PG&E Warns Californians Of 10 Years Of Power Shut Offs

by | Oct 21, 2019 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    California residents are facing up to a decade of widespread, precautionary, power shut-offs until Pacific Gas & Electric Corp., the bankrupt utility giant, will be able to prevent its power transmission lines from sparking fires, the company’s top official said.  Californians could experience power shut-offs for the next ten years.

    Chief Executive William D. Johnson said at an emergency meeting Friday of the California Public Utilities Commission in San Francisco, that ten years is a probable timeline. “I think this is probably a 10-year timeline to get to a point where it’s really ratcheted down significantly.” Of course, that isn’t sitting well with Californians or politicians.

    Between June and early October, PG&E carried out four power shut-offs in an attempt to prevent wildfires, for which the company is being sued for. The largest and most criticized outage was from October 9 through October 12.  This shut off ended up affecting 738,000 customers in 35 counties radiating outward from the Sacramento area.

    “What we saw play out by PG&E last week cannot be repeated,” commission President Marybel Batjer said Friday, according to prepared remarks. “The loss of power endangers lives … and imposes additional burdens on our most vulnerable populations.” Food spoiled, traffic signals died, and cellphones faded out. Schools and businesses came to a standstill and frustrations grew into concerns over safety as hospitals switched to emergency generators.

    “PG&E was not fully prepared to manage such a large-scale power shut-off,” said Batjer. During the planned outage, the utility’s website crashed and customers unsuccessfully tried to reach the utility by any means for information, according to the Los Angeles Times. 

    Even though Batjer says that this “cannot be repeated,” PG&E is warning that not only will this be repeated, but there is likely to be ten more years of this repetition. Batjer said the purpose of Friday’s meeting was to ensure that the state’s utilities “are better prepared — and that their customers are better served — when our state faces the next wildfire threat and if warranted, another power shut-off incident.”

    PG&E isn’t the only utility company likely to shut off power to customers in the coming years. Another utility, Southern California Edison, was weighing potential power shut-offs that could affect some customers in Inyo, Kern, and Los Angeles counties. About 11,500 customers in the Santa Clarita area could be impacted

    This potential shutoff was pondered due to a red flag warning, indicating a high risk of fire, that was in effect until late Sunday night for the Pacific coastline south of Santa Barbara and nearby mountains, with dry, gusty winds in the forecast, according to the National Weather Service.


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      1. PG&E estimated that it would cost about $120 billion to bury power lines to prevent fires. Coincidentally, that’s what Commiefornia pays to house, incarcerate, feed, prosecute, etc. illegal immigrants every year. All Commiefornia has to do is help enforce the immigration laws and they could easily pay for the power lines to be buried. But when leftwing government officials continue to be re-elected by mentally ill voters (a/k/a Democrats) then you can bet they won’t do the rational thing and get illegal immigration under control. To Hell with California. Let them shiver in the dark. It will do them good.

      2. 10 years from now would make it almost 2030.

      3. There are any rumors that the majority of houses burned down were on the projected right of way of California’s projected future high speed rail network.

        I guess burning people out is easier than going to court and arguing eminent domain.

        I really recommend all future California home construction include a highly reflective insulated roof that reflects infrared and RF frequencies. Keep the dead plants trimmed twenty feet from the house. Keep all large dead trees away, cut them down.

        What’s going on in California is highly irregular and suspect. The State of California is taking for taxes vast swaths of property that someone committed arson on, on a statewide scale.

        • Plan once, prep twice There’s definitely something very fishy about the Cali fires last year…houses vaporized, yet trees and or garbage poly carts a few feet away not even singed. Engine blocks of cars melted into a puddle …no forest or house fire burns hot enough to melt an engine block. Very fishy indeed. DEW weapons perhaps?

          • Have you ever used an acetylene torch? You heat the metal with acetylene until it’s red hot then introduce pressurized oxygen to bring the metal past it’s melting point. Many cars use aluminum blocks & heads now, melts at 1,200°F, steel 1370°F….a forest fire one meter in height WITHOUT wind burns at 1472°F… the math.
            Even with no wind you’re already above the melting point of what is the two most common metals in an automobile, when the fire gets extreme you’re looking at 2192°F.
            That’s not far off from the melting point of titanium, 3034°F. A 42 degree difference isn’t much so even that is susceptible to loss of structural integrity.

      4. Cali doesn’t have 10 years left with the seismic activity they’ve been having over the past year. If they make it another 5 years I’d be surprised.

      5. Those fires were the weirdest fires I have ever seen video of. They looked as if lasers just discentegrated a house and left one beside it completely unscathed. It was reminiscent of damage to the twin towers as some have observed and reported. I don’t know what to think. It is suspicious. It is odd. And now this. I smell something and it ain’t right. Where there’s smoke, there’s FIRE.

        As I said before, PG&E is owned by the elite Rothschilds. They got the gold. They make “the rules”. If they want to turn off the grid, whose going to stop them? If they want to discentegrate the State of California, they have the power (pun) to do it.


      6. I’m not a fan of monopoly utility companies in CA. With that said, the legal system & govt. entities have placed those companies in a precarious position. Billions of dollars in liability is likely to be assigned to those utility companies when wildfires destroy life and property in the state. Like most important infrastructure, risk is involved in carrying out their mandate. CA lives in a delusional world of NO RISK IS ACCEPTABLE and the govt. controls the utility prices. CA says we need the power but the brain-dead govt. (courts & legislature) can’t figure out that bankrupting the suppliers of utilities could have even worse consequences.

      7. The 10 year story floated is designed to encourage people to leave voluntarily… precisely what these satanists want in their 2030 plan….

      8. Here are the answers to the why. Watch this video if you want the answer as to the “why” of power outage and your future:
        * * * YouTube video: “Rosa Koire. UN Agenda 2030 exposed”

        Watch video before it is banned. This Lady explains clearly. This site should consider article on topic.
        _ _ _ _ _ _
        This power outage is ALL according to plan. UN Agenda 21, UN Agenda 2030.
        – Depopulate rural areas. Cut thier power availability/reliability.
        – First they intentionally burned out peoples homes. DEW weapons?
        – Then they cut power for Northern Cal.
        – Now they cut power again. It will continue.
        – People will be herded into cities like cattle. Cities controlled with surviellance technology watching your every move.
        * * TOTAL CONTROL of the many, by the top 3% super rich/government/world government NWO comminst/Tech AI.

        George Soros types and Google AI will control the masses. It is a Satanic/Demonic NWO Beast System.

        KJV Bible tells you what is happening now. Tech Beast System.

        * * Escape your Screens. Prepare now.
        Flee the Communist Areas like California-NYC to give yourself time. But eventually the Beast will be world wide AI controll.

      9. They should follow the example of SDG&E in San Diego County. Following disastrous fires sparked by their power lines, SDG&E installed hundreds of weather stations on its power line towers and employed a department of meteorologists to become specialists on high wind events. Whenever winds exceeding a certain threshold are detected. Power to that segment of the line is automatically shut down, and when the wind drops down below the threshold, power is restored to that segment of the line. PG&E is right to shut down the power when there are high winds. But there are more intelligent ways to avoid power-line sparked fires than to shut down the entire grid regardless of the intensity of the wind.

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