Pelosi Doublespeak: It’s not a tax increase; We’re eliminating a tax decrease

by | Oct 23, 2009 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    For those who are confused about how the mind of a politician works, we bring you Maria Bartiromo’s interview of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on CNBC’s Closing Bell, October 21, 2009. Specifically, we’ll direct you to 3 minutes, 40 seconds in the video, where you’ll hear an example of doublespeak that would make George Orwell proud.
    (Available for viewing below)

    MARIA BARTIROMO: But- on the tax issue, allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire would essentially be tax increase.

    House Speaker NANCY PELOSI: That wasn’t a tax increase. It is- it is- eliminating a tax- decrease that was there. It’s- it was controversial to begin with. It is- a boon to those who have had it for now. But I think that you will see that happen. So- and that is- that affects, what? The upper two percent of our population. What we’re trying to do is lower co- taxes for the middle class, relieve burdens- on business. So that we can be competitive in job creation. And I think you’ll see some interesting things emerge- from the conversations we’re having now.

    I think we’ve seen some interesting things emerge up to this point, so I can only imagine the future conversations mandates that Congress and the Obama administration will be giving to the American people.

    MARIA BARTIROMO: I’m just wondering if now is the appropriate time. I mean- now, given the fact that we are still in this fragile recovery. Would you rethink- allowing those tax cuts to expire, given that we are still pretty vulnerable, in terms of the economic recovery.

    House Speaker NANCY PELOSI: I don’t think many people here see, nor do the American people see those tax cuts at the high end as being job-creating. They don’t- they think that that’s part of the reason we’re in the fiscal, the budgetary situation that we’re in, because those tax cuts cost money. And- they were- a cost to our budget, without any commensurate- impact on the economy for job creation. To return money- to the treasury. So, nobody sees those as a job-creator. And- and- the- the fact is, is we have to be acting in a fiscally sound way. And we can’t afford those taxes. We never could. Those tax cuts.

    Ms. Pelosi, don’t you mean YOU and your friends in Congress and at CNBC don’t see these tax cuts as job creating? Let’s blame the tax cuts on our budgetary problems. Eliminating the Bush tax decreases Increasing taxes will certainly be all we need to do to cover those trillions of dollars you approved for socialist stimulus projects and banker bailouts. Forget about eliminating spending, because that would not be acting in a fiscally sound way and would make no sense whatsoever, right?

    Watch the CNBC interview:


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      1. Say there’s a store you go to all the time and there’s something there you buy regularly and the price is $15. Now suppose that the item goes on sale for $10 for a week. After a week the price goes back to $15. Is that a price hike? No!
        What about if the sale lasts a year? When things go back to their regular price it still isn’t an increase.

        Bush put the US on sale to his financial supporters for eight years. Those guys took all the money they saved and blew bubbles with it. It didn’t do any good, the average Joe never saw any of it and its been a big contributing factor in the destruction of the US economy. It’s been in place for close to a decade and if it really was doing any good then the country wouldn’t look the way it looks now. Let it go, it failed.

      2. The store didn’t actually manufacture or buy the product from anywhere in the first place. It stole it. So, what the store is saying now is that it is going to steal more stuff , instead of less. The point is, it is still stealing what doesn’t belong to them. The only difference is that there is a new manager on duty.

        “Bush put the US on sale to his financial supporters for eight years. “

        Yes, you are certainly right about this. No disagreement. Does that now make it ok for Obama to do the same thing?

        Stop thinking in terms of left and/or right and you might see the real argument here has nothing to do with political affiliation.

      3. Are taxes going up?  If yes it’s a tax increase.  The base measurement is always the current amount.  You could always go back and say, “if you go back to xxxx year then this is actually a tax cut.”  You could say that Bush didn’t cut taxes he just put them closer to where they were under Reagan.  But then again Congress will call it a spending cut when spending goes up, just at a reduced rate.

        If you feel a tax increase is necessary then just call it that and the discussion will be on the tax, not on whether someone is double talking. 

      4. There shouldn’t be any further party differentiation, if you really look at how both parties more or less have been merged at the hip for about 35 years, in that I mean, NEITHER PARTY ever truly represented the American people ever, and BOTH PARTIES sold us aggregiously, irrevocably, irresponsibly DOWN THE MOTHERFUCKING RIVER.

        so I agree with the political affiliation makes no difference at all, because it is, in fact, quite TRUE. Though the GOP is thoroughly a bunch of nazi scum, the DINOCRATS are not much better, and under their new PUPPET, the nation has slid further into DICTATORSHIP than under BUSH BASTARD.

        to be honest, we need to hang about 530 of the 535 piles of shit in Washington, D.C., as soon as we can get them strung up. The sooner, the better.

      5. Many of the above comments are exemplary of what’s wrong with this country.  Perhaps, the result of  educational system sabotage, by the Department of Education?  Too bad that Reagan didn’t carry out his threat to abolish the D.O.E.   Perhaps, if he were successful in doing so,  the voting population wouldn’t be so clueless; Exemplified by most of those who generated the above comments.   This being the case, there’s little wonder that we wind up with such fine leadership as we have today.  Fred is absolutely right.  Ovals is only right in the point that he equates taxation with theft.  People work hard for that money which is simply stolen from them.  But to say there is no difference between left and right is just WRONG.  Those on the left would prefer that we surrender all money, power and your fate, to them.  And, to have us address them as Boss, and Sire..  Marxism:  From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.  Except, that the way it always works out is:  That the fabled dictatorship of the proletariat never withers away;  And, the proletariat that it drains,  winds up in serfdom.  Because, those in power that seize  from your abilities,  will always view your needs as nil.  Who is best to look after the welfare of an individual, than the individual himself?  This is the difference between being free, or being a slave!     Nancy Pelousy, Harry Reid and Barack Obama, will surely love to take care of you.  You can take them to the bank.  In the past 9 months, this Democrat congress and Democrat president  have spent more money than all previous administations, combined!  This is record debt. never before seen in history.   You, and generations to come will be saddled with that debt.   If more people had any clue as to the actual history of the foundation of this Republic:  The ability to know the difference between the profest Democrats  and their historic oppositon, we wouldn’t have elected such trash.  If the Democrats had their way  142 years ago, slavery would still be the law of the land.   It was a Republican congress that passed the civil rights act of 1964l   It was a Republican, Ronald Reagan, that sheparded in the largest economic expansion of any country in the history of the world:  Causing the greatest increase in all incomes.  More people were moved out of poverty, and up the ranks than under any Democrat.    It was the esteemed Democrat Senator from West Virginia that was the grand poobah of the KKK.   President Obama promised that the unemployment rate wouldn’t get any greater than 8%.  What is it now:  10% nationally, and greater regionally?  Who’s kidding who?

      6. Just a quick comment here on the word Nazi uttered above.

        Nazi = National Socialist German Workers’ Party

        Restricting government is the way AWAY from Socialism and Fascism, those are ultra-left tenets.   The ONLY entity which can force you to do anything(Fascism) or take your labor and property(Socialism) is government. 

        GOVERNMENT is what must be restrained, not Big Insurance, Big Oil,  Christians, Banks or any other group which isn’t en vogue.

        Oh yeah, and Wall street backed Obama over McCain 4 to 1.  And look what they got for it:  bailouts galore.  Goldman Sachs eliminated their two top competitors.  Thats money well spent.

      7. Reply to Steven B. Coulson: Regarding your shoe example I’d say that the response of most to a shoe that cost $15 and then went on sale for $10 and then back to $15 would be the same as if the shoe started at $10 and then went to $15.  In either case a rise in price leads to a disincentive to buy.  So, yes, in both cases going from $10 to $15 is a price increase.  But perhaps Mr. Coulson, like the Democrats he defends, hasn’t been a consumer with a real budget for a long while?

      8. I agree that the bulk of the government is bad.  Other than the few minor issues that they use to divide us on, on purpose, they vote the same on all the important elite issues and they are paid well to do so. That is how the game is played and that will continue until we are awoken from our TV/uneducated slumber.

        Whenever the people are against somehting by more than 90%, Bailouts, NAFTA, CAFTA, etc., and they vote for it overwhelmingly, this is a perfcet indicator that the elites are in charge.

        The only saving grace is to throw them out and start voting for third party candidates. until this happens, we will be continually crushed by the gears of the elite machinery and made into slaves and serfs in their kingdoms.


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