Pentagon Warning Order: ‘Prepare for War’ (By September?)

by | Jul 19, 2011 | Headline News | 255 comments

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    The world is just one misstep away from a complete financial, economic and geo-political meltdown.

    Though the mainstream voices have calmed their reports of middle east conflict amid the debt ceiling and negative economic development in the US and Europe, military intervention in Iran has not been taken off the table.

    The Daily Crux reports via the Economic Policy Journal and Zero Hedge:

    Robert Baer has had a storied career, including a stint in Iraq in the 1990s where he organised opposition to Saddam Hussein. (He was recalled after being accused of trying to organise Saddam’s assassination.) Upon his retirement, he received a top decoration for meritorious service.

    Baer is no ordinary CIA operative. George Clooney won an Oscar for playing a character based on Baer in the film Syriana (Baer also wrote the book).

    He obviously won’t name many of his sources in Israel, the United States, and elsewhere, but the few he has named are all Israeli security figures who have publically warned that Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak are hell-bent on war.

    [Baer] appeared on KPFK Los Angeles, warning that Israeli PM Netanyahu is “likely to ignite a war with Iran in the very near future.” It gets worse: “Masters asked Baer why the US military is not mobilising to stop this war from happening. Baer responded that the military is opposed, as is former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who used his influence to thwart an Israeli attack during the Bush and Obama administrations. But he’s gone now and “there is a warning order inside the Pentagon” to prepare for war.” The punchline: “There is almost “near certainty” that Netanyahu is “planning an attack [on Iran] … and it will probably be in September before the vote on a Palestinian state. And he’s also hoping to draw the United States into the conflict“, Baer explained.”

    While President Obama has not exactly been fully supportive of Israel (at least overtly), an attack on Iran by the Israelis would no doubt be considered by Iran as having been supported by the United States. That being the case, Iran would respond militarily against all US forces in the region, especially those in Iraq, at the first sign of any trouble. Subsequently, the U.S. would return fire en masse, perhaps even utilizing the nuclear option to incapacitate any possibility of an Iranian nuclear response.

    What China would do is the unknown variable, but it is clear that the US and China are engaged in a covert war economically, financially and in cyberspace. The recent UN actions in Libya may have been sold to the world public as a peacekeeping mission, but one side issue that has remained in the background is China’s removal of some 30,000 workers from state sponsored oil facilities in the country as a result of the conflict. This leaves one to wonder whether the UN action was a veiled attempt at controlling the oil interests in North Africa. How long before the Chinese decide that their interests have been violated and they get involved militarily? Could an attack on Iran be the catalyst that brings China into the mix?

    It is our opinion that what we have seen in the middle east since 2002, including the destabilization of governments in the region over the last 12 months, is a precursor to a war that will eventually encompass the entire world.

    Whether this goes critical in September, or at some time in the future, is of no matter. War is coming to the world, as it always does when the economies of empires collapse and national interests over resources collide.


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      1. Dont wait til september to should have already been at it a long time ago..

        war is already here.

        • agreed VRF. Just as World War II was playing out well before the official dates in the late 1930’s.

          • Word!

          • I am ready to roll, have been for years now! Pass the ammo!

            • dummy

            • dummy

            • Leave me your girlfriends details and ill see she wants for nothing while your away, well even organise a night out for you when you get out of rehab, protect your face and testicles when your fighting. those facial prosthetics are real flash. Hope you return in good health

            • If pusses like you had stood up and fought for America when it counted, you wouldnt need guns. By the time you are forced to use them, you’ll find they dont do much against F16s, lazers, tazers, sound cannons and drones. We will get the full Iraq treatment, dont doubt it for a minute. Karma? Abu Ghraib is coming home.

            • Ha….by the time the world war starts….you won’t be able to afford ammo….much less eat…

          • don’t know if you’ll read a post this late in the article, but has anyone looked at the front page of the USA Today? China’s flexing it’s military muscle. They’ve got a new aircraft carrier. Still has the new-car(boat?) smell on it. Potentially concerning. You never know what those crazy kids are up to… but, boy, they sure know how to throw a party. The coolest party favors are the EMP’s.

          • America is addicted to oil.
            Energy can take many forms.
            Truth unites, falsehood divides.

            • Actually the U.S. is addicted to what Israel tells us to do. We have more oil on the North Slope of Alaska than is in the ME. Unfortunately BP controls most of it and it’s going to Asia.

            • robertsgt40-

              all Gen x & y’s digital toys would not be here expect for Israels Silicon Valley. Per capita, the most secondary degreed people on the planet.

            • It is tiring to hear “addicted to oil” used ad nauseaum. Oil is what powers the world, not an “addiction”. Now we may be stupid for not tapping into our own resources and relying on foreign oil from an unstable part of the world.

            • Actually, actually America is addicted to greed, corruption, and bullshit. And energy-wise let’s consider thought forms, and emotional negativity, as real as oil, solar, etc.

            • Amen. In COLORADO ALSO.

            • America is addicted to debt, and will save debt at all costs, even buying it outright for cash. Think about that for a minute. Think too big too fail. All the bad assets on the Feds balance sheet. The monetizing of bad debt is what will cause the US Dollar to lose confidence igniting hyperinflation. After hyperinflation sparks, government will intervene and respond by printing money. Just to bring you up to speed hyperinflation is money circulating faster and faster because nobody wants to hang onto it.

            • This is an Israeli war paid for by American money and American lives.

        • I like to change my mags out ever night. It helps me sleep. God bless gunshows. 308 is not an area code dear, but can be used for long distance calls.

          • No Progress –

            “308 is not an area code dear, but can be used for long distance calls” – that is awesome.


        • You people are retards really…….these people are stringing you doomers along and along you follow ! I can’t repeat myself anymore to you dumbasses…….I wanna type it but I can’t anymore ……You people are fuckin stupid !

          • amen

            • As a Marine, who has seen the devastation caused by war, I agree, you people are fucking stupid. To pray for war, is the fault of the ignorant. Those who have never indured battle, have no idea what they are wishing for, and could better serve this country, by chambering a round, and using it on themselves. War is watching those you care about most being blown to bits, so the rich can get richer, you think it will make you matter, but it will not. Try reading War is a Racket, by one of the most decorated MARINES of all time, Smedley Butler, who saw what you fucktards cannot. War serves the corporation, and the profiteers, and the good men get dead, along with those they care about. You war widgets might as well say, “We are tools, who seek to die for no reason, please kill us now”, so that people can use us as an example of what not to be. Wake the fuck up, children, a gun does not give you power. Find your intelligence, and try using it.. Semper Fi…

            • well spoken sir, much respect

            • WAR as described by someone who was part of it should be enough for any dumb-ass !? Respect to you USmarine from Bosnia ! Semper Fidelis

          • Fish on!!!!! Then why are you reading this? offline? What you call doom and gloom I look forward to. This country needs a little herd thinning. Move along Rich, it’s a bit ti intellectual around here for you. Without Medicare how are you going to get your meds?

            • LMAO!! “Fish on!”…now that is a profound and uplifting statement! And a hearty ‘amen’ from me.
              I buy silver just because it’s shiny, and regardless of the markets it’s shiny-ness never goes up or down. And I buy ammo because it calms me after reading the daily news. Is there something wrong with that? Out of all my 17 personalities, I’m the most normal guy I know…

          • Well, Rich, even if nothing ever happens, at the very least these folks will be prepared for the worst nature could throw at them. I don’t see a real downside other than a slide towards an us-vs.-them mentality, but as it is many of these folks have taken the time to acquire knowledge and skills that modern city life often disregards. Doesn’t mean you don’t need them, just that you thought it could never happen to YOU. So your comment strikes me as ignorant and over the top.

          • I really hope you do not decide to breed. That is all we need is a litter of idiots like you running around sucking the life out of this economy loading up on food stamps.


            • Oh, contrare. The people on this site are independant, tax paying patriots that support those “loading up on food stamps. Yea, we prepare for the worst. I’ll overlook your criticisim and boldly ask you to join us, brother.

          • RICH, there’s people who are preparing for when the worst hits. When it all happens, and you have done nothing to prepare because you want to keep your head in the sand, DO NOT bother going to your friends, who worked hard to prepare, and expect them to just take you in and give you a comfy space. Unless you are willing to carry your share of the load (in other words, what are YOU bringing to the table), they won’t want you there using their thought-out preparations, and depleting their resources while YOU ignored the warnings.

            knowledge, that goes for you and your “amen” too.

            • Amen ScoutMotto couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂

            • My question is.. why are you bothering defending yourselves to this idiot?
              In the end, they have to adapt to the shit that is going to hit the fan. But these naive idiots don’t know how evil mankind really can be (look at our “history”) and that is too bad for them!!! (and probably for their poor unlucky kids that get to have idiots as parents)
              Even if ppl like RICH really want to force ignorance onto himself, it is his problem. Cuz not even the “elite” and the benefactors of this global system don’t want anything to do with idiots like him. So that is a lose lose situation for him 🙂

              Well anyway with this said, I want to advise you to talk to the youth instead. Or with people with actual common sense and the ability to not only see the “forrest” in front of them, but that they also with reason and knowledge knows what lays beyond the depth of its darkness.
              The youth and the upcoming generation (the children today) are not as far into the shit and the global brainwashing that even many of us are victims to. They are less dependent to the lies that are fed through media and other sources. Thats why I think its better to try to show them the misery and the action and reactions that keep causing all these kinds of repeating problems and wars. Because IF the system worked, then why the hell are we waiting for WW 3?

          • Nothing to see here…move on…..

          • Two things:
            1) Prove your point.
            2) Is this your version of ‘Hope and Change’?
            (Figure it out, since everyone else is stupid!)

          • Rich, you seem like such a nice young man.

          • Added a lot to the conversation.

            At least we know where you are coming from.

          • read the story of the ant and the grasshopper..

            your possiblle survival awaits you…..or not

          • Rich, unfortunately when the time comes, which is very very soon you will have nothing not even the pot to piss in and you will be like most people begging for a handout wishing you had listened. You won’t have any financial backing, no food no guns and you will be at the mercy of the government hahahaha no who is the dumbass?!?

          • After reading Rich’s statement , I see now, why people are stocking up on AMMO. Rich, I want to thank you for opening my eyes…. and all the gun stores thank you also for helping them sell more ammo.

            I am preparing for the worst because the worst is out there. Thanks again Rich, you are truly my teacher.


            • Poor idiot! I hope you wake up to find out that “jesus” is a 2000 year old scam.

          • I have a home – I pay for homeowners insurance
            I have 2 cars – I pay for 2 auto insurance policy’s
            I have a family with children – I pay for life insurance
            I have a regular life, I work, come home, have dinner and play with kids, its is rather routine, I like it that way – this is my Plan A. Nothing out of the unusual.

            As for Plan B, have that too.
            I have a years supply of food (30 yr shelf life), this is my food insurance. I do not like the thought of the rush of 1000’s of people flooding the food stores before a “natural or natural event”
            I have 10’s of dozens of 5 gal spring water containers, this is my water insurance, “dido above”
            I have porcelain-based water filtration, my insurance plan for more water for the stream behind the house.
            I support the 2nd amendment and firearms – its my ultimate insurance policy to protect, to live and raise my family in a safe community.
            I have other items considered insurance to survive – just in case –

            Plan C: I beleive in my creator

            • Until recently in history Plans A,B and C were considered the norm. But in America today people think this is a strange way to think. That speaks to how out of touch they are with reality. They believe that how Americans live is normal and will always continue.
              It only takes a hic up from mother nature or a 9/11 to demonstrate that this is not true but most PREFER not to see the truth. We have been blessed to live in relative peace and prosperity in this country and in this time period. It will not always be so unless we remember to protect our freedoms and thank our Creator every day. Both – every day.

          • Why are you here?

          • Ladies and gentlemen, Ol’ Rich gets his news from the lamestream media. Is that why hes so smart? Not.

        • I think your so right! I’m stunned by how fast and furious the news is hitting us. I’m on the cusp of receiving SS & other services. YES! I put my money and time into this ponzie scheme. Guess it’s just lost. Stick by my 1st explation!

        • Let’s not let this ‘war fodder’ distract us from the real news.

          Rupert Murdoch, besides owning the biggest and most corrupt media empire also owns a small ‘fetish’ establishment that caters to…

          WARNING: Not for the squeamish!

        • The onset of hyperinflation will look like deflation. Many people will be fooled. What we will have is asset deflation in an environment of monetary inflation. Let me explain. You see all people are looking at is the debt balloon but there are actually two balloons. The debt balloon and the savings balloon, both expanded in tandem. The Fed has the power to keep the savers’ balloon 100% full if it wants to, and the political will to fully back that action. It simply buys those deflating Mortgage Back Securities, Credit Default Swaps, etc, etc. at full price and suddenly the air in the savings balloon has been replaced with non-elastic fresh cash. This process is already well underway and IT IS the trigger for hyperinflation.

        • Your article just blew my mind. It is another piece to the puzzle and it is all starting to make sense to me.

          Last night I listened to a guy on blog talk radio named John Baptist talk about “The Fifth Night”. He said during this period that runs into September it is a very likely time for a major war. His show linked all sorts of information from the FEMA camps, to the economic collapse, to Elenin, quite honestly it gave me the “Big Picture” to all that is happening around us. Sometimes it seems like everything is upside down. Now after hearing his show it is starting to make a lot of sense!

          Here is a link to the show:

          I posted his web site above, it contained hundreds of very good articles.

      2. if china gets pissed enough, all they have to do is dump their US treasury bonds on the market at one time, and that’s it for the US economy. Or, they can increase their cyber attacks on the infrastrucxture of the US, and cause mass chaos. These ideas are only a start. The military option for them isn’t necessarily the best. If the currency of a country isn’t accepted anywhere as money, then a country is in deep trouble, but so is the rest of the world. Many scenerios can be played out.

        • I agree regarding the Chinese military option maybe not being the best idea for them (right now)… With regards to dumping Treasury bonds, I am leaning towards the idea that this type of scenario would be a sort of mutually assured destruction… When the debtor can’t pay, the lender gets screwed too.

          Like you said, lots of variables. All of them bad, some less worse than others.

        • Those two options make zero sense for China. They lose far too much that way. It will be easier for them to funnell another billion into Obamas re election, dump some tea party followers in house elections and improve our governments servitude to them with interest.

        • I believe China would just have to “stop” buying any of the Euro or U.S. T’s to cause chaos.

          • But as Jim points out that is called MAD… that would tatamount to pushing the Nuclear button and screw us all in the process…if we can’t pay then they are sunk too…nooo…better to keep the slave alive, albeit with just enough so that you can eat too…

        • If they dumped them at once the price will plummet and who would buy them. No my friend this is going to be a long painful sell. Everytime our banksters get a cookie from the Bernake China sells some more to keep us struggling. I think they like watching us squirm.

        • All China needs to do is wait for the corp to destroy the rest of the world, then they will step in and rebuild, or finance the rebuilding and protect those they help, just like the US after WWII.

          Sometimes I wish whatever is going to happen would just happen. If it happens quickly enough, the corp will no longer be in control to cause the massive destruction it has planned.

          I guess we will all see when the All Mighty is ready for us to see it.

        • Who needs China when you have the Federal Reserve to buy Treasuries? It is called monetizing the debt. Purely inflationary, but killing off everyone on Social Security/fixed income is clearly part of this Administration’s agenda

      3. This admin is so lucky qadaffi hasn’t fought back – here!

        • I think he’s too busy moving his tent around.

          • All he’d have to do is send a dozen “Hispanic” looking soldiers across our southern bordern and apply to the ATF for a gun allocation. Holder would probably take it up to the top and it would likely be approved.

            • He might even throw in a sidewinder or 2 just for being a repeat customer

      4. it is my opinion that we are already in a world war, iraq, afgan, libya, and yemmen, and probably some others we do not know about. we are in deep doo doo

        • More TP, gotta buy more TP

          • The good stuff I trust.

            • Nah, get the cheap TP at the dollar store. The single ply lasts a whole week (compared to a normal 2 day turnaround at our house)!

              You can tell you are getting more because the 4 pack is very heavy compared to all other brands.

              And if you don’t have TP, you’d better have lots of rags, a bucket of water and some chlorine.

            • 408 rolls of Northern, and counting.

            • Wow! Scout! I thought I had a lot having 200 or so above and beyond. One thing, though, is that we won’t need as much TP as we won’t be eating as much. I know most households around here only have a 4 pack ahead.

          • $20s, $50s, or $100s?

            • Nice.

          • go get a hundred phone books, easy to stack and will work like the old Sears and Monkeyward catalogs did.

            • Someone tell mr. B…DG has 24 double rolls all the time on sale @ $9.00…Here’s the honey…MADE IN USA by Angel Soft!!!!
              Don’t have to change the roll so often..

            • The government listings would probably go first.

          • Take a serious look at the packets of “Baby-Wipes” also. If you know anyone who works in a hospital see if you can’t get your hands on some of those “Sponge-Bath” packets that they use to give bedridden patients a clean up. They are all like 7 – 9 clothes and come with instructions as to which parts of the body are cleaned with which cloth #. The ability to keep yourself reasonably clean will go a long way into preventing disease that would otherwise walk right in on you. Solar showers work, set up easily, they are inexpensive and even give you an additional 5 gallons of water storage when not being used as a shower.

            I am putting a serious ‘move’ on the OTC medications this week; don’t forget the Imodium, you can die as quickly from a severe case of diarrhea as you can from a gunshot wound. Most of the gator aid sort of powdered drink mixes make a reasonable re-hydration fluid, might not be a bad idea to keep a couple of pounds of the stuff around in a variety of flavors.

            I feel that our time is nigh upon us boys & girls ……. soon I fear ……. much sooner and much more quickly than the ‘so-called’ experts predict. Stock up on progressively larger sizes of disposable diapers if you have a child who uses them. Disposable diapers, packets of disposable razors and the round cakes of barber’s shaving soap will be in high demand as barter items, as will be tooth paste & tooth brushes, floss.

            Good luck and God Bless to all.

            • I’ve been prepping first aid and medical as well this month.If your budget dosn’t allow for high-end trauma bandages, you can always substitute with menstrual pads and tape; tampons for deep penetration wounds. Don’t forget about specialty dressings, e.g. eye trauma kit. For serious bleeding, Stuff Mart now sells Quick Clot bandages at around $10. I don’t know how equivalent (haven’t had to use one yet) they are to the Military issue (have used, with success) powder packs, but something is better than nothing.If you have extra $, I suggest things like anti-fungal spray (jock itch can lead to a pretty serious infection), burn-gel, Pepto, asprin AND ibuprofin (sp?),and benedryl (with sudoephedrin) for allergic reactions to insect stings. I have also aquired I.V. solutions for rehydration and blood volumizers, along with all the accurtraments reqired for administering them.The lists go on and on; the bottom line is the more you have the better off ypu and yours will be.

            • Hey MM…here’s a website I cam across on You can actually order antibiotics online which will be a major plus when the SHTF!

            • I just got a badly abscessed tooth and had no antibiotics. Colloidal silver has knocked it out completely now. It will also knock out that crapping disease almost instantly, I have been told.

              You can also get antibiotics on Amazon. Just got in the ones I ordered today. I don;t need them anymore for the tooth, but I have a sealed container of 50 for when I do, for 18 bucks shipping included. Look for Fish Mox, and there are others as well. they are identical in every way to the pharmacy issues. Some say why am I using fish antibiotics on people, but really it is using people antibiotics for fish.

              I am also working on a Solar Powered colloidal silver generator. That stuff is like a miracle in a bottle and everybody should have some, and the ability to make it. It kills viruses, bacteria, fungus, etc. Most likely it is being treated like solar energy because it will kill whatever pandemic agents the corp unleashes on us and purify drinking water immediately.

              I will put that up on my site when I have gotten farther along.


            • We’re about to be making our own soap. All you need to get started is some burnt wood and a dead animal – pretty easy to come by. Way cheaper too. One good razor w/ 50 refill blades. Toothpaste = baking soda and sea salt (don’t go bad). Floss = carpet thread, six spools. All cheaper, all better. This voluntary simplicity stuff may pay off more than expected.

            • If applicable (and maybe if not) do not forget a decent stock of tampons. I know that I don’t have enough t-shirts to supply my wife and daughter if need be. Tampons and pads are also super absorbent and sanitary, meaning they could double in a first aid situation.

              A couple big jugs of protein powder would go a long way, as does H2O2 and vinegar, natural disinfectants.

              I don’t think you can be prepared with everything, which means keep to yourself for a few weeks until the Big Mac Mainliners kick it, and then have good contacts which you can commune and share supplies with.

              Perhaps the greatest prep of all is mental. Without it, you will fail for certain.

            • ChewyBees:
              For permanent (or near-) feminine hygeine products for the family, check out They carry the old-fashioned literal “rags” as well as menstrual cups. They’re better, safer and last and last. Keep the tampons to staunch the bleeding for deep wounds and the pads for bandages. Your wife and daughter will like these products far, far better than that disposable over-the-counter racket.

      5. I don’t understand why all the leaks of everything? On the Global Anomalies board I frequent, a guy posted all the news coming out of the war that’s going to take place in September and there were like 6-8 different articles quoting different sources of the news of a war in September??
        I don’t understand that? What happened to the element of surprise in war fare?

        • LOL. Ratings baby, ratings!

          • I guess…..LoL

            I will probably be traveling to Mobile, AL soon for the new job……any advice or opinions on this at a time like we are in? I think a BOB will be first in purchases once I get to work….but it is a long way from Muskegon, MI where we live.

            Also my goal is to (hopefully the curtain will stay up long enough to do this) buy land in the UP of Michigan and try and get a place or build a place up there. I have no clue as to the cost to build a place though? I know we would need septic, well, adn I would like a double basement or a side by side basement with one side not being under the house but under the ground and access hidden. I know we need some hardwoods and a place to grow food on and keep animals. I wonder how much I need to get started?? 50K 100K? I have seen land up there for less than 1,000 and acre.
            Any deep pockets here want to donate to the James Gang of West Michigan? LoL Or go in with us?

            • I got a bunch of hot pockets-good enough? For a needed laugh search YouTube for Jim gaffagin hot pockets. Watch the longer clip.

              “did you know hot pockets have a warning label?”

              “warning! You just bought hot pockets! Hope you’re drunk or heading home to your trailer, you hillbilly. Enjoy the next NASCAR event”

            • First priority of work is setting-up a B.O.L. away from the coast; don’t consider anything south of I-10. (I grew-up on the Gulf Coast, for what it’s worth.)

            • Well then lucky me, I live about 2 miles due north of I-12. Kinda curious about your reasoning though.

            • you can build awesome earthen homes with little to no wood. dirt and straw…manure also works with hay/straw,grass. build a rocket stove into the home with seating over the horizontal, long exhausts..makes for very little if any smoke and you can run it far enough to go under a greenhouse and come up in a spot where your fallback is not visible. lots of good ideas out there, that is the cheapest though. these can be partially underground so also very well disguised. start with food, NOW. water and purification are equally important. then books on natural meds, definitely colloidal silver. as much as you can afford. medical books and supplies. good luck all.

        • The truth has a way of coming out nowadays doesn’t it? but on the otherhand, if you just put it out there all over the place no one pays attention 🙂 then again, mis-direction works well too…I call it sometime the beginning of December for SHTF globally…my opinion and yes…lots of TP

          • actually a person can say any wild ridiculous thing today and if it ain’t true, it will be before the week is over, strange things are happening in the world today.

      6. General “Buck” Turgidson: Doctor, you mentioned the ratio of ten women to each man. Now, wouldn’t that necessitate the abandonment of the so-called monogamous sexual relationship, I mean, as far as men were concerned?
        Dr. Strangelove: Regrettably, yes. But it is, you know, a sacrifice required for the future of the human race. I hasten to add that since each man will be required to do prodigious… service along these lines, the women will have to be selected for their sexual and political characteristics which will have to be of a highly stimulating nature.
        Ambassador de Sadesky: I must confess, you have an astonishingly good idea there, Doctor but why political characteristics?
        Dr. Strangelove: The dims are ugly!

        • durning the civil war, a very great great so on grandmother of mine husband was killed in the war, and she was given “access” to her sister’s husband and had several children. this was common practice in Tennessee… and that was in the 1800’s!

      7. I see at the very top of the article, right below the headline where you can get a Masters Degree in Public Administration. Seeing how our politicians run our country, I would assume the top course offerings are:

        “Kill the Work Incentive 101” – Learn how to discourage work and business investment with high taxes, unionization of the workplace, and out of control frivolous lawsuits.

        “Breed class warfare 101” – Learn how to teach dependency to an entire race of people, and then learn how to place the blame for their dependency on the most productive members of our society, who now reside overseas (for additional skills, you must take “Kill the Work Incentive 101”, see above)

        “Breed inter-generational warfare 101” – Learn how to over promise government benefits to old people, and then learn ways to place the blame for the predicament on Republicans. This course must be taken in conjunction with course “Make the Rich Pay Their Fair Share 202” (see below).

        “Make the Rich Pay their Fair Share 202” – Learn how to manipulate public opinion against the rich and the most productive members of our society. Learn how to counter the argument that the top 1% of taxpayers pay 38% of all the taxes. Learn to argue that making a man/woman pay 50% of their income in taxes is not enough and they should pay more. This course must be taken in conjunction with the course “Breed inter-generational warfare 101” (see above).

        These are just a few of the great course offerings available this semester. Next semester we will offer the following courses: “Living Beyond our Means 303”, “Fighting Wars in Every Shithole on the Planet 303”, “How to Speak Out of Both Sides of Your Mouth 404”. More details to come.

        • you are a idiot if you believe 1% of taxpayers pay 38% or more of all the taxes. get a grip, if you consume it you are the one paying the tax.

          I guess they buy 38% of all gas and they buy 38% of all cigarettes while also consuming 38% of all alcohol and all the other crap that is taxed to the hilt. that is bent mind thinking that you have been spoon fed and you lapped it up like a dog.

          you can take your personal income tax stuff and put it where the sun don’t shine. it is a rigged game like all the other nonsense and should not even be done here.

          the corporations are the ones who should pay all the tax period. they then simply pass it to the consumer in the cost of the product and that is the ONLY fair way. Then if an international company wants to do biz here then fine. they pay the tax the same as the corps here would do without any deductions other than costs to create it.

          that would mean, end of subject in whats fair and the little people themselves would not have to file 1040 jack or be threatened with jail or loss of their belongings for non compliance with the IRS thug squad.

          oh but I guess that would all be to easy and close the holes for them amer&int corps to keep screwing this country.

          • True and well put.

          • Boy are you lost in the woods. My wife and I buy gas and food and clothes and all the other stuff everyone else does so we pay sales tax just like everyone else. However, my wife paid over 40k in just income tax year before last. That’s not counting property taxes and capital gains taxes. How much did you and all the other poor people pay? The rich pay more in dollars than the poor do even if they pay a smaller percentage of their income. What do you think one percent of Bill Gates income is? I’m not saying it’s fair. (No taxes are fair) I’m just saying that it is possible, indeed probable that one percent pay 38 percent of the total dollars.

            • you are lost.. like way out there if you think you are the only pac rat that pays property taxes.. dippy dippy do, where do you gte with this poor shit from. we all that work pay income taxes also.. what is wrong with your brain man.

              so you think if you made enough income to pay 40k in income taxes then all others should pay 40k in income taxes too even if they only took in 25k ???
              you better go take another Prozac.

              if you would have really read what I wrote then you would see there should be no income tax or any of them dam taxes you just listed.
              I guess you got lost in the whats fair part and the corporations.

              Thank god I only smoke pot.

            • Nope. He’s not lost. Its a well know fact to those of us who pay attention that the top 10% of earners pay *** 80% *** all federal taxes. As you start going up in income from that 10 percent, the per-capita percentage goes WAY up. 1% paying 38%? Not sure. I think thats probably a typo. Its probably more like 37.6%

              Study this stuff before you start sounding off. It does sound incredible. Incredible that a country as prosperous as ours would punish success so terribly.

              …and what it all boils down to is that 47% of people pay 0% of the taxes. That means that only 53% of people pay 100% of the taxes. If you comprehend the tax code then you’ll understand that 1% paying 38% of the total collected is not a stretch at all.

              Taxation in America is all crooked and unfair. It is all based on politics and lobbying. …and its all fake. Well, all except the bill. The corporation, some of you call it “The Government”, makes money by debasing the currency. They literally steal money right out of your pocket every time they print another dollar. Small minds have trouble understanding this, so, I have a little story some of you may want to read:

              Taxation is a ruse, a trick to keep you from realizing how the government REALLY makes its money. Less than 10% of the government’s buying power comes from taxes. Do some research. Find out the truth. Taxes is about control and misdirection: A twofold evil plan to keep you guessing and to keep you working twice as hard as you should have to. Slavery by any other name.

              Just remember, you heard it here first: Nothing ever destroyed, murdered, poisoned, raped, robbed or deceived more than The United States Federal Corporation (now called THE UNITED STATES). They are the Anti-Midas. Look at history.

            • …oh, and the last time I smoked was when an errant coal from the campfire lit my pant leg with I had untucked outside of my boot.

            • NetRanger you did NOT read what I posted.

              You want to jump to defend the 80% of all taxes and not read what I said.

              re-read or converse on what I posted.
              with YOUR own small mind it might be hard to grasp before YOU spout off.

            • oh and last time I checked, the way our founders set up this country the people paid no taxes till full force in 1913 and it began with incremental-ism from like 1890 or so.

            • NetRanger, I think I may have gotten confused as to who your first reply was to.. I see there is no reply link for mine to respond.

              if it was not to me I then apologize. I got sparked on the smoke comment. I now that does not make it rite for my snappy unless you where directing your words to me and not Davidus Romanus

              again, sorry.

            • Ev,

              Opps. Actually it was misdirected at you. I still stand by my comment, however, not directed at you. (…well, except for the “smokin'” part.


          • Any time you put all your chickens in one pot you are going to get hosed. Demand a “fair” tax like you proposed and barter will kick in and tax avoidance will be a new main stream game.

            The “fair tax” people don’t much like criticism but a kid from Stanford busines school did the analysis. Unless you cut the budget dramatically the fairtax would have to be 42% with the prebates desired. Think about that…42% just for the federal government – add in some state and local and then you have everyone paying over 50% not just the elites.

            1% of the Top Wage earners pay 37.5% of the income tax in this nation. Not 1% of the entire US budget – just of the income tax.

            If nothing else it should be painfully clear this nation isn’t going to cut its spending. We hear of $3.7″T” cuts and all this – yeah its over 10 years and Obumbler wnats it over 12 years. Study Argentina 2002….hells coming and you might as well be ready for it.

      8. Great article. There’s a very real possibility a limited nuclear exchange, in the middle east, could result. Fallout will reach us. If you don’t already have a supply of Potassium Iodate, order it now. If you don’t have a copy of the book “Nuclear War Survival Skills” get it soon.

      9. Real good news all the way around, eh? September 1st is opening day of dove season for us here, sure hope they can hold off their hatred for each other. I do admire a good bird shoot with my son. But then again I might be forced to blaze away with higher powered equipment at some “less docile” prey before then. We’ll see. Keep your nose in the wind and your eyes on the skyline.

        • You’ll do well, POp; providing you don’t get into trouble with all that hair.

          • Ah,What trouble? Would you know what month this is?

      10. wasn’t this (ISL attacking IRN) supposed to happen LAST year? and the year before that as well?

      11. It feels like we are circus clowns, balancing 200 spinning plates in the air and if one comes down, they all crash to the floor.

        Everything is so fragile right now it wouldn’t take much to push us over the edge – droughts, floods, obama’s refusal to cut spending, more bank failures, a 20% drop in housing prices, persistent high unemployment, high gas prices, food inflation, money deflation, never ending regulations on American citizens & businesses, etc.

        Wait…..isn’t this already happening?!

        • yes it is already happening and it is a race to the bottom. to bad I have them all beat already. I am on the bottom and I can not go any lower even if I wanted to.

          • Have you tried meth?

            • no, I have no money for that and you wont share your silver spoon.

          • when you can’t go any lower, that’s when you look up and…

            Some assh@le throws a shovel down and says, “dig deeper, slave. You haven’t hit oil yet!”

            • You are rite and that is reality.
              it is already happening and daily.

      12. Over-Extended Military – Rome was a republic that turned into an empire. Both empires have extended their military across the known world far beyond their economic sensibilities. It’s power spread from the middle east to Africa and Europe. The United States was once a Republic, but today, our military bases operate as an empire in dozens of countries around the world. Our president and Congress provoke wars on sovereign nations at will: Korea, Vietnam, Bosnia, Kuwait, Iraq and potentially Iran. The United States morphs into world conquests without end. America displays the same calamities that destroyed Rome.

        2. Government Corruption – The Roman Empire fell because it was bankrupted by its leaders. Roman Senators were selfish and self-absorbed, determined to hoard the huge wealth of the empire and enhance their wealth even further. The common people lost all power.

        3. Immigration – Rome found itself increasingly using “illegal immigrants” from outside their nation to do the agricultural work that Romans would not do. ”Roman government allowed uncontrolled hostile immigration to dissolve the fabric of their civilization. Illegal and legal Immigrants grew more powerful while exercising their own character of their cultures. They did not adopt Roman ways. Second, vast blocks of once Roman lands became foreign held and even the Roman population, once outnumbered, was no match for hostile immigrants.” Reference: “The Fall of the Roman Empire: A New History of Rome and Barbarians,” by Peter Heather. “Factors that destroyed Rome now manifest in accelerating numbers in America. Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, New York City, San Francisco, Raleigh and all large cities suffer millions of illegal immigrants. Uncounted millions of them cannot and do not speak English. Millions work under the table without paying taxes. Millions use our hospitals without paying. They immigrate but do not assimilate. They colonize in ethnic enclaves separated from Americans. They fracture our country.” Reference (LINK)

        *Admin Update* (Modified to shorten comment post)

        Read the Rest:

        • here it is folks, those that refuse to learn or listen and heed the history, are doomed to repeat it..

          People need to wake up to WHO is creating this, and stop them as an entire

          just refuse to play along, no dies.

          if we could pull together and quit funding the corp, it will die..horribly..but if we choke it fast and hard it will quicky pass, and the roaches will be easy to spot

          stop the division, stop the 2 “party” system..stop the hand outs.., freeze congress and send them all packing..its time for a do-over..Build a nation…not a government

          • I think the unemployment rate here is aiding the non-funding of the IRS…all by itself in a couple years.

            • I think I meant no IRS, no govt funding.

            • JJ, See my post above. The US Government doesn’t need our tax dollars. They are less than 10% of their purchasing power.

        • Spot on Anonymous! No, there are no similarities here. One more point to add on Rome, Lead. Lean wine glasses, dinner-ware, and lean used in food. This made the Romans sterile and contributed to their demise.

      13. You forgot the the dust storms and rainbow chasers. Isn’t there only 100 senators & 435 representatives.

        • 9 chief justices and one CEO.

      14. Their has been talks about war with Iran for many years now, it’s not going to happen. The Web Bot even said that Israel will attack Iran back in 2009 and it never happened. Even if Israel/US attacks Iran, China won’t do anything. China is either scared sh*tless or playing it smart, utilizing various plans and Sun Tzu like strategies.

        The truth is no one how capable and powerful the Chinese military is but the Chinese and maybe Russia and N.Korea. On the other hand, everyone knows not to mess with the U.S./NATO/Israeli military might.

        We should be paying attention to the South China Sea disputes as well. This heavily involves the U.S. intervention of natural gas and oil in that area, while China is trying to secure it. Remember affairs in Asia doesn’t concern Israel because they are not Israels enemies, so basically the U.S. is alone on this one.

        • DS: Israel attacked Iran with the “Worm” last year. But it is only a matter of time before it attackes again as Iran continues its nuclear development.

          Israel will not allow Iran to build a capable delivery system for its warheads. Attack could come at any time, but it will come before that capablility is reached. You can bet ALL of your gold on that.

          China can live without Iran. It cannot continue to develop itself without the USA. The economies are locked together now in a lopsided arrangement that serves China’s interest the most.

          Iran only offers China its oil reserves for China’s energy requirements: which the Chinese can buy from whoever occupies Iran, or from whoever, if anyone, is left in Iran after Israel is finished; with its USA dollar reserves.

          Top Israeli political and military officials have been visiting China to smooth the way for the destruction of Iran and the opportunity for China to pick up and pick over the pieces of Iran after it has been annihilated.

          It’s coming, but China will sit this one out.

          • DK, Excellent analysis. I concur.

        • What we should be doing is stop mettling in other country’s affairs. All empires have a shelf life. All die from something similiar to indigestion(greed)

      15. Busy news day, huh, Mac?

      16. Anyone ever notice this warning comes out nearly every year about the same time. Each time it’s from a special source. I wonder what effect this rumor alone has had on the oil futures over the years.

      17. We all need a good war about now to distract us from all the shit hitting the fan, Maybe in September I can get some sleep.

        Okay, that’s not funny, but I’m serious! – create war and distract the populous from political agendas.

        If O’bummer has a war before the 2012 election we are sure to keep him in office to make sure he continues to focus on the war and not let some other individual come in mid-way and screw it up. How do you think George Bush got re-elected 🙂

        I’m not for either party, I’d like to see the whole thing torn down and rebuilt “by the people and for the people” Let’s start focusing on USa. There is too much happening in this country that needs attention!

        • Or, create war and declare that there is not the time nor resources for an election. An emergency stay-put for a prez who knows he has a good chance of losing an election. Things that make you go hmmm.

        • It really doesn’t matter who sits in the oval office. That person’s not running the show anyway. He’s just the prop in front of the camera for us to see so that we’ll go on believing the process is working. Same goes for the Senate and House. The only way to get a seat there is to already be a member of the club. We’ve been living in the Corporate States for nearly a century, if not longer. It’s all been a ruse. It continues. We are governed by whores.

      18. Do the lawyers first !

        • Amen….then the meter maids.

          • Out here that would be the CHP

        • Im not that easy, what she look like?

      19. We need a distraction. Time for more bread and circuses. I want to see the one with the clown juggling flaming bowling balls while riding a unicyle blindfolded over a pit of rabid tigers. Oh and throw in a couple of snipers trying to wing him as he rides the wire… For a show that good I’ll even pay to get in, instead of sneaking under the back of the tent like usual. I mean, if the world is really gonna come crashing down soon, shouldn’t it be more entertaining than it is?

      20. My In-laws put their house up for sale last weekend and we are putting the finishing touches on our basement for them to move in. We are battening down the hatches and combining resources, watching for the next big move.

        • Have fun waiting………it will be a long long long long long long long wait !!!!!!!!!!

          • hey super smart guy RICH…thought you were done here??

      21. My heart breaks for all of us.

      22. You people are complete dumbasses ! Go ahead and wait for that war that won’t happen…..see you jackasses next year for the same warnings !

        • the war is already on. we have 4 military engagements going on and the biggest one is the one that is being waged for control of your mind. read all about it at
          oops, they already have that I see.

        • I absolutely agree with you. I have been telling everyone who thinks there’s going to be a WWIII: It’s not going to happen. Not now, for many reasons. If Israel attacks Iran, Israel will be alone and they know that.

          • Bye-bye, Isreal. You were a manufactured nation to begin with. When you’re gone, I can pull out that map of the middle east made before the League of Nations created you and remind myself just how much bigger Palestine was.

            • Almighty God created Israel, not the L of N

            • You have that right BJ.

        • When you’re safely settled down in the FEMA camps, send us a post card.

        • rich, how do you defy gravity keeping that punkin between your shoulders upright.

      23. i wonder if obama’s bluff is gonna be called…

        • VRF: Great vid!!!

        • Carlin! LMFAO!!!

          Don’t agree with him all the time but do agree that he’s a very funny guy.

          • WAS a funny guy 😉

        • I miss George.

      24. Keep these things in mind when you hear about the “evil Iranian regime” by the Jewish dominated media.

        Iran has no nuke bomb program as verified by the IAEA
        Iran has a right to build nuclear power facilities.
        Iran is a signatory to the NNPT which allows them to enrich uranium to electric generation grade.
        Iran would rather sell their oil than burn it for electricity.
        Iran hasn’t invaded another nation for over 200 years, but Iran was invaded by Iraq which was sponsored and funded by the US killing 500,000 Iranians.
        Iran doesn’t get any funding from the US

        Israel has actual nuke bombs.
        Israel invades many nations and they are currently in 4 illegally at this time (Syria, Lebanon,Jordan and Palestine).
        Israel refuses to sign the NNPT.
        Israel refuses to allow inspections of their nuke facilities at Dimona.
        Israel has costed the US 4 times what the entire Apollo moon program costed us.

        Keep these facts in mind when the maniacs in TelAviv start yet another war for the gullible US dummies to finish with our treasure and your son’s blood.

        • I agree with what you say Dave, but Iran currently possesses four nuclear warheads. Not enough for war with anyone, but they surpassed industrial grade enrichment (10,000 centrifuges in operation) 18 months ago.

          Electrical grade enrichment is around 3% I believe, they currently have enriched uraninum to 20%. They recently annouced that they have installed newer and faster centrifuges to move that capacity to 90% for “medical research”.

          That conflict is coming, eventually.

          • I agree, the confilct will come, but it won’t be based upon rational thinking, it will be based upon nuts in Israel & the US.

        • You should be happy your man is in charge.

          • “My man”? I’m a Libertarian!
            Obama is the closest thing to Stalin that this nation has ever had in office.

            • You sound Iranian to me. Have you ever been there?

      25. What goes up comes down.

      26. I don’t know why you bother to post this propaganda. been following this crap for years. Iran is no where’s near nuclear weapons grade and the president of Iran, Amamjade (which all this is based on) doesn’t have any access to Iran’s military. The Ayatollah is. Basic Iran info:

        • Rachel: Ma’am with all due respect if you get your info from Wikipedia….!??!? you risk becoming a mushroom. For your one sake head for the light.

          Wikipedia is a good tool for some things however, politics in not not one of them.

          I truly mean no disrespect.


          • Rachel’s right, Achmedinejad has NO authority over the Iranian military.
            The fact that you believe otherwise proves that the Jewish propaganda about him is working on your mind.

        • Bought six Finnish masks @ Maine Military Supply. Good masks, and you can buy the cartridge adapters for 2-3 bucks to use US threaded canisters. Bought these masks for $9.99 a couple of years ago and the people were good to deal with.

          • very cool

        • Bloodyfellow…did you ever think some of us old coots don’t want a gas mask if it gets that bad…and heck, I don’t have children!!
          We AIN’T afraid of dying.

      27. Lets get this going.War-Hell yes, Rather deal with it now than later .Lets get the civil unrest going and thren implement martial law and then squeeze the people by cutting off thier foodstamps, if that dont make them fight then nothing will. I say bring it on ! tired of the threats and bullcrap and talk -do it !!! Ready to get his on !

      28. Bring it on. Amerika deserves a good nuking

        • Come on now. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve made some serious comment blunders… but take some time and rethink your position. And America with a “k” is so 1960s.

        • You need a good azz fucking from some NY gay boy. But you would probably like that.

        • Your mom should have had forced birth control.

        • You’re an idiot. I hope you purposely spelled America wrong..Sure we dolled out the bombs more than any other country in the world, but saying we deserve to get nuked is just as absurd. What about the families that know nothing of any of this information getting nuked? What about your mother and father? You want that? That’s sick, man.

        • I think the best part of this guy, ran down his mommas leg

      29. But what about the children!?

      30. I don’t think America does, but it’s leadership from the top at the fed level to the bottom at the town level sure does deserve it…..wish we could get them all in one place at the same time

        • BF,

          Make the stuff myself. …and cheaper than regular rounds when I do.

          • NetRanger: You should make a video on it. Do you use the tungsten powder or do you use something else?

            I have though about using the powder from sparklers…with a few other additives.

            I try not to have one to those (in living color fire marshal bill) moments. lol


            • Mostly I use bullets that are not designed for the arms or speed that I push them.

              The first ones I used were out of a .219 improved Zipper (basically a rimmed 22-250). They were 50gr round nosed bullets swagged with a lead core and using spent 22 short casings. A friend made them. I could push them fast enough that they would come apart before hitting the target. I found the sweet spot: a velocity below breakup but still accurate. Estimated at about 3400fps. They were borderline unstable and when they hit anything they would just almost explode. I’ve hunted a tremendous number of groundhogs in my area. Bean crop destroyers. (…good eating too.) Those 219 zipper loads would decapitate a full grown groundhog. Once I discovered that, I started using other bullets on other loads and pushing them to beyond stability and then back enough to stay together and be accurate enough to use. You should see what a 40gr 22 hornet bullet does with 29gr of 4895 atop a .223 Remington. Estimated velocity 3500fps. They’re designed for 2800!!! SPllllaaaaatttt!

              About a year ago I discovered the .309 diameter XTP bullets made by Hornady. They’re just a little large but they shoot OK. You can push them beyond 3800 fps in a 30-06. They’re designed for 2500fps!!! Its the only time I’ve seen a popcan “SHATTER”. The shock was so great that the metal actually fracture. No, not shredded. A 44 mag will shred. These babies will SHATTER the aluminum. AMAZING!!!

              Uh, Sorry Mac. Got a little excited. But, I love talking ballistic tech…

              Contact me at [email protected] if you want to know more. But, its really no trick. Just use smaller, less sturdy bullets and push them to the limit. Might not be exactly the same but is sure works.

        • AA 12 would be cool to have…but sure is hard to look at I like the 870 and the M490

        • The “enforcers” of this country would shit, if you came at them with this….lmfao

          • :)…Yes they would!

        • LMAO!!! I love that guy.

          Smells delicious!!!


      31. Netranger….I understand it to be that we are a international corp and not a federal corp

        • You are correct. But, that was the name, not the classification. It was renamed later. But, the first name was “The United States Federal Corporation”.

          …and it was always an international corporation as the term applies.

      32. did you all hear?
        The 9th circuit court of appeals overturned the mans conviction 2 years ago for calling for bo’s assasination.

        They said it is free speech 🙂

        • Is this for real??

          Need to tell the city issuing free speech restraints in the homes pertaining to the city council??

      33. hahaha

        more TV entertainments

        thanks for the freak show …..

        US and allies


      34. the greatest enemy to have ever existed is an eternal one, within our own inner perceptions, our own ignorance, our own egos.

      35. Want to change the world for the better? Look in a mirror and start from there. Otherwise continue complaining and fighting like it’s some how a solution.

        • know your history by knowing war. Evil must always be faced head on.

      36. Actually, all the Chinese will have to do is turn on or off all those chips that got through and into our military hardware.

        • Thanks.

      37. Did anyone forget to ask the people if they agree to another war because word has it that they are getting sick and tired of all the MOSSAD induced wars

      38. Israel has no choice. They cannot let Imadinnerplate have the bomb. It is as simple as that!

      39. “The Tree of Liberty needs to be Refreshed with the Blood of Patriots and Tyrants!”

        • People keep quoting that, but, when is it (or is it really ever) going to start?

      40. NetRanger, I am glad it was not meant for me. I have read to many of your opinions and I liked them. I caught myself after the fact. once I realized what was what, I thought to myself there is no way he meant that for me and what I said to the other.
        anyway, once again, sorry for the mis reply of who was saying what to who with words 🙂
        I will try to stay out of them longer exchanges of words. when the reply link goes away I will be done on that string. far to many good people here to let me denseness of the reply links to make some dislike me. there will be some who will have plenty of other things to not like about

        • Ev,

          Actually, it was directed at you but it was my stupid lack of reading what you were saying that caused me to write it. There are days when we all have small minds. Today was my day. My apologies.

          Honestly, I think this heat is messing with all of us!

      41. The Jews are launching the world into yet another world war. It’s truly disgusting what these parasites have been permitted to get away with.

      42. Motto of the Israeli MOSSAD:

        “By way of deception, thou shalt do war”.

        And the god damn stupid American taxpayer continues to fund this rogue, pariah and terrorist state called Israel at billions annually.

      43. this war is NOT about oil! this war is about us and the planet. the reptilian factions on this planet are losing control and they need order out of chaos. this time it will be different because we have galactic help. the earth wants to go to the fifth dimension. in the fifth dimension we will have 12 dna strands not two. they want to keep us and earth at a low vibration through fear. endless threats of war, fear of money, food survival thats where they want us. we are all great beings once we get out of fear mode. stay calm we got this!!! btw irael is the 51st state

      44. The us is screwed. shame. your guns are the last things you need, morons. What you need is a conscience.

      45. Rumours of war and destruction, reported on a ‘survival’ website that flogs survival equipment and rations etc..surely nothing biased in this report then!

      46. I’ve been learning how to make an Apache indian “Wikiup”.I think that would make a nice shelter if you are stranded with nothing.Check out Wikiup on line,it would be better than nothing and it blends in,making it hard to see.

      47. People generally do not give Iran enough credit for its long history, cultural strengths, and high native intelligence. It will not be so foolish as to go to war against the US, but it will defend itself against Israel.

        Unfortunately, Israel knows this, so it will create a black op against US soldiers and navy, kill as many as possible in what appears to be an Iranian offense, then wait for the knee-jerk reaction by the foolish US sheeple.

        The Obamamama can then make a speech as to how he was “forced” by Iran’s actions to send 100 cruise missiles, etc., etc., as in Oil Wars 1 & 2.

        At that point WW3 goes from cold to hot, and the fix is a done deal. The international banksters furnish the funds at tax-payer expense on all sides: invest your sons and daughters in the latest round of anti-Christian greed and murderous evil.

        • WWlll Has already technically begun however I don`t think Iran will be attacked.What may happen is that there is economic collapse of the world economy after a default by US and the US will be forced to use their military to take control of the world.Thats why they invaded Iraq.To get free oil for their planes ships and tanks.

          • Jeez, I wish the bone heads that keep posting that the USA invaded Iraq for their oil would do a little homework first.
            The US has no claim on Iraqi oil and in fact couldn’t even get them to pay for our occupation from their oil income. BP and a host of other foreign oil companies are working with Iraq to develop their oil fields more so than American companies. Ignorance is bliss I’ve been told but the people that read this blog are supposed to be well informed. Well your shorts haven’t worked out so well have they, maybe you should expand your circle of news beyond CNN and MSNBC.

      48. REALLY…….WHY? with E.L.Enin at our doorstep? with 39 Volcanoes going off simultaneously, with the earth opening up under our feet …..why this War mongering when the powers that be KNOW time is very very very short….what do they hope to get out of Iran….by Aug 3 2011 E.LEnin will be visible to the naked eye, by Sept 2011 – E.L.Enin will cross the Ecliptic…….by Oct 16/17 2011 E.L.Enin will be VERY CLOSE! and there are “companions” in tow….is Israel so stupid to think WAR will help her?
        Strange as Obama has recalled 20000 troops to “man” US cities see RT news…..Strange as Nasa closes shop & Russia takes over the Space program so the US is extremely confident of their relationship……..strange as X-master of the Universe – the acrh-israeli maven is brought to heel…..whatever did his bloodhounds sniff out that a 100 yr old newspaper was shut down in a matter of days… Norway attacked by what obviously looks like a mossad operation….too obvious if you ask me…….something else is going on in the architecture…..and is Israel does attack iran it will be truly “apocalyptic” on so many levels……… why do it when the Apocalypse has already started????? to fulfill scripture ???? for what purpose???? …………thinking…….last words ….truly …..”be EXCELLENT to one another”. time is really short.

      49. there are more and more people wanting more and more of what there is less and less of to obtain..too little too late for many..prepare what you can, be willing to share with others..have faith in the Good LORD…MY God shall supply all of your needs according to His riches in Christ JESUS. All the best brothers and sisters during the great storm ahead.

      50. “What is China gonna do?” Not a GD much. What roll out their one aircraft carrier? It hasn’t had sea trials and that takes 6 months minimum and a year more likely. Besides its just an old Soviet carrier fixed up by quality Chinese labor. In other words it will break down 50 miles out of port. China’s new jets? You mean the designs they stole from the West? Not ready yet. So what China will do is scream like a scared 13 year old girl and knock its knees.

      51. ” …This is a very tough economy and I think for a lot of people it’s going to be, it’s going to feel very hard, harder than anything they’ve experienced in a lifetime… ”
        -Tim Geithner July 2011

        • it,s been apponited upon mankin (………)then the judgement.

          • read your bible, god is in control, until he lets satan have control

      52. “…an attack on Iran by the Israelis would no doubt be considered by Iran as having been supported by the United States. That being the case, Iran would respond militarily against all US forces in the region, especially those in Iraq, at the first sign of any trouble. Subsequently, the U.S. would return fire en masse, perhaps even utilizing the nuclear option to incapacitate any possibility of an Iranian nuclear response.”

        There you have it. A perfect scenario for the biggest false flag pulling nation of Satanically evil and treacherous backstabbers in World History. Israel attacks Iran, and then also stages an attack on American forces using one of their countless Mossad-created and infiltrated front groups – and leaves planted clues that point the finger of blame on Iran. Back home, the jewish owned and controlled media take the baton handed to them by their Israeli Mossad false flag pullers and begin to bleat and scream and spew ‘revenge’ venom at the stupid and gullible American public and help snooker them into supporting yet ANOTHER illegal and criminal war against Israel’s next enemy, Iran.

        If the stupid American public falls for this crap again, then they deserve to get nuked by Russia and China and I predict that this will end the experiment called ‘America’ permanently. And, you know what? America deserves to be destroyed for allowing the criminal, 9-11 false flag pulling nation of Israel to con us into starting wars that we had no business or legal basis for starting in the first place.

        • Well thought out and well said! Very few people have noticed that an all-too-high percentage of the most rabid Zionazis such as Bennie Nettieyahoo are all from the USSA, nearly always extremist rebyids from NY, NY, which is also the financial heart of the USSA [not a typo]. Golly, what an amazing co-incidence!

          And how about that lil Timmie Geithner, a fluent speaker of Chinese, eh? Always got to be ready for the next main chance, dontcha lil Tim? His comments as to how the average Yankee will suffer in this Depression are much-less-than-funny coming from a multi-millionaire ghoul who fed and bloated himself on the corpses of his fellow Murrikans.

          The USSA would qualify as a banana republic, except the climate doesn’t allow bananas as a commercial crop. Your above writer was correct, as was General Butler: “War is a racket”! Too bad our G men are on the take.

      53. Obama is not a legal president and if he starts a war anyone has the right to take this bastard out. The FBI knows right now he’s illegal and his birth certificate he produced was a fraud. The birth certificate had so many flaws. Let him give this birth certificate to someone to examine it. Either this Black bastard was born here or het was born in Africa.
        It’s gotten to the point they just give us a criminal like Clinton and Bush and now a fraud. They’re like what difference does it make? Leave the guy alone. The birthers couldn’t get anything done, but Trump only had to make a fuss and the president was like OK, we got to give them something. Maybe we need to do away with the FBI and have independent investigators and then have 12 dozen independent investigators and each has to examine everything. After 9/11 I have no faith in the FBI doing anything.

      54. If the US starts anymore wars you would think the citizens woyld totally destroy tbis country by not working and sabotaging anything they can. This country can not be saved intact. The cities will be totally destroyed. There are too many people with guns. The government is going to bring in tanks. it’s time to learn how to sabotage those tanks. The tanks are vulnerable if people can get to them and set them on fire.


        Watch my video in my channel, important information everyone needs to know if you believe in collapse or not, it is better to be informed than not?

        You can even turn the fiber into hurds (coal) and burn it for energy, or if you have $ you can make hemp ethanol which produces 6-10 times more than corn ethanol. Makes alternatives look like a joke.

        Corporations have invested interest in keeping hemp illegal.

        I will lay out how to settle space with hemp and antimatter. Sustainable civilization into infinity. No more corruption, ensure freedom by growing cannabis everywhere.

        There are too many people, not enough physical military or police the people need to wake up, and start working together ASAP, no more divide and conquer!

        How many more years of collapse propaganda can the
        public take? If Collapse happens or not hemp is still the solution!

        No more slavery.

      56. look, you all have some great opinions, but lets face facts, the world we live in is shit, the people of this world make it that way, with your…greed, your….malice, your…hate, your destruction and your need for non-sensical crap, blood lust and the need for resources that we are beyond stock piled on, the world has been since man were first created, it is us that has turned the world upside down, and it is only us who can fix the damn problems, the government and military are people, just like you and i, but what makes them different from us is two things, 1: they feed off of the knowledge of todays technology to use for their own purposes that they believe would better the world in “their” eyes, 2: they want everything for themselves and their way that they see fit, greed is the ultimate sin, and money, which causes that greed is one of the highest keys among which such greed can arise and play its role to use, to conquer, to destroy and re-build, but wait, re-build, hmm….yes, isnt that the whole point?, it is, but not to our advantage, but to theirs, and theirs alone, “we” are not in the “big picture”, only they are, and they expect us to know nothing and live on in our daily lives, for those who have somethiong to fight for, stay and protect, for those who dont, fight back for what is right, but, isnt that wnat they want?, again, the answer is yes, but, at the same time, its what they fear the most, so do we stand and fight?, no, we take things into our own hands and destroy the systems themselcves from the core to the surface and out, everyone around the entire globe, all at once TAKE CONTROL!!!!, food, shelter, underground, weaponry, be ready, be prepared and take a stand for what we know is right, truth, honor and justice.

      57. The penis must to pay for its crimes

      58. Nothing is going to happen in our lifetime.

      59. Every comment I read (I could not go on)just showed me how ignorant and unprepared most men are..dig deeper cowboys, you haven’t read the right books yet!


      61. Ok, Rambo wannabees; unless you have a cruise missile or two in your garage or maybe a drone equipped with war heads, maybe a tank….I don’t care how much food, water, guns…the right books you have. You’re pretty much toast. Rotsa Ruck.

      62. the beast is rising from the sea

      63. Ralph Stanley, you just keep playing that bluegrass and we’ll all go out happier.

      64. You guys forget, it is not Israel asking for war. It is Iran that has been threatening to blow Israel off the map since Ahmadinejad became a name we all know. The US and Israel have tried to stop their going nuclear as they are clear about their plans to not make peace, but to destroy Israel. If Israel acts first, they would be smart. Iran does not want peace, so they get war.

        • Who has the highest number of nuclear war heads in the Middle East, ISREAL and not IRAN … and the US and ISRAEL wants us to be believe its for peaceful purpose.

          • Hey, JK – how can anyone even suggest the Israel has nukes and neutrons for anything BUT peaceful and peacekeeping purposes given the fact they’ve had this stockpile for over 40 years?? Wouldn’t it make perfect sense to use them 30 years ago when no one was anywhere near them that could do a thing about it? Israel had the US to back them 100% back then – if they’d wanted to wipe out those that wish to “wipe them off the map” they could have – easily. But not a single WMD has even been used by them unlike those around them with their chemical warfare waged against each other.

            I’ll never cease to wonder at the ridiculous bias against Israel – except that it’s the way it’s meant to be….for now.

      65. Yeah…usually guys who join the military are so excited to go to war and they act so hard core about it…after they experience the reality of it, they change, they dont think its so cool anymore..its just lame and sad and pointless..You can usually tell if someone is full of shit when they talk about how cool war is and how they cant wait to kill people..either that or that person is a psycho who should be locked up..

      66. The banking elite always start a war when they’ve screwed things up really bad. Besides robbing us for everything we’re worth, they always recover during wars.

      67. Wow, most of you that “brag” about being prepared would crumble in the true scenario.

      68. So, um, it’s November. Just wondering we can I expect the war you’re speaking of? Next September? Just wondering. Thanks!

      69. Oh puh-lease…find something else to do with your time.

        No one is going to tangle with a real military power meaning one that has nukes.

        Iran & Israel…Israelis are the real surrender monkies of the world.

        They marched into the ovens for Hitler without raising a finger. They’d do it again too.

        The only reason they talk so brashly is because they think (and they are wrong) that the US will assist them. Yeah the US will assist them alright, into the ovens.

        Jesus h Christ will you fuckers please get a life, or a job, or go sell drugs, pussy or football cards but do something with your lives instead of this bullshit.

      70. So if your wanting to bring Hitler into anything and talk about how his people blindly followed him know you facts. There was two types of Germans in his military, the Nazi’s and the plain Jane German solider that chances are he was conscripted into the army unwillingly. Also Propaganda as much as you would like to say brain washing an entire nation is not possible look at the time period. They did not have internet so they were relatively cut off from worldly new. So all the letters and movies and pamphlets could easily sway a nation. An then who ever did not join willingly were drafted or shot. An Adolf Hitler had the gift of gab so his speech were convincing.

        No then on a different note.
        There are so many more options for fuel out there!! Henry Fords Model T was designed and ran off moonshine AKA ethanol! Then we had the prohibition and that ended that and at the time gasoline was cheap. Your every day diesel truck can run off bio diesel ,which is often made from algae or vegetable oil, with out changing anything. I am just saying if the government would turn their attention to home there are ways to make life easier for the average hard working American who has to make daily commutes to work.

      71. Woops bit of a mistake there!! no war yet

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