Paycheck of Last Resort: One Million New Applicants for Social Security Disability

by | Aug 22, 2011 | Headline News | 173 comments

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    The evidence is mounting, and the trend cannot be ignored. As Americans lose millions of jobs to foreigners and a collapsing economy, there is only one place left to go for a monthly paycheck. The government.

    Laid-off workers and aging baby boomers are flooding Social Security’s disability program with benefit claims, pushing the financially strapped system toward the brink of insolvency.

    Applications are up nearly 50 percent over a decade ago as people with disabilities lose their jobs and can’t find new ones in an economy that has shed nearly 7 million jobs.

    Claims for disability benefits typically increase in a bad economy because many disabled people get laid off and can’t find a new job. This year, about 3.3 million people are expected to apply for federal disability benefits. That’s 700,000 more than in 2008 and 1 million more than a decade ago.

    New congressional estimates say the trust fund that supports Social Security disability will run out of money by 2017, leaving the program unable to pay full benefits, unless Congress acts. About two decades later, Social Security’s much larger retirement fund is projected to run dry as well.

    Source: Huff Post

    The American people have been left with very few options.

    The only thing keeping the economy from completely buckling at this point are emergency programs like unemployment insurance, food stamps, and as the numbers suggest, social security disability.

    And, while many in Washington and expert financial circles believe these programs will be enough to keep us afloat, consider the challenges faced by each:

    • Unemployment insurance expires at 99 weeks. Chances are there will be no extension for those who are unable to find work, which means that once you hit the two year mark, you’re pretty much on your own. Not only will you no longer receive benefits, you’ll no longer be counted as a viable laborer based on the Bureau of Labor and Statistics’ unemployment algorithms.
    • It is becoming increasingly difficult to feed a family with food stamps alone. Some commodities have risen nearly 100% over the last three years, and with population increases and government policies in the energy sector, which fuel everything from fertilizers and the combines that harvest the land to the trucks that transport food, we will continue to see price increases. Food stamps already buy at least 10% less today than they did a year ago. Expect this dwindling of purchasing power to continue.
    • The government is looking for new and innovative ways to manage social security. If the proposed austerity measures, which include raising the retirement age and means-testing benefits (not giving as much to the people who had their own savings accounts), don’t make it harder on you, then you can be assured that inflation will. As real price inflation increases, and government CPI fails to adjust appropriately, the social security checks will remain the same while the price of essentials like energy, food, clothing and rent increases.

    It’s not just the Social Security Disability program that’s insolvent. It’s everyone and everything, including the whole of the United States government.

    A brief visual overview:


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      1. BHO and Liberal Democrat pipe dream in progress….another million votes dependant on the “man” for the next election and those evil Republicans want to give tax breaks to the rich and deny these poor (votes) I mean people.

        • what an idiot you are.
          you think the president oks SS disability?

          no doubt your kids are just as dumb as you or maybe you couldnt find an ugly enough woman to stand your stink.

          • That’s not what he said, idiot. EVERYONE (except you) knows the dems love to have people who are dependent on the government. The repubs love the corporations and banksters.

          • He didn’t say the president OKs SS disability.

            He suggested that increasing the number of people on various government programs, including this one — making them dependent — is a liberal pipe dream.

            I guess when your ideas have no validity, you have to make stuff up and make insults to distract.

        • How much should we steal from the rich? How about the super rich?

      2. like i said in another thread..when these services crash..thats when the S will HTF..

        the unrest and crime will be rediculous

        No SS
        No ADC
        No medicaid / care
        No Bridge card
        No EBT
        No SSI
        No nothin from the gov. to pay their way

        it will be the start of the shit flying and its just around the corner..

        Are you ready?

        • You are dead on… will be austerity measures that really light the fire.

          • And statements like: “The Tea Party can go to hell.” Nothing like a congresswoman inspiring violence against those who disagree with her.

            • Divide and conquer, my friend. Keep the sheeple fighting with each other so they don’t look behind the curtain.

              With few exceptions (e.g., Dr. Ron Paul), our so-called representatives represent nothing other than themselves. They think they are securing their own life boats while the Titanic lurches and bobs.

            • What that bitch does’nt realise is if the keynesians (Dems)did’nt push everything to this point, their would’nt be a need for the teaparty.

        • Agreed.

          I lump all the programs together and call them “Government Cheese”. Makes it easier for discussion purposes, as in: “I cleaned my rifles this afternoon, because I heard the inner cities stopped receiving their shipments of Government Cheese.”


          • And when TSHTF, we’re gonna hear a lot of “whine” with that cheese…

        • VRF

          Here is one thing to consider. In the grand plan, the goal was to get people dependent on the government, or profiting by gaming it. It was said they would have no problem from those people.

          What they want is the middle class. Those who can afford to take or leave government, it’s support, and its criminal opportunities.

          All of these benefits will go out until after they have taken everything you think you own until you are also forced to ask help. The purchasing power will be maintained as needed to keep the recipients from rising.

          The corp and it’s goons may never bring you to that point, but you should never forget that is the goal.

          The system was designed to be exactly what it is. It will continue to support those who depend on it for as long as YOUR money lasts.

        • I agree that the spark for social unrest will likely be economic. But that also creates a huge incentive for TPTB to prevent that outcome. TPTB want to continue to milk the population. They don’t want to kill the cow. If people are not producing, then the government/elite will not be able to steal the output. Same reason why I think that FEMA camps are a bit far-fetched. Why lock people up in FEMA camps when you could be stealing their labor through taxes and currency debasement?

      3. Next they will dip into 401 Ks

        • Some already have. A friend from Texas told me her husband’s 401k is now gone – yes, GONE – because of bad investments (Enron, AIG, etc.) by his employer, a major computer programming company. And now he himself has been “downsized” so at age 56 is having to look for a new job. They are frugal, no-frills type people by nature so they will survive. But BHO’s “redistribution of wealth” plan has me plain scared. Just because those of us who worked for the past 35+ years (and continue to do so) and put money away each month, he wants “us” to give it away to “them” – third-generation welfare halfwits who were out buying $150 tennis shoes, big-screen TVs, satellite dishes, hair extensions, the most expensive meat cuts, the latest electronic gadgets, etc. We got trouble, my friends…TROUBLE… with a capital T that rhymes with B that stands for…B-LLSH-T!

          • You’ve got your answer. Out with Obama and the pantywaist liberals who’ve never had to make a payroll and would understand a bad investment if it bit them in the butt!

            • It’s really easy to say “out with Obama”. The problem is the “in with WHO?” Sure I’m going to vote for Ron Paul, just like everyone else posting here probably will. But “they” won’t let Ron Paul anywhere near the Oval Office. Ron Paul can’t be bought. Can’t be bribed. And as we know from Serpico, if you can’t be bribed you can’t be trusted. TPTB will get who they want. The citizens are allowed to vote for who TPTB want so we can pretend to have input into the process.

            • Dom’s correct…Out with Obama and his fellow marxists…It will be difficult, because almost 50% of the voting population relies on some type of government subsidy or lives in outright dependency on government…Just as marxists like it….

      4. Raising the retirement age? The retirement age limit was set at 65 and not higher because of the unemployed. If you force people to stay in their jobs longer, then people looking for work have to wait that much longer for a job to become availabe.

        • Retirement age was set at 65 because at the time that age it was set, average life expectancy for a male was 65. The idea of getting Social Security and Medicare was based on that average Life Expectancy! WAKE UP!! If the average life expectancy had been 85 at the time, then retirement age, Social Security and Medicare entitlement age would have been set at 85!!

          • Actually, LE at birth in 1930 was 59.2 years. ( men and women taken together )

            LE, once you made it to 65, ( infant mortality/etc taking quite a toll )was another 12.5yrs, or age 77.5

            That had increased about 5 years as of the end of the 20th century.


            • That’s true, but all SS programs were based on the German model that was intiated by Bismarck in the 1880’s which kicked in for men at age 65 when the male life expectancy was around 60.

            • Back then waay fewer people made it to 65.

          • I’m awake already! Sheesh! I heard you all the way over hear. But if they raise the retirement age, how will that affect unemployment?

            • When the employees don’t retire, those underneath can’t advance, and that results in no jobs at entry levels for graduates??

            • Heard a young man (piercing, tattoos, baggy pants) the other day saying he’d be glad to have a job at Kroger’s bagging groceries but the store has “old farts” doing that now and teens like him won’t get hired. But then, the “old farts” are on time for work, dress neatly, speak intelligibly and sport good manners and positive attitudes, so……………

        • Too bad you know nothing, but spew your opinions anyway. Under the Reagen/O’Neal deal in the 1980s, the retirement age was gradually raised to 67. Most people retiring from now on will have to wait until 67 to collect SS.

          • Wrong – you can begin collecting SS at the age of 62, but the benefits are reduced by about 1/3, compared to the full benefits you would receive if you retire at age 67. FYI, I know several people in their late ’50s who are seriously considering collecting at age 62, figuring that SS will collapse not long after they turn 67 – they want to collect as much as possible before that happens. Of course, none of this would be an issue with a privatized system like Chile’s.

      5. I agree Jim. Just like the cops in the lemonade video the minions will do what they are told even when they know its wrong.

        I would love to see what would have happened if the kids were just giving away the lemonade.

        People who know they are going to lose their jobs have been doing the disability game for years now. Just wait till the STD/LTD people hit the SSDI system.

        The multi level government safety net was never designed for what is coming. If you want to see just how bad it is. Visit your local Social Security office. Most of what you will see is people under 62 and not many disabled.

        The biggest disability claim is Mental disability. Since the MSM is saying we are all nuts, maybe we can file a claim and get some of the money.

      6. I haven’t heard any Congressmen or Senators complaining about not getting their pay ck or medical ins.

        • interestingly enough…neither have I

          • Why not ask your senators and congressmen to take a 20% pay cut. I have….

            • 20%, I’ve asked them to take a 50% cut and cut their staff by 75%.

            • You’re kind.

              I asked my senators to quit and I offered them both one way tickets to Cuba.


            • Camp Delta?

      7. Remember, when unemployment runs out, the person who was getting the check is no longer considered out of work. When someone graduates from school and can’t find a job, they are not eligible for unemployment checks, and thus are not counted as unemployed. People working part time jobs are not considered under employed. The real unemployed number? Closer to 20%. Burn D.C. to the ground! Real unemployment is going up. It will continue to go up, because of monetary inflation. As more and more employers are unable to compete because of the cost of labor, they must outsource, or worse, insource. The long term effects of this are irreversable. The demographic destruction of our society, and eventually the end of our people. Have a nice day!

        • Here’s the real reason these applications are up. There is a moocher stigma associated with welfare and not with social security disability.

          People feel “better” about themselves accepting this form of welfare than the traditional one.

          I say its all one & the same. Why do I have to pay for someone else’s disability anyway? Isn’t that what family is for?

          • Many people understand that the country is dead and they’re grabbing what they can, till it all goes belly up.

          • You have paid into it. If you truly became disabled would it be welfare if you took it?

            • You’ve paid into welfare too. Where do you think it comes from?

            • As a small business owner I paid both employer and employee share. Trust me I am quite aware of that fact.

              My question was: If YOU became disabled after paying into it (just like me and millions of my closest friends) for 30 or 40 years would you consider it welfare and refuse to apply for it?

            • I think it should just go away. We should not be paying into it and not drawing it either. This should NOT be a function of government.

              Clearly…..from the abuse of the program.

              How about the people who are born disabled? Why should they get it? How about an 18 year old who has worked about 200 hours in their entire life, should they get it?

              Ponzi scheme.

            • Anecdotal evidence:

              My aunt has Parkinson’s and fought for over two years for SSI.

              My cousin is an alcoholic/drug addict and he got his first payment in about 30 days (the response time was amazing).

            • POA, hope you got my answers the other day.

              The problem is that you and your workers paid into an insurance system without a contract. MITTY is right, and everyone should loot the corporation if they can, while they can. God knows it has stolen enough from them and they deserve anything they can get.

              Is it welfare to take money from the corp? No, it is payback. These bankers have stolen EVERYTHING, and the only way you can get it back is to use their own credit. Obviously, you can’t sell anything you don’t own by selling it to someone with your own credit, now can you?

              There is no way to screw the corp. It is a fraud, and operates as a fraud. The Law leaves fraudsters right where it finds them. In the case of the bankers, they are making a fraudulent claim on every stick of property in the country.

              Get back what you can….

      8. I read somewhere that only 1 in 10 on social security disability truly “deserve” it. It really pisses me off that these able bodied individuals are literally STEALING my retirement money. And the government willingly & happily turns over my money to them. I know several folks on SS disability who are more than able to work. They just sit at home on their butts.

        I will never see a dime of the money I put into that ponzi scheme.

        • You can’t say 1/10 deserve it because once they vote for liberal democrats they’ve earned it….say the liberals.

          Maxine Waters in a common ( otherwise known as not rare) display of political discourse told the tea party to go to hell yesterday. Evidence to me she would just like those she disagrees with to be killed and die….isn’t that synonymous with ” go to he’ll?”. I can see the next flash mob using her statement as justification for their violence.

        • Got several of those other 9 living around me. “disabled” for various things.

          The one that REALLY corks me is the village idiot that “fried” his brain on drugs/alcohol as a teen, then worked a few menial jobs thru his twenties, and finally “got his SSI”… he spends his time sitting in his truck along side the road, drinking beer and waving to everybody that passes….on their way to work… if to say “THANKS, SUCKERS”.

          The REAL problem is gonna be when this all does go down, and that whole army of entitled idiots out there stop getting their checks, and come looking to YOU for the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed, and expect. They are gonna get ugly in a hurry, I’m thinking.

        • I read somewhere that only 1 in 10 on social security disability truly “deserve” it.

          I read “somewhere” is not necessarily accurate info. Don’t people have to provide medical records and such? I suppose the “mental” cases would be much harder to disprove.

          • You or a close family member are clearly using the soc. sec disability system plain old american. You are far too defensive of it.

            Look around you. Abuse is RAMPANT.

            Open your eyes. It’s the only way you will learn.

            • Maybe POA is pissed that so many are stealing it that if he/she REALLY needed it, the cupboard would be bare.

              I feel sorry for the prople who actually need it because they are lumped in with the theives.

              I also feel for anyone who actually has back problems because to most people “I have a bad back” means “I am a lazy bum”.

            • Abuse is indeed rampant, and in other areas as well. We know of a local church which started a food pantry. Good Christian idea on the surface. However, when we saw some (not all) of the people who get in line for food – newer cars, fancy manicures, gold jewelry, spray tans – sorta makes you want to donate to your own pantry instead, you know?

            • Don’t confuse pragmatism with defensiveness. This is similar to my conversations with true libertarians. They hold the position that we do not need to control our borders only that we should not provide any social services that attract people to our country.

              Whether it is social security disability or foodstamps, or veteran’s health care; all are not a function of government under article one, section eight. Can you envision an America where injured folks are left to lie in the street unless a benevolent individual or organization happens to find them? Can you see people starving because they are not capable of doing the work that they used to do?

              That there is rampant fraud and abuse of the systems is not being argued. Everyone can see it. The question is whether charity can support the true need or do we watch the kids running thru the streets desperate and willing to prostitute themselves or commit criminal activity for a meal?

              How do we remain a compassionate nation without providing an early, and undeserved, retirement for the drug addicts and alcoholics? If we’re going to shoot them are you going to start with your cousin?

            • totally agree with you blutarsky…there are people like teachers retiring after 25-30 yrs of working in the education department and collecting really good “pensions” and benefits..then, they file for disability and hire a lawyer if they have to to get it. then they sit back and live pretty high off the hog waiting for age 65 to come along for regular ssi benefits. not just a ponzi scheme…but a double dipping catastrophe. personally, disability in my mind is when you are no longer able to do “anything”. even basket making is something.

          • I know someone who is getting SS disability because she is losing her hearing – though she can still carry on a normal conversation with me. Does that REALLY make her disabled?!!!!

            It also qualifies her child for an educational Pell Grant – Federal welfare to go to college.

            Her husband makes plenty of money. They have a nice house, a paid for lake house worth $500K, they just bought said child a 2 year old BMW to go to college, said child has a nice new wardrobe for college, said child has just joined a sorority in college (annual cost about $2500).

            And they are accepting federal aid. And lots of it.

            How is this fair? Tell me.

            Abuse is rampant.

          • What about all of the military folks who are drawing 50% of more of their pay for disability, while holding down a full time job and full getting retirement? I had one working with me the last corporate job I had a few years ago. He made twice in military pay what he made working full time.

            Those who abuse the system most are not just the poor. The system was set up to be abused and make as many people benefit from it as possible to keep them quiet as these times approach.

            It is those who are getting extreme and unearned amounts that will suffer most. The middle class benefit takers that live high off the hog because of previous service to the corp.

            • Does all include the ones with no legs or arms?

            • No, those who gave an arm or a leg for the corp are truly disabled. It happened because of a bad choice in who to serve, but they are disabled and can not work.

              Still, the corp will do to them what it can while it can. Aren’t those amputees lucky to have sacrificed limb in the furtherance of the corp agenda.

        • And add to that their children…SSI includes checks for their kids!!!

          I know of two families where the mother is receiving(one, truly had 2 brain tumors–I wouldn’t want her wroking beside me; the other??a car wreck prompted back surgery, not truly disabled–I know, I watch.

          I read 3 families working are supporting the welfare and all benefits for 7 families not…IT WILL NOT LAST; IT CAN NOT LAST!!

          • read 3 families working are supporting the welfare and all benefits for 7 families not…IT WILL NOT LAST; IT CAN NOT LAST!!

            I wonder when the people are going to realize that they PAY ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR THESE PROGRAMS…..

            Every penny you send in to the corp through the IRS goes directly to the banksters. Not one single penny goes to pay a benefit. You Social Security contributions are spent on corporate activities just as soon as it gets it. The printing press is what pays the benefits, NOT YOU.

            If you continue to keep paying the IRS and the bankers, that is your choice. But quit whining about paying for benefits to the needy when the only people who see your money is the banksters.

        • Us, too. We know one woman who had some “back problems” several years ago and was awarded SSI and a blue disability placard for her vehicle. This same woman has since been on a cruise, helped her son and daughter-in-law move (we’re talking heavy boxes here) and is seen by her neighbors digging in her garden, mowing grass, raking leaves and shoveling snow. (I had a back injury several years ago as well. I took pain meds for 10 days and went to a massage therapist. I’m still working.)

      9. On a separate note, who thinks that this looming Category 3 hurricane that is supposed to hit the Southeast will be the straw that breaks the camels back for our economy?

        Too bad its not making a beeline for Martha’s Vinyard to ruin the community organizers luxury vacation. I can’t stand that heartless SOB.

        • Nah.. too localized.. but I will be closing my shutters.

          • Me too, but the financial loss could be devastating. To insurance companies, business, etc. Companies that are already on the brink…..

      10. I’ve seen a large ship sink. Have been on quite a few that sunk also. The horror! Jackson Hole is the cause.

        • Ought to be renamed Jack Ass Hole. Then it could make it on Wheel of Fortune as a double prize puzzle too.

      11. Interesting..

        “Inflation destroys purchasing power and makes it impossible to know the future value of money. There is a good reason that the Coinage Act of 1792 specified (in Section 19) that the penalty for fraud or embezzlement by officers or employees of the mint for debasing or making the currency to be of less weight or value, “every such officer or person who shall commit any or either of the said offenses, shall be deemed guilty of felony, and shall suffer death.” (Notice that the Act does not say “prosecuted for a felony,” but “deemed” and executed. No trial here.) To issue a paper currency not redeemable in specie is a fraud. Issuing paper dollars with no underlying value steals the very value of the nation’s money. For this action alone, each Governor, officer and employee of the Federal Reserve Bank, Treasury officer and employee, each officer and employee of the US Mint, and each member of Congress should be deemed guilty and put to death. Otherwise, there is no justice in America.”

        • Yes, it is there in the law; not just rhetoric. Can you imagine hauling off all those ‘important’ people to the gallows? The Marxist media would go apeshit cubed. They’d implement whatever false flags they have set up at once to divert.

      12. No disrespect intended here, but we (“the people”) are the government.

        The bought-paid-for bankster shill sociopaths and inveterate liars in DC (District of high-class Crooks) are REPRESENTATIVES ONLY of the government. They are not the government, but they play along because the one and only true government allow them to. Shame is on us!

        At the same time – “…, there is only one place left to go for a monthly paycheck. The government.”
        Well, we (“the people”) are the government and the “money” product of our labors, our wealth is stolen by the representative-fools (shame on us again). So, why shouldn’t we take it back?

        At the least – we “the people” need to clue up and start thinking and behaving as what we are: the government – represented by fools-turned crooks in DC.

        Next step after re-learning the simple distinction/definition will be to clean out DC of all crooks – to be followed by cleaning out the crooks in banking and “finance” (which has become creative mass theft with assistance provided by the lackeys in DC).

        Let’s start now – soon it will be too late (and by the way – only 10% of sheeple needed to make change).

        • WATG: Right on brother! WE have the power. All WE have to do is exercise it.

          Eliminate the G-Flu: R1, D1, L1

        • Keep saying that so you’ll believe it.

          Beginning with the “Act of 1871” then forward to the “Federal Reserve Act of 1913” and then forward to when we lost the senate in 1914 then forward to “Social Security Act of 1933” …and numerous others in between… we haven’t been the government. It really got cut off shortly after 1871. After the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation was incorporated and then coerced the states into incorporating, we ceased to be a constitutional republic. The last straw was when they corrupted the senate. The social security act just rubbed salt in the wound.

          See, there are really three “persons” that have a stake in the government. The People. The States. The Federal Government. The people have representation in the congress. The States *HAD* representative in the senate (each state legislature chose two senators). Now, by manipulating elections and the will of the people with welfare and perks, the states have no representation. The Federal Government, of course, had representation with the president. …and the Supreme Court was supposed to make sure everyone did everthing according to the law.

          Well, they didn’t and we’re, frankly, fucked. We now get treated like criminals for doing things that have nothing to do with rights or law. The corporations force their will upon the people. …and that will is heavy, complex and burdensome. The courts have all been bought out and corrupted. You are assumed to be a corporate citizen with corporate rights and thats the way you are treated.

          Its been a grand brainwashing experiment that was very successful. It has allowed the greedy to become rich and the power hungry to gorge themselves at the public trough.

          Now it is all falling apart. And you know what? I’M LAUGHING MY ASS OFF! Give undeserving fools enough rope and they’ll hang themselves. I’m hanging around to watch them swing and bleed. Soon, it will the they that are the prisoners and we that are free. Oh, life will be much less comfortable but they’ll be gone. I pray each day: “Lord, please, let the crash come soon.”

          Are you ready for the crash?

          • Net Ranger: I don’t disagree that powerful forces influence and control OUR modern Administrations, and have for a long time, but opting out won’t change that.

            Only engagement will change that.

            Look to Eygpt, Tunisa, Libya, and Syria as examples. Ruled by dictators for decades without the power to vote or organize or create political opposition without the threat of death.

            WE have those rights, still. We have the power to change OUR politics and elect Patriots to office instead of Globalists, if WE will exercise it.

            WE are not yet slaves, but if We do not engage OUR government it will enslave US because that is the intrinsic nature of government.

            Am I mistaken? I thought YOU had more backbone than to roll over and play dead, or disappear like God’s Creation, or opt out like Clark.

            If you think the system is falling apart you are not as smart as I gave you credit for. All that is happening is PLANNED and naysayers are either lacking sufficient resolve, a true grasp of reality, or shilling for the enemy: the gangster banksters.

            Even today I read where the investigation into GS has taken a turn where the CEO has obtained personal criminal counsel as the interests of the CEO and GS has taken separate paths. I expect him to resign in the coming months, “for family reasons” of course.

            This is OUR country for those of US who still want it and it is not too late to take it back. To those that do not, go your own way, see how far you get.

            Am I prepped? I have been prepped for decades. I’ll check the link below when I have more time.

        • Insolvency….sounds like “political opposition” to buying votes for the DNC in mass. Never heard of “insolvency” they just print more.

      13. Kids receive ss for a lot of reasons too. A parent dies and the child gets money, even if said child never lived with or received child support. If the mom is a drug addict the child can receive ss even if the child no longer lives w/ the parents. Poor concentration, seizures (parent reported), drug affected and alcohol affected are other reasons I have seen kids getting ss checks. Parents who can work the system and don’t want to cooperate with welfare rules (like looking for work) can use the kids for income instead and still max out the foodstamps.

        I would have a lot more sympathy for people struggling if I saw a lot more gardens growing. If you aren’t going to put some hard labor into your survival and shut off the cell and cable then your priorities are a little off.

        • I’ve seen children get SSI for being allergic to soap, yes soap. Their parents also get the kids to act up so they can be classified as ADD and ADHD, and again a check.

          And as far as survivor benefits for children, I’m divorced and pay a hefty amount in child support. But if I died, my son would get double what I’m paying my ex wife in child support, it’s just plain crazy!!

        • I knew a kid when I was growing up that got a check from social security because he was legally blind. His parents made bank and they just let him have the government money for spending money. He always had bucks for weed & beer.

          • What fun is getting high when your BLIND???? Lol

            • He drove better.

      14. The political process and thus our entire society are dysfuntional. The beginning of the end was Universal Suffrage. Consider this, when you let sub-sapients vote, you then get the government that stupid people want. There are more stupid people than smart people. That is why the Founders of this country gave us a Contitutional Republic, limited franchise, not a socialist democracy. Democracy is 2 wolves and 1 sheep deciding what to have for lunch. How does that work out?

        • perfect analogy

        • Agreed. Universal Suffrage has ruined the Republic. In my opinion:

          1) Raise the voting age to 30. 18 year old kids don’t know crap. Make sure folks have gone around the block a few times before they can pull the lever for someone.

          2) If you’re receiving ANY kind of government assistance, you lose the right to vote.

          3) If you pay no taxes, you don’t vote.

          4) Picture ID needed to vote. Driver’s license preferred.


          • True. The inmates are indeed running the asylum.

          • Mal: 2, 3, & 4 work for me. If kids are old enough to got to war they are old enough to vote.

            However since We have an all volunteer military, anyone over the age of 18 should be in school, working, or have paid taxes in their life.

            ID’s and fingerprints a must.

            • Fine. I’m willing to modify #1. You serve, you can vote.

        • If people are subject to a government, then they should get a say in that government. Universal suffrage is nothing but common sense.

          Why are you panicking so badly in this hour of your society’s misfortune? Why do despise and wish ill upon so many of your fellows? Why have you allowed yourself to become so badly demoralized?

          • Roland: We aren’t panicking, We just don’t want 30 million Illegals voting US into the NAU and dissolving OUR Constitution. There will be civil war in America again if any more amnesty’s are illegally given.

            The US Constitution does not allow for Amnesty. That would be a treasonous act and the Globalists responsible would pay the price for TREASON.

          • I don’t like the fact that the crack whores in my local city vote, sometimes more than once, for whatever politician is willing to steal from the producers and give to her in order to secure her vote. If you’re on the dole, you shouldn’t be voting.

      15. It appears as if we’re pretty much ‘screwed-big-time’ no matter which direction we turn. Successive administrations have ‘kicked-the-can’ down the road as far as possible in an attempt shove the problems off onto succeeding administrations. This is no longer possible.

        This time, when the music stops; nobody will have a chair to sit in.

        I would strongly recommend getting your last minute preparations in order. Please don’t forget your pets either. God Bless & good luck to all.

        • Thank you for reminding people to take care of the puppies. We have a full year’s worth of food stocked for ours. I wish we had room for more.

          The 20 pound bags of dog food have gone up $4 per bag since we started stockpiling.

          • Yeah try that with two Great Danes. 280 lbs of the greatest dogs God ever made….we have 5 months worth for that but room for more is lacking. 40lbs of kibble a week

            • Not a big problem for us. We have four pet birds and rotate the seed bags and treats. Just purchased more this evening.

            • Ration, when it gets tuff..that dog can survive on less

          • I got 150 pounds of seed for my parrot.

        • Before there was industrial “kibble” people had and fed dogs quite well. My pack are flourishing without a kibble diet 🙂

      16. I worked at Ohare airport with a Muslim Philipino guy. He was hired at the age of 55 with very little English skills. (no american needed a job, right!) He had 3 families. 1 in the Philipines, 1 in Saudi Arabia, and 1 here in the US. When he was old enough for SS, he was paid extra for each child he claimed. Even the ones outside of the country. He made out quite well, and he didn’t even thank us! At his age you would think he didn’t have any dependant kids. You would be wrong.

        • It will be interesting to see what form of public assistance or SS takes place after the government resets itself. Clearly we need to stop such idiocy and entitlements run and standardized by bleeding hearts. Saw a woman pull up to handicapp spot recently in new SUV holding her food stamps. Her disability? She complained to the maket mgr cuz the store provided electric chairs couldn’t hold a woman of her stature. She was at least 500 lbs…took every once of strength in me to keep from blowing a gasket. When the SHTF people like her will not survive unless the gangs have some sort of entitlement programs.

          • I am impressed by the motor/gearbox in these powerchairs.

          • We had a word in the 1950s for people like that – FAT!

      17. should the music accompanying the sinking be “The Star Spangled Banner?” If you haven’t started prepping by now, you need to put it into warp drive….it may already be too late

        • Went to Lexington Containers for 10- 30 gallon drums..plan on going for 10 more this weekend.

          I can’t dance fast enough!!

          Yep, Klingon–informing anyone is a waste of breath–they’ll laugh and even if, it’s waaaaay too late.

          Unless they are the ‘Beck’ type and can afford to buy those $3000 deals at Emergency Essentials.

          • Most people are complete idiots! You guys are right. You say stuff to people and they look at you like you have three heads.

            I mean, the bow is up in the air, at this point, and the air pressure has blown all the hatches and windows out and the air is SCREAMING out of them as we go down. Yet the common folk are more interested in Kim Kardasiwhatever’s wedding. Whats that sloshing sound? Oh, look! The deck chairs are out of line. Sloppy!

            Look, I know Kissinger called us *ALL* worthless eaters and we are disgusted about that but, I’m beginning to think that was wisdom, not elitism.

            • NetRanger said “most people are idiots”.
              It takes one to know one.

            • Wow Greg….that was really profound. You out of grade school yet ?

      18. So right on all of you! The Gov knows this. Thats why they will find a way to keep funneling cash out. eventually the goods are priced beyond the food stamp money in. and then begins the dreaded riots. were getting eerily close.

        Stay strong all.

      19. I smell a new bailout coming. this one will be blamed on the aging population instead of the thieft from the SS trust fund. They will print more money to bail out SS. Make it seem like the government saved us from ourselves and never mentioning thye stole the money to begin with.

        were being fed a line of BS.

      20. I stopped at the store today. Looked at a package of bacon. Bought a gallon of milk ($4 and change). When I was at the register folks were grumbling about costs. I told the checker I wanted some bacon but at the price they wanted I figured the pig had to have been a celebrity and there was no way I was gonna cook Joy Behar for breakfast.

        • I heard the local radio announcer say bacon was expected to go to $6 a lb the next two weeks…I got some for $1.85 that week…in freezer.
          Texans are killing their cattle because they can’t feed them through the winter; it’ll catch up with us in two years; no calfs.

      21. In a way, when the system does crash, it will be a quick return to our original system that this country was founded on. No one owes you anthing, you are responsible for yourself and the free ride is over. It will be however, a very dangerous time for those of us who have done it the right way and were responsible in our lives.
        The government will make the wrong choice and a revolution will begin, again. This country was birthed in blood. It will be again.

        Peace to you all.

        • it may not be an area code but it sure can reach out and touch someone……hahaha one well placed bullet can change the course of history

          • Just more ooomph….300Win Mag

        • Hey! C&B! Thats my line.


          .308, I hope you’re correct. Its what I’m prepping for.

          • The shot heard from around the world…

      22. When the Disability trust fund runs out of benefits in 2017, that really means that the trust fund numbers go to zero in 2017.
        Those numbers indicate merely the draw the trust fund has on the Treasury without an appropriation. The actual financing of benefits is pay-as-you-go – from general revenues, just as if the trust fund didn’t exist. It’s the same process for battleships.
        Don Levit

        • Thank you for the heads up.

      23. Now the United States Congress is trying to lock down, once and for all, any further hint of question about the event with a new bill, HR 2819. The bill prohibits any “officer or employee of the Federal Government from providing information about the mission to kill Osama bin Laden to any person outside the Federal Government…”


        • No problem, Mom. They can tell most of us. If you signed a W4, you are a US Government employee. So, nobody can be prosecuted.

      24. At 16 the government started taking money from the paycheck I worked as an intern. For the next twenty years I worked two full time jobs. Have a total of over sixty years of employment and that equals a hell of a lot of money deposited with the government when interest is calculated. I’m collecting SS retirement now and using those for my preps. Plain Old American, if I had become seriously injured, you are damn right I would of applied for disability. I also would of wanted a payday from those insurance companies my employer and I had paid premiums for all those years and never collected a dime on.

        I don’t consider what I put into the treasury and contracted to be returned if I lived to be old or got sick an “entitlement”. Excuse me. I worked for a living. Entitlement to me, is getting something not earned.

        What doesn’t get mentioned is not everyone lives to collect the contributions they made to the SS retirement fund or be awarded disability. It P.O.’s me too when the lying, cheating, a-holes manipulate the system – but they are always in society -we all know some. I believe we also probably know some, who applied for disability and were denied, but were truly deserving.

        A million applicants???? Well, the government is going to send them through all kinds of hoops and examines before awarding them a penny. Wish they would do the same to the “millions” (with a s) of illegals who collect up to $10,000 ($20,000 a family) in earned income tax credits annually without any scrutiny because the government doesn’t require them to provide SS #’s for their illegal – fictitious kids they claim on their W-2’s as single head of household. Now there is a scam for you tax payers and where’s the outrage on forums for the millions/billions stole and stolen? It’s a bigger theft and scam then what the citizens of this country has and can scam in this article.

      25. There are currently two different conditions, which are used to FAKE the SSDI system. They are both immune-neurological disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. I currently know a 35-year old lady, we’ll call her MCQUEEN, who HAS both of these conditions and a medical file that is 6-inches thick to support her claim. She pulls in $2500 per month from the government. She is so sick that she has to hang out at the pool all day long in a bikini with her kids.

        I wish my wife was in as good of shape healthy as MCQUEEN is sick.

      26. There are an awful lot of people that work their entire lives paycheck to paycheck. Raised their families, paid their bills but was not fortunate enough to have a government or union job. All they will have is their social security check to live on in their last years and now that is blowing in the wind.

      27. What a hell of a mess,

      28. Anybody catch Farrakhan tell the POTUS WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?

        Another pressure valve getting ready to blow!

        “Low Plains Perspective”

      29. maybe this government needs to get its nose out of everyone elses buisness..or we have a Coup d’etat here.

        I love how the current establishment loves to chuck down on everything being done to another counties peoples, when this government here is playing the same shit, just better at hiding it and making it look like they are better, when the final out come is the same supression of its people and using the human being as a paun..

        this government is no better than any other currently they all are screwed up

      30. why is the government the last one to learn that you can not buy friends, when the money runs out, the people that they’re buying will turn on them the same as the countries will when the foriegn aid runs out.

        • ….because, just me, they have a printing press….they are like my dear sister in law. Fun to look at, but just don’t take too seriously. After coming into the family I recall her statement about the problem she had with the police and her checkbook: “but officer I can’t be over draw there are still checks in here”

      31. The average S.S. recipient receives benefits for 13 months. This is monies paid by that said person and their employer into the system. In most cases 60 to 100,000 dollars per individual is involved. Big brother stole the money,(robbed Peter to pay Paul) if you will and now does not care to come clean on the dept. Funny thing, Alan Greenspan was on T.V. recently and declared ” the U.S. would never default on its dept. With the power to print money, they can print more as needed.” However, this must only apply to funds for the bankers bailouts and the ongoing wars. As for the rest of us, austerity is the extent of their their collective ability to reason.

      32. The video says it all!

      33. Imagine the glee that banksters and military industrial types would feel after reading many of these comments. They willfully trashed the global economy to pack their pockets with a few more billions, and their toadies in Washington, on Fox News and on talk radio were able to convince the common folk that it’s all the fault of poor people! You gotta give ’em credit for having big shiny brass ones.

      34. Be careful when people offer up their Prepper supplies to you as a stranger traveling during the coming great depression, in the name of kindness and mercy.

        Many Preppers will be preying upon Innocent travelers, who are lost and alone without family and friends during the great financial tribulation.

        They will lure you into their prepared shelters with kindness and say things like “come stay with us stranger, we have food and water here” “We will shelter you”

        Then while you sleep they will butcher you alive, use your flesh to replenish their prepper supplies.

        Others will be hunted like game and taken out. Innocent passerby shot and skinned like hunted deer.

        Human flesh with be a delicacy for most in the near future when the prepper supplies run out.

        The world is going Carnivorous cannibalistic very soon.

        Be prepared and stay away from hillbilly preppers and the deep dark south especially the bordering towns of Mexico and USA where hunger and starvation will be the worst.

        • Eat me.

        • Hannibal Lecter would be so proud. Seriously, folks, we are in one heck of a mess. God said, I know My people and Mine know Me. May God have mercy on his people and protect us (while we fulfill our responsibility as well).

        • Watch Out…

          You have watched “The Road” and “Book of Eli” to many times. Take a break from the extremo redneck prepper sites for a day, if the SHTF the it hits the fan, if your prepped then you have nothing to worry about lock and load right its what being prepared is all about, but really what your saying will take more years to come to pass if at all possible then you and I have combined. Most preppers don’t look forward to having a collapse in any real world scenerio, but we prep for a reason…
          Besides “Soylent Green” was way better movie..

        • Seriously people, I know many of us want to paint a pretty picture of a economic collapse, some like hot but not too hot.

          Sorry thats not how the world works, there are extremes and then there are the extremes.

          what stage we are entering and have all of you anticipating is going to be so horrific that it is beyond your comprehension.

          For in the good books very own words:
          “And except those days had been shortened, no flesh would have been saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”

          A prime example of economic horror is the Soviet government’s refusal to acknowledge, or attend to, the economic collapse and the famine that swept much of the Soviet Union during the early 1920s led to widespread cannibalism.

          In the years 1920-21, the Soviet Union was hit hard by famine and economic collpase. Civil war had wiped out grain stores, and drought affected harvests. Struggling poor and prisoners alike fell victim to starvation. Hungry individuals ate what they could find – the last of their livestock, cats and dogs, and then finally, fellow human beings. Cannibalism in Soviet Russia and elsewhere in the Soviet Union manifested itself in prisons camps, in urban settings, and in the countryside. The practice of cannibalism was seen as a survival measure rather than a true crime by those who had nothing else to eat.
          Cannibalism in the Soviet Union – Crime or Compassion?

          It goes without saying that cannibalism in the Soviet Union was outlawed. Those who were caught cannibalizing their fellow citizens were sent to prisons, even though cannibalism was practiced in the Gulag, as well. Parents of starving children might cook and serve the bodies of strangers, neighbors, or relatives who had died in order to give their offspring a chance at survival. While some acts of cannibalism certainly occurred because of psychotic hunger, other acts of cannibalism were undertaken as practicalities due to lack of available food.
          Cannibalism in the Soviet Union – Cannibalistic Murder

          While some individuals ate the bodies of the already dead, others murdered for the purpose of providing themselves with food. Gangs of children would kill adults, while adults would find children to murder and eat. Escaped prisoners might take along fellow inmates to serve as future meals – unbeknown to the escapees’ companions themselves .

          Read more at Suite101: Cannibalism in the Soviet Union: The Famine of 1920-21 Caused People to Resort to Eating Human Flesh |

          • The Russian Empire got hit by a series of four great catastrophes in the space of only a decade:

            1. The Great War led to Russia’s loss of over four million men in their prime on the battlefield. Also millions of horses and oxen were commandeered for the armies and never returned to the farms–seriously reducing agricultural output.

            In 1915-17 the victorious Germans advanced deep into Belarus and Ukraine, driving millions of refugees into the heartland of Russia with no more than they could carry.

            Russia was still what we would now call a developing country. The railroad network simply lacked the capacity to both supply the armies at the front, and the refugee-packed industrial towns. Needless to say, the towns went hungry.

            There was also steep inflation of consumer prices as the Tsar printed roubles to run the war economy. Russia lacked an effective bureaucracy that could administer a sensible wartime rationing system, so there was no way to allocated vital resources to those who most needed them. Well-connected businessmen did well from their contacts at the Imperial Court, and then converted their profits to pounds or francs in overseas accounts. Meanwhile, peasants began to refuse to sell their produce in exchange for the debased roubles.

            Severe shortages of both food and fuel (very important in a cold climate like Russia’s) prevailed in most of urban Russia even before the Revolutions began, simply owing to the complications caused by the Great War. Indeed it was women working in factories in Petrograd (St. Petersburg), who finding their wages unable to buy enough food, started the mass demonstrations that led to the fall of the Romanovs. The revolution proceeded so quickly that even those who had dedicated their careers to the Tsar’s overthrow found themselves panting to keep up with the events in the streets.

            2. The revolutions got rid of the Tsar and his cronies, but of course they also caused a breakdown in law-and-order, and collapse of the already shaky markets. The armies and fleets mutinied. Money largely ceased to have value.

            3. Then the big epidemics hit. First, there was a widespread typhus epidemic caused by the soldiers returning home without delousing. Then Russia got a share of worldwide influenza pandemic of 1918-1919, although thankfully not quite as bad as in some other countries. Both diseases took a heavy toll upon the hungry and weakened populace.

            4. Meanwhile a multi-sided Civil War raged in most parts of the former Russian Empire–which was aggravated by repeated foreign military interventions. Ordinary commerce became impossible in an impoverished, war-torn country. Peasants often ate their seed grain and butchered their breeding stock, rather than see either Reds or Whites steal it all.

            Since for several years from 1917-22 many parts of Russia existed under virtual siege conditions, it is not surprising that there were many documented instances of cannibalism.

            After the Bolsheviks finally won the Civil War in 1922, and after their debacle in the Russo-Polish War in 1923, they backed off from their original programme and allowed limited markets for farmers (the “New Economic Policy”). Nevertheless, there were still millions of war orphans, war amputees, etc. after all was said and done. The “wild children” in particular would be a source of problems for a generation or more.

            No sooner was there some economic recovery, that the Bolshevik government decided to resume the “collectivization” of the countryside and embark upon their famous crash programme to build a heavy industrial base in just ten years, heedless of cost. But that’s a whole other story.

      35. Well nothing is ever going to change unless you get off your fat asses and do something about it. Everyone loves to bitch and moan, yet when the chips are down, 100% of everyone says or does nothing. So if you want to turn it around ….. Do something about it, instead of crying into your milk.

        • I cry in my beer.

          • I prefer to cry over scotch, but that usually after I hit my shin on the coffe table

      36. I’m on SSD and it usually takes about 2 years to get benefits(ssi & ssd). At best it takes 6 months. The ADA (American Disabilities Act) makes it harder to get a job (being disabled) since employers worry so much about lawsuits. At best on SSD your going to get about $1200 a month, then take out $100+ for medicare and it’s damn tight. But these folks have nothing else they can do. SSI you get only $800 per month to live on, but you usually qualify for food stamps, energy assistance and few other goodies. So overall I think SSD & SSI are about equal.
        I’m not saying the system is right, or no fraud occurs.But folks had to pay monthly into the system thinking it was a safety net.
        Trust me I’m not saying this system is right. I just want you to understand that most folks are not leaches. Most that are applying now just don’t have a choice.
        Can you live on $1050.00 per month? SSD will put digital dollars for that, SSI will give you $800 food stamps and energy assistance.

        • Jamie, thank you for your post.
          My mom receives SSI, it is $672 per month, plus $100 in food stamps (recently decreased from 120). She lives in subsidized housing and her rent is $200/month. To get into subsidized housing took 2 years. And my sister and I provided additional money for these 2 years as mom’s rent was pretty much eating up her entire SSI check. If she did not have us, I am not sure how she would survive. She is 70 years old. She lives a very modest lifestyle and is very grateful for the benefits she receives.
          So before you, guys, judge someone so harshly, walk a mile in their shoes.

          I am not saying there is no fraud or abuse of system going on. There is. But let’s throw everybody into a “cheater” category.

          • years ago before ssi and ssd your mom would be living with you and you might be living with a sister or brother or cousin. and everyone living under the same roof had personal responsibilities like gardening, delivering newspapers, ironing, and any job that might be available that they could mentally or physically do.

        • With respect…$1050 a month is alot more then I get now…so yes!

          • $1050 could support someone ina very low cost of living area. Apts in So Cal are over a thousand a month in the ghettos.

            Just remembering when I was a young soldier stationed at Fort Ord, CA. My wife & I had an apt in Monterey for $180 per month. It was furnished, LOL.

      37. My children lost their father at an early age and receive SS payments. Those payments are based on the amount that their father paid in, expecting to one day collect SS himself.

        As a single mom, I’m very grateful to receive that money and have been socking it away for their education. Why? Because I don’t want them to grow up to be a burden on society.

        I don’t use it to “enhance” our current lifestyle because I don’t want them to feel like they “deserve” things we can’t afford. We live a simple life, I work hard, and my kids earn their own money and their priveleges.

        A lot of folks here like to say they’d never accept this or they’d never take that. They have scornful comments for people like me. If this had not been offered, I certainly wouldn’t have gone seeking it, but I will NOT turn down something that has the potential to change my daughters’ lives.

        These same people like to come up with the most far-fetched scenarios on how awful it is that others receive this money but a lot of the recipients are just hard-working people with an issue that makes things a little more difficult for them.

        Before casting a net of derision over an entire group of people, consider that you just don’t know the whole story about why they might receive the payments they receive. Until you do, maybe you should just reserve your judgement.

        • I suppose my frustration stems from the fact that I believe most folks would like to have somekind of a safety net and, truth be told, as a wealthy nation I believe that we could’ve afforded it. The problem was that when you add the continuously depreciating currency along with the fraud and also add in the HUGE costs from illegal immigrants and the system is going to implode.

          I do believe that this is by design.

          See Cloward – Piven.

        • Their but for the Grace of God go I.

      38. Greeting Everyone!!!
        It’s saddens me to see how the retirement system and SSI are being let rot and disappear because the folks in charge both on a local level and national level refuse to even try to fix them.I’m glad that both my parents are dead and don’t have to deal with these “self serving and evil men”.
        Looks like the REPOCRATS(both parties)would rather give more $$$ to the War Dept. and reduce the $$$ for SSI.”Entitlements” my foot!! Lack of putting in the money needed? U BETCHA!! Give MORE government money to Oil Companies and Agra-corporations? yep!! Guess the dark days are coming some time soon after 2012-2014….
        To Everyone here,it was fun while it lasted,shame it was ruined so quickly by so few.
        Best to All

      39. Only the strong survive. If you are weak of mind or spirit, you won’t make it. More oxygen for the rest of us. Our seed will populate the earth. We will make the rules. Mutant rules.

      40. I do not doubt that many people getting a check work hard…some at honest labor and many at fooling the welfare dept….and I understand wanting to make sure our kids have all the help they can get to succede…I understand that there are good people out there who are getting “help” from the govt…help that makes the difference they need in their lives…BUT,the fact remains that this system of one part working to support the other is wrong,it never works fairly and equally and will eventually lead to a disaster of biblical proportions…it has to be eliminated,its not a matter of being cold and hardhearted,no one wants to see others suffer and go without but guess what… life isnt fair and while charity is not nessesarily evil… forced charity is…if more people took an interest in their familys welfare and if the churches did what they were supposed to be doing then govt wouldnt have a place in this venue…but because they do they have built this socialist system and lord it over us in the name of caring and social justice and control its not about compassion…it never was!
        Most of us know one and sometimes more persons who suck off the public teet and eat out the public trough,alot of these people are not unable to work they just “qualify” for the program…they are handi-capped by the very system that purports to care so much about them that we all are forced at gunpoint to donate to their favorite charity…Uncle Sam!
        Alot of people profess to want to destroy the beast,to change the way things are done,but when the fire gets close and they see one of the programs they like/use being threatened then all a sudden we have to slow down and re-think this revolution thing…after all I paid in or somehow my case is more rightous than anothers or without it I may starve…and thats not a light thing BUT…we have to kill the entire entitlement system or forget it…forget it all and let nature run its course…theres no partial fix or bandaid thats gonna make it all work out,believe me I get it,I paid in all my life too whenever I made anything the govt could track…Ill never see it,my Dad/Grandad paid in and barely got any before they died,but that being the case does not entitle me to anything…zip/zero/nada!
        Its nothing personal against anyone its just time we all relized its over,it was a lie and if we intend to live free and teach our kids the same and rebuild this republic then we cant mourn the passing of the system or do anything that will delay its destruction,otherwise we are intellecually dishonest and we risk being unworthy of the very freedom we profess to love. Thanks!

      41. REB, I hate the truth sometimes, good words. God Speed

      42. Just read a interesting article that happened years ago about some dude from Massachusetts
        It’s AMAZING how close it is to what is happening in our country in 2011. I’m kinda blown away after reading it. Here’s the link’_Rebellion
        Man!! I didn’t know that! Ain’t going to learn that in school!!!

      43. All of those overweight Black women that you see canepole fishing along the road have figured out how to scam the system with their complaint doctors for “disability” checks.
        Don’t you just love that feeling you get while driving to work and seeing them retired on your dime?

      44. See the link to the article below.
        Its not frustrating and blasphemous enough that this guy was arrested and put in jail just for having guns, but, what is really mind blowing is how the article demonizes this guy just for exercising his Second Amendment right. He didnt do ANYTHING wrong…. The real question here is why isnt the article railing the acts of NCIS and the “authorities”???

      45. Navy Sailor Arrested in Connecticut Over AK-47 Rifle
        Published August 22, 2011
        | Associated Press
        Print Email Share Comments
        HARTFORD, Conn. – A Navy sailor assigned to a Connecticut submarine base was arrested Monday by police who said he was in illegal possession of an AK-47 rifle.
        Cory Dion Caldwell, 24, was arrested at his residence in Waterford, after an investigation by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, police Sgt. Mark Willard said. He said Caldwell is a Georgia native assigned to the USS Springfield at Naval Submarine Base New London in Groton.
        The rifle was seized during a search of Caldwell’s home along with ammunition, a 50-caliber handgun and two 45-caliber handguns, Willard said.
        Caldwell is charged with illegal possession of an assault weapon and illegal transportation of an assault weapon into Connecticut. He was being held on $200,000 bond and could not be reached for comment. He is to be arraigned Tuesday in New London Superior Court.
        No phone number is listed for Caldwell in Waterford.
        A spokesman for the submarine base, Christopher Zendan, said he received confirmation that NCIS was supporting the Waterford police department but he did not have further information.
        Willard said the NCIS began looking into Caldwell after somebody provided a tip and local police later joined the investigation. The NCIS did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

        The link for this article is…………………………………………… (Your comment is awaiting moderation.)

        • Its not frustrating and blasphemous enough that this guy was arrested and put in jail just for having guns, but, what is really mind blowing is how the article demonizes this guy just for exercising his Second Amendment right. He didnt do ANYTHING wrong…. The real question here is why isnt the article railing the acts of NCIS and the “authorities”???

        • Thanks for the link every American ought to see this video.

          • Durango Kidd:

            You’re right they should!!!

      46. Here it the Joke of the DAY!

        “You’re Free!”

      47. No one is free, until I’m free. No one is safe, until I’m safe.

      48. There’s no doubt that there are “cheaters” getting government funds. And the system should be cleaned up, including investigation, prosecution and jail time for the cheaters. But most people getting these checks are entitled to them and need them. I am tired of so many people believing our problems are being caused by “entitlement” programs. Most people pay into these things all their working lives and ARE entitled to draw on them if really needed. My wife and I have paid in for the last 35 years. Are you going to begrudge us our retirement checks or a disability check if one of us really falls into medical problems?

        ENTITLEMENTS ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. The only reason they’re even in trouble is because of the Trillions stolen from the trust funds. Our economic problems ARE caused by MASSIVE fraud by the banks, Federal Reserve, the real estate system, Wall Street and their prostitutes in Washington DC–all the phony paper they’ve created to siphon money offshore is what’s really bankrupted this country. If we want to really save this country, instead of indulge in everyone’s pet peeves and desire to hate certain social groups, THAT is what needs changing, and now.

        • I agree with Steve that entitlements were payed into by those who collect them.
          They are not the problem, it’s the governments willingness to let the Feds turn off the credit spigots and the raiding of the Entitlement funds of trillions by governments around the world including our own.
          Chinese, Europe and Asian Indians all with the help our government raided our funds to pay for world debt.

          It was only a few years a go America worked the hardest, payed into the system the most and now, after being bamboozled BY OUR VERY OWN GOVERNMENT we are saying we will become like the rest of the world…..LAZY

        • Well said, Steve.

      49. You know I feel for Americans. I really do. With the largest credit expansion the world has ever seen People have enjoyed thirty years of relatively scott free living and just about every amenity known to man. We here in Canada have had the same. I shudder to think what the world would look like if the money spigots had been turned on in Asia and South America like it has been in the developed world. In these places reside two thirds of the worlds populace that live on next to nothing while we worry about the price of oil. I amnot saying we should return to those hard times but I would say that the era of spoiled societies needs to end. Only when a child in these areas has the same opportunity as our own children will the world know prosperity.

      50. Well it should be remembered that Social Security was founded in the aftermath of the great depression in 1935 after the pressure of well meaning citizens and thereafter President Rousevelt passed it through Congress.

        The rationale is that you pay into the system and after a period of employment you receive Lump Sum plus Minimal Dividend.

        Thus Supposing you work for 30 years,the amount of Money and time is aggrgated by the accountants and Policymakers.

        However,great as the Programme has been,The Turnover of different Administrations since the Nixon presidency has been to Temper with the Funding available with the SSA as a result of Military Expenditures Overseas Beginning in Vietnam and Moreoever the Cold War with the Soviets also drained our Ressources,Thankfully Under President Clinton the SSA funds were somewhat balanced,Unfortunately Under President George W.Bush the move towards Iraq and Afghanistan has Pushed further the Government Deficit.

      51. Bottom line… anything social or financial that the FEDERAL Government gets involved in, is going to be an unmitigated disaster, period!!!

      52. True, failure of unemployment benefits, SS, SS disability, and various welfare programs will result in riots.

        On the other hand, these programs are a major pillar of the problem. They are not a part of the solution. If you pay people not to work, fewer people will work. These programs are one of the many areas of “progressive” ideas that just don’t work and their end is necessary to clear the way to progress and prosperity.

        I know, this seems brutish. Charity is beautiful. Entitlement programs are not.

      53. I am so sick of all this talk about corporations are bad vs government is bad, Democrat is bad vs Republican.

        Stop distracting yourselves with all your finger pointing

        It is not the system, corporations or the government that is at fault. They are only symptomatic of a deeper cause.

        You and me, we are doing it. No system can work if the people in it are corrupt. This is a human problem, not a systemic problem.

        We are fuked up and we elect our fellow fuk ups and then wonder why everything is going to hell

        We deserve what we are getting and what we where we will end up

      54. An old man told me once that there is nothing so bad about this country that a good depression wont fix!

      55. This is the natural result of state run, central planning. The ONLY way to get any money in this country is to get it from the government. And rest assured, that’s exactly how they want it.

        There is no free enterprise. There is no small business. Everyone and everything is being regulated out of existence. Soon as they can replace the dollar and make barter illegal, they will. This will give them absolute control over everyone by forcing electronic only currencies which will allow all transactions to be tracked.

        You literally cannot go into business without paying tribute to, and receiving the blessing of an army of bureaucrats. You can’t set up a lemonade stand without paying your dues or they’ll send their jack booted thugs in the police to come rough you up.

        There is no capitalism in the U.S. It is all state run fascism. Corporate welfare. A nation run by the oligarchy for the oligarchy.

        What other option do people have but to scam as many government benefits as they can? There is no other choice except starving to death in the streets.

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