Peter Schiff Warns: “Nothing Has Changed Under Trump… We’re Headed For A Major Crisis”

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    When Donald Trump was elected, there was so much optimism among libertarians and conservatives, it was almost palpable. However, it’s only been several months into his first term, and it’s becoming quite apparent that Trump is no savior. In retrospect, it was foolish to think any single person could snap his fingers, and reverse decades of financial mismanagement and political corruption. It was foolish to think that he could dismantle an entrenched bureaucracy that is more powerful than most people realize.

    But not everyone was convinced that Trump was going to be able to turn this ship around. Peter Schiff knew that the damage done by the political establishment was irreversible, and that our financial system was living on borrowed time. In a recent interview with Future Money Trends, Schiff explains why Donald Trump can’t stop the inevitable, and how you can crash proof your assets ahead of the economic pain that is coming:

    Donald trump should already be disappointing a lot of people who thought we were going to get change, we were going to make America great again. We didn’t repeal Obamacare, that’s here to stay. Major tax reform is dead. We’re dropping bombs.

    I mean it’s the same old same old right? Big government… bigger deficits… more cheap money… keep the air in the bubble. We’re headed for a major major crisis.

    Watch the full interview with Peter Schiff:

    (Watch At Youtube)

    As for what that major crisis will be, it’s not what most people would expect. As Schiff points out, it’s not going to be triggered by one sector of the economy, as we saw in during the last financial crash. The crisis is going to emerge with the dollar itself, which Schiff says could cause precious metal prices to soar. Everyone is taking for granted the fact that the dollar is king, but it’s not going to be for long. Not when our government continues to rack up debt like a compulsive gambler; which at this point, doesn’t appear to be changing under Trump.

    The dollar is living on borrowed time, literally. And so we just don’t know. It’s like a bomb with a fuse, but we just don’t really know how long the fuse is. The dollar, I think is in a major bubble. I think it is in the process of topping out. I think once it completes this top it’s going down. And I think it’s going to take out the lows from 2008…

    …I think it’s going to go down for the count. Because the last time, what saved the dollar was the financial crisis, and that crisis resulted in everybody buying the dollar. But I think the next crisis is not going to be the same crisis that we had in 08. I think the dollar is going to be the crisis. I don’t think it’s going to be a bread and butter financial crisis. This is going to be a currency crisis. So it’s going to be the US government. It’s not going to be the mortgage markets that’s blowing up. It’s going to be the treasury bond market that’s blowing up. It’s going to be the Federal Reserve that’s blowing up. And this is going to be a major major negative for the dollar, not a positive.

    We really don’t know how long that fuse is, but there’s no doubt that it’s been lit. There is a frustrating truism in economics. You can easily predict if something bad is going to happen, but you can never predict when it’s going to happen.

    That’s because the economy is built on numbers that are easy to calculate, but it’s impossible to predict how people will react to those numbers. In our case, people don’t want to believe that this economy is built on a house of cards and that their standard of living is in jeopardy. That willful ignorance, that confidence, can keep the show going long after the curtain should have been drawn. However, no amount of confidence can keep an unsustainable system running forever. Eventually, reality becomes impossible to ignore.

    Trump doesn’t want to preside over a major decline in our standard of living, but ultimately that has to happen. Because this is the consequence of all this excess consumption that went on before he was president. You know, we sacrificed our future to indulge our past. The future is now the present. We’re here, and it’s time to pay the piper.

    There’s only one thing you can do, according to Peter Schiff. Prepare yourself and your family with real assets like gold and silver that will keep your finances afloat during the next currency crisis.


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      1. They laughed at him in 2006/2007.

        They weren’t laughing anymore in 2008.

        Schiff is right on. Trump can’t stop this.

        • the way things are going Trump will make it happen sooner rather than later.

        • Yep Same ol Same ol BS. Trump announced yesterday hes lifting the Govnt Hiring Freeze on Federal Employees and the Runaway Train keeps on Running. $ilver is the new money. $18.50 and climbing. Gold pushing $1280. The masses are moving to Solar energy to be independent from the costly grid. Got to make smart decisions not to secure your future. If you do nothi g and sit on the tracks the Runaway train will flaten ya. Dead Meat.

          Hermes – Greek God of Commerce. Just look at what happened to the Greeks that left all their money in the banks for safe kerping. If its not in your hand or pocket, you dont own it.

          • Darn spell – I meant to say “Got to make smart decisions NOW to secure your future. Gonna Get Fugly out there.

        • Hahaha kiss your retirement good-bye hahaha. Drain the swamp hahaha funny eh? I am an actor not a doer.

        • By the way, actors lie and pretend to be something they are not to make money .

          • By the way, dictators have several things in common: they are good actors, they are rich, they have hot younger wives.

            • I have a hot younger wife, i’m I a dictator?

              • Your wife used to be hot-“ish” but she’s let herself go the last few years.

              • I hope you use this time to have many children with her or you will live with regret for many years. I have 5 and wish we could have 5 more.

          • Trump has just sealed his term to no more than 4 years. No way will he be re-elected now. We’re fucked.

            • BM, we were fucked before Trump, most just didn’t know it, and would have been more fucked with Killary. The advantage with Trump, is you can see it coming apart. Killary, not so much. She is the queen of slime.

            • Yea, weve been screwed for a while, and most likely will be for a long long time

        • Yahoo News – The US forces in Afghanistan dropped the largest non-Nuke bomb on a ISIS target near the Pakistan border Pentagon announces.

        • Well Sen. Schiff –you bone head –why didn’t u and your other Dems STOP OBAMA SPENDING SO WILDLY.????????

        • Agree Trump cannot circumvent all of the fall out or maybe none ? We just don’t know how it will all play out for many reasons. Schiff is quite correct in the fact that it has all simply been papered over with funny money. But anybody paying attention has known that for a very long while, nothing new at all. I have spoken with him and some of his people on several occasions and they are of course all realist. As I have said many times there are many outlier events in play and many can unfold top bring it all down in a heartbeat. It is nothing more than house of cards. Just remove the right one and bingo ! I do think it is possible to have some sort of RESET. And that too will be very chaotic. Makes more sense o me than anything, but there is simply no way to prognosticate how it may all unfold ?

          Consider that China has now said they will attack NK if necessary in a sort of consortium with USA ? We could not have possibly seen that coming a week ago. So events happen very quickly and unforeseen some times and we are in one of those historic times right now for sure. Also many times I have said “it will all work, until the day it doesn’t” The thinkers among you will know exactly what that means.

      2. Joel Skousen did a video several years back. In it he specifically said that a major economic collapse would be preceded by a North Korean conflict, possibly a nuclear one.

        Seems like he nailed it. They are going to use Korea as the excuse for the collapse of the global economy.

        • You are probably right. It feels like it’s a calamity storming about looking for an excuse. Like a drunk bully in a bar looking for which 90 pound weakling he can pound into the dirt just because he needs the adrenalene rush of a fight.

          Let’s face it, if you look at the world in a certain way, it is just filled with a-holes with punchable faces. The only problem is it isn’t a bar fight. The a-holes can fight back in some way and you would probably be better off doing business with them and getting to sneak off with the cute sister every once in a while.

          War is never good for warriors just for weapons manufacturers.

          • No doubt, usually the warriors are the biggest suckers and harmed by far the most

      3. Trump was never going to be our savior. Most here knew that. Disappointment is to be expected but not freaking out. We still have not even reached 100 days. Wait and see. You may get some of what we voted for. I’m all for talking to authority. If he’s wrong, let him know. But don’t rush to judgment. Give the guy a chance to show us if this was a mistake or what.


        • Only positive thing Trump accomplished so far is appointing a Conservative Potus Supreme Ct Judge and securing 2nd Amendment rights. Everthing else has been major FAIL. Big league. Where is the Clinton Trial?

            • Yes but mostly low lying criminals .The top of the heap are still all there and well protected.I am really disappointed in Trump.It looks like the deep state got to him.

          • We’ll see how the new judge actually rules.

          • He has done nothing to secure 2nd amendment rights. All he has done so far is kill civilians and allies and waste money flying to his resorts on weekends.

            • He also hasn’t done anything to threaten them. So far as who got popped? Looks like he has gotten the right guys so far to me. Can’t say that much about that POS that just left the WH. And just in case you haven’t noticed, that slime ball that just departed doubled our debt. 10 trillion or so was it? Besides, we could have gotten the alternative, Hillary Cuntin and there would be no doubt about you losing your second amendment rights.

        • B from CA, you still don’t get it. Stop making excuses for Trump. He campaigned for UNCONSTITUTIONAL government. It’s the Constitution Stupid!

        • Agree. and to the naysayers here I would ask , is there a difference between DTs actions and results and BHO and crew ? And what would exist of Hillary had won ? Ponder this

          1. illegal alien criminals are being brought to justice and taken off the streets in large numbers as they should have been long ago instead of being released on the public to commit more crimes

          2. Many serious investigations are taking place behind the scenes and some known. All of these cannot happen over nite as many of you seem to think or complain about because you have no idea how any of it works ? The simple truth is DOJ is overwhelmed with crimes BHO and crew committed on a grand scale and they are having to prioritize the investigations and the prosecutions and they are doing that as we speak. They are also hiring many more attorneys for that purpose.

          3. The fake Russia narrative and many other attacks to undermine DT and crew have complicated the transition and slowed it down because the resistance movement by BHO, Holder, Lynch and Clintons/Soros is unprecedented in its criminality!

          4. A week ago none of you complaining brainiacs could have possibly foresaw that China would say “we will attack NK if necessary” ? And that is now in motion and part of the events unfolding. All of which was only possible because of D Trump. Do you think the missile launch on Syria and the timing with China pres Xi was a coincidence ? And now China saying they will attack NK ? If so you are far more ignorant than I thought ? Beyond obvious it is all completely interconnected and all part of a grander plan to be sure !

          5. DT has a huge pile of accomplishments like many POs he has signed to undo many agency regs and many other bullshit things BHO and crew put in place. And the list is ongoing 24/7/365.

          Give the guy credit due and hold your tongues because you are about to look more like fools ! Does BHO now look like a compete fool and utter failure ?

          • All good points. The pedophile arrests, are incredible, though the MSM does not report, it is because the owners of MSM are involved with pedophilia perversions. And I do understand some of the execs of the MSM have been arrested.
            Trump has been successful in his life, however, life is not a one man game. Especially in terms of the leader over the citizens. There are hundreds of thousands of very smart people within the USA. Trump is focusing on business smarts as his cabinet. There is also science smarts, health care smarts, weather smarts, engineering smarts, and more. Trump does not know how to share. And with all of these very smart people across the USA, Trump, if he were maximum in intelligence, would recognize that if one embraces the others that are supportive and smart in the other fields, it makes the leader look the most intelligent. But, like all of the washington dc crowd, they think that being in politics is unique. I guess if you call organized crime unique then it is. Trump, if smart, would embrace the smart individuals in every State in the USA, have a team, and being rich does not mean smart. Many very smart people are not rich. Yes, they do have enough to pay their bills and to get by. But being rich does not mean one is smart in life, only in getting money.
            I do not believe Trump will ever understand people enough to know that being smart is understaning people.

            • You could not be more wrong about Trump. He will catch up to many of those other issues as well. And no doubt smart and rich are two different things most of the time. Just as Obama was devious and not necessarily smart, unless you call devious smart ? But far more serious events are on the table and MUST be dealt with first. They are looking at some serious projects to bring world leaders together to clean up the oceans and our water here in USA without all the bullshit agencies and waste involved in United Nations and other bogus criminal agencies. Most will be shocked at what is coming ! And it is all good.

      4. america and americans are so fukd, keep voting for the shit

        • Trump Wants a Weaker Dollar- Gold Nods and Rallies
          Gold now at $1286 and Silver $18.54 Climbing. Got Yours?


          From the WSJ

          President Donald Trump said Wednesday the U.S. dollar “is getting too strong” and he would prefer the Federal Reserve keep interest rates low. Mr. Trump, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, also said his administration won’t label China a currency manipulator in a report due this week.

          What this means folks is your Paper IOU BS currency will loose more and more value daily as Trump devalues the currency. Buy Gold and Silver Pronto like your life depended on it. Cause it will. Just ask Peter Schiff.

          • Yep got mine and will get more along with everything else.

            • AFTER you get all the OTHER shit you’ll need….food, water, guns, ammo,….and a lot of other STUFF…..schiff SHOULD be telling U.S. to buy STUFF. most of U.S. won’t have money left over to buy gold/silver. i would MUCH rather have this than gold, when the bell rings… here’s MY list of food that i have aquired. i went to the food room(yes, you SHOULD have a ROOM full of food by now) and just started a list of what I have stored up.

              pinto beans
              canned fruit like peaches, fruit cocktail, pears, apricots
              peanut butter
              tomatoes and tomatoe sauce
              sugar, brown sugar
              tabasco sauce
              BBQ sauce
              popcorn and seasoning
              olives, black
              canned chilli
              canned soups…my favorite, cream of mushroom
              milk, dried, evaporated, and condensed
              cake mix, 7up or sprite, and canned fruit…to make cobbler, apple or cherry is MY faves(google that)
              canned veggies
              shortening/corn oil
              soy sauce…teriyake
              beef/chicken bullion
              baking soda, baking powder, yeast
              pepper, garlic salt, chilli powder, italian seasoning, cinnamon, ketchup, mustard mayo.
              instant coffee, tea..creamer
              hard candy, chocolate
              tuna, spam(don’t stack it very high)
              powdered eggs
              well, that’s enough for now….u guys add to it and i will see if i want to add anything to MY stores…remember, this list is like a thousand lawyers chained to eachother at the bottom of the ocean……a place to START…..oh, and i wish eppe was here….don’t forget him!

              • Yup, grocery list,
                Eppster is the lucky one, he has eternal peace

                • Nail,despite that feel Eppe would rather be with his wife and kids and the rest of us for the long haul,no matter what the path is.We can not afford to lose any one of value given the path the country and world on.

                  • Agreed, folks with integrity and roots are sorely lacking in these days

                    • yup yup!

              • I have a philosophical question. Should one share one’s ammo with one who has not prepared but is on one’s side?

                • Ghand,can they truly afford to buy ammo or on tight budget,do you trust em otherwise with helping you in defense(or offense as the case may be),tough call,would you be perhaps taken down without their help,too many unanswered ?’s.

                • Gandhi,
                  Sharing ammo?

                  ?What’s in it for you?
                  ?How bad did the SHTF?
                  ?Can you trust this person?
                  ?Is it legal to provide said ammo to this individual? Some states could arrest you for this. If they get busted for possession could it come back to you?
                  ?Can you replace this ammo?
                  ?What if this person turns around and trades the ammo plus your name for food?
                  ?Could this person use this ammo and turn on you?
                  ?The moral aspect. Might this person use this ammo to do bad things to innocent people?

                  That said, some preppers have bought additional inexpensive weapons plus ammo to arm potential allies in survival situations. They refer to these as pass out guns. It may not such a bad idea, once you have obtained enough firearms to arm your whole family, plus a spares if something breaks.

                  A point here, for any firearm as with any manufactured product there are certain weak parts that tend to occasionally fail, even in the best firearm. Hard hit parts like firing pins, ejectors, and (especially) spring sets. In my early days, I worked in a manufacturing laboratory, and I can tell you that if I buy 5000 springs and put ten thousand cycles on them, a small percent will fail. There is no amount of engineering or QC that will change this. 99.999% of the time these failures are caused by hydrogen embrittlement. This is why in nuclear power plants there is a separate valve that controls each control rod. They could have used one larger valve to control ten twenty etc at a time, but the extra expense and redundancy is why there haven’t been more meltdowns.

                  Anyway, my point is: use the Internet, search for your firearms, with the word failed or failure or broken. Find out your firearms Achilles Heal parts, and buy them, bag them. It’s cheaper than trying to get a whole new firearm in the middle of an apocalypse.

                  Last point, get an extra barrel, ejector and firing pin. If you ever have to do anything shady to save your family. You could totally avoid matching a crime scene ballistics report if you could change these three parts. I’m not suggesting anyone commit a crime, just imagining a world where the constitution is cancelled, self defense becomes illegal and evil is everywhere. The other advantage, install the aftermarket barrel, and wear it out. The original barrel with its matching serial number will have little wear, thus maintaining a higher resale value for your firearm.

                  • excellent questions, plan.

                • you SAY he is on your side, so of COARSE you share your ammo…if the food runs out, then….

                • Anyone willing to fight alongside of you is part of your preps.

              • Butt:
                Got my list?

                • which list, B?…i got lots of ’em.

                  • Butt:
                    Corn oil and shortening are cheap and last but they are probably partially hydrogenated and genetically modified. If you keep them for very long term emergency only. But for short term up to a year for coconut oil and freeze quality cold press Olive oil.

                    Canned full fat coconut milk is healthy and the fat in it can be used like oil.

                    Mushrooms have been found to greatly reduce breast Cancer (60%). So every diet should include mushrooms. All types even plain button mushrooms. Buy fresh now and canned for your preps. I add fresh mushrooms to mushroom soup and sautéed steak. Omelets with mushrooms and salads.

                    I buy all types of foreign canned or bottled gourmet foods.

                    But my biggest food prep is what I grow; and of all the things that grow, trees produce the most with the least amount of work. If you can’t water a vegtable garden it will die. But trees have deep roots and can survive with little to no care once established. Buy them when they are already producing fruit or ask your Real Estate agent to find you a property with established fruit trees. Nut trees grow in California so ask and you will receive.


                    • i like mushroom soup, and i got lots of it i paid 38c a can for around thanksgiving time. you can add it to macaroni, rice…i put it in macaroni and cheese. i make pork chops or round steak in it and make gravy with it. one of the MOST IMPORTANT things about all this preppin’ is to buy in quantities when on sale. corn green beans 38c a can, chilli 69c, rice for 17c a pound. macaroni for 48c a pound. peaches or other fruit is one thing a lot of people miss, they think meat and veggies, but fruit is very important. fruit can be had at 99c store for 99c for a 28oz can, but i am willing to pay a little more to get freshest cans of better quality. i just got 10 cases for 1.28 a can 28oz at winco here in so for sale ads and buy several cases at a time. it saves LOTS of money….so i can buy more AMMO to protect it all. i agree on the fruit trees, and i miss mine…renting now, waiting for the bubble to pop again, so i can buy another newer home.

                • that doesn’t surprise me too much, mom, we think a lot alike….i didn’t have a list until a couple months ago, and i just went to the pantry and spent a few minutes writing down what i have…remember, y’all, food stores a LOT longer than the manufacturer “guarantees” it for….and have canned food with WATER in it…”pure” water will be very hard to come by some day, and drinking water COULD kill you.

              • canned fruit like peaches, fruit cocktail, pears, apricots
                canned peaches do have a shelf life; I opened a can dated best by (?????) I hate when they do that..many years stored, though. Tasted metallic. But, remember…who knows how long in the warehouse?? Pears are the only cans I have had bulge. I had so many cases of peaches bought for $1 a can, I didn’t want to ruin, so canned them in mason jars.
                why not green olives?? great for pasta salad w. black olives.
                condensed and evaporated milk lasts for years.
                did you know a coke in a cake mix works? No need for other eggs/oil
                I make homemade syrup canned in mason jars.
                how you keep your mayo longer than one year?? I lost a case of mayo due to rancidity.
                I also dried and sealed free range eggs.

                Seems our lists are the same.

                • Don’t store mayonnaise. Make your own.

                  • I’ve tried a recipe or two–it sucked.
                    Let ingredients obtain room temp….still sucked.
                    Want to enlighten me??
                    I have cases and cases of tuna, chicken, ham, and turkey and mayo is needed for salad.

                • thank you jayjay
                  fruit cocktail and tomato sauce are the only 3 cans i have had go bad…..some of my food i’m eating has been here more than 5 years, and still tastes fine to ME, and friends i have served it to and heard “that’s really good”.
                  powdered milk is a great thing to have, but i HEAR it goes rancid after a few months because of the fat in it. i also hear canned milk don’t last long.
                  and yes, we make cherry or apple cobbler on our scout trips…line with tinfoil a dutch oven, add fruit(canned OR fresh) dump yellow cake mix on top, add a can of 7up. and bake with a few coals from the fire under, and put 10 or 15 coals on the lid too, bake one hour…maybe less….got to experiment, but most of the boys love it, and it’s too EASY!

                  • crack, DO NOT COOK ANYTHING IN ALUMINUM FOIL!
                    Ok for storing foods and things like that, but the aluminum will go straight to your brain. Which you’ll need fully functioning for the rest of your life.

                    • that explains a lot!…at least that’s what my friends would say. LOL….duly noted! thank you

                  • I think that is why they have nonfat powdered milk..all mine is.
                    Good luck and keep stacking!:-)

                    • thank you, jayjay, i been saving all my good luck wishes until i NEED them, so i will be ok, LOL. good luck to you….and ALL the contributors on shtfplan….even the trolls and naysayers, because often they provide insight into the minds of what will become our enemies.

                • Canned fruit, only if it’s in 100% fruit juices, NOT high-fructose corn syrup. Avoid HFCS entirely. Best to just can your own fruit.

              • Nice list. When tshtf, I’ll be knocking on your door.

                • i was ridin’ my bicycle at the boardwalk a few days ago, and as i went by this gang-banger lookin’ dude, he says “hey, nice bike…can i have it”…”never mind, I’ll get it later”

                • let me give you the PASSWORDS to my place NOW, inspector general….must be screamed from at LEAST 2 blocks away…”WE GOT PLENTY OF FOOD, WATER, AND AMMO FOR EVERYONE IN OUR GROUP, AND ENOUGH FOR YOUR GROUP TOO”.

              • Thanks BCOD, I have got probably 90% of what you’re toutin’ on the list. I make my own vinegar and I’m getting about 18 eggs per day from my hens. When I get back from Tennessee, I’ll start my garden and be making jerky and pemmican.

              • Ahhhhhh. Where is the whiskey?

              • the invading blue helmets will be very glad you stocked up for them .

        • the whole world is fucked because all of humanity is fucked .i say nuke the whole goddamned planet and let the cockroaches have it .

      5. Havent visited this site in a week. And guess what? It didn’t take from or add any nickles to my pocket. And every article is a tired rerun. More the sky is falling doom porn bull crap. And this article is another buy gold add. If they are certian that the cash very soon is gonna be toilet paper. Why are they selling their gold for paper cash?

        • To be honest, it is always the same old $hit on this site. I left for an entire year and guess what – NOTHING has changed at all…

          • i can go back in MY notes, MANY taken from shtfplan, and find a LOT of things i learned, that will help me survive when the bell rings. i knew the end was near over 13 years ago, and one thing’s SURE. the longer we go without payin’ the piper, the worse it’s gonna be. ten years ago, we could have had a depression if we had done the right thing, and started living within our means. now we got debts that CAN’T be paid….and SOMEbody will be PISSED about that. collapse is coming. chisel it in stone.

            • You ever consider how many people have lived out their entire lives and died of old age thinking “the end is near” without seeing it happen?

              All the while missing out of life’s opportunities for them because they didn’t see them, expecting the end instead, and being bitter and blaming others for their failures instead of recognizing them as their own and doing something to change it.

              Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.

              • nope…i don’t have that problem.

          • Yep the world crashed 7 times in the last year according to Snyder, JJ and Brandon. You missed the 7 crashes because you were not here. lol Has your life changed any? I am selling the crap out of whole house solar electric systems. 40 to 70 Panels deep. Systems from about $20K to $55K with a 30% Federal Tax Credit until Dec 2019. Short window to get on board. You either got your own power or prepare to be fleeced.

            • Add to that some states give tax credits too, on top of the Fed. My state gave me a 50% tax credit on my system, in all I got 80% of my solar power system paid for by tax credits. Can’t beat that, well maybe you can if you live in Australia where they subsidize it even more.

        • There’s a fine line between declaring a crisis so bad that it won’t matter what preps one takes.

          Then again, I got some cool toys because of it.

          I’ve also learned that even the most sincere of fear mongers, still need to make a few bucks to stay online or make up for the hours spent. You gotta eat.

          The big prep is the gray matter computer and keeping the BS filter healthy. Keep an open mind. Let facts drive the narrative, and be entertained. Also, don’t let your preps become the monster.

          Finally, shit happens. Bad people live here too. Nature can be a beast with fire, floods and earthquakes. Those whom prep are simply practicing a long forgotten art. Being here is being part of a small club of those whom actually give a hoot.

          I’ve met people whom can’t even boil water, will fall into the fetal position if the network goes down, and will have that awful experience of “WTF!” When the last pizza pocket presents itself, and/or the boot kicks in their front door.

          “Never forget” has it’s place.

          Until then, enjoy life. Talk to people and take long walks and be humbled by it. When it goes down, don’t add to the problem, be human.

        • Old Guy,
          I’m still learning things here. I’d be foolish to not admit that critical detail.
          Of course it’s the same old doom porn, is there a new doom porn out there? It’s always the same old story, just new players, new technologies, new threats, new scripts. Wars and rumors of wars!

          It’s really ok to take vacations from prepping. Did not the Lord give man the sabbath to be a rest from work, yeah that includes prepping. There is a certain stress associated with it. Life is bigger than always preparing for the worst, take some time to enjoy the best. Most of all, honor the lords sabbath, it was made for you.

          For me a little prepping gives me peace of mind, and confidence that I can handle pretty much the worst. Still take your day of rest, share some time with the Lord, your family, and be at peace.

      6. The enviable is coming. Trump is just delaying it and may happen on the latter part of his presidency.

        He probably did not realize how bad it really was when he took over as president.

        • Trump still does not know how bad it is. Hard to understand being robbed when you are a billionaire robber baron . Let them eat cake (missiles).

        • Boyo, I have 2 Champions I like mine.Have a 3000,say it will run 10 hrs. on 4 gallons I have gotten 12 hrs.Easy to start and not too loud.Used it at camp for 6 years.Just bought a 3650 this winter for the house,get the wheels!
          Be well
          Maniac –out

        • Have 3 Champions, all work well. 7k and 2-4k’s Start first pull. Run your break in and then good oil after. Stabil Marine. Good to go.

          • Curious as to your 2 cents. I looked at gas generators and diesel generators for a long time. I finally decided on propane and went with a Generac LP3250 (9hr run time 50% load 20#)and a LP5500 (7hr run time 50% load 20#). My decision was based on the shelf life of the fuel. Maybe I am wrong but propane has a very long if not indefinite shelf life. Gas a short one, even with Stabil. Diesel, a lot longer than gas, but not as long as propane. Propane doesn’t gum up a carburetor like gas that has set in it for a while. Also I don’t have to deal with the Ethanol corrosion factor. Much safer to keep a lot of propane around than gasoline and the fact that if there is a long term power outage, propane will still flow from bulk tanks vs gasoline that typically must be pumped. Diesel generators (not that I don’t have one) are also pretty pricey. I have had to put both in action and both started on the 1st pull after charging the engine with a prime or two. I also took into consideration that I could fill the 20# or 30# tanks off one of my 500 gal main tanks as well. I just couldn’t come up with a down side. Thoughts?

          • Fuel efficiency is super important with generators. In a real emergency gasoline will be in very short supply or not available at all. You want a gen set that will keep essentials going while using the least amount of fuel possible. Last big storm here in Houston all these guys with their big 7kw – 10 kw gen sets were crying like little girls when they blew through their 10 gal of gas in the first day. food for thought.

      7. I got all the money I’ll ever need if I die today. Think about it.

        • Yeah no shit I have thought about it. Inflation’s a mofo ain’t it.

      8. Plenty of people believe it,plenty of people also sick of the same buy gold articles.Lets face it,few readers can stack more then a small amount due to finances,will it help,MAYBE,but only if your other more important purchases already done with.

        As to your point OLD Guy,selling now for profit and buying other goods while paper currency still works is why the sale,many making good profits and realize a bunker full of gold for most does not make a lot of sense.

        Many say gold will be govt. confiscated,we get to that point,well,the full blown violent fight already underway,things a lot different in this countries attitude then when commie fdr potus.

        • buy low, sell high.

          Gold n silver up ( not high enough )

          Brass n lead down. ( not low enough )

        • My cans of Spam and corn will be worth more than a bar of gold if things go where history says they are headed,,, and frankly id rather eat the spam than the gold, if things have degraded to the point where we are looking to use gold as currency i doubt there will be food enough for everybody to stay alive anyway

          • If you are already eating spam, you are degraded. What is spam? Pink gelatin with mystery parts floating in the pinkish fatty membrane cells. Before I have to eat spam I would be a cannibal. Go buy canned salmon, keeps 5 years, and hellofva more nutritious. Went to the grocery store early today, and I am just amazed how much crap that is called food with clever colorful containers, they are trying to push on consumers. Like 1 in a hundred products is really food. The rest is BS Mystery parts concocted in a lab.

            • And whats your point?
              Ive been eating it since i was a kid, im 50something,
              I think ill stick with what has worked

            • Canned salmon?
              Fried salmon with rice and scrambled eggs just doesnt have the same flavor as fried pork products and rice and omelet,,,, is just sorta fishlike

            • Herms…I have canned salmon since 2009.
              It lasts much longer than 5 years.

            • 2 raccoons told me spam was made from lips and assholes.

            • i will stick to the spam, as that salmon was raised in the pacific, and i don’t eat NUTHIN’ from there anymore.

              • oh, like those cow parts were raised in pure pasture with no antibiotics, growth hormones, gmo corn, and yes, cement powder (helps with weight gain).
                Pure food, huh?

                • fuckyoushema is pouring TONS of HIGHLY radioactive shit into the pacific every DAY. all it takes is ONE tiny particle ingested, and it will be like getting an x-ray every day, so you can die a miserable death in a few months to a few years. the chances of ingesting one of these particles is MUCH MUCH greater when you eat food that is MUCH closer than those cows and pigs to the SOURCE of that radiation. EVERYTHING, living or dead, eventually gets eaten by SOMETHING in the ocean, so those particles are getting recycled, over and over and over and over…………….. you got some READIN’ to do!

                  • I love it when someone tells me I have reading to do. A sure sign of the ignorance that is, “what I READ is the truth and what you read isn’t.” Sorry buttcrack, not buying it.
                    I don’t eat any fish from the Pacific. I catch snapper and grouper 10 miles offshore and 300 ft. deep, in the middle of the Caribbean.
                    So, tell us how many people on the West Coast or Japan for that matter, have died from radiation poisoning so far?
                    Fact is, truth about the radiation spill is the first casualty here. I’m sure it’s bad, but how bad? I have a friend who digs clams in Oregon commercially and his harvests have been greater in the last 3-4 years than he can remember. He eats a lot of them and he’s still quite alive.
                    To your point, I’d like to know about radiation deaths. NOT cancer rates, either. Not related due to time of onset.

                    • read AGAIN what i said above…read as many times as it takes to sink in. i spent my first 21 years living in coos bay, oregon, and i’ve dug more clams in my life than 99% of the population. my brother works in the same fish plant in charleston for over 30 years now. it DOES perplex me that i called him a few months ago, and asked about fukushima, and radiation. he says “what”….”what’s fukushima”…he don’t know nuthin’ about any radiation, and they are still processing tons of fish? but i DO believe darden restaurants sold the red lobster a year or two ago for a REASON. if 20% of what i keep hearing about the pacific is true, then we are in BIG trouble….one of these days i’m going to go back for a visit and SEE for myself what shape those tidepools are in…i sure as hell aint no expert on the pacific, and radiation…but I aint taking chances with it anymore….the beauty of this is that there won’t be a way to tell how many have died from that radiation, until it’s too late…i’m willing to bet thousands have died already, and MILLIONS more will follow. i read an article on sgtreport or investmentwatch blog about some of the problems with it, and it’s very sobering….BTW, why bring up fishing/eating from the carribean when i said i wasn’t eating from the PACIFIC?…it WILL(has) spread worldwide, but BIG concentration is in pacific….you PROVE you don’t know about the problem when you suggest it’s just a wee little problem. every time a fish eats a fish that has radiation in it, the fishes get more contamination…oh the hell with this. sam once said to me “never argue with a fool, as a bystander may not be able to tell you apart”.

                    • BCOD, I think we’re on the same side here, just a difference of opinion. Regarding the radiation spill is still on my mind. Wouldn’t we be hearing about radiation sickness and death in Hawaii by now?
                      Rellik, Nail??

                    • heard stories about the aircraft carrier that was near fuku, and went out to sea for a minute, then was ordered back to help out with the carnage. on the deck they had “snow” that left a taste of aluminum in their mouths. now women having periods constantly, and MANY of those navy personell are very sick with mysterious diseases that “can’t be figured out” why things are happening to them..the navy KNOWS what happened, but you know how THAT goes. i have heard WAY to much to believe anything but that ocean is dying…..could be another 10 years?….100?….i don’t know.

      9. I am glad my life is now in single digits.
        I am glad I will not have to put up with this shit not for long.

        • ??✌?

      10. Re: “The dollar is living on borrowed time, literally. And so we just don’t know. It’s like a bomb with a fuse, but we just don’t really know how long the fuse is.”

        The problems that caused the 2008 financial crisis were not solved. Instead, a much bigger bubble has been created.

        Will we see the economy have a death by 100 cuts, like a “slow motion train wreak” or will a black swan quickly set things in motion? No one knows for sure.

        We should enjoy each day. This is also why we prepare.

      11. Can You Sleep When the Wind Blows?

        Years ago a farmer owned land along the Atlantic seacoast. He constantly advertised for hired hands.
        Most people were reluctant to work on farms along the Atlantic.

        They dreaded the awful storms that raged across the Atlantic, wreaking havoc on the buildings and crops.

        As the farmer interviewed applicants for the job, he received a steady stream of refusals.

        Finally, a short, thin man, well past middle age, approached the farmer.

        “Are you a good farm hand?” the farmer asked him.

        “Well, I can sleep when the wind blows,” answered the little man.

        Although puzzled by this answer, the farmer, desperate for help, hired him.

        The little man worked well around the farm, busy from dawn to dusk, and the farmer felt satisfied with the man’s work.

        Then one night the wind howled loudly in from offshore.
        Jumping out of bed, the farmer grabbed a lantern and rushed next door to the hired hand’s sleeping quarters.

        He shook the little man and yelled, “Get up! A storm is coming! Tie things down before they blow away!”

        The little man rolled over in bed and said firmly, “No sir. I told you, I can sleep when the wind blows.”

        Enraged by the response, the farmer was tempted to fire him on the spot. Instead, he hurried outside to prepare for the storm.

        To his amazement, he discovered that all of the haystacks had been covered with tarpaulins.

        The cows were in the barn, the chickens were in the coops, and the doors were barred. The shutters were tightly secured. Everything was tied down. Nothing could blow away.

        The farmer then understood what his hired hand meant, so he returned to his bed to also sleep while the wind blew.

        MORAL: When you’re prepared, spiritually, mentally, and physically, you have nothing to fear.

        Can you sleep when the wind blows through your life?

        The hired hand in the story was able to sleep because he had secured the farm against the storm.

        May you have peace in the midst of the storms.

        Enjoy the day! I hope you sleep well! May God bless you and yours!

        -Author Unknown

        • thanks mom, makes a lot of sense.

          • KYM ALWAYS writes good stuff

            • well, not ALWAYS….but i aint never SEEN that one that WASN’T good.

        • Amen!

        • KY Mom:



          • You’re a dear, Mom.

        • Nice! Thanks!

      12. Trump can try and that is why I voted for him. Hope reigns eternal.

        This started after “Ike” JFK was shot for it, and now Donald is trying to change it. Well that was what he told us. I’ll give him three years to show some progress. We all need to do that. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”,

        And if it all goes to pieces I’m ready!!!


        • Once Trump was inaugurated he was taken into a padded room slapped around and was given his marching orders and a shock collar. If you look close he wears an electric choke collar that will shock him is he strays off their massage or orders. And he was shocked a few ties just as a reminder the pain that is inflicted.

          • S**T, Hermes…you remind me of a story I read of an assassin; he was drugged, fitted in his stomach with some contraption that required a certain unobtainable drug and he was given an injection every few days to keep him subserviant…except the account was vowed to be true.

      13. Besides nominating Gorsuch and deporting some illegals, Trump has been a major disappointment. Let’s see if he actually does get the wall built…unlikely the way things are going as it is now being blocked by McCain and Ryan.

        • deportations down 13% with Trump. Read it on ZH.

          • You believe everything you read? They’re not pouring over the border like they were before. But, regardless, let’s see if Trump actually follows through. He’s flipped on pretty much everything else.

          • How soon we forget. Since someone here referenced ZH, I believe it’s only fair to add this: h ttp://
            ZH has some good material, but overall I find it as reliable as InfoWars or Fox News. I know some here swear by it, but blanket approval of any one site is foolish.

            A lot of the issues here and elsewhere is the conditioning that we are all now addicted to instant gratification. For instance, we all start complaining if we have to wait in the McDonald’s drive-thru for more than 60 seconds. (Okay, I never eat at McD, but the point is valid.)

            Don’t stop bitching, as it is important that the heat stays turned up on the administration. But sometimes a carrot accomplishes as much as the stick…

      14. There is no escape. Food and ammo won’t help you. Your fate is sealed. You have all failed. And now you will pay dearly. Wringing of the hands and gnashing of the teeth. Bend over baby, Shadrack is back in town! I should’ve been a preacher man.

        • i aint ready to give up just yet.

          • I already am resigned/accept the fat will not survive long term in the breakdown,that said,have lists to work on and try and take at any level those who helped facilitate the breakdown with me,that tis me goal,not long term to see the other side.

            • let’s go out like we came in….screamin’ and covered in blood…..and HOPEfully, surrounded by a pile of brass.

        • Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were three Jewish men thrown into a fiery furnace by Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, when they refused to bow down to the king’s image according to chapter 3 of the book of Daniel. The three are preserved from harm and the king sees four men walking in the flames, “the form of the fourth is like the Son of God”
          — wikipedia

          Many Christians are asking where is the hiding place, trying to find this, on a map.

        • nonsense !

          the us govt has failed the country for decades. you know they had projections of what the debts, unchecked immigration and technological and job giveaways to foreign governments would do long term, but they went ahead.

          your best survival is to have no debts, marketable job skills and are able to protect yourself, but your lifestyle will decline. as the boomers and welfarers eat up all the medical and social security money, there will be a crackdown and the party will be over and that is not 50 years away, maybe less than 5 now.

      15. Sorry to rain on your parade but there won’t be a crash – just a slow – repeat slow – decline into a third world status (like India).

        • Yeah someday Canada and Mexico will build walls to keep US out. That is a sad thought.

        • Agonizingly slow. How will we afford all of the advanced weapons systems we now enjoy?
          Will we not be a major world power? If we are in decline, will not China be also? Who will be
          the major players in two decades? How long can this debt charade go on before it all
          implodes? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Why did the chicken cross the road?
          Why does Donald Trump dig eastern european women so much? What will they rename
          this website AFTER the shtf? What will this Godforsaken world look like when the blasted
          millennials run everything? When everyone has flying vehicles will airports be obsolete?
          Will robots wipe our asses in 20 years? Will robot dogs walk us for exercise? Will Bill Clinton
          still be groping young women in his wheelchair? Will these computer algorithms make my
          fucking brain explode? I think tomorrow I’m going to go fishing, leave the computer off and
          chill. Yeah buddy.

      16. Duh

      17. Schiff may be right, or may be partially right. While he has been wrong a lot – or maybe it is just his **timing** off, I *always* listen to him. As Yogi Berra famously said, “Making predictions is always difficult – especially when it is about the future.”

        I read Schiff, and this site, because I want to a.) get away from the fascist left lamestream media, and b.) had things on my radar screen. Some people accuse this site of “doomer porn.” But it is all in how you read the site. No, on May 1st, we will not see, all at the same time, Yellowstone blow up, Cascadia and New Madrid faults go, the dollar go to par with the Venezuelan bolivar or whatever the latest name is, and – just for good measure – the fake Niburu (most recently spotted hiding in my closet) all come. But if you take this site as just something to review critically, determine what is significant, what is possibly significant, and what is irrelevant, then IMHO this site has done its job. Also, a lot of good comments here from folks like Sarge, KYM, Braveheart, etc.

        • Schiff is right, but just like all the other financial bears; he has to come out once a year when the timing looks good to announce himself; so you will buy whatever he is selling.

          Schiff, martin Armstrong, faber are all the same in that regard.

          best thing to do is use your won efforts to learn to chart an index, gold, oil, retails sales, bonds or something that tracks the economy. when those change to bad, you need to stop and look around and see if its time to go to extreme preparations.

      18. And speaking of the fascist left lamestream media, here’s a 29 second clip for your viewing pleasure:

        Say what you want about Russian Foreign Minster Sergey Lavrov, but the man knows how to deal with the media.

        During Lavrov’s Wednesday meeting with U.S Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and the American delegation, NBC News reporter Andrea Mitchell can be heard on video shouting a question at the Russian foreign minister’s back. When she didn’t receive the answer she was looking for, Mitchell tried again. “Mr. Lavrov,” Mitchell said loudly, “The Russians don’t believe the [U.S.] intelligence [about Syria].”

        Without even bothering to turn around, Lavrov publicly chided the NBC reporter for her poor manners. “Who was bringing you up [as a child]?” Lavrov asked, sounding annoyed. “Who was giving you your manners, you know?” After the public scolding, Lavrov got down to business with the delegation, refusing to answer Mitchell’s question. or see the excellent BizPacReview at

      19. People overall dont get it,
        If there is a war most manufacturing, distribution etc retools to support the war effort, we support overseas troops with overseas vendors at the moment, that will all change drasticly, so suddenly the container ships and trucks are hauling for the DOD rather than civilians, food is going overseas to feed the manpower as well and in expedited fashion, not the way it has been, that was why everyone had to grow victory gardens back home so they wouldnt starve!
        But if you ask 20 year olds what a victory garden is you would most likely get a blank stare,
        Rubber, steel, fuel, everything ends up being scarce for the civilian markets, pile on top of that some financial bullshit and its going to get interesting.
        Its not if, its when, peeps slam these guys for their predictions that dont come to pass, i say they just havent hapoened ,,,,, YET,,,,

        • I hear what you say and it may be true if it stays conventional like the last world war. My reality says I hope there is constraint after the next nuclear weapon is detonated because I just made 28,000 dots on my Globe of the Earth to estimate the number of bombs during a full on nuclear exchange. My globe is now black and no good to anyone. Who wants a black twirly ball anyway?

        • Very true. In a real war EVERYTHING goes to the military. They get top dibs on the best food, metal, oil/gas, clothing, etc. The civilians WORK for the military. And that means you get a ration and have to haul your ass to work day in-day out for not much money so that the war effort can happen.

          Now, there are benefits in a real war: the healthy, fit young soldiers get some to top tail when they have r&r. But, better still, if you are 50 plus male with functioning virility, you get your pick of the MILFS, and young hotties who don’t get drafted. They will be stressed and sh#t and will need constant comforting.

          • Always thinkin Frank, always thinkin

          • Frank, sounds like you’re always thinking about yourself. Try putting someone else before yourself, and sex. This world is more than trying to find a way to have sex with someone, are you really that hard up that your every waking moment is finding ways to manipulate people for sex? Try looking for ways to have a real honest, meaningful relationship. Then the sex will happen.

          • Frank Thoughts

            The days of multi million man armies went by the wayside of WWII. Small nonsense wars of choice, Iraq, Afghanistan and quite possibly Syria have more than sufficient volunteers. Going up against a varsity team like Russia? What you start with is what you got. That war will be over with, one way or another in hours, a week at best before it goes all out or not at all.

            WWII was 72 years ago.

          • Frank, 99 percent of the time I always get a chuckle from your posts.

          • Hugh Hefner was reborn after discovering Viagra.

      20. If nothing has changed under Trump, why is the left so hysterical about it?

        Why do you think they are in an uproar over everything that has.

        But, as the saying goes, “Never argue with idiots”.

      21. “However, it’s only been several months into his first term, and it’s becoming quite apparent that Trump is no savior.”

        Don’t know about anyone else, but I voted for a President, not a Messiah.

        And I certainly didn’t vote for Harry Potter who would just wave a magic wand and make everything instantly right without serious time and effort involved.

        • “And I certainly didn’t vote for Harry Potter who would just wave a magic wand and make everything instantly right without serious time and effort involved.”

          Get a fight with Russia and things will be instantly wrong. Personally I voted for Trump (I’m not going to list why I didn’t vote for Hillary as the list would be far too long) for the following.

          1. USSC picks preserving the 2nd Amendment
          2. Reversing job eviscerating Free Trade
          3. An “America First” foreign policy of non intervention UNLESS its a direct threat to the US

          We got #1. #2 is getting shanghaied by involvement opposite of #3.

      22. You can almost peg the hour U turn Donald got his call from the Rotten Child.

        • Im convinced these people get threatened with some sort of ruinous crap once they ge into office, most of them are too worried about the fallout to just say screw it and full steam ahead, almost all fall in line, even the change in demeanor is quite marked,

          • it’s not that hard.

            they walk in and are handed a job for life of over $150k, unbelievable benefits, many of your costs of living are on the taxpayers, a workweek averaging 3 days over the year if you just go along.

            its no wonder the republicans don’t want to repeal obamacare and chance they may get kicked out if things don’t go well.

      23. Peter Schiff, as an investor with his company, I must say that all he says sounds logical, but other than being right about the 2008 recession and the DOT Com bubble, he was wrong about almost everything else. When the US tanked ALL my foreign investments with Euro Pacific tanked too. Also, US markets recovered and gained where the foreign markets are still lagging severely.

        Overall, he’s right there will be a collapse, but when is the question. I bet no one is more surprised than him it has not happened yet. I told him personally that you can never underestimate the power of those in charge to keep it all going almost indefinitely.

        I believe a collapse in our future, but when? This year, next year or in 20 years? All this doom porn is not productive. If people have not prepped by now they are asleep and deserve what comes.

        Me, anymore I take what Schiff says with a grain of salt. Once my investments are even I’m out!

      24. Apr 12, 2017 China Russia Move For Gold Against Dollar Makes Them A Target By Trump

        In this video we talk about all the latest breaking news regarding the financial quite feud between Russia, China and U.S. Its important to note that this move against Donald Trump and the U.S petro dollar being the world reserve currency was made before Trumps aggressive actions against a mutual ally to Russia and China.

      25. My post regarding Mr. Schiff was not posted. There was nothing improper in my comments. What gives?

      26. Was anyone really under the delusion that Trump was actually going to be able to fix the structural problems with the country?

        If you were under that belief, I really hate to burst your bubble, but we are well past the point of no return. The structural problems (which are almost entirely economic) cannot be fixed; it is way too late. The entire economic system broke in 2008, and “emergency measures” have been put in place to give the illusion of normalcy. Reset is the only fix now.

        The reason I voted fro Trump is that he is a jerk. He likes to mess with people – more specifically social justice warriors, snowflakes, and the people manipulating them. That is what he is doing. He is just screwing with the entire machine (i.e., deep state, powers that be, whatever you want to call it), meaning the machine is focused on him and not us.

        My hope is that he keeps the machine occupied until the facade of normalcy finally shatters. And, being behind Trump should 100% about separating them from us until the reset. That’s it!

      27. Not a damn thing has changed or will change. Just more death and war. I have give Frank credit, you have a way of explaining on levels that I have learned and its really it works. Sickening truth is still the truth.

        Its all down hill from here on.


        • Especially after the Chinese troops in Mexico invade us.

      28. Not a damn thing has changed or will change. Just more death and war. I have give Frank credit, you have a way of explaining on levels that I have learned and its really it works. Sickening truth is still the truth.

        Its all down hill from here on.


      29. Boyo I got a generator just like the champion osj sells I know the store cus I live in ne too. The genny is a Chinese Honda knock off. It seems good to me. I bought the propane carb for it so I could run on propane or gas which ever fuel is easier to get. Bought the carb on eBay for around $40. I don’t have the wheel kit installed but tractor supply has that kit in stock seen it the other day pondered getting it. I’m just gonna use hand truck to move it. Seen some YouTube redneck jerry rig his genny to run on propane. He drilled a hole in the intake and jb welded a tube in then cut a grill tank hose and hoseclamped it to the tube. He started the genny on gasoline then closed the fuel tank off and opened the propane a crack and the machine ran on propane. Its a pinch manouver but nice to know when gasoline can’t be found.

      30. Get real! What are the chances Deep State COO “Dereliction of Duty” McMasters will ship all those US troops prepositioned in Jordan and Iraq back to the US? With the NWO media and Democrats leading the blood-lust chants, they’ll find some way via another false flag to get these troops into Syria where they’ll quickly pivot to take out Assad. Israel wants it’s “Oded Yinon” plan completed, Qatar and Saudi Arabia want their gas/oil pipeline through Syria to Europe completed, the NWO wants it’s central bank installed in Syria and the Zionist NeoCons want their PNAC Syrian platform to launch the next attack on Iran. Watch for another nuclear/biological/chemical 9/11 false flag to enable all the above. Why would they stop now? Young American blood and what’s left of our national treasure will continue to pay the bill, debt ceiling or not. Call your senators and representatives and rub their noses in it.

      31. Nothing more need be said after “Nothing has changed”

      32. April 13, 2017 More fake news From Washington—this time it is about employment

        The US government continues to lie about everything, not just Russia, Syria, Iran, and China. The US government is incapable of telling the truth about something as straightforward as employment.

      33. The pensions are crashing big time, gov are eager to rise taxes as fast as possible..which is a good thing.

        Since this speeds the process of money system to crash soon than later.

        A reset is needed, but do not stop there.
        Get some rope and go find the ones who set us up for failure.
        Otherwise they will do what ever they can to be above us.

        • Rope?
          I prefer to poke holes in them from distance,,,

      34. The truth comes out…

        CNN Confirms Fox’s Napolitano – British Intelligence Passed On Trump Surveillance To US Spy Agency

        “British and other European intelligence agencies intercepted communications between associates of Donald Trump and Russian officials and other Russian individuals during the campaign and passed on those communications to their US counterparts, US congressional and law enforcement and US and European intelligence sources tell CNN.”

        ht tp://

      35. What happened to eppe?!? Did I miss something ?

        • eppe died

      36. The Zionists hiding in Israel are pleased to see their puppet Trump dances very well.
        America has been fooled again…

      37. so i but gold to hedge up against a possible shtf situation.

        and I buy jr mines stocks\funds, just in case shtf does not happen.

        I mean if you do not hold it you do not own it..

        what are some good jr mines to own?

        for Gold and silver?

        also, can i hold on to can goods if it passes expiration date? I hate canned goods for the reason that the cans are lined with BPA.

      38. Anonymous:

        eppe passed away due to a heart attack.
        He had a great sense of humor and seemed like a great gentleman.

      39. As long as the government checks are distributed every month there will not be any collapse. And the government don’t have to print a single dollar bill to distribute those payments. My Social Security Ponzi Scheme Check is electronically deposited at one minute after midnite evey third Tuesday of the month. And most government payments are direct deposited. The proverbal can of debt can be kicked down the road forever as long the petro dollar reigns supreme. The dollar is no longer backed by gold its backed by the price of a barrel of oil in dollars.

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