Operation Warp Speed Was a Global Military Operation

by | Feb 21, 2024 | Headline News

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    Former United States president Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed was responsible for getting the mRNA “vaccine” out, complete with the propaganda required to make sure the citizens complied. Operation Warp Speed was a partnership between the military (Department of Defense) and “health” “experts” at the Health and Human Services Department in the U.S.

    A group of Australian scientists, doctors, and medical academics, headed by pharmacologist Phillip Altman, are claiming that the U.S. DoD “had a dominant role in the response to the SARs CoV2 virus and the subsequent development, manufacture, and distribution of the Covid 19 vaccines.”

    The ruling class had been planning to test the obedience of the “citizen” for a long time, and sadly, most of us complied without a shred of evidence that a new virus even existed, let alone was “deadly.” The U.S. and nations abroad, government and public health officials, all in unison, became militant in their responses to the coronavirus shuttering and controlling the population’s movement, assembly, education, worship, free enterprise, and life.

    Lock downs, stay-at-home orders, the suspension of parental rights, mass distribution of fraudulent testing programs, unlawful mandates and various money laundering operations were used to compel mass obedience to this medical experiment in order to “return to normal.” This medical experiment was a military operation from the start, and various aspects of it were coordinated in 2019 by members of the World Economic Forum at Event 201. –Natural News

    The ruling classes knew what they were going to do to the human cattle:

    China Started Development of COVID Vaccines BEFORE The Outbreak

    Before COVID Scam, Moderna CEO Said “Make A Billion Doses of Vaccines” For A “Pandemic”

    This pre-planned mass vaccine program was designed to reprogram the protein synthesis of human cells, introducing the lab-engineered spike proteins into the human body. So far, the results have been catastrophic, and deadly for several. The pharmaceutical companies were just following orders from the rulers in a live execution of a population control event. Their so-called “vaccines” were granted emergency use authorization without proper animal testing, while causing various medical injuries during the botched 2020-2021 rollout. The ineffectiveness of this program was realized a year later, when a two-dose protocol for “full vaccination” was scrapped and replaced with multiple “boosters.”

    The data continues to roll in and it isn’t looking good for those who took one shot, let alone those who have been injected multiple times.

    UK Government Data Shows 92% of 2022 COVID Deaths Were Among The Triple Vaccinated

    “The U.S. DoD clearly perceived a threat to national security and all decisions from that point onward to the present day were subject to full command and control from them,” Altman and his co-authors wrote. “Many adverse consequences have been the outcome of this secret military response to a public health matter.”


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