Outbreak: Borders On Lock Down as Ebola Spreads: “We Will Lose Many People”

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    One of the world’s most terrifying viruses is multiplying. Thus far at least 70 people have died from the Ebola virus in Guinea in recent weeks and though officials have taken steps to shut down the country’s border it may already be too late. The deadly strain of hemorrhagic fever has reportedly already spread to neighboring Sierra Leone and Liberia.

    The virus is normally acquired as a result of the butchering of or consumption of meat from bats or monkeys, which has prompted Guinea’s government to issue a ban on, among other things, the sale and preparation of bat soup. But because the virus can be spread from human-to-human via feces, blood, saliva, or sweat, it’s possible that the virus is now spreading through the general population.

    Frighteningly, while the virus has historically be contained in rural areas of Africa, the latest outbreak has spread to Conakry, Guinea’s capital city of two million people.

    As noted by Underground Medic, the strain of virus detected in those that have already died has been confirmed as the Zaire strain of Ebola, which has a fatality rate of 90%.

    The disease has traveled 526 miles from Nzerekore to Conakry since Wednesday. It is a highly infectious disease and there are fears that community spread has already occurred.

    With an incubation time between 4 and 21 days, and an average mean of 16 days, the amount of people an infected person has come into is considerable. Public transport is often overloaded and crowded living conditions give the disease ample opportunity to spread.

    Reports indicate that the virus was largely isolated to Guinea’s low-population regions but one individual who got sick was transported to the country’s capital by his relatives. That person subsequently died, but he or those transporting him may have affected others.

    Because of an incubation period that can last nearly three weeks, it may be difficult to identify those who have contracted the virus, which is one reason that officials in Africa, Europe and the United States are watching closely:

    What governments and clinicians fear is a person incubating Ebola travelling through an international airport, infecting people from around the globe, before boarding their flight. With the average incubation taking 16 days tracing contacts of an infected individual would be a logistical nightmare. Many believe it would be an impossible task as airports only hold names of those booked on flights, not friends and relatives who are seeing them, and thousands of others off on their journeys.

    After three decades in the health care environment I am not easily scared by bacteria and viruses. Out of all the diseases that are capable of doing us harm, Ebola scares me the most, in fact it terrifies me.

    Ian Lipkin, a professor of epidemiology at Columbia University is equally concerned:

    What normally happens is that international groups like Médecins Sans Frontières come in and cordon off the area, use a variety of diagnostic tests to exclude the worried well from truly sick, and try to interfere with some of these funeral practices. Then the episode dies out.

    But [this outbreak] seems to have moved. It’s not as well contained as we would have hoped. I anticipate we will lose many people, but it will be a self-limited outbreak. We’ve lost less than 70 people. But it’s terrible.

    The Ebola virus seems to remain isolated in Africa for the time being, but if one infected individual boards an international flight to Europe, South America, Asia or the USA then all bets are off. With cramped quarters on an airplane over a period of several hours you could potentially end up with scores of cases, and most of those infected would have no idea. From there we could have a spread of deadly contagion unlike any we’ve seen in modern times.

    If even a single case pops up in the United States or Canada it could cause mass panic, and for good reason. Nine out of ten people who contract the virus would likely perish.

    Those in high-risk communal areas like schools, offices, sporting events or mass transportation systems would be the most likely to acquire and then spread the virus.

    The following video reveals the reach and rapidity of pandemic spread originating at a major international airport:

    The models rely on the concept of ‘effective distance,’ and the belief that contagion now travels much more quickly and effectively between busy airports in different countries than between cities and more rural areas in the same country.

    The maps show various routes travelling from a given airport which is the source of the contagion (in this case London Heathrow).

    Circular diagrams show the radial distance from the disease source and the expected spreading path a contagion phenomenon will take – including other airports that might become gateways for the disease. (Exclusive News)

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      1. Can we just turn it loose in DC???

        • A possible clue as to why 3 countries
          rushed bio-scientists to check out the
          mysterious cargo on flight MH370?

          • an outbreak at the start of spring break…

            Think of how this could spread if just one person infected with ebola traveled to Florida in the next few weeks.

            Many college kids and families from all over the country vacation in Florida over spring break.

            • I’m pretty sure viruses are spread on spring break every year anyway lol

              • Time to crank up the colloidal silver generator…

                I do not fear any virus because I know Gods medicine will protect me and my family from it.

                I pity those who rely on modern medicine and MD quackery.

                • As long as Ebola doesn’t become airborne it is containable. Ebola is spread by the virus attempting to make the skin and blood vessels as like a balloon being strenched until it literally pops all over the place. This is why touch is usually the way Ebola spreads. The native people don’t properly dispose of Ebola bodies, they touch them without rubber gloves even. Ebola is much more sensitive to sunlight and air than the other filvirus Marburg. It is deadlier than Marburg, but hardly stable. The NATURAL form of Ebola cannot really spread because of this lack of “toughness’, such as smallpox. A mutanted form of Ebola either naturally or manmade is a nightmare. If this was ever to marriage with a common cold virus or the flu, end of civilization.

                  By the way another precursor earthquake on the Eurasia, North America, African plate junction. This is a place that aims at the region between Eastern Indonesia and Fiji and New Zealand like a bull’s eye. Especially New Guinea. There was ONLY a couple of other spots in the past that this precursor quake has targeted within 15 days. Columbia, Japan, and last September; Atka, Alaska. So this one could be pointing more to Yellowstone.

                  This is only part of the prediction of a major earthquake by April 14. Give it about an 80% chance of an earthquake between 6.8 and 7.9 on the Northern Australian plate. This includes Mynamar, China and India, Indonesia, but focus big time on Papua New Guinea to the Soloman Islands and Santa Cruz Island, Loyalty Islands, Fiji to Samoa, and Northern Island New Zealand. Other areas will likely fall into the danger zone when more precursor earthquakes hit.

                  • Trouble is these corp mad scientist and bankster/military marriages do their best to increase the possibility of a manmade militiarised version of Ebola causing a global pandemic. Anyone who does’t know these loons pounce on every rare outbreak of fatal disease in the wild as it occurs, is walking around with eyes wide shut.

                    One need only look at the rates of GMO to organic crop contamination to understand just how “under control” these clever idiots really have things. Crop contamination is a dang sight easier to control than a viral contamination of anything. I fear accidental deadly pandemic far more than I do deliberate acts of war.

                    It was the population decimation that destroyed the Cornish as an independent nation, and led to the end of feudalism in Europe many centuries ago. A similar slimming of the herd could eventually lead to the rise of an improved civilization once more if enough smart people survive. However the Spanish flu in Europe didn’t prevent the outbreak of WW2, so don’t hold your breath.

                    Major roads and highways make the ideal quarantine barriers in an emergency. This was a key reason I fled Londistan as I didn’t want to be caught inside the m25 during an adverse event. I suggest you check your location as preppers and try and ensure that your home is outside any obvious “lock down quarantine zones”.

                    When surrounded by something as deadly as this the natural human instinct is to flee, so some of the worst vectors may later be shown by history to have been those first in the know about an outbreak. For this reason I wouldn’t rush to take my child to see the doctor newly arrived in my area.

                  • B.I.

                    This morning at 6:34a we had a 4.8 in Yellowstone. We are approximately 100 mile SE but didn’t feel it, which is unusual.

                  • According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the leading causes of death for Americans is as follows:

                    1. Heart disease: 597,689
                    2. Cancer: 574,743
                    3. Chronic lower respiratory diseases: 138,080
                    4. Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases): 129,476
                    5. Accidents (unintentional injuries): 120,859
                    6. Alzheimer’s disease: 83,494
                    7. Diabetes: 69,071
                    8. Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis: 50,476
                    9. Influenza and Pneumonia: 50,097
                    10. Intentional self-harm (suicide): 38,364

                    Lesser rankings:
                    Terrorism: 0
                    Ebola: 0

                    Curiously, the world’s leading cause of death is not listed: The US government.

                    The USG is the #1 extinguisher of human life on this planet, yet it is allowed to “spread.”

                    We ban all sorts of things for the “common good.“

                    Why can’t we ban the USG?

                    It makes perfect sense to me.

                  • YOU’RE WRONG! read the book and find out- this doctor looked at this victim of Ebola, the victim vomited (they tend to have violent outbursts of vomiting, in which blood, vomit and black ooze all come out) the doctor got the disease from being vomited on and died.

                    Nurses tending to patients also died. Later, the only way they could keep hospital staff from all dying off was when they wore special hazmat(?) suits and kept the patients quarantined… nurses checking on them by looking through windows. This is no regular flu virus! Its like something from a Sci-fi movie! No drugs to treat it, 90% death rate and extremely contagious!

                  • @ Wind River Mom. A 4.8 at 100 miles is difficult to feel. Sounds like you are in the Thermopolis or Worland area, and this would have felt like about a 2 to 2.5 earthquake from what the shake map shows. The people that have lived in your area back in 1959 would definitely remember the 7.1. That caused avalanches 150 miles away in some places.

                    I read an article in the Daily Mail and it was talking about Yellowstone becoming “extinct”. Hot spots like this don’t become extinct, they moved farther away only. Yellowstone use to be down in Idaho many millions of years ago and these places look like Mars in many spots from all the volcanic activity. In fact there is a place called Craters of The Moon National Monument there. Yellowstone is still extremely dangerous, but still a distance off from an eruption of any size as long as an earthquake doesn’t rip it open one day or night.

                    This is why I am watching closely the precursor activity that may say that Montana and/or Wyoming is due for a major earthquake. I am really paying attention to Adak, Alaska, because this is a precursor to Yellowstone almost always getting active. The 5.2 there in Adak showed this earlier last week. That 4.8 may not seem like a big earthquake, but it was the biggest since 1976 in the same area that had that 7.1 in 1959. This one today was about 12 and 1/2 to 13 miles away. Something to watch.

                  • @ Anonymous. Ebola is as frail in the air as rabies, it doesn’t hold up well outside the host body. Like Marburg, the blood vessels coagulate like putter. This is why successful treatment of Marburg and Ebola sometimes where they have injected large amounts of heperin which keeps the blood vessels from clotting up. Many people that die from Marburg and Ebola die from heart attacks or strokes because of the way the blood becomes thickened and sticky as hell. This is why you have these oozes and popping of blood and vomit all over the place. The skin also become paper thin. This is the way the virus attempts to go from host to host.

                    Thankful it has not gone airborne and thankful it is so sunject to destruction by sunlight and oxygen. It is a grostesque scene tyhat reminds someone of a science fiction horror movie, but since 1967 with Marburg and 1976 with Ebola it has not left the African areas because it is not that contagious. Lassa Fever is another type of hemmoragic virus that is extremely contagious in air, but seems to be confined to the African region still. It might have something to do with the climate, as Lassa Fever seldom occurs at the higher elevations In Nigeria for example.

                  • Ok BI, this is creepy. I just read about a quake in Yellowstone, 4.3 I think. Report was AP, time stamp at 6:32pm edt. Drudge has it.
                    I can only conclude, you called that one. I can’t believe I am the first to see the report and point this out, after 4 hours. Good job.

                  • The thread ” jumped”. I wasn’t the first to point that Yellowstone Quake . Oops, sorry.

                  • Recall that weaponized “duplex” agents have been manufactured by the metric ton. Psychopaths have spliced hemorrhagic fevers with smallpox to create viruses with 99+% lethality rates.

                    Read Ken Alibek’s Biohazard.

                    May God have mercy on us all.

                • More of this bullshit. NOTHING cures anything.

                  • Beulla:
                    You are right. It does not cure it.
                    Medication either kills it or helps the body to form aintbodies to kill it.
                    Some medications will just hold it in check for a while.
                    With some diseases we have to get it over be given injections of it so our bodies can form antibodies to kill it, polio, small pox, hooping cough, ect.
                    S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

                  • OOPS.
                    it is to read; with some diseases we have to get it, or be given injections of it

                  • I stand as living proof that you, beulla, are the BS. Many others stand with me, while many doubters died needlessly at the hands of the medical profession.

                  • I tried using colloidal silver for a couple of weeks last year when I got bronchitis. It didn’t work. Not to say it doesn’t work for some things… just have a backup for your backup.

                • Why are people red thumbing this comment GC? Freakin idiots..

                  • Outlaw, the red thumbs do not bother me.

                    Those folks will succumb to any bugs due to their own ignorance. I will walk by them as they die in misery, with a gallon of the cure they refuse to accept.

                    Most recently (as in last week), I cured my new neighbor of a severe lung infection she’s had since November that put her in the hospital 4 times. She is not totally over it yet, but feels better and stronger every day, while the doctors antibiotics did nothing for her even at $120 for 7 pills.

                    Some people will never learn, and those are not worth the effort of trying to teach them.

                  • GC: Can you give us the scoop, since you have first-hand knowledge/experience, on colloidal silver in a nutshell? How much dosage, etc? Anything to guard against, etc? What brought u to conclude it is your best line of defense, etc.? I usually look stuff up myself, but would like a “pro’s” opinion. Thanks for any info!!

                  • OUTLAW:
                    I’m no freaking Idiot.
                    I have had a very good education. I even went to college for two years, but the best schooling I recieced was the from the SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS.

                    I tried that colloidal silver for 4 weeks when I had a upper respiratory infection. IT DID NOT HELP, I GOT WORSE!!! I fought that da@$ infection for 3 months.I finally went to the doctor after being sick for 6 weeks.

                    My Doctor would not give me any ANTIBIOTICS because they WILL NOT KILL A VIRUS. I had a viral infection. The only thing that helped was steriods.
                    Most of the ILLNESS that is going on in the country now is VIRAL.

                    The real and only way to kill off a virus is with a healthy body and time.
                    There are NO MAGIC CURSES or SNAKE OILS that curse illness.

                    There are thing that might help a little, but the body has to heal itself from a viral infection.

                    The main reason some doctors hand out antibiotics is because ther patients drive them FREAKING NUT, whine and crying and they want to be cured overnight

                    I have worked at a hospital for over 21 years I have seen and heard just about everything possible.


                    S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

                • Does CS occur in nature?

                  • Silver occurs in nature, and used to be plentiful in the soil, thus your food, until big AG started with chemical farming.

                    For Northern Reb…

                    How much colloidal silver did you take? What strength was it? If you took a couple of teaspoons a day like the health food store label says, of course it did not work. Had you taken four 12oz glasses a day of 15 – 20 PPM for 5 days it would have definitely worked. And there is ZERO chance you would have turned “blue”.

                    You failed silver, it did not fail you.


                    I would bet that you also took the health food store crap, by the teaspoon as well. So of course it did not work for you. That does not mean it will not work if made and take properly.

                    When you have an existing infection, especially a major infection or virus, you must take it in sufficient quantity to do the job. If you took 5 mcg a day of any pharma antibiotic, you would get no results. Silver is no different in that regard.

                    With a bad infection such as a tooth abscess, you would need to take at least three 12 oz glasses a day, 15-20 PPM, for three to five days to kick it.

                    It is not the silver that is failing. It is the pharma induced fear of silver causing you to fail because it makes you afraid to take enough of it to do what you want it to do.

                    alex jones is a retard…

                    I have no fear of argyria because I make my own under very controlled circumstances. I would have to drink a gallon a day for 10 years or more to have even a small chance for a problem to develop. If you would take a little time to educate yourself, you would not be in the same boat you put Alex Jones in.

                    Those who still live in fear and put stock in the FDA-Pharma cartels propaganda are doing themselves and their families a great disservice, and putting their life at risk as well.

                    If you choose to live in such fear, that is certainly your business. But ask yourself, if the corp lies about everything else, is it going to tell you the truth about silver when it has BILLIONS of dollars at stake every single year peddling it’s approved poisons?

                    Silver is Gods medicine put here for His people to use to assist the body He lent you in healing itself. The corp propaganda machine is the one selling snake oil, and you are free to buy as much of that as you like. Just don’t try to sell it to me because I will be taking silver because I know how well it works from knowledge and practical experience.

                • Get out your snake oil too…. have fun when you get argyria

                  • Informed– I don’t know what the sitution is now in regards to Ebola– according to reports posted here it seems its about as lethal and dangerous as it was back when it first transmitted to humans… and that’s bad!!

                    Can’t be transmitted by air? Maybe not, but it can be by touching something which has germs from victim–saliva on his hand touching something. With 90% death rate, its not something to take lightly!!

                  • @ Gods Creation,

                    Well said. Thanks for the info, I’ll look into higher doses.

                  • CBGB

                    Learn to make your own. The stuff from the health food store has “additives” and is NOT pure. I bought a bottle of 20PPM (8 oz for 15 bucks when I can make it for 25 cents a quart or less) and tested it. It read 154PPM, so the majority of what was in the water was NOT silver, and likely it had little if any useable silver in it.

                    That is probably why the FDA still allows them to sell it, precisely because it will not work to cure an existing infection and will leave it’s users with the idea it does not work.

                    The rules and process are simple.

                    Use ONLY .9999 fine silver wire, available from Amazon for about 15 bucks for two six inch pieces.

                    Use ONLY distilled water, available at Wally World for less than a buck.

                    Use a TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) meter, also available from Amazon for about 15 bucks to make sure the potency is consistent.

                    You can use two or three 9 volt batteries, snapped together. It doesn’t matter other than three batteries will make it quicker than two. An AC adapter of anywhere from 12 to 30 volts would also work just fine. I currently use a 12 volt, but will soon switch to something a little higher when I can find one.

                    After it is made, let it sit for about an hour (in the dark) and filter it into a glass jar through a coffee filter. It will then be drinkable and at it’s most useable state by the body.

                    I store mine in brown beer bottles with aluminum foil caps. Coors light has a small label at the top that says “Silver Bullet”. I like to leave that label on because it fits the new content so well 🙂

                    Start by making it at about 10PPM until you get the hang of it. Will take about two batches because it is really simple to do.

                    Making colloidal silver is NOT rocket science and you should not be afraid of the process. It is really nothing but sticking two pieces of wire in a glass of water with batteries hooked to them. There is no way to mess up unless you don’t follow the items above.

                    If you have a bad infection, take a LOT. There is no problem drinking a quart a day for 7 days, the normal time for a round of antibiotics.

                    If you have never taken it, start out with an ounce three times a day for the first couple of days to eliminate the possibility of overwhelming your bodies ability to get rid of the toxins it kills.

                    I urge everyone to learn all there is to know about colloidal silver, and not to be afraid of it. The corp survives by keeping you in fear of what is good for you so you rely on it instead.

                    With silver, you have nothing to fear and a lifetime of NEVER BEING SICK to gain.

                    Silver is NONTOXIC and totally safe in what seem like large quantities to the uninformed. It DOES NOT accumulate in the body, and can even help your body rid itself of vaccine poisons such as mercury.

                    The benefits are so great the corp will stop at nothing to stop you from trying it. The fear is so great that many give up without learning to use it properly because the health food store crap and their misleading labels.

                    My job is to provide help and facts based on my own experiences to help you overcome that.

                  • ALEX:
                    You right about the snake oil.
                    If silver was or is so great for you and it cured illness, then why back 100 years ago when poeple carried silver coins in there pockest, where not so healthy?
                    Silver in your pocket, you would sweat, the sweet would come in contact with the silver and in contact with your skin.
                    Your skin would absorb the silver off the coin and it would enter your blood stream. They should have been heathier than we are back 75 to 100 years ago.
                    We quit useing silver coins back in 1963 or 64.
                    So say and think what you want, but please don’t give people false hope.
                    Sorry GOD”S CREATION, but I have to disagree with you no this one.
                    It’s been a good debate,THANKS
                    S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

                • GC: It is a VIRUS..not a bacterium, infection or illness of some sort…there are no cures for any known viruses..if you get it, you will most likely die.

                  PS: If it got on an airplane–it is still not an airborne virus..unless the infected individual passed his blood, feces, etc physically to another person then contagion of fellow passengers or a dispersion like Stephen King’s “The Stand” is not very likely.

                  This is not to downplay the horrors of hemmorhagic viruses,..but western cultures with hand sanitizers, available sinks with soap and towels–and rubber gloves would not see the exponential spread of which many believe.

                  God help humanity as a whole if it ever became airborne communicable.

                  • Javelin… there is no known BACTERIA, VIRUS, Or FUNGUS that can survive in the presence of silver.

                    Northern Reb,

                    Your “good education” is showing. You can’t be serious with your silver coin question, can you? That’s plain dumb to make such a leap, and devoid of common sense.

                    I guess if that is your logic, if silver caused argyria the entire world would be filled with blue people from touching those coins for all those years.

                    However, back in the day people did put silver dollars in their milk buckets/jugs to keep it from going bad so the value of silver was known, there was just no easy way to get it into the body like their is today.

                    I have seen first hand the power of silver, on myself and others. There are hundreds of thousands of others who have benefited from its use.

                    I nor anyone else in my family has been sick in 3 YEARS. At the first sniffle, instead of going to a doctor we take silver and it is gone the next day.

                    Your 21 years in a hospital has left you incapable of conceiving that something better exist than the butchery and poisoning of the people you are a part of. To do so would invalidate your entire existence and corporate career choice.

                    I do not promote false hope in any way. I speak from my experience, and what I have seen it do for others with an open mind who are not so deeply invested in the medical propaganda they can no longer see the reality of what they are.

                    Your medical profession kills about 700,000 people a YEAR, every year, and cures nothing with it’s poisons because they are designed solely to hide symptoms.

                    Silver has killed no one, and has cured millions without side effects or risk of death by submitting themselves to your “hospitals”.

                    False hope? I don’t think so. The false hope is what your types promise with the poisons you peddle.

              • Haha STD’s!

              • Mclovin says:
                Comment ID: 2983457

                March 30, 2014 at 12:55 pm

                I’m pretty sure viruses are spread on spring break every year anyway lol

                You’re the best.

              • Mclovin says
                I’m pretty sure viruses are spread on spring break every year anyway lol

                You’re the best.

                • thanks McDave. Us preppers gotta contribute when and where we can lol

              • Ebola looks like a big long turd. Stay away from big long turds.

            • No doubt vacation capital Fl would be decimated! I’d be snug in my bunker with my people. Thankfully, most of us are in the medical field. So many tourists enter the states at Miami, enroute to Orlando or here, we’d be among the first hotspots. Also, my bunker has a quarantine area that would be in definite use! Be safe all!
              Standing ready in Daytona

            • CDC has 20 US airports ready to screen for arriving Ebola.
              WHO is calling the outbreak ‘minimal’ and has refused to issue travel warnings or shut down the Conakry Intl Airport. Quite opposed to how they were so quick to declare Level 5 alert in 2009 to spread the swine flu by having us all vaccinated.
              DEPOPULATION & AGENDA 21. Bring on those millions of FEMA coffins?

          • Anyone has an opinion about the teenage mutant ninja turtles? I mean, I am pretty sure they were made from an ooz or a virus. Aren’t they the good guys? You think the government will use them against you when the shtf? What is your intake?

            • Most excellent, dude, I was thinking the same thing, myself.

            • I always thought the future of ninjutsu would be taller.

              • You watch Naruto too?

            • I can’t keep fighting alien technology with a six foot staff.

            • I used to work with one. Wait.. he was a teenage mutant ninja frycook.

          • Ebola does not survive in cold weather. Were good up here in the mountains.

            Florida, not so much.

            • Interesting to know. Maybe that’s why it was introduced at the beginning of spring in the NH. Had it turned up in the African summer it would be too cold to spread it here…


        • Send Bruce Willis back in time…..

        • Don’t think it would help, Race2Xtinction. I don’t think it affects lifeforms that don’t have brains or hearts.

          • It infected a little boy from the states… a white kid. but that was decades ago… the family went to Africa for vacation and he died there from the disease. I think he was from the states– don’t remember for sure, but he was a little white boy.

            Also, the first man who contracted the disease was a white man who lived in Africa– was extremely promiscuous. He took a lover to this cave in Africa where there were bats and that’s how it all started– the first transmission to humans. The whole story is in the book, “The Hot Zone”– scary as hell!!

            What I can’t figure out– why all this time with little to no other outbreaks since the original outbreak, and now suddenly, the thing has become virulent again?!! ( I read the book about 15 years ago!)

            • According to the book, “The Hot Zone”, the precise cause of the first known outbreak of Ebola Zaire was never positively determined. It was suspected that bat guano in the cave might have been the source, but it was not confirmed. But they also suspected that monkeys might be the source as well.

              The fact is…..they just don’t know for sure.

              • It was 12 monkeys…. some one wake up Buce and get him to the time machine…

                • Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed….

            • @ Anonymous,
              That is all..

        • What governments and clinicians fear is a person incubating Ebola travelling through an international airport, infecting people from around the globe, before boarding their flight.

          Watch ‘Contagion’ with Matt Damon.. Scary and why we preppers do what we do–isn’t that a song??

        • thats just a stupid ass thing to say

        • The disease that is already in Washington is far worse than Ebola.

          • and it kills more people a whole lot faster too.

        • One of the truly great threats that will bring about TEOTWAWKI. Indiscriminate too, can hit anyone. While there are many due to a privileged life who are immune from an economic collapse and who may even profit from it, if a pandemic with a mortality rate like the 90% of this ebola virus cuts loose no one is safe or immune!

          In a massive pandemic key personnel in essential services will die and very quickly the whole house of cards will crash.

          The ONLY protection for the masses (that’s you and I my friends) from a pandemic is isolation, and long term isolation at that.

          That means preps to survive until the die off subsides then the means to be self sufficient in the rebuilding phase.

          Gonna be hell on Earth for a while but humanity will survive, probably just not very much of it!


        • Ebola has been diagnosed in a man from Liberia who landed in Saskachewan, Canada. This happened over the past week. The news – like the earthquake charts- was quickly downgraded, then completely scrubbed from the airwaves and any public awareness.

          Its already here folks, and our 911 govt criminals will NOT give the info out until it can optimize it to control it. THAT is what is scariest of all. They know- but we dont.
          Possible Ebola Infection in Canada
          Posted: March 24 2014 CBC

          A man who recently travelled in western Africa is in critical condition in hospital in Saskatoon, according to provincial health officials.

          The nature of the illness was not released, but the man has a high fever, in addition to other symptoms. Officials say a diagnosis has not been confirmed.

          Saskatchewan’s deputy medical health officer Dr. Denise Werker said Monday that the patient — who had visited Liberia — was being examined for a suspected case of viral hemorrhagic fever.

          “Viral hemorrhagic fever is a generic name for a number of rather exotic diseases that are found in Africa,” Werker said, noting one of the fevers could be Ebola.

          Ebola virus

          Ebola was first reported in 1976 in Congo and is named for the river where it was recognized. Ebola outbreaks were reported in Congo and Uganda in 2012.

          The virus can be transmitted through direct contact with the blood or secretions of an infected person, or objects that have been contaminated with infected secretions.

          The illness was serious enough that officials wanted people to know about steps that have been taken.

          “Measures have been taken to isolate the patient to ensure the illness is not transmitted,” officials said. “Public health officials believe the risk to the public is low, and are investigating.”

          Patient in isolation

          According to Werker, depending on the nature of the disease, the people most at risk are health-care workers tending to the patient who do not wear protective clothing.

          Werker acknowledged an outbreak of Ebola hemorrhagic fever has been identified in Guinea, Africa, and may have spread to Liberia.

          Werker would not say which hospital in Saskatoon the patient is at in order to protect the man’s privacy. He was doing work in Africa, although Werker did not know how long he had been there.

          She added that people who may have come into contact with the man’s body fluids, such as urine or saliva, have been asked to self-isolate and monitor their health and watch for any signs of fever.

          Health-care workers are wearing goggles, masks, gowns, gloves and boots when around the patient.

          Werker said officials believe the man was not ill at the time he travelled, noting a three-week incubation period is normal for Ebola and Lassa Fever, another one of the suspect diseases. He fell ill after arriving in Canada.

          “For the most part, people are not very infectious or contagious in the incubation period,” she explained. “This is when their body is becoming ill.”

          Werker said the course of treatment will depend on identifying the fever involved, and said that a preliminary finding could be available on Tuesday.

          • Papayra, that’s what I was thinking– the case in Canada DID sound like Ebola, and the officials may have just “scrubbed” the story so as not to alarm people… don’t know, but it sure sounded like Ebola. : (

        • “Can we just turn it loose in DC?”

          Dude that is where it came from to start with. DOD black budget for biowarfare at Ft Detrick

      2. avoid people. If infected, remember not to shake hands with a politician while offering him campaign money.

        • Another way germs pass is thru paper money. A $10 bill could be in Virginia and three weeks later in Oregon. Sometimes credit cards and checks can be useful….

          • Yep, shopping online has some advantages.

          • Wasnt this a Tom Clancy story line? Dollar is GLOBAL reserve and could function as a Maximum efficiency vector for dissemination of the disease. DEPOPULATION on steroids. Added bonus for NWO- Currency bomb does double duty by getting THE PUBLIC ITSELF to beg for eradication of money, bringing in the cashless society.

            Someone on the web was claiming months ago that all of this was coming, and that Clancy was eliminated beforehand deliberately as part of the coverup.

            We are dealing with a bioweapon folks, dont kid yourselves. This has been well-scripted and is going to Plan.

        • If you get infected, please shake the politicians hand and keep your money for colloidal silver so he can die while you live.

          • Yeah, good idea, God’s Creation, and while you’re at it, spit on your hand first before shaking politician’s hands! ; )

        • I would still avoid politicians, period. You could catch something else besides a virus.

      3. This thing looks like the genetic structure of Dianne Feinstien and her tribal memebrs.

        • …same family of parasites…

      4. CBS news reports a possible Ebola case in Canada. Pray.

        • It was a false alarm in Canada.

          • And if it was real? Do you really think they would tell us? Wake up man. The hour is too late to be so unconscious.

      5. Unlike the days of the past when we had oceans/mountain ranges ect.that to a degree kept outbreaks much more localized,now,depending on incubation period of diseases can spread world wide easily,ah well.

      6. Being serious. I would not under estimate this being part of a
        population reduction plan and the article is right on. Any virus
        and be transplanted anywhere in the world with in 24 hours and the carriers could be unwittingly doing it, by revenge or by choice as a form of terrorism.

        Imagine what it would do to the world’s economy in a short time.
        The closing of borders… Seems to be the only solution the government would accept to secure it.

        In an off-post comment…….Something amiss is happening on the west cost regarding earth changes. I think that we are on the verge of some horrific events in that area and not to exclude what is happening in the mid west… I really think
        we need to be concerned and watchful.

        • nah, lets make funny black folk jokes.

          • A black guy and a faggot walked into a bar……….The bartender says, “What can I get you Mr. President?”

            • PO’d Patriot: And the Prez says, “either of your parents PO’d because they’re both fine fellows, if you get my meaning”. Does that make you a ‘back-door baby’?

              • During Obama and Putin’s phone call, Obama tried to convince Putin of the positive qualities of democracy.

                Obama: “Now look here Vlad, in America anyone can go out in the street and yell “Obama is an idiot” and not worry about being arrested.

                Putin: “But we have the same freedom, because in Russia also anyone can go out in the street and yell “Obama is an idiot” and not worry about being arrested…

        • You have exhibited some serious discernment. I am not interested in “your source” because it is not relevant. The TRUTH is a “finely tuned instrument” that resonates with ALL whom seek it.

          Earth changes, whether natural or not is the more immediate concern. Secondarily, would be MAN induced economic collapse and potential created pandemics. Artificially created viruses, bacteria, etc. are extremely unpredictable.

          This would be a last resort following “Earth changes” from whatever source and economic collapse that will absolutely result from the actions of MEN! IMO.

      7. Great. I already have a list of 822 things to worry about. Adding this makes my worry list to 823….

        • Sorry ugly,make that 824,epa raids a us ammunition factory this weekend.Dammit!,make it 825,atf bans importation of 5.45X39 surplus ammo!

          • i told those guys going to the range to hold on to that ammo.

          • But, this takes it back to 824??

            A Colorado sheriff has joined the list of at least 340 sheriffs who have vowed to uphold the Constitution against gun-control measures that violate Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

            Weld County Sheriff John Cooke said he and many other county sheriffs “won’t bother enforcing” laws poised to go into effect in Colorado because it would be impossible to keep track of whether gun owners are meeting the new requirements.


        • 825! I’m only up to 824, I may need to compare lists to see what I’m missing.

          • I’ve already reached my limit on things to worry about. From now on, I just won’t depress myself by numbering them.

      8. mmmmmm, bat soup.

        Well, if the SHTF I suppose..

        • Think I would rather starve! 😉

      9. This is so sexy!

      10. “On Thursday, according to the Russian daily Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 10,000 Russian troops began a drill simulating the massive use of nuclear missiles.”

        “As Russia’s conventional military capabilities have deteriorated following the collapse of the Soviet Union, Moscow has become increasingly reliant on operationalizing its nuclear arsenal. This has been reflected in successive Russian security documents…”

        “This threshold was further lowered in Russia’s 2000 military doctrine… This document said that Russia would use nuclear weapons “in response to large-scale aggression utilizing conventional weapons in situations critical to the national security of the Russian Federation.”

        The article ended by noting that testing the readiness of Russia’s strategic forces was especially important in light of the “current reality of the world situation.”


        • KY Mom,
          The fact that the Ukraine has like 23 nuclear power plants might have something to do with this story.
          Don’t know how hard/easy it would be for somebody to make a dirty bomb? (God Forbid) But the material sure would seem available?

          • I misspoke, the Ukraine has only 15 reactors.

            • & still works hard daily to protect the rest of us from Chernobyl Educated sinner.

            • ES, with 15 reactors, just sabotage those reactors and have 15 Chernobyl-type situations. No nuclear bombs or missiles needed.

            • Did you count the reactors at Chernobyl?

              While watching USSR for missle launches, the American government knew about the meltdown as it happened. The bastards didn’t say anything.

      11. This could get nasty real fast and spread just about everywhere. Might have to impose self isolation.

      12. Look at how it’s transferred. Once the masses are infected, they’ll go crazy. A zombie apocalypse, of sorts, in the making….

        • Mail:
          All the zombies are in Washington D.C. and Springfield Illinois!:-(
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • Braaaaaaiins!!!!!!

            • Fatchicks:
              That what they need.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      13. This is just another reason WHY…you prep and prepare to be as self sufficient as possible. If you already have food, water and energy at home you don’t need to be out risking further exposure and spread of death.

        And people have the *nerve* to call us crazy? I’d say those who are not prepared are the losers. LOL!

      14. You cannot always trust a ‘symptoms’ chart for self diagnosis. Those symptoms listed above are the same ones I get after 12 Oly’s–yes, even toe fungus….

        Use your instincts if your body is not normal. Medicine is good if caught early….

        • I’m sure glad I don’t drink beer.

        • “You cannot always trust a ‘symptoms’ chart for self diagnosis”

          Why not, that’s about all a doctor does, consults his symptoms chart…it gets you a new prescription every time.

      15. Here we go again, despite what the expert in the article states: “…it will be self-limited…”

        Here come the “if’s” and the “imagine’s” and “what if’s.”

        Fear, fear, and more fear.

        It gets really, really old.

        Can’t this site do better?

        • They hope it will be self limiting in that infected people usually don’t get far before bleeding out.

          • And that’s the real issue to consider…
            From as short as a few days… to weeks for incubation this could be a truly devastating event if planned…
            We will know soon enough…

            I knew there was a reason I held on to all that 10mil plastic…

            • And duct tape.

                • and surgical masks and gloves…

                  • Yep…

        • Anonymous: I know, I say the same thing when I read these replies. I say “what if most of these folks had parents that weren’t related before marriage”, and “what if they had kids that didn’t have meat-locker I.Q.s due to too much inbreeding”, and “what if these horrible genetic mutations actually had any brains would it be possible for them to get an education beyond 5th grade”? They’re worried about the ‘What If’s’ of Ebola when we are suffering from one of world’s worst outbreaks of ‘Abject Stupidity’.

          • Fresh: You’re not too terribly far off from the mark my good fellow. But you need not worry old boy because we’ve had a plan in place for some years, actually decades, now. We have been grooming America’s best and brightest for a long time now in its universities and we’ve filled the halls of government and the boardrooms of industry with them. While the rest of Europe has hammered out it’s differences, we’ve also been planning the grand finally of reuniting the renegade colonies with its parents in western Europe into one super group-nation. This has been a long time coming with all of our planning and work, it’s almost here. The folks here that delude themselves in being resisters will be made to comply of they will slowly starve without food and utilities. Those that do die out will have their property reallocated to those in need.

            • I hope to God your being Sarcastic.

      16. Does anyone remember Tom Clancy’s fictional book:” Executive Orders “; in which POTUS Jack Ryan is forced to issue Martial Law in the United States; because of an outbreak of a deadly virus in the U.S.? TRUTH; as they say; IS stranger than fiction. An outbreak of Ebola in the Continental United States; would be O’Bummers perfect storm opportunity to declare Martial Law. For our own good; of course.

      17. Exploding population + Uneducated People + International Air Travel = Recipe for Disaster.

        Times like this where I think Gene Rodenberry was a effing Genius. The Prime Directive comes to mind, non interference.

        Instead, we have the bleeding hearts on TV asking for food and medicines. Populations explode. But with their backwards culture, not much changes. Creating a ticking time bomb of worse situation.

        • Instead of food we should have offered birth control, but that would have been wrong, right? We were told to “go forth, multiply and fill the earth………..NEXT!

          • It was a WHITE man who first contracted the disease, oh Ancient Echo! What do you say now– you should have been aborted?! Read “the Hot Zone” and learn the facts before running your stupid mouth!

            Furthermore, we didn’t offer food– Wall Street executives/ bankers bought up all the commodities in Africa, sold it for exhorbitant costs, which the common African could no longer afford, and millions died while Wall street pigs got wealthier. (We STOLE their food).

            • We? We stole their food? What is this we shit. Go on your own guilt trip numb nuts.

              • Klinton as Prez geeked liberals, kommies and MSM on promoting mandela as some great Nobel Savage Monky african black. Then got hin out of prison, there for several Murders I think it was?….Then Mandela was africas new head honcho prez.

                Then he got africa split up into aprox 50 seperate Kommie zones each with its Own kommie,muslim honcho and a clan of killer monkys to assist.

                Then they began mass killing off White south african farmers and Ranchers, along with was it Rhodesian whiteys also?…..I think it was TWO maain areas that Whiteys resided in. Whites supplied/grew most of foods to FEED stupid african blacks who never learn anything But how to manufacture 20 babies per female. Each Male black has 10-12 wives….Whites also supplied most Jobs and Incomes.

                But leave it to CFR-Kommieboy Klinton, MSM kommies, Tribe banksters etc, and now most whites are dead.

                Most blacks starve, zero jobs, zero incomes, yet still manufactureing as many babies as fast as possible eh!

                Thank God african blacks aint able to produce offspring same as Dogs, with an entire Litter-uf Black additions to begin starving on Day one of birth…

                Besides mandela and Kommies like klinton etc, I think the other main problems in afrcia, mexico et al 3rd worlder zones is….BONGO Drums+Camp fires! Yep for some odd reason a camp fire with Loud banging bongos seems to place african blacks into a Trance. Like a Sex crazed Trance of sorts…Then when sun goes down after all day drums and glow of fires…They BREED like Rats.

                The Only other option for them is to Build another nice Village of equal sized round Huts. Huts made with the Mixture of human feces+dirt, with a bit of poluted water to make the Mixture slimey and easy to Shape into round Huts….They spend alot of time rebuilding hut villages due to every rainy or monsoon seasons rains the entire Village of huts Melts….

                Too bad after murdering/exterminating all whites, instead of looting and burn down wonderfull huge farm or ranch homes and out buildgs etc, somebody would have advised them ape like folks to Save the dwellings to Live in and Keep it a Working Farm or ranch…But same as detroit, blacks rather loot, destroy and Torch it all…

                Then they build shit/mud huts and piss and crap on every section of land not yet ruined…Yep them highly advanced Nobel Savage african folk sure got it all figured out eh….Oh yeah…Then grand finale’…Blame Whiteys!!!

                • You don’t read much, do you, Themguys?

                  Ever heard of the Niger Delta, the most prolific wetland in the world before Shell oil company came and destroyed it– made the water undrinkable, the fish totally contaminated, and people couldn’t sleep for all the gas lights and filth and poison in the air from Shell? All the horrible things that occurred to innocent Africans-little children and brothers and sisters– all in the name of greed? (So American business men could get richer?)

                  Ever read any of Chris Hedges’ articles? (He’s a journalist who writes about – among other things– how the people at the top bought all the commodities in Africa and then sold it at such high prices, the average African couldn’t afford it and millions died–including little children.

                  But then, you have no interest in these things, being a “Christian” (not!) you think you’re better than others, regardless of Christ’s teaching about humility and loving your neighbor as yourself… in other words, themguy… you’re a fucking hypocrite and ignorant as hell! You’re nauseating!

              • John w… “we” as in TPTB, idiot!

            • Anonymous says; It is not a black and white thing, why do some people try to turn every comment into a racial one. I am not against anyone in Africa, they made the same mistakes that we did here with the bankers, we trusted them to give us a life of leisure without having to work for it. I did not say anything about abortion (although I am not against it and would gladly have chosen that over living in a world with ‘standing room only’ and people ignorant and cruel like you).

              • Maybe I made a mistake, echoes– sorry! The thing is almost everyone on this site IS racist and I just get used to hearing all this crap from them- like Justguys above… apologies.

            • @ Anonymous,

        • Tell Sally Struthers thanks.

          You’re right. These people cannot be saved. Keep in mind that these are the descendants of early humans who didn’t have the sense to walk out of Africa (if you believe the “out of Africa” theory).

          • It’s time to thin the herd. 🙂

          • EVERYONE’s lineage comes from Africa, Beulla… plus, as just stated, it was a white man (honky) who first contracted the disease… read, “the Hot Zone”. A little white boy died from it too… this is not Aids-limited to a certain group.

            • Ebola is very rare because of the vector required to start it off. Being that most areas where bats and monkeys are eaten are remote and rural that limits the spread. If people in big cities get exposed then that is a different outcome.

            • Because everything you read is true, I keep hearing read this, read that, you believe everything read because it’s labeled true story, that is like believing the nightly lies I mean “NEWS”

            • AIDS isn’t limited to any “certain group.” If you have sex with an infected person, you can get AIDS no matter what “group” you belong to. AIDS has been transmitted by receiving infected blood, plasma and dirty hospital equipment.

              AIDS—it’s not just for gay men anymore…LOL, that was just govt propaganda to begin with. It has been proven a fallacy.

              • True, sixpack, but people on this site are referring to Ebola as if its a “black” disease (no doubt, because– in their ignorant minds– it started in Africa) just like for a long time people (also, stupid!) referred to Aids as a “gay” disease… both are stupid as hell… and that’s the point.

            • Beulla: What was it that your mother caught?

            • Unless it come to light that Ebola is man made. Odds are that Africans have been getting it and quietly dying for Centuries before the first documented case.

            • @ Anonymous,

        • Think like Biden:

          today’s African immigrant in the US on an expired student visa & carrying Ebola is worth at least five votes for the democrats tomorrow.

      18. Make no mistake about it, this disease originated in a lab!

        • Thank goodness I have beagles

          • I see what you did there.

        • Bullshit, Spilling! It originated in Africa, when a white, promiscuous male went to a cave where there were bats and THAT’S how it originated! He breathed in the shit from the cave.

          • Ebola like Aids had been around for centuries only recently has anyone who gave a damn been around to document it.

          • A lot of people have the tendency to breath in the bullshit too.

            • Mostly right-wingers.

          • @ Anonymous,

          • What difference does it matter if it was a white person or a black or a purple person. Why does everything have to be turned into a thing of division. Oh how I wish we could give this world over to you and go some place clean, where people respect others property and leave them along. Another thing about the bankers, no one had to take their money, if the Africans were doing just fine on their own they could have said, NO THANK YOU!

      19. Maybe mooschell and barry the butt head should go visit their kin in liberia

        • KULA:
          I wish they would GO and stay there.
          Mooschell could teach them how to grow a garden
          Barry could teach them how to ruin a nation.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      20. How about an infected person travels to Europe, infects a traveler going to central America or Mexico who infects illegals , plausible?

      21. Probably most virus’s wouldn’t live long on mooschell. All except the ugly virus. (sorry ugly)

      22. How long does it take the virus to die without a living host? If the worst happens, you would want to bury bodies as quickly as possible to prevent other diseases, but I’m not touching them even with gloves until it’s safe(r). Any pathologists or entemologists out there with recommendations?

        • *epidemiologist
          getting my words mixed up.

          • That is why we have back hoes. 🙂

            • FIRE!!

              • A funeral fit for a king!

      23. I was just at Burger King for the first time in over a year. Needed some quick calories. What I saw on both sides of the register is scarier to me than any of this Ebola shit. To all good, honest Americans out there, we are fucked. Good luck to us. Our future is in dire straits at best. I am not seeing a whole lot worth saving in my neck of the woods. Makes me want to get online and order a lot more ammo to feed to the zombie nation.

        • Same here. I live in a third world state. 🙁

        • Goontolong: If that scares you, just go to your nearest China-Mart (Walmart) and you’ll find some of these mutants trying to buy ammo with an EBT card.

          • …and you’d rather they buy crack?

      24. It’s about time…something like this has been overdue for decades. The planet usually does a culling long before the population gets this large. Just Nature folks; hope you are all healthy enough to survive it…if you get it and live you’ll just be blind or some brain damage. Looks like education didn’t work…it’s that whole horse led to water thing.

      25. ” the virus can be spread from human-to-human via feces, blood, saliva, or sweat”
        Those in the West seem most vulnerable due to the custom of shaking hands. Shake someones hand that’s a little bit sweaty, then wipe your face and you’ve been “gifted” what they got.
        It seems oriental cultures that avoid contact by a slight bow instead of a handshake, have an advantage.
        If this goes worldwide, it will be interesting to observe if the difference in cultural greetings makes any difference.
        Should traditional forms of greeting, i.e. hand shaking be abandoned as part of your preps? Easier said than done. When someone offers their hand, it is not easy to refuse to take it, if you were raised with that tradition.

        • Like Mr. Lippman in that Seinfeld episode causing a business deal to fall through because he couldn’t explain why he wouldn’t shake hands and so he greatly offended his Japanese visitors. He was the one with a bad cold but the Japanese thought he didn’t want to shake their hands.

          Other than that, yes, I HATE sweaty palms, ew-ew-ew.

          • I just try to resist performing on demand.

        • WHOM EVER ARE??
          I agree with you about the feces, blood, saliva,but not the sweat.
          I have been working in at a hospital for 21 years, every year we have to take test on disease control. We are told that sweat will not spread a disease. This comes from the CDC.
          You also left out air borne and mucus contamination that can spread a disease.
          Thats my 2cents worth. If ‘m wrong sorry, but I have just taken the disease control test 2 weeks ago. I did get 100%. we have to or we have to take it untill we do.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          P.S. Welcome aboard. You can have a good time here. There are a lot of very nice people here. Again WELCOME

          • Northern Reb, her (his?) name is Ni Hao (Chinese for “hello’!)

            • ANONY:
              Thanks, you can teach a old dog a new trick.
              Hello: Ni Hoe or an I repeating myself!;-)
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • Ebola specifically can be spread through swear, but is NOT aurborne. If it were Africa would be f#cked.

          • Being the human version of Hemorrhagic Fever; Ebola doesn’t technically spread it through the sweat, there is blood in the sweat carrying the bug. So you are correct but for the leyman you might want to let them have this one…it helps them stay safe.

          • I WAS WRONG!!!!! Ebola CAN be spread by SWEAT.
            Did some reading and found out that it is tranferable that way also. Might have to question my next test on this.
            And it is not a air borne desease.
            No cure for the virus.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • Ni hao! Hi!!!

          Someone shook my hand recently and I thought of that! (didn’t want to touch his hand!)

        • Save Africans from starving this year and you have even more to save next year. Most of Africa is unsuitable for more than a token human population.

      26. Oh, this is just great!!
        Screaming—HONEY—Where in the stockpile did we put those 4 cases of bat soup. Got to throw it out or give it to your mother!!

        • Give the bat soup to the freeloaders. Now if THAT herd were to be thinned out…..

          • If were are giving ebola laced bat soup to freeloaders, I want a shipping container full of the stuff.

      27. The Canadian man was found not to have the ebola virus. In this age of easy travel, it is only a matter of time before a careless mistake is made. Modern medicine has not been very successful at curing viral diseases.

      28. Future epidemics will be harder to contain, because people nowadays will not be told what to do. Back in the 1950s entire households would be quarantined and there’d be a warning sign posted on your front door, we had neighbours where nobody entered or left their house for days. The SARS epidemic in Toronto back in 2003 would have ended sooner had some people not totally disregarded their quarantine orders – I recall them saying they didn’t care, and off to work they went. If anything even close to ebola hits here, it will be nastier for these very reasons.

        • Very true: look at how people freaked out about HIV and refused to use quarantines, which actually worked in a number of countries to limit the spread of the disease. Now, we have people junked up on expensive anti-retro virals which in turn will wreck havoc on human immune systems, incubating the next variation of AIDS.

          The Toronto SARS epidemic caused utter chaos in the health system there and brought most services to a halt. People were uppity about quarantines and this ensured it spread further than it should have. China, on the other hand, is very quick with quarantines and can bring contagious diseases to a quick halt.

          Medical science is in a desperate race to stay ahead of these things. One day, they are going to lose that race.

          • They aren’t trying to “stay ahead”, they’re just trying to capitalize on it.

      29. If the Ebola Virus has been weaponized, this could be a test.

        • Just think what could be done with a hundred or so dedicated Muslim Jihad martyrs. Fly them into major airports in twenty cities. Wait two weeks to see the panic.

          • That’s one “dirty bomb” they’ll never detect by sticking their hands down their pants…wait. maybe TSA agents should think this one through…

          • Exactly. Either terrorists are stupid or something else.

      30. I have friends who are missionaries in Sierra Leone – in a very remote part of Sierra Leone. They got a notice from the American Embassy about the Ebola outbreak, but they suspected that it was greatly downplayed. They were right. I sent then some snips from various news articles, and it is worse than they were led to believe. What makes it worse for where they are is that it is so remote that when people die, it just isn’t reported. The virus could be wiping out people left and right, and it would not be known outside that village. In addition, when people do get sick – really sick – they do not trust Western medical clinics. They view them as places where people go and then they die. Instead, they go to the “traditional medicine” men (witch doctors – yes, just like in the movies).

        Normally, they would be OK because they practice normal civilized hygiene. However, they take occasional trips on foot into villages that are even more remote (no vehicles – only travel on foot), and they must eat what they are offered by their hosts. For them to refuse and eat their own food would be a great insult, so they simply cannot do anything but eat whatever their hosts eat and serve to them. That is where their great concern lies regarding Ebola (and a hundred other nasty diseases and parasites – some of which they have already been infected with).

        If I hear anything interesting from them (they occasionally are able to access email), I’ll try to pass it along. I am the vice president of the non-profit that handles their financial and logistical needs.

        • Thank you Colonel. Hope you won’t have anything too sad to report.

        • If they have any sense, they’ll leave.

      31. Damn! No bat soup! Double Damn. Now what am I going to do with my fried bat wings and Tabasco recipe? Gotta throw out all those bat wings from the freezer. Crap!

        • The caped crusader better watch out. The boy wonder may make a preemptive strike.

          • I hear you!

        • Frozen,should be fine,I would bet any virus dead,on tasty batwings worth the risk!

          • On second thought the Hooters hot chicken wing recipe might be a safer bet. Trying to explain to an emergency room doctor how I got my hands on fried batwings is not an appealing thought. Better be safe than sorry 🙂

        • you’d have a heart attack if you knew some of the items that are inserted into the food you eat- much of it via component parts from China: fuel, diesel runoff, medical waste, feces effluent, radiation by products etc.
          That pretty milk packaging can easily hide pus soup for ex. Turn your stomach far more than a bat, I assure you.

      32. Old Festus’ hunting pal/neighbor had come down with the “e-bowl-ee” so he stopped in one evening to see how he was faring.

        He found his buddy on the floor…no pulse, no breathing, eyes fixed.

        He grabbed his cellphone and dialed 911…”My buddy collapsed and I think he’s dead.”

        “Calm down, sir. First make sure he’s dead.”

        Silence…then a loud bang.

        Festus, back on phone…”Okay, now what?”

        • Works every time.

        • Dang…now that’s funny!

      33. Operation Iran was a bust, Syria was a flop, the Ukrainian plan was perfect but the execution was flawed. Now we have an outbreak of the MOST deadly strain of Ebola known to man. We are locked in a rolling perpetual state of crisis. What’s next? A global economic crisis of biblical proportions?

        • YH:
          Flip a coin, your guess it just as good as any ones. That is why we are prepairing for the worst and praying for the best.
          Keep your prayers flying
          Keep your preps rotated
          Keep you powder dry
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R .NS. N.REB

          • Northern Reb,

            Outstanding advice in any situation. Thank you.

        • What’s next?

          A biblical economic crisis?..nahh..the IMF,World Bank,Federal Reserve board and the all the rest have that wrapped up to perfection..afterall with such luminaries as Yellin at the helm here and the likes of Christine Lagarde in the i.m.f. what possibly could go wrong?

          The problem is we here complain all the time instead of hedging our bets as they do….just wrap all your problems and crisis into neat little packages such as credit default swaps etc and then sell them to unsuspecting people(aka govts) that you secretly hate..

          Now all your problems are their problems..

          Don’t you feel better now?

          Crisis?..what crisis?


        • YH

          What Mother Nature does not throw at us, Man will fill in the blanks.

      34. I think all travellers should be screened by thermal imaging cameras & if your temperature is increased then you are NOT allowed entry & sent BACK to your previous location!

        • They’ve already been on a plane with a few hundred other passengers…what do you do with the others? They may have picked it up already, but no rise in temperature yet.

      35. close the borders to countRies who have this disease!

      36. Ban all african bush meat & ban anyone coming from diseased counties, ie if you come from countries where ebola is then you do NOT get entry!

      37. finally….something that kills blacks faster than AIDS, Malaria, sickle cell, gun violence and fast food. Do I dare to hope for the future?

        • Careful what you wish for. From an evolutionary stand point, he who contracts the illness first is first in line to develop immunity. With a 90% mortality rate, Ebola doesn’t give a flying crap what race you are. You get it and you have a minuscule 10% chance of surviving. I wouldn’t wish that death on anyone.

          • I would.

      38. Immigration reform? Who needs it. Open borders. That’s the ticket. Just pack your SARS/AIDS/Ebola/Lice/bedbugs in yer satchel and come on in! Maybe we can get some more mental illness and jihad with that. Happy Days!

        • Hopefully if there is an ebola out break in the western hemisphere, all of the liberals who invite entire third world countries populations in will get it first.
          Perhaps then these brain dead liberals will understand why we have immigration laws.

      39. It’s easy to blame animals or insects because they can’t tell you else wise. Kind of amazing how it spread over a large area of miles, look up the word panspermia Wikipedia. Read all the info, also Edward Snowden had documents in which claimed that viruses came with solar activity, also there is an article on the web called comets and viruses and another called now the pentagon tells Bush climate change will destroy us all the guardian.

      40. “After three decades in the health care environment I am not easily scared by bacteria and viruses. Out of all the diseases that are capable of doing us harm, Ebola scares me the most, in fact it terrifies me.”

        Then you haven’t learned much at all because fecal oral route virus’ are the easiest sickness of all to prevent or even treat. Taking Bentonite clay is the preventative and bentonite + activated charcoal is the cure.

      41. bat soup?
        Bat Soup??


        Every GOD forsaken stupid ass “we are the world” Kool Aid chugging ObamaNazi douche bag can kiss the fattest part of my ass from now on.

        “diversity”….”respect for other cultures”…. fuck you!!!

        • Yea and bush meat, guess they live in a SHTF and dont know it

          • I hate to even ask, but WTF is “bush meat”? The first thing that comes to mind, well, let’s just say it’s not “Rated G”….

        • SonOfSam: What’s the matter, a little squeamish pal. Folks in the good old USA eat squirrel and opossum which aren’t too far removed. When you’re hungry out in the bush, you find out just how good even some insects and reptiles can taste. And fat grubs under logs-uuummm uuummmm good!

          • @Anon7
            The folks who eat possum and squirrel are also very adept at NOT getting FUCKING EBOLA FROM DOING SO.

            So seriously, sprout some brain cells and stop comparing the two. Unless you’re actually trying to claim that OUR backwoods brethren are somehow about to cause a massive outbreak that has a 90% kill ratio

      42. Off topic…

        I want to add or exchange some parts on my 1022. Anyone have any ideas what would be a good start. I was looking at the Brownells website. They have a pretty good assortment of goodies.

        • The Choate stocks are pretty good, the best of the bunch. You can trick the 10/22 out with a lot of junk if you want to, but really the stock, larger magazines, and a dot or ghost ring sight is about all you need to do to have a fun plinker. The larger magazine release tab is good, too.

          • Why would you want to garbage it up, Wrong?

            My 1022’s are stock. After market accouterments
            only add bulk to an already slim and trim ready
            for anything rifle and add nothing as far as it’s
            efficiency or it’s effectiveness. I’ve only added
            several Ruger 25rd mags to round it out.

            Same with my mini-14s, half dozen 20rd Ruger mags.
            I leave the Rambo crap for the greenies that think
            it makes them look really ‘Bad To The Bone’!!

            • Tacticool

            • Mostly I was thinking the trigger and maybe a barrel. Your correct though. It’s a great little rifle just as it is.

          • Smokey
            I couldn’t agree more!!!

        • Wrong
          All I’ve done is add a Choate stock (buy it from Choate it will save you some money). I have two of them like that. Pick up some 25/30 round mags for them. Both have the extended mag release. One has an aim point sight on it. One I use for hunting the other is used as defense weapon, and training with the use of a dot sight, like on my AR’s. Don’t go crazy on them it aint worth it.
          KISS = Keep It Super Simple.

          • I forgot a flash suppressor on both of them. shoot them at night even a 22lr can take way your night vision. I have to say it also looks cool.

        • Depends on what you want to do. There are lots of good after market parts out there for the 10/22.

          I just built one and installed an Elysium fluted heavy barrel, Hogue overmold stock, Kidd Trigger and Nikon P-22 scope with BDC reticle. This rifle shoots dime sized groups at 50 yards.

          The Ruger 10/22 is so modular in design, you do not need a gunsmith to do most modifications. Mine required no gunsmith work. Installing the Kidd trigger took about 5 minutes. Same for the barrel and stock.

        • I took off my Manlicher stock (10-22)and put on the Butler Creek (stainless) folder. Nice stock, well built and I Krylon painted it (camouflage). When folded, its 27.25 inches OAL..and fits in my 72 hour pack nicely. Also if you haven’t already, pick up some of the Ruger BX-25 mags for it. They work very well. I also have the same folding stock on one of my mini-14s. My wife shoots and carries that one.

      43. I think it is time we start organizing a rescue mission to save the beautiful Ukrainian women…..

        • 21:
          Sounds like a good Idea.
          But first I’ll have to ask the wife if I can go hunting TO SAVE THOSE PRETTY LADIES.
          Wait, I’ll ask here now.
          NUTS!!!! SHE SAID NO!!!!!! she said more than that but I can’t see well enough to type her exact words.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • Yea, my wife said she would help me pack. Even buy the ticket, one way….

      44. Wrong:
        I would start with a new mag release and a new trigger with a 1 1/2 to 2 lb. pull.
        Hope this helps.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

      45. USA loses power at catastrophic pace

        Why did the U.S. have such a strong reaction to the historically conditioned annexation of Crimea to Russia? Among other things, this fact of global significance means the end of its quarter-century-long dictatorship in the international politics. The world is becoming freer. The situation was analyzed by a diplomat Alexander Panov in a conversation with the chief editor of Pravda.Ru Inna Novikova.

        “Do you agree with the statement that history is shaped by the policy of empires?”
        “Perhaps, but now only one empire exists, the American empire. It is a peculiar empire, soft empire.”

        “Particular with regard to Syria, Libya, Iraq, whose citizens fully appreciated this “softness” …
        “I do not mean aggressive displays but rather, organizational principles and management practices. The world is controlled through NATO, through the economy and finance. In the East Japan is an ally, and South Korea is the system of empires. But it is a different management empire. Let’s just say, the notion of an empire is what the Soviet Union used to be. Conquest of Central Asia, for example, occurred in the middle of the 19th century. This is a short term to consider the land your own. In Russia, and later the Soviet Union, it was believed that if you have the territory, you must feed and develop it. This was the peculiarity of that empire.”

        “Why didn’t the British feed anyone, but only exploited them?”

        “Their empire has collapsed.”
        “So has the USSR that fed its territories.”

        “It is better not to feed them, because empirical evidence shows that an empire will collapse anyway. Even Byzantine and Roman empires have collapsed, the great empires of antiquity. Although, seemingly they were prosperous and all the barbarians were bought. And still it did not work.”
        “They have grown so big that they have lost not only morals, but also manageability.”
        “You have answered your own question. Empires are short-lived. Russia had been expanding over the centuries, but it got overstrained.”

        “Alexander, you said that only one empire is left, it can be called a superpower. The unipolar world is very unstable and dangerous, as evidenced by the events of the last few decades.”
        “In principle, the United States is not a superpower that can do whatever it wants. The United States is losing its influence and opportunities in real politics. These days it prefers to act through someone else’s hands, NATO, the EU … This is the first sign of strain, we are no longer talking about the past domination. Especially now, when we have to think about China all the time. I would not say that the U.S. is doing everything it sees fit. Of course, another president may start regaining ground through a greater use of aggressive policy.”
        “Now the U.S. is strategically financing the processes they call democratic in Russia, China, many problematic border regions, spending enormous sums of money. Could the U.S. get overstrained?”
        “You know, the money was not that significant, but the effect was obvious. The Arab revolutions have been planned under Bush in the 1990s, when the U.S. talked about democratizing the Middle East. I personally believe that the attacks in the U.S. in 2001 were a response of the Muslim world: “Do not meddle with your democracy. Of course, we cannot win, but we can very much ruin your life.” Why would sheiks or Saudi Arabia need this democracy? The United States thought it has destroyed the Soviet Union and had to continue to sow democracy worldwide.”
        “Through color revolutions?”
        “Yes, through color revolutions that do not propagate democracy. The Americans got into a trap when they did not move Mubarak, because after Mubarak there came fundamentalists. What did the Americans who tried to stuff all imaginable holes with their democracy achieve? Incidentally, the Americans were not the only ones who did it, the French did it, too.
        “I travelled in Syria about a year before the events. I served as a rector of the Diplomatic Academy of the institute for retraining of higher ranking officials. This institution trained ministers, prime ministers, and senior officials. This institution was built by the French, the assistant rector was a Frenchman, the programs were French. After that I visited France, Strasbourg. There is a similar institution that existed for a long time, it trained Chirac, Pompidou. The French trained these elite. So you can see their long-term goals.

        “The U.S. is more noticeable because its actions are better publicized. This is why the reaction of the international community is stronger and the U.S. is losing its reputation at a catastrophic pace. These are all the signs that their power is coming to an end.”

      46. RIVER:
        Very well put, you are right every empire falls.
        Empires only last as long as they do not try to enslave their people.
        They also fall when the get to corrupt and I will us the word evil.
        I have read my history and when an empire falls it is because of one or all three of these reasons.
        Thats my 2 cents worth.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

      47. Survival bars

        3 Cups cereal (oatmeal, cornmeal, wheat flakes)
        2 1/2 Cups powdered milk
        1 Cup sugar
        3 Tablespoons honey
        3 Tablespoons water
        1/2 Cup Jello (optional)
        1/4 Teaspoon salt
        Place all dry ingredients except jello in bowl. Bring water,honey and jello to a boil…Add to dry ingredients. Mix well. Add water a little at a time until mixture is just ready to mold. Place in a small square dis and dry in the oven under low heat. Wrap and store. This will make 2 bars, each containing 1000 calories or enough food for one day. These will store for a long time and are excellent for emergency packs, etc. Eat dry or cooked in about 3/4 cup of water. VT

        • Thanks for that!

        • ONE CUP SUGAR??!! No offense, but your recipe is not very good for your health! 1 t. sugar suppresses your immune system for 6 hours!

      48. This virus introduced into our population could not be blamed on the government, so it sounds like a possible event. Add to the fear factor, I spend little time in public spaces, too many runny nose wipers and hackers infecting the public air. Many are employees of these stores. Sick days went out with the exodus of America’s jobs.

      49. Time to thin the herd.

      50. Mac;
        I got to ask, out of the years that you have been online, who has had the most thumbs up and the most thumbs down???

        • I can tell you one thing, eppe

          My ass has been so red thumb scorched
          it sometimes feels like a cinder.

          It’s the price one must pay for going
          against the grain of mainstream opinion.

          • Amen bro, I wonder who thumbs down good jokes too, I feel as if posting here is just a joke, no offence to Mac, but who in their right mind would thumb down funny jokes? With that said, why would anyone thumb down a serious article?
            I often wonder if there is someone who just runs the article and thumbs down everyone, thus why I ask the question to who has the most both ways????
            I DO THINK THERE IS A FEW PEOPLE WHO JUST COME HERE TO THUMB DOWN, but I don’t care, it is no skin off my nuts, if you know what I mean???? I would like to see all who visit would be rational in thier thinking, but this is the internet, where everyone has a “right” to express thier thinking???? P.S. No one lies here, right???

            • Eppe–there are obots/trolls paid to do this crap.
              I don’t pay any attention to thumbs down and if % swings toward unpopular post, I don’t read.

            • I get thumbed down for posting just “LOL.” Some people don’t vote on the comment, they’re voting against some poster they don’t like today. Sometimes, it’s not what you SAID, it’s who you ARE.

          • I can also say, in just 10 minutes, more than 100 people hit this site, and that less than .01 percent vote one way or another, makes one wonder why more do not take a second and hit the up or down button….It would make a diference….

            • Only to people who care. Most don’t as they don’t live their lives on a site where half the people are as bat shit crazy as the Ebola bats. Still enjoy the site and there are some very good commenters on here.

        • Hope you all can relate to this…

          guns have only two enemies – rust and politicians.

          A WORD TO THE WISE
          Comments and sayings from various Conceal Carry Instructors.

          It is always better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.
          And you can take that to the bank.

          Words of Wisdom:
          If you own a gun, you will appreciate this.
          If not, you should get one and learn how to use it.

          Shooting Advice:
          Cops carry guns to protect themselves, not to protect you.

          ‘Never let someone or something that threatens you get inside arm’s length and never
          say “I’ve got a gun”. If you feel you need to use deadly force, for heaven’s
          sake let the first sound they hear be the safety clicking off. They
          shouldn’t have time to hear anything after that if you are doing your job.’

          ‘The average response time of a 911 call is over 23 minutes, the response time
          of a 9mm/.357 or .44 magnum is 1400 feet per second.’

          “The most important rule in a gunfight is: Always win – and cheat if necessary.”

          “Make your attacker advance through a wall of bullets. You may get killed with
          your own gun, but he’ll have to beat you to death with it, cause it’s going to
          be empty.”

          “If you end up in a gun fight, if you’re not shooting,’ you should be loading.’
          If you’re not loading’, you should be moving’, if you’re not moving’, your dead.”

          “In a life and death situation, do something. It may be wrong, but do something.”

          “If you carry a gun, people will call you paranoid. That’s ridiculous. If you
          have a gun, what in the hell do you have to be paranoid for?”

          “You can say ‘stop’ or ‘alto’ or use any other word you think will work, but
          I’ve found that a large bore muzzle pointed at someone’s head is pretty much the
          universal language.”

          “You have the rest of your life to solve your problems. How long you live depends on how well you do it.”

          “You cannot save the planet, but you may be able to save yourself and your family.”

      51. A college class was told they had to write a short story in
        as few words as possible. The instructions were:
        The short story had to contain the following three things:
        1. Religion
        2. Sexuality
        3. Mystery
        Below is the only A+ short story in the entire class.

        “Good God, I’m pregnant; I wonder who did it?

        • We should all be preparing for financial independence. Russia is doing it, and if more countries follow that lead, the NWO IS DEAD-IN-THE-WATER. It will have no more hold on the financial throats of the world.

          If you really want to destroy the NWO, take our money back out of their hands, and this looks like the way to do that.

      52. “NEWS FLASH” from North Korea. Yes, North Korea is no longer getting the attention they want from the MSM. So Porky is going to carry out a “new form” of a nuclear test.

        Yeap, Porky is going to test a hydrogen bomb. That fat little North Korean leader got no news coverage after firing a bunch of rockets into the ocean last week. Porky upped it to a couple of medium range rockets and that did not work. Now a new form of nuclear test, likely a hydrogen bomb.

        Watch the seismographs. If the “earthquake” is above about a 5.8 or so, it’s a H bomb test. Watch the depth also because something down a few miles is a real earthquake. Something shallow like a mile of less is a nuke test.

        Porky has a hydrogen bomb and is going to “show” the world how tough he and North Korea is. “We all better not ignore him next time”.

      53. Never underestimate the power of .the unseen

      54. OFF TOPIC, BUT…
        The following are 12 signs that something big is happening to the earth’s crust under North and South America…

        #1 The 5.1 earthquake that shook Los Angeles on Friday was the worst earthquake that the city had seen in many years.

        #2 Following that earthquake, there were more than 100 aftershocks.

        #3 A 4.1 earthquake shook Los Angeles on Saturday. Scientists are hoping that this earthquake swarm in southern California will end soon.

        #4 Earlier this month, a 4.4 earthquake rattled Los Angeles so badly that it caused news anchors to dive under their desks.

        #5 A 6.9 earthquake just off the coast of northern California in early March was the largest

        #6 Up in Oregon, Mt. Hood recently experienced more than 100 earthquakes over the course of just a few days.

        #7 During the past month, there have also been some other very unusual geologic events that have been happening up in Oregon…

        Two large landslides – one in the Columbia River Gorge dumped about 2,000 cubic yards of rock and debris on highway I84 just 3 miles west of the Hood River, and another blocked US30 near Portland.
        Loud booms and ground shaking reported by people from Lincoln to Tillamook Counties; some reported hearing a rumble, as well (No earthquakes recorded by the USGS in the area at the time.)
        A 20 ft. deep sinkhole swallowed a woman and her dog in her Portland backyard.
        #8 A 4.8 earthquake rattled Yellowstone National Park on Sunday, and there have been at least 25 earthquakes at Yellowstone since Thursday.

        #9 Scientists recently discovered that the Yellowstone supervolcano is now releasing far more helium gas than they had anticipated.

        #10 Over the past month, there have been more than 130 earthquakes in the state of Oklahoma. This is highly unusual.

        #11 There have been several dozen earthquakes in Peru over the past month, including a 6.3 earthquake that made headlines all over the globe.

        #12 Earlier this month, the northern coast of Chile was hit by more than 300 earthquakes in a seven day stretch. 41 of those earthquakes were stronger than magnitude 4.5.


        • Since we’ve had Ukraine,flight 370, and all the other crisis unfolding every day..might as well add earthquakes,North Korea, and deadly viruses into the mix as well..

          and I’m still searching for 22lr after how many years?

          Like I stated before..with all the wonderful folks of such esteemed brilliance and leadership skills at their respective helms…what could go wrong??


          I’m still waiting for spring to arrive and get my organic gardens started..hell it’s still in the damned 30’s here in New England..

          That’s my crisis..along with no 22lr to be found..

          As far as the rest of the world’s geo political and geo physical problems..to hell with them all.

          I’ve got problems of my own..


        • JayJay: Uh oh, it must mean that the gods (sky and earth) are angry with us. We must offer a sacrifice (something burnt) and do a dance with a catchy chant to it. Maybe then they’ll go away for a while. At least that’s what MY sacred text says to do in times of extreme meteorological and geological activity.

          • Fresh, your koran is ALWAYS wrong.

          • It’s not my article, Fresh(appropriate name, no doubt); just sharing some information from someone smarter than me–oh, wait. That would be everybody!! 🙂

        • I think one of the strangest indications of all of this was the 2 out of the blue earthquakes off the east coast of South America last month that never had earthquakes here. This shows much compression going on with the South America, Nazca, Cocos and Caribbean plates that directly affect the North America and pacific plates that affects the U.S. These were precursors to what is happening right now. The other precursors along the plate boundaries the past few days show something quite large to very likely hit by April 14 or so. Still the first area most likely though is the Austrailian plate, especially around New Guinea. The Pacific coast is still pointing much more so towards Alaska down to maybe Washington state. Things could change, and a couple of more precursor earthquakes should show exactly where.

        • I live at the foot of Mt Hood and the view is wonderful here. My cat reacts to the quakes more than I do. Mostly I don’t notice them, unless he freaks out.

      55. Intensive gardening is:

        Basically put it is using every inch of available space. Traditional
        gardening had neat rows of veggies, evenly spaced with rows between,
        and lots of bare earth showing. Intensive gardening plants crops
        together, sharing the same spaces, with little to no dirt showing at
        all. Carrots and onions and nasturtiums surrounding tomatoes and
        peppers, bean teepees covering thickly sown beds of leafy greens,
        radishes in between cabbages and broccoli, Corn planted with beans
        and cucumbers, herbs and self-seeding plants growing here and there
        also help to improve things. Mints help to improve the flavor of
        tomato and pepper and eggplants, they also attract beneficial
        insects. Flowers, attracts pollinators, as does dill and fennel.

        When one crop is ready to fade out, you cut it off at soil level, and
        put in another crop right in the bare spot. If you plant a few
        seeds a week, rather than using the whole packet at once, then you
        can harvest enough produce each week, without having too much at
        once. The same holds with most veggies. Even potatoes can be
        planted early, mid and late season. Planting pole beans and vining
        tomatoes and cucumbers will extend your harvesting season, too.

        All in all, intensive gardening is just using every square inch of
        soil to plant in, by growing vertically, succession planting,
        companion planting, etc… It can take some trial and error to get a
        really good system, especially if you want to rotate your crops as
        well. Once you have hit on a good system, however, you will find
        that your fertilization, watering, and pest control problems nearly

      56. Watch your SHINE:

        Visiting paratroopers from the former Soviet Union said recently that looking for reflections from our optics was a major scouting tactic. And during major U.S. Army exercises, at least one scout helicopter is usually assigned the sole mission of looking for optic reflections from ground forces.
        You can shield binoculars by cupping your fingers around the outer lenses. But you can’t cup your fingers around a weapons scope .
        A field expedient solution is to make lens covers from a pair of women’s brown nylon pantyhose, preferably a pair with the thicker nylon in the upper part. this technique will give you immediate camouflage for your optics while preserving their normal use.
        1. Cut off the ends (toes).
        2. Stretch fabric over the lenses.
        3. Secure with a rubber band and tape.

        Remember;Good camouflage is almost as important as good marksmanship. A well camouflaged man who is a poor shot will probably survive longer than the poorly concealed expert sniper.


      57. Camouflage and Concealment :

        Camouflage is anything you use to keep yourself, your equipment and position from looking like what they are. Personal camouflage has certain simple rules that will defeat the most obvious sensor on the battlefield; the human eye.
        Shape. Your helmet, load bearing web equipment, rifle and other gear have a clear, often square shape, and there are no squares in nature. Break up straight lines with strips of burlap, camo cloth or netting in shades of brown and green. Elastic bands can be sewn to your uniform or equipment straps to facilitate adding camo strips or vegetation. Camo materials should not be attached to your rifle in areas where they may slip and interfere with your firm grip or the mechanical operation of the weapon. It is better to cover the weapon with paint or camouflage tape.
        Shine. Most modern military equipment uses plastic or subdued painted metal fasteners and buckles. If the paint has worn off or you are using commercial equipment with shiny buckles, these need to be covered with paint or tape.
        Other shiny surfaces that can reflect light include binoculars, compasses, watch crystals, plastic map covers and eyeglasses. Little can be done about eyeglasses other than using headgear with a low brim or mosquito netting, but other shiny equipment should be stowed away when not needed and used with caution. Shine also includes skin, even at night when it will reflect moonlight and flares.
        Silhouette. Similar in many respects to shape, silhouette includes the outline of the human form and the equipment it is carrying. The shape of the head and shoulders of a man are unmistakable and a bare helmet attracts attention. The use of local vegetation as garnishing helps break up your silhouette. Thick handfuls of grass tucked into your shoulder straps are especially useful in breaking up the distinctive “head and shoulders” shape of the human figure and vegetation added to a helmet breaks the smooth curve of the top and the line of the brim. Take care not to overdo adding local vegetation. You shouldn’t need a machete to hack a path through your camouflage to get at your ammo pouch or other necessary equipment. Also, a large bush or tree is sure to attract attention when it starts to move.
        Silhouette also includes field craft. However well camouflaged you may be, it is little help if you “sky line” yourself by walking along the top of a hill or ridge line, or if you stand against a background of one solid color.
        Smell. Even the most urbanized man will develop a good sense of smell after a few days in the open. He will be able to detect engine smells, cooking, body odors and washing. Some smells are hard to minimize. Soaps should be scent-free and activities such as cooking should be confined to daylight hours when other smells are stronger and the air warmer. Rubbish from cooking should be carried away from your operational area and buried only as a second choice. Buried objects are often dug up by animals and can give a good indication of the strength and composition of your patrol or unit as well as its morale. The discipline of refuse removal is important.
        Sound. You can make a lot of noise while out on patrol. Your boots can squeak. Your cleaning kit or magazines can rattle in your ammo pouches. Heavy pack frames can creak.
        Fittings on your weapon can rattle. Radios can have background noise. Coughing and talking can carry for long distances, especially at night. You must become familiar with a silent routine in which hand signals replace the spoken word and conversations are conducted in a whisper.
        Proper stowage of your gear, taping of slings and other noisy equipment and a final shakedown before a patrol moves out will reduce noise. If digging a position, place sentries far enough out that they will spot an enemy before he hears the sound of digging.
        Color. Though most modern combat uniforms are in a disruptive pattern camouflage, there may be times when this is less helpful. The trouble with camo clothing is that in the wrong environment, like cities, it stands out and says “Hey, look at me!” If fighting in built-up areas, a pattern of greys, browns and dull reds would be more useful than the typical woodland BDU pattern. Natural vegetation used to garnish helmets and equipment will fade and change color. Leaves will dry and curl up exposing pale under surfaces. You may have put dark green ferns and leaves into your helmet band while in the woods and then find yourself moving through an area of pale open grassland. Check and change your camouflage regularly. The most obvious color that needs camouflaging is that of human skin, and for that you need G.I. camo stick or, preferably, a commercial camo cream. G.I. camo sticks are issued in loam and light green for use in areas with green vegetation. A sand and light green stick is used in areas lacking green vegetation. A loam and white stick is for use in snow covered terrain. If camo sticks or creme are not available use burnt cork, bark or charcoal for the dark color and mud for the light color.
        Dark colors are used to reduce the highlights formed by the nose, cheek bones, chin, ears and forehead. Lighter colors are used in areas of shadow under the eyes, nose and chin. When applying camo to your face it is useful to work with a buddy and help each other. G.I. camo sticks are rough on the skin and difficult to apply. A few drops of baby oil, skin lotion or insect repellent rubbed on the skin first will make it much easier to apply. Skin camo needs to be periodically touched-up as you move and sweat. A simple pattern for the face is to apply a light color first to the entire face and then add dark diagonal stripes. The diagonals cut though and break up the horizontal and vertical lines of the eyes nose and mouth.

        Just don’t stand out like a sore thumb.


      58. 1. Store up one year’s supply of food. Don’t rely upon frozen or canned food but primarily upon wheat and dehydrated & freeze dried foods. Get into gardening if you have the space and keep an ample supply of seed to meet any upcoming crunch. Keep on hand large containers for storing water to be filled in a hurry when the collapse occurs.
        2. If your home cannot be defended against riotous mobs by you and your family alone, pick a retreat in a nearby wilderness quickly accessible to you along some direct route that does NOT go through a populated area. Obtain maps of your retreat area, studies of its flora and fauna, and camp on a regular basis in your area all year around to become accustomed to its feel and defensibility. NOTE: If you live in a large city your best bet, as poor as it is, is to establish your retreat in your city neighborhood. When the collapse occurs, if you panic and try to make a wild dash to the country, you will end up doing it mostly on foot (all roads will become blocked beyond resolution) and you will likely die in the process.
        3. Carefully choose a survival arsenal. For every person in your group age 10 and over you should have one semi-automatic rifle (.223 or .308). In addition each person over 10 should have a reliable auto-pistol (9mm or .45), and the group should have a collection of .22 rimfire rifles, high powered revolvers, and shotguns. Finally, the group must have at least one highly-accurate (scope mounted) bolt- action rifle of high caliber (.308, .30-06, 7mm Magnum, etc.) Adequate ammunition stores must be provided for EACH gun in the arsenal, as well as all the things that go with guns (repair parts, reloading equipment, ammo components, extra magazines, bandoliers, holsters, cleaning equipment, ammo boxes, carrying cases, etc.).
        4. Store up other survival components such as many hand tools, heavy-duty “work” clothes, medicines & medical supplies, communications equipment, energy supplies, hygienic supplies, camping equipment & supplies, ropes, bags, boxes, fishing equipment, fire starters, etc., etc.
        5. Rough it! Cut your standard of living – particularly pleasure vacations. Do NOT get a second job or make any outstanding efforts to pay off consumer debts costing 2% or more below your inflationary rate. Right now, you need more than anything else the time to properly prepare you and your loved ones’ survival when the collapse occurs. Having all the gear on hand is only 50% of the survival effort – you must be practiced and knowledgeable with their uses. When the crunch hits, if you don’t start high on the survival learning curve, chances are you won’t live beyond the first month.
        6. Do NOT invest in one bag of silver coins per family member as many suggests! Believe me, they’ll be few active coin collectors around after the shit hits the fan! Silver MAY be worth something, then again you coins may be as valuable as Confederate dollars were after the Civil War. But ammo will certainly become extremely valuable. Your best bet is .22 LR and shotgun ammo (12 gauge only) – these items translate directly into physical survival. So, after you have satisfied all of your other survival needs, invest ALL of your extra money into guns and ammo – particularly ammo!
        You are on your own. It’s your life make it count. Just passing this on, as it was sent to me.


      59. It never hurts to consider every angle. Here’s some factual analysis of this article

        Ebola first killed in 1976. It’s worldwide death total for the last 38 years including these latest deaths is 1,152. Isn’t calling that terrifying an overstatement of the actual threat?

        Officials are watching closely… Governments and government clinicians say/warn… who cares, they always lie and exaggerate.

        The banksters and big govt cronies are trying to spin their world police state system as protecting us from disease, which it cannot do. Only private voluntary medicine will help us, Gestapos and anal cavity searches accomplish nothing.

        “borders on lockdown” why adopt their ghetto English constructions designed to dumb us down?

      60. Hello everybody. I think this article is bunk. Because viruses are dead material, pulverized dead cells, even inorganic. Incapable of any action. So, they can do damage only in case they clog a vessel. In this case, a fever is able to get rid of the clog and clean the mess. Apart from that, they are harmless, as scientifically proven.

      61. I just put a sign up in door that says “Night sleeper, UPS man – Please do not knock on door. Along with NRA sticker on door window. Sign at driveway says we call the sheriff, with multiple bullet holes in it.

        Keeps the bad things away.

      62. This ebola is some pretty nasty stuff and colloidal silver will not protect you. I have been using silver for years and I am getting over pheumonia now. Steroids was the medicine I took.
        I will say that silver has helped along the way to ward off common colds but it is not a cure all. Sanitation and prevention are just as important.
        All you have to do is catch one of these super bugs and you’re history.

      63. and just who is responsible for the release of all the viruses we have seen? only a fool would believe that all of it is accidental.

      64. Hey! Where are Bill and Melinda Gates (from hell)? I think they were waiting to release this at this particular time. They need a crisis, It says so in their NWO handbook.

      65. Prepper Tip Of The Day

        ad came out for Walmart
        advertising a $25 gift card for the purchase of a filled propane tank

        and a $10 gift card with a tank exchange

        not available everywhere
        so check your local store

        exchanges here are $19 and tank purchase is $47
        so this is a nice little free gift

        • Thank you-that’s a great deal!

      66. Heads up!

        Two articles to mention that is over at the, “What Really Happened” site.

        ATF banning 5.45×39 ammo and they are going after spent brass for environmental reasons.

      67. eppe I would vote but for some reason I can not. Have asked several times why but no reply This is a great web site, thank you Mac and all who post even if I may not agree with all of you. The different ideas gives one something to think about. Keep your powder dry.

        • @freetrapper,
          it probably has to do with a java issue. I don’t know exactly how it works, but when you click on the thumbs up, this is what happens behind the scenes:
          alt=”Thumb up” onclick = “javascript: ckratingKarma (‘2983371’, ‘add’, ‘www. shtfplan. com/wp-content/ plugins/comment-rating/’, ‘2_14_’);” title=”Thumb up” / span id=”karma-2983371-up” style=”font-size:12px; color:#009933;”>79 /span img style=”padding: 0px; border: none; cursor: pointer;”

          I consider this site one of the greatest in the world for figuring out what’s really happening, and what I should do about it.

      68. Internal ‘Homeland’ Document Revealed…
        ICE released 68,000 convicted criminal aliens last year…

        872,504 ordered removed by immigration authorities have not left…

        Drudge Report

        • SHTF scenario there will be cleansing of such in America.

        • Here in Texas, a young guy killed a bunch of people while drunk driving and got away with it. His attorney said he suffered from “Affluenza”. I think that’s how you spell it. Don’t know if it is actually a word. But he got away with murder because they say he was wealthy, or his parents are wealthy and the guy knows nothing about being responsible so they let him go? So another rich guy walks, what’s new in America?

        • The name Du Pont and Delaware are virtually synonymous.

          Read “Behind The Nylon Curtain”.

          Good luck getting a copy. Used copies are over $40 and new close to $200.

      69. More fear-mongering………………you have a greater chance of being killed by a cop than ebola……………

        • Truth..

        • That’s because it’s almost impossible to avoid the cop…

      70. Would make a good movie, oh wait!

      71. Will this be worse than Y2K ?

      72. The Bible tells us what is good to eat, what is clean and what is unclean… bats and monkeys were not meant for human consumption. people that dont know this are putting everybody at risk. but, did they eat bats and monkeys a thousand years ago? and if so, why didn’t everybody die from this disease?

      73. The “Perfect Storm” is underway, and the opportunity is a “crisis that cannot go to waste.”

        THEY tried to kill us with the H1N1 virus and talked about mandatory vaccines, but this time, those million or so plastic coffins on standby at FEMA locations might have to be used. I am guessing an airline passenger will carry the ebola, or U.S. military returning from Africa will be infected.

        Vaccine checkpoints anyone?

        • I am guessing an airline passenger will carry the ebola….someone on Malaysian airlines flight 370,when it reappears?

      74. Less than 2,000 people have died in the last 40 years from this I don’t think it’s going to kill everyone .

      75. Another man made disease, to try and kill off black people.

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