Pentagon Will Deploy Active Duty Troops To Mass Vaccination Sites

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    The Pentagon has said that it will deploy active-duty troops to COVID-19 mass vaccination sites across the country in an effort to make sure as many people as possible are vaccinated. The Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin has approved a Federal Emergency Management Agency request to “augment and expedite” the country’s vaccination rollout.

    That means FEMA has requested the military under the department of defense to distribute vaccines. This sure sounds like there’s a war on us happening right before our eyes. According to a report by NPR (a state-run and funded propaganda outlet) part of the first contingent of more than 1,000 troops will arrive in California over the next 10 days and begin operations around February 15, he added, with more missions to follow.

    “The military’s critical role in supporting sites will help vaccinate thousands of people per day and ensure that every American who wants a vaccine will receive one,” senior coronavirus adviser Andy Slavitt said at a press briefing. What is the military needed for if people actually want this vaccine though? These psychopaths actually think people want this toxic concoction injected into them or they intend for it to not be voluntary.  Either way, the show of force is unnecessary if this was something the public wanted.  Meaning for all intents and purposes, there will be ways to force or coerce people into taking this thing, even if they don’t want to.

    The move is what Slavitt characterized as part of the Biden administration’s “whole of government” approach to combating the coronavirus pandemic, in which the vaccine plays a crucial role.

    President Biden has pledged to distribute 100 million vaccine doses in his first 100 days in office. The U.S. is already meeting the targetpace of 1 million doses a day, and Biden said recently he may up that to 1.5 million. –NPR

    As we all know, government is slavery, so the rulers are going all-in on making sure the slaves get vaccinated.  As part of that effort to vaccinate all of the slaves, Biden said FEMA would help set up 100 mass vaccination sites in his first month in office. FEMA has asked the Pentagon to ready up to 10,000 troops to support those sites, with the goal of dispensing 450,000 vaccinations a day nationwide.

    Whenever FEMA sets up any “sites” or “camps” the public should raise some eyebrows and start asking questions. This could get ugly and turn sinister at any moment.

    Stay alert and prepared.  Things are happening quickly under the radar and most Americans are still unaware of it.  Use your own discernment and make sure you have a plan if events unfold unexpectedly in your area.  Godspeed, preppers.


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      1. There’s an attitude of competition for the subsidized resources, here, in which blacks, browns, and radical unionists will run you over, to take their ferret poison, first.

        The most satisfying part of this population control measure, is they way they always know better. For a stack of stinky, school cafeteria food, in foil boxes, they will walk away with ears tagged like cattle, spayed, and neutered, feeling like they built the whole country.

        The most distressing part is the way everything grows, using the ancient methods.

        In rural-zoned districts, where they have taken over, you can’t tell the buildings, animals, and languages-spoken, from filming locations in off-grid, Central America.

        The same soil and amendments have never quit working, in spite of the homicidal left’s efforts to kill it’s own constituency.

      2. Involving the military in mass “vaccine’ efforts for a “virus” that 99.9℅ of people survive is not suspicious at all – not in the least.?

        • I look at who is first in line and cannot, for the life of me, believe that yankees are anti-racist.

      3. Heard that the president of Tanzania in Africa spoke out and warned people about these untested covid vaccines.Brave man.Unlike many leaders here in the U.S. he apparently cares about his citizens.Speaking the truth is of course very dangerous now,so,he should be extra careful.Wouldn’t want him committing “suicide” by jumping out a window or having an unfortunate “accident”.

      4. Isn’t it just totally amazing how after so many years, we have no cures/treatments for so many diseases here in the U.S. and yet a miracle vaccine was developed so quickly in record time for the covid – amazing ain’t it ?

      5. Would you trust a vaccine after a virus was created to exterminate humanity??
        Robert F Kennedy Jr

      6. Just a random thought. If the military shot me dead for refusing to take the covid vaccine – would my death be listed as “died from covid”?

      7. Perhaps the truth about this “pandemic” has been right in front of us this entire time.
        Question: How many people do you think have really died from Covid?Answer:19.? Yeah,I know it’s probably not 19 but it’s definitely not “millions” either.?

      8. With the logic of the “experts”, feeling great,not coughing,breathing well and not experiencing any difficulties whatsoever will all soon be added to the list of covid symptoms ?

      9. There is of course another possibility.Could it be so many people want this “life saving” vaccine that the military presence is there to hold back and control the tons and tons and tons of people expected??

      10. I am not really scared of the syringe and the injection itself. I am however,TERRIFIED!!! of the ingredients inside of the syringe!!?!!?!!?!!

      11. The military will most likely be there to break up all the inevitable fistfights over who gets their shot first.

      12. Will they have some type of storage area available to dump ,uh, I mean place all the vaccinated folks afterwards once the “healing effects” of the vaccine start taking effect?

      13. We’ll see how this goes.

        I got my daily remedies:
        5000 IU of D3
        500 mcg of B12
        50 mg zinc
        400 mg magnesium

        I got my covid remedy:
        Apple flavored Ivermectin horse dewormer

      14. Prior to the election debacle, and ensuing impeachment over fraud — particularly over absentee ballots — the USPS had already patented a chain-of-custody blockchain for voting.

        Prior to injections, it was already possible for a bandaid or sticker to print a QR code, using sugars and enzymes. (Luciferin.)

        So many triggered people, believing themselves activists, were just gamepieces in a foregone conclusion, in which the useful ones remaining would become part of the blockchain.

      15. Personally, I have created many home remedies for covid all by my lil old self. At last count I have about 16 different possible remedies I’m anxious to try out against this thing.The only problem is I haven’t been able to find the covid “virus” anywhere to test my remedies,which is odd because the media and “experts” say this killer bug is everywhere.Anyway, I’ll keep trying to find “the covid”. Y’all stay safe – ya hear??

      16. Statement issued from the military: “We’re from the government and we’re here to “help”.????

      17. The military involved in this vaccine b.s. So,that means either way we’ll be getting some type of a “shot” ??

      18. So many diseases, so few cures.

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