Pelosi to Congress: You Need to Fly Coach

by | May 16, 2010 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    Nany Pelosi, after recently taking heat for blowing $101,000 on in-flight services like booze and beer, says that unofficial perks in the House of Representatives must come to a stop:

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Friday announced that lawmakers should fly in coach unless a flight is more than 14 hours. Government money, provided to lawmakers per diem on congressional delegations, can only be used for “official purposes related to the trip,” and spouses cannot travel on the government’s dime.

    Pelosi also installed Stacee Bako, a retired Air Force lieutenant, to oversee congressional travel.

    The high cost of congressional travel was exposed in a series of stories in The Wall Street Journal earlier this year. The newspaper reported that 12 members of the House went to Edinburgh, Scotland and spent thousands of dollars on renting a hotel’s presidential suite to stash beer, liquor and snacks.

    Several lawmakers on overseas trips, according to the Journal, spent some of their per diem funds on gifts.

    Several other measures also were put in place, according to a letter Pelosi’s office released Friday. Travel is only to be authorized “when it is necessary to facilitate the work of the committee.” Delegations are to be led by the majority party, and there must be a “documented” effort to invite members of the minority.

    [Source: Politco]

    It seems that Ms. Pelosi’s conscience has gotten the best of her and that she has realized that wastefully spending taxpayer dollars on unnecessary travel, parties and gifts might not be appropriate. Or, it may simply be the fact that 2010 is an election year and Ms. Pelosi and other House members can now tote their spending cuts to unsuspecting voters in November.


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      1. This  is all a dog and Pony show .Election year means they will be on there best behavior and then when its over its to the same old crap and wastefull spending.Surprised that their travels dont include prostitutes-male and female . Oh well-politics as usual with the same old outcome !

      2. While those in power commit heinous acts, they have power only because welfare-seeking citizens put them in power.
        The real enemies of Americans are the Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, TANF and SNAP recipients.

      3. Sorry Smack – you are making a blanket judgement that is not correct or warranted. A good number of the people receiving those benefits have paid into them for a long time. Social Security would, in fact, be solvent if the brainless wonders we elected to high offices hadn’t used the money in the fund to pay for other programs and to “balance” the budget. I don’t know how old you are, but I’m only a few years away from ‘legal’ retirement age, and it’s more than a little annoying that the funds I’ve been FORCED to pay to the government for all my working years towards retirement are all gone. And my brother-in-law, in the final stages of ALS and getting Medicare benefits, is no enemy of the state. He certainly didn’t ask to be disabled and unable to work at 57!  Welfare-seeking? That’s a pretty offensive label when you don’t know me or my brother-in-law!

        I can only hope you’re not anywhere close to my neighborhood, because I’m not sure I want to have to work closely with someone with your harsh judgemental attitude when TSHTF! I plan to continue to work and be as self-sufficient as possible, as I have been since I started working at age 16.

      4. If this isn’t the Pot calling the Kettle Black, Princess Pelosi asking her minions to cut back on their spending, while she keeps her FLEET of Jets???  Doubt it, the time for “Respecting and or Listening to these people” — IS OVER!!!  It is time to THINK for ourselves, back away from the system and let it collapse upon itself, and then build anew.  Just my 2c

      5. My response to Nancy Pelosi:

        No $#!^?!?!

      6. Good grief! At this point what difference does it make? Provide a private Gulf Stream Limo jet to every member of Congress. Trillions of dollars going here…Trillions of dollars going there…What’s a few billion dollars for our elected representatives?  They work hard and surely deserve it. They are the ones keeping America NUMBER ONE! Booyah! Now I’m turning the sarcasm switch off.

      7. Yo Smack ~

        I have to agree with granny b. None of these so-called entitlements are entitlements at all. I have been forced to pay into Social Security since I started working part-time at the age of 13. I was also forced to pay into Medicare since its beginning. I am now 9 months away from being able to collect early Social Security benefits at age 62, which I will probably be forced to do because there just isn’t any work out there for Construction Superintendents here in South Florida.

        I paid into the system, Iwas promised these benefits, I EARNED these benefits and now I damn well want them.

      8. Citizens to Pelosi: Go to hell

      9. All you little congressional chillins need to do as I SAY, not as I DO!!

      10. Well like they say: “When pigs fly!”

      11. Hey I know!  How about pelosi and boner get all the congressmen on a plane, load it down with booze and live music, and fly on down to governor rick perry’s mansion for a Memorial Day weekend party?!?!?!

      12. We don’t need their kind in Texas.

        How about  we put them all on a Russian TU154 to Smolensk Russia instead?     

      13. Pelosi is just another one of those Zionist Slimeballs (figuratively speaking) who are leading America into the ABYSS, following in the footsteps of her Zionist Slimeball cohorts Greenspan (“Death by 1000 Cuts”) and Bernanke (the Sorcerer’s Apprentice). Did I mention “Rahmbo”, Axelrod and the rest of the herd?

        Not only is transparency of the Fed “off the table”, the CRIME OF THE CENTURY (911) is also “off the table”. Of course, we all know who did it, after Dr. Alan Sabrosky’s declaration that “The Military (brass) knows that Israel did 911”. So what, right?!

        AIPAC also knows that Israel did it (with the help of her stooges in the WH, CIA, FBI, NSA, CONgress and the Pentagon).

        Mazel Tov!

      14. Paul Revere:

        They already have reservations on an EL AL flight (pun intended) to Tel Aviv! Little do they know that they are stepping from the frying pan into the FIRE! (as in MELTING) – OMG!

      15. America to Nancy…….Shut your effing trap you sanctimonious, disgraceful bitch.

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