Pandemic In The Making: Japan Is “On The Cusp” Of A Coronavirus Outbreak

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 3 comments

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    While the coronavirus has so far mostly impacted China, other countries are on the verge of outbreaks now too.  As on health official says that Japan is “on the cusp” of their own outbreak, France warned that this virus is going to become a pandemic.

    Former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said the public should start focusing on COVID-19 (the official name of the coronavirus) cases outside of China when considering the global risk. He said Japan appears to be “on the cusp of an outbreak” with 59 confirmed cases and one death so far.  Gottlieb made these comments on CNBC’S Squawk Box. “If you start to see this become an epidemic in other nations … that’s going to be extremely worrisome that we’re not going to control this globally,” Gottlieb said.

    Japan has also reported another 88 people aboard the Diamond Princess cruise liner have tested positive for the coronavirus, taking the total number of on-board infections to 542. Japan’s public broadcaster NHK, citing the health ministry, said Tuesday that 65 of the 88 people found to have contracted COVID-19 had no symptoms. A total of 2,404 passengers and crew members have been tested for the virus, the health ministry reportedly said, with 542 infections. The cruise liner is currently quarantined in Japan’s port of Yokohama. –CNBC


    This news comes as France warns that this outbreak will become a pandemic.  French Health Minister Olivier Veran has reportedly cautioned there is a “credible risk” that China’s fast-spreading coronavirus could escalate into a global pandemic. Speaking to France Info radio Tuesday morning, Veran said the prospect of the coronavirus spreading worldwide was “both a working assumption and a credible risk.” The World Health Organization recognizes a pandemic as the worldwide spread of a new disease, and this one is on track to make that distinction. Last month, the United Nations health agency declared the coronavirus a global emergency. 

    Top Health Official Warning: Coronavirus Is Nearing PANDEMIC Levels

    As this virus spreads, face masks are selling out everywhere.  The N100 face masks seem to be the best option available right now; not all are created equal.  Surgical masks may help, but they won’t be nearly as effective as a face mask that secures tightly around your nose and mouth.  Some health officials even suggest protecting the eyes as well.

    Epidemiologist: You Can’t Keep The Coronavirus Out of The U.S.

    So far, there have been 73,437 (if you trust China’s numbers) people infected and 1874 have died.



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      1. I don’t know whether this coronavirus actually constitutes the emergency measures that have been taken or not, and it appears that nobody else does either, but Putin just placed a total ban on all Chinese visitation by Air and is closing borders down, which really speaks volumes as far as the potontially perceived threat, in the very least that this poses compared to the flu which resulted in 61,000 deaths in America last winter, if you can believe that that was the ACTUAL cause and not the DOCUMENTED of that many deaths.

        Obviously if the coronavirus has ebola like potentials, which nobody can seem to confirm or deny in this early stage of this virus, these measures would be justified.

        • The CDC says that in 2017 an estimated 80,000 people dies from the flu in the United States, compared to normal years of 11,000 to 50,000 flu deaths per year since official recording of flu deaths started in 1977.

          The Spanish flu of 1918 killed an estimated 500,000 Americans. This was an H1N1 strain.

          The first Asian flu occued in America in 1957.

      2. Howdy Y’all,

        The latest ‘interesting’ headline up at the Hedge is,
        “China Deploys 40 Mobile Incinerators To Wuhan: Report”

        This of course follows directly on the heels of – another – effort on the part of the Chinese government to ‘adjust’ the figures for the number of infected/mortalities both locally and more broadly.
        Is it just me or is this shite getting a BIT tedious?

        Incidentally, the incinerators mentioned above are specifically designed as Veterinary units; 30 cubic meter volume capacity. Do the math here and the sole conclusion that you can arrive at is that the death toll in and around Wuhan is to be measured in the hundreds of thousands…given that the existing cremation infrastructure already existent should (ordinarily) accommodate the otherwise proximal steady flow of persons deceased in any specified period. It is also worth noting that cremation is THE party approved and sanctioned method of internment since burial as practised in the West would rapidly consume vast tracts of otherwise arable land…in a country that struggles to feed itself under ordinary circumstances and far moreso of late.

        From this point forward in about 11-14 days we will rapidly gain a clear understanding of the infective capability of CoViD-2019 from what is seen occuring outside of China, ie, REAL statistics and not Central Committee goal-seeked bullshxt.
        However, given the erratic character of the ‘E’ carriers…those exposed and potentially (or actually) infectious but transiently asymptomatic – 3 days to 24 days – it will be significantly longer until we have any realistic data concerning mortality.

        Upon very careful and profound consideration then, were I yet anywhere near ‘Civilization’ – and circumstances permitted! – I would indeed begin making very thorough, very deliberate preparations to relocate to your designated sanctuary. It will be far better to be able to shield oneself and your loved ones in what is effectively an isolated area where there is virtually no traffic per se. For everyone else…those who cannot leave for any of myriad reasons, your sole option is to lay in sufficient food and water to allow you to remain in full self-imposed quarantine.
        I feel for those who – as yet – been unable to execute adequately in the broad spectrum of preps, unfortunately ‘What is, IS’ and by it’s nature, existence is entirely a ‘Pass-Fail’ proposition. Good luck and best wishes to all such.
        An additional point I feel compelled to stress thereafter is this: IF your intent to relocate to your selected BOL involves passage across an international Border I strongly counsel you to accelerate your planning and execution NOW. Consider, that if CoViD-2019 even appears to be gaining a foothold in North America you can rest assured that passage through Border Control Points (BCP’s) will likely become either very much more difficult due to congestion threat or impossible if either of the countries involved in your passage effect precautionary border closures. Once THAT transpires your plans are effectively made impossible to execute. The moral of that story is GO before there is any significant media indication of such…or the Spirit moves you.

        Be well, be Safe and especially, Be BLESSED.


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