Plundering the American Dream: College Students Demonstrate the Idiocy Of Our Education System

by | Jan 5, 2012 | Headline News | 349 comments

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    Economics Professor Jack Chambless of Valencia College in Florida had his sophomore students write a short essay on what the American dream means to them and what, specifically, they wanted the federal government to do to help them achieve that dream.

    The results demonstrate the sheer magnitude of the idiocy of a public education system dead set on indoctrination rather than education:

    I took the essays from three classes – about 180 students…

    About 10% of the students said they wanted the government to leave them alone and not tax them too much and let them regulate their own lives.

    But over 80% of the students said that the American dream to them meant a job, a house, and plenty of money for retirement and vacations and things like this. When it came to the part about the federal government, eight out of ten students said they wanted free health care, they wanted the government to pay for their tuition, they wanted the government to pay for the down payment on their house, they expected the government to, quote, “give them a job.” Many of them said they wanted the government to tax wealthier individuals so that they would have an opportunity to have a better life.

    The following is an excerpt from one of the non-sensical essays written by a student of Professor Chambless:

    “As human beings, we are not really responsible for our own acts, and so we need government to control those who don’t care about others.”

    One could understand the naivete of such responses from elementary or high school students, but we’re talking about adults of legal voting age, the majority of who have no concept of individual liberty and personal responsibility.

    These young adults are the future of our nation and in the nearly twenty years they have attended school they have learned only one way to achieve the American dream: to plunder it from others.

    Video Report by FoxNews via Stan Deyo:


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      1. I’m #1!

        • ;0p psssssssssssssssszzzzzzt @rich #10

        • “As human beings, we are not really responsible for our own acts, and so we need government to control those who don’t care about others.”

          The moron that said that is No. 2.

          • i know your mis.quotin’ me homo.dribble.slag.breathe… have your fun while you still can. i’m gonna enjoy it come martial law day… hom.slags like you are gonna keep me busy for awhile… ;0) click-clack…

            • TO NINA!!! SUNG TO AN OLD TUNE!!! seems to me, YOU DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT, SEEMS TO ME!!! YOU JUST TURN YOUR PRETTY HEAD AND WALK AWAY…it seems,some people just don’t like your attitude???? and that’s ok cause. It really doesn’t matter to MEEEEEEE. I’M JUST A POOR BOY , NOBODY LOVES ME. its late..

            • Fuck You.

            • @ninaorket
              OK, I’ll take a whack at this one, even considering an apparent lack of useful communication skills. Having fun while you can has nothing to do with reality. I’ve worked hard all my life, put myself through school, and paid my taxes, even though most of the taxes I pay are at least unconstitutional, and mostly wasted for political gain. I’m not sure what, if any, contributions you’ve made to make society a better place for everyone, but I’ll go out on a limb and say “not many”. You’re going to enjoy martial law? Good luck…the useful idiots are the first to fall, as they have no plan nor resources to deal with the nightmare of the government turning on its people. I’ve been there, seen that, and it was horrifying to witness. You may want to start thinking of a plan, not only for your conceited, self-centered life, but for an emergency like martial law (or a disaster that may bring about martial law). And while you’re at it, you may want to work on the use of more mature adjectives in your writings/rants/trolls. If you merely wish to cause disruption with the blatherings of an idiot, it is within your Constitutional rights, but no one will ever take you seriously. Perhaps some research into cognitive thought and logic might help you give voice to whatever cause you support. Something to remember when writing comments – just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Try to filter through the infantile, first draft responses, and give some thought to what you wish to convey, before hitting the SEND button. Unfortunately, I suspect these suggestions will go unheeded. Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your life waiting for a revolution, counting on chaos so you can make a grab for material goods before the looters start getting shot. Revolutions tend to come when you least expect them, and worse, when most folks are least prepared. Good luck to you.

          • The report presented didn’t go far enough… as usual… superficial analysis – why is it a big surprize that this generation wants everything given to them!!!
            That’s what their parents taught them. Look at the examples around them …they see the Banksters collecting 7.7 trillion in basically free money around the world and the CEO’s collecting 20 million dollar salaries for ruining an economy with their fraud and greed. Why wouldn’t they expect the same treatment!!??

            • Yes these kids/young adults are the most greedy entitled pricks I have ever seen. I mean does the WORD socialist come to mind? Since we take in 2.2 tril in tax revenue and have a gov’t running cost of 3.9 tril or so and then unfunded spending that gets paid for by borrowing say at least another 2 tril a year. The borrowing part is the part that gets me angriest; it is stealing from the future literally. Fu-king kids think that I or anyone owes them shit and they are quite mistaken. It never ceases to amaze me that many folks go along with the deficit(future stealing) as long as they get a small piece of the pie. Well it matters not in the end, when these pricks show up at my door to say I owe something to them I will plainly open fire on their asses! Little bastards. I can’t express in words the distain I have towards them. Always keeping in mind that mommy and daddy helped them to get this way; says alot about the mind set of the average american………..

          • I have strongly observed the rise of socialistic and almost communistic outlook of young people. They portray a type of dependence on trends and sentiments the media has convinced them to believe. The baby boomer parents wanted them to have it easier then they did in the past. What a mistake this all is ! Does common sense not tell you that one must toughen up ones kids in order to prepare for their own future ? Statistics prove that the progressive and and independent thinkers make the world go round in every way. The uniqueness of the strong individual makes others thrive to copy and go out there and do it for themselves. But…….they would not have it easy in a world where the foundation of ethics and industrial norms of conduct have been deliberately compromised in order to further destabilize the market place. This in turn has led to the spread of monopolies who control the major markets today not giving intellectual opportunity to to build ones own little empire. If we do not return to old fashioned principals and norms which are sustainable there will be no trust for the youth of today in order to flourish tomorrow.

          • Many of my clients are teens or twenties. They have grown up in a school system that teaches them to become good little, obedient, passive socialists. I am not calling them names. I am describing how they think. They have been told throughout all their educational years that they SHOULD expect the government to do these things for them.That they really can’t do anything for themselves. They are mindless puppets and they don’t even know it. And yes they ARE our future and they have been captured, mindwashed and converted to bring about their own enslavement at their own hands. These are very creepy times.
            God please have mercy on this nation.

          • “These young adults are the future of our nation and in the nearly twenty years they have attended school they have learned only one way to achieve the American dream: to plunder it from others.”

            Correction: they have been TAUGHT only one way to achieve the American dream.

            Thank you society, for helping me become who I am. and then hating me for it.

        • A separate form needs to be put in place for all of the off topic crap that has been starting to overwhelm this site. Just like my current statement has nothing to do with this story. Remember it takes time for some of us to down load this “Extra editorial crap”.

        • Based upon reader comments – you might be #2

        • I think you are a number two.

        • Not suprised at the opinions of those in college, given that they are influenced by left leaning members of the NEA (teachers union)in high school. Also, liberals and federal funding are placing a lot of unqualified people in college. Most of these quit before the junior year because of the academics, at least at a good school that is tough.

      2. VOTE RON PAUL 2012

        • Ron Paul alone cannot fix this shit. Remember: Congress holds the purse strings, not the prez. So with that being said, vote ALL the bums out over the next 6 years (if we can make it that far).
          A baby doesn’t start breathing on it’s own until the cord is cut. yes, it will scream it’s head off for a few minutes but eventually it learns to deal with it. A baby will scream it’s head off when you pull it from it’s mother’s tits but eventually it will learn to deal with it and go to sleep. If Congress, as well as a strong leader robust with common sense, can cut the cord and pull these progressive liberals from Uncle Sam’s tit then they too will scream their heads off at first, but eventually learn to deal with it.

          • The problem is, as the study above points out, is that it’s the morons who are in the majority. They won’t do their screaming after they’re taken from the tit. They’ll do it before, and there are too many politicians willing to pander to them to stay in office, no matter what the cost.

            • It’s too late to try to convince a critical mass of their utter and complete stupidity; you can spend years doing it and have zip to show for it. I finally…finally…figured out that Nature favors those who survive, so I spend my time figuring out how I will make it. At that time, I can choose those to help, or not. That will be MY choice, earned by my hard work and willingness to reason objectively. I will have ZERO OBLIGATION to help anyone, and I can make my choice based upon whatever criteria I deem useful to me at the time.

              Sounds harsh? That comes from talking/talking/talking about what’s going on while Dancing with the Stars, bowl games, monster truck rallies, fashion, fads and everything else drowned out the message. God Almighty couldn’t convince me I could have done more. So I wash my hands of them, and will do what I think needs to be done alone.

            • Then as the fellow below says be prepared to do for yourself and by all means be ready to kick the shit outta few folks when start coming after your stuff (wealth). Correct ZERO OBLIGATION TO HELP ANYONE. I concur.

          • beefcake… you have a point… however… i disagree with you… i think that if ron paul is elected that congress will fall in line… they wont have any choice. if we dont get it , the alternative is much worse than 4 years of paul using his veto pen…. it will be nuclear and economic disaster….. i mean if something happens thats a naturla cause and throws things into chaos , theres no one to really blame.. this crap is done on purpose though and can be easily prevented…. it isnt acceptable and has to change immediately or we are all doomed… please consider this and do whats right…. we have no other choice any longer.

          • The criminals in congress would show unprecenented solidarity against RP.

          • You have it! Yes by the Constitution President can not spend money. Congress CAN but actually prefers agencies, bureaus and committees to do it now so they can complain “I had nothing to do with that, we need to cut them” and of course NEVER DOES!
            Another screaming fit will be from the “learned” white guilt people. After you cut the teat off from the welfare entitlement group and they scream. They will also be screaming and blaming the white class, and calling them racist. Then the white guilt group will scream along with them. It would be fun to WATCH!
            Remember though that “White Guilt Group” is big!

        • Vote Ron Paul= Barrack Obama wins by a landslide. I like Dr.Paul but too many of his ideas are just crazy and are unrealistic so 70% sane isn’t quite good enough.

          • Fred

            Please cite some examples of the “30% crazy” ideas, because his ideas certainly make sense to me.

            I refuse to waste my precious vote by voting AGAINST something – I want to vote FOR something!

            Dr. Paul’s ideas might be radical but only a radical change will make America free and prosperous again.

            You are allowing the mainstream media to color your judgement….Dr. Paul is the ONLY candidate that can beat Obama.

            • Daisy.. I would suggest that you left off a contraction on the last statement in your post.. you left off the ” ‘t ” off the “can”.

              I really like 70% of what he says.. but if elected, I fear he would be our modern day Chamberlain.. I’m not willing to take that risk.

            • “I refuse to waste my precious vote by voting AGAINST something – I want to vote FOR something!”

              You sir, are the hands down winner for the best answer to the Non-Paul folk.

            • Sam not Sam

              Nope, no typo. 🙂

              The other candidates DO NOT have what it takes to beat Obama. They are sorely lacking in character, as well.

            • Ron Paul is a crazy charlatan!

              That nut job has no place in American politics due to the following five reasons:

              1. Ron Paul actually believes in balancing the budget, and getting rid of the national debt ASAP! He’s insane!

              2. Ron Paul actually wants to protect civil freedoms enshrined in the Constitution because he believes in the sanctity of human life and the rights consecrated to them by their Creator! He’s friggin’ insane!

              3. Ron Paul is the kind of enlightened citizen raised on the farms of America, who has a decent, gentle heart with the mind of an intellectual warrior that Jefferson foresaw as being a leader in a future America! He’s a damn freak!

              4. Ron Paul wants the dollar to retain its purchasing power, so it is not devalued, and that the poor, middle class, and everyone else do not continue to be impoverished and hurt by the destructive, false, money printing policies of the Federal Reserve. Surely, he’s psychotic!

              5. Ron Paul simply believes it’s stupid to be spending trillions of dollars in blood and treasure by sticking our nose into the affairs of foreign nations, and engaging in foreign entanglements the way George Washington himself admonished us before he left office. He’s worse than Hitler!

              For all these reasons, I believe Ron Paul is a jerk, damn freak, psychotic Nazi, who is worse than Hitler!! He believes in Liberty, for God’s sake, so what’s he smoking? Mushrooms?!

              Thank you, Ron Paul detractors, you’re a bunch of absolute geniuses! I knew all of you would understand my critique.

            • I have no confidence that RP can win because the parasite class don’t want to hear about taking away their freebies. “Somebody else should pay for everything I want”.

              (Almost) nobody enjoys an enema, no matter how badly they need it.

            • Common sense is considered crazy these days. You and I are both “crazy survivalists”. Not exactly sure how wanting to live makes one “crazy”.

            • “Not exactly sure how wanting to live makes one ‘crazy’.”

              Ben, that’s gotta be the quote of the day. 🙂

            • after the last election i made a resolution to never vote for the lesser of 2 evils . i will either vote for ron paul or gary johnson . if that means a obama reelection than so be it

          • I agree Fred.. I like most of what Paul says.. the problem is that almost 100% of what I like about what he says are the very things that a president simply can not accomplish on his own without congress. The few things that I disagree strongly with Paul on are the very things that the president can do on his own without any oversight.

            • President Ron Paul could make use of the new indefinite detention law Obama signed and actually could lock up anyone who opposes him.

              And that’s probably about what he’d have to do in order to accomplish what he wants to see done.

              Ron Paul, however, is probably the only candidate who’s too principled to resort to ever using this travesty of the constitution.

              As has been demonstrated numerous times in other places, around the globe and thoughout history, this type of power actually is most frequently used to silence political opposition.

              Justifiable in the “war on terror”…? LMAO! That’s about as credible as North Korea’s government propaganda.

              Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

              How close is the executive office now to having absolute power…?

          • Ron Paul is the only candidate that has the balls to be a one term president and do the unpopular things that need to be done to start to fix things. He is not the savior of the United States, but he might just be the one to set the tone for the rest of the country to recover. Those who say that he can’t get everything he stands for done without congress are correct, however he can do quite a bit without congress. A year ago i would have said his foreign policy is crazy, now methinks that he is prolly absolutely right. George Washington himself said we should avoid entangling alliances and i think that most would agree that he was a pretty honest and wise hombre.

          • I would rather take my chances with Ron Paul that cast a vote for four more years of “hope and change.”

            Obama has proven he is unfit to run the nation. He has proven the desire to be a tyrant. He has shown he is a foe of liberty. Andy why, WHY did Obama get awarded the Peace prize when he stands for war?

            As for Romney and Santorum, they are globalists who are dems in republican clothing.

          • wrong fred h..and whats the alternative… newt gingrich? which means nuclear war? give it up bud.
            RON PAUL/JESSE VENTURA 2012

          • Ron Pauls ideas only seem “crazy” because they should be the norm today and are not. Voting for anyone else will be the same old same old. It’s about time we give the “crazy” ideas a chance since none of the crap the others have done works. I just hope voting actually means something anymore!

          • FAILED!

          • Fred, SnS:

            I’m still waiting for some examples of Ron Paul’s 30% craziness. It’s easy to throw the concept out there, that Paul is outrageous and unelectable, but what do you have to back it up?

            Without clear examples both of your posts are nothing more meaningful than miscellaneous letters jumbled on a page.

            • Dr. Ron Paul’s message today is exactly the same as it was when he first entered into politics. The man doesn’t change. He just tells it like it is, whether you like it or not. Learn to live with it.

            • None of my posts mentioned “crazy”, so you’ll have to deal with “fred”.

              As I have alluded, using my Chamberlain reference; I disagree with Dr. Pauls world view, specifically his isolationist tendencies and his very dangerous and naive beliefs that we would not have any enemies if we were not present on the world stage.
              His election would further the policies apparent in the Obama WH of emasculating our military and leaving us even more vulnerable to future attacks.
              Using the Chamberlain reference, I believe that Dr. Paul would be very much the same sort and would allow himself to be suckered in by our potential ( and very likely ) adversaries.
              I short, regarding our military security; I do not trust him any more than I trust Obama; perhaps even less.
              That is the 30% that I can not and will not take a chance on. And since that is ONE thing that any president can do ( as commander and chief ) without seeking congressional approval; then it stands to reason that of all the things he wants to do with which I agree; the CERTAIN thing that he will do is the one that I disagree with him the most about.

            • Thank you, Sam. While I disagree with your conclusion, I appreciate you providing the information about how you arrived at it.


            • They got Notin Daisy, that’s why they bowed out…..they just gonna sip on some more MSM KOOL-AID…and come voting day choose what they like to call voting for the lesser of two evils….Me I say where ya coming up with that lesser boy? Don’t see no difference between the Kenyan and the Rinos the GOP is fielding, well other than birthplace and a darker tan….

              Hell I’ll vote for Ron Jeremy before one of those FAKE conservative RINO’s….hey if ya is gonna get screw’d anyway…might as well be by a pro…right?

              Sadly my gut feeling tells me that if RP gets the POTUS chair….those damn sneaky (damn what would Nina call them) nwo bastardos will pull the ole JFK treatment on him…hope I’m wrong on that.

            • you’re welcome Daisy.. and I appreciate your opinion as well. I would definately support Dr. Paul for Fed Head, head of ATF or EPA, or similiar type of position.. now THAT would be a HOOT and a great use of his contitutional accumen..

            • thats why we need a RON PAUL / JESSE VENTURA ticket….if ,god forbid, these vile sob’s kill ron paul(and i pray they never do) they can get a body slam from jesse the body….. and he will also uphold the constitution ala ron paul…… no more excuses….. no more.
              RON PAUL/JESSE VENTURA 2012
              if not as republicans than as independants…. i wont give up until the election is over… at that time if ron paul is not presiddent… well … giving up might be a very real option… certainly going into total survival mode will be prudent.

            • eeder would that be the same (James George Janos) Jesse Ventura the pretend navy Seal…um UDT not Seal that got punched out a few years back talking smack to an active duty REAL Navy Seal?

              Sorry, I support RP….but JV is a freaking joke. And if RP selected him as a VP…the Kenyan will win again…..

          • At least Ron Paul believes in the Constitution and won’t start WWIII, or sign an NDAA law into effect. At least Ron Paul understands that the Federal Reserve is the ultimate threat to our economic prosperity. I’ll take that over anything the rest of the candidates have to offer.

          • @ Fred H.

            LOL…you tried to reasonable question Ron Paul on this site. Silly boy, the Ronbots will attack. I’ve complemented Paul on issues, but then DARED to disagree on issues like:

            gutting military funding(while in bed w/ Soros cronies / see Frank/Paul Defense Plan:

            thinking terrorists will leave us along if we hide from them (opposite of what Thomas Jefferson and other Founding Fathers concluded)

            increasing funding to first responders so WHEN we’re hit again, we can help the victims (BTW~Paul said that in a 2008 debate)….but WAIT…if we leave terrorists alone, they’ll leave us alone. Can we say contradiction?

            You can’t rationally debate with fanatics. They somehow think Paul is infallible….borderline messianic.

            I know I will be attacked for my opinion, but that’s just how the Ronbots operate. Free Speech is allowed here, but only if you agree with them 100%.

            Wait a minute….don’t we accuse liberal hypocrites of the same practice??? hmmmmmm interesting….

            • “Free Speech is allowed here, but only if you agree with them 100%.”

              You got THAT right…. this site in that respect is no different than some site praising the D’s…..
              ya got the little club here…. read comments and note names…. but you know that already.
              They think Guns and Gold will save the world. They are all such bad-asses that they will survive no matter what and NO ONE is bad enough to get at them…lol…. what a joke.
              Read Fer Fal

            • I humbly disagree RightWingMom, RP wants to reduce global defense/policing efforts but strengthen domestic security. Military presence in foreign lands to sustain hegemony is a diminishing-returns game WHEN the indigenous/colonial people wake up to the “intolerable acts” – they get mad and throw a Tea Party !!! (signed Ancestor Of A Revolutionist)

        • So the people that don’t want Ron Paul want more debt, handouts, pointless regulations, war, etc. it is time to change the status quo people. You keep voting for the same candidates and you keep getting the same problems.

          • southern trumpet
            it would seem that this is what they want… nuclear war, hyperinflation, rampant crime, death, communism, fascism,
            yep!… thats what they want i guess… well the problem is i do not want this … so we have an irreckonsilable difference in opinion here… i want peace,economic stability, good communities, hope, freedom, privacy…. yep id say we have a stalemate here…. but we have to go one route or another…. why not choose good? what possible excuses are left, that have not already been proven false? come on.. lets do whats right… what needs to be done.

          • I agree it’s worth a try, I am just not optimistic it will ever happen. Soooo many leeches in USA. Obummer would just have to scare them that their freebies would disappear.

        • If Paul doesn’t run, me and many others will stay home from the voting circus. Congressmen (most) cannot be trusted as they voted for the NDAA bill (gestapo bill). This country is over and done, big time.

          • Laura, I concur. It will be the first time since I was 18 that I will note vote. I choose not to be part of the problem any longer. The lesser of 2 evils is no choice at all. The enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend!

            • The lesser of two evils is still an evil. Try rational thought instead of emotive ejaculations. By the bye, just what is a “note vote”? Or was your SpellChecker still turned off because you don’t need it?

      3. To the 80% future demtards, you will get NOTHING, and like it.

        • How can you get any pudding if you don’t eat your meat?

          • This is United States calling, are we reaching… “See she keeps hanging up…

        • “Take from them everything, but give them nothing”

      4. Every generation thinks the following generation is lazy, shallow, dumb and selfish(“When I was a kid, I walked 5 miles to school in the snow every day, uphill both ways.”) But the 20-somethings and younger have some hard lessons to learn. Not all of them, certainly, but a good percentage are going to have a very difficult time in the days, months and years to come. Where did the “entitled” attitude come from? The Constitution doesn’t guarantee “Life, Liberty, an IPad and a sports car.” Is it the media? The total lack of responsibility and accountability displayed by elected officials and bankers? I’m an oldster from the 60’s and 70’s – rock and roll, dope, parties – and am pretty liberal about some things but I don’t understand the rampant “non-work” ethic. I know there are lots of kids who do work hard but the ones I see at the malls, with their total lack of respect for anyone, the kids that apply for jobs where I work (who want to make sure they are allowed to go on Facebook on company time!!!) make me think that it really is time for a bit of a shake-up in our civilization.

        • CelticNana,

          There was a sociologist (I can’t remember his name) who recently said, we now have a generation who wants something for nothing. Although based on the above article, it sounds like they want not just somethings but they want everything provide to them.

          As the above article says, “eight out of ten students said they wanted free health care, they wanted the government to pay for their tuition, they wanted the government to pay for the down payment on their house, they expected the government to, quote, “give them a job.”

          These eight (out of ten) students are living in Lalaland and have no understanding of how any system works. There is no country in this world that can afford to give them the things they expect.

          Sure looks like a major change for thinking, attitude, and expectations of this new generation – a Paradigm shift that’s changing America and will eventually sink America. What’s that about “change” – oh ya, Obama. How is that working for everybody? Is anyone better off financially over the period covering Obama’s administration?

          • Our educational system pushes socialism on our kids.
            Socialism has never worked, does not work and never will work.
            It is anti productivity, anti initiative, anti hard work, anti freedom, anti humanity.
            It despises achievement.
            It is a parasitic system which only semi-functions for a generation, until wealth produced by previous generation is redistributed, consumed and not replaced.
            After that it spreads suffering, misery and holds on to power by lies, intimidation and murder.
            It is appealing to idealistic young with no real life experience, to bored, non-productive wealthy, and to thugs.
            It attracts psychopaths, promotes criminals and cherishes evil.
            It always begins with lies, envy and violence to gain power. It promises the poor prosperity and delivers slavery. It promises academia ideological paradise and ALWAYS delivers death, ALWAYS, with no exceptions.
            Not a single country, EVER, has tried it and emerged better for it.
            Neither will the US.

            • Wow! Everything you just described sounds like the U.S. today… especially the “lies, intimidation and murder.”

            • ~Larry P~

              Let’s call a spade a spade in this game…OK?

              —Socialism as you just defined it, equals pure Marxism—

          • Richard in Denver,
            And instant gratification isn’t fast enough. I know kids who work hard and are trying to make a go of things but there are so many people (and not just kids) who think the government should take care of everything from cradle to grave. I don’t think Obama is to blame for everything (don’t everyone jump all over me because I voted for the guy) but the promises have not been kept. Not entirely his fault because we have a pack of money-grubbing, self-serving, hypocritical clowns in Congress that are partners with the bankers and financiers and they are hell-bent on destroying this country, the middle class and protecting their own fiefdoms. It’s so hard to take any news (except alternative sites) seriously because it’s all a pack of lies. I know I’m not better off financially, partly because of my own foolishness with money, but mostly because the cost of everything goes up every week. I spent last year with a growing feeling of dread, knowing that the cataclysm is coming. This year it’s resignation, knowing that it’s coming, trying to make the preparations that I can to take care of my kith and kin. When it does happen, this government that so many have become so dependent upon, and so many rightfully blame for much of our trouble, will be useless. Actually, it’s pretty useless now.

        • When welfare gets you a cell with pre-paid minutes…maybe that was a hint about where the entitlement attitude is and still going??
          Shake-up?? How about just sitting them down and talking to them like they are adults–they are ya know.
          No, you will not have this–until you work for it and earn it.
          Personal responsibility was lost in my era..the late 6os/early 70s; why, you ask??
          Because that was the era when the family became ‘child’ centered, not adult….and it started in California…the most liberal state known.
          We always followed their lead in education; just to find 5-10 years later, they didn’t get it right.
          OOOhh, I hated those pod classrooms and always demanded a self-contained classroom(one room/one teacher…me)

          • Yep JJ, I was one of those kids in 1971 who attended the very first POD school in California, 7th grade. Didn’t learn crap for 2 years. Fortunately my parents are immigrants and didn’t let me slide even though the school did. I understand the school eventually sectioned off the classes so they were actually rooms and not giant auditoriums where you could wander from place to place.

            • wow. same here.

        • The public school system promotes this behavior and rhetoric (though they don’t teach rhetoric, of course.)

          I graduated public high school 2 years ago and believe me, some kids are just f—ed up man. I couldn’t tell you where it could possibly come from, I’ve always felt like I have a disadvantage and that motivates me to work HARDER. I can’t imagine if I had all of the opportunities that some of these kids have and just threw them away.

          If they really believe that they cannot be responsible for themselves, then they must have stopped reviewing Darwin’s studies in school. That’s on their shoulders though. All we can do is our best…

        • Why were schools always in the middle of nowhere in those days?

          USA will arrend HKU whether it wants to or not, and probably end up better of for it.

      5. Hell its our own fault. Trying to make every thing easier for our children. It’s got to stop. Make them earn what they want. Do not buy everything they want. Just say NO. If they break their phone “that you pay for” and want you to buy another one for them, just tell them it’s not my problem, fiqure it out for yourself! I bought you the first one. Your on your own now! Quit the CODDLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • You NAILED IT!!! Kids today have a sense of entitlement that just boggles my mind. Until you come up the hard road you will never appreciate anything that you have. I worked hard all my life as a carpenter for what I have and my kids think I owe it all to them for giving them life. I managed to put away a pretty good poke and I think I screwed up when I showed them how much money they will get when I die and not until I die. Hoping they don’t rub me out My father, when he passed last year left me a good sum of money but he refused to help me when he was alive. I was with him when he passed and he told me he didn’t help me because he wanted me to learn the value of money by letting me struggle through life. Now its hard to pry a dime out of me..unless its guns, ammo, gold or storable food. My dad taught me the most valuable lesson I have ever learned in my life. The second most valuable one, that I learned the hard way was never marry a psycho!

        • salvadordaly,

          You have a valid point – it’s human nature to want more than is received. The more we give our children, the more they want. As Donald Trump once said, “it’s never enough!”

          Even Congress displays this attitude – “more spending, more debt, more taxation”! Ah, the ugly “M’s” – “Me, Me, Me” and “More, More, More” – kinda of sounds like a new born baby crying, doesn’t it?

          If all of this wasn’t so serious, it would be laughable.

        • I like your attempt to justify tough love…except this:

          If they break their phone “that you pay for” and want you to buy another one for them,
          I bought you the first one????? Whoa nellie…

          At my house, there would be no damn cell—I functioned well and suffered no damage without one as I grew up.
          I don’t coddle; therefore, no cell in my house for anyone under 18; and even then, they get it, pay for it.

          • My kid have cell phones that are prepaid by THEM. We don’t have a home phone because it was less expensive to have 3 cell phones. They only have text messaging and calls between our phones.

            The beauty of prepaid is that they instantly recognize they need to earn some money when their phone stops working. It took a few months to catch on but now they both budget and put their money away before the time runs out. There have been times when they have chosen to go without phone service because something else was more important to them.

            Budgeting, working, and learning the difference between needs and wants are lessons that aren’t taught anymore. This is a terrible injustice to our kids.

            • My home phone is $30 a month … and you are getting 3 cells for LESS than $30 a month ? Do you mind sharing your wireless provider ? I’m smelling fish here …

            • My home phone was $47 a month throuhg our local provider.

              We have 3 cell phones for $15 a month each.

              $45 a month.

              There is a grocery store up here that has a brand called “President’s Choice” (Ironic)

              pc telecom dot ca

              Happy fishing.

            • Also note in my original post: my kids pay for their own phones.

        • I can’t think of anything else. I’ve been in family situations where a step-sibling was just GIVEN everything, yet my father refused to let me be spoiled.

          I spent a lot of time being pissed off at my dad until I saw how f—king stupid the other kids turned out.

        • That’s right, this article shows me that 8 out of 10 parents failed their children. They failed to teach them a work ethic that will allow them to succede in life. I have a little pity for them and anger for the parents. I don’t hold the total blame on the schools, as it is there job to educate, parents should be teaching morals and values.

        • Yes let them struggle and suffer on their own; a GREAT IDEA! Carl Jung made a profound statement while he was alive a quote “The foundation of all mental illness/suffering is the unwillingness to experience legitimate suffering mental and physical.” Really only mental as all mental ideas or thoughts supercede any physical experiential reality. What you think or believe is what you experience.
          Having said that it explains why when mom and dad don’t teach you to work hard by always doing it for you; why the children turn into for lack of a better way to say it parasites or vampiric in nature.
          No good ever came from having some one else do stuff for you. It doesn’t create self reliant beings. Only makes the reciever of the actions become dependant upon the doer. If your goal is to have kids that never leave the house or come back and mooch off of you forever then act in this manner. It is the same reason why wealthy kids never are in touch with reality and feel they can just screw people over because mom and dad enable this. They call this a varied degree of sociopathy. Tough love is the only answer with this type of individual!
          I salute you Salvador.

      6. Greetings,

        I see the same type of thinking in my daughter. Of course, no one failed at her school. It makes me laugh to this day that she had 3 years of Spanish and can not speak one word of Spanish even though she “earned” A’s in her class.

        When the SHTF those people will simply die in the streets.

        • I hear ya, Nickel. My youngest daughter graduated high school with the equivalence of an 8th grade education even though I complained constantly to the school system. There is just no common sense anymore, and it is very hard to fight the system when you are the only guy on the team.

          • You can’t fight the system. You have to leave it and be the only guy on YOUR team.

          • KB, I fought the school system in the 80’s and 90’s when my kids were in school. In math they had this thing called approximation. The answer was close enough to be correct but not dead on. I asked the teacher if she could get away with approximation balancing with her bank. Answer; we have to teach this way for the students’
            self worth.
            Then when my son had problems in calc. I taught him during the Christmas break. He went from C’s to A’s, then the teacher and system had the nerve to say they had improved on their approach during the 2nd semester.
            Since my son is deaf I asked how’d they improve? Interpreters didn’t know the subject material.

            • ~DRD5508~

              Good for you & your son!!! Great job, sir!

            • DRD, the prepper mantra can be summed up as: “If you need a helping hand, try looking at the end of your own arm.” Your story is a wonderful example. My tin foil hat’s off to you.

          • I see this right now with my children. Neither are challenged and so we find every enrichment activity available. We do extracuricular school activities that are intellectual, we do summer academic camps and we provide an enriched environment. My kids will not graduate highschool with an 8th grade education, I won’t allow it.

        • Children’s learning skills/abilities are generally a direct result of how they were raised by their PARENTS.

          Come on Parents, take some responsibility for the dysfunctional children you are raising. Can’t blame everything on our Socialist school “programming”.

          Throw into the mix childrens addictions to; violent mindless video games, TV, texting, junk food, MASSIVE use of Rx and nonRx drugs, no discipline, it goes on and on and on.

          We’re in deep shit, folks, zombies even on this thread. Today’s younger generation are going to be our worst enemies when TSHTF. Sad commentary on a very sick American society, top to bottom.

          • EA,
            You are absolutely correct. If you are unhappy with the skills your children are learning from the public school system, then jump in and fill in the educational gaps. That is what a parent does. You people are just like the socialists you are always “pissing and moaning” about. You are looking for someone else to to accept responsibility for your childrens shortcomings. You are the parent, any shortcomings belong to YOU!! America has become the nation of, ” It’s someone elses fault”. How about looking at that man/woman in the mirror, has he/she done all they could or are they maybe a little on the “socialist side”, themselves.

            Argue for your limitations and they will be yours.

            • Well, the “you people” thing is all good in theory, but you all forget one really important point — a child that is encouraged to barely succeed by the school system, his/her peers, and, hence, the child is not interested in succeeding himself/herself.

              Although you all advocate dragging, threatening, and punishing the child to learn or making learning so interesting for the child that they cannot possibly find their own imagination, at some point you have to emphasize to the child (especially in their teenage years) that they alone are responsible for their success, whether it be in education or life, and make a conscious decision to let them bear their own consequences. My daughter at 21 now regrets the choice she made not to buckle down and get better educated at an earlier age. Me, I have no regrets.

      7. To the 80% that want to be totally nannied by the government let me suggest you move. Move to any communist
        country and you’ll have your wish.

        To the 20% that understand the concept of freedom and personal responsibility, congratulation you have managed to get through the public indoctrination centers without being turned into a liberals wet dream.

        • @ RWS 3

          Move? What planet are you on? They don’t need to go anywhere. This IS a Communist, Socialist, Bolshevik, Fascist/Police State, i.e. USSA.

          • Excuse me EA, but did the game already end?
            Last time I looked it was still the bottom of the 9th bases loaded…2 outs….

            Hang on, I’m receiving a message from my home world….uh huh….uh huh…uh….are you sure? OK

            My supreme commander from the planet WE DON”T DO SOCIALISM just called me.
            I am to pull back all of our galactic forces…it seems the counsel feels there is no longer a point in trying to assist you Americans as to many of you have given up and thrown in the towel.

            Instead we will focus our efforts in assisting third world country’s still willing to fight to the last breath against their oppressors.
            Well good luck in defeating your oppressors with a defeated attitude…if you need us just call 1-800-NEVER-give-up.

            • I wanted to say thank you RWS lll for your inspiration and information but when I dialed the number you so compassionately passed on to me, I heard this:

              “We’re sorry; you have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service. If you feel you have reached this recording in error, please check the number and try your call again.”

              Seems you were just leading me on. I should have known better. (Sigh)

            • Sylvia’s mother says Sylvia’s busy, too busy to come to the phone
              Sylvia’s mother says Sylvia’s trying, to start a new life of her own
              Sylvia’s mother says Sylvia’s happy, so why don’t you leave her alone
              And the operator says Forty cents more, for the next three minutes…..


            • Cover of the rolling stone.

            • Did it first say, press 1 for English?

          • hey Euro aren’t you getting ready to collapse; look in the mirror no reflection, because you died already so are you like an f-ing vampire (socialist,commi, facsist)? Got a silver stake ready to drive in your heart!

      8. Once again, something I was taught in school is, no longer a valid answer.

        • See, here again is where the system failed your a teacher for 6 years and a daycare operator for much too long..


          That’s all and it’s so simple.

      9. Those kids are going to be in for a very rude awakening….

        My oldest daughter had an idiotic project in her civics class. The kids were supposed to choose a career, find the average income for that job and create a budget.

        What the school left out was the 10 years of flipping burgers before you can FIND a job in your field at HALF of the “average income”. The kids were choosing these fancy loft apartments for thousands a month, expensive cars….no basis in reality.

        Our children’s expectations are so skewed by the schools, the media and the government that they aren’t even comparable to real life.

        • Right you are Daisy – and, thanks for the “happy face” tips – and, happy new year to you! 🙂

          • Thanks, Richard, for the good wishes.

            And your welcome for the happy faces. We should all be able to “emote” equally.

        • daisy….you are absolutely correct! this is my point about the kids…. its not their fault its this way… kids need to have hope and be able to make enough to actually have hope…. a minimum wage job no longer even covers transportation and food… hope will come from ron paul in monetary stability…. and their can be hope again….. but there is no hope with the current group of communist thieves and the masters who rule them… hope is not in their vocabulary… we must rid ourselves of these tyrants now … for hope… for real hope… and real change… not obamas ridiculous vision for hope and change but real hope through changing the system to the way it should be… fair… those that work and give effort .. succeed those that dont … well… really they wont…. if we have a sense of community again .. the truly underprivalged and the ones who have limitations will be cared for by the churches and the like…. their will be incentive and ability to do this thorugh price stability .. the option is hyper inflation… and no guarantees… probaly nuclear war on a large scale… and the path back to something good will be MUCH longer… if ever at all after the nuclear destruction….. why do we do this when we have enough to worry about with potential natural disasters? WHY!? ther just is no excuse anymore… lets all do the right thing… for our futures.. for our families….. lets be on the right side of history….
          RON PAUL 2012

        • The very premise of that exercise was flawed in that they were given the impression that all they had to do was “choose” their job and it was theirs.

          Poor Daisy, do you have any hair left of have you pulled all out?

          • I have lotsa hair, so I’m good, Ben.

            And if I lose it, when my archaelogist daughter that makes $80K a year gets back from a dig in Egypt, she can buy me the best of wigs when I visit her at her loft apartment in Manhattan.


      10. So let me get this right…
        10% want the government to leave us alone (hurray)
        And 80% want to rely on government entitlements?

        Hmmm, This is never going to work. This country is so screwed if the younger generation feels that they need handouts to have a good life. What ever happen to honest hard work and you get what you work for?

        Lazy Fat Americans… I don’t mean to offend anybody but this is really what it comes down to.

        Get off your Ass and Get It Done because it’s not going to happen any other way… You are responsible for yourself. The 80% live in a dream world and is going to help drive this country into the abyss.

        This is just one more thing about his country that pisses me off! The Dumb Ass Idiots that make up the majority of this country!

        • they only want government entitlements because there is no hope in the current system … entitlements are the best and most reasonable hope for most people in the current system… yes its sad and pathetic…. but we can reverse this quite quickly with the will of enough people…..lets reverse this sickness and start healing now…. you might just be surprised how much better it can get and faster than many think… however with the staus quo… well we will continue to slide and at as much quicker and and costly rate…. war no longer works in suppressing the price of oil… which was a big reson for alot of this nonsense… it is now doing the opposite.. war will make the price of oil go higher…. so why are we doing this ??? it was wrong to do it for cheaper oil… but absolutley insane to do it and cause higher priced oil… come on folks.. wake up and change things while you can….. this isnt rocket science…

        • Sad to say but I see many of these 80% in adults seeking disability. The medical field is full of patients looking for ways to qualify for disability. It is a “free ticket from the government” to health care and never having to work again.(I do feel for the people who need legitimate help.)
          I even have a relative who has a thousand excuses why he can’t possibly get a job due to his own disability (one small medical problem compounded by pushing for drugs and surgeries that produced an ever increasing number of symptoms).
          Unfortunately, they are going to sink in their own trap as inflation eats away at their “secure income” and the government finds even more ways to get out of paying for health care.

      11. These kids need a foot up the ass!

        • yes anon a kick in the ass but also a little pat on the back…. getting aggressive wont work…. they just need some direction and before you know it they will be leading us… to great things if we let them…. the people can change this…. it isnt too late until we are all running for the hills or locked up in fema camps…. dont give up… have courage…. do whats right … this isnt impossible… easy? no… but it isnt impossible.

      12. OMG… this type of thought / way of life is so utterly alien to me that I feel as if I am watching a news reel from another planet..

        Thank God for professors like this guy… I wonder how long he’ll keep his job now that he has been outed as reasonable, responsible and constitutional ?

        • Sam, what’s sad is where are the parents influence or is this a result of parents allowing the gov to raise their children?
          My son graduates this May from college and he is dumb founded on how ignorant his fellow students are to personnel responsibility.

        • @samnotsam i really like your nice car… click-clack , give me the keys slimo! or you’ll be pushing up daisy’s!

          obviously since you support ROBBING other people of their hard earned property and victimizing innocent people for profit , you wont mind me TAKING FROM YOU with FORCE!!! As you want to TAKE an VICTIMIZE THEM!!!

          ALL’S FAIR …

      13. most national colleges and state university are under federally funded cia.u.n./zionist.mkultra cultural shaping programs for profit… they teach programs as directed by the brainwashing college graduates/ attendies!

        i saw it in taxachusetts! experienced it… on world population growth and women studies courses. mk/ultra straight up brainwashing…

        this program and federal dollars flows to all public schools from kindergarten to college… schools profit from it HUGE! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

        college/ public education = mk/ brainwashing 101

        look it up…

        • Not sure why anyone would give Nina thumbs down on this, but he is absolutely right. I’ve spent my time in the saltmines of Marxist/Feminist/Gender Studies/Post-colonial research, and for several years dished out the same to my college-level students. It is absolute propaganda (but there is nothing in academia that is NOT propaganda, from the “Great Books” canon to Queer Theory…but what is dished out in schools ranges from insanely “liquidate the populace” leftist to strongly liberal yet still a touch old-school). The trick is to fully master and understand the tools of the trade–if you have mastery of the tools, they cannot be used to subvert you. Fight fire with fire, fight Marxists with Marx. There is a lot of whining about “tha JOOOZ!” on this site, and how they corrupt our children in academia, blah blah blah, but if you raise your child to the intellectual and argumentative standards of the typical Jewish household, your child will flourish in academia and teach the teacher (and the rest of the class) a little about intellectual inquiry. The Socratic Method is one of the most subtle means of challenging authority, but you have provide an excellent education WITHIN the home for them to be able to master it. This is where parental responsibility comes in….no matter what they learn in school, someday they will see you are right IF you instruct them with intellectual credibility. (I was blessed to have one very conservative professor, who was also a “prepper” way back in the day, as an undergrad, and absorbed his lessons well).

          • Mama Bear, agree with you. Basically, education begins at home and is the parents responsibility. I wouldn’t trust an educater I don’t know to borrow my truck, how can I just up and trust one with my children without meeting them.

          • Mama Bear, I wish I could “thumbs up” you again! Great post.

            I think it’s very important to teach our kids the skill of “critical thinking”. Just because a teacher or authority tells you it’s true, doesn’t mean it’s true. One has to learn to research and use their own judgement, not blindly follow “authority.”

            (Unless you’re my kid and tell you to do the dishes. Don’t question that.:))

            • I am the only one that I know of that has been given special permission to junk more than once!

            • It’s all I can do to hold myself back. I’m good!

          • Mama Bear,

            Great post, Im a firm believer in the old saying ” Take your kids hunting and fishing and you never have to hunt your kids”
            They should do another poll to see how many kids that are arrested have a hunting or fishing License.


            • Ha, this is funny. I work in juvenile justice in an area that still has a thriving subsistence hunting population. The kids all hunt and fish. But you don’t have to have a liscence here until 16. They usually have tags for the big game, but they don’t know the hunting laws or basis for them.

          • Bravo, MamaBear—but what you are suggesting is parenting; the term is lost on today’s mothers and fathers.
            And to compensate for being away 12 hours a day and letting someone else raise their children, then they ‘give’ any thing that is asked, and ‘give in’ to any request.

          • Good Post with keen insights, Mama Bear. I think that it is the White Amurikan masses themselves who are largely to blame for their current disenfranchisement and impending descent into impoverished minority status.

            Since you have mentioned “Jooos,” I mention here that in my experience, one is likely to find books on many subjects present in Jewish home in large numbers, while many Murkin homes are totally DEVOID of reading material of any kind (unless you count the piles of Mountain Dew-stained issues of “Sports Illustrated” moldering in the john, or the text-intensive tattoos displayed on the occupants’ pierced and often obese bodies).

            It’s no wonder that a small but comparatively LEARNED group can rise to dominate a vast, semi-literate, culturally barren and amorphous mass with no habit of reading — and hence WITH NO PAST — that outnumbers them many times over, even if that small but learned group that HAS a past (reaffirmed through constant STUDY) OPENLY displays its contempt for and sense of historical grievance against this mass. And yes, this small group DOES dominate Amurika ta a vast degree. Professors Mearsheimer and Walt have written a monumental study conclusively proving this.

            A realtor I know in a predominantly-white Murkin “heartland” state once told me that built-in BOOKSHELVES in a home actually DETRACT from the final sales price of homes sold in her area. That speaks volumes (PUN INTENDED) about the Murkin masses.

            Though White Murkins with their tendency toward anti-intellectualism tend to revel in unrepentant ignorance, Europeans OTH tend to be big readers with houses full of books, and they are vastly less easy to manipulate and hoodwink than the average Murkin. As the spring of 2003 showed us, the Murkin is a danger to the European who is able to see beyond the Amurikan regime’s lies, for in his child-like state of illiteracy, the Murkin can be easily riled up by his handlers to states of frothing-at-the-mouth hatred and rage by propaganda against “cheese eating surrender monkeys,” etc.

            Coincidentally, Europeans consistently name ISRAEL and AMURIKA as the biggest threats to world peace in existence today, while Murkins can always be swayed to orgies of self-righteous global violence and depleted-uranium-rich mayhem by alarms about “terrrists who hate our freedom.” Contrasting the European and Murikin “reading public,” it seems that there is an inescapable, direct correlation between stupidity on the one hand and belief in USraeli propaganda on the other.

            • ~AHAB~

              -(quote):- Contrasting the European and Murikin “reading public,” it seems that there is an inescapable, direct correlation between stupidity on the one hand and belief in USraeli propaganda on the other. -(unquote)-

              —The relative scale is LINEAR—

            • Ahab ~

              I’d find your posts very educational if you weren’t so snide and condescending. It’s clear you have a lot of knowledge to share but your present it in a way that is so unpalatable I find myelf scanning it instead of actually absorbing the information.

              I’m sure you don’t give two hoots about my opinion, but consider this: good persuasive writing compels people to actually READ what you write. Otherwise it misses the point entirely.

            • That is my feelings about you also Daisy. Just because I am white, please don’t hate me.

            • Do you know how I know you are not Ahab, the person to whom the message was directed?

              It’s because of your excellent grammar, Unc.

              Ahab can compose a sentence and conjugate verbs. He also doesn’t seem to have the compulsion to make up names and stalk people online.

            • @ Daisy — Thank you, Daisy. I’ll consider your advice, though watching people deliberately debase themselves, allowing their country to be USED and USED-UP — while leaving life-and-death decisions affecting their future to their “betters” who DESPISE them — does get frustrating. I see it as a needless betrayal of the great Americans of the PAST (with renaissance man Thomas Jefferson at the TOP of the list of truly great men this country has produced, along with General Robert E. Lee).

              @Gunsmith – Yes indeed, LINEAR! You’ve got me thinking now — I’m sure the EU bureaucrats in Brussels would like to dumb down the Europeans to the same abject level as many Murkins, and merely see themselves as being “behind schedule” in the process.

              Did you happen to catch Russia Today’s recent “man on the street” interview segment in NYC? As the build up of Amerikan and Israeli forces for the ATTACK on Iran progresses, RT’s reporters stopped random passers-by and asked them their opinions on the subject. Almost all of them had NO idea of the military build-up now taking place or the IMMINENCE of WAR, and NONE of them could name the capital of Iran OR its president. Some flippantly replied “who cares,” and others could not even distinguish between Iran and IRAQ.

              So much for the government of a so-called “democracy” acting with the consent of the governed — to furnish “consent,” one must FIRST be CONSCIOUS or at least BREATHING.

            • ~Ahab~

              No, I missed that little gem…been working hard at making some old school ‘Greenspahn script’, so as to fill in the holes on preps & ummmm….projects!
              I can visualize the comedy vs tragedy easily & sorrowfully enough!

              You know Ahab, referencing your writing skills/knowledge & analytical ability…you remind me of EZRA POUND & EUSTACE MULLINS. Both, towering/honest American intellects(IMO). Chase down their writings some day & you’ll understand my opinion!

              Keep posting dude, your words are a breath of refreshing pristine air…in an ugly polluted atmosphere!!!!

              P.S.) If you can flee NYC, do so soon!!!

            • I just read this. In fact, as I started reading, it only got better and better for me, making me laugh harder and harder as I went along, and only made me want to make sure I read it all the way to the end. Of course, for those of us knowing and appreciating Melville, there’s nothing wrong with turgid, sometimes grandiloquent, yet definitely substantive and beautifully iconoclastic prose. I wonder, could you do something similar for the demagogues of either parties. “Ah Bartleby, Ah Humanity!”

      14. Man I am so glad I raised my daughter to be self reliant, you want a car? Get A Job
        You need money for a new cell phone? Get A Job
        You want a bright future? Go To School


      15. This is not surprising to me because I spent several years teaching in a public high school. The students had been ‘brought up’ not to work for anything, no responsibility or consequences for their actions, and no realistic ideas about their future. This ideology starts at home but it is definitely furthered by public education and the media.

      16. If you really want to see what your children are thinking, take a close look at what the wanted for Christmas or for their birthday. If they ask for a new Ipod well theres your sign, If the in fact ask for a new cast iron dutch oven and some garden seeds, well then you might come to believe they are aware of this countries problems.. That happened to be what my daughter ask for for Christmas.

        • My daughter is apprenticing at a restaraunt to be a chef….she asked for cooking texts and bakeware.

        • Just guns and knives around here. Two boys,early 20’s. Oh, and car parts too……….KEEP PREPPIN’

          • Happycountrymom,

            I hear that she got her 12 gauge for birthday in aug, knife , machete, hatchet and all the camping gear her car would hold. To me the funny thing that I got for my Christmas was some tobacco seeds. Now if I can just get that still from Terry.


            How did your butter turn out?

            • AWESOME !!!! I’m am so totally addicted to canning. I started with a small 2 lb. batch for starters. I need butter to go on sale now.

            • You canned butter ?? Where did I miss that one ?

              What’s the process ? Butter melts, how can you can it ??

            • You must’ve clarified it ( turned it into Ghee ) and canned that… right ?

            • Excellent video DPS.. THanks VERY much. We will give that a try..

              Do you know how long it keeps ?

            • SnS,

              Not sure I have not had a chance to finish the video,or even try it. Been busy making some hot boxes and seting up a buddies green house. you might check out Peggy Laytons web site or the putting food by site..They will ahve lots of info on it, Putting food by is a great book BTW.LOL when I get really pissed off I either go shooting or I read..weird huh..


            • We all got our “things” .. if they work, great.

              I picked the first 2 ripe tomatoes today.. one Pantano and one Sweet Beverly.. saved the seeds since they were very early..

            • Sam and DPS…….Look here
              She says it keeps 5 years. And mine is not clairfied ghee. I just kept shaking it and left it out on the counter at room temp and it turned out very creamy, buttery looking. (wish I could upload a photo)

            • Thanks Mom.. printed and saved..

      17. Let me get this right. 10% of the kids are so stupid that they have not yet figured out the scam and become a part of it? Is that what this is all about? Gee, you’d think that many fewer college students would be so dumb. How hard is it, after all, to pull up to the trough and lap up the gruel?

      18. By the way, the large majority of the young people who went into the military or took a job out of high school probably don’t think this way (except, perhaps, the union employees).

      19. I wonder what percentage didn’t complete their essay because they’re “occupying” a tent for the cause….
        I wonder if their mommies bring them a nice hot meal because it’s so cold out….

      20. Mine asked for a microscope, chemistry set and a grow your own triops kit. She is five and is either going to be a scientist or terrorist.

        Having said that when scientists decide to publish how to mutate deadly viruses to make them more contagious the lines become blurred methinks.

        Take care x

        • Daisy and Carolie,

          You see those gifts show that they are thinking about the future beyond TV land, I say support it or better yet add to it. The greatest gift you can gave to your children is your own time. Teach them a few things and let them run with it.You will be surprised at how smart they are once you get them away from lamestream.


        • ~Carolie(UK)~

          They really don’t need to mutate/modify an organism into a ‘SUPER-BUG’, all they need is to re-introduce Smallpox!!!

          Here in the Unified Socialist Absurdistan(USA) my generation was the last to receive the ‘scratch-inoculation’ on their upper arm/shoulder. Recently, several very prestigious scientific-medical journals/organizations have released solid data, proving that the vaccines were(only) valid for 15-20yrs max!!!
          Therefore, my children, grandchildren, my wife & I are now vulnerable to the ravages of smallpox….& ditto for the bulk of my fellow citizens.

          I’ve pondered this dichotomy for some time now & could easily write a ‘frightening numbers of scenarios’ where we common folks could face a myriad number of choices…all of them detrimental to our liberty/freedom and/or our very existence/survival!

          What makes me really nervous is the fact that, damn near any smart college undergraduate w/ a strong biology/chemistry major (background), could easily manufacture smallpox w/ nothing more than a decent ‘home beer-brewing kit/modest chemistry lab’ & a “LIVE/HOT” sample as a culture!!!

          The (putrid)icing on the cake was my realization that if some ordinary character like me, could think/research/visualize/conceptualize the above scenario….what could someone w/ (black-hole)gooberment backing come up with???

          I mean honestly, if folks were to start dropping like flies & the media were to announce/squawk about some newfangled pathogen wiping everybody out…I guarantee you 99.9% of the folks posting here would “smell a rat” & suspect from whence it came! But lowly smallpox on the other hand…well, they’d still achieve the same ENDGAME!!!!! Massive widespread PANIC w/o the ‘lab created baggage’. Just something to ponder.

          P.S.) I’ll take this opportunity to ambush all you ‘naysayers/thumbs down cretins by admitting via a Jefferson Airplane-Starship line……….Yes!

          (queue the music):—“PARANOIA STRIKES DEEP……….”

          • Thank god the republican party is counting the votes in secret for us! I know exactly who counts the votes, and it aint us. I did did not go to that link you posted because I have known for years about whats going on. “those who cast the vote mean nothing, those who count them mean everything” Thomas jeferson said those fine words many……. waite, hold on, I get confused some times, tj said something about a tree needing to be watered, not counters of the votes.!

          • Thought you may want to know that the Military was vaccinating all active duty personnel for smallpox around 2006. Food for thought.

            • ~E-77~

              Didn’t know that. Thanks for the update!

            • I got my smallpox vaccination in 2003 before a deployment to Central Asia. It was controversial back then but after reading “The Killing Winds” I only wish that my family could get the smallpox vaccination as well. Also got the full anthrax series and it might save my butt someday. Smallpox, incidently was the first disease which man figured out how to inoculate against. As the cure was derived from the pus and scabs from a similiar but non-fatal disease called cowpox, it became known as vaccination (vacca for cow)

              When I got my smallpox vaccination, the site of injection developed a really nasty, oozing pustule which eventually scabbed over and fell off. We were instructed to not touch the oozing pus or let family members touch it as well because it could cause pustules on other parts of the body or on other family members. FWIW, when smallpox is unleashed again on a unprotected populace, the scabs of those who are infected and survive can be used to inoculate others against smallpox. It was not a perfect cure but young women used to do it before the development of the smallpox vaccine in order to keep their faces from being disfigured by pox marks if they managed to survive the disease. Inoculation in this manner left only a single mark at the point of inoculation.

          • It wouldn’t matter what the source of the disease was because there would be no one left to do anything about it. Smallpox in the Americas after the Spanish Conquest had a fairly high initial mortality rate but among Europeans who had lived with the disease for centuries it was much lower. A release of smallpox would most likely kill far more people through second and third order effects than directly through infection. Think deaths from hygiene related diseases when our modern system of water and electricity delivery are broken down. Think large numbers of unburied rotting corpses and plagues of flies and rats spreading disease, and think of deaths from starvation when deaths from other causes lead to a breakdown of the food production and delivery infrastructure.

            I think that even the high mortality from second and third order effects will not be enough for those who wish to depopulate the earth. My guess is something that looks like the flu, is transmissable by air, and has an almost 100% mortality. Even better would be for it to have a long incubation period so those infected would be able to infect many others before they develop symptoms. Smallpox is relatively easy to make a cure for so after an initial high mortality, the survivors could develop a cure so this rules it out for me as an agent of our depopulation. Something that is developed in a underground lab somewhere would have the benefit of having the countermeasures developed at the same time so those in on the plot would be able to ensure that their own creation does not kill them. I would not even put it past those mad enough to dream up such a plot from not developing a countermeasure, the First World equivilent of the Third World suicide bomber. Read Tom Clancy’s “Rainbow Six” sometime for an illustration. I found that book to be horrifying because his research and descriptions are usually pretty solid, at least on areas he wrote about in which I had firsthand knowledge.

            • ~MoonMistress~

              Have always read/paid attention to your posts! You’re sharp! Thanks for fleshing out a bit of my thesis/theory & building upon my thoughts! Your opinion likely supersedes my own.

              Ditto referencing ‘Rainbow Six’…its well worn & rests on my bookshelf as I type this post. Perhaps I’m stuck in the ‘old school’ DoD thinking of…..cost effectiveness($$$)…where cheaper is better! Am not alluding to R & D, mind you…simply hardware/resource application.

              It all boils down to “STRATEGIC THINKING” & you consistently employ such. KUDOS!!!

              That said, I am not privy to ongoing gooberment spook-plans & am merely theorizing how I would do it if given the task w/ a CYA(cover-your-ass) overlay & a minuscule budget (typical M.O. regarding the Pentagon of years past)!

              E-77 updated me(thanks dude!), from which I could successfully argue a counter-point, relative to (black/off the books) future planning on TPTB part………….realize they actively employ confusion, shrouded in mystery & wrapped in an enigma style ‘modus operandi’…Hence, intelligent forethought on their part, would demand……..

              …a program to inoculate the active duty segment & maybe the reserves/guard(boots on the ground resources) from/against what they intend to “RELEASE” in the 1st place, at some point in the future!

              I sincerely hope & pray, a scenario such as we’re pontificating upon….NEVER COMES TO PASS!!!!

              P.S.) TO ALL HERE…I apologize, its the damn bourbon’s fault(curses to you, Ezra Brooks)…I get mouthy when he & I associate…he-he-he(snicker!).

              ——–Good Night & GOD BLESS everyone———

              ***Gunsmith is outta here***

            • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

              I posted a link here a few days ago about a case in china were the man did from the bird flu, not sure if you read it yet but I think your idea is totally plausible I’m just not sure what they might use against us. But if any us survive it I stay get the welders and concrete and seal up the elites under ground shelters.


            • @DPS,

              I got your link the other day; thanks for the heads-up but I have to say that I am not surprised. This is SOP for TPTB. Take for example what happened after 9-11. If you recall, shortly after the attacks the media started speculating about what was next; ie., chemical or biological attacks and then lo and behold, politicians started getting anthrax letters at their offices. Or so we were told. Anyway, the result was that when the vote for the Patriot Act was held there was almost no opposition because everyone had been scared into believing that we needed this legislation to prevent any more mischief of that kind.

              I am a certified welder and I know my way around a cement mixer. However, if I survive the depopulation I don’t think I will be wasting any of my welding consumables sealing TPTB assholes into their hidey-holes. I think a better way would be to pump propane (which is heavier than air) into the ventilation system of any such bunker, then light it off. Result – a bunch of dead elites. Then I will use my oxyacetylene torch to cut my way through the entrance and help myself to their supplies.

            • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress,

              Kinda like the way you think brother, keep up the great work with these post.


      21. This mentality is exactly what TPTB want. If you have a society of intellectually retarded people all relying on the government for their personal needs, rarely will they step out of line, giving the government carte blanche over what they can do to these same people. The Founders knew this, I know this, I think you all know this, but the youth are clueless. The Sheeple generation on indoctrination steroids filled with Communist ideals.

        What’s the solution? It is up to each of us as parents to instill the proper classical education of Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric, not the State’s. You can count on nothing from the State other than mental pollution. Therefore, it is the duty of us all to bring forth the ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness into the minds of the young.

        • Thank you! You see it! Too many people want to blame the parents, not thinking about the fact that those parents are on their own debt-serf hamster wheels, producing more and more for less and less. Those parents are (usually blindly) serving the interests of the corporatocracy, the military-industrial complex, the prison-industrial complex, the sick-care system, and fed their daily dose of anesthetic by the MSM.

          No parent should be absolved of their responsibilities to their children. But let’s recognize the environment this society has placed them in.

      22. I came to US for my graduate degree about 12 years ago (I came from a 3rd world country in SE Asia). once we had an economic assignment and need to solve a problem using a simple math equation (ax2 + bx + c)
        When I managed to get the answer, some of my classmates were asking me if I was a mathematician. I went huh???? I learnt it from my highschool years back, and it was a pretty simple math.
        sorry, i don’t mean to rub salt on anybody’s wounds here…
        but yes, I think there’s something wrong with the educational system there.

        FYI, I returned to my homeland after 3yrs working experience there. and seeing all these horrible things unfold, I am grateful that I made the decision to let go my used to be american dream.

        • As a student I was calculating doses of medication in my head but my supervisor told me it couldn’t possibly by the correct amounts. She made me redo everything using a calculator. Result was exactly the same amounts- to her astonishment. She didn’t believe that it was possible to do the math without electronic help.

      23. @ms.daisy check out this … and then think of what just happened to us a few days ago … and what we did to beat em’! ;0) told ya they weren’t done yet!

        Former Secret Service Boss Proposes Global Email Fusion Center

        • Ronald Noble – the former head of the Secret Service, the BATF, and secretary general of Interpol – wants to create a fusion center with the ability to track and trace your email.

        • You were right!!!

        • With this our current solution may not last long….better do some research!

          • I think you both could drive them nuts by getting a WWII enigma machine and doing all your correspondence in code that changes every day. LOL!

            • Mama Bear:

              Psy-ops! 😉

          • @ms.daisy – already done it’s called 128 bit encryption… ;0) f’em!

            note: to interpol , go fuck yourselves…

            • Excellent.

            • i second that interpol…and fbi and aipac and anti defamtion league… you can go to hell and if you have a problem with me… come and get me.

            • eeder ~

              What has gotten into YOU today? You are way more over the top than usual.

            • daisy.. i feel the time has come to be very aggressive in pushing for the change we need…. i feel we are either on the verge of a great rebirth…. or contrastly we are on the verge of nuclear disaster… it can go either way… and i feel better about the chances for the rebirth… however i know the deck is still stacked… we need to push ahead more aggressively…. im not sure we even have until november… this is a highs stakes game going on daisy…. our very survival could be at stake here…. please help in pushing forward.. we need all hands on deck here.. and a little help from god…

            • I dunno, eeder….this is twice in one day you’ve agreed with me…’s a little hard to wrap my head around that.

      24. …the Elite must be rubbing their paws together with glee about this….

        This is why I’m hoping/encouraging my kids to go to a trade school of some sort. Not as likely to be brainwashed by some libtard professor there.

      25. Department of Education Budget Tables
        See the spreadsheet – unbelievable!!

        Initial Appropriation 2012 – $39,973,186,000

        We pay through the nose and look at what we get in return – Obamanomics: Approximately 57 percent of all children in the United States are living in homes that are either considered to be “low income” or impoverished.
        Change you can believe in!

        Sorry, I have to stop now. I’m hungry and have to go to school – free lunch.

        Y’all Beware!

      26. The corp will give them all of those things, for corporate use only and while in FEMA “residential centers”.

      27. Funny, I needed my leaves raked and some wind storm debris cleaned up over the holiday break, in other words, I wanted to give someone a JOB because I was too busy at mine. At $10.00 an hour none of the local kids wanted to do it because it wasn’t enough money.

        • JAFO I’ll rake your leaves…but I don’t want no stinkin FRN’S….how bout we barter….Oh I dunno say a box of 9mm?

        • very smart kids – inflation is a bitch

          • Yeah it is…its gonna cost me about 30% more in FRN’S this spring than last to make shine…(uh that’s SUB-shine, not MOON-shine….if the revenue man asks ya)

        • You are a cheap bastard

      28. Does this really suprise anyone on theses boards?

        These 80% are the children of the brain dead 98% who will have the rude awaikening sometime soon. I thought the number was low at 80%.

        • You know, I really need to start using spell check!

      29. Its hopeless,in the UK its the same,too many people have just lost it.They still do not realise what is coming there way.When the SHTF,there will be a very quick very big die off,sad but true.

        • Apache, the too many people are the followers that can’t live without intervention in their lives; i.e. TV,radio, gov’t, pills,etc..
          This site is full of self starters and self managing people that are the leaders during the SHTF scenerio.

          • Ihope you are right,but what amazes me is the sheer number of people who still cannot see what is happening including some in my own family.

            • Apache, ‘those that can’t see what is happening’, we can analize them till we’re blue in the face but they collectively seem to be part of a growing majority of lazy and unaccountable people. Panic will set in one day and they’ll be more dangerous to themselves.
              What amazes me is how many like minded people are on this site. Be of good cheer and don’t get discouraged by the zombies.

      30. Do we blame the parents? Where does this thought process come from? I will never understand this mentality! UGG!

      31. This is EXACTLY why we never allowed our daughter to step foot in a public classroom. We paid dearly for 12 years of private education(home school was not an option)…no toys parked in our driveway, vacations consisted of 4-H county fair and an occasional camping trip. We suffered through two job losses in ’07 and feared we were going to have to put her in public high school 1/4 way into her sophomore year. Bravely, she said, “let’s pray and put it in God’s hands, if He wants me here then He will find a way. If not then, public school won’t be so bad because that must be where He wants me. I have a strong foundation and can handle it. Don’t worry,I will be fine.” Two weeks later, the private school she was attending called and said that someone came in with a $2000 check for her tuition. They said that the donor wanted to remain anonymous. I hung up the phone and fell to my knees..sobbing. We were dumb founded, who would do this for our daughter, our family? The answer was pretty darned clear…God. Over the next 1 1/2 years, 3 more of those anonymous checks were delivered to the school. To this day, we have no idea who the donor was but I hope they were in the audience when she graduated Salutatorian and delivered her speech.(and by the way there were 14 Valedictorians in her senior class.) So that is my testimony. Now, while we got her through 12 years (w/ some blessed help) we also told her that college was entirely up to her, as we had no savings for it because of primary tuition. She worked very hard and earned full scholarships for a 4-year nursing program. We told her we would help where we could but it would be mostly up to her. She does have some loans 🙁 and believe me it pains me but we help with groceries and insurance. If we have extra then we help with books too. She works as much as she can(through breaks and on campus during the school year)and maintains a 3.8 gpa. She is very frugal, shopping for clothes at used thrift shops etc…I hate the fact that when she graduates, she will have some debt and I pray everyday that it will be manageable for her. That being said, she has friends and even roommates whose parents pay everything…even monthly spending allowances! While it is nice that they can, the question is should they? What is wrong with setting the bar high for our kids? It is proven that kids will rise to the challenge when presented with it. Public schools do not set the bar high! I am surprised that actually still award honors to students…they don’t want other kids to feel badly about their performance….but shouldn’t we be promoting competitiveness instead of uniform mediocrity? I believe very strongly that if things are going to change in this country, it needs to start with the education of our children because it has been hijacked by the progressive movement and no matter what other changes we make, it will not stick if our future generations continue to be indoctrinated. This post is probably too long but my fingers just kept typing the thoughts going through my mind. 🙂 Have a great day everyone!

        • Your wonderful daughter has some very wonderful parents! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

          • Daisy, your words are too kind. Believe me when I say, we have made our share of mistakes and poor decisions in life. We all do and our children will too. What we need to impress more on is that with decisions there are always consequences and good or bad, we need to take responsibility for them. Again, I feel terrible that she will have some debt and it may have been an unwise decision. But she does know that it is HER debt and no one else’s and that there is no guarantee that her education will land her AWESOME job. She may have to work two jobs and live at home when she graduates. You sounds like a wonderful mother and it must be difficult to be a single parent. I am sure the will always appreciate and respect all that you do for them. ~D

        • Your story jerked a tear from my eyes!

        • NSBF–no apology for a great ‘feel good’ story..thanks

      32. I’m not too far removed in age from these idiots. I have to wonder how almost an entire generation thinks like this. When and where did it start? I’m sure I grew up watching many of the same cartoons, tv shows, and attended high school and college with similar curricula. I’ve been exposed to the same media crap too! Perhaps it was different parenting (??) How did this come to be???

        • JK, I think you just answered your own question. I bet your parents stayed on top of your schooling and monitored your progress. Did they ask questions about what you were learning? Did they expect you take responsibility for your actions and did they hold you accountable? Did they encourage you to be involved in activities or were you just allowed to come home and go to your room and play a computer game? Did they monitor your friends and your whereabouts? Did they encourage you to work a summer job? Did they encourage you to be the best you can be and give 110% of yourself? Were they a friend or a parent? Or were they simply too busy dealing dealing with life? Absent parenting has become the norm for a lot people. Based on the fact that you even commented on this issue tells me you had good responsible parenting. The breakdown of the family unit leads to the breakdown of society. I hope you instill the attitude of good work ethics and accountability on to your own children….we have to start somewhere to change the mentality.

        • Good question and answer; survey said “XXX”.

        • RWS,

          I can’t speak for all the college kids but last time I went to Denton I taught all of my daughters friends how to light a camp fire, and not just with a zippo,but with a flint and a steel, now they have built a fire pit in the back yard and they party around it. Plus while hanging out around the fire we talked about gardening and wouldn’t you know it 4 of them now have started composting and getting a spot ready to plant. 5 others now carry a B.O.B. my thoughts are to learn them there kids a few of the things that our parents tought us.


          • DPS,
            Perhaps if more parents, though like you and acted like you we wouldn’t be in such the mess we are.

            Keep up the good work on learning them youngsters, there future is in part what we do now.

            • RWS
              Judging by the comments maybe we need to have a national ” Take A Parent Hunting or Fishing Day ” lol hey gotta start somewhere..


        • I am happy to say mine can! 🙂 And she can milk a goat and help pull a kid at birth, make jelly, crochet a blanket, grow vegetables, raise meat chickens, catch her own fish, ride a horse and soon she will be able to “nurse” me back to health…lol! Haven’t been able to get her to go target practicing with me yet though. Still working on that one…but she will come around. At least she carries pepper spray. She needs to get more familiar with the automobile too. This summer we will have her changing her own oil, changing a tire and/or fixing a flat.

          • NSBF,

            Hope you had a great Christmas and New yrs buddy, as for your daughter have you tried grabing the BB gun and shooting some beer cans in the back yard with her?? It has helped with a few of the kids I worked with, they can’t seem to get enough of hear that ting when they hit it. Gotta start somewhere.

            • DPS,

              Thanks! We had a nice Christmas,a lot of time on the road to see family 5 hours away, but it was worth it. Quiet New Years and that was just fine too! 🙂 Hope your’s was a great one too! Thanks for the BB gun idea…I know we have one around here somewhere. We should have worked on this when she was much younger, I guess! But your right…you have to start somewhere. I think her choice of the medical field makes it more difficult. Not that she is opposed to self-defense or gun ownership. I just don’t see her ever packing a side arm. She does definitely need to know how to use one though and the bb gun could be a great start and the idea of just having a little fun. Take care~d

      33. Greetings Everyone!
        The current education system is truly FUBAR…
        I suspect that’s why Germany that has a efficient(but not perfect) education system has fewer dropouts,more completely-rounded and better equipped grads than we do as a WHOLE.From early on,kids are tested and guided to the vocations that best match their personal skill sets.I can remember going to “Junior collage”.It was basically a means to complete the missing parts lacking in H.School and get a back door way into a “better” collage(if able to be afforded).Of course the UBER-RICH kids who lived in my area went to the EXPENSIVE-ULTRA EXCLUSIVE(read only a few,if any token blacks)private school.Thanks to the massive influx of “family monies” they had a very serious,intense and self aggrandizing instruction by well paid professors.They came out of “High School” with a equivalent of a 2 year lead into any “Ivy-league”(read good&expensive!!)Collage.Which is why SAT scores are almost irrelevant.Harvard and it’s Ilk accept kids from those schools first,then the Rich kids from “somewhere else”(read Rich Arabs for the most part)and one or two ” exceptionally” high SAT scoring “disadvantaged” kids.These are under pressure from the elite kids due to their not being “one of us”,”not having a good background” or just not “fitting in”(read from a rich family.Many of these drop out from the constant pressure of being considered “different”.It’s the way the system is set up.Not to create a way for ALL students to reach their potential,but to block avenues of success off from any but the children of the top 5% elite.That’s the REAL reason why Washington has failed to serve any but the interests of the UBER-RICH and the Mega-Corporations the (and their children)UBER-RICH control.Not run perhaps(that’s for the second tier school grads lackeys),but to be elected by their peers to the boards of directors for such companies(that where the REAL POWER is,anyway).Most of the “revolving door appointees” to run government departments come from the very corporations they are suppose to be a watchdog over.Such utter hubris!It explains why Wall Street is a “shell game”,the Gulf Oil disaster(thank you Mr. George W.”Harvard Grad” Bush and your “self regulating oil companies” for that one!)to name but a few examples.The WHOLE corrupt system must go.It’s beyond repair.And as the UBER-RICH fight to keep their feet on the necks of everyone else,THE CHANGE is coming and there is no place for them when it happens.Damn good thing too!
        Best to ALL in 2012(the above exempted from that wish)

        • GFG, during the early 80’s, I was training Arabs(Palastinians and Jordanians were some of them). Men with BA’s and BS’s,from Ivy league schools, a few with Masters and they couldn’t pass basic math, geography, and basic electronics. Most were going back to work on masters and Phd’s. Uber rich schools are out for the money. The degrees ,high school and college, are watered down in this country.

      34. Please put this in perspective….the survey is from a Community College near Disney (fantasy land ). Who has heard of this school unless you live in Florida? While some students attend a Community College because of financial pressures at home ( you get a pass )there is a bigger percentage who attend because they scored poorly on the ACT or they aren’t ready to start in a major college atmoshpere thus no surprise to me that 80% are looking for government help. Try the survey on some of the major universities around the country and if the results are the same then I might get aggitated. Just saying….

        • I’ll bet you a George Washington FRN that it would be the same result give or take a percentage or two!

      35. @JK,
        I think it started with Woodrow Wilson and the progressive movement. They are now in our Government both Dems and Repubs and spreading fast. I also believe man can govern themselves as our founders intended us to do. Soon these free loaders will have to govern themselves accordingly or they will wind up dead.

      36. what about the parents who raised this generation ??

        • I suspect that 80% of parents would respond the same way on a similar essay…

        • Don’t blame it on just the parents. They have been subjected to the same conditioning and programming as their kids.

      37. MY apologies for the length of the above rant, Mac.
        The topic just touched a sore spot…Now where are those meds!

      38. Unfortunately, I understand all too well the mentality of many college students, both when I was in school and now.

        I remember when I was looking at schools back in 2002/2003 and our High school guidance counselors told us that money was no barrier to a good education, because you were guaranteed a well-paying job. I never believed this because, as I thought, there is no difference in the material being taught at a university except with the person who is doing the presenting. I chose a local state school with very low tuition rates close to home so I could live with family in order to keep costs down. I did the same as a master’s student as well.

        In the end, I was able to go through 7 years of school for $56K and NO debt (Thank God!). However, the only way this happened was because I and my parents CAREFULLY worked together to structure my path through college in a way that would not leave me completely indebtted.

        For most college students, the “college experience” seems to take precidence over a well-rounded education. This again seems to be to be an extension of the cheap credit/entitlement/endless prosperity lies that have been drilled into our heads since our youth, where life is one endless party and success depends not upon persistent, concentrated, and creative work for an extended period of time but rather on receiving a piece of paper with social approval (a college degree) to exchange for a high-paying job. This also connected with the lie that actions do not have consequences, or that the effects of the consequences can be eliminated.

        My generation has been trained to believe that success in based upon having “stuff”- a “good” (read: high-paying) job, a house, and the ability to buy and do lots of expensive things (read: keep partying hard). It is no surprise to me the results of this study came up as they did.

        Right now I am 27, have a Master’s Degree, have a family (wife and two children) and work two part-time jobs at around 50 hours a week total. We have insurance, but we live with family and we all help each other out, just like many of the Slavic and Asian families did when they immigrated to America. However, we are able to save and keep moving forward.

        I am greatly concerned for many of my generation, but I have unfortunately found that while many are gradually becoming aware of what has happened to them, there are also many who simply do not care or believe the current illusion can continue forever and actively do not want to hear about the terrible problems and how their effects are beginning to manifest in society.

        Nobody in America truly understands (myself included) what tough time are truly like, unless perhaps you came from the former USSR or other like countries as an immigrant. I have tried to prepare myself and my family for what is coming, and even then, I know that I still have much to learn. My greatest concern is for the majority of my generation, since they not only do not or choose not to see the current problems or prepare for them, but also because they will be affected the most severely and, as Gerald Celente has often said, “When people lose everything, they lose it.”

      39. The system is working as designed…

        • Yep, and that’s why we prep…….

      40. Funny.
        There is no such thing in reality as “American Dream”.
        Don’t be fooling yourself.

        “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground;…”
        Genesis 3:19

      41. A typical Faux News talking head. Had to take his cheap (ignorant, inaccurate, etc.) shot at the Occupy movement. I will not deny that there are some in the movement who have not moved outside of their own vested interests long enough to understand the larger picture, but I can tell you as a member from Day 1 in my community, most of us “get it” just fine.

        Just yesterday, I posted this link ( SHTF into our discussions. One aspect of the movement that gets entirely overlooked is that one of our primary purposes is to take on the current corrupt corporatocracy, opt out of and reject their B.S., and begin the process of forming a more just and sustainable society. We are waiting for the collapse (and maybe nudging it along a bit), and when we get there, we have already formed a substantial part of our new community around us.

        Our group, which is very substantial, met with the regional Tea Party last week. They thought the same things that Faux News moron did when they arrived. By the time they left and hour and a half later, they knew better. We understand our overlap, and those overlaps are a lot bigger than people realize.

        I will not hesitate to deflate the unthinking “belief” that certain entitlements or benefits flowing from the welfare state are going to continue in some form. People accustomed to be provided for tend to “believe” what they want to “believe,” but most Occupiers are beyond that, or we wouldn’t be screaming our heads off, sitting in tents in the cold right outside the statehouse, and risking police brutality and arrest.

        Another thing people fail to realize is that the demonstrations and the encampments are not our message. They are merely TACTICS. Those tactics are intended to be uncomfortable. They are intended to WAKE PEOPLE UP. If we irritate you, GOOD: You are now paying attention. The more people we can wake, the better off we will be when the government decides to actively implement NDAA (which has passed, as you all know) and SOPA (which has not yet been passed).

        One last thing: Prof. Chambliss’ experiment was mildly interesting, but nothing surprising. The TH didn’t understand what it meant, though. Those kids think the way they do because of the goliath, commercialized MSM programming they have been drenched in their entire lives. But not all of them do believe that, and less are believing everyday as they are increasingly confronted with the realities of this broken society.

        • NG…You Sir (or ma’am) are one of the 10% of that group.Thank you for your efforts.

      42. I was talking to a History-Political Science major at an ultra-liberal elitist college ($50K/year) a few years back. She explained to me that she part of her ‘education’ included going to the Balkans for 6 months as a humanitarian aid worker to help the unfortunate Albanians who had been slaughtered and displaced by diabolical Serbs.

        I explained to her that during World War 2, the Albanians collaborated with the Nazis to an extent such that the Albanians were the only foreign fighting force allowed to wear the SS patch. I explained to her that the [muslim] Albanians hunted down and murdered the [christian] Serbs mercilessly for years and that the open wounds of ethnic conflict had been festering there since antiquity. I futher explained to her the aforementioned Albainian-Serbian horrors happened only 60+ years ago and that many of the people involved were still alive, or their children were.

        Her response? She said “Well, I don’t care what happened then, I only care what’s happening now”. Yes folks, that’s the typical intellectual depth of college students studying hostory and political science at so-called top schools.

        Bonus Points: Google student loan suicides for the downside of the rapidly approaching student loan bubble that is so large it could sink things the housing bubble couldn’t.

        • And the Croats were Nazi concentration camp guards, so what? Doesn’t make the Serbs any less guilty of mass murder.

          PS What about the SS Wiking, Walloon, Cossack, Nordland and a multitude of other foreighn national based SS divisions? Did they not wear the SS patch?

          • I wasn’t making any judgements about either side. I told the girl both sides had ‘genocided’ each other multiple times and neither population was good or evil.

            No… the Albanian Skenderbey SS Division was to my knowledge, the only true SS division with their own officers and directives. Their campaign of genocide against the Serbs and the Jews makes anything that MAY HAVE HAPPENED the 90’s look tame.

            The Balkans is a powder keg to this day.

            • Ok, fair enough. Retaliatory evil is just as evil as the evil that is being “revenged”. And yes, the Balkans are a mess.

              I have never seen any reference stating that the Albanians who fought in the SS divisions were any different than those in any of the others and I am pretty sure they were German led and infused with german troops, but I am not an expert in the area. They were quite terrible regardless which I believe was your point.

      43. Remember they are just kids….we were once their age too with really stupid ideas and thoughts.


      44. Mac, Daisy and ninaorket,

        You are probably aware of the following:
        SOPA is the end of us, say bloggers
        Read more:

        Congress has this compulsion to create law upon law upon law. They never stop. They never go back and clean up the mess they cause with their laws. They never go back to see if they should reorganize the legal bookshelf by finding better ways to impose laws on us, by cleaning out the garbage that should not be there, by eliminating excessive laws, and making things simpler, (include Department of Education).They just look at their short tenure (I wish) as a chance to impose their views on the rest of us. Right now they are proposing the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). This is a camouflaged attempt to control the Internet, a source of truth and fiction that impacts political landscapes. What Congress needs to do is clean up its own corrupt act then go home for about four years.

        Today’s Yobama: If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara desert in five years there’d be a shortage of sand.
        — Milton Friedman

        Y’all Beware!

        • Thanks for the link. Daisy put together a good post on this at : .

          While I think SOPA is a disaster in the making – I am running through some ideas on how it may actually KILL the mainstream media on the internet… It seems they haven’t realized how innovative we non-journalist bloggers and non-professional video producers on the web can be…. My guess is that most mainstream media sites get as much exposure as they do BECAUSE of web sites just like this one, where the bloggers and commentors regularly link to their articles…. Now, what would happen if all of a sudden we pulled the plug on THEM?!

          Trying to get my thoughts/ideas organized on this one — I know SOPA is very dangerous, as Daisy highlights in the above referenced article, but so too is the NDAA and Obamacare, yet Congress pushed that through without issue. Thus, while we will all be working to stop SOPA, it may also be time to start considering how we’ll operate if it passes.

          • Thanks for the link, Mac. 😀

            • You got it! A link to Inalienably Yours has also been added to our Web Destinations in the left sidebar. Keep on Keepin’ on over there!

            • Oh No Daisy Rut Roh…you’re gonna regret that …now I know about your blog and I’m gonna stalk ya!

              Just kidding! 😉

            • RWS3, I knew you were trouble. 😉

            • Yes Mame miss Daisy…or I is a certified, non compliant, non negotiable, genuine domestic terrorist according to that dude Janet Napolitano …I also make shine on the side…that’s sunshine if the revenue man asks ya…. ;_)

          • You realise the gov has set up stalags in all of thr larger military bases and captain zero has signed into law the arrest and containment of terrorists with out trial, Terrorist being just a word Washington was a terrorist according to the Brittish so all of the malcontents that do not approve of the gov will be classified as terrorists and the FBI or Army can arrest them without a warrent or Judges order, Just say Sig Heil and obey you will survive maybe then again there is the steel mills ovens.

            • Old Man….

              Thank you, but I’m small taters. 🙂 My little ramblings are unlikely to get me on anybody’s radar.

              I do have to counter what you say with this question:


              I see something and I’m saying something.

          • I don’t think that was a good idea either Daisy… please be careful ? Seriously.. take care…

            • Thanks, Sam, for your concern.

              I’ll be okay, though.

      45. The real ripoff here is that far too many high-school students go to college for the job market need for college-educated people for middle-class jobs. This leaves many young grads with only student loans to show for graduation, not to count the half who start college who never graduate. Hence the angry graduates of recent years like Occupy.

        • Did any here read the article of colleges and universities admitting the homeless??; yep, the enrollment is that bad due to joblessness and students seeing no future in a college degree.
          I’m assuming the ‘financial aid’ dept. has had training to fill out the apps and bypass, uh, certain info. required to be approved; or just lied.

      46. f’em They can do all they want! I’m gonna build up the FREEMEN , go guerilla and then Take Em’ All Down, One NWO Traitor – ONE STATE AT A TIME! If I can’t do it in the OPEN then I’ll do it at 3am in the morning when their sleeping. Starting with Montana!

        I hope THEY LOCK DOWN the whole gmo’d flouridated zionist.jew owned usa … it’ll WAKE UP all oblivious ignorant unbelievers that much faster!

        THIS IS REALITY! ya’ Bunch of Silly Rabbits!

        HAVE NONE of you learned from HISTORY!

        Have none of you been reading the posts here and researching them… if not YOU Deserve to be ENSLAVED!


        YOU ARE ALL , EVERYONE and YOUR KIDS are Being sold INTO NWO GLOBAL debt SLAVERY! WTF! bunch of dumb muthafookers…

        GAWD DAMN!!!! THIS SHIT and the stupid ignorant i like being a debt slave posts here PISSESS ME OFF!

        SOME ONE IS GONNA ………..!!!!!

        I’m gonna go now and find me a MT Christian Republican give him a name tag with “HI, my name is MITT” and smily face on it , make him pin it too his chest at knife point and I’m gonna rearrange his guts with my combat boots!

        I always feel better when done… ;0P

        fuck the nwo, fuck obsama obama, fuck congress, fuck sofa and fuck interpol!


        • yes nina…. i hear you man…. i am not prepared to put up with anymore provacations from these aipac zionist, communist, fascist pricks anymore. nothing less than them immediately putting on the brakes and turning their evil plans around instantly is intolerable to me and will not be acceptable. i hope i make myself clear to you nwo pricks if you are reading this…. do you have a problem with that? do i care? you are in violation of many laws in many countries…. and i really dont care about your ridiculous excuses anymore. nwo commies dont respond very quickly… now do they? i expect you will take your crimes seriously and cease and desist immediately and you know what….?? we can just forgive your past crimes if they were done in concert with many idiots and you didnt know any bettter… if youre jon corzine or someone like that… well… thats gonna be a problem …. however if these crimes against the people who pay your salaries and whom you steal from and enable the powers that be to rape and pillage in every way, if these crimes stop immediately i am prepared to let you exist as you see fit and can , however you need to leave the political arena in a very timely manner…. this is not unreasonable at all…. i think its very fair…. i am very serious about this and dont know or care if any nwo , commie , high government people are actually reading this or care… however i am not telling you anything i havent told you before… however i am very serious about these …. “requests” …. i do hope you make the right choice and choose to be on the right side of american history… of course history being what it is … your crimes cannot be forgotten… i think it should be taught in school about how you ruined america and the world… however in the end … you realized you were not competent and stepped aside just in time…. for a smaller leaner, more capable, with reasonabale fair salaries , people to take over and do jsut this to the system… thats the best it will get… if you continue down this road you are on….???? welll.. i dont think there will be any history or even people left on earth in a fairly short period of time… lets hope you all make the right choice…..

        • Now now Nina, simmer down there killer.
          Remember as Claire Wolfe so eloquently put it “America is at that awkward stage; it’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”

          The time will come soon enough to water the tree….remember the PTB POS bastards of OPFOR want it just as much as many in FREEFOR.
          I am pretty much in full agreement with you and feel your rage as well.
          You state, and I quote: “YOU ARE ALL , EVERYONE and YOUR KIDS are Being sold INTO NWO GLOBAL debt SLAVERY! WTF! bunch of dumb muthafookers…”

          This is where I disagree with you. Slaves are bought and sold…because they are owned.

          Who owns you?
          only you can answer that….

          Me….well I own me…period!

          They can make all the laws, rules, regulations, manipulations they want…But THEY do NOT own ME!

          Fight you say, I’m ready willing and able….when the time is right. Now don’t give me the Patrick Henry speech…yeah he was right but that was then and this is now!

          The time will come and it will come sooner than later….but WE as FREEFOR have to maintain the higher morale ground against OPFOR…

          They will make their last and fatal mistake when they think they have us backed in deep enough to proclaim martial law….it won’t take long after that before they realize its a bad Idea to tickle a tigers tail!

          Just have a drink, clean your weapons, and take an ammo count….or do some PT, or work on winning some hearts and minds!

          This Article is a perfect example that OPFOR is winning the battle for hearts and minds….the more we can win back before the excrement hits the whirling blade….and the lead begins to fly the better off we will be!

          You’ll know when, same as me….FREEFORS being rounded up….will be a pretty good sign!

          My point is don’t go off half cocked and be taken out of the game early….think END game…think WIN!!!

          • Holy acronyms, Batman. I needed Google 4 times to read that post – you’re worse than Durango Kidd!!!

            • Flattery will get you nowhere …. just saying.

            • hahahaha… have radar!!! I haven’t seen you here for a few days, I mention you and POOF!!!

            • Chamber of Commerce weather Daisy. A little golf, a little tennis, and some serious sniping.

              Found some leaverite, some pickers, and a few grins. 🙂

          • ~RWS-3~

            I couldn’t agree more, sir!

            Many years ago, an(at the time) active duty group of SF troopers out of Bragg, went subterranean & created/produced a bi-monthly mag called “The Resister”(the Political Warfare Journal of the Special Forces Underground)…
            …publication (unfortunately) ceased shortly after Bush succeeded Klinton & 9/11 occurred, due to logistic problems & $$$$.

            But from ’92 to ’01, they drove the Pentagon brass(starred cowards all!!!), the Executive branch & the ADL/JDL types crazy! There were ‘witch hunts’ galore…to no avail (thank GOD)!
            Today, copies of ‘The Resister” are rare as hens teeth!

            To make a long story short, the editorial tyrant(humor!!!) had a phrase he employed when admonishing the “chomping at the bit” warrior types & it went thus:

            “Prepare, practice, stay alert, secure a military type battle-rifle w/ 1000rds ammo minimum…….and wait for adult supervision!!!!!!!!” -(J.F.A.Davidson)-

            Outside my father/grandfather, no one I’ve ever known, has influenced my thinking/life as he & the organization’s S-4. They were leaders of men!
            I believe you, fit his criteria of “Adult Supervision” material. Hope you’re ready for it, ‘cuz you’re gonna get recalled/obligated sooner than you may realize!

            True leadership is exhibited in those personal qualities known as bearing, character, presence, honor and sense of duty; however one wants to define those personality traits, they are self-existing, not “taught.” True leaders “stand out” & when in the midst of others, it is apparent that they are deferred to in judgment & followed into action!

            Am definitely NOT dissing NinaO…he is consistent/fierce/knowledgeable…a warrior type indeed…and I sympathize w/ his manifold frustrations (as they’re mine also!!!)
            In the meantime, I copy his order…..”PREPARE”!!!!!

            —–Most vets know at some point ‘NORTHCOM’ will receive ***FLASH TRAFFIC*** and will initiate the orders. We already have ours(see oath)—–

            • Thanks gunsmith,
              I to am not dissing on NinaO, he has a warriors mindset for sure, I just want him to stay in the fight….

              My Dad taught me to never pick a fight you’re sure you can’t win. But if that fight comes to you and you’re given no choice, fight as hard as you can and try to make them wish they had left you alone.

              Yup, I checked and that Oath I took in 86 doesn’t have an expiration date. Even if it did, it wouldn’t change the fact that I have always rebelled against unjust authority.

              Ive always had a sheepdog mentality and I have a flock I have to protect. So when the wolves come I plan on making them damn sorry they came into my pasture.

              I try not to be an internet chest thump-er, but the reality is they bastards have already taken more than I ever wanted to loose…not a whole lot more they can take.

              They started it!

        • If you get there before me, draw a line. If I get there before you, I’ll erase it. Got that?

          • ~PO’d~

            Negative! Am drawing no line & you point is?

      47. The system is working exactly as planned long ago so these results would come to be. Power and control of the masses.

        Reminds me of a story of how to catch a wild pig.

        Put a bit of food on the trail, and wait for them to eat it. Put a bit more food on the trail in the same spot only this time put a small fence in the center. They will be nervous at first but hey, free food! Once again they eat it. The news is out and more pigs come for the free food. Another fence is put on the one side of the trail with more food. Then on the other side and then finally a gate when the pigs are all inside chowing down. The pigs are all caught and now can be harvested at leisure.

        Very similar to what is going on today with our coddled masses. This will not end well.

      48. Do all you kind soft spoken intellectual ladies and gentlemen who say socialism doesn’t work ever hear of the united states marine corps?

        • marines are cowards! get a marine alone 1 on 1 and they piss their pants… i know from bouncin’ bars 8 years… they only fight when there’s 10 or more of em’ and the people their fightin’ are unarmed women and children… like in afghanistan and iraq… bunch of pussy’s!

          notice how not a single u s marine , or corps officer has even attempted to stop the nwo take over of america!

          u s marines = nwo.zionist.jew.soldier.slaves = useless as tits on a bull!

          • ~NinaO~

            Damn Nina! Ya can’t just paint ’em all yellow!
            I got my ass handed to me by a ‘Force Recon’ guy back in ’77, in a bar in Naples! Dude had pity on me because good bourbon had already softened me up some……he could of easily done alot more damage than he did!

            One thing I will say about a Marine….I’ve never personally met one, who wasn’t a damn good shot w/ a rifle!!!!!!!!!!

            • Gunsmith: That’s because we spend ALL DAY every day, for a whole week practicing …..

              AIMING ……

              before we fire a single shot.

              I had never shot a weapon before and I was blowing pinwheels at 500 yards with an open site M-14.

            • “sight”. I knew that.

          • Many of us here are growing tired of you ninaorket.

            • Not me!

      49. I can’t take what is happening to America anymore,when will it end? We are going to be at best a “European” type of society in another year or so and at worst a full on communist dictatorship state. I fear we are well beyond the point of no return, I am ready to move to the redoubt states and hunker down.

      50. Do a search on “Swipe Yo EBT” and get a real eye opener with respect to entitlement…

      51. Anybody ready to start over on a new planet? (Can’t bring the kids-gotta make new ones)………….No Obamas, ginriches, romeneys, clintons… get the idea.

      52. Also, anybody read How to Kill 11,000,000 people?

        Nazi: We are surrounding your neighborhoods with barbed wire for you protection, there is an advancing army and we need to secure these neighborhoods.

        Jew: Um…ok I guess

        Nazi: Ok Jew it is time for you and your family to come with us, there are trains to take you to some factories to work and a small town for you to live in.

        Jew: But why do we have to leave

        Nazi: The Russians are advancing and it is for your safety.

        We all know the rest of the story, but the point is when you look back at history there was no way 11,000,000 people were going to obviously head to their doom, they were LIED to every step of the way so that by time the trains started to show up they almost willingly boarded them. We will be lied to as well, 300,000,000 Americans will not stand by as a communist says this is how we have to live now as a communist society, no he will say I am by passing congress because this is urgent and it is for the good of everybody. A false-flag or real event will happen and the NDAA will kick in and almost overnight America will resemble the USSR under Stalin. They will go after guns, ammo, food they will send people to FEMA camps, again for their own safety, and the sheeple will go willingly because they will not see the true threat.

      53. 80% of college students, not 80% of all young people.

        The more schooling, the less understanding.

        The hope for the future of America lies in its home schooled kids. And perhaps some of its dropouts?

        • I’m encouraging trade schools instead of universities for my girls. It makes you immenently more employable.

          • I think you mean *eminently* as in the current Establishment “conservative” “Republican” candidates are EMINENTLY UNEMPLOYABLE in their apotheosis and identical emulation of Der Fuhrer in Chief. Except of course for the true Constitutional Patriot and Defender of Liberty. 🙂

            • whoops – you’re right! Can’t blame that on a typo!

      54. Well…..this is what you get when you base you political campaigns and ideologies over the past thirty years. You get a poulation that feels it is entitled to the same sort of life style that was promised to the parents. All these systems were set up at a time where you had five people working to one person drawing off the system. My own Canadian population is due for a rude awakening this way too as far too many have got used to the government providing everything for you. Technology might be the area that bridges the gap but that is not going to happen any time soon so perhaps it is time to make sure that people can produce things again. When an abused system collapses like this one has people won`t be happy. If it gets bad enough it is easy to goad them into war to blame others for thier own problems. I sincerely hope that people get it before this happens.

        • I’m afraid the world is going to need “some” grave diggers.

          • Na,chum them into the rivers ,were gonna need to raise some fish.

        • marc…. technology will be the ruin of man… we need to move away form our dependance on technology… some of the best “technologies” are quite simple…. like a wood stove…. thats technology… yet its so simple and no computer parts…. people need to be grounded in reality… it will make them much happier in the long run. how nuclear destruction and communist values get us anywhere is beyond me…. i simply dont understand the weaknesses of the majority… many of the people who think that communism is good are not “stupid” people… however they just get so wrapped up in their ideaology… i guess its just human nature.

          • There is no such thing as human nature.

          • But without high technology, the planet cannot support the population it has. Burn wood? Yeah, that’s how England denuded itself of forests by 1700, creating a crisis that was only settled by the exploitation of coal. You and I have the luxury of burning wood today because 99% of the sheeple don’t.

      55. ……no….wait…I really am smart…says so on my diploma..right there on the wall…next to my Barry Bonds poster, behind the empty juice boxes…………………….damn broke a nail…hmmmm,where are my gov’mnt issued bandaids….oh yeah,used the last one on my n5h1 vaccine owie….what !..gotta go, ellen is back on…

      56. MITT Romney has already sid he would vote for RON Paul…. and you know what.,… i think he will bow out of this election and endorse Paul…. Lets get this done… the time for excuses is over….. RON PAUL 2012

      57. These are the same fu*king kids with their pants hanging down to their knees…

        No wait.. These idiots are dumber than college kids..


        We are so screwed…

        That was sorta fun.

      58. the federal reserve is now going to forecast interest rates…. isnt that kinda like god forecasting the weather.. and obama has a trillion dollar mortgage bailout goody before the election planned now….. please make this nightmare end soon .. please.. im not sure i can tolerate much more of this.. i give no guarantees of how much more i can take…

        • They’re going to “forecast” interest rates to convince more fools to keep lending the Government money. Lies on top of lies. This financial contagion is going to run through our universe until it has consumed absolutely everything it can touch.

          BTW they’re now denying that that mortgage refi plan exists. It would be a duplicate of the GM bondholder ripoff, which is pretty well understood in the investment world now, and the reaction was gonna be ferocious. Pension funds (UNION pension funds?) would have taken it in the neck, because they hold a lot of the mortgage backed securities that would take a 20% writedown. I can just hear the SEIU screaming into the phone at Obama now.

      59. I work at the university and thanks to being raised by helicopter parents, young adults today cannot do anything for themselves. They bring their parents in with them for admission interviews and even have them negotiate their salary when they get job offers.

        Even if every other indicator that we are in a world of hurt were ignored. The attitudes of those who will be running this country in twenty years should keep us up at night.

      60. Have you read the book (or watched the movie) Atlas Shrugged? The story opens with the US firmly in the hands of politicians exploiting stupid people like those students in this survey. The wealth is being sapped from creators of enterprise by an ever-gluttonous government. A single person creates a ‘country’ with no controls and no welfare where basically ‘anything goes’. A country where there is essentially no government at all. And the entrepreneurs have started destroying their businesses and moving there. As the first book (movie) closes, the effects of the migration have not yet been felt. But you know what is going to happen…just as you now know what is going to happen.

        • Wow man, no. Absolutely no one has heard of Atlas Shrugged except you. In fact, you may be the only person who has discovered this literary treasure. Congratulations and THANK YOU for enlightening all of us!

      61. On Drudgereport.. president to reduce troop count by 1/2 million..

        Nice, 500,000 more unemployed Americans..

        • ahh sam not sam… so you have a problem with the troops coming home like most of them want to. you should maybe give up your cushy job and go to ahghanistan… you can go to the front of the line!so you like to see both muslims and jews killed so you can feed on the trough… nice gig dickweed… where can i sign up? hell, boy, id whip you in quick order if you ever got silly with me… i promise.

      62. sma not sam
        go fuck yourself you aipac twit

        • no need to, I’m married.. here’s a new word for you..

          an·ti-Sem·ite   /ˌæntiˈsɛmaɪt, ˌæntaɪ- or, especially Brit., -ˈsimaɪt/ Show Spelled[an-tee-sem-ahyt, an-tahy- or, especially Brit., -see-mahyt] Show IPA
          a person who discriminates against or is prejudiced or hostile toward Jews.



          Related forms
          an·ti-Se·mit·ic  /ˌæntisəˈmɪtɪk, ˌæntaɪ-/ Show Spelled[an-tee-suh-mit-ik, an-tahy-] Show IPA, adjective
          an·ti-Se·mit·i·cal·ly, adverb

          • yes ,so that would describe you sam not are hostile towards real and good jews by spreading your aipac horsecrap opinions. so you are the antisemite fool. just keep putting your foot in your mouth…. bloody fool… youre not a jew…. you are a nazi… a communist…. youre a bloody criminal.

          • sam not sam.. heres a word for you… homo…. sexual… what you are…. a man who jerks off to his aipac literature…. and sticks it up his ass… go to hell you faggot.

            • LMAO… Thanks.. your posts literally made me laugh out loud.. I needed a good laugh.. thanks again !!! 🙂

            • GET EM’ @EEDER, KICK HIS yamucka wearing ass… tired of my world constantly being subject to zionist jew propoganda, a guy CAN’T EVEN WATCH A DAMN MOVIE without jew sympathy in it! WTF!



              I may not of gone to Yale and run around naked in the frat house groto there naked with a bunch of other nwo.zionist.homo.jewboys rubbin up against each other like george bush did… or to homo.harvard like cia.jew.puppet bi-sexual barry soetoro who cheated with the cia’s to get in… but i did my time training with the us air force us army and us marines!

              And I damn well know when it’s time to lock and load and put down a rabid nwo.zionist.jew dog when it’s attacking my life, my family AND COUNTRY!

              9 gawdamn 11 was done by f-ing israel massoud and american cia and fbi agents with mudering dick cheney at the wheel! to enslave YOU ALL! just like the uss liberty was attacked by f-ing israel to force the us into war with egypt… prez johnson ordered the uss liberty be attacked none stop till sunk… the israeli.jews pilots and generals knew what they were doing! it WAS INTENTIONAL!

              WAKE THE FUCK UP!

          • @samnotsam , i look forward to the day we meet…

            a person who discriminates against or is prejudiced or hostile toward Jews.

            you have no idea what pain truly is…

            • Wow, Nina, are you actually threatening to kill Sam because he’s Jewish and doesn’t agree with you? Really? Maybe this is why you only have 3 friends and really like Viking fantasy posters, based on the MySpace page that I think might be yours.

            • Mama Bear ~

              For the record, I don’t like to see it either, when people threaten one another. I, too, find it disturbing.

              However, I also find it disturbing to post personal information about someone on a public board. I would never have expected something like that from you.

              Not cool.

            • Daisy…I doubt that those 2 minor data point would be seen as overly personal by most of the regulars on this site. My point with this, and I probably should have made it more clear, is that he is being extremely self-destructive and a poor representative of his causes. He is completely lacking in OPSEC, which is foolish when threatening to kill individuals on this site, not to mention his .gov followers who are probably freaking out that he is going to pull a Jared Loughner.

              I could have posted personal information about him of the kind that flays the soul, based on this lack of OPSEC, but I of course would never do that.

              I have noticed that you have gone from giving him a good smack upside the head when he needs it, to repeatedly going to the mat for him over trivial things. I suspect that what he really needs is a force for righteousness and discernment in his life. He needs to continue to get that from you, and from the other people on this site that go to the trouble to call him out and admonish him.

      63. It appears the professor has his own biases, so it’s hard to believe his analysis without actual proof. This is a “he said” story and carries no value without an actual documented study that is open to the public. Too bad the report got behind the story at all.

        • rhonda…..ever here about the OWS movement? Nuff said, there is an epidemic of ME ME ME I don’t wanna work for it…I want the gov. to give it to me.

      64. As my 23 year old daughter said,”These kids need to join the Army.”

        Where are these kid’s parents? Can’t blame the schools alone.

      65. Mac,

        Sorry Mac I didn’t watch the video above, I feel dumber after watching Fox news.. LOL


        • That’s a great link….very inspiring!

      66. Compulsory public education is simply too tempting for the homosexualists, the communists and the anti American racists. Most of these people view the school as a government enforced indoctrination scheme. Of course that is quite accurate since the whole thing was designed that way. In 1806 Napoleon handed the Persians their asses. Determined to never suffer like that again the Persians developed compulsory education so the “students” would become disciplined soldiers, diligent workers, orderly subordinates in civil bureaucracies and citizens with similar views on all major issues.

        As one example, look at the rates of suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse and the much shorter life expectancy of the homosexual population which is, realistically, about 1.8% of the population yet virtually 95% of the school aged children support this behavior as do their parents. The gay activists have the masses by the tail and have convinced them that opposition to this self destruction is “hatred.”

        The views on racism and the evils of European Americans are similarly distorted and packaged to induce guilt into people that have been doing nothing but giving for generations.

        It is no wonder that 80% of those surveyed believe government should provide their healthcare and education. They have been inculcated with a belief in socialist utopian systems.

        I fear that the only solution, if one exists at all, is to kill the behemoth known as public ed and to let the responsibility fall on the shoulders of the parents. The system today is too far gone to reform.

        I reccomend “The Underground History of American Education” by John Taylor Gatto and “The State vs The People” by Claire Wolf & Aaron Zelman. (for those that read)

        Have real books in your home. I can gaurantee that e-books downloaded into your Kindle will be revised over and over until we acknowledge that slavery existed for black people in America until the 1980’s and George Washington was a wild eyed extremist clinging to his bible and his IED.

        Don’t forget to double tap. 🙂

      67. HERE is my OLD MAN of the MOUNTAIN… my responsible adult… watch read and learn the truth bible thumpers… this CHRISTIAN man is the REAL DEAL!

      68. you ALL are going to the NEAREST FEMA CAMP for RE-EDUCATION- do not stop at go – do not collect 200 silver pieces… read and learn… just you being at this WEBsite means… yur’ Flagged for FEMA camp DETENTION

        “Covered persons” may include United States citizens who have committed a “belligerent act”. The determination is made unilaterally by the executive branch of the federal government. There are no judicial checks to the indefinite military detention of United States citizens.

        ‘Belligerent Act’ Gives Broad Power to Military

        A “belligerent act” is not defined in this statute. However, the term is defined in similar bills and laws, such as the Military Commission Act, which defines a “belligerent” as a person who:

        “1) has engaged in hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners; or 2) has purposefully and materially supported hostilities against the United States or its coalition partners.”

        • good…. I am waiting for it. Could be better that way; if 80% of this country give or take are lazy future stealing money pricks than being shot and not being a forced slave in the system may be good and preferable to the alternative. We already get extorted on our labor and work more hours to make ends meet as it is, while the 1% get richer and richer. We already pay taxes into a ponzi scheme set up that is corrupt and now most of us will never see a penny of what we have paid in. It doesn’t matter if its SS or IRA’s or 401k’s; still f-ed; realestate too. So I say what I said above makes good sense. Why would anyone want to exist in this kind of slavery which will be far worse than now once the 80% ass holes get their way. Is there anyone who really thinks that we are free?? Do you own your home?! How about your car?? I know what about the money in the bank?? NONE OF IT!! You own none of it, you pay taxes on it and when you don’t do that it is taken so you really don’t own anything; rather like a lease. The money in the bank under new chapter 15 bankruptcy law for TBTF’s allows seizure of segregated assets from private accounts. Martial law will allow all assets to be seized by gov’t. WOW!!! Oh almost forgot your children and grandchildren who many of you have borrowed(stolen from) will be the next generation of slaves; terribly true they will most likely love it. Thanks arbitrary Mom and Dad as well as miscellaneous Granny and Pappy (Fucking theives). Thanks Nina for pointing it out, I feel better now.

      69. I call the teens today the Want or givme generation, givme som respect or I’ll put a cap in yor asss, they can’t give it they just want respect, I wan dat givit to me or I’ll takit. I can’t blame the kids of today because that’s the way they were raised and the parents are just as bad they’re special, no respect, no responsiblity and no accountablity and the politicians are a great example of how not to raise your kids, politicians are the ones destroying your country vote them out!!

      70. Proof that the government is poisoning the population. With their stated goal to reduce population worldwide, the eugenicists who run the world state have resorted to any means necessary to target reproduction and fertility, including the outrageous measures identified in the 1969 Planned Parenthood – World Population memo written by Frederick S. Jaffe.


        That memo proposes reducing U.S. fertility via postponement of marriage, discouraging tax incentives for parents, encouraged increases in homosexuality, adding fertility control agents to the water supply and encouraging women to work, as well as measures including forced abortions and payments to encourage abortions. Many of these draconian calls for involuntary fertility control reflect some of the most controversial entries in the 1977 Ecoscience volume written by current White House science advisor John P. Holdren & population bomb scare-monger Paul Ehrlich.

      71. “If you are going to tell people the truth, you had better make them laugh or they will kill you.” –Oscar Wilde

      72. VOTE RON PAUL 2012

        or not…

        Republican Mitt Romney’s tax plan would increase taxes on low-income families while cutting taxes for the middle-class and the rich, according to an independent study released Thursday.

        you ALL are eventually going to be… poor… just give it time age does that too you.

        • I’m already “poor”. Geez. What do I have left to look forward to?

          • civil war….

      73. the unbiased truth of syria / iraq an what americas version of war is really like as told by a very hot syrian lady… makes me wanna join the u.s. army so i can invade her… ;0) maybe i’m wrong hmmmmmmmmmmm… war might just be a good thing!!

      74. I am the only one of three siblinngs to get through high school. I went on to college to get a BA and MA because my parents wanted someone to go on to do something they did no get a chance at. I taught school for 30 years and worked after retirement as a library assistant editing the library data base. That is my background. Today we have attitude that all students must go to college … same attitude my parents had. I’ve seen this in the school where I worked … a school ranked as one of the top two public high schools in the state. I know nothing about Valencia College. It might be a very good school. However, students tend to apply to schools they have a shot of getting into. Good schools attract good students, and so so schools, those with lax standards, get the rest. Perhaps we are looking at a group of so so kids; those who would have been better served with a good trade school experience. What happened to encouraging kids to learn a trade. I know in my school, college was pushed and trades were mostly ignored. We need to geet rid of the attitude that all are entitled to college and learning a skill or trade is not cool.

      75. when you read this, you fully understand why the idiots of this country flocked to the polls and elected Barack Hussein Obama.

        There is no hope for this country.

      76. We home schooled our two kids. Best thing we ever did. I sent this to them and my daughters reply was…”WHAAAT?! obama isn’t going to pay for my every whim?! what kind of crap government is being run here sheesh.” She’s 18 years old. My son is 20. His reply was…”obama is a dumb ass.”
        I love my kids.

      77. I will let the Scriptures be my response to this overwhelming evidence of the social and moral decay of our nation:

        2Thessalonians 3:10 “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.”

        I say take every governmental teat provision away from the able-bodied individual and let the old addage: “neccessity is the mother of invention” take hold on our society… work-fare not welfare

      78. I honestly believe that the majority of the electorate may be dumb enough and addicted to the Obama socialist fantasy enough to put him back into office again.

        The welfare recipients, the socialist-leaning Latinos, the brainwashed public school underachievers, the liberals and the OWS wtf?-ers are numerous enough to possibly wipe any semblance of capitalism and self-efficient success out of our culture.

        I believe that Obama, Clinton, Soros and the rest of thebillionaire backers of the NWO agenda are fully aware of this.

        • Well all of those you mentioned PLUS the legions of deceased that crawl out of their graves every election year.

          • And if not, TPTB can always revert to those compromised voting machines.

      79. For over a century this has been the plan

        ..slowly.. incrementally indoctrinate the youth into non critical thinking/no cognitive thought..

        non resistant to authority


        dependent upon the state/world government..

        lack of basic world history and US history
        limited reading and verbal skills

        I do have to say..plan well done.

        perfect sheep..

        • true….and these young and indoctrinated left-leaning monllycoddled “perfect sheep” will descend on the rest of us like the Kmer Rouge if and when the left successfully disarms the patriot movement.

          And that my friends….will be when the civil war begins.

          We have a globalist,communist,islamist manchurian candidate in the white house already….

      80. Truth about Jessee Ventura:

        Respect to RWS3 for posting earlier of this concern. I still give Jessee Creds… and he’d do more for the US of A than any other!

        Navy career

        From September 11, 1969, to September 10, 1975, during the Vietnam War era, Ventura served in the United States Navy. Ventura graduated with BUD/S class 58 in December 1970[7] and was part of Underwater Demolition Team 12 (UDT).[8] The UDTs were merged with the US Navy SEALs in 1983, 8 years after Ventura had left the Navy.

        Bill Salisbury, an attorney in San Diego and a former Navy SEAL officer, accused Ventura of “pretending” to be a SEAL and wrote that Ventura would be blurring an important distinction by claiming to be a SEAL when he was actually a frogman with the UDT. Compared to SEAL Teams, UDTs saw less combat and took fewer casualties.[9][10][11] Following that, Governor Ventura’s office confirmed that Ventura was a member of the UDTs. His spokesman stated that Ventura has never tried to convince people otherwise.[9] Ventura stated: “Today we refer to all of us as SEALs; that’s all it is,” and described the accusations of lying about being a SEAL as “[m]uch ado about nothing.”[11]

        Ventura has frequently referred to his military career in public statements and debates.[9][12][13] He was criticized by hunters and conservationists for stating in an interview with the Minneapolis StarTribune in April 2001, “Until you have hunted men, you haven’t hunted yet.”[13][14]

        In January 2002, Ventura, who had never specifically claimed to have fought in Vietnam, disclosed for the first time that he did not see combat. He did not receive the Combat Action Ribbon, which was awarded to those involved in a firefight or who went on clandestine or special operations where the risk of enemy fire was great or expected.[8]

        RON PAUL 2012! There is NO Substitute! Make it Happen 2012!

      81. The Ten Commandments of Hand, the Invisible,
        God of the USSA

        1. I am that I am. Never forget it.

        2. You, little wo/man, shall have no god/s but Me. See below.

        3. Raise up your children and offer them unto my sacrifices. Don’t ask.

        4. You will lie, cheat, and murder when I tell you.

        5. And not a minute sooner. Or else.

        6. Forget about your mother and father: remember only Me.

        7. Shut up, pay your taxes, and stop whining about a National Medical Plan. Or else.

        8. You may covet your neighbour’s ass and grass, but all natural resources are mine, to sell as I deem best.

        9. Is that a problem? Go to #10.

        10. Get in line. Take only what you can carry to the FEMA bus.

        The FEMA bus is coming soon, for you and you and you….

        [all copyrights reserved to [email protected]]

      82. This isn’t a joke…its sad and I see this ‘attitude’ within my own children who are older…their father is the same way (wonder why I divorced??) It is scary, sicking and these are the same ‘children’ that will gang up to take from you because they believe that what you have worked for belongs to them too.
        Wake up people…they are the future informants…we can’t have someone having more than us now can we?
        Doom and gloom? nope…sometimes reality bites

      83. I am currently a college student and I disagree with the students listed in this survey. I am 25 and have been awake for a long time. And I refuse to support any one that wants everything to be handed to them. It is a sad day when capable human adults want someone else to take care of them and provide for them. I was not brought up like that and I am sure that many of us here know the meaning of hard work and freedom. I am against people who are on the government teet. The only people who should be supported are our vets, who earned it. One concern I do have about these elections is that the media will pick a candidate and pump them up to increase the votes. The problem is that the votes may be too split for any of them to have enough numbers to defeat Obama, which will be a very bad thing if he gets a second term…

        Stay sharp, Always Prep, Stay Safe

      84. welll im not suprised at much much bull shit..and to many crooks in the government.. of course these kids are going to say some dumb shit like that. all they do text text text and watch shit tv.. america is screwed.only thing that will fix this country is a revolution and unfortunatily the america today does not have the back bone that our four fathers have..rrember the ones that broke loose from that other corrupt government….well good luck america.. good luck

      85. The tone of these forums has changed drastically in the past year. It used to be the most uncivil posts would be about crisp new 10 dollar bills. Oh well, welcome to 2012.

      86. Clearly these college students are out of touch with reality. However, I highly doubt that this non-random sample of 180 economics students are a true representation of any group’s, college students or otherwise, views on the government.
        Furthermore, the essay questions and context were set up for this kind of response.
        I can tell you that many students asked to write an essay in an economics class are going to right complete and utter BS for the sake of simply finishing the essay. I’ve known many college students who simply write anything, even things that contradict their own beliefs, for the sake of finishing an assignment; such is the pressure of having a high workload. The essay prompt asked what the students want their government to DO. Right there, many students will list a wishlist of sorts without thinking clearly of the implications; there is no incentive to write what they truly believe and great incentive on finishing the assignment while meeting the 500 word essay mark.

        If the author really wanted to make a constructive argument and base the views of an entire group on said argument, he would have used a statistically valid methodology, not an economics essay assignment of 180 students (Sophomore students, no less).

      87. This guy is put on by FOX news, a known biased news station whose primary stock holders are big banks (which happened to by protested by.. guess who.. college students.) It only makes sense that FOX would release propaganda based on absolutely no statistically valid science to make college students look like idiots. Good job, FOX… more brainwashing.

        • what universe do you live in? FOX is probably the only unbiased news station out there. All the rest–CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN and most newspapers–are heavily biased toward the left. They are the ones doing the brainwashing, not FOX.

          The reason that most college students have brains full of mush these days is because of the teachers unions and because of the public school system; any school that takes money from the government gets its curiculuum edited by the government, which means that the only thing that gets taught is politically correct nonsense like:

          “As human beings, we are not really responsible for our own acts, and so we need government to control those who don’t care about others.”

          This is classic socialism, exactly that the lunatic establishment wants to create.

      88. Clearly these college students are out of touch with reality. However, I highly doubt that this non-random sample of 180 economics students are a true representation of any group’s, college students or otherwise, views on the government.
        Furthermore, the essay questions and context were set up for this kind of response.
        I can tell you that many students asked to right an essay in an economics class are going to write complete and utter BS for the sake of simply finishing the essay. I’ve known many college students who simply write anything, even things that contradict their own beliefs, for the sake of finishing an assignment; such is the pressure of having a high workload. The essay prompt asked what the students want their government to DO. Right there, many students will list a wishlist of sorts without thinking clearly of the implications; there is no incentive to write what they truly believe and great incentive on finishing the assignment while meeting the 500 word essay mark.

        If the author really wanted to make a constructive argument and base the views of an entire group on said argument, he would have used a statistically valid methodology, not an economics essay assignment of 180 students (Sophomore students, no less).

        Furthermore, this guy is put on by FOX news, a known biased news station whose primary stock holders are big banks (which happened to by protested by.. guess who.. college students.) It only makes sense that FOX would release propaganda based on absolutely no statistically valid science to make college students look like idiots. Good job, FOX… more brainwashing.

      89. Greetings,

        I thought the video was very ONE SIDED. No one questions the fact that government is the Tooth Fairy when it comes to the Military Industrial Complex. Seems, as well, that the government has unlimited amounts of money to bail out banks both here and in Europe.

        That we charge our youth for the knowledge that they need to succeed is criminal. Can you imagine, say, a native American tribe that would demand money to teach its young how to hunt and fish? How is this any different?

      90. The basic message here sums up what is fundamentally wrong with this country, Americans want it all and dont want to work for it. Whether Americans like it or not this will soon be rectified with a much needed wake-up call. Enjoy

      91. when you call someone “crazy”, you’re really admitting you’re too ignorant to understand them

      92. Another thing if we are not responsible as human beings for ourself and our actions who is? Certainly under the age 18 its mom and dad after that there is no f-ing excuse for behavior done with freewill. So a good example ( a real life example of a person from college I know) is a person gets drunk hooks up with a chick, takes em home and bangs them then in month the same chick comes knocking on the door and says I am pregnant. Who’s fault is it? It’s clear, but for the sake of argument lets just say that the guy that was drunk says it isn’t his fault and that I(pretending)to be his father; would say did you get drunk slip and have your dick fall into this chick by accident? (haha) We all know that is not possible there are no accidents here in this arena, even with protection, contaceptive what ever. Fact is no one makes you drink or bang the chick to begin with. The point being that these f-ing kids are irresponsible pieces of shit and lazy. Play with little phones and check face book every ten minutes. This country was not built by ass holes who sat their ass and asked others to give them shit. Farmers, Carpenters, etc…. not desk jobs; whic is what most everone seems to want to do anymore. I am a carpenter/craftsman (20 years)still going own my own buisness and I have carved out a decent living for myself and I asked no one to do it for me………..!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me do I get blame this post on somebody else?

      93. A good vocationally-trained mechanic, electrician, nurse or machinist, who is employable after graduating and is at least inspired to read aggressively above his or her occupation, and thus to be familiar with the world beyond his or her “station” as prescribed by such occupation….is far more valuable to their community and country than an upper-level degree holder who sells-out to the LEFT because the economy cannot provide them with a job in their chosen field and their student loans are due.

        Pleanty of unemployabe law students, med students, engineers, accountants etc. as well as skilled and educated immigrants worked side-by-side during the depression to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads until times got better.

        Now we’ve got these whining pussies who pine for YEARS on unemployment rather than take a job….any job….to begin paying back their debt.

        As these high-level entitlement whores of the current unemployed generation become more entrenched in this mentality that the world owes them a career and status just because their college recruiter and loan provider told them they would have it, the weaker America becomes for when the REAL tough times descend upon us.

        I spit on OWS as equally as I spit on 3rd and 4th generation welfare recipients. I consider both equally dangerous to me, my family and my interests WTSHTF and I will treat them equally.

        • Right on! Most college students would not touch a book if they got paid to after graduation. True knowledge seekers never stop expanding their knowledge base through reading, experience, whatever. I do read at least 50 books a year about any and everything that intrests me. Yep my own brother has defaulted on his college debt, tried to partner up with me in my buisness but told him no (family is no good for buisness partners at least not mine.) He cries about his credit score and how broke he is. He came out of college with a International buisness Major and Spanish major (60 thou in debt)expecting 100 thou a year and what did he do nothing with it went from family member to family member seeking to ride someones back/coat-tail. He could have gone to work for the gov’t as a translator or something with a start salary of around 45,000 and after a few years gotten paid very well and had health care benefits. He now sells life insurance but I always knew he was salesman at heart; I mean he sells his self image as a hard working decent guy. At heart he a lazy slothful prick, another one the folks that wrote this article are talking about.
          As far as helping these folks, they have a mental illness basically that cannot be cured. No matter how much you attempt to help them it will never work. They will keep coming back for handouts (like my brother). You must cut them off, don’t do shit for them; I have compassion just no fu-king patience for this. The OWS crew have many of these little pricks running around saying that we owe them something (NOT!). Like you Mr.Texas I will kick some ass when they mess with my resources, etc…

          • I mean Mr. Taxes

      94. What the professor should next do is have them write another essay about hitting it big. They have just developed the newest and best widget. Presently 5 companies are attempting to buy the rights to manufacture it. Any company that buys it can have it on the market in 6-9 months. If you decide to keep the idea to yourself it will take you 2 years and 50 million that will have to be raised. It will take you 5 very lean years to do it yourself before you turn a big profit. You will then have to pay back investors that provided start up cash. After 12 years you will become a Billionaire but prior profits are lean. Do you take a buyout for quick cash becoming a millionaire or suffer to be worth far more in the long run? and

      95. I love stories like this…it means I’m going to have a huge advantage in the job market for the foreseeable future – if I don’t decide to drop out and starve the system of my tax dollars.

      96. Media, colleges, professors, high school…all part of the grand agenda to propagandize and brainwash the American people, in particular the American kids. STOP DREAMING and WAKE UP!

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