Outbreak Alert: Rare ‘Flesh-Eating’ STD Reported In England

by | Aug 23, 2018 | Headline News | 43 comments

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    A rare flesh-eating STD (sexually transmitted disease) has been reported in England. An unnamed female patient, who lives in Southport has been diagnosed with donovanosis within the last 12 months.

    Donovanosis is an STD that causes flesh-eating ulcers on a patient’s genitalia; it has now popped up in England. Donovanosis is also spread by coming into contact with a patient’s infected ulcer and it is typically seen in India, New Guinea, parts of the Caribbean, central Australia, and southern Africa, according to Fox News.  The disease is painless, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), but it causes horrifying and progressive ulcerative lesions on the genitals or perineum, which can be prone to heavy bleeding.  Is it painless as the CDC said?

    It may sound like something straight out of a zombie horror movie, but this is actually a very real disease, warned researchers according to ABC 7 News.

    Antibiotic treatment may be able to stop the progression of the lesions, but patients are still at risk of relapse for 6-18 months post-treatment. According to the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH), there have been no prior cases reported in the U.K, that anyone is aware of…yet.  But this young woman (aged 15-25) who contracted the Donovanosis disease got it from somewhere…

    An update on the infected patient was not provided, nor was it clear if any sexual partners she had encountered were also infected. The woman’s case only came to light through a Freedom of Information request submitted by chemist-4-u.com, the Lancashire Evening Post reported. The website submitted the request as part of its “The Great British STI Taboo” investigation, which reported that 69 percent of the 1,000 British adults polled had never been tested for an STD.

    A pharmacist with chemist-4-u.com told the news outlet that any delay in treatment “could cause the flesh around the genitals to literally rot away.”



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      1. donovanosis is commonly found in goat feces…

        • As the saying goes, “If you lay down with Dogs, you deserve to get fleas,” Most moist wet places are a breeding ground for diseases and bacteria.

          Off the Grid Tip, or in a grid down/ survival situation for body hygiene. The Sun is a great sterilizer. Lay down on your back, then raise your arms above your head and bend your knees up, and let the sun be exposed to these areas of your under arm pits and crotch areas, and it will help keep you more sanitized by killing fungus. Hygiene will be very important in a grid down. You will also find if you keep your body shaved, including legs and crotch areas and keep a shorter head of hair, it will be easier to keep yourself cleaner. Long hairs act as air filter collectors and will attract more dirt and dust. You can also help keep your body cleaner using Apple cider vinegar to wash with and rinse your hair with and feet. Also drinking few table spoons a day diluted in a cup of water will also keep your mouth, and inner intestines free from inflammation. When SHTF, supplies will become short, and we will have to resort to natural cures and home remedies.

        • Goat feces ??? Avoid sex with Muslims and Hindus and you should be alright. Just saying. 🙂

      2. Crotch rot.

        Think it sounds scary? One STD that women can get is trichomniosis. It’s a parasite passed as an std and it leaves a FOUL green pool of slime inside a women’s passage and causes pelvic inflammatory disease and can cause infertilty.

        You reap what you sow.

        The CDC estimates untold millions are infected and they don’t know or don’t care and keep infecting others.

        20 million new cases happen every year and half are between the ages of 15-24. Your children were risking horrendous life long issues with infection and possible sterility.

        • You make it sound like men don’t get this STD. Its just that the signs and symptoms are more noticeable in women.

        • Not surprised that Arkansas is on the list.

          I think the best remedy for avoiding an STD is to keep your pants on until you enter a committed relationship with a partner who believes the same–a rare situation to be sure.

          Years ago, each couple that wanted a marriage license had to submit a blood test performed within a specified time (depending on the state) along with the application.

          • yep, North Carolina # 6.

      3. As I read the title of this article, my first thought was, “yep, Muslims”.

        • Dang, that critter of hers must have teeth!


      5. I’ll never say “eat me” again!

      6. true definition of crotch rot

      7. If the disease is actually only transmitted by sex, not just can also be but is, then there is at least one more victim of it in the UK.

        I would suggest staying away from migrant prostitutes if you live there, or any prostitutes for that matter since their patrons seem to get around between all of them pretty regularly. A woman should stay far away from any man she even suspects might make use of prostitutes occasionally too, it only takes once.

        • It’s not just prostitutes, everyone today is so promiscuous, and no one hardly uses condoms anymore. Yes, it only takes once.

        • The cat must have thought it was a snake.

      8. Oh! The “joys” of “multiculturalism”.

        We should stop playing, and start getting serious.

        Anyone who advocates, promotes, sympathizes with or tolerates “immigration” is either stupid, or flat out hates the people living in our Country, in Europe, Canada, or any other place white people live. They should be arrested and tried for treason. If not, what’s next. I’m sick of it. Wait till someone you love has been raped, or died from disease because we are too damned tolerant. And God forbid we might be called “racist”.

        AIDS came from Africa.

        Build the fricken wall. Stop immigration, legal or otherwise. And deport every damn non-white who has come here in the last fifty years along with their anchor babies.

        If it’s war. Start with the scum who passed our laws that opened the floodgates. If they’re still alive, that can be fixed.

        This shit isn’t funny. It’s serious. These people want us dead. I want to return the sentiment. Let them see what happens when the couch potato football morons wake up and start fighting back. It’s going down, and it’s going to hurt.



        • ” AIDS came from Africa. “

          AIDS was developed and manufactured in a US Laboratory.
          The theory of some sick guy screwing a monkey in the jungle is false.
          This AIDS concoction was part of a vaccine trial and introduced to a portion of African inhabitants. Rest is history after that as it started to spread.

          • Mein:

            I stand corrected. Now, can we get back to the nitty gritty.


            • Mein,

              Which laboratory, what year, and who were the researchers that were involved in the project?

              Oh yeah, what was the project name too?

              • There is no specific Laboratory, because there is information naming more than one. Whether it be Los Alamos, New Mexico or Fort Detrick in Fredrick Maryland to possibly others.

                The earliest years of AIDS I’ve seen is possibly starting development in 1973.

                When it comes to researchers, there is plenty of them. From Physicians to Health Professionals to whistle blowers from outfits such as the W.H.O.

                If AIDS is a man made creation in the Lab, as I believe it to be. No doubt, the CIA was very much involved in this program.

                I could posts links of this information here, but I’d rather have people do their research on their own.

                In your Search Bar, type something along the lines of this: “is aids a man made disease”

                You should have enough information popping up to get closer to your answers you had for me.

        • BCA: you are right!! The problem is the devious monsters in various levels of Gov’t and the NWO want all of this awful stuff to come and spread all over America as well. They have absolutely invaded almost all of Western Europe, England and Canada, think about it, the U.S. is all that is left and we have a fair amount of the vile scum here – go and check out parts of wonderful Detroit and also parts of MN – chuck full with the wild, extremely low IQ’ed rats. This is OUR supposed Gov’t at work, spending, burning and pissing away all of the $$ they stole from us in the form of these ridiculous, outlandish so called taxes. What an unbelievable cluster if there ever was one in the world.

      9. *Communist NWO trying to overthrow our elected President.
        Endless WitchHunt by FEDS. Why? Because the Leftist NWO Commies don’t like the election results.
        *US intelligence Agencies attempting a Deep State overthrow of an ELECTED President.
        *US Law Enforcement assets being used as TOOLS to overthrow an Elected President.
        *World wide economic Collapse on the horizon.
        *Tech companies shutting down free speech.

        All this and much more is going on in the world.
        And this STD article is the best that this web site can come up with? Are you kidding? WTF? This web site used to be filled with posts and useful info. Guess that was yesterday?
        ######### How about USEFUL-ACTIONABLE information?

        Our US political system is under attack from US Intelligence and US Law Enforcement entities. These are the true threat to -Life -Liberty -Freedom, the election Process.
        They are trying to overthrow an ELECTED US President.

        **Donald Trump is the Elected President. Accept this FACT.

        PS–Do you have the integrity to let this post see light of day?

        WAKE UP!

      10. It would seem that the spiritual ban on sex outside of marriage is re-enforced, but I knew a guy in the Army in my company that got the clap from his wife fooling around, so it works in and out of marriage. Boy, was he pissed off, double entendre intended. It also has been noted that a considerable number of geezers have come down with STD’s, as they are attempting to recover their past exploits. It doesn’t matter what age you are, or who you are, a little restraint will keep you healthy, and most importantly, in good standing with G*d. Why else would you think the Bible says that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom? I ask the pardon of non-believers, and those who believe in something else. Just an opinion.

      11. Outbreak Alert: Rare ‘Flesh-Eating’ STD Reported In England

        Moral of the story – Don’t screw around with freshly inhabitant immigrants/refugees that are deemed undesirable.

        BTW, don’t forget to thank your elected government leaders on doing such a fine job on their progress. They really do care about your well-being.

        • Yeah, they made sure the story didn’t get out until someone made a formal request.

        • No one is talking about the resistant strain of TB that is being brought in by immigrants. TB has always been difficult to treat; taking medication from 6 to 9 months and possibly a year. The resistant type can take from 20 to 30 months on multiple medications and still not be “cured”. A woman from India with the resistant type of TB flew to the USA landing at O’Hare, also spending time in Missouri and Tennessee, then returning to Chicago and there seeking treatment. She was then sent to NIH to be held in an isolation room and treated. Only about one third receive a cure using very harsh drugs for 20 to 30 months. This disease can be passed to others very causally. All immigrants need to be highly vetted, and certain immigrants from certain countries should not be allowed into this country under any circumstances. But TPTB are wanting to kill people off and don’t care to what degree of jeopardy the people are exposed.

      12. Interestingly this just so coincides with a significant influx of “refugees” from Africa.

      13. I would be willing to bet it is yet another grand gift from the vile Muslim Invaders, I mean illegals, I mean immigrants…yeah ask France how they are making out with all of the filthy dirty mutt Muzzies they have over there?? Thank your Gov’t most of Western Europe for allowing a massive cancer to roam your streets and to pick off your young white daughters. Wives. Mothers. Sisters and on and on and on. The African/Middle Eastern Muzzie scum are an absolute plague, the Black Death in fact!! Wake up & be fully aware, all you silly limp noodled- sheep out there.

        • These are not Muslim Invaders, these are welcomed guest that were granted with open arms from government(s). Can’t blame these people, when government(s) are allowing and condoning it to happen.

          Put the blame, where the blame needs to be.
          If people would of actually stood up to these government entities, this would not be happening. Since everybody stayed silent, this is the result of what we get.

          If Hitler was successful in WW2 – none of this would be an issue – something to think about.

          • Umm…people do stand up to their governments and the gov does it all anyway. I suppose we could go the pitchfork and flaming torches route to get their attention.

        • I agree. there savages over there.

      14. The good news is that I’m way too old to worry about STD’s. The bad news is that I’m way too old to worry about STD’s. We would call this Rottencrotch in the old country.

      15. Immoral people have no self-restraint. There are millennials who don’t even bother about dating but hook up at parties. Almost always drugs are involved.

        Back in 2000, there were committed couples who would come in and get tested for stds and then have intercourse. Now, it’s anything goes.

        And this is an immense number of Americans are walking around carrying stds. Well it’s their own fault.

        And if you are dumb enough and immoral enough to do it, you’re playing gambling with your life.

        There are estimates that 65 million Americans are living with an std! You would have to be insane to not be monogamous.

      16. 75 % of women and 50% of men with Chlamydia are asymptomatic! If you are sexually active and careless, you could be one of them.

        If you haven’t been tested and you had unprotected sex even once and you have had multiple partners, then how do you know you don’t have an std? That’s the problem. You very well might be sick.
        People are irresponsible.

      17. We had never physically seen some of scarier kinds of filth and vermin. We had an academical or book knowledge of fourth world living conditions, until that was red lined into the suburbs, over the past 15 or so years.

        Presenter, above, is dealing with numbers.

        Hypothetically speaking, there has got to be a critical mass, event horizon, or point of no return, from which a civilization can never recuperate.

        Stink comes from the manholes, during heavy use. The non-potable, purple-line, toilet-to-tap irrigation is used in the commons and on crops. With new McMansions, that noone could mathematically afford in a lifetime, are lots of new vagrants, near new stores and new busstops. If you do nothing, the consequences are Malthusian and Medieval, as a matter of natural law. These same people, with holes, where none belong, are out voting, out reproducing you, getting the loans, getting the jobs, and calling the police on you. They believe it’s a competition, and you’re breathing all the good air.

      18. How does one patient constitute an “outbreak”? I’d share this because of the astounding 69% of untested Englanders, if it weren’t for the click-baity headline.

      19. Ask any epidemiologist and they will tell you ALL these diseases come from the third world and it has only got worse since they ramped up immigration from these places from the late 1990s.

        There are no health checks on illegal migrants and they circulate in the general population, screwing whatever they can whenever they can. For Muslims, it is normal to have sex with young boys as a release. This means they are not only regularly screwing young boys, they may also be screwing your girlfriend etc.

        As for Africans, they do not understand monogomy. All women are “sisters” and fair game. STDs spread like wildfire in this community and it is well-known black women are the most fecund carriers of these diseases. Stay away from them if you value your sexual health.

        Don’t have unprotected sex with any women in the major cities these days. The risk is just way too high. A lot of women like to get some ‘bamboo’ on the side and want the more hetero black and Muslim men. This puts them at high risk of STDs and HIV.

      20. Let make a few more genders spread some more tolerance. See what else pops up

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