OUTBREAK ALERT: Yellow Fever Death Toll Triples In Brazil

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 34 comments


The yellow fever outbreak in Brazil has taken a backseat to the flu outbreak spreading globally.  But, the death toll from yellow fever has now tripled and travelers are being warned.

The World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday there are 35 confirmed cases of the disease, including a case confirmed in the Netherlands for a traveler who had recently visited Sao Paulo state. Sao Paulo even closed its zoo and botanical gardens Tuesday as the yellow fever outbreak that has led to 70 deaths is picking up steam.

The big Inhotim art park, which attracts visitors from all over the world, also announced that all visitors would have to show proof of yellow fever vaccination to be allowed to enter. The park said the measure was preventative only and that so far, no case of yellow fever had been found there.

Yellow fever is a potentially life-threatening viral disease that is transmitted to people by the bite of an infected mosquito. Yellow fever is a very rare cause of illness in U.S. travelers. The degree of sickness ranges in severity from a self-limited febrile illness to severe liver disease with bleeding, and even death. The virus has killed 20 people since July.

Health officials have said the disease could quickly spread and become an epidemic in crowded areas, but immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci told Daily Mail Online that getting the yellow fever shot is the best way to prevent travel-related cases of yellow fever. Brazilians stood in lines for hours to get yellow fever vaccinations in the country’s largest states, including Sao Paulo, last week.

The WHO said 777 human cases of yellow fever had been reported in eight Brazilian states since December 2016 and that 261 people had died from the virus.  WHO officials said the confirmed cases of yellow fever are likely to have been contracted in areas where there have been yellow fever outbreaks among primates. “There is an ongoing threat of an outbreak related to the fact in non-human primates,” D. Fauci explained. “There is an ongoing reservoir of yellow fever.”

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    1. B from CA

      Yellow Fever, is that anything like Jungle Fever?


      • Sgt. Dale

        BOOGI FEVER!!!

          • gandhi

            i learned to dance watching soul train. i was a white boy dressed like a pimp

        • CrackerJack

          I had Yellow Tail Fever back when I was stationed in the PI.

          • Old Sailor

            Another Shit River survivor?

      • PO'd Patriot

        General John Bell Hood CSA and also known as “‘Ol Wooden Head”, had to be lashed to his horse every morning after losing a leg and an arm in battle. After the war ended he returned to Lousianna to live, had several children (10 I believe)The General along with his wife and some of his children contracted Yellow fever and died.

      • PO'd Patriot

        General John Bell Hood CSA and also known as “‘Ol Wooden Head”, had to be lashed to his horse every morning after losing a leg and an arm in battle. After the war ended he returned to Lousianna to live, had several children (10 I believe)The General along with his wife and some of his children contracted Yellow fever and died.

        • gandhi

          i am glad he died but i hope his kids were all white.

          • john stiner

            It was Hood, not Thomas Jefferson……

      • gandhi

        yellow fever is more like “Saturday Night Fever” except only the doctors wear the white suits.

      • john stiner

        Yellow Fever, is that anything like Jungle Fever?

        I think you are referring to slant eye fever.

    2. Sgt. Dale

      Just another reason not to let anyone come across the southern border.

      • Genius

        Wouldn’t it be cheaper to just line the border with trailers and retired rednecks with guns vs. a wall? I’d go for that lol 😛

      • CrackerJack

        Bingo. Yellow fever comes to civilized countries from uncivilized shithole countries.

        • laura ann

          Cracker J: Yuup, and yellow f. also is transported by mosquitoes on cargo ships from S. Amer. C. Am. in crates of fruit and other commodities. It would be common sense not to allow people in from these third world dumps anyway as other diseases have come here like TB.

          • Leonard

            And,in recent years, Leprosy…

      • Frank

        I’m all for Blacks, Mexicans, and Asians to come into this country with any disease to infect racist people like you.

        Bring on the Yellow Fever, OORAH!

    3. Heartless

      Darn, going to play hell with those skimpily-clad babes come Carnival. Guess we fellas need to invite them up here to Norte America. Just repeat after me to the ladies: venha comigo mulher bonita

    4. Jim in Va.

      Sgt. Dale…touche!

    5. Sean

      Triples? Triples from what?

    6. Outlaw

      I know this comment will either not get through moderation or get posted so long after I make it that it will never be seen, but I LOL @ this site these days. I am embarrassed I was once an active member. I remember when there would be hundreds of comments per article. This website had so much potential, but these days it seems like just an article mill for advertising income. Really sad. I still wonder to this day if Mac’s alter ego is Braveheart. I have definitely caught other trolls on this website posting under multiple handles.

    7. john stiner

      I noticed that add listed above for body armor. That is a prep I believe people should have.

      If you expect there to be war and fire fights, then add body armor to your guns and ammo stock piles.

      Remember not to ling ago that Democrats in the US Senate tried to pass a bill that would outlaw people owning and possessing body armor? I guess they want it to be easier to kill you when the Jack-Boots come.

      Better get it while you can.

      • Heartless

        Got 2 john. As it is said, “two is one and one is none”. I can always loan one to one hell of a damned good buddy.

      • Genius

        Good advice! I have been tossing the idea around. Eventually they WILL ban it, might be good to buy it off grid if ya know what I mean (same with weapons).

        • PO'd Patriot

          Picked up a JPC from Crye a couple of months back. Still haven’t decided on the plates.

        • PO'd Patriot

          Midway been running sales on steel plates but steel will “spall” when taking a round and could injure you severely from the fragments.

          • CrackerJack

            Not if it’s the right steel, like ar500 which is designed for armor use, and is coated properly.

            • PO'd Patriot


    8. Joel Walbert

      Are we sure its yellow fever? Or is it another EboLIE/Zika style hoax that is a convenient scapegoat for agri & petro chemical toxicity?

    9. Yohan Smythe

      More of the WHO pushing vaccines. I’ll have none of it.

    10. Adam Selene

      Doctors have known how Yellow Fever is transmitted for more than 140 years, there has been a vaccine for 90 years, yet it is still common in Africa, South America and Central America. That’s one more fact showing that there are s******e countries.

      • Plan twice, prep once

        Dirty people sticking their dirty stuff into each other’s dirty orifices, what could go wrong?

    11. Plan twice, prep once

      Wow, Brazil, isn’t that where the CDC fundraiser Zika virus start?

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