Outbreak: Russian Bio Warfare Troops Rushed To Arctic: “Dangerous Infection”

by | Jul 29, 2016 | Headline News | 117 comments

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    russia-bio-2(Russian troops prepare to board a plane to infected region of Northern Russia)

    The Russian military has reportedly sent biological warfare teams to the Russian arctic in northern Siberia after at least 40 people and 1,200 reindeer died as the result of a violent and rapid spread of what is believed to be Bacillus Anthracis, more commonly known as Anthrax.

    Russian officials said the infection may have started after a contaminated corpse was exposed following a warm summer in the Arctic which saw temperatures rise as high as 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

    There were dramatic scenes as the Russian army’s Chemical, Radioactive and Biological Protection Corps, equipped with masks and bio-warfare protective clothing, flew to to regional capital Salekhard on a military Il-76 aircraft to deal with the emergency.

    They were deployed by Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu to carry laboratory tests on the ground, detect and eliminate the focal point of the infection, and to dispose safely of dead animals.

    “As of now, there is no single diagnosis of the dangerous infection,” said a spokesman for the governor of Yamalo-Nenets, Dmitry Kobylkin.

    The Sun UK

    Officials  noted that they are not certain Anthrax is the sole cause and another biological agent may be to blame. Because of the remote location of the outbreak the situation has been, for the most part, contained according to Russian officials.

    russia-bio-3(Regions north of Tarko Sale are the focus of the outbreak)

    The claim that the Anthrax infection originated in nature sounds legitimate enough, but one can never discount the possibility of the involvement of state-sponsored or rogue assets, as has been noted in a recent release of U.S. government documents which expose widespread human experimentation programs utilizing chemical, biological and radiological weapons:

    “…we have identified hundreds of radiological, chemical, and biological tests and experiments in which hundreds of thousands of people were used as test subjects. These tests and experiments often involved hazardous substances such as radiation, blister and nerve agents, biological agents, and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD). In some cases, basic safeguards to protect people were either not in place or not followed. For example, some tests and experiments were conducted in secret; others involved the use of people without their knowledge or consent or their full knowledge of the risks involved.”

    The Russian Arctic emergency highlights the importance of protective CBRN equipment that can be deployed quickly in the event of a rapidly spreading biological infection, chemical gas, or radiological threat.


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      1. How many would die in a major city if something with this rate of infection started spreading? They would never be able to contain it.

        • There’s a Jihadi somewhere in the world trying to figure out exactly how to do this right now.

          • They pollute whatever place they’re at simply by being there.

            • Washington DC gets my vote.

              • ‘ello N, speak softly but wear a good pair of boots.
                May I recommend a pair of Doc Martens.
                Give ’em some booty bwoy! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
                Stay safe fella.

          • Exactly.

          • And when Israel gives them permission, they will use it.

          • “There’s a Jihadi somewhere in the world trying to figure out exactly how to do this right now.”

            just ONE?….whew! i was thinking there were MORE than that.

          • No he is probably living in a cave in the wilds of Afghanistan waiting for the false flag so he can claim “responsibility”.

            In reality MANY ancient virus’, fungi, and bacteria could be released by the melting permafrost. Its a brave new world. and only the strong and prepared will survive. 🙁

            • DK

              Interesting point well taken. I remember the quarantine of the Apollo 11 crew after arrival. Now with rapid human transport and known biological, viral, fungal hazards the proactive measures appear superficial. It isn’t like such a thing hasn’t repeated itself in history time and time again from the plague, to VD.

              The comedy line about the cap in Vietnam scaring the shit out of penicillin, “Come on up in here penna, I got something for your ass”.

          • Jihadi?????? I wouldn’t put it past our own gubment…

        • That’s why smart people don’t live in the mass populations and cities. High Taxes and plenty of germs. Once the outbreak starts, it spreads like wildfires. And as the masses move outwards, the carry the infections and disease with them. You want to have an isolated BOL, and enough supplies to last out a year of so, if needed with out having any interaction from Humanoids.

          Russia is probably up there harvesting the Anthrax to see what strain it is from and who planted it. And be able to use it, if Hillary becomes dictator. I would not want to be living anywhere s near Washington DC, where all the culprits cower.


          • and trump is no better…belligerent, cocky and ignorant,,,his mouth will get us into deep doo-doo.

            • News FLASH WE ARE IN DEEP DODO
              WAKE UP A Vote for that criminal murderous Treasonous Traitor is a vote for 4 more years of Obummer but worse
              TRUMP 2016
              He is what he is but he is NOT A MURDERER OR TRAITOR

        • “I Am Legend” (The Movie)… was a foreshadow!!!

          Just like they forecast 9/11 before it happened!!!

      2. Mac – off topic, but look into this:


        Will basically shut down many small gunsmiths, and significantly extends the illegal overreach of the State Department’s DDTC and ITAR regs and enforcement to include domestic citizens doing domestic gunsmithing work for other citizens by claiming even more simple gunsmithing services are now “manufacturing”.

        • Thanks for the heads up!

          It’s hard to keep up with all the gun legislation these days, so am appreciative of the link.

        • This is a public forum. I would not ever
          violate any local, state, or federal law.
          But if you are playing ball with the government,
          you are going to get the bat shoved in a
          painful place. Gun running is not immoral.
          Start your plans. Prep for the future.

        • My state already makes it illegal for a gun owner to so much as take a file, or piece of sandpaper to a burr on a metal part of your firearm. They specifically allow you to work on wood or plastic parts of firearms, but not the metal parts. To do so is a class there felony. You must refer all such work to a licensed gun smith.

          Now it seems they are micromanaging guns smiths?

          If there is ever a question, keep your mouth shut and call a lawyer. Everything you say will be used against you.

          • PT,assume any citizens who want to work on/build firearms just ignore this example you laid out of more stupid laws,build/customize/update/do what you want with your firearms,seriously,fuck em all that say different.

            When things go very wrong who will care about such nonsense,till then,just do it and do not say any thing to anyone.

          • No, just keep your mouth shut, do the repair/alteration yourself and don’t call anyone.

            • where i live it is called the “SSS” shoot, shovel and shut-up, it applies to MANY things!

              • You must in Hawaii.

                • You must LIVE in Hawaii.

                • In Hawaii they just toss them into an active volcano, as they walk away they shake their heads and say, “We all have to make sacrifices”!

                  Yuck, yuck, yuck!

                  • I know the perfect spot to do that. You’d have an awful lot of witnesses though.

        • ALL gun legislation is illegal,
          “..shall not be infringed..”
          does not include an “..except..”

        • they will take every right and everything you have before its over, because americans keep voting for the enemy

          • That is quite obvious when watching the DNC Convention. There were literally scores of sheeple crying, which means the carrot that dangles in front of them is actually working and the rabbit hole goes deeper than we want or realized.

            • Bah, that crying was just tear gas used on the thousands of Burni protesters outside that got into the HVAC.

              • Oh, that’s why they were crying. Now that makes more sense.

        • This, as denoted, would be “infringement”, and since it DOES SAY, shall not be infringed, I am willing to wager it won’t pass into a law either. Hell, Obama is simply looking to cause division among manufacturers and after-market production and retail ….ALL of which would place an unnecessary hardship upon obtaining firearm parts (for new or used weapons), which again would be infringement.

          If they wish to ignore the 2nd Amendment and illegal attempt to FORCE such bullshit upon us, I’m more than willing to die attempting to retain my Constitutional right to bear and carry “arms.” It’s not my first choice, but as I’ve said I’d rather die fighting than being fucked over (as in having my head lopped off for expressing “free speech” (with was disallowed at The DNC …aren’t you amazed as that was a “peek into the future of America” …NO FREE SPEECH-NO RESPECT-NO NOTHING …and during The DNC Hillary even had a Muslim ‘father’ speaking, telling us Americans how much better this country would be under Muslim leadership and Sharia Law.

          You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. They SURELY are looking for not only war, but perhaps annihilation of the planet? (They are psychotic enough to bring that upon us in the blink of an eye, never realizing they are digging their own graves while doing all these things).

          It is difficult, to say the least, to fight an enemy suffering from multiple psychoses. It is even more difficult when that enemy is supposedly your own government (who is now, at least at the top levels, 100% against the America public). So, why in hell are not ONE of the states “pushing back” Constitutionally to maintain both ‘sanity and civility’? Are all the States “in” on this bullshit that’s about to hit us as well? (Anyone)? If the answer is “yes”, can we the people TRUST ANY SHERIFF and what they are stating they’ll do against the feds, or is that also “smoke & mirrors” to put our “guard down” just a tad?

        • Just say ” NO ” and everyone ignore this stupid wanna be law.

        • Thou shall not comply.

        • I made me a tater gun I hope obama try to come get it if he wants to be shittinn smash taters for a weak

      3. It would not surprise me that Russians are still playing with “Satan bugs”. If I were a Satan bug designer, I design one to go after middle eastern gene pools.

        • Actually there are 3 million rats in a place called Israel and all are genetically proven to be Satan. Why the need to be a designer? Just collect some saliva from the SOB’s.

          • Stolz: That type of Rat is the specific species of Rat also known of by the formal name designation of…KHAZAR RAT!

            Unlike the common yard or ally Rat oft seen in usa ghetto cities etc…Those Khazar Rats have a specific DNA composite of, one part Turk dna+ one part Mongrel dna+ one part Hunn dna+ one part Causasian dna.

            When added and combined into One entity Rat you get the Khazar Rat specie. They are also Furless and appear as a White person most often, to folks that are the Uninitiated, the Duped, and the holohoaxed zio worshippers. However most once fully awakened and wized up, are then able to fast recognize a Khazar Rat within 2 seconds Flat, even when one is spotted within a huge crowd of 2,000 Non rats!

        • the gen pools must be VERY shallow over there in the middle east!

          • Given all of the intermarriages over there, brother marrying sister or what have you …I doubt they have normal DNA or a ‘helix’ …just incredibly psychosis, with a taste for war and blood and it’s obvious that NOTHING can every get too horrifying for these terrorists …as they are all “touched in the head.”

            Damned if they are going to get any type of a foothold in America …over my dead ass body if they do.

            • i was talking to an air force colonel friend a while back, and he says the saudis he trains to fly f16’s have a problem with seeing at night, as i recall. he was saying it’s known that over there a lot of people marry their relatives, which is the root cause of their poor eyesight….evidently the gene-pool really DOES need more chlorine over there, and i imagine it is prevalent all over the mideast.

              • That would be a plus for us (should we ever need an advantage).

            • They have another problem. In their political purges for centuries, they murder all their scholars.

              If a daughter shows signs of free thinking, they kill her.

              If anyone questions Islam, they kill them.

              It is a strange collection of personality traits required to survive in their particular tribal cults. Lying, subterfuge, and keeping secrets is key to survival.

              • yup yup!

                • If a society keeps murdering people of a specific intellect and mind set. It will cause changes in their gene pool. There will be shifts in behavioral bell curves.

                  They will breed in specific behavior templates, thus the people of the word perceive ethnic traits.

                  Some people just come from bad eggs!

              • Islam is not alone in doing this.

              • PTPO: by Now it should be quite Obvious to folks in general that every detail You wrote of about their various islam traits etc, have been stolen from, or copied from a much older version of those said traits which is known of as, Babylonian Talmudic judasim aka also called Phariseism by Christ and His Apostle bible writers.

                I wonder just When every TV news show is going to keep folks updated via daily info updates with various talmud quoted verses that prove my point. And carry on with daily deep discussions like the FOX TV “Five” and cavuto or Hannity et al shows, explaining to usa viewer folks how all those verses in Koran many folks mention, have a duplicate verse thats far older in talmud books.

                Once one considers how close proximity of dwelling places for judaics and islamics are, how each are very close 1st cousins thru abraham etc and how closely each religions holy books have alomst identical “anti infidal/anti goyim” verses…and how both advocate as their highest virtues are to Lie to, cheat, steal from and Kill/Murder all NON members of the infidels and goyim classes.

                It is a no brainer that either islam copied most of it from talmud or various 6th century rabbis simply wrote it all for mohammad, since we know he himself was unable to read and write eh. And various documented articles have stated that indeed when still alive the Orig islam Mohammad guy, had at least several close buddies that were in fact jewish rabbis…

                Actually some articles even claim that it is a distinct possibility that Islam as a religion was really invented for muslims by talmudic rabbis! Kinda as a counter measure so to keep haveing an pre planned enemy whenever it suits the rabbis purpouses etc, to use for “problem-reaction-solution-Tactics” aka hegalian diletic technique…Like Todays era where all of a sudden in 2001 or so they determined they needed at least Seven more Wars against mid east nations, and since they control USA fed govnt and Pentagon/usa military, and knew it to be easy to convince GW Bush and 60-million royally duped goyim evangelical war Hawks to go along with said wars…They probably thought…Why Not eh?

                And we have proof of that too! the rabbis and zio officials even Named it as,”Greater Yisrael” aka massive Land Grabs of almost entire current Mid east nations lands we call suadi arabia, syria, iran, iraq, jordan etc.

                But first step to occupy more stolen lands by khazarjewry is to conduct many wars to kill as many as possible…Step#2 is use war results to cause Massive invasions of refugee muslim immigrants Into, ONLY white nations of EU and USA and Canada and Australia etc. Only then can all those national lands be occupied as was done in Palestine lands. Step #3 as you already know is for them talmudic zios to own their NWO govnt/religion. Only that One world religion must be split into Two seperate groups of course…One,only for jewry, called babylonian talmud and other is for all worlds goyim group and called Noahide Law.

                Thats scheduled to occure only after both christianity and islam have been totally done away with globally. These issues and agendas have been written of often and many many times in both major Israel daily Newspapers of Jeruselem Post, and Harretzz papers as well as in tons of online websites that contain every detail of said plans from A to Z with full notated documentations and vetted infos….All that TV news speak of a Caliphate and sharia law in usa and entire world is just a huge smoke screen to keep folks from learning of the real deal truth as I have written of here, and in many other reply postings at shtf. They must keep all goyim dumbed down or if goys discover these truths?…Then usa becomes nation #110 to do a big Boot Out of Khazarjewry! That is about all they fear or worry of.

                It is a real good thing folks has Two eyes…That way they can view Two enemys of america and whites at the same time!…Because them what are woke up fully and jewized up also see these issues vididly and know we have Two major enemy problems now and that both resemble each other far greater than those still duped are unaware of, or simply refuse to acknowledge it as truth.

      4. Sounds like something the CDC could cook up to be used as the excuse for “quarantine” (“health” martial law). Conflagration will be the people’s weapon of necessity in defense against such government nbc warfare.

      5. A bullet can disinfect a couple of square inches of anthrax infected surface. Siberia is big, we need lot more soldiers, guns and ammunition to sanitize the entire place. Really huge opportunity for the military. Zero tolerance against anthrax should be the policy. What happened to the huge military operation in Brazil, against the “Zika” virus?

      6. There are hundreds of germ warfare labs in America. Anthrax is worked on right in the middle of our cattle. So when push comes to shove as the TALMUD teaches, kill every man, woman, and child of your enemy and kill their cattle, too. Religion of peace. No more so than Islam. These boys are cousins with much more in common than most people realize.

        • B from A: You drive a hard bargain, however, isn’t it a “given” that this next set of wars are most certainly going to employ everything in existence that has been designed to kill people in mass numbers, and Anthrax will one of the most highly effective (thus used) ‘agents’, along with the others, to include Zika plus the one that our POTUS “tried like hell” to transfer people from Africa to America that were stricken with ???? (‘m pulling a blank, but you know what I’m referencing). Ebola was it?

          Now, as for bio-warfare such as “nuclear” whereas a person would need iodine tabs to survive (at varying levels of health as no two seem to “heal up” in the same ways as it depends on where YOUR body tries to put the radiation and how well your body can tolerate “foreign bodies that glow in the dark.” If you are buying “radiation tablets” ENSURE you are getting “the real thing” (if it is cheap, it won’t work because you’ll get what you pay for …especially now).

          Now that the world has had another 25 years to make tablets to purify water, would YOU rather have those tablets, or would you trust the “all in one” Drinking Straws (that filter pond water enough to make it safely drinkable)? The bottom line is I am seeking out what may be best if we need to get away from our BOL for a bit and go deeper into the forest. There’s plenty of water, but at the least it would need boiling if nothing else was available. I’m just interested in what is the most popular out there and why. Thanks in advance everyone…

          The ass-clencher is that prior to Obama none of these thing existed to such “pressing” degrees, yet in eight years Obama has pressed everything to the point of exploding or imploding, either way being a detriment to America …and with just months left to rule, he’s still cranking out illegal shit in his effort to “out do” The Constitution (which can’t be done …he can’t even remotely start to unravel it …which is why there is so much strife in America now. All of our “ways” are being dispensed with and nobody is standing up for themselves …what can I say to such people other than ‘tough shit’…if you ain’t gonna fight for it you ARE going to lose it. Fuck that, I’ve done nothing wrong and damned if I’m going to start a brand new lifestyle at 59 years (maybe 60 before it happens)! Fuck’em…

        • B from CA: Wow! Great Minds think alike no?! Ie: I just posted a reply to.. prep twice prep once, but submitted it Before I read your reply posting here on how they are “Cousins” etc!

          So be sure to read my reply to POPT above this reply if you can okay….I think I did a good job outlining the real deal that too many folks are as yet unaware of.

          See what You think B/CA and get back to me as I value your opinions due to you being so awake and jewized up.

          • Them Guys:

            I read your reply to Plan Once. It informed me. I’m still learning.

            According to Israeli News out of Check on YouTube. The U.S. may bomb the American Embassy in (not sure Kiev, Crimea, someplace) with a Russian bomb from Russian something in a false flag “like the twin towers” and blame Russia to justify attack on Russia.

            Putin said that we are at war against Russia. He said we have people instigating and spying in Russia. He said we are setting up rockets in Europe to attack Russia and using Iran as an excuse to wage war against Russia. He said the missiles we have don’t go far enough into Russia but as soon as they do, he knows when, the U.S. will aggressively attack. He says it is not defensive. It is offensive.

            Regarding whether he is friend or foe. He said I am not your friend, bride, or groom; I am the President of Russia. He is concerned because the delicate balance of Nuclear Power that has insured peace for seventy years is now out of balance. He will protect the Russian people.

            He took a week off. Last time he did this was to prepare for war.

            It’s been nice knowing you. You can’t see me,but; I’m kissing my ass goodbye.

      7. I hope santy clause rain deer don’t get mess with that stuf

        • High probability that Christmas might get canceled anyway.

          • T hem tribe dont biry
            the dead caus the dirt is froze the put theim in a box on top the dirt I bet that cruchef use them test germs on tribe peopels

          • Your viewpoint is valid.
            The timing of all this will determine the outcome. Good or bad.

            Between JADEHELM, Hillary, Obama (Barry), executive orders, and more – this definitely going to get interesting.

      8. I think it is a attack against Russia. By whom , l do not know, but if you think of the people who wants to go to war against Russia the most is USA and Muslim Brotherhood. They want to over throw Putin.

        Now l am not saying for sure but l guess this is what is happening . If Obama and his globalists goons are behind this, l hope they are found out and all be hung for this war crime

        • California State Assembly to proclaim August as “Muslim appreciation and awareness month”

          I’d appreciate these Muslim pricks returning to wherever they came from as I’m well aware of what their goal is!

          Do whatever you can wherever you are to help prevent the Islamists from gaining influence… Sharia law ain’t cool.

        • Seems only logical to assume it was a “political hit”, as there are no “lone wolves” that are going to that far off the beaten path to nail an extremely small number of Russians.

          There’s more than is meeting the eye here, and it will come out soon enough.

        • Dusty:

          The Russian people are sick right now. I saw a video of an American living in Russia. He had what he called flu.


      9. I read another news story on this and they are blaming it on global warming. Specifically, they state that patient zero is a frozen deer carcass that thawed due to unusually warm temperatures and reactivated the anthrax that was present in the carcass. Anthrax is not unknown to the region, but the Soviets had pretty much eradicated it 50 years ago and this is the first known case since then. This is why they think it is from a dead deer that was frozen in ancient times in the permafrost that has now thawed.

        • But who said it was getting warmer there ? I know the weather is crazy but it is doing a cycle change which has happened for centuries.

          • It is warmer everywhere. The itsy-bitsy increase in heat is what has caused the algae bloom in Florida (and now other states), to all but stop usage of waterways. (Fresh water that is).

            I tend to frown that an ancient deer thawed out and the anthrax (possibly) within it sprung back to life and attacked those that ended up with Anthrax.

            Just as is with everything else now, it MUST have a political bottom line which DOES narrow down what countries may have done it.

          • ice age ever11000 year from first start of wrld

            • Do you recall that back in the 1980’s I think it was, that a few scientists got tribal permission in alaska to dig up a dead body that was Known to have died from that huge 1918 Flue epidemic that wiped out at least 50-100 million folks globally.

              Them scientists located and dug up a flu victim dead body, thawed it in some lab, then got actual 1918 flue samples that still could infect a person.

              They then claimed they were going to make more of that deadly flu strain so to make a vacine from it incase a same or similar flu outbreak occures again as did in 1918.

              it got hushed up fast once it went viral online and on msm tv news shows. It was also tied in with same time frame as we had those several years in a row constant deadly Bird Flu scares…recall seeing millions of duped usa citizenery lined up in very long 8 hour wait lines to get their flu vacine shots then?

              The MSM TV news kept changeing the Name of the type or strain of flu each year for aprox three yrs straight…Then simply Dropped the constant flu scare tactics like a hot potato!…Began as Bird flu, swicthed to Chicken flu, and ended with one more name flu I cant recall now??

              So Yes it makes logic sense that a frozen dead deer with anthrax could unfreeze and still contain deadly germs of it and again infect people or other animals.

              Not everything that happens worldwide is a false flag opps or a Scam via the govnt. Some stuff really happens.

              • Them Guys:

                The “flu” of 1918 coincides with vaccination.

                I’m More afraid of the “cure” than the disease. Case in point, Gulf War Syndrome.

                Australia making exemption for high IQ children to opt out. That’s great. I have brilliant friends whose brilliant child is now autistic. If the trend in America continues 50% of Americans will be autistic in a few decades. Do you think we have an enemy within. I do.

                • B from CA: Yes we have an enemy from within usa!

                  They tried for at least 40+ yrs to “Lift Blacks via bootstraps” agendas…Failed Miserably! Because, NO, all races aint the same but except for “skin color”!

                  Far more numerous differences exist period.

                  So what then? Once them asshole lib kommies figured it out that no matter how many multi trillions of mainly White Taxpayer dollars spent to uplift dumb as bricks blacks aint going to work?

                  No problem for crafty scammer lib kommie leftists eh!

                  Just switch the whole plan and try a new agenda…IE: New agenda to Force/Make all people exact “Same” but Not to be applied of course to the Top Eliete and tribe members, will be to do the exact Opposite!

                  Enter into agenda Massive numbers Vacines with enough Mercury additives etc etc to create what used to be One per every 100,000 kids become autistic, into Now today closer to one per each 40!

                  Boy that sure will work as intended to Dumb down the “best of the Goyim” no? Best being, Smart as a whip White kiddies born of smart White moms and dads.

                  Too late to inject stupidity into elders and parents so go after next gens of smart whiteys since we know from Vast historical experiences now that whiteys and ONLY whiteys has a proven track record of Leadership, National Rulership’s, Creators of at least 97-98% of all the good stuff ever invented and built eh!

                  Vacines I believe are one of the worst ever “Tools” aka “Weapons” them devious Master Race swindler kommies ever designed to screw up the entire future white race.

                  Out of the typical usual Death Via 1,000 methods they always employ against Our Race of whites, I’d have to declare vacines are at least in the TOP 10 methods, and maybe number One when seen from perspective of “The most evil devious of all methods employed”.

                  Just recall what They face if we include the biblical reference that applies to Them bastards doing this stuff.

                  “For they that Harm even the Least of Mine(small kids equals the least of them in This context), it will be better for Them(that are the evil doers) to have a huge heavy Milstone attached to their Neck and be Tossed into te deep Sea ocean! Rather than to have to deal with Me on that Day!(that day of reckoning and judgement for their evils and sins against humanity etc)”.

                  B/CA…EVERY Day I say a little short prayer and it goes like this…In context of, “if Our boomer gen is whom the Lord has chozen to be His warriors, and them what are going to SEND them evil bastards To their final ends?

                  my daily Prayer simply states this:”Lord Pick ME! Please! Pick Me, Me and You Lord All the Way!”

                  I can think of Zero better ways to get checked out from earth life than to First be used by the Lord as one of His “weaponery” for we know that prior to any evil bastards being sent to Hell for their too many evil sins, they Must first give Up the ghost correct?…Ergo, somebody Has to be whom assists in their ghost giving upness eh….if correct then let it Be Boomer gen folks fr we have far Less to lose at this late date.

                  And with Him on Our side how can we fail? Or is that Us on His side how can we fail?…Works great both ways eh!

                  PS B/CA can you tell how very fed up pissed off I am yet? heh heh heh…

        • http://www.evil.news/2016-06-30-us-scientist-has-created-a-virus-capable-of-wiping-out-humanity.html

          Over the millennia many contagious fungi, bacteria or virus may have been trapped and lay dormant in ice. Some have speculated and have been looking for a sample of Spanish flu in the ice so they could look to see why it was so virulent.
          Many may have been released, but to a environment where it could not propegate or quickly died or denatured.
          As weather events/natural deglaciation cycle we’re in happen where land is uncovered from ice, risk for release of these pathogens increases.
          If a pathogen is released that our immune systems have never encountered a similar counterpart to, well, that could possibly go supernova if it finds a series of hosts, or is used for another project.

          Don’t worry It gets you nowhere.
          Stay strong and healthy and informed.

      10. This is what gets me.
        Everyone says prep, prep, prep.
        Buy GOLD, GOLD, GOLD.
        No buy SILVER, SILVER, SILVER.
        Buy a bug out location.
        Buy your 25 years supply of food.
        Buy more guns.
        Get more ammo.
        Etc., etc, etc.
        Well what are you going to do when some BUG is RELEASED MMMM ?
        You know the stuff that goes thru you chemical suite, your mask, etc, etc, etc.
        You’re going to DIE, DIE, DIE………..
        I hope I am dead already.
        I hope that I am with a HOT CHICK doing you know :-),
        and a good bottle of booze before it happens.

        • Well, good for you.

          If think that you are already dead, then indeed you must be. You are now in the Afterlife, Heaven, Cloud 9, or whatever you wish to call it.

          Now, realizing that you must indeed be dead, you must also realize that you may, repeat may, be somewhere else other than your intended target. You just might be in the netherworld, the underworld, or maybe just Hell. If so, don’t scream. It will do you no good and may well attract some unsavory characters that you may not want to deal with.

          So, if in the course of your day (life), you realize that something is amiss, think back and study it for a time, before …

          Knock knock

          Wake up Neo

          Follow the white rabbit

      11. This could be a false flag in order to get more troops into place. Looking at maps of the north pole; the area the troops are being deployed to is in direct line to Canada.

      12. In fact, at the time in Syria when ALL THOSE MUNITIONS were stolen, about 1/3 or those supplies were biowarfare devices and there was a BUNCH of Anthrax stolen.

        Whose to say who ended up with it or what they have devised to do with it for “maximum impact” (the most deaths).

      13. In response to Anon’s comment about how you stop the spread in cities,why would you!I get it,the melodic/metal sounds of Anthrax are not for everyone,but hey,Anthrax has played for years in major cities without any harm to said cities,leave the poor band alone!I really do not get the hate for Anthrax!

      14. The Russians also let a submarine full of sailors die because they refused help. Exposing soldiers, intentionally or unintentionally to anthrax shouldn’t be a surprise.

      15. Lets get this party started!!!!!

        Why the hell not? Lets do it all at once , bio chem nuke amd everything in between.

        • You mean NBC.

          Nuclear-Biologicical-Chemical (NBC)

      16. There will be no survivors in this war

      17. When the time comes, I’ve said it before, keep your eyes to the north that my friends is where it will come. NORTH!!!

      18. Thanks SHTF PLAN for relaying this story.

        Knowing that the Russian government some months
        back opened up an abandoned facility, and also
        that the weather reached 95°. (since when does
        weather in Siberia reach that temp?)
        This sounds like asymmetrical warfare being

        There is a lot more to this story than what is
        being let released.


      19. Cake Mix +1

        When the lights go out, a little dessert makes everything better. These are one pan, quick and easy, cake-mix + one-ingredient-desserts. They will calm any child (young or old) and fix any sweet tooth during an emergency. They are good enough to eat without frosting so they really are just mix+1 ingredient.
        If this is your first time making such a cake, I recommend the Angel Food and pineapple as your first – it’s fail proof. Then experiment with what your family likes and add a few to your food storage. There are recipes all over the Internet. Search for “dump cake.” Here are a few of my family’s favorites:
        • Angel Food Cake Mix + 1 can Cherry Pie Filling OR Blueberry Pie Filling OR Apple Pie Filling. Puree the pie filling. Any fruit-based pie filling will do. (Pumpkin will fail!)
        • Angel Food + 20 oz crushed pineapple, OR peaches OR apricots, OR fruit cocktail, undrained, Puree fruit. Any soft fruit in the pantry will do but apples aren’t my favorite.
        • Brownie Mix + 15 oz Black Beans. Don’t drain beans. Puree or mash beans with a fork.
        • Brownie Mix + 12 oz Diet Coke
        • Carrot Cake Mix + 12 oz any Diet Soda (Ginger Ale is my favorite)
        • Chocolate Cake Mix + 15 oz Pumpkin Puree
        • Lemon Cake Mix + 12 oz Diet 7UP or Ginger Ale
        • Lemon Cake Mix + 15 oz Mandarin Orange Segments, undrained. Puree or mash oranges with a fork
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        • Spice Cake Mix + 15 oz Pumpkin Puree ******YUMMMM******
        • Spice Cake Mix + 2 cups Applesauce (cinnamon applesauce is also yummy)
        • Strawberry Cake Mix + 12 oz Diet 7UP
        • Yellow Cake Mix + 15 oz Pumpkin Puree
        Do NOT make cake mix according to instructions on the box. Lightly coat pan with cooking oil or spray. Dump in the +1 ingredient then spread cake mix on top. Mix well.
        Disregard cooking time. Cook until golden brown, or when cake pulls away from pan sides or when an inserted toothpick comes out clean…whichever doneness-test works best in your circumstances.
        Desserts may be cooked in a traditional oven, a Sun Oven, or a Crock-Pot (on low). Cooking times in traditional oven will be less than on the box.
        NOTES: If it seems too dry, add a couple of tablespoons of water, juice or butter – whatever you have. Two ingredient cakes don’t rise as much as regular cakes but they still taste well and have good texture. Regular soda (Coke, Ginger Ale, Mountain Dew, 7-UP, etc.) can replace diet soda. Cheap sodas work just as well and taste just as good as brands. Home-canned foods can be substituted for store bought. Add walnuts, pecans, almonds, coconut, spices or anything else you have on hand…”mix+1 ingredient” is just for the hard times. Also makes cupcakes.
        Cakes are generally moist without the need for icing but some (like red velvet) benefit from adding ice cream or whipped topping if available. (IMHO)
        Buy cake mixes around the holidays, when they go on sale. After bringing the mix home from the grocery, freeze it for three days. This kills any possible flour bugs. Then open the box, cut off the instructions and trash the box. Next, open the mix bag and slide a vacuum seal bag over it. Now the mix bag has its open end on the bottom. This way, when you vacuum it, the mix doesn’t get sucked up into the seal. I like to seal mixes so they lay mostly flat; thus stack easily into a plastic tote. I include box-instructions in the vacuum bag, just in case I want to make it the “regular way.” I have cake mixes that are nine years old and still good.

        • Well why not. Might as well eat cake.

        • This is a keeper,

      20. It’s not The Thing?

        Aww come on it’s The Thing isn’t it?


      21. Newsflash:

        Trump says he will repeal Glass Stegel.

        • One thousand nine hundred and thirty three reasons why Trump is different from the other plastic injected PC brigade… Plus he don’t suffer Islam gladly!

        • B from CA

          Glass Steagall was repealed in1999 and bankster spent a good$300 million to make Iit so. Taxpayers have spent a good $20 trillion bailing out banksters since 2008. Funny how closely fed gifts to banksters match our deficits.

          Congress has been looking at reinstating Glass Steagall ever since.

          Trump fell asleep and woke up in 1996 or what?

          • Obama buddi timmy geitner gave all the us mony to fat cat buddis now he on walls street Cliton repeel gs to make it happen

          • You Know B from CA meant Trump will do away with CURRENT status and RE install the act….Man you JUMP ASAP Fast to always defend lib dems eh…..Or try and twist blame to repubs whenever a thing was done by dem libs like klinton is to bame for repeal of glass steagel act.

            Klinton waited till very Last few moments of final minits as us prez and then fast signed off on it as well as gave last minit Pardons to the absolute worst top criminals and marxist kommie filth in america as long as they were huge donors to the klintons.

        • B from CA: good news! and after he gets that klinton scam repealed, next he should repeal that prayer of Kol Nidre that when recited by Dual Citzen polititions like Finestien and Schumer et al, it, they believe, absolves them of obedience to All/Any Oaths sworn and promices made as long as oath or promice was sworn to a goyim or a goyim nation.

          That is main reason them dual citizens so freely disobey the oath they swear to when re elected and sworn into office etc. They simply believe a once per year recital of Kol Nidre prayer at yom kipper means they can Lie! but only Lie to Us Goyim folk. Then a few months later, they celebrate every past war and genocide they did against various goys during the past 3,500 years on what they call Purim holy day.

          Trump HAS to Know all about those dual citizens and zios eh?…How can he Not know with so many close connections to those devils.

      22. False alarm. Twenty days in the same uniforms and no showers. They got a bad case of arctic crabs. Crabs up there have antlers!

      23. Russians responded to this to get a handle on it.

        Bach in the USA. Obullshit would blame White Christian males that have Bibles and Guns. Then he would say they don’t matter, We will let more come in with anthrax, and if they say anything the are Racist.


        • Sgt Dale
          Quite the imagination you have big buddy. With all the true problems, no need to make up nonsense, capische?

          • Lack of imagination has been shown to make one, well, unimaginative. Maybe one can learn from their mistakes.

        • ‘ello Sgt.D, they’re ever so quick with their words and militant in their view when it comes to any discussion concerning Islamic immigration.
          Lordy, Lordy… Why are they SO touchy?

        • Sgt. Dale,
          there is lots of people coming into the states that are infected with MANY types of diseases and they are not doing enough to screen them and we will be paying the price for it soon enough. IF we don’t get some clean “for the people” in DC. and i would imagine HELL will freeze over before that happens!

        The Absolute Necessity
        Bare minimum per person per day for cooking and drinking is 1 Gallon.
        Add additional water for bathing & washing.
        How to Purify Water
        Before purifying water in any manner, filter out debris by passing it through a clean cloth.
        Bring water to a full rolling boil for at least 5 minutes. Add another minute per 1000 ft. that
        you are above sea level. After boiling, you may improve the taste of the water by pouring it
        back and forth from one container to another to aerate it.
        Use bleach that has sodium hypo-chlorite as its only active ingredient. Add the following
        dosage according to clear or cloudy water then let stand for 30 minutes. A slight oder of chlorine
        should be detectable if the water is properly treated. Add a little more until smell is
        Clear 2 Drops 8 Drops
        Cloudy 4 Drops 16 Drops
        2% Tincture
        Clear 3 Drops 12 Drops
        Cloudy 6 Drops 24 Drops
        Wait 30 minutes before using water.
        Usually 1 tablet per quart. Double if cloudy. These can be bought at most drug stores.
        Mechanical Filters
        There are many filters to choose from that can filter out the contaminants. Price ranges
        between $10-600. The Katadyn PF Pocket Filter is one of the better ones. It can filter 1 quart of
        water per minute, weighs 23 ounces, is about the size of a flashlight.

        How to Store Water
        Water Storage Containers
        Good FDA approved Plastic drums These containers
        Mylar bags don’t allow in gases,
        Glass bottles or jars vapors, odors or
        Water heaters light.
        Poor Polyethylene plastics These pick up odors,
        (Milk, water, bleach vapors & light. Also are
        containers) biodegradable and will leak.
        Other: Water beds, toilet tanks, inside pipes. Purify if in doubt.

      25. Good luck in your preparations!
        It is better to be 5 years early,
        than 1 minute too late.

        • It’s the good people like yourself that makes Macs site the best… Thanks Infidel. SHTF… We can beat it.



          Is this Sarcasm from you … kinda hard to tell?
          If not … then you are sorely mistaken.
          Both entities are the problems of the world.

          With a few other entities mixed in as well.

          • FUCK YOU AND GOD BLESS ISRAEL… I know where my redeemer lives.
            I never bow down to intimidation… Ever.

      27. Hope Mr SLINGSHOT & Mrs SIXPACK are OK.
        In my thoughts you two, wherever you are!

        • FTW: Another duped agent-Haggeeite eh!

          • Mac,

            It is interesting that Putin is sending his people into Siberia to contain a contagion and about the same time the other super power is sending in its people to knock on doors to contain a potential contagion! Coincidence!? Is this a sign of things to come? Think, biological warfare. Use mosquitoes as your soldiers. Overwhelm the enemy with disease carrying mosquitoes. Viruses, bacteria, parasites being used as weapons of war! We should be anticipating the unleasing of these weapons perhaps in the not too distant future. It looks like some may have already been released.

      28. President Clinton apologized when in office for ALL the experiments the government conducted on its unknowing/unconsenting citizens.

        He did not say all experiments would stop then and forever.

        Let’s hope no Russian soldiers die from any planned or accidental biowarfare.

        Let’s hope no Americans ever die from any experiment, period.

        I don’t want anyone to die either from someone’s carelessness or intentional release of a bio-chemical warfare agent.

        We need to pray for protection, people. We need to make reparation for taking God out of public schools and for killing (see number of abortions dot com) His children.

        If we don’t, we can expect chastisements.

        If your own children pulled this crap and more, would YOU tolerate it?

        Get right with God & pray for all our enemies. Live the 10 Commandments and further piss off Satan for a change.

        – the Lone Ranger

      29. nature made biowarfare

        Caring for Zika victims costs $10 million each … and a lifetime of aching despair

        h ttp://www.dailykos.com/stories/2016/7/25/1552064/-Carrying-for-Zika-victims-cost-10-million-each-and-a-lifetime-of-aching-despair

        and instead of addressing this issue
        Congress went of vacation

      30. Are you SURE they’re moving TROOPS North because of an “Anthrax Breakout”?!

        Or is it just a ruse as they prepare to ATTACK AMERICA?!!!

        Folks better be watching for the Curve Ball these days…
        The Fake Right!!!

      31. To me this smacks of political chess.

        NATO are rattling sabres and poking sticks at every border Russia has with the West, after breaking every promise to NOT put missile sites along the Russian border.

        What better way to frighten an army of invaders than to scare them with stories of Anthrax?

        • Watch out for the Islamist…IT is your enemy.

      32. Can anyone recommend water filters? I’ve got my 55 gallon rain water jug. I hear Berkeley. But I also remember Sgt dale and braveheart mentioning another brand. Kentucky mom can you weigh in on this too?

        Thank you all for your help

      33. The Spainish flu victim of 1918 must have a lot of company in the deep freeze.
        The Milankovitch cycles take so long it is hard to fathom the extent of warming and freezing that take place. Scientist wanted a freelong term storage for the worst plagues it appears it wasn’t what they thought.

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