Orlando Killer Worked For Company Transporting Illegal Immigrants Inside US; Was Interviewed By FBI 3 Times

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    Editor’s Note: And the plot thickens as reported by Zero Hedge. Is it possible that Orlando shooter Omar Mateen helped to transport Islamic Terrorists deep into the United States via Mexican smuggling routes?

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    Via Zero Hedge:

    In a surprising discovery, the Palm Beach Post first reported that according to state records, Orlando shooter Omar Mateen – who as we reported earlier was licensed as a security guard and also holds a firearms license – was employed by the US subsidiary of G4S plc, a British multinational security services company, whose US-headquarters are located in Jupiter, Fla, and which also happens to be the world’s largest security company by revenue.

    Shortly thereafter, G4S confirmed that Omar Mateen has worked for the company since 2007. This is the statement released from G4S:

    “We are shocked and saddened by the tragic event that occurred at the Orlando nightclub. We can confirm that Omar Mateen had been employed with G4S since September 10, 2007. We are cooperating fully with all law enforcement authorities, including the FBI, as they conduct their investigation. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the friends, families and people affected by this unspeakable tragedy.”

    In other words, Mateen who according to preliminary reports, had been on a terrorist watchlist, and who still managed to obtain weapons thanks to his various licenses and permits, was employed by one of the world’s largest security companies, where he may have had extensive clearances well above his pay grade.

    But where it gets more disturbing is that as Judicial Watch reported several days ago, in a post titled, “DHS Quietly Moving, Releasing Vanloads Of Illegal Aliens Away From Border“, border patrol sources said that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was quietly transporting illegal immigrants from the Mexican border to Phoenix and releasing them without proper processing or issuing court appearance documents. As a reminder, the government classifies them as Other Than Mexican (OTM) and this week around 35 were transferred 116 miles north from Tucson to a Phoenix bus station where they went their separate way. Judicial Watch was present when one of the white vans carrying a group of OTMs arrived at the Phoenix Greyhound station on Buckeye Road.

    And this is where the Mateen-G4S link emerges: as JW reported previously, a security company contracted by the U.S. government is driving the OTMs from the Border Patrol’s Tucson Sector where they were in custody to Phoenix, sources said. The firm is the abovementioned G4S, the world’s leading security solutions group with operations in more than 100 countries and 610,000 employees. G4S has more than 50,000 employees in the U.S. and its domestic headquarters is in Jupiter, Florida.

    Judicial Watch noted that it had filed a number of public records requests to get more information involving the arrangement between G4S and the government, specifically the transport of illegal immigrants from the Mexican border to other parts of the country. The photo below shows the uniformed G4S guard that transported the OTMs this week from Tucson to Phoenix.


    Outraged Border Patrol agents and supervisors on the front lines say illegal immigrants are being released in droves because there’s no room to keep them in detention. “They’re telling us to put them on a bus and let them go,” said one law enforcement official in Arizona. “Just move those bodies across the country.” Officially, DHS denies this is occurring and in fact earlier this year U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske blasted Border Patrol union officials for denouncing this dangerous catch-and-release policy. Kerlikowske’s scolding came in response to the congressional testimony of Bandon Judd, chief of the National Border Patrol Council, the labor union that represents line agents. Judd told lawmakers on the House Judiciary Committee that illegal immigrants without serious criminal convictions can be released immediately and disappear into the shadows. Kerlikowske shot back, telling a separate congressional committee: “I would not stand by if the Border Patrol was — releasing people without going through all of the formalities.

    * * *

    Meanwhile, the Hill reported that Mateen’s employment, and gun licenses, were untouched even though the FBI confirmed it had interviewed the 29-year-old three times before the shooting took place early Sunday morning.  An official said that the FBI first became aware of the suspect, Omar Mateen, 29, in 2013 when he made “inflammatory comments to coworkers alleging possible terrorist ties.”

     In the course of that investigation, Mateen was interviewed twice, but the FBI was unable to verify the substance of his comments.

    Then, one year later, in 2014 the FBI conducted an investigation into possible ties between Mateen and an American suicide bomber. The FBI conducted another investigation, which included an interview with Mateen, but determined that the contact did not constitute a threat at that time.

    The FBI said it is looking into any and all connections, both domestic and international to the shooting that killed 50 people and injured 53 at a crowded gay nightclub.

    The agent at Sunday afternoon’s press briefing also confirmed reports that the shooter called 911 before the massacre, and said his remarks had general connections to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terror group. The content of those calls is now federal evidence.

    * * *

    It gets even more bizarre: despite his chequered history and his numerous FBI encounters, the Orlando Police just reported that he had managed to purchase firearms in just this past week.

    A Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives spokesperson confirmed that Mateen legally purchased 2 firearms — a handgun and a long gun, “within the past few days.”

    * * *

    Armed with all this information, the big question, now that it has emerged that Mateen worked for the same company that has been tasked – under questionable circumstances – to transport illegals into the US, is whether or not this individual who swore allegiance to ISIS moments before the worst mass shooting and who was also employed by G4S for almost a decade, and who had been interviewed by the FBI three times and yet still managed to buy guns just last week, was also tasked in any way in facilitating the transport of illegal immigrants across the border, and if so, whether he helped other like-minded radical islamists enter the country.

    We are confident all these questions will be addressed by the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and the government, and that the media – liberal or otherwise – will promptly follow up on these key questions.

    This report originally appeared at Zero Hedge


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      1. Well, it’s no secret where these islamic savages gather.

        • “We are confident all these questions will be addressed by the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and the government, and that the media – liberal or otherwise – will promptly follow up on these key questions.”

          I usually like Sarcasm. This time I’m just freaking irritated.

          • Say what ever happened to the “investigation” into the two lying FIB agents concerning Lavoy Finicum’s death?
            I do believe in “coincidences”, but with the FIB hitting 100% on having known or investigated every mooslem terrorist to attack in the domestic USSA……
            Ah well, just a coincidence, Good Amerikans all, I’m sure.

            • I guess it depends on *who* is doing the interviewing.

              To me, it appears as the purpose of interviewing potential radical moose lims is that *when* they go off the deep end, at least we can say we talked to them.

              When people talk about the good-ole-days, they are talking about last month.

          • The DHS has been Hijacked by the Zionist Organization a decade ago and run by Jews. In fact one DHS Chief Michael Chertoff was a Dual Israeli Citizen. LIKE WTF is a dual citizen running the highest security position in the US? We are High-jacked. And the DHS moving illegals into the Country like Phoenix, is TREASON. We need to Hang these ZIONIST BASTARDS who are in charge of this. Where is Federal Law Enforcement stopping these crimes against us by Federal DHS Employees??????????

            Be prepared people, we are under attack from the Enemy within. Star well armed and prepare to fight. This is going to get real bloody, they keep this shit up. This shooting is at my back door in FL.

            We are an open boarder, rogue hijacked government and this is exactly what the Powers in control want to do, create chaos and fear, to disarm the population, and turn everybody into their slaves.


        • Obama may be relieved that this didn’t occur in a Chicago “bath house”.

          How long will it be until Obama starts talking about this being a “lone wolf” terrorist. And uses that as a reason to increase government spying on American citizens, and to further shred (Hilary is good at shredding)the United States Constitution?

        • Looks like another False Flag Wack Job to me. Pay very close attention to the very first news broad casts right after this kind of incident. Listen to witnesses and what they say. One lady radio call in, said, there is a lot of security in place for this night club. She said there are many layers you need to get through to even get in the place. So she asks how could this guy possible even get any gun in this place at all. It is impossible.. Of course the Radio interviewer ignores what she said and went on to something else.

          Then They say well he called 911 and committed his oath to ISIS. Well Lets here the 911 call. OOPS you cant, Florida law says they can block public access to any 911 call where there is murder involved. Like WTF, What has that got to do with the mind set of this alleged shooting. Give us the tape or your COP 911 call story about Isis affiliation is BS!!! ISIS was invented by the CIA, trained by the CIA and Funded and Armed by the CIA and that is a fact, nobody can dispute.

          They the alleged killer’s Mother calls in and says well he hated Gays. He got so upset when he saw 2 gay men kissing, that was just months ago. So is this a Hate crime. His Mother seems to think so. Does she know more than Bill Nelson?

          Of course Democrat FL Senator “Bill (BOZO) Nelson” & sell out, comes on and claims this is terrorism and we need a lot more money for the Industrial Complex Mafia, aka: My buddies that fund my campaign to keep me in office.

          So there are a lot of Holes in this BOGUS News story. And again, they leave the dead piled up for a day inside the building so the Public does not know who was killed.

          I think this was a Hate crime, vs, terrorism. If you believe LEO’s BS Stories, they you are dumb like sheep.

          They are putting their own version of the shooting to capitalize on more funding.

          Then he only got the Guns a few weeks ago. So he planed this entire shooting in a week and trained to change magazines and rip off hundreds of rounds in a week. Uh,… I think not. Sounds like another Sandy Hook scam to me.

          Well EVERYBODY better Start asking and DEMANDING TV and News Organizations, why the DHS gives 95% of all Security Grants to Jewish Organizations exclusively. None for night clubs, theaters, or Christins organizations, IN fact 54% of these incidents happen at schools and universities, bot Jewish Organizations as they claim to steal Tax Payers moneys. Its all goes to JEWS and Zionists Cults, yep Hundreds of Millions of US Tax Payer Monies) to the Zionist Jews. So when you see this Muslim Pointing over here with one hand, the Jews are Picking America’s pockets clean from the back end with their other hand.

          Do your Job New Reporters. Start asking the tough questions. Otherwise your are just BS Too.

          Remember this is Obama’s last chance to try and Outlaw Assault like type rifles, as he claims, and I will not pass his mental state to do what ever it takes to exploit tragedy. This shooting stinks to high heaven for BS of the real story. How about who set this all up to create more gun laws. Who really gave him the Guns? Who really trained him and paid for his Guns and Ammo.

          ~WWTI… Just give us the truth, NO BS.

          • WWTI, I agree wholeheartedly. Google “Who Created The DHS”. Markus Wolf, head of the now defunct East German STASI and 2 retired high-ranking members of the Soviet KGB were secretly brought into the US to help design and create the DHS BEFORE 9/11. WHY WERE FOREIGNERS BROUGHT IN TO HELP SET UP A US GOVT. AGENCY? HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

            • Brave, I don’t comment much lately but just can’t ignore your educated comment above. Thank You Sir for spreading the truth along with WWTI.

              • Stolz, glad to see you back. Everyone go to jimstone.is. He has an interesting take on the Orlando incident and some other issues as well.

                • Here is WWTI News Reporter, at the Orlando Shooting Scene asking the FBI Questions.

                  MR FBI Guy, this is WWTI from SHTFPlan, as it seems all these shooting occur at Schools, Movie theaters and night clubs. Why does the DHS run by Jews Give 95% of all the DHS Security Grants exclusively to Jewish Organizations that have experience no attacks? Answer that??? Where are those Million of dollars really going??? I thought the Muslims enemy was the Jews, and not fat Gay people. Explain that please, why innocent Gays were targeted.

                  Question #2, Mr FBI Agent, You bring in 200 Agents to a shooting crime scene, where the assailant is already dead. There is no more threat here. How about you re-assign these 200 Agents to go look for the 95% of the DHS Grant Monies, into the Hundreds of Millions of Dollars that the JEWS at the DHS stole and looted from US Tax Payers all over decades, all for their Greedy Jew Zionist Clan?? Do you have FBI Agent investigators looking at that? Yes or No and Why not?

                  Quest #3. Mr FBI man, How did the long Gun get inside the building? There was a lot of layers of security as many patrons claimed. How did the Killer decide to make a prank call to 911 while inside the club with his Guns in his hands, before he went and shot up the place. Was the call rerouted from another location, was there any phone company workers in the building in the last few weeks poking around this night club? And the Mother thinks this is a Hate Crime, cause he was really pissed off seeing 2 gays kissing just months before this incident. Do you dispute the killers Mother? You think she is lying?

                  Question #4. Will this incident Prop up your already over bloated FBI Budgets so you can squander more Tax Dollars on Patsy false terrorist programs like many in the past, you created for no reason? Please explain.

                  Quest #5. Why are there Israeli Dual Citizens running the DHS, or even working at any Government positions of security? Especially those that over see the TSA, and FBI, and Border Patrol, which all seem to be pretty ineffective these days. The DHS is giving Van rides to illegals well beyond the border and into Phoenix and releasing these illegals into the public. It this TREASON by government officials? Who’s Side are you on Mr FBI Man? Are you investigating that crime of treason by smuggling in illegals?

                  Answer all of that, Mr FBI Man. The public is awaiting your answers.

                  This is WWTI Reporting from SHTFPlan, live at the Press conference shooting in Orlando. Stay alert people, stay armed, for the enemy is already here on our shores and has infiltrated our Government for decades and creating this Chaos designed to disarm us. Only the Truth Here Folks, WWTI signing out. Back to you Mac at HQ…


                • Yep Brave, BINGO!!! ht tp://

                  Jim Stone has, with multiple reports from eye witnesses saying there were 2 shooters, All common and similar early statements from various separate individuals. “There were 2 Guys shooting pow pow pow, it was constant.” The Muslim Patsy and the Israeli Killer who got out of there, escaped with help, and onto a plane back to Israel. The Patsy got scared when the Jew got out of there with a ride, and the Cops showed up so the Patsy OMAR ran back into the night club as witnesses reported. The Israeli shooter was long gone by then, probably lifted out of there via Mossad van drivers, like on 911, and is most likely already back in Israel tonight getting pinned with a Medal as a Hero and drinking Champagne and laughing.

                  This Guy Jim Stone put this together like a puzzle like I do. After looking in depth into each of these incidents, the Markers begin to line up again and again with a similar finger print. So why is the FBI taking so long to get their story out of what happened? Like How Many shooters? It is also very possible the Orlando Cops or first responders that went into the building also shot up innocent people. Maybe there were only 20 dead by the attackers and 30 more killed by the Cops. You know damn well they will never admit a Cop shot an innocent person. They would be sued. So out comes the BS Story and the Cops are made to look like heros, They get a medal, the agencies get more budget money, and this will help push a Gun Ban.

                  Nobody wants US Citizens disarmed, more then Israel. Remember that. Their political Shills are working hard in Congress to get that done and open the door to full Zionist control in the US, with no resistance left by the people.

                  I heard on the Radio today, that now claimed. “There is only one shooter and he had no help.” Really just 12 hours after the shooting, and they already determined officially he was a Lone Wolf. Its BS from the Word GO.

                  They did the same thing right after the Boston Bombing. The FBI comes out within hours and says these are the only 2 guys we are looking for, so don’t look any place else. These are the 2 guys. That was on a TV press conference. Very Bizarre to say that in the least, so early in an investigation.

                  You see if it was terrorism these agencies get more funding. If it is just a hate crime they don’t. They need to decide the “Truth vs. more Funding.”

                  Orlando was a similar set up just like Oswald in the Book Depository cleaning a 30-06. Does that Dallas Shooting of JFK, sound familiar to the Orlando Shooting? You bet.. Multiple shooters, one Patsy. F-n Eh right jack!!

                  The Problem with the JFK Shooting was that the Patsy Oswald Lived and started saying he was set up. That’s where the Jew Strip Club Owner Jack Ruby, formerly Jack Rubenstein (Very Jewish) went down and shot and killed the Patsy Oswald, so he would quit singing the truth. Once dead, then it was all covered up by the Zionist controlled Media, feeding the US public BS.

                  We have been fucked as a nation since the JFK Shooting, and like parasites that suck the life blood out of an animal, the Zionists are about to carve up this country like a final feast, BUT ONLY if we let them. We cannot let them. Keep Telling these facts, and it will sink in to the brain of average sheep.


            • Brave, Why is it allowed at all for Foreign Security companies to come and run security here in the US at all. Israeli security company ran the Boston Marathon Bombing. They Run the DHS as dual citizens. Michael Chertoff was a freaking dual citizen? He picked the Boston marathon security from Israel to run it.

              Why are there Israeli Security firms running entire security at many US Airports? They do. Oh I’m sure the Jews sitting up in the offices watching Americans get molested by the TSA for 15 Years was a real hoot.

              Why is any foreigner or dual citizen in any Government position at all. I sure hope President Trump ends that BS Program of plunder and rape on Americans. Build the Wall and kick out all illegals and Dual citizens.

              Here Read this Article: ht tp://www.whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/ICTS.html

              Every 9-11 Hijacker went through a US Airport that was run by the same Israeli Security Company.

              All 9/11 Airports Serviced by
              One Israeli Owned Company

              It’s one of those times when an innocuous comment in an unrelated news report triggers a revelation.
              In the article at ht tp://afrocubaweb.com/news/israelispying.htm there is the following paragraph:

              “To make the situation worse, a private security company called ICTS, owned by an Israeli, Ezra Harel, and registered in the Netherlands, was employed at Charles de Gaulle airport to screen passengers boarding US planes. Most of its personnel are ex-Shin Bet officers. The company covers security at Boston’s Logan airport, where the American Airlines plane came down after flight attendants and passengers overpowered Reid.”

              The point of the article was that ICTS knew shoe bomber Richard Reid was dangerous, but allowed him on board a flight from Tel Aviv to Paris. Maybe they did and maybe they didn’t. But the idea that an Israeli owned company had inside access to the airport used to launch an abortive terror attack brought to mind the strange message Odigo Systems, another Israeli owned company with offices near the World Trade Towers, received that warned of the impending attacks before the hijacked planes had even left the ground.

              Then there was the story of crotch-bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who was allowed to board Northwest flight 253 from Amsterdam on Christmas Day 2009. And again, gate security that allowed him to pass was ICTS!

              So, I went back to another story that had surfaced briefly, reported at ww w.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=26626 about how at least one hijacker had smuggled a GUN aboard one of the hijacked planes. Even prior to 9-11, getting a gun on board a passenger plane represented a serious lapse of security. I wondered why this story of a gun was being concealed behind talk of box cutters and screwdrivers.

              Then I went back to the first article and its mention that ICTS handled security at Logan International Airport, from which two of the 9-11 hijacked planes had departed.

              Sure enough, a visit to ICTS’ own web site at http://www.icts-int.com/ confirms that ICTS is in fact an Israeli owned company, and that it sells services to every airport from which the hijacked planes operated, including security, sometimes through wholly owned subsidiaries like Huntleigh USA Corporation.

              It has been suggested that the incredible feat of hijacking four aircraft without a single arrest at the gate would require the resources of a nation-state. This is even more true with the revelation that at least one gun had managed to be aboard a hijacked plane. One company had automatic inside access to all of the airports from which hijacked planes departed on 9-11, and to the airports used by Richard Reid, the shoe bomber. An Israeli company. One that Mossad agents could easily find employment with without the management knowing who they were or what their purpose really was.

              But one thing is clear. By virtue of the Odigo warning, someone knew enough about the planned attacks to warn Odigo before the planes had even departed the airport gates, yet they did not call the Israeli security company at the airports which could have stopped the flights from leaving.

              Think about that one for a while.
              Hours before the House version of the first Patriot Act went to a vote, “technical corrections” were inserted into the body of the legislation whereby foreign security companies such as ICTS-International would be immune from lawsuits related to the events of 9/11. Talk about not being available for deposition! This “Patriot” act legislative sleight of hand occurred before the inception of the 9/11 Commission when Fearless Leader George W. Bush was still resisting the very IDEA of an investigation into 9/11. Hence, in the face of an institutional cover-up, citizens were denied the possibility of a discovery process which is normally afforded to litigants. Without such discovery process, ICTS-International would never be compelled by a court of law to give testimony and show evidence related to the missing airport video surveillance tapes of 9/11 or any other aspect of security measures in place on 9/11. [rense.com]

              “Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It’s classified information.”
              US official quoted in Carl Cameron’s Fox News report on the Israeli spy ring.

              “Investigators within the DEA, INS and FBI have all told Fox News that to pursue or even suggest Israeli spying … is considered career suicide.”
              Carl Cameron, as quoted in The Spies Who Came In From The Art Sale

              “While I agree with you, if I say anything about US geopolitical interests with Israel, I might as well clean off my desk.”
              Unnamed reporter as quoted in American Media Censorship and Israel

              ~WWTI.. You like FACTS? WWTI is giving you the facts. Like it or not, here it is.

              • WWTI, that’s some very interesting information you presented. Damn good post. also a good post with the questions you have for the FBI.

          • Not every tragedy is a false flag.

            • Yup,
              Theres nuts people who do nuts shit,,

            • Am actually surprised there isnt more of this going on

              • Patience Grasshopper…

          • WWTFK- to play devils advocate here…

            “Then he only got the Guns a few weeks ago. So he planed this entire shooting in a week and trained to change magazines and rip off hundreds of rounds in a week. Uh,… I think not. Sounds like another Sandy Hook scam to me. ”

            if he was planning an attack, he probably practiced with other guns before he bought the guns he used. just because he bought the guns a few weeks ago, doesn’t mean he had no experience.

        • At Breitbart.

          Afghanistan migration surging into America.

          99% support Sharia Law.

          Now go look how many are here already.
          Then look at how many MORE they want to resettle here.

          Prepare for War.

      2. So this is why Obama wants no one to stop them from crossing the Border.. so this guy keeps walking free, well, now he will not walk free.

        But someone will take his place Muslim Brotherhood will see to that.

      3. blah, blah, blah…the bottom line is the gays or dead because they didn’t have guns with which to protect themselves. Period.

      4. “Gun free zone” ? I think this infringes on my rights, gaurenteed by the Constitution. Has this ever been challenged? If not, why not?

        • Actually it was challenged in United States v. Alfonso D. Lopez, Jr., and successfully won but they rewrote it.

          Interestingly the above case was the first time that the ‘Interstate Commerce Clause” was used unsuccessfully by government attorney’s. The gist of their argument, I shit you not, by an Attorney, in front of the highest court was this.

          1. A child needs a good education.
          2. Guns in schools interfere with that education.
          3. If the child does not receive a good education can effect interstate commerce as their work productivity as an adult is compromised.
          4. Its therefore within the scope of Constitutional Authority for the Federal Government to mandate this law.

          The above is connecting non existent legal dots framing an illogical basis for a hollow argument.

          • Kevin2, why doesn’t that surprise me? leave it to someone with a law degree to come up with some real BS.

            • Braveheart1776

              I believe that they been doing what they want to do for so long uncontested that they never thought that there would be a legal challenge. This defense of the law was an ad hock piecemeal afterthought.

              • Kevin2, sadly I have to agree. I’ve had an attorney at one time back in the late 80s who screwed my case so I speak from personal experience.

                • To sum up I think that the US Supreme Court is somewhere between a pot hole and a mere speed bump on the road to tyranny. The Democrats are the paving company filling in the holes and removing the bumps.

                  • Kevin2, I’m at the point now where I just totally disregard what ANYONE’S court says about anything. The system is just totally illegitimate.

      5. I do not care what religion you are, or your sexual preference is
        or your racial background.

        What this guy did was WRONG!!!!

        My question is if the FBI knew who this guy was?
        What did they do ??????????

        Sorrow for all the families ……

        • My bet is all those in the club were radical democrats. In which case what he did would not be wrong, just illegal.

          • Well, if they were gay gangbangers they should have a lot more holes to use. Just a thot.

            • And when the Muslims attack your church you will have a lot more holes to use while taking your holy sacraments. AMERICANS were murdered on AMERICAN soil, that is what matters.

        • Agreed,, 100%
          People are just mental

      6. So this means he was working for DHS?

        • Anonymous

          Shoot who knows?????

          Why is it that people like these that do illegal stuff to begin with are not in jail??????

      7. I have been reading the various comments and headlines regarding the Orlando shooting. Here is an example; Raghead Rampage, Muslim Anchor Baby goes on Jihad.(rense.com)

        Sounds like the common man on the street is starting to figure out what’s actually happening in this country.

        Meanwhile the far left is calling for more gun control. I don’t think the left knows anything but gun control. We have a clear act of terrorism directed at a specific group of people and the left screams for gun control. Totally NUTS!

        Absolutely no mention by the left of addressing our immigration policy failures.

        Again all the left knows is “Gun Control”

        • The CO. Theater Bat Man shooting, someone wedged the back exit door open, so that guy could come in from behind the screen, and do his shooting. He used a high capacity Magazine that jammed in the idle of his shooting. Lots of Holes in these Shooting Stories that never comes to light or questioned.


        • The only gun control i am going to comply with is the kind that says you need to have effective shot placement and effective fire,,,
          With crap like this happening i am even less likely to entertain any further infringement on my right to protect me and mine,,,,

          • Kula, same here. I’m not giving up anything I have and I still claim all the rights that God gave me. Anything to the contrary anyone says is null and void to me.

        • Yup. What we need is not more gun control, but more Muslim control. Specifically, we need to end immigration from Islamic countries. We can’t do anything about the ones that are already here because of the first amendment, but I am not about to give up the second amendment so that these foreign invaders can be brought into the country.

          Also, ever notice how these idiots are fleeing sharia law countries but want to see sharia in their new country? If you want sharia, stay where you are and live the dream. You may be beheaded or dismembered for some minor offense but hey, at least you get to live under Islam in all it’s backward glory. If you really don’t agree with sharia (and by default, Islam), then why continue to practice it once you get into a Western country? Leave the faith and find a new one.

        • Well put FREEILLINOIS! The left has tunnel vision. They will never get to the ROOT of any problem. Democrats = Doomed

      8. There is no room for the people just walking across the border. Turn them around and send them back in the other direction.

        It is time for civil disobedience. The border patrol should have more sense than to take orders from our Zionist Ocupied Government. Border patrol has become complicit in these terrorist murders. Start enforcing immigration laws, if not sooner than later Americans will have to go rogue. If Trump loses, there will be an armed Revolution. The lawmakers, actually lawbreakers, are going to become the next victims of terrorists.

        • B from CA

          Many Border Patrol Agents have Quit because of insane laws, and S.O.P. that is imposed on them.

        • the border patrol will CONTINUE to catch and release, just like their boss, obammy, SAYS they should…..until WE get off our asses, and pick up the pitchforks and torches, and SURROUND these traitorous sons o bitches….until then…..YAAAAWNN. i’m going back to sleep.

          • Buttcrack

            How are you doing ?
            I have not seen anything from you in awhile….

            • things are ok here…thank you for asking! plantar faceitous is kickin’ my ASS. if you can’t walk you can’t accomplish much. at least my vw repair business is slow, so i don’t have to work much.LOL..how about you?

              • Doing o.k. I am hesitant to wake up every day and look at all this S–T going down wondering when it’s all going to break loose.

                I feel that sometimes I just want to pack up everything and go 2 mountain ranges over and let people have at it and come back when it’s all over.

                These asshole can not or do not want to tackle the real problems

                They seem to be zeroed in in disarming the public and creating a CIVIL WAR.

                I remember awhile back the AK-47 was the gun of choice for bad guys, now its the AR-15.

                Pretty soon it’s going to be slingshots, bows, and arrows, and body gas that’s farts for all the nit wit politicians out there.

                It’s all disgusting…………

      9. Most of the dead and injured are probably Hispanic, I’m guessing. It was a latin themed night at the club and Orlando has a high Hispanic population. The released names of victims have been Hispanic that I’ve heard. This guy bringing in illegals all over the country, that’s Obamas policy. Do they all get to vote for Killary illegally? Arrest Obama for treason.

        • Makes me sick when i hear this crap about illegals voting, locally you cant vote if you 1. Arent registered and 2. Dont show ID, i just dont understand these idiots saying that you dont need an id to vote, total BS,
          This will make the far left call for a crackdown on guns and moderates go all over the freakin place, watch for more of this crap, leading up to an emergency ratification of the UN small arms treaty and foreign soldiers on US soil to confiscate guns, i hope this is wrong and doesnt happen but it fits with the socialist and communist bullshit. And fits with the globalist crap too, that will not go unanswered i can assure you

          • Kula, when they come for mine, all they’ll get is hot lead.

      10. Another government operative with green lights all the way? It’s sure being used for government-supremacy’s benefit. This is the latest event to be used to usher in more police- statism.

      11. “Armed with all this information, the big question, now that it has emerged that Mateen worked for the same company that has been tasked – under questionable circumstances – to transport illegals into the US, is whether or not this individual who swore allegiance to ISIS moments before the worst mass shooting and who was also employed by G4S for almost a decade, and who had been interviewed by the FBI three times and yet still managed to buy guns just last week, was also tasked in any way in facilitating the transport of illegal immigrants across the border, and if so, whether he helped other like-minded radical islamists enter the country.”

        Well how do you like that shit?

      12. Killed50 people? An AK with hollow points? 50 more wounded. 100 rounds minimum , probably 300 , 10 30 round mags. .? Moving targets. 100 hits out of 300 rounds? Or 200 rounds 5 magazines. That’s 50% hits . In a dark night club? Maybe he cornered them? Muslem anchor baby? Anchors away.

        • LW, they said he had an AR-15 and a handgun. If that nightclub was dark enough inside, he had to have some type of night scope on it in order to line up on his targets. They haven’t yet said how much ammo he was carrying.

          • The video outside sounded like a big bore round . But that could just be the situation. If a 5.56 for one guy to get that many kills he must of had expensive ammo. That why I thought anAK with hollow points. FMJ rounds usually aren’t one shot kills? 50 one shot kills on moving targets in a dark night club? . The shooting sounded slow fire. 200 rounds is 7 mags? 50 more hits wounded. 100 rounds to hit them all one time. A laser with light? And high grade hollow points?

            • 5.56 Nato rounds are known to tumble at high velocity and cause horrific damage. Much more than hollow point in other calibers. A hit with a 5.56 55 grain FMJ @ >2800 FPS spinning at more than 200K RPM in a 1/7 is extremely nasty.

              But then again, this entire shooting is a FAKE as fake can be. There would have been blood running out of that place. Also, why is it that NOT a single person in that fag bar took and photos with their phones, etc.? Not one photo, ZERO video.

              • The Real Common NATO round is called a Green Tip. It is a 5.56 M855 62 Gr, solid steel core wrapped in copper, and travels 3200 FPS out of a 16 Inch barrel with a 1/7 Twist. It will not split apart like a Hollow point. It will go through all the mass or multiple people lined up until it decides to stop. There are great videos on the Green tip penetrating steel and block walls..

                Vid – Here you go, for entertainment purposes.

                5.56 mm 62 gr NATO “Green Tip” vs. 1/4″ Welding Steel – ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dGxRw8Jq70


            • A FMJ .223 / 5.56 will go through one and into one more at the least. A dance floor is packed. Masses fleeing a door are bottlenecked with the illuminated exit sign overhead saying, “shoot here”. Just about every trigger pull, say 75% is one dead and another wounded. Rarely will a round not find a victim in close quarters and high target density.

              Safest thing to do if your unarmed is hit the deck and remain motionless. First chance run once you figure out where to run. If his back is turned rush him and dig the eyes out of his skull and bite anything, finger, ear, face, nose. Any weapon available use. A beer bottle fractures a skull before it shatters, I seen it, its a bar room black jack.

              • Ar/ak with slide fire or modified trigger group, bang

          • They didn’t have to be good shots. They just had to be hit. The three hours it took the police to come in, gave them time to bleed out. Not sure why they took so long to come in. They probably could have saved some more lives.

            • If false-flag, 3 hours = Staging, possibly…

          • Spray and pray to allah

            • I didn’t know it toke the cops 3 hours. Do FMJs work on coyote or deer? I don’t hear much about hunting with FMJs. I guess we will see 50 ambulances hauling off the wounded on the news? Paramedics everywhere scrambling to save the wounded. Unless this is bull. And cell phone cameras like restelle said.

      13. ARE “we are confident all these questions will be addressed by the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI and the government, and that the media – liberal or otherwise – will promptly follow up on these key questions? WHY would we be confident of that? We could, however, be confident that the spin will be pro-government-supremacy and anti-self-defense against such clearly government-facilitated attacks.

        • Certain things have to be written into articles like this to try and stem retaliatory acts on behalf of the public. That is why you will always see things like that in such articles.

      14. Just fantastic !

        So, this guy, interviewed by the FBI THREE TIMES and is reported to have been pro-muzzie-killers by co-workers; is helping to transport illegals and other than Mexicans !

        No, no possible security hole there to develop and bring in more ISIS muzzies, develop ISIS muzzie networks and plan to have weapons or other things delivered. No, not at all.

        Those gays are lucky he didn’t really think things thru. With a little more planning, he probably could’ve blown them all up.

        • Adding.

          This proves what a POS the usa immigration system is. All levels of govt and both parties are to blame for this attack for being so pathetic at protecting the people since before 9-11.

          I do hope Trump reads this story and goes off on every govt elected official there is.

      15. I bet this sumbitch is an “anchor baby” for his parents who are most likely NOT naturalized citizens. This “anchor baby” bullshit has got to stop. The kid takes the nationality of the mother, period.

        • agreed!

      16. It seems that every time you turn around our Nation’s Flag is at HALF STAFF.

        It also seems that whatever powers that are in charge that they seem to be HELL BENT on CIVIL WAR, or GUN CONTROL in this Country.

        Lets not forget that all the President has to do is SUSPEND our CONSTITUTION, and there goes the BILL OF RIGHTS FOLKS……..

        And you know what that means…….

        • “And you know what that means…….”
          Millions and millions of dead Democrats.
          #1 target is the power grid.
          #2 target, the power grid.
          #3 target, the power grid.

          Get the idea?

          • Wonder how many 14″ poles you can cut on 1 tank of gas?

            • Using the monster saw you have, quite a few.
              Using my four saws maybe more.

              • The one with 32″ bar goes through a 24″ kiawe branch in just under a minute

            • A .22 can pierce the round barrel electrical transformers that hang on poles. A few holes near the bottom and the Liquid drains out causing the transformer to overheat and catch on fire, killing the grid beyond that point. Wait till SHTF and everything gets shot up. The Grid is not your friend. Once the Grid is down the looters come in and pick your estate clean. So if you keep all your preps in once place, you are screwed. And you sure as hell can’t protect every pole transformer between your house and the power station.

              ~WWTI… Another reason to go solar, and off the grid. Check!

          • Just sayin,,,

        • Straight Shooter, I’ll still claim those rights which come from GOD, NOT from any manmade govt. Doesn’t matter what Obola says. Not going to follow it.

      17. Why would God kill all those kids in soddom and Gomorrah just because thir parents were sodomites? Why does he hate these people so much? There must be a reason we can’t understand? And if God hates them enough to kill their kids.. I better not be neutral on this? Sorry I guess I can be called a disliker? Or a cover my ass er. If Gods that pissed at them he must have a good reason? And I’m not arguing with him.

        • Every soul has the opportunity, somehow, even if we can’t see it, to say yes to God and thus save their souls. It’s not about this world, but the next. If a life is cut short by our standards, somewhere along they way they were offered the possibility of Salvation before their soul left the body.

          Note to self: say Yes to the offer…and keep saying yes. This world is a blink of an eye. It’s eternity that counts.

        • If Sodom and Gommorah were cities full of gays then how were there any children produced to keep these cities going?
          Dudes who like dudes and ladies who like ladies dont tend to reproduce, so this buy bull story has holes in it.

      18. Ya all need to start listening to hicks cus he called it a month ago when he said it would start in the south and he named tex fla Arizona cal ect because i posted asking him if he heard anything reguarding Midwest

        • ISIS said they were going to attack Florida, and they just did. More to come.

      19. Trump is the only Western politician actually telling the truth. Why is that? Are all other Western politicians on Saudi payroll? Maybe?

        Look under the dirty rock that is global Islamic terrorism and you will find two worms wriggly around: Britain and the City of London; and Saudi Arabia. Surprise, surprise this guy worked for a British company, G4S.

        Most Americans do not know this but in the early 1970s, Britain went completely bust. I mean flat broke. The country was falling apart fast and needed a cash injection quick and a way to make constant new wealth. And they came up with the Eurodollar: flushing Arab oil wealth through the City of London, rinsing it squeaky clean and then fire-hosing it out around the global economy. By the 1980s, Britain was filthy rich again, thanks to Muslim money. When your paymaster is Arab wealth, you kind of start dancing to that tune.

        As the two got very comfortable with each other, they decided there was something they both disliked: America. Britain didn’t like America because America took away its empire and kicked sand in its face. Saudi’s didn’t like America because it insulted Islam by putting bases near Mecca. The two had a big bully that needed taking down. And the tool to do that? Crazy-ass Muslims, lots and lots of them, since they were over-breeding all over the Islamic world and none of the countries could run an economy capable of employing all these horny Muslim men. So, what better thing to do than send them to the West to make mischief. And so they do.

        • The US moves lockstep with the UK as both are employees of the globalist bankers. There is no rivalry.

          The crazy muslims are the ostensible excuse to justify in the eyes of the US public, and the world US military action. Such actions work in Saudi and Israel’s favor. ISIS was created by the US and used to overthrow governments that were selling, or planning to sell oil in something other than US dollars. Syria is over the refusal of Assad to run a Saudi natural gas line through to facility competition with Russia’s natural gas sales to Europe.

          The US, UK, Saudi’s and Israel are in 100% collusion.

          • Kevin2:
            I agree 100%.

        • Frank:
          That sounds right except you failed to mention that Britain and the City of London has the Rothschilds underground facility which controls all of the above.

          • B from CA And Kevin: There is also another angle at play with mid east region wars etc.

            It is due to “british-israelism”, a religious faction belife system that is claimed by his followers to be started by Herbert W.Armstrong and his church he began in Calif back around the early 1940’s or so(?). Called “The Worldwide Church Of God”.

            Basically it consists of the belief that England= Ephraim, and the USA= Manessah…The Twin brother sons of Joseph which was one of the orig 12 tribes forefathers and 12 sons of Jacob.

            What they promote is that the very same kings throne chair which was last used to coronate the prince of wales/england…Prince Charles.

            And otherwise always remains as an exibit inside the royal british museum displays….That throne chair also has a huge rock-boulder stuck into its lower chair legs cross members…They believe it is the “Jacobs Pillow Stone”….That Jacob laid his head upon to sleep when jacob had his vision of “jacobs ladder”…

            Where jacob saw angels running up and down that ladder, from heaven down to earth and back up to heaven etc…Its a bible story contained in the old testement books.

            They consider that very throne chair to be the exact same throne that a “one world govnt leader wil sit upon when he arrives to be global Prez of all worlds nations etc.

            But this also ties into it all.

            They also believe that Now Today, USA and England Are fullfilling the ancient prophecies that were spoken By, Jacob when he first arrived into egypt during the world famine, and then first saw his son Joseph after thinking all along joseph was Dead, as his Other 11 sons told jacob had happened…recall those 11 other jacob sons beat their brother joseph, threw him into a deep dried out well, killed a sheep for dinner and smeered sheep blood over the multi-colored Coat joseph got from his father Jacob as proof joseph was indeed dead!

            Well…This current British-Israel religion belief also known of as “Armstrongism” and is a Cult based belief.

            Believes that the parts of the jacob blessings/prophecys spoken by Jacob To all 12 sons at that time when first saw joseph was still alive upon entering Egypt then.

            Are that Jacob told them all that the tribe of Judah would remain for ALL time the holder of the “Sceptor Staff” which is what a King holds while seated at throne as a “Symbol” of his Rulership as king…Usually a long Rod/pole with a large round Orb afixed at top.

            And that Ephraim and Manessah…Josephs twin boys then would grow up to become the Top two leaders of the 10 Northern tribes after the huge split away when the 10 in north split apart from the Southern Two tribes of judah and benjamin…Jacob told all present He was Now adopting the two grandkids aka josephs sons as his, jacobs very own sons…So that Jacob can Now officially and while remaining Under gods rules of who can bless whom etc..

            Can now Bless them two grandkids..That was done Prior to the remaining overall blessings to the 11 other actual sons of jacob.

            The Main part concerning Now tdoay, and the recent past wars like WWI and WWII etc…Are that while Judah retains that rulers sceptor to maintain a god promice to king David prior, that always only a son of david and of tribe of judah will ever sit upon that throne period…and Untill “Shiloh” comes.

            Okay stay with me..That shiloh stuff comes meant Jesus Christ as a true judah tribe and son of davids “line” comes as true only world ruler king.

            BUT armstrongers ignore a vital thing so to make Their beliefs all “Fit”…They don’t even mention Christ as that shiloh figure…They believe that promice to king David is still 100% intact and true and soon to get fullfilled by Their global ruler man to sit in that british throne chair.

            HERES where usa and england fit into their scheems etc.

            When jacob gave out his long winded written in bible blessings to all 12 sons/tribes…What he spoke about Ephrain and Manessah was that them two tribes would not just be the rulers of Israel, and Keep Jacobs new changed name of Israel for 1000 gens aka forever…and which means that once the north ten tribes split away from judah and benjamin in south kingdom…ONLY the north ten shall be called “Israel” which also proves todays claims of jewry being true israel a fraud lie. Only the north ten kept that name of Israel since solomons death when that split apart began!…Ever since aprox 3000 yrs ago, judah was forever then called the “southern Kingdom of Judah” and never again is called Israel which the bible OT books confirm as well…hence reason they believe brits and americans are true israelites in modern day era.

            Jacob also declared that ephraim and manessah aka england and america would become the “HORNS” of…Judah!

            What was meant by Horns refred to..Like the Horns of a Oxen or Bull and as such since horns in That context biblically always means…MILITARY Powers! aka Vast powerfull ARMYS that exist soley for bennefit Of Judah tribe as the kingly sceptor rulership.

            SO…Basically what these modern day devils has been doing all along, and armstrong didn’t invet british israelism as claimed since it existed at least as far back as mid 1700’s era!

            What they been doing is these mid east wars and european wars and acting Out the old testement prophesys and god/promices etc…

            Then convincing duped brits and deluded usa followers of his churches that all we now see occure with such wars is God in action! Fullfilling His ancient promoces and prophetic utterances.

            But Thats not correct…Its NOT gods doings but Rather Their doing it all to Gain a NWO one global govnt and religion so they can rule entire globe.

            Armstrogs now dead..but he left behind many many deluded followers…Many started up their Own “church of God” church branches since he died…Most claim to be THE one true followers branch of course!

            he had over 8-Million worldwide followers prior to death.

            He ammased a huge fortune of well over $200 Million and had at least another $200-Million Per year comming in as “tithes” from around the world followers.

            Armstrong was so convincing he was able to worm his way into the Highest officialdom places and palaces…He regulary met with Kings-Queens-Many usa pres’s and all types global honchos and leaders etc. Like a Billy Grahm on Steroids! only Globally!

            And had Most convinced that that ancient blessing of america and britian equals Two Horns aka Mighty Military armys that were gods plan to have exist soley to protect-bennefit,Israel and jewry…And also to promote by Force the final fullfillings of said amcient promiced blessings etc.

            WHAT…Armstrong and his flock has overlooked or ignored(bingo on ignored!) is that Christs first comming to earth Fullfilled that part of “Untill Shiloh Comes”.

            Very Important since that throne of King David to always be occupied By a Son of Davids ancestors and No others can occupy it ever…ENDED when Shiloh aka Jesus arrived on scene 2000 yrs ago….it also ended way prior to Christ when due to Judah sinned via married two black women cannanites and spoiled their sons dna aka seed so those sons can never ever sit on that david throne.

            That Sin of race mixing got Judah the man and head honcho of tribe of judah a huge Curse that stated None of Judahs sons will ever occupy the throne nor possess that kingly sceptor for the next Ten generations!…And by then was probably the time Christ arrived on scene anyways.

            But those armstrongers ignore such “Details” and Plunge ahead at warp speed now to create their dream of a global govnt rulership with one of Their Own upon that museum chair!

            You can watch armstrongs self claimed top current leader, Gerold Flurry on his weekly TV pastor show and listen as he tells folks how “Soon! Very very Soon now folks…WE the real true church of god and ONLY real one are going to work as The main earth rulers UNDER of course those of “judah today” aka israeli/New york jewry, to Rule entire world and do so under gods old testement laws like an “Rod of Iron”! and under the actual OT Laws of book of duteronomy and leviticus etc.

            Which IS exactly what apostle Paul in NT warrned us about that, we never allow anybody or any pastors to lead you astray by convincing you to go Back Under the Old covenant law! For them what do so are going to Lose their salvation and be Unable to regain it again period.

            Thats all wrote of in NT books paul wrote.

            So what is realy the well hidden agenda has zero to do with Gas lines or pipe lines or Oil etc..

            It Is mostly about Wars to exterminate the hundreds of millions of Goyim-non tribe residnts in mid east, take and occupy those entire lands, Re-Build a 3rd Temple to resume Animal sacrafical burnt offerings to do Tikun Olehm aka “Repair of the World” and rid it of all the Goyims sins etc…And tell the worlds goyim folk especially christians that finally gods promice to keep a david-son on that throne is now ready to happen!

            A Israel judah or perhaps a NY member zio is what they mean, with Them “armstrongers” and them alone acting under him as the worker bee global govnt to make OT old covenant laws a world mandate or else.

            They Are Makeing it all “FIT’ so to claim “Looky there folks gods work is being done as written prior”.

            But if true?…That negates most if not all of the entire New testement and new covenant and Christ is no longer necessary for salavtion etc eh.

            So Yes as many much wizer folks has said it…That armstrongism british-israelism is no more than a well concieved Cult of apostate falsehoods.

            but when so Many world leaders and top high up officials buys into it all?…it spells disaster for all of Us goys worldwide no?…unless someone or something Halts these nefarious dealings and plans.

            • May I suggest a course in concise writing?

            • Them Guys:
              My head is exploding. I’m Really tired. Some of what you wrote I have heard, wanting to build on the temple and make sacrificial (holocaust) burnt offerings to their God Bal. Or whatever. I have also read and heard that the whole Bible is nothing more than plagiarism in that the Jews are cons. They were illiterate. Took tales from the Babylonians, and others and made up the characters based on ancient myth. Yiddish is a German dialect. Hebrew is a mishmash of many languages. There is no archeological evidence for King David or Solomon. It is all concocted from others. The laws of the Ten Commandments already existed and none of it came from the so called chosen. It is all bogus. None the less, people, me too, are so heavily invested into believing, it is too traumatic to believe it is bogus. I don’t know what’s what. I’m tired. I’ll get back with you. But I never heard of Armstrong till your post.

              • Them Guys:

                For me, the bottom line is genocide. The not really chosen are out to kill the rest of humanity so they can have the world to themselves. They may want to keep a few of us around as toys but that’s about it. If they have any Religion, it is merely a tool to promote their agendas.

                There is a letter written at the time the Spaniards expelled all who would not become Christians. It was written in the 1600s. This letter instructs the chosen to become Christians in order to destroy Christianity. It also instructs them to become doctors and pharmacists in order to kill the enemy Christians. It tells them to convert to Christianity outwardly but to maintain their own faith actually and to become lawyers and leaders,judges, politicians so they will control the courts and the laws.

                We can see this in practice. These TV Pastors and other leading Christians are leading the Christian flock to their deaths because it is all part of the plan.

                Churchill was an alcoholic. His maniacal bombing of civilians, it’s genocidally quality, becomes clearer the more I learn. I attributed it to the Banksters, Rothschilds, and I still do; but, I see there is also a fanatical Religious fervor underlying the greed and general homicidal madness.

            • HA! You, as the rest of the world, have been led astray by Hasatan thru his ekklesia/church/CIRCE for the last 1700 years. You have what Paul was saying EXACTLY backwards and twisted. Like Peter warned of those who are unstable and uneducated would do…..not understand Pauls writings. Yahshua was the WORD as it says in John 1. Do your homework on what the WORD is. Yahshua was the walking Torah in 3-d….not the Talmud, but the written word/commands/instructions/laws of the father Yahovah.

      20. John Brennan personally vouched for him. Have to support fellow believers.

        • Aint he a dandy,,, SOB has no business being in his position

      21. So, the FBI interviewed him 3 times. The CIA heard about it and figured that the guy would make a great Patsy? The CIA got him all drugged up, helped him get a gun, and probably even drove him to the place? (those are just guesses by me, based on what it seems the CIA has done in the past)
        It wouldn’t surprise me!

      22. Texas, we are a little different.. jihadist will get there asses shot up in this city and may not help from Law enforcement.

        You muslim jihadist try that crap with me in public, you better get ready to die.


        Welcome to my city jihadist. You start it, we finish it

      23. If their manipulating people to go on shooting sprees to get gun control . It seems to be having the opaset effect. I bet gun sale will sky rocket next week. And who cares about a permit. Carry or die. And you cops should be disregarding unconstitutional laws . You swore an othe to do just that . If you can’t see it or hear it don’t ask. Don’t tell.

        • You know, I was in the market for just one more firearm, dang, there goes the inventory and sales.

          • PTPO, I’ve got a couple of more purchases in mind myself. Obola is going to prove once more he’s a great gun salesman. Gun dealers are going to get overwhelmed again and SOON. Feels like Sandy Hook all over again.

      24. I read on beforeitsnews.com that Mateen was a registered Democrat that supported Obama. Another story there stated that a witness was giving an account stating that there was more than one person involved, and that the feed was immediately cut by media. He also stated that there were people inside the club holding the doors so no one could escape.

        • Wow, ain’t that the cat’s meow!!!

          If this is true, we ain’t seen nothing yet…

          Carry everywhere you go…I do…

      25. The guy was a Muslime, and Muslimes are to kill the infidel. Gays are on top of there list right under Jews.

        WW4 Muslimes VS. Gays


        • You make a good point. More and more, ISIS have focused on the gays (throwing them off buildings etc.). They have done this for years now and not a single gay in the West has spoken up or denounced this; instead, most LGBT groups have been banging on about refugees and Muslims needing to be let in in the millions and we need access for trans to women’s toilets. ISIS probably saw that as a giant weakness and a perfect wedge issue (the Turks are running newspaper headlines that are far from sympathetic for those killed). Remember: the Turks are the future of Europe and they definitely do not like gays. ISIS know most of the world is anti-gay (Africa, etc.)and most people are not going to go to war to defend sodomy and gay marriage, no matter what they may say.

          Basically, the LGBT lobby has but one choice now if they want to be defended from radical Islam: vote Trump.

          • Yet they traffic sex slaves and are known to like little boys….go figure!

        • Can it be that under wars and rumors of war,

          Rumor:Archaic. a continuous, confused noise
          late 14c., from Old French rumor “commotion, widespread noise or report” (Modern French rumeur), from Latin rumorem (nominative rumor) “noise, clamor, common talk, hearsay, popular opinion…..

          that this is a false flag?


          I’m just putting it out because of the bathroom laws etc., and now you have near perfect setup to counter that arguement.

          I question EVERYTHING


      26. Oh, for sure there is more to come and not a damn thing will be done about it. You wait and see. Kill one of those scumbags and Allahu Arkbar, ten more jump up.

        How about those Sleeper Cells. Awake little Jihadist.
        Might have an Obama sticker on the car and be registered
        Democrats. Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

      27. Aljamo that’s some shit, just saw on. Quayle about, is your city on the Islamic list?. I am sure mine is, don’t come to me directly if your a jihadist, you may get a not so good supprise., your face smashed up, one of your arms are legs broken if you engage me directly, following shock and panic will cause me to respond to that attacker. I have been practicing.

        Don’t try that in my area, it’s a health hazard.

      28. Why are the supposed victims declared dead while still inside the building? I thought that had to be done in a hospital. Why were there no ambulances at the scene after the event? It all seems fake to me. Obama wants your guns. All of these incidents have been carried out by government, first and second WTC bombings, OKC Murrah attack, Columbine, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon, San Bernadino, those I’ve forgot and more coming.

        • It is indeed fake. That’s why there are so many inconsistencies. You would think they would be better at pulling this shit off after the SH FAIL.

        • aljamo, never thought of that. You are so right…where were the medics and ambulances working side by side with the swat and other law enforcement.

        • When you have multiple victims you declare the dead to be dead and direct the responders to the living. It’s called Triage.

      29. “Outraged Border Patrol agents and supervisors on the front lines say illegal immigrants are being released in droves because there’s no room to keep them in detention. “They’re telling us to put them on a bus and let them go,” said one law enforcement official in Arizona. “Just move those bodies across the country.”

        A few items…

        The action of moving the illegals with a contractor is just covertly sidestepping the same issue which cropped up a year+- back. I guess now instead of using big buses they’ve decided to use vans. I little more discrete but still the same practice that caused the NIMBY ruckus in several US towns.

        WTH are they moving them INTO the U.S. when the nice little white van can just as easily cross the border and drive them back to mehico?? So they’re OTM?? If you really want to move them around, maybe back to their own country, put the Air Force to work with their nice C-17s and C-130s and ship the OTM back to their country of origin. OR…Lease a few civilian aircraft. A couple of runs per day will move thousands of illegals. The cost of shipping the people home will easily be offset by keeping them off of our entitlement programs. htt p://rense.com/general81/dtli.htm

        So as to not seem like a totally heartless bastard…
        In the US we spend $350 BILLION on the illegal issue annually, as cited in the rense article. Maybe if we spent $50B and tried to help these folks in place, in their own country it would be a tremendous help on both sides of the equation. Corruption in the countries in question is the killer however.


      30. Can I just add this guy worked for a world class security company. This wasn’t a two bit night watchman company. These people constantly monitor employees. They would watch your online activity and constantly scan for your presence on the web. Totally ignoring other employees reports of strange behavior and Jihadist rhetoric they signed for this guy to get special weapons permits and training.

        They are either in on it with the FBI, or they are idiots. The company this guy worked for is bigger than Black Water.

      31. just like my name says, thats there is folks in our future

      32. So , taking OUR guns away would be considered an act of war , right Hilary?, and Obama

        Because now that the false flag is being told to us as coming from a Terrorist group
        By anyone’s account you two disarming any Americans would be the absolute wrong thing for home land security , as you are to be protecting this country and its citizens as under oath now , right?

      33. I wonder if we will see 50 funerals in the next week…which goes to restelle’s observation…did this really happen?

        Live Free or Die…the time for discussion is coming to a close

        • Maybe we should check the Orlando newspapers for all the obituaries.

          That sounds like a good idea.

          I think I’ll do just that tomorrow morning.

        • Here’s the official victim list, which is supposed to be updated when the families get notified.

          ht tp://www.cityoforlando.net/blog/victims/

          Here’s the obituary listings for the local paper, which will need to be checked over the next week or two.

          ht tp://www.legacy.com/obituaries/orlandosentinel/

          Buzzfeed is supposed to have some recent photos of victims.

      34. Open borders in the US and throughout Europe is no coincidence, nor are these policies the result of political naïveté, idiocy, stupidity, incompetence, or inexperience.
        These open borders policies are DELIBERATE.

        In order for tyrannical global government to be instituted, first must come the collapse of sovereign nations/Western civilization.
        Savage 3rd world invaders are being welcomed into the US, Canada, and throughout all of Europe, and every government and government leader is complicit.
        Our “leaders” know that the result of these open border policies will be massacres, chaos, financial collapse, lawlessness, and death for the citizens of their respective nations.

        “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”
        David Rockefeller

        “In the next century, nations as we know it will be obsolete; all states will recognize a single, global authority. National sovereignty wasn’t such a great idea after all.”
        Strobe Talbot, President Clinton’s Deputy Secretary of State, Time Magazine, July 20th, l992.

        “The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is dedicated to one-world government, financed by a number of the largest tax exempt foundation (i.e. Rockefeller), and wielding such power and influence over our lives in the areas of finance, business, labor, military, education, and mass communication media, that it should be familiar to every American concerned with good government and with preserving and defending the US Constitution and our free-enterprise system. Yet, the nation’s right-to-know machinery, the news media; usually so aggressive in exposures to inform our people, remain silent when it comes to the CFR, its members and their activities. The CFR is the establishment. Not only does it have influence and power in key decision-making positions at the highest levels of government to apply pressure from above, but it also finances and uses individuals and groups to bring pressure from below, to justify the high level decisions for converting the US from a sovereign Republic into a servile member of a one-world dictatorship.”
        Congressman John R. Rarick

        • “Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil.”
          Dr. Henry Kissinger, Bilderberger Conference, Evians, France, 1991

        • Very true: with the level of mass surveillance we know is going on, it is just not plausible that the government does not know about the illegals. It is part of the plan. Nothing on this scale happens by accident. We are being taken into a third world hell-hole and the first step is to fill the West up with third world people with third world views and attitudes. I wouldn’t want to be gay in the 21st century with this stuff going on.

          • And who’s paying for all these cameras on every street corner? And are they really nesesary for what ? You can track anyone by there cell phone. I’ve seen the tactics they use to put people in prison . That’s why there isn’t. Rioting That’s were the work force is . We have know idea how many patriots have been set up and sent away. Any thing you say on the phone is recorded and stored. And will be used against you in the round ups. Threatening the life of a gov. Employee manitory 20 years. Advocating violence mandatory 15 years. And you will die of cancer long before you get out. This is standard Bolshavic communist tactics .and while your rotting in prison your family will be persecuted and starved. Because their daddy was a traitor to the new world order.

      35. Heads up.

        A few days back I told you I was checking my medical supplies.

        Now we have the shooting.

        Might be good to get a few military combat dressings. They are 4x7in bandages and with the wrapping stop the bleeding.
        Do not remove after applying bandage. Put in your Car First Aid Bag.

        • Pampers make good inexpensive absorbant dressings. You just have to tear off the strips of stretchy material down the sides.

      36. I like this tweet!!!!!!!

        Donald J. Trump
        ✔ ‎@realDonaldTrump

        Is President Obama going to finally mention the words radical Islamic terrorism? If he doesn’t he should immediately resign in disgrace!

        12:58 PM – 12 Jun 2016

      37. http://www.stevequayle.com/index.php?s=33&d=1791


        Earlier I had posted about my employees sister who was at the club when the whole situation went down .I just got some updates. She took 12 bullets ,11 were removed and one is in her liver and can’t be taken out. She is coherent, fairly stable, and VERY lucky to still be alive .But that not the point of this post. There are bits the media are not telling us. Mind you, this is coming directly from a survivor of the attack: there are two others that were in the club slaughtering people last night that were not caught. They are still out there and they are armed and dangerous. The media is not reporting this as they don want to scare everyone, but I think it’s important that people know. Friends please stay safe. I would probably avoid theme parks, clubs, shopping malls, or anywhere with high concentration of people for little while. Cody Agnew

      38. G4S is a company from Israel that has spread like cancer all over the world and many people here in the UK hate them and see them for what they are.

        Taking guns away from people won’t save anyone and just makes them tagets of the terroirsts or the police who allowed are to get away with murder in the US of A these days.

        Gays will get more rights as a result of this and your government will use it as an excuse to spy on you even more and you may live to see the day of “the internet of things” all being thrown in the bin as your washing machine grasses you up for not not being “Gay” friendly in your own house.

        Yes people you are being watched more than you will ever know thanks to USA based software corporations all being owned by zionists bankers.

        • Standard Bolshavic communist Jews. Read Carl Marx. Real name Mordicia Levy. Read Leon Trotsky Real name Lev Bronstien. Punch up. What famous men have said about the Jews. Especially George Washington , Thomas Jefferson , Ben Franklin, The people that got us into ww2 . FDR Real last name Rosenfeld. A Jew . The. man that led ww2 . Year book nick name was . The terrible Swedish Jew. Eisenhower. Statins real last name translated meant . Son of Jew. Jack Rubys real name . Jacob Rubinstien. Jew . Did he do us a favor or avoid a trial for the maybe killer of one of one of our presidents that told of secret coveting groups . And tried to stop the FED . By issuing treasury notes.? Jews are 2% of the American population . And own what % of our media . Supreme Court . Congress and senate. And the FED and banks? You could say what’s wrong with that . If it wasn’t for the fact that our economy is imploding are media is lieing . And our gov. Is obviously doing things that will destroy our country. So who’s responsible ? The people that have somehow gained control and ownership of nearly everything? Or someone else? Jesus himself warned us of the children of satan. God himself told us that he knew of the blasfamy of those that call themselves Jews but are of the synagogue of satan. How can you argue with that . Jesus and God are racist antisemite Nazi liars? And the facts are . That God Jesus and Hitler are the ones that warned us the most . Can you argue against that fact? Satans greatest weapon is the lie . And his children are so good at it that they fooled even the elect . Ww2 was a total lie. Believe God Jesus or the ones who control the media . Satans liers. Pick a side . And live for eternity with the consequences of your pick.?

          • Punch up. Pravda.Ru. Italians in uproar over child porn. Or. Live leak. Blood libel .

        • Funniest two words I have read in weeks! Well done.

          If you want a good laugh, go check out the Brits having their asses handed to them by the Russians at Euro 2016.

          • Thanks, Frank. Please re-use the phrase liberally until it gains widespread acceptance. Anything that heaps disrespect on fedgov or its favored groups like queers, gun-grabbers, Muzzies and Mexinicasalvaguatahonduricans is legal game.

            Good tip, as I don’t follow sports and didn’t know about the gangs of Ruskie thugs opening cans o’ whup-@$$ on the hapless Limey hooligans.

      39. Read at veteranstoday: MK ULTRA Triple Play in Orlando. This will clear up any doubts as to what’s going on here.

      40. Major Factor liberals..
        Garland Texas…. Texas 2 Jihadis 0
        Orlando FL. Liberals/LGBT 1 Jihadi 50+K/60+W

        Now which was a gun free zone..

      41. No, No….these are not false flags in the sense of being orchestrated by the govt. That would be too risky to exposure. What the govt is doing is flooding the country with 3rd worlders and jihadists. They know that these events will then multiply by default, and then giving them the ability to garner more and more power, by taking more & more rights from the citizens….all in the name of security.!!!!! The eventual outcome will be martial law, declared after the horrific events that are coming down the pike. There will be no election. They will be suspended, and Obama will retain power “temporarily”, whilst the country works thru the crisis. Like temporary taxes, once levied, they always become permanent. Hail Obama. SigHeil

      42. When it all goes south, I listen to Mel Tillis singing, “Guide me home by Georgia moon”, on you tube.

      43. Total false flag imo. Have you seen the “hero” swat team member trending on facebook? Supposedly his kevlar helmet took a shot from a .223 or a 5.56 without penetration *lol* and all he had was a bruise on his forehead. Just youtube what a .223/5.56 does to a level 3a hevlar helmet.

      44. It makes we wonder that if he was transporting illegals from the Mexican border to Phoenix, if that he could have possibly transported any other people. By that I mean any other terrorists, it would be the perfect means to get them inside without drawing any attention.


        … except…

        guns are illegal in Paris.


        … uhhh…

        Hmmm. Scratches head in liberal confusion.

        Shotty behind the bar would have solved this extremely quickly…

      46. The news reported several times that an off duty police officer was there as a security guard and I heard no more about it. I’m trying to find it on line and can’t. Anyone have an update regarding what interaction he had with the shooter?

      47. According to AOL a gay gun rights group, the Pink Pistols, is recommending that gays get carry permits. In light of this and the recent 9th US Court of Appeals ruling stating that government can require a special need to grant issuance of a carry license their sexual orientation might just qualify.

        I would like to see this liberal court simultaneously claim that gays are a persecuted group and then deny them the means of protection.

      48. While Muslims are not the only a-holes out there who have attacked innocents in mas casualty attacks, they are the all-time record holders for numbers killed in pretty well all Western countries (USA, UK, Spain, France, etc.). You just can’t take that winning accomplishment from Akbul and his merry band of desert-dwelling dirtbags.

        So, for the President to go out of his way to dismiss it as ‘domestic terrorism’, is dense at best. There is a pattern and that pattern is to kill as many people as possible, no warnings (the gents they were, the IRA used to at least give you a warning to reduce civilian deaths). But Muslims don’t do warnings because they want deaths. That makes them the lowest of the low.

        One can only hope and pray the devil is ac-dc and he has just lubed up his 12 incher and is settling in for an all-eternity ass-banging orgy with those dead jihadis (no 70 virgins for you!).

      49. Looking at all possible motives, Hmmmm just
        for a minute if you will entertain the idea
        Reports say he had been to the club before.
        So just for the exercise, the Shitneck Muslim shooter
        is nothing more than a jilted self loathing Gay Muslim
        Democrat, Knowing that his family and Muslims friends
        would admire him as Martyr for ISLAM, and he would
        advance the gun control agenda his party, instead of
        just being a Gay Muslim self Loather getting even for being rejected…

      50. Jäfer Janders:

        Na. Don’t think so.

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