Peter Schiff: In The Impending Collapse ‘Everything That Can Go Wrong, Will’

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    The impending economic collapse is hidden from most. People only see a rising stock market, not the negative underlying factors that will cause the whole system to crash.

    The weakening of the U.S. dollar is just getting started, warned veteran market forecaster Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital. “We have just begun a major, long-term bear market in the dollar,” he said, which should cause a spike in oil prices. He thinks oil will reach $80-$100 a barrel in 2018. The commodity currently trades at roughly $63 a barrel. Shiff focuses on oil as just one example of the inflation that will help collapse the dollar.

    When the price of oil rises, it reverberates through the economy. Peter called it a gigantic tax hike for consumers. But the Fed is still worried prices aren’t going up fast enough and that they won’t hit the mystical 2% goal.

    “They’re going to hit that out of the park. They’re going to be looking at 2% in the rearview mirror – in the distant rearview mirror. That is going to be the big story. They’re going to way overshoot and they’re not going to be able to do anything about it.” –Peter Schiff

    Schiff also warns that the dollar’s decline is just getting starting.  He also says “everything that can go wrong, will.” We are not experiencing economic growth.  We are experiencing inflation.

    High inflation is not good for the dollar. By definition, high inflation means the dollar is losing purchasing power. If the dollar is losing purchasing power, that is bad for the dollar,” Shiff explains.

    “If they [the public and investors] don’t think there’s going to be inflation, they’re wrong. Those expectations are totally wrong. People are ignoring what is going on in the currency market, what’s going on in the commodities markets, what’s going on in the bond markets. All of this stuff is flashing inflation – at least the way you measure it – consumer prices.” –Peter Schiff


    Shiff continues with even more dire news. “We are very close to a major breakdown in the bond market. Now, I know the bond market has dodged a lot of bullets…so you could say ‘cryin’ wolf. Look how long the bond market has held in there. But you know what? It’s gonna hold up until it doesn’t. And when it breaks…this bond market is gonna unravel. The whole thing could unravel very, very quickly. This is what is so dangerous here. You have the bond market potentially about to break down, a major 30-year bull market about to unravel, you have the dollar getting ready to go over the edge of a cliff. “

    Shiff also warns to not put your trust in the government or their bonds.

    “Everybody belives the fed is going to shrink it’s balance sheet. Now, I don’t believe that but the markets believe it. Now, I checked the balance sheet on Thursday again. So far, it hasn’t shrunk at all. So there’s been no tapering.

    The risk of a big drop in the bond market has never been this high. And what happens if the bond market tanks? That’s it. The stock market is gonna crash…there’s a massive crash coming. And if the fed is gonna panic, they’re gonna try to stop it.”

    The feds will try to fix a stock market crash by not raising rates, which will lead to the imploding of the dollar.  Everything that can go wrong, will.

    “I don’t know if this is going to unravel very quickly.  But it is close,” Shiff warns.


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      1. If you add up everything objectively with a one plus one equals two mentality it’s obvious that everything is going to collapse. We however don’t live in reality but are in fact extras in a movie. The special effects are dramatic but none of this is real. The banksters inject just enough money that is created by magic, at just the right place, at just the right time to keep the charade going. It can fall apart tomorrow or a decade or longer from now. Its impossible to time because even the clocks are in the movie.

        • I’ve been looking for the imminent financial collapse since the mid 70’s, starting back with Howard Ruff and then all the rest.

          Someday, inevitable, undoubtedly, bur fortunately for me, I always liked living independent, off grid, self-sufficiently, so the lifestyle was never a chore, burden or sacrifice, no regrets here that music has not stopped yet.

          • shane: I too have been keeping up since the 70’s I rem. Ruff and others, newsletters passed on to me by friends. And the charade goes on via the bankers with national debt off the charts of reality.

          • The one phrase from “Ruff Times” that has always stuck with me, (and shaped my World View from that time forward) is, “…the more dependent a society becomes on techology, the harder that society will fall, when that technology fails…” (That is probably more a paraphrase, but the intent is still the same) I was handed that book in 1974, we didn’t even have computers then. Now, with bowed heads, we start each day paying reverent homage to our oracle cell phones. (Try and take that cell phone away from someone and watch the reaction.) We’re in for a real eye opener folks. 🙁

            • You got that right. People will freak when suddenly all they can ever know about what happened to turn off the lights and when it’ll all get fixed is from what little they can see and hear from their own front porch. They will not likely adapt to that new information & news deprived reality well. It will be akin to mass drug withdrawals for the majority of the population.

            • DBG: Never saw an attraction to cell phones (Androids, I phones) I use an 8. a mo.flip type Trac Phone for emergencies. I would definitely miss a laptop, not really a TV, yet I’m always listening to radio.

              • Me too i listen to talk radio all the time and i too have a cheap trac phone for car breakdowns. Most of the time it sits in a tight metal can. I rarely get texts so i don’t need it “out”. I don’t need a camera phone or the web on a phone. I use the desktop one. I would miss watching movies tho on the dvd player. I don’t have tv hookup as i never got the digital converter box and only have cable for the pc.

        • AND since everything is “mark to fantasy” we have no means of true price discovery. So where does THAT little factoid leave us?

        • Kevin2, how do you beat me to the posts? are you pounding your pud in front of a charlton heston poster waiting to see the articals get posted??

      2. A little off topic here but did anyone catch a speech given by a 5th grader over the weekend? I saw it on Good Morning America.
        “To address racial and economical injustice we must have a radical redistribution of political and economic power.” THIS kind of thinking pisses me off SO much. I felt sick to my stomach. Radical redistribution!! So since I own a house and you don’t I’m supposed to share? I own a car and you don’t I’m supposed to share? I’m not prejudice against any one race. Believe me I’m not. But I am prejudice against anyone that thinks you are supposed to have everything that I have and not have to WORK for it like I did. It is 2018…there are opportunities for EVERYONE regardless of class, race or religion. You just have to work for what you want.

        • Just on the topic. You work and sell the results of their labor and enjoy the benefits ,but if you sell 15% of world production and consume 50% ,it does not work ,and the robbery and you are forced to feed those who robbed .

        • fullmoonrizing

          You should be pissed off at those at the top of the system – they’re the biggest recipients of welfare in the country. They take advantage of special tax rates and allowances that the poor cannot. It’s all divide and conquer and many people fall for it. The Zionists want us distracted so they can implement their NWO. Look around and you’ll see it.

          Hate those that have loads of things they didn’t earn and not those that can’t earn.

          • Sammy nailed it. (((WHO))) is trying to collapse the USA into the biggest welfare queen State / Country so (((They))) can control devide and conquer to then sell off in pieces like Chain Saw Al Dunlap did to American companies in the 1990’s. Its coming folks. Prepare to be slaughtered. Its beyond our control.

            What I disagree with is as oil prices climb so does production of domestic energy production because it will again be profitable to produce so it depends on how fast they can ramp back up production to meet demand. The US is becomming more energy infependent from foreign sources. But walstreet manipulates pricing so expect the rape of high prices enen though there is plenty of energy. Its all a sham. Plus the devaluation of the dollar will collapse so buy your gas at the pump with your Silver stash and not dollars.

          • Believe me I am pissed off at those at the top of the system. I am fully aware that ‘they’ are trying to pit one side against the other. I didn’t mention hate in my post. I don’t hate anyone. I simply stated that people need to be responsible for themselves. It is not my responsibility to give to anyone that doesn’t want to work for what they have. I was raised to believe that it was no one’s responsibility to put a roof over my head or food in my stomach but me. Can’t earn and do not want to earn are two different things completely.

          • The “top of the system” you say ?? It ain’t welfare. It takes embezzling with the Federal Reserve as your tool. Wall Street hides their theft using the accounts of auction funds EXCLUSIVELY handled by FRBNY. ……..No links ? Try ht ppjg dot me slash 2017 slash 11 slash 09 slash fiscal-bliss With a secondary click, it worked.

        • If i have to share,
          Ill burn the house to the ground, spray the fields with waste oil and tordon, then dump the truck in the ocean,,, they can redistribute that

          • If I have to share I will not have anything worth a shit and I am old enough that I don’t give a fook. I will waste everyone that tries to move in or take MY STUFF! Besides burning it to the ground and poisoning any foodstuffs left. They ain’t going to like my plan!

          • and that’s the lesson that child needs to learn.

            the idea has been tried before and, little one, it just doesn’t work

            • grandee. Oh yeah? Just ask the Native indian tribes about how their land was taken and squtten on and they were starved to death and relocated to Reservation FEMA Camps. It worked then didnt it. Accept for the Seminole Indians in Florida who never surrendered. The swap is your only survival savior out there. And where my BOL is located. I learned from history and so should you as where to bug out to for survival off their grid.. Its now been 35 Months with no Utility Bills period. Do the math.

            • grandee. Oh yeah? Just ask the Native indian tri-.bes about how their land was taken and squtten on and they were starved to death and relocated to Reservation FEMA Camps. It worked then didnt it. Accept for the Seminole Indians in Florida who never surrendered. The swap is your only survival savior out there. And where my BOL is located. I learned from history and so should you as where to bug out to for survival off their grid.. Its now been 35 Months with no Utility Bills period. Do the math.

              • Their land wasn’t taken from them. They were conquered and they were put in camps because they did not assimilae. That’s what happens when you are conquered.

            • sometimes you got to rub their little faces in it….

        • A 5th grader didn’t come up with that. He/she got that from somebody else.

          • I totally agree.

        • Schools have been pushing communistic attitudes for the last 20 years. How many times have you seen a negress complaining about EBT cards not being refilled on time, then sticking her hand out and saying “Erebody spost to helpses!” How many times going to get gas does some moocher,(who you have never met and don’t know), walk up and asks you to give him a dollar?
          These people want someone to take care of them, and they have no problem mooching from EBT, Section 8, Welfare checks…..
          Id rather liquidate 1000 welfare and EBT moochers, than to have one thin dime of my tax money be given to them.
          I don’t mind helping the elderly, sick,…..but this idea that I am supposed to support able bodied adults is anthema to me.

        • I’m waiting for these people to finally come out and demand a redsitribution of brains and motivation.

        • I remember reading recently that the Left and Black lives matter said that when white people die they should be leaving their house to some poor black family!!! Scum!

      3. Peter Schiff is my favorite financial/economic forecaster. He is an original thinker and does not repeat the same things that everyone else does. He is usually right, but is often years early. If you have not seen his stand-up comedy routine on YouTube, you should check it out for some good laughs:

        • “Bernie Madoff has credibility about one thing, ponzi schemes”

          That was a riot.

          • The Rothschild banks have used Ponzi schemes for centuries. How they work is detailed at ht ppjg dot me slash 2017 slash 11 slash 09 slash fiscal-bliss With a secondary click, it worked.

            Benjamin Ginsberg compiled Rothschild banks history in FATAL EMBRACE; [financiers]AND THE STATE. Ben identifies the Magna Carta as the Baron’s revolt against London financiers who induced King John to invade Normandy. Interesting that school books do not mention that.

        • Years early is known as being wrong.

      4. Hey Pete.
        You’ve been saying this for 10 + years now one day t will come true. Say something will happen that history tells us it long enough it will someday happen.

        • Sarge, Schiff has been right in the past. But a busted clock is right twice a day. Whereas I agree with this current premonition he has voiced, it’s been long in coming … that is, something actually occurring. I’d be betting that world events will actually be the cause of the major downturn up and coming. Regardless of how it happens – 1. I’m sick of the build-up and waiting, 2. It will involve all parts of society and there will be nowhere to hide no matter how remote one lives 3. Those who dream they are ‘ready’ are only kidding themselves (and I include myself). 4. Murphy’s Law is the most reliable one all of us should follow.

        • Sgt., You are in LE, I’m sure you have tried the .40 SW. How do you like that caliber? I found out we have bears moving into the neighborhood at the cabin and I don’t like the 7 rd. capacity of my 1911 and the 9mm is too small. .357 is 6 shots and slow reload. I figured maybe a .40 with 15 rd. capacity and 4 mags would be good (beretta 96 with meggar 15 rd. mags.). What do you think?

          • I’d go with a Glock 10mm. 14 rounds with 357 mag ballistics.

          • Genius – buttin’ in, I know you didn’t ask me directly; but, I own 3 1911’s, a Glock 21 .45ACP, a Stoeger (Berreta) .40, a .357 Ruger revolver and others in .45 and smaller calibers. A .40 is a nice caliber. Less lift/rise at each shot and more shots; but, the trade-off is definitely ‘punch’. The .357 is great – just …. 6 shots. Though I own the Glock, I’d not have it in a lesser/smaller caliber. Again – the ‘punch’ and I’ve the larger magazine capacity (13 round). But to be honest, I’m old – old school as well. I just love my 1911’s and I reckon had I a bear charging and could only grab one handgun – I’d go for one of them. They’ve served me well over my life and they are what I’d be trusting most. Wolfbay below has a good point though regarding a Glock in 10mm (.357 ballistics) and I’d like to give one of those a test-run for the heck of it.

          • For bear you want the reliability of a revolver. Get a 44 magnum. Or better yet, have a pump 12 gauge handy – slug, double ought, slug, double ought.

      5. More economic fear porn.

        In 2013 there was also going to be an “impending collapse.” I filled my cupboards with food and water, put away cash, and waited. Months went by. Now years. NOTHING.

        The elites will not allow it to happen. Maybe a minor “correction.” Golden hordes and rampaging urbanists, savage backwoodsmen with machine guns, biker gangs and Aryan tribes, only exist in bad apocalypse fiction writers’ disturbing wet dreams.

        Go Vikings! 🙂

        • Spy cameras on every corner was some writers wet dream several decades ago. Wet dreams do come true.

        • Inflation is already beating the snot out of us. Have you noticed how much groceries you
          can buy with 50 bucks? Not much. It HAS started. Stormy- I think you suffer from the
          normalcy bias. You remind me of the frog in a pot of warm water, not noticing that the
          aqua is getting more caliente. You said something about a “minor correction”. Sure.
          What could possibly go wrong? There is only about 4 quadrillion in derivatives out there.

        • Oh it will be allowed to happen, but there will be no warning sign. They will build up everyone’s hope and confidence, make everything look rosy and peachy, then pull the plug and let it crash when they have all their bets placed. It will happen, and a lot of people will lose to the few who gain.

          • I suspect Trump has been allowed almost all the “winning” he’s going to get. The rug will be pulled.

      6. I agree that a collapse can happen but I just don’t think they’ll allow it to happen. All their wealth is invested in the economy so why would they allow it to collapse? It doesn’t make sense to me.

        What will happen though is the continued decline of fiat through inflation. It won’t stop as they benefit from it declining in value as the decline affects those at the bottom of the pile.

        Just keep prepping, securing and keeping up with the news. Any SHTF can happen and not just an economic collapse, though unlikely.

        • It will collapse, just not for them, but for you n me its going to get steadily worse, they like desperate people, they are easier to control.

      7. Schiff is a financial grifter

        He has been less accurate on his monotony doom-porn economic forecasts than a random name from the phone book

        Why do preppers constantly reference this fool/tool?

        • ummm, because SOME of U.S. have a KEEEN sense of the obvious….

      8. Here comes the government shut down drama again. Crappy soap operas have better story lines.

        • you sure do come up with some silly shit, anonymous….funny how you ALMOST sound intelligent sometimes….and other times, you would have to have a telescope to look UP to an idiot…..hint: why don’tcha get a screen name?

      9. Vote with your wallets, we the people are the elephantine footprints in this economy, never forget that! That’s real power,feel better now?………

      10. The idea that one out of one hundred persons in The USA is some elite oligarch is wrong. There are eight families that control Goldman Sachs, there are so few true power elite that it is really amazing. I understand that only one man owns all the copyrights to the music we here for example.

        If these powerful people wanted a financial collapse, they would create it. They own the printing presses to our money, our books and newspapers, the computers, the works. They decide who lives and who gets drafted, who goes to Harvard, Stanford, MIT, who gets suicided and who gets promoted. It’s a little club, and it’s always just inches away from your forehead.

        _ But don’t fret, the CREATOR of heaven and earth gives these powers but a short time, a limited reign, then the celestial army of good angels will come to earth to do battle with these human demons in flesh walking among us.

        In the meantime, who gives a flying xxxxx.

        My philosophy of life is simple:
        _ Make as much money as you can. Spend it wisely. Prepare for the future, but live for today, for some tomorrow you will surely die, and you can’t take it with you.

        I watched hillbillies distill corn whiskey on YouTube, and had my first taste of moonshine. Mighty fine! Mighty fine, indeed.



        • BfromCA, My philosophy is make enough to be comfy and don’t spend your life working yourself to death. Why would you work all you can so you can retire too old and worn out to have a lot of fun? I am mid 50’s and work 6 months a year or less and have lot’s of time to enjoy myself. I aint rich but I do pretty well. But then I have a job that is a lot different than any other. I spent my younger years chasing dollars and realized that it is a fools game, money doesn’t buy happiness it just makes you the richest man in the graveyard. Hillbilly corn whiskey lol, My stuff puts that crap to shame! I wish you could try it! Making booze isn’t that hard if you have common sense. Once you get past the trial and error stage you will do well and be able to make about anything 😛

          • That, then theres that inconvenient truth that the more you work for the more they can take from you and the more its going to hurt, if you dont have savings you can’t lose it to inflation just like happens every year. Or you also cant have it attached by the gov for this bs or that bs,,,
            Sorta like property taxes, you pay and pay and pay to pay a mortgage and the property taxes, then when your mortgage is paid off you pay and pay and pay property taxes, as soon as you stop they take your property,,,, again, they can have the ashes, the poisoned land and the blood from whatever whent down there,,,, sounds fun dont it, sorta makes one wonder why bother, thats where im at, if all thats going to happen is they take everything from you no matter how hard you work why bother

            • I hear ya bro and thats why I have a bit of metals hidden. My state takes metals for tax payment. The rest I spend on gun stuff wooo hoooo! God I love guns! I just wish I had some 🙁

          • That’s why I quit work when I was 50. I wanted to enjoy being retired for as long as possible, at least for more years than I spent working.

            I get up in the morning, check the computer to see if the world is still there, and then spend the day doing whatever occurs to me. I might write, or work in the yard, or do home fix-ups, or just load up the car and go on a road trip.

            I could have worked longer and made a little more money, but I didn’t see any real advantages to doing that.

        • Before bad times comes knocking, expect USA planned WWIII to happen.History repeats it self.

      11. Supermarket prices are already very high and climbing. The majority will soon eat slop if they can afford that. It is said that insects are very nutritious. Human evolution at peak development. The culling of the masses can’t be far off.

        • A lot of grocery items I buy here are actually cheaper than they were several years ago. Good hamburger was almost $5 a pound, but now is on sale for less than $4. The bread I buy was over $3 a loaf, but is now $2.79, even less when it’s on sale. Lance crackers used to go on sale at 2 boxes for $5. This week they were on sale at 2 boxes for $4.

          I still keep buying and stocking up. I’m still using canned corn I bought a few years ago at 25 cents a can. That’s beating inflation big time.

          I have a long list of grocery items that I never buy unless they’re on sale. Then I buy enough to last until the next sale.

        • The ex NASA engineer on who gave the interview on the site on Dec 30, 2017 said that even now the U.S. is having a hard time growing ENOUGH food for their population and we are getting a lot of our food from other countries like Mexico and China so the supermarket shelves will be stocked up. He said the U.S. doesn’t want the people to know that we are having a hard time growing food now as it would cause panic and they want to keep the population calm for as long as possible until the last moment when they can’t hush things up anymore, as the ozone is already 80 percent gone and the radiation is killing the plants and trees.

      12. Peter Schiff, sorry to say but you have been wrong on your predictions for the last 8yrs or more, if someone were to go back and take the videos you have been in and all your other writings you will find you have been wrong over 90% of the time. Like someone commented above, if you keep saying the same 6 or 7 things over and over eventually it will come true. Shockingly you have not been correct on anything. It really says you don’t know whats going on at all. Try another business.

      13. Schiff had me at Trump has done nothing and that market is running crazy.

        I’m sorry, thousands of Obama regulations on business have been lifted by Trump. Trump saw to a massive tax revision. That’s big and that’s real.

        Peter Schiff is a parasite who is mr doom and gloom who is always wrong.

        Point of fact, 90% of the time the markets move upward, someone like Peter Schiff who is 90% a bear is nearly nearly always wrong. A lot of people have missed out on 401k paradise because of people like Peter Schiff.

        I’m really conservative with my investments, but Peter Schiff is downright poison, don’t listen to him.

        What Trump has accomplished in the last year, set the economy on a growth spurt that could last a decade unless sabotaged. Is Schiff expecting a deep state sabotage?

        Sorry but I don’t see Schiff as part of the deep state. So he just looks like a spoiler.

        • wait til it happens, and all the financial engineering comes out into the light…..stocks are overvalued by at LEAST 50%, and probly a LOT more than that. schiff is right, and schiff is EARLY….thank him for the warning LATER, if you must….when you DO realize it….there WILL be gnashing of teeth.

          • One other huge factor. For eight years, Obama terrorized American Business. Anything that was working in American Business got regulated to death by Obama. If he couldn’t kill it, Obama threatened it endlessly.

            American Business has kept billions on the sidelines during Obama’s rain of terror. Businesses who wanted to expand held back and sat on the cash.

            Obama is gone, his rain of terror against business is over. There’s a new sheriff in town and he is pro business.

            My point, Obama’s finger has been removed from the dyke. Not only is business now very happy, but so is Michael…… and a stinky finger it is.

            We have eight years of pent up business dreams and capital that are now free. This is going to be huuuge.

      14. Stormy- You been following the bond market? It’s been crashing for MONTHS. It is being
        propped up by some unforeseen force. Who do you think is buying those low-yield bonds?
        Who do you think is buying up most of the tech stocks? It ain’t just novice investors.
        Our entire economy is a basket case. It’s all fake and manipulated. Weak dollars actually
        make the Dow Jones go up, not down. In 3 to 5 years, the dollar will no longer be the
        reserve currency of the world. It has already been arranged. Enjoy what you now have.
        Your beloved Vikings will not have many fans in the stands when everything pops.

        • Record low rates make any bonds purchased worthless for resale when rates rise. Rates can only rise from here. If anyone buys a bond, in six months when the fed raises rates, no one will want to buy it from you, you’ll have to leave your money tied up in it and wait for maturity.

          Of course bonds are crashing.

      15. “Everybody belives the fed is going to shrink it’s balance sheet. Now, I don’t believe that but the markets believe it. Now, I checked the balance sheet on Thursday again. So far, it hasn’t shrunk at all. So there’s been no tapering.”

        I don’t recall where I read this and cannot find a link for verification, but it was that as China was dumping some stuff that the Fed was buying it up. That would certainly account for why their balance sheet is not shrinking. I’m no economist unless you count home economics. :p

        As for a complete whatever can go wrong will go wrong attitude. Holy cow! I think he’s rolling snake eyes there. I think things will rattle and roll along for a while yet. The big thing that could go wrong is if the petro dollar fails. Then the U.S. will be in deep kimshi. Most of us can live with little cash and still thrive. It’s work but rewarding work. As a bonus, we all sleep well at night, too.

      16. Peter has credibility….he was dead on the money before the 2009 crash and he was right as to the causes.He also wrote ” Crash Proof How To Profit From The Coming Economic Crash” which was prior to the crash.

        I’m pretty sure that folks in 2008 would have never guessed that the Federal Reserve would inject trillions of dollars into the markets or that CONgress would suspend mark to market accounting for the banks.

        Richard Fisher put the market into a pretty good summation “we injected cocaine and heroin into the system” to enable a wealth effect (that he admits did not work, despite its success in raising asset prices), and “now we are maintaining it with ritalin.” Fisher also confirmed his previous warning that “The Fed is a giant weapon that has no ammunition left.”

        A crash is coming…it has to. CONgress owes the people 200 trillion dollars in unfunded promises. A crash in one way they can clear the books sort of speak .

        When there’s a major crash the 1/10 of 1% make a fortune just look at history and who got rich(er) after the crash of 1929 and during the Depression.

      17. PM’s & gold & silver. Yea right. Now think about this. Right now today you cant buy anything with those silver bars and gold bars. Who has the equiptment to weigh it and determine its purity and would give you full value. A pawn shop will give you a small percentage. Now things fall apart and you need to barter those PM’s. Everyone else who has PM’s will also be trying to trade them. So they still will not buy very much. Better off to buy extra stuff you actually routinely use.

        • Dumb as a box full of bricks. Only a dildo would take PM’s to a pawn shop.

        • The cheapest way to sell your Gold or Silver is to sell it back to the PM dealer you originally bought it from. Gainesville Coins only charges .25 cents per OZ for Silver. So lets say I sold 100 Oz @ $17 an Oz that is less than 1.5% commission to sell it. Only desperate dopes sell gold and silver to a pawn shop that probably takes a 30% commission charge.

          • You realize you can sell silver and gold coins at spot on EBay from the comfort of your easy chair.

            Stay out of pawn shops.

            • So then if you have any silver or gold left, now that you have sold on the internet – since the gov/Homeland Security knows everything we do on the net – well, now they can come to your house to confiscate any silver you have left. I would prefer a metal/pawn store. I know where there is one that only has you sign your “name” on paper, and of course does not check to see if it’s your real name. I would never even buy ammo on the net or guns as the gov knows especially if you all use credit cards….guess whose house they will come to first when they want to confiscate the guns and the ammo?

      18. I have to work cause millions on welfare depend on me. Need I say more. While I’m working they go to the beach for free. They have all the same things I have. Home car medical food cash except I’m at work 10 ha a day. Socialism has worked out well for me. Let more people from shithole countries in. The white man is now a slave. Modern day social justice. It’s racist to speak out.

      19. I have to work cause millions on welfare depend on me. Need I say more. While I’m working they go to the beach for free. They have all the same things I have. Home car medical food cash except I’m at work 10 ha a day. Socialism has worked out well for me. Let more people from shithole countries in. The white man is now a slave. Modern day social justice. It’s racist to speak out.

        • We have become that shithole country. Embrace the suck.

        • Demockracy!

      20. Peter Shifty probably loaded up on Gold and Silver like I have, and sat and watched it be manipulated and beaten down by paper manipulators and at the same time watched worthless bitcoin go into the stratesphere for no reason at all and backed by nothing, and he is just as ticked off also because it makes absolutely no sense. Folks, Welcome to the Twilight Zone!! So some hopes for a crash so Gold and Silver rise in value. So far I was wrong also. None of this is justified. Its all manipulated and controlled. Life is a stage, as Shakespear claimed.

      21. I have a small hobby farm in NC. We had a great year. I pay a man $17.00 an hour which is good pay. He does a good job for me. At the end of the season he was telling me that he did not make enough because of his having to pay taxes. He asked if I could pay him $30.00 an hour. He has told me that he came to this country because of the unsafe conditions he had in Mexico. I feel bad for him that he had that situation in Mexico. He has been here twelve years now. But rather than be thankful for the beautiful and safe area he lives in he looks to me to cough up more wages for him to pay his taxes. I do not make a profit on my farm. My wages are close to 20k a year. They come here and then they are not happy and want more….know this is off the subject but I started my organic farm to be able to provide for my family.

        • I think people need to learn to live within their means. Prioritize what is truly a need and what is a want. So many look at a cell phone as a necessity, cable as a necessity. Too many waste money on eating out instead of learning to build a pantry while items are on sale. There are so many things you can do to live well without spending a lot of money. A lot of people do not see it that way though.


      23. What I hear…Blahblabblahbittyblab. What I’ve seen since the doom and gloom fear mongering crap perpetrated since 1974 used as marketing schemes? Nothing but business as usual

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