Peter Schiff: Time Is Running Out, “Crisis Worse Than 2008 Coming”

by | Jul 28, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 115 comments

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    We are headed for disaster, and the only question is how long the economy can dodge a bullet.

    The illusory bubble on Wall Street claims to be at record highs, but the reality, the underbelly, is dark indeed.

    Economic expert Peter Schiff speaks on not only the safe haven of gold, and what is at stake in the election, but just how dire the financial consequences will be when the great storm hits and batters everyone.

    As Before Its News reports:

    The endgame for the U.S. economy is oblivion. 2008 was a minor correction compared to the eventual collapse of the U.S. Dollar.

    WHY: After the bubble burst in 2000, Fed chairman Alan Greenspan-led the Federal Reserve through a series of interest cuts that brought down the Federal Funds rate to 1% by 2004. The bubble created by those years of cheap Fed money at 1% resulted in U.S. households losing a total wealth of almost $14 TRILLION in the 2008 crisis. Stock markets fell by almost half for losing $7.9 trillion, and the housing market lost $6 trillion.

    FAST FORWARD TO TODAY: We’ve had 7 years of interest rates at 0%. As a result, there is more than just a housing bubble this time. There’s a stock bubble, a housing bubble, a bond bubble, a student loan bubble, and I could go on. As Peter explains, the Fed only has ONE option at this point: Continue to fake it for as long as possible by printing more money (otherwise known as “quantitative easing”), or let the whole system come crashing down.

    HERE IS THE REALITY: The world has caught on, and the gig is up. Under Obama’s stewardship, the U.S. national debt has gone from $10 Trillion, to what will be $20 Trillion by the time he leaves office, with nothing more than 100 MILLION Americans out of work, and 50 MILLION in poverty and on food stamps. That’s what cheap money bought for us. It was all “borrowed” cheap money too, making it infinitely worse, and the world is tired of lending.

    In no uncertain terms, Schiff warns that the next crisis will be far, far worse than the 2008 collapse, and the “recovery” that has since rotted away at the house:

    Read more:

    Peter Schiff: “This Is the Match That Ignites the Powder Keg”: Gold Surges As Brexit Sparks Huge Financial Crisis

    Peter Schiff Warns: “The Whole Economy Has Imploded… Collapse Is Coming”

    “Everyone Preparing for the Wrong Outcome”: Schiff Says QE4 is Coming, Not a Rate Hike!


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      1. Just keep prepping, then you will not be inepting…
        Be well all…

        • Why do people think that fed reserve notes are the only thing that can be money? I swear people are sooo braindead they deserve what they are going to get. If people would just all of a sudden stop using fed notes, 99% of our problems would dissapear immediately.

          • G, brewing, growing, and harvesting plants that alter reality will be hot items in a world that turns to crap.
            Researched the creek rocking, could not find anything, did read about the burnt wood chips, so you are ahead of the game and will be in HIGH demand.
            Hope fore the best, prep for the worst…

            • LOL “HIGH DEMAND” 😛

            • Get your seeds from Canada or Amsterdam while you can.

            • For the wood chip research, try “Back to Eden gardening”

          • Genius…They are afraid that the curse of the chosen ones will destroy their livelihood.

            • stolz, They should be afraid, because they will destroy them lol. Interesting times my man. That reminds me I need to stock up on malt extract.

              • Oh and there is a few items on sale for good prices at beprepared dot com

                FD ground beef #10 33.00
                Granola 8.00
                FD shredded cooked chicken 25.00 a can if you buy 12
                FD chicken 32.50 a can if you buy 6

                Just an fyi, the sale ends at the end of this month.

                • Have you ever eaten freeze dried meat? It is horrible. I would rather buy a whole smoked / cured ham, or two, or three and make my own jerky in a dehydrator. Not that complicated.

                  There is a reason that folks used to buy summer sausage and other cured meats. Way better tasting than some freeze dried crap.

                  • Have you ever tried eating sawdust?

                  • Just bought boneless chicken breasts and canned them, real food and cheaper!

                  • They did not buy freeze dried meat WAY BACK WHEN because it was NOT available. And if you think freeze dried meat. fruit, veggies etc are not tasty then you have not actually tried them. Perhaps you are confusing freeze dried with dehydrated (HUGE DIFFERENCE) . Plus freeze dried products that are properly vacuum sealed have a shelf life of 20-25+ years with the nutrition still IN THERE. And no i do not sell freeze dried products, nor work for anyone that does, nor do i sell freeze drying equipment…. but i do suggest you all check it out.

              • Watch out G, my personal stalker might go after you for drinking ethyl.
                Naw, he seems to have a hard on for me.

                Can anyone figure out this ‘person’s’ problem?

                Gets real old, since he started first on slandering me, would any of yall come back within the same situation?
                Seems I cannot post without his loser’s input.
                And his OPSEC gig, who the fuck cares, but him.
                Sad excuse for a human…

                • eppe, who is your stalker?

                  • Really???

                    • Yes really, I have been gone for a long time so I have missed a lot. Do tell and if warranted I will fook them up, Trust me man, if they spew bullshit I will fook them up!

                    • Actually Genius, pay no attention, the Toothless Crybaby was called out for lying, claiming he was a Prepper back in 1998, when there was no such word term as a prepper which did not arrive on the scene until about 2005. Then he changed his story, and tried to claim he was a survivalist then. You know when the Economy was booming. The only survivalist in a rocking economy in the late 1990’s was the Unibomber back then. So Crybaby now is just shaking his little rattle, looking for sympathy. You know everybody is picking on him… It pathetic really. So not only watch out for him soliciting donations like the tribe, but he is planning on opening up his personal Ego Rattle Museum. Maybe you can advise him to stop drinking and typing BS stories. That’s his demons, The Truth chasing him. You know anybody here starts spewing BS bigger than life BS, will get called out. We know it, and He knows it.. His ego can’t take being called out. So let the baby rattle session continue. So when is the Museum Grand Opening snail man??


                    • Genius, go back to this July 26 article below and read the string of BS from snail man. That is what he tries to claim as his stalker. More BS lies and called out for it. Yeah its in the archives.

                      Japan Has Sent A Massive Monetary Shock Wave Across the Planet: “Will Create A Big Upward Price Adjustment In Gold And Silver”


                    • A history Lesson here. Wanna know how the Uni-bomber – Ted Kaczynski was caught on April 3, 1996? He blew his OPSEC, like some do, on here. Yep, when he released his 35,000 Manifesto outlining his revolt against technology, and putting it in his own hand writing…; his brother recognized it, and contacted the FBI which lead to his capture.

                      ~WWTI… So beware Yall, when you associate with a Blabbermouth with a sensitive, or larger than life EGO who can’t keep his big trap shut. He will blow your OPSEC too, besides his own.

                    • Ummm actually WhoWTFKnows even if the term wasn’t formally around until 2005 there most certainly were people with the mindset that fits the definition in 1998 and well before.

                      Me and my family were preppers long before 1998.

                      Me thinks you’re trying to thump your chest about nothing and came off looking like a dickhead.

                • His personal stalker is his alcohol demons. You see when he drinks he lies and the truth chases him. The ego poor me story sounds like the Jews. Watch out soon he will be soliciting donations..


                  • Your personal stalker is your stupidity and racism.

                  • I believe the term prepper may not have been recognized as a word, however, it certainly pre-dates the year of 2000.

                    When folks were concerned about the Y2K Problem.

                    Many conferences were being held across the nation.

          • Well, what else are you going to use then? Boogers and pocket lint? Not too genius in your thinking there now, are you? The FRN is on its way out, and soon it will not be a matter of us just choosing to not use them any more, virtually no one will want to accept them, and so they will stop circulating just for that alone!
            So tell us now Mr. Genius, what EXACTLY is inflation and what causes it?

            • The treasury should be the ones printing currency not your buddies that own the fed. Printing more currency causes inflation by diluting it. Do I really have to explain this shit to you?

          • The US Department of Treasury has known of the Solution
            that is already available. (ivamu . com) They have known of it since 2009.

            They Act like the (non)Federal AND (no)Reserve is etched and carved in stone, which it is not.

            If anything, they are in serious breach of our US Constitution,
            SINCE 1913 and need to stop.

            Meanwhile, the 10 Commandments given to Moses by God, ARE CARVED, WRITTEN IN STONE!

          • Yep and the fed can’t print anymore money, we’re that in debt. That’s why when a crisis happens 9/10s of the people are going to die.



          “The German chancellor broke off her summer holiday to return to Berlin and address concerns after four violent attacks in Bavaria in the space of seven days.

          Angela Merkel on Thursday refused to back down from her “open-door” refugee policy in the wake of a week of violence in Germany, including three attacks by asylum seekers.

          “The terrorists want us to lose sight of what is important to us,” Mrs Merkel said at a special press conference after a week of bloodshed in Bavaria.

          “They want to undermine our sense of community, our openness and our willingness to help people in need. We firmly reject this.”

          “I believe we are in a fight, or for that matter at war with Isil,” Mrs Merkel said. “We are not in any way in a fight or war with Islam.”



          • She’sa globalist, thinking that’s going to save her. zLook at Germany today. Don’t you just want to vacation there?

      2. Most of us are broke already, that will not be hard to get used to.

        • Obama’s agenda: following the Cloward-Piven Strategy, overwhelm the system and collapse the economy.

          The U.S. government just releases the criminal illegal aliens BACK in the U.S.
          How Other Nations Stop US From Deporting Criminal Illegal Immigrants
          “Thousands of illegal immigrants with criminal convictions have been released from custody and not deported because their home countries won’t take them back.”
          “23 countries DON’T cooperate with deportation orders.”
          “In 2015, 19,000 Criminal Illegal Immigrants Were Released From Custody, BACK into U.S. society.
          ht tp://

          Report: Deported Immigrations FLOWN BACK into USA – paid for by Taxpayer Money
          “In 2014, unaccompanied alien children from Central America walked across America’s southern border in droves. “the U.S. government (translate U.S. taxpayers) will pay for unaccompanied alien children to be FLOWN INTO the country, even if they were convicted of a FELONY, and furnish them with federal benefits to boot.”

          “It’s called the In-Country Refugee/Parole Program for Central American Minors, and the State Department and the Department of Homeland Security introduced it on November 14, 2014.”
          ht tp://

          US EXPANDS Central American Minor Program – 7/27/16
          ht tp://

      3. Peter just came back from his synagog and was told to come up with a BS as he and his tribe are spreading for decades while sucking the blood of the nation.

        Actually Peter, there are some that are looking forward to your fear so we can do some house cleaning.

        • Fuck off, moron.

          • Brilliant comment. You must be Jewish?

        • I posted before . Is he related to Jacob shiff the banker who financed the butchering bolshavics and the holomodor?

          • Oh that’s your problem with Jews. Well this one was a career Marine in VN and Desert Storm until I took acouple of bullets to the back. They could have at least shot at my face like men. Now I’m a prepper, who isn’t?

      4. It’s really starting to ramp up with news surrounding the economic crash. I’ve heard it all before…I just hate to have it happen when I’m needing just one more food run but didn’t go because I thought I had more time.

        • Don’t forget to spend the night making jerky and other tasty dehydrated things instead of watching DNC Live. 🙂

        • Joe, you’ve got ample time for at least two more ‘food runs’ before a POSSIBILITY may happen. And if nothing does happen, once again it will be anyone’s guess as to when the corruption exceeds toleration and all hell breaks loose upon their sorry asses. Personally, I don’t see anything happening until “break point” in November, and at that time everything will become total chaos, I should think. Riots, the onset of a Revolution, the “hammered results” of the myriad of divisions Obama has created will devolve from division to live-fire fights (designed to destroy the country, citizens, buildings, lifetimes of work AND take some of the ‘heat’ off themselves (as they honestly believe they are going to get away with “stealing” The USA via “all that has been done” to set the stage for their attempt.

        • Tomorrow’s looking good for a run. What would it take, an hour or two out of your day?

          • PO’d It takes me 6 hours for a run lol. An hour or 2? Man I want your secret!

            • To get food? Holy smokes! Why I’d have to pack some sandwiches.
              If you’re talking about the other ’bout 5 or so. Then the clean up.

      5. Thoughts for the day.

        “A prudent man foresees the difficulties ahead and prepares for them; the simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences.”
        Proverbs 22:3

        “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin

        God did not take Noah and his family OUT of the flood. He took them THROUGH it.

        Be strong! Keep prepping everyone!

        • As the great and wise Benjamin Franklin once said, “Hey, who is that fat bitch over there?”

          Not all Franklin’s comments were gems.

        • Excellent KY Mom!!

        • Kymom
          Lots of wisdom

        • Keep the home fires burning KM.

        • Thanks Kentucky Mom! It seems we haven’t heard from you in a while. I trust all is well. Welcome back.

          Louisiana Eagle

          • laeagle,

            Been busy with family these past weeks.

            My daughter and her young family has recently moved back to this county. 🙂

            I am very thankful she has moved out of the city and is now close by.

        • It Wasn’t Raining when Noah built the ark !

          • No it wasn’t raining, only 8 listened to God and survived.

            • Wasn’t until 80 years after his death that anybody bothered to write about Jesus. Wasn’t as important as literally anything else of his time.
              Ohhh somebody’s great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandpappy’s friend’s librarian had a book that said so? Oh yeah I’m on that, ignore the other hundreds of thousands of years and focus on what happened in percentages of percentages of human history that some dude wrote that said some other shit did stuff.
              Free yourself from the BS

      6. Yep, things are slow for my business right now, as I scrape by by every month… I don’t have the concerns about the collapse and have accepted it’s implications. When I was homeless I experience bad starvation, life threatening situations and my pride prevented me from getting help, for food, water shelter, etc. I kept toughing or own because this was personal collapse… when I discovered this website, I quickly realized that flex magazine mad Muscle and a fitness was not addressing the concerns of how athlete bodies respond differently to starvation. And the fact that we crash metabolically faster doe faster, dehydrate faster and are the first to go because we have too much muscle mass… now I have preps I have not met one body builder or martial artist that preps..this time around its no cars driving, thugs and dred lock insurgents all over the streets with the UN..a very hostile environment.. the only mistake I made recently was to get involved and now in a relationship, so now i have a woman to worry about and damn make sure that I don’t have. a kid on the way any time soon because this would not be a good think for me to deal with because now I don’t have a doctor on my team and when I woman is expecting, she is literally handicapped. And completely useless…a sitting duck when shtf strikes.. she can’t run or walk fast..So I have purposely positioned my self close to a red neck area for more defense.. holy shit, one more point higher on the DHS threat matrix.. how far I try to survive what’s is not the time for crying babies and carriages, not going in that direction, walking around like these Brain dead idiots of a couple I see daily..


        • If you want to live forever, have children, and tell them to have children.

          My children are mainly why I prep. They are a blessing, you just need to plan for them in your prepping plans.

          Economic crashes are slow motion affairs that years. Enjoy those years.

          My philosophy is I prep so I can live confidently and not in fear. The term fear porn is not completely inaccurate. We can get caught up in it, it can make adrenaline and endorphins flow. It’s nice once in a while to take a week or two off and not read anything about prepping or politics porn or violent news porn.

          • Watch The Coming Days. Esoteric truth. To see what happens to kids in a civil war.

          • I REALLY hope HCKS doesn’t reproduce….

      7. I agree with most all Peter Schiff said, question is how long will they fool people.

        In 2007 I saw the Democrat controlled congress set us up for, and promote the housing crash to influence the election that put Obama in the White House. The next crash will either happen when it suites their politics or when they lose control.

        The point of losing control is quickly approaching. There is no real economy anymore, just a manipulated stock market that makes the 1% rich. The stock market has like in 1929 become the linchpin to the next crash.

        Don’t get caught with borrowed money in the next crash. Become debt free if you can.

        • I’m debt free after years of busting my butt. Left my job but the wife still works. The county I live in runs me about 5500.00 a year in tax. If everything collapses, those bastards will STILL want their cut of my A$$… It never friggen ends. We serfs shall never be truly out of debt until the real end comes

      8. Prep tip

        Radio scanner is nice and also print out the frequencies of emergency channels. Mmay not be able to transmit but you can get information over the air waves.

        • anon, good point. You can get your local frequencies at radioreference dot com.

          • My local sheriff and cop frequencies are not trunked so I can also program them into my baofeng radios 🙂 I could even say high to them lol.

            • same here…i nearly shit when i got my $25.00 baofeng (uv-5r) and learned what they are capable of doing. got one for daily use and the other Faraday caged away just in case. kind of a trick and alot of trial and error programing it but well worth the effort. best $25 bucks i ever spent on a comm. device. “I could even say high to them lol.” yes sir re bob, that was one thing that really blew me away.

              • markinaz, they are definately the best value in radios period. Wide frequency range, a ton of accessories, I can talk 20 miles away no problem. I reccomend the 4500ah. extended batteries if your going to use full power on transmit. Ebay has them under the brand Tera. I have all my friends at the retreat area hooked up with them now (sold them for less than cost) just to get everyone on board (no cell service without an amplifier). Hijack a frequency that is industrial (so you don’t hear every asswipe with a walmart radio) and it is great. Ebay has 20 watt mobile uhf/vhf radios for just under 100 bux that are very similar in function. Just search uhf mobile and you will see them. I don’t think peeps pay enough attention to how important comms are. They WILL save your ass!

                • With the Baofengs, One can even transmit under the weather radio frequencies – makes it more difficult to triangulate you….

            • Thx for the website G. When I lived in the city a few years back there was regular chatter on the ham, but out in the country, there is little. Or maybe I need to hang some wires from the trees for better reception to reach out? My handheld does double as a great Weather channel radio. I could listen to the weather channel for hours, and the soothing voice, can almost put me to sleep. Here we also get the Gulf weather and tide and wave height news, etc for boaters. Lots of storms roll in and out, so it is a good info source for early warning.

              Ever listen to CB radio chatter? Have one in my vehicle. Its kind of like, as if you were sitting at the bus stop and listening to the Low Info Population Chatter about nothing, or those that can’t afford Cell phones. However, the CB is a great tool when traveling for traffic updates or traffic problems and how to avoid traffic jams by exiting early off the Highway, or to take an alternative route. Truckers mainly use channel 19, and the Emergency frequency is of course channel 9. For us older folks that already know that, and used CB’s in the 70’s, you know, that was mounted next to the 8 track tape deck player. I never got into 8-track, which was before my income earning years. I also just read that companies have stopped making the VCR. Another dinosaur put to rest.


            • Can also go to: ht tp:// to listen to live feeds across the county. Go listen to Chicago police, for some entertainment. Phone apps also available. Police, Fire, EMs, Aircraft and Rail.


            • Thanks Genius,
              Those Baofeng radios sound like great stocking stuffers for Christmas. I’ll buy a pair and test them out.

              I see you can select power levels, and by sticking to specific public channels, you can use it legally. You can listen in on all channels, and to use the full capacity get a Ham License.

      9. Energy, not “money”, powers today’s industrial economy. Oil, like many other commodities, costs too much to extract to allow growth in the economy. It eats up the surplus needed for a growing economy.

        The world needs cheap oil to grow…$20 a barrel or lower is my guess. Much of the oil is being produced at a loss right now. The central banks are supporting oil with ZIRP and NIRP policies hoping the price goes up and the industry will be profitable again. Instead, they are piling debt on top of debt on an already stressed financial system that never recovered from 2008.

        The financial system will break somewhere at some point, credit will again dry up, and will cause the other systems and supply chains to seize up. The oil will remain in the ground at that point.

        The collapse of industrial civilization will begin. Billions will be liquidated. Try not to be one.


      10. off topic…

        Well, Hinckley was just released from the mental ward to go home.

        There is a lot of discussion on whether he was a patsy in a GHW Bush coup or not. Story goes that the secret service was behind the failed attempt. Interesting stuff. Webster Tarpley wrote a book about it in the early nineties.

        Search: “Reagan planchet” for some interesting reading on this “conspiracy theory”

        • Ya didn’t he use some shitty little gun I think a .25 auto or something? They should transfer him to a home for the profoundly retarded.

          • .22 revolver. RG, I believe. A piece of shit, trust me.

        • The Day Reagan was Shot –
          On Tuesday, March 31 the Houston Post published a copyrighted story under
          the headline: “BUSH’S SON WAS TO DINE WITH SUSPECT’S BROTHER, by Arthur
          Wiese and Margarte Downing.” The lead paragraph read as follows:

          Scott Hinckley, the brother of John Hinckley Jr., who is charged with
          shooting President Reagan and three others, was to have been a dinner guest
          Tuesday night at the home of Neil Bush, son of Vice President George Bush,
          The Houston Post has learned.
          According to the article, Neil Bush had admitted on Monday, March 30 that he
          was personally acquainted with Scott Hinckley, having met with him on one
          occasion in the recent past. Neil Bush also stated that he knew the Hinckley
          family, and referred to large monetary contributions made by the Hinckleys
          to the Bush 1980 presidential campaign. Neil Bush and Scott Hinckley both
          lived in Denver at this time. Scott Hinckley was the vice president of
          Vanderbilt Energy Corporation, and Neil Bush was employed as a land man for
          Standard Oil of Indiana. John W. Hinckley Jr., the would-be assassin, lived
          on and off with his parents in Evergreen, Colorado, not far from Denver.

          Neil Bush was reached for comment on Monday, March 30, and was asked if, in
          addition to Scott Hinckley, he also knew John W. Hinckley Jr., the would-be
          killer. “I have no idea,” said Neil Bush. “I don’t recognize any pictures of
          him. I just wish I could see a better picture of him.”

          Sharon Bush, Neil’s wife, was also asked about her acquaintance with the
          Hinckley family. “I don’t even know the brother,” she replied, suggesting
          that Scott Hinckley was coming to dinner as the date of a woman whom Sharon
          did know. “From what I know and have heard, they [the Hinckleys] are a very
          nice family…and have given a lot of money to the Bush campaign. I
          understand he [John W. Hinckley Jr.] was just the renegade brother in the
          family. They must feel awful.”

          It also proved necessary for Bush’s office to deny that the vice-president
          was familiar with the “Hinckley-Bush connection.” Bush’s press secretary,
          the British-born Peter Teeley, said when asked to comment: “I don’t know a
          damn thing about it. I was talking to someone earlier tonight, and I
          couldn’t even remember his [Hinckley’s] name. All I know is what you’re
          telling me.” Teeley denied that Bush had revealed that he knew Hinckley or
          the Hinckley family when he first heard the assassin’s name; the vice
          president “made no mention of it whatsoever.” Bush, repeated Teeley,
          “certainly didn’t indicate anything like that.”

          Read more in detail. ht tp://

          ** Gee what would the Bush Family have to gain, with Reagan Dead? Everyting!!! WhoWuddaThunkIt


        • Sorry, wrong page number. Go to page 37 instead…

      11. Just heard on news how in dade and broward counties in florida they are stopping all blood donations and collections ie no selling blood until they can find a way to treat the blood for the zika virus they said they had 4 people contract zika from blood the ball is starting to roll

        • I heard that, as well. They said they have to test every single vial of blood, to check for zika infection, I still wouldn’t trust the results, if they were deemed, ”negative”
          Imo, the franken mosquitoes, were genetically modified, by the Bill Gates Foundation, and purposely, dropped, much like chemtrails are, as a form of depopulation, maybe too off the wall, but then again,so am I

          • I’d say you are probably right on the money.

      12. Thats gonna hurt alot of people who depend on that extra cash for gas food bills and i bet the practice will be applied federally as an emergency precaution

        • Anything to kill off the goyim ya know.

      13. Has any one else heard on the radio from you state health dept warnings about zika

        • Yep, they been running several different adds, and had a piece on HPR about state dept of health and Red Cross implementing new screening procedures for zica virus. And another about zica spread and how the mosquito is same as the one spreading dengue,

          • Chichugunya is another Mosquito transmitted disease.

            High Fever, bad joint pain with muscle cramps.

            “Make him do the chicken”.

            Choir Boys

            • So glad I have 0 mosquitos. Dry climates are nice.

            • I was reading a New Study, that said, by raising chickens, that the odor of the chickens wards off mosquitos. Chickens never get bitten by mosquitos. So go raise some chickens and keep them close to home.


          • Is this Zika shit supposed to kill you or just screw up the fetus of a pregnant woman. Seems like conflicting reports. Is this the new Malaria on steroids? They say it can be spread through sexual transmission.

            • I think that it shortens the life of the child, but who knows what they will add to the fear factor.
              I say that because they are constantly adding new ways of contracting the disease, which equates to fear.
              I’ve heard that it can affect peoples brains, where if they get bitten, they become mentally disabled ..then I heard that zika babies were born of women who got vaccinated,in their third tri mester, while it was still in Brazil.
              In any even, a foundation is involved, they will twist any way that they want, and we will never know the truth.
              How do these people sleep at night?

        • Godsoldier.

          Yep, They said, Stay inside or you die!

          Human to Human Transfer under investigation in Florida in Miami area.

      14. same old crap,different day.nothing,again,as usual,will broke morons just want to bring us folks with money down to your very low level.screw that.

        • knowitall.

          What brings you here then? I don’t see you bringing something to the table that is helpful.

            • I used to work for Mr. “know-it-all”. The idiot didn’t know shit from shinola about networks.

          • Probably one of Obama’s muslim offspring.

      15. Is Peter shiff Related to Jacob shiff the banker that financed the bolshavics that did the holomodor and killed czar Nicolas family . If he is .x his family.

      16. Less scared. More aware. More prepared.

      17. Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster! I had to ask this question, esp since PTPO mentioned it above. Why should we be “debt free” when the collapse comes? I mean, if everything goes to shit financially, why do i still give a rats ass about my Sears bill etc??

        • Hello anon

          Long time poster. Just because the system collapses the Bank or Loaner can call in his loan which is your debt.

          It believe it is written into every major loan/ standard contract. It is not yours till you fully pay the loan completely back.

      18. Worlds Made By Hand: “Survival Of The Fittest Will Replace Checking In On Facebook”

        h ttp://

        “Those who acclimated themselves to their new existence and accepted the hardships with the frontier spirit that originally built the country were able to survive and sometimes thrive”

      19. The debt is close to 27 trillion.

        Trump says he will lower taxes a start paying down the debt for the sake of the kids.

        I’m Going to be very interested in how he’s going to do it. Sales tax of substantial amount. Trafacant wanted to make it 25%. But claimed it would only make a small difference to the consumer because the price of goods will be less. I guess because of a stronger dollar, and better trade deals.

        If the banks don’t pull a fast one, we may get out of this quagmire after all.

        • The official national debt of 20 trillion is minor compared to the unfunded liabilities which is said to exceed 200 trillion dollars.

          • Trump can wipe the Nat Debt off the Books or at least to the Federal Reserve with a stroke of the pen. As he can order a full audit of the Fed, then declare that the Fed has been ripping off the US with predatory lending, then criminalize the Fed, and put them in jail and erasing the debt. Trump has a lot of tools as his disposal including the US Military to bomb the Fed into oblivion. At the same time Trump can create a new US dollar and VOID out the Federal Reserve Note as criminal. Trump can exercise JFK’s Executive Order EO-11110.

            ~WWTI… Will certainly get interesting this next year.

            • I say why put them in jail. Bring back the Guillotines and public execution. You want to curve crime this will do it. An armed society is a polite society.

      20. Don’t forget to get a whole lot of condoms for your BOB. Always prepare to get [””””}}}}}}}O].
        ???. ???

      21. when an economy crashes…

        People going hungry in Venezuela, zoo animals starving to death – ‘We call it here the Maduro diet’

        h ttp://

        “Travelling through the country this month I saw endless queues of people trying to buy food – any food – at supermarkets and other government-run shops.”

        • I’m thinking some lion steak would be the way to go in Venezuela. I hear ostrich is pretty good as well. Elephant, who knows. 🙂

      22. Maybe one day it will be prison law. You either join the black panthers , the la raza , or the aryan brotherhood . Take your pick. Or sit on the fence . With no back up. Or join the liberals and get slaughtered by everyone. I see what countries ruled by these people look like . Name me one that isn’t a third world shit hole . Isreal . You can’t live there unless your a Jew. F the fools I will not be a race traitor. I see what they do to their own people . How can anyone possibly be stupid enough to not see. Look at South Africa . No more apartite bimbos isn’t that wonderful . Aren’t you so pleased with yourselves . You got rid of terrible apartite. Now you’ve created the most butchering of whites country on the planet. But as long as it dosent make CNN you can ignore your creation. Help the canibles build a barbaque grill. You are far away so why care. Hey we helped the communist enslave half of Europe in WW2 Our brave victors. O but we didn’t know they would do that. Plead stupidity that always works. Do stupid people burn in hell? And now look where the evil or stupid have lead us . We lost WW2 . The enemy won. We are just to stupid to see. But we will soon feel. But hey I got a wide screen so I can watch sports and porn . Fucking and fighting . My kids can deal with the fall out they have been thoroughly feminized. But they’ll bounce back .maybe and if not Kay Sara whatever will be will be . Let them eat cake. I got a brand new pickup. What do you want from me? I dinit du nufin . Stock up and strap up its comin. The empty lamps will suffer. We will all be virgins when it starts. Be a wise virgin.

      23. Genius does not give bullshit advice, just sensible constructive thinking.. just when we think we are ready for shtf. Shtf strikes and you start asking yourself wtf..did I not do any of this already… I have one of the most bad ass bug shtf bags anyone could get ahold of. It passed shtf quality control…


        We are in deep shit now..

        • Try gittin yerself a pair of allterrain shitshoes Hcks. Better than any chestwaders!

          Beetin deepshit problems, one step atatime.

          Rollio.– super skidmark remover.

        • Just sayin what I know (from experience) Im so glad I could help you out my friend. prep on man!

      24. Wot you mean like the Jewish banking system cannot keep just printing money and giving it to city traders/gamblers to create wealth to house and feed the population.

        I love this money for nothing world and my house earns me more money as it goes up than i can earn from my nine to five job and I am mega rich even if I cannot afford to buy a round of beers with all the tax they put on it.

        Tell ya, something is wrong with you guys thinking that this and my wealth will ever come to an end and you need to attend church and learn some scriptures to see that god gave the jews the money tree because they are the chosen ones who’s destiny is to rule the earth and all mankind

      25. If you want to see how low the United Kingdom has fallen under virulent and abusive Islam, just watch today’s video on the Daily Mail website of an Islamic preacher taking on a police officer. Most of the people on the street support him with cheers of ‘Aloaha snackbar’. In an earlier time, he would be called a sex pest for his abuse of a woman for wearing tight jeans, but now it is his ‘free speech’ if he is Muslim.

        You couldn’t pay me to live in most of the UK’s cities these days.

      26. I watched a video last night about Italy bank haveing 24 hr to raise 9 billion due to stress test or be declaired insolvent and bank bail in occurs its in line with what i was told over a year ago that italy germany spain france and portugal i think or irland would crash like domino’s one causes the next

      27. How will buying gold help our economy?

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