“Ouch”: You Won’t Believe What Juanita Broaddrick Tweeted to Chelsea Clinton About Her Father

by | Feb 20, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 65 comments

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    Lest you thought the parading around of Bill Clinton’s accusers and alleged rape victims was nothing more than an election stunt, check out this series of Tweets that has once again stirred the pot.

    It seems that Juanita Broaddrick is not the least bit prepared to let it go – since she remains a victim who is outraged that her alleged perpetrator remains free and highly distinguished in world affairs.

    The assumption is that they are above the law, but they certainly aren’t above a Twitter spanking:

    Unsurprisingly, @ChelseaClinton’s original tweet was apparently deleted from her feed – but not before being screen captured and embedded:

    Apparently, Chelsea is not interested in delving into that topic, or defending the actions of her parents besides a surface level endorsement of them.

    Some people reacted by blasting Broaddrick for ‘disparaging people’s children’ – a comment that she laughingly dismissed by pointing out that Chelsea is now 36 years old – and older than Broaddrick was at the time of her rape:

    A predictable Twitter storm has erupted – since Tweeting & deleting is always more conspicuous, and the fallout has begun:

    It is quite obvious that many people would prefer to see the Clinton’s leave politics altogether – not only their opponents on the right, but also the millions of leftists who witnessed the Democratic party taken over during the round, only to put up a candidate who is mired in controversy and scandal, and lacked the energy to carry on a full campaign.

    Instead, Hillary is threatening a 2020 run (even if it is utterly absurd), and Chelsea is being groomed to be an irrelevant dynasty heir or media pawn.

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      1. Another nutjob Clinton! Married the nephew of Soros.
        All you need to know there!

        • “birds of a feather ALWAYS flock together” = scumbags=Clinton’s and Soros

          • Apache54, Chelsea IS the HILDEBEAST JR. They say she’s just like her mama. It’s rumored she’s going to run for a congressional seat. That needs to be prevented.

            • One look at Chelsea would make even the Pope support abortions.

              • She looks just like her dad
                Chelsea isn’t Bill Clinton’s Daughter
                h ttp://www.thepoliticalinsider.com/huge-scandal-chelsea-isnt-bill-clintons-daughter/

                • Chelsea’s real dad is Janet Reno….

                  • Damn you guys are rollin on a beat down today. Hoosier gets 3 points for the bitch slap. That was just damn funny. ? I wonder how many kids Janet Reno fathered.

              • Snap. BlackMoe gets 2 points for the bitchslap. ?

        • Eagle1, Chelsea’s hubby is related to Soros? Interesting, didn’t know that. My sympathies go all out to all of Bill and Hillary’s victims. I would help them any way I can.

          • Chelsea needs to be put in prison, for spending and using Clinton Foundation charity funds on her own personal wedding costs. A full violation of 501c3 Charity Classification Rules.

            WIKILEAKS BOMBSHELL : Chelsea Clinton Used Foundation CHARITY Money for Her LAVISH Wedding and “Life”

            Breaking News By Amy Moreno November 6, 2016

            Here’s a BOMBSHELL!
            It looks like Hillary’s daughter Chelsea Clinton has used the Clinton Foundation to fund her “lavish wedding and life” for a DECADE.

            This stunning information comes from Doug Band the PRESIDENT of the Clinton Foundation.

            So, further PROOF that the Clintons have used that scandalous foundation to LINE THEIR OWN POCKETS.
            ht tp://truthfeed.com/wikileaks-bombshell-chelsea-clinton-used-foundation-charity-money-for-her-lavish-wedding-and-life/34245/

            • Is anyone really surprised that the daughter of a corrupt, evildoer is corrupt and doing evil?

      2. It is something on the look of Bill.
        He looks like he just got caught pumping the neighbors cat.

        • I hope, SS that your comment is just hyperbole! Who knows….. maybe pimping cats WILL be the next antic of his!!!

          • Hmmm. I saw the word pumping, not pimping, and got a whole ‘nother picture! Yuck!

        • I think that pic of Bill was taken at Trumps Inauguration when he got caught by the Hildabeast undressing Ivanka Trump when she walked in.

          • Actually Bill was rolling his eyes like that during one of the debates when the row of the much maligned “bimbos” were sitting nearby. Yeah– be sure your sins will find you out Billy.

      3. Chelsea Clinton is an over educated, privileged, nut-job.

        Having watched her being interviewed over the years I concluded that Chelsea Clinton has been brainwashed from years ago, early on, to believe EVERYTHING her parents tell her and NOTHING the media says unless it’s positive. That was my take-away and conclusion of these many interviews.

        • james, I agree.

      4. GAWD, I’m so sick and tired of the Clinton’s. Can’t they just go away?

      5. DITTO

      6. Clinton Crimes Too Many to List:

        o What about the Murders that the Clintons are connected to? Supposed “suicides”?
        Look this list up on the Internet. It is amazing.
        o What about the Clintons brokering and facilitating mining deals with Russia for materials used in weapons of mass destruction?
        o What about the Email server that Hillary Clinton kept in the bathroom? Those emails compromised National Security and got USA intelligence assets KILLED.
        o What about Bengahzi? Hillary Clinton directly involved with a USA diplomat being murdered?
        o What about the Drugs Clinton flew into Mena Arkansas?
        o What about the Clintons association with a known pedophile? Flying on his private jet to a private island? What was done on that private island by these sick pathetic scum?
        o What about the goings on at the Clinton foundation? Slush fund.
        o What about the money from that Clinton foundation being transfered out of USA?
        o What about the voodoo and spirit cooking dinners the Clintons are involved in?
        o What about the “Pizza gate”? Was that true? You tell me.

        It goes on and on. I could type here ALL DAY about Clinton crimes and disgusting actions. And I have not even gotten to the MANY MANY reported rapes.
        One or a couple of accusations might be BS. But the number of accusations indicate a serial rapist. Makes you sick.

        Clintons are a representation of the “Deep State”- Bilderbergs-Tri Lateral Commission-CFR, standards. These people are seriously sick criminals.

        • Yeah because everything you read on the internet is true. It has to be, just ask Al Gore.

          • So you defend these actions by the Clintons?
            If only ONE of these thins true. Only ONE. Then why are they Not in jail? Why?
            Do you believe that many women falsely accused Bill of rape?
            That many false accusations? Really? Why isn’t Bill and Hillary in Jail.

            I was Tortured. Abused. My civil rights violated.
            No Lawyer. No bail. No phone call. I was disappeared.
            I witnessed the jailers MURDERING multiple American citizens.

            And Clintons do their dirt with ZERO consequences.

            American Law Enforcement Assets are being used to round up, illegally detain, then MURDER Americans. They harvest the prisoners assets, pensions, bank accounts, bank accounts, personal property.
            Then jailers MURDER, Harvest the prisoners vital organs to sell on black market.

            Harvey County Regional Correctional Facility in Newton Kansas.
            MURDERING Americans sinse Bush was in office.
            Foreigners with Perfect midwest english accents that speak a slavic language among themselves. Mexicans filtered through the facility and ID and given document packets.

            Feds are aware and compliant with these criminals MURDERING Americans.
            Why are crimes like these allowed? Americans being murdered.
            Why are crimes by the Clintons NEVER prosecuted?
            Any answers wise guy? Anyone else? Any F&cking answers as to why?

            Any answer as to why Obama was allowed to destroy our once great nation?
            Why wasn’t Obama’s TREASON grounds for IMPEACHMENT and Arrest?
            Why the cowardice by other politicians and Law Enforcement towards Obama?
            Why did Obama get a free pass on TREASON?

            Today: Why US Intelligence agencies allowed to illegally snoop, release dirt, and UNDERMINE President Trump? Tell me Why are unelected spooks allowed to undermine our Elected President Trump? Why no outcry?

            Why no massive outcry Against the lying US Media who ALL oppose our elected President Trump?

          • If 1% of any of that is true

            It’s enough to put them all away for life

            That not good enough for you?

            • I was being sarcastic, and in no way so I support anything the Klintons have ever done. Nonetheless, I don’t think they should be locked up for life. That’s too good. Swinging from a rope would be the better sentence for their treasonous crimes.

        • The list of dead people have followed the Clintons for 30 years. Out of this list, you know that statistically they have to be at fault for at least one of these. I personally think they’re responsible for most on the list.

      7. It is at the same time sad, and staggering, to think that in a few more years, a few decades if lucky, this man, and his wife, will be standing before their Creator.

        Before God, all sin is egregious. And I cannot excuse my own (before God, we are all just pigs in a mud stye comparing which one is *relatively* cleaner!) But certain sins are much more immediately damaging to the human psyche, which is why we have more serious punishment for them. Rape is one of them.

        What is most staggering, culturally, is that half the American population seems to have no problem countenancing leaders who do this kind of stuff.

        The Founding Fathers were all over this issue. E.g., Madison noted ““Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

        Or slightly later Noah Webster: If the citizens neglect their duty and place unprincipled men in office, the government will soon be corrupted . . . . If a republican government fails to secure public prosperity and happiness, it must be because the citizens neglect the Divine commands, and elect bad men to make and administer the laws

        • Very true Mr. Test!

      8. Is an American Coup d’etat in Progress?

        February 18th, 2017
        By the Anonymous Patriots
        The Millennium Report Exclusive

        Have you asked yourself the question of why Former President Obama is hunkering down in a secure fortress in DC to lead the new “Regime Change” against duly elected President Donald Trump?

        Are you wondering whether the transnational corporations, who are the military industrial complex and warlord bankers and brokers, are going to be able to overthrow the United States government?

        Do you get upset and wonder why “Obomber and Killary” have attacked seven sovereign nations, killing millions and creating the largest refugee crisis in history, and the US Congress stands back and does nothing?

        Are you concerned that the Bush/Clinton/Obama regime will sell-out America to transnationalism through George Bush Sr.’s original plan to create a New World Order is about to be complete?

        Is it time for We the People to take back America in a Second American Revolution that enforces existing laws and jails treasonous criminals who have broken our laws for personal gain and unconstitutional power?

        Full Story: http://themillenniumreport.com/2017/02/is-an-american-coup-detat-in-progress/

      9. And to think Hilary, who was the “Bimbogate manager” for Bill, had the suppport from the feminazis. From the Daily Wire, http://www.dailywire.com/news/1344/how-many-women-has-bill-clinton-sexually-abused-amanda-prestigiacomo here are 14 women Bill molested. This leaves out Monica and Gennifer, as that was consensual, even if disgusting:

        1. According to Breitbart News, Juanita Broaddrick, a gubernatorial campaign volunteer, accused Bill Clinton of rape in 1978:
        Then he tries to kiss me again. And the second time he tries to kiss me he starts biting my lip … He starts to, um, bite on my top lip and I tried to pull away from him. And then he forces me down on the bed. And I just was very frightened, and I tried to get away from him and I told him ‘No,’ that I didn’t want this to happen but he wouldn’t listen to me. … It was a real panicky, panicky situation. I was even to the point where I was getting very noisy, you know, yelling to ‘Please stop.’ And that’s when he pressed down on my right shoulder and he would bite my lip. … When everything was over with, he got up and straightened himself, and I was crying at the moment and he walks to the door, and calmly puts on his sunglasses. And before he goes out the door he says ‘You better get some ice on that.’ And he turned and went out the door.

        2. Eileen Wellstone, an English woman who met Clinton at a pub, alleged the former president of sexual assaulted her in 1969.
        3. Carolyn Moffet, a legal secretary, accused Clinton of sexually assaulting her in 1979.

        4. Elizabeth Ward Gracen, reigning Miss America and married at the time, originally told friends that Clinton had sexually assaulted her in 1982. It is reported that Gracen has privately condemned the encounter as rape but has publicly claimed it was “consensual,” presumably out of fear.

        5. Per Breitbart, “Flight attendant Christy Zercher, who worked on Clinton’s plane in 1992, allegedly accused Clinton of exposing his genitals to her and grabbing her breasts.”

        6. Former DC fundraiser, Sandra Allen James alleged that Clinton “invited her to his hotel room and then sexually assaulted her in 1991.”

        7. Kathleen Willey, former Democrat activists, per WND, accused Clinton of sexually assaulting her in 1993.

        8. Paula Jones claimed that Clinton exposed his penis to her and then asked “Would you kiss it for me?” She filed a sexual harassment claim against him soon after.

        9. An unnamed 22-year-old woman came forward in 1972 to accuse Clinton of sexual assault. “According to Capitol Hill Blue, in 1972, while Bill was dating Hillary at Yale Law School, a 22-year-old woman told campus police that Bill Clinton had sexually assaulted her. She confirmed the assault to Capitol Hill Blue but did not want her name used. Clinton was still president in 1999 when the article was written.”

        10. As a professor at the University of Arkansas, Clinton “allegedly sexually attacked a female student, groped her and tried to physically trap her in his office.”

        11. According to an article penned by Daniel J. Harris and Teresa Hampton, “former Arkansas students confirmed that Clinton tried to force himself on them when he was a professor.”

        12. Roger Morris wrote in Partners In Power that another unnamed victim accused Clinton of unwanted sexual advances:
        A young woman lawyer in Little Rock claimed that she was accosted by Clinton while he was attorney general and that when she recoiled he forced himself on her, biting and bruising her. Deeply affected by the assault, the woman decided to keep it all quiet for the sake of her own hard-won career and that of her husband. When the husband later saw Clinton at the 1980 Democratic Convention, he delivered a warning. “If you ever approach her,” he told the governor, “I’ll kill you.” Not even seeing fit to deny the incident, Bill Clinton sheepishly apologized and duly promised never to bother her again.

        13. In the book, Uncovering Clinton, another woman, “the wife of a prominent Democract” (who remained unnamed), accused Clinton of sexual abuse in 1996:
        Clinton started getting physical, trying to kiss her, touching her breasts. The woman said she was stunned. She had no idea how to respond. “I’ve never had a man take advantage of me like that” … As Clinton pressed himself on her, she said, she resisted–and finally pushed him away. What happened after that? I asked. Clinton turned away, she said. She hesitated, and she said softly and with apparent discomfort, “I think he finished the job himself.”

        14. Lt. Col. Robert “Buzz” Patterson wrote a book about Clinton called, Dereliction of Duty in which he accounted yet another victim of sexual abuse by the then-president. He wrote that a female stewardess on Air Force One complained that Clinton “sexually molested” and “cornered” her on the flight. Per Patterson, the woman only “wanted an apology.”

        Bill Clinton has been accused of sexually assaulting at least fourteen women — and who knows how many more have not come forward? “

      10. “Well, since you asked, Here’s my definition of horrifying, sick & awful. Answer: Your father, Bill Clinton”

        Fk’N PRICELESS!!! ツ

      11. As the years go by she will be as bad or worse!!

        • Worse. She’s not a cynical politician like her parents, but a self-righteous crusader.

      12. Can anyone out there address the fact that President Trump nominated to the Secretary of Commerce position a man by the name of Wilber Ross? Wilber Ross is a billionare investment banker who made his fortune being a Managing Director for Rothschild Inc. I wanted to believe Trump was for us the People. I am forced to reevaluate my position on Trump because of the Rothschild connection. Can any Trump supporter out there point to flaws in my logic?

        • GreenTip:

          The Rothschild’s are the head of the snake of the “Chew wish” shadow government that has run America for many many years. President Trump is taking the snake out of the shadows and into the light of day, where perhaps some controls can be created.

          The ZioGlobalist “Chews” hate President Trump because his policies of protection from Muslim invasion and invasion from Mexico is not what globalists want.

          President Trump is a brilliant strategist. I hope he can pull off what I believe is his balancing the Powerful Chew Agenda with enough pro white agenda to stop the total genocide of white European people, which is actively and openly espoused by some Chews. Priorities, my friend. And what does one man do, and survive.

          That’s all I have to say about that.


          • If the Globilists and Trump are these huge enemy’s you speak of then why would Trump appoint the Managing Director of Rothschild Inc into his administration? I don’t understand this. I think Trump is a Trojan Horse for the globalists myself.

            • Maybe one thing Trump is doing is bringing in these Rothy shills so they have to take the oath that they can never lobby for a foreign government. So once they are in on that WH program he can fire them and if they violate their sworn oath he can put the POS In prison. Trump plays chess, some times these shill sell out their own like Soros did to his Chewish neighbors in German in WW2. Sometimes it take insiders to dismantle a Cartel.

              There is a lot more going on, than we know, so hang tight and lets see, the method to his madness. Just my take on that.

            • Trump is nothing short of being controlled opposition for the khazarian mafia. Just look at his whole cabinet.

              • Yep! And his police state views. Also anti-constitutional shit. He aint no saviour but he’s a hell of a lot better than the alternative.

                • yOU Americans are a piece of work don’t realize how lucky you are. The rest of th world was laughing at your dam moslem leader Obama now theyre laughin at you more like mocking you and shaming. nothing but whining bitching backbiting complaining about everything and don’t even appreciate the president you elected that is good for you and us in Canada and rest of the free world. you dont support him you get what you deserv tyrany like the rest of the world. Your free now keep it that way support the good man you have now. you will never have another chance!

                  • You condem me because I question a polictions intention?

      13. I was hoping that, after the election, the Clinton’s would just go away and we wouldn’t have to be hearing about them any more/

        Well wish in one hand and …………………

        • Anonymous.

          …… and shit in the other. See which one fills up first.

          We are still seeing pictures of Hillary’s Puss at this site.
          Is Mac trying to drive us insane? Oh I forgot, I’m alright now. ;0)

          How many here will vote for Chelsea.

      14. I heard Rubio was invited to a Bilderberg conference. Not sure if he attended.
        They try to put their hooks in any presidential candidate they think might win.
        That one didn’t work out for them.

        • I heard Christie was invited to a Bilda Burger conference.

      15. I didn’t know that Chelsea is married to Soro’s nephew. Does that make Chelsea an honorary member of Black Lives.

        Leave Chelsea alone. She’s not responsible for the crimes of her parents. Besides, she looks more like her mother’s law partner, so she may not be Bill’s “daughter”. In any case, it is to be expected that she would side with her parents.

        The Bible says, “Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother”.
        There is no exception such as “unless they are scum”; so, enough about her.

        If she runs for office, that’s a different story.


        • Chelsea certainly looks like Webb Hubbell by each passing year.
          For sure there is the Hillary resemblance … there is no Bill resemblance, and all the trademarks of a Webb Hubbell presence that is all over her face.

          “Bill is NOT the father!”

          • She’s even more butt-ugly than her mom.

        • I disagree, Chelsea has entered the political arena on behalf of her mother’s campaign and worked for her election to the presidency. She is being touted for a congressional seat.

          She is in politics, and fair game.

          These people need to be told off every opportunity that arises.

        • She’s got enough of her own dirty laundry asside from her parents

          So judge her on her own crimes , that’s should be easy enough
          And she learned how to fuck us all over by whom?

          Yeah ,.. uh uh

      16. The Clinton and Bush Crime families are worthless trash.
        Bill Clinton spent years sexually assualting women and smuggling illegal drugs through Arkansas as Governor.
        The Clinton’s have also had multiple people murdered who stood in their way.
        There are many great videos talking about The Mena connection and Bill Clinton’s use of illegal drugs and sex parties when he was Governor.
        Watch and read testimony from former Arkansas State Troopers who served as Bill Clinton’s security detail.
        The Clinton’s were also involved with the pedophile sex ring known as “Pizzagate”.
        It’s interesting to note that Kay Griggs says Linda Tripp was a Delta Force operative. Also Kay Griggs says many of the mainstream journalists are all military intelligence.
        None of these elected officials can be trusted.

      17. If you decide you want to get on the field you might get blindsided.

      18. It’s hard for us to understand how these ultra rich people who have gotten anything they want all there lives are infuriated by the fact that Cristian’s say no they can’t. They believe they should be able to do what ever makes them feel good. And we make laws that stop them . And they don’t like that. They want to covet what ever they want . And we are in their way. They know exactly how evil they are and know that their only hope is to worship Satan. They know they are long past GODs forgiveness. Who said about getting your kicks above the waistline? Separating the wheat from the Tares .And BURNING the Tares. As in burning soddom and Gomorrah . We might not understand it? We just have to pick a side . And live for eternity with the consequences ?

      19. Chelsea Clinton is the product of a rapist father and a murder committing mother . NUFF SAID !

        • That makes her a perfect liberal.

      20. I’ve an old friend who was mayor of a small Arkansas town during the Clinton’s time there. The stories from him about Hillary and Bill are beyond belief. And we both believe Webster Hubbell is Chelsea’s dad. I do truly hope AG Sessions puts them in the slammer. They are beyond horrific psychopaths. No question but Vince Foster and dozens of others were killed on their orders. And that they both made trips to “Orgy Island” on Jeffery Epstein’s “Lolita Express.” Web scuttlebutt is that the FBI has the tapes from the hidden cameras there that were installed by the CIA/Mossad to get blackmail evidence on a large number of politicians. From all the stories from the women Bill raped it seems he got off on hurting them during the event.

        • I used to visit family back there near Rogers/Fayetteville, and drove by the Rose Law Firm many times, it’s just a little cinderblock building housing attorneys. Everyone I met there, no exceptions, told me the stories about the Clintons were all true. One person had been represented by Hillary in a DWI, and padded the billing to nearly double the stated fee.

      21. All the crimes yet both Clinton’s still walk around free. Disgusting!

      22. I am glad for her response. I hope and pray that both Clinton’s die in my lifetime. The world would be a better place.

      23. What? When chelsea raped juanita,
        she didn’t expect to be blindsided in this way?

        Juanita broadrick has EVERY right to lash out at anyone even remotely related to or acquainted with bill clinton..

        Can anyone else offer a valid rational for juanita’s assumption that her comments ok? I can’t..

      24. Clinton is a Pedophile too
        and if you think the Pizza gate thing is fake ,, well it isnt
        and if you think there arnt pedophiles in our government ? I give you this

        When Pizzagate made its way to headlines around the world, many dismissed it as fake news, with no basis in reality. Whether or not the details alleged in Pizzagate are valid or not, it doesn’t detract from the reality that pedophilia is a real thing that does involve members holding the highest office in the US government. Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert is living proof. Once third in line to ascend to the presidency, Hastert was outed for raping children in 2015.
        One of his victims, who has only been identified as ‘Individual A’ in court documents, was illegally paid off to stay quiet. It was this payoff that eventually led to his having to explain the payment, which ultimately led to his outing as a pedophile. After his outing as a child molester, Hastert was indicted and pleaded guilty to various charges surrounding the molestation of multiple individuals. He avoided long term jail time, because the system is inherently corrupt. Hastert stated he took the plea agreement to avoid an embarrassing trial.
        Now that his reputation has been ruined, he seeks revenge against the plaintiff in the criminal case, who was identified as Individual A. After paying him over a million dollars in hush money, Hastert is suing Individual A to recoup that money, as he claims Individual A did not live up to his end of the arrangement. Basically, after raping him and lying to police about it, he feels he is entitled to a refund because his victim couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Hastert’s lawyers assert, “To the extent any contract existed between plaintiff [Individual A] and defendant [Hastert], plaintiff breached that contract.”

        • sorry , i ment to add.. from The Daily Sheeple
          Mac’s other site

      25. I don’t hold anything against Chelsea. You can’t help who you’really born of. However, common sense should inform her to keep a low profile. She needs to avoid slipping into the Clinton pattern. She already has used Foundation funds for her wedding apparently. As for Juanita, the justice system failed her entirely- and she should be able to speak her mind on this subject whenever and to whomever she pleases. They can just put a little ice on it if it hurts.

      26. “Instead, Hillary is threatening a 2020 run (even if it is utterly absurd), and Chelsea is being groomed to be an irrelevant dynasty heir or media pawn.”

        First of all, I’m no fan of Donald Trumps extreme policies and I’m sure many of you here will disagree with me on that. However that’s my opinion and not yours. Secondly, no way should Hillary run again because she is a poor choice for either side to represent, right or left. Furthermore, whether or not the electoral college system is changed to a majority system I doubt it would make a difference on her chances to win or that the DNC would nominate her after what had been exposed by the e-mails released by Wikileaks about Congresswoman Wasserman Schultz feelings regarding Bernie Sanders. And even furthermore, the 2016 election has left a terrible taste in a lot of peoples mouths with regard to both candidates especially the Clinton’s and as a registered Republican for 30 years I would vote for neither person. However if Trump were to survive his presidency for the 4 years without being impeached and actually making a real difference by bringing ALL AMERICANS together then that could change my mind and the minds of possibly many voters. I doubt it will happen but I’m willing to give him my support if he would just drop his twitter account and quit tweeting and sounding like an imbecile.

      27. Chelsea is not a child, unlike Barron Trump, who was attacked by the media for being tired at 3:00 a.m. The left loons continue to attack him, Ivanka when she’s on an airplane with her husband and children and Melania for praying for our country. To quote Obama “Elections have consequences, we won…get over it!”

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