People Are Fleeing Democrat-Run States In DROVES For Republican-Run Ones

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    People who have voted for democrats their whole lives got what they voted for and watched their state decline into a bastion of Communism are fleeing in droves to low-tax red states.  The latest numbers from the Census Bureau show that 3.2 million more people fled the tyranny of blue state than came into them.

    As Market Watch reported, Americans obviously think there’s plenty wrong with blue states, considering some 3.2 million more people left those blue states than came in from other states from 2010 through 2019.  That’s a pretty large deficit. The bad thing is that these people leave only to vote for additional tyranny in other places.  Take Virginia for example. That state is actually in a human rights crisis since Democrats have taken over.

    Virginia Governor Declares “State of Emergency” Ahead of Human Rights Rally

    Merrill Matthews of the Institute for Policy Innovation, a conservative think tank in Dallas, said the data confirms what he’s been saying for years: “Voters around the country are concluding it’s better to be red than dead.” In a recent opinion piece he wrote for the Hill, Matthews described how voters are increasingly fed up with higher taxes, heavy regulations and the rise of social “wokeness.” These, he said, have come to characterize most blue states. –Market Watch

    People have increasingly become aware of the fact that taxation is theft and regulations are enslavement, so it makes sense that they will avoid both as much as possible.

    Because of this exodus, certain states will pick up seats while others are set to lose some. Specifically, Texas is expected to pick up three seats; Florida two; and Arizona, Colorado, Montana, North Carolina and Oregon one each. Each of these 10 states is projected to shed one seat: Alabama, California, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and West Virginia.

    The net impact, Matthews said, ultimately favors the GOP, since five of the seven states gaining seats voted for Trump in the 2016 election, according to his article published on The Hill. 

    Nine years ago I published a piece that asserted, “Voters around the country are concluding it’s better to be red than dead,” applying almost the exact opposite meaning to an old phrase referring to communism. New Census Bureau figures appear to confirm my prediction — mostly.

    I argued that voters wanting to live in a business-friendly, fiscally responsible state that minimizes its tax burden would either vote out the liberals destroying their state’s economy or flee to a red state. The latest Census Bureau report highlights the red-state shift. -Merrill Matthews, via The Hill.

    Some of the people leaving traditionally blue states “appear to drag their pro-big-government philosophy with them,” Matthews said. Texas, for example, has been gaining Golden State defectors for a while now and turning increasingly blue in the process.  So the Communists flee California, only to turn the states they arrive in into other Communist dystopias.

    This would be the first time ever that California has lost a seat, however, which, Matthews said, is “a tacit repudiation of California’s over-the-top taxes and policies.”

    Unfortunately, you won’t be “free” if you flee from a blue state to a red one, but you may not have to pay nearly as much theft or be forced to comply with regulations that’ll impoverish you. This is a sign though, however small, that people are awakening to the fact that they should no be owned by politicians and the government in any capacity.


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      1. The problem is that too often the immigrants fleeing tax, spend and regulate states like the things the previous buys and sometimes inadvertently or intentionally change their new home into a duplication of their old. Florida is an example of this.

      2. Sick of leftists pushing their high taxes and mixed race relationships.

        They hate White people and love it when they breed themselves out, parasites.

        Stay with your own race folks……………preserve our genes!

        • You’re racist

        • Diversity is our strength

      3. There is a problem with these people fleeing commiefornia, THEY MADE IT INTO WHAT IT IS.. they voted the communists in,. now they’re fleeing what they created and will do the same thing to the states they INVADE with their insanity., because they’re that stupid!

        • Many of us conservatives in California are in the rural areas, and have consistently voted for conservative representatives. It’s the city folk who run the state and pass these horribly restrictive, highly taxing laws. Unfortunately, the states to our north are quite liberal as well (except for the rural areas, just like us), and Nevada is seeing quite an exodus of Californians along the Sierra border. Even their cities are generally blue.
          We love the geography, the 4 seasons, and the wealth of agriculture so close. We love where we live (northern Sierra western slope, elev. 2600); our son was able to water ski, then snowboard the same day, on his June birthday, years ago. We go crabbing in Tomales Bay, salmon fishing in the Sacramento River, snowshoeing along Rt. 49, and our Farmers’ Markets are outstanding. In other words, a very good life. Yet we are sadly looking to move out, after nearly 40 years. The liberals are tightening the noose.

      4. Liberals are still showing up here in Colorado by the truckload.
        Lots from Washington state, but a steady dose of Kalifornians still relocating.

        Colorado is lost forever to the liberals; the redistricting has guaranteed the state will forever vote Democrat.

        I’ll be leaving in 2 years.

        • Colorado ruined by kalifornia kommies. Ruined forever.
          Every place a kalifonian goes they ruin.
          Kommies turn whereever they go into the kommie hell they left behind. That is what kommies do. They are a minority, but EXTREMELY active-vocal-loud-get attention, and they get off their asses and run for office.

          While the locals just try to live their lives in peace. But the locals will loose EVERYTHING once the kalifornians show up.
          They are like a plague of locusts that ruin everything good.

          Kalifornia kommie zombies love telling you that what you and family have done for hundred years is Wrong. Then the laws are passed to ruin your livelihood and to CONTROL you with made up “laws”.

          When kalifornians start moving to your area. Sell out. Then you move away from them. Leave that state. Because hell will follow within a few years of thier arrival.

      5. Let’s hope they don’t continue to vote as they did prior to leaving.
        That’s how Mass residents ruined NH when they fled the craphole they created.

      6. It has been predicted that Texas will turn blue though, so maybe they haven’t quite learned how to put two and two together yet. Maybe that is an inaccurate prediction about Texas, but it wouldn’t surprise me. They are just kind of like roving vandals maybe. After taxes are so high that they can no longer afford to live there, move to a state with lower taxes, yet continue voting for Democrats. Many are just married to the ideology for a wide array of personal reasons, including just being opposed to the Republican candidates for personal reasons as well.

      7. And the stupid shitts that screwed up from where they coming from are coming to MY state and effn it up with their same repeated retardness!! DONT californiaize my Arizona!! GTFO!!!!

      8. Why not just change your vote and also vote them out you don’t like?

      9. Yet, they keep voting blue…????? Can’t fix stupid.

      10. The people who are fleeing their state are not very bright, they dont understand cause and effect and will vote for the same idiocy in their new state.

      11. Maybe they are doing it on purpose. A method to their madness. 3 million votes can probably swing the upcoming election.

      12. In think that most Republicans (oorah, ‘Murica) are cronies, derivative of one of the 10 Planks. Those are derivative of Internationalists.

        You can’t explain what you are conserving, for who, yet are virtue-signalling, warm-and-fuzzy conservatives.

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