Paris Hilton’s Brother Reveals Spoiled Elite Mindset: “I will f–ing own anyone on this flight. They are f–ing peasants”

by | Feb 4, 2015 | Headline News | 118 comments

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    OK, so celebrity news is usually out of bounds here, but this story takes the cake.

    It’s also a flashy tidbit from the up-and-comers in the ruling class that will be lording over the rest of us in the decades to come.

    Several outlets today carried reports from a July incident on board a British Airways flight where Hilton hotel heir Conrad Hilton III set loose on a 10 hour tirade, complete with violent attempted attacks, death threats and sporadic insults at the passengers and crew. From the Washington Post:

    Meet Conrad Hilton III, younger brother to Paris and some kind of royalty in his own mind, it appears.

    Hilton is accused of causing a ruckus July 31 aboard a more than 10-hour British Airways flight from London to Los Angeles. Flight 269 landed safely in Los Angeles without being diverted, but Hilton is now facing federal charges.

    After turning himself in, the 20-year-old, very wealthy man-child appeared in court Tuesday, accused of threatening the flight crew, smoking aboard the plane, making children cry with his profanity-laced tirades and calling everyone who dared be annoyed by his antics “peasants.”


    “I told all of them I could get all of their jobs taken away in less than thirty seconds,” Hilton said, according to the complaint, as he recalled his interactions with flight attendants.

    He credited a man at the back of the plane with stopping him from killing a flight attendant. “If that man wasn’t there, that guy [the flight attendant] would have been ____  killed on that flight. A hundred percent I would have killed him,” Hilton said.

    All this, and more, was blamed on an alleged sleeping pill that Hilton’s lawyer Robert Shapiro claimed 20-year old Conrad had taken, causing him to act unlike himself. According to the complaint, Hilton was blocking the aisle and preventing the attendants from serving drinks during in-flight service. He reportedly:

    complained that the flight attendants were ignoring him or “taking the peasants’ side.” He whined about being upset because he broke up with his girlfriend, one flight attendant said. He bragged that his daddy would bail him out of this situation as he had in the past.

    And that was apparently before things really got ramped up. Throughout the tumultuous flight, as TMZ note, the FBI report claims that:

    Witnesses told officials Conrad grabbed a flight attendant’s shirt and said, “I could get you all fired in 5 minutes. I know your boss! My father will pay this out. He has done it before. Dad paid $300k last time.”

    According to witnesses, Conrad was heard yelling the following things during his meltdown:

    — “If you wanna square up to me bro, then bring it and I will f*cking fight you.”
    — “I am going to f*cking kill you.”
    — “I will f*cking rip through you.”
    — “I will f*cking own anyone on this flight; they are f*cking peasants.”

    Witnesses say … at one point during the flight, Conrad was ferociously punching the bulkhead of the plane … 10 centimeters from a flight attendant’s face.

    Hilton displayed the arrogance and reckless behavior of a lesser Great Gatsby character of old, oblivious not only to the lives of the little people, but even oblivious to the work done by his predecessors who earned his inherited fortune he so obviously feels entitled to.

    The report of the incident, based on an FBI interview with Conrad Hilton III, not only demonstrates a spoiled elite brat caught in a misbehaving scandal, it shines light on attitudes of those on the other side of the the ever-widening wealth gap – most of “them” are now miles away from “us” and exhibit a respective coldness towards the masses they have so little in common with.

    The size of the wealth gap can hardly be overstated, with Forbes’ reporting that just 67 individuals hold a net worth equal to that of the world’s 3.5 billion poorest – less than 100 people have more money than the entire bottom half.

    And while the Hilton family ranks as super rich, they don’t even come close to the richest. Hilton Hotels sold to Blackstone in 2007 for some $26 billion, which has since been split up among various heirs and other stakeholders.

    Typically, there is a veil between the super-rich and the rest that conveys respectability and power, but once in a while something else shines through.

    While Hilton’s verbal tirade gave us a glimpse into that mentality, he is hardly the only member of the elite class to disregard “the peasants.” In 2009, Bloomberg reported that Goldman Sachs executives were arming themselves with gun permits, lest they should feel the need to stave of an attempting lynching by the peasants:

    Plenty of Wall Streeters worry about the big discrepancies in wealth, and think the rise of a financial industry-led plutocracy is unjust. That doesn’t mean any of them plan to move into a double-wide mobile home as a show of solidarity with the little people, though.

    No, talk of Goldman and guns plays right into the way Wall-Streeters like to think of themselves. Even those who were bailed out believe they are tough, macho Clint Eastwoods of the financial frontier, protecting the fistful of dollars in one hand with the Glock in the other. The last thing they want is to be so reasonably paid that the peasants have no interest in lynching them.

    Hilton’s trial is coming up in March; he could face 20 years on federal charges, but many have surmised that ‘daddy’s money’ could knock that down to probation and rehab, or something similar.


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      1. Mr Hilton will make a good prison biatch.

        • His mouth is as foul as his sisters crotch.

          • I think i just threw up in my mouth a little bit (because it’s so true)

            • Paddle faster! I hear banjos.

            • What gets me is that not one single pussy on the flight punch that guy in his teeth. I’d have knocked that SOB out. Jail or no jail

              • not worth going to jail for KOing that little shit-stain…plus too many witnesses.

                • Had I been on that plane when somebody bloused that little turd, I wouldn’t have seen a thing—I would’ve been too busy laughing and the tears in my eyes blurred my vision.

              • nah, just spit on him 🙂 let him be the first to strike and you can act in self defense!

          • Dude!!! I was eating corn flakes and you made milk come out my nose!!!!!!!#

          • While I certainly don’t want any of our daughters to end up like his sister, at least she has had a job and earned quite a bit of her own money. What has this boy ever done to earn a living? I fear there are many more like him who will be truly puzzled as all the privileges evaporate when TSHTF.

        • Gas never did see 50% decline from 52 week high at the pump like the oil per barrel did from it’s 52 week high…at least not in Illinois. Then it had a small surge of about 8$ in three trading days and gas went from $1.95 to $2.15 in Morris, IL. Then today as it was dropping back down, about 50% of the three day gain, the gas at the pump in Morris, IL. rose again to $2.29.

          The owners of the gas stations or whomever it is that decides this raise the instant it raises at the barrel and inconsistently per $.01 a barrel per $.01 a gallon at the pump and who hold it high when the price per barrel drops, should be drug out into the streets along side the bankers and beat with in an inch of you know what. There has to be a way to make these people pay to get this abuse and theft to stop.

        • Are you amazed that no one physically subdued that little shit?

          That the whole fucking plane was full of low T beta males?

          Granted, a prepper might think to not get into it with him, as that would draw scrutiny from the piggies, but I don’t think that is the case here.

          I think you are seeing the 50% reduction of sperm counts since WW2 in action. The planned feminization of Amerikkka. The normalcy bias. When the bullets fly, will you see people just remaining calm in their seats, not wanting to acknowledge reality? I think so.

          Big E might Kimura that little fucking bastards arm around his head.

        • I believe Paris was having the same type of problems until she was finally locked up. As I recall she had a major meltdown to escape her punishment. Have not heard much from her since.

        • This is a reminder of how the wealthy thinks of the Sheeples.
          Now keep watching your famous celeb, and worship their asses, while they lothe you to the bone.
          He perhaps just told the truth while drunk, otherwise he would remain polite to the peasants .

        • All he has to do is come out as gay and check into drug rehab and he will be a hero!!! gack…

        • Maybe if he is sentenced, Lucky Pierre will show him a thing or two

          • I wonder how many people know who Lucky Pierre is?

        • When SHTF, he is good as dead, he will be hiding on a dark corner crying for his momma.

          That’s one case where you open the plane door and kick his ass out at 10,000 ft.

          Was at the Grocery store deli when some fat pompus arrogant fast ass dude gold chains was belittling some black kid doing his best to get his meat order ready.
          I stepped over to the guy face to face and said shut the fuck up before I punch you. He shut up and boy he was pissed cause I was bigger than him. I told him I was going to kick his ass, if he said another word. He pissed me off. I know the women in the area looking, was cheering me on silently. He got out of there with his tail between his legs. And that was before I started carrying. I don’t get too involved like that anymore while carrying. I don’t need that liability. Wait till SHTF Open season, these arrogant morons are the new walking dead.

        • Defiantly!

      2. These parasites are our masters? Trees and lots of rope is the only solution .
        May God bring such joyous day and SOON.

        • Na, dont dirty the rope,,,
          210g Berger VLD
          Never even hear the shot

      3. I, for one, will never spend another dime in a Hilton.

        • Actually reading the story might help you note they sold the hotels 8 years ago

          • So… the only hotels they own now are those that rent by the hour? Y’know… maybe for Paris, or perhaps for the prostituted banksters?

          • Yeah, bit they still have Paris.

          • At least he wasn’t picking up golf balls with his bare buttcheeks at the local country club.

            • The golf balls kept falling out. Hole was to big.

        • I prefer Motel 7 run by Indians

        • You have never been in a Hilton.

      4. Who the fuck let him run his mouth for 10hours??

        • I’d knocked out his fucking teeth in the first 30 seconds. Punk.

          • Next flight I’m on with some Hollyweird Learjet leftist or the like, I’m going to bring a couple rolls of duct tape, just for occasions like this!

          • If you punch to the head you will break your knuckles. Learn Krav Maga old bastard.

            • YEAH, but you’ll get a black eye, split nose and be spitting teeth… That’s well worth some busted knuckles.

              • palm heal to the teeth or solar plexus will get the little prick to stfu fast and without broken knuckles

            • Punched plenty of people in the head and face. Never broke anything except their head and/or face.

              • I gOwgDarN LUv A fi sT FiTIN

            • Thats why you hammer fist them

              • tHarts rIghty I figHtee gud/ huuUmdOwgY, ,. I lickd too dowGdaRn logMuntchirs Joost last weAk

              • If you guys fight like you talk,how come you let obama get away with his crap?

      5. ?????? …. just another example of how today’s males are becoming larger & larger woosies ….

        can’t believe a couple of guys didn’t just get up and handle the situation …

        • I’m shocked a couple of ladies didn’t wash out his filthy mouth with soap. If his own Mum couldn’t teach him manners surely on a 10 hour flight someone else could have?

          Or were the peasants too scared of the consequences of upsetting Daddy? Sadly there is a whole lot of truth in his rants, whether or not we find it pleasant to hear.

          • More than likely they did not want to go to jail.
            On a airplane in US airspace,federal laws apply. If the loudmouth physically assaulted someone then anybody on the plane could have physically subdued him and been a hero. But if he was just loud and verbally abusive, any physical action against him without the command of the captain would have resulted in charges against the passenger. And the loudmouth can afford big gun attorneys but the passengers can not. That is the reality.
            But I am surprised that the captain did not order him to shut up or else. They do have restraints for problem passengers. If the captain made no effort to stop this 10 hour tirade then he did not do his job.

      6. If any of us 99.9 percenters had tried that crap, we would have had the s*#t tased out of us. Where was the “flight marshall” in all this?

        • British Airways, they are probably too chicken to have them on their flights…

      7. this to prove why would any of us, should not be on any air plane.? other than are own. Just sayin. Better start using thy head other than a hat rack.

      8. It is sad that nobody on that plane stepped up to put him in his place. Verbally abusing people, causing children to cry, making violent threats against the passengers and flight attendants, all deserve a show of force to protect the innocent. I dont give a rats ass how much money his daddy has, call me a peasant and you will see what I am made of.

        • Yup. He’s just another human and not a particularly useful one at that. When the time comes those who are in the garbage class, like Mr. Hilton, will be found to be quite expendable by those who do not give a rat’s ass about his daddy’s money. It’s just sad that no one on that flight saw fit to subdue a threat to passenger safety such as this. Hopefully he will be charged as a terrorist and be sent to somewhere nice and tropical, like Guantanamo Bay.

          (Sadly though, I have little hope of justice being served as we have the best legal system money can buy. All I can do, short of my own form of summary justice should I see him walking the street, is refuse to stay at a Hilton property the next time I travel.)

          • Make the kiddies cry? Am I the only one who normally has some duck tape in my handbag? (I know there’s lots of items you cannot use on a plane, but not seen my trusty duct tape banned yet lol!). AN apple shoved in his gob would have done at a pinch.

        • Matt M: It is ironic that if a school aged child had behaved that way at school he would have been hauled off by the police and charged with attempted murder or similar. Talk about the world being upside down!!!

      9. Spoiled little rich kid. Who cares. Somebody Bitch slap the little turd!
        When the shit hits the fan he won’t last two weeks!

        • Yup, after the shit hits the fan I’ll have the little bass-tud mowing my lawn AFTER he fetches me a cold beer.

        • Good evening, Sarge. You’re a bit generous with your timing. I would give him 3 days at the most. Someone like him would have only one time to approach me mouthing off like that and he would’ve lost some of his teeth. And people like him think they know what’s best for the rest of us? They’re not in our world or even in our league. “Accidents” do still take place all the time.

          • Accidents? You mean, like your foot just accidentally got stuck up his ass? Or he fell on your fist…repeatedly?

        • Sgt: Your wrong two hours at the most. lol

        • 2 weeks! He’ll be crying and sucking thumb in 2 hrs followed by him yelling “I’ll suck yo d*ck for some crackers and cheese”

          • You really should bathe more regulary!

      10. What is so wrong with a double wide? I love my mobile home! And all the guns and ammo I’ve bough getting ready ya know.
        Have a nice night. Stu OUT.

      11. Hahahahahahahaha!

        They had the chance to get one of those fuckers and failed. At least beat his ass, tied and gaged him.

        They deserved the 10 hour flight of Fear.

      12. Oops! He fell out of the plane……….so sorry.

        • Hilton must have skipped lunch.
          Someone should have given him a knuckleburger.

      13. I feel sorry for him. He will never be a real man.

        • Just me, don’t waste any effort thinking about him. There’s nothing of any substance there.

      14. Someone please post a picture of him.

        • why? You have a man crush? sorry, but just an odd request I think.

          • Wanted to know what he looks like. If he looks like a Billy Bad Ass. Might recognize him during the reset. ;0)

            Man Crush. That’s a good one.

            • The story is on Drudge and there is a picture of Conrad.

              They let that brat scare the hell out of people.

              Lots of sheep on that plane.

        • picture Paris or Nikki with short hair. There ya go!

      15. Ah yes… one of the elite one-worlders. Here’s an interesting quote from one of them:

        “To achieve world government it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism and religious dogmas.”

        Brock Adams, Dir., United Nations Health Organization

        No word yet if they are going to remove the religion of secular humanism or the Cult of Al Gore and his BIG GREEN MONEY global warming circus

      16. if he’s so bloody rich…why is he flying commercial???

        • thats exactly what i was thinking

          why didnt his lil shit stain take his own dam plane ?

      17. … and speaking of which, a few more to insult your sense of propriety and the human dignity of each person, just as much as Connie Hilton just did. As you can see, this garbage started a long time ago!

        “It is the system of nationalist individualism that has to go….We are living in the end of the sovereign states….In the great struggle to evoke a Westernized World Socialism, contemporary governments may vanish….Countless people…will hate the new world order….and will die protesting against it.” H.G. Wells, in his book, “The New World Order”, 1940

        “Some even believe we (the Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”
        – David Rockefeller, Memoirs, page 405

        “In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all.”
        – Strobe Talbot, President Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State, Time Magazine, July 20th, 1992

        “There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international anglophile network which operates, to some extent, in the way the radical Right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the communists, or any other group, and frequently does so. I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or to most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments … I have objected both in the past and recently, to a few of its policies … but in general my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known … The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) … the American Branch of a society which originated in England … believes national boundaries should be obliterated and [a] one-world rule established.”
        Prof. Carroll Quigley, mentor to Bill Clinton, from his book ‘Tragedy and Hope‘

        “The Final Act of the Uruguay Round, marking the conclusion of the most ambitious trade negotiation of our century, will give birth – in Morocco – to the World Trade Organization, the third pillar of the New World Order, along with the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund.”
        Part of full-page advertisement by the government of Morocco in The New York Times (April 1994)

        “To keep global resource use within prudent limits while the poor raise their living standards, affluent societies need to consume less. Population, consumption, technology, development, and the environment are linked in complex relationships that bear closely on human welfare in the global neighborhood. Their effective and equitable management calls for a systemic, long-term, global approach guided by the principle of sustainable development, which has been the central lesson from the mounting ecological dangers of recent times. Its universal application is a priority among the tasks of global governance.”
        United Nations Our Global Neighborhood 1995

        “What Congress will have before it is not a conventional trade agreement but the architecture of a new international system…a first step toward a new world order.”
        Henry Kissinger on NAFTA, Los Angeles Times

        “All these new challenges are bringing together about the biggest restructuring we’ve ever seen not just of the global economy but global order as a whole. And two hundred years ago, a famous British foreign secretary said that the new world had been called into existence to address the balance of the old. In 1989 another world war ended dominated by the cold war and people talked then in 1990 of the new world order. What they meant then was a new political order. And what was not foreseen then but is obvious now, from everything that we see and do, what we experience every day of our life is the sheer scale and speed and scope of globalization…”
        Prime Minister Gordon Brown, CBI Speech 2007

        “The New World Order will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down…but in the end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece will accomplish much more than the old fashioned frontal assault.”
        CFR member Richard Gardner, writing in the April 1974 issue of the CFR’s journal, Foreign Affairs

        • Of course all these mal-educated a–holes thing this New World Order thing is such a great idea, they expect that they will be part of the elite, in absolute power, in control of it all. BTW, there is nothing new about the “New World Order”. What they want is a Neo-Feudal society, where the 99%, work for and are owned as property of the elite 1%. Also this one world government is not new, either, guys like Alexander, Juluis Ceaser, Napolion, Hitler, Stalin, all thought the world would be a better place if they were in control of everyone else. And, Hell NO! it will not be different this time.

      18. In contrast to the filth above, perhaps one of the most insightful, trenchant observations I have ever read. For you to copy/paste and keep for future reference:

        There are two major traditions in Western political thought. The first is Aristotelian, logical, rational, centrist, mechanistic. You concentrate power and truth in the centre and apply it outward, shaping the world according to plan.

        This was the guiding principle of the Roman Empire. It evolved into the Holy Roman Empire and the Church of Rome. Except for Switzerland, it has dominated politics on the continent ever since. Most recently, it has morphed into the European Union.
        The principle is simple – smart people can figure out how to run things, and should be allowed to do so. This was the idea behind Hillary Clinton’s health care task force (and now ObamaCare), as well as Japan, Inc. and even Adolph Hitler’s National Socialist Germany. It has animated nearly every politician (each one of whom, as Garrison Keilor notes about Lake Woebegone children, are above average) in this century.

        But there is another tradition that is much less well understood. It is the tradition of the Roman Republic… of English common law… of Adam Smith and Emmanuel Kant… of Austrian School economists such as Ludwig von Mises and Friedrich Hayek and of pre-Rooseveltian American. It is organic, rather than mechanistic – the tradition of tradition, based on the recognition that people, no matter how smart, cannot replace thousands of years of accumulated experience (remember the “best and the brightest” who led the Vietnam war? Or, wonder where the radical homosexual power move is going to end?)

        Experience is embodied in the evolved systems of values, customs, rules and traditions that people use to order and give meaning to their lives. A free market and a free society allow people to express these preferences, as well as allowing the process of social and civil evolution to continue. This tradition, in other words, is neither liberal nor conservative in the modern sense, but anti-political. Indeed, it is often seen as “anti-intellectual” because it denies the authority of intellectuals to tell the rest of us what to do (through the political process).”

        Cited from Fleet Street Letter, page 6, date unknown!

        • Test, well said! I grieve because the English common law has been murdered and now they invent NEW laws, like “making a terroristic threat”. What the hell is that?!?!

          I am angry because I was a fool to ever believe in anything other than “might makes right”!

      19. He will never serve any real jail time. His high Dolllar lawyer is already working the “he accidentally took the wrong meds and had a bead reaction, he went o rehab and is very sorry”.

        On another topic…
        Remember when they started passing seat belt laws?
        At first they promised this would never be a reason they could pull you over. Then they changed it and said they could pull you over for it, but it would never be a fine-able offense. Then they said it would be a small fine…. and now they are raising the fines 600%.

        This is such a scam. It is nothing but a money making scam. What about motorcycles and school buses with no seat belts.

        This is revenue based law enforcement and they lied to push the laws through.

        And for anyone telling me “just wear your seat belt”, uhm… I thought this was the land of the free?

        • Not only will he not see any jail time, but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if he actually sues the maker of the sleeping pill he supposedly took.

          He’s a victim in his own mind.

        • Law Enforcement exists for 2 reasons only, population control (intimidation) and to raise revenue (taxation). That’s it. Maybe 100 or more years ago there was some semblance of “Public Safety” involved, but that has long since ceased to exist.

      20. Why the h311 is he on a commercial flight? Did he p.o. his daddy so bad that daddy took his personal A320 away from him?

        • Y’know, it just came to me….I heard a story about another rich man’s brat, from an elderly Irish nanny who had helped raise my niece and nephew. (Sister married money.) This lady saw just the same kind of behavior at he Hyannis Yacht Club from a young man whose father was….(wait for it)….Joe Kennedy. The brat was Teddy. He used to cheat in sailing races, and dared anybody to call him on it in just the same way.

          Pick up Jeff Cooper’s book, “To Ride, Shoot Straight, and Speak the Truth.” Title comes from a practice among an ancient people of farming the King’s male heir out to a peasant family when still a toddler, to be raised in humble circumstances until he was of age.

          • Coach, say it ain’t so! You mean that one of the sainted kennedy clan actually CHEATED at something? My God, I think I hear the walls of Camelot tumbling down!

      21. Wealth gap? What is more significant, and more damning to the culture – and which also leads to the *corruption* that leads to decadent wealth gaps like this- is the ETHICS and MORALITY gap.

        Thank you, secular humanism, for leaving us with this mess. It is true that man has always been fallen, but never before has there been such a brazen, Nietzche-like attempt to subvert the very things that make us human. It is the case, as Dostoyevski wrote, “If there is no God, *everything* is permissible” (and this IS a valid quote from the Russian, BTW. Perhaps more germane to the issue is another Russian philosopher, Nikolai Berdyaev, who noted, if God does not exist, then man does not either. THAT, me amis, is *exactly* why we are in the predicament we are in

        • Test… I enjoy you’re posts. Thanks.

          • Duh… your! … Time four! bed. Good night all.

      22. Actually you would want him to strike you in front of witnesses and on video. While a $300K law suite award is pocket change for him I’ll take a black eye for that.

        Some piece of trash with not 50 cents to his name, a previous prison stint and a don’t give a crap attitude is who frightens me.

      23. Errata:

        Close quote after “BTW”

        Should be mes amis.

        Sure wish I could type!!:\

      24. This spoiled brat has no class and less brains. His mouth will get him killed at some point. He was lucky to be in the protection of an aircraft where no one with any common sense would dare touch him.

      25. He might be on your flight one day.

        • I for one can guarantee that I’ll never be on a plane with him as I’ll continue never give in to the TSA. Last time on a plane was flying home from my deployment from Iraq back in 08.

          • Ditto. Haven’t flown commercial since 1980. Won’t, either. If I cannot get there in my old F150, I guess I just won’t go. Enough to see here for a lifetime anyway. Cannot even fathom the idea I might get stuck somewhere when TSHTF, and, knowing my luck anyway, that’s when it would happen.
            Now, if someone has an old Mooney they want to get rid of…

            • I got an old V tail Mooney I’ll sell you cheap. It’s only been crashed twice and killed two Doctors. :-))

              • MMM, interesting. How are the avionics? 🙂

              • Sorry Mark the V-tail Doctor killer of which you speak is a Beechcraft Bonanza. Mooney made no V-tails.

          • RP1776, I have not and will not fly either. Only a death in the family could get me to tolerate the TSA.

      26. My fallow American peasants, PLEASE research the source of the problem. This boy is raised to see us as peasants. Now if you truly are curious to get into the source that is a global virus check the family connections and hopefully you’ll notice something very special:,d.cWc

        • WOW! Just WOW!! What a great link. You just can’t make this stuff up.

        • she looks old enough to be his mother…or rather he looks young enough to be her son.

          • sixpack, If you haven’t already watch the movie ” Eyes Wide Shut” please do so.

      27. Spare the rod and spoil the child.

        Something his parents seem to have proven.

        And perhaps their parents as well.

      28. What World ELITISTS Overlooked

        For fifty-seven years, from 1945 until 2002, world leaders did not know who had secret plans for building atomic bombs [1].

        The nuclear geochemist that had the atomic bomb secrets, Professor Paul Kazuo Kuroda, was not interested in building atomic bombs.

        In 1960 Kuroda assigned a research project that would uncover a greater “Top Secret” world leaders hid from the public after WWII: “The Origin of the Solar System and Its Elements.”

        The ” Top Secret” is explained on page 3 of a recent paper [2]: The structure of the atomic nucleus inverts at ~150 amu (atomic mass units)

        The nucleus of atoms lighter than ~150 amu contains a core of n-p pairs and extra neutrons are on the surface.

        The nucleus of atoms heavier than ~150 amu has a core of neutrons and n-p pairs are on the nuclear surface. Atoms heavier than 150 amu emit pairs of n-p pairs (alpha particles) from the surface and their cores becomes increasingly likely to fission from neutron repulsion as the mass increases.

        The cores of some planets like Jupiter, ordinary stars like the Sun, galaxies and the universe are neutrons-rich and release energy by neutron-emission of fission [2].

        1. BBC News, “Atomic plans returned to Japan,” News Front Page, World Edition (3 Aug 2002)

        2. “Solar energy,” Adv. Astronomy (submitted for on-line review, 6 JAN 2015):

        PS- Here’s a new blog that links deceit with loss of liberty. Michael Krieger’s Liberty Blitzkrieg

      29. I think it’s funny a guy like this on the same flight as peasants. I would think he’d take the family jet and not be bothered by peasants. I would laugh in his face what the hell is he gonna do about that if he touched me I’d sue him. How is he gonna own anybody because he got $ he can do what he wants I know these people think like this that’s fine for now. Every dog has his day he will be brought down to my level. I like watching the elites meltdowns I’d bet 10to1 he’s a drug attic. People who are filthy rich are alcoholic pill poppin clue pots they will find him hangin by his belt from the chandelier pretty soon no worries . How does a rich person facing 20 years in the joint get the sentence knocked down to probation the justice system should not be able to be bought. Laws should have no loopholes for scumbag lawyers to exploit.speaking of dead beat lawyers my wife’s mother is elderly and the wife had to get her in a nursing home so the state appointed her a lawyer. Well her mom is broke she spent all her reverse mortgage $. So me and the wife were over the house getting a few things the wife didn’t want to lose. The lawyer happens to show up in a fancy car wearing a sport coat. So he’s walking around the property looking for anything of value and he says to me there is no meat on the bone meaning no$ here. Now this guy is a piece of shit my wife’s mom ended up in a nursing home and we didn’t pick this guy the state appointed him to handle her estate and as soon as he saw there was no $ for him. He filed to be relieved from the job . So the state and him are bloodsuckers they want old folks to end up in the nursing home so they can steal their estate and social security her mum has nothing anymore. We are glad the state didn’t get a thing and they still have to handle her moms final legal affairs. The state has a default mechanism where they reap everything. If there is no payment on your lock box at the bank after like 2 years the bank will drill the lock and turn contents over to the state. This is extreme for $60 in rental fees you may just have forgot. I’m busy I don’t go there to look at $ I don’t need to touch. The state is the one who gets the $ in the end and people don’t speak up about this and nobody stands up for average guy. You have to hide and hoard $ say you gambled it away problem is it’s getting harder to do. Try to withdraw over like $8000 and the bank notifys the state. About the $. I read about a lady who went to her bank and wanted to withdraw all her $ it was like $100000 and the bank gave her shit big time it is her $ they acted like it was theirs she was very pissed off about the bullshit they made her go through. I think banks are scared they won’t have our $ to play with anymore. If tomorrow people flooded the bank and withdrew all their $ I think the bank would not do it. They would close the bank and get the gov involved right away. When you get a good job they do credit checks and a background check if you have a history of being irresponsible with $ you will not be getting a good paying job because the banks won’t take a risk. Everybody I know who has bad credit don’t have good paying jobs. They love people to buy new cars this is big$ for banks and folks with car payments will keep going to work to make payment on the car. I drive a 10 year old car. I wanted to buy a mustang I can swing it fine but I kept going back and forth about it I decided not to get it my truck has 74000 miles and is excellent condition I don’t need any vehicles. I’ve had 3 brand new vehicles in my life it’s no big deal really. Point is the bank wants to secure your $ anyway they can. We all know how marked up things are these days . An f150 is a $38000 vehicle nowadays that is a lot of $ for it it’s a ford not a BMW . I’ve had nice cars when I was younger. I’ve outgrown it I think now if it starts and drives and don’t cost me a lot of$ we are good.

        • Paragraphs please!!!! I like your posts but they are so hard to read, I have to copy and past them into Word so I can break them up into separate paragraphs!!!!

          • YEs, paragraphs please.

      30. this whole thing is rather sad
        his parents spent all their time building a business empire
        but didn’t build their son into a responsible,whole human being

        I read a story many many years ago that has always stuck with me
        a father was building a bird house with his young son
        it was taking a lot of time
        the father had to show the boy how to measure and cut the wood
        how to sand it and nail it together and then paint it

        this all took quite some time

        a neighbor asked him
        why didn’t you just do it yourself,you would have been done a long time ago?

        the response?

        I wasn’t building a birdhouse
        I was building a boy

      31. You really do a great job here, Mac, but personally, I believe your precious web space is better utilized with the posting any of any of Dave Hodges’ seven past (important) articles instead of publicizing how ill-equipped and terrified this young man was/is because he does not know how to co-exist with the majority non-rich.

      32. Those are the ones that will paint the walls with gray matter very shortly after the SHTF!

      33. For a real treat read the comment section on the story about Brian Williams lies about being shot down by an RPG while covering a war.

        That Obama butt licker has just done us a big favor, all from his own lying tongue.

        Obama just might have to find him a cabinet job. All liars are welcome in that DC insane asylum.

        • Hillary done about the same thing—lie
          “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.”

          • READ THIS!

            12 years of being a fuckin liar.. they are all liars ,, yes especially HIllary!

            ht tp://

      34. I know my place.

      35. nothing new here, he’ll sign into rehab and promise to do community service which he’ll never do and the case will be closed.

      36. The kid is a waste of space. At least his sister has a purpose in life: she can give a mean BJ.

        I suspect the dudes in the supermax prisons have already made trades on his ass and thus the courts will never sentence him to prison time. He would be passed around as somebody’s bitch within minutes of being taken to his prison cell.

        A more important point is the limpness of the passengers. What if he had been a piece of Islamo-dirt going nuts on the flight? You only get one chance with these guys so there would be no time to hem and haw. And where was the Air Marshall? That flight should have had one: flying from Londinistan to LA is a high-risk flight. They barely screen people from the UK end.

      37. When things go completely “south” the filthy rich better be well protected. Only a decently sized private army is going to save them.

      38. Guess this little turd forgot some of the history he was taught in his private schools. Need to remind him of what the peasants did in France and Russia!!! Also he must be on hard times he had to fly commercial, ugh how so crude.

      39. Who really cares what that whiny, sissy-ass bitch thinks? He is a spoiled, delusional, waste of oxygen, turd.

      40. A swift punch to the throat appeared to me in order, my lord.

      41. His behaviour and the fact that no one stopped him is exactly why the world is in this condition. Governments do the same shit on a much larger scale and still no one lifts a finger.

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