Outrageous: Dallas Paramedics Weren’t Told They Were Driving Ebola Contaminated Ambulance for 48 Hours

by | Oct 3, 2014 | Headline News | 209 comments

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    The Centers for Disease Control and medical experts around the country say they have procedures in place to deal with Ebola and pandemics.

    But according to one paramedic in Dallas, neither he or anyone else was told that the ambulance they were driving was the same one used to transport Ebola patient Thomas Duncan to the hospital.

    A Dallas paramedic claimed he drove the ambulance that the US Ebola patient was transported in and that he was not contacted by anyone about the potential exposure. He claims he drove the ambulance sometime after the patient was transported. The Dallas Fire Department left the ambulance that transported Ebola patient Thomas Duncan to the hospital in service for at least 48 hours before putting it in quarantine on Wednesday. 


    It is not known how many paramedics drove the ambulance during the 48 hour period or how many patients were transported.

    The incident is the latest in a string of procedural breakdowns that included initially sending Duncan home from the hospital with antibiotics and failing to properly decontaminate the apartment in which he stayed during the onset of symptoms.

    Officials continue to insist that America’s medical infrastructure is prepared to handle Ebola.

    In about 21 days we’ll know if they are right.

    People are already starting to panic. What happens in three weeks if this starts showing up in schoolchildren or other metro areas?


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      1. How about something new. This Ebola thing is getting old. Trekker Out.

        • America is not ready for Ebola! Unfortunately much of what the Obama regime is telling us has become suspect. When medical journals claim global warming is more dangerous than Ebola, those journals lose credibility. The second blood moon will appear the night of the 8th. Thanks Mac for the Ebola coverage. We need to be a voice of sanity when the public becomes hysterical.

          • On my birthday too……

            • This is why I standby what I have been saying. This is all being done on purpose to either introduce more control and tyranny or in a worst case scenario

              ………population control/reduction by TPTB.

              • Officials continue to insist that America’s medical infrastructure is prepared to handle Ebola.

                Oh I have no doubt the infrastructure is prepared. Unfortunately TPTB are either not prepared or are willfully failing to contain it using THE. MOST. BASIC. PRINCIPALS. OF. CONTAINMENT.

                • N95 masks

                  I found some additional supplies of these at Wally World in the paint section. They can be used as a respirator when painting. Made by 3M, 2 masks per pack.

                  • Looking for an explanation of why nitrile gloves are recommended, maybe over latex. What is the significance of nitrile?
                    Thanks in advance for any information.

                  • Add diffused Thieves oil on a cotton circle inside the mask. You can also rub it on your chest, neck, and soles of your feet to help boost your immunity and (hopefully) block the virus.

                    Worked for the grave robbers during the Black Plague!

                  • Nitrile is recommended because it lasts longer (not biodegradable like latex), is somewhat more puncture resistant, and overall more resistant to chemicals. Also you won’t have issues with people who are allergic to rubber latex.

                  • W&W,
                    Happy Birthday!

                  • Either the US government and EACH state government has their head so far up their proverbial ass that their incompetence comes blasting through upfront OR this is an outright attack on American citizens…one to be paled in comparison by the 911 attacks.

                    The level of non-scrutiny in preparing or containing such an outbreak leads me to believe the latter. Same goes with the intentional disregard to hardening the grid on a nationwide scale for under $4 billion.

                    Gov can’t be that ignorant and stupid. This has to be calculated and engineered. They’re bringing it down folks. The enemy is within.

                  • also available at Walmart

                    Bonus size bottle of Purell…

                    Purell Advanced hand sanitizer – $2.47 for 12 oz. bottle.(regular size is 8 oz.)

                  • Sorry KY Mom, but hand sanitizer won’t do anything against viruses. You’re better off rubbing a pure copper coin between your mitts or “washing” your hands repeatedly in a bowl of pure copper shot. That said, replace your doorknobs with copper ones if you can afford it (not lacquered, because that prevents contact with the metal) or just wrap copper wire around things you touch a lot. Viruses don’t last long in contact with copper.

                  • So far, it looks like our government and the officials have been totally useless, negligent, unhelpful, as usual, per se.

                    They say they don’t want to cancel flights because of the poor people in Africa needing supplies… well, they could cancel all flights except for flights taking medical supplies, food, medical personnel, etc..

                    I don’t know the real reason for not cancelling flights but on Zero hedge it said the stock market was down because of the Ebola scare– maybe that has something to do with it– usually everything the US government does is related to money, what’s good for the corporations, etc.

                  • Muddy, my guess is reaction with latex to chemicals. I know that years and years ago, doing a paper for nursing, I found an article that said latex gloves have microscopic holes, and as long as there are less than 60 the lot is okay to go off the production line, unless they are sterile gloves–they are slightly thicker unless cheap brands.

                    even nitrile gloves rip EASILY. sometimes they rip simply by putting them ON!

                  • @ Muddy

                    There are microscopic pores in latex that allow viral passage (Herpes, HIV, Ebola, etc.).

                    That said, the nitrile gloves are so much less elastic that they tear more easily.

                  • I read where the n95 masks weren’t very effective because air comes around the mask where it’s not tight to the face. Makes sense.

              • Dallas: Workers Spray Ebola Patients’ Vomit Off of Sidewalk with Pressure Washer and No Protective Clothing (Photos and Video)

                “Apparently, they didn’t tell anyone to use protective suits, or to keep residents or passersby away while power-washing.

                And from the casualness of the guys doing the power-washing, it is unlikely that (1) they put any disinfectants in the power-washer or (2) they were even told what they were cleaning.”


                Update: WFAA TV Dallas/Fort Worth Channel 8 news says that the Centers for Disease Control ORDERED the sidewalk to be power-washed.

                • Did they know at that time what it was?

                • This tells me that this is a lie. Something’s not right about this whole thing.

                  • The whole story “stinks”. Still passenger flights to/from the infected countries allowed, no control possible at airports due to the incubation time, wrong diagnosis at the Dallas hospital, about 100 people possibly infected due to the wrong diagnosis, ambulance which carried the ebola patient being used for another 2 days without desinfection, apartment where ebola patient lived not desinfected for 5 days, vomit from the street “jetblasted” by unprotected sanitation workers, ….. if one really wanted this uncurable plague to spread and fast, one could hardly have done a better job. Even during the Middle Ages in Europa they knew better : if uncurable – ISOLATE, DON’T TOUCH and inhibit wandering about.

                • This is simply dumbfounding….. These guys are spraying high pressure water down on the vomit. The hose sits below the sidewalk on the parking lot where the vomit run off is traveling. They are using no chemicals like bleach. They are not wearing any protection for water vapor creating from the water turning to mist. Then there are people walking all around these guys working. They are walking in the vomit run off with their shoes. At some point, if they didn’t breath in the vomit mist, they will have to take off their shoes and perhaps, maybe not, wash their hands before dinner….


                • Bleach should be used and picked up with absorbent material and placed in red bio hazard bags with personnel wearing level B bio suits. I work for a city FD and ride a rescue transport vehicle (box) 23 years now. Admin and the on duty crew of the unit should have taken the box out of service and decon the unit completely. No washing with water for this would spread the hazard and dilution would not work to properly rid the virus totally. There have been measures in place since 9/11 for substance isolation and need to be followed accordingly.

              • WOW!! PM’s are getting CRUSHED.
                SILVER=$16.78 / Oz
                GOLD=$1193 / Oz

                Only bright spot is OIL Prices are Dropping too and soon Gas will be under $3.00 a Gallon.

                • WWT
                  It is mid term election time. Gas will be around 2.75 or so a gallon in Nov.
                  Now would be a good time to buy gold and silver.

                  • Agreed Sgt. gonna order some today.

              • I agree. I’ve often wondered if this Ebola crisis will be the US government’s scapegoat to blame for an economic crash … as well a big pharma money maker as SHTF.

                Check out my new updated exposé on Ebola here:


            • WaW
              Happy B Day.

              Now if this isn’t a plan to spread Ebola I don’t what is!

              The Fed are not stopping anyone from western Africa from coming here, they are telling us that you can only get it from fluids. Has anyone ever dry sneezed? Has anyone ever coughed and not had some moister come out of their lungs” The answer is no.

              Notice the family has to stay in the house, but no they ran around until the courts got involved. A form of Martial Law. The only problem they have is they have the cops watching the house 24/7. They don’t have enough cops to watch a hundreds of houses, and what is that going to cost.

              I can hear Dallas Mayor say we don’t have the money send in the Guard. Martial Law.

              I can see the folks that are there to make sure they don’t get out, and run around or FEMA CAMPS, say SCREW You I don’t want to get sick, and take it to my family. Can you say U.N.

              A slippery slope with my imagination!!!

              AIM SMALL MISS SMALL

              • Howdy, Sarge. The scenario you outlined is very plausible and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the next shoe to be dropped. If so, I will lock and load.

              • this is all getting started just before flu season. Just wait till flu season starts and this shit is going on. flu Vaccines are mandatory at the hospital. I get sick every year I get the vaccine. What if the plan is to use this as an excuse to take away folks with flu and pen them up with ebola exposed patients? I can’t believe I’m even thinking this as I type it. If I wanted population control, I think that’s how I’d do it. IF i were a sociopath.

                • I am in the medical field and some of our employees said they attended a meeting 2 weeks ago about our staff delivering a mass medication to the community. They used Cipro and Doxy antibiotices as hypothetical meds. Of course, i asked to read their training papers and realized it’s about administering the fake ass vaccine when it arrives. They promoted it as our employees and families would get the first doses. ??? NOTHING about preparing the community.

            • watching and waiting,

              Happy birthday!

            • What a bummer! : (

              HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANYHOW! 😉

          • What a cluster fluck of asinine decisions…..

            We rely on West Africa to screen for Ebola
            We don’t restrict ANYONE from coming into this country
            We have complete OPEN BORDERS where ANYONE sick, or healthy can come across at free will
            We let a moron travel to the hot bed of this pandemic and then welcome him back in
            He goes to the Hospital once sick and they send him home to share his disease with family and friends
            Then “someone” knowingly allows our first responders to drive around in a contaminated ambulance, thus possibly contaminating who know who else…..

            We are so pathetic…. Darwin will be proud…..!

            • Nothing But Communism (NBC) and Communism Before Socialism (CBS) have their propaganda doctors preaching a new tune today claiming they are not sure of the infection routes. The virus has mutated is their excuse. No shit didn’t need a doctorate to figure that out. Its airborne, don’t let them bullshit you people.

              • The mainstream media reports the ‘news’ as ‘directed’

                NBC = National Barack Channel
                ABC = All Barack Channel
                CNS = Communist News Station
                CNN = Communist News Network

            • We let a moron travel to the hot bed of this pandemic and then welcome him back in
              Duncan didn’t travel there–he lives in Liberia and helped an infected pregnant woman to the hospital; when learning he was infected, guess where he headed

              Something fishy about the staff at the hospital in Dallas letting him leave after divulging his homeland; also, no one gives antibiotics for a virus–we all know antibiotics only kill bacterial infections NOT viral infections.
              Every 6th grader knows that.
              Also, one account from a friend? said the responders put on masks as soon as he told where he was from…so many lies, so many stories.
              That is what TPTB that control the media want.

            • he did not travle there and back…he lived there, worked for a subcontractor of ups or something like that, and this is his first time in the US…much higher level of risk to assess at the customs/immigration point in Dulles, but because of an Obama change to the ‘decision tree’ involving health questioning, he is not assigned any higher risk than someone who traveled there for a one week conference and stayed n a nice hotel

          • i see a pale horse acoming in the distance

          • What about the second patient suspected of Ebola? It was news a few days ago, then poof, nothing.

            • DC Area today “A patient with Ebola-like symptoms is being treated at Howard University Hospital in Washington, D.C., a hospital spokesperson confirmed late Friday morning. The patient had traveled to Nigeria recently.”

        • FUBAR!!!! What do you fear more, Ebola or the US Government run by Incompetent Psychopaths?

          • I fear how the two combine together. It’s like the Reese’s peanut butter cup of SHTF scenarios: Two bad things that go terrible together!

            • Every aspect of what all of have known to be our American Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness is now a SNAFU. It will take all we have to restore the Republic. Things will never be the same again…as they are “now”..and who likes the way things are ” now”?

          • OK, Here is the New ISIS Threat being reported. ISIS is now Targeting US Military Personnel and their Families World Wide. They said that they are scouring social media sites looking for Military Personnel’s Home Addresses and where their families live. This means if you have Military Personnel living in your neighborhood even Stateside, BE ALERT and WATCH OUT!!

            I would be prepared at your home and on your person, with many loaded weapons ready to deploy into battle if necessary. GET YOUR CONCEALED WEAPONS PERMITS AND BE PREPARED FOR MORE ACTIVE SHOOTER INCIDENTS TO UNFOLD. I would not be going to eat lunch where many US Military personnel hangout in uniform. No need to be collateral damage.

            • Is there a real ISIS?
              Remember, question everything on the LSM.
              I’m more afraid of my government than ISIS.

              • The CIA among others, created the Syrian Freedom Fighters ( or whatever they are calling themselves but also know as an arm of Al Quaeda) and used them to provide a reason for the US to oust the Syrian government. But the American people said no. So the CIA created ISIS, a badder version of the Freedom Fighters, and they ( the CIA) will continue to have ISIS do more terrible things that are directly aimed at pushing the emotional buttons of the American people. And this will continue until the US has control of Syria or the CIA is shut down. Take your pick.
                Anything that ISIS does is directed by the CIA. Direct your comments to your Congress based on and including this info.

          • This shear idiocy is what happens when a man, who has never had a real job, is elected to the highest office in the land by the voters as a backlash to the previous administration. A man who uses his executive power and government agencies to retaliate against his “enemies” and against The People. A man who is so immoral that he continues to blame others, never himself, for his total lack of leadership on any of the major problems of the day.

            It’s even worse than the blind leading the blind.

            Unfortunately, it is us proles who will suffer the consequences.

            • If it were merely incompetence in this man, I would not be so concerned. An incompetent person will get it right once in a while…even if it’s by accident.

              No….this man is pure evil….not incompetent. Everything he does…or does not do….is by design.

              • Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Obamas military bombed the wrong oil refinery in Syria. Iraqi airforce dropped supplies on ISIS instead of bombs. So if anybody asks how’s the war going? FUBAR!!

                • I have an acquaintance that works for the feds. He was present when the Traitor in Chief gave CENTCOM their briefing at MacDill AFB in Tampa, Fl. My friend wouldn’t go into great detail about what was exactly said. But he did say that the whole bombing deal on ISIS is a farce. They are targeting BS targets with no intention at all of hitting ISIS. IT’S ALL A PR event to give the sheeple back home “warn fuzzy feelings” that they are being made safer from ISIS.

                  • Remember; create the boogeyman to bring in fear to bring in more restrictions removing our freedoms.

              • All the top directors of the fed gov are muslim.
                Must be a coincidence.,

                • They are all Jews. Do a little research. Chertoff who gave us DHS looks real Muslim, doesn’t he? Our government is owned by Goldman Sachs and the other Jewish banks. Our State Department is run by Jews. The Fed is the Rothschild private bank, sucking us dry. Treasury is Jewish. Where are the Muslims? Watch where Ebola doesn’t break out: L.A. and NYC where the Jews live. I am not anti-Semitic, just anti-Jew domination of Gentiles. Jesus called the leaders of the Jews the Synagogue of Satan for a reason.

                  • This aint Bush years. Were in the present, talking about Obama and his muslim cohorts,the Muslim Brotherhood, and CAIR: Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, John Brennan, Jeh Johnson (Islamic terrorist sympathizer and legal defender) and others like John Podesta, linked to Muslim Bro’hood.

                    More muslims surround Obama. Look at the czar lineup. Then on the sidelines: Arif Alikhan, assistant secretary of Homeland Security for policy development; Mohammed Elibiary, a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council; Rashad Hussain, the US special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference; Salam al-Marayati, co-founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC); Imam Mohamed Magid, president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA); and Eboo Patel, a member of President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.
                    Theres so many. Do some searches and see how many commies and muslims run this country.

              • I feel with certainty that this, well, I wouldn’t call him a man….maybe MANchurian Candidate. He is pure evil. Yes, he is absolutely inept but I think his whole plan is to drive the US into the ground. He is set out to destroy this country. Maybe it’s his personal goal, maybe it’s his handlers…but they are doing well.

            • Just insult to injury on the headlines for this thread, here’s another oh shit moment in time, with pictures.

              Dallas: Workers Spray Ebola Patients’ Vomit Off of Sidewalk with Pressure Washer and No Protective Clothing (Photos and Video

              According to the story, CDC ORDERED the sidewalk pressure washed. Note that people are WALKING through the runoff!!!


              ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-10-02/workers-spray-ebola-patients%E2%80%99-vomit-sidewalk-pressure-washer-and-no-protective-cloth

              • I am reeeally trying to forget I even saw those photos. Good grief. How clueless can one be.

                “Here, let me spray that off for you with my handy dandy powerwasher”!

                “Whooops, didn’t mean to get that on you, better stand back, this thing is powerful”!

            • God is on the throne. I believe He put this individual in office for a reason. What that is only He knows. But, we all know.

              God bless you all

              • May I suggest the following; God allows evil rulers on the throne as a form a punishment for a nation’s collective sins and as a call to repent. Perhaps antichrist Obama is devine punishiment and call to repentence for our (USA’s) national sins.

                • Yep. We’re in deep crap.

                  Not even gonna go there, but I agree.

                • AMEN BROTHER!!! You hit the nail on the head.

              • I disagree–I say Satan put the fraud in office.
                Evil abounds.
                It was our job to stop his evil.

            • We could only hope for such a scenario. These people are too cowardly to attempt such acts. Most people who have some or significant military time are at this time heavily, heavily armed. The only problem that we face is that we cant bring weapons on a base (by design). Can anyone say Maj Hassan of Fort Hood?????). If attacks come out in town, however, no need to alert the police. We will blow the shit out of these clowns and leave the bodies to rot hanging from billboards, light poles, street signs, etc. Those found alive will have pork rinds wrapped in rotting bacon shoved in their mouths then heel stomped. Excess carcasses will be placed in bins and publicly transported to feed lots where they will be irradiated to kill disease and then fed to the pigs.

            • “Unfortunately, it is us proles who will suffer the consequences.”

              I don’t think will have to wait long now for the suffering to begin. For many of us it already has.

          • Are you of the opinion that one is unrelated to the other? This Ebola strain is weaponized. It is the ONLY outbreak to originate in the city rather than the jungle. This entire strain will wipe-out the Baby-Boomer generation. Now the government gets to avoid paying out all of those social security benefits that become due to 10k+ per day. Moreover, the death tax is 50% for inheritances. So there’s that.

          • The latter,

          • I dont “fear” either, especially the government, i think more appropriate words are
            They have lost all legitimacy in my eyes and also in the views of almost everyone i know and actually care about,
            Theres still a few sheep in my circle,

          • Ebola applied for affirmative action, and demanded it not be profiled

        • WT, I’ll drink to that. How ’bout them Orioles!

          • Sorry meant Mountain Trekker (MT).

        • Lurching from one blunder to another! We got a report here tonight that the kids/girlfriend in Patient Zero’s apartment were ignoring quarantine requirements.

          I was really expecting a lid would be kept on this – more fool me for trusting TPTB huh?

          Guess we’ll be next Down Under.


          • Aussie I see your country is getting in on the bombing in Syria. I had meant to ask what the repercussions were of the wannabe beheaders you had. I guess when Ocommie needs people to sign on to his bombing of sovereign countries he has their fellow countryman’s heads cut off. Don’t forget we will be offering Kevlar Head Saver Scarfs in the near future. Were a little behind in production since adding our new line of anti-ebola fashions. WTF – the world is going to hell faster than we can make jokes about the world going to hell.

        • trying to spread it

        • Well, the way things are spinning I am sure by Monday you will have a different headline (no offense to Mac intended). So, just chill for the next 48 and I bet you will see some game changer;)

      2. Sad

        It does not shock me in any way. That fact alone is sad. The government is so corrupt, incompetent, and useless it should not shock anyone. I really believe they want this to happen.

        • Public opinion definitely will not improve once the masses learn how the “authorities” are handling their quarantine procedures.

          Now you know their plan. Lock you inside with all infected material and wait for you and your entire family to die. They will not supply basic needs, or help your loved ones who may not be infected at that point. This is happening (minimal) of at least 6 households in TX right now.

          • My little brother says it stated out a Abola, went to Bbola, and has now mutated down the alaphbet to this Ebola. I told him we should worry until it gets to Zbola-the Zombie version.

            • Ebola was named after the Ebola River in the area it originated.
              **Ebola is named for the river in Africa where the disease was first recognized in 1976.**

          • AZ
            ambulance used for 48hrs after transporting Duncan without being decontaminated apartment side walks cleaned with pressure washer
            apartment cleaned by private contractors, where are the hazmat teams
            docs inspecting apartment with no protective gear on
            the list of screw-ups is a mile long

            I don’t know how bad this is going to get but quarantine is already broken,
            this is the reason I never was concerned about fema, those people couldn’t find their ass with 2 hands and a flashlight

            • Here’s our litmus test. If the two dumbasses that were pressure washing don’t get Ebola, we should have nothing to worry about. I can’t imagine a better way to get it other than blowing vomit right up into your face.

            • Don’t forget, the soiled linens were only recently removed from the apartment. Saw that on my local (ABC 13 in Houston) news last night!

            • Honestly, I was not expecting this level of incompetence. It’s gotta to be part of the whole plan. No way can they be that stupid!

              As a former EMT I am horrified that the medics didn’t refuse to get back into that unit. Was he vomiting blood? Good grief, how can all of those emergency personnel not put two and two together;
              African patient
              Vomiting (blood)
              Profuse sweating

              How could they not KNOW? What am I missing!

              • It’s not incompetence, it’s political correctness. And while I’m on the subject, what a racist thing to say!

                • I fail to see this as racist considering what is going on in Africa right now and he just left there, unless you were being sarcastic which was lost to me in online translation.

              • Obviously you have seen the non-Asian affirmative action workers in healthcare and know to avoid them.

              • according the relative who called in the EMT’s, she told them to wear gloves and masks because he had just arrived from Nigeria….so they prolly could guess about his diagnosis pretty well. excerpt from Washington Post
                “She told The Washington Post that she found him in bed, fully dressed and shivering. After going to buy him a blanket, she brought Mr Duncan some hot tea which is when she noticed the redness of his eyes, a well-publicized sign of Ebola.

                With his temperature at 102F, Ms Jallah called 911 and described his symptoms which included severe diarrhea, fever and shivering.

                The mother-of-four advised the EMTs not to enter the apartment without gloves and face masks, warning them that her stepfather had recently traveled to the U.S. from Africa.

                An ambulance took Mr Duncan to the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital while she followed in her minivan along with several family members.

                Ms Jallah brought along the blanket that she had bought earlier for him and which he had had draped around himself until the ambulance had arrived.

                After many hours of sitting in the ER waiting room she was finally informed that Mr Duncan had been isolated and that no visitors were allowed.

                The family were not informed that Mr Duncan had suspected Ebola. No one took away the blanket which the contagious man had used or advised the family about what to do next.

        • @Mike in VA….

          “I really believe they want this to happen.”


          • Walt,
            They need an excuse to lock us all down, plus then they can pull the plug on the financial sector and blame it on the “crisis”
            The government is no longer of, for, nor by We the People.
            Are no longer represented,
            The best interests of the public are not even remotely a priority for these assholes or their throngs of appointed butt lickers.
            So why the hell are people still going along?????

        • Virgina Mike-

          I agree.

          Sadly, this whole tragedy of errors has been reinforced by entrenched political correctness, permeating our society…w/ a likely side dish of affirmative action, per the decision making processes involved to date.

          …-sheesh-…whatever happened to common sense?

          • …-sheesh-…whatever happened to common sense?

            Not UN approved

            • Common sense left the building a decade ago, maybe more,
              I see more self absorbed idiot loud music selfie taking ignorant oblivious apathetic assholes than ever before,
              I can only imagine what its like in the blue states and big cities,
              God help us

          • The world is turning into One Big Petrie Dish. When you mix pollution, disease, nukes, chemtrails, toxic chemicals, drugs and 6 Billion human carriers traveling from country to country breeding like rabbits, and incompetant greedy Gubberment employees with lack of oversight, welcome to the sick world we live in.

      3. thxs mac,

        I will not be putting a tree up this year. Jeremiah talks about putting cut trees with adornments. My husband uses the old “for the kids”.
        Someone somewhere has to stop this and it has begun with me!

        • We dont do that evil anymore either once we learned the truth about the pagan holiday. We now only celebrate according to Gods calendar. This year we are looking into celebrating Hanukah instead

          • Why not celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Bastille Day too?

          • Most all holidays are based on FRAUD.. Columbus day BS. LEIF ERIKSON landed on NORTH AMERICA on October 9th 1001AD.
            Easter Bunny BS Day. Even Jeaus a beliver was denied everlasting life. CHRISTMAS- WHAT EVER. LABOR DAY- A free paid day for Government employees that are NO SHOWS that day. 4th of July- What Freedoms. Thanks Givi Day. Foreign Invaders stole land and commited Genocide against Native Americans, and gave them Smallpox. Just like Ebola.

        • That is right. Christmas is a stolen pagan holiday.

          As much of Christianity is stolen from much older religions. All cultures have a messiah. All cultures document a great flood. All cultures have a good versus evil theme, day versus night, sun versus moon.

          Oh Noes! Threaten religion! My version is the only version! Where are my blinders! You are going to hell if you don’t believe MY religion.

          This is why there is so much hate and discontent in the world. There is nothing wrong with faith. It is when you try to force it on others when it becomes a problem.

      4. Martial law.

        • couple more “Hot Zones” and they can start

      5. What about the Ebola puke on the side of the street. Ebola is all over the frikken place!

        • The apartment management crew used a pressure washer to clean up the Ebola Vomit, perhaps billions of Ebola microbes were aerosol-ed, and they wee not even wearing masks, the local TV station caught this on camera with their eye in the sky.

          • And Billions of Ebola Virii cried out in glee!

            A few gallons of bleach lobbed onto tthe vomit zone and 50 feet outward, would have been better. And maybe burn the ground afterwards.

      6. Sadly, my prediction of about two months ago is coming true. That prediction was that it would spread in the US due to incompetence and human error. I had hoped I was wrong. I had hoped that an advanced nation with procedures codified for such a thing would not be so sloppy. I guess I had hoped for too much. What scares me is what comes next. They may well have isolated some of the people who had contact with the Liberian man, but what about all of the sick and injured people who were in that ambulance? If they don’t even know who drove it, what chance is there that they can identify the patients, many of which had open wounds, who rode in it’s contaminated cargo hold? Sadly, my hope that this event would be limited to less than 10 people seems less likely to come true.

      7. Ebola is just one tier of their master plan to “Thin the Herd.” While one hand is waving distracting us, watch what the other hand is doing. More than likely picking our pockets clean.

      8. At first..

        it was just one man…

        then possible contact with 3 or 4 individuals

        then 8

        yesterday 100

        All subsequent medical articles from this summer equating the possibility of ebola being airborne are now being scrubbed from the web..

        These friggin morons are covering their asses with massive damage control…yet as soon as they assure us all is under control..more damage reels its ugly head.

        They can not contain this ,nor anything, at this point..as they are completely inept..

        We have an out of control bureaucracy run by ass kissing fools appointed to run all these useless agencies….

        Just look at the fools we have..

        STATE DEPT

        Everything they touch and implement turns to shit real quick..
        and then they lie and cover their tracks as fast as possible….

        Good God..

        we’re in a keystone cops movie that never ends!


      9. People are always talking about huge government conspiracies for this, that and the other thing. What hogwash in this case! These asshats could not pour puss out of a boot with instructions stamped on the heel…

      10. O this just gets more f-d up…i smoke a lot of weed and wouldnt make these kinds of errors… gonna burn extra to try and stay calm… face it fellow preppers…this may be it

      11. OH MY GOD! Just had to let it out. I just discovered I’m out of coffee creamer. What shall we ever do???? I’m going back to bed and pull the covers over my head.

        • I hear ya, Coffee Creamer is a treat with coffee. You need to be prepared and have powder creamer as a back up. That will store longer that liquid creamer. Stockpile Powdered creamer. Good to get some packets for your bugout bag.

          • Braveheart drinks his coffee STRAIGHT BLACK. Never diluted with anything.

            • Once you go black…

        • Don’t step in the Ebola puke like Sierra Dave says when you’re out buying your creamer.

        • Some of you’se guys on here shirts are too tight.

          • PO- screws are loose also! yee-haw! let the red thumbs up my butt cover this one!

          • Some can not see sarcasm. Or by the looks of your thumbs down count many can’t.

          • PO’d-

            Its been that way from the beginning, dude.

            ..shrug it off.
            The old timers here appreciated your point.


        • Coffee creamer should be part of your preps !

          • OK PO,you failed,no creamer?!When you resupply first check also,plenty of goldfish crackers?What the hell kind of prepper are you,running out on necessities before it even really hits the fan hard!

            • Warchild->

              Goldfish crackers? Jezus!!!…what will they come up w/ next???

              ..do they make’im in trout/bass/grilled walleye flavors too???

              …damn, I gotta go shoppin’ soon!!!!

        • Call in the order at your grocer and have it sent by cab and left in mailbox??

      12. Political Correctness, I don’t want to be responsible, not my business, maybe it will go away, somebody might ask me something that will make me think, It’s their business, why you meddling?

        Or I just don’t give a damn, leave me alone, I’m just here to do my hours, get paid and go home.

      13. I’ve made posts on previous threads describing the exponential function and how it relates to the outbreak of this disease.

        Is it starting to resonate with you now?

        • Resonate?

          …most profoundly here Walt!

        • Speaking of exponential function, here’s an article that puts concrete numbers based on country populations in the hot zone and in the west.

          ht tp://undergroundmedic.com/?p=6990

      14. use some common sense & logic. Why are we not hearing about thousands dying from ebola in other third world places. it ought to thrive in the squalor &filth in mexico, india and host of other places. Why Texas? Why not Chicago, St Louis, los angles, New York? Think about it? How many of you folks get a FLU shot? Ive never had one. Better to get the flu and let your bodys immune system build up resistance. most of us here are decendents of folks that survived the Spanish flu of 1918. We carry in our DNA a host of resistant gene,s that if we live a moderately healthy life style the Ebola & other plagues likely wont kill us. Im done with ebola nonsense. Ill stick to jokes.

        • Ebola bacteria can remain active on surfaces for several hours. So touching things like public toilets, door handles, grocery carts, gas pump handles, money, shaking hands, food at restaurants, mail in your mailbox. But hey don’t freak out, our Gubberment has a handle on this.

        • About 4,000 have died in West Africa countries and 1,000 people who may have the virus are missing and that is a conservative estimate:

          Liberia and there are new cases being reported in three districts near the Ivory Coast
          Sierra Leone —-5 per hour estimate being infected

      15. The Wise Italian Grandpa

        Why Italian Fathers and Grandfathers pass their handguns down through the family.

        An old Italian man is dying. He calls his grandson to his bedside,
        Guido, “I wanna’ you lissina me. I wannna’ you to take-a my chrome
        plated .38 revolver so you will always remember me.”

        “But grandpa, I really don’t like guns. How about you leave me your
        Rolex watch instead?”

        “You lissina me, boy. Somma day you gonna be runna da business, you
        gonna have a beautiful wife, lotsa money, a big-a home and maybe a
        couple of bambinos. ”

        “Somma day you gonna come-a home and maybe finda you wife inna bed
        with another man.

        “Whatta you gonna do then? Pointa to you watch and say, ‘times up’?”​

      16. Good Morning SHTF.

        The majority of us would like to get our hands on the people responsible for all this crap. The High Mucky Mucks think they are untouchable. They will flee to the safe houses and hope that after time they can emerge back into the sunlight without being noticed.
        But I find that these type of people are not satisfied with being silent. They will begin the process all over again because they crave the power and control over people. The Georgia Guide Stones are only Guides but Human Nature has wants and needs to be filled.
        What we have to do is to remember their names and faces and the atrocities they committed. Retribution to follow.
        Some will get away. History shows that when they are caught it does not go well for them. Let them continuously live in fear of capture.
        “Let them eat cake’ Comes to mind.

        • Ever seen the dirty dozen? Bunkers all need To have exhaust ventilators.. Just back up the fuel truck and its a now a underground southern pit BBQ..

          Revenge is a plate best served up

      17. Any fool can figure out that this is a well
        Planned > weaponized aerosol form
        Of the Ebola virus.. And of course the Cdc and our commander and chiefy are on the sidelines watching the entire thing blossom out of control… High 5ing each other..

        It’s up to each responsible individual to
        now decide for themselves how they and their families are going to survive through this murderous plot that is unfolding now against
        Us all..

        Don’t wait for barry and his cohorts to save you.. This one is all
        Up to your will To beat them at their Own game..

        Sooner than later they will retreat to their cozy bunkers paid by yours and i’s tax $.. And those whom made it possible for them will be ALL left out on what will be named in history as
        “hell on earth.”

        Ain’t life A MF!! Well.. At least if this does unfold most of us won’t have the distinct pleasure to see the 1st woman president elect – Mrs pres Clinton and the 1st man!

        I think we all have had enough of the 1st minority elect.. haven’t seen or heard of him in the last few days after the dallas Ebola incident .. He’s probably golfing or already tucked in to
        his cozy bunker…

        God help us all.. Or at least the good ones this time!!!

      18. This whole country is upside down. Nothing is right. To many idiots that don’t know how to run anything and don’t have common sense.

        • That’s right, once the right people figure out the facade, the proverbial wizard behind the curtain, we are truly phucked. There are limitless possible vulnerabilities to American destruction. Let me count the ways and one will trigger off at some point. Prob not far around the corner. Just assess to true competence of those around you at any given moment. It will scare the hell out of you.

      19. Why worry?. You now have Obamacare!

        • NOT ME. I have my own private pay.

      20. CDC is lying through their teeth !!! I believe this ebola has mutated,/gone airborne.
        If it hadn’t, than why in the hell is everyone searching trying to contact all the passengars from the planes that this man took, when the CDC says you can’t get it from casual contact, or when victim is showing no symptoms ??? LIES LIES LIES
        thank goodness the flu hasn’t hit yet, or all hell would break out, due to the similarities of the two viruses, hosiptals would be flooded with panicked parents….

        • @loulou
          and how many ebola carriers will be returned to society with antibiotics in their pockets and this disease in their systems.

      21. Look guys it takes 48hrs. to get test results back from the lab for any pathogen. It take 30 to 90 days to get DNA if the lab puts a “rush” on the order. The crew wasn’t informed because the “powers that be” DIDN’T KNOW. This isn’t the “black death”. Ebola IS NOT airborne, and all this childish “prepper panic” can only make things worse. GET A GRIP!

        • It may take 48 hours for labs to come back, so when you do something called “take precautions” as they did with the patient, and contacted Delta, why wouldn’t you take ALL precautions. Why, the ambulance, and the vomit, and bed sheets, etc…Slipped through the cracks. You have humans dealing with this, and when there are humans involved, there WILL be error. That’s what this was. Error. But guess what how do things get messed up in the first place? That’s right Error. I have a grip. Sounds like you need to open your eyes.

        • Ray I hear what you are saying BUT let 3 or more geographically dispersed cases be confirmed and see how many EMT’s, lab techs, hospital cleaners, clinical waste techs etc all decide today’s the day they stay their ass at home!

          If you were a delivery driver – would you knowingly drive into a potential “hot zone”? we live in a JIT world. How many men are happy now to drive their wife to give birth at Hospital zero in Dallas? how many diabetics will put off that check up in the immediate locale?

          The local economy – how many business trips to the area will now be cancelled costing that county hard cash in lost business? how many crooked local politicians will try to hide their own patient zeros from the public for as long as possible to avoid financial shutdown?

          This could get messy real quick if say cases are announced in Salt Lake city, & Seattle within the next few days.

          • I can’t wait to see how the local populace is viewing this come Sunday when the Texans play the Cowboys in Dallas. This game is the one guaranteed sellout every year for both clubs. Lots of empty seats will be a good barometer for the mood of the local populace regarding congregating in public places.

            On another note, just think what 16 infected jihadi’s could accomplish this Sunday.

        • Ray – There is nothing “childish” about prepping. Prepping is not just for a SHTF scenario, but for other situations in life where preparedness can save you from hunger. Such as a spouse losing a job, becoming ill, etc.

          If ebola started to spread and things got out of hand, sheltering in place is going to be ideal. Will you be the one standing on the corner, begging fema for help? Or will you be responsible and ready to take care of yourself and your own business?

          Would you like to be this woman?

          “We’re gonna die, we’re gonna freeze”


          • Isn’t andy cooper the news anchor that faked interviews of Sandy Hook parents??
            Yes, let us all believe that liar.

        • Guess you missed the commie news this morning and the CDC’s page update. It is airborne.

      22. Dallas household weary of Ebola quarantine.

        On Drudge.

        A few more days of confinement and this family will be ready to run. No Discipline.

        • Like many of the sick people in Liberia that we saw running around on the streets, breaking out of the hospital and attacking people there, this very same scenario could happen here as well. People will lose it. Confinement can drive a person crazy. It definitely takes discipline.

          • Thanks for the coffee creamer tip, goldfish too!

            Latest prep:
            TEKTON 7333 Battery, Bulb and Fuse Tester 8.23
            Tests General Purpose, Alkaline and Rechargeable Batteries
            Accurately Checks Battery Capacity Under Simulated Load Conditions
            Reduce Waste and Save Unnecessary Expense – Check Batteries, Bulbs, and Fuses Before Replacing
            Troubleshoot Electronic Devices by Verifying Battery Output
            Easy-Read Analog Meter


      23. How many patients did the contaminated ambulance transport?
        It’s becoming quite clear that one infected person can potentially infect thousands.
        But don’t worry the CDC has it under control.
        Remember they told us Ebola wasn’t in the cards for the United States.

      24. I’ll wager that the largest infection vector is caused by those kissing Obombus’ ring whilst he has his thumb firmly jammed up his arse.

        If there existed a half kilo of prosthetic testicles in all of the grabberment; we would hear of Obombus’ arrest for treason, a military tribunal to proceed on Monday morning and within the week, his sentencing to Leavenworth for giving aid and comfort to the enemy would be announced. Joe Arpiao should be named his personal warder.

        After this, his cohorts (R or D) should be arrested and held for trial on similar charges. Immediately preceding the borders being closed, and illegals detained and subsequently deported.

      25. If it can get past trained nurses and doctors, what chance does a TSA screener have?
        I don’t know if this is real or staged but statistically speaking, if it’s real then it should show just how stupid it is to try and dodge a bullet.
        A matter of hours makes the difference between contagious or not.
        Continuing to allow more in here from that region shows just how farcical DHS is.
        IF, in a few days or weeks more cases start showing up, little doubt can be left that this was intentional.

        • In Africa, government employees had to go door to door in order to find Ebola patients. The patients would hide because they didn’t want to be quarantined. In other words, they were hiding from treatment. And then it spreads.

      26. who left the comment yesterday about getting F.U.C.’d w/ supplies? Great stuff.
        We topped things off yesterday and there aint no more store trips for us now. One more run out for 2 propane tanks to get filled and were set for 2 years on propane.
        Winters coming.Jon Snow said.

        Planning another family pow wow this weekend too. One grandkid left in govt schools, getting pulled out next week, going the legal route w/ the proper notices put in. Seems like every week we deal w/ more and more govt shit somehow. They want to take us down. I reckon they forgot were full blood American and well be the last men standing.

        • Calgagus,

          Your family is lucky that you have planned ahead and taken these precautions.

          Your post reminded me of this article I read yesterday.

          Prepared? When Ebola hits your town you will want to be antifragile.

          “Develop a basic mindset. Here are some ideas. Commit to prepare for zombies, so that currency collapse, EMP, hurricanes, revolution, world war, [edit: Ebola Pandemic] or anything else will seem relatively mild.

          Understand that the time to make a plan and prepare is before, not after a zombie invasion. Understand that there is no way you can plan or prepare for every contingency, but doing something today goes a long way to peace of mind, and eliminating any regrets should the shit actually hit the fan.

          Realize that everything is likely to cost more next year, if you can get it, so better to buy it now.”

          “there is no word for the exact opposite of fragile. Let us call it antifragile. Antifragility is beyond resilience or robustness. The resilient resists shocks and stays the same; the antifragile gets better.”

          “In reality, I feel that most of the actions I can take to be more antifragile are long-term lifestyle actions, habits, not quick fixes or purchases in a panic.

          …we live on a small farm where we grow healthy food for our family. We exercise regularly, and are not on any medications.

          We take our personal defense seriously. We take some responsibility for our children’s education. We work on strengthening our relationships with each other.

          We seek to remove the middlemen from our lives through disintermediation. I believe that these are some practical ways to be more antifragile.”


          To all reading this…
          May you stay focused, strong and safe.
          May the Lord bless and guide you.

          KY Mom

      27. Thanks for the report. I watched the video. I noticed something about the worker without any PPE. Look at the video again if you want and look for the water hose, and what could be a power cord as well. At bare min, the hose will need to be put away, and as you can see it is in all the water/vomit mixer. WOW. Now this worker, most likely, didn’t wash his hands immediately after doing this task. I believe since his hands were wet from the power washer, he wiped them on his shirt and went on about his day…Within 5 minutes of this task, he touched how many door knobs? Shook how many hands? touched his face how many times? This one guy can be responsible for a continuation of this all on his own…Thanks Goberment for doing what you do best, putting OUR lives at risk.

      28. gotta wonder how many folks are gonna die from shear ignorance of long established virus safety protocols and lack of simple disease containment handler knowledge???

        they are all such simple things to know learn and do.

        avoidance isolation living away from population centers is best protection over all.


      29. Obviously either completely fake, or intentionally being done in order to create a crisis to exploit. Whole thing stinks to high heaven and proves entire system is completely incompetent, doesn’t give a damn, and is probably willfully participating in this.

      30. This just an excuse to declare martial law. Anyone can see that. Did you see the article where Dr. Pianka of University of Texas (well know Eugenicist) stated that they wanted Ebola 5 years ago to begin a rapid, 90% depopulation campaign? The guy had a standing ovation at UT after the speech. I heard Alex Jones mention this guy, but I thought he was full of BS. I guessed wrong.


        I would say let Pianka lead by example and take his own life. Won’t happen. Bet that a coward like that thinks he is in the 10% that will live.

        • Perhaps the most disturbing thing about Alex Jones is how much of what he says that sounds sensationalist turns out to be the absolute truth. I have wanted to dismiss him as being full of crap but too many times he has been right on the money.

      31. Can ebola be transmitted through sweat? It is a bodily fluid so if someone gets perspiration on them then touches their eyes, nose mouth or other opening can they be contaminated? At least it doesn’t get hot enough in Texas, Hawaii or anywhere else in this country to cause sweating.
        Seems to me that anyone who came into contact with an ebola victim could pass it to others on their clothes. After all it can stay on a surface for several hours.

        • ebola has been found in all body fluids

          and that does include perspiration

          • So considering that. Did he take his prescription to the nearest pharmacy and hand it to technician and hand the money or card to the cashier? Or did someone else perform all the needed functions to get his medicine? Did he sit in a chair while waiting to see the doctor? Were there other people in the waiting room? Did he sneeze or cough or sweat while he was there? I bet it wasn’t even hot enough in Texas on that day to make a man with a high temperature sweat.
            There’s a thousand loose ends and the CDC says it’s contained. Makes ya wonder doesn’t it.

        • Yes…this shit is a fucking nightmare, Its a hemoraggic fever…that means you bleed out. One blood cell hemoragged through a sweat gland, a snot droplett, or a tear drop has the power of a slow moving bomb.

      32. “Procedural Breakdowns”, my @$$ – they deliberately want this crap to spread.

        • OR, there is really no Ebola in this man from Texas??
          Hence, the lack of security and concern by CDC??

          • When he starts bleeding from his belly button, and I see he is bleeding from his belly button with no Hollywood hijinks, then I will believe.

      33. When all the talking heads, of all stripes, are telling us everything is ok….the sky is falling, really.

      34. I was in the Air Force in the 90’s and thats when they invented the DECON1 team (I was in it). This looks exactly like the MedRed (Medical Readiness) Clusterfucks we had in the beginning…excuse me…”YOU WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO TEACH THE FUCKED METHOD…YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO LEARN FROM THE MISTAKES!!!” I guess we should have never used the MILES gear (Army indoor outdoor laser tag) it made the whole thing a game. Well now its real world and I can’t get anyone near me to listen…I got 2 kids in Austin and they think I’m over reacting. In this kind of CLUSTERFUCK people die.

      35. The country just might be too physically large and populated to effectively manage. There are too many levels of “management” all feathering their nest.

        Then again in this case Uzziel may be correct.

      36. Bill Clinton’s walking along the beach when he trips over a bottle, picks it up and a genie pops out.
        The genie says, “Oh, thank you, thank you. I’ve been stuck in that bottle for centuries. I’ll tell you what … I’ll give you one wish. Anything you want.”
        Clinton pulls out a map of the Middle East and says, “I’d like you to bring peace to this part of the world.”
        The genie says, “Gee, I don’t know. They’ve been fighting there for centuries and centuries, long before I was even trapped in the bottle. Have you got a different wish?”
        Clinton says, “Hmm … could you make it so once a month Hillary wakes me up with a blow job?”
        The genie says, “L-let me see that map again.”

      37. The government is your enemy. Their crimes against us are too many to list here. The US has issued over 13,000 visas for people from Liberia. Unknown how many visas issued to Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast etc. Possibly more than 200,000. For this year. I charge the government of the US with Genocide. Genocide against us.

      38. I hope everyone realizes that if Mr. Duncan lives (Patient 0), he is going to become a very rich man. If he dies, the family of Mr. Duncan in Liberia will become a very rich family.

        I hope everyone also realizes the family under lock down is also going to become a very rich family as well as the ambulance personnel, the ambulance company, and anyone else for that matter who becomes adversely affected by this event…….

        All because the hospital MISDIAGNOSED Mr. Duncan. Trust me, the Ambulance Chaser Lawyers are lurking in the halls of that hospital.

        And Who’s going to pay you ask…well the hospital’s insurance company of course….which of course result in all of us paying higher healthcare premiums at a later date.

        If this ebola event doesn’t turn into a mass extinction event, then the cost to us will probably be over 10s of billions of dollars in the form of increased future premiums due to the “cover their ass” medical processes and procedures.

      39. Mac, why do you not let me defend myself when some one leaves a rude remark after my comment? Why don’t you approve it?

        • Thank you Mac.

      40. If you have an emergency get to a hospital by private means if at all possible. The ambulance crew in the Dallas case weren’t told the patient had Ebola for 48 hours. What about the other patients who used that ambulance after the Ebola patient?

        • Yet another vector many didn’t consider.

      41. Remember HIV positive people intentionally gave their disease to unsuspecting victims? Well, Louis Farrakhan is telling the black community that white people invented Ebola to get rid of blacks. Expect black people to retaliate, including spreading the disease to whites. Would you like spit with that burger, honky?

        • and how can we not be sure that ebola wasn’t engineered to kill black people. It seems to me its mostly blacks who catch it. Why aren’t the Mexicans dying in droves from Ebola? Anythings possible. Something aint a setting right about this whole deal. Seems like the government officials are talking out of both sides of their mounth.

          • It’s all a matter of perspective. Firstly, we are at the beginning. Secondarily, Mexico is not known for it’s first world hospitals. So you don’t have Africaners flying/fleeing there.

            But soon, when Ebola infected terrorists start passing through Mexico, I’m sure the Virus will rage out of control in no time.

            Again, we’re just at the very beginning. Give it a few weeks/months. You’ll be wishing you were back to these normal days.

            I’ll admit. I’m waiting to see how numerous the first generation of American Ebola infectees will be. That will be the tale tell sign of how bad it might get here.

        • Good point. Time to be the only one who prepares your food eh?

          What a great feeling to have thousands of pounds of food that was stocked away long before ebola was on the radar. Known clean food.

          Time is up.

      42. ingrained sexism and misogyny are bad for everyone, and parents in Canada must respect a female teacher’s right to dress as casual as she likes.
        Denying a female teacher the right to dress her own body is sexist, hateful and oppressing.

        Many old geezers wished that their teachers were as hot as today’s women in Canada.

      43. 3 BLACK MEN…

        At the National Art Gallery in Dublin, a husband and wife were staring at a portrait that had them completely confused.

        The painting depicted 3 black men totally naked, sitting on a bench.

        Two of the figures had black penises, but the one in the middle had a pink penis.

        The curator of the gallery realized that they were having trouble
        interpreting the painting and offered his personal assessment.

        He went on for over half an hour explaining how it depicted the sexual emasculation of African Americans in a predominately white, patriarchal society.

        ‘In fact’, he pointed out, ‘some serious critics believe that the pink penis also reflects the cultural and sociological oppression experienced by gay men in contemporary society’.

        After the curator left, an Irishman approached the couple and said, ‘Would you like to know what the painting is really about?’

        ‘Now why would you claim to be more of an expert than the curator of the gallery’, asked the couple?

        ‘Because I am the artist, who painted the picture,’ he replied.
        ‘In fact, there are no African Americans depicted at all. They’re just three Irish coal miners. The guy in the middle went home for lunch

      44. CDC said that now there is a possible Ebola victim in D.C.
        I think some one said the other day too bad it wasn’t in D.C. I think they just got their wish!


        Has anybody read the questionnaire all travelers from Liberia are supposed to fill out????


        It’s written in perfect English and looks like a Microsoft Word document printed off of some CDC/WHO workers laptop.

        Liberia’s literacy rate is 65% for adults 15 years old and above. I can’t believe that that questionnaire is applicable to a population of Liberians.

        Plus, it’s filled out in pen. That means there are boxes of these “questionnaires” somewhere. Of course the questionnaires will all have been lost just like the emails from a certain government agency we all love were.

        Also, in all the media interviews about “pre-travel screening procedures” for those traveling from Liberia back to the U.S., I don’t recall any prior to this stating they had to fill out a questionnaire….the only thing the interviewees have said on a consistent basis is that someone looks at them to see if they’re sweating profusely.

        Lies, Lies, Lies.

      46. http://survivalblog.com/letter-re-jwrs-ebola-comment/

        Letter Re: JWR’s Ebola Comment
        Email This Post Print This Post

        Regarding this: “Keep in mind that you can collect your mail from your mailbox with disposable exam gloves and then put both the gloves and the mail in your microwave oven for 90 seconds to decontaminate them.”

        In the last two weeks a group of our local letter carriers, who come in contact with everyone and hence every germ in the community, inquired of their Union regional leadership and of the USPS management at their District-level what would be the protocol if we experience some kind of Ebola pandemic?

        In both cases they were told, “It’s not coming here; stop being a conspiracy theorist; stop the fear-mongering.” (Basically, “Shut up and get back to work.”) – P.L.

        yet ANOTHER reason to be distrustful of government

        I wonder how many people a postal carrier with ebola could infect on his/her route ???

      47. Why are so many folks worried about Ebola man? President O said it probably won’t happen here and even if it did they have everything under control. We little folk just can’t comprehend the complexity of their vast knowledge and control! They see the wisdom of locking Ebola man’s family in their apartment with his secretions, linens, and clothes still in the apartment. I guess the family will be free to leave quarantine after living with the contamination for 21 days. Brilliant, I tell ya!
        Sarc, out

        • The hazmat team has finally shown up at the apartment for cleanup. The photo on CNN shows two people in street clothes with no protective gear.

      48. Missouri Doctor: ‘It’s Just A Matter Of Time Before [Ebola] Is Carried To Every Corner Of The World’


      49. Dallas Fire-Rescue works 24 hours on, 48 hours off. Three shifts A, B, C. Shift change is 7AM. So the paramedics working Sunday would be off on Monday and Tuesday coming back on duty at 7AM Wednesday morning. Still the Fire Dept. should have called them and told them. No excuse for not notifying them.
        The ambulance would have been used on Monday and Tuesday if not taken out of service sooner.

      50. This whole Ebola bit is nonsense …there is no Ebola here , theyare just stirring the hornets nest ……the people will DEMAND something be done and they will have it ready with open arms …..it’s called a forced vaccine program .
        Raise your awareness and raise your vibrational level , fear keeps you at their finger tips . They only SURVIVE by your fear and negativity , why do you think the news is 95% bad news …..the Satanists in charge operateon a low vibration field , fear and negativity keeps the planet in a low state of vibration

      51. Joke of the Day

        airport screening

        Ibuprofen and lies can fool airports’ Ebola screenings, experts warn


        • True!

          A friend of mine was adopting a baby years ago. The baby had a fever the day they were leaving China for home. She loaded her up with ibuprofen and went through no problem.

      52. Patient Being Evaluated for Possible Ebola at D.C.’s Howard University Hospital

        Drudge Report

      53. Hey mac, any word on BI , i haven’t seen him on in awhile

      54. I live about 150 miles east of Dallas. If I catch Ebola, with a mortality rate around 90%, I’m going head-hunting in Syria, or at least go to an ISIS village and give everyone a sloppy kiss until someone beheads my ignorant ass. In fact, if a group of us were to do the same, we could eradicate them mf’s pretty quick.

        • Paid troll–that is sooooo stupid–head to DC where the real problem is.

      55. October 10 – 19 we will find out who has been exposed.

      56. I believe the CDC is about as ready to deal with Ebola as FEMA was ready for Katrina. I don’t trust the Gov’ment in any way, shape or form.

      57. islam is the enemy of the world…this satanic cult was started by a pedophile rapist murderer…muhammed can kiss my ass….muslims, pathetic third world morons….

      58. Now that I have mentioned I was in the military and a medic some things I took for granted are creeping into my mind. I don’t know about civilian ambulance protocol but if we flicked a piece of dirt off the back bumper we recorded it. We had a check list right down to turning on the battery pack behind the drivers seat. Each person that got behind the wheel went down his/her own checklist each and every time. They should have know everything about the past present and future of each vehicle right down to how many alcohol pads it has and needs. We didn’t use ours much even at David Grant Medical Center Travis AFB so maybe it was just to keep us busy was my thought but no…we did it at Andrews AFB too. That makes it sound on purpose to me.

        • Civilian protocol is the same, each unit is checked before each shift, each item in the medic must be counted. Extras of everything is kept at the station when any item gets used it is replaced not only in the medic unit but at the station. Also we wash the outside of the truck and sanitize the inside after each shift. If the person transported is “messy” the unit is sanitized after each run.

      59. This is a ridiculous headline. The ambulance folks didn’t know that the patient had Ebola because at that point no one knew what he had. And emergency workers don’t diagnose people, they just keep them alive and protected and then transport them.

        The problem lies with the idiot nurse who was told the first time that he’d just come from Liberia. By the way, most Americans are too stupid to even know where Liberia is.

      60. I want to ask a question:
        WHAT IS THIS PARAMEDIC’S NAME? I will not repost this until this is made available because there is NO way to check this out for truth. Right now all this post is, is hype.

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