Outbreak: VERY HIGH Risk Ebola Will Spread To Uganda

by | Nov 12, 2018 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    The Ebola outbreak currently ravaging the Democratic Republic of Congo is seeing no end in sight.  Not only has containment been made all but impossible by the violence in the area of the outbreak, but there is now very high chance that the infection will make its way across the border into Uganda.

    The Ebola virus is particularly known for its containment difficulties. Because the virus, which kills about half of those it infects and gets passed on through body fluids, has a long incubation period, healthy-looking people can spread the deadly disease for weeks before any symptoms actually appear.

    Last week,  Robert Redfield, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, suggested an alarming possibility: The current Ebola epidemic could be beyond control, he said. Redfield added that the outbreak may also and for the first time since the deadly virus was first identified in 1976, become persistently entrenched in the population.

    The 329 confirmed and probable cases of Ebola infection reported so far have made it the largest outbreak in the nation’s history, with no signs yet of slowing down. Militia groups clashing in DRC’s North Kivu Province, the epicenter of the outbreak, have scrambled health workers’ attempts to trace the movements of people exposed to the virus. A massive effort to vaccinate more than 25,000 of the highest-risk people has slowed transmission rates but not yet stemmed the tide. Between October 31 and November 6, 29 new cases were reported in DRC, including three health workers. –Wired

    The neighboring country of Uganda is now also bracing for the virus to cross the 545-mile boundary it shares with DRC. The border is porous and very heavily trafficked, with large numbers of local farmers, merchants, traders, and refugees constantly moving through the area. A checkpoint in the region receives 5,000 people on an average day, with the busiest ones swelling to 20,000 twice a week on market days sparking fears and a high probability that the virus will be spread in Uganda.

    According to Wired, since the start of the outbreak in the DRC, anyone crossing into Uganda has been subjected to health screenings at official checkpoints. The screenings include a series of questions and non-contact infrared thermometers aimed at the side of the head that read out body temperatures. Fever is one of the first red flags for an Ebola infection. The process isn’t foolproof, however, because symptoms can take up to three weeks to appear, and several of the other common tropical diseases in that part of Africa can also cause a high temperature.


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      1. The main problems are cultural funerary rites and contagion risk, political mismanagement, public health issues often around water, and “cordoning” to reduce risk when detected.

        Manage your exectations and balance it versus large scale contagion risk with common influenza.

        • Maran: You can’t do anything with these wild savage apes.

          • “Cultural funerary rites”. True. With brains like this, you really can’t do anything with them but keep them contained in their shitholes, which we haven’t done.

            • Hopefully it takes out the whole of afrika!

      2. It would appear that World War Z is knocking at our door.

      3. Spreading to Uganda?
        Well, that’s very good news indeed. Nice start to the week.

        • Ya, about time we had some good news!

      4. First it was the fags and their “Aids”. Once again its the second wave of Ebola. Aids got here in “merica bet your ass E’bone-ya will make it here and entrench. I can see the mass feckers in NYC riding the subway and people on board sneezing and leaking blood out their airscoop noses. Thank Christ I can’t get Sickle Cell. (yet)

        • “airscoop” OMG, yeah, that pretty much sums it up. They are 100% of a WORTHLESS damn breed I swear to all that is holy.

      5. Simple solution. 4 weeks detention for anyone wanting to cross the border.

        • but we can’t do that to poor little them, it would be mean and commie like we can’t do that…it isn’t right. You know, all of that F-ing’ garbage talk.

      6. These infected blacks will make it to the USA.

        The media glorifies black males.

        Stupid white women, stop it. Blacks have diseases.


        • Those white whores should be purged, end of story! Along with the vile, 2-legged rats as well. Enough is enough people if you want there to be any damn chance of this place lasting.

          • yup, no mercy for traitors!!

      7. This is what the rat ba$tards will use and bring to the US and then
        Marshal Law to deal with the Large-scale Emergency and on and on.

      8. We are the Worms

      9. These globalist pricks must salivate at more death and suffering.

      10. Several years ago when Ebola became an issue again, there were a handful of obscure public health articles detailing odd cultural funerary practices that exposed the grief striken relatives to not only Ebola but to numerous anerobic bacteria that exists in the gut of the dead. Part of their grieving process is to cling to the bodies of the dead and publically wail over them to demonstrate the sincerity of their grief.

        You have to realize that much of western civilization had similar funerary rites but in history, undertakers began offering this as a service (see boomtowns in the West on the frontier), and so isolated the risk. They made it into a science with sanitation and formaldehyde and minimized risk.

        Africans cannot afford such services unless they are wealth Nigerians owning oil fields.

        Likewise a main issue is contaminated household items as the homes of the deceased are not immediately sealed,but people go in and touch everything and take items that are covered with virons.

        Because these folks have been contaminated with anerobic bacteria and virons, and then use the village well, and water is a good vector for spreading disease, then you a complex wave of many kinds of contagions including Ebola.

        So then, the military finally gets there as there are delays due to political mismanagement. The military “cordons” ie blocks off access either in or out, but that leaves people either stranded without food, cuts parents off from children, and creates a hostilitity for those stuck inside the cordon and violence ensues.

        This leads to shame and guilt, and folks began abandoning the newly dead as their death seems a “curse”. That causes exposure, insect and rodent infestation as a vector, and creates misery. Irate soldiers then are furious as they are tasked with cleaning up a rotting decaying body that likely is full of many kinds of contagion plus possibly Ebola. This makes the cordoning process worse.

        You can find these details online in past articles, but I’m skipping the political correctness that plagues western fake news media that avoids the truth because it puts African culture in a lesser role. You see there has been a concerted effort to say “all culture is equal and to criticize African culture is demeaning and ethnocentric”, when actually it’s not mean spirited but merely accurate.

      11. How do you stop Ebola? QUARANTINE. EVERY SIBGLE TIME YOU LET IT BURN ITSELF OUT AND CONTAIN IT. AND EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU DONT IT ALWAYS GETS OUT BY MODERN DAY TRAVEL. IT CAN RUN AWAY IN TODAYS SOCIETY because of its ease of transmission and speed it takes over the host and kills., Why? Because in the modern world people take sanitation as a given and people are pigs and do not wash or sanitize their common surfaces and hands enough. Ala 28 Days movie series outcomes. What a nasty way for humanity to succumb. Hunamity always fails to understand the real threat, hence also the contagion of the Democrats also spreads like Ebola in the USA as well.

      12. When it hits a million cases in the USA I’ll begin to worry. Till then, thumb on nose! Good riddance!

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