PA Food Bank Head Warns Demand Cannot be Met

by | Nov 4, 2013 | Headline News | 266 comments

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    SHTFplan Editor’s Note: The following article from Paul Joseph Watson of highlights the growing plight of millions of Americans. With the economy in shambles and decent jobs virtually non-existent, more and more people are being forced to depend on outside assistance to put food on their tables. This week the US government’s emergency food aid expired, leading to an average cut of about $36 for those currently on nutritional assistance. That number may not seem like much, but cumulatively it totals about $5 billion worth of aid, a massive number when you consider the amount of food that could be purchased with this amount.

    In essence, $5 billion was literally just taken off the table, leaving many people scrambling to find their next meal. Now, food pantries across the country are struggling to keep up, and many have even warned of uprisings as a result of benefit cuts and ever-rising food costs. We’ll soon reach a breaking point, and it’ll happen when price inflation drives costs so high that people can no longer acquire the food they need to survive, or benefits get cut to such an extent that there simply isn’t enough on the EBT cards to go around. Once this happens, we can fully expect widespread protests, which will likely evolve into full-scale rioting and looting. If there’s one thing that will get even the most peaceful members of our society up in arms, it’s lack of food in their bellies. The trend has been clear for the last decade. The outcome, it seems, is inevitable.

    By Paul Joseph Watson

    The head of the Pennsylvania’s largest food bank has warned that demand for groceries following a $5 billion dollar cut in the food stamp program cannot be met.

    Joe Arthur of the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank “says the donor network for the food banks is already stretched too thin to quickly expand,” according to an Associated Press report.

    From November 1st, $5 billion was wiped off the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) as a result of a planned stimulus withdrawal. Almost 50 million Americans who are supported by the program face an average loss of $36 dollars a month, which is a significant amount for those living near the poverty line.

    Food pantry organizers will be “unable to plug the hole being left by a reduction in federal funding for food stamps,” which will leave families of four in Pennsylvania facing the prospect of 20 fewer meals per month, according to Arthur.

    The Association of Arizona Food Banks sounds a similar warning, noting that the 5 per cent cut, although appearing minor on the surface, equates to about half a week’s budget for someone whose primary source of food is SNAP.

    Spokesman Brian Simpson illustrated how the massive surge in demand for food was linked to the struggling economy.

    Before the 2007 recession, the five food banks in his association were handing out an average of 69,000 emergency food boxes per month. Last month, 108,300 boxes were handed out, an increase of around 80 per cent.

    The true impact of the cut will really be felt in the final week of November, when food stamp recipients will begin to run out of benefits.

    According to Margaret Purvis, the CEO of the largest food bank in America, members of her Food Bank for New York City organization, are“panicking” over the decrease in benefits, fearing a rush of hungry Americans.

    “We’re telling everyone to make sure that you are prepared for longer lines,” Purvis told NBC News.

    Her comments were echoed by Jim Weill, president of the Food Research and Action Center, who stated, “It’s going to send people into a charitable system that’s already overwhelmed and screaming for help itself.”

    Purvis also invoked the threat of riots caused by millions of Americans going hungry when she told, “If you look across the world, riots always begin typically the same way: when people cannot afford to eat food.”

    This has prompted some to speculate that the Department of Homeland Security is gearing up for potential unrest with its recent hiring of security guards to protect government buildings in New York, as well as the purchase of half a million dollars worth of fully automatic pepper spray launchers and projectiles that are designed to be used during riot control situations.

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    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

    Food Banks Overwhelmed


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      1. I feel badly for some folks but for others, not so much. Why didn’t they learn to cook from scratch and buy beans and rice instead of packaged foods? They could have stretched their benefits longer.

        • That actually requires something called effort, something that most people do not have the will power to carry out. Texting, twerking, and studying the latest haircut Miley Cyrus has are the best skills that many people have these days.

          • Let’s see now. People going hungry in the U.S. The government is still paying farmers not to grow too much food on their land. Is there something wrong here or am I just not understanding bizarro land here?

            It seems to me that people that are very poor can live on what is grown on a farm. Yet the double idiot government is paying twice for the farmers to not grow too much that may drive prices down. Then paying into a food stamp program. Why not pay once as in buying the excess food grown on farms and distributing this food to those that need it? Instead they give food stamps that very seldom go into purchasing farm food, but instead processed chemical induced junk food that not only makes the person fatter, but even more of a drain on the new BO care trash system that they can’t even get up and running. People can force themselves to eat fresh produce from the farm and get healthier. All the while reduce government welfare expense. I believe that a thinner person eats a hell of a lot less than a fat person.

            Of course this type of thinking belongs with a government that is interested in doing what is best for the people and country. I think fresh farm food taste good, as long as it is not GMO frankenstein food. This country has more than the size of Alaska in arable land that safe food could be grown on, yet this asinine system exists that poor people use their food stamps for pure garbage food that are not even fit for sows to eat. Then the fraud that goes on with food stamps as many of the poor sell those stamps for a discounted prices to get money for drugs. Worse the food stamps are directly used to purchase alcohol and cigarettes. Not suppose to be, but it happens all the time.

            Common sense is gone, and maybe this is the plan by the elitists. I just wish all this would come to a head and whatever is meant to happen would just occur and then let’s all deal with it. To someone like me and so many people out there on this site that have much wisdom, articles like this must really grind your gears to see this day in and day out, the same crumbling of the U.S. and the whole world with little or no chance of stopping the house of cards from coming down.

            • BI, good evening, and I do understand your points loud and clear. Common sense prevails only among we preppers/survivalists, the only group of independent thinkers left in this nation according to an article put out by Daisy earlier this year. Just like you, I find myself wishing everything would just come to a head, let SHTF come on in whatever form is planned, and deal with it; i.e., get on with the business of survival. I get sick of these articles also. It’s only a matter of time now before this house of cards comes down.

              • When SHTF, I’m gonna show up on Braveheart’s doorstep. I hope you have enough room for three year’s of food, provisions, defense, etc. 🙂 on second thought, that’s a lot of stuff for me to move…maybe I should just stay here.

            • Your right. The government subsidizes farmers to produce corn making corn syrup cheap, then complains about all the obese people becoming diabetics and driving up health costs. But maybe if $5B is taken out of purchasing power that will lower demand for food and prices will come down. It’s always been my theory if government did away with college scholarship and made student loans illegal, the price of higher education would drop. I can’t see all the colleges going broke and closing. They will adjust to that market. Also do away with all insurance, doctors and hospitals won’t close, prices will align with what the consumer can pay. Provisions could still be made for catastrophic occurrences I’m sure.

              • Its GMO poison not real corn. I won’t even feed it to my dogs. But TPTB love fat, weak, sickly, numbed-dumbed-down people, especially women. Once they have them addicted to HFCS, addicted to electronic entertainment (like Facebook, talking on cell phone, shopping) etc. they will accept and defend ANY and ALL LIES from TPTB no matter how illogical, unbeliveable and downright ignorant to keep the highs and goodies flowing.

                They’ll slurp up the HFCS while ogling shiny baubles, gossiping on the phone and embellishing their false FaceBook personas until they’re so fat that they have trouble getting out of their desk chairs to get into their cars and waddle their fat gullible behinds around the mall to run up their credit cards.

                And then maybe once a day for a few minutes when they’re stuck at a light and not blabbing on their cell phones, an honest thought creeps into their heads and they wonder why they feel so spiritually dead and physically weak. But then the phone rings and they’re saved from reality as the gossipy soap-opera fantasy life begins again.

                They’ve completely bought all of the hoaxes (like the Boston Marathon Bombing Drill, the LAX shooting, etc), all of the lies told by the MSM about everything from ObamaCare to IPhones to the creatively miscalculated economic “recovery”.

                And they’ve ignored and ridiculed everyone who’s tried to tell them the truth about everything from the ongoing Corporatist/Bankster coup to the coverup of catastrophic celestial changes which have started and which will accelerate and worsen over the next seven to ten years.

                But they’ve gladly been dumbed-down and fattened-up for the kill and ignorantly await to “bail-in” their false mammonic gods to enrich TPTB, are to stupid to even care about Constitutional Liberties, and can’t imagine that they will soon be just so much fat, slow, weak prey for a violent national police state, a slow grueling plague-filled economic crash, or an other-worldly natural disaster that TPTB are carefully hiding so that they might become more powerful and richer and that we might become weaker and/or die.

                But as fat, weak, and dumbed-down as they are their weakest points are the materialistic gods/idols they worship. The Luciferians and various types of materialists who comprise TPTB control these people’s gods. That’s why TPTB hate true Christians. This is a spiritual war, and our God is infinitely greater than theirs (and they know it). We will not give up and we CANNOT lose.

                • Quite the rant Danny Boy

                  “numbed-dumbed-down people, especially women”?

                  –> Like Your Mother! Like your Wife, whom you Chose! <–

                  Go Pack Fudge, Limp Wrist!


                • DannyBoy:

                  If your “rant” offended the red thumbers so be it. The words you wrote are the truth. Always, the red thumbers call truth tellers names, but never can they come up with their own “rant” to prove that what you have posted is not the truth.

                  Always, always, attack the messenger if you cannot attack the message.

                  How true the last paragraph in your post is. Thanks!

                • We have already won the war (Thank you, Jesus!!!), it’s all of those pesky little battles we need to fight until the end of time that get on my nerves. People are easily misled and deceived, so this will be an endless battle.

                • Danny, I am a woman and I don’t follow facebook, blab on a cellphone, or shop at the malls. We are not all like the “women” you apparently know. Maybe you should stay away from immature girls and find a real woman. Today I worked one job, then went to the woods for firewood, and after that I went to my second job. Now I will go through our food preps before bed.

            • Seriously, its only the beginning of the month. They aren’t even trying to live on less. Yet they will take more money out of my pocket so that they can make sure these moochers have enough??? Which means I, being a responsible individual who lives within my means will have to live on less, so others who don’t even earn what they are given, don’t have to live on less???

              I live in PA. I was watching these people on the news, loading all the free stuff into cars way better than what I drive. Not because I can’t afford to drive something better, but because I choose not to be a slave to the banksters.

              And WE’RE the trouble makers, the ‘bad’ Americans. Bite me obama and all your free loading sheep.

              • Moochers, huh? Well maybe some, but certainly not the great majority. Many of those now on food stamps are seniors who worked their whole lives and now find that their social security benefits and what was left of their pensions, are no longer enough to provide for their basic needs. So many are forced to choose between paying for the medicines they need to stay alive and food. Take some time and volunteer at a pantry or a soup kitchen, talk to the clients there and then tell me how many moochers you actually find. I was there once. I was laid off with four hours’ notice from a a great professional job two months after having bought a beautiful new car. I was unemployed for two years, and finally applied for and received food stamps. So, yes, I went shopping with my card in my nice car wearing nice clothes that I had been able to purchase while I was still working. The reason it took over two years to find another job was because I over-qualified for most and thought to be under-qualified for similar jobs to what I had been doing before because I have no college degree. I finally took a job making $20,000 less than I had been receiving in my prior job. During that time, I almost lost my home, and cashed out a great deal of my retirement money just to stay afloat, most of which went to the IRS because I was too young to get it without a penalty. Looking at me, strangers had no idea I was in such dire straits. So, walk a mile in their shoes before you judge.

              • I am a widow on fixed income. I TRY to spend only about $130/month on food for myself. (The dog and cat take extra.) If I spend more, it comes out of my small savings.

                $130/mo is about as much as provided by food stamps. You can’t live on $130/mo if you spend it on packaged food OR food at our small grocery store at regular prices. The nearest large grocery or WalMart is 60 miles away.

                But I have food stored ahead. So I can buy whenever things go on sale. A few weeks ago, they had 5 lb bags of rice for $2.99. A few weeks ago, they had pasta and spaghetti sauce for 88 cents ea. Last week they had apples for $.88/lb. You stock up when the price is low.

                This week I bought yoghurt for .33 ea., zucchini for .79/lb, cabbage .59/lb, 10 lbs of potatoes for $1.99, boneless chicken breasts for $1.79/lb, french bread $.99, a whole bunch of different spices for $1.45 ea., Hormel chili with beans and meat for $.99 per can. I bought a lot of chili, including several cans for my preps.

                You can’t start with nothing, and then buy packaged food.

              • Here in florida , the decrease for a family of three is 8 dollars. Yep. That’s right . 8 dollars. Oh the humanity.
                The Lamestream media is saying the decrease is 36(apprx) dollars a month for a family of four. Gee, I guess there will be no soda or chips. boo hoo.

            • Hello BI

              We have a saying where I work that says ” We are here to make electricity not to make sense “. Our government is set up to make dependency not sense. Many years ago my ex wife left me and my two sons. I went from two incomes to one and no babysitter to needing one. I had just started with the electrical company. I was making $10.34 an hour. I went to social services to try and get some help. They told me I made $90.00 to much a month. The lady told me that she was not supposed to say this but that I should quit and go bag groceries or something. Then she could give me all kinds of assistance. I asked her what kind of future my sons and I would have if I did that. Needless to say I did not do it. Also every time I work a day of overtime they take way more in taxes. The more you make the more they take. The government has set up a system designed to make as many as possible dependent on them. Who in there right mind sets up a system that penalizes hard work. They could change to just a flat tax or a sales tax right now and have a hell of a economic boom. They will not do this though because they would give up there power in doing so.
              I can honestly say that I am blessed by God with the job I have and the country I was allowed to grow up in. The problem is the country is being slowly changed. We have spent trillions of dollars on the war on poverty just to see the numbers of people in poverty increase. The whole thing is designed that way. This will all come to a head sooner or later. Then I only hope that I can band with people like those on this site, to give my children and grandchildren the blessings I have had.
              Have a great day my friend.

            • @ BI

            • You are assuming the government has any interest in the welfare of the people, or, that the people have the freedom to solve our own problems without SWAT raids from the government coming to straighten things out.

          • “””””That number may not seem like much, but cumulatively it totals about $5 billion worth of aid, a massive number when you consider the amount of food that could be purchased with this amount.”””

            Actually, compared to the 85 BILLION a month being counterfeited for the banks it seems quite small. And I am sure the 5 billion FS reduction is an annual number.

            Does that put the bankster theft in a better perspective for you? They steal 17 times that amount from the people every month and the MSM praises them for it. When are the people going have enough and begin fighting the collectivists as a collective?

            The day is coming where this banana republic will not even have bananas. All it will have is a monkey in charge of fighting a revolution against a bunch of pissed off rednecks with 100 times more bullets and nothing left to lose.

            Good luck with that…

            • Good job, GC, You hit that one out of the park!! So true about the bananas and the monkey. Its depressing to think about so thanks for the laugh.

        • But at least they got Obamacare and are allowed to keep their Healthcare plans. Oh wait 😛

          • This is just another ploy by odrama to
            weaken the people that have something,
            by relinquishing their stores to the ones
            that have nothing.

            He would love nothing better than to see
            the playing field reduced to being flatter
            than a pancake.

          • The Brobama Ponzi scheme is starting to unravel. Those who elected him will be the first to suffer. Stay low. Keep your eyes and ears open do not present you or your family as a target. The time that the Government to start taking further action aginst the American people is close at hand. I wouldn’t be suprised if ole Brobama didn’t stage his own “death” only to be followed by a resurrection to get support from his minions. This country is headed for the hurt locker in a bad way. Hang on kids wer’e in for a hell of a ride !

            • Believe it or not, I was thinking this myself today!

        • they could’ve stored back some emergency food too, they wouldn’t be scrambling to hard right now…would they?

          • I am really not in favor of government food dependency, but if the PTB are going to transfer the American economy offshore, eliminate American opportunity, increase the gap between rich and poor, and limit the quality of care under O’Bummer’s health plan for US (read:death panels and guillotines for patriots); then I think Free O’Bummer Food should be included with the Free O’Bummer Phone, and a Free O’bummer Life Time Transit Pass for the O’Bummer Light Rail System; so you can get to and from your Free O’Bummer Micro Apartment.

            Just saying. No O’Bummer Chip, no health care for you. Fortunately, one chip can service all activities. It can even summon you to the latest “O’bummer Rally”.

            Unfortunately. The O’Bumer Rally cannot be “free”. Your presence is required and you will be taxed for the requisite expenses associated with your participation; because, hey! it takes a village doesn’t it? Don’t worry about sending a check, your costs will be deducted from your Mandatory O’bummer Bank Account at the Big Four Bank of Your Choice. (Yes, you have a choice. Choose from A. B. C, or D.)

            Get on board the O’bummer Bandwagon or be replaced like Officer Patriots in the Military who will NOT fire on Americans when push comes to shove, but that’s OK, shoot the officers first, WE know whose side they are on, now.

            Engage your employees or exit the country. Patriots will remain and fight. Liberty or death! Liberty for US, Death To The New World Order! 🙂

            • DK, I agree with everything you’re saying, and no, I’m not taking any chip, period! they can just go ahead and kill me, I don’t care. I’m not getting on the NWO bandwagon.

          • That would require some foresight and actual extra money. Most seniors on Social Security and Medicare, do not have the funds or abilities to get very far ahead.

            It’s hard to believe, but my grandmother, managed to keep house and home, together, planted a huge garden every year, collected rainwater from the roof runoff in a large wooden barrel for washing her clothing.

            She used a wood cook-stove for every meal, had an outdoor privy, and didn’t let the family put running water in her home until she was 91.

            Oh yeah she received some assistance she received $20 a month from the great stare of North Carolina, up until she passed when she was 96.

            God Bless her and those like her, BTW she passed in 1980.

            • I’m on disability AND I get a form of food stamps , just not SNAP. Yes, mine were cut also.

              I also have at least one year’s supply of food and many other preps set aside, so much so that I’m running out of places to cram it all. I live in my own rented space, NOT with mommy or friends.

              AND I DID IT MOSTLY ON FOOD STAMPS AND DISABILITY. My disability just about covers my rent, phone and internet, leaving me about $60 left over each month.

              Don’t tell ME it can’t be done…I DID IT.

              • I just didn’t order take-out, eat lobster and go out to movies and such. I spent what little I had wisely. Being on food stamps is no excuse for not having food set aside. I’ll have no problem dealing with this little cut, without going on a rampage.

                If I can do it, THEY can do it.

                • Thats because you are special. Not many people out there anymore with your values.

                  • I guess you’re right, gone. I think if there are, they’re probably here on SHTF. I wasn’t raised to give up or give in, I was raised to be a fighter, and in this case, I have to fight dependency by staying on my feet. Passing up frivolities is how I do that.

                    They can take my check, they can take my food stamps, but they can’t take my spirit or my morals from me.

                    They can beat me down, but they can’t beat me…I ALWAYS GET BACK UP.

        • This world needs people to act like people instead of sheeple and we’ll be alright.

          Raise the Name of Jesus Christ…

        • I’ll leave the ones in need of food to replace the $5 billion cut from food stamps, up the the Christian Conservative and their Churches. that’s what the GOP is always saying, so let them do it.

          Meanwhile I will maintain our Opsec and add some needed resupply provisions and reloading supplies. All bought with my own, earned money, and for our families Survival plan.

          Still wish I could find some more Local folks with the correct mind sets, to help with security after the SHTF!
          Too many users and negative thinkers close around here.

        • This has prompted some to speculate that the Department of Homeland Security is gearing up for potential unrest with its recent hiring of security guards to protect government buildings in New York, as well as the purchase of half a million dollars worth of fully automatic pepper spray launchers and projectiles that are designed to be used during riot control situations.

          1)Hiring guards…spending money
          2)buying pepper spray…spending money

          Hmmm.. crazy me or not??
          Spend that on food bank supplies instead??

          • 2015. 🙁

          • JayJay, their plans go way beyond ‘unrest’. They’re going to war against we the people, you, me, etc. Let them bring it on! No, ma’am, you’re NOT crazy. And I agree the money would be better spent on the food banks. braveheart

            • Braveheart & JayJay:

              I wonder if their plan to get the middle class riled up enough to bring on martial law is not happening fast enough so they will let the people that depend on government assistence start their martial law plan.

              They certainly could get ol’ Jessie Jackson and Al (dumb) Sharpton to round up their “rainbow” children to start rioting on que. When the government has control of the distribution of food; they have a very powerful weapon.

              We all worry about different scenarios of how this nation is going to lose its freedom but I remember Kruschev saying we were going to rot and fall from within. He was part of the communist playbook and would have known what their long thought out plan for America really was.

              Our government is certainly rotten to the core so their plan might just be right on schedule.

        • So when do the riots start, the last week of the month?

        • EXACTLY !!!

          A couple of things–first, I am empathetic to those who truly need assistance feeding their children/family–it is humiliating and spirit killing when one must struggle to provide the basics.

          Second–the Arizona Association of food banks needs some math skills. A 5% cut in monthly allowance is not equal to 1/2 a week (or 1/2 of 1/4th of a month= 1/8th or .17 or 17%, NOT 5%.)

          Thirdly…these people should be able to easily adapt–it is slightly more than $1 per day ! Come on folks–buy a few store brands, beans and rice and learn to cook!!

        • It was HUNGER that caused the “Arab spring”, never mind what the pundits tell you : (

          Once a critical mass of the population is hungry enough we’ll all experience some form of civil unrest.

          It’ll be worst in areas of high population, especially those areas where there is a large % of young males, but nowhere that is hungry will be completely immune. The stories that emerged from rural Argentina were shocking.

          I do NOT expect the UK to be immune either. In our case the riots of 2010 gave the authorities the opportunity to test run the nation’s pinch points etc. The security put in place for the Olympics was never really removed and Londoners are now used to seeing an operational war ship on the Thames. Rumours of US FEMA camps have reached the most far flung areas of the globe, and we’ve all seen the stories of hungry Greek children abandoned at school on Friday afternoons.

          I used to think storing food would be enough to get through shtf, now I’m stocking seeds with increasing urgency, as the longer the can is kicked the worse it’s gonna be for us all.

          My only worry is that having just relocated from Londistan, my saved heirloom seeds may not be the optimum strains needed for my new locale. Getting used to a new micro climate and soil takes years & my gut tells me we have months at most.

          For those who do NOT have acres of land, quinoa and amaranth seem to be food stuffs that the sheople do not recognise. Guerilla gardening, sprouting and aquaphonics may also be necessary skills to acquire.

        • On another note, has anyone else noticed the price of pasta has gone up at the supermarkets in the last 60 days? A one pound box of spaghetti here used to cost .90 cents to 1.50. Now a one pound box of spaghetti costs 1.15 to 2.25. What happened?

        • The Food Stamp Money is going here: Everyone should take a look at domestic Military Bases Annual Budgets. They are wasting hundreds of millions of dollars at bases building needless infrastructure, miles ofneedless sidewalks, million dollar boat ramps, refurbishing building that don’t need it, maintaining on base golf courses, re-siding air base hangers that don’t need it, building hundred million dollar facilities in the Flood Zone, lying in the initial budgets for a certain purpose and in reality the infrastructure is for something else when it is finished being built. They are turning these military bases in to resort country clubs, and all for what? So the Military Industrial Complex Pig Contractors can maintain their pig diets of fat on the farm baccon juice from the big pig trough paid for by US TaxPayers. Corruption at the Maximum. Just google your local military base and check out their wasteful annual budgets. Military bases are just Pig troughs littered with FRAUD.

        • Npgh: I quit giving to food banks when I saw one man on TV getting stuff then lighting a cigarette, one couple was reported getting assistance, then later seen in a bar. I now only give to children’s group homes in the community.


        • He really hates those cans!

          • O/T, I was listnin to Henry Shively today, him and his co-hosts were talking about the Gadsden flag story and they all kept referring to it as the Gladston flag. At first I thought I misheard, but nope sure enough, I went back and listened again. WTH?

            • PUBLIC EDUCATION. It is what it is.

            • My Flag Means Whatever I say It Means…


              I know I’m extreme, I just don’t give a shit.

              BRING ON THE RED-OBAMA’S!

              I may be German but I’m not a FOREIGN BASTARD LIKE EL’KENYA!

          • Those cans aren’t defective, that person is defective !

        • I was wondering… could any of those cans have mushrooms crisp $10 bills?

          I miss old shroomy…

          • @Mushroom:

            First cache I ever buried deep has a can of crisp tens.

            Thank you kind Sir.


            • I hope it’s not paper.
              It ought’a be silver coins.

              • No all old timer here have at lease on can of crisp 10s attached in a hole somewhere it was a right of passage for a time.

                All hail the srhoom

          • What happened to him?

            • I was told by someone here a year or so ago that he passed away….he was a character…I miss him too…

              • I think he died of old age, didn’t he?

                • …as I recall it was “natural” causes guess old age would apply….then that can be a lot of things…on a side note its kinda like reading “natural flavorings” on a food label….I shovel a lot of “natural” stuff out the barn regularly…and hope that aint what they mean… 😉

                  • LOL.

        • Thanksgiving is around the corner, the end of the month, so yes there will be many angry and frustrated people who have literally run out of credit for food. I know that many of these people are users of the system but there are also many who count on the government for their very existence. How unfortunate that we as a country have come to this, the regime has set the weak, the vulnerable and the downtrodden up for failure.

          Fathers are not held accountable for the care of their children, nope, the taxpayers have to carry that burden while many women keep having children out of wedlock and think of Obama as the baby daddy.

          Sad, sad times are ahead and chaos will certainly ensue when that $36.00 isn’t there at the end of the month. Think about how much that amount truly is, you could buy 15 gallons of milk, enough for the month if you have kids, this is going to hurt and it is going to be bad.

          The liar in chief will no doubt sleep well after his rounds of golf, he has created this nightmare but it will never be his fault. The words unconscionable psychopath come to mind.

          • ….I agree with you…just wondering where 36 bucks will buy 15 gallons of milk?…just saw regular milk the other day in a store and it was north of 4 dollars a gallon…and raw(real milk off the farm if you can find it is 7 dollars a gallon…just askin

            • 2.48 @ wally world, less at sam’s and cosco 2.48 will get you 14.52 gallons

            • REB: For those outside of city limits sick of high milk prices, get some milk goats, they graze and are cheap to maintain. A lady said she gave the grand kids goats milk also uses it in cooking, baking foods. Easier to digest than cow’s milk.

        • I love that movie! Special purpose!!

      3. Looks like PA better hunker down in case of riots. Coming to a grocery store near you.

        • Unfortunately, communities all over America face this situation and what ever problems that may develop.

          I expect the numbers of burglaries will increase.

          • Speaking of “burglaries” with any luck the ILLEGALS who have used the St Mary’s Food Bank Alliance of 500 Food Banks strategically located across the Nation as a logistics tool for the Invasion of America, will get hungry and go home.

            Wishing on a star. 🙂

            • Burglaries… Too close to home

              This guy walked into St Michael Catholic church during the Saturday (9/2) service pointing a shotgun. Ordered the priest to come to him, gave him a bag, and told the parishioners to put their money in it.

              “He was yelling, ‘I don’t care, you die, you see my face. Don’t use your cellphones, and the gun is loaded,'”

              My good friend was there and quite shook up.

              This is a small town in the middle of the Bakken oil play. Absolutely No reason for this, there are jobs everywhere up here.

              Yes, he was caught.


              • And no one shot him. ??????

            • You know DK…that really is wishful thinking, but a great idea!

          • The numbers of burglaries and crime have been on the rise all year. In the past two weeks I have heard of three break ins in my area. I also have a friend who’s 75 year old cousin was beat and then robbed. He died on the way to the hospital. Two weeks ago someone tried to take $400.00 dollars out of my bank account using pay pal. Maybe it is just coincidence or maybe this is happening all over. I just know it will get much much worse as time goes on. By the way I don’t live in the city. I live in the country which is why this is so eye opening to me.

          • In our area, burglaries have already been on a sharp increase. I live in a town with a lot of government assistance dependents. I see it getting worse and worse.

      4. Rather than focus on a way to get people self sufficient let’s focus on the reduction of benefits.
        This is clearly TPTB showing these people who are dependant who they are beholden to. Quit quaking and start prepping!


      5. I can hardly control myself any longer.

        Our military is coming home with horrible injuries and they are left begging the American people for $$$ to help in their rehab. The federal government claims it doesn’t have the money to cover their expenses.

        Regardless of what any of us think about the poor on federal assistance the feds claim they do not have enough money to cover their food bill.



        • well POG I dont see any answer to that question other than let the Lord handle it. I expect things to get “real” soon enough, been studying the Ison comet and 15 days of meteorite/asteroid bombardment is going to be interesting.

          • Perhaps the elite believe no one will be left to worry about the lack of food by the end of the month. I do not know why comet Ison has me so concerned, it is just a feeling, but one that will not go away.

            • Mac
              This is for you
              I have an idea
              Is their anyway we could talk?

              • Dr E, feel free to shoot over an email via the contact form or mac@ ! Thanks!

            • Been feeling mighty skeptical about ISON as well. The next couple months are going to be interesting.

              Sua Sponte

              • You can hope, but “Lucifer’s Hammer” ain’t gonna happen. Dream on.

            • Ancient Echoes…even astronomers are confused by the way that Ison is behaving! I’m concerned about it too….

        • For as long as we allow private banksters to control our economy.

          • And multinational corporations to profit from those wars.

          • Sixpack! They also control our reality!! IT won’t stop until we check out of this Matrix,or we die!!


              • Wanna bet? Do you ever watch the video screen, go to a movie, use Faceplant or Twit-R?

                • NO. I don’t salivate watching burger king commercials either…I do, however, get a headache every time that little CGI gecko walks onto the screen, does that count?

                  • Funny thing about subliminal messages, they work best when you’re not aware of them. Once they are discovered by the conscious mind, they become more tangible, they become something you can scrutinize. Closer scrutiny always reveals a truth you may have missed, therefor taking the steam out of them by refocusing your conscious mind to the threat.

                    I don’t even have a working TV, for that reason. I have a FB account with everything shut off but bejeweled blitz. I don’t do twit-r at all.

                    Psychologically speaking, there are a very few people who don’t slip so easily into subliminal messages…I happen to be one of them. There are mental exercises you can do to strengthen this phenomenon…HIT THE OFF BUTTON..

                  • Well, you are better than most – credit where credit is due!

                    I have not owned a TV since 1977, and it’s a rare event when I’m at someone else’s house and the thing is on. Consequently I often feel like a man with clear eyesight in a land of the blind. Not a perfect metaphor, but as close as I can come. It’s quite striking at times.

        • Pissed off granny–amen to that!!
          I was gonna sit this one out, but you chimed in there with my thoughts.

          • …and that is just what all socialist, communist, elitist fucks think of all of us.

            They don’t give a flying fuck about anyone but themselves…remember that when they are screaming at the top of their lungs for GOVT HELP AND MORE GUBT!

            You will have a choice whether you want to survive or not.

            I know what choice I will be making.

        • Id like to see all that aid withdrawn and only given on rare occasions if at all to friends who truly need it…sick of the us govt using our wealth to buy and bully… 🙁

      6. Maybe they should re-do the SNAP benefits to only allow for food staples. Those could be stretched a lot further than all the junk they allow SNAP for now.

        • There is a problem with that, it actually makes sense.

        • You’re forgetting that a huge number of SNAP recipients are also homeless. You can’t really cook dried beans while you’re living with your three kids in a car. I think some of the problem with finding viable solutions, is that we really don’t realize exactly who SNAP recipients really are.

          All we ever see or hear about, are the outrageous abusers and the extremely lazy, never hearing anything about the entire families living in tents, under bridges or in their sedans. We tend to think they all have access to running water and kitchens.

          Many families already live in a SHTF scenario, and we’re too busy condemning the most politicized ones…

          • I’d say that very few people would deny benefits for those who are unable to work. I myself give money each month to charities which distribute to the truly needy.

            But (in my humble opinion) the vast, vast majority of SNAP, welfare, TANF and other “entitlements” are playing the system. We’ve all heard about the cases of the single mothers who keep having babies because each new baby means more money from Big Nanny Government.

            The Welfare State now supplies cradle-to-grave support.
            Here’s a complete list of the hundreds of programs –


            For every ONE full-time, permanent job in the US, there are 1.07 people receiving “entitlement” checks from Big Nanny Government.

            Thanks, Democrat Party. You’ve created an entire class of hundreds of millions of people who cannot exist without handouts. In the process, you’ve also ruined hundreds of millions of lives.

            • Well said, SS.

          • Fine. give them MRE’S. One of the 12, FOREVER! No one that’s not starving will take more than about a month of them. And NO welfare for anyone not on birth control

      7. Looks like we have a D-day:

        “The true impact of the cut will really be felt in the final week of November, when food stamp recipients will begin to run out of benefits.”

        ought to be real interesting to see if its covered as its going to be all about black friday that week. if it pushes off coverage of the holiday shopping season, the collapse may be here to stay.

        • For a family of four, it was losing only 30 cents per person per meal.

          With the $125.00 per week that would be left for a family of four AFTER the cut, what could we buy for a week’s worth of chow?

          Oatmeal 18 oz (13 servings) – $3.00
          2 dozen large eggs – $4.00
          3 loaves bread – $6.00
          2 gallons milk – $7.50
          Butterworth syrup – $4.00
          2 boxes cereal – $7.50
          Jelly – $3.00
          Butter 1 lb = $3.00
          2 bags bagels – $4.00
          Large bunch (5 lbs) bananas = $3.00
          5 lbs apples = $4.00
          Various fresh vegetables (celery, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, etc.) = $20.00
          4 lbs hamburger = $12.00
          4 lbs chicken = $10.00
          Bag rice = $3.00
          Large box noodles = $2.50
          2 jars spaghetti sauce = $6.00
          5 lbs flour = $3.00
          Mayonnaise = $4.00
          Tortillas = $2.00
          2 lbs cheese = $5.00
          Large chicken broth = $2.25
          small jar peanut butter = $3.75

          AND you have a couple bucks left over for pepper, salt, cinnamon, baking soda, 5 lbs sugar, a bag of chocolate chips, whatever.

          During school, the kids would get free lunch (people on SNAP generally qualify for free lunch…at our school district, every child in the school gets a free hot lunch no matter income so that “poor” kids don’t get singled out at lunchtime).

          Anyway, this is totally doable…so why the panic?…because people don’t cook anymore. If you qualify for SNAP cards, cooking class and nutrition class attendance should be part of the program.

          As a side, not-pertinent note, for those of you who love Thousand Island dressing, Thousand Island dressing basically consists of just mayonnaise, ketchup, dill or sweet pickle relish (your choice), and a pinch of salt/pepper — so make your own … WAAAAY cheaper.

          • I have very little spare time. I put in over 70 hours a week at work and starting a clinical practice. Leaves much that must be done at the house on my one day off. But….I have had this thought for a while and maybe, just maybe it could be a volunteer project for the highschool students (volunteering mandatory)

            form a “Teach a man to fish” education series for those who use the food pantry, or anyone else interested. teach couponing, home cooking using inexpensive meal extenders like beans, rice, lentils, barley, etc. Has anyone out there done this before? If you have any tips would be great. I hope to write up a proposal soon. May even get private grant money. that would be nice for this small town.

            • I honestly totally am in sympathy with time constraints, but we have to think outside the box.

              On your day off, bake X amount of your potatoes all at one time…then you can use them through the week as you need them as they are already cooked, which seriously cuts down on time needed to prepare dinner. They are then easy to cut up and fry for breakfast or dinner OR as use in potato salad (already cooked and cold) OR nuke for 1 minute for hot potatoes, etc., mash, whatever.

              This can be done with sweet potatoes too.

              On your day off, you can also throw a few meals into crock pots…chicken soup, spaghetti…fry up a bunch of hamburger patties at one time — X number of them. Make a meatloaf.

              You could easily make yourself a week’s worth of meals in 3-4 hours on your one day off…things you would just heat up later on…and it all could be cooking while you do other chores on your off day.


            • Something along those lines was tried a number of years ago and the end result rather then go to classes the people would rather not take food from the pantry, don’t want to put your thoughts down , as it really is a great idea but knowing what has happened in the past you may get a few but not really enough to make a difference. People are basically lazy that’s why they go to the pantry or get food stamps to begin with very, very few do so because they are trying as hard as they can and just fall short and need the little push to get to the end of the month food wise. Those kind of people will come to classes but not the majority.

              • what i keep telling everybody is we don’t let the stupid pay for their mistakes by dying anymore in america. it used to be that people who wouldn’t help themselves would perish, but not any more….we feed them just what they THINK they need….when in reality we are HURTING them because they don’t learn to take care of THEMSELVES. it’s kinda like my wife running around picking up the pieces when her daughters make mistakes. she NEVER lets them suffer consequences! how will they learn to take care of themselves? let’s think of the end of this month as the end of the PARTY!(with consequences)! oh well, i guess it will all work out in the next few WEEKS! until then, let’s PARTY like it’s 1932!!!

              • If you signed an approval that would allow them to have their SNAP cards loaded at the end of the class, they’d come…if no attendance, no money. Of course, you would have to hope the person holding the class was honest…which would be debatable in this day and age.

                • I like your ideas! At our food bank we get a lot of interesting and gourmet stuff- sometimes I wonder if everyone knows what to do with it all. The produce ladies like to see me because I’m always happy to see their veggies and to try the unusual stuff like fennel bulbs (cut in half, boil 10 minutes, cut in 1 inch chunks, put in buttered baking dish, dot with butter on top and dust with parmesan cheese. 400 degree oven for 20 min. Delicious!)I seriously considered making copies of recipes to post on the bulletin board in the hallway and have considered doing a food bank recipe blog for the local paper. People need to know more than most do about cooking from scratch.

                  • Sigi: Fennel bulbs — that is interesting!

                    A mi casa, we don’t boil any vegetables…asparagus, fresh green beans, swiss chard…you name it, it goes into a baking dish with some butter and gets baked in the oven…amazing flavors!! And so easy, just pop in and set timer (and for the cooking impaired, yes, you DO have to turn on the oven…LOL).

                    Just some tips for the folks you are talking about…maybe save them some money down the road:

                    We do not use any plastic containers. It saves money over time if you can slowly purchase glassware because you are not having to use disposable plastic wrap, etc. Too, you are not putting your food onto processed petrochemical surfaces, so food actually seems to last longer in the frig. Plastic is a funky substance…dries out over time.

                    Another odd thing about plastic, vegetables actually have “preferences” in regards to it:

                    1. Storing a raw CUT tomato (say, you used a slice or two on a sandwich) in a bowl WITH plastic wrap covering the bowl creates a gushy, whitish goo tomato in a day or two, BUT if you take a cut tomato and put the skin side down in a bowl, cut side up, and leave it open to air…the tomato forms a protective “skin” over the cut surface.

                    2. Same thing with cucumbers — if you cut a cuke in half and still have half left (with skin on), do NOT cover in plastic wrap (as it goos). It too will form a drier protective “skin” over the cut side. I also stuck raw cucumber slices in vinegar in a glass/lid-covered bowl, waited 2 months — those slices tasted great…they were still crisp because, basically, it pickles the slices.

                    3. Raw asparagus hates plastic — better stored in glassware.

                    4. Lettuce and leafy cousins LOVE Ziplocs … plastic doesn’t affect them and it retains the water, keeping your lettuce, etc. hydrated.

                    I experiment all the time….my results thus far include:

                    Fruits that do NOT tend to mold unless skins have been breached: Blueberries, cranberries, grapes, apples. (Ironically, these are the foods Science is calling the “best” for you.) Best storing cooking apple I have found to date: Ida Reds.

                    Worst molding fruits:

                    1. Peaches (never buy a peach unless peaches are in season around your area as they do something to them and they totally STINK in taste).

                    2. Strawberries – check the bottoms of containers, tops don’t tell you anything. If you see ANY mold in a container of strawberries, pass on it because that mold will flavor almost every berry in the container even if you can’t visibly see the mold on any more berries.


          • I do’t think you understand Chicago sir

          • ISC
            Even here in my small town with Mom & Pop groceries, I can do better than that on some items. This week there are eggs on sale $1.25/doz, grape jelly $1.99/32 oz jar, chicken $l.79/lb, bread $.99, butter $2.50. The sale on butter is not good right now. I’ve been buying it when it is $1.99. Butter freezes well

            You have to buy on sale, save some, and use some from this week, some from last month, and so on.

            I agree with the person above who said pasts is going up dramatically. I am so glad I bought a bunch when they were selling it for 88 cents per pound

      8. People won’t starve from lack of food from food banks, people will starve when a drought strikes for a few years or longer or when we can no longer eat food because of Fukushima destroying the ocean

        • Wanna bet? Yes, drought would (and has in the past) cause famine.
          But far, FAR more likely is an economic collapse.

          • You are correct, far more starvation is caused by political issues than weather.

      9. Well,help out with donations/time if you can.Charities need to be looked at carefully before giving monies but tougher times means more help needed.Yes,the fed pisses me off but not much I can do about that(@ the moment though the numbers grow),I can however after helping friends and family if necc.give a few bucks or perhaps a little time,that is the american way to help those truly in need.We are the only species that though fucks up regularly will send help around the world during disasters ect.

        • Unfortunately, we send MORE help overseas than we give for our own, right here…needless to say, if we weren’t over there bombing innocent civilians into “democracy”, we could afford to give more here at home.

            • Holy effin’ schnikeeees!!!!!! Everyone needs to click on SiverSax’s link an look at what our “Representative Government” spends our money on. I never use the word “outrageous,” but it totally fits here!!!!!

      10. Not only PA, but the entire country had better batten down the hatches. We still have grid Ex 13th and 14th to contend with. If the grid goes down, EBT and everything else stops working. The schumer will hit the air circulation machine. get everything you can now while there’s still time.

        • @Braveheart

          Speaking of Nov. 13-14 what is really going to go down with that, I called my power company and they told me the power will not go out it is only a simulation and nothing is really going to happen. I got the feeling something is really going to happen but what???

      11. Okay people are losing an average of $36.00 per check and you would think the world was going to end. If folks learned to cook those checks can easily help cover the basics – it’s assistance not a total check for the grocery bill ! INSANITY If these people could go to any of a handful of countries from Jamaica to Mexico India to Hati they would see true poverty. They would get on their knees and give thanks to God they are in this country!

        • It never ceases to amaze me that 3/4 of the people who “don’t know where their next meal is coming from” are obese.

          • Truly obese or labeled that because of BMI calculations? Also, keep in mind that not everyone experiencing ‘food insecurity’ has been experiencing it for long and not all will stay insecure. A relative who was living with a lot of food insecurity came back into our lives much thinner than we’d ever seen. A while of living at ease packed the pounds back on. Then he became a farm worker and muscled up. BMI is probably the same as when he was obese in the ‘good old days.’ Our government likes to forget that not everyone who is poor now would be poor in a year if the free market were allowed to be truly free. Most are in need as a transitory phase in their lives.

            • Well, the smart-ass answer is “go look at food bank lines in Detroit”.

              And I won’t believe that welfare is “transitory”. Once a person gets on it, few ever drop out, SNAP included. This is by design. A good friend of mine who had visions of saving the world when he was young once told me that he was nearly fired from his drug-rehab caseworker job for certifying a client as “rehabilitated”. His boss explained that releasing a “client” meant a reduction in subsidy for the program. NEVER let a “client” leave the program, was the rule. I got the same feeling from a brother-in-law who ran a child services office in Cambridge MA in the ’80s. So I’m very skeptical of claims that welfare in any form is ever “transitory”. Keep in mind that most welfare organizations (churches excepted) keep above 70% of the money they get. Like drug dealers, they “hook” the clients, and never let them go because it guarantees cash flow.

            • @ The Old Coach ~ I am a Clinical Dietition. Just because a person is obese, does not mean they are well fed. Many people who are obese are nutritionally deficient.

          • Just go into any walmart and the huge numbers of EBTers
            there have arses wider than the shopping carts they are filling with food paid for with money stolen from every working perosn in the nation. I saw two chocolate females there with two baskets of meats that I cant afford working 7 days a week, and out came the EBT…
            total $434.00. Both of those sows had but cheeks wider than the carts they were pushing. Its also amazing to see people so fat they have to use electric carts to go shopping,if they are that obese they dont need EBT to help them keep their weight up. Naturally I hate walmart for how they treat and pay their help, but I hate to go there and see all of the halt, lame, and mobidly obese.

          • Ain’t it the truth. The baby farm (aka nine people living in one house AND a pregnant 16 yr old (again!)with mamasita’s blessing ) down the street contains a horde of SNAP recipients. ALL of them are so fat, They needed to buy and extra van because they couldn’t all cram in the one they had. The walk to the central mailbox at the end of the block requires a large drank and a towel to wipe the sweat off. It’s disgusting. I have never seen anyone move as slowwww as these people. drives me nuts knowing my tax dollars pay for all those rolls (of fat).

      12. you got it right granny. never made any sense , but it never gets mentioned. Cut funding for americans, just to send the money to foreign govts or corrupt insurgents. Wonder how much foreign aid is promised for the coming year?

        • About $50 billion. That’s less than the $85 billion that goes to the banks.

          • Guero – That is $85 billion per month, not year!!! Much worse….

      13. Be over the estimated delivery time by 2 minutes with a pizza. People were often fucking shitbags about it. Hey asshole . NO TIP > NO RUSH.

        Try the corn syrup zombies will be all raging if they do not get their fix. Should be grand entertainment.

      14. Richest country in the world and people going hungry. Judgement soon.

      15. We’re not really the richest nation anymore. We’re the largest debtor nation. Our books are worse than Greece and Cyprus.

      16. We need to stop giving money to those who hate us and don’t support us in the UN. Not that I like the UN.

        I’m just wondering. If we have social unrest across the country. Which leads to martial law and gun confiscation in the cities. Do I sit back and do nothing? Or go on the offensive before they finish up there and move on to Suburbia and rural America.

        I’d rather try to survive untrained mobs than the military.

        With the NDAA, we’re basically living under a Dictator as it is. This government is illegal and not representing us. They just haven’t gone all out on us.

        • When O declares martial law, you just as well go on the offensive, it will get to all of us sooner or later, may as well run straight up the middle, so to speak

        • YET.

      17. Dear fellow humans we have to work together. Look at everything that is happening, if we have to take over feeding the poor because the government has fled to their bunkers or barges or whatever, than perhaps we can stave off any judgment they are bring on our nation by feeding one hungry person, wiping the tears from one face, sending love into our world instead of fear and hate. That doesn’t sound too hard does it?

        • And an amazing side benefit is that if we do take this burden over ourselves it will cost 1/5th of what it does now.

          The “welfare constituency” isn’t the poor folks, its all the workers and “managers”.

        • Neither does a bullet in the back of the head. Sorry, but having lived in the Ghetto for near 3 years as far as I’m concerned, it’s a fraud. The sooner stopped the better. I saw more money wasted on booze, drugs, TV dinners and crap than anywhere else, and that was 40 years ago, it’s Much worse now. I was working and living on TOP RAMEN and cabbage. They were having the kids buy 1C gum with $! food stamps and buying beer with the money. Bring on the riots, I’m ready. Shoot the wounded. MR Nice Guy is fed up.

      18. I think the food banks should institute a policy of checking to see what type of auto and cell phone the recipient has – if the car is more than a beater, and the cell phone is an iPhone, then deny assistance. No one who is truly needy should be driving an expensive car or have a $100/mo cell phone plan.

        • Amen.

          When I was in nursing school, everyone brought in food to donate to a family. We had so MUCH food, plus money to buy turkeys, that we adopted 2 families. The first family really pissed me off. Teens running around in Nike’s playing ninetendo 64 on a large TV, No hello, please, thank you, just a “put it in heur” Living in a section 8 apartment.

          The second family, a late 30’s mother with ?3 stair step kids in a row house that makes 9th ward homes look like mansions. 4 rooms–LR, BR, Kitchen, Bedroom. The husband was at work. Grateful mother, grateful children, we sat and talked with them a while. I wished we had given everything to the second family.

          Too bad people don’t have to raise money by selling their unnecessary worldly possessions to assist with their Aid money. I would tag sale, craigs list, and hock whatever I could to say i had tried everything before going on the dole.

          Hell, My dear hubby is miffed that I want to sell my depression glass collection to buy more preps. It will stay where it is as some of it was gifts from him, or many antiquing trips together.

          • Definitely keep the Depression glass. It can serve as a reminder of the grace and beauty of a more civilized age. It was probably made in the USA as well…you can’t find that much anymore.

          • Keep your glass collection, it’s yours and you enjoy it.

            • I’d start with the second car, the gaming consoles and the big screen, the kids’ iphones and the Betty Boop collection.

              I didn’t have anything left to sell by the time I got my disability…I had my cat and one trunk full of personal stuff left. I did everything I could. Getting rid of my little companion was never an option.

              If I had to do it over again, I’d do the same.

      19. Soylent Green, Rollover, and Mad Max rolled into one cataclysm. Obama out does himself at every turn. I’d hate to see what he does for an encore.

      20. I will only feel bad about the cut to EBT when these bums
        that shouldn’t be getting any help are kicked off wagon. I live in southcentral PA and things are not near as bad as other places in this country. People are out to get all they can from the taxpayers. They act like they deserve. The children are getting breakfast and lunch at school so if momma gives up alcohol and cigarettes, they can have supper.

        • And face metals, and tattoo’s, and cable TV, and a text plan, and a whole lot of other things that seem to take priority over buying food for their family.

          I’m all for helping those that really need help. The problem is the half or more that simply freeload and continue to make stupid choices with what they do with their money.

          As long as the govt is in charge, that will never change. Return charity to the local sources ( like churches ) that know who and isn’t trying to milk the system.

          • Churches have no way of knowing who has what and who doesn’t. They have to take it on faith what people tell them, when they come in for help. People will lie. Unless your a church in a VERY small town, they have no way of knowing what the financial situation of the people coming in really is.

            • Sixpack:

              You ever been to one of those Bishop’s storehouses the Mormons run? They have it figured out. They have a ‘public’ side ( I’ve purchased canned stuff thru it ) and a church side with far more extensive inventory of fresh and refrigerated stuff available only to church members with a reference from their individual congregation leader…..said reference based on true need. The member can purchase low cost foods, or work in the storehouse to pay for their food.

              And yeah, other churches know too, who is “making the rounds” month after month, milking the system. My neighbor is in charge of a local large church office, and she knows the people coming in..if there is true need, or simply too lazy to provide.

              ANYTHING would be better than a system run out of DC that whose goal is to add more and more “clients” to their rolls. The only way a civil servant advances is to increase their client base.

              • I AM Mormon, so yes, I’m familiar with the Bishop’s storehouse. I do agree that anything would be better than the govt making all the decisions.

              • I know a family, pill abusers, both of them, who joined the Mormon church solely to take advantage of the goodwill of the members, and the Bishop’s aid.

                Their EBT benefits are sold for drug money.

                • I know one of those types too. Sooner or later, the church will catch on and the benefits will change…drastically. They probably already know something is wrong, but Mormons seem to try harder to help than others do.

                  But even bible thumpers aren’t completely stupid.

            • Well, as I post way down the page, the church I was in knew who needed help and who didn’t. Those who didn’t got a little counseling maybe, and maybe we found work for one or two. That’s why the decisions have to be made on the local level. Local control is efficient, not wasteful, and costs far, far less to manage.

            • Well, you might be wrong. In St. Louis they formed a coalition in the 1980’s to protect against abuse. Some small towns like the one where my dad was a pastor the clergy share with each other the names of those who are just making the rounds and trying to game the system.

      21. Whoa ..wait a minute..people are starving and potentially rioting over a $36.00 haircut in a 30 day time-frame?

        That amounts to just barely over a dollar a day less in one who receives food stamps is gonna starve with a dollar less a day..

        Please..give me a fucking break!


        • Posse,

          If Americans go berzerk, it won’t be over $36. There are far more urgent issues pending to get fired up about.

        • I agree, however, try telling a bum who comes up to you and say I HAVE NOTHING FOR YOU, I OWE YOU NOTHING and see how pissed off they get…

          • Or just not answering them. In Boston there are some bums who will get violent if you don’t give or ignore them.

          • I like telling ghetto moochers, “Your not my friend, your not one of my family, Im not f–king you, why should I give you anything?”

      22. >>”“We’re telling everyone to make sure that you are prepared for longer lines,” Purvis told NBC News.”<<

        I have an idea for the goverment. How about opening workshops to teach people how to grow and can their own food and instruct them how to start and maintain long-term food storage. This way the "long lines" will become less relevant. Unless that conflicts with the plan.

        • YH…maybe you could give them a home too, with a patch of dirt to practice it on—or maybe you’d like for them to drive around with dirt boxes with tomatoes in their trunks or on the roof of their cars? Ain’t much sunlight or arable land under a concrete overpass, next to your tent or lean-to.

          Point is, what you suggest is a good idea, IF everyone had the ability to implement it. Everybody is not stupid, but the economy that is working against it’s own people, is.

          • I was surprised to find that almost all the weeds in my yard art edible. Dandelion, clover, mallow, onions…

            • I already scoped my yard out, as well as the surrounding patches of dirt.

            • …plantain (aka snakehead), chicory…. Out in the local wild areas we’ve got berries, cat tail reeds, wild grape, mountain ash, wapato, camus, daylily bulbs and seaweeds/ sea vegetables.

          • One of my fellow engineers 3-4 years ago was doing exactly that. Had a small garden growing in plastic trays under her hatchback. Leafy greens, not tomatoes.

            Thing is, there’s not many folks living on welfare that would take up that challenge. If they were willing to, they would already be off welfare.

            • Sher probably didn’t have to sleep in there though?

              • Well, no, but I don’t doubt that she could have. I’ll concede that 3-4 square feet of garden isn’t near enough to feed even one person, though. I’ve got 400 square feet, and I have yet to feed myself for a year on it.

                I’m thinking, however, of an interesting feature of German railways. Along the tracks you will see what are called “Gartenkolonie”. These are little clusters of gardens, not bigger than a tennis court at most. Many having a small shed, sometimes with windows and a tiny stove. Not unlike a Minnesota ice-fishing shanty. This is a social phenomenon there – the people are usually not poor, but there being so little space around German dwellings, the “waste land” next to the tracks is pressed into service for kitchen-gardens for them as has the desire to maintain them. The gardeners will congregate there, swap news and gossip, and incidentally work their plots.

                This DOES exist here, in a way. It often gets tried in urban vacant lots, lasts a season or two, and dies. Lack of motivation, and the criminal tendencies of the surrounding population, always kills it off. Except in rare instances where the garden is in an upscale neighborhood, and is a hobby rather than a subsistence effort. I think that’s also the cased in Germany. You do not see anyone actually living in those shacks.

          • sixpack,

            In cities across the country, empty factories are being converted into indoor farms and it seems to be providing a source of locally grown year-round food. If the government were serious about feeding the poor it would convert some the thousands of unused federal buildings into indoor farms where the poor could learn to grow their own food year round.

            If I can go down to Lowe’s and for less than $50 buy everything I need to start growing food including a cheap florescent lamp, there is no reason why the government cannot explore this option.

            I’m not saying the poor have to grow all their food, but something must be done to teach self reliance. If I know someone is trying to feed them self and they are still in dire straights, I’ll gladly help.

            When things in the economy become critically bad, I think by perpetuating the entitlement state and victim mentality, the government will condemn thousands or millions of people to starvation if they are not given the tools to learn to be self reliant.

            No solution is perfect. At this point there are no more good solutions left, but we must start somewhere friend.

            • I know you’re right Anon, I think growing food should’ve been introduced at the elementary school level. We know that isn’t part of the current plan of course. I’m old enough that things like that were still encouraged in my small town school.

              I lived in a couple of small towns, Harvey IA

              and Bloomfield IA.

              Gardens were in every yard back then. My Dad was a farmhand back then. Life was good.

              But “society” has steadily removed those skills from the children’s grasp, causing them to grow into adults who never learned to grow anything. I think if you want to change the world, start by teaching the children…they didn’t vote for this mess—we did.

              • Not just “grow” anything, but “do” anything! How many 20-somethings nowadays can replace the brakes on their car, bleed the fuel line on their furnace if they run out of oil, replace a rotted out or broken window on their house, or field dress & butcher a big-game animal? I’m not that old (47), but it seems like the skills that my parent’s generation absolutely had to have to survive are vanishing. Not so much in rural areas, but they are gone in cities and declining rapidly in the suburbs.

                • absolutely.

                • agree MX. 47 also and can do all that and more….

          • sixpack,

            I won’t mince words, I’ll be blunt. The time for walking on egg shells is long past. If this government continues to perpetuate this entitlement state and victim mentality among so many American, it will condemn thousands or millions of people to a horrible starvation death when this economy crumbles.

            Something must be done to give the poor the essential skills now to prevent what I foresee as mass starvation in the future. For less than $50 I can go down to any hardware store and buy supplies to start growing food indoors including a cheap florescent lighting system and seeds.

            In many cities across the nation empty factories are being converted into multi-story indoor farms and are producing locally grown food year round. With the preponderance of unused federal buildings across the nation, I can’t think of a better place to build indoor farms. Put those idle buildings to good use to teach essential farming skills to anyone interested in learning.

            I’m not saying the poor have to grow all their food, but the expectation of long-term welfare is clearly not working. Something must be done to teach the poor self-reliance and how to feed themselves, or I’m afraid we are going to lose a lot of people to starvation as economic conditions worsen.

            • Well stated, but you’d need to reign in govt regulations first—they’ve pretty much made growing your own food both unprofitable and sometimes illegal.

              I know many people who would love to grow some things on their property, but can’t, because the garden gestapo will come and ruin their day—and their crops.

              You’re aiming too small. I think you should aim for the abusive regulations that keep people from enjoying their own property as they see fit, not for the over-regulated victims who must abide by them or pay dearly. I know, I used to live in one of those kinds of neighborhoods.

              Makes it a little bit harder when you can’t get away with blaming the helpless, doesn’t it? How about heaping some blame on the HOA, that won’t let people have outside clothes lines or tomatoes in the yard because it makes THEIR property “look bad”.

              When you’re looking to blame someone for not growing their own food, work your way UP the ladder, not down.

              • sixpack,

                Sorry about the double reply. Not to preach, but being self-reliant is part of our DNA as Americans. It is the core quality that put Americans on the proverbial map in my humble opinion. It is one of the qualities people in foreign nations admire the most about American, or used to.

                It sounds to me like some civil disobedience is long over due if we are being conditioned to depend on a system of entitlements. Anyone who comes unto to your property to destroy your vegetable garden that is used for sustenance should be treated savagely. That homeowner has my full blessing to repel the invaders using any force necessary.

                I cannot explain why Americans are allowing this to occur, but it cannot be attributed solely to social conditioning or human nature.

                Something diabolical is at work here that has dissolved and undermined America’s will to be self reliant.

                • I think a big part of it is FEAR. People are afraid to speak up, afraid to make a stand. TPTB make sure we see what happens to others who stand up against the machine—every night on the news, in living color/HD.

                  It doesn’t take much to spook sheeple in to silence. For Pete’s sake, our damn cops wear black masks now. The goal is intimidation and for the most part, it is working.

                  I don’t personally care if they wear face masks—it just makes it easier to aim between the eyes…

            • YH.. Most DO NOT want to work/grow food when they get it for free.

        • I live in a rural area. Locally, there is a “Garden Seed” program that provides garden seeds to the needy. They run announcements on the radio and in the paper every spring when the seeds are in.

          • That’s a great idea KY Mom! I like it. Thanks.

      23. Brief note about foreign aid. I was shocked one day when I was coming back from the rifle range and on my car radio the person from the state dept. responsable for the foreign aid program stated that nearly 90% of all foreign aid dollars are spent in the US! It appears that US corporations that can’t sell their larger items call on Uncle Sugar to buy them and give them to “needy” foreign governments that might not even need the items. Case, Caterpillar, Deere, GM, etc. Egypt was given huge numbers of Abrams tanks that they put in storage. It seems foreign aid is frequently just subsidizing corporate America. Not too surprised.

      24. Some deserve sympathy and a donation, and some don’t. I just remember being in my early twenties, divorced with one child and a deadbeat dad, and nobody, as in NOBODY, helped me. No benefits, no food banks, certainly no government help, and my son and I made it. I had three jobs (of course you could get them back then) and a garden in the back yard of my rented house. Also, people didn’t riot and steal as they do now, but I had several hundreds of dollars worth of produce by the end of the year. I was also raised on beans and rice and baked my own bread. Can’t see the usual SNAP recipient doing that since it’s too much trouble and way too much work. It wasn’t a pleasant life as I came out of it with both ulcers and anemia, but we made it. Know this sounds bitter, and I guess it is, but there was nothing or no one back then except you, yourself to make life work. It probably needs to go back that way for awhile until the lazy populace mans up and accepts responsibility.

        • Instead of opening more welfare offices, we should be opening more factories. Anyone who could stand in line for a welfare check could stand in line for a job.

          Instead of opening our borders to immigrants, we should be swinging that door the other way, OUT of our country.

          Instead of trying to disarm Americans, while arming foreign insurgents, we should be arming every American we can, teaching them how to use their weapons to defend themselves.

          Instead of creating the greatest surveillance grid in history to spy on it’s own citizens, we should be spending all of that money on locking down the security of the nation and it’s citizens, so no foreign interest and penetrate our defenses.

          Instead of demonizing Christians who prepare for the hard times, we should be penalizing those who don’t prepare and fully observing the right to religious freedom on American soil.

          EVER WONDER IF THE GOVT WAS STANDING ON IT’S HEAD WHEN MAKING LAWS? How else could they get everything exactly backwards?

 design, of course.

          • You nailed it…good post! 🙂

          • sixpack,

            >>”Instead of demonizing Christians who prepare for the hard times, we should be penalizing those who don’t prepare and fully observing the right to religious freedom on American soil.”<<

            Perfectly stated! Excellent.

          • Sixpack – Best post I have seen here in a long time, bravo!!!

        • I can understand…been there…Id say Im better for it…wouldn’t change it cause it made me man up and take control of the situation cause there was no help coming…fact is Im still living this way as far as growing my own goes…its a tough way to live but its an honest way too and no one can take that from you…good luck! 🙂

      25. The EBT users will have to make less expensive meals. It is not really that big of a cut to benefits. The potential problem is the tens of thousands who will have benefits cut entirely and their case closed.

        • We COULD just go back to handing out commodities, rice,beans,butter,etc.

          But J.P.Morgan wouldn’t make any money that way. . . . .

          • You got it!

      26. I give up. Why tell anyone anything anymore. Tired of demons spitting in my face!

        • Please don’t give up, Iowa,
          There are lots of people out here that read and never comment but appreciate your thoughts.. . and agree with them. We are in very troubled times and yes, the encouragement you and others give plus the insight, are welcomed. God bless you and all that are of good faith here at Remember we fight against powers and principalities,not humans.

          • One reason for reading here is for mutual support in our efforts. It’s good to know there are people around with clear and active intellects.

      27. The Food Bank cannot be met at my place either.

        If people would start their own food bank at home, then this meltdown will go alot easy for everybody and folks will be able to work together. But since they won’t, then….

        when SHTF my food bank is closed.

        • Ugly, my ‘food bank’ serves me and NOBODY ELSE, PERIOD!

          • If you like spicy spaghetti sauce or relish you can come to my place, Wife kind of went over the edge canning it and green pepper relish last year. You have no idea how much relish you can get from 2 burlap sacks of peppers.

      28. OK,another good one from another site:The Texas Priest

        A new priest, born and raised in Texas , comes to serve in a city parish and is nervous about hearing confessions, so he asks the older priest to sit in on his sessions.

        The new priest hears a couple of confessions, then the old priest asks him to step out of the confessional for a few suggestions.

        The old priest suggests, “Cross your arms over your chest, and rub your chin with one hand and try saying things like ‘yes, I see,’ and ‘yes, go on,’ and ‘I understand.’

        The new priest crosses his arms, rubs his chin with one hand and repeats all the suggested remarks to the old priest.

        The old priest says, “Now, don’t you think that’s a little better than slapping your knee and saying, “No shit, what happened next?”

        • LOL!

      29. Today I had to go to my State Capital and the route took me by one of my U.S. Senator’s Office. Had time, so I paid a visit. The gentleman said how my I help you. I have a question, what gives Sen. D the power he has. Answer; the people that elect him and the Constitution. I said ok then that same Constitution gives me the RIGHT OF PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY, FREE SPEECH, THE RIGHT TO JUSTICE, THE RIGHT OT BEAR ARMS, does it not? Answer; I so pose so, then why dose Sen. D vote against my Constitutional Rights! Sir; I see where this is going and I’m asking you to please leave. I said OK and this is a wonderful Democracy we live in, and he said “It sure is”, I replied WORNG IT’S A REBUBLIC and that is what’s wrong (these people are not smart enough to have a head ache). The fight that is coming will be very bitter, but the REBUBLIC will win in the END.
        It is so sad that we have come to this point in our country. My bride of 44 yrs. dose her little protest on the snail mail, Forever Stamps have a Flag on them and she stick them upside down and she will be standing by my side with her AR. LONG LIVE FREEDOM!!

        • You have a pipe dream, old man. Tyranny always wins in the end. The sheep like being slaves.

          • Eisen, while some tyrannies do win on occasion, not one of them lasts forever. not one of them in the entire history of the world had any chance of lasting forever. Even the Roman Empire couldn’t have lasted forever. Too many things work against tyrannies. Freedom is never a pipe dream. We have a chanced to take this country back and I believe it can be done. This evil system we have now has got to go. It’s going to fall under its own weight. this country will be free again. I’m going to do my part to try to bring it about.

            • You are quite right, BH, but the sad thing about it is that tyrannies always have to collapse down to dirt level before freedom can get traction. Lotta people suffer a lot, lotta people have die unnecessary deaths.

              I have become so sick of reading history. It’s depressing to realize that the forces of human social evolution are more than we can overcome as individuals. All we can do is try to avoid getting trampled. Guess that’s what kicked me into high gear on my prepping.

              • Old Coach, it’s true that tyrannies are never easy to fight, let alone destroy. i’m sorry to say there is a price tag; blood from all parties involved, but it’s not impossible. This system has to be totally destroyed and we start over from scratch to build the kind of country God intended for us to have. that’s the only hope I see for us.

                • That’s pretty much what I meant. A tyranny has to be crushed to powder before freedom can arise from the dust. I observe that the collapses and the resurgences of freedom take decades or centuries. And even then, how often does it happen? France overthrew the Bourbon tyranny, and what did it get? The Terror, and then Napoleon. I expect that the best we will achieve in our time will be a holding action, unless we are crushed like Germany and Japan in WW2. And for them to arise as reasonably free societies took a United States to lead the way. Who would do that for us if we succumb?

            • The USSR came to an end, the Nazis came to an end, the Khmer Rouge, Idi Amin and Woodrow Wilson, etc. Even the Antichrist will have a limited time. No tyranny lasts forever.

              • We are still living in the tyranny that started under Wilson…

                • We are still living in the tyranny that started (becoming openly visible) under Wilson…

        • Amen my friend we will win…regardless of what the wussies say… 🙂

      30. I’m checking out of this site for a long while.
        Why… because it’s all so true.

        I’ll be working on my business to get it off the ground.

        The dollar will soon be collapsing and I need to get my web venture up and running to pull funds from other countries.

        It’s been a nice site and Mac, you did a real nice job.

        It’s all headed south.

        Good luck everyone.

        I’m off to .com land.

      31. I said ok then that same Constitution gives me the RIGHT OF PEACEFUL ASSEMBLY, FREE SPEECH, THE RIGHT TO JUSTICE, THE RIGHT OT BEAR ARMS, does it not?

        No….it doesn’t. And it is a issue more people need to come to understand.

        The Constitution merely puts into words SOME ( and certainly not ALL ) of the inalienable rights you got from God as a package at birth. All humans got them. You have the INALIENABLE right to worship how you please, speak your mind, be left alone if you wish, and defend your life against those who would take it or do you harm, among a long list.

        You have those rights whether or not the Constitution exists or not. The Declaration of Independence was all about those rights…..and predated the Constitution.

        Govts do not ‘grant’ rights. God does. Govts are man made organizations for the formed for mutual defense and to settle disputes between folks (civil courts). Beyond that, they serve little good purpose and plenty of bad.

        • Exactly right, I saw on another site a while back, American Thinker I believe, that we should not call them Constitutional Rights, but Pre-Constitutional Rights. Rights endowed us by our creator, not an artificial entity like a government.

        • What’s the problem exactly? So what if there is an eye in the sky? There is already an eye or microphone on every device capable of social networking in your home. They have already invaded your personal privacy behind closed curtains and doors. Is it so surprising that out in the open, you still won’t be alone?

          But guess what? Nothing bad is happening. Everyone is so terrified about their privacy being infringed upon, but it doesn’t really matter does it? As long as you aren’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear. And by wrong, we are talking serious shit, not drug use or minor crimes that nobody cares about.

          • …youre joking, right?

          • “And by wrong, we are talking serious shit, not drug use or minor crimes that nobody cares about.”

            AAJ, that’s just it. You are delusional if you think they will be using drones to hunt for murderers, rapists and thugs. They’ll be looking for pot smokers, gun owners and people with Gadsen flags on their wall. People who have too many 55 gal drums in their garage, or who loaded too many boxes of MREs into the house yesterday.

            THEY DECIDE WHAT IS “WRONG”, not us.

            • Where is your evidence that they won’t be looking for murderers, terrorists and thugs?

              • How about FAST AND FURIOUS! How about the fact that they can smell pot coming from a basement, but can’t find a group of 40 gang-bangers looting the local mall.

                Take your pick, there are tons of “evidence” out there to support the fact that they couldn’t find a thug if they put him in the white house…oh wait, THEY DID PUT ONE IN THE WHITE HOUSE!

                • How about the Boston Marathon. The government ignored all the warning signs on that fiasco and horrific event.

          • Really ? An Angry Jew ? Hmmmmmm. You are obviously just an asshole who IS NOT JEWISH spewing bullshit trying to encourage further hatred against Jews. Pathetic ! You are a loser and I fart in your general direction !

            • Nice Monty Python reference!

            • Why are you so hostile? I have no ill will against you. I have not insulted you. I am expressing my opinion, that is all. Feel free to disagree, you have that right, but I only ask that you do it in a polite, professional manner.

              I am proud of my heritage and I am not afraid to display it. I am angry and that is perfectly fine, I have the right to be, I am justified to be angry at many things. I am angry at America’s government. I am angry at palestinians. I am angry at the idea that countries are so corrupt that they stage false flags to start wars. I could give a long list about things I am angry at but ultimately, my goal is to bring awareness towards these things so that they can be fixed.

              You must first recognize a problem to begin to fix it.

        • BI, I just read the drone article and yes, it is a bunch of smoking horsesh%^ with a CAPITAL H.

          • Drones are like fire. They can in fact do a lot of good, but let them be put to work by evil men, and they can do an amazing amount of evil.

            I think the biggest single problem isn’t the drones themselves, it’s the fact that the data they collect gets pasted into worldwide databases. That gives any evil-doer in the world the data to do damage to you, not just the drone operator. And that’s already the case with, for example, aerial mapping, which is still done with manned aircraft.

      32. I wish this crash would happen already so that we can start to rebuild from the bottom up. Things would only get better and we wouldn’t have to continually worry about and anticipate the collapse.

        I’m not sure how much more I can take. I would like to move back to Israel, but those palestinian pigs won’t stop invading our lands, killing our people and causing general chaos. That land is ours, given to us by God, let us live in peace.

        • @AAJ: I have to ask the obvious question: Are you real? Or is this just a troll remark meant to inflame the masses?

          • Did I not make a valid point? If the system would crash, we can start to actually progress. It would be the best thing to ever happen to this world. We would be able to start fresh.

      33. I know a few folks who are working hard to make ends meet and are getting some food stamps on the side…they pay taxes and arnt just sucking off the nipple…the ones who tick me off are the others who get the full FS benefits and whine about this 36 dollar cut…what they don’t tell you is they not only get all their junk food paid for by the working man they get their housing paid for,they get their car and gas paid for,they get their healthcare paid for and so on…theirs no having to decide betwixt the light bill and food cause they get that and their heat paid for too, then they go down to anywhere thats giving out freebies and get that too…sorry but its hard to feel any sympathy for these takers…so I don’t.

        • These are the people who can’t do anything else. It isn’t their fault. People like you should be lined up and shot for being so insensitive.

          • if you want warm fuzzies…you’re on the wrong site. try Mother Jones of HuffPo. cumbaya to you.

            • ba-da-BUM !

          • ….oh my, did I hurt your widdle feelbads you commie bassturd…ya shoot me for not being sensitive to your twaddle…. I don’t begrudge the one in a hundred who cant help themselves its the other 99 that need weaned…besides where in hell is it written(besides you and barrys little red book) that I or anyone else here has got to bail out those who “cant”…cant died in the valley of tried…most haven’t the gumption to try…nice try though…oh,and your name fits your attitude…

          • I’m assuming you accidentaly left the /sarc off.

        • You must mean the people like a woman I knew, who would go downtown and get the free hygiene kits they give out to the homeless. She wasn’t homeless or in any way in real need, it was just a freebie to add to her collection. She had 6 sleeping bags that were meant for homeless people who were freezing on the streets.

          She left her full refrigerator and took meals at the local church every Wednesday, again, something free that she took from the homeless and truly hungry.

          She even drove her cadillac seville to go dumpster diving and picking up cans.

          She stole toilet paper from restaurants, as well as extra sugar packets…even occasionally she’d steal salt an pepper shakers off the tables, as well as the extra napkins.

          I agree, THOSE KINDS OF PEOPLE ARE DEPLORABLE, but holding the people in REAL NEED responsible, isn’t right.

          • My neighbor, who has 2 pensions (one from the military and one from the union) goes down to the local church every Friday and gets bags of free food. When I asked him why (he definetely doesn’t need it) he said because it’s free. He feels you might as well gets what ya can while ya can. Everyone else is doing it so why not?

            He’s keeps trying to get me to go down there with him so that I too can get free food. I’ve thought a lot about it and in a purely simpleton mind-set…it just isn’t right. For me, it is a matter of morals or ethics…

            The food is supposed to be for those that really really need it. Not just because you can. Makes me feel like I’m a simpleton. Some stuff just gets down to the basics of right or wrong…regardless of how some may manage to justify it in their minds.

            • Kindle,

              There is a word for your kind of thinking.. Integrity..Some people are raised with it. Some people come by it on their own. Either way much respect from this old Texan.



              • Thanks DPS. Some days I feel like something must be wrong with me. Having morals, ethics, integrity in this day and age seems almost out of step with the norm.

                • Kindle,

                  There is not one thing wrong with you standing by your morals,ethics and integrity. That is what defines us as men or woman. Myself I believe its up to us to pass this down to our kids and grand kids for if we don’t it will be lost. I have lost alot of friends over standing my ground but then again were they really my friends? Tonight when I lay my head down to sleep I know that I did no one wrong and I did my best to keep my word and keep my faith strong. Just remember buddy in the end we are all alone and we all willing be held accountable for how we lived and treated others..


            • If you have standards and wont compromise them you will be viewed as having something wrong with you…theres nothing wrong with you…as DPS said you have integrity…so few even understand the meaning much less have it anymore…stay strong! 🙂

            • He must have a free Obama phone.

          • Sixpack…I don’t have a problem with those in real need who through no fault of their own need a hand up…that’s a given on which we can agree(we all know a person like the one you describe…and we all know someone who caught a bad break and honestly need some help…I think what Ive said is pretty self explanatory and the differences betwixt those who are in need and those who just want are evident to anyone who can see and be honest with themselves…its okay to help someone out in time of need but its evil to make it their lifestyle or to allow them to make it their lifestyle…it murders their soul and there is nothing compassionate in that…I don’t want the govt giving money to other nations and I don’t want them building welfare fiefdoms here at home when those “programs” promoters have no intention on helping anyone but only establishing their powerbase….govt is not a solution to any problem…unless its along the lines of some kind of “final solution” which direction govt tends to always end up taking….

            • Roger that, REB. It’s hard to separate the good from the bad, in a world where up is down and down is hopeless.

      34. OK, it took a lot of willpower, but I read every post, all the way to the end, and NOBODY GOT IT RIGHT. Whenever there’s a credible opportunity, these welfare organizations ALWAYS scream and cry that they don’t have enough (money, time, food, blankets, methadone, housing, money, – did I mention money? or whatever), because the primary mission of these organizations is not to help their so called “clients”, it is TO TAKE IN MONEY. Like the man said, “never let a crisis go to waste.

        Sorry if that offends you liberal trolls, that I’m so friggin’ cynical, but I’ve had family and friends over the years who worked in the “welfare establishment”, so I’ve seen it up close. Too damned close for comfort.

        • I make an exception for one organization. An Episcopal church I belonged to 30+ years ago. We did not troll for money, beyond the church members. We fed a couple dozen homeless men one meal every day, because that’s what Jesus taught us to do. I’m double-dog certain that there are many churches that do the same, and say nothing about it.

          BTW those men were homeless because the almighty State, in obedience to some liberal principle about not institutionalizing people who had mental deficiencies, and so could not care for themselves, closed a large hospital nearby and simply threw the inmates on the street. My blood still boils at that atrocity! That place was home to those men. Those that could worked a large farm that provided maybe half the food for the place, and gave them some sense of being human and being useful.

          • It’s almost always about money first—people second, if anything’s left over. You’re absolutely right, TOC.

            • I know, and it’s depressing.

      35. give them seeds to grow. Hunt. Cook from scratch for a change. Eat good good instead of garbage!

      36. The Feds started dumping the mentally ill back in the 1960’s. Their excuse was that it was wrong to “warehouse” people because they were sick. That was the beginning of the homelss problem. Some of the ill have over 100 arrests for petty crime. They don’t take them off the streets until they seriously hurt someone. Dysfunctional society caused by government stupidity. Or vice versa.

        • Dysfunctional society caused by Dysfunctional government.

        • Yeah, maudy, I meet crazy people downtown once a week or more. They scream, they talk to themselves, they spit at people and sometimes they hit you. Or they sit down and stick a leg out to try to trip you. I’m surprised more of them haven’t been run over by a train down here.

      37. @ AnAngryJew. You SAY that if you are doing nothing WRONG then nothing WRONG is going to happen to you. BS Well, have you ever seen a cop hell bent on giving a ticket for increased revenue for the city or county? Given enough time spent with you and enough time spent observing your every move and every square millimeter of your vechicle, MR or MS Pig can find something wrong and give you a ticket, GUARANTEED.

        Privacy is something assured of us by the Constitution of the United States for darn excellent reasons. When the government or anyone else watches every move you make, you will do something that they can nail you on. Besides that, why would any sane person want someone watching everything they do all the time unless they get some sicko thrill from being an exhibitionist or something.


        • You tell ‘im BI!


          I am simply pointing out that this is paranoia. This type of extremism is unhealthy for the mind. I am no friend of the U.S. government. Not everything is a conspiracy to kill, harm or exploit U.S citizens.

          “Privacy is something assured of us by the Constitution of the United States for darn excellent reasons. When the government or anyone else watches every move you make, you will do something that they can nail you on. Besides that, why would any sane person want someone watching everything they do all the time unless they get some sicko thrill from being an exhibitionist or something. ”

          When I see evidence that they are abusing this technology to take in people for petty crimes rather than what they claim it is for (terrorists, extremists or other people who are dangerous to society) then I will agree with you. But until then, I think my opinion is perfectly valid.

          I try my best not to assume anything. I try my best to use reason, logic and evidence before I put belief into something.

          • It’s not paranoia if they really are spying on you.

            • @ AnAngryJew. The Old Coach is correct, the government is spying on all of us. Just ask Snowden about this.

              I am one person that doesn’t like false claims about anything. I try to always weigh what is correct, period. There is a lot of money made and time wasted by people being caught into all sorts of issues that are not true and made up out of a vivid imagination. However there is plenty of what is being said about what is going on is true or at least partially true.

              You say conspiracy, and not all is that. Well back in the 1930’s many Americans could not believe that Hitler was gassing innocent Jewish people by the hoardes, this was considered a conspiracy. It was proven to be all too true just by the films showing thousands of Jewish and other people being bulldozed into mass graves.

              There is a theory that no one ever landed on the Moon, and even if someone actually got a picture of the flag planeted there on the Moon, there would still be people that didn’t believe it. This is logic and when something that can be shown to be true it becomes fact.

              The fact is that NSA has already admitted to spying, even on world leaders because they were caught doing it. Many people have said for years that this was going on, and got labeled as conspiracy nut jobs. Well guess whom was correct. If it benefits the government it is a pretty safe bet that the government is going to go that route. I know I am being spied on as well as everyone that makes comments on this site. WHY? Because the government hates mavericks, they hate free thinkers, they can’t control people like this because they don’t accept the status quo, they look for the truth. NO ONE that wants control ever wants anyone to look beyond deception and for the actual truth. The truth sets people free, something that goes opposite of enslavement.

      38. Speaking of food————–We had a guest this past Saturday that had hip surgery. During the conversation, she mentioned that during her healing period that she nearly ran out of food. REALLY???
        My response was I don’t feel sorry for you. You knew months ahead of time this surgery was taking place and you also knew how long you had to be out of work and you did not prepare. Oh, boo, hoo.
        All the times you have rolled your eyes at me, laughed at me and still acted this way.
        WELL!, she replied: you can’t buy food if you don’t have the money. She was all decked out in her designer cloths, nice vehicle, the whole nine yards. Might I add this person is a nurse and throws $500. monthly in a retirement system. Lives in a high rise in a gated, secure community (so she thinks) DON”T HAVE MONEY. Is that money going to feed her when the system goes down and she can’t get it? Wish I had $500. to save monthly.
        This lady (?) claims to be a Christian and does not know that Gods word from Genesis to Revelation, tells us to prepare! She is also my husbands daughter. He is aware of her ways, but blood still runs deep.
        I have warned him that if SHTF hits she cannot come here. SHTF hitting once is enough, I don’t need it twice. OH, NO! Thank you very much. She lives 2 hrs. away. That might turn out to be my salvation.

        • Wow $500 a month would buy a lot of preps if she had been awake you can lead a horse to water but can’t make them drink. you did what you can.

          • Wait til the gov TAKES that fund she dumps 500$month into…instead of preps.

      39. I don’t blame the people for the cause but if those turn of the 20th century immigrants were in the inner city and so many lots were vacant there would have been mini farms everywhere.

      40. I joined a martial art club (ninjutsu) about 5 months ago. If things start getting bad or just drop out under our feet, I will gladly invite my fellow combatants to share my food and security responsibilities. I live in a predominantly White Christian farming community.

        • Exactly what you should be doing, so long as your colleagues reciprocate in kind. Teams survive far better than loners.

      41. I blame the progressives for making the nanny state as massive as it is and the MSM for not telling the people the truth on how bad our economy and our massive debt is and how Obama is doing everything he can to destroy our nation. Our school system deserves some blame as well for indoctrinating a few generations of kids.

      42. The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing this year the greatest amount of free Meals and Food Stamps ever, to 47 million people as of the most recent figures available in 2013.
        Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us “Please Do Not Feed the Animals.”
        Their stated reason for the policy is because “The animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.”

      43. As of tonight my wife and I are taking the first step to starting a cooking group. We began the conversation over cooking supper.
        Basis: all food cooked from scratch. It must be something you can buy prepackaged from the grocery. We are buying the food, ingredients and paying for the time to teach. The homecooked items will be placed side by side for flavor comparison and cost. The idea is to show people exactly how much money is saved by doing this. We buy everything raw and turn it into meals already so we might as well show others right? Any ideas?

      44. I recall as a kid in school and later as a young fella being told quite often that wanting to farm was silly and a waste of my talents…that farming was the least common denominator and that only the foolish and the unmotivated who failed at everything else would do it because that’s all they had left…fact is I still hear these type of comments from people…point being our society a couple generations back started to place a stigma on farming equating it with poverty and being unmotivated to succeed in a job or a career…never understood that line of thinking other than they wanted us to make money so we could be good little consumers and be controlled more easily…they drove an entire generation or more off the land into the shops…then they shipped those jobs overseas and left the people with no out…no recourse…no way to revert back to the failsafe position…we have people today who have no idea where food comes from…who couldn’t feed themselves or grow a carrot to save their lives and Im pretty sure it was done by design…I have spent years working with people trying to teach them how to grow things…how to gain some independence…a few learned and took to it like fish to water…far too many didn’t/don’t…its too easy to collect the check…most are just too lazy(and I thought farming was for the unmotivated 🙁 …weird eh?…Anyhow the blame falls not just to the lazy and the unmotivated but to the people who designed the system and those who taught it to a couple of generations of Americans who now have no clue how the real world works and what is going to happen to them when their life becomes crap on the fan…not that I think everyone should have to be a farmer but I do ascribe more closely to Jeffersons ideal of a nation of small landholders and yeomen farmers than I will ever agree with the way of life the PTB have encouraged people to go in nowdays…never in the history of mankind has food…real food been so worthless…so unprofitable…in a time where the demand is higher than ever…it doesn’t make sense and it isn’t normal, outside forces have mucked it up…we need to make it so a person can again make a living off the land, we need to stop discouraging the young from going into farming or from even trying to raise some of their own food for themselves…back to my point though…it was the elitists who shamed folks off the farm into the shops then took the shops away and enslaved them and their families to the system we have in place today…we gotta change that…that’s why I like to say “Be a rebel grow something and eat it” 🙂 just to be contrary…remember they aint gonna point you in the right direction so do the opposite and youll likely do well 🙂

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