OUTBREAK ALERT: Viral Illness That Infects Children SPREAD In Virginia

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Headline News | 47 comments

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    A contagious virus which infects children is spreading through Virginia.  Childcare providers and schools are sounding the alarms after several hundred cases of “hand, foot, and mouth” disease have sickened young kids.

    A letter sent out by the Central Shenandoah Health District on Wednesday warns that cases of hand, foot, and mouth disease have elevated in recent weeks, reported Wavy.   The viral illness most often infects children up to age 5, but officials warn anyone is susceptible to the virus.

    “There were a total across the state of 376 emergency department and urgent care visits that a chief complaint or a diagnosis of hand, foot and mouth disease. Or, they had symptoms consistent with that of the diagnosis,” according to Laura Kornegay, the district’s health director. Dr. Kevin Connelly, a pediatrician with the Chippenham Hospital in Richmond told NBC affiliate WWBT the disease is highly contagious.

    Symptoms of hand, foot, and mouth disease include fever, fatigue, a rash in the mouth, on the palms of the hands or soles of the feet, and sometimes painful sores. The fever can last for up to five days, but there are other reasons to be concerned.

    “The problem with the disease is that with the blisters in your mouth it hurts to swallow,” Dr. Connelly said. “So children don’t want to eat … don’t want to drink. They have a risk of getting dehydrated.” He also said that runny noses are common in daycares and schools and often how the virus spreads. Saliva is all too common in places where a lot of children congregate.

    There’s no treatment for the virus, and it can remain in the body for weeks after symptoms have gone away, according to the Virginia Department of Health.  According to The Mayo Clinic, symptoms of the infection can be relieved at home until the child is fully recovered.  Sucking on ice or eating ice cream can alleviate the soreness in the mouth, while over-the-counter pain relievers will work to reduce the fever and offer comfort.



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      1. Zombies I tell you!

        WTF happened to this board? Where is everyone? JOG are you out there some where? Durango Kid? I have seen Nina on other boards but she appears to have left this one to never return.

        Need to bring back the up and down arrows on comments.

        • I been on & off here for 5-ish years; it most definetly has fallen to a low point…

        • garden




          • Grandee;
            I seriously doubt that most here know how to garden.

        • The board has thinned out. Prepper fatigue maybe. I myself post for a week or two and then not for maybe a month or two in between.

          BTW…tekroanin, ninaorket, NinaO are all handles for the same young man who used to post on this board.

          • This board has become more of a political forum than a prepper forum.

        • Too many blogs now days, hard to keep up or maybe these people found blogs they like better, or you tube updates.

      2. Brought to us courtesy of the scum illegal foreigners.

      3. Whenever I try to go to organic prepper they say the website is not working. Same thing when I go to Paul Craig Roberts website… what is going on here? How long before the same thing happens to this website?

        • I have not had that problem. Try clearing your cache and then going to these sites again.

        • Websites unavailable to me, too. And how ’bout those Google search results? There is too much power concentrated in the hands of too few people, and they are doing all they can as fast as they can to control speech, and ultimately, control thought. Only non-PC speech will let the light of truth shine in, like thanking Mexico for this viral outbreak, the TB outbreak in Minnesota, the measles in California, etc.

          As for the missing commenters, I find myself commenting less and less these days, too. I think people are just weary of the fight. Heck, take note of how easily people get offended these days. Folks are just in a bad frame of mind, and need some real hope for a better future. But with the apocryphal level of national debt and the madness of the left, its difficult to imagine a sunny tomorrow until after the cataclysm.

      4. I noticed an overnight change in the management of this site with less people as if it was some type of shadow banning so only a limited number of people are on at the same time. Maybe it’s just certain people who post controversial comments.

        _ how’s the weather?


      5. I miss Be Informed.

        • What happened to him. It has been a few years since his last post. He was a great source of info.
          BE PREPARED

          • I wish Recon Scout Sniper would join us again.

        • Me as well. But I think he did a couple of articles for Mac a couple of years or more back when. Don’t know what happened to him.

      6. Site has definitely changed from the earlier days. I’m sure Mac has to cater to the advertisers due to needed funds to fight all the attacks on his site. Although it would be nice to get rid of all the non prep crap.
        I’ve been on this site since the beginning with a few different names for opsec. I read much of the banter but don’t feel a need to respond unless someone really needs guidance.
        If anyone out there has a prepping question there are a few of us here who would gladly hijack a thread to answer.
        molon labe

      7. Need more prepping articles,less politics. come on Mac,plenty of prepping to do.

        • Preppers need organizational information. We are mostly a bunch of individual operators, planning to survive the apocalypse. What we truly need is local, regional and national planning and coordination. The lone wolf will eventually be hunted down, but an organized prepper movement on local, regional, state and per-time-zone levels of instruction and guidance, including reliable ham radio comms, will be a huge benefit to the Republic.

          • There is only one way to survive the apocalypse….that is to be right with Christ Jesus. Confess with thy mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart He was raised from the dead and you will be saved. For the wage of SIN is death, but there is a free gift from God and that is eternal life in the Lord Christ Jesus. There is no other name under heaven that man can be saved by!

            John 14:6 and Jesus said to them, I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one goes to the Father except through me.

        • THIS ^^^^^.
          This site use to be an website dedicated to prepping but unfortunately it has turned into a POLITICAL website full of politics,drama,gossip,fear porn,and sensationalism,because those things get clicks..Have you noticed how many trolls have appeared out of nowhere ever since this site started posting so many political stories,and all the fear porn? There’s a reason why so many veteran posters have left the site..

      8. As long as it ain’t in west by gawd Virginia …
        I ain’t thinking bout it

        ht tps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=LHolBAG0Cec

      9. Ain’t that right Nailbanger!

      10. I’m shocked that there is not an article on here about the interrogation of that shitbag peter strozk. The only thing that scum is worthy of is as the poster boy for male pattern baldness.

        • Liberals are obsessed with peter.

        • yesterday was an amazing display of animosity in the hallowed halls of government.

          i believe this a civil war

          just no massive blood letting… yet.

          can you say… 2020?!?!

      11. I have been coming here for yrs and it has been fun reading the comments.
        Thanks for being here.
        I have done some prepping but the rest of my family aren’t interested at all.

        I collect silver, veggie seeds and have dehydrated food , I’ve got to 300 gal
        water tanks , a little gold in tenths and a trailer that I am fixing up to be off
        the grid.

      12. This hand, foot and mouth disease is some tough stuff. My granddaughter picked it up at school (upstate SC) a few months back. My daughter got it from her. It’s just like the above article described it. There’s not much you can do to mitigate it either except try to make oneself as comfortable as possible while it runs its course. They were really miserable for almost two weeks. You can bet there will be a new vaccine for this nasty crap before too long.

        • Fritz:

          Sorry your family is sick.

          Just more reason to homeschool, keep away from crowded trains, and embrace a solitary existence in the country, on a ranch or in the forest, or on a farmstead. Anyplace away from disease carrying two legged Petri dishes.

          No vaccines necessary.


        • That would be fine, but what else are they going to put in that vaccine?

          No thanks.

        • The vaccine won’t work and will be WORSE than the disease.

          Read “Curing the Incurable”.

      13. First – that click to be monitored by govt pisses me off. I figured I do it once and done but nooooooo it’s every fn time. Second: I disagree, I think that most that come to this site grow food for themselves. Thirdly, I agree, slack up on the FN politics. I emerse myself in that arena on other sites or just read so much about it that it appears I visit here to gain insight into what others are thinking pertaining to prepping. Eppe passing was a blow. There are still some diehard SHTF posters that for the most part I enjoy reading responses to the main titles. There also use to b a supreme knucklehead posting here and it was fun to kick him around a little. I do use this site as a launching place. The woodpile report is usually a solid read – smart common sense. Keep stacking packing and racking. Prepare to defend yourselves.

      14. Has 10 thousand in one place died from it? If not then why the hype? The headline is pure clickbait. Psyops upon you all.

        They hype the measles and mumps the same way…and they are non-fatal. Colleges REQUIRE measles and mumps vaccinations for non fatal diseases that often come and go in days. Mono can last forever and being super debilitating but do the colleges freak out about snogging students…Nope, not a bit. Why is that but these other mild short lived diseases REQUIRE vaccination, what is in those two vaccines or what do they add to them that is needed to tag YOUNG ADULTS this way?

        See linear thinking leads people to not think rationally about what and WHY, they just accept it and roll up a sleeve. F**king sheeple.

      15. Isn’t it wonderful? The diversity in disease that the scum brought in by Obama have given us. This is what happens when you let in any piece of garbage that can steal across the border! If you or your family become victims of this “diversity of disease” do not forget who let them in to harm or kill your family!

      16. Hand foot and mouth disease? Well quit playing with your feet and then putting your hands in your mouth. We are all at risk of either a naturally occurring or intentionally created and spread sickness. Who would put it past an evil government and evil medical system for control purposes? Best to go along with the crooks than risk the evil flowing from their machinations. Truth is stranger than fiction. I read that Friday the 13th is actually a lucky day and the unlucky story is a ruse. As far as the lower amount of comments here, well the site is for sale no?

      17. I don’t post much predominantly because I never can see responses and cant have a conversation with anyone. I have noticed there have been many notable posters who have left and I am not sure why. There’s not as many articles as there used to be, so that might be part of it. I definitely miss HICKS incoherent rants about his scientist friend and all the Chi-Comms coming for us in Houston!!

      18. I work at a school in Pikesville, Maryland. We are having an outbreak here also. It is not just VA.

        • NC also.

      19. The way the schools work in the USA Republic is a daily census is taken in homeroom, and based upon this, the state allows an allocation of tax revenue. The schools are so strapped due to wasteful spending that at some point they cancel school when it doesn’t pay to stay open.

        Unfortunantly though, these kids have no stay at home moms so as soon as school is let out, they all hang out in the neighborhood at a time when quarentines should be in place.

        The only way to halt transmission is to determine the vectors of transmission, which are typically fomites by skin contact or air droplets passed in the cases of coughing.

        Any place where people are congregating in high numbers like universities, nurseries, jails, military bases, etc then act as incubators.

        Otherwise in other cases you have insects as vectors, or water or air can transmit the contagion in some cases.

        There actually are several websites in which medical professionals communicate through forums but it’s probably disallowed to mention them here.

        Otherwise the CDC compiles data but it’s always lagging in being released and thus minimizes many serious contagions.

        This is why prepping is essential as our ancestors knew and practiced using pantries. Otherwise people rush to groceries and pharmacies and expose themselves to infected people who thoughtlessly are doing the same thing.

        During H1N1 many years ago, it came out that the government during contagion can arrest and detain possibly infected people. Remember the scenes from the film Outbreak? It could happen someday.

      20. If you ever want a wakeup call, look up TB epidemics in history and then look up XDR TB and MDR TB. They are extremely difficult to treat and highly contagious.

        TB forms caeseous granulomas ie cheeselike lumps in the lungs. They seal over in time and reduce overall lung capacity but in old age and with reduced immune systems, they reimerge with a vengeance. Something like that spreads like wildfire in a nursing home or ANY place with unusually high population density like a jail, university, soldiers’ barracks, holding cells for illegals, refugee camps, etc.

        Here is what happened in history. It affected every family and at a mammoth cost.


      21. I can post two links where this community can get the scoop on any contagion, but I am reticent to unless Mac says it’s okay. One is official CDC info that health professionals use and they then schedule call-ins from docs and nursing administrators. And they show lists of drug and medical equipment shortages. The other are concerned healthcare providers largely based in the USA who daily discuss this kind of contagion and they are vigilant about the latest information.

      22. # 1… yes this site has changed Preppers are prepped…or still prepping.
        everybody has their weapons, ammo, and described eveything in detail.
        Numerous times. We all know who the “bad boys” are on this site.

        # 2… yes this site is dwindling because they allow certain posters to post
        repeatedly….while moderating others. Maybe they only want bad boys
        Who knows..?

        # 3…. they pick and choose posters….but they hold comments sometimes for days
        and you can’t actually carry on any kind of conversation since the subject
        will change before it ever appears on here. I have found other sites like
        Breitbart used to do ( Publish within 2 hours). They are ACTIVE COMMENTS.
        Published two days later are nearly DEAD COMMENTS.

        # 4….moderation and length depend on who you are…. and whether you are
        on the same page politically.

        # 5….those that complain about politics on here….do you not know
        that politics, defence, history, government, are all what you need
        to know in order to prep wisely?? That what has happened in the
        past will happen again. That the sky is not falling just because
        some one who sells products tells you it is???
        This is where comments are informative…sometimes!!
        Exchange of comments is healthy…..unless it is only for the
        unhealthy ideals.

      23. eyes must be going bad, glancing over topics i read:
        SPREAD In Vagina … : )

      24. Adults can contract this as well. My kids have it to me in the 90s.

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