Perspective on Toxic Carbon Dioxide Taxation

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    Richard Sandor, one of the founders of the Chicago Climate Exchange for carbon credits says that passage of the Cap and Trade legislation designed to tax carbon dioxide and other air “pollutants” will be a $10 to $20 Trillion dollar business.

    Describing it as a “business” is one way to put it, but we’d prefer to call it a scam. In fact, it will probably be the largest fraud ever perpetrated on the entire world, destined to sky rocket energy prices and enslave 99.9% of the entire planet.

    Carbon dioxide, you’ll note, is an essential gas necessary for survival, as it feeds the plant population. Most of the CO2 in our air is naturally produced, with a very small amount actually coming from humans in the form of breathing and industrialization.

    In fact, the cap and trade tax itself is nothing more than a tax on breathing. While government has yet to control oxygen rights and its inhalation by homo sapiens like they are trying to control the production of food and rain water harvesting, they’ve taken the approach of taxing our exhalation instead. Though they won’t directly say it, this is essentially what they are doing by requiring the purchase of carbon credits for the expulsion of toxic CO2.

    To put into perspective how much toxic CO2 humans actually produce, we turn to the July 2010 Wellington Letter from Bert Dohmen, which puts it quite succinctly.

    Let’s look at what the so-called danger of carbon dioxide is to the  planet. And remember, plants need CO2 to live. (This example comes from a valued subscriber in Australia)

    Imagine 1 kilometer (1000 meters) of atmosphere, and we want to get rid of the carbon pollution in it created by human activity. Let’s go for a walk along it.

    • The first 770 meters are nitrogen.
    • The next 210 meters are oxygen.
    • That’s 980 meters of the 1 kilometer. 20 meters to go.
    • The next 10 meters are water vapor. 10 meters left.
    • 9 meters are argon. Just 1 more meter to go.
    • A few gases make up the first bit of that last meter.
    • The last 38 centimeters of the kilometer; that’s carbon dioxide. A bit over one foot. And 97% of that one foot is produced by Mother Nature. It’s natural.

    Out of our journey of one kilometer, there are just 12 millimeters left. Just over a centimeter; about half an inch. And that’s CO2.

    Our comment: Out of 1000 meters of atmosphere, 12 millimeters, or half an inch, is CO2 produced by human  activities. Scientists say that even if the world cooperates with  the devastatingly high carbon taxes—which will undermine our economies—CO2 can only be reduced by 10% over the next 90  years. That’s a reduction of 1.2 millimeters, the thickness of a  string out of the one kilometer of atmosphere above. And it will take almost a century. Insanity!

    Does anyone really believe that the earth will be “saved” by this?  Is it even in danger? The Icelandic volcano will put more  gases into the atmosphere than mankind has produced since the dawn of civilization.

    source: Bert Dohmen’s Wellington Letter for economic, market, political, social and global perspectives.

    So, once again we see that this is not about the environment, or about improving the lives of the people of earth. It’s about money, control and power.

    How can one argue otherwise given the breakdown above?


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      1. Oh its much more then that. You will need a government license for your home. If you want to sell your home you will have to have a government inspection and retrofit the home to the new code.

        The new code retrofit would require new windows and doors, insulation, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, appliances and who knows what else. If you know anything about construction, you know it would be easier to bull doze the house and rebuild it.

        Existing home sales would be ZERO, Nada, Zip. Which in return will kill new home sales. Your existing home would be worth nothing and may even become a liability to you.

        If Cap and trade passes I hope my house burns to the ground or gets wiped out by a hurricane so I can collect the insurance money.

      2. “The last 38 centimeters of the kilometer; that’s carbon dioxide. A bit over one foot. And 97% of that one foot is produced by Mother Nature. It’s natural.
        Out of our journey of one kilometer, there are just 12 millimeters left. Just over a centimeter; about half an inch. And that’s CO2.”

        which is it?? CO2 IS carbon dioxide… is it 12 millimeters? or is it 38 centimeters?? 

      3. just another REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH scam all painted up to be something that benefits you.  the bullshit in the environment is quantum leaps more dangerous than CO2…

      4. Sketch

        The last 38 cm (total) are of CO2, the last 12 mm (3% RELEASED by humans) are the CO2 produced by humans that we can do something about/subject to change by the proposed legislation. Hope that helps.

      5. What will they do if people refuse to pay en masse ? Will they come after all of us at one time or armed teams one house at a time ?

        Kinda like all the illegal aliens with tax ID numbers that financed new cars, trucks, campers and motorhomes,,,,that have moved back to Mexico with their new cars, trucks, campers, and motorhomes.Will the bankers go to Mexico and beg for the return of the property they financed ? Or ride in with body armor & guns,  and force a repo ? Will the IRS even make an effort to go after Mexican National tax evaders ?

        Sometimes I think these politicians in Washington DC are insane.

      6. Environment issues (the Cap and Trade legislation designed to tax carbon dioxide) are nothing more than stealing people‘s property or “Land Grabbing”.
        The bankers have foreclosed on many houses and there are many more to come; which will all end up in the hands of few big bankers who were funded by STIMULUS money, or OUR tax dollars.

      7. Make sure you are stored up on food and water by the end of summer. The shit will hit the fan some time this fall/winter. Its coming. This is going to be the scariest time this country will ever have had to go through. Please take this serious.

      8. The only way ‘Cap and Trade’ could gain a foothold is because so many of the bible thumpers out there wouldn’t/couldn’t bear to  consider anything about the issue of overpopulation.

        Think about it. Does anyone in the Main Stream Media now talk about overpopulation? Of course not.

        There’s two primary reasons. For one, it’s an unpopular subject. It seems most people want to be a parent or a grand parent and the last thing they are receptive to is something getting in the way of that. Really, what Politician would EVER be against babies and motherhood.

        Now of course ‘population control’ doesn’t necessarily equate to draconian  measures. Look at the present system……. babies are  subsidized  via tax policy. Parents now get a $1000 tax credit for junior …..right?  And schooling is free. A taxpayers bill is the same no matter if you have twelve kids or none.

        Let’s get back to the main thread.
        Cap & Trade on account of global warming or something.  And the root cause of course is ………..people being people.  And ya know… consuming resources.  As in 7 Billion people (with about 150,000 more EACH day. Don’t believe that… go do some research and refute it.

        Now one really big problem is that the powers that be don’t want to see population caps, or at least up till recently. That’s because our whole economic system  is based on growth.

        Unending growth of course isn’t sustainable  in a world hitting the limits of its resources. And that adds to our current problems.

        That last line is so important I’ll elaborate.
        Our economy is a Ponzi scheme that relies on more suckers being brought into the game or yet more credit being created.
        It doesn’t handle equilibrium well. Furthermore, we have no viable leaders with vision to guide the way forward  ( instead we
        puppets of the status quo such as obama).

        For real change to happen…. we need change.
        Kinda a zen riddle. What it all means is that many of you out there have to stop thinking about immediate gratification and begin thinking about a working formula (even if it takes time to concoct).

      9. This is the greatest scam in the world.  If they pull this off they will get trillions for their world government to use for their NWO.  And all the new laws and regulations will take away your rights and any ability to stop them.  They are almost there.  A simple vote in both houses and a puppet presidential signature and it is the end of the world as we know it.  It is later then you think…

      10. Get facts straight:

        “the overall impact of fossil fuels is less than the impact of a volcanic eruption”

        Ah, no. I’ve heard this lie too many times.……

        “while 200 million tonnes of (volcanic) CO2 is large, the global fossil fuel CO2 emissions for 2003 tipped the scales at 26.8 billion tonnes. Thus, not only does volcanic CO2 not dwarf that of human activity, it actually comprises less than 1 percent of that value.”

      11. Anonymous………that does not change the fact that 97% of these emissions occur naturally.    If 97% is natural, then whatever we do to cause the other 3%, is still only 3% of the total!…………sheeesh!

      12. Comments…..There is another aspect of the so-called global warming problem to consider. From what I have taken in over the years I am to believe that there is CO2 in the atmosphere trapping heat on the planet.
        How did the CO2 get above the clouds ,H2O?
        CO2 is much heavier than H2O and presumable there must have been a lot of energy present to lift it higher than H2O.
        In the mid 1900s in the UK we had the “smokeless coal” craze. The reason for this was that the carbon (soot) particles were being breathed in and were also making buildings dirty. This was true because the buildings were dirty. Now the carbon is somehow rising into the upper atmosphere. Where did gravity go?

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