Paris Tax Revolts: The World Begins To Realize The Truth About Government

by | Dec 3, 2018 | Headline News | 30 comments

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    The world appears to be slowly awakening to the disaster that governments have caused and funded by theft over the course of human history. The French revolts, which began over an increase in the petrol tax, left 133 people injured and over 400 arrested after the people rose up finally realizing that all taxation is theft.

    As governments across the globe increasingly enslave the tax cattle, more and more are waking up to the violence and horrific atrocities committed in the name of government with funds stolen from innocent people. Paris was only the latest example of people beginning to realize they are enslaved to the political elites and are finally demanding their freedom and refusing to be stolen from any longer.

    French President Emmanuel Macron was chairing an urgent security meeting today following the violence by anti-government protesters in the streets of the French capital, according to a report by The Evening Standard. The protest against rising taxes and the high cost of living forced by government regulations turned into a riot in the French capital, as activists wearing yellow jackets torched cars, smashed windows, looted shops, and tagged the Arc de Triomphe with multi-colored graffiti. The violence is certainly unacceptable, however, people seem to be at the beginning stages of the realization that government is not a solution, and is actually a problem.

    Macron has already vowed that those responsible for the violence will pay for their actions in the streets of Paris. A government spokesman, Benjamin Griveaux, said that Saturday’s violence was due to people who hijacked the protest, people who came “to loot, break and hit police forces.” When he was asked why thousands of French police could not prevent the damage, especially to the nation’s Arc de Triomphe monument, Griveaux said: “Yesterday we made a choice … to protect people before material goods.”

    But the protesters say they have had enough of their own stolen funds being used to further their enslavement by the government. “It’s difficult to reach the end of the month. People work and pay a lot of taxes and we are fed up,” said Rabah Mendez, a protester who came to march peacefully in Paris.

    The media also needs to take a long hard look at just how they are portraying these “riots.” This is about people finally beginning to realize that they are enslaved by the government. It sure would be nice if the media stopped painting this revolt simply as a handful of people “upset at the cost of living.” Which is still, obviously, caused by government interference in the market. The oppressed and enslaved masses are getting upset at the political masters and it needs to be stated as such.

    “We are here to protest against the government because of the rise in taxes [in general], not just petrol taxes, which is the straw that broke the camel’s back. We’ve had enough. We have low salaries and pay too much tax and the combination is creating more and more poverty.” said protestor Idir Ghanes, according to the Guardian. “On the other side, there are government ministers and the president with their fabulous salaries.” All those fabulous salaries are funded by stealing the money from those who actually work.

    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


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      1. If you really look at the news coming from France, it started out as a tax and gas protest, but the communist thugs have taken over and turned it violent.

        • Aren’t the protestors in essence fighting a de-facto communist agenda of taxation until exhaustion?

          • The caravan at the border had some french in it too! I saw a couple of white flags being waved….

            • I know a German man that lives in France because the German taxes are a lot higher.

        • The French government is the communist thug.

      2. That sound you can hear – on BOTH SIDES of the Atlantic – is the death-rattle of The ZOG Empire.

      3. IRS, politicians, judges should be taking note.
        Guillotines for everybody!!!!

      4. Simultaneously 80% of the French are SICK of forced immigration of these economic migrants and not just due to tax burden, but the crime that follows and violence.

        Yesterday both firefighters and some LEOs supported the yellow vests. They are not all of one mind politically except outraged that Parsians seem to be at the top of the pecking order.

        • Ambulance drivers are also backing up the yellow vests (also called yellow jackets). Maybe a new French Revolution is starting? Macron the microbrain is incredibly weak and could be tossed out.

          Realize that as admirable as the American Revolution was, the opposite is true for the French Revolution. The very people who heroically began the latter ended up losing their heads to the guillotine. It became out of control mob rule.

      5. Do you hear the people sing?
        Singing the songs of angry men?
        It is the music of the people
        Who will not be slaves again!

      6. The French government is the communist thug.

      7. Macron said the new or higher fuel taxes are to help pay for the effects of “Global Climate Change” . That should be the real reason for being upset , higher fuel for something fake. Just sayin !

      8. Napoleon Bonaparte said, of the French Revolution, “Vanity made the revolution. Liberty was only a pretext.”

        If you look at analyses of gasoline costs per country you’ll notice that the bulk of the price per gallon or liter is taxes and, curiously, we here in the USA have pretty low taxes per gallon compared to Western Europe. So it’s understandable that a gas tax hike would inflame some tempers but what’s going on in Paris is far beyond a tax protest.

        Similarly, the modern Paris riots aren’t about tax increases, they’re about mobs of Communists and Muslims doing what they do best – destroy things and injure people.

      9. Yellow vests! I’m with em. Except my vest is woodland camo with big pockets for beers and smokes.

        • I hear ya! And mine has a built in IIIa plate carrier too!

      10. What happened in paris is coming here eventually. Everybody get prepped for it. Gonna be a helluva rough ride.

        • Nien! Vee beat zer azzes before vee vill beet zem again! Shall I heet up zee oven? Maken zee french fies!

        • So far only Antifa is playing that game, and only for the freebies is us crowd and communists….BTW, they are winning.

      11. Here in the USA if the democrats get more control of things in coming elections our taxes could go up. Climate change is a multi use phrase to raise taxes in mutiple ways.

      12. Look back to the “French Revolution” which was when (((they))) took over.

        (((They))) had no intention of helping the lower classes. (((They))) got the French to kill their own King with empty promises of fraternity and equality. Then (((they))) massacred the peasants.

        (((They))) rule but (((they))) hide behind fake institutions fake money fake taxes.


      13. Heard something on a Indianapolis radio station today (93.1) talk about making interstate 70 & 65 toll roads. With cameras that record the license making toll booths unnecessary or chips in the windshield.
        Indiana seems to be slowly becoming like Illinois it seems. Taxes & more taxes.

      14. rioting, looting, burning does not solve a problem, it makes it worse.

        • Well, there was the French Revolution.

          It was easy to consider it starting as rioting, looting, and burning by the people there at the time.

          Most of the French, both then and now, think it solved a problem.

        • Rioting et al does not solve problems? OK, if that’s the case why has the French government just imposed a six month moratorium on fuel prices? If the French hadn’t rioted do you believe that they would have got this concession? Grow up and face reality.

          “France fuel protests: PM Philippe suspends fuel tax rise.”

          Insurrection works – that’s how America was born! Don’t slavishly follow the establishment’s lies.

          Left or right, politicians are not your friends.

      15. Simply withholding your income tax and NOT paying it, would hurt the government more than anything. They can print money, but they do that anyway.

      16. The USA sheeple all waiting for the trial balloon of resistance in France to become relevant to them at home….

        BAAAAAA! BAAAAA!!!!!

        FWIW, it never will be to those who cannot find the spine and self determination to start with.

      17. The latest news is Macron caved on the fuel taxes albeit temporarily as fears of 120,000 yellow jackets effectively storming the Bastille was a big motivator.

      18. Is it true that in regards to the yellow vests protest Micron said “Let them eat $hit?” How is that EU Army thingie coming along Generalissimo Micron?

      19. Advocates of climate change/warming are watching falling gas prices with alarm. Lower prices translate to more gasoline being burned which leads to global warming. To counter this, you need to impose huge gasoline taxes to reduce the use of gasoline. In time, oil prices start to rise which means gasoline prices will increase to a higher level than ever. No wonder the Frenchies are rioting. Vive la France. Less taking to girls on cell phones and more “cruising for chicks” in your automobiles!

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