Oregon Reports 6 Cases Of India COVID Variant

by | May 28, 2021 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    Not long after the announcement and advancement of a vaccine passport, Oregon is reporting there are 6 cases of the Indian COVID-19 variant, B.1.617. The Oregon Health Authority has identified the first cases of the highly transmissible COVID-19 variant that has devastated India this spring.

    Think this will help the state push for the full-blown tyranny of a vaccine passport? It’s just something to think about.

    Public health officials first reported two cases of one of the variant’s subtypes — B.1.617.2 — on May 12, followed by two more cases on May 19 and another two cases Wednesday. Health authority spokesman Tim Heider said Wednesday that at least one of the cases was detected in someone who’d traveled internationally recently. -Oregon Live

    Scientists are worried about B.1.617 and its subtypes because they suspect it’s largely responsible for propelling India to the highest weekly case and death counts in the world in recent weeks. One study found it might be up to 50% more contagious than the B.1.1.7 variant, which is thought to be up to 50% more contagious than the strain that had dominated cases in the United States until March when B.1.1.7 took over.

    Remember, more contagious does NOT mean more deadly.

    And Oregon “authorities” want you to know that all you have to do, is roll up your sleeve, and take the experimental gene therapy shot and you’ll be fine.

    There is one bit of good news in all of this: A study of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine by British public health officials found the vaccine to be 88% effective at preventing symptomatic disease caused by B.1.617 in fully vaccinated people. About 40% of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated, compared to 3% in India. -Oregon Live

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    Stay alert and remain in a state of logic and critical thinking.  Ask the tough questions even if you are blasted for it.  Use your discernment and keep your preps up to par to the best of your ability. No one really knows what’s going to happen next, but most can feel an epic build-up to something.


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      1. This is bullshit. Look at the videos on YT (while they’re still available). It is the jabby jab causing deaths, not some fictitious virus.

      2. proof that easing up on the covid restrictions was a huge mistake.

        Hundreds and hundreds of more people are now going to needlessly die.

        This must never be allowed to happen again, make the restrictions ironclad and permanent.

        • For a bug that only has a 99.97 percent survival you should never come out of your basement again!

        • A lot of you city people are dooped and dumb. Not allare, but you are definitely one of them sir/ma’am. Quit watching CNN and do your own research.

        • dumbass/uneducated troll!

        • As fireworks are lit, in my neighborhood, every night (not particularly in celebration of American independence from anyone in particular) I can be grateful that the people trying to colonize me will be first in line, to get their ferret shots.

      3. These psycho elite bastards will never stop with their lies and fear mongering because it is all a part of their overall agenda of pushing the gene therapy jabs. Each new “variant” is allegedly 50% more contagious? Yeah, and the lies and scare tactics they use are 100% bullshit!!

        • A doctor said if you have the natural immunization, your body will recognize any variant ..the variant in question from India(and who believes this anyhow) is only a .03% variant.

      4. Will this covid non pandemic utter insanity possibly continue until the end of time? Rhetorical question.

      5. Violated their Hippocratic oaths in telling patients that the vaccines are safe and effective and also telling them that masks are safe and effective.

        Violated the Nuremberg Code by not informing their patients of the dangers of the experimental vaccines, not informing them that they are experimental and otherwise not getting proper informed consent from their patients.

        That never a threat in that a large percentage of people would die and therefore it does not meet the definition of “pandemic.”
        That they conspired and colluded in holding back viable and proven effective treatments.

        That they conspired and colluded and received monies for misdiagnosing to call illness COVID 19 when it was not.

        That they have colluded and conspired in putting forth the false notion that “herd immunity” can only be achieved through vaccination alone.

        That they have participated in falsely defining the mRNA injections as vaccines while they do not meet the definition of what a vaccine is.

        That they have conspired and colluded to put forth the false notion to the public that the mRNA injections are safe and effective while this cannot possibly be true because they are experimental gene therapies which have not completed trials.

        That they conspired and colluded and received monies to intubate patients when it was not necessary and other proven treatment would have saved lives.

        That they are now advocating these experimental gene therapies for children and babies

        • List:

          A great summary and right on.
          We do not have a clue as to the long term effects of these gene therapies.
          NO young person should get these – none
          What do you think would be the outcome if it was proven that these diabolical people Knew that these jabs were poison?
          – Look at the name of this site for the answer!!

          • This could possibly go horribly wrong for the Everyday Doctor Complex and they could find themselves in a world of trouble (and rightfully so). The smart and decent ones (I guess not many) jumped ship from nearly the beginning. It is a twilight zone level feeling to be writing such things about them as I have lately but I truly feel it is right on target. I would urge them to reconsider their allegiances return to their places as normal doctors. A lot of law needs to be rewound to legally put them in their place professionally. But yes, criminally I consider them guilty. Long term things are going to be really really bad for them if people start blaming them for deaths and illnesses pertaining to the mRNA injections. IMO, they should be working very hard to mitigate not only damages they have done during the course of this cv19 expansion of tyranny but what they have done multi generationally.

            • Your natural killer antibodies are being suppressed by the spike protein antibody initiated by the covid shot…..
              our systems have ‘non-specific’ antibodies…..they will attack all variants….
              the covid shot created ‘specific’ antibodies in your body…these antibodies are created to kill only a certain variant….
              these antibodies are more robust and out-compete your ‘non-specific’ natural antibodies…..so when a variant/infection needs the natural antibodies, they are blocked by the covid shot’s stronger antibodies….eventually all are eradicated
              the mechanism to eradicate diseases ”due to the job of our natural killer antibodies” has been destroyed by these stronger, deadly, nanobot antibodies
              eventually, your natural immune system will be compromised and completely by-passed, it is now fighting a war with a deadly pathogen introduced into your body by the covid shot…the mutations/variants occurring around the world are created by these nanobot antibodies

          • jm said, “We do not have a clue as to the long term effects of these gene therapies.”

            Side effects of CV-19 sensitization tend to be hemorrhagic, and the powers-that-shouldn’t-be are prepping to sensationalize “Ebola”.

      6. And how many of those with the variant have been vaccinated? A finding of an equal or higher infection rate among the vaccinated (gene therapied ) exposes the absence of efficacy. This is due to the gain-of-function Obama tried to stop in ‘14 (that Rand Paul recently acknowledged.)
        Mutation is basis of the Montagnier hypothesis that the vaccines (gene therapies) are CAUSING mutation.
        Oh, what would he know? Nobel prize discoverer of HIV…

      7. Variants till the cows come home big whoop! Viruses mutate that’s what they do!

      8. @ Anonymous, you cant be serious right? I hope that when you wrote that the restrictions should be ironclad and permanent that you were just being sarcastic because that is the only possible explanation for such absurd comments.?

      9. Breaking news! I just surreptitiously obtained a copy of the Everyday Doctors Complex Newsletter and I am posting a copy below:

        Good morning doctors of the Everyday Doctors Complex. Today we have a special message from our beloved undisputed recognized leader DOCTOR F-ouchy. Please see it below:

        “Good morning Doctors of the Everyday Doctors Complex,

        “I have good news and bad news for you today. The bad news is that word is spreading amongst the guinea pig population that the side effects to our experimental mRNA injections is much worse than the just a big ouchy on their arm. I know I lied when I said that all they will experience is big ouchy but that is what you love me for. Many guinea pigs have been trying to alert other guinea pigs of the dangers of our injections on Facebook. The good news is that sometimes they die very soon after making these alerts. The other good news is that censorship efforts against the guinea pigs is effective and successful.


        Please remember that to be eligible for your European vacations and other perks (wink wink) you need to meet your mRNA injection quotas. We want all guinea pigs to be experimented on with our mRNA injections. So be sure to use all your sales, gas lighting and coercive training to the full extent. Even the ones who work along side of us in the racquet. Remember, there is nothing better than eating our own, so to speak,


        Your loving leader in the experimental mRNA injection Holocaust,
        Anthony F-ouchy”

        That is all for today Doctors of the Everyday Doctor Complex. You read what our loving leader said. Now go to work and be sure to delete this email from your inbox and trash.

        Good day and good guinea pig hunting!

      10. When you wanted just enough water rights and land to eat and be left alone, and your industry or favorite business was abandoned for no good reason, people who defecate in open gutters were given social promotions in Oregon.

        “Voting Fraud: The Rajneeshpuram community attempted to sway local elections in their favor in a variety of methods, including the “Share-a-Home” program, in which they transported thousands of homeless people to Rajneeshpuram and attempted to register them to vote to inflate the constituency of voters for the group’s candidates. The Wasco county clerk countered this attempt by enforcing a regulation that required all new voters to submit their qualifications when registering to vote.”

        No mere cultist, but some authority figure — I bet, it was a judge, brain surgeon, or banker, intent on turning the Columbia River into the Ganges.

      11. And who is believing any news today?? They all have a narrative.

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