Police State High: School Bans Backpacks, Seals Lockers, Forces Bathroom Registrations

by | May 30, 2014 | Headline News | 290 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”
    -President Ronald Reagan

    If drones over America, heavily armed law enforcement agencies, and a massive government surveillance web hasn’t yet convinced you that the United States is rapidly moving towards a police state then maybe the following report out of New York will be an eye opener.

    Indoctrination centers abound across the land of the free, with high schools now taking a queue from the TSA:

    A New York high school is the latest in the nation to ban backpacks following several bomb threats, and has even taken extra steps, including sealing up students’ lockers.

    For the last two weeks of the school year, students at Wantagh High School — located about 34 miles east of New York City — are being forced to carry their books and belongings in plastic bags, sign in and out to use the bathroom and submit to searches when entering the building. But the sealing up of lockers took school security to a new level.

    Today’s pedagogic institutions are redefining what the word freedom actually means and students are falling right into line:

    “It is an inconvenience, but it’s like an airport really,” Erik Beuttenmuller, an 11th-grader at the school told Fox 5 New York.

    Karl Denninger of The Market Ticker weighs in:

    What are we teaching our kids when we send them to prisons for 13 years out of their lives?

    Yeah, bad things happen once in a while.  But the key here is “once in a while.”  They don’t happen often, statistically-speaking, and if we actually gave a damn about what was going on in these schools and excluded the abusive “kids” who are not there to learn but rather want to raise hell and abuse others we wouldn’t be having these problems.

    Instead what we do is teach our kids that mass guilt is the response to one person who does an evil thing.  Rather than punish bad acts we exercise prior restraint.  We teach our kids from the first day that there are no individual consequences and rewards, only collective ones.

    And the fact is that none of this actually makes anyone safer.

    What it does do is condition our kids to living in a police state.

    Congratulations America, because it will be you that gets shoved in the oven.



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      1. Americans should not complain because they brought this on themselves after they accepted the same treatment to other groups of people during a time of war and because of hatred.

        • Americans should complain because the Banksters have been warring with US even before our Revolution, hoodwinked, and now our generation must make it right.

          Anyone who says the Good People of the United States are comparable to their Bankster financed Government IS A LIAR AND A THIEF!


          • 2 Words = HOME SCHOOL. All public schools do are to brainwash your children into being good little worker bee minions for the State. How to be good little dependents with free bus rides, free head start breakfast, free lunch, free after school programs, free dinner, free limo bus rides home. So when they get to high school and graduate they are dumb enough and ripe enough, and so dependent on the state, they cannot even get a Job or even think about starting a business, they will be force into enlisting in the Rich Man’s ARMY for more free stuff, and forced to learn how to kill for the rich man elitists. They after their bodies are broken wounded and thrown aside they get put on a waiting list at the VA with no hope and commit suicide and all for the State. Welcome to America, home of the Free bees. Sickening huh?

            • Just collectivists being collectivists. Don’t just punish the perps. Punish EVERYone.

              • The entire educational system in America has become one gigantic, state-funded statist brainwashing operation.

                Once Americans have been thoroughly indoctrinated in statism for at least twelve years, that indoctrination is then reinforced by the lapdog media, Hollywood, and the popular culture in general. It is much easier to plunder and exert totalitarian control over a society in which at least half of the adult population is comprised of brain-dead morons who will believe in almost any lie or superstition as long as it has a governmental imprimatur.

                • The “silent majority” was silent too long. In the name of political correctness and equality, we have allowed this to happen. The way we vote or not, the activity or lack there of in local events, letting other people speak for us, and not speaking up to oppose wrong; these things have snowballed into TPTB infiltrating government at all levels and gradually taking our freedoms away. WAKE UP America!!

                  • The British “mercantilist” system of high taxes, controls, and monopoly privileges conferred by government was not defeated in 1783. No… It simply moved to Philadelphia in 1789.

                  • Democracy [ is ] the public. The public is “stupid”.

                    “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” ~ Winston Churchill

                  • Please ban Michelle obullshits lunch menu first

                • Could this be one reason why schools are often the targets of young male shooters?

            • Sorry if this offends anyone, but we don’t home school because of these things, although things like this make us even happier that we do. We home school because ir is our responsibility to raise and educate the children God gives us,not the state’s. When you send your children to Rome for an indoctrination, don’t be surprised when a Roman returns.

              The Antlers Restaurant
              Libby, MT

              • Bj…hi. hope you are enjoying your vacation. No one disagrees tgat homeschooling is better. I’m not a common core lover, actually my daughter is having issues with the teachers, and if things get worse I will quit my job and homeschool. I am not in a position too just yet. My issue here is Laura m saying we are idiots and losers. Nothing else is acceptable. Maybe not for her and no one is better than everyone else. I’m pretty sure judging others is frowned upon as a Christian. So in my opinion it’s time to move on to the next topic.

                • Really judging others is frowned upon as a Christian? I guess then that you have no problem with allowing all manner of criminals to associate with your children. This BS that you espouse is what is killing us. Of course you have to judge you twit!

                • IL mom,
                  I judge you and anyone like you who believes we should not be careful as to who we or our families associate with to be a moron. How the hell do you get through life with a stupid attitude like you have? Figures you are from Obamas state. Bet you think he and the Wookie are role models.

                • Although I am not sure of where the Bible text is, my understanding is that Christians are not to judge the World, as that is something for God to do. We are to judge our fellow Christians in order to maintain correct examples to the world. Christian parents have the responsibility to discern between associations for their children and if anyone has a problem with that, so be it.

                  • We have no right to say who is going to Hell. But, “By their fruits ye shall know them” tells us we can discern a murderer, thief, etc.

                • Thanks, vacation has been excellent and getting ready to come to an end. When I posted, I had not read any of the posts except the one in which I replied to. I started off with “sorry of this offends anyone” for the reason that, I know it can be a touchy subject for those who might know they should be homeschooling or want to, but feel that they cannot for whatever reason.

                  Some years back a very good christian friend who I know cares a lot for me, said this when we were discussing monetary resources and decisions in life; “do you still have cable?” That is all he had to say, he said nothing more and I just stayed quiet and contemplated the words he said to me.

                  I have enjoyed our email correspondence and hope I haven’t offended you.

              • God did not give you those children. you sat on a hard dick and shit out a kid 9 months later… God has nothing to do with it

                • Bob420:

                  You deserve some scum prize for the most ignorant post I have ever read on shtf. You truly are a creep……

            • Move to Canada None of this bullshit, people don’t get killed by cops too often, and none of this being searched in high school no locker bullshit

          • Iowa

            Amen to that!!

            Everything we’re all enduring is the the end result of wall street,central banks, and their willing(well paid off) accomplices in industry,finance,big business,and government..especially government..which passes laws by the thousands upon thousands representing the interests of the banksters..and thus their qe infused big business and wall street corps..

            This is the ultimate trickle down theory in reality..

            The lobbyists force the pols to pass unbelievable laws and edicts which affect our children and all future generations to a doomed future..

            It’s disgusting at best..these kids can’t read, write, nor possess basic cognitive and deductive reasoning yet alone be children in their formative years..

            We don’t need no education
            We don’t need no thought control
            No dark sarcasm in the classroom
            Teachers leave them kids alone
            Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone!
            All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.
            All in all you’re just another brick in the wall.

            Nough said..


            • Aside from a few lone voices (like many persons here), most voters will just vote again for the same representatives who voted for the oppression to start with. The incumbent congressmen win 90% of the time. And those that don’t vote are giving away their opportunity to try to change their representatives.
              As for home schooling, we are fortunate to have that option. Maybe someday TPTB will take that away. With good teachers, I think home schooling can work (some parents don’t make for good educators and should defer to someone else).

              • America is dying because the banksters that run this country want it to die!

                “As to the species of exercise, I advise the gun.” ~ Thomas Jefferson in a letter to Peter Carr.

              • I taught GED. One woman said she only wanted her GED to home school her children so she would not have to get up in the mornings to take them to school. She refused to try and not say “ain’t” for the sake of her children’s future. She certainly could not express herself and was not a good role model in any sense of the word.

                I tutored another 17-yr-old who was homeschooled. She could not even spell at a 7th-grade level.

                I know other home-school parents who absolutely fail. One eight-year-old could barely read because her father did not make time for her, but he played sports six days each week.

            • possecom,
              Great song, very appropriate for the theme of the day.
              I graduated from a High School south of Boston in the early 70’s.
              Our graduation song was ” Freedom ” by Richie Haven.
              I guess the era of the rebellious teenager is sadly long gone.
              Take Care,
              — Miss Dee Dee

        • The biggest casualty of forced control

          is the open creativity of the mind. When

          ideas and inspiration are crushed under

          the boot heel of tyranny, only the ordinary

          can ever be achieved.

          • Face it, the public school system is modeled after the prison system. Why do you think there are so many kids and so few teachers, our most precious commodity, our children are treated just like inmates with prison guards. The only difference between the school system and the prison system is the little inmates in school get to go home at night.

            Home school while you can because what the teachers union and the regime are doing to our children now, is nothing short of barbaric brain washing.

            • Only a fool and an idiot would send their kids to gov schools. Parents that are pro socialist/one worlders would do the same. I have zero respect for anyone sending their kids to these hell holes. Patriot groups are full of losers because their kids go to these schools as they are in denial. Not to mention attending a 501c3 gov church! Which is why I don’t join anything. Only stuck in stupid loser parents kow tow to gov schools. I highly respect home school and private school type parents.

              • I home-schooled our two youngest, which turned out very well, and annoyed the hell out of the school which was out about $17,000 in state subsidies for two students. This is a best place to take a stand as it’s for your children and not just to make a statement. After Common Core takes over, your children will be left totally ignorant and unable to negotiate the “modern” world.
                Expect to meet resistance from the school as it’s “money lost” to them. If both parents (assuming there are two) are working, enroll the kids in a private school or get your parents or other relatives to teach. Nothing is too big a sacrifice to get your children out of the public schools.

                • In AL only a parent can home school, not a neighbor or grandparent. The only other person who can homeschool a child is a teacher with a degree and valid teacher’s certificate. I know because I homeschooled someone’s child. I had to go through the school board in that district even though I live in a different county but the same state.

                  The same may apply in other states.

              • Jeez can we get a little more harsh while trying to make a point? I get so sick of douche bags thinking they are so much better than everyone else because they have certain preps or great groups or get to homeschool their kids. Im not stupid, im not and idiot or a loser but my kids do go to public schools. Im damn proud of the fact that around here we still have Christmas programs and teach our prek kids the pledge of allegiance. And the school even keeps God In it! Imagine that! Maybe I am in “denial” but I feel like while the East coast cities or big cities in general are having issues with retarded rules and regulations around me, I haven’t had a problem yet. Now maybe when it comes time I’ll have to reteach some history, but I’ll burn that bridge when it comes time. 🙂 As far as church, maybe you should go… You could learn a little about who really can judge people for their life choices… if u dont understand what I’m saying, I understand why. Have a good day and God Bless!

                • Laura m. (me) got lots of thumbs down. I didn’t know this website was so full of pro gov educ. & common core lovers. Unbelievable that patriot websites like this would be so full of trolls. No wonder patriot groups fail, few are savvy and know what’s really going on, which is why I don’t join anything. Tea party groups have parents w/kids in gov schools. For many it doesn’t matter since this country is down the crapper anyway. So few care about their kids.

                  • You, Laura, are obviously so much better than me. Go Fuck yourself…..

                  • Laura M., I totally agree with you and I’ll back you up on your comments. obviously all the red thumbs came from dickheaded trolls. I lost my wife to a drunk driver before we could have any kids and still don’t have any to this day. I’m just glad none of this BS took place when I was in school back in the 60s and 70s or I would’ve been expelled for not “going along to get along.”

                • Young map: You need to go to Chuck Baldwin’s website and read Dave Hodges posts. They both expose gov controlled churches and ties to certain agendas. I go to a non 501 fellowship where the gov. isn’t controlling what the preacher says. You need to get informed about this issue 501c3 churches and their gelded pastors are tied to the IRS control freaks. I was ignorant once about this until someone woke me up thirty yrs ago. People can be judged by their fruits by others, but not whether they will go to heaven or hell.

                  • Laura M., I go to Chuck Baldwin’s AND Butch Paugh’s websites on occasion. Now those are two preachers I’ll listen to anytime because they speak the truth. They DON’T have 501c3 status and won’t let ANYONE tell them what they can or cannot preach about. http://www.calltodecision.com for Pastor Butch Paugh.

                  • Sorry, I looked. Only information I found on Chuck was that he went to a highschool too. Obviously he’s a moron in that case… (obvious sarcasm) and this Dave Hodges, looked him up too. All I found was he’s a huge marijuana lover (sure hope that’s not the same guy)… so u want me to take advice about my church (that I’ve been going to for years, since it opened, know most everybody by name, and hang out with my pastor and obviously know he’s not part of the IRS) from a moron and a pot head? And im the idiot… neh im good. Stay groupless in a survival situation. Ill stay with my community. We’ll see who fares better…

                • Wow – “pledge of allegiance”? You mean the oath of fealty to an all powerful state? Have you any notion whatsoever WHO penned that piece of crap, and for WHAT purpose?
                  Have you?

                  Christmas programs? I’ll bet you’re a supporter of school levies as well.


                  You’re in denial.

                  • YUP, I was going to post on that, but you beat me to it. The Pledge of Allegiance is total mind control conditioning brainwashing. We, in my house pledge allegiance to God and His word, and the Constitution that was supposed to protect God given rights…..unfortunately the founding fathers did NOT go far enough.

                    And Christmas….any christian still celebrating that farce is totally still asleep. Christmas and Easter are totally EVIL and not of God or His word.

                • If you send your children to “Public School,” you are guilty of “child abuse.”

                  • yourmotherwas: Totally agree, I tried to get that point across in my first post but upset these common core lovers, but people are too dense to see what we mean. Child neglect apathy and laziness I will add to it.

              • Laura I am seriously trying hard to maintain decorum, responding to your asinine post. Not everyone is in a position to homeschool. As a divorced mother of four children, I have to work a lot of hours to support my children. I get no assistance, nor child support and it takes everything I have to meet my childrens needs now, and prepare for shtf. I have no other options besides public school, but I make sure they know what really is going on. You don’t know me and I am certainly no fool. Nor are my Children idiots. The three boys are all in the advanced programs and they are hard workers as well. So when you decide to post again, maybe you should use “most” instead of “all” otherwise all you succeed in doing is showing everyone one how small minded you are.

                • Young Map & IL Mom based in the UK.

                  I’m a single parent to a disabled child. For years the only way my son could access the SALT, CAHMS and OT he badly needed was via our state school systems. Seems mad to have to go to school to access health care – but I didn’t make the rules. I’m sure you are aware that raising a disabled kid incurs additional costs and time over and above those lucky enough to be born without any challenges to overcome. We also had to stay in the city to be near the healthcare facilities he needed.

                  I worked my butt off at the therapies, at home, not relying school to do them properly, and eventually this last year we finally got to a point where I could follow my heart. In order to home school I’ve had to sell my home and relocate to a much cheaper part of the country. When I arrived at my new location I didn’t know ANYONE. Great for Opsec, not so great for a family already at risk of social isolation.

                  I’ve also had to totally retrain out of my old career and into a new one that I could pursue from home. (We all know the plum fat pay cheque doesn’t grow on trees ripe for plucking in an instant!) Part time is all I can get right now, with a little hustling of my home making skills to make up to a living. Prepping is a lifestyle, and I’m very lucky to have a kid who is humble in his wants. Our internet connection is our big “luxury”, though we both use it for study, and I use it for a living. We won’t have a car till later this year.

                  As a single parent, I just can’t do it ALL alone (especially as my kid has a sleep disorder) so I’ve utilised the services of an online school to pick up some of the academic slack.

                  He only does part-time online lessons, but that gives him access to specialist teachers in subjects like science (where’s he’s gifted) and foreign languages (which I don’t have so can’t teach). Private online school is so much more cost effective than a private bricks and mortar school would be – especially as you can just do individual subjects. I chose one where the head teacher has the same low opinion of our government dictated national curriculum as I do. Doing this frees me up to take proper responsibility for the subjects I can teach, and to cover them properly.

                  Where I was smart was moving to an area of the country where the homeschool scene is vibrant. Skills sharing helps. I’m covering off arts and crafts lessons in exchange for language and astronomy lessons with other parents right now. It’s taken a few months to get to know people well enough to start setting up these kinds of skill swaps. However other homeschooling families are also in the same need to earn a living pickle that I am, so it’s very easy to set this kind of thing up. Sensible co-operation between home school families is generally far greater than you’ll ever see at the regular school gate due to sheer necessity. there isn’t the same need to watch your back for the takers and leeches either.

                  I wasn’t impressed with my son’s state school while he was there, (and nearly wrecked my health trying to give him a proper education out of school hours.) My dissatisfaction was with the curriculum – not the school environment. It was nowhere near as bad as the one described in this article. To my mind, sending your child into an environment like that is nothing short of child abuse. I’d have emigrated before I put my kid in a place like that on a daily basis!

                  Later this year my elderly Mum will also be relocating from my hometown to join us in our new location, so home schooling hasn’t just affected me in terms of lifestyle changes. At pushing 80 she needs support and we all know relocation isn’t easy as you get older. Helping her achieve this will be a mammoth task in and of itself.

                  In the end in order to home school I didn’t have to think outside the box, I had to throw it away totally! However it’s been beyond worth it as I’ve seen my son go from strength to strength in so many ways. Our relationship is great and when shtf I know a few like minded families with prepping compatible lifestyles already. The consumer crazy gimme dat crowd have no knowledge of me here either as we move in totally different circles.

                  Home school is NOT the easy option, and I wouldn’t want anyone to think it is for all families. It’s simpler to do if Daddy has a great job, and Mum can stay home without other distractions, but it’s not impossible for the rest of us. Really, really tough is still possible.

                  My one regret is not retraining earlier and not trying harder to get around the therapies access when my son was younger. I lacked confidence in myself to take the radical steps needed for far too long. Women I think are prone to not having enough faith in our own latent abilities as we are even more deeply programmed than men to be “nice girls” who don’t “rock the boat” from a very early age.

                  • Lonelonmum, I’m sorry to hear about your situation. It sounds like you’re making the best of it, despite the challenges you face. I’ll pray for you. Take care.

                  • lonelonemum,
                    You’re ” The Best ”
                    — Miss Dee Dee

              • @laura m.

                OK, so I get no respect because I send my kids to public school. And to think, I tell them every week….

                1. Attending school is an opportunity not to be wasted.

                2. Education is like a buffet. Take from it what you want. DEMAND your teachers provide information. They won’t force feed it to you, you have to request it.

                3. Ask no matter how silly it may seem. Let your imagination run wild. Be the jerk. Watch everyone’s eyes roll when you ask the 100th question of the day. The teacher WILL respond.

                Plus, it doesn’t matter what the other kids think. You probably won’t see most of them after high school unless you’re taking their money.

                4. Know that your teachers often have advanced degrees. At one point in their life, they did demonstrate aptitude. They do have the smarts to respond. Demand, demand, demand. Take, take, take. I paid for it, you use it.

                5. Realize that public education is a microcosm of the world you will face. Learn about the smart kids, learn about the popular kids, learn about the sports nuts, learn about the stoners, and learn about the not so smart.

                The kids you see everyday are your future marketplace. Figure out what makes them tick and you’ll be well positioned in the “real world”. You can’t get that sample distribution in a private school. This is where public school trumps.

                6. And lastly, be prepared when you come home. You know I am going to ask you what you learned in school today. And of course, as per usual, I will always get into a passionate discussion with you about how what you learned today factors into reality.

                And yes, Euclidean geometry does matter. Otherwise, those stairs you walk up and down everyday might not work so well. And of course pray the carpenter understood the Pythagorean theorem when he built those stairs.

                Otherwise, it could turn out to be a very bad day…especially if you are wearing high heeled shoes.

                DO I STILL GET NO RESPECT? or should i go and pay a private school whose quality is nothing more than a product of their marketing and advertising strategy.

              • Fuck you and the horse you rode in on Laura M! You can live in your little dream planet where rainbows bestow all homes a leprechaun treasure for all, but in the realm of reality, those who work 8-10 hours per day and commute 70-100 miles one way, all while rasing their kids as a single parent don’t get time for home school, let alone much else. You see that is the problem inherent with cookie cutter good-for-alls like you frothing at the mouth about how bad someone else is for living the way they do, its NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!

                Let’s get a clue here, not everyone can live in the forest, spending their days hoeing their crops, canning peaches, slauhtering their own hamburgers, breastfeeding their litters of kids while singing church hymns to praise god for their fortunate bounty. Life comes in different flavors besides vanilla and dark chocolate.

                Freedom is the pursuit of YOUR choice in how to live, not the govt., not the in-laws, not the church, the job, or the rest of the people we are surrounded by. But the choice of compliance is why EVERYONE ON THIS SITE continues to live in servitude, because nobody wants to be the “Example”…myself included

                Without a catalyst to instigate change, the only outcome is more of the same….

              • laura m,
                Who are the dickweeds who gave you all the thumbs down. Right on comment. You at least are aware of reality. Too bad so many who post here are not real bright.

            • As I have often said if we institutionalize our children when they are young, we can expect them to institutionalize us when we are old.

          • Actually, I disagree (but won’t thumbs down you!)

            History is full of examples of oppressed people whose creativity rose up to combat and overcome the forced control and tyranny of buttonholes.

            A good example would be the creativity of the tactics of Gandhi, who, without firing a single bullet, rid his country of oppressive British.

            – the Lone Ranger

            “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

            “One person who speaks the truth constitutes a majority of one.” – Henry David Thoreau

            • I must disagree with the claim about Ghandi. He succeded mainly because the british had a sense of shame. His tactics would not have worked against say the Nazis.
              What will work really depends upon your opponent. That is why “appealing to their better instincts” only works against an opponent who HAS better instincts.
              Example, feral urban youths “aka sons of Obama” rarely can be reasoned with using civilizied arguments. Their idea of “civilization is based on tribes, gangs, and “might makes right”.

              Well… perhaps Ghandi WAS innovative, he figured out tactics which worked against HIS opponent.

              • sense of shame – from biggy O, GWB, Scamrloon Bliar and co?

                stop making me laugh!

              • jeepboy1991

                Your correct. Ghandi would not have lasted 15 minuets against Hitler. Its not for lack of trying on the part of the British but the magnitude of the violence that would have been necessary to subdue a non compliant India due to its population and its political fall out was just too great. I imagine horrific atrocities occurred in Africa under their occupation/rule that due it its isolation and much smaller size no one knew about.

                If you see a news blackout of your area HIDE. TPTB will technically disable recording equipment. I think the old film camera, type writer, printing press and first generation copying devices will be of invaluable service by-passing key stroke censorship.

                • History’s first concentration camps were created by the British for use against Boers and those blacks that supported them during the Boer War. Sadly we are seeing the effects of the lessons taught by the British now in S.Africa.

                  Which reminds me – the currently racially targeted genocide there is not just against whites – the Koi San, a non-Bantu ethnicity are also suffering terribly right now. their water holes are being deliberately targeted as the latest tactic being used to drive them off their lands. Unlike whites they have NO mythical escape route back to their ancestral homes in Europe as this is where they’ve been since the beginning of time. Long before the Zulus, Jews, Bantu’s, British or anyone else ever discovered the place. they are the custodians of South Africa’s history, which is why the MSM isn’t reporting what’s happening to them. These are a people who were never brought into the ANC fold as culturally they have nothing in common with the later settlers from elsewhere in Africa. I suppose perhaps you could compare their situation to American Indians if you need a point of reference?

            • Power grows from the barrel of a gun. Mao-Over sixty million eliminated. You must be a child to believe the fairy tales you do. Had Ghandi gone up against a real dictator he would have lasted a week.

          • If you’ve ever visited a girl’s high school bathroom, you might understand the restrictions on this one. I went to pick up my daughter many years ago, at her high school. I could not believe the condition of that place! I was absolutely shocked! I couldn’t even use a toilet because they all had sanitary napkins, all kinds of junk in them! I’ve never seen a more dispicable place in my life! It was horrible!

            Also, I worked for this teacher and she said you wouldn’t believe what goes on in the schools! Kids are having oral sex in the classrooms! The lack of morals amoung young people is at all time high– It was not like this when I went to school!!! (Probaly due to the filth purposely put on TV to reduce peoples’ morals and parents who don’t know WTF they’re doing…) Things have changed!!!

            • The things that go on in schools today is really wild.

              My “little dirty Johnny” stunts seem pretty lame comparitively. The little woman said i was an asshole because i traded new pencils to the girls for showing me their panties in the third and fourth grade. I kept a ledger of who was wearing what colors. Judy Collins always wore yellow. It was a “big” hit with the guys.

              Can’t add much to all that’s been said already so I’ll just leave with the words to an Aerosmith song…

              Living On The Edge

              There’s somethin’ wrong with the world today
              I don’t know what it is
              Something’s wrong with our eyes

              We’re seeing things in a different way
              And God knows it ain’t His
              It sure ain’t no surprise

              We’re livin’ on the edge

              There’s somethin’ wrong with the world today
              The light bulb’s gettin’ dim
              There’s meltdown in the sky

              If you can judge a wise man
              By the color of his skin
              Then mister you’re a better man than I

              We’re livin’ on the edge
              You can’t help yourself from fallin’ (Everybody, everybody)
              Livin’ on the edge
              You can’t help yourself at all (Everybody, everybody)
              Livin’ on the edge
              You can’t stop yourself from fallin’ (Everybody, everybody)
              Livin’ on the edge
              (Everybody, everybody)

              Tell me what you think about your sit-u-a-tion
              Complication – aggravation
              Is getting to you

              If Chicken Little tells you that the sky is fallin’
              Even if it wasn’t would you still come crawlin’
              Back again?
              I bet you would my friend
              Again and again and again and again and again

              Tell me what you think about your sit-u-a-tion
              Complication – aggravation
              Is getting to you

              There’s something right with the world today
              And everybody knows it’s wrong
              But we can tell them no or we could let it go
              But I would rather be a hanging on.

              Living On The Edge

          • I hear alot of tough talk and bluster, but how many remember the Brave young man that stood in front of a row of tanks in Tiananmen Square and gave his life in the heart of a Communist Country without any fanfare or cheering crowds. This is the 25th anniversary of that event, take a minute and do a search on the Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989, this could be coming to a country near you. As a Christian or as a Patriot you may have to take a similar stand one day. Trekker Out. Are You Ready!

            • One brave unknown man.

        • In the scheme of things, it’s like the formation of a river, first it starts as a trickle and as it takes it’s path it just goes on and on and then it continues to grow and there is no deviation, and soon it is a full blown river and nothing can seem to stop it until it reaches it’s destination. This trickle is TPTB, and the ever increasing flow are the Sheeple that follow after them, and even thought they seem unstoppable and we start to feel like there is nothing that can be done, we must think about how you can change the course of a river. That can only be done by building a dam. So we must come together and and start the formation of that dam. So to start with we have to stop being so divisive among ourselves and continue to spread the word to others outside of the SHTF family. Treker Out. Over My Head!

          • Well stated MT

        • brahaha, f#$% you, troll!

          • Good Evening Braveheart,
            Hope you are doing well. I’m proud of how you are keeping your distain for the trolls under control. I was afraid that after you quit smoking your temper might run amuck. Your response to — brahaha – was excellent. I couldn’t have said it better myself.
            Take Care,
            — Miss Dee Dee

            • Miss DeeDee, it’s good to hear from you.

        • HOW did I know this was going to be New York, the original police state.

          We need to start calling these states what they are, slave states, and we need to start calling their public schools what they are, Jails.

          God help the administrator that ever tries to pull this garbage at my kids school.

        • That’s funny. As if what’s happening in America isn’t coming to the EU.

        • I’m not a troll. I’ve commented many times. Although sometimes I was joking around. Sometimes I was serious. But you people can’t stand the truth. Americans can never stand the truth. You don’t like to be wrong. When I said don’t complain, I meant it sarcastically. But the truth is that you don’t like to be wrong. You think only you are the best and right people on earth. But you are a hypocrite.

          • brahaha, if any of us are worng, PROVE IT. I think you’ll be too hard-pressed to do so.

            • Fuck you doucheheart. PROVE any shit you regularly spew you ignorant hillbilly.

          • Braahaahaa,
            Do not be the last one that comes into a resistance movement , even though you are skeptical about what is happening all around you , the signs are there, they cannot be ignored , it’s going to happen we just do not know when. When you have a government that is ignorant of the law and purposely refuses to follow it REPEATEDLY and pushes punitive measures on those that they are supposed to represent ( think the new EPA rules on water , this is not tinfoil stuff) with state sanctioned threat of violence ( militarized police actions which are occurring daily) that is the definition of tyranny . The latest proof VA scandal administrators denied treatment for bonuses, lives were lost just so they could get extra pay , release of GITMO high ranking detainees for a US pow without consulting congress or Department of defense first , back door gun control ( operation choke point ) , billionaires influencing policy
            Bloomberg et al, US soldiers detained in Mexico and left there with out state department action while allowing drugs , gangs and illegals to cross the border in mass something that any sane country would consider an act of war.
            This countries representivites no longer represent the governed they are looting the treasury and borrowing an UNSUSTAINABLE amount of money to provide for those that vote for a living rather than work for a living . They blame the violence in the inner city on social inequality and racism and their answer is to deprive the law abiding of the means to defend life aided by a media that tows the government line for money and permission to keep broadcasting. Politicians that act as a criminal organization mascarading as a political party they deny campaign funds to those that do not vote enblock with the rest no matter how reprehensible the legislation is. ( NJ magazine limit some democrats disagreed with the legislation but voted for it anyway and stated it publically they are entrenched due to the FREES**T army in the urban areas and cannot be removed from office , we are only one man away from loosing the right to bear arms in NJ now that the US supreme court refuses to hear it) The time is ripe for a complete totalitarian police state to come into existence , some believe it can never happen here , it echos from history a civilized country just a scant 70 years ago committed atrocities on an unimaginable scale, people believed the same then , not everyone can escape the WARSAW GHETTO some did because the realized the alternative was far worse than death they had nothing to loose fought back and endured , history seldom repeats itself but it rhymes.

            We are in trouble, this cannot endure, any one that is awake can see this with their own eyes , as much as it hurts this is our reality .

            All this in time if nothing is done about this ionly leads to one place
            a place called AUSCHWITZ.

            You can take the “RED PILL” and see things for what they are or the “BLUE PILL” and go back to they way things are perceived. The Matrix

            Eitherway reality has a way of coming wether we recogize it or not .

            THINK , PREPARE ,



            Semper Fi 8541

            • Night Breaker,
              Your comment is not opinion it is factual.
              — Miss Dee Dee

          • All you have to know about the American people is that they elected Obama twice and some other dirtbag politicians many times over. No matter how many times they get it shoved up their ass they still vote for these animals. Don’t seem to mind that they are rapidly being displaced from their own country either.

        • Please, Bra, pull your head back out into the sunshine before oxygen deficiency kills any more brain cells. Might freshen your breath some, too..

        • If you are not American STFU.

        • Only in Jew York can the Zionist controllers have this much influence to make their wet dream of indoctrination and total control come to fruition.

          New York always wins the award for “most like a communist country”

          2nd amendment? what second amendment!
          4th amendment? stop and frisk trumps that
          MANDATORY vaccinations

          should I keep going?

      2. Good argument for home schooling.

        The system won’t deal with disruptive elements. Remove your kids from the disruptive elements.

        Families need to hook up with other families to help each other home school.

        • The united states will sooner or later become like Germany and the other 28 countries that ban or heavily regulate homeschooling. The government will do everything in their power to regulate home education and I fear that in the future I will not be allowed to keep my future kids out of government hands.
          Long live freedom, long live the constitution

          • cap, when they do I will leave a very long trail of bullet-ridden bodies.

          • People in those countries are disarmed. We are a more problematic people in that union badges don’t necessarily want a firefight. Note the number of Sheriff’s in Connecticut who told the state legislature in no uncertain terms, that they’re NOT going to enforce the new “assault” rifle ban…

          • cap: If past events are any indicator, then I’d say your prediction will fail. Since the late 40’s there have been attempts to stop home and private schooling but these home and private schoolers have won nearly every case. I lived in Hawaii during the 80’s and it’s one of the most socialist states in the country, there schools currently rank 35th and were much worse when I was there. A divorced mom decided to homeschool her four children and the state threaten to arrest her if she didn’t send them to public school. Well, she hid her children with friends just before they arrested her on local TV. Her attorneys got her released and the state quietly dropped the charges because they had no case. That part of the story was near the back pages of the newspaper, not on TV. It was all bluff on the part of the state with its heavy union influence. It was all bluff on the part of the state to try and keep people “in line”. People are pushing back, just look at the refusal of folks to register their ‘assault rifles’ in Connecticut and New York. Again, the media makes a big seal about the laws being passed but little is said of its failure in these two states because they’re afraid of the ‘blowback’.

        • Institutional schooling could become mandatory

          in the future of our Brave New World.

          Home schooling might become a form of truancy

          with the parents culpable to the State for


          It’s not here yet, but the trend is leaning

          toward total control of the populace including

          State indoctrination of our children.

          With Nazi Germany as prologue, to say that it

          will never happen here is to fly in the face

          of fascist history. Two decades ago, we didn’t

          believe anything that has come to pass today

          would have ever happened here.

      3. Homeschooling is defiantly the way to go, less BS to contend with…

        • @ eppe, Defiantly homeschooled eh?

          • timms, congratulations on catching the double word meaning, you get the golden prize. I know how to spell (even though I live in Georgia), and you caught the idea I was trying to express….

            [def-uh-nit-lee] Show IPA
            in a clear and definite manner; unambiguously.
            unequivocally; positively.
            (used to express complete agreement or strong affirmation):

            [dih-fahy-uhnt] Show IPA
            characterized by defiance; boldly resistant or challenging: a defiant attitude.
            1830–40; < French défiant, Old French, present participle of defier to defy; see -ant

            Related forms
            de·fi·ant·ly, adverb
            de·fi·ant·ness, noun
            half-de·fi·ant, adjective
            half-de·fi·ant·ly, adverb
            non·de·fi·ant, adjective

            insubordinate, contumacious, refractory, recalcitrant, rebellious, insolent; daring.

            Sorry, no real prize will be given, just the recognition..

            • Well shucks eppe, now that you’ve

              dissected, bisected, drawn and

              quartered, and generally exposed

              my identity to the whole world,

              you tell me there’s no real prize

              for my recognition? Poop on you!

              • Sorry sir, no harm meant, but your moniker is a good one. Ever looked up ,epi, or eppe to see what it means? I do like your posts, you are a very good wordsmith in my book…and you do have a good vision on where we are, in this world of poop…

                • Just pulling your leg, eppe my friend.

                  I enjoy your posts as well. Keep the faith.

                  • In my best Barry White…

                    IT’S A LOVE FEST… 🙂

                    And for the record:

                    There are so many excellent posts and so little can be added…. the only thing I can say is…

                    BAN THE NEA!!!

            • Well Eppe seeing that your in Georgia. Your not one of the many Georgians that entertain us with their gigs at Braveheart are you? Such as NorthGeorgiaIdiot and NorthGeorgiaIdiotsCousin and NorthGeorgiasFinest and a couple of others that I can’t remember. I know your a fun kinda guy, but you wouldn’t do that to Cuz would you? Trekker Out.

              • MT, never would I mess with Brave, like Sybil E, Ngic, etc… Since anyone can be anyone here, I like to keep a smile on peoples face, not promote hate and discontent…

          • Can you think of a better word?

      4. Get your kids out of public schools if at all possible. Organize, and start “Heritage Schools”. Teach your kids how to shoot. And who to shoot!

        • I love that poontang,”teach them how to shoot, and WHO to shoot”….i’m gonna steal that one!

      5. It is hard to find the balance in protecting school children and preventing terrorism. The events may be rare, but no one wants to be the person in charge if something does go wrong. Public outcry would be that not enough was done to prevent the tragedy; lawyers would flock to the area demanding that the victims be compensated for their suffering (for a small fee). We are left to decide which side of the issue has greater value the safety of our children vs. their freedoms.

        • If you home-school, the children won’t be in harm’s way at the school in the first place. Safer at home and they might learn something, but parents can’t take the easy way out and just keep putting them in the hands of the government.

      6. Royalty should never be abandoned all day to the Servants.

        • Ronald Reagan = The Father of Terrorism: when he paid off the Iranian Terrorist for 52 Hostages in Captivity for 444 days. As Reagan undermined President Jimmy Carter, by being engaged in back door negotiations with terrorists, Reagan upon immediately being sworn in on January 20th 1981 released $5 to $6 Billion in Iranian assets, seized in America due to the hostage crisis. This negotiating with terrorist, set a precedent showing the world that terrorists can get what they want from America, if they commit enough terrorism and kidnappings. Yeah, the Great Communicator!! The truth sucks if you get the facts. Just like the Beruit Army Barracks Bombing, that Reagan left Americans Vulnerable to attack. Reagan responded by pulling all troops out of Beruit. Again the Terrorists won. Ron Raygun is the Father of terrorism.

          • I’m of the belief that deep within intelligence circles in both the US and UK there lay the core of terrorism that makes the news. They are AQ and a host of others.

            Stopping “Terrorism” justifies military involvement. When the globalists want to send in the military they create or instigate an incident that for the most part they control the timing, place and tempo. The MSM pulls a Joseph Goebbels and the public eats up the ostensible excuse for action line hook and sinker.

            William Shakespeare said, “All the world is a stage”. He had no idea how correct he would be.

      7. This is a social breakdown, in many countries it is a honer to go to school. A blessing to have the oppertunity, here it has become tainted with liberal views, such as no punishment for acting up in school. The parents of these kids should raise their kids, not the schools. Teachers fear the students now, when it goes full circle from years past, it is a social breakdown…

      8. Where 1984 left off “The BORG” of Star Trek fame picked up.

        Seriously these things were supposed to be entertainment not guide books.

        • Agreed! Seems more and more prophetic! lol

          Where’s the upside to public education?

          Learn how to shoot back! 😉

          • Nice link…
            This will help even if only a few understand and pass it on..?

          • Nice link…
            Even if only a few understand and pass it on…

            • Sorry about that… I blame 8.1 🙂

        • Scary when reality starts to mimic stage and screen. I truly hope I’m not around for the next installment of “Red Dawn”!

      9. What FREEDOM
        We are NOT becoming North Korea.
        All Hail Dear Leader

      10. hey us americans dont deserve it. it isnt us that is destroying our country and getting in the nose of the other countries, its our government, so dont blame it on us.

      11. The schools are getting the “children” ready for the FEMA camps.

        • What this action ensures is that the kids will tell on parents which will land the entire family in a FEMA camp.

          • Yes, Nazi Germany Part II!

        • They’re getting the students ready for the police state they’ll live in as adults.

      12. If you can afford to send your kids to a private Christian school do it! Teaching true American history and values as well as staying away from the Common(communist) Core. We have to protect our kids from this or the next generation will have no idea what freedom actually is. They will only know how to submit their rights to a powerful entity in favor of safety.

        • Around here, Catholic schools aren’t much better. It’s all about the Benjamens.

      13. This one is for ‘Booger’ who likes to repost jokes that I post earlier….
        Just kidding, of course….

        What’s the difference between boogers and broccoli?

        Kids don’t eat broccoli.

        Why did the man catch his nose?

        Because it was running

        How do you make a tissue dance?

        You put a boogie in it

        What does a booger in love tell his girl friend?

        I’m stuck on you.

        Why did the booger cross the road?

        Because he was being picked on.

        Where does your nose go when it gets hungry?

        Booger King!!!

        If you were a booger…

        I’d pick you first.

        What do you call a skinny booger?

        Slim pickins.

        What’s another name for a snail?

        A booger wearing a crash helmet.

        • My nephew’s term for someone with their finger halfway up their nose was that they were “going deep.”

        • You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friends nose.

          • I suppose it depends on how close you are to your friend.

            • You can pick your nose, and you can pick your friends…but you cant wipe your friends on the couch.

      14. I’m just thankful that my son graduates next year. Fortunately, our school doesn’t seem to subscribe to much of the chit we see these days, but my son has come home with an assignment or two that I questioned. Actually, the assignments were ok, but the teacher’s instructions on them were what I questioned…very obvious the teacher was attempting to influence the kids in a given political direction. I’m sure she was not very pleased when my son wrote in defense of the 2A, instead of arguing for its eradication as she had hinted. To her credit tho, my son received a good grade on the paper. Now, I just have to stay vigil when he goes off to college…some of the crap those institutions are slinging these days is downright Orwellian.

      15. I am so glad that I don’t have any kids in school.

        • I’m so glad I never had any kids.. lol Schools now play games with school kids like, Raise your hands if your Daddy has guns in your house? OK, raise your hands if your Momma or Daddy does drugs? The first number they teach kids is 911 and call it, if you see your parents doing drugs at home.

      16. Good thing this didn’t happen at the HS I went to…

        The principal would have found his Renault Dauphine blocking the front door…

        For the record: I have no knowledge how that occurred… 😉

      17. the conditioning continues.

        i predict within 25 years, all employees will be tracked for every minute of their time at work.

        within 50 years, everyone will be accounted for for everything, from changing your thermostat 1 degree to having cookies before bedtime.

        the technology is aleady there, it’s just a matter of being conditioned to accept it.

        • Actually Lena,believe that will not be the case,believe that we as a species will be stepping back from tech to a large degree as society as it collapses/changes.Tech used against the people can be used against the masters,feel if not already around soon emp type gear will be easily made/available,sure,they will beat it but then another tech comes to the people to fight back.

          • You can already build a HERF gun out of a microwave oven.

            I bet someone who wants to experiment around could find a way to make it even more powerful. Such as charging up a bank of capacitors and dumping that energy into the magnetron all at once, to create a much stronger pulse.

            • Nathan,might be a nice tool when home gets raided by gestapo,one more thing to at least screw up the coms,this is assuming you have some early warning systems/well placed furniture/fishing line trip wires ect. set up already.I larger mobile device on say a truck might be a nice thing.

              • You can also use a microwave oven as a decoy for anti-radar missiles. This is what the Bosnians (or was it Serbs?) did in the Balkan war. Rig it so the thing works with the door open, then when the planes are flying overhead, point it at the sky and turn it on (best plug it in from a safe distance.) There were many, many $600k missiles wasted by our forces blowing up microwave ovens.

                • Note: newer missiles maybe can’t be fooled so simply, but I bet money if you have some electronic knowledge you could build an small circuit to control that magnetron and make it transmit a signature which resembles an actual radar site. Make it transmit in pulses rather than constant wave.

                  • Or like a IFF beacon used by LRRP ,
                    This could be a useful idea .

                    Semper Fi 8541

        • The world as we know it won’t be here in 25 years. We’re going to have an economic collapse that will kill 90% of the population in the US, EU, and Japan. That will lead to the one world government prophesied in the books of Daniel and Revelation from the Bible. How much time before the collapse? Could be tomorrow, next week, or next year. Too many things are coming together for it to last another 5 years.

          • No, No, No.

            Youre forgetting japan has played the magical money game for over 20 years and theyre still rolling along. The rest of the world has just started respectively.

            and there aint going to be no one world govt. you think russia and china or russia and germany leaders trust each other enough to form that ?

            i predict a lot more isolation.

            • @ Barncat,

              I do agree that time is running out, however; we are operating on God’s timetable, so we could see this all come to a head in one year or fifty years.

              Christ said the generation that sees these things shall not pass before His return. I, as well as many others, believe the beginning of that generational time clock began ticking in 1967 when Israel regained control (somewhat) of Jerusalem. Some say it began in 1948. Even with that date; the longest generational time period given was 120 years, and 40 the shortest. So….

              These examples leave the door open to many time periods possible, but not exceeding past the year 2087.
              Bring the four blood moons(total lunar eclipses)w/ a total solar, into the mix and we have the period of 2014 thru 2016 as a high possibility and then again 2032 thru 2034 as the next highest possibility.

              Pray it’s the sooner rather than the latter period.

              As far as the NWO; “YES”, it is biblical and it will happen as foretold.

              Problem with your theory/prediction is…..

              One of the “heads” (partners/players) of the yet complete One world “Beast” system, receives a deadly wound that keeps the system from being fully implemented.

              That is when the “false one”/ antichrist / Satan, comes on the scene portraying as Christ, and fooling almost the entire world. My bible says the whole world, probably 99%, fall for his deceptive tricks and lies and follow his plan to get the NWO off the ground. They think he is Christ because they haven’t learned their bibles.

              Problem #2 for the NWO…. not enough time.

              God says when Satan and his angels are thrown out of Heaven, they are given only five months to torture/deceive men upon the earth.
              Christ shortend Satan’s time here, from the original 3 and 1/2 years to the five months. Then the true Christ returns and throws the “role/position” of antichrist and the false prophet into the lake of fire, never to be played out again. Satan himself isn’t thrown in the lake, nor a flesh man, as some ignorant teachers/preachers, would have you believe. He, satan then goes into chains in darkness/abyss for the millenium.

              So, as I see and understand, there will never be a fully functional One World Order with a One Religion System.

              In the works, yes; fully functional, no.

              btw, the rapture doctrine is part of the NWO message. It sets people up to follow the antichrist/satan and his message of “sign up with me and turn in your friends,neighbors, and relatives that don’t follow me and my message that I will fly you away from this cruel/chaotic world.”

              Problem is….Satan is the cruel and chaotic world. Signing on with him and his One World system can get a person a one way flight alright;… straight to hell.

              • PWTW:

                No ‘soft’ just make um feel good posts from you, PWTW. Just honest truth. Good to see another wide awake poster. Thanks……

              • The early church believed and taught that the return of Christ could happen at any time.

                Not believing in the Rapture causes people to waste time and not live for Christ while there is still time.

                Jesus talked about coming as a thief. Meaning that he would appear at a time when nobody was expecting him and he would leave with something, that is, the church.

                We can know right to the day when Jesus comes back at the end of the tribulation. It’s 1260 days from the day the antichrist enters the temple and declares himself to be God until Jesus returns. So he can’t come back as a thief when everyone knows he’s coming back.

                Also, how can Jesus come as a thief when no one expects him and also come back when every eye sees him, even those who pierced him? It should be obvious that he has to return twice. Just as everything couldn’t be fulfilled at the time of his first appearance.

                I know that the whole timetable is in God’s hands. Obama becoming president seems to represent an acceleration in the plans leading to the one world government.

                I don’t see the blood moons as having any significance when it comes to what happens to America. I believe that they foretell something big happening in the history of Israel. I believe the Gog and Magog attack that prophesied in Ezekiel 38 and 39 will be fulfilled soon. I expect that the nations involved with attacking Israel will include the US and God will rain down destruction on America for that.

                • Barn Cat: Re: Blood moons….the way I heard it is when the eclipses are lunar they relate/portend to Israel as they are on a lunar calendar. Solar eclipses relate to those who use a solar calendar (US, etc).

                  (Que Them Guys and an Jew-hate rant…)


                  • LOL: “Cue”…not Que….

        • lena

          I doubt if it will take that long.

          • please let things stagger along for another 6 months until my cancer treatment is over. Until that, I’m chained to the big city.

            • How’s it going?

            • Hang in there jeepboy and I am hoping the chemo works for you. If we are lucky you can finish it before SHTF.

              • I have some final tests to be performed over the next month. If they are all good ( and they should be, they are just to confirm things that have already been tested. They have to do this because once the process starts, there is no going back, everything MUST be perfect.) the process starts in august. I’s a 4 month process then however long it takes to get my strength back (probably another few months)
                I’ll keep y’all posted as things go along.

                • Forgot, I’m tentatively done with the chemo, all the above is for the bone marrow transplant

            • JB1991; Sorry to hear of your condition but you are obviously looking at alternative news so I ask that you please do this; Listen to the John Moore Show at 6:00 am central daylight time on Republic Broadcasting Network five days a week. He speaks of the Energy Cleaner in glowing terms and because of his strong Patriot stance, I think he’s trustworthy. That, and make sure you are getting all of the antioxidant vitamins, A,B,C,D,E,Selenium and make double damn sure you are getting the MINERALS, so important! I know what you grew up believing so I know that you will stay with your treatments. This is good, you will be more confident that you are doing the right thing. Good luck Pal, I wish you many more years on this planet. If I gotta put up with it, you should to.

              • Jeepboy….also look up Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Not medical grade..Food Grade. In fact everyone should. Do your research on this….amazing stuff with thousands of medical papers being written on it’s benefits. Go to some forums and read the testimonials by people who were sick. It’s natural, not patentable, so of course TPTB will tell you that it’s bad.

                Prayers for you…


      18. New class of terrorists….first it was toddlers then grandpa and grandma and now the teens.

      19. Wait…. This is happening in NY? I had no idea we had Palestinians kids living in NY that must be confined and killed eventually.

      20. Who are the REAL prisoners in the USSA?

        • Me and you.

        • Anyone who wants to remain a free human and not an slave is / are the real prisoners Calgagus.

        • Back to the Wall, John Snow

          • Scottish Chieftain Calgacus famous speech-

            Calgacus was chieftain of the Caledonian Confederacy who fought the Roman army of Gnaeus Julius Agricola at the Battle of Mons Graupius in northern Scotland in AD 83/84.

            “Whenever I consider the origin of this war and the necessities of our position, I have a sure confidence that this day, and this union of yours, will be the beginning of freedom to the whole of Britain.

            To all of us slavery is a thing unknown; there are no lands beyond us, and even the sea is not safe, menaced as we are by a Roman fleet. And thus in war and battle, in which the brave find glory, even the coward will find safety.

            Former contests, in which, with varying fortune, the Romans were resisted, still left in us a last hope of succor, inasmuch as being the most renowned nation of Britain, dwelling in the very heart of the country, and out of sight of the shores of the conquered, we could keep even our eyes unpolluted by the contagion of slavery.

            To us who dwell on the uttermost confines of the earth and of freedom, this remote sanctuary of Britain’s glory has up to this time been a defense. Now, however, the furthest limits of Britain are thrown open, and the unknown always passes for the marvelous.

            But there are no tribes beyond us, nothing indeed but waves and rocks, and the yet more terrible Romans, from whose oppression escape is vainly sought by obedience and submission. Robbers of the world, having by their universal plunder exhausted the land, they rifle the deep.

            If the enemy be rich, they are rapacious; if he be poor, they lust for dominion; neither the east nor the west has been able to satisfy them. Alone among men they covet with equal eagerness poverty and riches.

            To robbery, slaughter, plunder, they give the lying name of empire; they make a solitude and call it peace.”


      21. Zionist fascism – “Just Kill It!”

        • The Ghost is howling, John Snow

        • john snow ..Salute and amen to your comment.

          Red thumpers….GO AND KISS YOUR FUCKING WALL.

          • John Snow: Very true statement. But as usual many folks here always defend zionists jews regardless what evils or wrongs they commit. They actually believe the synagouge of Satan jews are Gods favorite folks!

            Thats due to they totally ignore Most of the new testement that is supposed to define what being christian is about. Then they think those OT parts where Only If the entire 12 tribes israel obeyed God and kept their parts of that old covenant they all agreed to, will God keep His promiced blessings to them, don’t really Mean they really had to obey God for real to recieve all promiced including much that never happened yet. Its because of their disobedience that much never will now happen, as Paul explaines of the new covenant era.

            Paul even states the new covenant is a much Better one and is a Permanant one thats never again going to be replaced. Paul also states with zero uncertainity that Yes the new covenant did Replace the old one.

            The zio firster group reject what Paul wrote since it don’t “Fit” into the John Haggee End times events scenarios….Wait untill Christ RED Thumbs these type folks eh.

            Of course all 12 tribes failed miserably to obey and keep their covenant. Yet somehow these defenders of unquestionable evils when comitted by jews and zionists think God is still going to keep every minute small part of every OT promice or prophetic event, that orig was based upon israelites obedience to All they agreed to do.

            Plus they totally deny and ignore what apostle Paul wrote that under the new covenant there is NO longer Jew nor greek, male nor female etc…As ALL are equal in Christ…ALL being Only all who Accept Christ! Which these double minded zio firsters, also all know that 99+% of jews to this day even after 2000 yrs still reject Christ with a hatred of Christ unseen within Any other group ever…Yet as long as they are jewish, they will all get a Free Pass no matter what evils they do.

            And Thats precicely why so many Red Thumbed your important update on the massive genocide that is ongoing against every White person in africa, and Has been occureing for quite some time now even though NOT One single Peep has ever been said on any of american TV news.

            And Thats precicely due to every TV news and every other form of media news is run and owned by…jewish and zionists folks…Who have a vested intrest to condone every killing and mass killing genocide event, as long as its Goyims killed and especially if it is White gentiles killed since they are the largest obstacle to the tribal quest for a Jew run global rulership by their self chozen Master Race Synagouge of Satan aka the True edomites of esau!

            At least when the tribe attempts to genocide whites in the usa we have many more white folks with many firearms to thwart their satanic evil efforts with.

            Yep Bless them Edomite self chozens imposters, ignore whatever bible parts deny such Haggeeite false teachings, and Gods gonna Bless You too!….Too Too delusional eh.

            • Thank God for the Jewish State of Israel, which is destined by God to become the Head of the Nations.
              I look for the day when Jesus reigns as King of the Earth from the throne of David in his Temple in Jerusalem.
              “For the LORD hath chosen Zion; he hath desired it for his habitation.”
              – Psalms 132:13

      22. Anyone else seeing the subliminal message the NWO is trying to project onto you? (i.e. “Don’t have children. What’s happening is bad. What kind of person are you to put a child through this?”) Always trying to discourage having a family.

      23. Hell I am already tracked all day at work. GPS tracking is in my computer that is in my truck. They know where I am, how long I am on a certain job, how I drive too, records my speed and direction. I work for local communication/phone company.

      24. The purpose of the public school system is to train up kids to be perfectly compliant slaves; to sit down, shut up, and do what they’re told. That’s why it looks more and more like a prison cell.

        Mac, why the hell would you put an auto-play video on here? If I want a video to play, I’ll click on it. I often read this site in a quiet room with other peoplem, and I have thousands of tabs open; my computer slows down and it might take my a full minute just to find out which tab is playing sound and to mute it. Please don’t do that any more.

        • An edit button would also be nice….lol

        • No auto play video for me. Check your settings Nathan Cline.

          • What settings? I loaded the page, and the video started playing. There are no settings.

            • Your computer settings is what I was talking about.

              • There are no such computer settings though. I even have browser plugins which are supposed to prevent this sort of thing, but it still played anyway. Maybe your computer is different; it’s up to Mac to fix this for everyone.

                • The video does not autoplay in either Firefox or Explorer for me. I think there are settings either in your browser or in Adobe Flash to control autoplay.

                  This page only has a simple link to the YouTube video, so there is nothing Mac can do as far as I can tell.

                  • Maybe he already fixed it.

        • lets not forget

          – the kids being medicated into compliance

          -the children who go home with a social worker because they let slip that Mummy smacked them.

          -the kids who don’t get home as they are stabbed on their way by a rival school’s gang (dunno if this one is London/Chicago only but if it is today, then it’ll spread tomorrow).

          – the kids who end up totally confused about their sexuality due to being introduced to concepts such as “homosexuality”, “sexual liberation”, “abortion without parental consent”, many years before they are developmentally and emotionally ready to understand such advanced relationship concepts.

          – the kids who end up despising their parents, so have noone to turn to when offered drugs, encouraged to steal etc by their peers.

          – the kids who sit through over a decade of compulsory schooling with average intelligence that are churned out at the other end unable to read, write or perform simple arithmetic.

          – the acceptance of fingerprint, palm and other biometric readers simply to get a meal. (who has ownership of your body, the state or yourself – conditioning in order to eat).

          – the emergency drills.

          The very last priority of the state right now is to educate. If you wanted educated, rather than indoctrinated children you need to find some way to ensure it gets done yourself. Don’t kid yourself.

          Homeschooling may result in you having to totally restructure your life, from where you live to how you earn a living – but it is so worth it just to be sure you won’t go to collect your child one day only to discover they have been put on a bus. Prepping starts with the basics – knowing where your babies are, and a water filter. You can worry about the rest later.

      25. Perhaps, those unfortunate to suffer such treatment should retaliate upon those who dare want to inflict it – punch the authoritative f***er with an attitude problem straight in the throat.

        Take the King’s shilling, you’re the King’s swine – end of story.

        • These public schools keep crossing line after line; it never fails. Had any of these things happened in my school back in the 70s, I would’ve dropped out and just gone after a GED instead. Besides, I would’ve ended up pitting one of those “educators” in a hospital over all that BS.

      26. They’ve had cops in our local schools for years. Most of them are so fat, old, and out of shape it’s doubtful they would be able to stop anything if it did happen. Just putting in their last few years before retirement.

        Dress codes around here get more restrictive each year as well. Might as well put ’em in uniforms.

        The story hits it right on, IMHO. Get them used to it now, fall into line and accept it.

        I have two in public schools, one middle and one high school. When they come home on Friday afternoons I ask what they’ve learned that week in history, social studies, etc. Most of their answers cause me to just shake my head. So, naturally, I go about removing the BS from their impressionable little minds over the weekend.

        I probably won’t win any Father of the Year awards, but that’s fine. I believe I am giving them at least a fighting chance going forward into adulthood.

        SSG U.S. Army 1985-2000

        KySSG . . . out.

        • KySSG, I do the same thing. It’s called being a good parent. Keep it up!

        • Howdy, Ky SSG. You’re doing absolutely right to set them straight to counter the propaganda the schools put in their minds. When I was in school back in the 60s and 70s, even then there was propaganda in the school curriculum so I also received my parents’ version of “homeschooling” to counter the commie propaganda. I came out a lot better than I would have otherwise. Just keep doing what you’re doing and your kids will be fine.

          • Braveheart.The question is just how far did you get in school? Did you ever serve in the military, the police, EMS, or fire department? You like attempting to “talk the talk.”

            • Rick, I did make it thru high school. I never served in the military or law enforcement because I refused to be turned into a mindless robot who would obey all orders like a good little Nazi and turn against the people. I don’t have government’s attitude toward the people. I don’t accept indoctrination from anyone on any subject matter. I’ve always been too independent minded for such things. I have a whole family who is the same way. So, no Rick I don’t “tow the mark or walk the line” for government on anything.

              • Hey douchehart, you mean you didn’t want to be an LEO like your best butt buddy sgt.dale?

      27. I have one thing to say WHY are we continuing to let this go on and yes I am also guilty as anyone. WHY DAMN IT WHY! I feel, I must apologize to my children, grand children, and great grandchildren. I’m sorry for what I am leaving you.

        River Rat at the ready!!!

      28. Our school district makes the kids carry backpacks for their books and other materials. Of course, we live in Texas where we’re still sort of free. I use the term “sort of” loosely.

      29. Solution to these maniacal shootings; Arrest the Directors of the C.I.A. and the N.S.A. and disband their organizations! Next; Have the U.S. Marshall service gather and arrest the legions of Mossad agents and organize Firing Squads for shooting the Bastards after their convictions of crimes against Humanity! There are also solutions against this Interim communist government which took over after the Constitutional American Republic was swept aside while awaiting the final formation of the New World Order but, first things first. If the above is followed, there will never again be another assault by controlled robotic maniacs, especially after the CEOs of the large Pharmaceautical Corporations have been….spoken to, by displeased Patriots! Then,… we may turn our eyes and efforts upon the scum bastards, traitors and dual citizens, that have done so much to destroy the only significant Revolution and the Greatest Civilization that this poor, Bastard infected Planet has ever known!! For those that believe we are on this Earth merely to experience, the days ahead will prove to be a bonanza!

        • Aurelius:

          Love your truthful posts. Keep them coming.

        • Simply Amen Aurelius . It makes me hopeful to see awaken citizens like you. God Bless You and Yours and Salute to your truthful vision.

          • Anonymous:

            For me, the question is NEVER “will it offend any certain person’ — for certainly it shall — but rather for me the bar is at ‘is it the TRUTH?, regardless of how painful that truth may or may not be to some or another person.

            There have been post after post, link after link, here at SHTF to help people ferret out the TRUTH as to who is in charge of the demise of America and the world and what their end game will be according to those planners.

            It is all there, just takes a few keystrokes now to obtain an education that took years to learn before the internet. Better use it now, however. The PTB are beside themselves knowing how easy it is for people to discover the truth with the internet at their fingers. Legislation is being prepared to limit what information will be allowed; and it will boil down to the same misinformation you are now receiving through the MSM.

            Makes me shake my head when I see posters attacking a post full of real quotes about what is wrong with this world from people far smarter than most of us (including me).

            Popes down through history, presidents and rulers of countries, Henry Ford, etc. warning us all of the enemy within; yet some posters here seem to believe they know more than these people.

            The day of reckoning is fast approaching when denial will no longer suffice. You are going to get to see first hand what these “enemies of Christianity” have in store for you, your family, your precious America and the world.

            Any doubt what is in store for you? Check out what the Bolsheviks did to Christian Russia. That folks, is their blueprint for America.

            • POG….Amen. We certainly pray to the Almighty that people can seek the truth before the reckoning takes place. It is not really hard to see the Satan and his worshippers committing crimes each and every day against innocents either through financial crimes by the Goldman Sachs of the world or through the man eating cannibals that are hired by another satanic cult such as Saudis. They can call the believers like us Anti Semite or Great Satan etc… but the fact is fact. They are the ones committing crimes against humanity through their hired puppets and any criminal should be held accountable and pay for their crimes. Until such day God Bless You and All of the Truth Seekers and the Truth tellers on this site and all over this planet of ours.

              • Anonymous:

                A few years ago while looking through replies on a blog someone posted a link to biblestudysite dot com. To date that site has been one of the very best gifts I ever received. Hope you choose to peruse that site; it has answers to questions I had wondered about for years. Enjoy.

                • Thumbs up to that Granny!

                  That site is a must read for getting to biblical truths.
                  Thanks for your insightful comments.

            • Howdy, POG, and AMEN to your comments.

              • Thanks Braveheart for your “amen” to my post.

                As uncomfortable as it was for me to seek and find the truth it is understandable that it is far easier to take an easier route, denial. Knowing the “truth” about what our world is really facing is very disconcerting to say the least; and overcoming the lies that we have been forcefed through the MSM is a daunting task to say the least.

                You know first hand from your late wife what happened to patriots in Cuba while America did nothing. It has happened in country after country. The PTB and MSM ramp up the rhetoric about a dictator in a country being a “bad” man, America sends its treasure in to straighten out that country and to die or be maimed for life, and then ‘lo and behold’ the country is decimated, their people killed, their resources stolen, and the international banker left with ownership of the banking system and anything else worth having.

                In your lifetime count how many countries our military has been sent to “free”; how many of them are free? We are now down to just a handful of countries who have said “no” to the banksters and Americans are being brainwashed into what will turn into WWIII; all because a group of greedy satanic people are bent on owning the whole world.

                Will they send their sons and daughters into the slaughter? HELL NO…..never. They dont dirty their hands. They hide in the shadows and only come out to gather the spoils.

                One thing about it Braveheart, Revelation says THEY WILL NOT WIN THIS TIME AND IT WILL BE THEIR LAST HURRAH. I look forward to that very day. Peace on earth will reign in earnest.

                • POG, I couldn’t agree more and I look forward to when Jesus comes back to “clean house”.

                  • Yes doucheheart,He can begin with you.

      30. The result of taking the Lord out of schools, government, and the public consciousness! The huge void that it creates – socialism, and all the other isms.

        Evil overtakes, and then enslaves!!!

        Gee, I wonder what folks should do now? Hmmmm?

      31. Attention to all hands of the Obama Administration on deck and prepare to abandon ship. She is going down by the bow. Just something tells me the SH-T is about to hit the FAN SHORTLY FOLKS. Do everything to prepare for the whirl-pool. Don’t get sucked under like so many will be. I pray that I’m wrong oh so wrong.

        River Rat at the ready!!!

      32. Make your reservations now, don’t want to miss out!

        • Patriot. Rick Another witless racist hater. This site is infested with them.

          • Playing the Race card has failed totally due to most folks has finally figured out that the race card is really just a Joker card. One of Two such joker cards per deck….The Other being that antisemite card which is also fast on the same path as that failed race card.

            Folks today have realized all those Two Joker cards are really used for is to Stffle all truth and facts speech. Under a phony guise that whats spoken or written “May” offend somone, somehweres…Well if or when such offence is noted…Too bad get Over it.

            Facts are NOT racist

            Truth is NOT antisemitic

            • Facts are not racist,
              Truth is not antisemitic,
              But YOU are.

              • Grafique:

                So are you one of the “smart” ones posting here that know more than presidents, leaders of countries, etc. that have been quoted time after time on this blog warning their country men of the “termites” that would destroy their country and way of life?

                Or, for lack of proof that a post is not the truth are you going to use the only ammunition available to you, name calling?

            • I read someone’s comment in this thread that made a statement about ole Ronnie Reagan as being the first real “terrorist” against America by doing some of the things he did with Iran.

              I say, Abe Lincoln was the first real terrorist. He hired a bunch of yankee thugs (nothing personal yanks) to go down and kill some of the first group of southerners claiming succession from the Union/Federal gov.

              His mistake was thinking if the rest of the “simple minded” southerners see the gord thumping inflicted, they will turn scared and run for the hills, and it will all be over. The slaves will be freed.

              Wrong, ole dishonest Abe! All you did was piss off the people and cause the future deaths of 620,000 plus. Not to mention the suffering,displacement and wounding of millions more.

              Who can top this terrorist act?

              An incremental and systematic approach to civil liberities and freedom for all blacks and native Americans could have prevented the worst massacre of humans on American soil to date, over that four year period.

              btw, it is estimated that 1.85 million native americans in North America, lost their lives at the hands of Europeans/Americans. However; it did take nearly four centuries to get it done.

          • Rick, seek refuge then cause I hate you too.

          • rick, what do you have against white people?

        • I’m with ya PO’d Patriot, Mine was with Warren Rifles(Front Royal). had another in 26th New York(killed at Gettysburg) I was being sarcastic,no way am i going to go with the flow. grab yer musket and get behind a picket fence,fight em off!

      33. Ever get the impression the school administrators really want to just ban kids from the schools, and cash those government paychecks without the nuisance of having to deal with the kids?

      34. hard plastic seats in the back of cop cars. ive been a shit stirrer for a long time

      35. I’ve been through the K-12 public school and university system awake for many of those years, but I had to keep my head down. At what point are people tired of the guilt for something they didn’t do, at what point are the lies just so outrageous, when will they be fed up with so much tyranny and evil in their face? Or is there nothing they won’t put up with and they love their servitude? To not be awake by now is like sleeping through a freight train crashing into your house.

        Reagan was right, freedom is always a generation from extinction because whoever has the youth has the future.

      36. My girlfriends mom homeschooled. She produced an army officer, a lawyer, and a nurse. Say what you want about homeschooling, but it works, end of story.

      37. I’m sure the jocks, cheerleaders, and honor students are exempt.

      38. I’ve got one that is HS
        GPA came up , drama went away completely
        Better programs , family funded and completed , engage your kids it’s the only way they will survive or even thrive
        Vet tech , than on to vet DR already started in that path at 9th grade , already working with farm animals and pets
        Hopefully there will be need for animal care

      39. A couple of nights ago, they had on Spike TV, A tribute to Don Rickles, was great, but one of my all time favorites is:

        1. Two times a week, we go to a nice restaurant, have a little beverage, good food and companionship. She goes on Tuesdays, I go on Fridays.

        2. We also sleep in separate beds. Hers is in California and mine is in Texas.

        3. I take my wife everywhere….. But she keeps finding her way back.

        4. I asked my wife where she wanted to go for our Anniversary. “Somewhere I haven’t been in a long time!” she said. So I suggested the kitchen.

        5. We always hold hands. If I let go, she shops.

        6. She has an electric blender, electric toaster and electric Bread maker. She said “There are too many gadgets and no place to sit down!” .. So I bought her an electric chair.

        7. My wife told me the car wasn’t running well because there was water in the carburetor. I asked where the car was; she! told me “In the lake.”

        8. She got a mud pack and looked great for two days. Then the mud fell off.

        9. She ran after the garbage truck, yelling “Am I too late for the garbage?” …. The d! river said “No, jump in!”

        10. Remember: Marriage is the number one cause of divorce.

        11. I married Miss Right. I just didn’t know her First name was Always.

        12. I haven’t spoken to my wife in 18 months. I don’t like to interrupt her.

        13. The last fight was my fault though. My wife asked “What’s on the TV?” I said “Dust!”

        Can’t you just hear him say all of these? I love it………this is the good old days When humor didn’t have to start with a four let! ter word…….. Just clean and simple fun

        • Maybe this one will make you smile….

          You gotta love this nurse says it all.
          > A motorcycle patrolman was rushed to the hospital with an inflamed
          > The doctors operated and advised him that all was well.
          > However, the Patrolman kept feeling something pulling at the hairs
          in his
          > crotch. Worried that it might have been a second surgery the doctors
          > told him a bout, he finally got enough energy to pull his hospital
          gown up
          > enough so he could look at what was making him so uncomfortable.
          > Taped firmly across his pubic hair were three wide strips of adhesive
          > the kind that doesn’t come off easily. Written in large black letters
          > the sentence:
          > “Get well quick….. >From the nurse you gave a ticket to last week.”

          • Eppe; reminds me of the guy that was in a bad accident. He woke up in the hospital and screamed “doc, I can’t feel my arms!” “I know” says the doc..I amputated your arms!”

            • Sorry, just had to do it…

              One day, three boys were walking over a bridge when they heard a guy yelling for help.

              It was President Obama. He was drowning, and the three boys rescued him.

              He thanked them dearly and promised them whatever they wanted as a reward.

              The first boy wanted $10,000, so Bush gave him the money.

              The second boy wanted a Ferrari, so Bush gave the boy a Ferrari.

              The third boy wanted a wheelchair , Obama said, “Why do you want one of those, son, you’re not disabled .”

              The boy replied,”I will be when my dad finds out whose life I just saved.”

              • Dang, missed two Bushes, EXCUSE ME…

                • There once was a lady who was tired of living alone. So she put an ad in the paper which outlined her requirements. She wanted a man who 1) would treat her nicely, 2) wouldn’t run away from her, and 3) would be good in bed.

                  Then, one day, she heard the doorbell ring. She answered it, and there on the front porch was a man in a wheel chair who didn’t have any arms or legs.

                  “I’m here about the ad you put in the paper. As you can see, I have no arms so I can’t beat you, and I have no legs so I can’t run away from you.”

                  “Yes, but are you good in bed?”

                  “How do you think I rang the doorbell?”

      40. What the hell do you idiots expect when there are lawyers lurking around every corner eager to file a lawsuit. These actions are nothing more than CYA. Get rid of the lawyers, and these extreme measures go away. But, that makes too much sense for you people.

        • D&C

          I put them right up there with Bankers and Politicians.

          A Dream. During a Fire Fight a Lawyer said this to me.

          “Here is my card. Once this is over, come see me”.

          My reply, “Bang”

      41. Hello
        I bought my first firearm. Not the most exciting choice. But – I wanted a revolver for its ease of use, durability, less misfire (Not sure if that is a myth). I purchased a Widicator .38 for $280 (manufactured by EAA).


        Any thoughts? This is my first SHTF firearm, I am truly excited. I wanted to get this before my move further into Chicago in June.

        • “Andrew”

          In a tight spot,
          give me a gun,
          ANY kind of gun!

          • Thanks. Thats sorta my thinking – I want to buy about 500 rounds. What accessories are worth looking into for a revolver?

            • Holsters, boxes and cleaning gear. Eyes and ears for the range. There’s a decent one just south of Blue Island, besides way N west. You could look at speedloaders, see if you can find the kind you don’t have to twist. If you can’t then take those anyway. Also something like a Lee Loader with some .38 Sp dies so you can do your own reloads. You could easily make .357 also from the same setup. And look for the moon or half moon clips, cheaper than speedloaders, and work pretty well too for the same purpose. Nothing wrong with .38 wheelguns, it could be better for certain situations. And you can only predict so much, what the situation will be. But deeper in C-go, try not to tell the city too much, of course you meant the area anyway. Agree with River Rat.

            • A Nice quality Kirkpatrick Holster is good for revolvers.. Not sure on prices today?…I got one made to fit my S&W Model 29 .44 magnum 4in barrel so I can carry it concealed or open style…What great hand made quality holsters they are. Mine cost aprox $125 shipped total. That was aprox 5-7 yrs ago, so prices may be higher today?

              make sure its an OPEN Top holster as if its made proper you wont need any straps or snaps to hold gun inside it…Its custom formed fit to each brand and type and size gun fits like a glove wont fall out etc and is very easy and fast to draw out and just as easy to put Back into holster one handed.

              A true piece of art work!

              Oh yeah it will probobly take awhile to get it delivered unless he has one already made up and thats not likly. Worth the wait though!

              • Thanks for the tip, i wrote that down.
                Happy prepping

                • Andrew: What makes Kirkpatrick revolver holsters so good is that it is desigened and made to Tuck in the end of the Grip Into your side and keep it held there so it conceals very well…Galco “Concealable” holsters does the same for automatic handguns like a .45 1911 gun…This is very important for a ccw carry as cheeper holsters may look the same for 1/2 the cost, yet soon as its worn with a gun in it your cover shirt will stick out like a huge grapefruit being hidden under the shirt or jacket.

                  I do not know how its done?…But these two holster models are the best I have found to really tuck the end of guns grip tight against your body and conceal it so swell. And it is always the grips end or bottom part thats hardest to conceal regardless what type gun it is.

                  as with most things one usualy gets what they pays for and better items usually cost a bit more but are well worth it. Plus such holsters will Last a long while…Like 30 yrs or even an entire lifetime.

        • first oil it up good

          and dry fire it 100 times to smooth out the action some.

          *this will ensure it’s cylinder doesn’t lock up on you when needed.

          get yourself a small durable shock prof flashlight to go with the revolver, store them together in easy reach.

          buy some speed loaders, practice combat reloading in the dark.

          oil it, work the action and wipe it down monthly.

          treat it as if it is always loaded, never point it at anything you don’t want to kill/ destroy, lock it up around children under 20 yrs of age.

          Chicago is not a town anyone should be “moving to” the city is a war zone and will remain one for the next 25 years as it’s culled by the Zionists of it’s undesirables. It is also considered a Zionist prime target the number #1 choice for the next Zionist False Flag attack on Amerikan soil, Atlanta is 2nd.

          • Thank you for the advice. I have copied this into a word doc! Yea, I commute 2 hrs to work each way believe it or not on the commuter train so I wanted to reclaim my personal time. I will agree moving into the city is a counter prepper move. I was able though to find an apt that has a lot of storage for supplies, a balcony to grow some food and it is near (2 min walking) to the lake which I figure takes care of emergency water needs and perhaps I can use Lake Michigan as a means to bug out? – Maybe not, after I get 6 months worth of supplies I wanted to start looking into saving for a bug out location in wisconsin maybe. – I figure 6 months might be the max I could live in the city before the thugs finally get to my place and kill me.

            Thanks for the tips

            • you may have thought of this already …

              andrew, locate the nearest ‘basement nuclear fallout shelter’ to your apartment and work, so you can go there for a few days to shelter if there is a nuclear false flag attack.

              if you’re white be aware of the ‘knock out whitey game’ and if your black be aware blacks in chicago prey upon their own there.

              buy a military grade full face gas mask with extra filters, painter plastic sheeting and duck tape to cover exterior windows and doors frames in case of a biological or nuclear weapons attack.

              buy a decent hard hat dark in color to wear on the streets during a time of riots it will protect you from falling debris from the highrises and apartment buildings. *i use a motorcycle half helmet so i can wear my gas mask also comfortably.

              a bullet proof plate carrier and front back rifle plates would serve you well, with a gunshot wound first aid kit and tourniquet’s. learn to use your back pack as a shield, maybe buy a bullet proof back pack insert.

              carry a thumb blade knife 3 inch and can of mace.

              also keep a extra pair of comfy walking shoes, rain gear with hood top/ bottom, safety goggles, ball-cap, a few cans of pepper mace, bottled water, energy bars and air filter masks at work in case you have to walk home in a city wide lock down emergency.

              buy a few truck inner tubes online, a plastic shovel to use as a oar and bike pump to blow the tubes up, you can tie them together with rope, use them to float away from chicago along the shore line if necessary, one tube for you and another for your gear.

              * buy two compasses tie one to you one to your bug out bag.

              * you might also want to buy a 3mm dive wetsuit hoodie, top/bottom, booties for exposure to extreme cold and icy water. this will serve you well on the water and during a cold winter power/heat loss emergency or nuclear attack.

              all this gear can be had on ebay cheaply if you bargain hunt.

              And stock up on lotsa cat litter, garbage can liners for your apt bucket toilet, bottled water and meals ready to eat mre’s/ canned goods at least a min 3 month supplies.

              * get enough climbing rope and gear so you can safely exit your apartment out the window or balcony.

              * learn how to barricade your exterior doors, install extra dead bolts and a barricade bar, barricade your windows with furniture and books, be aware a person can climb to/use your balcony to enter your apartment and rob you.

              *wasp bee spray with it’s 25 foot spray is better than mace.

              good luck

        • Andrew, welcome, and you did right buying a gun, but I would avoid going to Chicago if at all possible.

      42. Andy: Get to know it like your own hand and it will serve you well.

        River Rat at the ready!!!

        • Thank you sir!

      43. I have been away from the computer all day long, and when I first read this I automatically knew that this had to be in an anti-gunner state. The4 type of NEW european hell holes that destroy the most basic freedoms and condition the youth for what is coming. In a free state this type of horse sh$% would never have been tolerated.

        I know that I harp on this, but if you live in an anti-freedom state try to get out as soon as possible. These hovels of hell are going to be the very first places in a declaration of martial law to become “happY BO police states”. There are a vast number of the population of these states that will not only accept this tyranny, but embrace it. When a school is ALLOWED to fall into this level of control, the parents and the community are the ones to blame as much as the nazis that institutionize this concentration camp for kids.

        These are the same fungus that will gladly accept the special police kicking in your door and searching for whatever they “think” you may have. Free states, the fewer of them each year, the people that live there just won’t put up with this in the schools or in future “attempted” take overs of the government over the people and all liberties. Bad states are that way because of the majority of bad people and mental retards that want the government to stick rings into everyone’s noses and lead them around for “their own good”. 🙁

        • I heard from an “anonamous insider guy” thru his sisters ex husbands dads uncle, who used to be my neighbor, that the feds now have a “secret” warehouse located in NY, filled with tens of millions of Nose rings…only acording to the insider source, instead of a typical Round ring these are all shaped the exact same as a six pointed star, Nose Ring. Zio Nose Stars!

          Keep them Goyims rolling, head em up, head em out…Goyim-Hide,( sung to orig TV Rawhide tune).

      44. On Record: The Canadian Gov’t Is Researching Geoengineering with Chemtrails


        another conspiracy theory that is now conspiracy fact ?

        • Thanks Satori, I was going to post this too….


      45. Psst…download Tor…its a deep web engine that bounces your location around the world. 95% of the web is not used by 98% of the population…its not just blackmarket BS…its real people doing real things. I’m piss drunk and I wont type this again lol.

        • Psst….Most of “The Onion Router” (TOR) exit servers are government owned. Ooops.

      46. so much for the economic recovery

        or maybe everyone is driving a Prius ???

        Guest Post: U.S. Gasoline Consumption Plummets By Nearly 75%


      47. Schools may not be perfect, but this is done to protect the bulk of the students. If you aren’t a teacher or work in schools, then it is really easy to judge what is going on, but horribly biased.

        Let me tell you how students talk to teachers, “Bitch” “F**ker” “Ass” “I’ll F**k you up”…kids doing drug deals at school, bringing weapons, harrassing other kids and educators, tagging, destroying property, stealing, etc. I have watched teachers get threatened by students AND parents. It would make your head spin. Imagine every time you did something at your job that someone disagreed with and your verbally attacked or physically threatened. It can be insane.

        I have taught for over 10 years and I love being a teacher in public schools. I believe in public school education, but the downhill turn education has taken is due more to a parental/society problem than a problem created by educators. Parents are not wanting to parent their kids and expecting that schools will teach manners, morals, ethics, etc. Many parents are expecting that schools will do THEIR job. Trust me, teachers don’t want to. Most of us really want to teach our content and help kids grow into develop individual thinkers and good citizens.

        Parents will sue a school for anything…disciplining students, failing a student in a course, etc, etc etc…I could tell you story after story. Parents have tied the hands of schools and teachers.

        You could argue that maybe I am one of those bad teachers that suck at her job…you could argue that but all evidence points to the contrary. I believe it takes a community to raise a child…but not everyone agrees with this.

        Instead of blaming schools and being appalled about the decision to have kids use clear bags, maybe we should look at the root cause for this…someone threatened to use a bomb. Come on people. We would all be livid if the school didn’t take measures to protect the kids.

        • Knynase

          This makes my blood boil!

          Let me tell you how students talk to teachers, “Bitch” “F**ker” “Ass” “I’ll F**k you up”…kids doing drug deals at school, bringing weapons, harrassing other kids and educators, tagging, destroying property, stealing, etc. I have watched teachers get threatened by students AND parents. It would make your head spin. Imagine every time you did something at your job that someone disagreed with and your verbally attacked or physically threatened. It can be insane.

          When I got done with that little fucker, it would be Yes sir and No sir. As for the Parents I would have taped what they or their child said and give it to the police.

          I would end up in jail for sure. How about a mini cam and send that video anonymously to the police.

          • I ask that my students use manners and be respectful, but even I have had my handful that try to peacock. Just a few weeks ago a teacher (not at my school) caught a kid trying to deal in his classroom (this made national news) and ended up wrestling the kid to the ground. Parents were calling for his head, others were applauding him. The kid was dealing drugs at school and the concern is that the teacher wrestled him to the ground?

            But as you can see…I get a thumbs down for my initial content…why? Who knows. These are the things that happen in schools and lots of people don’t want to determine and fix the root cause. It’s just so much easier to blame the educators.

            • Kynase, you sound like one of the good teachers and I know there a lot of good ones facing similar circumstances. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but does your school have an y percentage of black kids? If so, that is where the problem lies. judging from what you stated earlier, they must be black. they’re the only kids out there that do those things and the minds of the black parents are the same way. No kids from any other ethnic group do what these black kids do. I do sympathize with your plight. Go ahead, red-thumb me, I don’t care, I will speak the truth regardless of who it offends.

              • Renegade-

                The school I am currently at is diverse, 55% hispanic, 35% caucasion, 10% african american/other. However, I have worked at schools where the % changes (particularly the hispanic/AA % was about 40/40 and caucasion was 20). The students that have given me the most attitude have been African American. Though I have been given attitude by all ethnicities.

                One year I was called racist because the kid got an F on the test. I explained to the kid that I hated everyone equally and that the “man” was holding me back too. That made him laugh and we were on better terms after. I had 2 AA girls threaten me because I told them they were being disrespectful during the pledge of allegiance (they were talking and laughing). I was called every name in the book on that day. But I have worked with countless other AA students who were polite, hard working, and respectful.

                I have seen enabled caucasion families launch at teachers because there is no way their precious little angel would ever fail or cheat. Therefore it must be the teacher’s fault. I was told, “How dare you give my child a B.” My response, “This is what your child earned and there is nothing wrong with a B. Your kid worked hard.”

                With my hispanic students I have gotten some attitude, but have found overall that the parents are quite respectful toward teachers. I had a hispanic gang banger tell me if I ever needed anything “taken care of” he would do whatever it was for me.

                I have noticed a huge apathy equally across all ethnicities toward education. I hear, “Do we have to.” “Just give me the 0.” “I’m bored.” “This is stupid.” “This is a waste of my time.” “You can’t make me.”

                I have had to supply class material to all ethnicities: pens, pencils, paper, food, etc. Yes, I have fed students that don’t have food. I have had to call CPS on many occasions. I have helped students who were beaten (physically and mentally), pregnant, on drugs, etc.

                But with all these students I’ve worked with I have had to earn their respect. Few gave it to me day one…I had to earn it.

                At the end of the day, though, I can honestly say I could tell almost instantly those kids that grew up with caring, supportive parents. Being a teacher has made me a better mother because I have learned what NOT to do with my kids.

                I wouldn’t give up my job for anything and I take my job seriously. This is why I get so upset when people generically blame the education system but haven’t done the research to really understand the problem.

      48. get use to it kids after Berry (do anything right) Obama declares Marshall law this will be for the rest of us too

        • You also have black kids that are always dancing next to the desk…even when no musics playing! They just stand up and begin dancing at the oddest times it seems.

          This can be seen in the outside public venues also. Blacks suddenly begin to Dance with no music playing in most all areas or locations. It has to be some type phenomona eh.

      49. You make akid pee his/her pants for not signing your damned registration there shoudl be riots!

      50. I’m so thankful everyday that my son is homeschooled, this is his second yr,, he does 2 grades a year (he will graduate high school at age 15) In public school they said he was way ahead of others , (that turned out to be a joke) when they tested him at the International Homeschool (a 5 hr test) he was 2 grades below International !! ! They made him repeat that grade again,, You have to make an 80 or above to pass each assignment..He Iis now at an 90 plus grading world wide among other kids…This is really scary in what our kids are rated /learning In the USA,,,,Our kids are rated at the bottom of the pole , when it comes to their education,,,, very sad and unnerving..

        • In the US every student, even those in special ed or those with bad attitudes MUST test. In other countries only a select few go to school, sort of the cream of the crop. They all take the test. So, tests are skewed in their translation. If we took the top 50% of enrolled students and compared their scores to other countries’ scores, we would see our students perform as well or outperform other countries’ students. It is a lie that other countries’ students outperform our students.

      51. Sounds like the officials of the New York educational system are suffering from Parasitic Official Syndrome, or P.O.S. for short. They can’t help but be obnoxious, wealth redistributing government whores, they’re suffering from a mental illness.

      52. I found this article interesting/inspiring for our times (need to enter in your web browser in the correct format of course)

        ….Not to say that some of us “may be burned at the stake” for refusing to comply with evil in its many forms at some point (but you never know these days, nothing surprises me anymore). I would rather die “during” the refusing evil part under my own conditions! 🙂 (if ya know what I mean). But it does appear that evil doers with influence are ramping up their agendas…..Not sure if it is “all according to plan” or desperation? Who knows. Sometimes you just gotta shake your head and say wtf, we really living in these times? Interesting times for sure.

        Someday we may be invited by force to the “Enter into Eternity” Party without too much preparation or prior notification. If that be so, don’t forget to dance with as many as you can. 🙂 Southern Californians are known to be easy going, sometimes “liberal”, sometimes “conservative” depending on the area……and mostly fair open minded people in my experience…BUT we do like to Party Hardy! 🙂
        Stay safe, Peace out

      53. The old adage “biting off more than you can chew” applies quite well to the U.S. trying to box in China in the Pacific. Chuck “Haggle” is turning up the rheteoric saying that China is destablizing everything and MUST be stopped. Look at what a Chinese general says from a Fox News article:

        Gen. Zhu, who is a professor at China’s National Defense University, accused Hagel of hypocrisy in his assessment of the region’s security landscape, suggesting that in his view “whatever the Chinese do is illegal, and whatever the Americans do is right.”

        Rather than lecture and accuse China, Gen. Zhu said that the U.S. “should treat China as an equal partner, instead of as an enemy.”

        “If you take China as an enemy, China will absolutely become the enemy of the U.S.,” he warned. “If the Americans take China as an enemy, we Chinese have to take steps to make ourselves a qualified enemy of the U.S.

        It should be noted that China this year is to become number one GDP producer, finaly eclipsing the U.S. that had held this number position for decades. That money, a lot of it, can and will be used and HAS been used to totally modernize the Chinese military. China will NEVER tell the world just how much money is actually be used for military purposes.

        Let’s see now. The U.S. is trying to box in China, a country that spends more money secretly than the U.S. with their military. The U.S. is trying to get Ukraine into NATO and compromise 800 miles of Russia’s border. Also trying to move heavy weapons into ex-Soviet states; Lituania, Estonia, and Latvia. This is a blantant violation of the treaty with Russia. Meddling and screwing around with two massive countries, more than 3 tiems the land mass of the U.S. and 5 times the population with massive nuclear arsenals. F’ing with two countries that combined overwhelingly overmatch the U.S. military. Two countries that pride themselves on missile power. Two countries that can in 30 minutes make the U.S. look like the surface of the Moon or planet Mercury.

        Does the U.S. government have a death wish?

        • Does the U.S. government have a death wish?

          The Power Elite have a compulsion to control everything foreign and domestic. Any nation not bowing is an enemy. The stages are to first control the energy. Second stage is to industrialize nations making them dependent upon that energy. The third is to require the use of the USD in international transactions.

          The above is not eternally sustainable however its amazing that they have pulled it off this large for this long with under the circumstances a minimum of opposition when weighed against the rewards.

          Say what you want but they’re very slick.

          • One must understand that America is being used to create the ZCWO aka zio-kommie-world-order, also known of as the Antichrist global system.

            And that the master race minded people behind it all are also Internationalists in Every sense of the word.

            Unlike true American’s, Brit’s, French, Aussie’s etc who are Loyal to their nation of birth, or loyal due to they migrated and becane citizens, and most such folks have a nationalistic minded outlook…

            The Internationalists tribe zios are never ever loyal to any one “Host” nation. Their true loyalty is only to themselves collectivly, and their true God is…CASH aka money.

            When not persuing evil or engageing in wrongs, their favorite pass time is a twofold exersize of, Boycott Protest’s and extracting more cash from said Host nation.

            Once their master race ZJKWO, aka zio jewish kommie world order is completed, and they have extracted every last cent from the current Host nation of America…They could care Less what happens to America as a nation.

            Why do you think they have moved nearly every factory, production facility, industrial shop OFF Shore.

            Because they are also the main major share holders and owners of all those industrial and manufactureing factories and shops they moved to China and several other off shored locations within the past 30 yrs ro so.

            While they care not for americas future as a nation once its been “used Up” by their nefarious evils, and it’s military are totally wasted and ruined beyond repair, which they call it “Downsizing”. And the entire nation and its true citizenery are equally Bankrupted.

            They still do care deeply about Their many factories and off shored manufacturing facilities. So once America has been fully and totally destroyed with zero hope of any valid return to prosperity and safty as a nation.

            Watch for these sneeky, evil, antichrist posers, and fakers aka edmomites who call themselves zionists, to begin a massive exodus out of their Host nation america, and head fast to the destinations of where their off shored factories are Now located. Far away from what they will next cause to occure for whoever remains still alive in america. Aka likly the dumbest downed, most stuborn ignorant group of peoples to ever Host these evil doers.

            And that combo of being dumbed down, and Too stuborn to accept or admit that in Fact that self chozen tribe Is the worlds foremost problem. Is at the Very Root of Our trouble’s. For if that were not true, then we already would have seen massive masses calling for an abject End to these nefarious evils and of those who perpetrate it upon said foolish american citezenery.

            Therefore the only Logical thing one can expect when the curtain drops, is for this dumbed down Host nation and its peoples to also go Down in flames.

            Unless of course America is allowed one more chance. And You shall realize that chance only if and when we see a true Real Statesman arise, and one who due to his wealth or personality the typical MSM slander machinerys are unable to Stiffle or Stop.

            That will signal a True awakening across the entire nation of america. And it will be at warp speed like nothing we ever yet have seen here..And if such a true statesman arises, the masses once fully awake shall join together in similar fashion, as was done in 1776.

            “IF” such a reprive should occure for American’s, those evil doer master race antichrist’s will not locate jet plane transport’s Fast enough to cart their sorry bastard asses away in time before real True patriotic folks get their hands around the necks of said edmoite imposters and posers.

            And That is what shall again restore the former stature and pride as a nation held not only by patriotic american folks, but also was formerly held likewise by Most of the rest of the worlds peoples. When they not only Respected us due to our righteousness, but also due to their Fear of us when we are provoked, and actually Liked American’s most everywheres an american could travel to.

            But even With such a true statesman present do not look for sucess unless and untill the 50+ Million Shabozz Goyim defenders of such evil doer edomites, are finally willing to Admit that they have been Hoodwinked, Scammed, Lied to big time and throughly, Holyhoaxed to the maximun degree possible. Then perhaps they shall become america’s most fierce warrior patriots when their collective fury reaches a height heretofore unknown of in these parts.

            If such ever should occure…Bring the Camaras! as the smaller and more youthfull of Your children and grandchildren will most definatly desire to See good color photos of these world changing events, once the smoke clears and they mount their favorite position on Gramps or Grannys lap to inquire of “Gee Gramps just how patriotic were all you guys?…Did the tribal enemys and “Adversaries to God and to All of mankind”(biblical verse about the evil doers tribe) get their asses kicked but Good, huh Gramps?”

            Have a few good color photos as we know a picture is worth a Thousand words Grandpa!

            Teach your children well indeed…but How can you acomplish that effort without First ridding America of those antichrist evil doers that are so destroying the childrens Minds?

        • BI: didn’t you forecast a mexico earthquake? Didn’t they just have one? What’s next?
          Thanks for your info…


      54. Also reading these comments, its not just kids acting “bad” its the teachers to (don’t get me wrong, there are still many good ones out there) we have teachers that think its okay to give a Happy Birthday lap dance in front of a 6th grade class (happened here in Texas a few weeks ago) having sex with kids, yelling at kids in the classroom “I hate you, I hate you, get out of my classroom” eating , drinking, texting on phone in front of their classes, which the students are forbidden to do, the list goes on and on..Our society is going down the shithole further and further every day,, No one seems to respect anyone anymore, You have good teachers that get ridiculed for caring about their kids, by teachers who don’t give a damn and are asked why do you care about your kids?, its just a job/paycheck, get a grip……Parents would freak if they truely knew how their kids were treated and visa versa……

        • I knew of a teacher who is no longer with us. She would tell her little kids “You da wussest chillun I ever seen.” That really sounded like a caring college graduate.

          • In the UK my anecdotal experience shows me that the good teachers are all busting a gut to get outside of the state system. The impression I get is that those who are really passionate about teaching, find it harder and harder to fulfill their vocation within the confines of our state schools.

            Some of this is down to the freedom from the national curriculum (equiv to your common core) they experience, outside of the state system, a lot is down to parental attitudes. Gove is setting parents and teachers against each other in state schools as a classic divide and conquer move, with crazy red tape and silly regulations that strangle bone fide learning and discovery.

            • Exactly the same in the USA with the exception is there are enclaves of good students. Irony here is we have teachers at the local school who used to live here but moved themselves – and their own children – across the state line to the better schools. As my friend who was a principal and superintendent told me, the school system need kids at a homogeneous level for the 22-40 kids in a class to work; you simply can’t teach at multiple levels when many of the kids are so far behind.

          • In the UK my anecdotal experience shows me that the good teachers are all busting a gut to get outside of the state system. The impression I get is that those who are really passionate about teaching, find it harder and harder to fulfill their vocation within the confines of our state schools.

            Some of this is down to the freedom from the national curriculum (equiv to your common core) they experience, outside of the state system, a lot is down to parental attitudes. Gove is setting parents and teachers against each other in state schools as a classic divide and conquer move, with crazy red tape and silly regulations that strangle bone fide learning and discovery.

      55. Soon they’ll be forced to sing revolutionary songs or go to re-education camps. Wait. They’re already there!

      56. Poon Tang.

        Yes. The Obama song by young school children.

        • Good news our PO is free. The bad news is five of the most dangerous Gitmo prisoners were swapped for him. And Obummer broke yet another law by not informing Congress of their release. Anyone here shocked?

        • @ Satori. Earthquakes do often occur dusk and dawn, this has to do with the gravitation of the Sun. Earthquakes also occur during the apogee of the Moon and when the angle of the Moon is the sharpest. However this is a problem since they lump ALL earthquakes into these catagories. In other words they include 3’s 4’s, 5’s, and above. I only concentrate usually on earthquakes that kill and do massive damage, 6.5+. I will sometimes look at the New Madrid for smaller ones because so many people live near to this that visit this site.

          Every earthquake 6.5+ other than the Bouvet Island earthquake this year has been accurately forecasted using my system of past outer plate boundary earthquakes to forecast the future. Being able to narrow it down to one specific area has been a problem since these precursor earthquakes indicate several different spots that have potential for a major earthquake. Kind of like tree branches trying to follow it to the correct stump or root of where the original energy is coming from. This is why I give several areas that are in danger of getting hit with a 6.5+ within 15 or 16 days of the precursor earthquake on aplate boundary that is either spreading away or grinding side by side, strike slip. Thrust faults do not forecast distant earthquakes.

          Anyway this is the whopping problem of earthquake forecasters, they need to concentrate ONLY on earthquakes that hit hard. This not only helps the person shrink the field, but predict what really matters. A 4 pointer is scary, but very seldom does any real harm.

          By the way if you or anyone else would like to link to any site SHTFplan to anyone that would like to see what true earthquake forecasts have yielded in the past and present, please do so. All the proof is there to anyone doubting that earthquakes can’t be predicted. This is one reason why I mention the comment number so anyone can go back and verify that before the earthquake, it was predicted. Maybe someone can expand on what I have done and really narrow it down and save some people’s lives in the future.

        • Satori….again you beat me to it….this guy is stealing BI’s thunder. 🙂


      57. You are teaching kids the same thing as when you insist that you should carry a gun everywhere. Both actions are the result of paranoia.

      58. Adolph Hitler quote – He that who owns the youth, gains the future – educate a generation of the young and control is gained easily_

      59. Israel Deploys 3 Nuclear-Armed Subs Off Iran Coast; Iran Warns Of Forceful Response To “Evil Acts”

        With tear-gas flying in the streets of Turkey, Ukraine’s civil-war raging in the south and east, US drones based in Japan to oversee the South China Sea, and Europe’s extremist parties gaining significant traction, today we get one more piece of considerably worrisome geopolitical news that global stock markets must ignore. The Sunday Times reports that Israel is to deploy three submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles in the Persian Gulf that are meant to act as a deterrent, gather intelligence and potentially to land Mossad agents. Iran is not happy, warning that “anyone who wishes to do an evil act in the Persian Gulf will receive a forceful response from us.”

        Israel is to deploy three submarines equipped with nuclear cruise missiles in the Persian Gulf, the Sunday Times reported on Sunday.

        According to the Times report, one submarine had been sent over Israeli fears that ballistic missiles developed by Iran, and in the possession of Syria and Hezbollah, could be used to hit strategic sites within Israel, such as air bases and missile launchers.

        Dolphin, Tekuma, and Leviathan, all German-made Dolphin class submarines of the 7th navy Flotilla, have been reported as frequenting the Gulf in the past, however, according to the Sunday Times report, this new deployment is meant to ensure a permanent naval presence near the Iranian coastline.

        A flotilla officer told the Times that the deployed submarines were meant to act as a deterrent, gather intelligence and potentially to land Mossad agents.

        “We’re a solid base for collecting sensitive information, as we can stay for a long time in one place,” the officer said.

        The flotilla’s commander, identified only as “Colonel O,” was quoted by the Times as saying that the submarine force was “an underwater assault force. We’re operating deep and far, very far, from our borders.”

        The submarines could be used if Iran continues its program to produce a nuclear bomb. “The 1,500km range of the submarines’ cruise missiles can reach any target in Iran,” a navy officer told the Times.
        ran’s response to this action was not too diplomatic…
        Apparently responding to the reported Israeli activity, an Iranian admiral told the Times: “Anyone who wishes to do an evil act in the Persian Gulf will receive a forceful response from us.”

        Last July, defense sources reported that an Israeli submarine had sailed the Suez Canal to the Red Sea last month, describing the unusual maneuver as a show of strategic reach in the face of Iran.

        • Persia’s biggest mistake is underestimating the mighty IDF!

          • Sayanim? or another Shabozz Goyim?

      60. Russian Paratroopers Receive Newest Verba Shoulder-Fired Missiles
        MOSCOW, May 30 (RIA Novosti) – The Russian Airborne Forces have started receiving the newest Verba man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS) equipped with an automated fire control system that has no foreign rival, military spokesman Yevgeny Meshkov said Friday.
        “The surface to air-missile regiment of the Ivankvsky Airborne Forces division is the first to have started receiving and studying the modern system of air defense battle,” Meshkov said.
        The systems automatically provide information on the air environment, fix the target and command a strike against the target within several seconds. “This gives time to an AA sniper armed with the Verba MANPADS to prepare for the meeting and hit the target beforehand,” he said.
        These systems exclude the human factor, while saving ammunition and increasing the effectiveness of air-defense sub-elements. “An automated control system over the battle allows finding an air target, defining its characteristics and sharing targets between AA snipers and fire means, taking into consideration their location,” Meshkov said.
        A commander of the SAM regiment, Col. Andrei Musiyenko said modern air defense battles are highly mobile and dynamic confrontations with the usage of aerial warfare weapons, demanding modern armament and operational control.
        “Until now, the control over air defense battle in Airborne Forces divisions was not automated and the time elapsed following the major commander finding the target and ordering an AA sniper to launch the missile took from 3 to 5 minutes,” he said.
        The process has become more than 10 times faster with the new systems.

      61. This is a RETARD ALERT showing just how “stupidified” the country is becoming.

        Explain to me how someone can have a power outage a few months ago for one solid week. Yet they are now selling their entire candle collection, the ones left over that they used for that week without power, for $1.50 for 70 candles???????????????????

        Of course I immediately bought the box of candles, many of them brand new costing $1.29 each and some of them smelling quite good. They told me the danger of another power outage was over and will never happen again. Then please explain to me why someone else had not purchased all those candles the 3 hours before I arrived when the garage sale had opened up?????????

        I so much enjoy getting deals like this, but I am conflicted. Why someone would have not learned their lesson from not have any light for a week or maybe even not a heat source, that it could definitely happen again, it shows serious idiocy. Then why others that had the same power outage that also visited the garage sales would not take advantage of so many candles for so cheap for the future. God, dear God, these people that are not preppers/survivalists are in such deep trouble it is sad and makes you shake your head how far the country and 99% of the people have fallen.

        • Thanks for the laugh tonight BI! It is simply amazing sometimes isn’t it?

          God Bless,

          • @ Norse Prepper. Garage sales, especially estate sales are wonderful places for finding deals on good quality survival supplies. 2 cents a candle is a little bit ridiculous though. It is uplifting to find cheap items like this, but in the same token it is very disheartening to see so many that are not even trying to prepare with the very basics. There are people all over the country and world that literally have nothing in their homes at all should a tiny event occur. When a true emergency occurs these people will just sit around and WISH that things will get back to “THEIR NORMAL”. Or just know that FEMA, Red Cross, or other agency will make sure that everyone is well fed and taken care of.

            It is truly sad to see items that are good quality for emergencies just sitting around for hours at a garage sales and no one buying them. That 1% of the population that prepares is something that still bites me everytime I think about it. 1 out of 100 people prepare for disasters. This is like one family for each 2-5 city blocks, depending on the size of the block, that is ready when times go to the toilet. Just shows how far away from preparedness and common sense most people have drifted away from and towards self destruction.

            • BI.

              In the past you would have been surprised how many items are returned to stores. Generators, chain saws and plywood in the hurricane prone areas. Return policies have changed for that reason. Too much trouble to maintain or to store the material.
              Flea Markets, Garage and Estate sales are good places to pick up gear. The Coleman stove that uses camp gas is priced between $99 and $139 new. You can find them at Flea market for about $20 used. I found one still in the box for $15. You might have to replace the pump stem but that is about an extra $10. Pump it up to see if it holds air. Packs and frames, entrenchment tools, Multi tools, web gear and medical. How about 50 4×7 battle bandages for $5.00.
              Forget about prepping it is all about the “Money” so they sell their safety and comfort, for pennies on the dollar.

              I do buy things to resell at prices 20 to 30 percent below Army and Navy stores. I call it, “Used but Not Abused”. Single and complete units. Sales have picked up!

              How about an Army two man pup tent with the poles, lines and stakes for $10. With Mosquito Netting to boot.

              Found Military foot lockers between $10 an $15. Brand New! Quick way to store and move gear.

              Bargains are out there and you may have to spend some time looking but it only takes the one seller to make your day. Their loss, my gain.

      62. Burn it the fuck down.

      63. America’s Book of Secrets on the History Channel.
        Has anyone watched it yet? I just got done watching
        two episodes. During one episode it stated,
        “There are 3 million Preppers in the United States.
        The Government knows who these preppers are.
        The Government knows what these preppers have stockpiled.
        And, if the preppers have underground bunkers, the U.S.
        Government knows where they are located.
        So much for Operational Security.
        Its an interesting and informative show.
        Some of the points on the show, people like us on this website know about, but the show digs deeper and brings up further points to enlighten the viewer.

        • Watched it, did you see the 5-10 second shot of Mac’s website with his name on it? Your famous Mac, you made it on the History channel, even if it was for a brief moment…

          • @ eppe ~ Yes, I did catch that!
            I like that show a lot.
            Glad I am not the only one who watched it,
            great minds think alike. 😉

      64. Five of the Most Dangerous Taliban Commanders in U.S. Custody Exchanged for American Captive
        -The Weekly Standard

        Obama breaks law, Obama acts without notifying Congress

        Lawmakers were not notified of the Guantanamo detainees’ transfer until after it occurred.

        “The law requires the defense secretary to notify relevant congressional committees at least 30 days before making any transfers of prisoners, to explain the reason and to provide assurances that those released would not be in a position to reengage in activities that could threaten the United States or its interests.”
        -The Washington Post

      65. Report..

        Eating up some older MREs.
        Date bought.. About 2009, June.
        Today, June 1, 2014.

        Bought from BePrepared.com.

        Excellent food.

        Stored in basement. Stable 70 degrees.
        Up off floor.

        Often I’ll come home from work and instead of ordering take out…which is now quite expensive… I have a nice meal of these.

        Better to have a few cases of these around in constant rotation.

        Hey…all could be well with the world..but I might get fired, injured and cannot work or sick.

        Or…I fuck up my bills and have an issue.

        Keep God in your head and heart.
        Grub in the closet along with your guns and ammo.

        And keep a positive attitude.

        Note… often some might bust on your for being a doomer.
        First off…stop telling them.
        Stop trying to sell them on it.
        Less people prepping means easier buys.

        Also.. if you are prepper..that means you are a total optimist.
        That your life will go on.

        That’s all.

        I’m enjoying watching Obamacare fuck up the country.

        Also… debt.
        Get out of it.

        It’s the new slavery.

        I predict, Hillary the lezbo will win office.
        Then she will get us into some war to pump up the economy.

        I’m thinking some limited conflict with North Korea.
        Or some eastern block country.

      66. I love how people talk about the schools brainwashing children but in the next breath talk about God. Brainwashing is brainwashing no matter the subject.

        • Actually, the goal of public schools is to BREAK the kid. The goal of Christianity is to incite better behavior. Its all in your outlook I guess. As quoted, Rockefeller thought they were the same goal.

          • It is all the same.

      67. What are we teaching our kids when we send them to prisons for 13 years out of their lives?
        Training for the new norm ….. SERF.

      68. Karl Denninger nailed it.

        BTW, my Jr. high even had police stationed on top of the buildings in the years before I went there. Once I was there, it wasn’t so bad. You definitely did not go to the bathroom while class was in or you’d be jumped, definitely did not go most places in the school area if you were white or you’d be jumped, etc. But, they didn’t check for knives or guns too often. Sometimes people pulled them out but mostly just for showing off. Nobody was every really planning to shoot anyone. Looking back now, I think it may would have been fun to get in some fights with those guys, but I was among the youngest kid in my class though they hardly ever bothered me because I wasn’t small and wasn’t female. In high school, white females often were sucker punched, tripped, etc. It was a real show of lack of honor and lack of manhood amongst those losers.

        Denninger states EXACTLY what I experienced in the local socialism public county elementary here in Charlotte, NC. Fortunately, North Carolina has state-Chartered schools which appear to be more focused on education than breaking the kid. What’s more, they even approved a form of VOUCHER this year!!! (Sure, only for the destitute but perhaps this will lead to decent education options.) For us, if the Charter doesn’t pan out then we’ll move out of the state. The county (charmeck) school system focuses on the lower quartile and basically disregards the rest (oh yeah, they have that lottery thing where some kinds can get into a mediocre school if they enroll pre-kindergarten). What is also ironic is they have high schools which are like 95% white and 95% black in the same school system. to say the unfortunates at the latter are getting a fair shake is wrong: they have over 40 gangs in one school and a drop-out rate around 40%. Same school district too. Its quite telling.

        • BTW, many kids who don’t speak english as well as autistic kids. Charmeck does NOT provide the foreign language speaking teachers as required by law. And, at least in the case of a neighbor, does not even have the special ed for the autistic kid. In fact, they called the police and interrogated the autistic kid because he would not respond to their inquisition. (2nd grader!)

      69. Is all of this Big Brother police state going to help prosecute those female teachers who were caught doing sexual acts with their students? Why am I thinking that Canada and USA are transitioning into 3rd world corrupt totalitarian regimes?

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