Over Taxed: 1/3 Of Americans Need A “Side Hustle” To Make Ends Meet

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    Imagine a world in which you could keep every single penny that the fruits of your own labor produced. That would be a world without income taxation making it much easier for the average American to get by.

    Instead, we live in a world where nothing goes untaxed. About 1/3 of Americans say that their expenses are so high that after the theft of the federal government from their paychecks, they need a “side hustle” to make ends meet. According to Bankrate, side hustlers make $1,122 per month on average from their part-time work — up from $686 last year. But if Americans were given the right to no longer be stolen from, and got to keep their own money, most wouldn’t need a side hustle or part-time work to get by.

    Nearly half, 45%, of U.S. workers earn additional income outside of their primary career, a recent Bankrate survey found. This includes 48% of millennials. The percentage of Gen Xers and baby boomers with a side hustle is slightly lower, coming in at 39% and 28%, respectively.

    “A lot of people are working side hustles because even though the economy is strong, wages are stagnant,” Amanda Dixon, an analyst at Bankrate, told MarketWatch. “For a lot of Americans, expenses are rising, but there are no raises at work.” And heaven forbid the government stops raiding our income. That won’t be a suggestion the lapdog media will toss around either. However, if humans own themselves, they have the right to the fruits of their labor regardless of the edicts of the political elitists.

    The video below exposes the utter insanity of taxation:

    Many of the people out there living paycheck to paycheck (which is about 78% of Americans) would not be in that predicament if the income theft would cease. The fact that not many will even talk about the heavy burden of taxation in America is not surprising, but it is important.  There’s a reason they don’t want you focused on how much they steal.  And if you make more to account for what was stolen from your paycheck, they’ll steal some of that too. It’s an ugly vicious cycle and if the government cared even a little about the general public (which they don’t) they’d immediately eliminate all income theft.  Just because it’s legal for them to steal (and they invented that rule) doesn’t make it right.

    Parasites on Parade, a book by Larken Rose tackles the very problem of government interference in our lives and paychecks. This book takes a look at the mentality and tactics of various state busybodies also provides an important lesson regarding the true nature of political “authority,” and the problems and abuses it naturally creates.


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      1. What exactly do you mean by “side hustle”?

        To me, it doesn’t mean a part time job that is taxable.

        If it is taxed, then the worker is being hustled not doing the hustling.

        Don’t forget, women working was just hustling them and their husbands. It is an open secret that employers favor single moms because they are desperate.

        All that glitters is not gold. Feminism promised women freedom but delivered them like lambs to the slaughter on the battlefield of the American workplace dominated by wolves in ivory towers.

        Be careful what you wished for ladies; you just might have gotten it, and it wasn’t what you thought it would be, was it.

        Wise too late. Or, is it?


        • ” It is an open secret that employers favor single moms because they are desperate.”
          I had never thought about that. I guess I’m not a good WASPP.
          White Angolo Scottish Polish Pig.
          Not that women were ever treated all that well as workers, but it makes a certain twisted sense. Today, however the pendulum has swung such that nobody in their right mind would hire a woman, no matter how qualified, it is just too much trouble.
          Every man is automatically guilty. Who wants to work with that?

        • Here is your government’s “side hustle.”
          – – – – –
          Veteran Who Died Mysteriously in Police Custody Returned to Family Missing Brain, Heart, and Throat

          “On April 9, 2018, the Palmers experienced every family’s worst nightmare. Everett Palmer Jr., a veteran and father of two children, had died while in police custody, they were told. Months later, the family was just as shocked when an independent pathologist said Palmer’s body was missing its throat, heart, and brain.”

          This article from BlacklistedNews:
          There is link on this shtfplan website on your lower left corne listed under Web Destinations”.
          – – –
          Harvey County Correctional Facility
          Newton, Kansas
          Located 60 miles north of Wichita Kansas

          This Law enforcement facility has been MURDERING American citizens and harvesting the victims organs for sale on the black market. (Organ sales are very profitable.)The victims ID is redistributed to illegals, that “authorities”, filter through the facility. The victims assets bank account etc are confiscated and payments rerouted through facility to the perps of these criminal activities. The vehicles of victims confiscated.
          – Law Enforcement Police officers
          – Jailers. Who speak eastern block language.
          – Judges
          *Asset confiscation.
          *Organ harvest for black market sale.
          *ID redistribution. THIS IS NATIONAL SECURITY RISK.

          If anyone talks about situation happening at Harvey County Correctional Facility, their comments censored
          You are banned. Shadow banned. No one sees the comments.
          You are delisted
          you are shut down
          * * No Federal Law enforcement will intervene to stop these horrific murders of Americans. Are they in on it??
          Apparently this situation is not local? According to Blacklisted news article. Similiar thing happened to this young man and military vet. Maybe they are targeting vets?

          Holman Square in Chicago, also disappearing people.
          No phone call
          No Lawyer
          No Bail
          Just picked up and disappeared.

          If you are pulled over by Police IMMEDIATLY call loved ones to let them know wht is happening. Otherwise noone will hear from you again is a possibility.
          – – – – –
          will this be censored too? Anyone see this?

          • did you ever see the movie Death Warrant starring Jean Claude Van Damme? the plot was exactly that…a prison that kills inmates and sells their organs for profit and to the highest bidder. good flick.

          • That will make one think twice of giving the system your DNA in the fashionable effort to check your ancestry. I have no intention of volunteering mine but fortunately (or really unfortunately) I doubt if any parts of me are useful due to age or previous abuse; I’m unwanted. Would you be comfortable having a liver that was a terrific match for someone who resides close to the apex of the Bilderberg Group?

            • Kevin2, good points. My organs are also too old to be useful for anyone else. I never give any DNA for any purpose to anyone. As for ‘side hustles’, I have and still do some ‘side hustles’ on occasion where I receive cash only for the work. I get to keep it all; no taxes going to anyone.

        • h said, “What exactly do you mean by “side hustle”?

          Unreported, grey or black market.

          • sounds like the free market

        • Hello Honeypot
          Many single women can work for less wages and benefits than men in today’s workplace. A good many get most of the following non work related bennies…child support, alimony, earned income credit, credit for child care, SNAP, LIHEAP and Medicaid. So, yes, employers want them because it costs them less. Desperate? Not so much.

          • They reap more in tax benefits, grants, and various write-offs than whatever product they are supposed to be selling. The actual business model is to launder corporate welfare.

            There is no such thing as over qualified, under qualified, politics, or intangibles.

      2. Where I live there are two prices. A cash price and a credit/debit/check price, take a guess as to what is cheaper. Not all businesses do this, but it never hurts to ask. Part of this is to avoid the Credit card “squeeze”, another part is the cash never gets to the bank, so is not claimed as income and is not traceable by the IRS.
        I know a significant number of people that operate on cash only.
        I’m pretty sure they don’t pay taxes and they may get welfare because they have no traceable income. If I hire someone to do some work for me, I’m not required to file a 1099 since I’m not a business. So the worker can cheat the system and I can get a better price.
        This other “economy” is why TPTB want to get rid of cash.
        I hate the Democrat dominated local, state, and federal government so I’ll do everything I can to cheat them when
        they rob(Tax) us.
        Off road diesel, cash only transactions, farmers markets, Ebay, Craigs list, barter, you name it, I try it.
        Very simply the “takers” elect Democrats to take from us to give to them. I say starve the “takers”.

        • I say starve em all,,,
          Best to just become as disconnected and self sufficient as possible

          • The statists used to be paranoid of someone hoarding enough food, saying it could be used to raise an army. This was called original or primitive accumulation (of wealth, food, resources) and productive, Ethiopian farmers were executed for this crime. Big govt will burn it, in the middle of the street.

            In the Russian explanation for the Holocaust, the concept of a state-within-a-state was stressed, imhblo.

            Wars of aggression have been instigated over the gold standard, in the Mid East. Indie water…

            Passive non-participation is the most abrasive, radical form of resistance. History is full of martyrs and revolutionaries, who never harmed a hair on anyone’s head nor committed any tangible property damage.

          • Nail and Rellik, the ‘takers’ need to be exterminated.

        • I agree that the Democrats “rob (Tax) us”. But when has either party ever allowed you to vote for zero theft?

          Americans enjoyed their greatest liberty before the creation of the US Constitution, federal government, and political parties. We don’t need ANY of those.

      3. Please view the documentary “From Freedom to Fascism” by Aaron Russo. Mr Russo showed that the 16th amendment was never legally passed. The Federal income tax was NEVER legally passed.

      4. My simple comments go into moderation for 3 DAYS. What!!!

      5. I used to work with a gentleman that always pissed and moaned
        whenever the minimum wage went up.
        He would then lament that the price of a gallon of milk would then go up.
        What he never understood was that since the Federal Reserve
        began “managing” the economy, the purchasing power of the
        dollar is now worth about something like 4 cents.
        Yes, it’s all baked into the cake, but he could never understand
        the root cause.
        Wages have to go up because prices are going up.
        Not the other way around.
        What was the minimum wage in 1913? Was there one? Uh huh.

        • the minimum wage in 1913 was one million zimbabwe dollahs

      6. Not consuming and paying sales tax is my side hustle. Can’t stop them taxing my pay but I can stop buying shit and paying sales tax. If you’ve ever calculated the sales tax on all your purchases over the year you will see it’s a lot of $. It’s worst if you drink alcohol smoke cigs. Never mind the hidden tax inflation and fees they add on. I resist consuming shit. I don’t go to stores and very rarely look at things online. i borrow tools I hardly use so I don’t buy them. I’m in no hurry to buy anything I think about it for a week if it costs more than $30 if less than $30 I usually go without. I’ve conditioned myself to go without or make due. if everyone was like me the collapse would’ve happened 10 years ago.

      7. I would like people to get to the point, in their servitude, where they realize that failed companies are bailed out, and unsold merchandise can be left to rot. Nothing has any objective value.

      8. A well organized auto scrap yard is one terrific business with lots of cash transactions. They’ll make the owner more money by accident than the average man makes on purpose.

        • Maybe, it works a different way, where you live.

          Firstly, mis-reporting would be lost in the disorganization. Organization creates a labor expense.

          My blue state restricts the allowable number of these junk yard, dump, rendering, and (etc) businesses, through zoning, just the same as if it were alcohol, mj, or something pornographic.

          This is owned and operated by prison labor and conspicuous (!) quota cases, with ridiculous, personal histories, in my small town.

          This could not be a stable working arrangement, without subsidies, many of which are discovered through industry workshops. Semi-secret notices go to people, who have paid for the rights.

          However, licensing is somewhat looser in business-to-business transactions, were you to deal with some kind of liquidator or recycler, in private.

          • By organized I’m referring to the owner knowing what he has, where it is at and not have it rotting in the weather. Want an evaporator for a 2013 Ford? It’s over there, I’ll take $60 for it (in pocket it goes).

            • I understand. You’re telling us — I believe, in good faith — about some kind of functional person just being practical. We’re on the same page, there.

              Except, $60 is small business.

              Your competitors, in the unincorporated area, are intentionally running it like a Machiavellian shitshow, though.

              The corporatist mentality is to keep underlings running on a treadmill, forever.

              The rest is a subsidy.

              They’re playing middleman, between corporate welfare and some lackey, who will forever be kept in a state of need.

              Our legit mechanics, here, don’t make enough money to cover the testing regime, although there are countless home businesses. Generally 5-10 people park there, at nigh, because normals will not pay you enough to live comfortably, no matter how much sweat and bruises.

              The more-conniving type can arguably see their officiousness as a survival strategy.

              • I’m just saying that I know auto salvage (junk yard) people that became millionaires several times over and put better than $50k / year, likely lots more than $50K in cash that their uncle never sees. Every electrician in the refinery “moonlighted” and took cash only picking and choosing their work. All I’m saying is hustling on the side is as American as baseball and hot dogs.

                • Kevin2, that’s right. I’ve done side jobs my whole life and made boocoo tax-free money. On occasion I had to use some of it for vehicle repairs but the rest went toward preps. I’ve got a nice nest egg stashed away now due to side jobs. Don’t regret it for one minute. You do what you must in order to survive and disregard what anyone says about it. Nothing wrong with side jobs.

        • Paid parking lots are another cash cow, especially in cities. Cash business, few expenses, and low overhead, assuming the land is paid for. I did work a few years ago for a guy who had about 20 lots in and around Boston. He looked like a homeless bum, driving a beat-up pick-up with a rusty tool box in the back. But he always paid cash… and he had a roll of bills that would choke a horse, held together with a rubber band. When he needed repairs or paving, he would pull out the cash and pay up front for most things. Needless to say, I was always willing to work with him…

      9. Side hustle? In this area it’s called a side job. One you do for cash money off the books on the weekend or after work. I’ve heard about it from friends.

      10. Most women could double or triple their income by hitting the gym, getting a tight body, dressing with taste, and becoming an escort for Chinese executives.

        As a plus, most of what they earn or gifts they receive are tax free. What is there not to like about that?

        Spend your days in a cubicle taking phone calls, or sipping white wine at a party in Macau?

      11. side job, side hustle…
        not always about “struggling to make ends meet”
        my friend’s grandfather had one of those solid union jobs of yore, yet that’s hardly the only thing he did. he’d always be driving off somewhere to look at this, buy that, fix and sell the other… bartend somewhere a night or two a week… plow driveways during the winter… he always had a gig of some kind going.
        when you’d ask him about it, his answer was a crack like “get away from the wife!” (they were married 64 years and loved eachother dearly).
        yet really, to him, it was a case of not being able to sit still combined with “that’s what a man does… a man WORKS!”
        one of the top five coolest people i’ve gotten to know

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