Over $2 Trillion “Wiped Out” After Brexit: Friday Was the Biggest Single Day Loss Ever

by | Jun 27, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Forecasting, George Soros, Headline News | 68 comments

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    Whatever your feelings on the victory for Brexit campaigners in the UK, and the ensuing drama in Europe, the referendum has taken a heavy toll on the economy.

    There were massive losses last Friday before the markets closed, and more than $2 trillion in wealth was wiped out. Hundreds of the world’s richest lost as much as a billion dollars in just a day.

    And the worst could be yet to come.

    The unprecedented market chaos was even larger than that which precipitated the 2008 financial collapse.

    via Reuters:

    The $2.08 trillion wiped off global equity markets on Friday after Britain voted to leave the European Union was the biggest daily loss ever, trumping the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy during the 2008 financial crisis and the Black Monday stock market crash of 1987, according to Standard & Poor’s Dow Jones Indices.

    Global markets skidded following the unexpected result from the June 23 referendum, in which Britons voted to withdraw from the EU by a 52 percent to 48 percent margin.

    Markets in mainland Europe were hit the worst, with Milan and Madrid each down more than 12 percent for their biggest losses ever.


    “People positioned themselves longer because they thought the market was going to pop,” he said. “We knew that we were going to sell off pretty hard and people were kind of shocked by the market.”

    In dollar terms, Friday’s loss overtook the previous record from Sept. 29, 2008, the day when Congress rejected a $700 billion bailout package for Wall Street during the financial crisis. On that day, global markets lost $1.94 trillion.

    As a result, Britain’s credit rating was downgraded, and investors are now waiting to see what will happen next, and whether or not things will spill over into further losses.

    Many fear than an all-out recession could be underway.

    Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante has gone so far as to argue that the Brexit collapse was planned by those at the top – with insider investments and plans for what became a massive, and quiet, bailout in British markets:

    Lost in the headlines was that on Friday, Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, committed to printing up 250 billion pounds ($345.93 billion USD) to “support financial markets.”

    No one has mentioned that or even seems to know about it.  So, within hours, the banks in the UK appear to have received a massive 2008 style bailout… but without anyone noticing.

    And, who profited?  People like George Soros, who moved into gold as his biggest position and shorted the markets just in the last few weeks.

    Given this, I think it is safe to say that this was planned.

    Who will ultimately benefit from this new crisis, and how widespread will its destruction be?

    Only time will tell.

    But there is good reason to think that the worst is not over, and that more financial disaster is underway.

    Be watchful, and careful with your investments.

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      1. Everybody talks about a reset, well 2 trillion dollars wouldn’t be a drop in the bucket if we had a reset and there would be blood in the streets. So better think about what you want when you talk reset. Trekker Out. Vote While You Still Can!

        • “Vote while you still can”.
          Better make those votes count. A standard-capacity P-Mag holds 30 votes.

          • ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-06-27/jim-rogers-brexit-blowback-worse-any-bear-market-youve-ever-seen

            Been following Jim for years, and his predictions are dead on.
            Made money heeding his advice…

            Be well all…

            • Eppe I read that article, and I usually agree with what you said about Jim Rodgers, but he did use to be partners with Soros so you can bet he also has ulterior motives, especially when he recommends Chinese Stocks. Trekker Out.

              • Jim stated he has not talked with Soros since the early 80’s.
                I watch every video and read every article with him in it.
                I would hope people would not judge me for the group I used to hang with. I am amazed that I am not in prison or dead.
                But I know what you mean.

                • Anyone remember the Quantum hedge fund commercials in the middle 70’s???
                  I do. Wish I had better money at 15, but it was 1k to get in, if memory is correct…
                  That would have been a shit load of yards to mow.

                  • Do you stupid animals know what an economic collapse is all about?
                    Americans DO NOT have a single clue of what a real economic disruption is all about and millions will foolishly perish as a result of their idiocy…and guns, ammo, gold or silver won’t do any good to you during these extraordinary times.

                    • Gee whiz, Serpa.
                      Calm down.
                      If you continue to hyperventilate like that you will pass out, and possibly bonk your inflated noggin on a sharp corner!

                    • Serpa, please inform all us animals on what to do.
                      Since we just fell off the turnip truck, what are you doing to prepare for the future???

          • If this election for Pres gets rigged, we will start voting early and often, from rootops to the grassy knolls, and from everywhere in America.

            I just read where there were like 54,000 guns sold per day in the US. during Obama’s 8 yrs rein of terror.


            • Correction. 52,600 Guns on average were sold every day in America during the Obama Rein of global inflicted terror. Obama hates white people, Christians and gun owners. Then calls himself a constitutional lawyer.

              He needs to be set out on the curb for Tuesdays trash pick up and hauled off to the dump.


        • The Brexit was ALLOWED to happen… Watch and learn kiddies… This is how the big boys roll…

        • Some German elitist asshole said “The elites aren’t the problem. The population is the problem at the moment”. He said what they all think. France and Germany just revealed plans for an EU “superstate” (like the US federal government). Complete surrender of sovereignty by member nations. Surely THAT’S a new plan. Didn’t take long, did it?

          Gonna be hard to convince the Brits they didn’t make the right move.

          Hang on. The NWO gang is going for broke.

      2. 2T of a monkey in a room continuously and furiously pressing the zero key.
        Not worth a dime anyhow.

      3. if u don’t have it its not yours damn that f’n canoe

      4. “… more than $2 trillion in wealth was wiped out.”

        Not wealth. Paper profits from over extended markets not supported by earnings per share owned by financiers who cannot make productive use of the gains when the consumer is dead.

        Just another correction. Longer and deeper, but this is NOT the crash. Its a good thing. 🙂

        • Barely even a correction. Only the chinks have seen a slow crash within the last year…35-40 % . now thats a correction.

          • $2 Trillion Evaporates!! So let that be a lesson for ya. If you are not holding your wealth in your hand you don’t own it. See YA!!! Poof!!! Gone.

            Pay attention American 401K Holders, you have been set up for the slam dunk in your face very soon. Cash it out, pay off all your bills and stock up on a few years of food and weapons. Buy Low sell high.. GAME-ON is coming very quickly to a neighborhood near you.

            Those who stay in the stock market will be wiped out. Know your pain threshold. Its all down hill from here. Get out now and buy back in at 1/3rd the price later.


      5. Is that 2T real money? or that fake created out of thin air money?

        • PT. Barnum bucks is all.

          • Who’s been in my Monopoly game? [JUST KIDDING]

      6. The dow is still above 17,000 it was lower that that earlier this year. And vote wile you still can? voting is a exercise in futility. there isn’t a political & ballott box solution. You are the one who needs to be in charge of your well being.

        • TRUMP may very well be the last chance that Americans get to vote for a Patriot. Take that chance. 🙂

          • DK as I’ve commented before, Cruz was my choice, but I can now see that TRUMP is the MAN. He seems to be the monkey wrench in the Democrats and the Republicans well oil machine that we have watched take America down the drain for decades. If the Republican Party don’t get behind Trump, and they allow Hillary to get elected, this will possibly be the last time I vote for a Republican for anything. It’s time to go strickly with a Third Party. But I don’t guess that will matter, cause one term with Clinton will be the end of America as we know it. Trekker Out. Abandon Hope, All Ye Who Enter Here!

            • If both sides of the Establishment (read New World Order) AND its LSM Propaganda Machine are lined up against him, you can be sure that TRUMP is the MAN.

              And the only MAN man enough to take them on.

              Patriots must rally to his support in every way they can. He may not be the perfect candidate, but he is the perfect candidate to roll back the New World Order.

              I have made a couple of donations and will make more every month. But if everyone (read Patriot) gave him just $10 dollars one timer, that would be about $1.5 Billion and more than enough to counter the NWO Media Machine.

              All gun owners should dig DEEP into their pockets for this man who will protect the Second Amendment like none before him. Instead of going to the range every weekend during the election season, send the cost of the ammo you would expend to his campaign.

              If not US, who? If not now, when? Semper Fi !!! 🙂

      7. Stocks dropping and wiping out two trillion dollars is meaningless.

        It is kinda like equity in your house. Doesn’t mean shit UNTIL you sell.

        These people did not sell the stocks for a loss, yet.

        • completely right john and now the dow is back to where it started and silver is up over 2 an ounce. I could go for this every week

      8. Of course. But every other Country whose ready to leave should just go. Let the markets adjust. Let the markets fold. Get out of the EU. Even more importantly, get away from the Banking System. The Rothschilds Racket is the real economic threat to Europe, and the world. All these Zionist thieves, including Soros, need to be put behind bars. Then watch Europe get off its knees. That goes double for the U.S.A.

        • Its time to go speak at your city council and county public meeting and tell them to shitcan all this NWO Agenda 21 Policies, rules and regulations. And vote out anybody who disagrees. Make a list. Call them out for being UnAmerican.. Remember every rule policy or law They make is another right they take away from you. Take a gang of friends to the meeting and everybody can speak. Even if is for only 3 minutes. I’ve done it and created change and called out their fraud and unfairness in their system. Call them out ON THE RECORD.


          • WWTI theres only one problem with your comment. “Take a gang of your friends to the meeting” Good lucky with that! Trekker Out.

        • Wouldn’t talk so poorly about your fellow rectum-rimming goose-steppers that way if I were you, “anti-Zionist” Nazi catamite boy. After all, they’re all sucking Hitler’s rectum just as you are, and their ideology is identical to yours. Soros hates Israel for the same reasons you do, which is why you’re in league with him, and why you (among others) are to be executed along with them immediately after the SHTF and your corpse ground up for dog food while your otherwise useless Nazi propaganda is shredded and used for kindling. You “anti-Zionists” are the New World Order’s foot soldiers, and as such are to be permanently silenced before you can report back to your owners.

          Like Hitler and Stalin and Hussein and Soros and all the other founders of New World Orders in your CommuNazi pantheon, fool, be prepared to roast in Hell for all eternity, because that’s what happened to every last one of them and their followers, and you’ll fare no better.

      9. Now we need a referendum to Exit the UN!

        • I want one to drop DC into a giant sinkhole.

        • It’s time to get the US out of the UN and get the UN out of the US.

          • THAT’S what scares the Soros gang. They’ll push the world into another major war, and hope the use of nukes is minimal.

      10. Silver and gold however are doing just fine.

        World leaders say they are scrambling to stabilize economies……

        The U.K. Is a tiny country the size of Wisconsin with only about 68 million people. Yet this little row and the world is crashing.

        Right…… The plug is being pulled. The powers that shouldn’t be are pissed. No one is scrambling to stabilize anything, the lights just blinked and they are all trying to stab each other in the back and grab the pot in the middle of the table.

        Keep stacking.

      11. I guess if you are still in the market? You weren’t listening. I can’t say I feel sorry for you.

        The PTB were looking for a way or reason to bring the market down and when Britain pulled out of the EU they used it.


        • Exactly….’cry me a river’ I says.

      12. Phoney money phoney losses phoney melodrama
        tptb blaming England for their crimes

        • I have not once gambled in the stock market since the Tech bubble. When I saw the entire casino rigged. Cashed in my remaining chips and bailed. Remember you will never beat the house of rig. 401K holders is a suckers play.


      13. Blue chips they pay the same every quarter No matter were the markets go’s.

      14. New yoke, new yoke.

      15. Just watched. Violent protestors hunt down trump supporters. It’s hard not to want to deport every brown person in our country . Or maybe it isn’t? Mexican flag. I our country ? Deport them all . Citizenship or not . Your brown your goin down. Along with you PC bimbos. We need major house cleaning before it’s too late. If you don’t like it your the domestic enemy. By by.

        • this is just the beginning.

          as the EU implodes, so will the usa and you can credit the Obama. he has divided it by race and class more thsn it has been for 50 years.

          I expect that riots, attacks and looting to increase to levels that work make new Orleans after Katrina look tame.

        • I got a better way,

        • LW, if anyone of those libturds attacks me they will go down. Don’t care about their color or gender.

          • Another NotSoBrave2016 bullshit threat. Just like the home invasion dudes who walked in and took your guns while you were busy threatening imaginary people.

        • Why is nothing being reported on that huge mini-riot with Ten folks Stabbed and many more has faces snashed by chunks of concrete cement?

          Was a small group of Whites that went to, I think its Sacramento Kalif(?) and got suprize attacked by a Huge Hoard of over 400 mostly hispanics.

          RT TV news reported it this AM, and every mexican speaking tv channel showed extensive coverages of the rioting etc…But I do not speak nor understand their savage jungle bred language so aint certain as to How they promoted it?…Probably promoted it as “Poor brown folk so desperate to get a better life and feel threatened by Whites finally pissed enough to protest all the fed govnts anti whitey policy!”

          RT opened that segment report by saying it was a small group of…”White Seperatist”!…later joined by “skin heads”…..Then suprize attacked by over 400 with clubs and chunks of concrete and ten got stabbed..Not sure which side got stabbed?…Probably white folks stabbed by the looks of the rapidly fast moving camara action etc. difficult to tell due to such fast camara scene changes.

          RT says they, rt reporter girl, checked the website of that white protest group…She says they had a listing of grievances etc…Mainly that list stated the protest was about..

          USA Fed Govnt Policy that uses affirmative actions to benifit and Reward NON whites and illeagles etc and at the expence of white taxpayers that do belong in usa etc.

          Plus complaints of Lack of good jobs for White folk due to such crap policy etc.

          She the RT girl said the white groups name is, something akin to…”White Workers of America” or something close to that. Of course TV news is going to change that to “Nazis-white seperatists and Neo nazi skin heads and Rayssisits!” don’t tv-news always do that?

          Sooooo…What the fucks so damn “seperatistic” about That complaint eh?

          It is quite obvious to all but a dead person or a real true mental retard person that, Yes that Is a valid real complaint!

          Why zero TV news mentions Ever yet on how Aparthide aganist goyim and palestinians israelies are?

          Nor any mentions of how racist and demanding Blacks and Browns have gotten in past 40-50 yrs?

          No mentions ever on how abject Sepperatistic and Rayssist and Anti-Whitey all those demands always are eh?

          I HOPE that the very Next time any whites do such a Valid honest much needed protest to get atten towards this terrible Plight for whites that is ongoing and worsens weekly…

          I Hope that a hundred Thousand or more totally Bad assed Bikers types, like Hells Angels that are usually carrying with them as a personal defense weapon, a 2.5 to 3 LB Ball Pean Hammer in a side holster!

          Also attend as protection details and the moment the very first attack on any peacefull-leagle protester White occures like the above described attacks did..

          I Hope every last one of those Hammer wielding Bikers go all Out on defendig said whites period.

          Just as it was in the cowboys days west…There are just some peoples that Need killin!

          For there is absolutly No, Zero other ways nor methods that will ever work with such type trouble makers hell bent on destruction of the Very Race of White folk whos ancestors, Discovered-invented-Built-Paid for in Cash$$$ and Blood of their Own to create what has become The Greatest ever Race-Civilization-Nation-overall “stuff”-that the entire World Craves!

          The Boomers are The largest demograpic group in usa today as far as I read about recently…And boomers are also them with the Least left to lose eh…

          I Hope that regardless of What happens from here on out.

          That I at least live long enough to SEE the Actual real time events when finally White folk gets fed up enough to really Go ALL OUT!

          And at the very Top of that pyrimid of evils I hope the first ones I see Hang for Treasons are MSM Media Shabozz goys and Their control freak Master Race non goyim, along with the usual typical shabozz goy political bunch.

          And Disclaimer: When I write Savages and or niggers etc…That is to mean and describe ALL types non whites.

          It is simply far eaiser that way than to write or name each different type of similar apelike savage groups.

          mexcians= All hispanics the same as “Bruce” is the name I give or use for ALL japs and chinks, as in Bruce Lee Ah So Chop chop!…So apes, savages and niggers applies to every such anti white and anti america leftist kommie jungle bunnie period.

          Them groups are going to be shocked as hell when the day arrives that pissed whites brings out the Guns!

          And those idiots WELL Deserves it too.

          If you think I am incorrect?…Ask yourself this question..

          Just What are Immigration Laws in Mexica?!! and just What would Mexican Athourities Do if say, 20+ MILLIOn White usa folks decided one day to INVADE Their nation and refuse to leave, or assimilate or speak their jungle savage filthy languages?

          And YES I have checked Mexicos Laws!…You enter there illeagley?…Automatic Mandatory 2-3 yrs Prison and NObody in usa can ever do crap to help You once that happens there!

          Often Mexican Cop/Military goon squads SHOOT illeagle immigrants who enter mexicos Southern borders!

          Unless of course they Pay off bribes to militarized cops, then cops escort them straight up and Into USA proper!

          I HOPE I live long enough to SEE actual Dead trouble makers period…Even one lone individual and I then can go to my grave happier and more certain america yet stands and shall continue to do so after I am gone.

          White Seperatists!!!! well Maybe Thats exactly What whiteys need about now eh?!…George wallace: “The Onliest Solution to Forced Integrations is to…KEEP Us and Them Seperate!”….George Wallace was 100% Correct! and better yet.. BOOT em all OUT!.

          Just remember all you naysayers and those troubles makers…WE never started this stuff! YOU DID!

          This simply Must Stop asap soon or all hell IS going to unfold and They aint gonna like results when the..

          Saxons first Began to hate! Or as modern day folks sez it.

          Look Out niggers! Cause the Klans gotten Bigger!

          • When hungry looters tear out your tongue and tape over your mouth so no one can hear you scream as they crucify you on your own swastika, Stormfronter, say hi to your analphile buddy Hitler whose rectum you’ve been sucking, and to Rachel Corrie and all the goat-humping goose-stepping Paleo-Nazi Muzzie squatters on Israel’s land who are roasting down there with him; also to those gaystapo goose-stepper analphiles from Orlando “Pulse” club and the “anti-Zionist” Muzzie Nazi analphile Democrat who shot them, as they’re all roasting down there too.

            Be prepared to greet your fellow Nazi Barack Hussein to the flames when we send him down to join you in the Lake of Fire for all eternity as well.

          • Right on TG… Take Back Control.

          • Them guy. Good one buddy. We need white rights as all the other races villlify and demonize us. Amen

            • My REPLY to that Vile Pro-Semite poster person is Still stuck in Moderations Limbo eh!…Comparhed to his or her vile crap allowed mine is very Tame to state the least!

      16. 2 trillion is roughly $6000 per man/woman/child/suffer-able man child/xe/grown man who thinks he’s a little girl etc. in the USSA.

      17. The elites are punishing Britons for voting to preserve their national sovereignty and, by so voting, dashing the elites’ dream of an easily-established world State–by the incremental stepping stones of continental States– with which to totally and permanently enslave the 99.99% or more of the masses to the .01% or fewer of the elites.

      18. The Brexit tis just a very humble but great start,way to go GB!The markets have been bullshit based on lies and trickery for decades,why me dad who was one of the financial greats and good guys got out of it.They will blame any economic problems every time o n folks voting for freedom from the controlling pigs,as the Alice Cooper song says,”We still have a long way to go!”.

      19. “Over $2 Trillion “Wiped Out” After Brexit: Friday Was the Biggest Single Day Loss Ever”

        not by me, been mostly in cash for a month and even made money as I opened a short and hope to make more as the farce that are the financial markets are finally having to deal with reality.

      20. Meh

      21. I actually gained this weekend. I found a 40% silver 1965 Kennedy half in change. That’s $2.61 in silver for just 50 cents.

      22. 2 Trillion of toilet paper! Still, it won’t come close to cleaning the backsides of the elite after this, the poo is going to spread far and wide, what we in Aussie call the shit-hit-the-fan!

      23. Don’t panic!!! The uber-rich elite will try to create chaos as a way of coercing folk back on their wish to break free from the yolk of slavery that the NWO have fitted them within till they beg to return to the mundane existence of little more than Eat, Shit, pay taxes then Die… Don’t be suckered by their cunning plans! Let the filthy money grabbing pigs make all the noise and confusion they want. Remain strong, unite and Take Back Control.

      24. This is hardly a loss for the banks and brokers who sat there shorting the market to make money while their client were locked in a buy and hold position. It is like saying the casino lost money when the gambler did. Absurd.

      25. The part no one talks about, is when someone sells at a loss, someone else is buying that loss.
        This was a major profit for the Global Bankers.

      26. A bit off topic, maybe, but this is as good of a time and place to air my theory.

        I think we have seen the last Presidential election we will ever have–This year’s election will not be held. I see the following coming–

        –Market crash
        –Hillary indictment
        –Significant terrorism incident, maybe more than one
        –Riots/civil disturbances following the two convention
        –Martial law declared at least in part

        I believe Obama will announce that “Conditions in the country are currently too unsettled to conduct an election now,” essentially extending his term indefinitely.

        Our future is grim.

      27. Don’t worry, the British are getting ready to flood world markets with their best exports: football hooligans, tattooed losers with pot bellies, welfare junkies, ugly women, bad teeth!

        But more seriously, the country was choking on bad debts and needed a way to burn off the debts fast. Nothing easier than flipping the switch on the vast population of bigoted, ignorant, poorly educated morons who are guaranteed to hate foreigners if you let them. Once that’s done, the Bank of England will open up the discount windows and flood the bankrupt, broke banks with funny money and the casino will go back into hyperdrive.

        • 2 trillion $$ holy $hit.Wait give me a minute —-change jar still in the corner,$82 still under the mattress.I’m ok I didn’t lose shit!So sorry Soros and his buddies lost $F–k them!!
          Maniac –out

          • With the British pound going down, expect to find the following much cheaper:

            Farts: Nobody does bad-diet stress farts like the British. Expect cheaper farts.

            Morons: The British invented the moron so expect these to get cheaper. Want a pot-bellied moron with a swastika on his forehead? You can have that for a lot less.

            Ugly women: They make these by the millions so expect ugly women to get much cheaper. The fat slapper is a British specialty: try one!

            Drunken skinny idiots who start fights in the street: You can pick up these for pennies on the dollar post-Brexit.

            Bad rappers: They have a lot of these so pick up one or two for a ‘couple a quid’ and get that party started!!

            Rotten mouths: Bad teeth were invented in Britain (all that sugar and no tooth paste) so if your medical school needs somebody to work on, pick up a Brit or two.

      28. Controlled collapse. This has been planned for a long time. In any market crash the elite hoover up genuine hard assets at pennies on the pound. That’s what is happening right now.

        For new/non experienced Preppers – If you haven’t already do what you can to get yourself debt-free asap. You do not want to be left standing when the banks start their next game of musical chairs with our homes, farms & livelihoods. If you haven’t relocated to that ideal prepper utopian community yet do what you can with what you actually have to hand now.

        Sadly in many area’s you also need to think about keeping safe in the event of civil disorder. August/high summer is traditionally the peak time for civil unrest and riots. Be clued up and aware of situational awareness, make sure too your children are. How will you get home from work if there’s trouble, more importantly how will your kids get home from school/camp? Be sensible and avoid high traffic malls during peak hours. Think about self-defence in the form of attack but be smart. Law enforcement is likely to be jumpy so don’t carry anything illegal or make yourself stand out in anyway as a potential troublemaker. They grey man is able to work his way to the edge of a crowd and get clear before the mob gets going.

        Take the time to look at your home. Fire is a major risk – can you take any additional precautions now? It’s very trendy to talk about bugging out but the reality is that being forced to do that with a family at short notice when the streets are not safe really should be a last resort. If you are in a city/suburbia & haven’t already befriend your neighbours! In a true emergency they may be all you have. Don’t assume that because you live in the middle of nowhere that you are immune – the Argentinian experience of economic collapse showed us all that rural dwellers can suffer unimaginably before help arrives. Get essential repairs done now while you can still get a hold of tradesmen you trust (this one is especially important for women who don’t have several big strong men to hand in their household).

        Once you’ve thought about that – go back thru your core supplies – for most this is water, food, first aid, and fuel. This is an ideal time of year to ensure that nothing has degraded, fallen foul of vermin, gotten damaged in storage etc. Double check those bug out bags, & don’t forget the tires on your bicycle. If you don’t yet have basic water & food supplies then look down the side of this page for the essentials and start gently – get in a 3 day supply, build it up to a week, then a month and so on.

        IF you have the funds remember most fuel is cheaper if you purchase it in summer. This could be a rough winter so stock up before prices rise to ensure your home is warm this winter. Ditto strong boots. (If you have growing kids now is the time to kit them out for winter in order to get the best bang for your diminishing buck).

        This is also a good time of year to actually walk all those escape routes you found on the map in winter. Where I’m based we have some hills that are almost vertical so a trip that looks simple when I looked on google maps can be very different to walk in reality with a full kit; often I find myself needing to plan to use alternate routes in te event we ever really do have to bug out. Check your caches, perhaps someone else has discovered that nice wooded spot too since you last visited?

        If you garden take your food preserving a little more seriously this year or start learning how. Everyone talks a big talk about how they’d hunt in an emergency. In reality the great depression showed that most wildlife was eaten fairly quickly. Look instead at local vegetation it can be amazing to discover which common flowers and weeds are actually edible. If you are feeling brave test out the edible local insect and in vertebrae. In dire straights these are a valuable protein source. Sadly I live in an area where wild foraging is already a popular hobby so I know even this is not going to be a reliable food source.

        Basically this is a good time to check your preps and consolidate. Let the world around you get as volatile as it likes, realistically most of here aren’t global financiers. Let the elite do whatever the hell it is they think they are doing and get ready to hunker down and ride out the BS.

        • Agree: it looks like a classic pump and dump. All the key players have something to do with the City and the stock markets: Farage is ex stock broker, Cameron’s family made money out of slavery and off-shore tax shelters, Boris Johnson is the tool of the financial speculators.

          The UK had built up too much debt and needed to ease by knocking the pound down. Ironically, all the bigots and racists are going to wake up finding a huge flood of foreign home buyers come in as the pound goes down further.

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