Pole Shift Coming? Earth’s Magnetic North Pole Continues Its Quick Journey Toward Russia

by | Feb 6, 2019 | Headline News | 38 comments

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    Earth’s magnetic north pole is rapidly moving toward Russia sparking fears that a pole shift is imminent. The north pole has picked up speed and is heading right for Siberia.

    The pole is moving so far and so quickly that GPS (Global Positioning Systems) official maps had to be updated.  “We know from old ships’ logs that in the past 400 years, the north magnetic pole has hung around northern Canada. Until the 1900s, it moved perhaps tens of kilometers, back and forth,” said Ciaran Beggan, a geophysicist at the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh, according to The Guardian. 


    “But in the past 50 years it started to move north, and in the past 30 years it started to accelerate away,” he said. “It went from moving at about five to 10km [ six miles] a year to 50 or 60 km [34 miles] a year today. It’s now moving rapidly towards Siberia.” This is all a bold sign that Earth’s magnetic poles are about to flip.

    If the poles actually reverse, Earth’s inhabitants (humans included) would be exposed to radiation and global blackouts would occur. Historically, Earth’s North and South magnetic poles have flipped every 200,000 or 300,000 years. However, as of right now, they haven’t flipped successfully for about 780,000 years, but the signs are there: like the magnetic north racing toward Siberia.  When the poles do flip, the radiation will be the factor. Right now, the Earth’s magnetic field protects the planet from radiation, but during a pole flip, life on the planet will be exposed to high amounts of radioactive rays from the sun.

    We might not know when the poles will finally complete their long-overdue switch, but we at least have the advantage of being able to prepare. Fortify yourself against radiation and store some extra food and water away. You would also be advised to prepare for widespread grid failures. (And by “widespread”, we mean global.) If you need help, we recommend a book called The Prepper’s Blueprint.  It is highly effective at walking both beginners and more novice preppers through scenarios such as a pole reversal. The goal of The Prepper’s Blueprint is to help you find freedom through self-reliance, and ultimately, to get you and your family to a point where you can not only survive, but thrive, in a world that may be permanently altered.



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      1. I felt that the consensus, scientific model of the Earth — that we believe, in now — would work like a gyroscope and wondered what is a conventional explanation, for this to move off balance.

        • http://www.astronoo.com/images/planetes/axial-tilt-planets.jpg

          It’s odd how the planets are pretty close on tilt other than Uranus. EU (electric universe) i believe has spoken on the possibility of greater birkland currents influencing our tilt (please don’t quote me) . This raises a flag for me because if an internal shift of magnetic field happens, a birkland current could be a cause of the planet righting its position from its the point of view of the poles. This would put Canada in our position, more or less and the US would be more in mexico’s position.
          It wouldn’t be crustal slip, rather a magnetic slip.
          Do I believe what I just put forward? Eh. The more I learn, the more I question my jailers…

        • They are talking about the magnetic field, not the Earth’s rotation. 2 different things.

          • This is a chicken-and-egg argument, like a motor.

        • Beaumont, The poles are always shifting naturally. But since the use of HAARP and the earlier Woodpecker experiment it has sped up much more rapidly due to humans fiddling with the ionosphere and electromagnetic shield of the earth.

          Look up the experiment supposedly by the Russians in 1976 on Eugene, Oregon. That was the very beginning of weather and mind modification experiments via atmospheric interference. Although I have my doubts it was actually Russians that did it. As always they are the perfect scapegoat for CIA and other forces to obfuscate their nefarious bad acts.

          That phenom lasted almost 2 years but was most noticeable for about a year. I lived there then and it was a very real event that caused a lot of damage to some people. Several that had figured out what was going on either died mysteriously or just vanished from the face of the earth, like magic. Funny how that seems to happen around certain events ? Same with the death of Phi Schneider a few years later who I became acquainted with as well in Albany , Oregon.

          There are very few coincidences in these matters to be sure !

          • I don’t mind discussing fringe subjects.

            But, the texture on the surface of the Earth is supposed to be more or less proportionate to that on a cue ball.

            Your model is telling us that heating the surrounding air can move the whole mass, while under a vacuum.

      2. It has fliped before – It will flip again
        My only concern is that it retains it power/defense from the suns Microwaves

        • Bingo, it’s all about field strength. It’s not the direction of the field, its strength is what shields us from solar radiation.

          Currently there’s a weak spot in the Earth Magnetic Field over the US and Eastern Pacific. It’s great news that the magnet pole is drifting towards Siberia. Some of you may have seen YouTubes of a guy measuring radiation on a flight from Japan, as he approached the US the radiation levels climbed. It’s normal, it’s expected.

          The story of North Pole drift is interesting, it’s moved North closer to the true axial North Pole, away from Canada.

          I notice a serious lack of historical data on the strength of the Earths Magnetic Pole Strength.

          Some of you have Geiger counters, check background radiation at least weekly, and keep a log. It will vary with time of day, weather and seasons. If there’s a real issue with the magnetosphere or other radiation leaks and spills, you will know before the media speaks of it. A pole shift would likely take months or longer, so you would have time to dig in to avoid radiation, assuming you had supplies that could keep you indoors. During a pole shift crops, livestock and wildlife would have significant losses, stored food and seeds to replant a year or two later would be important.

          Also of interest to preppers. Your compass won’t work any more if there were ever a major pole shift. In fact if I take my compass to the same southern latitude in the Southern Hemisphere, it won’t work, and a compass made for the Southern Hemisphere won’t work in the North.

          To accommodate the angle of the magnetic field, compasses are weighted on one side to balance the needle. If there was ever a major pole shift, you might need to rebalance your compass needle to keep it working.

          • There are magnetometer apps available for smartphones, which it turns out have highly accurate electronic compasses built in. If anyone is inclined you can monitor the Earth Magnetic field with it, or use it as a metal detector of sorts.

            Your smartphone compass should work in either hemisphere since it doesn’t rely on mechanical balancing.

      3. and move 200 miles from coast

      4. Moving more and more toward Russia, more evidence of Trump collusion.

        • nice

      5. Very interesting.

      6. Congress needs to pass a law prohibiting pole reversal and then spend tens of trillions of dollars to enforce the ban. That oughta do it! If not, we can send in the troops and bomb the North Pole back into submission.

        • Mr. Natural, yes that would surely resolve it all and in fact has been tried via the GW fraud already hasn’t it ?

          Everything humans fiddle with, especially on a grand scale via government, turns to shit rather quickly. Remember back in the day the electric homes and massive push for nuke power ? How did that work out so far, considering Chernobyl, FUKU and all the waste by products we have created and have no idea what to do with ? So I would simply ask who are the actual smart guys, is it what we call scientists and the so-called professionals with initials behind their names ? Are they the ones who fuck up everything they touch in consortium with gov approval ?

          Or am I just being a conspiratorialist, which one is real ?

          • Hmmm? I’m glad someone agrees and ‘yup’ to what you said too. It will be an honor to hang alongside my fellow conspirators if it ever comes to that but I think that most of them here will opt to suffocate under a pile of brass instead.

        • Outstanding! Now the downside is gullible Millennials will propose you run for the presidency.

          • I’ll need a running mate and some other goons. Would you like to consider a slot in a Natural administration?

            • No thanks. I’m too busy helping Jesus. Tell me how it works out.

              • I see. A man of principle, eh? We certainly can’t have anyone like that in the government. Why, the people would be revolting and a lot of them on the left are revolting people already. PTL and good sledding on your mission sir.

      7. The “Martin does haven’t been right about anything so far. Why should I believe this one?

      8. A scientist stated that if there was a ‘super massive’ dark body (Planet X / Niberu / Heraculon) at the edge of the Solar system then the Earths magnetic field (and the earth itself) would be pulled and tugged towards it – like a magnet pulling on a steel bearing.

        There would be a fight between the Sun (a massive magnet and gravitational anchor) and the super massive dark body – which would cause the magnetic pole of the Earth to move towards whichever body had the greatest influence. This would be accompanied by massive earthquakes and volcanic activity as the stresses within the Earth were released as the earth was being pulled by both the Sun and Planet X.

      9. That would be “models”. I hate auto correct. I send it out right and it prints wrong. Oh well.

      10. Hey capt,
        If this is a gravity thing why don’t all the other planets get affected?
        Why isn’t Jupiter being affected? It has a magnetic field.
        Why isn’t the sun being affected? it has a magnetic field.
        As the Earth orbits the Sun we cause it to wobble less than 10 meters.
        As Jupiter orbits the Sun it causes it to wobble a 1000 meters or so.
        One would expect a really big Sun wobble if there were a large gravitational body close by, we don’t see much of one outside
        of our solar system effects.
        Why is planet X a bigger influence on Earth than Jupiter, or the Sun? Perhaps it is because we have people here and not there.
        Questions, questions, questions.

        • I think perhaps my ammo and silver supply has thrown the earth out of balance. Too much weight in one spot you know. Someone in china needs to counterbalance this effect…

      11. hum , all i can say is with all the pollution out there co2 carbon dioxide , nuclear testing causing emp’s all over, radiation dust in the atmosphere , the problems with the nuclear power plants, i am not surprised the worst is yet to come. so be prepared.

      12. I wouldn’t doubt if they are trying to get to the oil under the ice by shifting the poles?

      13. Would it not be prudent, since oppressed and persecuted on all sides by heathen, for a Christian prepper to consider moving to Western Kentucky?

        By all means, others may make a case for elsewhere.

        The homestead has to be:
        1. Frugal to purchase
        2. Have adequate rainfall and aquifers
        3. Have temperate climate (it is subtropical with mild winters)
        4. Have three growing seasons (spring, summer, and autumn)
        5. Be fertile
        6. Be safe
        7. Be around like minded preppers
        8. Be around Christians
        9. Be a good site for livestock and fodder
        10. Be far enough away from earthquakes (mostly in 1811-1812 we had only chimneys fall)
        11. Have river access (we have the Mississippi and Ohio) for trade and transport
        12. Have abundant fish and game and wild edibles and wild medicinals

        By all means, if you know a better place, say so.

        • All of those factors need to be satisfied and rock and clay and woods need to be nearby as you will need to build so you have fire bricks and need fuel for the woodstove.

          But the primary attribute has to be population density. It has to be far enough away that there is little chance to be overrun.

          It get really tricky if you include all those factors.

          You need good tasting potable well water. Access to coal would be great. In a perfect location, you would have salt (mine, ocean, alkai flat, or salt lick).

          A pond would be very helpful to draw wildlife and fish and get frogs, turtles, and some crawdads.

          • After digging the well, you put in bricks that have been “fired” and mortar them up.


            You are going to quickly run out of wood if you build exclusively from it, while there may be lots of clay for “cob” or “wattle and daub” the former for ovens and walls and the latter for fencing and walls. That is how our kin did it.

            Otherwise you have deforestation, then no windbreaks, then erosion, then aeration of top soil, the desertification.

            You need those trees for tree crops, to draw squirrels, to get medicinals, to get iodine from walnuts, to get maple syrup, to make bows, for furniture, etc.

        • Don’t forget Kentucky lake, largest man made lake by surface area this side of the Mississippi, with Lake Barkley right beside it.
          Largest man made lake this side of the Miss by volume, Lake Cumberland in Kentucky.

          • All of those places are lovely. I wish preppers would come visit. Everyone should see Mammoth Cave National Park.

            If the SHTF and preppers are concentrated in a place like Kentucky, well…the Luciferians would be scared. It would be a 1000 times worse than Afghanistan.

      14. I think this infomercial article is a great way to sell your advertised products. I felt like I was hit with a low blow to the solar plexus when you tagged the end of the article with another “Better prepare” advertisement. A great psyop from SHTF.com. Seems that more and more of your articles tend to be written to underwrite your advertisers products. I’m not trolling. I have been a follower of this web site for over 10 years. Sell sell sell.

        • Websites do cost money to run, you know.

          • I run four sites for just pocket change. I have unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage space, and unlimited emails.

      15. The only thing you’ll see when there’s a pole shift is your compass will be incorrect. Most people don’t use compasses, so they won’t know when it happens.

        If it is so catastrophic, how did all the animals survive during all the previous magnetic pole shifts?

      16. Did our ancestors buy products or MAKE THEM?

        If you believe you can buy your way to independence…that is a head scratcher as it’s an oxymoron.

        I gather if you think you should buy what you need instead of creating them, that you shouldn’t waste time building a homestead…just buy a ready made one.

        Don’t grow a garden, buy canned food.

        Don’t raise rabbit, buy meat in a grocery store.

        Don’t chop wood and build a fire, raise the thermostat.

        Don’t have conversation and tell stories to your kids, let them all watch something on Netflix.

        Amazing. Who knew I was doing it wrong and the urbanites were right?

        If you lack the skill, then temporarily buy a product, until you can fabricate it.

        Unless you have iron ore and a forge and blacksmithing skills, then buying sturdy strong tools is wisdom. Wouldn’t it be wise to learn though as in history, it was a skill that guaranteed the creation of wealth?

        You can’t easily make antibiotics, so getting some for your fish is wise. Wouldn’t it be wise to learn healing and hwo to find wild medicinals and cutivate them?

        Be pragmatic but not dependent.

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