Overwhelmed: Leading Ammo Manufacturer Temporarily Suspends Production: “There Is No Conspiracy To Shut Us Down”

by | Jul 28, 2013 | Headline News | 288 comments

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    Citing extreme demand over the last year the Hornady Manufacturing company, one of the leading producers of ammunition globally, has temporarily suspended production of over 150 bullet and ammunition types in order to focus their productive capacity on more popular products.

    In a statement posted on the Hornady web site the firm explains that though they have increased capacity and shipments over the last year, their efforts have been overshadowed by an increase in demand of over 200%.

    Effective immediately, Hornady will focus its efforts on producing their most popular calibers, while suspending the production of lesser known projectiles and ammunition.

    In the following message to distributors and retail customers Steve Hornady explains that orders for ammunition are such that it will take nearly two years to clear the existing backlog. He also assuages fears of a government conspiracy to limit ammunition, and assures customers that Hornady will not, and has not, raised their prices.

    It’s important for everyone to know that our order demand is extremely high. And, even though we have temporarily suspended the production of some items, what we have left on order will take us almost two years to produce.

    There is no conspiracy by the government to shut us down. This is not an effort on our part to raise prices. We haven’t raised prices. If they are higher. that’s at the store level not at the manufacturer.

    We’re going to do everything we can by adding people, by adding machinery, and by adding square footage in order to try and make more of what you want to buy.

    On the list of items that we’ve kept we have over 270 of our projectiles and over 140 different rounds of ammunition.

    There is something in there for everyone, but there may not be some of the less popular items. By cutting down on that list – temporarily suspending them – we’re able to get more up time on our machinery and get more bullets out the door for you.

    We appreciate your patience and we hope that you understand this is a temporary situation only.

    Though a good deal of bullets and ammunition will no longer be available, according to Hornady’s most current production list they will still produce their most popular calibers and types like 12-gauge, .22, .223, .308, .38, .45, .50, 9mm, and 7.62x39mm.

    Amid recent ammunition shortages stemming from fears of Congressional action following the Sandy Hook school shooting, as well as claims that President Barack Obama would take Executive Action to limit accessibility to ammunition and magazines, Americans drove demand to unprecedented levels with one gun sold every 1.5 seconds in the United States since December of last year.

    With the government stocking over 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition in recent years, the global economy in the midst of collapse, and police state monitoring of American citizens expanding at an alarming rate, it has been suggested that the demand in weaponry and ammunition is indicative of a society preparing for war, a notion that has been echoed by recent assessments which suggest the U.S. government is actively preparing for the collapse of our economy and society.

    Whatever the case, for those hoping to see an end to ammunition supply shortages, given Hornady’s indication that they must run at full capacity for two years just to meet existing demand, in all likelihood the shortages will continue for months or years to come.



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      1. A 200% increase in business…..I’d hate to have that problem.

        • All thanks to the greatest gun salesman of all time…


          • @ Mac, it just shows that noses aren’t the only things that grow when you lie. Just look at those ears on BO.

            • LOL!

              • Mac, back in the 90s, Bill Clinton was the best gun salesman the industry had. Obama beat him hands down. braveheart

              • Odumbo and Ohang-glider

            • If the devil had a son…

              • Better yet, if I had a crack dealer…

                • THE DEVIL does have a son,THE ANTI-CHRIST,his names OBAMA,and americans are going to be dam glad they bought all the ammo they can afford,cause the LORD says obama will destroy america with his foreign troops,READ DANIEL..8:11/8:12,its whats about to happen in mystery babylon the great(america),I won a lot of beer off this,the relection was rigged, just like it said it would be…………….

              • IF? Really …. after 5 years of Obama you can still say “IF” the devil had a son?



            • Howdy, BI. The BOY in the White House puts Pinnochio to shame. If the devil had a son, he would look like Obama. If I had a son, he would look like George Zimmerman. If I had a daughter, she would look like one of the female jurors who found Zimmerman not guilty. braveheart

            • like ’57 chevy doors…

              • Please don’t insult my ’57 SD

                • Do ya leave both doors open?

          • I wish he was the best crack dealer instead.

            • Given his stance on border control…. he just might be !

              Good to see you Iowa! (And man, we are in final stages on this Forum launch, FYI 🙂 )

            • Thats what he would be doing now if he hadn’t been re-elected President. 🙂

              • …..reinstated president.

              • That or joining Gay-Z and Kanye as the whores of Bohemian Grove lmao! I hear they pay well for the ol’ brown eye!!

          • Be thankful comrade obama came along… now we are fully armed as a people again. I think it’s very funny….everyone got armed to the teeth

            • And everyone ALSO got on a registration list!

              Convenient isn’t it?

              Let’s see… your pop gun… versus an armored tactical vehicle with a minigun, 10 guys in body armor wielding MP5’s and tazers, and drones with air to ground missiles on them…



              Odds in your favor? Too low to even guess at.

              And now they know right where everyone is ^^

              Isn’t that great? ^^

              • Hey the guy you better give up now and drowned yourself…Ya all our advanced weapons sure did beat the jokers with bolt action rifles over in the stan the last 12 years too didn’t they? LOSER TROLL ALERT

              • You were on the list when you took your first gulp of air.

              • There are 100 million civilian American gun owners. In military affairs, quantity has a quality all its own.

                • GUNSMITH: Here is a couple of Links You asked me to Post on a Previous article(several articles back). I am Posting the Links Here to be sure you Find these. Everyone should check these France in WWII Photos out!

                  Be sure to Look at every picture too! Its a “forum” with a couple comments before you see photos when scrolling farther down.


                  Here is another: “Justice for Germans” have Not yet read alot of it, but so far what I did read is a Good bit of info from a True German’s perspective and the reply Comments seem to be from actual germans IN germany today.

                  This site has Much info and Truth that Debunks what americans been taught about nazis-hitler-gobels-and germany-WWII in general.


                  THIS WILL BLOW Your Minds! Actual Newspapers Headlines..FROM-Oct.31st, 1939!!! Thats Nineteen Thirty NINE! Actual Photos and Headlines/articles of the FATE of SIX-Million DEAD Jews who were “Holocausted”! In 1939…

                  AND from 1920!! New York Times, May 1, 1920, p. 8 – Click Image to see whole document Headlines swindleing folks in USA for CASH! to give to jews! 1920!! Way prior to a single jews hair was harmed! Then Scroll Down to FIND:

                  Much more documentation of the six million number before WWII with many more newspaper scams, with several more Links to Faked “6-Million Number of jews”

                  AND at VERY Bottom a VIDEO of “SIX-Million Jews” from 1915!! Nineteen FIFTEEN they cried of 6 million dead jews! and VIDEO ON: SIX MILLION JEWS 1915-1938 HD


                  The Earliest DATE I have Found with actual Nespapers Headlines “Claiming” of 6-million holocausted jews was from…1895!!! Thats EIGHTEEN Ninty Five Dates!

                  At least 6 seperate eras from 1895 thruout and Up to 1945, they hade newspaper headlines in europe and usa papers claiming 6 million jews! since 1895!!

                  Somebodys NOT telling the Real truuths I susspect. Unless you add up 6 million Dead jews Times six eras they were killed, and add That number to the entire world POP of jewish folks of aprox 14 million, then you come up with grand total worldwide jews POP between 1895 to 1945 of aprox 50-Million total POP of jewish folks in world!

                  No race, not even africans or mexicans is capable of such Rapid numbers of New Births to create such massive huge numbers where each deacde they can Lose 6 million More and yet always maintain a 14 Million Current balance of folks still alive….Right? Someones Lying!

                  SEE old newspapers photos headlines etc for the Answer of whos Lying!

                  Gunsmith: if still not convinced? I have MORE Links and Info avail!…Hope these Links assist Your and Others Quest for Factual TRUTHS!…..Them Guys

                  • Heres Proof we are LIED to on SYRIA War Issues!

                    Danish Public Service TV channel – Denmark’s Radio, admits showing anti Syrian propaganda based on false images of torture

                    Images aired Danmark’s Radio, and allegedly documenting tortured Syrian demonstrators were false. The images are from Iraq, and are several years old. Danmark’s Radio’s news program the 9 o’clock evening news Monday night May 19, aired ‘shocking images’ of Syrian demonstrators, who were being tortured by Syrian Government militias.

                    MANY: More Vidoes and Articles of EU-Europe issues we never see on usa msm. Some is in Danish language, some in Polish and some in English. Videos wont matter what language if a picture speaks a Thousand words eh!


                  • CORRECTION: That DATE Should READ OCT.31st 1919!
                    NOT 1939…19-19 NINETEEN not 39…Sorry, for my error. However that website Has the correct date and newspaper headlines etc! Enjoy truth while still available to You!

                  • Bravo Sierra to the max.

              • even men who drive armoured vehicles need to eat and sleep.why do you think the mil is so keep on reducing all human involvement during combat?

                anyways it wont be a conventional ground war, it will be mad chaos with police and even army deserting their posts for lack of civil rule.

                • Yep…

              • just remember those guys in the tactical vehicles you mention have families that are being targeted just like they are doing to us so they need to keep that in mind when they decide to take sides. our founders were outnumbered and out gunned at first but never underestimate yankee ingenuity.

              • Doesn’t seem to stop the folks in Iraq or Afghanistan. Don’t capitulate before the fun even starts. If the founders had your attitude we would still be drinking tea every afternoon.

                • HEY!!! easy on the tea… I like tea….

              • re: tactical advantage of modern forces.
                Two things come to mind:

                1) first; the second amendment is not a “guarantee of success” only a part of the opportunity.

                2) How powerful is the populace without weapons? Because those are the only positions in this dichotomy. We are either armed and capable of influencing any would be tyrant, or we are disarmed and are totally relying on the kindness of would be tyrants.

              • Quick history lesson bud….in 1776 a rag tag collection of Americans, albeit with the help of the French, took down the greatest standing army the world had ever known. And that was with only 3% of the population actually willing to stand their ground. Go join the other 97% and enjoy your hand-outs…….

              • Vassili Zaitsev Prior to 10 November, killed 32 Axis soldiers with the standard-issue Mosin–Nagant rifle effective range of 900 meters. Between October 1942 and January 1943, Zaytsev made an estimated 400 kills, some of which were over 1000 meters (1/2 mile!). Between 10 November and 17 December 1942, during the Battle of Stalingrad; during this five-week period he killed 225 soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht and other Axis armies, including 11 enemy snipers…… what was that about bolt action rifles…. imagine 250,000 Vassili’s defending their homes and families……

              • Mayebe so – but better to go down in blazing glory than to live in the hell hole he is calling “hope and change”….

                Sorry I won’t be around after the fact to support your lazy……(or will you be part of OB slave labor force)? Enjoy yourself.

            • 2nd,the LORD works in mysterious ways don’t he,he wanted his people ready for OBAMAS russian freinds,and now their here,soon the russians and their little whores the police gangs will start firing on the people and the WAR will be on,my dog can taste them right now,don’t forget to stock up on nails and rope,were going to need both..these traitors don’t know it, but the LORD will be helping US,not them,and their going down hard,things are going to be really hard on everyone,because of these commie lovers and their going to wish they OBEYED THEIR OATH when its over………..

          • If ammo becomes one of the new currencies, will melting down some of my silver and casting it into silver bullets then give me an uber-currency?
            And will reloading our own ammo then be considered counterfeiting?
            And one more thing- since obammy is so keen on redistributing the wealth, I’d like to request some of that 1.6 billion rounds of ammo to be delivered to my door.
            The math reads: 1.6 billion rounds/320 million U.S. citizens= 5 rounds per citizen.
            The better math for most of us here:
            1.6 billion rounds/100 million gun owners= 16 rounds each!
            Hey, every little bit helps, right?
            NSA, are you listening?- I’d like mine in .308 caliber, and delivered in a box.
            Or in a new MAGAZINE if you feel like wrapping them up!

            • dude, they’re called clips! don’t you watch the news? hahaha

              • I thought they were “high capacity assault clips”!

          • Pass the Cheetos, I don’t want any. I want to be FREE.

          • As usual from the likes of the ignorant morons who post here. It is not Obama, it is fools like you who rush out with all the other sheeple and mindlessy buy every round of ammo you can find. You follow the herd for no other reason than you see the herd going somewhere. You never out any intelligent thought into it. When are idiots like you going to start living up to your mantra of personal responsibility and self-reliance and stop blaming others. It is your own damn fault! And remember, as Hornady is selling you ammo, they are also selling ammo to those who would be on the other side shooting at you. You ignorant fools still have figured out the gun and ammo industry is playing you for fools by selling to al sides and laughing their ass off at you all the way to the bank.

            • So if we are all just sheeple, what exactly is it that you are doing?

            • Well, as an ignorant fool, I haven’t changed my buying habits at all. I might have to look harder to find what I want, but I still but a box or two every time I go to the store. Of course, I’ve been doing this for years, so the shortage must have started with me, and ‘preparedness minded’ people like me.
              As for Hornady selling to ‘the other side’- well, they have to play the game too. Nothing says ‘government-mandated shutdown’ like a call to the Feds that goes like this:

              Hornady: “We don’t agree with your corrupt, unConstitutional habits lately, and will no longer accept orders from any Federal agency.”
              Feds: “We understand. By the way I just came across several EPA and Labor Law violations issued against you. Also a report from DHS that you may have been supplying terrorists and now have terroristic affiliations. Unfortunately we have to shut you down.
              Oh one last thing- the IRS will be doing a ‘random’ audit of your company from 2005 until present.
              Have a good day”

              Yep. Sounds like a sound business decision.

            • “You never out any intelligent thought…”

              OK. Keep on thinking, Joe, you’re good at it.

              • Come on guys JOES a government troll,he trolls web sites everywhere,supporting his daddy obama,and you know you got to pay someone to do that,OR maybe his brain stopped working,either way hes going into a fema camp,and won’t even see that coming,till hes there…………….

          • If we can’t keep up with the ammunition requirements in this country due to a takeover of the White House, then how are we going to keep up with the ammo when the SHTF?

        • Good to see another Kansan amongst the group! Sometimes I feel like Tom Hanks in Cast Away in this state. Most Kansans remind me of Wilson lol! I concur, must be rough dealing with a 200% increase, especially during this wonderful recovery we are in the midst of.

          • Kansas – Greatest steaks ever!!!!!

            • They feed the world bread.

            • KC Strip!!! Best cut ever?!?!

          • Now I see why he thinks the economy is on the mend- his guns and ammo sales are thru the roof!

          • Reporting from Kansas. There is a growing mass of preppers here. Most don’t talk about it to others very much.
            I have been seeing more businesses devoted to supplying people with food and weapons and stores stocking more canning and food supplies. Our neighborhood lost power last year and almost every house had a backup generator. I was amazed and never expected that.
            Maybe they’re not in the majority but it doesn’t take much to find some folks who are waking up.

            • Where else can you purchase a 5 gal bucket of wheat for less than $8 at most farms.

            • Check out……………..Rattlerslodge.com

            • That gives me some hope Merree. I come into contact with a few hundred new people each day, thanks to my job. In the past few weeks I’ve noticed more seem to acknowledge something is wrong but still seem to snub prepping, unless they just don’t want to broadcast it. For the most part though, we seem to have a large number of the “entitlement crowd” around here.

      2. I fully expect ammunition shortages to continue, and to get worse when we have the next school shooting, or gun control effort, or whatever else is just beyond the horizon. I suspect some people realized for the first time that failure to prepare in advance is very dangerous. When they finally decided they needed some ammo it wasn’t there. This same dynamic applies to other supplies as well. You snooze, you lose.

        • I buy a bit every month, and make sure I have bought more than I spent at the range.

          As an article in the latest SWAT magazine says, it’s better to have 1,500 rounds and know you can use them well, then to have 3,000 rounds and not be trained well enough.

          HINT and advice:

          Get an airsoft version of you gun (handgun and/or carbine), and train as much as you can, including tacti-cool shooting techniques, without leaving your house/apartment and/or breaking the bank.

          You can get an airsoft Glock for about $100, and 5,000 rounds (reusable!..) for about $10, and a bunch of CO2 cartridges ($20 for 40 cartridges), and improve your skills to a level which would make you bankrupt if using real gun and ammo.

          That’s how many world-class competitive shooters train.
          Especially, those who live in countries where they have literally NO access to real firearms (Japan, etc.).

          One more HUGE (!!!) advantage:
          you can practice techniques which you will NEVER be allowed to do at a range.
          If you know those techniques (learned them while in the military, or just saw them in training videos), – it’s up to you what you can do, WITHOUT leaving your home.

          Be sure to put a pillow or something like that behind the target… Those airsoft rounds are not exactly soft…

          How else can you prepare for defending your home against a no-knock invasion!?..

          ‘Nuff said.

          • Angrycitizen, you’re right on target. I stockpile 3 different calibers and buy more whenever I find it. Since February of this year, I’ve been practicing in my backyard with an old Crosman .177 pellet pistol. The pellets and CO2 cartridges are still in good supply and I’m well-stocked on those. Saving my ammo for the war that’s coming. When the feds and foreign troops appear on the streets, it will be game on. Take whatever weapons, ammo, web gear, and other equipment you can from the dead ones; that will help more than anyone thinks. braveheart

            • Braveheart,REMEMBER THIS,and it goes for all you,THE RUSSIANS have the best NIGHT GOGGLES,to see at night I ever saw,grab them,and while your at it grab the drone badge on their sholder,it tells the drones your a friendly,and the drone won’t lock onto you………..

          • Correct; and eventually we will have to go on the offense and those skills will be even more critical.

          • Angrycitizen,
            As someone who has had a home invasion, I might suggest that you also check out Larson security doors (at Lowe’s), 3M security film (get a professional to apply it), and the new generation of burglar bars (they don’t even look like burglar bars).

            Point well taken on the Airsoft gear. I will try that.

            • Mark,
              Links would be greatly appreciated.

        • Thought about stocking up on 30 round mags. so I could sell some the next time we have a big shooting and they call for a ban. But what good would they be when everybody only owns 20 rounds of ammo. Just a thought. Trekker Out. Keep Your Mags Dry,Nobody Has Any Powder!

        • if that is your expectation, then get your head out of your ass and engage in a meaning and honest effort to prevent the next school shooting. Oh, there is that word again, honest. You re so stuck in a rigid, NRA-induced brain washed mode of thinking it is impossible for you to engage in any sort of open-minded, honest dialogue. Sig Heil to you!

          • OK, let’s start by allowing the school staff who already have CCW permits to carry during the day.

            Or did you want to have an open-minded, honest dialogue about some so-called common sense gun control that will do absolutely nothing to solve the problem you’re spewing about?

            • Smokey

              Encjoe is yet another of these stupid brain washed liberals that suffer from so much white liberal guilt that he cant even see straight. he and people like NINAO are just more dull tools in the Demorat party tool box to be used and thrown away after there usefulness is done.

              they never quite get the whole picture do they they just spout the same vile BS.

              and if and when the whole SHTF does happen they will be first in line screaming give us our Fema trailer and our Fema food and money
              Protect us Hep us Hep us. Tell me ENCJOE hows the water and food at your Fema sponsored Cage ??

              they don’t want to be responsible for there own actions and behavior they want Cradle to grave care.

              I for one don’t want anybody taking care of me i can and do take care of my self i may not do a great job but i am responsible for my self.

              ENCJOE i have news for you not one thing the NRA says influences my thinking or anything else i do. and unlike the screaming guilt ridden liberals like you i don’t give a rats rump what the Dems say my guns are mine and not you or some Jack booted thug will ever take them away and if they try woe be them.

              my FN/FAL is sighted for 400 yards and has tracers for night use
              wanna try and take my guns??

              Troll killer

              • TK, I know what NCJoe is, just another talking parrot. I have yet to meet a liberal with an opinion of their own, it’s all right out of the leftist mantra. It’s amazing how some can believe themselves to be open-minded, independent thinkers.

          • Joe, I have two questions to ask. If you answer them honestly, it will settle all the arguments:

            Why is it that more than 99% of all mass shootings occur in GUN FREE ZONES?

            You never have a mass shooting at a gun show.

            You never have a mass shooting at a gun range.

            You never have a mass shooting in a constitutional carry state where gun carry is unlimited and gun possesion is unlimited.

            You never have a mass shooting at a shooting sports event.

            Why is that?

            Answer to #1 – Because “Gun Free Zone” is a term that means “Bad guys have guns, good guys don’t.” Basically, the reason mass shootings happen in gun free zones is because the evil person wishing to do harm *KNOWS* they’ll be unapposed.

            Answer to #2 – Because the shooter would never be able to kill that many people before he caught one himself. “Mass Shooting” is technically 4 or more people shot, not including the evildoer.

            Tell me again why it is that you wish to unlawfully restrice our right to keep and bear?

      3. O crap just when I bought a gun with a new caliber for me!
        EEEK waiting 2 years to get certain types of ammo .
        On the bright side more people joining the shooting sports will help in the long run.

        Semper Fi 8541

        • No worries Night breaker, keep your other calibers stocked, aim small miss small, and there will be plenty of calibers to pick up off of the bodies that will hit the floor.

          • I see Redcoats…

            • “You look good in red”- The Patriot

            • Wait till you see the whites if their eyes!

              Through your 8-32×56 Nightforce at 400 yds!

          • How do you know yours won’t be one of those bodies on the floor? Idiots like you advocate violence, yet seem to think you won’t be one of its victims.

            • Encjoe, not advocating violence at all through that statement, simply not denying reality. Something wicked this way comes, good sir. As much as it sucks, odds are I will be one of those bodies hitting the floor, at some point. I will continue to have faith and rely on the training I was blessed to get and leave it all in the hands of God. So, if I’m an idiot for not denying reality, what does that make you?

            • So we should all just give up because they might get us? Grow a pair or get the **** out! No one wants to be the one that feeds the tree of liberty but it will happen. If it is you or me or someone else, go out fighting instead of begging for scraps on your knees!

            • If the shtf goes down and there’s no food… there will be plenty of unarmed dems to eat. I’m SO joking..but funny….. unarmed people.

            • Uh, Joe, please. I don’t know what brought you here but please click into your regular site.


              I’m sure you’rell be much happier.

      4. I am gonna have to say this makes business sense. If you look at the calibers they are still making for civilians, they are indeed popular and yet military type rounds (except the .38 which is the most common type of revolver round). Most people dont go to the range and shoot 100 rounds of .243 or .270. This makes sense.

        Keep your powder dry,

      5. Increse in demand forces any company to concentrate how how best to make profit and still satisified the customer. Often when demand is so high for something a company will take a percentage to give each customer. If someone order 100 cases of something they might get 65 cases, and other that order 10 cases might get 6 or 7. Sometimes a company will simply do what happened here and focus only on what is the best seller and hope that when they can produce more that the lesser bought products are still sellable. This is just a calculated risk one way or the other. Either case it proves just how much in demand ammunition is.

        • More importantly we may see two big benefits from this decision.

          1. There will actually be rounds available for common calibers.

          2. Perhaps the price will get back to a realistic level for bulk orders.

          I put a bulk order for 9mm seven months ago and the message was expect a year or longer to fill.
          Ordering .223 at a decent price is an urban legend. Anyone with a lead on such please post.
          Keep prepping and being involved, it really seems like trouble is in the air.


      6. Off topic
        But not off the site mission!
        We are about to get hit by tropical storm Flossie, at the moment 60 mph sustained winds with higher gusts, associated thunderstorms and heavy rains, now mind you 60mph isnt that strong but is a lot higher than anything we normally get, when we get 40 mph winds we lose power, so heavy rains and flooding along with 45-75 mph gusty winds should be interesting!

        • Best of luck Kula, prayers are going out for you and yours!

        • Kula

          My hopes are with you to weather the storm
          and come through it safe and sound with a
          minimum of damage. God Bless.

          • Thanks Connor and Out west,
            We should be good, pretty well preped, just buttoning stuff up this afternoon, lots of folks who are oblivious though, lots of development here in places that used to get flooded regularly, lots of people whose idea of preparing for a storm is buying extra beer and snacks,

            • @ Kulafarmer. If it is any consolation Weather Undergraound is forecasting the winds to drop in 12 hours to about 40 knots from the 52-53 knots it is right now. A knot is about 1.15 mph. So from 60 mph to about 45-46 mph. The pressure is fairly high right now at 996 mb. IF that pressure drops to 990 mb or lower, you have trouble. If the pressure goes up to 1000 mb, the only problems will be flooding. The wind shear is strong enough that it should tear into the tropical storm enough to weaken it and the pressure should rise.

              Just watch that pressure, the winds will re-adjust to the pressure changes fairly quickly in a tropic system that is not too large like Flossie. You should be okay with the winds. The floods, it will depend on how close the right hand side of the hurricane is to you and the slopes above you that the runoff will come down. I think you are going to be fairly safe, at least I hope so.

              • The interesting thing is that all 3 levels of wind are going the same direction. From the NOAA sat feed it looks like it isnt affecting the storm, if it keeps on its current estimated track it will come real close to us, we are on the south west flank of east maui, were at 3200′ so the flooding shouldnt be too bad for us, my property drops about 75′ in elevation top to bottom and fields are terraced nicely so they handle heavy rains pretty good, the wind blows shit around, got to pull the poly off my greenhouse, and hide the starts somewhere, but my primary market crops right now should handle pretty well, other than my corn, but the root crops will be fine, and the kale is a tight planting, and generally can take quite a beating.just not looking forward to unexpected shit, or the clean up if it really blasts. The low elevations near the shore are where the big problems will be, so guess i wont be going near the lowlands for a few days!

                • @ Kulafarmer. This might give you a sliver of hope that Flossie will weaken or at least not strengthen much at all. Every single tropical storm is affected by vertical wind shear, it tears up the mechanisms to keep the heat engine going. As the upper level circulation is blown away from the center the tropical storm is literally pulled apart and loses its symetrical shape. This why regardless the direction of the wind, you see these tropical storms explode when there is little wind shear, and you see these powerful hurricanes lose their strength over open water when that wind shear is very strong.

                  Some hurricanes like Sandy create their own environments in which the upper level winds are protected from the outside influence and only the approach of land stops this from growing or manintaining itself. Hurricane Wilma was an example of near prefect conditions that created a hurricane that would be almost a category 7 if the hurricane scale used the same formula to show hurricane 6 and above. It was so powerful and the air was so ripe for development that even after pounding Central America, it grew back into a Category 3 and whacked Miami badly. If it had time to re-strengthen, this thing could have destroyed Miami.

                  When the wind shear is less than 10 mph and the water is above 80 degrees F it is very good for hurricanes. You start to get that wind shear above 20-25 mph, hurricane and tropical storms have much difficulty staying well formed. This is why you get these blown out type of images as opposite to these classic hurricanes that look smooth and very menacing.

                  Flossie should weaken like they are forecasting. Again, watch that pressure, if it starts to get near or above that 1000 mb, little to worry about. I don’t want to talk about it if that pressure were to drop to 980 mb or lower, that would become a hurricane. Actually with this pressure of 996 Mb the winds should be about 45 mph rather than 60 mph. A large storm with 996 Mb would likely be just a strong tropical depression of less than 39 mph. Just got the 11pm ET update and the pressure is still 996 Mb. This is good, it should begin to weaken. Stay safe in any case.

            • Well Kula, just wave to the unprepared as they are
              floating by on their porch swing with a Cheeto stuck
              in their mouth and say, “Hope ya have a better day!”

            • That’s how we do it here in South La. Just hang on tight! 🙂

        • Howdy, Kulafarmer. I hope you and yours get through the storm intact and safe. I used to have that kind of fun during hurricane season in FL from 1975 to 1982 and still have memories of them. best wishes from braveheart

          • Thank you Braveheart,
            Just more practice eh! Good drill to take stock of whats going on at my farm and grade my response to whatever happens.

        • good luck Kula ,ive got dorian coming right at me ,its only a tropical storm ,but ive had steady rain for three weeks now ,so it wont take much to start pushing tree’s down

        • Kula…Is this a strange storm? I heard that Flossie will be the only tropical storm to hit the islands from the east since they began keeping records on these storms. Seems like the systems are starting to act peculiar lately in the Northern Hemisphere going from east to west.

          • Not really strange, the hurricaine seasons have been pretty quiet since Iniki in 92, but the direction is a normal direction, the sea surface temps and El Ninyo or La Ninya trends have the most impact on storm formation, we are due for some storms, weather patterns are out of wack everywhere. We have been real dry for the last decade about. And larger storms real isolated. So here we go!

        • Hope you have prepped. I live in a hurricane prone area and consider hurricanes the easiest natural disaster to prepare for since they do not sneak up on you. You know when they are coming.

          • Ditto, i learned from a real early age to be prepared!
            Coultry life!

        • Kualafarmer…hold on tight! Praying my favorite place in the world doesn’t get torn up. Keep your powder dry!

          • @Gone to Hilo
            Looks like Hilo might get a straight on wack from this storm! If you are in Hilo i hope you have your rubber boots out and that everything is tied down!
            As of 5:00am the track goes right over the puna district and over the saddle,

        • Hey, Kula we had one like that in 1981 I was in Kahului at the time, lots of fronds and branches down, but not much else,at your elevation your wind might be a little worse though.
          praying for your safety.

          • Thanks, storm is going to track more south so looks good for us, not so good for the big island

        • Stay safe my friend…see you on the other side! 🙂

      7. Tanner Gun Show in Denver, August 3 and 4.

      8. OMG! Hornady?!?!?! Anyone who does not currently reload or handload their own ammunition might want to look into it, and soon. Reloading supplies are slowly making their way back into the marketplace. Take advantage of it folks while it lasts, and stock up.

      9. Mac,
        Thanks for this report. I had read about Hornady’s plans earlier today on another site. The comments directed at Hornady were vile. You have given a more informative report here, including information in the blue box, and the comments before mine reflect the reasonable and fair attitude of your readers. Kudos to you and them.

        • You’re right — a lot of folks are hammering Hornady over this, and I think Steve Hornady made the right call in putting together a video to explain what the company is doing.

          Though I don’t think there is any sort of conspiracy to shut them down or to limit our ammo supplies on Hornady’s part, it’s fairly clear that the government itself has had a large part in creating this demand — so there IS a conspiracy in this regard, especially when you consider the MASSIVE ammo purchases.

          The bottom line is, I don’t think we’re going to see supplies returning to normal in the near future.

          The only thing I see on Walmart shelves lately are fairly unpopular calibers… 22, 9mm, 308, 12 Gauge 00, 223 are nowhere to be found at a fair price anymore (our local gun shop is selling 223 at $1 a pop!! Crazy!)… thus, I think Hornady is making the right call on this — Mr. Hornady’s explanation for why they are doing this, namely the machine side of things, seems pretty reasonable to me… Their goal, at least it seems to me, is to put out as much ammo as possible in those calibers that the majority of us use.

          Good business decision, I think, and good for all gun owners.

          Thanks for your comment Mordecai!

          • that’s fine, Us patriots will just take it from them when the time comes, they can stock up all they want..that just means there will be plenty laying around if we don’t all lay down and take it up the A**

            • and by “them” I mean the establishment..not our fellow man

                • Wow! They’re showing some of my favorite bullet designs right on the cover page!

                  I love reading stuff like this! I’ve been doing it for 40 years and every once in a while I get some really good information that I missed out on. Its like sifting through a rock pile and finding a gold nugget. THANKS!

          • Mac, I’ve never blamed Hornady or any of the other manufacturers for the shortage. I know that the gun grabbers and the feds are behind it, especially DHS issuing contracts to buy so much. They’re trying to dry up the market so we can’t put up resistance to them when martial law is finally declared. They won’t have half as much success as they think they’ll have. I’m glad I started really building up my stocks last year before the presidential campaign started. I knew something serious was coming, but I never imagined it would be what we have now. I haven’t been to the range with any of my weapons since February, but I do strip them down once a month and oil them just to keep them in good working order. I also stockpile plenty of gun cleaning supplies; you can never have too much of that. I’m just glad I have the Crosman to keep my skills up to par plus it doesn’t break the bank. I would expect the other ammo makers will follow suit in the wake of Hornady’s decision. I think they made the best decision under the circumstances. braveheart

          • Mac,

            I was at one of the local Sport chains in my area, Sportsman’s Warehouse, and noted they are getting some of the more popular calibers in of late. I found 223 and 40 cal there last week. They are still rationing, however. I was only able to get three boxes of each, and the 223 is 20 rounds per box.

            Gun shows seem to have all calibers, and they will vary in price. I picked up some 9mm, 40 cal, 22 magnum, and 223 of varying types at the gun show last week in Douglas County. I was able to get 9mm tracers, and 223 in tracers as well. One guy was even selling 223 green and 223 blue, though the blue tip was pricey. Another guy was selling 223 green as well, in small supply.

            I’d just stick with the gun shows and ignore the stores for now. Until the next false flag, gun shows are the place to get the ammo in my book.

            Next gun show in Denver is the Tanner show next weekend.

          • I’ll take all the SMK’s in .308 (168 and 175 grain) I can get.

          • Mac,
            The local gun shop where I live managed to have 1000 round boxes of loose 55 gr 5.56 Lake city loose rounds for about $350.00 I do not know where the got it from but it sold fast ! When I pulled up some guy was loading his pick up truck! Almost all of the big box stores are completely out .
            Other calibers .308 , 45 acp , 357, 9 and 40 cannot be found anywhere locally I have to mail order it. soon that will not be an option for us in NJ due to law changes that have been railroaded through our state legislature. Thank god I stocked up in the past and have reloading gear for all of my calibers.
            not many are shooting at the ranges due to the shortage. I never would have believed that 22 LR would be impossible to get , I have a friend from work that purchased about 5000 rnds. from the CMP bout has to wait about 4 months for it to ship.
            The good thing about all this is look at all the people discovering the shooting sports!
            In the long run this will help keeping the 2 nd admendment going

            Semper Fi 8541

          • Here is my report:

            I’ve seen a little ammo coming in places. Oh, sure, the $40 for a box of 25 rounds of 9mm +P+++++ and overpriced, specialized stuff like that is there. But little else. Anything that comes in goes out almost immediately.

            I am, however, seeing some 9mm, 223 and 7.62×39 stuff dribbling in. I’ve picked up 300 rounds of 9mm in the last week to round me off to a nice 1,100 rounds.

            I don’t need the 223 but I found some almost-reasonable prices ($12 for a box of 20) 223 55g/fmj. They get snapped up pretty fast and then don’t replenish.

            Quite honestly, I think people are realizing that this stuff NEVER GOES BAD. With inflation what it is, and all, why not buy all you need now? In my opinion, there are four things driving the shortage. Here they are in no particular order: 1) It will just be more expensive later. 2) The threat of outlawing or restricting. The “Get It While You Can” – GIWYC Principle. 3) The low level threat of revolution. People are pissed! 4.) It Never Goes Bad.

            NOTE: No, really, it never, EVER goes bad if you keep it cool and dry. Within the last month I’ve used powder and primers and casings and bullets that I put together. Not a one of them we less than 70 years old. Shot just like they did 30 years ago when I did it.

            So, all of us guys are just taking our disposable cash that we’d spend on eating out or junk we don’t need and putting it into ammo. My dad calls it “blow money”. …and we are blowing it on ammo. The mystery to me is 22lr bulk packs. They surely are producing them. Where are they going?

            I can theorize all the other stuff and make sense of it, but, 22lr? I’m not short, by any means, but, my son and I burn through about 500 rounds ever couple of months. The last bulk pack he dumped in the tupperware container I said, “This is it! We’re officially in conservation mode.” I’ve still got 5,000 rounds but when you can’t replace it, it kind of bothers me as I see my stock shrinking without any chance of replenishing. I can make everything else if I can get the bullets (some of which I can make). But, 22lr is as scarce as feathers on a rabbit’s butt!

        • Right on! Hornady is selling to all. You, those would do you harm, all. And they are doing it out of a sense of fair play and the goodness of their hearts. You pay an ammo manufacturer to protect yourself, and criminals have ammo the ammo manufacturer was paid for and will attempt to shoot you with that ammo. All sides now have guns and ammo, talk about fair play.

          • You’re right, Joe, let’s hear your plan to solve the matter and get the guns and ammo from the hands of criminals. You know, some of that ‘common sense gun contol’ you seem to want.

            Let us know if your plan involves you suiting up and going in the projects to confiscate it….

            Or is it just more of the same old crap affecting honest citizens, instead?

          • encjoe says ” All sides now have guns and ammo, talk about fair play” (Sarcasm) No Joe, fair play is only when the Government and the Criminals have guns and ammo. How silly can Hornady be when they even sell to us Law Abiding citizens. Joe you are just so intelligent! Trekker Out.

          • Joe, the problem is that when you restrict ammo or guns, you only restrict it to private citizens. The government always exempts itself, so they get to keep theirs and the crooks don’t obey the law, so they are exempt.

            Your sarcastic remark above only proves your ignorance. There are two ways to stop the carnage.

            1) Take all the guns (I do mean *ALL* of them) from everyone.

            That would fix it. Oh, wait! What about granny? Now she can’t pull her .380 and drive off the thugs that can whip the shit out of her without breaking a sweat and steal/rape/kill her.

            But, wait! Its impossible anyway! While you and I might turn them in, the government will ALWAYS keep theirs and the crooks, well, they’re just going to laugh. When you take the guns away from EVERYONE, EVERYONE is only you and it. So, #1 is IMPOSSIBLE to implement and, even if you could, granny still gets a raw deal.

            2) Let everyone who wants a gun have one.

            Guess what! This already works! Areas where this takes place the crime rate is FAR lower. Its low for a couple of reasons. 1) A crook never knows if he’s gonna catch some lead if he does the wrong thing. 2) Individuals are empowered. This makes them less vulnerable and less willing to bend over. (…and this, my friends, is why Das Government *HATES* firearms: empowered individuals won’t so easily stand for bend-over taxes and bullshit laws.)

            So, Joe, in summary: SCREW YOU! You’re not working in reality. Try doing a little thinking next time before spouting off.

            “A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

            Many dumbasses have tried to twist the meaning of the above. But, they always miss the mark.

            “Militia” – What is the militia? It it all of the people. In fact, many state constitutions define the militia as all the people aged 17 to 45 years and others if they wish to volunteer. But, it doesn’t matter, because it doesn’t say you have to be in the militia to have the right to keep and bear arms. But, a properly operating militia would not be very “regular” if they didn’t have arms.

            “Well Regulated” – Operating normally, regularly. See, used to “to regulate” didn’t mean “to restrict” or “to modify”, it meant to make sure something operated normally. The term “regulate” in today’s language means, litterally to “irregulate”.

            “the right” … “shall not be infringed” – Any licensing, taxing or irregulation *IS* *INFRINGEMENT* in any sense of the word. What part of “shall not be infringed” do they not understand?

            “keep and bear arms” – To have them, stock pile them and carry, use them. …and it says ARMS!!! DAMMIT! That means any arms. Not small arms. Not just muzzle loaders or muskets. ALL ARMS. Cannons. Bombs. Tanks. Rifles. Mortars. *IT* *MEANS* *ALL* *ARMS* …and any one that ever hints that it does not is, unabashedly, not reading and comprehending english.

            The one law of the land that indicates that you have an UNLIMITED RIGHT to have, carry and use arms in an unlimited fashion (whithin common law, of course) is broken with impunity over and over and over and over by state, local and federal governments.


            IT IS NOT.


            So, Joe, are you still an idiot or do you understand yet?

            • If I aint mistaken, the ONLY place in all our founding documents that the words “Necessary” and “Security” can be found or read is IN the 2nd ammendt!!!!

      10. USAWatchdog.com

        This winter–COLLAPSE, WORSE THAN GREAT DEPRESSION. (Interview with Dr.Paul Craig Roberts– sec. treasury under Reagan), At his website, under heading, US is lawless state. (video)

        • Forrest, I hope he is wrong.

        • There’s an alert on Steve Quayle that seems to coincide with this only it states Oct. 1st as the possible starting date. Look up alerts and see story titled Foreign troops preparing….part of me hopes they are wrong and part of me doesn’t.

          Here’s the link:


      11. Paul Craig Roberts – Official Homepage


        The Two Faux Democracies Threaten Life On Earth Paul Craig Roberts Amitai Etzioni has raised an important question: “Who authorized preparations for war …
        Articles & Columns – Assault On Gold Update – The Assault On Gold – Interview

      12. Hmmmm, Could WE be looking at an “ammo based currency” in the near future? Gun availability is getting better. (okay, some calibers/designs are still on back order)

        A gun without ammo is a car without gas. I don’t believe we have seen the end of the possibilities related to ammo shortages…nor can IT be accurately predicted as yet.

        I am repeating myself, but I believe it was Tappen that predicted “when a .22LR cartridge is approaching (back then) $1.00/round, TSHTF moment has arrived.

        “Some” will still say “it is a ploy by ammo/gun manufacturers” to reap “big oil” type profits. Let us check the stock portfolios of Crimegress and the White House…if THEY are holding “heavy hands” of said stocks, then maybe the theory has merit.

        I doubt it!

        • Don’t know about an ammo based currency, but when I saw the prices being paid for .22 last spring it got my attention. Ammo has a long shelf life. Doesn’t hurt to pick up common calibers when it available and reasonable in price.

          Also, magazines are in stock again. If you had any regrets about not picking some up earlier this could be one of your last opportunities. Or not. Up to you. I clearly remember Cheaper Than Dirt asking $99 for a USGI 30 round magazine last winter.

          • Obtuse

            I have not forgotten their gouging and their brief decision to stop sales.
            Hornady is being straight forward about their actions.
            CTD reacted without balls and then jammed their hands in a fearful pocket.


            • CTD will not get anymore of my business. After Sandy Hook, they stopped selling guns altogether. Then the ammo they sold was the highest of any retailer I seen. They suck

          • Obtuse, I have a Bersa .22LR pistol I bought last Christmas. Only one magazine came with it and the dealer only had 3 extra mags in stock at the time which I bought. Been looking everywhere for more mags since then. Not even Bersa has had mags in stock since then. would be nice to have some extras. I’ll try again. braveheart

            • My Walther PPK/S .22LR came with one magazine. Dealer had 0 extras and have not been able to find more.

              • Shootit, I went to Bersa’s website last night and now they have them in stock for the first time all this year. I tried to order 3 and they said only 1 mag per customer. BS! I’ll look somewhere else. braveheart

                • Better get the one now if you need it…

          • Still shooting plenty of Rem .22 with the old “Kleanbore” logo on the box.

            • I’m tired of the ammo retailers over charging for shipping. They give you a 3-5 box limit and then charge $20 for shipping. I worked at UPS and it maybe costs they 1/4 of that to ship something. At my previous job our company made bank over charged customers for shipping and handling. We had to tell people it was the cost of boxes and packaging. BS

      13. Just read this on Yahoo article below that 79% of ALL Americans are face either no work or near poverty. Yet helicopter ben baboon and BO and especially the MSM poisons our airwaves on how much better it is and how economic recovery, full recovery is just around the corner. Remember this was very similar despair right now to the conditions before World War 2.

        A MUST read for everyone: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/exclusive-4-5-us-face-175906005.html

        • 79% of ALL Americans are face either no work or near poverty

          Then where is all this money coming from to buy guns and ammo? Seems like other things should have a higher priority, like, I don’t know, food.

          • Food? No worries Joe, Obombya has that covered through food stamps…….so you can save your hard earned hand outs to buy other stuff, like ammo!

            • And make extra folding money by packing your EBT purchases in handy 55 gallon plastic barrels and shipping it to your buds back home in (Haiti, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico).

          • 79% of Americans face no work or poverty? 98.3% of your statistics are lies.

            Where’s the money coming from? We call it a job out here, maybe you’ve heard of such.

      14. I am having a problem finding precision long range bullets and specific powders long range shooters use. I can’t find 308 175 gr SMK, 208gr AMAX, or 338 250gr SMK bullets. I have gave up all competition shooting this year as well so I won’t burn up a lot of my stock. The major factors I see to this ammo problem is gougers and flippers.

        • You my friend bring up the next most common round being forgotten in this mix. 308 /7.62 is the one common round that is the equalizer to out of control gov/LEO, and yet I should believe this is not a conspiracy?


        • FOTF, Midway had the 175gr. SMK bullets 100/500 if you’re reloading but they were limited. That was as of yesterday the 28th.

        • @ faith.. on your 338, use 200 grain bullets instead of the 250. there is alot more out there in that weight. I now use it in my 35 Newton loads @ about 3100fps.

      15. WHAT !!! ;0p


        ‘HORNADAY BASTARDO’S … yur’ muthur makes luv to the desert cactus’s on the full moon nights and howls as a bwiatch dawg in heat’ ;0p

        ;0( No more Hornady .45-70 Lever Revolution Ammo


        ‘I know what i’m stocking up on tomorrow , a few hundred more rounds of .45-70 ammo.’

        ‘MUST HAVE ‘MOUR’ .45-70 AMMO’

        this sucks …


        IT’S THE END !


        • You can reload .45/70 for $1.50 a round with new brass, then $0.63 a round thereafter. The brass will last forever, not bottlenecked.

          • REALLY !?


            Tank’s a Bunch @Smokey , i was thinking it was time to get out the straight razor and start cutting .

            i gotta have my Hornaday Lever Revolution .45-70 Ammo for my .45-70 Baby Boom-Stick .

            love shooting it , it’s my Bug-Out Boom-Stick(rifle) of choice .

            i was just joking by the way . ;0)

            GREAT TIP THOUGH @Smokey , that’s why i love my .45-70 Guide Gun , beats a AR or AK any day of the week in the woods .


            • .45/70 is my favorite classic American cartridge, next to .22 Hornet.

              • hey @Smokey … Respect .

                just curious if i was lookin to purchase a .22 hornet firearm

                purdy please

                what do you suggest ?

                make model and why ?

                thank you .

                N.O. ;0p

                • I’m partial to the Ruger No. 1 or No. 3, but they cost an arm and two legs. The Ruger 77/22 Hornet is a 6-round bolt gun, very accurate, you can get them with a scope for half the cost of the Ruger single shots.

                  Also the Savage Model 25, nice bolt gun, about $500, and there are the H&R and New England break-open single shots for about $250, they are quite nice little rifles and not to be sneered at.

                  I’ve used all the above, they are all good. I own the Ruger 77/22 now, it’s a tack driver. Ammo is decently priced and you can reload it for fifteen cents a round.

                  You can get some pretty fancy bolt rifles in .22 Hornet, it was popular 1930-date, in USA and Europe, so lots of nice German and Czech rifles out there if you ever win the lottery.

                • Nino, there’s a pre-64 Win Model 70 .22 Hornet on gunbroker but the current bid is over 2K I believe.

                  • I second the Ruger #1, I have a #1v in .223 very accurate , also the ruger 77/22 is also available in 22 hornet, I can vouch for that I have the 22 varmint model great gun.
                    if you are looking for an oldie classic The old Springfield US model sporter bolt actions were converted to 22 hornet and appear time to time on the used market . 22 hornet is very easy to reload for and 1 pound of powder last a long time. 45-70 an old time classic can you say Shilo Sharps! The grand daddy of varmint guns!

                    Semper Fi 8541

                • I will go cut in half a 22 hornet rifle in your honor. Rather see one destroyed then see you get your way.

                  • i am with you facebook

                    no way NINAO is ever smart enough to own a gun let alone use it proper

                    sure wish some one would find the home of this nut bag so the local PD could be alerted
                    also a way to protect any children in the area from its reach

      16. Keep buying ammo.

      17. I just can’t come up with any reasonable logics with what is going on anymore. I am not familiar with manufacturing processes, inventory etc.. but I guess that leads to my lack of trust not believing what anyone is saying anymore including Hornady. Maybe John Hornady is right…I am sure and hope he is telling the truth but again I just can’t understand the logic here. Are people buying these popular rounds? Are the scumbag businesses buying them and then increase the profit margin by 400-500%? Is DHS asking Hornady to produce 1M rounds of 5.56, 40, 9, 00buck each every month? I need the truth and I am sure I can’t handle the truth.

      18. Hornady,
        We ask only one thing of you. While you are backlogged, please do not make or sell any ammunition or components of any kind to the federal government or its representatives.
        1.6 BILLION rounds is all they could ever need.

      19. With increases in demand and stock values of gun manufactures going skyhigh it makes one wonder if congress did some inside trading? Create a gun scare and reep the profits. Just like the cattle futures Hillery made so much on.


      20. I think we need to deal with the stupid fucker at the corner desk.

        • @face book page, you are nothing but a troll, everybody on this site knows it. Occasionally Someone will have a come back to make a point, most just laugh at you, not with you. you always have a comment about Ninao’s comments, yet I havent ever seen you, along with others been able to repute his statement.I have Dealt with your kind my hole live you are nothing more than a PUNK and nuisance.
          Go play with your friends your age, by,by.

          • NONE. As in NOT ONE of Ninao’s comments have anything to do with the article that was posted. The comments should be in regard to the article. Ninao’s comments are predominately I HATE JEWS! and have NOTHING to do with the SHTFplan article.

            • And those have been deleted. Along with the HUNDREDS of others like them (albeit sometimes on a delayed basis due to the nature of the commenting system).

              • I dunno Mac, i like this site, lots of good links and most of the regulars are like a family and friends of a sort,
                Thumbs up bud!
                Some folks are just too heavy on stuff.

                • I agree Kula, and the moderators try to stay on top of it… One of the really great things about the comment areas are the articles/videos/information that are shared… but like you said, sometimes it’s just way to heavy or way off topic for this particular web site or subject matter.

                  I thank you for your regular visits and sharing your knowledge.


                  • Mac,

                    You’re doing a great job and provide a wonderful place for the sharing of information and ideas to help further all of our preparedness goals.

                    Thank you again.

                  • I also like the “real time” updates on things like Kula’s weather and how things are in our local areas Things we are seeing and experiencing. Like Braveheart I have been here a year next week and find this site helpful and encouraging. I do miss some of the regulars like Zoltanne, Daisy, Okie when they are not here. But I try and learn from all of you, even the “gun toteing” guys. Thanks Mac and all.

                    • Meant to say BI, this stupid tablet makes me sooooooo mad sometimes!

                  • Thanks Mac,
                    I feel like i should just keep my thoughts to myself most of the time but just cant help myself! Bi is the guy who has real knowledge, Love the interaction though, all the personalities and different geographic locations of the folks on the site and the various articles make it amusing to check in throughout the day when taking a break from work, or whatever other nonsense is under way around here, its funny when people make derogatory comments and say to get a life, i know for sure I have a life, its nice to take a break from it once in a while and vent!

                  • Thanks Mac,
                    I feel like i should just keep my thoughts to myself most of the time but just cant help myself! Bi is the guy who has real knowledge, Love the interaction though, all the personalities and different geographic locations of the folks on the site and the various articles make it amusing to check in throughout the day when taking a break from work, or whatever other nonsense is under way around here, its funny when people make derogatory comments and say to get a life, i know for sure I have a life, its nice to take a break from it once in a while and vent!

                • The insanity can bring out the worst in some, I know its got me knotted up a time or two

              • Well then, I’ll say it–is NINAO stupid??

                Why continue this path with brambles and bushes in it??

                • JayJay: now, now lets see…all of you speak well of Mac..Ok I get it. But woe unto you prissy boys who everyone speaks well of. You’ll have nice sterile website that benefits no one. You will see I’m right if the present attitudes continue…this will be just another feel good website…ho hummmmmmm. I like the Jesus way…stick it to them.

                  • You TOTALLY sure the Jesus YOU pray to is not Satan (The spirit of all tha destroys) in disguise, RR?

                    – The Lone Ranger

                    • Lone Ranger: Road Runner, may be speaking of bible verses which Christ teaches us to “reprove and Rebuke” by useing “Discernment”. To be the Salt and Light of the earth, which is what christianity is supposed to be.

                      Then we must like salt, Preserve whats good and Godly. Sometimes that entails use of discernemnt to distinguish what actually is going on that is not good or Godly, and who it is responsible for doing such. Then reproveing and rebuking comes in to play as the method to try and correct it, as the “Light” so we then can Preserve goodness etc as the “Salt”.

                      Christ Nor the new testement teaches us to Like everybody and compromise with all forms of everything and anything to “get along” with everyone else. Thats a Cop Out attitude. Christ was the Major UN compromizer in His days here. Thats why the pharisee rabbis and jew followers they controled Hated Christ so badly. He refuse to Compromize with evil or ungodly actions or ideas etc.

                      Such mass compromizeing the last 50 yrs in usa Is why today we have Ungodly, compromizing’s with what Liberal Kommies calls “Moral Relativity” aka if feels good do it, and whatever You thinks right then Thats fine…No…It…IS..NOT! at least its Not fine if You consider self a christian.

            • Good point, that racial crap gets to be a bit much, life isnt so black and white, lots of shades of grey!

            • @Big mouth swelled up,I’ll atmit Ninao been Agressive lately, my comment was directed toward facebook page with his atacks against Ninao. I dont care attacking anybody on this site with out cause is childish,

            • Big Mouth: good moniker, your a total douche bag. Most comments will deviate from the article…get a life. You just blew some hot air up my ass…you are full of yourself moron.

            • Most of his articles have a lot to do with what has happened in the past and unless everyone smartens up, history will repeat itself. But that’s okay, live and not learn.

      21. It wastes time when you have to switch a machine over to make a different product. It’s more profitable to keep it running 24/7 making the same ammo.

        • It would only takes a few hours to retool a cnc mill to run a different caliber unless you are starting a program from scratch and need to debug your program and hand program the tools one by one.Even then it would only be a day or two max for a decent programmer/engineer and that’s if you run into a load of glitches.otherwise one shift can do a complete change out easy.I am sure They have all the caliber programs they make stored and can just pop in said program and specified tools in the turret and run a test and QC it and then turn and burn…then its just a matter of the operator changing inserts and bits as they dull throughout the shift.its not brain surgery.

          • The machines that make bullet jackets, form bullets, and assemble ammo ain’t CNC. You shut ’em down, swap out dies, run a few hundred to check adjustments on the new dies, readjust and run a few hundred more, readjust and run a few hundred more, etc., etc. Been there, done that, wore out the T-shirt years ago.

      22. I passed up a nice Swedish Mauser last week as it’s a new caliber for me and my minimum stock is 500 rounds. Hope to see another this year, though, 6.5mm bullets seem to be available. Guess I’ll find some dies and brass and go for it.

        Reloading 16 calibers now, what’s one more, eh?

        Hornady brass is very good, but a bit pricey. Prvi Partisan is a good choice for the common rounds, or Sellier & Belloit. Buy loaded rounds and you’ve got your brass and a bang for the price of Hornady. Get your uncommon needs from Hornady, though.

        • Agree with the Prvi Partisan in 7.62×39. Watch out for the S&B in .410, it swells up and won’t hardly come out of my Judge after firing. Winchester .410 works fine. Trying metal .410 cases next.

          • What a blast that Judge is. Stepson just bought one. Those 410s had more kick than I thought they would in a revolver.

        • For uncommon and obsolete brass try Buffalo Arms in Sanpoint Id. they are on the net.

      23. Get it when you can. Maybe trade some you have a lot of for some you don’t. Reloading equipment is out there but the brass,bullets and primers are rare. follow your wallet!

      24. “A Government of Wolves” by John Whitehead. Worth a look. Seen this guy on Huckabee.

      25. Ever passing thru Nebraska, and have time, stop at Hornady and take the tour. You will not be disappointed.

        On another note, the new 17 hornet round is my new favorite, shoots holes clean thru 3/16ths mild steel. Not sure why that is useful, but great fun 🙂

        • Doug, who ever said our firearms had to be useful?

      26. Mac Slavo, As hard as you work to build this site you are going to have (allow) one guy ruin it? If you were a restaurant owner, and had a drunk obnoxious customer who sat at the bar hurling insults at your guests, you would surely do something. If you cared about staying in business, that is.

        You are either a fool for allowing this to continue or a willing participant in the demise of your site. Which I guess makes you a fool either way.

        • Our moderation (manual and automated) unfortunately can’t catch everything that comes through. We do our best, but things do slip by. As a secondary measure we’ve added the community thumbs up/down feature, which after a certain amount of DOWN votes will ‘hide’ comments.

          This web site handles thousands of comments weekly and we do what we can to ensure open and civil discourse.

          Thanks for your concern, your comment and for visiting.


          • You sure “catch” enough of my comments and do not post them. Bottom line is NO rebuttals of your favorite son are allowed.

            And that thumbs disclaimer is totally intellectually dishonest.

            • Your comments are not being posted for good reason — the last 30 comments you have posted have all been derogatory in nature and add absolutely no value to the conversation. They are not rebuttals to anything — and given the wide array of opinions in the community areas I feel it is safe to say ‘favoritism’ has nothing to do with it.

              99% of comments coming through our system are approved because they do add value to the conversation or topic, oftentimes even if they are not directly on topic.

              If you don’t like the fact that we refuse to allow your “Jew Bashing” (in the form of scores of comments daily) I’d suggest you head to a different web site or start your own.

              It’s honestly frustrating and time consuming sorting through all the BS comments you and others like you have been attempting to post as of late. Please don’t waste your time or ours, as all future comments posted by you will be deleted if they add no value to this web site or the conversation.


              • Kudos to Mac for putting up with all that sheit. Thanks you Mac for what you do !

          • @MAC

            are you serious

            that was a great story

            and it is TRUE !


            you people deserve the country you have .

            enjoy being GOYIM (SLAVES) TO THE JEWS !


              • Ninao: they don’t give a shit that the Jews slaughtered 60,000,000 human beings in the Ukraine, destroyed Christians by the bucket-loads, set up Hitler, Stalin, Mao…destroyed America, own the world, produced the Talmud etc etc etc…let them all go to hell bud…they deserve each other. None of them has any depth of knowledge just their brains on the ZOG virus. The blind leading the blind my friend. Satan’s playground and synagogue. Hide yourself till the pit be dug for the ignorant and insane. God have mercy on them because they beat the air. Jesus Christ will appear to your joy and their terror. They will continue to shove your face into their filth until its all over dude!

                • Whoops! Mac, here’s one that slipped through the filter !

              • Thanks Ninao, so sad…hope this doesn’t happen here.

            • Ninao: evidently Mac is listening to his constituency…ZOG . Gotta slow down that guy he is out of control. Catch a lot of FLIES with HONEY…Lord them flies is everywhere. Once censoring starts there is no end to it. They just want you to go away or play nice. I’m not speaking of perverted shit but truth being censored.

            • “There are people who are generic. They make generic responses and they expect generic answers. They live inside a box and they think people who don’t fit into their box are weird. But I’ll tell you what, generic people are the weird people. They are like genetically-manipulated plants growing inside a laboratory, like indistinguishable faces, like droids. Like ignorance.” –C. JoyBell C.

        • 1) why does anyone read his crap
          2) why don’t all just scroll past
          3) his posts are easily recognized with those caps and ZOG every other sentence and by just ignoring and NOT acknowledging implies he is wasting his time and that will send him away lots faster than complaining

          Ever ignore a 3-year-old misbehaving?? Even a 3-year-old knows to quit when not getting attention!! 🙂

        • Gee, sounds like you want to censor others, squelch free expression if it is not your liking. You and comrade Obama have something in common.

          • Joe… READ. JJ wrote ignore. Not Censor.. sf. I Ignore most of Nino’s rants, but read alot of his links as they have alot of facts and some truth. He trys to inform while you are definitely a troll.

      27. Not to hijack this thread…
        But do you think the elite are planning a massive crop failure?
        Think about it… It’s always about money.
        So maybe they are buying up all the food companies..then they will engineer a food collapse with monsanto. Then jack the price of food up.

        Seems a depopulation is in order…we’re hitting 8 billion souls.

        The next time you are in a massive stadium…look around and then mentally figure out how much fresh water, oil and infastructure it takes to feed everyone.


        • @2nd-

          There is def something afoul with the current seed companies and you might want to check out this chart. It needs updated but gives you an idea how far the controllers are going to push this. Het all the Non-GMO heirloom seeds you can, and store them well!

        • Hey 2nd says,

          Yes, but it’s MUCH MUCH more than the planning of a massive crop failure.

          First, they planned over 20-years ago to modify genetic PERFECTION = the food that GOD had FIRST created! (We’re talking modification here, NOT making hybrids of crops).

          Second, they INTRODUCED those modified seeds/food– known to cause cancers and tumors and everything else– into our food chain and food supply.

          Third, I’m convinced they use the HAARP machine to modify and change weather to bring about crop failures.

          LASTLY, if you go to http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com, you can read where Jesus Himself tells Maria to store up seeds [non-gmo] before they cannot be bought anymore.

          The overall larger CONTEXT, though, to answer your question, is this: as I posted before, when the shit hits the fan it will not HIT the fan, it will DESTROY it!

          My friends, the “fan” is you and me and all our loved ones. The “fan” is humanity.

          “Because Master Bruce, there are some men who just enjoy watching cities burn.”

          Remember that line from the recent Batman film?

          Because there ARE people in our world, sadly, who use their (fake or pseudo) power to control and destroy those, who like us, are also God-fearing, honest, and hard working people. They (= the Destroyers) do NOT fear God, they LIE, and, they are LAZY– lazy at being AUTHENTIC, lazy at TRULY Loving others!

          At http://www.johnleary.com and http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com we learn the following:

          – great (more) evils are about to befall our world very soon;

          – the antichrist is soon to be announced or take prominence in our world;

          – God desires EVERY person to avail her/himself to His Divine Mercy;

          – there is likely going to be a collapse of all currencies worldwide;

          – there is likely going to be a reciprocated nuclear war where whole nations will become annihilated;

          – those who take the Mark of the Beast will hear voices, be controlled, and be consigned to hell;

          – Jesus will prompt us before, during, or after the declaration of Martial Law to invoke our Guardian Angel and then leave for His Refuge Places– His Angels will protect us while traveling and render us not visible to evil doers;

          – Jesus will work great miracles at this time;

          – Those who share their food will see it replenished, those who do not will see it depleted;

          – the false prophet will soon announce the elimination of the Consecration of the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ in order to bring about one world religion which will essentially worship the Beast = the Antichrist;

          – When the Beast assumes power, Bibles will be outlawed (to be honest, that took a while for me to believe but I believe it now).

          Note: a recent Alert at http://www.stevequayle.com provided a source who said that Chinese will enter through California and by the Fall at least 15,000 Russian soldiers will be in our country.

          My friends, speaking as a great sinner myself (I ain’t been no saint), the time to get right with God is NOW, not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, not next season, but NOW!

          Great evil is about to befall us, and at http://www.johnleary.com and http://www.thewarningsecondcoming.com we can learn about the greatest protection of all: GOD’S protection, SPIRITUAL protection.

          Connect the dots.

          Connect the dots.

          Connect the dots.

          Having guns and ammo is wonderful, it really is. It’s GOOD to trust in such things for protection. But if you want ULTIMATE protection, then, I encourage you to spend SOME time at those two websites to learn how you can avoid the soon to come food shortages as well as microchipped soldiers under the command of the beast.

          I know, I know– this all sounds crazy, like a script for an epic movie.

          But it is happening as you read this.

          All you have to do is spend a minimum of 5-7 minutes in complete silence PRAYING about all of this and then just “LISTEN” to what you feel and discern. There is so much “noise” that we lose touch with the Spirit within us.

          Good versus Evil.

          The ULTIMATE Battle.

          That ultimate battle has ALREADY begun and will intensify VERY soon. Read those two sites if you want to, to learn more.

          Why else do we mark out coins, “In God we trust”? Connect the dots. All of them.

          God bless EACH of you!

          – The Lone Ranger

          • Lone Ranger: you are steeped in Catholic delusion, allusion, deception and falsehoods. You are too far gone to admonish or reprove…your Mariolatry, Catholic Idolatry, Priest worship, Saints, Holy Places, Levitical Ritual all horseshit and will profit you nothing. Jesus and the prophets warned you but evidently you piss on those warning, you piss against the wall and think you are a saint praying to the dead! What is the chaff to the wheat…nothing but deceivers.

            • 1- Road Runner, it’s sad that you can’t HANDLE the truth, even when it’s spelled out in BLACK and WHITE– so CONNECT THE DOTS!!!!

              So you engage in name calling, so I guess you are a politician paid for by our taxes, because that’s exactly what politicians do: name call. By the way, I am very aware of my sinfulness and I just might be the biggest sinner who ever came to SHTFplan.com.

              But can’t you think of at least ONE thing that is COGENT to say?

              Or are you allergic to the FACTS? The facts of GMO food, disease-laden vaccinations that kill kids and give them autism, and other stuff I mentioned?

              The truth is SO scary to you that you fingers type out tons of denial on your keyboard.

              I put a lotta love into what I write but you remind me of the Muppets, you know those old men in the balcony that would always say humbug? lol

              That’s ok, I’d still have a beer with you anyway (even though I don’t drink, I might make an exception for ya) 🙂

              2- Jay Jay, thank you for reminding me of your piece of the Truth, I appreciate it!

              “One person who speaks the truth constitutes a majority of one.” – Henry Thoreau

              “I might be despicable but when Truth speaks through me, I am invincible.” – Gandhi

              Sinfully yours,
              The Lone Ranger


              • Lone Ranger: giddy up that thar hos youse ride, his giddy up is about gone. Everything you print is garbled and a mixture of worldly philosophy…a cacophony. The only dots you connect are another god, another Christ and look it up what Paul says about that! True Christians will pick up on it right away! You are blinded to it. You and Jay Jay have worn out your horses. There ain’t no second chance bucko…you are either his at his coming or you are royally screwed dude! I do not see one scriptural truth in all the huhbub you write. No depth of understanding nor any critical thinking. Vain philosophies and deceits of men! Ghandi, give me a break, he sure as hell is not my role model for spirituality and truth. That sucker is eternally lost… he had his chance. Once to live then…Judgment! Better pray that Jesus Christ knows who you are, I have my doubts because his sheep know his voice and another they will not follow!

                • Hey RR,

                  You are definitely lost my friend: your lostness makes you come across as closed, closed-minded, unable to empathize, and mentally/spiritually lazy, if that makes any sense.

                  But that’s ok, because I do not consider myself better than you in any way, shape, or form.

                  Peace, brother!

                  – The Lone Ranger


          • Lone Ranger–you know you are preaching to the choir here.
            Most here are spiritual, we are believers, and we do pray for the souls of those not.
            But, even those, as I read Luke 21, get a second chance when Jesus makes his appearance.
            ‘May love be the light that guides us through the darkness.’

            • JayJay: Check This Out!

              JESUS WAS NOT A Jew
              Benjamin H. Freedman, Jewish Historian – Researcher – Scholar.
              From “Common Sense”, p. 2-1-53 and 5-1-59

              “Christians have been duped by the unholiest hoax in all history, by so-called Jews. This is considered their most effective weapon.”

              “This ‘big lie’ technique is brainwashing United States Christians into believing that Jesus Christ was “King of the Jews”, in the sense that so-called ‘Jews’ today call themselves ‘Jews’. This reference was first made in English translations of the Old and New Testaments, centuries before the so-called Jews highjacked the word ‘Jew’ in the 18th century A.D. to palm themselves off on the Christian world as having a kinship with Jesus Christ. This alleged kinship comes from the myth of their common ancestry with the so-called ‘Jews’ of the Holy Land in the Old Testament history, a fiction based on fable.”

              “The historic existence of the Khazar kingdom of so-called “Jews”, their rise and fall, the permanent disappearance of the Khazar kingdom as a nation from the map of Europe, and how King Bulan and the Khazar nation in about 740 A.D. became so-called “Jews” by conversion, were concealed from American Christians by censorship imposed by so-called “Jews”, of historic Khazar ancestry, upon all U.S.A. media of mass communications directed by them. Then in 1945 this author gave nation-wide publicity to his many years intensive research into the “facts of life” concerning Khazars. The disclosures were sensational and very effective but apparently angered so-called “Jews” who have continued to vent their spleen upon this author since then solely for that reason. Since 1946 they have conducted a vicious smear campaign against him, seeking thus to further conceal these facts, for obvious reasons. What have they to fear from the truth?

              “In an original 1903 edition of the Jewish Encyclopedia in New York’s Public Library, and in the Library of Congress, Volume IV, pages 1 to 5 inclusive, appears a most comprehensive history of the Khazars. Also in the New York Public Library are 327 books by the world’s greatest historians and other sources of reference, in addition to the Jewish Encyclopedia, dealing with Khazar history, and written between the 3rd A.D. and 20th centuries by contemporaries of the Khazars and by modern historians on that subject.”
              READ the Entire Article for Factual proof etc at:


              • Them Guys: everyone should listen to this series of audios by Freedman (a real Jewwww folks) especially the ones about WWII and how we were duped and screwed by Zionist Occupied Government, by AIPAC, BY ADL, B’nai B’rith, by Israel by the Zionist leaders of the Western World, By the Bank of London and the Rothschilds…

        • I would doubt you, but today I read that Monsanto bought the largest commercial mercenary outfit in the world, (the one that used to be Blackwater), so no even I wondere.

      28. What are the odds Ninao and Mac are one and the same person?


        • ZERO.


          • Thank you Mac for limiting the stupid comments I have to read from Ninao. I’m not a Jew but don’t hate them either. It gets old reading post after post of crap. Much appreciation!!

        • We’re not to sure about you…

        • LOL–you must jest.
          The writing style alone answers your question.

      29. yeah that’s it @mac go ahead and censor me ya’ SELL OUT . i hope your kids enjoy bein’ GOY SLAVES TO THE NWO ZOG JEWS and their zionist global government !


        • Ninao, you know that every comment of value that you post is approved here…. We have approved hundreds of your comments over the years. But as mentioned, we cannot post the tens or hundreds of comments of yours here and maintain any level of conversation when it crosses the line of civil conversation. You’ve been here a long time, and I have repeatedly told you I respect much of the information you put out… some of it goes too far, especially when you repeat it over and over, and especially when every single comment in a string of 25 repeats the ZOG America and “Jew” related content. That’s all I’ll say on that — but I wanted to take the time today to make myself clear on what we will and will not approve.

          I appreciate you visiting. And I and the community appreciate much of the information you post as it is critical to the broader understanding of what is going on, but please understand that we have to limit some of your postings as it simply doesn’t add anything to the conversation.


          • thanks Mac

          • Mac: Very civil refutation Mac, however if you would please post articles once and a while other than what is tragically happening in America…articles that have some meat and not just veggies it might tone down Ninao’s comments and posts. Ninao obviously realizes the the posters here are not getting it. I for one appreciate his ruffling the feathers of these deadbeat, empty headed, frog croaking, sterile nin-com-poops. If you did that Mac civility would take on a new meaning here. I do appreciate your website and hope you can continue but we are in a war and some of this shit is not waking up anyone to the truth and reality of ZOG. When these idiots hear/see ZOG they go ballistic because they have been potty trained by propaganda to think ‘white supremacist’ by the Zionists news but that is not the reason…these guys have been fighting for truth for years and have been pissed on by the PC’s and spiritually ignorant. They realize they are making no headway among the brain dead and it can be very frustrating! All the blind will lead each other into the pit that ZOG has dug. Without knowing or having any understanding of how they got there and will shake their fist against heaven as the shit hits the fan. They will have no concept of Truth, of who the antichrist, false prophet, whore, image, or beast is. They will die in their sins as they worship this beast. Mac the way you are responding will destroy truth on your board. There is a depth of understanding that you are not grasping and you need to grasp it. Whether you know it or not you are declaring yourself to all even if you do not realize it. The road gets narrower and narrower the more we adhere to truth.

        • Why not just start your own blog site???

          • It would be very lonely.

        • Censoring you on this site means that we’ll all be slaves before the day is out?

          Gee, pat yourself on the back much? Just a little full of yourself aren’t you?

      30. Mac

        Seems some of the natives are restless as of late..

        Not everything in life is a conspiracy by the ptb nor the jews,anglos.or other nationalities nor the ammo/gun manufacturers..some, but not all!

        I’ll leave out the central banksters..

        Thank you for clarifying your position on all this..


        • Possee, I think we are all a bit restless, and I certainly understand why folks are fired up and why they feel compelled to share the info they have available to them.

          Sometimes it’s tough to strike a balance.. Again, 99% of the thousands of comments being posted here are approved… We make mistakes, yes, and not to sound like our Dear Leader, but the other 1% (or less) are deleted for the greater good… 🙂

          • Go, Mac, Go! Tell it like it is to the trolls. You also know I jump on the trolls myself on occasion. Oh, I forgot, July 17 was the first anniversary of my beginning to post on this site. I’ve been part of the SHTFPlan.com community for just over 1 year now and loving it. We have some really sharp people here. As everyone knows, I’m civil most of the time, but when trolls come along, its a different story. when they start attacking our community, I’m going to give them a dose of their own medicine, period! I will stand up for our community. I wouldn’t trade this place for anything else in the world. SHTFPlan.com ROCKS! braveheart

            • BH, thanks so much for your kind words, and Happy Anniversary!

              You’ve been a great person to have in our community and it’s folks like you that keep it interesting!

              Looking forward to more good times in the future!

              Thank you!


              • Mac, you’re most welcome, anytime! I just noticed ncjoe is back, but I’m ignoring him per BI’s and NP’s previous advice. However, all other trolls are still fair game. braveheart

            • The reason bh won’t trade his place here is he’s got no life to live save for the here and the bars.

              • Anonymous quit being anonymous. Sides are being declared, positions are being outed, fences built and the truth is being pilloried…declare thyself oh man!

          • I can relate to your efforts Mac, as I have mentioned before I help to moderate another site. Some people are just not going to get it.

            Thanks for all you do here.

            • Thanks Scout!

        • Possee: very ignorant post! Yea everyone built this hell hole dude…keep thinking that!

      31. I disagree with Hornady’s actions. They are going to produce ammo that can be used in the firearms of the Govt. of the Future FUSA. As such the FFUSA will buy it up to keep out of the hands of the citizenry, Big Sis may be gone but her tactics will remain.

        Instead they should ramp up production of calibers like 303 Brit., 7×57mm, 7.62×54mmR and .30-06 Springfield, so that those of us who have Lee-Enfields, Mausers, Mosin–Nagants and M1 Garands have access to new ammunition and are not forced to use reloads.

        Unlike the common calibers it would be hard for Obama’s shadow army i.e. FEMA/DHS/ICE et. cet. to justify to the budgeting authorities the buying, and stockpiling these calibers to do so would make it too obvious even to the lowest information Amerikans that they are using the government purse to create an ammo shortage.

        • They are going to buy 762×39 russian ammo now… Millions of rounds. There are alot of sks and ak’s in the USA. Prepare for round 2 (pun intended) of the ammo shortage. Keep in mind that the 762×39 and 762x54r shell is berdan primed and more than likely steel laquered or copper washed cases. this is very difficult to reload. Brass is available, but very expensive. I prefer most of the combat type rounds to be non reloadable as to avoid the temptation to pick up the brass in a “situation”. For range time, reloads are the way to go. In my opinion.

          • You can get Prvi Partisan or Sellier & Belloit in 7.62×39 and 7.62x54r, nice brass cases, and boxer primed. Not too expensive, so you get the brass and the bang.

            I quit buying non-reloadable surplus two years ago, just doing reloadable now.

            Unless, of course, that Romanian 8mm Mauser ever turns up again…

      32. Keep buying and keep training. Either way it’ll payoff.

      33. I for one think that Mac does a supreme job of allowing many, many comments through. I have been on other sites that you literally have to kiss the fat ass of the owner of the site to get a comment posted. I become extremely upset when I see something that is unfair or wrong, and I have been banned from other sites because I express myself to show why, and they call it bashing. Open debate over an issue is very healthy and allows others to see a point of view that they might not have thought of.

        Mac posts some pretty good articles here, and it is easy to agree with them and simply state my point of view and be honest about. When there is something that I might not argee with I say so. No censorship, just an open forum that lives and thrives off of differing opinions. 90% of others sites don’t even allow certain words or the whole comment is trashed. Other totally retarded sites don’t even allow someone to link a story that others would find interesting or even something that could be life or death. Again it is too much effort for the other site owners to okay the safety of the link so a computer virus is not spread to everyone or it is some disgusting site. Mac spends much time to make sure these are safe for everyone so when you go to the link your computer doesn’t all of a sudden crash, even with an Anti-Virus safeguard.

        This site is so free in comparison to so many other sites that you have to brown nose the article to get a comment approved. I was so disliked for my comments in which I was trying to help the owner of the site’s wife from future health problems that I was not even allowed to rank the quality of any of the articles from 1 to 10. My IP address was red flagged and censored for everything. This is the difference between Mac whom practices what he preaches in regards to freedom, and the difference with other sites in which the owners are that of a giant fat dickhead or asshead that is a total hypocrite to what they advocate about freedom and how much they hate government censorship.

        Those whom feel that Mac is becoming some censorhip driven person should check out the other “worthless” sites out there that should never have a comment section or any type of feedback because they filter out anything that is not totally kissing up to their web site, the owner, and their sponsors. This is the way this terrible world has become, people thrive on patronizing and horseshitting your way around. Bull shit has become the new normal to the truth. Everyone should be grateful for sites like this that offer so much freedom, like it should be. So much political correctness poisons the communications of the world. Everyone would sorely miss the openness of what is allowed here should the feds ever shut everything down. So often too many only appreciate something when it is gone.

        • Be informed— you said it for me, thanks

          SHTFplan is one of the last bastions of free thought
          and our 1st Amendment right to speak an open mind.
          Mac the Knife cuts through all the gov bullshit.
          My hats off to all here that embrace this concept.

        • BI, AMEN! I’m with you all the way! There’s not one forum anywhere more open than SHTFPlan.com. there’s always something interesting here. This is my community. Anyone who f#$%s with my community will pay a price for their action. BTW, I noticed ncjoker is back, but I’m ignoring him per yours and NP’s previous advice. braveheart

        • Be Informed: what you state is very true and we are all grateful to MAC…but what you say is only the beginning of the road we are on. When men refuse to grow and become ‘groupies’ it is on a downward spiral. Give me a good opinionated man who can back up what he says with facts and truth, I will respect that man and take a good look at myself if he disagrees with me. I did not arrive at the opinions I have today without being challenged. When we start this ‘feel good’ shit we are all doomed and its downhill slide into perdition. The crowd is always wrong…think about it…rule by the majority bullshit!

      34. Looks like a simple business decision, not a conspiracy, to me. This happened back in 2008, too, and it took a year to get the ammo stream back to normal. This time it’s even worse, and will take all of 2013 and much of 2014.

        It’s getting better out there, the stores do have ammo to sell now. Eventually the scalpers will run out of money and cease to deplete the shelves.

        I read last week the industry makes less than one box of .22LR for each gun owner in the US, so it wouldn’t take too many people buying up full cases to where it would disappear.

      35. I dont like Nina OP, but I have read some of the links he has provided. I would hope that he can self Moderate enough to continue to contribute.

        • Mr. Idaho: go self moderate yourself…road to hell has great intentions.

      36. I for one truly appreciate the site, the forum, the personal touches Mac adds to the articles, most people here and the vast information I have gleaned from most of your comments.

        I’ve always said if its an off topic troll just take out the trash…don’t have a debate with the garbage, you lose, troll wins the second you comment. Just thumbs down and keep reading.

        Keep it up Mac and if anyone has a problem with the way you run the site they can go troll another site.

        God Bless ya Mac,

        • Just curious is that one box of .22LR per 22 gun owner produced per year, month, week what is the interval?

          • Jack, the number is 38 rounds of 22LR per US gun owner per year, given 100,000,000 of us.

      37. Forget about specifics for just a moment. Say I have 1 shotgun for self defense. And 1 rifle for hunting. That’s it. How many rounds of ammo would you stock up on for each? For when the SHTF? Anyone? Anyone?

        • Shane, a good rule of thumb is 1,000-1,500 rounds per gun. Don’t forget the cleaning supplies and oil, lots of oil. Those are as important, if not more, then ammo. Keep in mind though, you can burn through 1,000 rounds in an hour long fire fight, easily. Trigger discipline will be a must when the hammer finally drops.

        • Minimum of 250 rounds each right now, put it on the shelf, don’t touch it. Another 250 rounds each, now or soon, use that for training this year. Another 250 rounds of shotgun to add to the shelf, and 750 for the rifle, during this year, don’t dawdle.

          Add 250 more of each next year for training that year.

          If you want more to shoot, or stock up with, go ahead, but 500 shotgun and 1000 rifle is a good minimum stockage.

          Get a couple bricks of .22LR as well, it’s quite useful.

      38. O/T

        Interesting movie, CAT8
        Im not much to watch the Boob tube, ’cause is all bullsit..and hollywierd , but I ran across this movie playing last night and watched it..

        it touched on a lot of scenarios and some of the shit we have seen and wondered about

        anyone else watch it?

      39. I’ve visited this site for years under Bill or wrong. I enjoy the comments and the articles. Some do get a bit drastic in their comments but everyone has their moments. I really appreciate all you do and your efforts Mac. It’s been a good ride. Hope it doesn’t stop soon. Looking forward to the Forum!

        Thanks Mac

      40. @ Kulafarmer. The pressure is up on tropical storm Flossie to 999 Mb just like it should be, and winds are down to 50 mph. The pressure should continue to rise and the storm weaken. The winds should not be much of a factor for you in Hawaii. The flooding as you said will be more of a concern at the lower elevations as you should be safe at 3200 ft. I am glad that the wind shear was such and tore the storm apart during the night. Maybe your corn crop will be okay also.

      41. P.M. and NO you are the best! I look for your posts.:-)

        • @VRF

          I live about 15 miles from the center of my medium sized city. I have lived here about 14 years. I moved from the city when my neighborhood got very dangerous with black crime rampant all around me. Now they just found a black mans body by the sidewalk about 2 blocks from my house in a subdivision. Time to move further south I guess. I blame the “scattered site housing” because the city built a housing complex close to me. There is probably no escape from this stuff so I carry a cannon everywhere I go.
          I suscribe to the “shoot,shovel,shut up” train of thought.

      42. I think that Hornady has made a logical and proper decision to do this. They are doing this based on public demand and no doubt, law enforcement.
        Should drive the price down on these calibers.

      43. So the big H took my advice and will focus on just key items. I have been blogging about this for months. If companies would quit making stuff that no one shoots any more like .38 Colt, 30/40 Krag, etc. and put these production lines to work on .22 LR, .223 and .308 allot of the shortage problems would go away.

        • Wait a minute now, that .30/40 Krag is getting personal!

      44. Been lurking here for awhile, not too long after my “awakening”. It seems a lot of you have been prepping for a long time, & I’ve gained some very useful knowledge from you lot for which I’m grateful. Just wanted to share some thoughts from a former city boy:

        – Coming from the Northeast, I realize that a lot of people will never wake up until it’s too late. But I don’t share this attitude of defeatism, of waiting for when TSHTF to do something. I’m not talking about violence, but I don’t advocate pacifism either. I started with those around me – friends & family. Some of them woke up, some look at me like I have two heads. I’ve started spreading the word via other means: flyers, posting on mainstream forums, random conversations. You would be surprised how many are like minded or close to it.

        – I believe that fear is the greatest weapon that TPTB uses. False flag attacks, progressive militarization of the police, wars, economic destruction, etc. – it’s all part of the plan. They’re using it to divide us, to sow paranoia, anger & distrust among us. The last thing they want are the people of this world to wake up & become united.

        – I see a lot of hypothetical discussion on here about gun battles with feds & what not but do you really think that’s how it’s going down? Have you learned nothing from military history, strategies & tactics? Millions of us & more by the day becoming armed & aware. They will not battle us on our terms if the numbers are in our favor. Think more like Sun Tzu, not Rambo. More than likely they will use advanced technology (drones, robots, chemicals, weaponized viruses, satellites, weather control, nukes, etc.) for the majority of dissenters & the jackbooted thugs to pick off the loners & small militias. You will not be safe no matter where you are. Agenda 21 – herding the cattle into mega-cities & using the land as their hunting grounds/enjoyment.

      45. Former Cal girl,
        Don’t you just love when the IPAD does that , sometimes I go back and read my posts and it subs words that should not be there!

        Semper Fi 8541

      46. Looking for help. What might be the best,or any good AR Mags. Need info from users,not just people that have stocked up on a certain brands. I have heard that Gen3-Mag by magpul was good, but I have never used any of these mags. Would like some pro’s and con’s on metal versus polymer mags. Any advice appreciated. Trekker Out.

        • I would buy a bunch of used aluminum mil spec (cheaper)and bring a pair of needle nose pliers to the range and tweek them to run good. I bought 10 mags for my **** , disassembled them to compare/inspect the springs and followers put the best parts together and range tested them. I only had to toss one because of the mag release was wore. Wish I kept that gun now.

          • Thanks Dave,I seen Palmetto had 30rounders for sale for 7.99. C Product Defense. Never used any of that brand think I’ll try some out, don’t think I’ll find any,any cheaper. Trekker Out.

      47. thanks for the great article, but your title is misleading. They are not simply “overwhelmed and suspending production”. They are suspending production of some unpopular types of ammunition in order to make more of the popular types. This is win-win as far as I’m concerned.

      48. the good thing about the gun and ammo industry is they are like drug dealers; they will sell to anyone who can pay. That is why many of us lefties are also stocking up on guns and ammo. If the SHTF, we are more than prepared to send you right wing theocrats to you final reward post haste when you embark upon your murderous rampages in the name of your mythological deity. I have no doubt that if SHTF, that is exactly what many of you self-professed good christians will do and do it in the name of your god. Gee, where have we encountered religious zealots going on murderous rampages against those who do not toe their religious line? Oh, I know, the islamists. It seem you good christain people have learned your lessons well.

        • The good thing about idiotic rants like this is that you think you’re smart, but not so much. …and you can easily be shown for committing felonious doltery. Here goes.

          the good thing about the gun and ammo industry is they are like drug dealers; they will sell to anyone who can pay.

          As will every left wing or right wing business you walk into. Just because you don’t like it, don’t mean it’s illegal.

          That is why many of us lefties are also stocking up on guns and ammo.

          Because you’re supreme hypocrites?

          If the SHTF, we are more than prepared to send you left wing autocrats to you[r] final reward post haste when you embark upon your racial and victim grievance, entitlement rampages in the name of your mythological Baraka Claus.

          Please cite ‘ murderous rampages in the name of your mythological deity’ in American History.

          Shall I list BUT A FEW of the numerous left wing ‘murderous rampages’ LITTERING American history?
          Ummkay, How about reconstruction and 100 years of KKK lynchings. The 1960s. Occupy . How many union riots have there been?

          I have no doubt that if SHTF, that is exactly what many of you self-professed highly tolerant diversity minded doo gooders will do and do it in the name of your [G]od (Secular Humanism).

          Gee, where have we encountered left wing zealots going on murderous rampages against those who do not toe their religious line?

          Oh, I know, The French Revolution, Bolshevik Revolution, Nazis and Soviets, ALLLLL the other tin pot dictators that killed MILLIONS in the last century, and every other revolution that embraces secular humanism.

          and BTW dolt, you do know that YOUR MESSIAH is currently arming and has consistently sided with the islamists that you’re foaming about? Doncha? Syria and Egypt ring any bells… How many high rankings posts throughout this govt has YOUR GUY filled with Islamists?

          It seem you left wing authoritarians haven’t learned your lessons well.

          BTW, pretty much everyone on here understands that the whole left-right thing as carried out in this govt paradigm is pretty much table scraps thrown to the floor for imbeciles to play with. So don’t misconstrue anything I’ve said as defense of Republicans and whatever the hell it is they stand for. Get a clue wouldja.


        • LeftyLiberal: To Answer Your question of “gee where have we encountered religious zelots/murderous rampages”?

          READ My Many prior articles Posts with proof lniks and Documented sources how the Answer is it was Zionists Bolshevik Kommie Jews who Invented and Used Commiunisim to begin Murderous Rampages and mass Killings of 1/3 of a BILLION folks just during the 20th cent aka 1900-1990 era. Russian jews is who did that. Hope You learned by my answering Your question.

          • @ them guys..You may have something here….Jooze always vote Demoncrat.

            • Dave In ID: Yes I read it was 86+% of usa jewish voted Hobammy in last, 2nd term, election. Not sure what % of them voted dems in firt election for bammyboy? Close I’d think, to that 86% number.

              But remember when the issue is bolshevik kommie russia 1918-1990 era, its not just a matter of jews votes at issue. It is that They #1-Invented Communisim….#2-Totally Ran/controled entire bolshevik kommie event….#3-are the folks that Profited wirh Money And Power gains over entire eastern european nations.

              Of course the naysayers who Nit-Pic details rather than add imformative info, cause this reply by me to Include that Fact that…Of course Not “Every” single bolshevik or leader type was jewish…Yes there were aprox 13-top kommies of top inner circle in 1920 russia out of the grand total of aprox 503-5 inner circle, who in fact were NON jewish!…So it was Just that Other aprox 490 of 503 who WERE Jewsish!

              That should satisfy all naysayers and fools who reject facts and truth, yet they never themselves supply any Facts to dispute info they do not Like seeing in Print.

              Oh One thing more I’d add Dave: Just by 86% voteing dems is not the Main reason they are such Kommies and nation wreckers…The “Honors” for that rightfully should be given to their Talmudic beliefs Upbringing etc as to the Major cause and Factor of americas troubles of their doings. That of course does Not factor in the vast troubles we have due to African Black dem voters etc…However that is a whole Other issue!

        • Lefty. your full of it. the majority of libs dont buy guns, and the ones that will buy them, dont hunt. So Im sure thier accuracy sucks.

      49. Hello fellow citizens,
        I am a young father of 5 children and fearful of their future. I really want to prepare but dont have the expendable income I wish I had. I have been researching the horrific tragedies this world has succomb over the past 5 years. I knew it was bad but not this bad. I would like a good food supply as well as means of protection and most of all self sustainability. I want to live in a community with like minded people that love their families are faithful and respect one another for their individuality. People need to be open minded and respect one another to gain anything in the upcoming events that are way overdue. That is what I fear the most I am only trying to provide for my family and do what is right. I have no mentor sometimes I feel like giving up. I have no one that is on my level. I know this really the right place to express my thoughts. Iwas just reading the article I can’t sleep for fear of my familys future and needed a voice. My point is unity is what we need. I have no ill will amongst anyone but I am willing to fight and die for my family I dont want to be fighting people doing the same like what has happened throughout history. Thank you and hopefully I dont fall upon deaf ears for the sanctity of the good people of the world.
        Concerned Father

      50. If you have any questions regarding the CWP law or training contact http://www.e2c.us or 1-866-371-6111 and the Instructors at Equip 2 Conceal will be happy to help you.

      51. Keep a eye on the world. go to “The Extinction Protocol” website. This is something the PTB cannot false flag….they can only refuse to report it.

      52. In Illinois, the last state to get concealed carry, the politicians are still stalling the implementation of the new law. Good news for black mobs attaking non-blacks on Michigan Ave. in Chicago. Now we hear the police in Bloomington, Il. are warning residents about 4 new attacks on whites by black mobs in their town. There are going to be a lot of Trayvons real soon.

      53. testing.

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