered. Idiots.

        • oh look

          right on time !

          “MOM,the dog peed on the carpet AGAIN”

          • Rub his nose in it

        • We don’t have to give up our rights to protect children. I’m tired of hearing. “It’s for the children” Parents have the right to protect their children for stupid crap like this too.

        • Right. By that logic, somewhere right now a woman is being legitimately raped.

          For that reason, we must assume ALL men are looking to rape women, and fuck them all over accordingly.

          Look, there’s no perfect solution here. I admit that. The current so called solution is just a we… tad… TON… out of balance don’t you think? Particularly because… once again, it’s always the “compliant” middle class that bears the brunt of it. I don’t see these assholes going into gun and drug infested ghettos to lay down their law. Which is where it (might) be needed.

      63. Comfortably Numb

        I went to the dentist a while back. Thought it would be a routine check-up.
        He said, “Do you have any trouble chewing lately?”
        I said, “Owwly hiff yore hingers hiss my mouff.”
        “What’s that?”, he said, taking his fingers out of my mouth.
        “No. Only trouble I got is you jabbing the nerves with those shiney frog gigs you call tools. Did you used to work for a mad scientist?”
        He ignored the question and said I had a cavity.
        “No way! Nothing feels out of place, and I haven’t had a toothache in years.”
        And I still have all my own teeth. Well, except for that one gold one up front. It’s my award for coming in second in a bar fight back in my rowdy oil field days. (Ah, the memories. Elk City. 1978. The smell of petroleum, and Budweiser in the air. Things got so boisterious, I started wearing my hard hat to the honky tonks, even if I forgot to wear it at work…but, I digress)
        The dentist took an x-ray and said, yep,it’s a bad one.
        “How Bad?” I asked, “what are my options?”
        “It’s too big to fill,” he said, making me wonder if he’d ever worked in Washington. “One, we can extract it. And leave you with a gaping hole in your mouth. Two, we can take it out, and later, get you an implant. Three, we could save it with a root canal.”
        After some discussion over the costs, I opted to have the root canal. He said the cost of the extraction, plus pain meds and healing a few weeks, minus what my puny little dental insurance would pay, plus making and fitting and installing the implant, would only come to a bit more than my house is worth. The root canal was only half as much.
        So, he went to work. First, he called in his evil henchman, a young woman who went by the title of ‘dental assistant’ though I’m sure he called her Igor at least once. They hmmmed and hawwwed a while, asking me questions I couldn’t answer with 16 fingers and 3 pounds of chrome-plated mafia torture tools, all vying to see which could plug up my trachea the best.
        Then, she dipped a q-tip in some orange gunk and stuck in to my gums as he left the room. A minute later he came back, carrying a MASSIVE syringe. The way he propped it over his shoulder, struggling to keep his balance, reminded me of Don Rickles toting that 50 cal gun in Kelly’s Heroes. I mean, this thing was Huge!
        “Hey, Doc. What are you planning to do? Tranquilize a wildebeast or someting?”
        He looked me right in the eye and said, “Yeah, something like that.”
        He then said, “You might feel a little stick,” as he jammed the needle into my gums. Seemed to me like he pushed it in quite a ways. I felt the back of my neck, to see if it came all the way through and was sticking out back there.
        Meanwhile, the evil henchman brought out the drill. I would have sworn I saw her pull-starting the thing. It said Husquavarna 30 HP Industrial on the side. She started revving it up, probably reliving her glory days of felling 100 foot spruce trees in the logging camps.
        I was prepared for some really bad pain, but, miraculously, I never felt a thing. I lay back in the chair, oblivious to it all, trying to hear Pink Floyd over the Muzac system, when it wasn’t drowned out by the drill. Whatever it is they used in that Marlin Perkins Safari Edition tranquilizer gun, it must be good stuff.
        I was completely numb. The only drawback is, it also makes your whole mouth feel as if it’s drooping down to your ankles. Remember those weird paintings where the peoples faces are melting? I think it was Picasso, in his ‘Goofy’ stage (pretty much his whole career, but I’m not sure). It felt just like that.
        I left an hour later, my mouth stuffed with gauze and a sizeable lien on the homestead. I suppose it was worth it. The tooth is fine. Mrs okie, who had dropped me off earlier, came back to pick me up.
        “What’s that trailing behind you?” she asked, as I got in the car.
        “Iss juft my wowwer wip,” I said, gathering it up, and tucking it in my belt for the drive home.
        “Want me to tune in the classic rock station for you?” she asked.
        “No hanks. I ghad enuff uvv hatt. Thune in thum khuntwee.”
        We drove away, me drooping and her humming along to Diamond Rio.

        ‘We never walked on the moon,
        Elvis ain’t dead,
        You ain’t goin’ crazy,
        It’s all in your head…’

        • Har!! I’m not sure what relevance your post has to the topic at hand, but you’re some writer!

      64. wow, that father kept a real cool head about him!

        • OFF TOPIC ALERT!!!!!!

          If your area experiences some sort of disaster, be careful of the “free” water distributed by FEMA. Never know what could be in it. Could be like the “trick” blankets given to the Indians.

      65. JohnnyBlaze, spot on with everything you said. I avoid social media like HIV. plus, anyone wants to do a dynamic entry on me, they’ll make a dynamic exit via .30 Carbine. braveheart

        • “I avoid social media like HIV”. OMG and you post here.. Dude, wtf is this if not social media..Sheesh *shakes head*

      66. Sean Hannity is going to have this story on his program tonight.

        • I just watched Hannity. It was off the wall. somebody put up a link to it.

      67. That little four-eyed terrorist and his dad are exactly why we need TANKS!

      68. There we sale of thousands of guns and millions of rounds of ammunition and we still don’t feel safe in our own home. While superpowers like China and Russia understand what the cost of an invasion would be.
        Sad, we are held hostage by our own government.

      69. Back last December 29, 2012 marked the 122nd Anniversary of the murder of 297 Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee Creek on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. These 297 people, in their winter camp, were murdered by federal agents and members of the 7th Cavalry who had come to confiscate their firearms “for their own safety and protection”. The slaughter began AFTER the majority of the Sioux had peacefully turned in their firearms. When the final round had flown, of the 297 dead or dying, two thirds (200) were women and children.

        The Army was so eager to kill for the “gun control” agenda that they clumsily killed dozens of their own troops, and so proud of this massacre was the U.S. government that at least 20 of the troops were awarded the Medal of “Honor.”

        Of course, for those who would argue that butchery was committed nearly one and a quarter centuries ago, however that evil, bears little relation to what might happen now, a reminder that the federal government’s slaughter of scores of men, women and children just under 20 years ago was also motivated by “gun control” is probably in order (not to mention, the fact that the Attorney General was a central character in determining that the government had done nothing wrong with that particular mass murder).

        Could there be another Wounded Knee, Ruby Ridge, or Waco in our near future I fear the answer is YES. When it starts, the enemy of our FREEDOM will do nothing more than Rape, Pillage, and Burn. You and only you alone will be reasonable for your family’s safety, and the protection of your property. Stay vigilant to what is happening, and prepare.

        Keep the FAITH

      70. Why are you guys thumbing me down for BITCOIN? Do you even know what it is?

      71. It was hardly a raid if they were allowed in and left peacefully when directed to do so. The title of this story is misleading and sensational.

        Still, the bitch at DYS should visit my local shooting range on the weekends. There are plenty of 9 and 10 years olds who aren’t just posing with guns… they’re firing them.

        • 22winmag

          Your point is well taken however the issue is their arrival is de-facto bullying.

          Joseph Goebbels should be proud. For so long the word gun has been connected to crime and criminals that for far too many the words now have the same meaning.

          “If you repeat a lie loudly enough and often enough it becomes the truth in peoples minds”.

      72. FI,

        another on the Reykjannes…a 5.3, 36 minutes ago 18:04 CST now…


        • they really need to re-name that area; my brain reads it as “rick james” and then i get “superfreak” stuck in my head and cant concentrate on a damn thing…

          • OMG,

            kimintn…I’d NEVER had admitted that until having someone else do so first….you’re in good company!!

            “She’s a SUPER Freak…super freak….she’s Superfreaky”


        • That went right in the bookmarks. thanks!!!

        • Awesome resource! Thanks!

      73. F$%# you, JoeinNC. If you’d read the article, you would know it’s not about child molestation, so go crawl back in your hole. Everyone, check this article and it is spot on: http://www.wnd.com/2013/03/should-you-fear-the-police/

      74. Cyprus scrambles to avert meltdown, EU threatens cutoff

        Banks remain closed until next week.

        Drudge Report

      75. This is just me but I use pre-paid cell phones. No contract with name, rank or serial number, (know what I mean). Go to a different city or best another State, example- go to a Wally World pay cash and have them activate it, you will get their local number.

        As for tracking, cell towers they can do that, but no name to go with the location. They are cheap and you can change to a new phone and number every 3-4 months or sooner, keep them guessing. Oh well that’s what I do.

        Keep the FAITH

      76. I’m having a hard time with the concept that they wanted to open a locked gun safe to see if the weapons were properly stored. Isn’t a locked gun safe proper storage in New Jersey?

        • Smokey

          They wanted to check if his weapons were registered which is only a requirement for handguns and de-activated “assault rifles” in NJ.

          So many guns are illegal in NJ such as a tube feed .22 that holds over 15 rounds and is semi auto (although any magazine holding over 15 rounds is illegal too so the tube on a bolt action .22 holding over 15 rounds probably also illegal).

          Sections 39 & 59 in the NJ penal code (firearms provisions) would give a US Supreme Court Justice a headache to read.

          WC Fields was off by a mile or so when he said so frequently, “Better here than Philadelphia”.

          • OK, I missed that or read it into the article from a lower post. Thanks.

            He’s not required to incriminate himself, according to the Supreme Court.

            That CPS worker should be fired, just for refusing to identify herself, I know the feds and most states make that a requirement.

            I can’t believe they can do this without a sworn affidavit. A photo on Facebook is certainly not ‘imminent danger’, that could have been there for weeks.

        • ~~~They wanted to look around and check all my guns out, make sure they were all registered.~~~

      77. Cyprus ATMs low on cash

        Some businesses are now refusing credit card payments.

        Zerohedge dot com

      78. I raised two boys by myself. He’s a good looking kid.
        If I know boys, he also had a pocket knife!!When
        He gets a little older, he’ll have one in his boot!!


      79. Ghost Rider, there really are still some good cops out there who won’t drink the federal koolaid; that’s where the mentality of this new breed of cops comes from since 911 and the creation of DHS and all of this militarization crap. They keep trying to justify the behavior by saying, “Things changed on Sept. 11, 2001.” I say bullshit with capital BS and even the good cops know it. Nothing justifies turning our country into a police state and I don’t care how anyone tries to rationalize that. Nothing justifies turning public servants into thugs. I still support good cops who refuse to go along with the militarization crap. We need to get back to the original concept of “protect and serve” EVERYONE INCLUDING THE PUBLIC, NOT JUST GOVERNMENT! We need to go back to “peace officers” because they were truly public servants. “Law enfiorcement officers” serve only government and no one else. The federal and state supreme courts have ruled on that numerous times. It would be fantastic if we could start trusting police again. Braveheart

      80. stupid stupid stupid….do not share photos of your kids, your wife, your hubby or anyone you care about on facebook….these folks broke the rules for opsec and we should all take heed and be more careful.

      81. Sgt. Dale, welcome back. How’ve you been? braveheart

      82. If he had not had “his” lawyer on the phone as an off-site witness, I think things would have turned out different. I find it rather odd but what do I know… other than, unlike everybody else I don’t have “my” personal lawyer to intervene for me, therefore I’m on my own if that were to happen to me. I like all the ads that tell us about all the things we must buy or do but make sure we talk to “our” doctor, lawyer, accountant, broker, therapist, insurance agent, ad nauseum as if we need all those experts in our life just to get through our day to day business. Personally, I don’t know anyone who has a lawyer on stand-by to bail them out of every bad encounter they may experience. By and large, we are on our own. This is a great article with a good ending never-the-less but all of you need to be prepared and know that you probably won’t have a lawyer of your own who can come to your rescue. Again, I think it would have turned out different without “his” lawyer. just saying.

        • Evan Nappen is well known with people in the Second Amendment community in NJ. He was a Second Amendment activist for over 25 years. Many people carry his card. He is not someones private attorney but one very useful gentleman Attorney to know.

      83. This is piss poor reporting. The article states, “the last thing he expected was a SWAT style raid on his home.” The home was not raided, they simply came to his door. Also apparently two police cars with four regular uniform officers is now “SWAT” style. Mr Moore told reporters that the police where polite and professional. I agree that Division of Youth and Family Services and the police had no justification to be there and Mr Moore was well within his rights to tell them to F-off, but the author should get his facts straight.

        • Howdy BI,

          Ain’t it though? This exactly serves to explain the odd vertical seams wherein Gold is found in several places…especially the Sierra Medres, Claifornia. The pressure’s here are nothing similar to anything we can reasonably duplicate ‘above the surface’, Mother Nature still has few tricks up her sleeve that we can’t quite duplicate yet.

          The Physics of this is, frankly, fascinating. Super-compression at elevated temperature, followed by an abrupt decomprssion and V’iola, the Ultre-saturated solution ‘sheds the burden’…I take it, almost instantly (perhaps minutes of real time) though it does take many cycles to deposit signifivant amounts. Still, FASCINATING…


      84. I know of a neighbor that had a bench warrant for no-show to court and the local deputies knocked and knocked on the door and heard a TV. They peeked in windows and then came over to my house to ask if she was home. I said that I didn’t know. Seems like they had reasonable cause to knock the door down, but they didn’t. I went over after they left and the front door was unlocked. Not a police state here, just yet…

        • Don’t fall for it. They are merely scheming on another route. They DESPERATELY want registration.

      85. facebook sucks

      86. This seems to be a common occurance these days, the hysterical pointy hat n clip board brigade out doing good like a goody good , good doer. I can imagine the thought process” Im gonna set this horrid gun family straight who do they think they are giving a child a gun, AN ASSAULT RIFLE no less, just wait till Im done with em they’ll rue the day” and I’ll bring big brother with me just in case these guys arent in the mood to play ball.

        Yeah prolly not but you get my point. The trouble seems to be the assumption of righteousness without grounds. No homework was done , apparently this young man has his hunter safety or weapons safety course completed and rightfully is blessed by Dad with his first rifle, as it should be. This is not hard information to find, its a simple phone call to the state game warden or state police.

        All of this could have been avoided, but no it had to be tested, the blatant ignorance of the Govt lackey was imposed upon the wrong guy. Why? Because the wrong person was given a position they should never have been placed in and authority they should never have had bestowed upon them.

        The cops, good bad ugly is of no consequence they could have fixed this situation before it started with a phone call. But no it went all the way to the doorstep its great to hear “Im a good cop” from the LEOs here but I gotta tell you its becoming harder to tell the difference

      87. @BI: Just looked at the Seismic Helicorder’s in the New Madrid Zone and they have really shown an increase in activity in the last 24 hrs.

        I may be mistaken, but isn’t California having an earthquake drill tomorrow for a 7.8 quake?

        Keep the FAITH

      88. Hello all,
        I am new to the site and very new to the concept of prepping. I am beginning to see the wisdom in prepping for my family and have begun to formulate a plan that sense for me and my family. But will someone please take a moment and tell me what the accronyms stand for? TPTB…NWO….CPS…

        Thanks all

        • Howdy Brian, here goes
          TPTB = the powers that be
          NWO = new world order
          CPS = child protection services
          TEOTWAWKI= the end of the world as we know it
          WROL = without the rule of law

          thats prolly enough for now but you get the idea. Most of us are vets or LEOs (law enforcement officers) and we do love our accronyms.
          Im glad your prepping, welcome to the resistance feels good to empower yourself doesnt it? 🙂 Dont worry we only wear the TFHs (tin foil hats) on special occasions

          • thank you very much Boss…..I appreciate you taking the time for me.


        • tptb – the powers that be = illuminati , club 300 , cfr , imf , bilderburgers (bilderboybuggers) , zionists , rothschilds , goldmansachs , warburgs , etc etc

          nwo – new world order = see above and un agenda 21 one world bank one world government one world religion .

          cps – child protective services = da’ cops / social workers / department of public health

          use ( STARTPAGE dot COM ) it’s safe … to learn about these things … your way behind the curve and in dire danger from your lack of knowledge .


          • That may me OP, but I do have very good resources, so I believe I can catch up pretty quickly. I really do appreciate your concerns.


        • Brian,
          Welcome. This is a great site to learn not only the accronyms but also prepping advice too. I have personally benefited from this site in the last 5 months. Watch for posts from Daisy, KY Mom, zoltanne,JOG,BI,BRAVEHEART,Smokin Okie,and Satori.

          • Thank you Cal Girl… Appreciate your time!


      89. AmeriKa CIA Isreahell Mossad al-CIA-duh uses Chlorine Gas Against against defenseless women children and babies …

        * makes me soooooooo proud to be a AmeriKan Veteran ;0P


        West Turns a Blind Eye that Their al-CIA-duh Terrorists in Syria Used WMDs, Against all in blind attacks …


      90. .02, in case you didn’t notice, SHTFPlan.com is a serious site for preppers and survivalists to exchange useful information about survival-related topics and give each other the best chance possible to survive what’s coming to this land. IT’S NOT FACEBOOK, TWITTER, OR ANY OF THAT CRAP. BRAVEHEART

        • @ braveheart. You are so correct. This site is not about gossip related issues, it is about being able to learn from others on the best ways on how to see the tomorrow after the society and civilization takes a deep header off the cliff. Thankfully there are so many insightful people here with such excellent ideas on survival and preparation that WORK.

      91. I just finished reading an article that had a similar front door arrival. It was about the Colorado Director of Prisons who was just assassinated at his own front door by an unknown shooter. He was a proponent of the new Colorado gun control law, although not a highly vocal one.

        It may be just a common revenge shooting from someone in prison, a personal matter, or a random murder, but the thought crossed my mind that it might be an early assassination in the civil war that seems to me to be developing. It wouldn’t surprise me for it to be political.


        Multiply both these incidents by thousands and that might be what daily life will be when this mess explodes.

        • News flash…. His wife worked with crazy people. Now they are looking into her patients. This story has plenty of room to grow. It will take time to find the truth.

      92. Learn what BITCOIN is.

      93. showing a pic of your kid like this in gun-phobic New Jersey is about as stupid as two gays making out in the middle of redneck bar while Lee Greenwood is playing in the background.

        Just because something is technically “legal” any on paper you have the “right” to do it doesn’t mean other individuals won’t try to fuck your world up because your expressing your rights pissed them off.

        If you’re going to pose a pic of your 11 year old with an OOOOgey Booogey black rifle, doit in a place where it won’t offend the socialist gun-grabbing sycophantic sheeple…like in Texas or Georgia.

      94. Sure Officer, you can search my home; all I ask is that you obey all the Laws that apply to you before you attempt to enforce the Laws that apply to me.

      95. @ Watchman and JustOneGuy. That 5.3 up in the Reykjanes Ridge is not quite at 56 degrees north, but is close enough to definitely affect the New Madrid as the helicorder is indicating. This is what is nice about knowing the spots to watch for, 14-20 and 54-60 degrees north on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. When this flares up, the New Madrid also does. Before Watchman brought this up about the seismic helicorder it was obvious that the New Madrid was going to increase in activity.

        I truly believe that before you see any real sizable quake on the New Madrid, you will see either a massive swarm at these locations on the Mid Atlantic Ridge( MAR), or a strong quake on it, like above 6. You will probably see a quake or two above 3, maybe low to mid 4 on the New Madrid by April 14 or so. The time frame for the New Madrid is longer than the usual 15 days with most other faults, like in Mexico, New Guinea, Japan, or Central America to Central Chile that is likely coming before the end of the month, before you see something. Sometimes it takes a day or two, but usually longer with the New Madrid. It just is not strong enough on the M.A.R. to indicate anything massive coming, YET.

        • Time to pack up the. China and crystal.

          Keep preppin’

          (Sorry about typos, android phone)

        • A big Thank You BI!

          Keep the FAITH

        • THANKS NINA!!

      96. Since we are talking about government intrusions…

        I receive a healthcare newsletter about IT issues.
        One year ago the IRS executed a search warrant on a health care company (the name was withheld in the article) to obtain financial information on a former employee of the company. The warrant was only for financial records and did not pertain to any health care records.

        However, the IRS seized the company servers with private patient information. The company explained that the servers did not have any information listed under the warrant but the agents “threatened to ‘rip’ the servers containing the medical data out of the building if IT personnel would not voluntarily hand them over,”

        It is now one year later and the IRS still has possession of 60 million health care records that were on the server.

        I am wondering if the IRS will be matching these records to their own files in some fashion. It also reinforces my dislike for electronic records.

        • Merree,
          Many years ago when I was still in the corporate world the large pharma company I worked for was asked to provide medical claims data for our employees for the prior 2 years. This was the USDOJ doing the asking. Was head of the corporate benefits department at the time. After getting the corporate lawyers “fired up” we said NO. They made a few more requests but finally gave up after I threatened to go to the media. But I learned later many of my corporate peers complied with the request.

      97. you are all missing an element here, the nosy neighbour that snitches on you. Stinks of East Germany

      98. Hey CPS..news flash, that kid has a second amendment right too…and you just violated it

      99. also, something to think about or for some to wake up to..they like to tout that they know where all the guns are….if that were the case they wouldnt be asking to see what he had….they would have already known and came with a list..the fact that they didnt, reinforces my point that they aint got a fuckin clue.

      100. You sir are an example to ALL liberty loving Americans.DO NOT let these criminals intimidate you. Know your rights and exercise them

      101. Liars!

        It was not a police “raid”. Get your facts straight. You’re starting to sound like panicked cows.

        • what should we call it, then, when police and family services illegally march onto someone’s property without cause or evidence and threaten to take their kids away?

          • Do not open the door for them as this is implied consent to enter.Social workers have no authority at all to enter your private home without an officer with a warrant. An exigent circumstance would involve CPS having absolute proof that your child is in life or death situation. Anonymous allegations do not constitute exigent circumstances. You are not even obligated to speak when they knock. Police have no right to enter without a warrant, but will think nothing of threatened you to open the door. Always have a digital recorder handy. Call 911 and let them know that your home is being broken into and you do not consent to entrance and they are violating your Constitutional rights and they need to obtain a warrant.You can obtain the 911 transcript later. We did this..it worked quite well.Also recorded officers having interesting conversation. It was quite incriminating for them. Makes a nice civil rights suit too.Record and expose. CPS is a very corrupt,secret money making operation and your children are the merchandise. It is sad the good families that have been torn apart by CPS and the trauma forced on these children as a result of senseless CPS seizures. CPS are the true child abusers.It really needs to be overhauled. Stop the incentives afforded to CPS for kidnapping your children. I hate that my tax dollars through social security pay for these kidnappings.

        • I agree with Fillip Flem. This was not a raid. Not in any size, shape, or form was this a raid. The use of the phrase “SWAT style raid” in this report is completely false based on multiple other sources. Mr. Salvo, I am disappointed in your reporting here. You discredit yourself by writing an inflammatory and misleading article such as this. No one entered the house and SWAT still means special weapons and tactics. There was no one forced entry, and the only people making demands where from family services. Shawn Moore has stated, “The four police officers acted professionally, they were there at the request of DYFS.” Sean Moore has also posted pictures of the police officers that accompanied family services, and they are standing out on the sidewalk with their hands in their pockets. I’ve been pulled over for a traffic stop that was more aggressive than this “SWAT style raid”

      102. about 6 months to a year ago in my county a dfs worker was shot she threatened a guy he took her seriously and blew her away now i see why.

      103. I’ve spent the last couple of days looking into a new “social site” Worldtruth.org. It boasts the following:

        World’s Safest Social Network

        Strong Liberty Movement
        No Data Mining Guaranteed
        Anonymous, Occupy, All Welcome
        No Censorship Safe Community
        No Site Originated Trackers
        World-Wide Truth Seekers

        From what I see, that is exactly what it is. The opinions are a wide range but so far, all seems friendly and liberty-minded. It is formatted like facebook, but without the tracking and barrage of ads. I started an account and we’ll see where it goes.

      104. Everyone go to face book and post pics of you and your kids with guns, fresh deer kill, fishing poles with fresh trout, cropy, sturgen ect. If you have no face book do it just for this sole purpose. You can post videos to … lets see it the states child wealfare want to take that on…. Oh and from now on make shure you always have a camera. I am installing covert cameras (two per entrance with audio) at my home with a 24 hour loop with instant upload to the internet. Catch these ass clowns in the act.

      105. Normally run my (well-trained) dog without a leash. Someone in the neighborhood complained (because THEIR dog kept lunging at the leash as we went by). There’s no leash law. Anyway, animal control shows up, and after a brief discussion, it becomes clear the woman is a turd. So I say, “Goodbye” and go inside.

        She calls the cops.

        Cops want to talk to me. Knock on the door. I don’t answer. They call me on the phone. I ask if they have a warrant or a reasonable belief a crime is in progress. They say, “No”. I say, “goodbye”.

        And that was it.

        The dog woman was very frustrated. The cop may have been a little miffed. Not my problem.

        As for talking to the police, if you haven’t seen THIS VIDEO, watch it now. It’s very entertaining and may well save your butt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wXkI4t7nuc

      106. it is only going to get worse. Where is our backbone? You all know exactly where this is headed. Colorado is just another step in that direction.

      107. We are living in dangerous times. They are more dangerous and unjust than they were when we rebelled against the King of England. They are equal to what the Germans faced after Hitler had been in power a few years. Our government and legislators are not ours. Our government is against us, especially if you are white. They don’t think we have the cojones to fight them. Do not be fooled, you will have to fight them. Why did the regime buy 2100 to 2500 modern wheeled tanks loaded with 50 cals. Why did they buy over a billion rounds of Ammo. It isn’t to fight shoplifters. It is for us. We will have to fight for our rights one day regardless of the odds. The fact that we do fight will frighten them and surprise them. We will win if it comes to that. We must convince the fake government and king obama that citizens will fight to the death one day soon if need be to protect the 2nd amendment and every other amendment. They must be sure that we will.

      108. How many people roll over and do what they say?
        I had CPS in my house with half the police dept b/c of an anonymous tip that my child had dirty diapers after my husband refused the CPS woman entry into our house without a search warrant.
        She insisted she didn’t need one and acted like she owned the place. Then of course the po po think you’re a criminal b/c you asserted your 4th Amedment rights.
        This happens every GD day in this country.
        Citizens are more free in other countries.

      109. It won’t stop till citizens otganize into militias and simply shoot the people down that will obstruct your rights for a paycheck that you pay.

      110. Here’s the problem, law enforcement is bored. The crime rate in this town is so low, they have nothing to do. Rapes, murders, car thefts, break-ins, are all a thing of the past. This is what happens when the crime rate drops to such low levels that cops are just sitting around, twiddling their fingers, trying to find some productive use for their training and equipment.

      111. Still got that “Patriot Act” going on down there? If so, the tyranny has already arrived, they just haven’t come for YOU yet.

      112. I couldn’t agree more with Estrella. I grew up in a suburbia that was one step away from rural and the cops there had absolutely nothing to do. Therefore they would find ways to keep themselves entertained — which usually involved harassment — and then when something actually DID happen they would get so amped up and handle the situation in the completely wrong way. I agree with the comments above in that the best way to fight back is with intelligence. Knowing our rights and knowing what the law can and cannot legally do will allow you to avoid get threatened or coerced into doing or saying something that is either incriminating or that could be twisted into something that is.

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