Orlando Bloodbath Happened Because “No Skilled Shooters, Gay or Straight, Present in the Building”

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his Alt-Market website.

    Editor’s Comment: The assumption is that those who want gun control will push hard now with a tragedy centered around the LGBT community that can spark outrage and divert controversy from one argument to another distractionary one based around gender/sexual identity/politically correct politics. Rather than think clearly about how to become armed and defend their own, the political establishment are counting on herding this group into progressive dead ends where no one in society can protect themselves.

    Will the public, and in particular the LGBT community, stand up for the right to bear arms, or will they go along with the mentality of being helpless? Contrary to the stereotypes, there are pro-gun LGBT groups out there and more cropping up in the wake of this incident; now is the time for them to stand up for the 2nd Amendment before the gun grabbers sweep in amid the hysteria.


    Orlando Victims Died Because They Were Unarmed – Not Because They Were Gay

    by Brandon Smith

    Numerous liberty movement analysts and proponents, myself included, have been warning about 2016 and the heightened potential for multiple terrorist events.  I have written extensively on the history of ISIS, its proven ties to western governments and the disturbing program to forcefully inject millions of Islamic refugees into western nations in the name of dubious “multiculturalism,” allowing thousands of potential terrorists into our borders without obstruction.  The reality is that terrorist attacks of small and medium scale are likely to become a monthly or weekly occurrence in the U.S. and the EU as we close in on the end of the year.  Get used to the idea, because this problem is not going to go away while our own governments are aiding and even funding the very psychopaths that they are supposed to be protecting people from.

    The recent attack at at gay club in Orlando by a self-proclaimed ISIS advocate, killing at least 49 people and wounding at least 53 more, was not at all a surprise.  The scale of the attack should have been expected.  No one in the U.S. should have assumed anything less given the number of dead during events in Europe.

    What is frustrating, however, is that even though these attacks are highly predictable, very few Americans seem to be preparing in any meaningful way to counter them.  In fact, I happened across a clip of establishment mouthpiece Bill O’ Reilly the other day arguing that there “is nothing that we can do” to stop such “lone wolf attacks”.

    Ostensibly, this is an argument against the inevitable push for more gun control by Leftists in the wake of the Orlando massacre; but it also sets a dangerous and false precedent in the minds of the public.  The fact of the matter is, the American people CAN stop the majority of terrorist attacks of this nature anytime they wish, without the aid of government or the implementation of unconstitutional gun control measures.

    On the “progressive” side of the debate, of course, their only solution is to promote more gun control. They have a habit of exploiting every tragedy in order to defile the 2nd Amendment and dance in the blood of mass shooting victims while furthering their agendas.  They could not care less about the people who died, they only care about the political capital their deaths can buy.

    In the wacky social justice camp, a “feel good” approach is being pursued.  The argument among the cultural Marxists is that we must “turn hate into love,” whatever that means.  But the basic strategy seems to be to ignore the glaring problems with Islamic fundamentalism (whether supported by government or not) and blame straight white people for their supposed “colonial privilege” instead.

    All camps also seem to be overly focused on the sexual proclivities of the victims.  The fact that a gay club was the target has LGBT organizations in a frenzied rush to capitalize on the hate crime train.  Of course, the reality that the Left has consistently defended the integration of Islam and western culture is never brought up.  I have not yet seen the social justice crowd explain how they can reconcile the jihadist contempt for homosexuals with their supposed concern for the safety of the gay community.  I am certainly interested to watch the mental gymnastics in action, though.

    Frankly, the sexual “identities” of those killed does not really matter much.  Followers of ISIS have not necessarily shown any favoritism to any particular target group.  They’ll kill just about anyone, including their own comrades in arms if there is something to be gained by it.

    With all the sociopolitical blathering going on in the mainstream media, the core issue has been completely overlooked — why did those people die?

    As stated in the title, they did not die because they were gay.  ISIS agents kill all kinds of people under a spectrum of motives.  They may or may not have been attacked because they were gay (according to former classmates and his ex-wife, Mateen may have even been gay himself), but they died for other reasons.


    Photo: This street campaign surfaced in Washington state a few years ago to remind LGBT activists that gun rights are essential for the self-defense and liberty of everyone.

    The victims also did not die because gun control measures are not in place; Omar Mateen passed background checks when purchasing his weapons.  No amount of added measures would have flagged him because he had no criminal record to speak of.  And, as the ISIS attacks in Paris proved, bad guys can get their hands on guns even in countries with the most stringent gun control laws.

    Perhaps the federal government could have stopped Mateen; they had already been watching him for years.  But, the feds either ignored the danger or were well aware of the danger and did nothing (this seems to be a constant trend in the history of terrorism in the U.S.).  In either case, the government is not going to save you from terrorism, and if your only hope is that you expect the authorities to keep you from harm, you are probably going to die.

    Leftists want to direct public interest towards the gay issue.  They want to make the Orlando attack a martyr’s cry for the LGBT community and social justice warriors.  But the cold truth is that most or all of the people killed in Orlando could have lived — if only they had a logical attitude of self defense.

    I have enough tactical background to recognize a professional shooter.  Anyone who can walk into the sheer wall of human chaos that erupts in a crowded building during an active shooter scenario and still be able to achieve the fire discipline necessary to achieve kill shots on 50 people and wound 53 more is highly trained.  A random spraying of bullets into a crowd is not going to produce such results.  This was the work of a collected and skilled person, or, there were other shooters present that we are not yet aware of.

    The ONLY remedy to remove a skilled active shooter (or even most unskilled active shooters) is another skilled shooter.  That night in Orlando ended in a bloodbath because there were no skilled civilian shooters, gay or straight, present in the building when the attack occurred.

    Now, given, if a terrorist is searching for a soft target, you can’t get much softer than a gay night club.  The lack of self defense instinct and a penchant for anti-gun politics make the gay community easy pickings.  However, the potential for self defense is present in almost every person as long as proper training is applied.

    As I have pointed out in the past, even the FBI admits that the vast majority of active shooter scenarios that are stopped are obstructed by civilians present at the event, NOT by law enforcement.  The great lie being perpetuated in the mainstream is that you must have “government training” to handle an active shooter.  In reality, civilians are the most common and effective stop measure.  Many active shooters will even commit suicide immediately after they meet any resistance from intended victims in order to avoid prolonged pain or capture.  You are the first and sometimes only responder when your own life is in danger.

    In the end, the danger represented by “lone wolf” terrorism or organized terrorism is energized by the American public’s refusal (on both the Left and the Right) to accept that the only practical solution is an armed and trained citizenry.  We can argue for an eternity about “hate crime,” Islamic integration, government vigilance, etc.  None of it will amount to jack.  Nothing will ever be accomplished.  The real debate, the debate that the establishment does not want the American public to entertain, is the debate over our level of personal preparedness.

    The mainstream narrative demands that we argue over gun control, multiculturalism, more government and better vetting of potential terrorists.  While all these issues are vital for various reasons, none of them confront the greater problem.  If Americans are not interested in methods to protect themselves, then all else is futile.  Each individual must decide his or her potential safety margin.

    The bottom line?  If you want better odds of survival, you will arm yourself, you will train regularly to handle active shooter scenarios and you will carry your weapon avidly.  If you do not, then YOU are responsible for every consequence that you, and those you care for, suffer down the road.


    This article was written by Brandon Smith and originally published at his Alt-Market website.


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      1. Ladies and Gentlemen

        The political debate of use in unfortunately on the Main Stream BB.

        We’re all in agreement here regarding the issue. The soap box is over there.

        • The scum at the UN are calling for more robust gun control. The big push is on. Trump gave a really good speech in Greensboro yesterday. I’m gonna vote one last time and hope it matters. More than likely though we’ll be in a shooting war with dhs and peacekeepers . Whatever.

          • Menzo, yes we’re being FORCED into a war none of us ever wanted. I will ventilate those blue helmets and anyone else who feels froggy and is stupid enough to jump.

            • BH You are so stupid. One man army you are not. Bragging and being a blow hard never solved one problem. Go ahead stupid and say i am a troll.

              • Tacoma, what’s your problem? No, I’m not a Rambo and I do know my limits but I also know what I AM capable of. If you think I should just surrender and let the feds or whoever have their own way with me, then just take your stupid ass on down the road. No surrender on my part. I can and will take of myself and my own. I have no illusions about what’s coming.

            • aim small

              miss small

              The UN better be real careful because their mouth is writing checks they can not cash.

              They could walk into a $hit storm of unparalleled civil war the likes of which would make any other civil war there ever was on the planet … pale by comparison

            • Brave. That’s right. I didn’t have a problem with the ragheads till they started killing Americans. I wish we could go back to where terrorist,Muslim, gay pride parades,and trillion dollar deficits weren’t on the news everyday. When are these liberal loonies gonna learn ? Chicago has tight gun control yet how many get killed everyday? And the government ties the cops hands with their pc bullshit. I’d fix those gangbangers in Chicago. U start frying those chimps and make prison actually a place they don’t wanna go to. San Francisco just made stealing a gun out of a car less than a 900 value a misdemeanor. And crime is skyrocketing. New York City its legal to piss in public and litter. Wow. Wtf are we coming to? God help our kids that are really gonna b screwed. We are gonna b screwed but maybe we will have a little lube first. I’m afraid it’s too far gone. Trump can try but i don’t know if he can do it all. We are about the end of a typical life expectancy for a country.

      2. One well placed round would have ended the scum muslim piece of shit.

      3. What about the nut that held the door shut so people could not get out?

        • Brave. That’s right. I didn’t have a problem with the ragheads till they started killing Americans. I wish we could go back to where terrorist,Muslim, gay pride parades,and trillion dollar deficits weren’t on the news everyday. When are these liberal loonies gonna learn ? Chicago has tight gun control yet how many get killed everyday? And the government ties the cops hands with their pc bullshit. I’d fix those gangbangers in Chicago. U start frying those chimps and make prison actually a place they don’t wanna go to. San Francisco just made stealing a gun out of a car less than a 900 value a misdemeanor. And crime is skyrocketing. New York City its legal to piss in public and litter. Wow. Wtf are we coming to? God help our kids that are really gonna b screwed. We are gonna b screwed but maybe we will have a little lube first. I’m afraid it’s too far gone. Trump can try but i don’t know if he can do it all. We are about the end of a typical life expectancy for a country.

      4. How many friendly fire rounds killed and wounded are there. Took them 3 hours to move in??? What a joke… If that does not wake up the Morons… to be your own defender… Sucking on Hillarys tits crying MAMA will keep you safe…

      5. The word Homosexual is now becoming almost as unused as Islamic Terrorist. The homosexual movement demanded equal rights when they already had equal rights, and then once they got those so-called equal rights they demanded special rights. Before this tragedy the perverts demanded to use the restrooms and dressing rooms of their choice and the straight community was all up in the air, and now we have all come together and have a warm and fuzzy feeling for the “Gay Community” I guess we could call it Solidarity. So I guess this tragedy is really a double edged sword, we now have sympathy for the LGBT’s and a demand for more gun control. By and large the queers have and always will be in the Progressive movement, it’s the nature of the beast. Trekker Out. No Apology!!!

        • “we now have sympathy for the LGBT’s and a demand for more gun control ”

          Yep , kinda handy aint it ?

      6. Today-

        DENTON TX man arrested waving coran making terroristic threats…

        Middle eastern woman arrested just north of Mexican border with a plan of the region’s
        gas pipeline…

        They ain’t gonna give up!!!

      7. There is an orgy of the limited evidence that points to pay op.
        1. Footage of wounded leg man being set down and then they push each other around.
        2. Parade of wounded leg victims TOWARDS the gunman and the bar.
        3. Flag shirt man, can’t get a cry going gay dude, and wheel of fortune wannabes all have bs stories.

        Look up sandy hook father who doubles as a fbi sniper for event. Actors actors actors.

      8. The sad reality is not whether or not we want the terrorists here the bastards already are. Hillary wants another 500,000 of them, vote Trump and maybe, just maybe, the country survives.

      9. Actually this whole shit show lay at the hands of the luciferian devil Poppy Bush, he the cia bigwig who engineered JFK’s murder and the rush for a one world order. Any candidate that was for the people was either murdered or displaced by other means. Bush is the criminal fascist godfather following his fathers treasonous action against this nation. Nixon, LBJ, Clinton, Shrub and Obama are all his fascist partners in crime of the highest order. Present day being the culmination of Poppy’s handiwork. Hitlery is the latest chapter, Both Bushes are not worthy to even exist, throw in both unimaginably corrupt Clintons and the present fraud. The American people are fools for allowing this to progress to this point.

      10. There were possible shooters there – but unarmed as per the law ….

        The Chicago Trib interviewed a club survivor that is a 15 veteran of the new US Army – at least one tour in the ME – first thought when he heard the shooting “They’re here” …

        he’s one of the bunch that ran like hell and was hiding in the john …

      11. Fight to overturn the lax immigration policy legislation introduced by Javetts in 1965.

        • Force the anti-gun debate to be about the immigration law that allowed this to happen. We must change immigration policy in order to prevent future tragedy.

          Advocate for homes with no television. Remove television from your life. Boycott Hollywood movies. Don’t subject your family to the negative influences of this corrupting propaganda.
          Hit them where it hurts, in the pocket.

      12. Everyone needs to take a trip to Israel to learn what you need to do. The Israelis had to get tough because the threat to them is so severe. As a result, all Israelis are schooled in thinking about how to respond to emergencies. Attacks still occur but they end pretty quickly too. If you want a laugh, watch on YouTube various attempts by Palestinians to launch knife attacks on people. They tend to get popped straight away by somebody.

        Every large venue must have armed security. People also need to be drilled on what they can do and lose the passive “We can’t do anything” attitude. Just like with a sever injury, the best time-frame for increasing chances of survival is in the first minutes of such an event. Not waiting 3 hours for the police to get around to responding.

        Police forces are still evolving how they respond. The old tactic was to just wait it out. There is more and more the belief that is wrong and that they should go in fast and hard. An example is the Paris kosher deli: the police didn’t wait around and directly challenged the shooter.

        Anyone running a large venue needs to be drilled in what to do and have a response at the ready. Just imagine if somebody had blocked the shooter from entering and then tripped him up when he did barge through a door?

        • Frank. Good point. And they profile passengers before boarding planes. They ain’t scared to do some common sense stuff. Not here in Pc America. I’ve said for years put all these vets coming home at every school , shopping mall etc. dam right we gonna have to get smart and tough.

      13. It’s a club. It’s 2am with booze and drugs flowing. Guns, boozing and drugs don’t mix. You take your chances at those hours of the night in those settings.

        • It’s a gay club. Let them booze up and shoot each other all they want.

          • 200 to 300 in the Pulse. Whole lot of bumping and grinding going on, up until the shooting started. Be safe, stay clear of crowds. Trekker Out. Keep Stacking And Packing!

      14. The reason these people are dead is because a muslime terrorist killed them Period!!! If not with a gun with a bomb. It is not because they didn’t have guns. It is because this is what they do. They are going to do it, because that is what their religion teaches! The more we let in the more of this we will get. It is just that simple. You don’t see any of the other major religions doing this now do you?

        Muslime hate gays as much as Jews.

        The area was a gun free zone. DUH! A coward terrorist is going to pick the softest target they can find. Why pick a fight with someone that can kick you ass?

        Straight or gay I don’t care they both have a right under the 2Nd. Amendment to defend themselves with a gun. God gives us the right to defend ourself NOT MAN.

        I know several gay people, I don’t agree with their lifestyle but I treat them with respect as a human. Most of them can shoot and shoot well.

        I know I’m preaching to the choir here Guns don’t kill People. People kill People! Muslimes kill people because of their religion! Which is a religion of love and peace?

        In the movie Tear of the Sun. The questions is asked. Why are they doing this? The answer was This is what they do! Speaking of the muslime army they were running away from. Must see movie, from what I have heard very true to life.


      15. Mac
        What up with the moderation???
        Second time in two days.

      16. A couple of MUST READ articles at The Daily Sheeple. “Is Something Big Coming? Report: FEMA Just Quietly Activated Civilian Corps” and “Trial Date Set In Sandy Hook Families’ Lawsuit Against Remington”.

      17. Sandy Hook event has never been proven to have happened. No death certificates exist. Crisis actors proven. The coverup continues just like the Boston Marathon fake ordeal.

      18. just a heads up

        yer tax dollars at work ?

        Newly disclosed CDC biolab failures ‘like a screenplay for a disaster movie’

        ht tp://www.blacklistednews.com/Newly_disclosed_CDC_biolab_failures_%27like_a_screenplay_for_a_disaster_movie%27/51928/0/38/38/Y/M.html

        might be time to reread “Ths Stand” ?

      19. Florida law forbids concealed carry in to a bar. Even if some of those present had CCL’s they would have broken the law to have their piece on them.
        Ol’ Remus was right. Stay away from crowds.

        • Gee follow the law or be dead? I carry everywhere. concealed means no one needs to know until they do.

        • Any law that infringes on one’s constitutionally-protected rights is an invalid unconstitutional law. Don’t comply.

        • Aside from the fact that we are seeing a lot of the standard speculation that the Orlando shooting has a lot of signs of having been another false flag operation, let’s assume for the moment that it was legitimate.

          The homosexual, LGBT lifestyle – which used to be correctly classified as a form of mental illness – is now being praised and touted and held up as some sort of super-fantastic, super-hip and trendy lifestyle and the depraved, decadent, destructive and unnatural sexual behaviors which are practiced by these abnormal people are being aggressively ‘mainstreamed’ and ‘normalized’ – not only by the depraved freaks on the left, but now even by the RINO cucks on the establishment GOP so-called right.

          For example: I happened to tune into Rush Scumbaugh’s program yesterday, and he was blathering on and on about how Hillary is taking in donations from foreign nations where they have capital punishment laws for anyone caught committing a homosexual act. Scumbaugh’s motive, of course, was to try to convince any homo’s or trannies or pedophiles or other sexually depraved freaks who might be listening to his show (are there any who do?) that they need to become REPUBLICANS! As I felt my stomach turning, I reached over and turned the radio OFF.

          Someone please correct me if I am wrong about this – but isn’t a big part of the reason why most sane, racially and sexually healthy and normal White conservatives have fled the Democrat party is because they wanted to GET AWAY from these kinds of mentally screwed up freaks of nature? Aren’t these White conservatives trying to find a place where traditional, moral, and Christian based values are respected, honored, and defended?

          But, here we now have Rush Scumbaugh and the rest of these RINO cuck talking heads cucking their asses off, trying to recruit these abnormal people into the GOP, whereupon, they will have yet another vehicle in the form of a political party where they can legislatively mandate that their unnatural, biologically destructive lifestyles be jammed down the throats of our little White school children?

          Can anyone who is even moderately aware of the existential crisis faced by people of White European descent – due to our declining birth rates – which are below replacement levels in almost every historic White European nation – defend the promotion and mainstreaming of a unnatural sexual lifestyle that is a biologically and genetically destructive dead end for White European mankind?

          News Flash: The #1 reason why the jewish controlled media and entertainment industries push both miscegenation and homosexual/LGBT and now, these sick and twisted ‘gender fluid’ agendas – is because they all help reduce the White birth rate. This garbage is part of their White Genocide agenda – and anyone who can’t see that reality is too stupid to continue living anyway.

      20. To be fair, AIDS has killed far more homosexuals than all weapons combined.

        • Mclovin:

          Diabetes has killed more people than most of the major diseases combined. Cancer is linked to sugar. Candida is a parasite that causes fungus in toenails, white coating on tongue, skin disorders. It feeds on sugar.

          The toxic (poisonous) effect of excess sugar intake should be front page news. It is not that all sugar is bad. There is sugar in vegtables. It is the unnatural amounts of sugar added to processed foods and drinks.

          A bottle of Mountain Dew, sugary cereal, catsup and other condiments (except mustard) kill more people than all the guns in America. Why aren’t the PTB doing anything to stop General Mills, Hershey, CocaCola, Pepsi, Monsanto, and others who have poisoned the Public.

          Guns aren’t the problem. People who misuse guns, authority, and power are the problem.

      21. Pulse was a gun free zone, so the solution is to make the entire US gun free. Meanwhile in Chicago, 1,500 shootings from 1-Jan to 31-May, highest ever.

        The gun ban did not work last time and it won’t work this time.

      22. Just talked a few fags. At My gym earlier.. I got news for the UN A d cablist.. the two gay ass fags just told me that they are getting armed up, that the gay community has taken notice that they are under attack.

        Hah, hahaha haha..

        I have to phucking laugh.. they have triggered a gay gun purchase fenzy..
        Fags in Tex-ass are different.


        Even the fags are pissed off now.

        • So true, baby. So true. Where have you been all my life. Wherever you’re going, let me follow.

        • Are they packing pink Lady-Smiths now?

        • I don’t really care what they do in the bedroom. The important thing is that more Americans are choosing to buy guns and arm themselves and that is never a bad thing. Now hopefully, they will change their voting habits at the same time but that may be too much to ask…

          • I do not give a crap either, what two adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom – but, Winston Smith – this issue is not that simple. There is much, much more to this Homosexual Agenda than meets the eye.

            To get yourself up to speed, and based on your apparent lackadaisical attitude regarding this topic – you are not now up to speed, check out this link. Bookmark it. Absorb it’s contents and then reflect upon what you’ve read and compare it to what we see happening in our society and to what the Homosexual/LGBT crowd is currently clamoring for, and your eyes will finally be fully open:


            It is not just a simple as a pair of dudes porking each other in the ass in their own bedroom, Winston.

      23. Katy. Bar the door.

        • So the imposter just had to come back.

      24. Better start carrying all the time,be situational aware and stay away from large groups of people. Its going to happen again,bet on it. it may happen just to move the left’s agenda if nothing else. Hillary gets elected it is all over!

        • Jim, I think you’re right. Probably happen more than once and Hillary, I believe, will be (s)elected. Great advice. Stay away from crowds and even small groups. If that’s not possible, then stay out of their sight. Stay quiet Be smart.

          • The shooting was such a tragedy because it was a GUN FREE ZONE so the victims were not able to defend themselves. This is what obama wants. He had all FBI files destroyed naming American muslims with ties to terror groups. obama is a muslim terrorist and sitting in our White House.

          • The shooting was such a tragedy because it was a GUN FREE ZONE so the victims were not able to defend themselves. This is what obama wants. He had all FBI files destroyed naming American muslims with ties to terror groups. obama is a muslim terrorist and sitting in our White House.

      25. Gay Americans have a right under the bill of rights too. Anybody who thinks it is funny that they were murdered is a sick fuck. I have taught several how to combat shoot pistols and carbines. They think like I do on the state of this republic. They are not my enemies. The sooner some realize that they are an asset,especially politically the better. And I will take the few I have trained over three many heterosexual fat assets that have no spirit I see daily anytime.

      26. Let’s check the scorecard here.

        Law abiding citizens. Religious nut
        200+ 1

        Final score

        49 dead. 1 dead
        50+ wounded
        100+ traumatised

        That proves what gun control is good for. Creating a large group of people that can be easily slaughtered.

      27. The morning after the shooting the TV media kept showing the same clips over and over, people being carried down the street by friends or strangers. No visible injuries or blood, calm looking supposed survival victims. One account said one person being carried was set down on his feet and walked away smiling.

      28. Actually there are way more “gay” people in the population than is widely believed. The type that flaunt their sexual orientation are a smaller minority of the much bigger overall gay population. Most keep it to themselves.

      29. Mclovin… Aids was created and dispersed by the World Health Organization to get rid of the promiscuous homosexual population worldwide. The extent lately has been media suppressed.

      30. You have a bar full of drunk people I would not go there if they were armed,but,should be up to owner and patrons,drunk folks and firearms in my book a bad mix,have nothing against booze or firearms,just together a bad mix.That said,folks working the bar should have been armed,if true a cop on hire duty shot it out with gunman initially but obviously didn’t do well.

      31. Just a question to the homosexual community, how’s your support for the demonrats party working out for you now. Have you noticed they will do a shit dance to protect the sand flea scum community that want you dead, but your now just expendable useless eaters for those that want control. They have used you, gotten what they wanted and now they want to shove a boot up your ass in the form of Islamic warriors of peace. Think its about time you quit playing to their tune, arm yourselves, go ahead and have sex with whomever you want in the privacy of your homes, but play an active part to protect yourselves and your rights which are about to be attacked by those that once called you brothers or sisters.

        Choose your side carefully for the time is coming if we don’t get a handle on the whore’s in DC and the Islamic murderers you won’t have time to play with your friends, you will be dead. Their pedophile prophet has called for your deaths and bozo the scum bag clown protects them with all of his might.

      32. I think the killer was set up and he is gay himself according to reports but the press don’t want to speculate on that fact and are keeping it off air.

        Americans need more guns but not to deal with the fake ISIS threat because it’s the US government thats working with ISIS in Syria and Libya, it’s there bitches.

        No you need guns to protect yourselves from a government that not only back ISIS but also pulled off 9/11 because one day you too will be a target because too the elite we are useless eaters breathing there air and they owe us pensions.

        Hungry homeless people with no medical care will be called zombies and anyone with a gun will be encoraged to take them out

      33. This war by radical Muslims is no more a ‘War on Homosexuals’ then World War II was a ‘War on Jews’. The common thread is those murdered will be infidels to Islam.

        America already has plenty of gun owners. What America really needs are more Armed Citizens. I’m sick and tired of folks preaching, ‘Don’t blame the victims’. With Oath Keepers pledge to help any who want to help themselves, I’ll reserve my sympathy for American victims who at least armed.

      34. It was a GUN FREE ZONE!!!! That is why so many people were shot.

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