Pink Slips: 100,000 Jobs Wiped Out Amid Oil Price Collapse: “Spreading Like Cancer”

by | Mar 21, 2015 | Headline News | 340 comments

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    oil-jobs-thLow oil prices are good for America according to President Obama. In fact, he has personally taken credit for the savings you’re experiencing.

    In a normal economy lower prices at the pump would certainly help to spur growth in other sectors. The problem, of course, is that the new normal means that oil companies and banks leveraged heavily as prices rose. They assumed, like real estate speculators ahead of the 2008 crash, that the price of oil could only go in one direction. As we’ve seen in recent months, however, oil speculation is exactly that and despite our dependency on black gold the energy industry is not immune from massive price swings.

    The consequences will be two-fold and the cracks are already starting to appear.

    First, according to a new report from Zero Hedge, over 100,000 jobs have been lost globally as a result of lower oil prices and more are pink slips are coming:

    The bloodletting among the oil majors and their vast web of ancillary services has of course extended to the United States – which appears to be taking far more casualties than Saudi Arabia in the battle for marketshare. In January oilfield services giant Baker Hughes said it will lay off 7,000 employees, about 11 percent of its workforce; that number was rivalled only by its competitor, Schlumberger, which let go 9,000 workers. Shell, Apache, Pemex and Halliburton are among major oil companies to issue recent pink slips to the growing army of unemployed oil workers. In the U.S., the worst pain is, not shockingly, expected to be felt in Houston. Assuming a one-third reduction in oil company capital expenditures this year and 5 percent in 2016, the hydrocarbon capital of the world could lose 75,000 jobs, in a city that has added 100,000 new positions every year since 2011, said a professor at the University of Houston.

    The oil jobs nightmare is in fact spreading like a cancer. According to Swift Worldwide Resources, “the number of energy jobs cut globally has climbed well above 100,000 as once-bustling oil hubs in Scotland, Australia and Brazil, among other countries, empty out,”Bloomberg reported recently.

    Keeping in mind that the job growth seen in America since the 2009 recession came primarily from the oil and gas industry, the fact that tens of thousands of high paying jobs are being eliminated does not bode well for the economy.

    The American economy typically benefits from lower oil prices as consumers keep more change in their pockets when visiting the gas pump. But these days those paltry savings don’t go very far considering that prices for food are rising and health care costs are through the roof.

    But job losses are only part of the story.

    Earlier this year we warned that the rapid drop in prices could cause the most destructive economic situation since the Great Depression, an argument explained in detail by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse Blog:

    The big Wall Street banks did not expect plunging home prices to cause a mortgage-backed securities implosion back in 2008, and their models did not anticipate a decline in the price of oil by more than 40 dollars in less than six months this time either.  If the price of oil stays at this level or goes down even more, someone out there is going to have to absorb some absolutely massive losses.

    It has been estimated that the six largest “too big to fail” banks control $3.9 trillion in commodity derivatives contracts.  And a very large chunk of that amount is made up of oil derivatives.

    By the middle of next year, we could be facing a situation where many of these oil producers have locked in a price of 90 or 100 dollars a barrel on their oil but the price has fallen to about 50 dollars a barrel.

    In such a case, the losses for those on the wrong end of the derivatives contracts would be astronomical.

    Should the price of oil not rise in coming months it could well be the trigger for the next big collapse of the economy and stock markets.

    As we saw in 2008/2009, such a collapse could very quickly spiral out of control and create a negative feedback loop with more job losses, panic in credit markets, significant drops in real estate, and more emergency measures from the government.

    Even jobs that many consider to be recession- or depression-proof are at risk. That’s why unemployment preparedness ahead of a personal disaster is absolutely necessary in the current economic climate.

    Job loss is one of those personal emergencies that can strike without warning. Those who have been affected by unemployment know all too well of the stress involved in this “personal economic collapse”.  That said, steps can be taken beforehand to buffer and prepare your household for this unexpected and unwelcoming disaster.

    Via: Unemployment Prepping: What You Can Do Beforehand 

    Even if oil does recover we’re still in a heap of trouble from an economic, fiscal and monetary standpoint. Start making preparations today, because once disaster strikes it’ll be too late.


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      1. I have no complaint with low oil prices. Question is how gas went as low as $1.99 per gal for a week and now it’s right back up at $2.37 per gal. and tourist season hasn’t even started. By June it’ll be $3.00.

        • One of the tradeoffs with low oil prices is that Govt’s fund their budgets which requires higher oil prices. Look no further than Russia and especially Venezuela who’s economy is in tatters because oil is priced too low.

          If the low prices continue you could see a daisy chain of Govt defaults and bankruptcies.

          • and what is the downside if we see a daisy chain of gove defaults & bankruptcies? actually they already have run out of tax dollars. They just add to the Debt.

            • “actually they already have run out of tax dollars. They just add to the Debt.”

              True and that’s why everyone is printing money, that’s what’s keeping the inevitable from happening. It’s also the reason why the shale business took off because of ZIRP. No one wants to admit they are broke other than Greece.

              The daisy chain would be an economic meltdown far worse than 2008 if everyone admitted they were broke. High priced oil just prolongs the pain.

              • True, I never really though of Greece being the only honest guy at the table.

                • Check out the 2 top articles at dave rodgers the common sense show and listen to the former canadian defense minsters you tube video it is quit sobering as he spills the beans.

              • 10 Charts Which Show We Are Much Worse Off Than Just Before The Last Economic Crisis

                The financial crisis of 2008…
                “was just the first wave of our problems. The waves that come next are going to be the ones that really wipe us out.”

                “We never seem to learn from the past, and when this next economic downturn strikes it is going to do an astonishing amount of damage because we are already in a significantly weakened state from the last one.”

                From the charts…
                “As you will see, our economic problems are significantly worse than they were just before the financial crisis of 2008. That means that we are far less equipped to handle a major economic crisis than we were the last time.”

                Economic Collapse blog

                  • Looking at those charts makes me think of birth pangs.

                    I used to use my pantry to buy on sale and buy enough to bridge to the next sale. Saved a bundle with this philosophy I usually average 30% savings on any one grocery bill.

                    I’m thinking I don’t want supply’s to get low in these terrible days. It’ll cost a little more, to maintain supplies at regular prices. Perhaps it’s time to diversify buying sources to find balancing sales, a lot more work though.

                • Don’t worry KY Mom! The Republicans will save us!!! Just you wait and see…

              • As I was saying this confirms from Saudi Arabia what the price of oil needs to be priced at:

                “It is OPEC’s interest to achieve balance in the market. The price is decided by the market, and the market is subject to supply and demand.”

                Madi also said that he believed it would be difficult for oil to reach a price range of $100-120 per barrel again. Brent crude is currently around $55 per barrel.

                “$100-120 – I think it’s difficult to reach 120 another time…We understand that all countries need higher incomes…We want higher incomes, but we want higher incomes for us and future generations,” Madi added

                http : // peakoil . com /publicpolicy/saudi-arabia-no-political-motives-behind-oil-policy

              • best explanation ever

              • So basically you’re saying… if oil prices go up, the consumer is dead, which kills the economy. If oil prices go down the government is dead, which kills the economy.

                Como se dice “UNSTABLE”?

                Yeah, great, this is really working out well.

                • “Como se dice “UNSTABLE”?”

                  Damned if you do, damned if you don’t !

            • yeah they was paying $3000 to $18,000 a acre to land owners for 5 year oil leases on 640 acre 1280 acre pools, now these are running out, and there is oil under them, there is alot of land that never got drilled

          • Obama takes credit for Russia’s economic problems. He credits ‘crippling sanctions’.

            • I’m sure those 100,000 good paying jobs in the energy field are being replaced right now with 200,000 Mexicans cutting grass and trimming hedges———-
              HOORAY !! Unemployment drops again !!…..sarcasm off……

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              • I did as a kid and was devastated when the cards broke. A pretend motorcycle I guess.

                • Do you have any idea how many Mickey Mantle rookie cards I went through? And to think, I could have been a millionaire,or maybe even owned my own Harley! Trekker Out.

            • Why is there so much hatred of bisexual people on here. Seriously. You wonder how I got so hateful. My boyfriends are all really nice people and they don’t deserve the hate. What’s the big deal over sex anyway?

              • We really don’t dislike Bi’s here; it’s you we don’t like. You are mean, petty, and arrogant.

                • Paranoid doesn’t sound so welcoming right now.

                • Acid spends most of his time baiting us

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                    Nam Marine

                  • …and the rest of his time, insulting us.

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                • Dunjin, AMEN to your comments.

                • AE really gets you people going, and probably laughs at the thought of your blood pressure going off the charts.

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                    • I guess your language is some of your christian values? No wonder this country is such a mess with all you fools who think there is a god. Jokes going to be on you in the end.

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                    • Dunjin—

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                    • +1000 green thumbs Dunjin

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                  • Hear hear!!

                    • Dunjin, I take my hat off to you, sir. You came on stronger with him than anyone else here, me included, ever have. And some people claim I have a problem? Dunjin has something over on me. again, kudos.

                • Acid; Why don’t you leave and do your own website where you can consort with other mental misfits and twisted BS.

            • Hard to believe his mommy lets him ride a motorcycle.

              • Brave—

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                • Hunter, I fell out of my chair on that one! Damn good!

                • Haha!!

              • BH, his mommy probably rides him.

                • Nobama, that one is cold. I do set some limits on myself.

          • don’t agree with you on much but this is “all good” Leather and Chrome, oh yeah. Leather on my wife and chrome on the bike…

            • I,m gonna leave the leather on my cattle and the chrome in my rifle barrel .

          • No big deal, I’ve seen a pervert on two wheels before.

        • Mountain,
          and the part you left out was that crude is at 42.00 SOOOOO gas shuld be well under 2.00 a gallon. more like 1.75. we are still getting screwed and not even a Kiss afterwards!

          • Depending on the type of crude (sweet, sour, etc.) you’ll get an average of less than 20 gallons of combined straight run and fractionated gasoline out of a barrel of oil.

            It isn’t a simple straight barrel = barrel equation, there are other products that come out of a barrel of oil as well and the percentages of each can be varied according to what is needed outside of gasoline (and diesel) which also affects the end prices of each.

            • Sharon,
              also the cost to cook that crude, as the different properties come out at different temps. and that figures into the cost of refined fuels.

            • Many of those other products that come from a barrel of oil are far more expensive and profitable than gasoline.

              Speaking of which, if anyone needs their driveway repaved this spring will be the time to do it! It comes out of a barrel of oil as well.

        • “Should the price of oil not rise in coming months it could well be the trigger for the next big collapse of the economy and stock markets.”

          @MT “By June it’ll be $3.00”

          On the contrary, expect the price of gas to be be well below $2 if not closer to $1 by mid or late June.

          Todays headlines over at Zero Hedge
          “The Perfect Storm For Oil Hits In Two Months: US Crude Production To Soar Just As Storage Runs Out”

          • EA I never enjoy seeing anyone lose their job, but I sure hope that your figure is closer than mine when you say it will be well below $2 if not closer to a $1. We may lose a 100,000 jobs but millions have suffered for years with these high prices. Also if gas is as cheap as you predict this summer, many jobs will be created just by the increase in tourism, although not as high paying as oil field jobs they will be a little more dispersed around the country. I know I’m tired of filling my truck with gas and not getting any change from a 100 dollar bill. Trekker Out.

            • The economy tanked with 3 and 4 dollar gas, now that it’s lower, and hopefully staying low, it’s going to pick up. When people are spending most or all of their paycheck on rent, food, utilities, and the gas tank, they can’t eat out, buy clothes, see a movie, get a new couch and loveseat, etc., etc.

              Was as low as $1.749 here for a week, then refinery strikes took their toll, up to $2.80 and higher, now dropping to $2.50, a dime this week, and going lower.

          • Here in northeast PA the price of gas is $2.54 (including a 10 cent tax the state government just added). I do not see the price of gas going down, nor have I seen the price of oil-generated products like plastics going down either. It doesn’t matter than the demand for gasoline has been going down in the U.S. for years; the big oil companies will never give up their profits.

            • sharonsj your so right, when oil was over a $100 per barrel Colemen fuel for lanterns and stoves was about $13 a gallon at Wally World and now that it around $50 guess how much Colemen fuel is? How did you Guess! Trekker Out. Yeah $13 a Gal.

          • I’ll believe that when cows jump over the moon.

            It will go up or remain flat (at worst). Watch and see.

            Mumble mumble collusion. Mumble mumble survival.

          • It cannot be a buck. The cost of production alone is greater than that and will not allow it. If that price collapse happens there will be no gas. Unless you are a Marxist and believe that everything just appears like magic and should be free which would also means you are mentally a child and probably an Obama supporter.

        • Trek, I was in Ca for 3 weeks, gas was $3.49 in LA. Got back to Casper week ago, gas $2.09; now cheapest is $1.99. People in CA are going to get hammered. Water problem is REAL and if they don’t get significant water next 2 winters it’s goodbye CA. Meanwhile, Gov Moonbeam is welcoming 3 million more illegals and wants to spend 50 Billion on high speed rail. I love it! Stupidity may finally get it’s reward.

          • Paranoid, cali is doomed, no getting around that.

          • Hell I’m in casper to without a job I can’t afford cheap gas

          • Thanks to Moonbeam there will eventually be an additional tax of $1.75 on gas sold in California. Then add in ARB 32 which has caused tremendous cost to anyone in business using machinery. Not to mention the stupid train that Arnie gave us will eventually cost over two hundred billion and the state of Cali will be so screwed that even the illegals will leave. The ultra wealthy are simply making things so expensive that soon they will have the state to themselves.

        • I view articles of this type, i.e., bemoaning the drop in the price of oil, as, at a minimum, consisting of devious bull manure that is being put out by the greedy oil companies who’ve been ass raping the American consumer ever since the so-called Arab oil embargo back in the 1970s.

          When I got out of high school, the price of gas per gallon at a local station where by Dad used to fill up – was about .35 cents a gallon. In those years, down in Texas and Louisiana and in parts of Oklahoma – American oil fields were fully up and running and thousands of American citizens were gainfully employed in the American based oil industry and those people made a decent living and were able to feed and provide for their families. And, Big Oil was making substantial profits – perhaps not as grotesque as they’ve been making since then, but the bottom line is – they were making decent profits, while at the same time, they were helping to provide good paying jobs for American citizens.

          Then, along comes the government. Decided to cap the oil wells domestically, and put the USA in the very vulnerable position of depending on the Middle East for the vast majority of our oil. A dependency which, by the way, benefits who? Well, the obvious first choice would be the Saudis & Arabs who sell us their oil. Ah, but the second beneficiary – as it turns out – is Israel, because now, the USA has to be concerned about stability in the Middle East and this gives the blood thirsty, war mongering, psychopaths who run Israel leverage over the US and our military. It made it easier for the Israelis to snooker the US into sticking out noses into the thousand plus year old squabbles that are occurring in the Middle East, and when the Israeli Mossad – who are famous for their history of engineering false flag terrorist attacks – decides to throw in a few false flag attacks on US military forces who are now stationed in the Middle East (to protect our oil interests),and bingo, we have what we have today – the USA with their military foot trapped in a quagmire of conflict in the Middle East, and the Israelis are sitting happily in the bleachers, munching popcorn, slurping their Big Gulps, and laughing their asses off over how easy it is to snooker the dumb gentiles of the USA into fighting their wars for them.

          Oh, and to add frosting to the cake – we have the fat, arrogant, obnoxious pig of a not-so-prime minister of Its-a-lie, having the unbelievable gall to come over here to the USA on multiple occasions and give a speech to a gang of donkey fellating, treasonous US Congressman wherein this devious and conniving bastard tries to con the USA into starting WW3 by attacking Iran, because this pig wants to shed the blood of American soldiers instead of the precious blood of his fellow Israelis – and this turd gets rewarded for his audacity by getting dozens of standing ovations from these treasonous donkey fellators?

          1776 The Sequel is long overdue, folks.

          • Bravo…Tucker. Well said!!!!!!

          • Tucker speaks the truth

            Just dont say that over at ZH cause they will ban you for saying it.

          • Perfect post, Tucker. Thanks for telling it like it is.

            • You clowns really are ignorant if you think Tucker has brain cell one. You probably all love Obama. Birds of a feather.

        • remember that Mr Obama is friend to Iran, et al., at present and dropping prices may be seen as deterring American companies from producing on American soil….its all about taking money from oil business folks and take over for the world leaders….America must be crippled and subjected liek the rest of the world in their thinking…if America becomes independent, self production, then a world wide collapse will not affect America as much…but if America is handicapped from producing its own fuel, then when economy collapse happens America will be vulnerable to Martial Law and executive decision making….if it wasnt for his shackling American independence, lowering fuel prices means greater prosperity for the rest of the USA….it was higher oil prices and gasoline that drove up the cost of food production, transportation costs for commerce and trade….better and wiser investments are in farmable land, long-term store grains and dried beans, hardwood trees (fuel and building supplies), small silver coins, natural gas wells, etc. and getting completely debt free. Its time to think about real value and not just a volatile investment market based upon relative goods. Its like investing in the hologram and not the cameras. ..better to invest in your own debt…when the notes get called and 401 K’s and other paper accounts get robbed, we will all be sitting on our debt free self sustaining land (unless that too is confiscated under the emergency government plan)or we will be sitting whereever we are told to go….artificially driving up the value of the American dollar suddenly as has happened is a sure sign of an orchestrated collapse on the way….my thoughts on job losses is that if fewer people can meet the demand then that is great. They can find another job like the rest of American workers who are being pushed out by illegals taking jobs for less than minimum wage under the table.

          • NEVER FEAR — America will never become “independent” with a government that has been taken over by globalist foreign interests.

        • yeah oil is taking a hit they was paying $3000,to $18,000 a acre for 5 or 10 year oil rights to land owners, heck last year pipe liners was making 4200 to 6000 a week pays working

        • Oil in the Illinois Basin is currently 93/21/20150 is $38.75.

          Businesses are letting people go. Some companies have cut their work force to the point of shutting down.

          Its getting real bad!

          • Hard to compete with Saudi oil that costs less than five bucks a barrel to produce and is all owned by the Royal family. They also have the worlds largest deposits using traditional wells that produce for years. Fracking needs constant reinvesting in wells which is expensive. Once the Saudis break the American and other oil producers the sky is the limit for price and Obama is going to make fracking almost impossible. All part of Jihad.

        • The Oil and Gas Market is a total manipulated scam. Get off the grid now before it crashes. Go Solar. Buy low sell high. WWTI.

        • The ultra cold weather shut down a lot of refining capacity. Several were shutdown in the north east. I’m a vet of that industry and when you have a power failure at zero F the subsequent damage to equipment / piping has longer term consequences.

          • California has twenty million more people than it did in 1975. It also has eight fewer refineries. Guess what that means for price at the pump.

        • @Mountain Trekker

          Yeah, oil product pricing has long befuddled many of us who live in the real world. My favorite example is that when oil prices rise, gasoline prices go up IMMEDIATELY… “uh, because of higher crude prices, ya know?”. Yeah, riigghhhtttt. When prices fall, on the other hand, we “have to work off the expensive oil in our tanks”. What? These bozos don’t think that we pay attention or can’t understand when we’re being screwed.

          • So you expect the station operator who had to buy gas at the then spot price to then sell it for less than he paid for it? Many of them do have to do that especially the low volume stations. I am sure all of you would cheerfully sell for less than you paid. Most stations get hosed when gas falls and they still have the expensive stuff in their storage tanks. They try and make it up on the other side of the trade which is why the prices rise quicker than they fall. Try running a business sometime and get a new understanding of how things work.

            • I understand what your saying, but…I can see them raising prices the next time the gs truck shows up but to raise it overnight 3 or 4 days in a row is gouging.

              When i buy heating oil, it is the same price until i need more. same with gas in my tank.

        • I think it’s time these people start to feel the pain that ordinary Americans have gone through while they’ve been fattening their wallets.

        • some one in the future may want more gas??good enough to raise price//also higher price more tax money??

      2. Simple. There are several major refineries that have been impacted by employee strikes. Therefore, less product to market increasing gas price even though the price of oil is down.

        • The story we got for high gas prices was a switch from a winter blend to a summer blend.

          • A story I read about high gas prices, had to do with the govt sticking more taxes on gas, every time the price dips.

          • Make sure you put Summer air blend in your vehicle tires. Better gas mileage. Ha…

            • WWTI good idea, but dang, wish I had of been closer to a station before I let out all that old winter air in my tires. Now I’ll have to buy a pump, and they probably don’t even have the pump with the Summer Blend in stock yet here in Wyoming. Trekker Out.

      3. Sixpack? What was that site you mentioned? Was checking it out but now cant find it and thought i bookmarked it but now poof, its mia

        • Do you mean the computerworld (dot) com link?

          Yahoo releases end-to-end email encryption source — NSA FUMES

          This link is for a summary paragraph of the computerworld article, but I have not been able to get to the whole article in any link listed on google or startpage. it seems like they tried to scrub the article from the web.

          ht tps://–nsa-fumes-g4j7

      4. “Should the price of oil not rise in coming months it could well be the trigger for the next big collapse of the economy and stock markets.” Bingo!

        Here’s the scary part. Cushing, America’s main oil storage facility in OK is at running close to max capacity. This doesn’t happen often. We have lot’s of excess oil because demand for crude based products has dropped and domestic production has ramped up.

        The EIA report shows that gasoline sales have been declining for some time in the U.S.. Why? Consumers don’t have the discretionary cash to pay for gasoline, IMHO. This is a long term trend. An oil glut plus low demand for gasoline will prolly keep oil prices down.
        A bloomberg article suggested refineries might start shutting down soon. They were saying it had to do with excess oil. Not sure of the reasoning here. Excess oil wouldn’t be a reason to shut in a refinery. Low demand for refined products would be.

        ht tp://

        What we need is a nice little mid east war! That should get oil prices out of the gutter.

        • “Consumers don’t have the discretionary cash to pay for gasoline, IMHO.”

          And you would be CORRECT! Over at (http // www . peakoil . com) where the energy experts hang out that’s their explanation as well. There’s a person by the name of shortonoil who comments a lot and has his own website where he’s number crunched what consumers can pay and what energy producers need to get it out of the ground.

          Currently the price is still too high for most consumers which affects the economy and the price is too low for the producers and Govts who need the price of oil to be around $100-125 pb.

          That’s way to high for the average consumer and it would collapse the economy which is what happened back in 2008.

          • GS (if I remember right) says oil is going to $15 a barrel. Anyone who doesn’t realize that this is all about squeezing Russia and the other BRIC’s (except China) is a fool. Insert Iran for “I” instead of India.

            Where the price is going I don’t know, but I know its going lower. 🙂

            • YA , Squeeze Russia and kill domestic production and hand the saudis another win. f#ck em all.
              Meanwhile gasoline and heating oil will eventually go back through the roof after we no longer produce our own.
              Man ya gotta love socialists.

              • Fracked wells can be capped and left almost indefinitely, and will pop right back up to normal production rates when uncapped. This isn’t true of the old type wells. In the old days you had to drill a new well to resume production. I think the USA will be in good shape in the long run. A major price spike is not likely.

                But I do love socialists. They make great fertilizer.

              • You commies are getting what you deserve.

                FDR started modern day communism, Amerikan style. Just after the war, in 1947, silver still backed our money, even though FDR had confiscated citizens’ gold and gold was removed as backing for the paper. Oil was 75 cents a barrel. Oil was about $2.00 a barrel in 1962. Silver was removed from our coins in 1965.

                Commies went wild as .gov and her people, was then, as now, complete communism.

                Commies everywhere.

                f ’em

                • Silver didn’t just “back” our money. Silver WAS our money, with dimes, quarters, halves, and dollars containing 90% silver prior to 1965. They went to pot metal in 1965 except for the half dollars that were 40% silver through 1970 or 1971, I forget which.

                  The old timers on here will tell you that we used silver coins to buy a lot of things and quite often. We could go into any bank and most stores to swap paper for silver or silver for paper. A $1 bill was fully equivalent to a $1 90% silver Morgan or Peace dollar. But not these days! A BU Morgan will fetch $45-50 in most coin shops.

                  FDR did in fact “call in the gold” but that EO 6102 was really aimed at the banks. Gold was MONEY back then and the banks were hoarding it to create the Great Depression. That allowed them to buy real assets out of sheriff’s tax auctions for pennies on the dollar, and boy did they ever! Thanks to that skulduggery, the big NY banks scooped up hundreds of billions (yes, with a B) in assets that they then held for a while and resold at huge profits a few years later.

                  Nixon took the US off of the gold standard in August 1971, mostly due to the US importing a lot of French products and the French demanding gold for the US$ they received. Had Nixon not done that, the US gold hoard would have been consumed and that would have done enormous damage to US prestige as well as to the US$ and US Treasury paper, because that would have ended the illusion that the US$ was “as good as gold”.

                  • Was a time when the ability to exchange paper greenbacks for silver prevented the commies from printing fiat paper. That is, silver in our coins was a check on the commies printing presses.

                    Yes, it was on Nixon’s watch when silver disappeared. Now there is no check on the printing of bogus, fiat, counterfeit, ass wipe. Only a commie at the front of trough can make it today, but not to worry ’cause most are commies.

                    A box of .22 shorts cost me a silver dime when I was a boy.

                    Stand by for a hog killin’.

                    f ’em

          • Thats it, if you all of a sudden runbout of extended benefits from unemployment, lose a job, or food prices go up you will spend less on gas and driving and such, people are hurting, period.

            • Kulafarmer

              Everything is so intertwined that nothing escapes. I keep asking myself, what else needs to be done. How to fine tune procedures and equipment. “Upgrade” as they used to say in Real Estate. Haha! Old prepper’s prep all the time. Even in their sleep.

              Check Lists. Keeps you from forgetting things that need to be done when you are in a hurry.

              • I need to do the check list thing
                Run out of time these days, just tired

            • ‘Consumers have less to spend’. Seems thers are lots more cars driving around with one headlight these days. Headlamps are much more expensive, and people are cutting corners where they can, trying to keep things ‘normal’.

              • Padiddle!

          • You think maybe that we’re consuming less gas, because we’ve also gone to cars that are MUCH more fuel-efficient than our favorite old muscle cars of yesteryear?

            Yuppies and millenials are riding more bikes and walking more. Cities aren’t building more bike paths just for looks.

            We’re recycling more used oil and plastics. Because of bisphenol-A, people are avoiding plastics as much as they can.

            We’re driving less, due to several factors, including high gas prices, but think there’s a lot more to it than just that.

            • Good points!

        • China’s surge in building of refineries has had a tremendous affect on the need for production here in USSAG, in order to sell the excess to the Chinamen.

          With failing economies around the world, and less cash available for purchasing that refined oil, it is boiling down to simple economics of supply and demand.

          Before the eighties, we had a true shortage in “73, if i remember correctly. Then the speculators and Banksters were able to get in on the purchasing of futures via the Banking De-regulations of the Reagan years. Hence, the continual rise of the price at the pump through the nineties and 2000’s.

          Throw in the explosion of the population for the demand factor, and the inflationary costs of tooling up for pumping and mainternance, and you have the doubling of costs to consumers that we now see.

          OPEC has a part also, but less than you would think here in USSAG.

          TPTB will need Middle East war to bring back the high profits on crude that they once enjoyed. A doubling again is what they will have at some point in the near future. Maybe not this year, but probably into the next two years.

          The Obominator, just did his part by entering into a deal that will surely accelerate the Nuclear Weapons Program of Iran. To keep the spin doctors going, they make like a deal hasn’t been reached, but you can bet it has.

          The House and Senate know it has, or they wouldn’t have been so quick to explain to Iran that it, the deal, will be overturned by the next administration in 2017.

          Problem is, I believe, that the Obominable One, will still be acting as commander & thief due to implementation of Martial Law, next year; which btw suspends any election.

          As the full solar eclipse, slid away, hardly anyone noticed the change in the geopolitical landscape with the UN/USSAG/NWO, deal with Iran. The lies rolled by like the darkening of the Sun, and the world will never be the same when the sons of Persia bring forth mass death and destruction through their Nukes. The future livelihood of the world will be held for ransom by the Islamic Extremist via this deal, because every rouge nation and ISIL group around the world will be purchasing small nukes from Iran.

          The only way to stave off such aggresion will be thru use of nukes from USSAG/Israel and England. Mass destruction and the loss of billions of lives could be on the horizon for the middle east peoples, thanks to the “deal” that was just pushed through. It was prophesied to happen, but most couldn’t fathom the thought that it could happen in their lifetime.

          I’m afraid it will. There’s your sign.

          • I think this is some propaganda programming coming to the surface again. We’ve been so brainwashed over the generations, it is hard to cut through it now. But we must.

            Considering that it is now a known fact that the United States and the Saudis actually fund and control ALL TERRORISTS GROUPS, INCLUDING ISIL, why in the hell would any country, ESPECIALLY IRAN, hand them nukes?

            Hell, even hillary clinton has come out and said it on the public record. That the west controls the terrorist groups is no longer a theory, it’s a FACT.

            I strongly suggest that we rethink everything we THINK we know about the world we live in. Our very lives, and the lives of our next generations might depend on it.

            • People are slowly waking up, I’m afraid not quick enough though.

            • sixpack

              IS and all the other so called freedom fighters are just doing the dirty work that we won’t do..collectively destabilizing the entire mid east through violence…

              Since our illustrious state dept(along with the usual spook agencies) has effectively dismantled every regime within..they have unleashed the bull in the china shop to finish the job..

              Of course this fattens the coffers of all the military contractors and arms dealers..never mind the banks..just think of all the debt infused loans, and nation rebuilding that will occur once the carnage is over and done with..

              It’s a basket of plenty….

              Plus the war on terror guarantees unlimited capital expenditures and further fear amongst the respective populaces nation wide

              a win win for them all..


          • “Problem is, I believe, that the Obominable One, will still be acting as commander & thief due to implementation of Martial Law, next year; which btw suspends any election.”

            Which the American people and all state, county, and city governments should absolutely reject and with which refuse to comply. Even a tyrant can only lead where others will follow. If we simply refuse to follow, there won’t be all that much he can do… most especially when We The People march on DC with torches, pitchforks, and nooses to inform these Obamunists of our displeasure as well as demand a constitutional government responsible to We The People.

            • I can only hope this loser President tries to implement Martial Law or suspend an election, or some such foolishness. He will end up in jail, or worse, which is exactly where he belongs.

            • I do agree, sir.

              However, when most of the adult population has fallen into the liberal/anti-christian-conservative mindset, we as a nation are doomed.

              Just look at the polling stats; even after all the crimes billery has committed while holding offices, nearly 50% of the sheeple still give those evil crooks a postive approval rating.

              Nearly half of the conservatives still believe the Bush family is without guilt when it comes to 9/11.

              As the old saying goes, you can’t fix stupid, only our Maker can do that.

        • Yeah, I’m afraid you are right sir.

        • We need to put a Lie Tax on Politicians everytime they open their mouths. That would help solve the Nat Debt Crisis.

          • WWTI, they would just exempt themselves like they do everything else. None of their laws ever apply to themselves.

            • Which should be absolutely unconstitutional… as well as any more of that retroactive BS.

        • The fact that so many are out of work and make such low wages also has an impact. Not to mention that production is still riding even though there is a glut. I am waiting for the EPA to pass regulations making farming almost impossible just by making dust control so stringent. Oil will then just be a sideshow.

      5. I speak for all American drivers that we “loved it” when W Bush raised our gas prices to $5 bucks per gallon and we had to choose between filling our gas tanks for $100 dollars just to get to work, or feeding our family. Yes…those were the good old days. (fist smashing writers ugly face…smash…smash…slap)

        • Dont fret,,,,
          We will be there again soon!

        • That only lasted for a month. Bush had nothing to do with it. He was a putz but that was not his fault. Unlike the ethanol nightmare which is all on him.

          • John W., I agree about the ethanol. Our gas was better quality before that shit was invented. It’s not helping car engines one bit. Don’t run it in any small engines; it will kill them.

            • Not to mention it takes more fuel to produce it than it provides.

              • Dunjin, all ethanol really does is water down the gas. Look how much of the nation’s corn crop it takes to produce ethanol and that will be only one factor in the food shortages that are coming to this land. Corn was intended for eating, not for making any type of fuel. I’ll take my corn on the cob with butter.

                • I’ll sip mine from a jar!

                  • Mixed with some cinnamon and apple cider. Damn good.

                • It also is a water magnet for moisture in the air. I quit using pump gas in the mower and chain saws. It is expensive but buying the Tru-Gas saves on having to take off the fuel bowls and dump the water out every time a piece of equipment sits for a while.

            • BH That chit will kill any engine.Why do you think it is being added to your gas..

              • I have had a number of conversations with mechanics who work in the small engine repair shops, and they all tell me that ethanol has a tendency to separate itself from gasoline whenever the two are stored for long period of time in the same container or left inside the fuel tank. This separation issue has something to do with the difference in weight of these two fluids, and as a result, these mechanics have stated that this can cause serious problems with the internal workings of small engines.

                They’ve recommended to me, that I should never put my lawn mower away with the ethanol-gas mixture still left in the tank, not even for a week. Always either run the mower until it is dry, or try to not fill the tank with any more fuel than you will need to finish the job and then let it run dry. I’ve followed this practice for several years, and it has helped me avoid problems that require trips to the repair shop.

                Of particular concern, with regards to ethanol-gasoline usage is for outboard or inboard motor boats. Small boaters have been screaming for years – because many have suffered engine failures after they’ve ventured out 10 or 20 miles offshore. Imagine the hazards associated with that – a storm could come up, and you can’t get back to shore? Bad mojo for sure.

                • So does that mean that we can siphon off the ethanol if we let it sit long enough to separate from the gas? I imagine ethanol is lighter than petroleum distillates, so it would be the top layer?

                • They still have 100% ethanol free gas at some places here. Gotta go out ta the way a little bit to get it and pay a bit more for it, but that’s all I will run in a small engine.

                • A much bigger issue than gravimetric separation of gasoline and ethanol is that ethanol will absorb moisture from the air and when it does, it becomes more polar and less soluble in gasoline, hence the phase separation you mention.

            • A few months after E10 was mandated here, I began having issues with all my vehicles, and so did others around here. Clogged injectors mostly. MPG worsened and smog increased, and saw more disabled cars on the sides of the roads. But the fricken libtards still gave themselves high-fives. Adding ethanol to gasoline was one of their dumbest ideas yet, and it’s till mandated.

              Even after the expense and trouble of cleaning and flushing the injectors and fuel systems, I’m still not getting the mileage and performance as I did before E10.

              • Nobama, I drive a 2009 GMC Sierra. I run injector cleaner in the tank once a month and that seems to have prevented me from having any breakdowns, except for the one time it quit on me and that was the alternator, not a fuel issue. At 154000 miles it’s still going strong.

              • Used to buy the Amoco 105 octane gas for 34 cents a gallon when I had my 427 with 12.5 to 1 compression. If you can find it the cost is now 7.99 a gallon. Wish I still had that car.

        • Joe must have Alzheimer– When Bush left office Gas was 1.69 a gallon. Obama immediately doubled it. And has been trying to triple it.

          • Joe seems to have conveniently forgotten that before the cocaine brain damaged, lying, sadistic torture loving, 9-11 complicit, mass murdering slab of greasy, maggot infested hyena excrement from Crawford, Texas popped up out of the commode in the Oval Office, gas was about $1.45 to $1.55.

            One thing to remember. There is not one single solitary member of the despicable, sleazy, slimy, loathsome Bush Family who is not a traitor to every single principle upon which this nation was founded. The Bush Family has been like an oozing cancer tumor on the ass cheek of this naiton – and the damage that these cockroaches have done to the traditional America is probably going to seal the eventual collapse and breakup of the continental United States.

            Jeb wants to turn America into Mexico El Norte because this piece human excrement despises the white skin that he was born with, and this is the same attitude that every last one of these filthy, stinking, anti-White racist Bush family turds all embrace and want to force down the throats of White Americans.

            • Until Obama came along I always considered Bush to be even worse than Carter as to being the worst recent president. Before that you had to go back to FDR or Woody Wilson for true evil.

        • How, exactly, did Bush do that?

          Keep in mind that you need to consider that gasoline and crude and all other petroleum products are fungible commodities in your explanation.

          • The first time I’ve seen you miss the mark Sharon.

            The Bush/Cheney/Halliburton White Office manipulated the price of oil UP to save Putin’s ass the first time around.

            Now that he is unwillingly to play ball with Western Multinationals and open Russia to the Investment Class and the GB’s, the leverage is moving the other way.

            All markets are manipulated to serve the interest of Crony Capitalism. Energy most of all. If you don’t play by the Rules you will be the odd man out. Putin is finding that out now.

            Membership has its privileges. 🙁

            • Oil is a fungible.

              It is sold on open markets. You or I can bid on it if we want, and neither of us is a Bush, Cheney, or Halliburton. We can even take delivery of it if we have a convenient place to store it, the same as a metric ton of wheat or hundred ounce bar of gold.

              Other than cartels such as OPEC which can limit the amount of oil available to bid on on those markets, there is no way to actually manipulate the prices for anything more than a very short term and those involved in this usually take considerable longer term losses (lots of traders have been crashed by the recent collapse of oil prices).

              If the president could realistically manipulate the price of oil -and gasoline- Obama would have done so to make his electric cars viable (he and the left in general absolutely hate the current low price of oil that is making gasoline vehicles cheap to operate and electric vehicles unable to compete), but the opposite has happened. Electrics -at least battery powered electrics- need gasoline at $5+ to be viable against IC vehicles, but that has not happened in spite of Federal attempts to make it that way.

              • The entire so-called free market it completely rigged. If you read a bunch of financial websites, you’d know that. Supply and demand has nothing to do with reality anymore.

                • Excess supply is not causing the fall in crude prices?

                  Then what is?

                  Certainly not a shortage of supply since we’re almost out of storage capacity both domestically and internationally.

                  • Matters not how much crude is around as to the price of gas. The lack of refinery capacity will keep prices up more than they should be.

              • Sharon: “…there is no way to actually manipulate the prices for anything more than a very short term and those involved in this usually …”

                Oil traders manipulate the market all the time. Can you say “Contango”?

                All Cheney had to do is make a few calls; or George Sr make a few calls. Manipulating the oil price up favors all oil producers. Who would say “No” if given the chance? The move up was to protect “democratic forces in Russia”, lead by Putin, no less, from another communist counter-coup.

                Manipulating the price down is a different thing altogether. Those that are leveraged will get squeezed and when they get squeezed they squeal and then sell their assets to the producers with the deepest pockets: BIG Oil.

                Higher oil prices at that time were in the best interests of the NWO. Lower prices this time? In the best interests of the NWO.

                Sharon, you are a very bright, well educated, experienced, and well informed lady. Your insight is very much appreciated here by me and others I am sure.

                But you missed this one. 🙂

                Tucker: “Unintended consequences” only apply to the 99%. You missed it too, but you were half right. You were “lower than whale shit” right. 🙂

                • The most successful manipulators all have “multi-billionaire” in front of their names. Being able to get $100,000 worth of anything is chicken feed, compared to the BIG investors that use their substantial leverage to rig the playing field of supply-demand markets.

                  If I owned/controlled half of the world’s supply of ANYTHING, I could leverage it’s price on the market.

                  Isn’t THAT how it really works?

                  • Yes, SixPack, that IS how it works if you add in the kind of leverage that the futures market can apply via the dumping of many paper contracts onto the market just at the most thinly traded part of the day. That has been done in the gold and silver markets repeatedly and it ALWAYS results in a drop in prices. While these are small markets, this technique does not depend on size. It will work in other markets too, it just takes more capital to do it.

            • I tend to believe that the increase in the price of oil wasn’t orchestrated to save Putin’s ass, but that was an unintended consequence that just worked to Putin’s advantage.

              I believe that the Bush Crime Family has shown a historically well documented habit of war profiteering as a means of enriching themselves and that they view the average American consumer’s asshole as a parking garage for their pathetic little, greedy tally-whackers.

              Look up the term ‘lower than whale shit’ in an encyclopedia and you’ll likely find a Bush Family photograph.

              • Tucker:

                Although Eisenhower was also just another of their “useful idiots” he did leave us with his speech warning the U.S. population about the military industrial complex.

                WRMEA dot org U.S. Financial aid to Israel is an article that EVERY poster should bother to go to. It explains a whole lot of what is happening to our world.

                Author Zunes begins his article:

                The U.S. supports Israel’s dominance so Israel can serve as a “surrogate for American interests in this vital strategic region”. Israel has helped defeat radical nationalist movements and has been a testing ground for U. S. made weaponry.”

                Moreover, the intelligence agencies have ‘collaborated’ and Israel has funneled U. S. arms to third world countries that the U.S. could not send arms to directly….like South Africa, like the Contras, Guatamala under the military Junta, and Iran.

                Citing an Israeli analyst “It is like Israel has just become another agency when it is convenient to use and you want something done quietly”. Matti Peled, former Israeli Major General and Knesset member “believes aid to Israel is little more than an American subsidy to U.S. arms manufacturers, considering that the military aid to Israel is used to buy weapons from the U.S.”

                In the fall of 1993–when many had high hopes for peace–78 senators wrote to former President Clinton insisting that military aid to Israel remain at the current levels.

                “Their ONLY reason was the massive procurement of sophisticated arms by the Arab states. The letter neglected to mention that 80% of those Arab arms to Arab countries came from the U.S.

                Zunes, the author of this article continues, “I’m not denying for a moment the power of AIPAC (the American Israel Public Affairs Committee) the pro Israel lobby and other similar groups–yet the Aerospace Industry Association which promotes these massive arms shipments….is even more influential. This association has given 2x more money to campaigns than all the pro-Israeli groups combined. Its force on capitol hill, in terms of lobbying, surpasses that of even AIPAC.”

                “Not wishing to sound conspiratorial–ask yourself what Palestinian industriousness, Israeli technology, and Arabian oil money–could do to transform the Middle East….just ask yoursef how DETRIMENTAL that ‘peace’ would be to American Arms Manufacturers–Oil Companies–Pentagon Planners–AMERICAS MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX.”

                An Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot described Israel as “the Godfathers messenger” since Israel undertakes the ‘dirty work’ of the Godfather who always appears to be the owner of some large respectable business”.

                Israel satirist B. Michael refers to the U.S. aid this way, “My master gives me food to eat and I bite those whom he tells me to bite. It is called strategic cooperation”.

                If you read the total article it brings to light why Israel was set up as a nation. Had nothing to do with giving Jews a homeland. Has everything to do with the Zionists needing a base to operate out of the Middle East.

                Look up the cost to American taxpayers to Israel….a lot of it given as grants that never have to be paid back. Also the agreement that most of the aid would come back to the Industrial Military Complex in the U.S.

                Ever ask yourself what in the world the plea on TV for aid to poor Jewish people living in Israel is about? With the billions sent there from your pocketbook for all those years, why would Israeli Jews have to beg us to send food. The answer…..their Zionist masters are spending the bulk of it on keeping the military machine in America living the ritz.

                A total read of that article will show you that Israel is just an arm of our bitch government; being used as a base to overturn and own the middle east.

                And we have always been told it was FOR A HOMELAND FOR THE JEWS….and to date most still do not see the truth.

              • Manipulation of the spot market was the main cause. That was stopped and the big spikes are no longer generated just on rumors and traders selling to each other to drive up price. A weak economy also keeps prices down.

              • The only Unintended Consequences are those John Ross wrote about. Read his book.

                There are a lot of commie f’ ers going down.

                f ’em

      6. I have no sympathy for oil producers. Zero! These oil and chemical polluters have done heavy damage to the Earth and its inhabitants, likewise the entire nuclear industry is a grave threat to mankind. Solar energy can help to get rid of the need for nuclear and oil based energy. It is being avoided and trashed by the present energy setup. Industrial hemp can produce much safer fuel and replace chemical poisons in a very wide range of applications. Get these ripoff oil, nuclear and chemical threats off our backs.

        • I agree.

          • Of course you do. Morons think alike. Drive a car? If so then shut up.

            • Yeah! Shut her dumb face!!

          • That’s only because you’ve gotten yourself an electric mobility scooter. Beep Beep.

          • AE, so is your new motorcycle solar-powered?

        • No sympathy for us oil producers? Do you enjoy driving? Do you enjoy gasoline? Car parts? Hospital supplies? Heating oil? Hair care products? PLASTICS? What about your toothbrush? Yeah it comes from crude oil. Far too many things to list here. We are not all polluters and you would be surprised at how much solar technology we use to produce oil and gas with lower emissions.

          • I believe oil still has a place in the economy but I agree industrial Hemp can not only produce a competeing fuel but clothes that are almost impossible to wear out, high protien food, construction material that is almost bullet proof, and give farmers a new crop that would get the family farms back in the black not to mention all the new jobs that go along with these and many other applications.

            • …which is exactly why hemp is BANNED and/or illegal in the west.

            • Exactly, its not an oil or no oil debate. Hemp is definitely suppressed, and having an alternative to oil would be the smart/logical move. Isn’t that what prepping is about? Two is one, one is none and all.

              But we couldn’t have that though, way too many profit$ at stake.

        • Alj actually It takes more energy to create a solar panel than the panel will produce in its life! If we/the government weren’t subsidizing the industry you wouldn’t see them going up all over. However there are cleaner things like hydro, unless you live in my state where we take dams off rivers so the fish can swim upstream, the fish that we stock by the way!!!

          • Just like electric cars , they cost more to produce and they create more non recycleable waste when they are done.
            And lets not forget , they still need coal to be charged.
            All this tech is getting better , i am sure some day , if the PTB allow , we will move forward and away from petro , but until then, oil is king .

            • With electric or hybrid cars, when it is necessary to replace a battery, the cost of battery replacement probably exeeds the value of the car. Many hybrids will end up puttering around on the small gas engines after the old batteries have been ripped out and dumped on some country road like couches and fridges.

            • With electric or hybrid cars, when it is necessary to replace a battery, the cost of battery replacement probably exeeds the value of the car. Many hybrids will end up puttering around on the small gas engines after the old batteries have been ripped out and dumped on some country road like couches and fridges.

              • you know I thought we had some smart people batteries have a core charge we can rebuild them do they not recycle were you live?

            • With electric or hybrid cars, when it is necessary to replace a battery, the cost of battery replacement probably exeeds the value of the car. Many hybrids will end up puttering around on the small gas engines after the old batteries have been ripped out and dumped on some country road like couches and fridges.

              • Actually no, Unless it has changed those batteries still belong to the car co. They are very expensive and they want them back. It’s the car that’s worthless.

          • Java

            so your ok with destroying that eco system. Just stock some fish is your answer. Last I can remember those kind of fish that swim upstream are spawning and fish like that don’t fare so well in a bs manufactured eco system. I was under the impression they stop spawning as much and slowly die off.

            • RH. I was referring to the fact that we have only one natural tributary. And that has no dams. its the other smaller rivers/ streams that have/ had dams that the state stocks. The removal of dams on these waterways Is for the fisherman mostly not the fish! most stocked fish don’t spawn as I’ve been told by fish&game. And no I’m not ok with destroying any natural food source. I live next to a river with a small hydro on it and the fishing is fine both above and below the dam all native brookies and has been for as long as I can remember.

        • You realize you are consuming petroleum products from those oil producers as you type your post?

          An absolutely huge amount of our electricity comes from natural gas, along with almost all the materials your keyboard is made from and on and on and on.

          No petroleum = no civilization.

          FWIW, solar in it’s complete cycle from initial mining to final disposal of the toxic end results whey they eventually fail is among the dirtiest industries out there. We just like to push all that mining and production activity overseas (China and such) where we don’t see it up close and personal so we can pretend it isn’t there even though it will eventually catch up to us.

        • aljamo, your support of hemp as a fuel source is a clear indication of your foggy pot-headed mentality. You don’t truly want hemp grown as a fuel source, you just want to smoke dope, don’t you? Be honest.

          • Meanwhile, China is sitting on a 20,000 year supply of Thorium…



            We had one that mostly worked in the 60’s…


          • I was waiting for him to tell us how an acre of hemp would create more jobs than the acre of corn already did, on the farm, but not a peep so far, just unsubstantiated claims of unicorns and miracles.

        • So do your part and refuse to buy ANY more of their nasty products. That’ll show the bastards!

      7. The price gouging oil producers had no problem putting some of us in the sling so to speak. Now it appears the shoe is about to be on the other foot.

        • On the left-hand side of this page is an ad for “Invest In Oil”. How ironic can anyone be?

          • I invested in a another PVS14. Next is a Flir R series Thermal.

      8. I thought with the dollar collapse, peak oil, and hyper inflation we were supposed to be paying $20 a gallon by now. So…..dollar is up, oil is down……STILL means the apocalypse….


        • It’s not price, ever. It’s the ability to pay the price. I don’t know it gas will hit $20 a gal. What I know is, we won’t have the money to buy it. Could be 5 cents and we only have 3C. When the system goes it doesn’t make any difference if bread is a Million a loaf or a Pennie. If your not careful you won’t get any.

      9. Its $22tn in oil derivatives, not 3.5.
        The first of the long term oil hedges start dropping off in April,,and by September there will be a rout in both oil
        and credit markets, ten times bigger than in 2008.
        Have a nice weekend.

      10. I am a housewife, a former public school educator, not an economist ; so someone PLEASE explain this.

        “””In case you missed it: Ireland issued T-bills at a neg. yield for 1st time ever. Sold €500mn of 6mth bills at an average yield of -0.01%.”””

        • Explain just who are the geniuses who bought those negative yield T bills

          • Democrats?

            • Bingo!

          • Several groups buy at neg rates. The central bank is the largest almost always. Like the US, The Fed is buying Gov debt like mad, almost all of it now. Since they just print the money and buy T-Bills they don’t care, It’s just a book entry and the Gov’s who own most Central bans get free money. Next big group consists of entities who are required to buy. Social security for example is required to invest in T-Bills.
            Several countries have required their pension funds to invest 50% or more in the local gov bonds.. Some places cities and other local gov are required to only invest in Gov.
            There are lots of other issues. Bank accounts are insured only to $250,000 what do you do if you need 10million a week for payrolls? One thing you can do is have T-Bills in possession they are instantly cashable so perhaps you keep money in them. You cannot keep Apples $180 Billion in $100 Bills but a billion in T- Bill is easy. Lots of answers to your question, none good and a lot of them are going away, but for a while it works.

          • Some large institutional investors have become dependant on T-bills for their daily operation, and there is a problem with quickly finding another place to park huge sums of cash.

          • Something that is just as interesting but not as complicated. Banks pay .05% interset on savings accounts and make loans on credit cards for 18%, so how in the world can they make any money doing that? lol! Trekker Out. What’s Usury?

            • Mt Trekker–SPOT ON!

              I had to laff that the Catholic Pope is in Naples calling out the Mafia for its criminality. LOL.

              Hell, where I lived back East, the Mafia had much better rates than the TBTF banks! Better to get a Mafia loan–they treat you like a human being, not like a POS like the banks!

        • It I think, means that when the tbill gets a cashed in they get their.investment MINUS interest instead of plus interest.

          • In other words if they invest $1000 they get $999.90 back

            • Yes but they get a “Kiss Me I’m Irish” t-shirt with that too, still I think buying a negative investment is a bunch of blarney! 🙂

            • It’s a great tool for their tax writeoffs.

        • I would say that citizens are more worried about having their money system collapse than they are of “Paying their government something to baby sit it.
          I also think that the people being ripped off by their governments interest rate scams is a good reason to remove all money from banks and such and becoming their own banks, that way when you wake up on a Monday morning and find the government has closed all the banks you will not be destroyed like 98% of the other people.

      11. I have an opinion on this. I am a pumper (lease operator) for an oil company out here in NE Utah. A lot of my friends and family have been laid off already and are looking for jobs as we speak. To make my job a little more stable , I’ve volunteered to take on the role of pump repair tech as an in-house employee. It is a mutually beneficial deal for both me and the company. Instead of spending literally hundreds if not thousands of dollars on pumps being repaired by an outside contractor , I’ve volunteered to repair pumps after work and on my off days. I charge overtime for this service but that expense is right around 10% of what a contract company charges. Plus I think my bosses will recognize my hard work and dedication as well as the savings to the company and I may even earn a promotion for doing this extra work. The work is out there for people who know what they’re doing

        (Oh yeah my overtime is paid at double time so I’ve got no complaints)

        • Good for you Captain !
          Its always nice to hear good news .

        • Captain Crunch

          Got the know how and can put forth the effort.

          Go get’em Captain Crunch!

        • CC: You use HF parts? Do you get to keep the old parts? At one time old pump barrels were worth a little extra.

        • Good deal CC
          When you see lemons coming make lemonaid!
          Have some friends who are union carpenters and union operators, they rather than getting overtime are banking comp time, so they get a check even when its slow and for a while after they wind up the job, is cheaper for the contractor and easier on the taxes for the guys, most of them are banking 20 hrs a week.

        • Right on, CC. The place to go when you need money is to work!

        • Well done, Capt. Now, that is how one makes the system work for them.

        • Good for you. If you want to have job security, become a lot more useful to the boss.

      12. Anyone.have a home remedy for shingles? We early, I’m on.meds, out.the vesicles before they blister. If they blister I’m out of work. Can’t work around patients and shed chicken pox virus

        • Look up organic coconut oil for shingles. That is what my friend uses. Hope you get relief soon.

        • NPPH.
          Can you use the same meds as they use for poison ivy?
          A lotion applied to the skin, then bandaged over. There was a product used for Boils that dried them. Calamine lotion?

          • Is it like poison ivy ?
            I have always put bleach on a paper towel and laid it over the ivy.
            Dries it right out and removes the itch.
            Dont know if its safe , but has worked well for me for many years .

            • Hammerhead

              Rubbing alcohol can dry the hell out of it but do tissue damage. Maybe Witch hazel? Bleach burns and so does Ammonia which I have used on stings,

              How much pain can you stand is the question. ;0)

              • LOL , I get ivy every year and i guess i like the pain .
                I works , and that is what i want.
                Really , most bleach is so diluted , it dont burn like it used to : )

        • Tea tree oil

          • tea tree oil though a very strong anti-bacterial , will cause a long lasting painful burning sensation.

        • make a loose badage of mixed equal parts 1 tablespoon hemp oil, coconut oil, olive oil , 1 teaspoon garlic oil and 1 teaspoon curcumin / turmeric root powder.

          only lightly apply with clean cotton ball cover the area and then the bandage with the mixture before applying to skin.

          this will sooth the area inflamation , give the skin the correct nutrients to self heal , sooth pain and stave of infection.

          you can also use a cold compress ontop of the bandage.

          don’t use soap to clean area , as it will kill damage dry out the skin cells, just use olive oil and a cotton ball.

        • In order to reduce pain and stimulate recovery, soak a cloth rag in apple cider vinegar. Next, sprinkle cayenne pepper powder over the lesions, and cover them with the damped rag. Put a hot water bottle on top of the rag, or use some other safe source for heat. Be careful not to burn the person. This procedure should dramatically reduce recovery time if repeated regularly. It will also provide much needed relief to the itching.

          It would be wise to temporarily supplement with large doses of lysine of up to 2000 mg. per day (2 grams), until the shingles outbreak is gone.

          Foods with Lysine
          All meats
          Green beans

        • Maybe some Aloe Vera. Got any of the plants in your house?

        • I had thought about calamine lotion. The key is to not cause the thin skin over the vesicles to brake down such that it leaks. I did start oral steroids yesterday because the itching was turning to stinging (steroids are NOT benign so I hated doing this) and I decided to add steroid cream which is good so far.

          I will look up the coconut remedy and maybe pick up some witchhazel. I’m afraid alcohol will dry out the skin and make these things leak

          For future ref, maybe download a copy of a dermatome map and put in your med kit. Shingles is a dermatome rash, which means it will follow the map. Early diagnosis could save you a lot of pain.

        • nopitypartyhere,

          Hope you heal quickly and recover soon.

          There has been an outbreak of shingles in our area. Adults in their early 30’s to early 60’s are the ones being affected.

          Are other areas around the country seeing increases of shingles too?

          • Only where the ad campaign for the shingles vaccine is playing.

            • Wouldn’t be surprised if they added an active virus to the flu vaccine.

        • Try using coconut oil. Look it up. Lots of benefits.

          Good luck.

        • For a disease with a dumb sounding name, it is a real bitch in the pain dept. I had it so bad about 10 years ago that I could not walk. I was taken to a hospital by ambulance and a specialist looked me over. Took him all of 5 minutes to diagnose the problem. This was difficult because the rash that I had was on my scalp and not on my chest, legs, or back, which is typical. Anyway, he ordered up a 3-way anti-virus cocktail, gave it to me, and in 30 minutes I felt WAY better… not completely well but well above the “please shoot me” stage I was in before taking the cocktail. I stayed in the hospital over night and was released the next day. A few days of bed rest and some additional meds had me back to normal.

          Nasty stuff, shingles. I would not wish that on a stray dog, although I can think of some CEOs, politicians, and banksters for whom exceptions could be made.

          Considering the nasty effects that a bad case of shingles can cause, not sure I would screw around with a home remedy for it, though.

      13. It’s a damn shame, but what goes up must go down. The only problem here is how and why it is going down.

        Yes I see a boogy man hiding around the corner.
        My feeling is that TPTB are doing this to get a handle on the oil and when it all goes broke these BASTARDS will raise prices back to 5 or 6 buck a gallon.

        The only thing I can see that is good about this is that I’m paying things off, and still adding to my preps.

        I hope I’m wrong. Only time will tell!

        • SGT. Dale

          Not $5.00 a gallon. Try $5.00 a liter. That is where the Price of Gas is headed.

        • Sgt: Explain how you can possibly be wrong if you simply assume THEY are out to get you?

          • p
            They are out to get US. (YOU & I)
            What I was getting at is that the USA was getting independent of the Mid East and TPTB don’t want that. So they will drive prices down and when it brakes the back of small oil. They will raise the prices again!

      14. I couldn’t care lees about the loss of joBs. Just like construction workers in 2008, I’m just happy for the lower prices.

      15. OK Guys and Gals, by the numbers:
        1) USG agrees with bankers and Saudis to reduce oil price to $40/bbl.
        2) Banks and Oil companies go along because they have been making billions and know that surplus will eventually reduce price anyway.
        2a) Oil companies know reduced price will eliminate entrepenuers who finance drilling and production with junk bonds. Oil price crash will also justify renegotiating worker pensions soon coming due for payment.
        2b) Banks go along because they know destruction of uncollateralized junk bonds will be repaid by USG through another TARP-like bailout.
        3) Both banks and oil companies know over-production will fill available storage facilities soon, so hunt begins for tankers and idle storage facilities.
        4) Banks create shell companies to buy back junk bonds and oil contracts for pennies on the dollar, secretly accumulating huge quantities of both.
        5) World crisis created (war???) causing oil price to go into orbit. Defense contractors having been waiting for their “plus-up” get their piece of the action.
        6) Bank shell companies sell accumulated oil and bonds for huge profits. Oil companies control all leases and drilling again making billions after having the government bail them out with taxpayer money.
        7) Taxpayers on the hook yet again for the banker/oil company fat cat profits.
        8) Find another commodity and repeat.

        • Or the emperor of Kickcanastan is using this as a tool to kick the can down the road a little farther being that QE and Keynesian economics has worked so well.

          Or or or or………

      16. Nonsense! In Canada only manor discount has been car gasoline. diesel is about the same 6 months ago. Tube of grease is nearing $10 and engine oil–420-34 per 4 liters.
        Guys–only reason, barrel of oil is been purposely dropped is to sucker ordinary Americans–drive your car on the cheap and vote for Demorats 2016. Crying that oil drillers are suffering– and economy tanking-wake up fools–just imagine if the barrel of oil hits $150 and see what happens to the economy–Don’t get sucked in :^(

      17. Hey folks,
        I’m sorry to hear about the layoffs, but big
        picture is that the resource is still there.
        It doesn’t go away. Lets burn the Moslem oil,
        when they run out, we can then starve them
        (somehow the thought of a few billion Moslems
        starving to death is appealing to me).
        In the end we still have our oil.
        The industry can always be started back up.
        Albeit, at a higher price.

        • Right on Rellik I couldn’t agree more!!!

        • I would love to see the day when Dubai dries up and has to buy their oil from us, and we won’t sell.

        • The Saudis and Gulf States can pump oil at $15 a barrel, I say let them do it, and buy all we can. Then run ’em dry and watch them spend all their trillions in dollars and euros importing food from us.

      18. Lots of jobs won and lost based on the price of oil. Many of the newly hired oil field trash have hairy knuckles and have yet to learn how to count. Their money is easy come easy go. They start raking in the dough and the first thing they do is go out and buy the biggest most expensive pickup trucks they can find. Soon those same trucks are lining every vacant lot with for sale signs plastered on the windshield.

        The older hands that have survived the dangers know to bank their windfall for the lean times sure to follow. The oil business is boom or bust. The jobs come and go. This is not new.

        • Actually first they buy expensive boots and hats. Then they get the Truck; but you are close. Good luck

          • Off topic, but I couldn’t care less if everybody in the carload of off-duty cops who were driving the wrong way and kissed a tracter trailer die. These are the same fucks who want to rake joe sixpack over the coals for the same thing. Heard a police cheif say “It’s way too early to speculate about the cause of this crash”. That stupid hillbilly trucker should have been watching where he was going. What nerve to get in the way of a drunk cop driving the wrong way!

            • If it was an ordinary citizen driving drunk, the wrong way on the freeway, there would be no “speculation” at all. This case would be closed already. Since it was one of their own, they hate to let it go down like this.


      19. Whether its high or low we get screwed in so many ways. Wait til the Fed increases the interest rate and the dollar collapses. Dominoes anyone?

      20. Good read, but as a guy who works on a drilling unit, I sure hope the bottom doesn’t fall much more. But drama in 5th fleet is what I see as a plus……erratic trends and unstable governments in the Arab regions stood hopefully shake the markets enough to raise the price per barrel, in turn utilizing US stocks for domestic oil sales perhaps….God forbid EXPORTS!!!

        At worst, we use the supply glut we have locally in our own hemisphere and keep Americans (and industries) working.

        But yeah, I’m keeping my self lined up J. I. C.

      21. Wicked Witch of the West: quotes from her on her sister Hillary’s campaign and how to work with the sheeple “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters this election cycle:

        “And now, my beauties, something with poison in it, I think. With poison in it, but attractive to the eye, and soothing to the smell.[cackles]”

        “Poppies… Poppies. Poppies will put them to sleep. Sleeeeep. Now they’ll sleeeeep!”

        • T. You must be smoking some good shit there man. Trippy.

        • Yeah, Test has hit the bong for sure. Sounds like he’s an old hippy at heart off on a intense psychedelic 3rd person trip. Safe journey dude.

      22. zog amerika / saudi arabia – opec , not only shot themselves in the foot on this oil market consolidation play , but lost its whole leg as well due to greed .

        oil is a weapon especially for the zog fedgov which has it’s own printing press.

        the funny thing in the end this manipulation of the global oil markets is only strengthening the brics to form stronger solidarity amongst themselves and create new foreign markets amongst their competitors – the brics, who are creating new protected banking investment systems exclusively for themselves.

        zog amerika is screwing the pooch and the cat on this one.

        they only succeeded in further alienation , isolation and speeding up the economic destruction of once free zog amerika.

      23. WTF???


        Law enforcement agencies struggling to fill their ranks or connect
        with their increasingly diverse populations are turning to immigrants to
        fill the gap.Most agencies in the country require officers or
        deputies to be U.S. citizens, but some are allowing immigrants who are
        legally in the country to wear the badge. From Hawaii to Vermont,
        agencies are allowing green-card holders and legal immigrants with work
        permits to join their ranks.At a time when 25,000 non-U.S.
        citizens are serving in the U.S. military, some feel it’s time for more
        police and sheriff departments to do the same. That’s why the Nashville
        Police Department is joining other departments to push the state
        legislature to change a law that bars non-citizens from becoming law
        enforcement officers.Department spokesman Don Aaron said they
        want immigrants who have been honorably discharged from the military to
        be eligible for service.”Persons who have given of themselves in
        the service to this country potentially have much to offer Tennesseans,”
        he said. “We feel that … would benefit both the country and this
        city.”Current rules vary across departments.

        Some, like the
        Chicago and Hawaii police departments, allow any immigrant with a work
        authorization from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services to become
        an officer. That means people in the country on temporary visas or are
        applying for green cards can join.Colorado State Patrol Sgt.
        Justin Mullins said the department usually struggles to fill trooper
        positions in less populous corners of the state, including patrol
        sectors high up in the mountains. He said immigrants from Canada, the
        Bahamas, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Central America who are willing
        to live in those remote places have helped the agency fill those
        vacancies.”People that want to live there and build a family
        there and work there is a little more difficult to find,” Mullins said.
        “People moving from out of state, or out of the country, if they’re
        willing to work in these areas, then that’s great for us.”Other
        agencies, like the Cincinnati Police Department and the Los Angeles
        County Sheriff’s Department, require that officers at least have a
        pending citizenship application on file with the federal government. And
        others, like the Burlington, Vt., and Boulder, Colo., police
        departments, require that officers be legal permanent residents, or
        green-card holders.With more immigrants moving to places far from
        the southern border or away from traditional immigrant magnets like New
        York City or Miami, agency leaders say it’s important to have a more
        diverse police force to communicate with those immigrants and understand
        their culture. Bruce Bovat, deputy chief of operations in Burlington,
        said their immigrant officers help the agency be more “reflective of the
        community we serve.”Mark Krikorian, executive director of the
        Center for Immigration Studies, said he has no problems with green-card
        holders becoming police officers because they’ve made a long-term
        commitment to the country and have undergone extensive background
        checks. But he worries about the security risks associated with allowing
        any immigrant with a work permit to become an officer, especially
        considering that the Obama administration has given hundreds of
        thousands of undocumented immigrants work permits.”We’re handing over a gun and a badge to somebody whose background we don’t really know a lot about,” Krikorian said.




        • No way, I call BS on this one, unless you can cite a reliable source.

          • Obama ordered military to enlist illegal aliens, Allen West says

            Report: ‘Undocumented Immigrants’ Will Be Able to ‘Join the Military’

            Americans forced out of US military; illegal aliens allowed to enlist

            The Pentagon Will Allow Undocumented Immigrants to Join the US Military

            shall i continue…

            • On average, the military recruits about 5,000 noncitizens each year, nearly all of them permanent U.S. residents, or so-called “green card” holders. Starting in 2006, the military began accepting some foreigners with nonpermanent visas, such as students or tourists, if they had special skills that are highly valued.

              After entering military service, foreigners are eligible for expedited U.S. citizenship. Since 2001, more than 92,000 foreign-born service members have become citizens while serving in uniform.

              The MAVNI program began in 2008 and remains a pilot program. The Pentagon notified Congress on Thursday that the program, which was due to expire at the end of this fiscal year, will be extended for another two years and will for the first time include DACA-status immigrants.

              • Well if you’re right then I think I’ll be next in line for a new FN57 and fill it up with blacktips.

                • Where you gonna get a black tip for one of those?

                  (“black tip” normally denotes armor piercing, and they aren’t made in that caliber. Even normal ball ammo is unavailable on the civilian market)

                  • Sharon, SS190 is the “black-tipped” AP version of this caliber. It was unconstitutionally banned from civilians several years ago, but LE and .gov agencies can still get it (more tyranny).

                    • the ZOG Secret Service , some USSA State Police organizations and some ZOG military Special Forces Operators are currently armed with this weapon.

                    • this is the ‘handgun of choice’ for the mexican drug cartels hitman assassin squads. it has the highest proven handgun penetration / kill ratio amongst all other handguns due to it’s bullet tumbling once it enters the meat of a target like a 5.56 nato round does.

                      if you can’t afford one, just buy a $400. semi-auto bullpup .223/ 5.56 nato. which is actually more deadly but bulkier to carry and requires two hands to operate.

                • NO
                  You don’t have too use black tips. Just get some Barns Triple Shock bullets and they will just as much as the black or green tips in anything. They will be banning these bad boys next!
                  Look into it. There are several good videos on YOUTUBE


                  Lots of Military movement in our area over the last few days. Has anyone else seen anything?

        • “D”
          I haven’t seen this in my area yet, but if I do I will let you guys know.

          • thank you Sgt. D

            serioiusly though…

            nuthin for nuthin Sgt. D , ya’ll Constitutionalist Patriot Po-po’s need to get together and come up with some kind of C.P. Police armband / patch on both arms system so ‘we’ who intend to take up arms against the Zionist Neo-con Fifth ZOG column Gestapo don’t waste you guys!

            it would suck to loose a ‘good guy’ cop like you to a LoneWolf Patriot Sniper.

        • History has already told us what happens to countries that turn their armies over to foreigners. Rome was the classic example and we know how well that worked. Seeing how geared up and armed up cops are today, WTF is the difference between them and an invading army? Not much, IMO.

        • Digs

          they just made it easier on us

        • Digs

          they just made it easier on us

      24. Don’t you worry one bit about the loss of 100,000 jobs…or 100 Million jobs….unemployment numbers will be down in the next government provided propaganda..oopppss I mean figures.

      25. Three Models of the Jewish Problem – A Comparison

        David Duke, and also Ivor Benson, have termed the racist, extremist Jewish leaders who are the overwhelming majority of the powers of the Jewish society: “Jewish Supremacists”, borrowing from the mainly media creation of “White Supremacists”. These Jewish Supremacists are simply behind all the main destructive developments and occurrences in the world, directly, as lawmakers, government top officials, lobby-organizations in America and many Western countries or financiers of destructive and subversive programs, which for instance inundate Western countries with colored immigrants, or more generally as media-tycoons in the propaganda that opens up for these many destructive actions.

        They do this out of a deep hatred of the white race, which since childhood has been ingrained in them along with a duty to love and help their own race-brethren. David Duke adds, that it seems they are much more driven by hate of others than love of themselves. On top of this well-researched and plausible theory of Jews and Judaism, David Duke holds a very easily defended position on the solution of The Jewish Problem:

        We, the European part of mankind are simply allowed to do all we can to preserve our heritage and freedom, our very existence, which are under attack from the Jewish Supremacists. And we have got to wake up our people to the very real danger of being wiped off the face of the earth as a people, in a few generations. If Jews are allowed to subvert and try to destroy us, we are allowed to resist this and take back our societies. So: No blaming of anyone, really, just “the survival of the fittest”.

        • Do a little research, and you will find Jews were the leading agitators for increased immigration in all Western nations. They are born fifth columnists in their host nations!

          • Amen!!!

      26. Just rembr…when smoke clears gas will be triple in price from the $4!! They will redeem themselves…eventually!

      27. Hopefully me and my family will be back home before any of this decides to unfold

      28. Prepper’s are not very good at “Threat Assessment”. Therefore they waste time, energy and materials in areas that can be more useful elsewhere.

        The boogyman, real or perceived, attacks us each day. He comes in all sizes and colors. He is all around us and will never leave us alone.

        If our vote is a joke. Our voices null and void. Our Supreme Leader’s are out of our reach. Then all we should be concerned about is our sphere of influence.
        It can be your home or BOL.
        The problems that plague us can be divided into two classes. One being governmental and what that brings to our doorstep. Non-governmental which exist around us now. Each by itself can have devastating effects. Combine them in a particular area of demonstrations and we get pictures on the six o’clock news. The people who want to remain indifferent could find themselves right in the middle of chaos. It happens everyday in America.

        Those of us whom many years brought homes in nice neighborhoods may now be experiencing the decline of your neighborhood. I am. I have had shots fired in front of my home, besides the adjacent area. Nothing has entered my structure. Like me, others in towns across the nation the war is already here. I don’t flinch or get up. I try to determine the caliber and direction by sound. That is non-governmental action. Limited gunfire by idiots. I “know” that one day I will have to defend myself and property.
        The governmental side will be those that comes for our guns under some martial law setting. Imagine the force to be exerted against you. Self Explanatory.

        So I don’t give a damn about the Blacks, Jews, Muslims, Mexicans. I called them all aggressors if they intend to do harm in any way. Include Whitey too. Target’s is what they will become.

        • I’ll give you a thumbs up for that, slingshot.

      29. I make oilfield pipe for U.S. Steel.
        I expect to get laid-off here in about 3 weeks, tops.
        Second time getting the pink slip in less than 3 years.
        First time was oil field work in the Gulf of Mexico.
        Fun times.

        • Like the name, tell it like it is

          • I used to be just a plain old bitterclinger, but the .gov reassigned my designation around ’08.

            I wear it with pride.

            • Id much rather be associated with the likes of you folks than any of the brown nose government assholes or their supporters,

          • Ha
            rightwingterrorist ,, meet Enemy of the State

            nice handle

      30. Acid/Sybil, is just like all the other faggots. They think that just because the liberals and goobermint crowd believe it is OK to engage in such behavior, that our Creator believes it also.

        Homosexuality has been an abomination to Him from the beginning, and is not part of His plan.

        Speaking about the beginning, I believe male homosexuality was introduced to flesh man through Lucifer/Satan/Serpent, in the Garden of Eden. After Eve copulated with the Serpent in his rare form, she then introduced Adam to sex, and the Bible states…Gen 3:6
        “And when the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that it was pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave also unto her husband with her; and he did eat.”

        “Fruit” here is not an apple as is commonly taught, but by taking time to research back to the original Hebrew and rightly dividing the word; along with the word “touch”, it becomes apparent that sex and copulation is the underlying message.

        If Adam also did “touch” with Satan, he committed the worst possible sin of homosexuality in the sacred place where God had placed them. Mating with Eve was not a sin because God intended that to happen in order to bring about the bloodline through which Christ would be born into.

        Anyways, be not deceived folks, acceptance of homosexuality is sin, and participating in the act is an “abominable” sin, to our Heavenly Father.

        There will be consequences for so-called christians that follow the pc acceptance and casting their liberal votes for such actions. No straddling the fence on this one pc people.

        Male homosexuality is Satan’s lie. Why risk eternity for a life of fleshly pleasures that condemn one’s soul? All the love in the world, when shared between two males, cannot make right the sexual acts of pleasuring another of the same sex.

        Female homosexuality is wrong also, but I believe it is of a lesser degree, unless it consumes one life. Anything that comes between the divine relationship with the Father and the Saviour, is a bad thing.

        I am not so shallow that I can’t believe some,very few, are born with abnormal chromosomes and can cause a person to lean towards different sexuality than what is between their legs.
        How else could we explain Hermaphrodites?
        When speaking of sexual abnormalities, then we are speaking of things that are God’s business.

        Sunday school lesson for the day is free, but remember to support this site and appreciate it as long as we have it.


        • Amen pwtw!

          The reality is that queers are reprobate and their behaviours are filthy sin.

          It’s not okay simply because these satanist leaders and liberals say so.

        • I care not about any religious connotation against homosexuality. I think it is just plain disgusting, perverted, and wrong. It’s a mental disorder, just like other mental disorders like incest, pedo, and other filth. And society is swirling down the toilet with every new pro-fag-marriage and gay-rights bill. What’s next, being allowed to marry your dog or underage niece? Our society has become a polluted cesspool of liberalism, faggotry, and socialism.

          • Nobama.

            If there is Cosmic Law, I would like to read who gets to live and who gets to die.

          • Nobama, AMEN to your comments.

        • PWTW:

          You mean that “apple” story that the preacher/teachers have fed congregations all these years was a fairy tale? And why?

          Understanding Eve’s copulation with satan produced Cain who was eventually banned by God from Eden; who went over to the land of Nod and took himself a wife (how could that be when your preacher/teacher has taught that there was only three people on earth at that time, Abel being killed by Cain).

          From that lineage came the Kenites who Jesus Christ identifies in John 8:44. Their progeny, unfortunately, is with us today. In Revelation Jesus identifies them as “those that say they are jews (Judah) but are not, they are the synagogue of satan”.

          A great study of this can be found at biblestudysite dot com. Non-denominational truth can be found…..let your fingers do the walking….

          • Well stated Granny….& thanks for the website address.

          • You are absolutely and positively correct, granny.

            Amen sister.

            I want to add this little left out tidbit that the “apple, fruit cake” preachers misrepresent about the beginning of this earth age.

            First of all, God created the world/flesh age, we now live in, in six days, and then rested on the seventh.
            God also states that a day to the Lord/God, is like a thousand years in man’s time clock.

            So after God rested the Seventh Day, there had been a period of about 7000 years gone by. God created all the different peoples of the world, the different skin colors, on the Sixth Day and it included male and female. They were informed to get busy with procreation. A time frame of about 1000 plus years had elapsed, so there had been much procreating before the eighth day came around.

            On the Eighth Day, God made Adam and Eve, and made them special and different. One of those differences was their complexion.
            The very root definition of Adam, when taken back to the original Hebrew is red or ruddy. When rightly dividing it is in relation to Adam having a “ruddy or reddish” complexion in the face, or in other words… to show blood in the face…which means Adam had white/light colored, skin.

            Some so-called scholars have said the “ruddy or reddish” coloring was in reference to the red clay soil from which he came, or was formed from. That doesn’t fit into the equation.

            Anyways, there had already been peoples procreating on the earth for over a thousand years and many tribes had been formed. After the Cain and Able incident, which was most likely when they were around the age of twelve to fifteen; Cain was cast out and marked so that he had to stay moving around.
            He took up with a wife from Nod which gives the indication that they were “Nomadic” people.

            It all fits with God’s plan and teachings. The descendants of Cain and his wife from Nod, were the first Kenites and their bloodline runs within all races of people upon earth, but most predominately with those that call themselves Jews, the chosen ones, which is the big lie.

        • IMO, God doesn’t have the time or the inclination to sweat the small stuff. He leaves that to MUCH smaller minds to fuss over.

      31. sorry about the misplaced comment above, it was meant to be placed under Acid’s remark……

        Acid Etch says:
        Comment ID: 3352357
        March 21, 2015 at 6:15 pm
        Why is there so much hatred of bisexual people on here. Seriously. You wonder how I got so hateful. My boyfriends are all really nice people and they don’t deserve the hate. What’s the big deal over sex anyway?

        • We get it P. Thanks for your post, well said.

        • Very hard hitting & truthful rebuttal, Passin’…Kudos!!!

      32. Nobama… Of course I want to smoke cannabis every day. Have been for pretty much the last 43+ years, since Vietnam. There is nothing wrong with that. Hemp is the miracle plant, it produces fibers that shame forest production numbers on smaller acreage with beneficial soil results. You can make damn near anything with hemp without the pollution of fossil fuels and chemical poisoning. It’s a clean natural plant that will kick out the dirty ravagers of our environment. After 75 years of lies and gross distortions of facts, apparently people cannot see through the lies. Reefer madness brainwashing runs deep.

        • Just a question that I do not know. Never been exposed to the ‘stuff’ so don’t know the answer to this. Is a cannabis smoker impaired to drive? Should they be treated as a DUI?

          • Just like alcohol, depends. But mostly yes, they are a hazard. Biggest difference is with pot when you get very much you don’t usually get loud and want to drive and party, you just get more stupid than usual and set in a corner and say wow.

          • POG no matter if the individual is impaired or not , you know they are going to push for DUI on the weed smokers.. they need the 10 grand off each one of them that drive our roads and the blue line will make sure they get it

            its not about safety, or whats right.. its about revenue and control

            I am not an advocate for weed, and im also not an advocate for alcohol .. but Im definitely not an advocate for the sate or Fed governments telling me what i can or cannot use , when their moral compass is broken and its all just for the money and nothing else

        • Reefer madness? LOL! I saw that flick in my 9th grade health class back in ’63. None of the kids in my class was into pot at that time and we all thought that was a hilarious BIG propaganda POS. Totally not believable. In fact, it ticked us off our teachers and principal thought that this movie would make sense to us.

      33. The negativity expressed against solar power is pure deception. It can be produced cheaply without pollution. Why do you think the existing power setup is so afraid of solar power and uses all means to stop it from gaining acceptability? Clean energy is being discredited and vilified while filthy energy producers continue to wreck havoc on our environment.

        • I agree it is vilified. If we are indeed at peak oil. We should use what is left to convert but alas none of the alternatives on its own is a panacea to replace oil. Only using all sources together can we best manage. Alternative sexes are acceptable in life why not in energy? Control, that is why. “Shade that man, block his wind”. Nicholas Telsa could produce energy from the Earth but technology that great had difficulty metering the power produced. That is why John Westinghouse and his meters proliferated. The roadblocks are many but the root cause of most is greed.

          • :^(
            Re : ” Alternative sexes are acceptable in life” Not me fella! Anyone that sticks his Dick up a sh!t canal is sick.
            Just imagine–A toilet is full of sh!t from various persons–would you stick your picker in it? Not me!

        • If it can be then why isn’t it?

          The real world doesn’t support the claim that it can be produced cleanly or cheaply, particularly not at the same time.

          If solar were more viable -cheaper and more efficient- than current methods of generation it would be replacing all other means of production the same way natural gas is replacing coal for the purpose without any special laws and tax benefits to give it an advantage.

          If anyone was actually interested in clean, cheap and safe power they would be pushing thorium reactor and fuel cell development and widespread use instead of the inefficient solar, wind, and batteries that are currently being pushed for purely political reasons.

        • I know lots of folks totally off grid with solar, batteries, small wind turbines and backup generators,
          IMHO is the way to go, as soon as possible i am investing in the hardware, that coupled with 4-6 10-15k gallon water tanks and your set

      34. Pissed Off Granny… law enforcement considers cannabis to impair driving. That’s why the ads are running “buzzed driving is drunk driving” on local TV. The cops are pissed that cannabis is gaining acceptance nationwide, a threat to their war on drugs tyranny, money grubbing bust your ass for nothing swindle. Meanwhile, the troops still in Afghanistan guard the poppies so the real drug cartel in Washington D.C. can hook people on heroin and continue their murder and subterfuge against innocent people. Cannabis harms no one, quite the opposite. Granny, I think you would like the awakening that cannabis provides. People are driving high on cannabis every day without incident. Alcohol and big pharma drugs are the roadway killers. If cannabis is bad, why the fever pitch across America to legalize it? If you oppose legalization, you are sorely outdated. Cannabis is beyond a doubt the miracle plant. Everyone enjoys nature, cannabis enables nature loving.

        • Your statement that cannabis harms no one and that driving buzzed does not impair your driving is asinine. 4o years ago in my misspent youth, I ran and smoked with the dopers. I can tell you from experience that it most certainly does impair your judgement and driving abilities. Luckily my mishaps were in rural non populated areas and I didn’t hurt or kill someone or myself. I have experienced and seen what happens when the fun suddenly turns to sudden and uncontrolled paranoia. I had stopped it by the time I was 19 and I am so glad I did. I watched many of my stoner friends go downhill. I agree with you that alcohol and prescription drugs are roadway killers but so is weed. An I really love the one about how damaging cigarettes are to your health yet smoking weed will renew every cell in your body, that is stoner talk and nothing else.

          • All the states surrounding Colorado are having major problems with car accidents from people that cross the state line to get grass . The stuff is a hell of a lot more potent than it used to be.

          • Right on, Jimb:

            My best friend from High School got into drugs when he was in Nam and his life when to hell from there on. He’s doing life in the AZ State Pen for murdering a guy in a screwed up drug deal. He and I had the same upbringing. He could have done most anything but chose to throw his life away. It is the saddest thing I know in my own personal experience.

            I also worked in a food cannery during the summers. We had a two man crew on each machine feeding frozen corn into the packaging machines. We had to feed it evenly, not too fast and not too slow so the machines would not jamb up and stop running. The corn feed boxes weighed about 1,000 lbs and were lifted via a hydraulic lift. As I reached into a box to scrape out the load, this sorry pot smoking POS “accidentally” hit the freewheeling release lever. When that box fell, it just about took my arm off as it crashed into the pipe rail that ran around our elevated platform. I told the supervisor that either that guy was gone or I was. I had a new partner that very day and never saw the hippie again. He was not missed.

        • Grass does impair. Why are they legalizing it? taxes,lots of taxes.

        • People who smoke dope for many years are impaired, i know many who have and do and they are all impaired permanently,

          • Yep and most of them will deny it with their dying breath.

          • Amen to that.

            I was a pot head for twenty years, 70’s & 80’s (sadly). My brother, a few years younger, has smoked regularly for 40 years.

            I see first hand how he justifies his habit. He will gladly announce that a cigarette has never touched his lips, so he isn’t concerned with lung cancer.

            What he doesn’t see is that he has retreated from actually socializing like a normal person, even our family. Yea he has his brief moments, but had rather be in his on little world.

            I can tell, even over the telephone, when he is high. It is his attitude and personality that changes almost instantly after toking. He is more argumentative and verbally aggressive, and appears to always be on the defensive over the most meaningless subjects.

            Overall, his moodiness carries over to the next day, and just re-enforces itself as he indulges again.

            I have seen impairment issues with him over the past thirty -five years. Making stupid mistakes that caused him bodily injury and physical property damage.

            Personally, I had very few accidents due to being stoned, because pot made me so paranoid that I stayed off the main roads and either rode around on back roads, or stayed home listening to music.

            BTW, the memory loss thing is a fact.

            In closing, I can say this. I had rather be on the highways with someone high on weed, than with people high on meth,crack, or downers. We use to call the qualudes, leg splitters and fender benders.

      35. Friends tell me a factory closed near Mountain Home Arkansas recently. Hundreds out of work. No further info on that one.

      36. test

      37. I notice that lately the guy who runs “Daily Job Cuts” has missed several hundred very recent oil-patch job losses in my area, which I find strange since he’s reported on the previous ones and on other international cuts. Why is he omitting most of the cuts from oil-related companies? He has missed tens of thousands from all over in the past few weeks.

      38. Do not worry. The hiring off illegals for police officers will take care of the crimes that follow.

        • Yep, just like it does in Mexico.

      39. Yeah well you know what the consequence would have been if it HAD continued to go nowhere but up?

        This is going to suck, but I’ll take this any day over the alternative.

      40. Libertarians suck.

      41. Don’t know why my posts ain’t making it through.

      42. Proper term when you try to screw somebody is called B?ACKFIRE or B?ACKFLOW. Next time if want a negro president make sure he is qualified and LEGAL!

        • I think you meant BLACK FLOW and BLACK FIRE. No more BLACK presidents, please. We are going to need a miracle to survive this one.

          • No problem. Hilly-Billy will fix everything.


        • Digs.

          If I was on a jury for the killing of lets say, 20 people looting that store owned by the shooter.
          I would vote innocent.

          Like the roach motel. Looter’s check in but they don’t check out. Don’t want to die, Stay outside!

      43. Oh Boo-hoo. Again, this is noting more than the free market at work. What are you people, a bunch of commies?



        Millionaire Alex Jones’ mysterious Dogwood Creek home

        Life must be pretty good for Alex Jones.

        He’s raking in millions, living large within the protective barrier of his CIA/Zionist handlers, and fooling millions of people with his sophisticated fake persona using psychological trickery and word magic.

        His largely lower class audience haven’t the educated means with which to figure out the con. They are at the mercy of a heavily funded psychological operation, with an intelligent millionaire as the window dressing. His audience gets poorer and poorer with the doom and gloom Jones sells them as he himself gets fatter (literally) and richer.

        Screen shot 2015-03-18 at 11.44.54 PM One of the many rewards Jones has received for his establishment shilling is his Dogwood Creek home, which is safely located in a gated community in Austin, Texas . It is now valued at over $1 million, dwarfing the shanty his average listener rents or squats in.


      45. Alex jones is a Reptilian…

      46. And Alex Jones is a FAT PIG McDonalds lover…

      47. Don’t know what the story is getting at. There are no jobs around here anyway people are moving away en mass. If your are gonna live on minimum wage there are better places to do this. I have not seen 1 good paying job created. If any jobs are created they pay shit. Even shit jobs are scarce. The only businesses that are making $ are liquor stores gun shops and pawn shops. I don’t spend any $ any more. Gas is like $2.49 gal still much cheaper than $3.70 the collapse is now why would the gas prices go down. It’s a last ditch effort to keep $ changing hands. Do not spend your tax return hoard it. Forget taking a vacation or making any big purchases now. Let the economy get more unstable there will be better deals coming. Any way what’s another 100,000 more unemployed people won’t change the numbers for the gov.

      48. Well I work in the oil fields of northern alberta here in canada. At xmas camps generally shut down for a month. Since xmas till now there has been thousands of layoffs in the tar sands of alberta, just over a week ago husky energy laidoff 900 workers, the Forthills site which is operated by Suncor and where I work has been cutting back even though they told us it wasn’t going to happen. They are shutting down our 24 hr lunch room, it will be open very limited hours in morning and then again at supper, sunday brunch has been taken away, our weekly steak night has become every second week, they laid off cleaners at our lodge, rooms are now cleaned only twice a week and our sheets once a work cycle which is two weeks and now we have to pay our way into camp, they use to fly us in and out but now only out.

      49. What is wrong with you people who are against Alex Jones? You’re liars for one thing.

      50. Alex Jones is an obnoxious blowhard, fake populist. Have the people reached that so called 12% awareness needed of the government’s dirty rotten scoundrel deeds, that propel them to clean house of the treasonous scum? It must be stuck at just 11% awareness.

      51. He doesn’t have a perfect personality, none of us do. But he’s reaching more people than anyone with the truth about what’s going on. There’s nothing wrong with him earning a good living. His life is on the line with the info he puts out, and he will be one of the first to go when they get rid of dissenters. He deserves to have the fruits of his labor. Anyone who disagrees with that would have to have communist leanings.

        • He and his crew take a huge risk, risk that most others dont have the nads for

      52. I sometimes watch jones his rants are funny I think it’s just his way to show folks what a total joke tptb are. I wouldn’t say take what he says totally serious but it is another source of info. Why would anyone get mad he makes a profit he’s working to bring news to all from a different perspective. Why do people think it’s so bad for someone to make a profit. If this is the case then the company’s selling survival gear and food stuff are trying to make profit too. People it’s not evil to make a buck doing something you believe in. This is what America is about. You can make $ doing what you want. Or you can shut up and do what the gov tells you and have 2 loaves of bread a week. Do it for the greater good of all isnt that what commies believe. It’s just jealousy that they don’t know how to make $.

      53. From a macroeconomic viewpoint,it can be argued that savings from lower gas prices will translate to a commensurate increase in consumer spending thereby rendering the issue moot. The loss of jobs in the oil industry would be offset by an increase in overall employment.

      54. Why does America defend israhell would they come to Americas aid if needed. Seems israhell need America more than we need them. I’m not saying don’t be allies but I think we need to limit our involvement with them. They have problems in the world like no other nation. Being their buddy is a tough task. If we keep supporting them our problems will grow. Jesus was a Jew but that doesn’t mean he was like the Jews of today. They are different now. Jews are like their own culture. They believe they have right to be in powerful positions. They use the power to leverage their beliefs. America needs to open their eyes to what Jews are really about. Like I said we can be allies in a limited way. Do you want to be buddy’s with a guy that is hated and gets into fights knowing your gonna get sucked into a fight that has nothing to do with you really.

      55. Jews, Alex Jones and sexual orientation.

        Top three subjects for survival.

      56. Time for those solar-electric roof paneling and Electric Car manufacturing jobs, Jobs, JOB$!

      57. We have been taken by the oil industry for the last 40 years with pricing. Oil should have never been above a dollar at the most. but the greedy just got more greedy and to hell with the people. I hope it goes down to 5 cents a gallon. How many years did we here, that we were not going to have enough oil? Shortage-shortage! Now the US if flooded and we have no place to store except in tankers sitting in the gulf. I have done business with people like Halliburton, and the others. when you go there, it is row after row of brand new 50 thousand dollar trucks and cars. The oil worker spent his money like it would flow for ever and never attempted to save for a rainy day. For all you, this is your fault not mine. I have paid through the nose for the last 40 years. I have no pity.

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