OVERTAXED: The Middle Class Is Being Wiped Out, NJ Residents Flee In Droves

by | Jul 28, 2019 | Headline News | 60 comments

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    New Jersey residents are fleeing their state in droves thanks to the over taxation and immense financial burden placed on them by their socialist state government. In addition to the already sky-high federal tax that we are all forced to pay, those in New Jersey are struggling to make enough money to live after the state also steals a cut of their income.

    The SALT (state and local tax) cap has hit high-tax states like New York, California, and New Jersey particularly hard because these states steal a higher portion of an individual’s income. As a result, affected residents have begun to move to other states – a trend that experts expect to accelerate, according to Fox Business.

    “They can’t tax us anymore, the middle class is getting wiped out,” former “Saturday Night Live” cast member and New Jersey resident Joe Piscopo told FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto on Friday, adding that wealthy individuals are leaving the state “in droves.” This is always the case, as governments all seek to find ways to steal more from the producers to fund their corruption. This problem is only going to get worse too and New Jersey Democrats are attempting to pass a state wealth tax.

    Democratic Governor Phil Murphy renewed a push to implement the state tax (with a top rate of 10.75 percent) on people with incomes over $1 million. However, amid disagreements with the state legislature, which threatened to shut down the state government, Murphy said he will sign a budget over the weekend. State Democrats sent Murphy a budget proposal last week, which did not include the tax increase on people with more than $1 million. Murphy, however, has been a strong advocate for implementing the tax and it has been one of his top campaign promises.

    Therefore, most residents have a difficult time believing that the issue has been completely put to rest. So instead, they’ve taken action and made the decision to leave the state entirely taking their wealth with them rather than having it stolen by tyrannical fascists.

    New Jersey Rep. Josh Gottheimer was one of several lawmakers from states including New York, Illinois, and California who took to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to air out their grievances against the new SALT cap. Gottheimer called the cap a “double-taxation grenade” that was “lobbed at New Jersey and other high-tax states” by so-called “moocher states.” The average SALT deduction claimed in Bergen County, New Jersey, was more than $24,700 before the implementation of the cap. -Fox Business

    Piscopo says that a handful of states in the U.S. are already socialist.  And those are the states people continue to flee in droves and are facing homeless epidemics. “I’m telling you right now, If Gov. Murphy, if Steve Sweeney does a primary, and I don’t mean inside around the rest of the country, but this is huge in Jersey because Jersey, New York, and California are now socialist states,” he told FOX Business‘ Neil Cavuto on Friday.

    In “Parasites on Parade,” Larken Rose (author of “The Most Dangerous Superstition” and “The Iron Web”) uses his own direct experiences with bureaucratic and judicial stupidity, intrusion and corruption to illustrate why, everywhere and at all times, in every situation and at every level, government sucks! This snarky, flippant look at the mentality and tactics of various state busybodies also provides an important lesson regarding the true nature of political “authority,” and the problems and abuses it naturally creates. –Parasites on Parade


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      1. So true! Tax in Western countries is wasted on the following: military industrial complex, welfare and social support to knee grows, Muslims and migrants, and bureaucracy.

        We are then forced to compete with workers in India, China etc. Who do not pay tax.

        To boost the economy the tax for these people needs to be reduced: knee grows need to work for their housing and food.

        There should be an end to welfare for third world migrants, who should work if they want to stay.

        • Frank Thoughts

          In NJ its good old fashioned corruption. An example was a State Senator named Russo in the 1990 time period. He was rabidly anti gun so “someone” looked into his family. The story broke and a political cartoon in his local newspaper (pre internet) showed the Russo Family in front of the fireplace with arrows pointing to the family members with NJ government “jobs”. One was laughably in the “Fine Arts Commission” that I believe paid something on the order of $75k yr (remember this was 1990/91). Every family member had similar “jobs”. The only embellished one (false) was the family dog was the State Mascot. NJ gives Louisiana, well known for corruption, a run for your money. Those were the days of Hands Across NJ and what I call the NRA-CIA……..man it was fun.

          • Tools used to keep you in line
            1. Mass Media/TV owned by Forirgners. They are used to instill Political Correctness and social pressure. PC training.
            2. Shoot your mouth off and IRS will find “Problem”
            3. Shoot your mouth off at city/council meetings and Code Compliace of the municipality, WILL find an “issue”, letters, then fines will follow.
            4. If you dare to speak freely. Even on off/own time. If you offend the leftist-communist-entitled class. You loose your employment. Fired from job. Social media or they get you on video, post it. Then you are fired.
            5. If you are politiccaly active with white pride. Then Child Protective Services will be unleashed on your family.
            6. There are stories of Targeted Individuals. Lookup this term to educate yourself. Shoot your mouth off and you are on list.
            7. Bank credit denied if you are a gun store. Even bank accounts cancelled. Credit cancelled.
            8. Police harrassment. You are geofenced and hassled. Vehicle-Credit cards-Cell phone-Facial recognition cameras in businesses, ALL are used to track and geofence you, target you for harassment by Police.
            9. Denied a contract, denied a job/employment. E verify is used for this,

            Shoot your mouth off. Use free speech. You can expect some or ALL of the above in your life.
            Is it just site censorship? The above might be why so few posts here? I’ve seen people experience all the above. Maybe article on this?

            Have you witnessed this?

        • Right on Frank, Except 85% of welfare goes to women, Not knee grows.

          • does ‘woman’ exclude ‘knee grows’ ?

      2. Voted with my feet after exhausting all other voting options and fled NJ almost 30 years ago. When visiting family I have to go through my vehicle (assuming I didn’t fly) to look for a single hollow point bullet as it’s a felony and Florida tags are a neon sign. This was a huge issue when I lived in Delaware as those tags spelled GUN too. The place does have plentiful, good to great (if you know where to go) reasonably priced mom and pop diners and deli’s. It’s funny that many in NJ paying $10K / yr (and up, way up) in property taxes think that is normal. Few that are quasi gun owners (hunters) realize how often they dance around a felony every time they go out as it’s illegal to stop anywhere with that gun even cased, locked, unloaded, separate from the ammo and in the trunk. It’s to the place of legal use and directly back home.

      3. Socialism is not at play however Republican corruption is “drain the swamp”? The current illegal occupant of the WH brought his own swamp the republican party specifically tweaked their so called tax break to hurt democratic leaning states. The rest of the world is moving towards sustainable energy sources but the “make America great again” team is the most corrupt administration ever like the Russian Oligarch who mysteriously suddenly thinks Kentucky is a great place to build an aluminum plant after he was let

        • bot nonsense.

        • “The rest of the world is moving towards sustainable energy sources”

          No it’s not. The developing world with China and India at the lead has been and currently is increasing its carbon to atmosphere. All that is occurring is that highly environmentally regulated industrial capacity is moving (and taxing carbon fuel heavy is a catalyst for it) to the unregulated developing world. In effect it’s a transfer of wealth from the “have” to the “have not” nations; think Macro Communism. This is about many things but none of them are the environment.

          h ttps://www.forbes.com/sites/rrapier/2018/07/01/china-emits-more-carbon-dioxide-than-the-u-s-and-eu-combined/#3ed9c75b628c

          China’s emissions passed those of the U.S. in 2005, and by 2012 had surpassed the combined contribution of both the U.S. and the EU. Should recent trends continue, China will be responsible for the most atmospheric carbon dioxide in less than 20 years.

          China has lots of regional company, t00. The Asia Pacific region is home to both China and India — the world’s two most populous countries and two of the largest carbon dioxide emitters. It is also home to other fast-growing and/or populous countries, like Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Japan. Over the past decade, this region’s carbon dioxide emissions have grown at an average annual rate of 3.1%, which was nearly triple the global average. As a result, Asia Pacific is now responsible for nearly 50% of global carbon dioxide emissions.

      4. Of course they are leaving NJ.

        Any ILLEGAL person can get FREE health care at ANY time!

        But NOT a U.S. citizen in between jobs or down on his/her luck.

        How else does Governor Murphy expect to pay for all those illegal immigrants? ONLY by repeatedly taxing NJ’s residents!


        When are Democrats going to wake up?

        Or are their brains and capacity to think all rotted out because of co-called medical marijuana, 85% of which is actually LOW in CBD?

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.” – Gandhi

        “Evil is that which destroys.” – Dr. M. Scott Peck

      5. Yep many flee places like NJ ill and calif. However they never learn anything. As soon as they go someplace else they begin to try and change things to be like the place where they fled from. In Arkasnsas we identify two kinds of Yankees. those who come & visit and spend some money and state its nice but we wouldn’t want to like here. We tolerate and almost like them. Then there are Damm Yankees they come and buy a place. and no sooner than they get here the try to change it to be like where they came from. They think they are so much smarter than us hillbillies. And are always gonna show up how something should be done. There Battle Cry is That’s not the way we did it up North! Never realizing we never invited them here and certainly did not ask & don’t need them to show us how to do any fucking thing. And when we do not go along agree with their demands and they fail miserabily. They lament you people don’t know how to live. Eventually they go broke and leave with their tails tucked between their legs. Yankee go home. or Better Yet Yankee stay home and fix the shithole you crawled out of.

        • OG,
          I find it hard to believe any Yankee would want to move to Arkansas. No insult intended, but there are several southern states I’d pick first.
          Full disclosure; I spent over 10 months at Tech school in Mississippi. I really liked Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida. One of my best buddies was from Arkansas, he said he’d never go back to live there.

          • well I live in north central ar.the neighboring county boone county is the national headquarters of the KKK. My home county has less that .05 1/2 of one percent population of a race other than white. That one guy claims to be a Cherokee. My surname is one ot the top ten common surnames in the county. there are 6 cemeterys in the county with my surname. We have everything. Plenty of cousins to marry, high elevation, plenty of game. We even have a wild elk herd.\’ low taxes’ no violent crime ,only 28 people per square mile, plenty of water, and its good tasting clean water. The Buffalo River is pristine. And we are equal opportunity Racist. We hate Nignogs ,#ews, Yankees , Dimocraps ,and any shit skin with equal fevor and glee .We already have enough people. We don’t need or want any more. Stay away you all aint welcome.

            • OG,
              Well said!

              • OG, I feel the same way lol. I am a so called yankee but from the inland western states. Kalifornians are our enemy. We need a wall around those faggots! It’s about 96% white around here and 99.9% when you get away from town. Life is good (for now).

            • Who does the work.

        • OG,

          Call ’em Damn Yankees if you want, I call ’em Blue bellies.

          Look at Cherokee Village, Mt. Home, Hot Springs Village, Bella Vista and others, all enclaves for blue bellies that left the North to own property with grass in the South.

          Yep, they bring their liberal ways with them, anti-gun, immigration and of course, their ‘feelings’. I could care less about their ‘feelings’, I care more about the Constitution.

          • Sheep Dog you are correct about Cherokee village. The city of Highland runs a speed trap at the school zone. Go to the website of the commissioner of state lands. Just type in COSL . you will see thousands of land parcels that can be bought for tax forfet. Sharp County Ar.has a high tax on land. and the Sid Taxes are exorbant. So many folks just quit paying the property tax and abandon lots in Cherokee Village and Ozark Acres. The taxes are more than the land is worth. I live in one of the poorest hill counties in Ark. Searcy Co. Now the Delta is a misquito infested place. prone to flooding and full of NigNogs. Any place below 300 ft elevation is a sorry location. The river valley where im at is 700 ft elevation. the mountain where I live is above 1000 ft.

        • Not everyone leaving or still in NJ is a Marxist/Social anti-gun fool….
          There are quite a few Conservative, pro-Christian, pro-gun folks in NJ. The problem so many, who would have voted against the dem’s have left, to where NJ will always be a Marxist run Cesspool…..

        • As we say in Texas, we don’t give a damn how you do it North of the Red River.

        • I hear you Old Guy. Damn Yankees were a plague in Florida; and South Florida mercy… We squander too much time trying to put them in an ‘ism’ box. The root of the problem is the mentality of impotent city dwellers. In Maine it was those from Massachusetts. Here in Montana it is the Californians.

          Why do we insist ono holding their soil? We need a divorce. Let them keep their polluted soil. It’s not worth fighting for.

      6. Many cities, counties and states are suing the opioid manufacturers. They are hoping to rake in billions from the pharmaceutical companies due to the opioid crisis. They want their cut. I doubt the addicted opiate consumer will ever see a dime back.

      7. K2,
        One has to wonder why someone would want to live in a place like NJ?
        I’ve lived most my life on the Left coast and even more West than that, but what is so special that people want to suffer the indignity of being taxed to death in a place that really isn’t all that special?
        Yes, I have been to the East coast lots of times on business.
        Nothing there really impressed me. Even in Florida, I’d take the West coast and panhandle over the East coast anyday.
        There is just something wrong with the Atlantic ocean. It does something to the minds of the people that live close to it.

        • I’ve lived in NJ for 52 years. It really is a Beautiful State. I’ll miss it greatly when I move.

          • Daniel

            You have to be in Warren County on the Pa/NY border to use the word “beautiful”.

        • rellik

          “One has to wonder why someone would want to live in a place like NJ?”

          Generally they’re born there, family is there. The Italian Americans are in abundance, family means a lot, political corruption isn’t only tolerated but incorporated for individual gain. People have jobs because they, “know somebody”. Cost of living is high but for many so is the pay; $100K is “chump change” for many doing work that you wouldn’t think paid as well as it does. South NJ has the gun owners and only 20% of the population (at best). They’re different people there, sports, dining out, flash, it’s like a city not a State. Even some of the above flee once retired. Many however swear by the place. I swore at it. If I could sum up NJ in one word it’s “bullshit”; it’s phony.

      8. K2, Frankie, OG, everyone else…. I am checking out a new site for us. It is survival life dott comm. seems good and comments post right away. I left a couple of comments on the top article, go check it out and see what you think about the site.

        • And there are no BS articles, everything is prepping! Not many people there but there could be if ya know what I mean.

          • There is a link to it at the bottom left on this page… survival life

            • I posted on the 8 survival hacks article.

            • I clicked on the link and it would not load?

              • Maybe try doing it manually. survivallife dott comm

                • Genius

                  Thanks for the tip. I stopped over there, looks cool but I’m not a big time prepper. It’s not because I don’t agree with the need but I’m old, had a few heart attacks and therefore if times got too rough I’m a goner. Foraging off the land would have been ok two decades ago but not now. Ill post there under the same name as here.

          • “And there are no BS articles,everything is prepping”

            At least it is for now,but it probably won’t stay that way very long if the political, sci-fi and doom porn fanatics decide to join the mix,and begin debating politics,and posting consecutive walls of quasi intellectual nonsense.

            Just look at what happened here.
            This used to be a prepping site, but is unrecognizable now.

      9. Gen,
        I replied.

        • relik, good deal. Now we just need more to post and check it out. You buy canned tuna? I figgered you caught yer own.

          • Gen,
            Do both. I sold my boat years ago, but have friends that fish.
            They use drones to locate a school and then go get them.

            • Wellllll, thats mighty sportsman like lol. Might as well drop dynamite on em too! 😛

              • Gen,
                Shuush! You want to eat or starve?
                These guys are subsistence fishermen
                not commercial.
                BTW the new site you mention, most posts are very old.
                Good info though. I’m sure SHTFplan has the same stuff
                but not as good a search mechanism.

                • Ok then, I want to eat lol. I bet commercial fisherman do that shit though. Maybe I should do it to spot some elk etc. Anyway as far as the other site, it is prep oriented and posts right away. I haven’t found another site that might work out. Heck, I know your not busy (kidding) maybe make a new site? Extra bux for ad clicks! 😀

      10. NJ. Hell try Illinois. Gas tax just went 19 cents on a gal. License plates went to 0ver 200.00. Traffic citations went from $125.00 to $250.00 for 1 MPH over the posted limit. Just to name a few. Now they are talking about taxing once was non taxable retirement plans.. Don
        ‘t forget the minimum wage. What a frigging joke. I’m going to Tennessee as soon as I can.

        • Illinois, another of a long list of states I would NEVER visit. Move west old man! Good to see yer still kickin’ Sgt.!

        • Sgt Dale

          I think Ill was more into manufacturing than NJ that has a lot of NYC / Phila financial activity. Refining and Chemical, two of a few blue collar type places held on better than building appliances. NJ has an “exit tax” that gets a couple of % out of your home sale unless you prove that you’re staying in NJ. People there shrug and say, “Yo, it don’t effect me, I ain’t going no place”.

        • Sgt. then be ready for your wheel tax for your tag renewal and the new fuel tax that went into effect as well as the 10cent tax on purchases including groceries. My folks live there. I do believe that there isn’t any state income tax however.

      11. You soldiers can be the only jury to high rank traitors. Your duty is clear ,and absolutly vital. You alone hold the destiny of our civilization in your hands. If you fail ,we will all be enslaved.

      12. Sarge,
        Hawaii is much the same and actually worse than IL.
        I did a study on the costs of returning to the mainland
        in a coastal state, I have this thing about living close to water,
        large bodies of salt water.
        You really need to examine ALL costs.
        It turns out it is cheaper for me to stay in my part
        of Hawaii than it would be to return to a WA , AK, OR,
        or CA state coastal area.
        All things being added up.
        I even factored in the cost of going to the dump.
        Take care you don’t jump from the frying pan into a fire.

      13. What irritates me is that the Californicators shit in their beds, don’t like it, then move here. When they get to where they are going, what do they do? Start shitting in their beds again and think the results will be different.

        Solution? Quit shitting in your beds and you will not have any reason to come here and shit in mine. And if you are going to shit in my bed, DON’T COME HERE, STAY where you are.

      14. Left NJ 8 years ago and never looked back. Moved to Idaho for 5 and now live in the south. Lived in South NJ had a light rail train running through the back yard and still paid 5k in taxes! Wish my family would leave but for some reason they like the hellhole.

      15. Grew up in NW NJ back in the 60’s and 70’s. Prior to the interstates coming through it was a great place. We where farmers and lived in a small farming community. The church was the center of activity, the local bar was the internet, and the local paper provided what you needed to know. Hunting season was paramount and everyone had their favorite shotgun. I remember walking down the road with my 22 going out to shoot groundhogs. It was normal. Not anymore.

        • Wojo

          Grew up in SNJ and we had a range open to the public. That stopped about 1980 and the .22 tube feed semi auto rifle I put in a case, box of cartridges in pocket at 15 and rode my bike to the range in 72 was less than two decades later classified as an assault rifle with possession a felony. It only got worse from there.

      16. I’m in western Va. community(55 and over gated) and there are many that moved here from NJ and they love it here. However the Dems are about ready to take over and turn it into a blue state. At least I’m only 15 miles away from West Va. so I can move easily.

      17. The problem is basic to human incentives: why would I work all hours to pay high taxes that are then used to provide a comfortable living for a recently arrived family from Africa?

        I am not nuts. I see them all over the place and their numbers increase every year. They fill up the schools, clog up the hospitals, behave badly when they aren’t attacking each other, and most will never pay back that money with their income and taxes. Plus, name a single thing they have done to improve the living standards of the population as a whole? The hospitals, good schools, the New Deal – it was all built by white people using, ironically, mostly the ideas of Germans.

        Every penny I make goes to my family and my sweat is for my family only.

        Looking forward I can tell you the modern Western diversity state is on its last legs and more people will just check out from paying taxes to it. The Silicon Valley crowd already have checked out and stopped paying tax. So have the rich. The US military industrial complex makes most of its money overseas and is now a global corporation. It is only the dumb schlepps in the upper middle class who pay most of the taxes.

        10 years from now, and technology will ensure this happens, the productive races will separate away from the non-productive and stop paying for their over-breeding n@@ger asses.

      18. Nothing personal to those in high tax northern or western states, if you have to flee, and I don’t blame you, please don’t come to the South with the same mentality and attitude that turned your state into a sh*t hole. I’ve seen some northerners who moved down here because of the crazy high taxes, state and local regulations, cost of living, crime, and so on from their native state. Then complain after moving to a Southern area because it isn’t like where they came from. The few from New England are the worst, they actually try to project superiority down here and say where they come from is better. THEN PLEASE GO BACK HOME.
        This reminds me of what I heard an illegal immigrant say in an on-line video; he said even though he is benefiting living in the US and has a life he could never have in Central Amer., he still hates the US, and wants to see the US suffering in poverty like other countries. I’ll tell you what he really feels, he hates the US more than he loves his own, even though he is benefiting. That’s what many northerners do when they move down here, they still hate Southerners more than what created their own circumstances.

      19. Frank you are spot on correct. There is not any place that when the Nig nogs and Dimocraps take over the political process and become elected to power that does not turn into a rat infested shithole that rivals many third world places. President Trump was right in naming Baltimore as a rat infested third world place. That not racist its simply the hard to swallow truth. Dimocraps have been in power there for 70 years.

        • I can’t think of a single city, country or neighbourhood they run that is considered “desirable” or “aspirational”. Even successful blacks move to Geneva or the fancy majority white ‘hoods.

          It was a big deal when Muhammed Ali actually stayed in the ‘hood but he needed heavy security and it was pure hell outside the gates of his mansion.

          The future prosperity is being made in Asia and I have never met a successful and/or wealthy Asian who wants to live in a black ghetto. They ALL want to move to the white areas. And as whites retire, get old and die their houses will be bought by Asians. And the Asians will hire private security and data companies to keep the unwanted out.

        • No Republican elected official in Baltimore since 1942.

      20. In my unscripted opinion, all capital as we know it, is derived from a state lending monopoly, also known as the 5th Plank of Marxism.

        It trickles, down through too-big-to-fails, whose commissars are considered the middle class (situated between big govt and the proletariat.)

        I just checked. Yes, we still have it.

      21. quickmeme.com/Scumbag-Baby-Boomers/

        Parents and Grandparents, radicalized by the New Deal, could have just said what was the way of the world, instead of acting like they knew the secret of all secrets, and we would get it, when we were old enough.

        There was really nothing else, that could make you interesting?

      22. I thought it was Chris Cristie who moved NJ deeper into the dump level.

      23. NJ has become Europe.
        “I think our governments will remain virtuous for many centuries; as long as they are chiefly agricultural; and this will be as long as there shall be vacant lands in any part of America. when they get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, they will become corrupt as in Europe.” – Extract from Thomas Jefferson to James Madison Paris Dec. 20. 1787

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