Order Following Contact Tracers: Tools For Enslavement

by | May 20, 2020 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    Contact tracers are amassing. The “authorities” and the ruling class masters keep telling us we need to be tracked, traced, removed from our homes, separated, and enslaved to keep us safe. But anyone signing up to be a contact tracer had better be ready because some Americans are willing to fight back.

    Dr. Ron Paul said it as clearly as alone: “Coronavirus contact tracers are the tools of dictatorship.”

    Government always fails and every time they fail, they create bigger problems, amass more power, and fail even harder. Americans would be wise to wake up to just how much of their power they have willingly handed over to politicians for the illusion of safety.  “One at a time,” say Dr. Paul about waking up the sheep. Contact tracing has something to with health, says Dr. Paul. But it has to do with “the health of the state.”

    Everyone I know says they won’t comply with any contact tracer being paid to forcibly remove people or test them for anything against their will.  Contact tracers, cops, and others trying to force the totalitarian new world order on people had better think hard about whether or not they want to go down this path.

    If You Want To Be Free, Stop Complying With Tyranny

    “I hope our side hurries up and reaches a lot more people,” says Dr. Paul.  I couldn’t agree more. People are waking up, but it’s taking a long time to break the chains of slavery that have been embedded in their minds since the day they were born.

    The Science of Fear: How The Elitists Use it to Control Us & How to Break Free

    Until we stand up against the government and the ruling class, we will never be free.  Tyrants will not willingly release those they’ve enslaved.  It’s up to us. No one in government is coming to save us.  They are all on the same side.  It’s time we realize we outnumber them and have the ability to stand together to defeat the last form of slavery for good.



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      1. These idiots show up at my door and my pitbull will run their azzez down the street real quick.

      2. I fully intend to kill them and will if they do not immediately leave my property when I tell them to.

        • You will be killed. He who hesitates is lost. The time you take to “tell them” will give them the time to kill you. It’s not like in the movies, where the “good guy” draws, and has a soliloquy. Reality is rough and gritty.

          • Not so. I’ll be telling them through a speaker at the gate 50 yards away while I’m looking at them through a rifle scope. Not everyone lives in the city or suburbs.

            • Nice, great job…I like how you think and operate!!

      3. “Tech is NOT your friend.”
        The newer the Tech, the worse for your privacy. You have seen posted this FACT for years. Now you people act like this is all brand new?
        FYI: Tech allows the few to Control the many.

        My posts are shadow banned. Censored. And trolls often attack any comments I’ve made. FACT China CCP trolls roam the internet ATTACKING and censoring comments. Chicom CCP CONTROL most of USA: media, movie makers, higher education controlled by CCP. China CCP has offices on MOST USA university campus.

        I’ve seen China CCP marked cars on Dallas Tx highways. Why is this allowed?

        Communist are EVIL. Famine, Genocide, Death Squads, Oppression are ALWAYS used by communist.
        Globalist are EVIL.
        Media are LIARS.
        Politicians are bought and paid for. Drug cartels control Politicians, Police, Judges in ALL of south Texas.
        The true purpose of most Tech is to allow the few to control, snitch, snoop, track, trace, surviel, the masses.
        5g is a weapon of war to be used on You.

        There is no Santa Claus bringing free gifts.
        No such thing as a Free Lunch.
        There is no Great Pumkin Charlie Brown.

        “Those willing to give up Freedom and Liberty for percieved Safety and Security, Deserve NOTHING.”

        Stand. Resist. Push back.

      4. Thank you so much for shedding light on this topic.It is a very dangerous slippery slope. They are using this crisis to instill fear, divide/conquer us,mistrust of others. I fear for the survival of this nation, for the future of our children, Tyranny & enslavement is not the America I want my grandchildren to inherit

      5. I could contact them with tracers! 😛

        • Hey G, Just pull out the 1980 dance laser light ball and point it up into the sky of illegal overflights. Make their onboard instruments go haywire. Remember 12ga, 5 shot for drones. Just hit one prop and it will fall from the sky. And SSS.

          I shut my cell phone off 1st of April and stopped paying the bill for the burner. No tracking here. Shut off all data transmission. Take the battery out.

      6. So, maybe people will tell them that they spent time with people that they hate, or psychopaths that spy on them, or destroy the economy, or impose fascist Big Nanny Nazi orders! Just start naming off government officials and CEOs. Lol!

        Seriously though, I would not carry my phone. Sick of the scumizen spies! The EMFs from being in a room with a dozen or more cell phones is far more hazardous to someone’s health than being in a room with someone that has the coronavirus in most circumstances!

        I used to get head aches everyday from going to meetings from sitting in a room with all of the cell phones. The head aches stopped when I stopped going.

        The terrible thing is that in Connecticut, if a parent has the coronavirus or maybe even been exposed to someone that has, the state is going to “help” find a place for their children! So, I believe that that is a pretty damn good reason to ditch cell phones! Ditching a phone is not illegal. People lived and survived for thousands of years without walking around with a government, corporate, and scumizen agent that spies on you,
        steals from you, and microwaves you to death!

        Or, if you feel that you need to carry it, maybe remove the sim card and turn it off and wrap it in heavy layers of tin foil. It wouldn’t surprise me if there are secret methods of tracking
        even in those circumstances.

      7. We are being tracked,traced,told what to say what to read and what to hear.what to drive and other what to dos. I’m done with it. no more social sites,leaving my phone at home,forgetting my mask(even though I’m 70) and using my funds to shop at places that don’t infringe on my right. Resist most,question all.

      8. You can’t have it both ways-you want to go back to work for the task masters who own the companies you work for and refuse to be traced when they want to know who you have infected owith your illness

      9. In the official narrative, in which CV-19 came from China (not Canada, but from Chyyynah) their state actors spread the contagion as fake refugees.

        Will our own contract tracers be be vaxxed Typhoid Mary’s.

        h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_Doctors

        In the other Ebola countries, in the other darkest Africa, all good savages, in tune with their instincts, are going to be asking why illness follows the “night doctors.”

      10. Simple, once we shoot a few hundred of them, the rest will find a new job. This is where it will begin

        • Amen. The truth is they only listen, pay attention and change their ways when you bloody the living hell out of their damn noses!!! Enough is enough my friends.

      11. Terrorism works. Remember some folks dumped tea in the Harbor. Hit them in the pocketbook. Anyone who takes a job as a contract tracer. You vandalize their property. Burn their house. shoot their animals ect. You don’t get caught and they get what they Deserve and Deserve what they get. Do the same for any politician or Leo who violates our God given rights. That’s the only viable solution. We cannot vote our way out of this mess. There isn’t now , Hasn’t been and likely never will be a political or ballot box solution.

        • I agree my friend – we are fresh Out of “peaceful” options, that is for damn sure. Time to cowboy up my friends, Enough is truly enough!!!

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