“Phone Hasn’t Stopped Ringing” – The World’s Ultra Rich Are Panic Buying Doomsday Bunkers

by | Mar 7, 2022 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    Russian President Vladimir Putin’s move to place his nuclear forces on heightened alert as the invasion of Ukraine continues for the fifth day has increased demand for custom-made doomsday bunkers for the paranoid rich.

    Gary Lynch, the general manager of Texas-based Rising S Co., told The Sun that underground doomsday bunker demand is up more than 1000% since Russian troops invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24.

    “Typically, I’ll sell between two and six shelters a month – and usually winter is a quiet time for us.

    “But I sold five units alone on Thursday, and I’ve sold two more already today – there’s no telling how many more [orders] we will get.

    “The phone hasn’t stopped ringing, and we’ve been sending out so many quotes,” added Lynch.

    Readers may recall hearing about Rising S in the early days of the COVID pandemic and social unrest as underground bunkers were in high demand.

    The five doomsday bunkers sold on the Russian invasion day ranged between $70,000 to $240,000. Bunkers start as low as $40,000 and can reach multi-million-dollar, depending on the client’s needs.

    Lynch said interest in his doomsday bunkers is pouring in worldwide:

    “I’ve gotten inquiries from Italy. I’ve gotten an inquiry from the United Kingdom, from Denmark, from Japan, from Canada, from the USA – and that’s just from over the weekend. 

    “The interest isn’t just isolated to the US, it’s everywhere.”

    Since the invasion, people in New Zealand, Australia, the US, Canada, and United Kingdom are panic searching “doomsday bunker.” The search trend exploded to highs not seen a year at the end of last week.

    Lynch said prospective buyers are calling him as they fear Russia might invade other neighboring countries and could lead to a “fully-fledged world war.”

    “And they’re justified to be fearful of that,” Lynch said. “Just look at what’s going on.

    “[Vladimir Putin] is threatening nuclear war, saying it would be something the world has never seen.

    “The world has seen Hiroshima,” he continued, “and if what they are threatening is worse than that then, by all means, we should all be worried.”

    We’ve seen this trend before, and people usually begin to panic hoard critical things for survival, such as food, ammo, guns, and precious metals. Doomsday bunkers are only a luxury for the rich.


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      1. The fittest to survive are the ones that survive.

        It strengthens the species that way.

      2. How many women to men.

        • Dr. Strangelove said there should be several fertile young women for each man in the bunker to restart the human race.

          • Isaiah 3-4

            I suggest that you screen for vaccine status.

      3. How much does a window cost?

      4. Well, they won’t be able to stock those bunkers up with Russian vodka.

        The cancel culture tards have pulled Russian vodka from the shelves. I ask, how does this help? You are only punching yourself in the face by this woke decision. The vodka has already been paid for. This just takes money from the business owner’s pocket.

        But…but…it makes me feel so good inside, they say. The propaganda works well on these people. Their stupidity goes on forever.

      5. The ultra rich are selling these bunkers to you.

        • The ultra rich had YOU pay for their bunkers. The best money can buy.

          • If this should blow over, I intend to have other people pay for my things.

      6. Eat Zbugs Elite scum!

      7. While the rich hide in their bunkers, the Real threat of cyber attacks wipes out their money in the banks and the stock market.

        Where did i hear this before?— IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID! The Globalists do not want Nuclear war and want the economy to fail to usher in the Great Reset, and they claim to control Russia and the world leaders, not a devistated planet they cannot control.

        • The genuine rich have most of their “money” in real assets of assorted kinds (i.e. real estate) and very little of it in actual cash in the bank.

          Something not true for most of the common people.

      8. Abandoned mines, the poor mans bunker….

      9. If this comes to a nuclear world war, they will be emerging to a nuclear winter, eternal night, frozen, radiation contaminated, unlivable landscape for the rest of their life. Which in that environment will be very short, and very painful. No Thanks.

      10. I’d prefer to go out in the flash and be vaporized instantly, then die a slow death of radiation poisoning and starvation Zombie cannibal apocalypse.

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