Pictured: Hungary’s New Electrified Border Wall, Watch Towers And Guards Outfitted With Machine Guns

by | May 12, 2017 | Headline News | 97 comments

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    The country of Hungary, 95% of whose citizens opposed European Union migrant quotas in a recent referendum, has reportedly electrified key portions of their border fence.

    According to Index.hu, when approaching the border outside of authorized border crossings, those attempting to enter the country will be met with warning signs in Hungarian, Serbian and Arabic advising them that the fence has been electrified.

    Kit Daniels reports:

    It may not be a full fence shield, but there are fixed wires running parallel to the ground,” reported journalist András Földes. “The 12 wires mounted on insulated points are visible on both fences of the double fence, with insulated portions on the inside of the fences since it’s assumed they [the migrants] will only come from the outside if they come in.”

    “…We also learned that a worker was shaken at the time of the installation and that he was hospitalized,” he added.

    Though detractors of President Donald Trump’s border wall concept have been critical of the idea that a wall would actually stop illegal immigration through America’s porous southern border, the Hungarian wall has reportedly reduced illegal crossings into the country by a whopping 97%, with a significant change seen within the first 24 hours after it was installed.

    The images below paint a very intimidating picture of what migrants attempting to cross the border will see.

    Warning signs in multiple languages:



    Guard towers:


    And guards outfitted with fully automatic machine guns


    Good luck getting through this:


    (Images courtesy Index.hu; András Földes)


    Border Wall Contractors Prepare For Violent Backlash, Ask Trump If They Can Carry Guns

    Mexico Is Building A Border Wall “To Keep Illegal Immigrants Out”

    This Stunning Chart Shows How Trump’s Border Wall Will Stop Illegal Immigration


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      1. I want one!

        • Here is a “get out to vote” movement you can believe in:


          Take it viral. Get out the vote !!! 🙂

        • I bet nothing smells worse than a fried muslim piece of shit.

          • It would be fun to watch the fence at night, like a big bug zapper?

          • El Chappo would build an underground rail system

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            • Bullet stoppers up to .50 cal? You preparing for an army?

            • It is easier to just run away

          • It surely doesn’t smell like bacon.

        • fried moose limbs sounds good to me

        • Hungary has done it.

          Funny how we can’t seem to get one built on our border.

          Too complicated for the morons in D.C. I guess.

      2. Hell yeh?

        • George Soros is receiving Funding from the US Government to undermind Hungary’s Government. Wanna know why that POS is not sitting in prison yet. There you go.

          Here pick any headline for the Truth:

          Washington Post Advocates Overthrow of Anti-Soros, Anti …☑

          The Washington Post ran a column on Wednesday pushing for the US government to punish Hungary’s right-wing government for trying to kick out George Soros …

          More results

          Massive Movement To Overthrow George Soros Explodes In …☑

          Neon Nettle – Massive Movement To Overthrow George Soros Explodes In Macedonia – Stop Operation Soros (SOS) to stop billionaire globalist


          Hungary: Jews Organize Gypsies and Homosexuals in Soros …☑

          Hungary: Jews Organize Gypsies and Homosexuals in Soros-Backed Campaign to Overthrow Viktor Orban. … the European Union and international Jews like George Soros, …


          • Get the Truth US Tax Payers, Its your Money doing this:

            Stop Operation Soros (SOS): Massive Movement To Overthrow …☑

            Stop Operation Soros (SOS): Massive Movement To Overthrow George Soros Explodes In Macedonia January 23 2017

            More results

            Massive Movement To Overthrow George Soros Explodes In …☑

            Massive Movement To Overthrow George Soros … The movement has been set up to expose the ‘subversive activities of all of George Soros’s organistaions. Hungary …


            Billionaire George Soros comes under fire in Hungary☑

            George Soros has come under fire in his native Hungary, where politicians have accused him of supporting illegal migration.


            Stop Operation Soros (SOS): Massive Movement To Overthrow …☑

            A new initiative, Stop Operation Soros (SOS), dedicated to countering the influence of American billionaire activist George Soros, has been launched in Macedonia.


      3. Looks like Hungary is my new vacation destination in Europe.

        Have you people ever heard of John Hunyadi?

        He would be proud.

          • Exactly–Hungary is a white European country with a living history. Their culture and history is held deeply by its citizens. It is everywhere still from statues to architecture to art.
            They will not forget the Hungary/Ottoman Wars and the 150 years it took free themselves nor the years under the other tyrants, the Soviets.
            Bravo–tell the EU, FU ! They don’t want to go through that hell again and at least the Hungarians ( unlike most of Europe) have not forgotten what the Islamists really are–invaders and conquerors.

      4. Sweet

        • Nice fence and looks effective. Might be interesting to see somebody in a burka pole vault over it.

      5. Hey bimbo. I’m sure they will treat you better then white men. .? Until your old.

      6. Good for them.

      7. Hungarians using their heads, and doing what is best for their people.

        __ much respect


        • The majority of Euro country’s citizens are idiots and want a flood of Muslims coming in trashing their countries into third world dumps and eventual slavery for the infidels. Euro males in these open border countries are cowardly sissies and will welcome sharia law or be killed. Law and order is zero in most countries, and Muslims are allowed to break laws.

          • And there speaks the voice of a typical National Enquirer reader, giving the world the vast experience of her knowledge and expertise. I’d advise you to take your 300lb ass down to Wally world and stock up on some extra lard.

            You’ve painted some very wide brush strokes Laura Ann – any facts/statistics to back em up with? Or is this the latest nonsense perpetuated by your favorite “newspaper”?

            Ever ventured beyond your county line? Do you ever have an original opinion of your own beyond reading trashy comic books?

            • Follow the elections, moron.

              You’re an idiot.

      8. Hmmmmmm. Fried Muzzies…….

        • Tell them Mohammad said to pee on the fence.

      9. Wish that our politicians would put the same setup on our southern border. It doesn’t look to be expensive, but I bet it’s effective! And it seems it could be set up even on the rockiest terrain! Genius!

      10. They defend their Paprika from Alien Invaders called “Refugees” Well.
        El Salvador Too for it’s Precious Metals being for it’s Poeple not Rio Tinto or other Hearst-like Robber Baron Mining Companies.

        EU be Shattered!

        Autonomy, Independence, and Sovereignty for each Nation in the Idiocratic European Disunion by returning to what National Pride is which is Diversity of Currency not that Holographic-Euro.

      11. I’d like to see a referendum regarding a wall on the US border with Mexico. I’ll never happen because it would probably pass, and TPTB do not want it.

        • Waiting: Blame the Globalist run State Dept, as the prez has zero control over it. S. Dept can do as they please outside of congress and prez. Dept of def. is staffed w/ CFR members who kow tow to leaders of NWO.

          • When I say TPTB, I’m referring to who’s really in charge( NWO, Deep state).When referring to Trump I say Trump or POTUS.

      12. Is the fence to keep people out or keep people in like a prison. Hmmm

        • Yes, keep Hungarian in is my vote

        • You figure that one out and get back to us.

      13. I am from romania, exactly 5km near hungarian border, still i don’t see any electric fence, i don’t even talk about machine gun lol

      14. Way to go Hungary!
        At last a European country that has brains and balls!!
        Hungary will need some allies over there as most of Europe will turn into a muslim sh#thole.
        Come on Trump, build an electric fence with guard towers!

      15. We as a country just need to end ALL services to illegals,the #’s coming in will drop to almost nothing,the few that get thru so low in number we can get em with ins quickly,that is the wall this country needs.

        • Amen!

      16. and Hungry is being threatened by both Germany & France to take down the fence and start allowing the Muslims or face financial blackmail ….

      17. FWIW, it doesn’t look like it would be very expensive to build a wall like than and the military guards are probably on the payroll of the military anyway.

        It would probably be even cheaper to run if they would let the guards turn it on and off whenever they see someone trying to get through it so it so it doesn’t use electricity all the time, just when needed.

      18. HURAH!!!!!!!!!
        GREATEST respect from TEXAS…….

        • K-9

          Yes we need something like that.

      19. And our U.S. contractors want $25MM per mile to build our fence…another boondoggle for the taxpayer. As usual, the simplest fix is most effective. It seems in the U.S. that we are having a hard time finding the simple and common sense approaches that most effectively get the job done. A recurring theme in our society.

      20. 2nd post…
        So our U.S.contractors want $25MM per mile. Not seeing the best bang for our buck here given Hungary gets it done for $100K? per mile. As usual, what could and should be a project designed to hold together the union will be turned into another fooking boondoggle imposed on our country/citizens. Of course the profits will line the pockets of many well placed “players”.

        • Western Hungary is essentially flat, well-roaded, very conducive to linear construction like this.

      21. Yes, that part of the world is under a silent Islamic invasion. A second invasion.

        What is occurring in Eurpoe has been discussed years ago regarding Turkey (as an example), being a NATO member,if a mass portion of their population was to immigrate to Europe and the impact.

        These types of discussions happened when Europe open its borders in the mid – 80’s or so.

        We now see it and God bless Hungary for having the courage.

        Does everybody remember years ago Hillary Clinton’s comment “It takes a village”?

        The purpose is the tearing down of national borders and traditions.

        To intermingle with other cultures tearing them down, uprooting traditions.

        Look at Germany, Holland, France…

        To eventually establish a central socialist world government.

        Are they assimilating? Are they assimilating here.

        Do not be deceived, a major violent social clash is on the horizon.

      22. If I be allowed one more comment, fortifications remind me of the fence lines that separated East and West Germany during the cold war years.

        But now a national security necessity.

      23. Now that is a wall!

      24. I’m afraid that you all will find that the mission of Trump is to carry out the agenda of Israel, not America!!!

        • There is no agenda on earth that isn’t carrying out the agenda of Israel.

          Not one.

          Even the White Supremacists and Anti Semites are part of that agenda.

          They control Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam too.

          Even SHTF is run by them, and its posters, are a part of it.

          Everyone knows that, it’s not something needing to be be questioned.

          • Anonymous:

            I don’t know about anyone else, but if not for privacy and security, I’ld give you info to verify that I do not work for those people, but you may be do work for them, so in that case, speak for yourself.

            __ Google George Rockwell _ The Lost Tape 1965 __ YouTube


      25. they dont want sponging terrorists walking in & committing crimes

        • I say if El Chappo will pay for the wall, we will let him out of jails and catapult him over it.

      26. Wtb… :3

      27. JEALOUS !

        if the usa would have done that as a requirement of the passing of the 1965 kennedy immigration act, this country still might be able to be saved.

        instead, Texas is going to become a swing state within 10 years(along with Florida) regardless of how many illegals are stopped now and it’s a Bernie and Pelosi America after that.

        • Oh. I guess we all should curl up in a fetal position. Not happening.
          You cite Pelosi n Bernie as viable future leadership of the Left? HA.. Bernie babbles and Pelosi has made two or three incoherent appearances. If Trump does nothing else than pack the Judiciary with constitutionalist we are ok.

        • Oh. I guess we all should curl up in a fetal position. Not happening.
          You cite Pelosi n Bernie as viable future leadership of the Left? HA.. Bernie babbles and Pelosi has made two or three incoherent appearances. If Trump does nothing else than pack the Judiciary with constitutionalist we are ok…….

        • Oh. I guess we all should curl up in a fetal position. Not happening.
          You cite Pelosi n Bernie as viable future leadership of the Left? HA.. Bernie babbles and Pelosi has made two or three incoherent appearances. If Trump does nothing else than pack the Judiciary with constitutionalist we are good!!!

      28. Its a shame that another country has to set an example on how to deal with a problem like this. Common sense tell you what needs to be done,politics doesn’t.

      29. Yeah but any border blockage goes against open border globalism. North American Union still the plan. One giant smelly melting pot. If you are black get back, if you are brown you better not even come around.

      30. Actually, Hungary didn’t have much choice. The refugees simply bypassed the border checkpoints. Hungary is just not wealthy enough to support a large number of refugees. Hungary wasn’t intended to be the final destination but the wealthier countries didn’t want them. Turkey is in the same boat.

      31. Better late than never but too bad they did not have this like 2 yrs or so ago. The US needs something like this. Do NOT allow these worthless, violent, radical muslims into your countries if you value your way of life and your safety. . .this is extremely urgent people.

      32. Just chill’n today watchin’ and reading about the Trump Presidency/Comey meltdown. Trumpy appears ready to bust a gasket.

        • I got deep doubt that we’ll ever see the Great Southwest Wall come to fruition like what is shown in the above article. If we make it through to autumn/winter without a world wide or in-country conflict, I’ll be surprised. Time to take the prepping to an unprecedented level. I believe the current presidency and crew is in shambles and beginning to disintegrate. Just my opinion FWIW.

        • Don’t get your hopes up, he loves this.
          Toying with imbeciles.
          You don’t get this yet?

          • He’s got bigger fish to fry then toying third grade playground Bullshit. He needs to drop the twitter crap. What don’t YOU get?

        • Don’t let the media tell you what to think.

          That’s exactly what they’re doing.

      33. Let them in and everyone will be hungry.

      34. Cool beans man. We need to put some of them Bolshevik looking bastards on our border.

      35. I would love to see something like this in the south. What would it hurt.

        It would read El-Fry’o’ El-Ass’o’ As you can see I can speak Spanglish. It very close to Ebonics.

        If we are known as long pork? Would it smell like BACON? I know it would if I touched it. LOL


        • Sgt. had a wreck east of Zebulon, nc yesterday. Mexican argued with SHP that the stop sign didn’t say alto, he didn’t understand English and shouldn’t be given a ticket for t-boning a family of four. Didn’t go very well for him.

          • SPITM
            I hope all of you are OK!!!!!

            Too bad you can’t right him for being STUPIOD in Public.

            Did he check his papers???? SOB can’t speak English he more than likely is illegal!!!

            Little know secret Mexicans have to speak some English before the get out of 8th grade to go to High School. or Spanish Skul (LOL).


      36. The electric fence part is pretty easy to defeat. especially with all the rebar available.
        The kill zone (if it really is one) between the two fences is
        a lot harder. Especially if you have some junkyard dogs patrolling it. When I was a kid, the last place you’d try to burglarize was a junkyard at night. If the dogs don’t kill you, the owner would.

      37. In France, Marine Le Pen received only ten per cent of the vote, however forty four percent voted for her in the age bracket of eighteen to twenty four year olds. The future may not be as grim for us or the following generations as some people think.

        As long as we continue the fight no matter how hopeless. To be willing to fight thee invincible foe. To walk when your legs are to weary…
        To reach the unreachable g-o-a-l… To bare with unbearable sorrow…

        __ ??


        • You need to check your numbers, Le Pen received over 34% of the vote.

        • Thanks — quite interesting!

      38. this would never work in the usa. it make “sense”…

      39. When SHTF hits, I hope to make my home look a lot like the Hungarian border. I think I have most of it but not the electricity.

      40. Probably apocryphal, but instructive of what leftism does:

        Many years ago, Angela Davis — one of the leaders of the Communist Party USA — ventured to the Soviet Union to give a speech about injustice in her homeland. “In America,” she thundered, “the rich have new cars and the poor have to settle for used cars!”

        A murmur went up through the crowd: “Poor people in America have cars?”

      41. Just heard Kimberly Guilfoyle may replace Spicer as press secretary. YOWSA!!!

      42. Biggest bug zapper in the world.

      43. It doesn’t look like a fence that can be electrified.

      44. Liquidate any and all illegals found in America, ban immigration from all third world nations, and lets keep the third world and its exotic diseases out of our nation.

      45. Folks need to really consider this reasoning. A wall large enough to keep folk’s out is also large enough to hold people in. Just stop giving them free stuff because nothing free for taxpayers! They will not come and will leave in their time and dime.

        Terrorstorm— Clip: A History of False Flag Attacks

        In this clip, six examples of the use of false flag terrorist attacks by the global elite are examined, including Adolf Hitler’s use of the the tactic, Operation Ajax in Iran, Operation Gladio in Europe, the Gulf of Tonkin Attacks, the bombing of Cubana Flight 455, and the Attack on the USS Liberty.


      46. Happy Mothers Day to all the moms,thanks for the “womb and board”!

      47. After the fall of Rome, people were legally forbidden from leaving their jobs, no matter how bad the working conditions. They became Medieval peasants.

        You see walls and fences and electricity, and don’t ask whether they’re used to keep people inside.

        • Beaumont:

          You see someone drinking apple juice and ask, “could it really be piss”. Give yourself a moment and think logically. Sure, it is possible; but, under the circumstances, highly unlikely.

          __ ? Happy Mother’s Day, all you mothers !! ?


      48. Mac….your website is doing the refresh thing again about every 30 seconds.

        Frustrating as hell.

        talk to your developer….or whoever is doing the ads….who thinks it some kind of brilliant idea to build these freaking popup ads into your site.

        The people who dream this stuff up should be taken out and strung up….or at the very least fired.

        Just because something can be done, doesn’t mean that it should.

      49. OK, so exactly why wouldn’t Hungarians enjoy living in Hungary, without a population of Third World muslims in their midst?

        Citizens can always exit the country through any legal access point.

        Saying the fences are to keep Hungarians in Hungary is pretty silly, don’t you think?

      50. For those of you interested, google where Janissaries came from. Basically, the Muslims invaded lands like Hungary, stole their boys, and turned them into Muslim jihadis against their own original homeland.

        Then go read the article by Dr. Robert Davis, Ohio State Univ., entitled When Europeans Were Slaves at https://researchnews.osu.edu/archive/whtslav.htm

        The only positive thing is that once these Muslims get entrenched in western countries, the very first thing they will do is turn on the radical left, the radical homosexuals, the radical feminazis – the VERY people the brought us this filth. I guarantee you that when the radical Muslims come marching in to San Francisco to implement Sharia law on the radical Muslims, it won’t be pretty.

        • Test:
          Don’t you worry, those faggots can shoot just as straight as you or me. Don’t get the white queers angry!


      51. Kill them all and let Jesus sort them out. lol

      52. Electric fences seem so effective but they can be very easily defeated with a few feet of bare wire. A solid wall would be a better long term solution. (are the illegals smart enough to know how to short out an electric fence????) Maybe not!

      53. Good fence! Now use land mines in the ground below to prevent tunnels. About 100 yards deep in land mines should do it. A whole new meaning to the Boom Boom Room…

      54. c’est la Serbie (orthodoxe chrétienne) qui sert de réservoir aux foules d’envahisseurs musulmans ayant traversé l’Albanie et le Kosovo (pour prendre les ordres et “quelques” armes, qui conquièrent son territoire en tuant de ci de là quelques paysans isolés pour leur voler leur nourriture ?
        It is Serbia (Christian Orthodoxy) which serves as a reservoir for the crowds of Muslim invaders who have crossed Albania and Kosovo (to take orders and “a few” weapons, which conquer its territory by killing a few peasants Isolated to steal their food?

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