Police Deploy Weaponized Drones To “Enhance Protection and Safety of Citizens”

by | Oct 31, 2011 | Headline News | 190 comments

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    As the government tightens its grip on everything from internet traffic to consumer purchasing habits they’ll need new technologies to maintain law and order in the new American paradigm.

    The latest weapon’s system to be added to the police state quiver is the ShadowHawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, slated to be the eye-in-the-sky over Montgomery County, Texas, which has a population of about 500,000 people and neighbors the Greater Houston metropolitan area.

    The U-A-V is capable of investigating crimes in progress. It also has night vision and can pick up heat signatures.

    It’s been used for military operations in countries like Afghanistan and East Africa but now it’s coming to a country near you.

    “We’re the only sheriff’s office in the state that’s going to have a piece of equipment like this,” said Montgomery County Sheriff Tommy Gage.

    Sheriff Gage introduced his department’s newest tool, the ShadowHawk Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV.

    “We look forward to utilizing it in a variety of capacities that protect our employees from harm to the extent possible and to enhance the protection to our citizens and their safety,” said Montgomery County Chief Deputy Randy McDaniel.

    Source: KBTX

    At the bargain price of just $1 per resident, the $500,000 UAV is capable of real-time monitoring during day or night, and if necessary, engaging criminals or suspects with on board weapon systems:

    The ShadowHawk is a 50lb mini drone chopper that can be fitted with an XREP taser with the ability to fire four barbed electrodes that can be shot to a distance of 100 feet, delivering “neuromuscular incapacitation” to the victim. The drone can travel at a top speed of 70MPH and can operate for 3.5 hours over land and sea.

    In addition to the XREP taser technology, the ShadowHawk MK II can be deployed with more lethal weapons, including a shotgun and grenade launcher.

    Vanguard Defense Industries Corporation ShadowHawk Promotional Video:

    The Department of Homeland Security and our local law enforcement officials are actively militarizing and weaponizing police forces throughout the country and justifying their actions by claiming it is to protect the people and keep them safe from terrorists. As our readers know, these days this is very much a grey area, with DHS and the FBI having sent out bulletins and publications warning that Americans engaging in everyday activities may be participating in suspicious behavior and domestic terrorism.

    How long will it be before the drones turn on the people they purport to protect?


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      1. We knew this was coming.

        • I wonder what kind of built-in evasive system these mini drones have for “OO” buckshot?

          • I was thinking more along the lines of 338 Lapua Magnum.

            • thats what is going to take it down when its hovering at someone that is mad.

            • I’m just thinking a full throttle load in a 30-06 with a 180 grain spitzer would punch a hole right through that thing leaving shards of copper and lead everywhere. I’d think that might be pretty detrimental to the efficient operation of the onboard computer and surveillance systems, not to mention the engine.

              For heaven’s sake, this is Texas! …the ORIGINAL “Here, hold my beer…” state. How long to they expect that thing to fly? 75mph? Thats 1,978 mph slower than the 180gr spitzers.

            • Y’ever try hitting a duck with a rifle? Forget shooting it down, unless it’s in stationary hover and within 100 yards or so. Even than it’ll take an expert. And you’d only get one shot. It’ll hear the sound and be on you in seconds.

          • itchin’ to find out.

            • An then I’m on the hunt to find the SOB who launched it.

          • Well, they got me with a couple pounds of C4 on one of those little buggers. I’d bet Mohammed’s moustache that they’ll get you, your shotgun, your family and your home if they spy muzzle flash from your window.
            All bravado aside, this is a dangerous escalation of the ‘war against domestic terrorists’.

            • OK Owlie – I’ll go with that, but wouldn’t it make a nice Russian Roulette game out of it if 2 or 3 friends were to be in different locations all firing at the same time at that damned skeet? Which flash would THE ONE for the drone to zap out of existence???

          • I’m right there with you guys. After all, how many skeet shooters are there in texas? Ain’t that considered a proper date in texas?

        • Indeed we did. TPTB have created their criminal arm, and are using them to try to intimidate the populace into submission, knowing that it will not happen and that they’ll start a civil war. Alex Jones is right, they (elitists) don’t care about thier thugs (cops), they’ll squash you like the bugs you are (As Yuri Bezmenov/Edward Griffin said), as soon as they are done with you. Stand up for the Constitution and the God-given rights of the people you are sworn to protect, now, before it’s too late.

        • And at the bargain price of just $1 per person to spy on yourself!
          But wait there’s more!…
          Peace of mind for the TPTB, to know what’s going on in our precious little lives.

          • How long till Joe Pervert operator uses it to tail hot women or schoolgirls?

        • I had required reading as a sophmore in highschool…”1984″ hmmmmmm…Pretty damn scary! I can tell you this…the tellthecopter wouldnt last in my town!

          • seriously?! this is old news. you are compromising yourself more by being on this website than that drone could. and why is it that everyone thinks they are important enough to be “spied” upon?

            • These days, we’re all important enough to be spied on… Hence the DHS Fusion centers….

            • Because everybody IS important enough…the only ones that aren’t are 6 to 8 feet underground and permanently immobilized.

        • .270 anyone?

      2. since when was buying a gun out of someones trunk a crime? it sure would have been cool if that guy would have turned around with that ar 15 and blew that drone out of the air.

      3. Those look like they would make for some fun target practice.

        • Only problem is, eventually they’re going to armor-up those things… and they’ll do it about 5 minutes after losing the first one to gunfire.

          I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t already sport some sort of kevlar shell, though.

          • That’s nothing a milk jug of gasoline and a cigarette butt won’t fix — they gotta land sometime. Hypothetically, of course.

            • Well, I for one think it’s a good thing. We need the government to protect us my any liberty killing means needed. Heaven knows I can’t protect myself. Or think for myself. KIDDING! For Halloween this year I am going as a “sheeple” complete with Hope and change T-shirt, Re-elect obama bumper sticker and “Occupy Everything” coffee mug.
              Happy Halloween everyone!

          • I’d like to see an armor thick enough to withstand a 50BMG API or 408 Cheytac and light enough to allow it to stay airborne.

            • Tell you what – if you want to know how effective that would be, go duck-hunting sometime with that .50 BMG, and tell us how you do. Hell, go duck-hunting with a .30-06 sometime and see how well that turns out.

              Here’s the thing: Unless you expect it to quietly sit still for you while you take careful aim, I think you’ll likely be disappointed.

              Now if you have a .50 twin auto, you might have something that’ll do the job. 😉

              Otherwise, if you want at least a snowball’s chance in Hell of taking something like that down, put the single-shot and semi-auto rifles away. Your best bet is to wait for it to get within that 100′ taser range (or lure it there), then have someone else fire/throw/launch something up at it from the side or behind that will foul the tail rotor.

          • Hit the rotor and it won’t matter…


            • I was thinking the same thing.

      4. I would fully support the use of small unarmed UAVs (i.e. see WASP/BATMAV) by park authorities, some police units and rescue units in order to locate individuals reported lost within a park, on a mountain side, in a canyon, or any other austere/remote location. These systems are a great piece of equipment and could be used for good, if put in the right hands and limited to rescue type situations. I do not support the use of ARMED UAVs in the USA, however. I knew it was a matter of time before the police got their hands on something like this and here we go.

        • “If put in the right hands”.

          “Right hands?”

          Sad commentary on life in the Fascist State.

          On the other hand…

          How’s this for you. Small R/C plane, helicopter with built in camera (in the hands of those tired of being under the surveillance of a corrupt system) with a small jar of nitroglycerin attached to the underside, flying into either a UAV or a van parked down the street where the controller manipulates behind the scenes.

          • Are all police bad? No. Rescue units bad? No. If you didn’t TRY to read between the lines, you wouldn’t have offered such an ignorant response. I said nothing, NOTHING about surveillance. Put into the right hands and used for the right reasons (search and rescue!), these pieces of equipment are phenomenal. Technology isn’t always your enemy and is not always used to spy on you.

            • I’m sure if we were sitting somewhere together enjoying a glass of lemonade, you’d realize that what I said had nothing attached to it implying that you’re a venomous character with demonic motives to undermine the status quo.

            • You argument has no legs. And, if wanting to use small unarmed UAVs to search for lost individuals in austere environments makes me venomous, so be it.

            • Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. That being said, when given an inch the Government always takes it a mile!

          • A bit confused here… you would not support a mini remote controlled plane being used to search for lost persons, but you would support flying a remote controlled plane of your own loaded down with explosives into a van with people in it? Something is wrong here. Either you are whacked in the head, a government employee or a troll.

            • Old Southern Man,

              There is only ONE absolute power and that is the All Mighty and He is uncorruptible. Think about it…

        • comment: how many police officers do you think read these postings on a regular basis, and not to spy but to be aware of things happening? Do you guys think that cops are waiting for orders from the shadow government to move and occupy the homeland? police are regular guys, like you, that happen to work writing tickets, taking reports and responding to kids whose parents refuse to control them. Sounds pretty boring, doesn’t it? kids swimming practice, PS3, trout fishing, etc…

      5. When these are actively being used against citizens we will know the Rubicon has been crossed. There are ways to confuse/defeat drone surveillance but while you can make observation difficult or impossible, it will most likely arouse suspicion and focus attention on your property resulting in police being dispatched to get eyes on what it is you are attempting to hide.

        What needs to happen is development of a leveling technology for citizens subjected to this kind of surveillance. I suspect a lowly 12 gauge with 00 buckshot might be capable of dealing with the drone referenced in the article, but if Predators or Reapers are deployed within the US then something more on the order of a Stinger but simpler and cheaper needs to be developed to deal with a bigger and higher flying drone. Open source plans with NC machining files, electronics schematics, chemistry instructions with common sources for the warhead manufacture; should be made available on the web. Open source has the potential to be a leveling technology when some bright individual or group can develop and post their work for the rest of us to duplicate.

        • The Rubicon has been crossed…news just didn’t air it yet.

          • While I don’t expect a presidential address that includes the words “aleia iocta est**”, I think that when and if it happens (not yet IMHO, but close), few if anyone will notice it at the time.

            ** When Caesar crossed the literal Rubicon river (against Senate orders to stay out of the Italian peninsula), this was his response to a general who asked if it wasn’t too late to turn back. In case you’re curious, in English it means “the die has been cast”, meaning that it was too late to go back to what was before.

        • Moon, great ideas. I like the idea of Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) to interrupt the link between the operator and UAV. Many countries like North Korea supposedly have Russian and Chinese based technology that can jam or commandeer UAV’s completely. Who would have thought we would have gotten to this point where we’re actually talking about defensive measures such as these.

      6. On the other hand, are you against police having helicopters? Handguns? Shotguns? Patrol rifles? I guess you could ask the same thing about those tools, “How long will it be before the HELICOPTERS/HANDGUNS/ETC turn on the people they purport to protect?”

        The big city police dept I work for can barely afford to keep a helicopter in the air or on standby for 8 hrs/day. On Saturday, the day of the freak snowstorm on the east coast, I was standing on one end of a disgusting alley full of weeds and reeking of cat urine and feces to keep an aggravated assault suspect from escaping as other officers climbed up and over concrete block walls to find him. If a helicopter, or a much cheaper to operate drone, had been available it could’ve done a quick sweep with the thermal imaging system and told us exactly where the suspect was. Unfortunately, we had neither and he slipped through our search. With a drone there’d be no reason to pursue a stolen car or bank robbery suspect in police cars — just keep squad cars in the general area out of sight until the drone operator notifies us of his location when he finally stops. With a drone, 50 acres of farm fields could be searched for a missing 7 year old in 15 minutes, but it would take a dozen officers hours to do the same thing.

        Anything could be used against us. It just takes vigilance and trust to make sure the tools we give the police are used properly.

        • The point is the lack of trust, first from the government toward it’s citizens and then logically, the citizens mistrust of a more oppressive government that makes potential terrorists out of those who once served it. Gone are the days of police actually policing- they now enter homes in SWAT gear for an ounce of weed.

          • Bottom line is in order to be trusted, you have to be trustworthy

        • “Trust”? trust the police? are you serious or is this like the joke of the day

          • Sadly, the default now lies on the side of “not trusting” the police. Obviously, there are good cops, unfortunately, IMO, they are the minority. When I see a cop now a days, I wonder how close he or she is to the edge. Any number of reasons for being close, ranging from steroids and/or Rx/nonRx drugs to stress and abuse as a child. And what will it take to trigger them over the edge? Personally, I keep my nose squeaky clean while out and about. I don’t want to give them a motive to get up close and personal.

        • “I guess you could ask the same thing about those tools, “How long will it be before the HELICOPTERS/HANDGUNS/ETC turn on the people they purport to protect?”

          Newsflash buddy, that question has been answered. Ask the owners of the hundreds of dogs killed every year, or ask the marine cilled in AZ this year, or the man in Costco in Las Vegas last year. Ask the people of Waco, TX, or Ruby Ridge. How about that man in Oakland murdered last year by the genius who said he mistook his pistol for a tazer while shooting an unarmed, handcuffed man. We don’t need to ask how long before cops turn their GUNS on us, they already have. What a maroon!

          • “cilled”=”killed”…typing too fast.

        • It is not nearly as difficult for the people to trust local law enforcement. The problem is that even small city cops look like thugs dressed in their black Ninja combat outfits. When you cannot get an officer to come out and take a report at your home that was just burglarized yet you see multiple APCs and squads of cops with submachine guns enforcing USDA regs against selling raw milk you are going to lose faith in law enforcement.

          It has been the federalization of local law enforcement that has changed both the mentality of the officers and the perceptions of the public.

          Seriously, when the US Deparment of Education shows up as a SWAT team over student loans people are going to start shaking in their shoes remembering that overdue library book.

          If there isn’t a good bond of trust between Marshall Dillon and Miss Kitty then the good Marshall better be careful. Miss Kitty ain’t gonna take poop from anybody.

          • Jack Booted Thugs in their ninja suits, ski mask and body armor with sub machine guns.

        • you sir are a toolbox the police are out of control everywhere they are no longer here to protect and serve they only protect them selves and serve unlawful warrants for there masters they are the governments lapdog

          • fallout boy, you fit perfectly into that tool box. government lapdogs? just admit, the meth pipe in your pocket was yours, it was not planted by the cop. your dad left because you are psycho, not because the police chased him away. you have not accomplished in life because you like to blame everyone else for your failures. go watch Red Dawn while holding your SKS wondering what it would really be like…TOOL

        • And you can get one of those for EVERY large police force…just cut out all freebies, paid insurance, and pensions to Congress..
          See, ask and ye shall receive.

        • The Founders had a great deal of mistrust for centralized power for good reason, so I have a great deal of mistrust for centralized power. Just look at the steadily evolving militarization of your local police department and you will see the template of thing to come. Only someone who doesn’t understand the inherent dangers of centralized power would trust it on any level.

        • 655, anyone who thinks police are this shadow hand of government have their reality rooted in tv. using a drone to actually chase a bad guy is not as exciting and doesn’t sell like a police drone being used to spy on farmer john? shoot it down with a .50 cal. really? if you guys think there is such a conspiracy, wouldn’t the shadow government then send in tanks and apaches into the area of the drone shoot down? if you guys are serious about spying, why are you writing comments about your armament and skills on an open forum? isnt there an officer outside your house right now following leads on your ip address? common guys, officers i know know more about the steelers than surveillance…

          • You are dead wrong, buddy – I KNOW they work hand in glove with the local politzei.

      7. How far does something have to be off the ground before it is not trespassing? Just wondering.

        • That horse left the barn a long time ago when Google Earth was created. I believe the precedent was set during the Cold War when possibility of sending something into orbit was contemplated. The conventional wisdom was that overflight permissions would be needed but the Soviets set the precedent by orbiting Sputnik without giving a damn about asking for overflight permissions.

      8. How many bullets will it take to bring that sucker down? Probably not very many. If you see it over you, it is your duty to shoot.

        • Hi Gods Creation,

          I’ve owned/flown RV Helos similar to this. Not quite as large or expensive, but they are basically the same.

          The best strike points:

          Side Aspect Shot:

          1) Just underneath the main rotor shaft (Mid body, slightly high of center). – This is where the gear box and rotor tilt controls are. Even a 22 LR bullet hitting here it probably knock it down. A .223 hitting here will definitly take it down.

          2) “Pilots Seat”: This is usually where the electronics are located.

          3) Aft: Half way up the body, about 3/4 towards the rear. This is where they may place the electronics if they did not place them all in the pilots position, or sometimes, they electronics are split between these two locations, some in front, some in rear, especially the gyros.

          Front Apect Shot:

          Center Line, approximately the “pilots head” position: You will hit the gear box, electronics and/or rotor links/controls, any of which will take it down instantly.

          The fuel tank tends to be about mid-span and low in the body, so as the helo uses up the fuel, there is no shift in the front-to-rear location of the CG (Center Of Gravity), the CG merely moves vertically closer to the rotor shaft as the fuel is used which does not require trimming to maintain proper pitch of the aircraft.

          The achilles heel with these types of IOT (Instruments Of Tyranny), is that they are made to be LIGHT as possible, which means aluminum, plastic and carbon fiber,… none of which are “bullet proof”.

          For them to place “armour” around the critical components would add so much weight, it would have virtually no flight time due to the increase fuel consumption of the added weight.

          Happy hunting my fellow Americans.

          The hour of decision is almost upon us. Will you become subjugated chattel and enslaved forever, or will you start fighting?

          JD – US Marines – Freedom Fighter

          • That’s the first bits of truly useful information I’ve seen in the comments section in some time — thanks to ground pounder JD. Semper Fi!

          • Has anyone tried to shut one of these down using home-made HERF (High Energy Radio Frequency) weapons?

            • Hi Brent,

              I addressed the issue above about shooting one of these moving targets down, but that is not the only way.

              There are basically two ways to take these Instruments Of Treason out:

              1) Physical Interdiction –

              a) Rifle/Pistol: Shoot the thing Center-Mass with a high velocity round or a shotgun gun with a “tight” choke so you have some distance for effective reach out and touch.

              b) Bow/Cross-Bow: The other idea that someone suggested, is to use a cross-bow or compound bow with a hundred or so feet of trailing wire or strong cord such as Kevlar thread. If that gets caught in the main rotor (or even the tail rotor), its coming down.

              2) EMF: There are basically three types of UAV (Unmanned Aireal Vehicles):

              a) RPV – Remotely Piloted Vehicle: This largely requires constant flight instructions being recieved by the airborn unit.

              b) Semi-Autonomous: This allows the airborn vehicle to resort to some type of default “Safe-Flight” program should radio contact be lost.

              c) Fully-Autonomous: This is an airborn vehicle that requires little-to-no in-flight instructions.

              These kinds of UAV are probably capable of Full Autonomy if all radio contact is lost as a “Safe-Return” default.

              To get around it:

              The main radio receiver will probably be receiving digital commands, but a white noise Generator on the same frequency will inhibit reception of those signals.

              The trouble is finding out exactly what freq they are flying on.

              One way is to get a hand held freq. scanner. Scan your area and note the freqs. When one of these units flys by, record the freqs you are picking up. Any new ones will most likely be the control freq.

              Anyone good with radio gear can rig up a white noise generator that will intefer, but the audio/video transmissions will be on a different freq. In addition, when you send a blocking freq up, the UAV may have a back up freq or freqs to switch to.

              If you do successfully block control commands, the UAV will then resort to a “Safe-Flight” or “Safe-Return” protocol, in which case it may require GPS siganls to know its altitude and location, so you may need to make a white noise generator on the GPS freq so it has no “Navigation Coordinates” to fly by.

              The UAV may, or may not have some sort of ground detection and accident avoidance sensors to bumble its way towards home.

              Trying to interfer with it via EMFI (Electro-Magnetic Frequency Interference) can be done, but it requires technical specifics to be known, or some trial and error attempts.

              Conclusion: Just shoot it down, rip the battery out, pull all other plugs out to ensure any homing device is not getting power, then take it home and have it stuffed and mounted for your wall.

              JD – US Marines – Calling All Americans To Recognize The US Federal Gov’t Has Already Started The 2nd American Revolution.

          • Excellent.

          • JD, are you a former Marine? If so, wouldn’t you be considered by persons on this site as part of the conspiracy against freedom? I’ve read many things about the US Forces training to disarm the populace and force them into FEMA camps? Did you train to do this? Would your fellow Marines turn on you and force you into a FEMA camp?

            • Hi nobody says,

              I am a United States Marine that was honorably discharged in 1993, a combat Decorated Persian Gulf Vet.

              At that time, Marines were NOT trained to assault the US population to my knowledge, but ALL Marines were trained with the following:

              Every US Marine has the duty to disobey unlawful orders.

              The trick being when to know if an order is unlawful, or are you disobeying orders of a superior officer, which is a courtmartial offense.

              Clearly some orders will be easily recognizable as unlawful, but some will not.

              As for being against freedom, Marines were here before the United States existed. The Marine Corps was born on November 10, 1775 under the Continental Congress.

              The US Marines have fought in more battles, more locations and have lost more blood and men (and women) than any other service.

              We consider ourselves the Van Guard of Freedom and the US Constitution.

              We do not fight for the Constitution because we blindly follow some dogma that says so, we fight to retain it because we understand that the Rights to Liberty, Freedom and to be free from the abuses of a tyrannical gov’t are the only values worth fighting so vociferously for.

              Will some Marines allow the corrupted thinking of forcing Americans into FEMA camps to dictate their actions?… probably,.. but most will quickly recognize those kinds of orders for the treason they embody, and will refuse.

              I can not say the same for the army or other services. I met few good guys that were army,.. just a few.

              No insult to those army guys that performed their service with honor and courage.

              No, nobody says, I will NOT ever support this broken, dysfunctional, tryannical gov’t.

              The US Federal Government is completely infiltrated by Foreign Influence, Foreign Govts, Corporate Corruption, the pyschotic interests of International Banksters, and self-seeking pyschopaths that believe it is their “painful duty” to exterminate most of us for our “own good”.

              The US Federal Gov’t is NOT an American gov’t, it is now a wholly, “Enemy Force Of Occupation”, here to destroy America, Americans, the US Constitution and subjugate us.


              When the shooting phase of the 2nd American Revolution starts, I will be in front,.. leading the charge.

              God Bless America, God Bless Our Marines, and God Bless all the Patriots who will surely fight when the hour is upon us.

              I hope this answers your questions as to where my, and the loyalties of US Marines in general, stand.

              JD – US Marines – Defender Of The US Constitution, Of Our Rights, And Our Liberities.

        • PULL!

        • that trophy would look great on any wall

      9. One shot in the camera and it can’t see where to go. Second shot in the gas tank.

        • It’s all fun and games until it shoots back. Remember Predator drones began their career as unarmed surveillance too. Military already uses remote controlled explosive delivery. (the little exploding RC cars) This is just that in the air.

      10. Well, I’m fine with the police having whatever weapons and equipment as long as citizens are allowed to purchase and use the same. Citizens might use them for unsavory purposes? Uh, LEOs might do that too. If these pieces of equipment were going to be used simply for search and rescue or finding the bad guy then I’d be alright with them being restricted to LEOs and other public servants. Clearly, that is not their intent.

        • I agree we should be able to own anything the military or L.O.E. has with out restrictions.

        • I wonder how many F.B.I. Agents are on this and every other Forum and comments page trying to instigate something so that they can arrest you for conspiracy to commit a crime. This how almost every arrest for terrorism has been made since 911. The F.B.I. will send an under cover agent in to instigate and coerce someone to commit an crime that they might have been thinking about but would probably not have committed had they not been coerced. They love that conspiracy rap, could be for anything. There are thousands of people in jail(BATFE) for a gun 3/8 of an inch too short, owning fender washers,a piece of tubing in your shop or $200 tax stamp.

          • I agree, sometimes it’s best to simply collect info and keep your mouth shut.

      11. Listen very carefully, these are to be used for (Kettling) the populace, there are no turbin wearing boogymen hiding in the bushes! This is another type of surveillance to be used against those who refuse to enter the N.W.O., air, rail, citizen spies, malls, all shopping centers. The ultimate Venus fly trap! There is absolutely no other reason for this nonsense! They getting ready to spring the trap! Any and all weapons developed are used in warzones before they are implemented here. Who stands too gain?

        • Hi Copout,

          US Marine here. Hope all is well with you and your family.

          I agree with your assumption,… they are indeed getting ready to “spring the trap”.

          Its a question of how, and what “excuse” will they fabricate that 1/2 to 3/4 of our dumb-downed citizens will eat like the latest bacon-burger craze!

          The fact is, time is running against them (NSO – New Slave Order) because of the impending soverign debt implosion through out Europe, which will instantly effect our banks and financial institutions.

          Beware of a nuclear false flag, or worse,… a bio weapon false flag!

          These morally bankrupt pyschos don’t think anything of releasing bio agents that could wipe out hundreds of thousands, if not millions! That is how fuk’n pyscho they truly are!

          As some one else stated, if you see these IOT (Instruments Of Tyranny), its everyones duty to shot them down,.. immediately!

          If all hell breaks loose,.. everyones first targets should be all the gov’t spy cameras. One shot thru the lense or mid body will do it with 223 or larger.

          Stay sharp my fellow Americans, the hour of tribulation, and reach for TOTAL TYRANNY is almost upon us.

          Good luck – JD – US Marines – Fighting To Save America,… again.

          • I believe they will use these to Drop Bioweapons on us, like the Chemtrails they drop now, just softening us up for the big kill. BioWeapon Dropping Drones, forget about the cameras, worry about the Bioweapons. I saw where they are giving Anthrax Vaccines somewhere, I fear they may use that.

          • USMarines: I can’t help but feel the nuke false flag is the next phase. Why? It seems bigger, and bigger each time, a lot of references in the Bible are suggesting this, I pray, No. I have lost my faith and trust in man. It’s probably better this way, I have never ever felt so beat down in my entire life!

            • Hi Copout,

              I know the feeling.

              Even though I have never been better off financially or with free time, I have never felt so beat down or deeply agrieved about the MASSIVE treason of this gov’t.

              I never thought I would live to see the day.

              As for the type of false flag,… I’d say its a combination of both nuclear and bio, here is why:

              Nuclear has the “bang-for-the-buck” shock effect they want/need to institute COG or Martial Law.

              The Bio gives them the excuse to herd people into “treatment centers” (FEMA Camps), which the just “luckily” have avaialble for such an emergency.

              What most don’t realize is that the vaccines will be given to only those deemed usable or necessary, including the pyschos that are manipulating these events.

              The rest of us “useless mouths” that get herded into “treatment facilities” mostly end up leaving by the exhaust pipe.

              Whether people want to believe this or not is irrelevant, as there is only one way to “mitigate” biologically infected people -….high heat. Thats an oven regardless of whatever terminology someone wants to use.

              In thinking like these pyschos, given the agenda they have of domination, control and population reduction, this is the way I would do it if I was them. It supports their agenda in a way that no other combination of simple events will.

              Lets pray I’m wrong,… but my combat senses,.. my intuition say otherwise.

              God help us.

              JD – US Marine

          • These are going to be used to Deploy Bio Weapons, plain and simple

      12. ONCE AGAIN,….

        This has NOTHING to do with “Protecting” Americans.

        The sole purpose of these Instruments Of Tyranny, is to intimidate, harass and subdue Americans into a state of total submission and accepting the chattel mentality.

        ANOTHER SIGN OF TREASON AND,…”when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, IT IS THEIR RIGHT, IT IS THEIR DUTY, to throw off such government and to provide new guards for their future security.”

        Thomas Jefferson – Declaration Of Independence – Latter Portion Of 2nd Paragraph – Empahsis Added.

        This was also his instructions to us, as KNEW it would have to done AGAIN,.. and AGAIN,…. and AGAIN,… as long as we wish to stay free.

        Now, is the 2nd test of the will, and willingness of Americans to recognize tyranny, and to REQUIRE its abolishment.

        Solution For These Drones: Target Practice.

        JD – US Marines – Refusing To Accept Tyranny

        • US Says

          The sole purpose of these Instruments Of Tyranny, is to intimidate, harass and subdue Americans into a state of total submission and accepting the chattel mentality.

          Sorry, but that boat sailed long ago. It is merely a method to keep them that way and punish those that stray from the herd by finding sites like this one. At least those who fail to shoot at it.

          • Yep. If people don’t wake up to instantly upon hearing things like this, there’s nothing left to say. Once upon a time, someone might die for coming across the line of your property, now they roll in with tanks, and people don’t bat an eye.

        • I accidentally thumbed u down.

          Liberty or Death!

        • US Marines,

          Hi my friend,
          Speaking of treason and tyranny, take a look at the following you tube.
          The 28th of October is our national holiday. It marks the beginning of the WWII for Greece and the victorious battles against the Musso troops.
          During last Friday’s parade, all citizens started riots and attacked against politicians who watched. The Greek president ordered the general in command to cancel the parade, and withdraw the platoons and companies back to their camps.
          Only the students of the high military academy stayed with the Greek people, dennied this form of tyranny, and sang a Greek military song while marching with their M1 Garands.
          I’m proud of these kids.
          Be safe


          • Manos, how is it over there? I know we all believe that Greece will be leading the way into SHTF. I just wondered how the situation was. We found out the first of many big banks is collapsing and we just may be leading the way soon

            • Jim,

              At last we are leaders to something 🙂

              To get serious now, yes it seems that the winds will be unleashed from here.
              Today three parliament members of the rulling party announced their resignations to the president of the parliament. This means that tonight (noon yours), the government must resign and announce immediate elections.
              This in turn will show weakness to the global banksters, and spreads will rise along with the bonds’ yield.
              But then, it’s Italy’s turn to feel the German touch. Today, Italy borrowed money for 6%, which is a lot.

              In my daily life, i see the following:

              1. Price increase in gas.
              2. Another price increase in food and goods.
              3. Income taxes and property taxes.
              4. Immediate decrease in salaries and pensions of all sectors of around 40%.

              Finally people started to realise that shtf is here in Greece, so they are rushing to super markets and drug stores to buy goods. As for deposits, most Greeks withdrew the savings of a life time, and took them home or put them in some whole in their garden.
              Thank God i’m ready.

              As Mac said, we are living history being written in front of our own eyes. A journal would come in handy for the generations to come.

              Be safe Jim. My best wishes.

          • Hi Manos,

            Good to hear from you my friend!

            I hope that you and your family are well and are coping with the implosion of your country.

            I find it astounding how much the Globalists have decimated your country!

            What the people of Greece need to do, is simply grab your treasonous politicians, your treasonous bankers, your treasonous lawyers and all the others that have assisted the Globalists, take away ALL their money, ALL their property, and ALL their liberities!

            Put them on trial, and those found guilty, are simply locked up in a cell. No food, just water,… and just let them slowly starve to death like they have done to so many of their victims.

            But you and I know that will not happen. Holding the people responsible for the actual destruction doesn’t seem to be in peoples mindset.

            To bad.

            Anyway, I read you comment below, thanks for the insight!

            If you went by the American Main-Stream-Media (which is now nothing more than the Joseph Gobbels Ministry Of Propaganda), you would think that everything is FINE in Greece, except for a bailout issue.

            Just so you know, over here in the US, they have begun the siezure of America. Here are a couple of examples:

            1) Tennesse recently brought the TSA out of airports (they were suppose to only molest you before you got on a plane) and set up check points thru out the highway system!

            2) Texas: Now has small UAV Helos (Unmanned Arial Vehicles) that they will be deploying to spy on citizens, and will have weapons capabilities,.. against civilians!

            3) 11/9/11 – A week and a half from now, FEMA is going to have a NATION WIDE shut down of ALL communications “test”. This has NEVER been done before, and clearly is a pre-emptive move to disrupt communications once the shooting phase of the 2nd American Revolution gets underway. They learned that lesson from Egypt.

            4) The Federal Reserve: “The Fed” bank of the US, which is neither Federal or has any reserve, use to be content with simply running and destroying the country from behind the scenes, but now is actively promoting and pulling all the stops out to put one of their “former” Fed Chairmen (Herman Cain) into the US Presidency!

            The Fed currently controls the Financial and Economic welfare of this country, and is now seekig to take complete control of the Executive Branch!

            5) Louisiana: Has now oulawed the use of MONEY! Thats right, the state just passed a law which states it is illegal to use money for all “2nd hand transactions”, and requires the seller to keep complete records of ALL sales, to who and for the amount!

            Note: They are seeking to eliminate the use of money and “force” everyone into a “credit” system, as this is the basis for the RFID Chip scheme!

            And the list goes on and on….

            I’m sure you don’t hear about any of THAT over in Greece!

            Anyhow,.. I was glad to hear that the Cadets didn’t walk from the Greek people as the kids ARE the future of your country,..in every way!

            Talkwithyousoon, pass my regards on to your family.

            JD – US Marines – Pissed Off In America

      13. I believe the Rubicon has been violated on sundry occasions by the NeoFascists.

        They will not rest until they have ushered in the post 9/11 New Feudalism. The NeoFascists want Eternal Serfdom for every self-respecting American who dares believe in his individual sovereignty, and the idea of sound money.

        The time to “abolish” this government is long overdue. It will never retrench its ill-begotten power from the days of Lincoln. He has imposed the Bolshevik notion that peace can be imposed ONLY through continual warfare.

        Thus, this country has been in the mode of CONTINUAL WARFARE since its inception, primarily due to the accretion of war mongering power in the Centralized State.

        FACT: it is not for nothing that Ulysses S Grant wrote in his autobiography that the Civil War was divine retribution due to the federal government’s provocation of war under a false flag operation with Mexico.

        He made the truth known about the US Military’s preoccupation with unlawful depredation for the sake of inciting war.

        I wonder how many more divine retributions are in store . . . . .

        Where are those darn WMDs? And, of course, steel melts at 1570 degrees Fahrenheit, just the way my oven does . . . . . NOT!

        FACT: James Madison made it known in the Federalist Papers that he did not believe the federal government could ever become a Tyranny over the individual states due to the right of Americans to be armed, individually and in militias.

      14. Ummm, Montgomery County, Texas may be a far cry for terrorist activity. Now as far as a home grown terrorism, against our government may be more like it (you know the kind that is fed up with the fed). I do not see them using this for patrols, or even policing, more like suspects attempting to flee custody. It’s got a taser? Good luck with that! An operator trying to fly this thing remotely, off site, while trying to hold steady in a breeze and get within 100′ to take a shot? How would that go? An announcement over a PA sytem to tell the suspect to “hold still, we are attempting to line you up in our taser sights!” This is “our” money being spent on toys that will not even be used once they fiqure out it is useless. Now on the border, where “IF” they did not have that under control, this would be a great tool, but that makes since, plus the border is more secure than ever.
        “I’m just saying”

        • Heat seeking taser, well try not to part, LOL

          • Oops: I meant Fart

        • I live here ……I do not engage in Illegal activies …I have no words for this tryanny

        • The border is more secure than ever? You better sober up.

      15. The Founding Fathers never established or ordained THIS.

        Ron Paul 2012

      16. Wow now I’m really prepping to the tenth power.

      17. I recommend heavy goose loads with a modified choke. Good spread 30″ out to 40 yards, which is 20 feet greater than its weapon system.

        • I wonder what kind of decoys we can lay out to best attract it into range? 🙂

          • @Plain Old American-mannequins holding copies of the Constitution and Bil of Rights.

        • If you have a magnum or a 10 ga, you might try #4 buck. A bit more rangs and more impact per projectile. Just theory, never had the pleasure.

      18. Dept of Homeland Insecurity hands all over this once again.

        And you clowns couldn’t have thought to use this on the Mexican border where your beloved she-male butch Naplitano had the gall to say was “secure” during her inquistion on Fast and Furious scandal before ethics committee? Laughable and sad. Another tyrant running her mouth with lies, while the clamp down on the populace continues from her and the corrupt batch of liberal fascists under Zero.

        In addition, you won’t hear any common sense direct detailed answers from law enforcement salvating over their new voyeur toy of tyranny concerning the hazard these drones pose to civilian low aircraft, especially with one camera fixed on a suspect on the ground, just “trust us” “we know what we’re doing”. What happens when the drones crash to the ground and malfunction? We all know that’s never happened before /sarcasm

        Oh and a taser that accurately and effectively shoots 100 feet huh…moving in the air against another object moving on the ground??? I call B.S. What is this, StarTrek? Get real you friggin clowns.

        Green laser will scramble it’s camera and make it blind, #7 birdshot will render it pixie dust. All that money gone up in smoke. Skip the foreplay and bring out the big guns and let’s get serious, you heathen b@stards, you don’t have chance against the armed citizenry hell bent on freedom.

        • I like the way you think.

      19. protect “our” employees??? WTF? We(the people) are supposed to be the boss! The big word here is “supposed” to be.The constitution has been, and is DEAD!

        • The Constitution isn’t dead! Its application is dying.

      20. Imagine going into a coma in 1980 and waking up in 2020. The first thing you see on TV is the news but your convinced it’s a movie. It’s getting to a point that there is no need to go to the movies because reality is matching fantasy.

      21. Anyone remember the 80’s classic “Blue Thunder”. LAPD astro division was militarized as a political assassination program. Roy Schneider kidnapped the prototype to expose the program.

      22. I have heard that some police forces are not responding to run of the mill crimes

        • They’re too busy harrassing Amish fresh milk venders.

      23. Yep. Good old duck hunting. One of those flies around my place. It’s going down.

        • how about stepping it up to the ultimate duck hunt? Can you say IMPROVISED CLAYMORE? GUARANTEED TO MAKE ANY inappropiate low flying object history! take care rick.

      24. I look at un manned drones differently perhaps then everyone else. I can shoot them without feeling an ounce of guilt for killing anyone.

      25. Skynet is here. Terminators will arrive shortly.

        • Sheldon – I immediately thought of Skynet also.

          For any other Terminator junkies, doesn’t this remind you of the drones they flew in Terminator Salvation, looking for the heat of human bodies that were hiding in the rubble. When they found the humans they either dropped bombs on them or herded them into camps.

          I really never expected to live through that movie.

        • Gad, hope they bring clothes.

      26. if enough of these get shot down , they will run out of OUR money even faster, locked and loaded over here.

        remember folks whos money they are using against us, and how they are using it. and for what means.

        the funding will quicklly dry up if they all get scrubbed into the tarmac

        • these will infiltrate just like the traffic camera did, and the mail in fines..

          if these are ignored and allowed to proliferate, more fucking coming your way

          • But, the mail in fines in Arizona didn’t work–the cost to send P.D. to the homes or try to bring to court the offenders proved to be more than they could handle regarding the man power and funds…cameras came down—end of story.

        • Unfortunately, in the land of plenty of guns: Afghanistan, I believe the drones are clearly coming out as the winners. ALthough we probably don’t hear much about the ones that are brought down. Of course, the drones over there are considerably larger and do most of their dirty work well above rifle range.

          Back here in America…
          They probably always know right where the drone is at all times so if the drone’s camera didn’t catch a glimpse of the “launcher” of the surface to air projectile, .308 or what not, and the drone was brought down, I would think those running the show would bring in reinforcements quickly there after. Their satellites could very well be following the drones and photographing any unusual behavior on the ground then bringing in the “napalm” so to speak, to sweep things up. I would think they would want to create a sense of “awe and terror” in anyone willing to stand up to these predators. They DO have the technology now to keep the masses on edge and mostly in their place.

          • I can tell you from personal experience that it is hit or miss concerning kills from the older Hellfire missiles fired from Predator and Reaper drones. The newer thermobaric warheads are a different story. The blast effects from those are designed to destroy targets inside hardened structures. Most structures over there and in Iraq are masonry or mud brick which is far stronger than the POS plywood and sheetrock that houses in the US are constructed from. And the drones over there fly far higher than rifle fire or RPG fire. I would imagine that any drone would have some sort of GPS onboard so shooting one down over your property would be problematic. Lasers can temporarily blind the optics but you are talking about something quite a bit more powerful than a laser pointer, something collimated for distant objects. Shooting down drones like the Predator will require something much more powerful and farther reaching than any of us on this forum will have access to.

        • Where I live citizens get to vote on the police budget. Unless they get one “on loan”, doubt we’ll be seeing any of those.

          Doubt they would survive duck season in any case!

      27. Sounds good to me. I don’t see what the problem is. Aerial surveillance has been around for a long time. Not much different in principle than a helicopter carrying an extra guy with a gun.

        I’m more concerned with the Obama administration harrassing religious broadcasters over the requirement to have closed captioning for the deaf. They’re really trying to get them off the air.

      28. ~~~The Department of Homeland Security and our local law enforcement officials are actively militarizing and weaponizing police forces throughout the country and justifying their actions by claiming it is to protect the people and keep them safe from terrorists. ~~~

        Would that be the terrorists responsible for 8 deaths since 9/11?? That’s what the statistics say..but, wait…29 people died from lightning strikes; so where’s our protection…we demand it…we will march if you don’t give it to us!! We want an anti-lightning strike machine now!! One for every town.

        • I see it in Charlotte, NC everyday as they prepare for next years DNC. Cops are beginning to develop that militaristic swagger. God forbid I run a red light. Recently I got pulled over for unlawful lane change, but it was the cop’s fault he came up on me too fast, no light siren or anything. He was doing 65 in a 45 and I moved over to avoid getting plowed into, the 2 cops came out with hands on their weapons and my first words were what the Hell is wrong with you people. They decided my blood sugar must have dipped for me to be talking to them in such a way. lol.

      29. JJ

        Actually your being too conservative regarding lightening deaths.

        “This report also summarizes data from the Compressed Mortality File of CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics on lightning fatalities in the United States from 1980 through 1995, when 1318 deaths were attributed to lightning.”

        The average is 87 per year are killed by lightening. Oh as a piece of trivia rifles of all types account for roughly 400 murders per year and semi auto rifles are a fraction of that. Logic therefore concludes that we should all have lightening protection first because it is the more likely cause of death.

        • oh, so sorry–I got those facts through email—instantly pizzed off.

          Yeah, lightning or.. ..surgeon’s mistakes while we’re under.

      30. Target practice!

      31. Brought to you by the Socialist 666 Corporation of Amerika

      32. “The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home.”
        — James Madison

        Or, going back further, Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? asked the Roman satirist Juvenal: Who will watch the guards? (Who will control the controllers)?

      33. All you need is a compound bow with the arrow trailing some wire cable….it would get caught in the rotors…down she comes. Did you ever fire a compound bow in the air? I did once over water. It was impressive how high it went. Then there’s old shotgun.

      34. The constant drone to the sheople,(We have to do something now). I will bypass congress in order to save this economy and bring back jobs!! The sheople listen and believe this mantra; the liberal media also perpetuates this crap to the point of nausea. Well they are doing something now and I would guess that this will increase daily, because the Dictator may have only one more year to search and destroy our world as we know it. After all, it is for our own good but we are too stupid to know it. Herd em up and zap anyone who wanders! This is our future if we allow it.

      35. “Don’t worry! It’s all for your own good. We just want you to be SAFE.”

        But who is going to save us from our own government?

        Soon, these vehicles of surveillance and destruction will be so commonplace no one will bat an eye seeing them flying overhead. This is just another addition to the rampant brainwashing of the American people. One more thing that “they” are trying to make so commonplace that we feel it’s normal.

        I will NEVER find being spied upon to be normal. I will NEVER feel safer with Big Brother peering over my shoulder. I will NEVER allow myself to stop questioning the governments increasing omnipresence.

        Question loudly. Resist. Accept NOTHING.

        • Yeah, right–we’re policing our own neighborhoods due to police layoffs, but a $500,000 drone in every major city??

      36. This will be a new triumph for Big Brother! The terrorist watch list, after all, has been a great success! Just ask the three year olds whose names are on it. Hell, the watch list is so great that even Ted Kennedy was detained at an airport when his name came up, even though he was a serving US Senator for over 50 years!

        I hope that the (Israeli trained?) killers designated to operate these buzz bombs know what they are doing. I’d hate to see them blow the wrong man, woman and children to bits while they were sleeping because of a clerical error, or because of their having a name similar to one on the Knesset-approved “watch list.”

        If the regime in DC really wanted to “protect the people and keep them safe,” they would ban high fructose corn syrup.

        • you are right on the mark ahab… dont really know why yall are giving this fellar a thumbs down… he is simply calling these zionist pigs for what they are.. murderers… and since the government saw fit to perpetuate this fraud on all of us that high fructose corn syrup is just sugar but in reality it is very nasty and should not be ingested…. well they can ban it now.they wont though.

      37. This is what happens when the government and big business owns you.

        Wake up America. It’s time…

        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://www.revolution2.osixs.org )
        “Spread the News”

      38. What kills me is that a plane full of idiots will sit there for seven hours and no one has the balls to just yank open the door and slide the heck out of there. The guy quitting his job grabbed two beers and left and these clows just sat there for seven freaking hours, the plane wasn’t flying people GET OFF!!

        • In such a situation, you never know when you may think you smell smoke, panic, and open the emergency exit door.

          The emergency exit is for when you are afraid for your safety.

          • My point is that people here are talking about us taking back our country and these people sit there like sheep waiting to be slaughtered for seven hours. Is there enough courage left in people to stand up or not?? I’m just not sure, can people use their heads and think for themselves.

      39. I can see one of these falling into the wrong hands.Look at the big stink they had with those remote controiled air plane a few week’s back.C’mon I’m steped up my prep up!

      40. The people in Montgomery County Texas can VOTE this sheriff out of office which will show the elected officials they do not want this crap in their county.
        Stop talking about how bad it is and get rid of the sheriff that bought the damned thing in the first place using your money.

      41. This is off topic, so please forgive me. Has anyone here read why we are bringing Libyan rebels here to the U.S. for medical care? I read that some have already arrived and about 200 total will be brought here. Is this something that was done for ‘soldiers’ from Iraq or Afghanistan? What is going on? Thanks.

        • Yes, there was a program during the Afghan war in the 80’s to bring injured mujahideen here to the US for treatment. Don’t know about the more recent conflicts.

      42. This isn’t even a challenge is it?

        Head down to the local hobby store and buy yourself a radio controlled airplane.

        Oops, did I accidentally crash my $300 r/c plane into your half million dollar drone and crash it to pieces?

        Damn, I’m so sorry.

        • BINGO! Read up on RC combat competitions.

          But seriously, these things will not proliferate until they get a LOT cheaper. The police unions would have a bird over it. Half a million would be four or five dues-paying members.

      43. I’m calling BS on the 55 pound weight of that drone, which is nothing more than an rc model on Red Bull. Worthless pos. The fuel alone for a 3.5 hour flight is gonna weigh more than 90 pounds. In reality this piece of junk is just a way to waste tax dollars. Betcha it can’t be flown in any kind of wind and of course only vfr weather. Worthless. Cops will use it for PR, hold air shows at the mall parking lot and hope the operator doesn’t drop the damn thing into the crowd. Don’t sweat this one guys. BS, BS, BS.

      44. well these have to be run (controlled) by radio waves, shouldnt be too hard to follow that signal right back to where it comes from, and send a nice hello back

      45. I do live in Montgomery County Texas & know Sheriff Tommy Gage. All dealings I have ever had with him have been good. I am a member of a local SAR Team & we are deployed under the Sheriff’s office. I will see what else I can find out about this drone & how it will be used the next time we cross paths . I would like to think that there is no evil intent here. That does not mean that it cannot be misused in the future. I will get back with Y’all when I have some better information. Prep , Prep, Prep !
        Montgomery County Texas

      46. That corp entity in the 10 mile square in the state of Virginia is Foreign. Why are sheeple in this country voting for foreign agents? What do you do with a foreign enemy?
        None of those assholes in congress are your friends. Nor do they represent you.They represent foreign banking interest from Europe.

      47. Please point out when they add the brainwashing lasers, then I won’t go outside without my tinfoil hat. 🙂

      48. They need Batman. Not a drone.

        No one has mentioned this is a Fourth Amendment violation against Illegal Search and Seizure.

        I smell a class action lawsuit by the people of Montgomery County.

        Someone needs to tell Perry this is what happens when you fail to criminalize the TSA, and fail to live up to the ‘Fed Up’ rhetoric.

        Has he become President of Texas yet?

      49. I work at a Military Range Control in which we utilize the Ravens, Predators and a few no name models that are well out or reach of conventual weapons, 10000 Ft. AGl and above. The uses are varied and quite expensive not to mention, you and I will NOT even see or hear them in the air. The only exception would be when flying at 1500 ft AGl. Then and oly then will you see or hear these Beasts. Yes, they carry various munitions for various missions of course, so to think any of us will stand a chance at knocing one out of the air is highly unlikely. Just food for thought..

        • No Global Hawk/Fire Scout.

        • Exactly

      50. After WE take OUR government back We can deploy these things on the border. A great tool for eliminating illegal immigration!

        • oh..hahha for a second there I thought you ment the border of DC

      51. anytime LEO or the government wears,carries,drives or deploys a new weapon, it’s for their protection, not your.

      52. KAMIKAZI remote control PLANE Attack!

        Get your own remote control plane for less than $99.99 @ amazon.com, attached a upside hook on the top of the fuselage so it can hook another aircraft and go hunting… build your own personal Remote Controlled air force, get a buddy or two with their own rc aircrafts and turn it into a rc plane dogfight.

        That would definitely work and it is affordable even for the kids…


        Definitely would work… and it would give you multiple attempts from a distance.

        Get a big enough rc plane or helicopter you can attach your own rc shotgun and camera!

        Post your kills on UTUBE! ;0P pssszzzt

      53. Mac
        Coming from extended family once heavily vested in intelligence/state dept positions…this comes as no surprise.
        Afterall, nearly every manned and unmanned shuttle/space launch was completely military..period..despite what nasa official statements say.

        We had star wars technology in place and active back in the late 70’s/early 8o’s..here in the northeast(cape cod) we have pave paws which tracks every single object in the northeast quadrant(last count was over 60k a day).

        The military technology is at least 25-30 years ahead of everything we have as civilians…

        These drones are a mere tip of the iceberg..just closer to home…


      54. November 9th communications shutdown: A system reboot needed to activate new code?

        nov. 9-11th are prime false flag days… some computer engineers say the feds are downloading a fbi cia carnivore like software to all communications and computers nation wide!

        YOU ALL MIGHT WANT TO BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS AND CREATE RESTORE DISKS AND RESTORE POINTS ON YOUR SYSTEMS… just in case it’s a nation wide computer false flag attack like stuxnet virus or something… i’m personally only going to run a bare bones stand alone p2 xp backup machine just to make sure my systems aren’t affected.

        that 3 minute shut down is going to cause a nation wide reboot of all systems… something is definitely being setup!

        check candles , alt heat source , propane tanks and wool blankets… you might just need them too stay warm!

        • Maybe they acquired that ‘back door’ chip China had in our missile technology and aer about to attach it to all our computers, etc???

          • Yeah, it’d have to be done remotely, but think Stuxnet????

            • even government resources are sayin the next false flag event will be computer / network related! the internet is killing their nwo program world wide… they need to shut it down and implement internet 2… or they will fail!!!

              every one should disable their computers microsoft UPDATE option between nov 8-12, 2011 … just incase.

              control panel / windows update … disable.

              or don’t. ;0P pssssszzzzzt

        • get out your or buy cb’s and fm transmitters and check your batteries in your emergency radio’s… just sayin’ ;0).

          be prepared!

      55. Hey, Guys & Gals I found a new website you all may find very interesting. (National Police Misconduct NewsFeed Daily Recap 10-31-11)


      56. Let’s create our own police force. Buy our own drones. Two can play at this game. Wouldn’t a drone be fun to “play” with? In a year or so, a few ounces of gold might be enough to buy one. 😉

      57. Sheriff Wright: Time For Citizens To Arm Themselves

        “S.C. sheriff urged citiens not to get mace, but get a firearm and get their concealed carry permit.”

        A woman was attacked Sunday afternoon walking her dog in the park. The attacker had numerous arrests over many years.

        Sheriff Wright said the attacker “doesn’t fight police or men folk — he just goes after women.”

        Wright said, “It’s too bad someone with a concealed weapons permit didn’t walk by. That would fix it.” He said people are tired of doing the right thing and criminals getting away with their actions.”


      58. O/T, but it needs to be shown

        from sipsey st. erregulars

        The Obama administration’s efforts to fix the housing crisis may have fallen well short of helping millions of distressed mortgage holders, but they have led to seven-figure paydays for some top executives at troubled mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

        The Federal Housing Finance Agency, the government regulator for Fannie and Freddie, approved $12.79 million in bonus pay after 10 executives from the two government-sponsored corporations last year met modest performance targets tied to modifying mortgages in jeopardy of foreclosure.

        The executives got the bonuses about two years after the federally backed mortgage giants received nearly $170 billion in taxpayer bailouts — and despite pledges by FHFA, the office tasked with keeping them solvent, that it would adjust the level of CEO-level pay after critics slammed huge compensation packages paid out to former Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines and others.

        The sucker, in case you hadn’t figured it out, is you, the taxpayer.

        • the sad thing is…

          whats happening in greece is already here in america… IT’S ALREADY HERE FOKS!

          america is being sold out right under your very feet to foreign governments, bankers and private companies… and they are payin’ you the tax payer with your own $$$ money!!!

          no bs… ;0P

      59. It won’t be long before we’ll read about one of these little toys being shot down or stolen because someone hacked the frequency and flew away with it.
        A decent shot with a goose gun would end its productive service life even if it was just “winged”.
        Another radio controlled plane could also take it out.

      60. These drones are not really for criminals unless you include all those who oppose the current administration. This is extremely dangerous to all of us. The misuse of these devices is almost certain. The DHS was a bad idea to begin with and everyday they prove it more and more. We have all allowed these tyrants to rise slowly to the surface. It will take all of us to take our country back.

      61. there are two drones opperating in Michigan, from the ohio line all the way up to the U.P.
        they say its for illegal border crossings, they been here a while

      62. You won’t have to shoot it down. The first time its’ operator screws up, the lawyers will bring it down. Are they going to operate that thing near air traffic lanes? A grenade launcher? Collateral damage? Electric wires and telephone lines knocked down? Someone took a kick back to purchase that thing. This is a story about government waste and corruption.

      63. It seems to me that there is a concerted effort by the PTB to make police look like the bad guys. Look how the media is portraying the police in the OWS protests. Remember the elite like to use slight of hand…while they are directing you to look at the right hand, the left hand is doing something sneaky. It certainly seems like they are trying to incite people to rise up against the police. Well folks then guess what happens. The “government” declares martial law…suspends habeus and we have soldiers in the streets instead of cops. Plan completed. Don’t be so quick to jump on the police. Most of them love this country and our freedoms as much as anyone…I would know, because I am one, and I believe in taking back our country and defending our constitutional freedoms.

        • it is the police who are shooting kids in the face with rubber bullets in the head with 203 round like gas cannisters etc etc it is the police who are going to israel to learn from the very people who are terrorizing america NOW how to better terrorize us more , it is the police who are harassing people even more with petty tickets to generate more revenue… etc etc.. IT IS THE POLICE WHO ARE THE FOOT SOLDIERS FOR THE NEW WORLD ORDER AND BANKERS! SO DON’T TELL ME COPS ARE THE INNOCENT VICTIMS HERE! THE POLICE ARE JUST AS CORRUPTED AS THE BANKERS AND POLITICIANS! silly rabbit… ;0P

          the only honest cop is a dead cop!

          • if any of you want to know what is the future of amerika just check out greece right now, YOU too B.O. Patriot ‘0P!

            Ya might just learn something , it even has pictures for folks like B.O. Patriot who can’t read…

            Bankers Laugh As Athens Burns. Wall Street Licks Their Chops As Protestors Are Beaten.


            • http://whatreallyhappened.com/IMAGES/Durango/index.html

              i’m thinking it’s time we start putting some physical pain on the cops and maybe torture some marines as well like they do in gauntonamooo cuba marine baracks to innocent men and boys… turn about is fair play in my book!

              the cops drew first blood… NOW IT IS OUR TURN!

              signed – WE THE PEOPLE!

        • Keep the oath, brother!

      64. I’m betting that it takes itself out of commission within the first 6 months. Some dumbass operator is going to get a little too close to something hard and turn that thing into a $550K paperweight. Won’t that be a fun City Commissioners’ Meeting. “Mr. Chairman, we need another $550K for an RC helicopter…. we broke the last one, but we promise it won’t happen again…”

      65. To say the least.. I dont know what to believe anymore. Its hard deciphering whats really the truth. In the end of times it was said that any man who spoke would be lying, well I believe that fully i.e Politicians and the media, hell fox even sold out too. This train has been on the rails for awhile, and wont be stopping anytime soon. Good luck y’all.

      66. zerohedge.com post:

        What is there to be confused about?

        Jews steal money from working people, keep most for themselves and send scraps to blacks. The oligarchs divide and conquer the peasants with illegal immigrants from Mexico. The Fed prints digital money and hands it to the banks.

        And the only males smart enough to figure this out and change things are spending half their time playing Call of Duty and half their time surfing for porn.

        The result is America as it is today.

      67. Nino…I’m sorry you feel that way about the police. Wishing someone to be dead because of their chosen profession is callous to say the least and downright inhumane at the worst. I also see what’s going on out there. Don’t believe everything you see on the news or even YouTube for that matter. I fully believe in the rights of all citizens to peacefully protest and would do everything in my power to help facilitate that. I will not stand for people throwing fecal matter at me and used condoms with semen in them. That is not peacefully protesting. And yes…I am an oath keeper. So if you still think I am only a good cop if I am dead cop, then that is your free right to say so and I will defend that right for you, but I think you are an asshole…and that is my right to call you that.

        • @CJ Soon there will be a new False Flag Event, Martial Law will be called and more innocent americans and Foreigners will die! For every american death = 10’s of thousands of foreign deaths… you the american Police Cops National Guard Army Marines Air Force navy ARE NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION you ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM! Your all sucking on the NWO milk teets… your serve them! NOT US “THE PEOPLE!”

          You are all the Foot Soldiers of the NWO Illiminati Banker BilderBoyBuggers!

          The (Penetta) FBI / US Pentagon is Israeli Jew owned and Controlled, (Petreaus) / CIA (obama) (clintons)is Israeli Jew owned controlled!

          Soon Martial Law will be called! And on that day I personally plan to Terminate as many of the NWO owned Cops as I can before I slip off to my Bug Out Location! And even then I will be making night raids against every check point , cops house and Lone Police Unit / National Guard Unit I can safely engage with out compromising my security!

          There is a War Coming to Amerika Cj and you my friend are on the wrong side of it!

          My Advice to YOU CJ is too stay home protect your families, burn your uniforms and bury your badges… cause all they are to me is better targets to aim at!

          Blam ! One Shot One Kill! – 500 meters USMC Rifleman fully Trained – Expert! And I wont be using a pea shooter .223, I’ll be using a .308!

          Stay home CJ, it might just save your life!

          It’s not the uniform that makes the man…
          But the man who makes the Uniform!

          • remember all you patriots… wet down the ground around your rifles flash supressor and place a wetted burlap cloth over the supressor just prior to sniping/ shooting… it’ll help hide the flash and dust kicked up, thereby help hide you the shooter.

            shoot and displace, shoot and displace… pre choose your alternate shooting platforms and escape routes… place natural terrain between you an your targets when escaping.. good luck.

      68. I bet you could take it out by crashing a remote controlled airplane into it.

      69. I doubt the toy may easily get malfunction and explode.

      70. Wonder if this is how the government sell weapons to forign country’s under cover…

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