Panthers: “This Time We’re Going Out To Whitey’s Suburbs and Burning Down HIS Community”

by | Jul 11, 2013 | Headline News | 866 comments


(Pictured: King Samir Shabazz)

In preparation for the possibility of an acquittal of George Zimmerman, The New Black Panther Party has reportedly begun a mobilization campaign to target white communities.

According to a recent post on Sodahead, leader Samir Shabazz and the New Black Panthers are preparing to take the fight directly to those guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin – white people living in suburbs all over America.

“This time we’re doing it right… This time we’re not burning down our communities. This time we’re going out to Whitey’s suburbs and burning down HIS community. We’re going to make Whitey feel the pain.”

Shabazz, who previously made comments insinuating that he’d like to murder white babies and adults, recently made the shocking claim that he’d “love nothing more than to come home with a cracker’s head in my book bag.”

Thousands of tweets and Facebook posts echo Shabazz’s comments, with many users taking to the social networks to proclaim their support for the random killing of whites should George Zimmerman be found innocent.

kill-me-a-cracka(Images Courtesy: Infowars)

With jury deliberations set to begin as early as Friday, residents in Florida where the trial is taking place, should take note.

However, because of the widespread coverage of the case, it’s likely that should civil unrest, riots, or violence break out, it would be a nationwide phenomenon with the potential to randomly target Caucasians and Hispanics all over the United States.

Reports have emerged that New Black Panther Party organizers are already taking steps to bus mobs of people into Florida in the event of an acquittal, so a wave of violence resulting from the Zimmerman verdict is all but guaranteed.

There are those within our government who would like nothing more than to see a race war break out to further and agenda that aims to control the American people under a banner of martial law.

Could the Zimmerman trial be the catalyst they’ve been looking for?

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    1. A.Martinez no not that one!

      So now you know my fellow Americans, what will you do?

      • Anonymous

        Bring it. Enough talk, punkasses. Let’s get it on!!!

        • Field Marshall Shabazz

          Where the white women at?

          • Ted Kennedy

            That’s blazing funny!

            • Boss Hog

              How bout sumore beans Mr Taggart?

              I’d say you boys have had about enough.

              Candygram for Mungo

              • DRD5508

                Folks, caution in your racial slurs.
                1st: we once were a christian nation. The enemy is winning, especially when we fall for the race trap.
                2nd: Let ’em make threats, even this guy. He won’t be at the head of the gang attack. He’ll be the mouth that hides behind others.
                3rd: Have you every held a fallin black buddy? Worshipped with fellow Christians that are non-white?
                4th: don’t give these evil marauders anything to incite other blacks. Let them see light in us (Christ).
                5th: it goes without saying, we all have the right to protect our family and property.

                Finally: tptb want us to spend our ammo/supplies and energy on each other, thinning us out. I know of people with different ethnicity that’ll fight to assist in fighting these hordes.
                Tho ‘Them Guys’ speaks in volumes, he has provided what is working behind the scenes.

                Stay as one (American) and keep prepping. Don’t let the hidden powers win by keep us blinded with hate.

                • John Q. Public

                  The tribe’s banksters would like nothing better than for their victims to be killing each other over skin color while they count their money in their mansions.

                  That is the script that the tribe has written for us. Toss that script in the trash.

                  Here’s the real script: Nuremberg 2

                  Prosecute every single perpetrator of crimes against humanity—banksters, their enforcers, their puppets, their mouthpieces, their talking heads, and, yes, their IDF snipers who snipe children for sport.

                  Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

                • PuppyPrepper

                  Bravo, DRD, you speak perfect truth!

                • John Q. Public

                  Keep it mind who has his finger on “the button.”

                  This Kenyan is seething with race hatred.

                  The odds are that this will not end well:


                  “Let your loins be girt, and lamps burning in your hands.” Luke 12:35

                  Well mother don’t you stop prayin’
                  Father keep right on prayin’
                  Don’t you stop prayin’ for this old world is almost done
                  Keep your lamps trimmed and burning
                  Keep your lamps trimmed and burning
                  Keep your lamps trimmed and burning
                  For this old world is almost done
                  Brother don’t you stop prayin’
                  Sister keep right on prayin’
                  Don’t you stop prayin’ for this old world is almost done
                  Keep your lamps trimmed and burning
                  Keep your lamps trimmed and burning
                  Keep your lamps trimmed and burning
                  For this old world is almost done
                  Keep our lamps trimmed and burning
                  Keep our lamps trimmed and burning
                  Keep our lamps trimmed and burning
                  For this old world is almost done
                  Keep our lamps trimmed and burning
                  Keep our lamps trimmed and burning
                  Keep our lamps trimmed and burning
                  For our race is almost run

                • John Q. Public

                  typo—should be: “Keep in mind…”

                • watching and waiting

                  If it has not already been mentioned, it has been reported that this person in the picture was arrested within the last 45 days for possession of weapon charges. So, if he was not permitted to carry a weapon, then in most states, that is a felony.

                  Everyone, keep a cool head, if possible. All of this could be a trap.

                • YH


                  Very well said. Two thumbs up!

                • DRD5508

                  I forgot to add: All this individual is doing is to incite fear among both, black and white. Knowing, people react differently in a state of fear. Ask yourself ‘why he would warn the whites’? Fear! Don’t cave in. If he were trully wanting to attack white suburbs, he’d be more effective if he didn’t warn us all. Surprise attacks are more effective in creating confusion.

                • Field Marshall Shabazz

                  No racial slur intended. Just a little sarcastic humor from the movie Blazing Saddles, one of the funniest movies ever made that exposes stereotypes and prejudice. Because of it’s truthfulness, it could never be made today due to the enforcement of political correctness to the extreme.


                • swampratt

                  DRD5508 Good point the town I live in is small here in Tennessee and for the most part everyone gets along
                  both white and black we have no time for the florida

                • swampratt

                  DRD5508 this is what Obama and Putin were talking about
                  if this blows up it will be US AND RUSSIAN troops on the
                  ground fello preppers both black and white this is what
                  your preppin for the aftermath don’t get suck in to this war that’s what they want

                • vkvjkhvhj

                  this is NOT a christian nation, keep your religion bullshit to yourself

                • jg

                  Got it DRD.

                  “This Time We’re Going Out To Whitey’s Suburbs and Burning Down HIS Community”

                  Bring it.

                • Sigi

                  Amen DRD5508! They want to divide us. The best way to defeat them is to refuse to give in to the divisiveness. I am praying for my black friends (who I know will not be part of the violence) that no one unfairly targets them. I also pray they will be anointed and empowered by God’s Holy Spirit to be persuasive instruments of peace.

                • usmc0311

                  drd, excellent points. by all means we are (or should be) armed, ready and standing by, however, lets not fall into this trap. One of the reasons that America, our once great nation, is in the shape its in is because we allow ourselves to continually be divided over petty nonsense,much to the delight of our “federal overlords.” lets keep cool heads here folks, be armed and ready and absolutely defend ourselves if need be, but dont be sucked into a bad position, tactically or otherwise, by this racial nonsense. let the other side rant and rave and jump up and down, as Shakespeare said “sound and fury signifying nothing.”

                  Semper Fidelis
                  Stay vigilant

                • Felix

                  Great post!!!

                • Justice

                  I agree with letting those who threaten their fellow Americans see the light. Anybody threatens me, my family my property or my neighbors will see the light of my muzzel blast.

            • Swinging on a star

              This is simply another diversion, the filth in charge has orchestrated this along with his minion Holder. Their vision for a completely divided America is coming to fruition. They want to kill the white middle class and control the rest with lies, intimidation, manipulation and brain washing.

              Their lap dogs are ready for the kill, release the hounds!

              I read that he-she Napolitano is resigning, what is the other hand doing?

              • Gods Creation

                The truth is, there are more preppers than there are people who give half a damn about the verdict or the idiots who threaten or may cause problems over a verdict rendered in a corrupted court by an OBVIOUSLY stupid “judge”.

                Just because it is all over the news doesn’t mean that the vast majority care about it. Most just turn it off, even if they are still sleeping.

                If the blacks attack whites, as is threatened, it will only be those looking for an excuse to do it anyway, which is a small minority of the black people in this country. The vast majority of blacks are very christian people, as devoted as whites to the teachings of Jesus, if not more so.

                The black people will be as ashamed of the black extremists as the white people are of the white ones.

                The corp is promoting the small minority of dangerous black people as a majority to be feared by whites.

                I am not afraid of a few armed thugs, regardless of their color. I am equally armed and most likely far more skilled at protecting my family than they are at trying to destroy it out of blind rage induced by willful ignorance of the truth of who they were born to be.

                • michael morris

                  This was well said. I have read many comments but none as insightful as yours. It is obvious to me that you were brought up and taught well by your parents. God Bless you.

              • Cede

                With many people threatening to go riot in “whiteys” suburbs, the answer must be ‘ how can it be stopped? Answer: All any municipal authority has to do to keep these threats from becoming a reality, is to shut down public transport. No buses or subways to run in any areas with a significant population of ‘twitter rioters’
                Let em walk to ‘whiteys’ suburbs!! Those that get off there butts to cause any trouble will be too damn tired by the time they get to a ‘whitey’ suburb to do anything.

                • Sum Ting Wong

                  They won’t come. Three morons on twitter does not make the idea legit. You have too much time on your hands. Whitey is and will be fine. Don’t you worry your pecker wood head.

              • Ryback

                A frustration that many whites feel at the in-your-face brand of black self-righteousness that uses white racism to excuse black misbehavior and criminality.

          • Leonard M. Urban


            • Anonymous

              Haha.. No one actually is a jerk like you. You are fake and so is shabazz. Go home, chump,

          • angrycitizen

            Fucking keyboard commandos, undoubtedly with double chins and huge bellies.

            Read the article till the end, you cretins:

            “There are those within our government who would like nothing more than to see a race war break out to further and agenda that aims to control the American people under a banner of martial law.
            Could the Zimmerman trial be the catalyst they’ve been looking for?”

            With your idiotic readiness to jump on blacks or whatever patsies the Great Leader BHO and his handlers prepared for you, you are only showing your mental disabilities.

            Have you learned nothing yet???…

            The government WANTS you to do something (race war).
            ARE you going to do what the GOV wants you to?


            Whatever happens, nothing will change in my mind:
            1. I will defend my family against any attackers, be they wearing an Afro or a blue helmet or whatever.
            2. I will THINK first. You might want to try it too. Thinking is fun, and it just may save your sorry asses from the NWO whose agenda you are so readily playing along with.

            Go ahead, cretins. Thumb me down.

            • SUPER WHITEY


              • angrycitizen

                Just like you, I am a family man.
                Just like you, I have lots of ammo.

                Unlike you, I am capable of analyzing what’s going on and why, and who benefits from the results.

                This is why I have a bug-out location to run away to with my family from the suburb we are living in, when white slaves start killing black slaves, and slave masters start culling them all.

                With that said…

                Good luck to you and yours in your noblest endeavors, God speed, and goodbye.

              • kung-fu

                1st of all that man outta be arrested and jailed for what is called inciting riot and conspiracy to commit murder…but eric holder wont do squat about it I’ll ask you…please don’t attack my house and family…or I’ll be forced to defend ourselves with whatever it takes to stop whoever it is.

              • kung-fu

                I messed that up… I was not responding to you super whitey my bad…

              • Mark

                “super whitey”:
                You are either 1) a government troll or, 2) an angry gelatinous mass of protoplasm that spontaneously twists itself into throbbing knots of rage or, 3) the left-overs of Project MKULTRA who was kicked to the curb after they finished douching you down with LSD and ramming a baseball bat up your ass.
                Upon reflection, I imagine it is highly likely that you are all of the above.
                Take instruction from those who are higher up the food chain than the level of the Athlete’s Foot fungus at which you stalled: African-Americans are not the enemy. They are part and parcel of the American experiment, and they have just as much right to be here as you do. The “Federal” government are the enemy as long as they continue to concentrate power in Washington and usurp states’ rights.
                Peace and love, asswipe.

              • Joe

                Once more, looks like you again stopped reading (or thinking) after the first line you read above.

                Good luck with that life-strategy. I hope it serves you well, and may you raise many healthy kids who can read to the end of a message, and know how to use the shift and caps lock keys properly.

            • Shoot First

              Change your handle to surrender monkey. It’s doughball politically correct,pussy whipped candy asses like yourself that will be the first ones taken out,and rightfully so.

            • jimbo


              • Poppycock

                Bet they don’t come to getcha. I bet no one comes to get any ah ya. You all always say you gonna get got but you all still here. In fact, just perhaps, you are all just a little nuts.

            • BillybonesIII

              No I won’t ‘Thumbs down’ your diatribe but I really wonder at your John Wayne rootin’ tootin’ mentality.
              I don’t care what you have in your arsenal. It – won’t – be – enough!
              Do you, for one second, think you have enough to stand up to what they have available to them – when they decide to move? For crying out loud, they control the weather, with your tax dollars! Do you think your sitting in your bunker with an AK47 and box of bullets bothers them?
              If you do, then you’ve been watching too much Hollywood bullshit or listening to the morons who fill Jones’ website with 44 Magnum nonsense.
              The big game is over pal. Lose the guns and get right with God!

              • braveheart

                BillybonesIII, what makes you think govt. can win any war against the people? 25% of the 100,000,000 gun owners would be enough to defeat the government. You say ‘lose the guns and get right with God’? you won’t be right with God if you refuse to protect yourself and your family from government tyranny or even genocide. think about it. braveheart

              • obediah

                BilliebonesIII. Read your surrender, please do not hender us that intend to continue to live and have sworn oaths to defend the constitution as written, please do not come begging for protection, food or deliverance from the evil your like minded types have allowed to be brought to this level, I may not survive but I as well as many others will stand against the forth coming Marshall law , so please get stay out of the way

            • braveheart

              Angrycitizen, first I’ll say that I understand your concerns and we are all too aware of Obama’s agenda. We are most likely the only group of independent-minded people left in this country. I’m quite certain that all of the regular members of this community, myself included, WILL THINK BEFORE WE ACT. We get our info from this site and/or other alternative media sources and also know how to question anything that doesn’t seem right to us. We all know better than to trust MSM for anything. We know they are nothing but govt. propaganda. Second, we’re glad to hear you’ll be defending your home against any and all attackers and rightfully so. we’re not trying to start any kind of war. It’s the same federal government you and I pay taxes to that’s wanting to start a war. They make it clear through certain words and actions every day that they have some of the worst intentions imaginable toward all of us. That’s who our No. 1 enemy really is. none of us want any war, but we all fear it’s going to be forced on us. it’s only a matter of time before something happens. As one of our regulars is always saying, 100,000,000 gun owners have the future of this country in their hands. Hell, if only 25% of us joined together, we could take back this land. just like you, I’m sick of what TPTB have been doing to us as a nation. I’m afraid war will be the only way to save it. I previously supported Ron Paul because he was the only hope we had for PEACEFUL CHANGE in this country, but that’s gone forever now. braveheart

              • Rich99


                The only thing I see when I look at that picture is I’m still going to shoot Center mass, this is a want to be gangster that wants to strike fear in the community. He does not care what black yellow red blue or whatever color of the spectrum, he is going to take his frustration out on everyone. and thinking his little airsoft get up is going to give him what he wants he has another thing coming, if you view the picture she/heis holding a shotgun but his tactical best is Tailored a.k./ a.r style magazines one-shot center mass from a distance he’s going down because he’s not even wearing body armor. And you have to take into account every time the Black Panther speaks it’s bull shit, they are talking tough and trying to recruit the underprivileged. Most of the time they prey on the weak, you cannot help those ambivalent to their environment. The sheeple walking around by themselves thinking this can’t happen to them. Are the ones who are getting attacked across the country. If you show you are not weak and aware of your situation more likely you’ll be their least likely target. Now if someone from a white militia was to do the same thing then it would be a terrorist threat. The sad thing is is everyone will just be judged in the black community because this piece of crap. I may be a pompous ass at times but no dummy. And try to look at it this way. if you’re at a rock concert and you see the mosh pit, the Mosh pit is contained to the people participating in as everyone else maintains the circle around it. If you let it get bigger or participate then you too got sucked into the activity. Keep your wits Select your targets and let them bring themselves down. And if they do make it to the suburbs then game on.

            • Mark88

              Definitely false bravado in this thread. I am a survivor. America cannot fixed. Time to stop thinking about grand solutions and just think about surviving the dark times ahead.

              • Anonymous

                Mark HH. Dark times ahead call for false bravado.

          • DEFCON 1

            @ super whitey aka “ASS CLOWN”
            You sir are a government sock puppet, troll. People like you try to perpetuate racial division in this country. If whites and blacks are fighting were not looking at the man behind the curtain pulling the strings.

            If some one comes down your road wanting to loot and burn, you have a right and duty to protect your family and your property and stand for your community. I don’t care if your black, white, red, brown, yellow or purple, if you stand for the Constitution and Freedom you are my brothers and sisters.

            Think before you speak,


            • DEFCON 1

              I want to apoligize to super whitey. I should not have called you an “ASS CLOWN” It is not conducive to open dialog to start name calling like a child.

              We must stand together or hang separately!

              • The Concerned Citizen

                Thats right! Ass Clows everywhere are now very unhappy with you. None of them will claim Super Whitey. Its too embarrassing.

          • jimbo


            • Sum Ting Wong

              The white women who aren’t hanging with the bro

          • Bill

            their going to be sticking a shot gun up your rectum while you watch them pull the trigger on you.

          • Anonymous

            You mind if we dance wif yo dates?

          • Anonymous

            At the shooting range, the gym, and self defense tactical classes that teach the art of disabling a predator with one hand behind our backs.
            And by the way, FUCK YOU AND YOUR REJOICING OVER OJ. Paybacks are a bitch, but trained armed women will make you theirs…BITCH!! Bring it BRO!

          • SassaTrashSharpShooter

            White women? Your worst nightmare, race baiter… At the shooting range getting sharper, quicker and more accurate to DEFEND OURSELVES from menacing idiots like you.. At the gym, self defense class, and ready to stand our ground… Fools making threats are gonna get your asses shot on sight.
            We’re armed, strong, and will drop you with a .45 in a second after hearing and seeing the threats.
            Do yourself a favor and don’t mess with armed politically incorrect, law abiding bad ass bitches who’ll waste one round to drop a smack talking POS!

            • roger

              MARRY ME?

          • Urban Redneck

            Meet me outside in 5 minutes punk.

        • Highspeedloafer

          Bring it!!!

          Isn’t that the guy who had his weapon stolen by the monkey and then got shot at?

            • SterlingSilver

              Holy shit thats funny! I’ve never seen that. Guerrilla warfare at its best

              • StevenKY

                A MONKEY shooting at MONKEYS. Bring it on Shabazz and you will learn what it is like with honkey’s & crackers shooting monkeys.

            • PO'd Patriot

              OMG! I just ordered 500 range targets with this exact picture on it. Gonna hand em out at our next Scout troop meeting. What can “Brown do for me” will have new meaning.

            • michael morris

              Actually I think he was the one doing the shooting

            • tired of ny bs

              Who was the smartest in that video the chimp so funny,the only other thing I saw nearly as funny was or where a want a be thug shot a hole in ceiling while trying to be a harass.

          • Whitey

            Hell, just look at the guy….he is a monkey.

            • cptden

              Someone call the police, there is a convicted felon with a firearm.

              • Kulafarmer

                If they arrested Adam K for a you tube vid showing him with a gun in DC they should arrest this guy for something too,
                Racism goes both ways.

                • sixpack

                  yeah, but then we get to call it “justice”.

          • Whitey

            Hell, just look at the guy. He is a monkey.

            • gunsrulecommiesdrool

              Hey Whitey,He sure does look like a monkey!! I cast some hollow points for the 45.70 yesterday now they”re soaking in a bucket of shit and piss!! Then I’ll seal them in wax and load them up….Bring it back to the Congo!!!!!

          • jo

            Why are you yanks always looking for a fight? When you wiped out the Inhabitants of turtle Island you outnumbered them 1000 to 1.
            Now however Its 55 to 45 brown to white so how do you think its going to go this time?
            You are outnumbered and outgunned, but still bristling for a trouble.
            You are not your forefathers who were crooks and thieves from Europe (hardened criminals and religious fundamentalist murderers) but soft fat white people who are scheduled for extinction.
            Being overweight and overconfident does not mean you will win this fight that has been coming for a very long time.
            Karma is a bitch and its your turn to be ground to dust under its slow moving but remorseless wheels.
            Make peace now and learn to live with your neighbors and you may just get away with your lives.
            I know, i know its not going to happen. May you die in glorious battle.

            • Anonymous

              Karma’s only a bitch if you are. Just sayin’ …

            • michael morris

              Jo – That was the most uninformed piece of shit advice I have read so far.
              There isn’t a 55 to 45 difference in color to start with and you sound like you believe its alright for a man to threaten innocent people with their lives if a trial doesn’t turn out the way he wants it to.
              Sir, you can stick your Karma up your silly ass!
              Here’s something you might want to consider, Zimmerman isn’t European white. I saw his mother in an interview on the news and she barely spoke English. With that said, do you believe the black terrorist should change their plans and go into Hispanic neighborhoods and kill light skinned Latinos?
              Some blacks threaten to kill whites if a trial doesn’t go a certain way and they are able to get their verdict. Sound familiar? O.J. Simpson trial. Everyone with a brain knew he was guilty and scared whites let him off the hook.
              You can say whatever you want but know this, If these black terrorist are allowed to get away with inciting this kind of behavior, we did it to ourselves. Not Karma

            • Indiana Jones

              I’m guessing your from G.B.? If so your statement is very ironic due to the fact that what is happening now in the U.S. is far worse in England. The biggest difference is that you are now slaves to Muslims and the worst part is that you have let your government disarm you and now have no way to defend yourselves! You better get used to Sharia law. I feel pity for those of you in England because you have lost your country! We “Yanks” aren’t necessarily looking for a fight but we aren’t ones to back down from one and let our others push us around. I see nothing wrong with defending yourself!

              That being said, to everyone here, please do not go out looking for a fight! That is exactly what “they” want! However, if the fight comes to you defend yourself, your family, your friends and your neighbors!

              Black, white doesn’t matter! It truly is what is inside that counts! One day a black person may save your life so don’t be quick to make stereotypes and lump all of a race into one basket!

              • sixpack

                This reminds me of J. Edgar Hoover’s psyop methods against the ORIGINAL black panther party. The backlash was horrendous, the death toll horrifying and the message was twisted to suit the govt agenda.

                I, for one, will not participate in unjustified hate.

                Let it be understood that while I will not attack for the sake of skin color, I WILL meet ANY aggression with EXTREME prejudice, regardless of how the trial ends.

            • Ryback

              Oooooh something from the fab British bastards, who tried to take over the world so many years ago. Their reason, because they considered everyone else heathens, that should be ruled and educated by them. We ran out the trouble makers 237 years ago, just last week. And look where you are now, more worried about scandels in tabloids and page 3 girls. What a shame.

            • braveheart

              Jo, you sound like a subject of the UK, so you don’t know America like you think you do. There are approximately 320,000,000 total population in the US. Only 13% out of that total are black. Sorry, you need to redo your math. They don’t have the numbers to do what they claim they want to do, and even then, it’s only a tiny percentage of the black community who will do anything foolish, if at all. We have approximately 100,000,000 people who own firearms in this nation with no less than 2 firearms per household and in many cases more than that. Granted, they can do a lot of damage and destruction but wouldn’t be able to maintain that for long. they would be eventually overwhelmed. braveheart

            • Cameraman

              You Sir Are a Bloody Wanker! Americans Fat and Lazy? Enough to Kick King Georges Ass! You people are already Slaves, and Disarmed to Boot, enjoy your Middle Eastern Food, and Sharia Law! We Knocked off One King, we can do it again, Revolution is in our DNA! Have a Good Day and PIP PIP!

              Semper Fi

            • Mark
              • Mark

                Shit fire. I screwed up my tags. Just call me stumble-rummy.

        • FreeMan76

          Keep your eyes and ears open, and maintain a low profile for God’s sake……

        • Shootit

          One problem Shabazz can’t read and will be easy to spot.

          My “Hood” is 99.9% white and armed. Everyone around here has at least a .22 n 12 ga.

          • michael morris

            He wouldn’t even get close to my neighborhood without being pulled over and searched and then thrown in jail.
            He would have to sit in there until Al Sharpton and his anti-patriots got him out.
            This insignificant Panther wants everyone to think he is important and powerful but the truth is, he is only important to those less intelligent people who follow his idiocy.

        • MasterBlaster

          Good Luck… I got what you need.

        • Dixon Jabuti

          you want a good laugh? go watch the self defense video that this samir shabazz guy put on youtube…. they say never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers, but i kinda stopped taking him seriously when it took both hands to put his .38 revolver back into his dropleg tac holster. look at his gear in the pic, what have we got there? cool vest, pockets all look empty save for the cigarettes, maybe 8-10 rounds of 12GA… all show, no go…
          remember kids, a set of cammies and some Molle gear DOES NOT MAKE YOU A SHOOTER!!!

          • sixpack

            It may not make you a soldier, but these days it could make you a fashionista.

            • sixpack

              Fashionistas better stay on the catwalk.

        • Tree Climbing Patriot

          Worst mistake ever.

          Come get some. Cause where I live everybody and their brother owns high powered rifles. And can pick your little noggin off from 600 yards.

          Come fuckin get some.

          Standing by in OH


        • rabbit

          dont worry i’m sure that mr holder and barry will take care of the situation. Maybe another beer summit like he did in his first term.

        • old wrinkly whitey

          come on…i’ll be waiting 🙂

        • last man standing

          Amen! I think the panther population needs to be thinned out.

      • possee

        These bad boys ain’t going to do shit..

        They are as tough as Eric Holder..

        Hell..he probably hired and armed them as well!


        • Chip

          Molon labe. Come get some punks. I got something for ya.

        • sixpack

          We already know govt has been recruiting inner-city gangs to raid stash houses, then busting them for it (at least those that survive). I’ll bet this false flag is no different.

      • Swamp Fox

        I suggest that the MFer consult with the Indians. No reservations this time. You start it we end it. III

        • Gregory8

          Here again to call bullsh*t! Folks who are bad a math get hurt every time, just ask General Custer. I lived in Miami for many years and it has a large black population (greater than the national average). The thing is though that they are outnumbered by latins and whites who have a larger than national average of gun ownership. all the ranges and gun shops are always packed with whites and latins. Blacks leave their area and it’s ‘gameover’ for them and they know it. Now for liberal anti-gun cities like NYC, Chicago, D.C., and some others, who cares? Best thing for them really. But it looks like the fix is in against Zimmerman so chances are he’s going to prison, so no riots.

          • rabbit

            don’t worry if they need an HD tv or new shoes
            they will find a reason to riot.

          • Suzanne

            I agree about the specific Latino component of south Florida. Remember a few decades back (I think it was during the Carter Administration) when Castro cleaned out his prisons and sent them over to Florida? The police were having a time rounding them up… the local Cuban-Americans… the smart ones that got out as Cuba fell… just started plinking the criminals in the streets. The Cuban population is not going to take any guff.

        • Shoot First

          The only SAD thing is YOU! I hope they hang you out by the scrotum, that is if your wife doesn’t already have it in her jewelry box.

        • Anonymous

          I’m not sure why you’re getting the down arrows. I agree with you, and would add that when the SHTF, people are going to be FAR more worried about their meals and their water than the color of anyone’s skin. Those who have those priorities reversed are going to either be dead, or you can look for them to come down your street like murderous, thieving locusts.

        • snake eater

          what if its cowboys and Indians banded together against them



        • Ray

          what a dumbass

      • yourmotherwaswrong

        @Mac Slavo

        Why would you post garbage like this?

        Al Sharpton is bad enough!

        You gotta get in on the act too?

        Are ad sales down? Is a post like this good for business?

        I would say that I’m disappointed, but not at all surprised.

        • Be informed

          @ yourmotherwaswrong. Mac only posts what is happening in this nutso world to let all of us discuss it and PLAN for it like what the site is about SHTF (PLAN). I personally would think it was strange if Mac didn’t post an article that is relevant to this insane world that we are all becoming too much a part of. Two thumbs up for Mac keeping on top of national and world events.

          Y.M.W.W. I suggest you go to Debka or the other Middle East news sites and see the serious trouble brewing over there with Egypt and Israel. We are all on the junction point of hell erupting on Earth, and I sure appreciate knowing about it and possiblilites should something as a race war developing. Again, two thumbs up for this site for all of us to read and interact with it.

          • yourmotherwaswrong

            @Be informed

            Do you understand the term “Race Baiting.”

            Race Baiting is an act of using racially derisive language, actions, or other forms of communication to anger, intimidate or incite a person or groups of people, or to make those persons behave in ways that are inimical to their personal or group interests.

            Historically, the term “race baiting” has almost always been used to describe the process by which WHITE rabble rousers have aroused WHITE audiences.

            Al Sharpton and his ilk (The New Black Panthers in this case) ply the race baiting waters. We should not! To do so, is a mistake. Race Baiting reeks of ignorance and should be avoided in intelligent circles.

            But daddy, mommie said… Son, I don’t care what mommie said. Your mother was wrong.

            • Stez

              You’re mostly right. But I think now whites are having enough of caving in to the ever demands for special treatment by the already priviledge-entitled ones.

              We have already given up everything to accomodate foreigners, it just never seem to be enough. It is now time to man-up and take a stand. If those savages want to take it to the streets, I say we should not disapoint them.

              • michael morris

                Please Mr. Black Panther Boy, Please, Please come into my neighborhood and down my street. Only then can we see some true old fashion justice.

            • Be informed

              @ yourmotherwaswrong. Do you really think that Mac is just trying to get the audience baited to sell advertisement space? Don’t you feel that Mac is as interesting in the fact that he and has family as well as too many out there could become targets for no other reason than the skin color? I fortunately live in an area that the black people are vastly outnumbered and never consider trying to riot, but many people out there don’t. This is news, more bad news for those that are trying to live their lives and prepare for what is coming.

              What would you have Mac talk about and post as an article? Immediate threats to the audience out there I feel should be top news. Would you not want Mac to put up an article about a major war starting in the Middle East WHEN it happens? In other words don’t you feel that Mac should put articles on that are most affecting all of us? Blacks gunning down whites and other races, something that they have threatened all over the internet to do, is pretty close to being the most important issue right now.

              Many people are riled up, and many more are just plain scared. Everyone needs to be aware of the immediate danger to their lives, and Mac is reporting this much like any good journalist would do. I for one am most worried about the self defense issue. What exactly are the rights of someone staying alive because they have to use deadly force to not die. Will we face like what Zimmerman is going through because we defend ourselves against someone of another race or even anopther belief. The government is absolutely the true enemy of everyone as they want to disarm everyone. The government wants any excuse they can get to make all of us as helpless as possible. Fear baiting about what the government will do is something we all need to know about, don’t you think?

              • slingshot

                Good post BI.

                FYI. My friend who is a Quality Inspector for Hospitals in the South East was just in Miami. She called me last night to let me know of her experience. While checking out the Hotel the attendant behind the counter made a point to say it is a good time to get out of Miami. The attendant is Black and both have become friends. I have known her for years and she is very grounded and she thinks of me as an extremist. She called me to say,” I think you are right on this one”.
                That is an admission she would not make lightly!

                On the subject of Race Baiting. Race is involved but I consider it a threat to guard against. I am not going to look for trouble. Not going to shoot on sight but have rules of engagement. With all the opinions and written displays of firepower, they are WARNINGS to those who want to cause trouble. Should hostilities arise you can be sure it is not going to be a Cake Walk. Many innocents will be injured and if THEY have no concern for others, why should I. This statement is the extreme and last resort to defend myself.
                In the news there are many Men of the Cloth trying to keep things from going south and there are those who want to riot. Which words will be heard.
                Will Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and Charlie Rangel be on the front lines if the shooting starts?

                • JayJay

                  On the subject of race baiting and giving in to blacks and foreigners.
                  I never get why ‘they’ don’t get this:
                  There are planes and ships available every fricking day ready and willing to take their sorry, complaining, disappointed asses home. 😉

                • Deep in the Heart

                  Was in Detroit in the ’66 riot. Grandparents were in a mixed neighborhood. Everyone on the block was armed and ready to defend their neighborhood. When you work for it, you have an investment–and are willing to defend it–doesn’t matter what race, creed, or color. Had a rioter made it that far, a non-discriminating bullet would have provided a solution.

            • Spook89

              To ignore a problem doesn’t make the problem disappear. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

            • braveheart

              YMWW, I agree with your point about race-baiting, but everything else you’re saying, especially about Mac, is wrong. I appreciate this site for the accurate information on various issues that is presented every day. if you trust the MSM sites, you’re being misled.

          • GV

            I don’t doubt there are members of the Black Panthers who feel this way… HOWEVER, when I first saw this graphic a couple of days ago, I searched everywhere for a valid source, and none was found. The link to the sodahead site in this article only shows the same graphic.

            I think with TPTB doing their best to instigate a race war, it’s important to make sure we’re seeing actual quotes and not agenda-driven propaganda.

            Anyone have a text link from a valid source where this guy actually says this?

            • GV

              Authentic text or audio link of this statement being uttered. Anyone?

              • Them Guys

                GV: I have zero Links But I saw that exact same panther guy Mac shows, in a yutube video aprox 10-15 min long.

                It shows Him the panther strutting around with guns and same military outfit as in Macs picture, while telling Blacks everywheres to get geared up and get jobs at Day care centers so they can begin Killing Whites babies and small kiddies. he is reaching out to All Blacks to Kill whites as many as they can kill etc.

                So Hes REal alright, not made up entity or faked pics etc. You can likely Find his video at yutube by a search for it. Sorry I have no links.

                Incogman website may still have it archived as he saves many videos that are likely to be taken down by yutube.

                • GV

                  Thank you, Them Guys. I will search for it, watch it if I find it, and report back.

        • babymommasaywhat


          good insight and good grasp on reality,
          which will always get you thumbed down here.

          • omegaman

            Kill yourself, twit

        • Leonard M. Urban

          Your mother flushed the wrong turd on that fateful morning…

        • braveheart

          yourmotherwaswrong, F#$% you! Back off from Mac and the rest of this site. Go to the MSM sites and go F#$% yourself!

        • Piper Michael

          WE are disappointed in you on a daily basis.
          ‘Uncle O’ wants to disarm law abiding WHITE people, so he can leave us to the tender mercies of this black hoard.
          The blacks say it is ok now, to call us ‘creepy ass crackers’, and that is not ‘rasissssss'(racist in english). Soon, it will be a racist act to own a weapon.(said only slightly tongue in cheek). The Fedgov of the Uncle O knows 80% of white people will follow the law, and 80% of blacks will not. So gun laws will have an 80/20 effect across the population.
          All too many poor dumb liberal whites, are already brainwashed into relying on The Authorities for their personal safety. If Zulu Shabazz gets on a rampage, what will they do, call for a cop?

          This is the 80/20 rule.
          Deal with it.

      • Mistah Kurtz he Dead

        My fellow Americans are in Denial and can’t believe that anything like a Racial Civl War could ever happen in ‘The Land of The Free and The Home of The Brave.’

        • Makati1

          Too many here with short, drug addled memory, or those too young to have seen the 60s race riots that burned large sections of cities. Doesn’t take many guys to destroy a town or city, just a few gallons of gasoline, some bottles and a lighter. No guns. Then the troops get called out and you are ALL in ‘lock down’ indefinably. Big talk does not mean anything in today’s world. And you armchair generals will never leave your arm chairs, believe me.

          • Leonard M. Urban

            All it takes to destroy a few guys with a few gallons of gasoline is a few guys who DO remember the race riots of the 60’s who have a few rounds of ammo to expend.Those porch monkeys won’t be leaving any welfare dynasties for us to support after they start this…

          • Dean Wormer

            Put a sock in it boy… I’m glad you think that way, i love when people underestimate their enemy…
            You can sit back in your Lazyboy now General.

        • Joe

          No, not spontaneously. The media has to generate fake tweets from blacks who talk like a stupid white guy’s idea of black people. Openly threatening to riot or planning riots is a crime everywhere. I spose it doesn’t seem strange to you nobody’s being charged? Cause it’s theatre! Anyone can set up a fake identity and tweet inflammatory racist shit, don’t fall for it! Or go ahead and fall for it and look like idiots if you like. I’m not buying it’s real.

          • Leonard M. Urban

            You’re absolutely right, Joe. There’s no way Eric Holder would allow King Samir Shabazz to stir his minions to riot. He’d have their monkey asses in jail so fast, you’d sober up before you could post another response…

            • Them Guys

              Heres what Eric Holders DOJ DID as exposed by Judicial Watch Org who filed FOIA’s in spring of 2012 to get PROOF. That DOJ Sent DOJ personal To Fla/Miami to Stir up shit that Favors Trayvon and Forced a White Police Chief to Resign so NAACP could get a BLACK Chief appointed etc and Charge Zimmer for murder etc. HERE YA GO JOE! ps doj used Fed Taxpayer cash to FUND Monkey Buis in Fla.

              By NWV News Writer Jim Kouri
              Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
              July 12, 2013
              © 2013

              Judicial Watch officials stated that local, state, and federal records requests identified an obscure unit of the Department of Justice — The Community Relations Service-CRS. — which was dispatched to Sanford, Fla., following the shooting of Trayvon Martin in order to to help organize and manage rallies and protests against the shooter George Zimmerman, who claims he killed the 17-year-old Martin in self-defense.

              A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with the Justice Department was filed by Judicial Watch on April 24, 2012 and 125 pages were received on May 30, 2012.

              The non-profit, non-partisan group then appealed the request on June 5, 2012, and received an additional 222 pages on March 6, 2013.

              According to the documents:

              • March 25 – 27, 2012, CRS spent $674.14 upon being “deployed to Sanford, FL, to work marches, demonstrations, and rallies related to the shooting and death of an African-American teen by a neighborhood watch captain.”

              • March 25 – 28, 2012, CRS spent $1,142.84 “in Sanford, FL to work marches, demonstrations, and rallies related to the shooting and death of an African-American teen by a neighborhood watch captain.

              • March 30 – April 1, 2012, CRS spent $892.55 in Sanford, FL “to provide support for protest deployment in Florida.”

              • March 30 – April 1, 2012, CRS spent an additional $751.60 in Sanford, FL “to provide technical assistance to the City of Sanford, event organizers, and law enforcement agencies for the march and Rally march 31st(link on rally in article).

              • April 3 – 12, 2012, CRS spent $1,307.40 in Sanford, FL “to provide technical assistance, conciliation, and onsite mediation during demonstrations planned in Sanford.”

              • April 11 – 12, 2012, CRS spent $552.35 in Sanford, FL “to provide technical assistance for the preparation of possible marches and rallies related to the fatal shooting of a 17 year old African American male.”

              From a Florida Sunshine Law request filed on April 23, 2012, Judicial Watch obtained thousands of pages of emails on April 27, 2012, in which was found an email by Miami-Dade County Community Relations Board Program Officer Amy Carswell dated April 16, 2012:

              “Congratulations to our partners, Thomas Battles, Regional Director, and Mildred De Robles, Miami-Dade Coordinator and their co-workers at the U.S. Department of Justice Community Relations Service for their outstanding and ongoing efforts to reduce tensions and build bridges of understanding and respect in Sanford, Florida” following a news article in the Orlando Sentinel about the secretive “peacekeepers.”

              In reply to that message, Battles said: “Thank you Partner. You did lots of stuff behind the scene to make Miami a success. We will continue to work together.” He signed the email simply Tommy.

              Carswell responded: “Thats why We make the BIG Bucks!”(Link to That at article).

              On April 15, 2012, during the height of the protests, the Orlando Sentinel reported, “They [the CRS] helped set up a meeting between the local NAACP and elected officials that led to the temporary resignation of Police Chief Bill Lee according to Turner Clayton, Seminole County chapter president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.”

              According to the Orlando Sentinal, the CRS had arranged a 40-mile police escort for the students from Daytona Beach to Sanford. The college students, who called themselves the Dream Defenders, barricaded the entrance to the police station demanding Police Chief Lee be removed from office.

              “These documents detail the extraordinary intervention by the Justice Department in the pressure campaign leading to the prosecution of George Zimmerman,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “My guess is that most Americans would rightly object to taxpayers paying government employees to help organize racially-charged demonstrations”

              © 2013 NWV – All Rights Reserved

              IT AINT A FAKE Operation eh! Holder-DOJ-NAACP(invented-run-funded-since inception 103yrs ago BY: Russian Jewish Communists from Moscow KGB etc the Original naacp “founders”! Kommie jews & One african cpusa-kommie as Front man! 100% True, look it Up!) all Conspireing to Create-Foment Hate of Whites and get African Savage blacks to Riot-Loot- Murder whiteys.

              What do You not Yet Get? Will you better believe it true After You are shot dead by a crazed animalistic jungle minded savage brutal piss poor excuse for a “human” african black rioter/naacp member/panthers?

              PS don’t bother calling me racist/antisemite/hater/nazi/etc. Heard it All before and Laugh Loudly every time a PINhead self hater whitey plays that PC shit. Wake Up Idiot Whiteys( They Know who they are!). Facts and Truth are NOT: racist/antisemite/anti Anything-except for being Anti-LIES-Falshoods-etc. Thats a real Swell way to be…Anti-Lies/falshoods. Better Yet is them what Exposes it to Others!

        • Yeshua

          I think what is funniest part of this whole thing is that Zimmerman is not white, he is Hispanic…

          • Anonymous

            Zimmerman sure sounds Hispanic….

          • Mel

            actually, zimmerman is a jewish name. his father is jewish, his mother is peruvian.

            trayvon martin’s father is a retired black freemason judge from florida.

            the protocols of zion and freemasonry are linked.

            without the zionists jews there’d be no freemasons.

            freemasons are the zionists little bitch and depending on degree zionists say when and how they die…from natural causes.

            of course they want a race war. how the hell else can they continue to control the goyim. the most hilarious part about it is the zionists consider the freemasons goyim as well and most probably don’t even know it or even if a small number did they could care less being there’s great perks to being a freemason not allotted the rest of us. they have no problem trampling us underfoot in their courts by their enforcers. i also notice their very lacking in a belief in god, creator, or anything related to such. the legal mind of man has no use for the other.

            its not like presidents before obama hadn’t engaged in this type of thing. its kinda unfortunate that it took people to see it once a black man was in office.

            face it the white man has had a good run. far longer then any race in history.

            and before anyone slams me as a racist or person of color i’m actually a half breed. good thing too, no wonder i can see more clearly than most.

            FYI the fire that killed 19 firefighters was no accident. notice not much more has been said about this in the media. do we have terrorists operating in our country we are not being told about? i already know the answer but too afraid to post their possible affiliations because of guys like >insert< can't control themselves and go after people who have nothing to do with it.

            as if we didn't have enough problems. immigration, racism, economy, fukushima, LA, gulf coast, HAARP, chemtrails, vaccines, GMO's, pharma, foreign troops, just to name a few.

            those are some pretty huge obstacles for anyone to overcome. will we be able to.

            fukushima and the gulf coast may be the final nail in all our coffins. which reminds me of an immortal technique song lyric "engineered sickness to conquer the planet" somethin somethin "living under a dome" thats all i can remember.

            pick your battles wisely, make every one count, and above all use discernment when doing so.

            • Mel

              forgot one, radiation frequencies that can target certain parts of the brain thus causing depression, lethargy, chronic insomnia, induced thoughts, etc…also used for crowd control. the odds aren’t lookin too good.

            • WALK

              Every Freemason Lodge I have ever seen is composed of old men who say little and do less. I wouldn’t put much stock in your idea.

            • Old Sarge


              We are dealing with facts, and you’re trying to hijack the discussion with tinfoil mind-control.


              1. You can prove you have a Beer.
              2. There are laws saying Beer labels can’t lie to you.
              3. If your Beer is not cold, it is not George W. Bush’s fault.
              4. It’s a coincidence that Beer is served in aluminum cans. Seriously. That’s all it is.
              5. When you have a Beer, you don’t butt into people’s lives trying to give it away.
              6. No one will call you a Fed for not drinking Beer.
              7. They don’t force Beer on minors who can’t think for themselves.
              8. If you’ve devoted your life to Beer, there are groups to help you stop.

              • Piper Michael

                Old Sarge, Ya forgot,

                Beer is proof that there IS a God.

            • Jim in Va.

              Mel; You are brain dead. You have no idea what you are talking about. I’m a Mason and beholden to no one. you need some fresh air,get out of the basement and quit looking at yourself in the mirror. Grow up!

              • Them Guys

                All the Mel post Deniars obviously Never did any research of the actual founders of freemasonery-nor-Bani’ Birit’ which Is the Main major Head honchos of all freemasonery, and is Limited to Only Jewish membership(bani birit limits it). Just a couple well spent hrs research and you will find every detail that Proves what Mel wrote is accurate and correct.

                But I highly Doubt any wil do such factual research as they seem Afraid to learn the Real Truths behind these type issues and orgs etc. And of course if the words jewish or zionist are mentioned, them “Forbidden by PC” words so many Fear like scared rabbits, they simply Crawl back into teir personal cocoon and wish or hope it all is untrue.

                Mel obviously Has done His homework. Too bad so many folks refuse to. How to Fix usa when most don’t know, or Reject the truth of who or what the real enemys and kommies are. Wake Up america.

            • roseof13

              Gosh, how dumb can someone be?

              Zimmerman is a german name, used often by German Jews- and more importantly, used by Germans who are not Jewish. If you dont believe me check German telephone directories online… Zimmerman means “carpenter” in German.

              In addition- please check this article and you might also check George’s parent’s blog, also, you can google it to find it, it is called “robert and gladys”.

              “The 28-year-old insurance-fraud investigator comes from a deeply Catholic background and was taught in his early years to do right by those less fortunate. He was raised in a racially integrated household and himself has black roots through an Afro-Peruvian great-grandfather – the father of the maternal grandmother who helped raise him…
              …George Michael Zimmerman was born in 1983 to Robert and Gladys Zimmerman, the third of four children. Robert Zimmerman Sr. was a U.S. Army veteran who served in Vietnam in 1970, and was stationed at Fort Myer in Arlington, Virginia, in 1975 with Gladys Mesa’s brother George. Zimmerman Sr. also served two tours in Korea, and spent the final 10 years of his 22-year military career in the Pentagon, working for the Department of Defense, a family member said.
              In his final years in Virginia before retiring to Florida, Robert Zimmerman served as a magistrate in Fairfax County’s 19th Judicial District.
              Robert and Gladys met in January 1975, when George Mesa brought along his army buddy to his sister’s birthday party. She was visiting from Peru, on vacation from her job there as a physical education teacher. Robert was a Baptist, Gladys was Catholic. They soon married, in a Catholic ceremony in Alexandria, and moved to nearby Manassas.
              Gladys came to lead a small but growing Catholic Hispanic enclave within the All Saints Catholic Church parish in the late 1970s, where she was involved in the church’s outreach programs. Gladys would bring young George along with her on “home visits” to poor families, said a family friend, Teresa Post.
              “It was part of their upbringing to know that there are people in need, people more in need than themselves,” said Post, a Peruvian immigrant who lived with the Zimmermans for a time…
              …Zimmerman served as an altar boy at All Saints from age 7 to 17, church members said.
              “He wasn’t the type where, you know, ‘I’m being forced to do this,’ and a dragging-his-feet Catholic,” said Sandra Vega, who went to high school with George and his siblings. “He was an altar boy for years, and then worked in the rectory too. He has a really good heart.” “

              • Spook89

                @roseof13 Actually, zimmer is German for room. Zimmermadchen is German for maid. So, it is likey that ‘Zimmerman’ is German for a domestic employee like a butler or a bell hop.

            • Tucker

              One of those ‘presidents’ – or, more accurately, via his paid operatives – Bill Clinton – at mid-term, when he was facing possible impeachment, had the amazing audacity to have his mouth pieces get on those Sunday TV talk shows and insinuate that ‘KKK Clan Robe Wearing Republicans armed with shotguns and driving pickup trucks’ were trying to intimidate black voters to keep them away from the polling precincts.

              Not one single documented incident of that description ever actually occurred, not anywhere in entire United States that year. Clinton’s operatives were desperate and afraid of being impeached, so these irresponsible numbskulls were willing to deliberately try to incite racial warfare that could have resulted in countless deaths of innocent White Americans – just so he could get reelected and not be faced with a Republican takeover of both houses of Congress?

            • Smokey

              Zimmermann is a German name, not Jewish. A zimmer is a broad-bladed axe used to form wooden beams from logs, and is a common occupational name, like Smith, Shoemaker, Cartwright, etc.

            • durango kidd

              Mel: The fire that killed 19 Hotshots in Arizona was not arson. It was caused by a lightning strike. I was in that area and I was talking to those Hotshots beforehand.

              The fires in Colorado were and are arson.

            • AverageJoe

              Southern black men typically attend “Prince Lodges”, which are not recognized by freemasons in our state. If Travon’s father is in a lodge, it’s a Prince Lodge, not Freemason lodge. Mel obviously doesn’t know a thing about freemasons.

              I’ve been a freemason for approximatly 5 years. My grandfather, great uncles, and brother are (were) all freemasons. Our main focus is once a month brotherhood, and to give money to local charities and scholarships, which benefit our community. We are working on global domination, just as soon as we figure out how to run a profitable pancake breakfast fundraiser.

              None of our brothers have a criminal record, and all work hard and contribute economically to our community and this great nation. Most members are 50-80 years old and foreign war vets, mostly Korea and Vietnam. We say the pledge of allegiance in every lodge, pledging our devotion to this great republic.

              All the lodges I’ve visited are the same. It’s an adult fraternity of men who like to get together once a month for brotherhood, and give back to the local community and do some good. When is the last time you did something good for your local community?

              All the Freemasons I know are Christian (non-Catholic). We have a lutheran pastor as a brother, who just recently retired. I’ve read this garbage about freemasonry on here week-in and week-out. I thought some of you might want to hear from a Mason, and I encourage you to ask a local mason to see what it’s all about. Don’t judge until you see first hand, and definitely don’t believe everything posted on this site.

              • John Q. Public

                The lower degrees of Freemasonry (1st-3rd degree “blue” Masons) are kept in the dark until they are deemed pliant enough to learn what the higher degrees (30th-33rd degrees) of Masonry know—that Masons worship Lucifer and serve the synagogue of Satan, hence all the emphasis on building a third Temple in Jerusalem. Indeed, the “Jews only” B’nai B’rith Lodge has command and control over the goyische Lodges.

                Many do join Masonry for the business contacts and get-out-of-trouble connections that Judeo-Luciferian Masonry gives “brothers.” Those lower level Masons know nothing of the Satan-worship that is wrapped in deep symbolism at the lower levels, hence provide a very useful service to Masonry, a phony veneer of philanthropy.

                Doubt me? Read a pre-20th century edition of Morals and Dogma by the Pre-eminent Mason Albert Pike. In the early 20th century the passages praising Lucifer and Jewish Kabbala were self-censored to preserve the secret.

                Of course, cowans (non-Masons, a term also used by the LDS to refer to non-LDS, a hint of the Mormon connection with Judeo-Luciferian Masonry) are not supposed to learn any of this. Read Pike or read accounts by men who, by the grace of God, left Masonry and revealed Masonic secrets. While you are at it, read about the Masonic “Know Nothing” political party and its connection to murders (for example, the high-profile murder of William Morgan), the KKK, and vicious anti-Catholicism (Masonic Supreme Court Justice Douglas ‘made his bones’ as a lawyer by freeing the Masonic murderer of a Catholic priest sitting on his porch who had converted the murderer’s daughter—”You’d do the same, wouldn’t you?” was Douglas’ wink-wink to the jury).

              • NEETNEET

                @ aJoe,
                What’s the highest degrees in your family? Any 33?

                • Them Guys

                  The original Founders of fremasonery are who Built Solomons Jewish Temple (Hirim ibiff(sp?-cant recall now exact name/spelling) back around 3000 yrs ago. Most if not all of the Prez. FDR-types who did so much evils in and To america were Masons too. BUT every single one like FDR were Minimum 31st degree masons, Most are 33rd degree(highest level)…The lower levels Never are told the “Hidden Secrets” that are taught as a mason advances up thru levels. Thats mainly why most of todays masons think and believe all it is is some good org devoted to doing good for kids or various community causes etc.

                  Well you can likley find Good done or good causes funded etc by Most all orgs. KKK even!…So does That “good” eliminate the Hidden evils? no!

                  Why does it seem so many masons are so quick to defend it…Yet the very Fact they do defend it so, proves either that they themselves has Never Yet did Real deeper research on the origins and various ‘deeds” done BY various High official 33rd degreed masons, down thru the centurys, Especially the 20th cent in usa.

                  OR…If they do know of such deeper info of masonery, yet still so defend it all….Well then they too are part of the Not so good side of it.

                  IMHO: the guys who are members Here at This site, are simply those who have never yet searched out the truth or facts about everything to do with masonery. And it may have “christians” but it is NOT in Any way shape or form a christian based org! How can it be when the Main founders-Controlers-many 33rd degreed-still to Todays org were and Are run and controled By the Bani’ Berit’ branch which itself ONLY allows for Jewish members.

                  No org begun/run By talmudic judiac/jewish persons can ever be considered “Christian” as the two are direct Opposites, and, not due to choices made by christains, but made By judiacs, the Two beliefs are enemys. Or I shoud say, the Talmudiacs have always since Christ’s Murder was Engineered BY talmudic jews, been by Thier own Choices, enemys of christians.

                  Who do you think has Murdered a Quarter-Billion christians since 1918 russian revolt? Thats correct! they were Murdered BY and to Benifit Talmudic jewish kommies. Same type talmudics that invented and Run Masonery!

                  Research all of these issues see for Yourself Mr. Mason’s.

                  Or remain either in Ignorance of the very org You joined, or remain an active part in, even if Unwittingly, its evils. Its anti-christian judiac talmudic evils.

                  Would anyone Join say, the KKK if they promiced to donate cash to kids centers? or Build playgrounds etc? Why Not?

                  Because most folks reject mixing some good with more evil. Unless of course…They are Unknowing or Unwhittingly doing so right….Bingo! Research-Find Truth-Re think beliefs= “well done my faithfull servant”(JC, year 31 ce)

          • malcom

            he is half White. So does that make obummer a white black?

            • Forrest


            • Shootit

              Obutthead is 50% White, 43.75% Arab, 6.25% Black. That is only if his stated “father” on his “birth certificate” is really his father. Good luck on ever finding the truth.

          • Them Guys

            I never saw zimmers Mom yet, I did see his Father on TV court case on witness stand a couple of moments worth. I sure do Not see ANY resemblance between Father and son aka zimmer. I mean if I seen both on the street or in a bar or resturant setting…I would Never ever guess in a hundred yrs that they are even related, let alone dad and son?

            I wonder is zimmers “father” adopted him when he married the mother perhaps? And NO zimmers NO white anything, at least not by apperances. He looks like a fat round faced mexican or other hispanic and is more like “Medium” brown shade color to me. I seen many White European “Hispanics” he aint one. Them whites who speak spanish Look totally white he dont.

            I read prior when it first occured a yr ago or so, that zimmers Mother is part “Morano” jewish, and his dad is just plain askenazi jewish or part so. Not sure either way. All I do know is zimmer is NOT any type whitey except by marriage or adoption perhaps.

            MSM were and still are Hot to Trot to foment hate of whiteys even if they must LIE and Photo-shop-re color pictures to make a person appear whiter. Like they All did last year when arrested Zimmer. Then they “Invented” a white-hispanic!!

            It is all part of Death by thousand cuts to Whites. Self hater whites aint helping whites none neither, they need dump that whitey Guilt complex brainwashed into them for a lifetime. Just get Rid of white guilt Trust me You aint guilty for slavery-six million jews-illeagle “Dreamers” or anything else, Unless you actually did something bad.

            Trust me get rid of whitey Guilt and You shall feel as if a hundred lbs bag cement was Reomved off your back and neck region. Guilt-FREE= Happy Whiteys!!!

        • troll killer

          John J Quinn

          sorry buddy but your 100% wrong for the last 6 to 8 months i have been seeing more and more blacks in the gun stores and gun shows Buying ARs and Aks like there going out of style. and there spending big bucks
          and buying cases and cases of ammo there loading up and have been and its not some prepper thing its getting ready for a shit load of troubles.
          now they might be thinking there going to get hit by there poor ghetto brothers but i bet a lot of its there getting ready to fight whitey and take there shit.

          and the Blacks i have seen aren’t your average middle class weekend shooters there young they pay with cash and they usually have two or three friends with them. they sport a lot of tattoos and have the attitude of your average street punk

          we saw the shit being posted on youtube after the hurricanes and such on the east coast. and now were getting more crap from them about this

          the nation of Islam in my city has people on the street corners handing out papers for a donation and they mostly have headlines like
          White backlash against Blacks
          and Blacks being held down etc
          but in the last month i have not seen one single member selling there racist bull shit.

          we had better get ready for some serious shit unless zimmermann is found guilty and if he is i look for him to be dead in a year or two if he makes it too prison
          they will kill him there for sure unless he spends his time in solitary

          Troll killer

          • Tucker

            The gun shows I attend in my local area are almost always at least 95 percent filled with White customers. However, when I’ve visited the gun range at a local gun store to squeeze in a little target shooting, there are usually at least 5 or 6 gang banger ghetto types using the lanes and, much to my sarcastic amusement, blasting away at targets that have black colored, human silhouettes painted on them.

            • troll killer


              here where i live its about 20% black and at the gun shows and shops i see mostly young gang types with huge wads of cash looking to buy quality guns and cases of 5.56. they pass over the cheap ARs and go straight for the Daniel defense for $1,700.00 and the YHM for $1,600.00. and some are even getting the 308 Cal ARs. one guy wanted 6 cases of armor piercing ammo and asked about body armor
              shot guns mostly run towards the 870 and mossberg cruisers already cut down and Cases of slugs and buck shot. these punks are not buying cheap wal mart shit there getting good stuff and lots of it

              so from what i have seen most around here are armed to the teeth.

              Local LE when i asked once told me he had recently taken 2 ARs from a Known gang banger who got them thru a friend who had a clean record and paid the dumb kid an extra $200.00 for his time and trouble.
              turned out to be worth close to $5 grand with the extra 20 mags he had hidden in his car he also had 4 handguns.

              Local LE is very quiet they think some thing is up and there not giving clues even to friends. there watching the bad neighborhoods and stopping any one they see but one admitted to me its a losing battle. as there not as stupid as we think there good at hiding there shit.

              troll killer

            • sixpack

              “gang-banger ghetto types” are criminals who shouldn’t legally own guns—are you saying shooting ranges will let ANYBODY in there, even felons with guns? You mean criminals can congregate at gun shops and shooting ranges?

              Damn. I had no idea.

              Lemme guess—they don’t dress like you either.

              It is a misconception that all blacks are “gang-bangers”. There are black people who wear their pants down around their asses and sport bandannas that are not hostile gang members.

              Stop buying into the bullshit.

          • Anonymous

            Having it and knowing how to use it are 2 different things. I have been shooting for 38 years and I am very proficient to 300 yards. My daughter is 10 and she has been shooting since 5 and she has mastered 200 yards. On my range I have a 75 yard marker with 4 bells. I can ring those 4 bells one after another with my glock 26. The bells are actually steel plates that chime, but they are 6″ wide 12″ tall.

            I am not seeing blacks at the ranges much less the elite ranges (up to 1000 yards) I have been stock piling ammo since the 1st election.

            You have to understand the most important thing is supply. The rioters and looters have no supply line. They run out, shoot empty and have to run 6 blocks back home to get another bullet. looters, are even easier. Greed is their enemy. They try to steal more than they carry. Slows them down. Also hampers them from carrying or using a firearm. Also just happens they are easier to pop when they are loaded down. You have to look at the big picture. They just haven’t got what they need to last. I agree with the poster who said they will hit soft targets first. Nursing homes, schools, some drive bys and shopping malls. Basically places where no guns allowed signs hang every 5 feet. After that, the first day, they will have expended their ammo, supply and will try to get back home all the while yelling racist at any and everyone who takes a shot at them.

      • GT

        We outnumber them, are better armed, and are better shots….SO….bring it on. From a crazy assed cracker

        • Canadian Vet

          Except they have the edge in rage and self-righteousness. Not to mention a lot of the. Could be hopped up on God knows what.

          And they won’t give the white folks anything resembling a fair fight. Odds are they will start by going after easy targets with overwhelming force. Say like retirement homes, schools, swarm tactics, things like that. But the house with the Gadsen flag and NRA bumper stickers? Those with the “My husband is a retired (Marine, Ranger, cop, etc), stickers, those they’ll leave alone. Or they wil, hit the politically correct urbanites/suburbanites.

          And that all won’t be out of the desire to inflict maximum casualties as much as picking the sure win.

          • Makati1

            C Vet, are you sure of that? Remember, most of our military today are made up of minorities, and about 1/3 are black. Taught to kill, do you believe they cannot? And a Molotov cocktail tossed onto your roof at 4 AM is not going to take long or much courage. Just a drive-by and a strong arm.

            • Leonard M. Urban

              Our military a different class of people than the welfare sucking, crack smoking devotees of King Samir Shabazz. They’ll be standing beside us helping to keep the rioters at bay…

              • Facebook Page

                Many within a few month of being back on the street are back to there old ways. And now better trained. Remember many gangs expert there member to go thought 3 year to get trained.

            • charles w

              The infantry and other war fighters are overwhelmingly white. Support troops are where most of the minorities serve.

            • DanM

              Blacks in the military are not particularly competent or professional. The US military would be better off without 98 % of them.

            • watcherofolde

              Nope. Most are still white–what made you think otherwise?
              Race Profile of Active Duty Force
              Service % White % Minorities% Black % Other
              Army 73.9 % 26.1 % 21.5 4.6 %
              Navy 66.2 % 33.8 % 19.3 14.4 %
              Marine 83.7 % 16.3 % 11.1 5.2 %
              AirForc 78.1 % 21.9 % 15.6 6.3 %
              CoastGuard82 % 18 % 6.1 11.9 %
              Total 74.6 % 25.4 % 17.8 % 7.6 %

            • watcherofolde

              @Makati1–no most are still white.
              Race Profile of Active Duty Force
              Service % White % Minorities % Black % Other
              Army 73.9 % 26.1 % 21.5 % 4.6 %
              Navy 66.2 % 33.8 % 19.3 % 14.4 %
              Marine Corps 83.7 % 16.3 % 11.1 % 5.2 %
              Air Force 78.1 % 21.9 % 15.6 % 6.3 %
              Coast Guard 82 % 18 % 6.1 % 11.9 %
              Total 74.6 % 25.4 % 17.8 % 7.6 %

            • grego

              the only ones dumb enough to jone the oil wars…

          • Night breaker

            Welcome to American Rhodesia!

            Semper Fi 8541

          • Tucker

            I can hardly wait to see these self-hating, self-loathing, guilt ridden White liberal Obama voters screaming in shock and surprise, when they are dragged out of their homes by these black savage predators and disposed of first.

            They’ll all be peeing and crapping their pants, and squirting buckets of tears and hysterically pointing to their Obama yard sign or their Obama bumper sticker and begging to be spared by their black attackers, who’ll all be laughing their asses off, grinning ear to ear, as they hang a gasoline filled tire around their pasty, white race traitorous necks and then toss over a lighted match.

            • Slick One

              You sure do know your primates well, if I didnt know better Id bet your Diane Fossie or Doctor Jane Goodall!

          • Sigi

            A lot of the Twitter threat quotes have referenced fire. Think to last week- in Nigeria- where a school was torched by Muslim extremists (Boko Haram) who set up an ambush at the door to pick off any who tried to escape. I would not be surprised at all to see this tactic used.

        • twit

          my dad is drunk knocked out,,WE do not out number them,, they have been brought up to believe whitey has slighted them, so all white people have to watch their backs… this is a full on race war…..if they engage you,, refer to them as your brother,,,,they really dont understand that coming from a white guy.

          • Canadian Vet

            They engage you, be instantly ready to respond with force. While you talk, that’s when they’ll strike. At least, you fine folks south of me have the option to carry a gun on your person legally. Up here, it practically takes an act of God to get a carry permit that is only valid for 6 months. Oh, and most of our cos aren’t allowed to pack off-duty either, or even to take their guns home.

            So they come after you, at least you have the possibility of an effective deadly force response. Most I got is my pocket knife.

            And us white folks we have to watch our backs. Especially after this round of threats. Because, in the words of my former close quarter combat instructor, where there is one shithead, there are more shitheads. One of them starts breaking off at you it would be suicidal not to assume there aren’t more to back his play or to act while he’s got your attention. And a multiple opponent engagement, at least up here, is considered an instant deadly force situation because it definitely falls under the “reasonable risk of serious injury or death”.

            Don’t “brother” them when they are in your face. Get ready to show you are a more than they can chew, or at least that taking you on will be overly costly to them. Remember, the Black Panthers want to effectively declare war on white folks and in that war there are no rules of engagement, no codes of conduct. Only that if your skin isn’t black they will attack you regardless of who or what you are. Your skin colour becomes your uniform and they won’t recognize non-combatants as anything other than soft targets.

            • dave in ID

              @ Canadian Vet..carry one regardless of the stupid law up there.

              • Canadian Vet

                Problem is I’m white and live in a rural area. If I was black or Asian or brown living in Toronto, with a long list of crimes behind me and no job, I could get away with little more than losing my gun and going to bed without dessert.

                As a law-abiding gun owner, I would be guaranteed jail time in a Federal pen for breaking that same law.

                Not to mention that over here, to prove “self-defence” is almost an act of God in its own right. Hell, some fellow a few years back got out of his house with his shotgun to deal with a handful of regular vandals and thieves and he went to jail for having the temerity of using a gun to protect his house and his family. A gun that wasn’t even loaded.

                He got charged with improper storage, pointing a firearm and careless use of a firearm. 3 year jail sentence.

        • TTC

          GT: YUP. Sad how thee comandeer in chief
          Had to get involved and turn it into a
          racial issue. I expected more from my
          First half-Irish President.

          • Leonard M. Urban

            Must be the bottom half…

        • Play toy

          Bring it on says the tough guy on the computer.

      • Anonymous

        I wish someone would try to kill this honky. Not worried though, I mean how could you be? You think a mother fucker that cant even type correctly is going to be a threat? Dumb mother fuckers probably even hold their damn guns sideways to be “cool”. Lol, please…

        • XTP

          It’s difficult to fight, and hold your pants up at the same time

          • JayJay

            Now, that’s funny!! 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Sight-in and target practice….real-time!

      • swampsniper


        • Night breaker

          OSOK !

          Semper Fi 8541

      • US Marine Fighting tyranny


        PLEASE!,… please, please, please!,… COME TO MY NEIGHBORHOOD AND TRY IT!!!


        JD – US Marines – Hope they bring a lot of body bags with them,… I don’t do clean-ups.

        • Joe

          Jd – buddy don’t fall for this yet-another-big-sis try for a crackdown. It’s fake!

        • JayJay

          “In this world there are two kinds of people, my friend. Those with loaded guns and those who dig, you dig.”-

          Cling Eastwood.

          • VRF


          • Boss Hog

            In this world there are only three kinds of people those that can count and those that cant.

          • Carrey's Heartless MOFO

            Hey Jay-Jay
            Is “Cling Eastwood” the velco version of Clint Eastwood? You just made my day. ;}

            • JayJay

              OOps..we need edit. I usually check unless I’m busy multi-tasking…that happens a lot here.

          • Joe

            That must be a quote from the famous Klingon cowboy actor, from his “Klingywood” movie “Qaq, qab, moh ‘ej”. Good musical!

          • Joe

            That must be a quote from the famous Klingon cowboy actor, from his “Klingywood” movie “Qaq, qab, moh ‘ej”. Good musical!

        • Patrick

          Godfather cant tell General Maddis we don’t do windows

        • Beowulf

          @ U. S. Marine, Clean up is what police are for.

        • Anonymous

          I’m sooo with you ,
          These are the type of people(animals) I would LOVE to rid the world of!

          Remember be safe. Burn the bodies… Just in case…..

      • cras and burn

        then the klu klux klan can go into the black neighborhoods and string up some blacks….


      • Joe

        The logical thing would be to enforce the law that prosecutes those planning riots, but the government needs this distraction too badly so that won’t happen.

      • California Resident

        King Shitbaz Shanaynay: “This time we’re doing it right… This time we’re not burning down our communities. This time we’re going out to Whitey’s suburbs and burning down HIS community. We’re going to make Whitey feel the pain.”
        Not only can I NOT WAIT, I even bought body armor for just such an “OPPORTUNITY”.

        Note that I didn’t say “emergency”?

        Your move, Homey Duh Clown. Bring it ON, TRAYVON !!!!!!!!!!!

      • US Centurion

        Let them come

      • Anonymous

        Personally I will aim and shoot.

      • mike

        isn’t Zimmerman a jewish Mexican so white guy didn’t kill a black he is guilty he could have shot him in the knee he was unarmed. and a teen what a chicken s#%@ Zimmerman.

      • 3Toes

        Why is he wearing a Load Bearing Vest? Its completely empty…Hmmm.

        • VRF

          because of firearms violations he isn’t really legally allowed to be even holding that shotgun, so his dumb ass should be arrested, but Erick The Holdover will do nothing because his wife told him not to

      • Stilicho

        Perhaps ‘whitey’ will stop supporting gun control so vigorously if this happens?

      • michael morris

        I’m with you on this. Bring it on!!
        I would love to once and for all let them put their punkasses out there and see who is still standing when it’s all over.
        Not that it matters but Zimmerman isn’t white. I saw a news cast interviewing his mother and she barely spoke English.
        I just saw where 3 blacks robbed a sandwich store and killed a white girl for her tip money. Why wasn’t it all over the news?
        I hope they don’t find him guilty because they are afraid of these terrorist because that’s what happened in the O.J. trial and everyone knew he was guilty.

      • California Resident

        Trayvon will soon have a lot of company at the behest of the NBP.

      • Iguana One

        These Black panther threats are just cheap talk. They will do nothing. They love to bark and strut around waving their arms and making threats. They will do nothing. Think nothing of it. Go to bed and forget about them. the Black Panthers are morons from the 1960’s.


        I’ve worked in a prison for over 30 years, all of it inside not “out front”. Every time I find a old convict with a muslim name, it’s because their birth name when sentenced, was always for RAPE. You all walk around with a chip on your shoulder until you start getting stabbed up then you start crying for your mommy!!! You want to bring it out of the HOOD…go for it…you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. You want a race war…we’ve been there before…just ask an AMERICAN INDIAN !!!!!


        We’ll leave the light on for ya!!!!!

      • Omega

        The folks elected to serve the people are serving up WE The People. Those at the presumed top of the food chain all get along just fine, black ,white, green, and work in plain sight to keep us all fighting amongst ourselves.
        The laugh at us. They help us to stay divided. Why? Because united we stand, DIVIDED we fall. Funny how they hope to start an internal PROXY war with the American peoples. I did not say German American, African American , or any other label to reinforce racial
        division Damit, I said American people. I for one have had enough of this shit, RISE UP AND UNITE All You People of AMERICA! Take enough DAMN Pride in your respective Races to Unite Together. United We WILL STAND. black pathetic panthers, little boys wearing blue hats, or any other shadow lurkers out there, your going to get your ass kicked. We The People Of These Great United States have reached our limit! So if the power brokers behind the scenes want an internal proxy war so they can further reduce our FREEDOM, THEN LETS GIVE IT TO THE PROXY BASTARDS the moment they start!! Give NO DAMN QUARTER,HAVE NO DAMN MERCEY, BE SWIFT , Lets make this PROXY Cleansing The shortest war in HISTORY and then lets round up the Brokers, handlers and TEAR OFF THEIR HEADS AND PUT THEM ON SPIKES FOR ALL TO SEE and let it be known that the sleeping giant of WE THE PEOPLE OF THESE GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA are back in control of our country. We no longer hide in fear in the shadows while others tear our country apart.
        Omega, slayerofmen.
        [email protected]

      • luke

        zimmerman isn’t even white lmao…this is stupid

      • HegelianDialectic

        Everyone…all races ….All Americans…. should look this up….” Hegelian Dialectic “….it is not as complicated as it sounds….It’s how ” Their Agenda ” is being set up and a lot of people are falling into the trap….it seems especially the Black Race….Slow Down !!! And understand we are being taken to the slaughter house !

        1) Fear makes you STUPID !!!

        2) Panic will get you KILLED !!!

        Wake up American……and I Pray it is not too late.

      • RM

        “As for Jerry Jackson – the local Democratic committeeman and Black Panther for whom the Justice Department dropped all voter-intimidation charges – his record of convictions includes drug dealing, stabbing and robbing, all in Philadelphia. “Since becoming infamous for intimidating voters, Jackson and Samir have taken to posting photos of themselves posing with handguns,” Mr. Roman reported. “A felony firearm charge can be brought against a convicted felon who is found in possession of a firearm, regardless of the intended or actual use of the weapon. Certainly DOJ must be aware of these photos. Why haven’t they pursued charges under 18 U.S.C. 922 against Jerry Jackson? Is he getting a pass on gun charges, too?”

        Read more:
        Follow us: @washtimes on Twitter

        Well DOJ? The picture is enough probable cause to begin a criminal investigation that would probably lead to an indictment.

        Oh wait, I forgot! Our own government is even more lawless than the racist new black panthers!

        • vincent

          Are ALL member of the NBPP in jail too? Does Shabazz have the ability to communicate with the street gangs behind bars? The Latin Kings, Gangster Disciples, Crips, Bloods, Nortenos, MS-13 and Surenos manage to communicate with their members on the outside, even if the leaders are imprisoned!!

          But, since you are smarter than everyone here, feel free to walk around Oakland, Baltimore, Chicago or Miami on a warm evening stroll! And don’t waste your money on weapons and ammo. Spend it on a local hip hop festival. Or, show solidarity with the Trayyvonite demonstrators with some T Martin T-Shits.

      • Joe

        “So now you know my fellow Americans, what will you do?”

        From the looks of it, rise up and TYPE, type like the mighty wind!

      • Gregory8

        22:30 HRs on 12 July2013- Now the two phony reverends : “Hairlip” Jackson and “Greasy” Al can go shove a fat baseball bat up their asses-Zimmerman is free on all counts. These two race pimps will have to suck buttermilk!

      • Bob

        Please take point, Mr. Shabazz.

      • barterman

        Bring it on Bitch!!!!!

      • Armedtotheteeth

        Black panthers are used to the white liberal cowards that live in metro areas. We havent ruled the earth for most of human history because we are weak or scared. Come at me.

      • RogerThatRoger

        Who is ‘white’? Good luck tryin to figure that out… I’m German/French/English/Blackfoot my heritage is an orgy of race… Do I qualify as white? Sorry, are you hunting blonds with fair skin, red heads… What the heck specifically defines white…? UK only? You looking for my 200 year old grand pappy that knew of a wealthy plantation owner, but was too poor to own slave? Or

        Is is more that you are attempting to find any self worth left in your dead cause of kill whitey… Sorry my friend our nation has moved on. As al sharpton and Jesse the racial rev, age the cause of racial hate in America is slowly being dissolved. It takes longer because of mass medias greed I exploiting race for ratings; however, this to shall pass when people just get tired of ear. The same crap from 200 years ago…. Africa sold Africans. Americans set them free. The price paid for that freedom is far more than price originally bought. It is time we stop calls ourselves anything other than an American. Not (insert nationality)American, just….American

      • Thorin

        Molon Labe!

      • Ron

        Can’t we all just get along lol

    2. Unreconstructed Southron

      Good luck.

      • Sickofhandouts

        Bring it

        • durango kidd

          Now we know what the FEMA camps are for and all the ammo. The good news is that The NBPP will provide their own buses.

          How efficient! 🙂

          • Be informed

            Many years ago OJ Simpson got off because there was something called reasonable doubt, and he was as guilty as hell of either doing it or hiring it done. The Zimmerman case is not even close to OJ Simpson in reasonable doubt, at least in any sane universe. Zimmerman is absolutely NOT guilty of anything with that reasonable doubt clause in any free country.

            The blank pathers are nothing but filthy dirty terrorists. They are extremely affiliated with muslim terrorist groups that want to kill tens of millions of innocent Americans, including blacks. If the terrorist groups that the black pathers are associated with set off a few hundred pounds of anthrax over a region and kill 30 million, guaranteed 3-10 million of those are going to be “black brothers and sisters” of these black panthers. The black panthers are absolutely part of the black muslims that are best friends with Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Hamas, and other groups that with the ready amounts of true weapons of mass destruction want and are capable of death on the levels of WW2.

            So what is the government doing about this TRUE threat to the complete national security of the country and possibly the survival of the United States from this terrorist group that is a definite supporter of Al Qaeda and a part of the other muslim terrorist groups that kill innocent Americans? NOTHING because they are black and the government cannot discriminate. Hell, the government doesn’t even use the word islamist radical anymore because of political correctness crap. That is until you get mass nationwide outrage.

            Everyone of these terrorist group members needs to be shipped to Guantanamo Bay as an enemy combatant, they have lost the status and protection of an American citizen the nanosecond they joined international terrorists. Ask what happened to those that joined the nazis and japanese forces during WW2. The black panther group is part of muslim terrorists, the enemy determined to kill as many Americans as possible.

            Forget the fact that the black panthers want to give kill as many whites, spanish, and asian people as they can, that is horrible enough. What EVERYONE needs to focus on is that the black panthers are part of international terrorists. Each and every single member of this government has taken an oath to protect the country and Constitution from enemies domestic and international, but especially a foreign enemy. A true government round up of all black panthers based on this connection with foreign muslim terrorist groups needs to be where people in this country need to go with against these monster black panthers.

            Connect the black panthers if they start killing innocent people of another race with foreign terrorists and all of a sudden you have 80-85% of the country, (The U.S. is 13% black) backing you to ship every last black panther to Gitmo as a foreign backing terrorist group. Or just like any foreign enemy invading the United States, you dispose of every last one of them. Treat the black panthers like they are, aiding and part of foreign invaders and you will have nationwide support of getting rid of these terrorists. Some blacks that are Christian would agree that black muslim terrorists are a threat to Chritianity. Look how many innocent Christians are beheaded by muslims. <strong<Connect the black panthers to international terrorism, not just being radical black people, and you destroy the group.

            • Anonymous

              Be Informed, good evening, and I do agree. This group is notorious for making idle threats and never following up on them, but I’m afraid this time they’ll really do something. I believe Obama and Holder’s game plan is to provoke the riots and when a lot of gangbangers start losing their lives to white people defending themselves, families, and homes, all of the black criminal groups will demand action. Then Obama will declare martial law. DHS and foreign troops will enter the cities and restore order without mercy. Gun confiscation will probably be attempted next and that’s when the lead will really fly. IT WILL BE GAME ON! Let them come to my place and hot lead is all they’ll get for their efforts! NOMI CATIMF braveheart

              • Proftel

                All with the trigger finger … this is not healthy …

                All armed if all minorities join the white minority that made colonization U.S. will have to return to England.

                The more you intervene in a country, the more refudiados behind.

                See Brazil with a single (UN) intervention in Haiti.

                Haitians coming here in droves, social problem in Amazonas state that needed federal intervention to welcome these people poor, many with AIDS.

                I have friends who lived ten, fifteen years in Europe and in the USA, Canada, Australia, many with dual citizenship, returned.

                Could not take so many rules, so many laws restricting their living.

                There is now a reversal of values​​, the state sends in people.

                : – \

              • marylander

                the drones will be a big part of the DHS efforts…Impossible scene

              • Leonard M. Urban

                God bless you, brother…

              • Kulafarmer

                Good, then its time to refresh the fert on the tree of liberty,
                Im ready to meet my maker, Are you?
                God bless the patriot!
                MOLON LABE

            • NevaehWest

              Except Hezbollah are not terrorists. They are an army that supports the Palestinian cause (who has no army to fight Israeli aggression while locked in their concentration camp over 10 years now). Israel attacks Palestinians, denies them water to drink, medicine etc daily while destroying them, and Hezbollah HATES Al-Qaeda and fights them in Syria. So please, do not lump all groups that you may not understand as “terrorists.” Hezbollah is not!

              • John W.

                You are so full of shit.

                • Joe

                  The American Media pushing hate at you is what’s full of shit.

              • Be informed

                @ NevaehWest. Hezbollah are some of the baddest ass fighters on the planet, but they are TERRORISTS. On July 18, 1994 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Hezbollah killed 100 innocent people at the Jewish Community Center, a place no threat to anyone. Back in 1983, 241 marines were killed by Hezbollah using a rare inert gas to cause a catastrophic explosion, on top of 50 killed at the U.S. embassy in Lebanon. While the attack to the marines can maybe be argued as war, bombing an embassy is terrorism. Many other terrorist attacks of lesser number of deaths have occurred all over the world from Hezbollah.

                An army fights for their country or affiliation aginst other armies or armed personal. Terrorists kill innocent people for shock value. Hezbollah has done both. Hezbollah is a terrorist group. They have taken on Israel well, but did they fire rockets into military targets only? Hell no. They loaded in ball bearings and other pieces of aerodynamic type pieces of metal into these missiles and rockets and fired them directly into civilian areas to try to kill unarmed people. This makes them terrorists. Right now they are a type of hybrid terrorist army with between 200-400 or more rockets and missiles ready to fire at Israel.

                The problem with the Middle East is that neither side can agree with where the true borders are. Israel’s flag says it should be everything between the Nile River and the Euphrates Rivers, that is what the two blue stripes that run between the Star of David means. The arabs want Israel to go back to the 1967 or 1948 borders. Gaza is a true hell hole and should have long ago been incorporated into Egypt. The West Bank is not nearly as bad as gaza becasuse of help from Jordon. The real equation here is that whole region is a tinder box ready to explode.

                I do understand that Shi’a and Sunni fight civil wars between each other. Al-qaeda wants some sort of strange rule and fights every and anyone that doesn’t agree with them. They are in alliance with Saudi Arabia and other anti-Iranian countries. The fact is that ALL of these groups practice terrorism against the U.S. and innocent people. They fight against each other but still have a common enemy in the U.S. and Israel. Terrorism is killing civilian that cannot defend themselves, and ALL of these groups have done this and continue to do this. Ask Hezbollah about the recent terrorist attack in Bulgaria last year.

                • Stez

                  You make mostly intelligent comments. Yet I cannot conceive how you can be against the current imperial establishment and still think that Jews are your friend. They are the spearhead of everything destroying us.

                • Be informed

                  @ Stez. I personally think that our only friends are fellow preppers/survivalists that see what is going on with this screwed up world. I can understand how the people in Israel feel with the barrel of many guns facing down on them constantly. The land mass of Israel is about the same size as New Hampshire and can really be bombed out of existence because it is so tiny.

                  I know what you are saying about the banking system and the monetary destruction that is associated with the true evil of the elitists. My whole point was to show that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization, not some type of patriot group fighting for independence. Hezbollah targeted populated cities more often than not rather than Israeli military targets 7 years ago. A true army fights other armies and only attacks civilian targets that are of manufacturing value. Hezbollah targets civilian centers to kill as many people that are unarmed as possible.

                • Stez

                  @Be informed. Israel was founded on stolen Arab land. We’d be doing the same has Hezbollah were we pushed out of our land too. Israel is not the victim here, she’s the perpetrator. Has been for the last 60 years.

                  I’m no special friend of Arabs, but then you have to recognize the truth in any situation. And in this one, Arabs are in their rights.

              • J. Roy


                Hezbollah, “Party of God”, are terrorists backed by Iran.

                Quit playing the victim card for the poor, poor Palestinians. Arabs do not fight soldiers, those shoot back at them and Arabs aren’t good at fighting they are good at murder.

                Arabs much more likely to target a school bus or pizzeria than an Israeli military or police guard post.

              • JayJay

                Nevaeh, Hezbollah is exactly what the LSM TELLS us it is–that’s the problem.

            • Freight85

              This is nothing but race baiting by the media and the CIA. A straight PSYOP and whites are probably going to take the bait. The True Black Panther Party was Defensive they didn’t try to start shit but they would use the Second Amendment to protect themselves. I don’t buy it and these guys are jokes. I see the race baiting over this case so clear it makes me want to throw up. Simple divide and conquer. We are so screwed as a country.

              • JustMe

                I’ve known a couple BP’s, and you have no idea what they think.

              • JRS

                Freight…I do remember the old Black Panthers were the only ones to stand up for the second amendment when they marched into the Capitol building in Calif. fully armed (it was legal then) to stand up against new gun laws in the late sixties. Gov Reagan said that no one should be walking the streets armed. lol. Did someone say he was a conservative?

            • JustMe

              Sorry, I disagree with your analogy. BPP will not be held accountable, the parasites want this. The BPP will not harm Latinos or Asians. They have stated thier goal, and they will not be stopped.

              “I won’t prosecute my people” – Eric (I don’t recall any gun-running) Holder. I would wager his friends and handlers will help the BPP.

              This may well be the start of open, overt White Genocide in America, hard-kill instead of the ongoing soft-kill. Whites had better wake up and face reality for once in thier lives.

              • Be informed

                @ JustMe. I have seen messages from blacks all over the internet that talk about killing some burritos along with the whites and any asians that get in their way. I am fairly sure that burrito means spanish people. i have known spanish people all my life and they really don’t like black people and the feeling is the same with blacks. You are so right about parasites, this government is constantly up at night trying to figure out the best way to disarm America and get as many people to volunteer to walk into FEMA camps and get their new implant chip to be tracked everywhere they go, and probably someday every thought. Prepare and then prepare that much harder because something is coming, that I think we can all pretty much agree on.

            • blabla

              Muslims? Your words mean nothing. How many innocent Muslims has the United States slaughtered? But of course, you don’t care because they are Muslims. If they kill a soldier, you label them terrorist. But if the troops kill Muslims, its for a good reason right?

              There would have been no problems between Muslims and Americans if you kept your noses out of their business and land. I don’t see Indonesians attacking the u.s. , I think its because there is no oil there.

              Typical of an American to keep blaming all other bogey men rather than looking and questioning themselves. This is why we have problems in this country. And yes, I am an American, the the fake Americans that many here are.

              • blabla

                Fix at the ending: not the fake Americans that many here are.

              • guero

                Blacks may not be our Enemy, but Islam definitely is.
                From the Barbary pirates enslavement of American sailors during Jefferson’s Presidency to today’s murder of Americans and Christians in Syria, Egypt, and Iran, Muslims have done everything within their power to kill us.
                – The stereotype from history is of the Muslim slaver herding chained Blacks through the desert. In fact, for seven hundred years, until the fall of Muslim Spain, those being herded were first and foremost overwhelmingly White.

                • blabla

                  So now you blame Muslims for slavery? What about early Americans. The number of christians killed will never surpass the number of Muslims that were killed by Americans. There can be radicals Muslims here and there, but the way you see it, all of them are guilty.

                  Americans never take responsibility. Your arguments are extremely minor. A beheading here and another one over there. That will never be compared to the wars and suffering that the u.s. has imposed on Muslims.

                  You are pissed because you are losing your rights. Understandable. But how many dictators were supported by your government? But you talk like Muslims are supposed to ignore the injustice and anger.

                  You don’t prove anything. Provide links to prove your statements of burned alive. Or where did you get it from? Fox news? Glenn Beck? Limbuagh?

                  How many Muslims were killed because for the reason they were Muslim? I can tell you. Millions.

                  @XTP So you say the federal government did that. So they don’t represent you? But when a radical does something, it’s acceptable to group all 1.5 billion Muslims? Extreme double standards.

                  This is why America won’t get anywhere. You people don’t go according to right or wrong. You just want to believe what you people want to believe.

                  I got thumbs down not because I am wrong. It is because you hate Muslims for the fact they are Muslims. That’s pretty much all. You have no proof. The whole world knows of the atrocities committed against Muslims. Except americans, we will continue to play victim.

              • Be informed

                @ blabla. MUSLIMS INNOCENT VICTIMS?????????? Come on now. How many innocent Christians have been beheaded, burned to death, and utterly tortured solely on their belief. How many people have suffered similar fate because they insulted the prophet muhammad? How many women have gone through gang rape because islam regards women as trash? Muslims are freaken nuts. Someone prints a cartoon of the prophet muhammad screwing a pig and 20 or more people die because of this in rioting. If this is not the stupidest brain dead expression of religion that there is. Muslims victims? Allah’s ass there are.

                • blabla

                  Your arguments are not proven by any facts. You always view the actions of one or two Muslims as the norm for all 1.5 billion Muslims. Islam regards women as queens. The Quran states that women and men have the same rights but men have a responsibility of providing for the women.

                  You have no knowledge whatsoever of the Muslim belief. You know nothing. Period. I can easily tell you are one-sided. You provide no facts. You assume the victim-card 100% of the time. And you assume Muslims are wrong 100% of the time.

                  Lol….Your arguments are based on your views. Someone who ridicules someone else is a liar who can’t provide any facts nor prove what he said. You, are that person.

                  Also, if riots happen in America, Americans (including white people) will act so viciously that the Middle East will look like a picnic in the park. You should be the last one talking.

                  But of course, I will get thumbs down because just like the sheeple, many here don’t want to see the truth or even admit it.

                • Be informed

                  @ Blabla. Try living in Saudi Arabia and try to be a woman living there or most any other muslim country. Talk about surpressed freedom. Try to go to pakistan and one time mention that the prophet muhammad was a pedophile and see if your head is still on at the end of the day. It is not just one or two Christians that get beheaded and killed by muslims, go to nigeria and see what happens there to Christians. It is not just a random act, it happens all the time. Christians and non muslims die all the time by the hundreds.

                  Yes, I think that islam is an evil cult. Not because of the fact that it is different, but because they are savages that enjoy blood. The women in these countries are considered slime, they are daily beaten and their self worth is absolutely nothing. i don’t want to even go into the way they treat animals. About the ONLY animal that is not tortured are the predator birds such as falcons that perform for the arabs.

                  The U.S. should absolutely be concerned about America first and stop messing around in other countries. This I agree with. The muslims being some fair belief is totally ridiculous. The human rights violation in most muslim countries is the worst in the world, usually second only to North Korea. Come on, islam is pure evil and there is way too much proof to show this. you don’t see much of any condemnation when a suicide bomber goes into a mall and blows themselves up and maims and kills people that did nothing against islam. You have celebration in the streets of the muslim victory over the infidels. Anyone supporting this or feeling sorry for a belief that condones this is wrong and in the corner of evil, period.

                • XTP

                  @blabla, why do view the actions of a few Americans, as the norm for ALL Americans??, And if race riots do happen, most likely it will be vicious, that’s what war is, so now go away troll

              • XTP

                Get it straight, the Federal Government, “slaughtered” said muslims, the Federal Government “stuck their noses” in their business, you’re not an American, a troll maybe, but not an American

                • blabla

                  @Be Informed: You always talk about how injustice is committed against christians. I agree that some radicals might commit unacceptable acts.

                  So let me refute you idiocy one by one:

                  -Saudi Arabia government and laws are predominantly a form a wahhabism. Wahhabism is a very young ideology which is not the true form of Islam. Not even the Sunni Muslims like them. Sunni Muslims consist of the vast majority of the Muslims. Sunni Islam does not teach radicalism.

                  -The people in Pakistan who commit atrocities are very few. They are also studying, with the help of the u.s., wahhabism, in which the u.s. government provided funding (during soviet times) for the books that contain radical forms of ideology.

                  -Christians and non Muslims die by the hundreds? How about millions of Muslims who were killed in the wars started by the u.s.? Doesn’t that count? The wars in which you and many here refuse to take responsibility for your own government. Iraq, Americans got mad and just want revenge, so it’s okay to bomb a country back to the stone age because they are Muslims? Absolutely not. Afghanistan, the Taliban specifically told Bush that they will hand over bin laden if the u.s. provides evidence to prove bin landen’s guilt. Bush refused. You are talking ‘by the hundreds dieing’. Well, millions got killed. So what you are saying is that a Muslim life is worthless?

                  -Women are continually beaten? Where did you hear that? You probably heard it once or twice. You probably heard of a few radicals doing it. So that fogs up your judgement and therefore you group up and blame all of Islam and Muslims? Either your argument makes no sense or you just hate Islam because Muslims don’t believe like you.

                  -How does Islam treat animals? In Islam, it is unacceptable to mistreat an animal. Even a pig, Muslims can’t torture a pig. What is there about mistreating animals? You probably don’t want to talk about it because you have nothing.

                  -The country with the most human right violations is Isreal. A nation whom many here would kiss its ass blindly because your pastor or bible said so. How many human rights violations were committed by the u.s.? You can’t answer that question? How many are they hiding? Bet you can’t answer that too.

                  -Again, Islam prohibits suicide in any form. Islam prohibits the killing of all innocents whether jew or christian. Just like the media blew up the zimmerman case, which you can undoubtedly see. They are blowing up small events like these beatings out of proportion. They rarely occuer. You can see it through the zimmerman case. But when it comes to Muslims, you blindly accept it.

                  -Muslims parading on the streets? How about Americans parading on the streets when millions of Muslims were dieing all over the world. They are parading on the streets because they kicked out occupiers. Anyone can see that. If americans kicked out chinese or russians, i’m sure they would parade.

                  Here you go:


                  This is what is taught to american soldiers. Destroying a city of millions of innocent Muslims without regard for human life. Who are you saying that you are the people who respect for life and all others are evil?

                  But of course, you will say that the people in the military teaching to kill innocent people doesn’t represent americans as a whole which I agree. But when a few radicals do something, you blame all 1.5 billion Muslims and a whole religion?

                  Here, another one:


                  Biblical codes on the rifles sites of american soldiers going to kill Muslims. This is disgusting. Imagine the other things that the public does not know. That makes you evil by your own same words. Yeah, I just refuted you and threw your own words in your face.

                  So I just refuted everything you said. Provided facts which you couldn’t even provide. You have extreme double standards. In your view, it’s okay for americans to do something but when other do it, they are evil. You have no knowledge whatsoever. You can’t even back up your own facts.

                  To everyone here, I suggested you do some research. Many here thumbs me down because of only one thing, they hate Muslims for the fact that they are Muslims. Period.

              • braveheart

                blabla, the name you post under sounds just right for you. We are real Americans at You’ve had too much of the Kool-Aid given by the MSM, so just go back to them. No trolls allowed here.

                • Be informed

                  @ blabla. Radicals control practically every muslim country. The “laws” there are completely real and if you don’t believe that, go over to those midevil hell holes and find out what happens when you violate the qu’ran. The people over there are ruled under islamic law by a majority of the people that support this. Even after hussein was ousted they still went right back into finding someone that will use islam to support another regrime.

                  You can go to any human rights group and they have all sorts of information and facts are the treatment of women and children in these muslim countries. How can you condone the barbaric laws in Pakistan, Iran, Kuwait, Yemen, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and many others. People are stoned to death and beheaded all the time for breaking the laws of any sane person would find stone age. Watch the news from various sites all over the internet and TV also. Whippings for not closing the qu’ran correctly. Talking against islam. Come on, it is in the news all time. Go live over there in these cess pits and find out everything I say is correct. Human rights groups all the time are after what goes on in Iran for example.

                  Are you a muslim? Any fair person would NEVER support the laws of islam. It is not just the radicals, the general public fully supports this, FULLY because they have been brainwashed to obey the qu’ran like the North Koreans have been conditioned to think of their fat little porky leader as some sort of God. Radicals only? Yeah, that is why the people in these countries fully go by the radicals’ teachings of the qu’ran. Proof? Watch the news about this crap all the time. Better yet go to wikipedia and check out LAWS IN IRAN, or fill in the blank LAWS IN ……… and read all about the barbarian savages that these countries govern themselves under. People hate muslims for good reasons, because their religion is demonic and their God Allah has another name; Satan, Lucifer, the Devil.

                • blabla

                  Once again, YOU DO NOT PROVIDE PROOF. ALL YOU DO IS TALK. Indonesia is the Muslim country with the biggest Muslim population. They are not radicals. They are not at war with the u.s. There is as much or even more human rights violations in america with all the police brutality and and government taking rights away from americans. So don’t say Muslims are leaders of human rights violations.

                  Which Muslim countries are controlled by radicals? I know Iran is. Taliban will take over again. Where in the middle east do you see all government and countries approving of suicide bombings and random killings? How about none.

                  Sharia is Islamic law in which you have no knowledge of besides what you see in the media. This is why you are not understanding nor comprehending what I am saying.

                  Another thing you don’t understand is the in Arabic, one word can have many different meanings, even 21 meanings. That is why radicals misinterpret what the Quran says. You are pretty ignorant for someone who speaks a lot.

                  Iran is shiite. They are a different story. They are radicals. They hate Sunni Muslims more than they hate jews. And along with that, there are 30,000 jews living in Iran. If what you say is right. Iranians would have killed them already.

                  See, I provide facts, you provide opinion.

                • Be informed

                  @ blabla. I am actually more concerned about what is going to happen in this country right now either way that this verdict of Zimmerman is decided. Guilty and we lose our rights in the future to defend ourselves against criminals, innocent and riots occur. However.

                  Muslim countries controlled by radicals:

                  Most of the ex-soviet states, the STANS which mean land are controlled by true tyrants and the people live under a nightmare rule.
                  Saudi Arabia
                  Soon to be Egypt
                  Algeria, sort of
                  Nigeria big time
                  Indonesia is not a nice place to live in or visit

                  All these places are God Awful to live in and are ruled under something that would be classified as a type of king or dictator with terrible laws to their citizens and visitors. You don’t believe this you can look at each of these countries in the World Almanac under nations and see for yourself what total cess pools these are. Each country has a description of its history. Of course in your mind the World Alamanc is not proof enough.

                  I am going back to issues more important rather than try to comply a bunch of information and waste my time over issues that I already know to be true.

                • blabla

                  @be informed:

                  You just listed a bunch of Muslim countries. You did not provide any links to what laws or events occurred in these countries to prove your views and what you said. You have zero credibility.

                  I only hope americans will wake up and realize that Muslims are not a threat to americans and that Islam is not evil.

                • Sum Ting Wong

                  BH. You were obviously duped like many here. The black panther invasion has not and will not happen. You are not the only one. Some think the panthers got 20 million to keep Chicago safe. Some think they were going to kill whites and burn the areas whites live in. Some people even have scenarios in their pea brains and make comments about killing shooting defending as if it were happening. This site is duped a lot and rarely do any gonna happens actually happen. Go take your mid morning nap. Sum Ting Wing out. Standing by in reality.

          • OutWest

            If they come around your neighborhood,
            just toss them a basketball.
            Problem solved.

            • braveheart

              OutWest, they’ll just save the basketball for playing later after they “do their thing”. Hot lead is the only language they’re going to understand.

              • OutWest

                Braveheart—probably so…..

                But if they come by the bus load, I would think
                fertilizer IEDs would be the order of the day.
                Only question is, can you blow up shit with shit?

                • Facebook Page


                • braveheart

                  OutWest, that’s an interesting question.

            • Freight85

              That’s a tired weak ass joke

            • Kulafarmer

              If they come to your neighborhood, douse them in gasoline and light them on fire.

          • yourmotherwaswrong

            Hey DK,

            Have you ever tried “stand up?”

            ‘Cause, you crack me up!

        • Paranoid

          My goodness. He wants to come to my town and my neighborhood and get me? Oh gee, be calm my beating heart! Do taxidermists take reservations? Does “Boone and Crocket” have any kind of point system?

          • John W.

            I would expect they will have the advantage of surprise and hit and run or drive and shoot. This might not be as amusing as some of you seem to think. There may be a lot of people killed and wounded.

            • Paranoid

              First’ I’m in Wyoming, you get more than 3 blacks in one spot there’s a baketball close. Second, everyone carries, I’ve heard they want to install gun racks in kinderguardens. Third, excessive gun control means using two hands, Forth, nearly helpless, means having only one gun. Fifth, when a guy says his girl has a set of 38’s he is talking about her leg holsters.. 6. True story, about a month ago guy walks into a beauty parlor trying to sell “diamonds” when told to go away he starts to pull a gun, stops when he notices a grandmother already has him covered with hers. Nether last nor least, my cul de sack means he has to drive out the way he came in, won’t make it.

          • Slick One

            It would be just too cool to have a taxadermist prepare four apes, see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil, and have no fun!

        • armedtaxpayer

          Nothing but ignorant animal.i pray zimmerman walks free, first ignorant animal starts a riot.ima kill em…..when whites get beaten by black they dnt bitch and protest,they take it like a man and walk , ignorant fools wanna start riot…its ok .im waiting to look you down thru my scope.

      • Fucking pissed

        You monkeys will die before you see me, and you’ll die by the dozens if you come close to where we live. Better stay in da hood. That goes for anyone else that would fuck with us. Ready we are.

      • Mclovin

        Wonder how long Wal-Mart let him keep that shotgun on layaway?

        • Leonard M. Urban

          As a convicted felon he isn’t allowed to own it. I know he’s a felon because on his radio show (New Black Panther Radio) he raves on and on about “…the hells and smells of North America’s jails…” . Although I’m sure he and his ilk are the source of the “smells” he whines so much about, the only way he could have found out about it is if he’d been there…

      • Anonymous

        It don’t matter color, its intent. These racist jokes are stupid as it only inflates the problem. There are many white dudes I know personally that I don’t want on my side. A few even proclaimed “preppers and libertarians”. I don’t know any blacks I want on my side, but I have met a few good ones over the years.

      • possee

        This has to be one of the funniest posts ever Mac..

        I mean really?

        Black Rambo’s ready to take it to whitey?

        Blazing saddles rides again..

        Love it!


        • TurtleMama

          Black Rambo! Good one, Possee! I can’t help wondering if Obummer’s going to make a Black Panther exception on his gun control efforts…will it be okay for them to go shoot up a school or a white kid in a hoodie?

          • will


        • Bart

          For my next impression, Jesse Owens.

    3. drillerman09

      Bring it NEGRO, and please wear your hoddie!!!

    4. Jack

      OK I have to say they are full of it. Florida is not Philadelphia, if the panthers think it is they are delusional, aside from perhaps doing damage to their own communities and burning some of their neighbors cars nothing else will happen. That being said the Florida stand you ground law is still in effect, so if any of these morons goes to any Central Florida community with the intent to commit murder they will not be met with the same passivity as when they were suppressing white voters in Philly in 2008.

      • jen10

        LOL I would Love to see some of these punk ass Philly boys meet up with the Osteen, Florida crowd. heheh. They wouldn’t even see them coming. Might have time to get out a “Who Dat?”,
        but thats about it .

        • maven

          Clermont and Sanford etc. areas of Fl.
          For get about it “boy”.
          Will take you down, no problem.
          Bring your friends too.
          I need to shed some lead.

      • lower40

        the orlando area leans to the liberal side ,walmarts wont sell guns up there ,and there are a hell of alot of spear chunkers up there ,different story when you get south of okeechobee ,or west to ocala ,or down here in my everglades neighborHOOD we got the watermelons to bring em in and the alligators to take em out

    5. Outdoors

      try bring that shit down to Texas..

      • Canadian Vet

        They won’t have the stones to go where they’ll be likely to face anything that resembles a fair fight. Retirement villages, senior citizens and other easy targets will be the order of the day. They won’t have the stones to take on those who can and will oppose them. Show the. Effective resistance and they’ll fold like laundry.

        • maven

          I’m a senior with nothing better to do then let them “see” what an easy target I am.
          Practice makes perfect, and I’ve practicing my skills a long time, like about 40 years. I guess now would be as good as ever to put some lead down range.

          • Canadian Vet

            I wasn’t speaking for individuals. But generally speaking, a senior citizen is a softer target than a guy in his prime.

            Besides, you would probably fall in the “showing effective resistance” category and will either cut and run or engage. Only hope that if they engage they won’t have the skill or the luck to make good on their threats.

        • guero

          In my area, there is about a 1 for 1 ratio of guns per person. In the local retirement villages, its more like 10 guns per person.

    6. Satori

      that group has a LONG history of making bombastic threats
      with little to no follow through

      but judging by what happened after the Rodney King incident
      this may be their chance to add to their minimal reputation

      they seem to be more hangers on
      than anything else

      • durango kidd

        The NBPP will not be happy with O’Bummer when they find out that his administration has been giving La Raza “grants” and arming Hispanics.

        LMAO! 🙂

        • JayJay

          How about=
          The NBPP will not be happy with O’Bummer when they find out that his administration has been giving La Raza “grants” and JOBS….oh, scratch that.

      • Be informed

        @ Satori. The black panthers if there are not just all talk will either do it themselves or supply foreign and/or home grown muslim terrorists with the means of killing on even a limited scale. Imagine if those those two idiots that bombed the Boston marathon had real explosives, the type that like plastic explosives that have explosive force of 25000 feet per second rather than 8000 feet per second black powder. It would not have been 3 people killed, it would have been 300 and a couple thousand severely injuried. The black panthers have all sorts of firearms that they could hand over to dozens or hundreds of muslims that would use these in malls all over the country.

        The black panthers need to be treated like they are, terrorists associated with foreign enemy countries and international terrorist groups if they even think about launching any attacks on Americans. I hope you are right that they are all bluster. If not it is time to send them to Gitmo or just plain eliminate them the same as some islamic terrorist group such as Al Qaeda.

        • red

          You think Obamy would allow that? If he had a son…….

          • Be informed

            @ red. BO can also be kicked out of office and tried for treason for collaborating with the enemy and terrorists. BO would throw every single black person under the bus to save his own ass, and the utter humiliation to michelle and his kids, from becoming and tried as a Benedict Arnold. BO has loyalty only to BO and to his puppet masters that have him on a string.

          • Kulafarmer

            Obammy is a fucking baboon

            • Slick One

              So is Mrs Obama!

      • John W.

        Most of the rioters in the Rodney King riots were illegal aliens and quite a few whites plus blacks. It was an equal opportunity event.

    7. BGKillerK

      Dying ain’t much of a living. Better pick another career path.

    8. Jaream

      No bus service or subway to my neighborhood

    9. whitey

      White people in suburbs have guns. Lots of them. Goodluck

      • Mike Prince

        May they bring some quality firearms. Of course I would have to clean the blood off after removing them from the body.

    10. Steve

      yarite….is NOT going to happen in my community. You come out to the back country of San Diego with evil intent and you will be going home in a body bag.

      • hbbill

        Nobody out here but us rednecks Steve.

        Behind Enemy Lines
        Back Country, San Diego

      • REB

        Why waste a good bodybag?

    11. Mclovin

      I doubt Jamal, Antawain, and Junebug will be doing much more than hitting up the Best Buy to grab the Spongebob box sets and60″ Plasma along with Grey Goose Vodka and Hennesy at the liquor stores.

      • Dieseldan

        He looks so mean and tough, few lil secrets if they don’t fight in packs they can’t fight, their aim is non existent, and VERY week knees and jaws, plus if forwhatever reason you’d like to trap a live one go with KFC grape pop and watermelon, done with PC BS want problems I welcome them with open sights (get it open arms, sights) I’m fucking hilarious!

        • HegelianDialectic

          Now you know that Barry has past some sort of Executive Order against hunting in a “Baited Field !!! “….But you are Right !!! And yes….You Are Phucking Hilarious !!! Dope that Scope !!!

        • braveheart

          Howdy, Dieseldan, welcome back. you’re right about them not fighting one on one. Not one of them can fight anyone in a fair fight. They don’t even know what fairness is. Last night, I installed a new stock and scope with laser sight on my 10/22. Looks like I’ll get to try out the scope soon. I’m doing some maintenance on my other weapons tonight. NOMI CATIMF braveheart

          • WALK

            If you find yourself in a fair fight, your tactics suck.

        • lower40


          you are truly a legend in your own mind

      • Rodster

        I don’t think they know what Grey Goose or Hennesy is let alone spell it. At least to me they appear to be a Colt 45, Ripple, Wild Irish Rose, Midnight Train and Champale crowd. I remember Fred Sanford would love to mix Ripple and Champale to make him some “Champipple” 😆

        • Georgiaboy

          lmao Love the quote Rod but I think it was Champagne and Ripple to make shampipple! Sorry Im a Fred Sanford student!

          Btw I thought Shamir Shabazz got locked up on weapons charges in Harlem a couple weeks ago. lol I think he said he was doin “charity” work

        • JAS

          Hell, if everyone annied up a couple of bottles of Thunderbird and handed them out around town, poor old King Samir wouldn’t be able to find two sober pimps to join him.

    12. Dieseldan

      Look at his cute lil shot gun and his six rounds, easy to see the whites of his eyes zero percent chance he makes it in to shotgun range, and that’s with the wife shooting. Gold luck, if bamer only had a son!

      • Anonymous

        If Obamanation had a son, he would look like that crazy f#$%er in the picture. That group has a history of talking trash, but never following up on anything they say. I’ve got a feeling that this time, however, could be different. This is probably Obamanation’s game plan. Get riots started nationwide and when a lot of gangbangers get shot in self-defense by white people, all of the black criminal groups will demand that their Dear Leader take action. The the BOY in the WH will declare martial law and DHS and foreign troops will come into the cities in force to restore order and even try gun confiscation. When that happens it’s definitely GAME ON! My M1 Carbine and 10/22 can keep them away from my door. Let them bring it on and see what happens to their sorry asses. NOMI CATIMF braveheart

      • Kulafarmer

        If bammer had a son
        He would look like that idiot in the picture at the top of the page!
        Im not racist, but if you are going to act stupid and insult and threaten my kind,
        I will respond in kind,
        Im glad i live where i do, you can count this type of asshole on your fingers and toes unless they recruit some other groups, but i sorta doubt it.
        To those of you on the continent,
        God bless

      • AnonLegion

        a 12ga. slug can travel up to 700 yards, not very accurate (100-150 yards is more accurate) but still is possible for them to get within that range of most houses in a sub I would think.

    13. jedclampet

      marxist use rasism to divide us, divided we fall.

      mitacondrial dna facts prove we are all related as of the last 60,000 years. There is only one race, the modern human race. We all came from Africa. Via different routes. None the less we are all related.

      Google mitacondrial dna. see for yourself. marxist love to divide and conquer.

      • Bottlenose the Scrivener

        Thank you, Jed…the racist taunts were getting a bit thick in here.

        What’s the need to make a ‘skin color’ thing? I know boatloads of whites that are total assholes but I still like myself. I’ve had some hilarious times with great black friends.

        My point being, if the SHTF don’t YOU want to make a different world if we have the chance? I know I do. I only want to harm as much as I have to in order to stick around and contribute something positive on the other side.

        I DO NOT WANT to live in a post-SHTF world that is a carbon copy of the stupid racism I hear, either from whites or blacks.

        Like Patrick Henry said, enemies in war, friends in peace. Color is just a way to make US take our eye off the ball and I AIN’T GONNA DO IT.

        • Slick One

          Now if you love negroes fine, but I for one have had enough of being forced to associate with them.
          When they start killing whitey see how much your love of them helps. They will only look at your skin color, so you should only see theirs.

          • I_HATE_PUNKS

            Im curious, how are you forced? You must be a straight punk to let someone force you to associate with anyone against your will. You are pathetic and a self hater. Your DNA is black, fool. Your white skin makes up only .005% of your genetic makeup. Whites and blacks produce children due to this fact.

            • Shoot First

              Were you not told to retrieve your scrotum from your wife? Get to it boy!

              • Shoot First

                Feeling better now miss? You have NEVER been engaged in ANY type of fighting or combat. You can claim whatever you want on an internet chatboard, but the fact is you’re 99% probability an angry nigroid, I’m positive your momma’s black because you’ve wondered your entire pathetic life who “daddy” is. Look around you, it could be ANYBODY, maybe even ME, SON.

            • Slick One

              Forced as in being bussed into the ghettos for high school, forced as in being forced to hire primates, forced as in having to accept them in my neighborhood, forced as in having my tax dollare stolen to support every Section 8 Housing voucher, welfare check, AFDC check,SSI checks,SNAP……… I owe the NEGROE nothing!

              • Shoot First

                Hey punks, I thought your favorite book is ” It Takes a Village”. Because you’ll never know who your daddy is. You’re what they call a ” gentleman” in the navy. That is, you could count all the pubic hairs on an 18 year old girls pussy and NEVER get a stiff dick.

        • hbbill


          The unfortunate part about this whole thing is, that if it turns into a racial war your skin color will be your uniform and a lot of good folks of all colors will die along withe the bad.

          Behind Enemy Lines
          Back Country, San Diego
          Peoples Republic of Kalifornistan

        • Freight85

          Well said Bottlenose the Scrivener. I’m not taking my off the puppetmasters keeping this divide and conquer shit up!

      • Freight85

        Wow Jedclampet… I was beginning to wonder did anybody think on this site or just get scared a lump all the black people into one box. I didn’t get my advanced degrees fucking drinking night train, and eating watermelon which happens to be a delicious fruit that white people eat behind closed doors. I have many stereotypes that I can spit out. However, this site I thought was full of patriots. Now I see its full of people who get easily led astray by a picture of an angry man. What happened to going after all those politicians who are killing The American Way of life. I know Obama sucks and is nothing but a puppet. However, a group of white people(The elite, the globalist, the CFR, Bilderberger group, so on and so forth)THEY put him in power. So their agenda is going nicely. It got some of the black people pumped up thinking things would get better, and scared a bunch of white people thinking they would lose what they had. The truth is EVERYONE IS LOSING. Although this is an alternative site it doesn’t mean shit because a media picture of an angry black man can be used to make the people on this site go ape shit at the drop of a dime. No true intellect. “If the black people come to your neighborhood throw them a basketball…really? I buy tickets to games when I can. Black people are not going to go into white people houses to do stupid shit. If they do then yes, shoot their ass. However, that really misdirected fear. The fear should be for 150 storm troopers coming down the block kicking in doors to confiscate guns. The rest is media BS.

        • E

          I have to agree with you, the amount of racist comments is startling.
          Where I live you don’t see a lot of black people, but I don’t see a lot of racists either.

          • JayJay

            Okay–time for my ‘racist’ story.
            Gene was in Vietnam with about 80black/20white ratio at his camp.
            I caught him using bad language and very bad attitude about blacks all the time.
            After a few years, I asked one day why the attitude…note, our city ratio was about 25% blacks in the city, not county.
            He made a valid point and I never questioned him again.

            He said JayJay what would happen if a young, attractive black girl walked any white dominated neighborhood street from one end to the other?
            I said –nothing.
            He then asked what would happen if a young, attractive white girl walked 13th and the black dominated neighborhood from one end of a street to the end.
            I understood ;-)and never brought up his attitude again.

            • JayJay

              And I might add:
              What decade did blacks begin dominating most sports?
              Now, research this and then think about it.
              What decade did LSM begin reporting sports players involved in wire fraud, murder, illegal firearms possession, counterfeiting, conspiracy to commit murder, burglary, sexual assault, drug trafficking, forgery, kidnapping, DUI manslaughter, credit card theft, handling stolen cars, auto theft–and the list continues on and on.
              Nope, they were not ALL committed by blacks, but most were.
              Check the records–you’ll be surprised??!! 🙂

              Folks, I grew up in the 60s and 70s and I would have been shocked and disappointed if sports players had the record of arrests then as today.
              ‘NUFF said!!

          • Slick One

            On yeah and let me tell you I was in LA for the Rodney King riots, Miami 1979 for the Liberty City riots, Saint Petersburg for the 1996 and 1992 riots……I do know these primates well.

          • Slick One

            On yeah and let me tell you I was in LA for the Rodney King riots, Miami 1979 for the Liberty City riots, Saint Petersburg for the 1996 and 1992 riots……I do know these primates well.

        • theglimmerman

          Wow, someone with some common sense. You have renewed my faith in human beings brother. I frequently visit this site and thought that the people here were smarter than what they are showing today.

          I’m not white, or black, or latino, or Chinese or anything. I AM A CITIZEN OF THE WORLD. If we don’t come together as brothers/sisters, we will die together as fools!

        • Freight85

          That’s what I’m saying…know your target. Anybody come in my house startin shit I’m putting hot lead in their ass I don’t give a shit if your white or black.

      • Joe

        If only you knew how to pluralize “ist” words correctly maybe you’d have more credibility.

    14. Matt

      So that kid that made the comment on facebook is in all sorts of trouble, but here on twitter you have people saying if he walks they will kill whitey.


      • Joe

        Yep, because the kid on FB was “off message”. The script, the bait, if you will, is that blacks are planning to riot. It’s clear race baiting by elements of the media. People are falling for it here, and giving idiots like the SPLC yet more material to demonize preppers as neo nazi white supremacist haters. Don’t take the bait. Don’t let them tighten their wiggle-room ratchet another notch on us.

        It’s nothing but talk simulating angry black people to foment the crackdown-justifying race-war the gov wants. Don’t fall for it!

    15. cptden

      if tha bus won’t take tokens they going no place

    16. 11 Bravo


      • Moe

        Weapons jam ?

      • J. Roy

        That takes me back, been a few years since I recited that.

      • Joe

        Or just buy a good gun that doesn’t jam and hits hard like a Garand or M14.

      • hbbill

        Only good for type 1 & 2 malfunctions. Need to learn all three.

        Behind Enemy Lines
        Back Country, San Diego
        Peoples Republic of Kalifornistan

      • Kulafarmer

        click the safety over to that third position to supress movement, when pinned down, flip to second position and pick em off, sierra blitz king is an effective varmint round, good for removing limbs etc, humans are pretty soft compared to coyotes or hogs.

    17. king whiteman

      Funny, when OJ killed a white lady white people didnt riot. Silly dark people. Go burn down your community

    18. Steady Steve

      Dear Mr. Shabazz,
      We are going to drive you back into your neighborhoods and burn them down with you all in them.
      Steady Steve

    19. 9er Xray

      Oh man, that Beret and cig in left hand…just soooo scary…ROFLMAO. Melvin Martian was bad too.

      Sounds like terrorism and needs investigation. Oh wait, that’s right, justice scales are duct taped for a few more years.

      Yawn, back to the Glenfiddich.

      • Paranoid

        Now don’t you go insulting my Illudium 238 explosive space modulator MM

        • Paranoid

          AND IT’S: MARVIN

          • 9er Xray

            Yep you are correct! I was on the floor laughing, spittin’ Glenfiddich, pushing the dog outta the way and playing with keyboard. Damn that photo funny !

            • Paranoid

              You best be careful, you go around spillng Single Malt Scotch and THEY will get you.

    20. JAS

      Been expecting this since the trial began. My neighborhood is ready. All I can say is bring it on.

      TAP TAP

    21. LAW OF THE GUN


      An American Patriot murder kills a NWO Tyrant!
      Only True American Patriots may Righteously Murder Kill a NWO – NEW WORLD ORDER Thug Cop during/ in the Chaotic NWO AIPAC ISRAELI JEW Bilderberg controlled Nation-Wide Martial Law this Fall 2013! Yes! Amerika is going to war in the Middle East again WW3 will be in Full Throttle!

      The NWO AIPAC ISRAELI zionist Jew Boys in Wash DC are going to Kick-off some False Flag ATTACKS Bombs here in America killin’ a couple thousand Americans and then they will have NWO MARTIAL LAW! FULL SPECTRUM CONTROL of America and You! Are You Prepared?!
      The Time to take Up Arms against NWO Thug Federal Agents, Law Enforcement and the National Guard Troops will soon be here!

      Remember American Patriot when you decide to Murder Kill a NWO Thug Cop or a NWO Thug National Guard Troop you are taking responsibility for your actions! You must live with your actions and live with the Fact you have Murdered Killed another Human Being. You have taken a Life with your hands, your knife, your axe, your rifle from loved ones A father, A son, A brother, A protector, A lover, A care giver, A bread winner, A Human Life!

      Once Taken, you cannot give it Back! It is Done – Final!
      So think on this some before you act… Only True American Patriots may Murder Kill a NWO Thug Cop or a NWO Thug National Guard Troop and emerge from the Fight with their Conscience Intact!

      Only a Righteous American Patriot in the Right to Defend his or her Freedom against the NWO Thugs who have Pledged to Destroy Americans Common Law Sovereign Rights and US Constitution guaranteed Rights will be able to walk with their head held high in Righteous Pride once the Fighting ends!

      Prepare Now Fellow Patriots – Prepare to take back YOUR natural born AMERICAN RIGHT’s – TO LIVE FREE of Tyrannical NWO AIPAC Israeli zionistJew Banker Oppression! A Freedom already bought with Patriotic Blood in 1776! And now the Tree of liberty must be watered once again with the Blood of NWO imf cfr tri-lat CIA FBI SS AIPAC ISRAELI zionistJew Banker Tyrants and American Patriots!

      Rules of Engagement for American Patriots:
      1.) First Give the NWO FED THUG / Johnny Law the Chance to go home to his wife and kids. If safety allows it!
      2.) If he refuses to back off – remember your rules of engagement!
      a. Your threat target must have INTENT, OPPORTUNITY AND CAPABILITY to do life threatening harm or death to you!
      b. You only draw and aim your weapons when you intend to Kill! Don’t bluff or you’ll be caught off guard and killed! This is not a game!
      c. Use of Force Policy is preferred- Use only the Force Necessary to stop and subdue the threat(s)!
      d. No women or children period! If they take up arms against you! You probly deserve it! You are allowed to defend yourself and property from them, nothing more! No Raping or Molesting or stealing their Foods! If anyone is caught doing any such things then they will be Hung!

      So my Fellow American Patriots remember when you sight in the scope of your rifle upon the NWO Thug Cop or NWO National Guard Troop rushing you; your position with the intent to KILL YOU and Destroy your Natural Born American Right to live Free of Oppression; Safe and Secure in your home and possessions! Protecting your Individual Constitutional guaranteed Rights by your Voice – Freedom of Speech and Force – The Right to Bare Arms!

      REMEMBER AS YOU PULL the TRIGGER OF YOUR RIFLE! Quietly intent on Blasting! “BLAM” “BLAM” Double-Tap that NWO ZOG GESTAPO Son of a Bitch Cop coming to Kill You!

      “Remember – That it’s Not the uniform, which makes the man! But the Man, Which Makes the Uniform!”

      Meaning the Moment the Cops and National Guard Troops who were once our guardians; turn NWO Storm Trooper Whores and Come to TAKE from You and Yours! At that very moment They become Murderous Criminal Tyrants here to Punish and Enslave in the Eye’s of the Law; an US Constitution and therefore you are “Free to DEFEND with Deadly Force!” Yourself and Yours from the NWO TYRANNICAL OPPRESSION SWEEPING AMERICA!

      Aim carefully for that Star Badge Shield of Tyranny American Patriots… pull that trigger gently with the knowledge you are Righteous in your actions and your Conscience and Heart will be cleansed by your Actions as AN AMERICAN PATRIOT!

      Arm Up Stock Up Prepare – Predator or Prey of the nwo zog gestapo , the Choice is Yours!

      (An remember if they are there, they are not there to play paddy cakes with you; too hesitate is your own death! If they have Body Armor on, shot em’ in the Face/ Head if close 10feet and if far 10feet beyond shot em’ in the Center of their Hips – aim for their pee pee! It’ll drop em’ in their tracks!)

      I am a Sovereign American Patriot… are you?

      The Moment the zionist Cops and zionist National Guard Troops who were once our guardians; turn NWO Storm Trooper Whores and Come to TAKE from You and Yours!

      At that very moment They become Murderous Criminal Tyrants here to Punish and Enslave in the Eye’s of the Law; an US Constitution and therefore you are “Free to DEFEND with Deadly Force!” Yourself and Yours from the NWO TYRANNICAL GESTAPO OPPRESSION SWEEPING AMERICA!

      Aim carefully for that Star Badge Shield of Tyranny American Patriots… pull that trigger gently with the knowledge you are Righteous in your actions and your Conscience and Heart will be cleansed by your Actions as AN AMERICAN PATRIOT!

      Arm Up Stock Up Prepare – Predator or Prey of the nwo zog gestapo , the Choice is Yours!


      • JeffL

        You do not realize there are a great many Jewish Patriot Tea Party True Americans, whom are also pro-Israel, and pro-life, pro-2nd, and whom love God and the Constitution. Bilderberg is not a Jewish activity, Obama is not pro-Jewish, the NWO is anti-Israel. Your trying to blame a people, my people, whom just want to survive the Islamic / Facist, and Communist threat and live free and worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob – the same as Christians. Sure, we have our differences, but our heritage is the Western Heritage and the American Heritage, and that of the Bible.

        • Israel did 9/11

          Under the Swedish law, the Jews were not allowed to really live in the country. This included Finland, which was then under the Swedish reign. The first Jews arrived to Sweden in 1600s, and already in the late 1600s it was ordered that Jews are not allowed to stay and live in the country. According to the rule from 1782 Jews were then allowed to live only in three towns – Stockholm, Göteborg and Norrköping and Jewish immigration was prohibited, and the law was also adapted to Finland where it practically would mean that no Jews had a right to come into the country.

          NinaO ;0p

          • High Noon

            If only the modern Swedish people had fallowed this principal for Muslim trash now living there. “Whatda ya tink”.

          • Eisenkreuz

            Fucking nonwhites should all be deported. Dirty animals.

            • Y'all Beware!

              I guess you are included – bitch!

              Don’t talk about my Mother, – she is six feet under!!

              Y’all Beware! Watch your step and mouth. We now know where you live!

              • ARQYY

                Come get some “sock puppet”.

        • maven

          Well said Jeff L.
          I am an American and a Jewish & I stand with all my brothers and sisters for freedom.
          No oppression here, we as Jews suffered enough,it’s time to take a stand.

        • JEW.S.A.


          LOOK AT THE DATES … 11 April 2011 04/11/11 “ILLUMINATI POWER NUMBER ’11’ LIKE 9/11 AND 3/11 FALSE- FAG ATTACKS”

          The April 2011 Fukushima earthquake Fukushima “Fukushima Hamadōri earthquake” was a potent magnitude 7.1 Mw interpolate aftershock that occurred at 17:16 JST (08:16 UTC) on Monday, 11 April 2011, in the Hamadōri region of Fukushima, Japan.

          JEW PURIM WAS – Purim in 2011 will start on Sunday, the 20th of March and will continue for 2 days until Monday, the 21st of March.

          Note that in the Jewish calendar, a holiday begins on the sunset of the previous day, so observing Jews will celebrate Purim on the sunset of Saturday, the 19th of March.



          NINAO ;0p

        • I_HATE_PUNKS

          You are delusional…..Christians are spit on in is-rael. The bible is publically desecrated by their lawmakers on tv, and you better not mention jesus to a any of them, especially the rabbis. Go spew your propaganda else where.
          youtube: rabbis against zionism. Long live the “real” jewish brothers and sisters who want peace.

          • Shoot First

            You are one stupid son of a bitch.

            • I_HATE_PUNKS

              That bitch being who, shoot first? Perhaps your mother, which would make us half brothers. Get educated and change your name to “Pussy out first.”

    22. Dirtdigger67

      Well with all the guns and ammo sold in the past 4 years good luck with that fellas y’all ain’t very smart . I’m sure they have guns but all the gun shows I go to there are 98 percent white folks .

    23. phdinlogic

      First of all, Zimmerman is half white. Second, Travon was a street thug. Maybe if the black community would take responsibility for their families, stay in school and follow the word of God, they would be better off. Blaming “Whitey” for all their problems is about Fifty years old. If you riot, you will get what is coming; hot lead.

    24. Patriot One

      If they want to bring it, that would be a big ass mistake except in liberal areas. I really don’t care what color you are, if you come to do me or my family harm just because of my color; I’ll send you for a dirt nap eternally!

      It seems to me that the ones screaming racism are the biggest racist.

      • braveheart

        patriot One, I’m with you all the way. I’ve got something they don’t want. I can picture the liberal areas just surrendering and hoping for the best, but they will pay a terrible and tragic price for their position. braveheart

        • Patriot One

          I pray they are not stupid enough to start this, but if they do and the administration condones it all hell will come on them. This is no game. It won’t be race baiting. It will be civil war and by the numbers they can not prevail.

          He looks like a cross between Che’ and a Somali war lord. Walking down the street of Liberialville though he may inflict some damage. Isn’t it ironic blacks killing white liberals?

          I think I’ll go have a conservative, redneck wet dream tonight.

      • Freight85

        I agree with you Patriot. Anybody wants to come in your house to do threatening shit let alone want to kill you because of your skin color. I say lay their ass to sleep. This is so silly when you think about it,that’s why I know this is a CIA/Hegelian Dialectic PSYOP. If the whites and blacks could ever get over this dumb skin stuff we would be a force to be reckoned with that’s why the PTB keep us fighting by putting a picture (in my opinion he looks kind of ignorant)of a really dark unpleasant looking black man. Lord help us…

        • Patriot One

          Race will always be an issue. It always has been and always will be. Its my opinion that Americans are pretty tolerant of Blacks even though the statistics show that they are only 13 to 15% of the population, but account for an extremely large percentage of crime.

          91% of Blacks killed are killed by other Blacks. Why isn’t that ever reported??

          As for these Panthers, last time I saw them march into a community in 2008 they got marched right out by the community on TV, but I’m sure you never saw that. They came to intimidate, they walked out humiliated.

          I think its high time we prosecute the likes of the Rev. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and anyone else that incites violence, extorts money by calling Companies, Cities and States racist. Lets hold them accountable for their accusation of Racism and Race Baiting..They have been making millions since the 60’s calling people racist. Its time to call them what they are, RACIST!!!

    25. LAW OF THE GUN


      americans support global world banker domination – americans are nothing more than baby killers and resource robbers of other countries shit… plain and simple! painting things red white and blue and waving a flag will never cover up the cold hard numbers and facts of the truth.


      • Paranoid

        And this is a problem???? I should care?

    26. Notafraidinpa

      I love how none of the blowhards in the Afican movement can’t speak English properly. Are they really this stupid? YES!!!!!!! Bring it! But be prepared for total destruction. Period.

      • Bottlenose the Scrivener

        Not to nitpick, but your first sentence used a double negative, which technically means you can’t speak English properly.

        See how hard the Universe works to show us our little foibles?

    27. Luther

      This just keeps getting funnier each day, I’ll plead the 5th on what I’m thinking.

      • Mountain Trekker

        Luther, Your just to cool! Trekker Out.

    28. iceman

      Waiting for him or them on White street in the “whitey burbs” with my black cat hating neighbors,waiting for Forest to say “sorry I messed up you black panther burning party”

    29. LAW OF THE GUN

      Bye Bye American Pie…
      I shot and killed a NWO-New World Order Bilderberg CIA U.N. blue NAFTA DHS FEMA TSA Cop with my .45 semi-auto black Glock today… a Disabled, Homeless, Cold and Hungry Veteran… I live by the river beneath a bridge… I deserve better than this… tsk, tsk, tsk
      I had done my time… stood my Watch upon The Wall; a Guardian of Liberty… and after a fall… now a Stone Cold Cop Killer? Running from the Amerikan Fascist Traitorous Law… why why why?
      “The false NWO Bilderberg CIA IMF CFR Illegal-Alien homo-prostitute druggy barry soetoro; a.k.a CIA Puppet president barack obama and AIPAC Israeli jew Controlled Corrupt U.S. congress… stopped “Cancelled ALL” social security checks the other day… on Wendsday August 3rd, 2011… they Stole all the Social Security Funds, Food Stamps and Medicare too… Intentionally Broke America’s Piggy Bank… gave away the Pennies to the Banks and told me “Sorry, None for You!” ”You are Many! We are Few… MORE FOR US! None for You!”
      I am a Disabled Veteran… I once Served My Country with Honor and Pride.
      I Murdered Killed a NWO U.N. blue NAFTA DHS FEMA TSA Cop Today… why why why?
      I had robbed the local Korean corner store… while the radio on the shelf played “Bye Bye American Pie”… I’d only Pocketed a Milk, Hot Pocket and a Pie… ran by the Screaming Korean Clerk for the Open Sky… Hopped on my ex CFalls Mt Local-Inbred-Alchi-Druggy Asshole Psycho Neighbors Kid rusty Pink Huffy Bike… peddling in a crazed manic flight… my twisted-back in pain… hauling fast down the lane… making my one handed get away… thinking “bye bye american pie”… smiling in mirth… while with my crippled hand grabbing from my shirt, a half frozen Hot Pocket… then a crushed Moon Pie… shovin’ an munchin both in a hunger frenzy… my adrenaline and sugar high now kicking me into Over-Drive… I had gotten away … then I swore… “SHIT!”… crumbs dribbling down my beard… Frowning I thought to myself; I shoulda done like Ben Bernanke and lil’ Timmy Geightner… an acted like a Greedy Shifty “money-lender” Banker debt Whore and taken more, more, more… for you see – IT’s ALL ABOUT ME! When I’m HUNGRY!
      Then down the way… my calves screaming in pain… I slowed down… a mistake… an A.P.B. , an All Points Bulletin – had gone out – “All Patrols Be On The Look Out for a Crazed Long Haired Bearded Hippy Hobo Bum, Riding a Stolen rusty Hot Pink Huffy Bike Down Main Street!”; I’m screwed now… a NWO U.N. Blue NAFTA DHS Cop car pulled up behind, tires screeching… siren blaring , lights a twirling, screaming over the horn “PULL THE FUCK OVER!”
      At that time… I “Snapped” , grinned , an said to myself “Screw It!”… thought “I’m homeless cold and hungry”… “This Asshole Cop isn’t gonna do me like “Rodney King”!”… “The NWO CIA U.N. blue IMF CFR Greedy Banker Fuckers did this to me!”… “It is either Him or Me!” I skidded to a stop “swiiishhhh!”… planted my worn out combat boots upon the cool concrete of the street… reached into my sweat soiled pants waist… an pulled my cold heavy .45 Glock like slow dead weight… fingers numb… pointed and leveled it at the windshield of the NWO CIA U.N. blue NAFTA DHS TSA Patrol Car… looking the Cop dead in the eye… I recognized him, he use to be nice to me, always smiling when we met on the street… Officer Friendly, now wearing NWO camo green Combat Gear, with U.N. sky-blue Patches… once our neighborhood hero… here to “Protect and Serve”… now no more… now he is a DHS TSA Federalized Thug… a NWO U.N. NAFTA blue Storm Trooper Whore… ordered by our Illegal-Alien homo-prostitute druggy CIA Puppet False president barry soetoro- a.k.a. NWO CIA AGENT brarack obama to “Punish and Enslave!”
      And while the innocent curious child side of me… kept asking… “why Why why ?”… the newly found grown-up tired Stone Cold Cop Killer in me… didn’t bat an eye… I aimed an pulled the trigger BLAM BLAM BLAM 1,2,3… It was HIM or ME you MUST see… I emptied the entire clip right through the windshield… into the NWO U.N. NAFTA blue DHS TSA Whore’s Red Screaming Face!!!
      Empty inside… now that I had unleashed all my New World Order – Bilderberg – IMF – CFR – CIA – IRS Debt Slave State Hate!
      I simply stood astride my stolen rusty hot-pink huffy steed… staring dead pan at the car’s brown vinyl covered rear seat, red blood, white bone chips and grey pink brain matter splattered over it. Staring through the shattered windshield and GAPING cavernous blood red hole that had been, Officer Friendly’s Red Raging New World Order IMF CFR CIA U.N. blue NAFTA DHS FEMA TSA Traitorous Cop Face.
      Humming to myself “BYE BYE AMERICAN PIE”… thinking… “I’m still Hungry!”


    30. YH

      This pathetic Panther is nothing more than a useless skin sack. No socially redeeming value what-so-ever. An embarrassment to the entire human race. He is the embodiment of every reason why I do not vote liberal.

      • JAS

        Yeah, but he does make a great poster target. I think I will blow this up, add a few rings and head to the range this weekend.

        • YH


          I like what you’re thinking! Thanks for the reminder, I’m running low on paper targets. Time to restock.

        • Mountain Trekker

          JAS, funny you would say that. I remember when Clinton/Gore ran, I went to the Dem. Headquarters and got a big old hand full of their buttons, the workers there thought I was really hustling for C&G. Took them to the range and stuck them on a piece of cardboard and used them as a bullseye. Trekker Out. Shoot Straight,Save Ammo!

    31. Active duty usmc

      LOL SHOT GUN to funny– whitey has better guns armor and many x military he won’t have a chance… I could hold off hundreds of them with just my Ar… What a joke

      • Anonymous

        Dumb ass your ar can’t hold off hundreds you watch to much tv

    32. Active duty usmc

      LOL SHOT GUN to funny– whitey has better guns armor and many x military he won’t have a chance… I could hold off hundreds of them with just my Ar… What a joke

    33. two2wisper

      If the dude came here Id keep his little bitch ass around and pimp his ass out for saltine krackers . These turds are just idiots with a attitude . Country boys would start a new sport. Come on out were waiting.

    34. BillyB

      Could the Zimmerman trial be the catalyst they’ve been looking for? Yes. Just like the government used Sandy Hook to try to dismantle Americans of their 2nd Amendment rights.

      • Outlaw


      • TurtleMama

        And they failed miserably! Americans don’t give up their rights that easy…

      • YH

        ‘Never let a crisis go to waste’ is Obama’s official mantra. If Obama and Holder can exploit potential civil unrest caused by a not guilty Zimmerman verdict, you can bet your bottom dollar they will do just that using any means necessary. The cretinous bastards have become so predictable it’s sickening.

        • Freight85

          YH- I’m not defending Obama… but that mantra you quoted was actually said by Mayor of Chicago: Rahm Emanuel

          • YH


            Yes, I know. Thanks. At the time Emanuel made that notorious statement he was White House Chief of Staff for Obama. So as one of Obama’s closest confidants and advisor’s, if Emanuel harbors such a conniving and malicious mindset, I think it’s a safe bet to say that Obama does as well. Birds of a feather….


      • Joe

        Yep, that’s exactly it. They’re a fun adversary, keep tryin’ “clever” tricks.

    35. Tactical

      I am sorry but if this guy shows up in front of my house exactly the way he looks in the picture there is no way I can defend my self and my family. Because I’ll be on the ground laughing due to the fact that he looks like a total dork.

    36. pete

      That vest is empty! what a poser! He better be careful with that shotgun, he could hurt himself.

    37. Eisenkreuz

      Still think Hitler was a bad guy?

      • Not so Much

        Yup, and your comment makes you one too stinkbait.

    38. High Noon

      I see Black Muslim “NINA” took a “Vacation” while we are talking about Zimmerman. Interesting.

      • LAW OF THE GUN

        LAW OF THE GUN is Black Muslim “NINA”

        • LAW OF THE GUN

          DUMMY ;0p

            • Facebook Page

              Nina the newbies don’t know you lime some of use do. Nina never tires or rest. He is always ready to make a complete ass out of himself. Never misses a chance to spit at a Jew.

    39. slingshot

      Pretty impressive picture.

      Twelve gage shotgun Six rounds. Bandoleer 25 shells.
      Looks like a 9mm pistol with 3 pouches for mags equals total 60 9mm rounds. Difficult to reload pistol, combat style, due to position of mag pouches. Other vest pouches seem to be empty. No first aid noticeable. No body armor. Pistol grip shotgun will inhibit shot placement. Weapons calibers have very little penetration capability with limited range. This fat boy has a better rig than this guy, better weapons and know how to use them.

      There is no car, home, tree or wall in my neighborhood, I can not put a round thru. Let us see how good he can hide. I owned the night also.

      • slingshot

        @ Braveheart.

        I find myself very, very calm. A few more things to do. I figure should riots break out, life is going to change for all of us. Might ask for some Divine Guidance and Protection. When you drop the slide and pull the trigger, the rest is just going thru the motions.

        Be Safe.

        • braveheart

          Slingshot, you’re on target [pun intended]. No one’s lives will ever be the same again. braveheart

          • Night breaker

            Let’s hope it does not happen yet I have 2 pistol permits I have to use!!!

            Semper Fi 8541

      • Sum Ting Wong

        Bh. Thanks for not saying bring it on or bring it. Your post is funny. I picture and old white guy in a wheel chair writing Ebonics in southern ingnomatia.

    40. dave in ID

      The few Americans that are black up here would shoot them on site.

    41. evoval

      OK Morris, I mean King Samir Shabazz, what ever you say. BWAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Those crazy Black pampers at it again.

      • Them Guys

        On a serious note, I heard many pastors for the last 20 yrs Parrot what TV preachers such as Jack Van Impe keep saying about a passage in Revelation when tribulations plagues begin etc.

        Where it says in the bible that a seal is opened and a pale horse and rider named death get cut lose on earth.

        It says “By these, the Famines and the BEASTS of the Earth shall 1/4th mankind be killed off”

        Ok, many pastors keep saying Beasts of earth means “Reg normal common animals in the forests and also Tame House pet dogs and cats etc will begin to attack and Kill humans as that is what beast means biblically”

        WRONG AS CAN BE!! Those preachers Ignore totally that the bible has at least TWO seperate places with various verses which Do describe the words beasts of the Field, and from various Tribes from named nations from That era 3000-4000 yrs ago when wrote.

        If you follow those named tribes and nations forewards in time you find that the country we today call AFRICA, is the same tribes/nations spoken of in regards to “Beasts of the Field” They are described if I recall it right as “A Nation whos Inhabitants are Tall and Large sized with BRONZED Skin” now it should be Obvious to those preachers as well as any avg reader what or Who the bible is speaking about for last days deaths of 1/4 earths humans is to be done BY AFRICAN Dark Bronzed skin Inhabitants.

        That today would be called Black savages and Inner city Yoots and jungle wild savage apes etc etc…

        Got it? forget such Preachers nonsense of domestic animals and forest animals will gang up to kill a Fourth of all humans worldwide. What makes way More sense at this point? Right! African Negroe Black savages is what the bible is speaking of for “BEASTS of the Field” in Revelations prophecy!

        So Beware of americas savage Field Beasts aka Black wild crazy killer APEMEN like that Spooly headed panther monkey gorilla ape jungle savage Baboon anti white, Rasist Killer. Now ya get it eh!

        Tell Your pastors this info if they too Parrot van impes Falsehood teachings. Or find a Better pastor asap!

    42. Hedge

      So, you want to come to my hood and burn it down? Well, all I can say is { and I mean this most sincerely} is NEGRO PLEASE!

      • NXavier

        Mark: “and to think, white women helped vote in obummer, thanks guys”

        Mark, I don’t think we’ve had a legitimate Presidential election in the US since 1960.

        • John W.

          Guess again. Deal people voted for Kennedy. Reagan was probably the last honest election.

    43. mark t

      and to think, white women helped vote in obummer, thanks guys

      • WestVa Folks

        Not THIS white woman from Wild Wonderful West Virginia nor her Mountaineer friends – we’ve got too much common sense and fetchin’ up to do a stupid thing like that!

    44. fishkiller

      Their more than welcome to give it a “shot”.
      I don’t think they’ll fair too well in the end though..

    45. chef nunzio

      Sanford PD has Fire has been preparing for this since charges were filed. I know that for a fact. SWAT is involved as we’ll. We just have to wait and see I guess.

      • howdy-doody

        I would guess that the local swat teams have already run training missions to deal with this scenario. Plus, they would probably enjoy a little live fire exercise at moving targets. I can’t imagine how someone would be stupid enough to ride to a white neighborhood somewhere, and think they would have time enough to get out of a vehicle, walk around, and start shooting up the place. it just doesn’t make common sense. But no one ever said the potential rioters has any sense to begin with.

    46. AnyTime

      These idiots are full of crap. They puff out their chests and walk among themselves inflating each others egos, but you won’t be seeing bus loads of blacks going to riot in Florida. The idiocy of that is incredible. There will likely be some troublemakers but if they think they’re going to wholesale come in to normal neighborhoods and wreck havoc, good luck with that. And in lot of places in Florida, that dumbass is going to need a lot more than that stupid pistol grip made for movie shotgun he’s touting.

      • OutWest

        AnyTime—Yeah but…..

        It would be so much fun taking them out
        a bus load at a time, don’t ya think?

        • Slick One

          Back in the snivel rights days some people gave the freedom bus riders a warm Southern welcome.
          They set the freedom riders busses on fire!

      • Facebook Page

        They don’t have to out run it. I know what kind of a shot you are. Its as if they taught you all they know.

    47. slingshot

      Remember you may have 45 minutes after the verdict is read.

      • Paranoid

        For what? The new pizza ovens only take 8 min, The weather is on every 10 and a potty break can be done while the commercials are on.

      • PA farmer

        Ya I like how this is unfolding just in time for the. weekend, because it shouldnt take more than an hour to come back with a not Guilty Verdict..

    48. Anonymous

      Me too. I want me a nappy scalp.

      • cptden

        My lodge pole could use a few, just like them, riot right after the largest gun sale in US history….

    49. mountain man 6-1

      I was down there in central Fla. when this all happened , at the time it wasn’t that big of deal .Lots of rumors about fights and down town Sanford being deserted because people were afraid there might be trouble. I rode up that way and decided to stop at the FleaMarket on 17-92 below Sanford . I was expecting to see what I had seen there years before, mostly plain white country folks & some farmers and some blacks. What I found was salsa music blaring on the speakers overhead , taco and burrito stands, bull-fighter statues, and spanish speaking people wandering the aisles. Old white folks ,GONE ! If the blacks want ‘whitey’ they might wanna try northern Fla. cause central Fla. is mostly Peurto Ricans !! AnyHow, I now live in ‘RedNecksville’ and AIN’T worried bout no Pink Panthers here!!…

    50. jerrytbg

      “This time we’re doing it right… This time we’re not burning down our communities. This time we’re going out to Whitey’s suburbs and burning down HIS community. We’re going to make Whitey feel the pain.”

      was it that POS moore who, in one of his sick books, wrote about how this is going to be the way?
      I’m not sure but I think it was a how to…for racial war…
      what an a$$…

    51. y99

      As with many on this site I’ve forgotten more about combat operations and what it take to kill the enemy then this shit bag and his black kittens will ever know.

      • jerrytbg

        Yep…time to load the mags from 60 to 90%…

    52. Outlaw

      Whoa here she comes, watch out boys she”ll JEW you up, whoa here she comes, NinaO’s a maneater!

      • Facebook Page

        Who would lime to see the pic Nina send out to the ladies of SHIF.

        • ILmom