Panic Buying Hits Japan Ahead Of Possible War: “Nuke Shelters, Air Purifiers, Anti-Radiation Supplies…”

by | Apr 24, 2017 | Headline News | 61 comments

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    As tensions heat up with North Korea and the potential for a nuclear exchange becomes all the more real, residents of Japan are panic buying everything from nuclear shelters to air purifiers in preparation:

    Sales of nuclear shelters and radiation-blocking air purifiers have surged in Japan in recent weeks as North Korea has pressed ahead with missile tests in defiance of U.N. sanctions.

    A small company that specializes in building nuclear shelters, generally under people’s houses, has received eight orders in April alone compared with six orders during a typical year.

    The company, Oribe Seiki Seisakusho, based in Kobe, western Japan, also has sold out of 50 Swiss-made air purifiers, which are said to keep out radiation and poisonous gas, and is trying to get more, said Nobuko Oribe, the company’s director

    Concerns about a possible gas attack have grown in Japan after Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told a parliament session this month that North Korea may have the capacity to deliver missiles equipped with sarin nerve gas.

    ‘It takes time and money to build a shelter. But all we hear these days, in this tense atmosphere, is that they want one now,’ Oribe said. ‘They ask us to come right away and give them an estimate.’

    Source: The Daily Mail

    As we’ve learned from previous experience, once the possibility of an actual emergency or disaster has been realized or comes to pass, it is often too late for those who failed to foresee the threat and act on it in advance.

    Following the 2011 Fukushima disaster, for example, Americans concerned with the spread of radiation along the West coast were advised by the Department of Homeland Security that they could take potassium iodide supplements to reduce absorption of radioactive material. Within 24 hours just about all available stock was sold out across the world and secondary markets popped up across the internet with anti-radiation pills, normally available for about $15, selling for upwards of $200, an increase of over 1000%.

    The government took notice of the shortages and stockpiled approximately 14 million doses in 2014.

    But as you may have guessed, though federal and state governments have positioned emergency reserves in anticipation of any number of possible disasters, the chance that average citizens will have access to much needed crisis supplies when they need them most is almost non-existent. This was evidenced by the total lack of assistance in the initial days following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, as well as the lackluster response by government following Hurricane Sandy.

    Keeping in mind that these were disasters isolated to a single city or small region, and that we had advance warning of the Hurricanes, according to the Department of Homeland Security it will be impossible for emergency services personnel to respond to any large-scale threat that affects multiple regions simultaneously.

    The point, as we have previously warned, is that if you are going to attempt to prepare even one second after a disaster strikes, it will already be too late. The time to prepare your emergency reserves is now, before the panic buying begins.


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      1. I want to believe cooler heads will prevail and North Korea will be resolved without a nuclear exchange. Trump is pushing hard but I don’t think he wants a war. Kim is just talking a big game.

        But, what if we’re wrong? What if that 1% chance happens?

        History proves it can, so I prepare just in case.

        • Its a wonder the Japanese aren’t already all dead with Fukishima still pouring out radiation all over the place.

          • They’re a very strong peopre.

            • The nice thing about prepping years ago with all of these supplies and stockpiling at a much cheaper price, is is now watching all the Frightened Newbees scramble and pay 1000 times more for the same stuff I bought a few years back on the cheap. You were all warned here years ago. Who paid attention here? and who were too busy watching Dancing with the Stars? And the good news is all those watching Dancing with the stars are mostly idiot liberals who are still unprepared today and will parish first in a disaster. Burying all the dead idiots will be a monumental task, before they start drawing flies and disease into the area. Got shovels?

              • I’ve been waiting 20 yrs for doom. I am getting tired of waiting. Been here in the country since before y2k. I am older in my 60’s. The biggest fear i have is dying before doom hits and all my preps get thrown in the garbage. So will i see doom? Or will i die first and my preps all go in the trash? I worry about that.

                • You are worrying about the wrong things and there is in fact no reason to worry about any of it. Just live and enjoy and realize you are not old, except in your own consciousness and being. In other words if you think you are old you will be. If you let yourself get unhealthy that is a conscious action of your own negativity, ignorance and laziness. You have control over all of these things and that is what you should be concerning yourself with, not fretting about any disaster. If we have a CME tomorrow and all is destroyed that will simply be the end of what we have experienced up to that point in time, no big deal. We will simply all die and perhaps life will start over ? There has been several extinction events already and there will be again. Realize the magnetic poles are moving and that is causing all manner of events we have zero control over and that will only continue. So enjoy what you can while you can of the natural order and be part of it !

                  • So true. I’m in my 70’s and this is the same advice I would give! Thank you for the reminder.

                • me too, marie… too… will happen soon enough.

                • feel the same way marie . stop buying and start using .

                • Dear Marie, like many others, we began to develop a lifestyle of reasonable preparedness prior to Y2K. But as we’ve grown and studied through the years, our personal convictions shifted toward preparing not to survive “armageddon” or the capital “T” tribulation — but instead to ensure that we were preparing our hearts and minds (and helping others) to become spiritually prepared for eternity.

                  None of us live forever, and so it only makes sense that we should first secure our faith and hope for that life which is eternal, and then trust G_d to give us wisdom concerning that which is temporal. G_d’s Word to man (the holy B-i-b-l-e) has much to say about why we are here and what to expect in the days and years to come. J-e-s-u-s, along with the Apostle Paul, gave us many insights concerning our present perilous times. In Matthew 10:28, J-e-s-u-s said,

                  “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Are not two sparrows sold for a farthing? and one of them shall not fall on the ground without your Father. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear ye not therefore, ye are of more value than many sparrows. Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 10:28-33).

                  Do you have the promise of eternal life? All that is required is to confess your sin, and accept/receive the free gift of Salvation made possible by the death, burial, and resurrection of J-e-s-u-s, who is the only atoning sacrifice for our sin (John 3:16-17). It is important that we seek after G_d (as revealed in His Word) while there is yet time. “Behold, today is the day of salvation.” None of us knows which way the wind blows, so how can we plan for tomorrow?

                  Concerning your physical preparedness, part of your plan should be to rotate your foods; begin living off of your expiring preps now; this could save you money on your grocery budget. If more food is expiring than you can use, share some of them as you have opportunity, G_d will bless you for your generosity, and they will not be wasted. While it is wise to “be prepared” for potential crises, we cannot possibly prepare to survive any and all calamity.

                  This is why an eternal perspective is critical: “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” (Matthew 6:19-21).

                  Finally, do not let fear of man rob you of the joy of your precious life and resources and relationships that come from the hand of our Creator. Get involved in a B-i-b-l-e-teaching church, community programs, and start now to heal any broken relationships with family and friends. Seek forgiveness from G_d first, and then anyone you have offended, and forgive those who have offended you (whether they receive it or not).

                  Be blessed and enjoy the sunset season of your life as you look with joy to meet our Savior!

            • Short too.

            • No doubt

        • Anonymous- Trump is trying to shake up Fat Boy with head fakes and bluster. China is trying to correct him with trade penalties. You can see the attempts to get him to
          abandon the nuke program. Not likely to happen. If Lil Fat Boy punks out now, he loses
          face and somebody in his own regime will take him out. He knows if he shows any signs
          of weakness, he is done. No good options.

        • 8 nuclear shelters and 50 air filters sold in Japan!

          Its PANIC BUYING!

        • Try a 90% chance…

        • If such a thing does happen it would likely be a much smaller release than we have already had and are still getting from FUKU. Just another way to look at it ? Of course I seriously wish both did not happen, but humans are quite insane and destructive, Hey ? Any wonder cancer has gotten far more common in the last 5 or more decades ?

      2. Yes, I would like to sell anti-tsunami canoe ? to you. Last long time.

        • Funny.

        • Yes, I would rike to serr anti-tsunami canoe to you. Rast a rong time. There, fixed it for you.

          • Rots of ruck paul? Thank you so pleasantly.

      3. One would think that the Japanese still had survival stuff left over from the battles with Godzilla and Mothra.

      4. It’s like the Cuban missile crisis, fear mongering profiteers jump all over it with fear porn to sell their goods and get rich or richer when there actually no chance of a nuclear war.

        NK doesn’t even have a deliverable nuclear weapon yet or the means to deliver it anywhere of any importance if it did.

      5. Oh no… there goes Tokyo.. !!

      6. Imagine that you could convince all of humanity that life on earth would end at a certain moment of time (it would be soon). There are a lot of people who would like to do something but don’t because of the consequences. No future, no consequences. You could carry out your dreams freely. People would be able to tell off your boss and quit your job. Then imagine that thirty minutes before the big moment, they announced that they had made a mistake and the world wouldn’t end. There is a version of SHTF that would be interesting to see the consequences of.

      7. People who have HIV/AIDS are probably pretty happy that the world is about to blow up. I know I would be if I was gay and contracted the HIV.

        • AZ
          Might try to meet up with you sometime next week. Getting some things ready to head to BOL#2 on Friday. (Sothern Missouri)

          I will keep in touch. How does Menards in Morris sound, and go to lunch?

          • Sarge- Hope your BOL is not close to Fort Leonard Wood or the point of that BOL is moot.

            • NAME
              Nope its about 200 miles away.

              • Glad to hear it. Almost anywhere close to Mo-Ark state line good.

          • Sgt. you sound like you are on my doorstep Very N.AR.

      8. That prior article on the cobalt for electric cars thing?

        Oh blah blah blah cobalt. Whatever, make Thorium LFTR nuclear power plants. Then you can crack hydrogen all day long (yes, you put more energy in than you get out but ultimately who cares as the planet has a 5000 year supply of Thorium or some such other ludicrous number). Might be higher than that even.

        So yeah you put in more than you get out but you’re paying to make it transportable. In a “currency” you have in epic abundance.

        TADA or something.

        • Uranium carbide reactors are as safe as Thorium ones, ready to be made at a factory, transported to location, put in place and added to the base load immediately, and cheaper.

          This technology is already tested and ready to put online if nonsensical environmentalist objections to anything nuclear weren’t preventing it.

      9. Very smart people. Very Smart!!!!!

        Now us that have been prepping for a while could make a killing on our supplies, but we are smarter than the average Bear. WE WILL KEEP THEM.


      10. Um Japan already nuked themselves…

        *mumble after we nuked them*…

        These guys don’t get a break, they’re gonna be fixated on this forever if this happens. It was bad enough as it was.

      11. After Hiroshima and Nagasaki they aren’t waiting around with their heads in the sand. We should be so smart……..some of us are.

        • Yes, some of us are. Have been for several years, decades even.

      12. So, what do we know so far? Trump just spoke with the Chinese Premier and Japanese Prime Minister about North Korea (N.K.). China has no way to curb N.K.’s nuclear ambitions. The entire U.S. senate has been invited to a classified White House meeting this Wednesday regarding N.K.. Over the past several years China has built a series of refugee camps along it’s border with N.K. in anticipation of a major political collapse within N.K.. We have 3 aircraft battle groups enroute to South Korea.

        The evidence looks very compelling that North Korea is squarely in the cross hairs, and Trump is getting his military and political pieces in order. If we do this, we better know EXACTLY where N.K. is storing its nuclear assets or the crap will certainly hit the fan if the little despot tyrant uses nukes on the Korean peninsula.

        • I very much doubt NK can deliver any nukes at all. They bare constantly ratcheting up the shit talk. Hope Trump can pile on enough pressure to get Un’s people to do the world a favor and off him.

        • The Chinese have already warned not to hit the DPRK militarily. Russia is siding with China.

          We could probably take China, in a war. We could probably take Russia in a war. But both China and Russia, probably not. This is what will probably save Kim Jong Un.

          The only way to get around both China and Russia, would be to have the backup of most of the rest of the world. But most of the world is not particularly fond of the US just now.

          If they do hit the DPRK, it will probably trigger a real world war, no matter what. Lots of sleepers in the US, too.

          • Yes, I dated Korean girls at the military bases. I like’em.

          • We couldn’t beat china or Russia, we can’t even beat the Mexican drug lords.

      13. Japanese people are fantastic in many ways.

        I hope they continue to preserve their unique customs and ethnic homogeneity. Reports are that they have recently become fed up with the crime that comes from having other races and nationalities within their borders. As an island, they are in a good position to remain isolated from the anti-diversity of diversity. If that confuses you, it is because calling racial blending together, “diversity” is double speak. Diversity can only exist when each race and it’s unique culture remains, as it were, pure and unadulterated.

        I’m not one who is a die hard opponent of miscegenation. Some racial blending will always occur. But when it becomes commonplace, there is danger. A small highly refined homogeneous culture like that of Japan could be destroyed forever. That would be a sin. “Thy neighbor” is thy ethnic brother and sister. For Japanese in Japan, they are, as if, one family; as it should be.


        • Whites in America are in the same boat.

      14. I hope Putin and Xi-Jinping make it clear to western leaders that if they start nuclear war many of them will be amongst the first to die. Take war and death straight to their door.

        Target their first and second homes, offices, hotel penthouses, cars, lakeside cabins and boats etc. Send assassination squads, car bombs, snipers and missiles. After a small percentage has been killed they’ll call for peace but don’t concede it.

        For those who escape to bunkers, dig down to them in strategic locations to divert large bodies of water into them, even if it takes years of digging. Drown their last survivors like rats.

      15. Between two atomic bombs, their own nuclear power plant meltdown and North Korea the Japs can’t seem to get away from radiation.

        • And the fact that they’re still here, healthy, and doing just fine is proof that the radiation boogeyman is just that: Something made up to scare children to keep them in line and nothing else.

        • Thats why they like to vacation in Hawaii. Expect a mass exit of many well-heeled Japanese
          citizens if things really hot over there. Many would end up in Hawaii permanently.

      16. My son, dil and two grandaughters live in Kyoto. If nut Jung un does try something, he will try to hit a city center. Though I think Seoul has more to worry about, I wouldn’t mind the Era of the Kims ending.

      17. Funny thing about Nukes. If they’re fake, you’ll know it. If they’re real, you won’t—–

        Therefore, it’s not the Nukes that you should worry about. It’s avoiding others whom do. Like a cow in a stampede, you risk becoming a participate in going over the cliff. Because all you’ll see is someones ass until it becomes your own.

        This is order out of Chaos.

        Seek the higher ground.

      18. Yeh….I read this in Japan Today. It said that the company that makes fallout shelters had seen two(2) more orders per month than “normal” and disaster supply sales had spiked a whapping 2%. I call “Fear mongering bullshit” on this one.

        • If I was springing for a fallout shelter in Japan, I would opt for the water proof model.

        • What truly amazing about this story is the 2 we’re guilty for simply holding a gun, and traveling to express their first and second amendment RIGHTS yet not even one black lives matter protesters have made a trial nor been convicted and they destroyed cities, blocked highways and even killed people purposefully and also blocked ambulances causing innocent deaths…..but nothing happened to them….nothing….if you have dark tan, or speak broken English, or have no money, or are here illegally you get away with murder literally….if you are white and want to abide by the actual laws and constitution and state you are exactly abiding by these stated long term laws somehow you are evil, and convicted and face life in prison……I guess white lives do not matter and make a great past time of punching and torturing……I seem to see very clearly this is happening more often….oh and by the way before you call me a white racist redneck etc etc I am 3rd generation Italian/American and all of my family fought in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, as we assimilated…….as for diversity why does America have to have a fully blended culture of all,races and religions but we literally send our troops to other country’s to fight and protect their borders while people here fight daily to eliminate our own borders? If we become 100% diverse then will these same libtards the fight and riot to allow non diversity in attempts to allow freedom of culture and then we segregate ourselves so we can become non diverse to protect our old culture? This all seems like someone is playing someone for a fool……….

          • Yep, BLM did far worse crimes and got invited to the WH ? This entire fiasco is a sham of anything resembling justice and the supposed fires were started by BLM agency government criminals ! Most people are clueless to what actually took place at Burns and Nevada. I was hoping the new Trump regime would end this charade ?

      19. They must divert the blame for Hawaii and west coast radiation from the TEPCO stockholders to Kim Jong or they will get sued to death? If not we will pay much higher power bills to reimburse the stockholders?

        • What Hawaii and West Coast radiation?

          I hear people talking about it but any actual verified data seems to be absent from the discussions.

          • That is because your government will not release the data. I know because I contacted EPA in Seattle and they refused to give me any data !

            A while back there was speculation it would not melt down. Now it has melted down is is continuously pouring radiation into the pacific ocean, but all is well , Hey ?

            If you do not talk about it, it does not exist ?

            • Government isn’t the only source of data, there are many highly credible sources that would be shouting it loudly and publishing it if they did.

              That’s because there is no notable Fukushima induced radiation increase at all that can be reported.

      20. LMaO, hey ignor the reactor melting down on their island and it is the worst meltdown in history…still melting FYI! But at the thought of the same family dynasty in N. Korea making the exact same threats they have been for 50 years send them into a panic….sounds more like anti trump propaganda to me…….BS

        • That same family hasn’t been developing and testing nuclear weapons and ICBM’s prior to Kim Jong and hasn’t displayed the same erratic, irrational and verifiably insane personal behavior he has.

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