Police State Madness: Cops In DUI Vans Drawing Motorists’ Blood

by | Apr 24, 2019 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    This article was originally published by MassPrivateI at Activist Post

    Halloween is less than six months away but that has not stopped law enforcement from taking people’s blood. In fact, police officers want our blood so bad that they are purchasing blood draw vans … sorry, I meant DUI vans like the one pictured above.

    Last year, I wrote an article about police officers forcing hospitals to draw a drunk or drugged suspect’s blood. But what I could never have imagined is that within a year, police officers would be physically drawing motorists’ blood.

    A recent article in Pew Charitable Trusts revealed that police DUI vans in Arizona and California are drawing people’s blood.

    A DUI police van equipped with a special chair and table for blood testing pulled up. The man refused to submit to a blood draw. So Phoenix Police Det. Kemp Layden grabbed his laptop and filled out an electronic warrant, or e-warrant, which was transmitted directly to a judge.

    What makes this story so disturbing is that typically a person must be a certified phlebotomist or healthcare professional who is trained to draw blood from a patient in a safe and sanitary manner. But as you can imagine that is not what is happening.

    credit: Pewstrust

    Within 10 minutes, Layden had a search warrant. Another officer drew the man’s blood. A lab report later confirmed he had active THC and a sedative in his blood.

    I will eat my hat if law enforcement claims their vans and police departments are sanitary. Alleging that police officers should be treated like healthcare professionals and be allowed to physically draw blood from a person is obscene.

    As the article reveals, the real reason why police officers want our blood is to “save money because they don’t need to pay phlebotomists and hospitals for blood draws.”

    I cannot possibly discuss all the different things that could go wrong with police officers drawing blood, so I will only focus on two.

    When a police officer calls a DUI blood van to forcibly draw a person’s blood based on a hunch that they might be on drugs or drunk, we no longer have a Bill of Rights to protect us.

    As attorney John Whitehead said, forced blood draws make a mockery of the Fourth Amendment. The act of merely driving on state-owned roads should not mean that we give up our rights.

    In Massachusetts, judges are starting to question so-called Drug Recognition Expert police officers who claim to have special senses that can detect if a person is impaired.

    What sort of country refers to forcibly taking Americans blood as a “game-changer?”

    The International Association of Police Chiefs, which is the mouthpiece of law enforcement, cannot wait for vampire cops to draw motorists’ blood.

    “Together, the blood tests and e-warrants could be a game-changer in law enforcement,” said Buffalo Grove, Illinois, Police Chief Steven Casstevens, the incoming president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

    When law enforcement has judges on-call to issue e-warrants within minutes, it is like having a fellow cop on-call authorizing the shredding of our rights.

    “There’s an absolute potential for a dilution of a citizen’s constitutional protections against unreasonable search and seizure when it’s done that way,” said Donald Ramsell, a Wheaton, Illinois, DUI attorney and Illinois Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers board member. “A judge can just wake up in his bedroom and hit ‘accept’ [on his device] and go back to sleep.”

    Attorney Ramsell is correct; having judge’s on-call to OK e-warrants without second-guessing a police officer’s hunch will have major civil rights implications.

    If the public meekly accepts this invasive and horrific practice of allowing police to conduct forced blood draws, then forced DNA swabs cannot be far behind.

    As a teenager, I watched hundreds of horror movies but I never once had nightmares that police would FORCIBLY take blood from Americans! But times have changed and it won’t be long before Hollywood makes a law enforcement reality blood draw TV show.

    Here are a few names for their new show.

    Instead of calling it Hawaii Five-O why not call it Hawaii Type O or call The First 48The First Blood Draws. Last but not least, why not rename Blue Bloods the Blood Suckers?

    As I said before, allowing police officers to conduct their own blood draws is a monumentally bad idea that will have major civil rights implications for everyone.

    You can read more at the MassPrivateI blog, where this article first appeared.


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      1. Roughly three decades ago the body politic was sold on a “war on drugs” that accelerated with the inclusion of a “war on terrorism” post 911. Interestingly the former narcotics production and distribution is assisted by both government and their Establishment partner while the latter is funded and armed by the aforementioned. George Carlin had it right, ““My first rule: I don’t believe anything the government tells me. Nothing.…”

        The only real war has been on the Bill Of Rights with attacks upon the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th and by inclusion the 14th Amendments.

        • Kevin2, good morning to you, sir, and once again you nailed it. Once again I have to say that nothing this government does has any legitimate basis to it whatsoever. It’s really a war against the American people. The terms ‘war on drugs’ and ‘war on terror’ are totally misleading. And I’ve always followed George Carlin’s advice about listening to government. People should go to youtube and watch Carlin’s videos; maybe they’ll learn something. The Bill Of Rights and the Constitution are the only things I follow. Everything else is illegitimate, null and void as far as I’m concerned.

          • Every codified right can be eroded into insignificance with little pushback from “We The People” as long as they leave Football, Golf, Basketball and Baseball alone. In effect do not interfere with the publics play time. I despise having this thought but how in the hell could the elite expect a civilian population to effectively govern themselves when they are for all practical purposes irresponsible children focused on blowing there allowance and playing?

            • Kevin2, once again some good points. I agree such thoughts are not appealing at all. But look at the type of influence the people have been under. No surprises there.

          • The underbelly of this corrupt Government, pick what ever Branch, it be the Feds, State, County or City. They are all corrupt in one fashion or another. The LEO’s Job of each branch is to raise revenue and control the masses comply with the Governments Made up rules, laws and ordinances. So they tax you and I to support this large beast’s appetite.

            How about we stop paying all taxes and bankrupt the Government. Our Job is to “Starve the Beast” so they cannot rob you and I, and cannot enforce their silly laws. And certainly do not accept their phony money as a payment for anything. Stick to gold or silver.

        • Here’s why the War on Drugs was implemented.

          “We knew we couldn’t make it illegal to be either against the war or black, but by getting the public to associate the hippies with marijuana and blacks with heroin, and then criminalizing both heavily, we could disrupt those communities. Did we know we were lying about the drugs? Of course we did.”

          John Ehrlichman, Nixon domestic affairs advisor and Watergate criminal

          • JRS, all of the Nixon gang were scumbags. May Ehrlichman burn in hell forever.

        • Ever seen that part of the movie in Judge Dredd where he convicts people? Weird

        • “The War on Drugs” was started by Richard Nixon.

      2. mmmm you think they have enough data on us.
        Next will be a sperm sample.

      3. Make sure you have the thugs outgunned if this pisses you off and leave them dead on the side of the fucking road. Enough is enough of this police state shit. Don’t tell me there is a peaceful solution because there isn’t.

      4. Menzo, good morning. An incident like what you describe is coming at sometime somewhere for someone. We’re all going to be forced into a violent response. And yes, sad to say, there’s no peaceful solution for any of this.

        • It actually happened to me 10years ago near Colorado Springs ar a checkpoint. National guard trucks (no guardsmen though), state troopers, lab guys.

          A young guy in a lab coat demanded that I extend my hand out the window so he could take a blood sample. I told him to “F” himself and he started cursing me. At once I jumped out of the vehicle to beat his brains out, and a state trooper ran up and told me to “Go Go Go..” and I got back in and drove down the shoulder around the checkpoint, nobody chased me as he alerted them on radio that he was ‘releasing me’.

          My guess was it was psyops, trying to deduce whether the populace would accept such intrusions. It was still Iraq war going on. Let me tell you, everyone of the females accepted it, bo exception, while half of the males refused to even to cooperate, I was at the extreme edge in my rejection.

          Forceful rejection will likely make them seek a softer target elsewhere. At least say “F” yourself, practice it, it’s not illegal. Dont threaten, keep your hands down and unmoving, just use the F-word. It works every time.

          The Feds pay these guys extra for this as its Psyops research.

      5. Practicing medicine without a license. Massive, Massive Lawsuit.
        Sue they pigs until their ass holes are sucking buttermilk. Take everything they own. When you get done you should be living in their house, sitting in their easy chair, watching their big screen TV, while their ex- wife is sucking your dick.

      6. Police say you give implied consent, even while unconscious, for blood draw if you have been travelling on a public road.

        Hmmm…Yet they will arrest you for rape for having sex with a drunk chick, cuz, well, they weren’t really able to consent in that condition.

        Fuckin’ hippo-crips. Cops are low IQ, meathead, state mercenaries with a bully perspective. They do whatever they are told for paycheck, paycheck, paycheck, Big Pig Retirement Pension Scam…sweet.

        “Game-changer”. Yep, more loot for the Revenue Enhancer’s pocket.

      7. Yet Americans just sit back and take whatever is dished out by an out of control police state US killing machine. A population completely divided and conquered accepts the abuse as normal and follows along meekly with barely a whimper whispered. When do the in the streets protests start? Americans can’t be bothered is the reality. I never could understand why any person thinks they are better than anyone else.

        • Hemopiliacs will bleed-out and could die with officers and police departments facing criminal charges themselves for manslaughter. Officers will be exposed to HIV/AIDS and other diseases from being accidentally or intentionally pricked with a contaminated needle while attempting to draw.

          Intoxicated people are dehydrated, making blood draw impossible from small veins so they will have to draw from the groin or from another main artery.

          I see law suits including medical malpractice suits in the future of law enforcement.

          There is something called digging when a phlebotomist moves the needle around inside a person’s hand looking for a viable vein. This is something like torture.

          Cops are already being targeted and killed. Imagine how many more cops will be killed if they inflict pain intentionally or not while attempting to find a vein.

          In a hospital if the phlebotomy is not going well, the patient can request and will receive treatment from a more experienced phlebotomist. Some people have difficult veins to find. That’s a fact. But will police believe a person on their word that they need an expert phlebotomist, or will cops torture people in an attempt to draw blood?

          • Assuming you did get exposed to a bacteria or virus due to mishandling of the blood drawl procedure; do you think you’ll receive regress in criminal or civil court? Hell people get shot and killed for holding a cell phone and the officers are protected by, “I THOUGHT it was a gun”.

          • they don’t care if they murder you.
            they don’t care if they infect you with disease, due to unsanitry conditions.
            they murder unarmed people every damn day.
            Police are well armed, well connected criminals.

            Piss on you boot lickers.
            Wake up. Open your eyes.
            Police are a well financed, well armed, half ass trained, with good communication capability. Police are a armed criminal enterprise ENFORCERS who are protectors of the criminal Politician and rich class of the population.

            so censor that!

      8. Dearest Police Officers,
        Know the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the difference between right & wrong. Your life might depend on it. This mandatory blood-sample to be taken by a Police Officer is clearly unConstitutional. You might bully somebody into taking the syringe but that person will remember who violated their person. The idiots up the chain of command won’t pay the price – officers will.

      9. This will delegitimize all blood evidence found in relation to murder as possibly planted by police.


      10. This article is a propaganda piece full of half truths and misinformation. I don’t agree with cops being trained as phlebotomists (article states they are not trained – this is untrue) but this authors conclusions are so erroneous I cant believe this article was even posted to this sight.

        • Yup most of the articles and posters here are full of crap

          • Ugly Truth, although we do get some questionable articles here on occasion, I can vouch for the posters here and they’re NOT full of crap. Even we get skeptical of some of the articles posted here at times.

            • This has gone on for some time now. It’s not anything NEW. This article is less than accurate and missing a lot of information. Provides just enough to get everyone spun up. Get out of the basement and find the information before you write an article.

          • Ugly is a real fuckup from the world of liberal scum. We’d love to play with you but you’d bleed out too fast.

      11. Foster Brooks is turning in his grave.

      12. If they ask you about your blood type, don’t answer 98 proof. Another thing that police want is a DNA bank of men and their DNA. That is even worse! Your DNA is your own business!

      13. and who will resist?

        no one.

      14. A simple lawsuit… practicing medicine without a license

      15. There comes a time and a place where people who have been brutalized will just stop by the cops houses as they leave for work in the morning and make it known that that know where they live, how many kids they have where their wife works etc. it’s the implied fear. Nothing a man fears more is leaving his home for 8 hours knowing his family is being watched. It’s non violent and gentle persuasion on behalf of we the people

      16. The police and their resources are being wasted on cleaning up the mess created by immigration from the third world: sex trafficking, drug trafficking, cyber crime, knife crime, gang crime etc. Every single one of these is caused by and run by people from the third world.

        Not only do migrants have access to the most generous welfare provisions (migrants in the past were sponsored by families and had to work right away), today’s migrants live fat on freebies AND engage illegal money making activities.

        • Frank Thoughts

          We moved to an area of Florida that has a low percentage of blacks and significantly lower percentage of hispanics. Do not underestimate the contribution to crime coming from white youth. I watch the news and read the paper and they all seem to be genetically linked as they look the same, thin, unkept with plenty of tattoos.

      17. can’t comment.
        site has shut me down due to censorship.

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