Pictured: Russia’s New North Pole Nuke Base: “Moscow Is Putting Down A Serious Military Marker… Seeks To Claim Oil and Gas Reserves”

by | Apr 18, 2017 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    The global chess game never seems to end, and with Russia’s latest military move the situation in the oil and gas laden Arctic region of the globe is likely to increase tensions even more.

    Russia has just unveiled its newest military base in the north pole, complete with 18-months of sustainable reserves for the 150 soldiers who’ll be manning it, as well as an in-house cinema, pool tables and ping pong.

    But it’s not designed for just fun and games. The base is reportedly capable of housing both, the Mig-31 fighter jet to defend against possible bombing strikes, as well as the SU-34 front line bomber, which is capable of carrying a variety of Russian-made tactical nuclear weapons.

    The move is not only an effective strategy to ensure Russian control of parts of the Arctic, but may create an even more concerning security situation for the United States, which intercepted two Russian nuclear bombers just 1oo miles from Alaska on Tuesday.




    The five-storey complex, named Nagursky by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, is on the extreme north of Russia’s Arctic frontier.

    The expansion has far-reaching financial and geopolitical ramifications. The Arctic is estimated to hold more hydrocarbon reserves than Saudi Arabia – and Moscow is putting down a serious military marker.

    Under President Vladimir Putin, Moscow is rushing to re-open abandoned Soviet military, air and radar bases on remote Arctic islands and to build new ones, as it pushes ahead with a claim to almost half a million square miles of the Arctic.

    Officials have said they may deploy military jets there. MiG-31 fighters, designed to shoot down long-range bombers, or the SU-34, a frontline bomber are seen as options, it has been reported.

    According to the Moscow Times, it also comes complete with a cinema, table tennis and billiards rooms while a military art studio is also planned.

    Low oil prices and Western sanctions imposed over Moscow’s actions in Ukraine mean new offshore Arctic projects have for now been mothballed, but the Kremlin is playing a longer game.

    It is building three nuclear icebreakers, including the world’s largest, to bolster its fleet of around 40 breakers, six of which are nuclear. No other country has a nuclear breaker fleet, used to clear channels for military and civilian ships.

    Full report: The Daily Mail

    Russian soldiers have been training in the region in order to become familiar with the terrain, weather and their military capabilities in the event they are ever attacked:


    The base is located in Alexandra Land, a Russian island at the top of the earth that was part of the route taken by Nansen and Johansen on their 1895 North Pole expedition:


    With about 22% of the world’s gas and oil reserves under the Arctic sea ice, what was once Santa’s Winter play land may soon turn into another internationally contested geo-political hot spot.

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      1. Great. Now we’re fighting over Hoth. Better get some Tauntauns!… Not for nothing but this isn’t new. This base just didn’t pop out of the freaking ice this morning! What was Obummer doing? Sneaking around on Moo-shell like he was the night of Benghazi? He obviously knew this was being built….

      2. Yes, as Trump and the US fiddles and wastes valuable resources and assets, beating up on the usual 3rd world countries like a punching bag. Russia is going for the prize.

        If trump had a brain he would put solar panels on every roof in America within 1 year and make our country alomost entirely energy independent and there would be no reason to fiddle in other parts of the world.

        But hey, who in Washingscum DC has even has a half of brain all put together.

        • Our country is energy independent if we want it to be, we already have the production ready ability to make more petroleum and other energy products than we use and have plenty to export on top of it.

          If we’re not doing it, it is because we are blocking it instead.

          Where does every non thinker get this idea that we have to rely on anyone else for our energy needs? It flatly isn’t true, either someone has been deceived or someone is trying to deceive when they spout this sort of stuff.

          • Someone here told this community YEARS AGO, that we were AWASH in oil & gas when everyone else here was screaming about “peak oil”.

            Who was that Masked Man ??? Yes, of course, it’s in the archives.

            First off, Russia does not have the technical ability to tap these reserves. Second,the oil would not be commercially feasible unless the price of oil was at $100 a barrel again; and THAT is not going to happen any time soon. Third,there are MANY untapped elephants ALL over the world which are much easy to get to, drill, produce, and distribute, than these arctic deposits.

            Finally, it will be a cold day in hell before the Rooskies can make a buck off of this oil & gas. (ouch !!!) LMAO. Pun intended !!! 🙂

            • And I will add you DK have no idea what technology Russia has to drill in the Artic, nore do you know what their cost is to harvest the oil and gas. So how about you post some facts as to back up your uninformed claim? Post facts or a link or better yet just STFU masked man. Check the archives how mnay times you are wrong. 75% of the time, at least. Did you pay Mac the $100 bet you lost? Yes the Chinese Yuan ¥ is backed by Gold now. I posted tgat link and video last week for ya as proof again you are wrongo again.

            • Funny DK seems to claim he is the one and only guy to inform the world the US is awash in oil and gas. And pats himself on the back as if he is some prophecy. Funny stuff here.

              • Nothing funny about facts. They speak for themselves. The operative words are “YEARS AGO”. Check the archives asshat. 🙂

      3. Trump has been accused of ”russian connections” because of things he said. Obama let the Russians build military bases in the Arctic.
        Trump is obviously an agent for Kremlin.

        Considering the fact that it is Russian land, and they can build whatever they want there. However with the anti-russian gravy train at full speed for the past 10 years, how did they miss this? Where was McCain when they started building this?

      4. Cool,, they gots raindeer!

      5. I wonder where the nearest town is that has hookers on craigslist they can get. Has to be at least 300 miles away. So that would really suck to be stationed there.

        • They might be field testing a new line of thermal underwear. R&D is important, you know.

        • Not exactly like “swooping” to DC from Camp Lejeune and targeting all of the female government interns on “K” Street when they are out of the office. 🙂

          Besides, PUTIN is everywhere and he knows everything, thinks of everything, and he knows that Russia has the best Hookers in the world: said so himself !!! So I suspect that this outpost is STAFFED with hot, horney, Russian Hookers in military uniforms.

          We will know for sure when the current crop of draftees RE-UP demanding to serve their next tour of duty here with the reindeer. Of course if there is enough Vodka available those reindeer will start looking pretty damn good if there are no Hookers there !!!

          Uh, how far is it to sweden ??? 🙂

          • The men at Camp Lejeune don’t go to Court Street any more?

            • Is that in “J” Ville ??? 🙂

        • There has to be an eskimo massage parlor down the road somewhere.

      6. Wonder why they chose a red, white and blue color scheme for their facility?

        • Good question?

        • Hmm. Lets see. Might be because red, white & blue are colors on the Russian flag.

        • Check out their flag.

        • Those are the Russian National Colors. Go back to sleep, Rip. 🙂

      7. Have you seen the all woman special forces unit from Norway? Seeing these pictures of the Russians in the snow reminded me of the women. I guess they, Russians and Norwegians, are used to the cold weather? That’s quite a set up. If the Russian economy is so bad, how did they afford to build it? Russia is always looking toward the future; what’s with the USA?

        • Why would/ SHOULD the Nordic people be afraid of the Russians?

          Its not Russian RAPEFUGEES destroying their country nor massing on their borders to plunder and burn. Its the ISLAMIC /MUSLIM RAPEFUGEES destroying them from the inside. The USA is on the same path, but Americans are too cowardly and stupid to get it. WE WILL FOLLOW the EU’s defeat because courage FIDELITY and SURVIVAL thinking is nearly nonexistent these days on American soil which is why the ongoing RACIST AND TERRORIST ATTACKS CONTINUE DAILY AND THE MSM REPORTS THAT THESE “FREEDOM FIGHTERS/ANTIFA/PROGRESSIVES” scumbags are attacking citizens daily. What is America doing about the traitors within? NOT A DAMN THING, again following the EU example, cowardly surrender to them and Obamas color revolution army of muzzies illegal aliens and treasonous scumbag communist racist traitors.

      8. National colors.

      9. I don’t know of an “Arctic sea”, it is the Atlantic ocean. I know this tends to be subjective. One thing I give credit to the Russians for is Icebreakers, however, the best ones they have are made in Finland. The Russki Nuke ones use really crappy reactors, it makes one wonder.
        Bottom line is the Arctic is just an Ocean, and most our rules are based on land. Water is free access for everyone. If I recall correctly, unless I drop an anchor or somehow connect to the bottom, I’m pretty free to go where and do as I damn well please as long as I’m 12 miles or so away from your country and I don’t violate any sea laws.
        They want to waste their money, let them.

      10. We should not be fighting with Russia. Russia was Christian Orthodox white and wealthy beyond all get out. That is why the Chew Communists wanted it. The Chews were taking over the Russians the way they do and the Czar clamped down on them hard; killing over a hundred Chews. This happened before they came in mass from Russia to America around the 1920’s. When the “American” Chew Communists returned to Russia (backed by money from Chew Jacob Schiffs who was living in New York), the Chews instigated the Russians to revolt against the Czar, promising the working class that they would enjoy the wealth of the richest. Of course it was a lie. As soon as the Chews succeeded in getting full power away from Native White Russians, the Chews (waving the banner of Communism as a deceptive front) stole the Russians blind. They stole everything from the Russian people. And they murdered tens of Millions of Russians who had done nothing but go to church, own land, complain, or breathe.

        Russia has removed many of these influences, although not all. We should give our support to Putin as he allows and encourages Native White Russians to openly pray and attend Christian Services (something that antagonizes the Chews in America). Russia should be our ally. President Donald Trump should not be intimidated by “accusations” that he is cozying up to Russia and Vladimir Putin. Trump should hold out a hand of friendship to Russia. We need to give the “Deep State” an invitation to back off and go to hell. An entire Century of Blood, looting, and WAR is way more than ENOUGH.


        • Exactly: Russians are white and Christian. They love European culture and civilization. They are not our enemy.

          The enemies of European civilization and European peoples are easily identified and, in fact, have declared themselves so: they are primarily Islamic in focus (Turkey, Saudi Arabia etc.).

      11. Without a human presence on the Island, it’s ownership could be disputed. It’s not a bad location for ice pack submarine spying. The location has strategic value. It’s a great spot to watch for US subs heading under the polar ice from the US East coast.

        If they want nearby seabed oil from under the ice, I’d pipeline from well heads to an island under the ice. Then use the island as an oil terminal. This island is a nice location. They can also now test drill the land areas on that Island, should they find oil or gas, the base on that island could be energy self sufficient for decades.

        The only downside is real data on climate indicates we are likely entering another mini ice age. That whole facility could end up under a hundred feet of ice. That would suck.

        A side note here. The the Soviets and now Russians have kept shipping channels open across the polar ice for decades. By cutting up the ice for shipping lanes, it can drift south with favorable currents, creating the appearance of a shrinking ice pack and allowing better solar heating of the Arctic Ocean.

        It’s another instance of Putin putting Russia first. This island development went totally unchallenged by Obama. There is no where you can look and not see the fruits of the Obama catastrophe. This whole North Korea nuclear problem went unchecked for the 8 years of Obama’s negligence.

        • Obama (deliberately) let the world go to hell on his watch. There has never been so much instability and local conflicts as there are now, nor so many refugees. Even developed, advanced European states were destablized under Obama. But why did he do it? Well, the answer to that lies within the Muslim Brotherhood, his sponsor and ideological director.

          Obama’s wet dream has always been about provoking an enormous global war that wipes out most white people. And – tah-dah! – look where we are today.

      12. “Without a human presence on the Island, it’s ownership could be disputed”.

        By whom ???

        Besides under Obola the USA GAVE two islands off the northeastern most point of Siberia to Russia a few years ago. It would seem there could have been SOME strategic value in keeping them and manning them with a radar station and/or missile base.

        “Wrangel Islands” I think, if my memory serves me correctly. There’s probably lots of oil & gas under and around them also. 🙁

      13. I know a writer that needs geography lessons.

      14. Just the normal line of posters mostly arm chair wanabees and then the tough guys with all the answers..

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