Our City Water Supplies Aren’t As Secure As You May Think

by | Jun 28, 2011 | Headline News | 77 comments

Security around national water reservoirs may not be as safe as we thought:

In a time where people talk all the time about droughts, 21 year old Josh Seater has cost the city of Portland Oregon 8 million gallons of drinking water.

After a night on the town, a heavily intoxicated Seater began urinating a water reservoir.  “I didn’t know it was a water supply, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it, I thought it was a sewage plant”.

The cost of Josh’s drunken behavior has cost the Portland Water Bureau $36,000, as the 8 million gallons have had to be completely drained away.

The incident caught on CCTV at around 1.30am on Thursday morning has outraged locals, especially in light of the fact that no criminal convictions have yet been bought against Seater, although there is the possibility of some further action down the line.

Source: News Flavor

While TSA gaterapes grannies in diapers at our local airports and steams ahead on expanding enhanced pat-downs and searches to all public venues including train stations, sporting events and malls, the real security holes are completely ignored.

Considering that hundreds of thousands of undocumented aliens invade our Southern border unabated every year, the majority of our national power grid is four decades old and susceptible to long-term region-wide outages from ex-planetary and man-made threats, foreign nations hack our defense networks on a regular basis, and financial terrorists have manipulated our economy to near complete collapse, it makes one wonder what, exactly, the purpose is for the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on our so-called national security infrastructure over the course of the last ten years.

We are of the opinion that if a twenty one year old college drunkard is capable of breaching the security perimeter of an entire city’s drinking water and subsequently relieving himself, then the security for which Americans are being forced to sacrifice their liberty is a complete fraud.

Given that reservoir water has already been chlorinated and is awaiting direct use by residents of a city, how difficult would it be for an organization intent on killing Americans to bypass CCTV cameras and poison the water supply without anyone knowing until it is too late?

Video: Should We Arm Water Security Personnel?

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    1. michelle

      don’t they “Treat” the reservoir water prior to it being pumped through the taps?

      Ridiculous solution – chlorine is made to take care of pee anyhow – um…swimming pools…

      what a waste of money and water…

      • Jim

        Yes they do….that is lame. One guys piss in 8m gallons wouldn’t even raise a nitrate level….idiotic bureaucrats

      • Odd Questioner

        Allow me to introduce you to our not-too-bright governmental folk in Portland, OR. (I live close by, but far enough out to avoid the worst of their incompetence).

    2. michelle

      if the water is kept open to the air – and no security – obviously nobody cares about our safety – putting fluoride in the water proved that a loooong time ago.

    3. michelle

      I’m sure plenty of dead bugs and bird droppings are in the water anyway, gross!!

    4. Mad Max

      Are you kidding. Most of us know that nothing is secure and nothing works in this country. Mainly because the people allow.

      Memo to America: Stop waiting for Democrats and Republicans to save you.

      Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( http://www.revolution2.osixs.org )

      We don’t have to live like this anymore. “Spread the News”

    5. manos

      First of all Josh should be punished. He and his whole family should drink all the contaminated water. ALL OF IT UNTIL THE LAST DROP.
      Secondly, what if the security level is low or none deliberately? What if it’s not due to stupidity or ignorance?

      Good afternoon all,

      • Ben Dover

        It is surely not due to incompetence, just like the train wreck in D.C. Many of us do not want to admit to ourselves that the problem has a much more sinister cause.

    6. anony

      TSA is Security Theater, Nothing else. TSA is Germany’s answer to the Gestapo, Plain and Simple! Their Cancer rates are off the charts, Awesome!

    7. BD

      Slow day for news…

    8. GoneWithTheWind

      It is virtually impossible to put anything into a reservoir that will successfully put the consumer at risk. The modern water treatment methods assure us of safe drinking water. The water from the reservoir was fine and should have simply been processed normally. It was dumped for political reasons not hygiene reasons

    9. Havok

      Peeing in a resevoir is nothing new!

    10. Bull Crap

      That is the most lame article I’ve ever seen. Eight mega gals of treated water wouldn’t even indicate someone had urinated in it.

      Please do not be posting this junk, although it is your 1st Amend rights it is a waste of time!

    11. VRF

      like the birds that fly over head dont piss and shit in it?..insects? other small mammals taking a bath in it..
      I think they have a bigger security issue playing out than this guy taking a wiz..
      like 2500 un accounted guns given to the cartels of Mexico, you know..the ones that killed a Border patrol officer..know anything about that one Holder? (you fuckin lier)

      Im surprised this guy wasnt SWAT teamed at his house and all his kids and wifes pulled out of bed at 2 am to be strip searched and run thru his home looking for “drugs” and all..while the kids sit in an un airconditioned police patty waggon for 3 hours while their rights are infringed upon..im mean comon if you cant piss in the community water cooler and not get lynched by our police , than were just wasting peoples time

    12. To the Clueless public

      Government theater at it’s best for the clueless public. Never mind that dead animals and dog poop bags are removed every couple of years when they drain that reservoir. That pee in the pond resulted in <2-5 ppb depending on the bladder size.

      Worry about your toothbrush in the bathroom, each time you flush you volatilize that poop and pee at an extremely high ppm level as the aerosol effect carry those fine droplets 8 ft or more.

    13. Tarzan

      There must not be much profit potential in securing the water, unlike the theater going on at airports, paying thugs to feel up granny, or the companies selling the pornoscanners….. NONE OF IT HAS TO DO WITH SAFETY… IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY… AND IT MAKES ME SICK….. AND IT IS GETTING ME PISSED OFF!!!!

      • shootingblanks

        CONFORM NOW!

      • Plain Old American

        You’re not alone.

    14. Patriot One

      I would bring criminal charges against the Portland Water Bureau for being so stupid. Do the really think there isn’t a lot of animal and bird poop and pee in the water?

      If he really took a massive pee what are we talking here 20 oz’s? So lets see whats the ratio .23 Gal: 8,000,000 gal. Lets face it folks, If it wasn’t on camera who would have known?

      Treated or untreated could they have detected it? I don’t think so. Just how did they get rid of all that water?

      Have no fear though, the tax payers will pay for it. Another example of government gone wild and government gone stupid.

      • BJ

        I agree 100%……….this is BS. more waste, fraud and theft of the tax payer

    15. Dust Shield

      We live in the safest country in this universe, nothing to worry about regarding this article. Now what else are they going to spew, that there is fluoride in the water and it dumbs down everyone?

    16. 11 Bravo

      Forget the birds peeing and pooping in it, how many animals have stumbled into it and are at the bottom of it…….maybe they’ve all been drinking a little Jimmy Hoffa.

    17. JJ

      We all know the ‘terrorist’ force is a fricking joke..terrorist don’t need bombs….just matches in dry states….like Arizona, Texas, or Florida???
      Just saying.

      • VRF

        the “terrorist” force is the US government.

    18. SmokyMtnLady

      LOL! This is so stupid it’s funny!! Sad, but funny!! The people in Portland should be calling for criminal charges AGAINST the person who called for the draining of the water and the waste of $36,000 of taxpayer money…not the drunk college kid! Good grief! Has anyone read the label on a pack of hot dogs lately?? I’d rather drink the “contaminated” water!!!

      • Anonymous

        What kind of hot dogs do you like.

        • SmokyMtnLady


          • Anonymous

            I like fine cuts of different protein meat but a lightly grilled/smoked oscar mayor select cut pork hot dog on a steamed fresh pepperidge farm potato bun with a swag of french’s mustard and a splash of tobasco sauce is difficult to beat on the 4th of July. Throw in some hand cranked ice cream with fresh blue berries with the grand kids.

    19. Mr. Blutarsky

      “The cost of Josh’s drunken behavior has cost the Portland Water Bureau $36,000, as the 8 million gallons have had to be completely drained away.”

      Why didn’t they prosecute Josh and make him pay the $36,000? Seems like the obvious solution to this problem.

      The other problem is bigger. Safe drinking water.

      I would love to have a well in my suburban neighborhood but County/Government regulations prevent me from having one (so that the water company monopoly can continue).

      Government 1
      Mr. Blutarsky 0

      • VRF

        fuck em..dig a well any ways and hide the cap.

        im sure if you pay the well digging company enough , they will keep their mouth shut..

        when city water came into my area, they destroyed most everyones wells..except for mine because I buried it, and told them i took it out of opperation..
        I have city water now..

        I can bring it back on line whenever I want to without them ever knowing

        • Mr. Blutarsky

          How would you get water out of the well if there was no electricity? Would a hand pump work?

          • VRF

            yes..thats how it used to be done old school..

            currently mine has an electric pump, and I have a generator..but if fuel became an issue.
            Im sure i could put a hand pump in the cason and it will pull the water up

          • Anonymous

            VRF & B-sky: Lehmans.com has hand pumps, kitchen wood stove, fancy kero lamps & hand tools. Nice on-line catalog. Prompt service & no hassle return. Have ordered from them many times.

          • Just me

            hand pumps worked in the old shallow wells of 15-25 ft. but with todays wells 50-250 foot, you better get a bike and rig it up to run an altenator with a converter

        • T

          Way to go VRF. It’s great you can get around the monopoly! Go for it Dude!

          • joe dirt

            or you could just use producer gas, whichever

    20. Phil

      This is a load of shit.

      They pour pound after pound of poison called fluoride into the drinking supply but do nothing about it, but a guy pisses and it’s called contaminated? LOL

      A guy pissing into the reservoirs is not going do anything to the supply. There are all kinds of contaminants that land in the water supply from the air. What they are trying to do is drum up an excuse and cause the public to become frightened of yet another infrastructure vulnerability.

      This is nothing short of creeping marshal law without calling it that.

      This allows the bankers control over the water supply of the population. This means, they can shut off the water supply under some trumped up garbage excuse, then let you die.

    21. T

      Well that’s a perfect example of the idiocy that happens when you let liberals run a city. Heck, the survival experts say that you can drink your own urine — ONCE and ONCE only. Yes, it’s gross, but not dangerous. Anyway 1/16th gallon of piss in 8 million gallons of water is infintesimally small and would have no health effects whatsoever. Liberals . . . what idiots. God help us and spare us the brain damage from being governed by liberals.

    22. T

      Let enough liberals run this country and the terrorists could totally destroy us by merely letting one towell head piss into the headwaters of the Mississippi, the Missouri, the Columbia, the Snake, the Colorado, etc., etc. Heck, if liberals run enough of the country it wouldn’t take more than 15 or 20 vials of urine to completely destroy our entire US water supply. Again, what a bunch of morons up in Portland.

    23. GrillSgt

      I used to live in Portland. I know there’s more than piss in those resovoirs. Sea gulls, ducks and geese like to take a dip on their journeys. Guess what they’re doing while floating about? Anyway, the water is first treated before use. There is a push to cover those facilities, and this is being used to justify it.

    24. PO'dpatriot

      Couldn’t be any worse than the flouride. The pubic(purposely spelled that way) officials swallow camels and choke on nats.

      • sanityjones

        Exactly. Keep right on drinking the fluoride and whatever other mood altering substances the gubbermint decides are healthy for you and your children.

    25. NetRanger

      This story has got to be a total bunch of bullshit.

      An *OPEN* reservoir that holds 8 million gallons and 1 pint of pee-pee and its ruined? Somebody is a total moron doofus. Oh, wait, I just describe the entire federal government and most of the states. OK, well, uh, I mean, really, this is just dumb. How many crows fly over and relieve themselves over the reservoir? Dead bugs? Coon whiz? Come on, people, this is a fake… or an excuse to do another police state maneuver.

      You can’t tell me they don’t treat this water before pumping it to its destination.

      Raise The BS Flag…


      • Babble-on

        I went to the flag cabinet and the BS flag has gone missing!

        • SmokinOkie

          The flag is around here somewhere. They keep waving it at me every time I post a comment!

    26. Gods Creaton

      Just another real threat that can not be addressed because of all the fake threats that are being posed, such as terrorist.

      Learn to build your own water filters.


      Just another bit of knowledge you may be glad you have some day when it is too late to get it.

      • AZ Ready

        GC strikes again with perfect common sense. Thank you.

    27. TnAndy

      Well, has anybody asked WHAT did they do with “8 million gallons of contaminated water” ? I figure an extra ounce or so of chlorine would have taken care of it just fine, assuming they could even test for that small an amount of contaminate.

    28. Nuts

      Meanwhile, those light in the loafers running the city of Portland enjoy rimming and golden showers. Go figure

    29. Shreela

      If they’re so sensitive to a little urine in such a large amount of water, why is it so easy to access? Someone commented they used to live there, and critters had easy access to it – tell me they’re not peeing and pooing in or near the water.

      But maybe it’s “fairly” secure, and this drunk took extreme measures to pee in it on purpose, then played the “innocent drunk” card when caught. Some men are sick like that (sure, maybe the “tainted” meat stories could be urban legends, but I personally knew a guy that peed into a container he knew would be drank from – I didn’t know at the time, and sure was glad I didn’t drink from that container!, but ewwww!)

      So I’m not 100% certain this guy is as innocent as he’s claiming. But he still shouldn’t have been able to gain access if the city is so freaked out by “just” urine (assuming they’re not hiding other things he might have added to the water).

    30. anony

      Look what happened when Conservabots ran the country, 911 the biggest terrorist attack happened, god help us if a conservasheep ever gets in office again, this country will end for sure, if those incompetents ever gain power this country is toast.

      • joe dirt

        hey look at the dumbass! conservatives, liberals, democrats, republicans, either way we’re fucked, so take your two party oligarchy and shove it up your ass! happy 5th of July

    31. Jim

      Assuming his wiz was 20 ounces that is one part per 6,400,000. Funny thing is in Kalifornia they allow (or did allow) like 50 parts per million (or 1/20,000) nitrates in approved city drinking supplies. So his wiz created a situation 1/32’d better then CA state law allows…..and they blew off 8m gallons for that….someone needs to fired.

    32. Kevin

      Little known fact…anybody, in any house hooked up to municipal water, can pump anything they want to back into the water system straight from their house. All it takes is being able to back pump with more pressure than the operating PSI of the water system (about 50 PSI where I live in Michigan).

      I work in this industry, and talking to the head of one municipal water system out where I live, he said that it would take truckload after truckload after truckload of poison pumped into the system for there to be any sort of health risk. The systems are just so large that it dilutes before it ever poses a health risk to any citizens.

      Of everything else out their posing risks to our well being and way of live, this is not one of them.

      • Ben Dover

        Where I live, backflow preventers have been required for a long time.

    33. stan

      So, anytime you want to, you can just walk up to a city water supply and piss in it?

      I did not know that.

      • Mr. Blutarsky

        You can if you’re a dude. If you’re a woman you might fall in!

    34. NunJoBizness

      What a load of bullshit! Here where I live (near San Diego), they were talking about building a plant to convert sewage to drinking water and they just unloaded 8 million gallons for a little whizz!?! Insane.

      • joe dirt

        and where i live (in arizona) we decided we aren’t gonna give you water and electricty. 😉 high five!

    35. anony

      Not insane in this upside down version of the once great usa, that is gone now, time for 1984 on steroids and here it comes, are you ready??

    36. SmokinOkie

      Memo to:
      Director of Operations
      Utilities Division
      City of Portland, OR

      Mr./Mrs. Director,
      It has recently come to my attention that an incident occurred in your region concerning a specific bodily function and the resulting contamination of more than 8 million gallons of treated drinking water. This is a very serious matter and must be dealt with according to specific Departmental procedures. Please refer to page 376 of Dept Manual #8, subsection 14, ‘Procedures for Dealing With Urine Contaminated Water.’ As I am sure you are well aware, the contaminated water must NOT be discgarged into local sewer systems as that could further contaminate the already tainted sewer water. Instead, Department policy specifically directs that any such water must be placed into (recycled) plastic bottles of not more than 400ml and not less than 250ml capacity. All bottles must be sealed and labeled (in Spanish and English) as to quantity and contents. The bottles are to then be packaged into cases of 12 units each and shipped (postage due) to the Division of Water Cleaner-Uppers (DWCU) in Washington. They will decontaminate the water through a very expensive and highly secret process, steam clean the bottles and then repack and mail them back to you. You may then pour them, one bottle at a time, back into the reservoir or holding tank from which they originally came. When this process is complete do not forget to submit a form 2984653 back to the DWCU in Washington as well as a copy of the form to our office within 10 business days. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and for following all procedures to help us maintain a safer water supply.

      D. Ipshitts
      Deputy Director
      Dept of Urine
      Bureau of Bodily Functions

      • jen10

        too funny.

      • anonymous

        The Solution to Polution is Dilution!!!

        Problem solved – could have saved the city $36,000.

        Next problem? LOL…

        • goofball

          My thoughts exactly…I am in the water treatment biz…it’d take literally hundreds of lbs. of poison or pollutant to make a dent in that much water!

          I also think it’s funny that our sewer plants have to disinfect treated waste water with ultraviolet light because chlorine might ” damage” the receiving stream…..but yet they have no prob with us drinking it!

      • Mr. Blutarsky

        Funny. Sad. But probably true.

    37. Just me

      NYC water supply is just reservoirs fed by the Delaware river,Hudson River and the streams up state, I’m positive the they’re being pissed in several hundred times a week, I do know that a couple of the reservoirs had troops stationed around them during WW2

    38. PO'dpatriot

      I urinated in the atlantic ocean as a kid once when we went to the beach. Maybe thats why the sea turtles are having a hard time. So sad.

      • SmokinOkie

        They say the atlantic is a bit saltier than it used to be. Are you responsible for this?

    39. Charlie

      Georgia Home Owners Association Tells A Disabled Vet He Can’t Live In Their Community

      Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/georgia-home-owners-association-disabled-vet-he-couldnt-live-in-their-community-2011-6#ixzz1QgE2yHTe

      I wonder how many of the memebers of this home owners association were Bush supporters and defended the Iraq invasion. I guess they just don’t want to be reminded of it by having to look at a wounded vet everyday. Must protect thost property values.

      • Anonymous

        I wonder how many liberals the last 10 years voted for the war and backed it with money we didn’t have then? Ooh, ooh wait one. Go look that up and stop guessing!!!

        • Charlie

          Bless your little heart.

    40. SmokinOkie

      Mayor: She takes after her dear departed mother.
      Sheriff: Her mother died, huh?
      Mayor: No, she just departed.

      Sheriff: You know, he strikes me as a lonely man.
      Deputy: Lonely? Danby? Why, he’s a no-good, low-down bushwhacker!
      Sheriff: There, ya see? No wonder he’s lonely.


      they dumped it out on purpose; one guy peeing wouldn’t even affect that much water – that’s what I call city official sabotage – WHO PAID THEM OFF TO DO THIS?

    42. Slim

      Liberals don’t think, they are only political, thick & stupid. Look at any state that is controlled by a dim. This is fun.

    43. JR

      If all those Middle Easterners sneaking across the Mexican border do anything really bad, I guess I’ll run out in the street and start chanting “Yes we can” (or, more usefully, “Yes we have no bananas”) as fast as I can.

      Obumbler: Worse than Jimmy Carter – by a MILE

      • anony

        If any of those terrst come across from mexico, I will run in the street and yell yes we cant, bush did not close the borders after 911, what a fucking joke he was, bush worst president ever!!

    44. MisterMighty

      Hmmm…it’s actually good they drained it. I have been taking dumps in there for years.

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