Barack Obama Re-Elected President of The United States

by | Nov 6, 2012 | Headline News | 442 comments

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      1. Report: Voting Machine Switches votes from Obama to Romney:

        Report: Voting Machine Switches votes from Romney to Obama:

        • Mac, you’re supposed to yell FIRST!

          • no way dude — I’d get banned! And my ego couldn’t take all the thumbs down that would follow!

            • Who’s idea was it to have an open thread.

              • No matter who wins. Think of all the info that will be released in the coming days on what has been going on in the world.

                • why does it feel like Dec. 7th



            • Some Trolls already thumbed you down. You need security now.

          • Gods Creation projects Americans and freedom lovers everywhere to lose either way.

          • Obama: “The Best is Yet to Come”

            One can only shudder at what the “plans” includes.


            • Here is what I will do during the next 4 years:
              – I will only support businesses, politicians who openly express and demonstrate Judeo Christian values.
              – I will not spend money in blue states, no hotels, no restaurants, no leisure. Will avoid traveling to and doing business in blue states.
              – I will minimize my income to what is required for my family. No more.
              – I will not support Hollywood; no movies, no movie rentals. They will not get a penny from my family.
              – I will not reason/argue/debate with the other side. Their minds can’t be changed. Our world views are drastically different.

              • I feel the emotions, but…

                1) I perfectly agree with, but sometimes it’s hard to know what a business supports, especially the really big ones.

                2) I happen to live in a “blue” state – Oregon. OTOH, the only parts that are “blue” in political nature are Multnomah county (Portland), Marion County (Salem), and Deschutes County (Bend). Feel free to avoid spending money in those places… I don’t mind. 🙂 If you look at a state map county-by-county, you may notice that even ‘blue’ states have plenty of ‘red’ counties. It ain’t the country folks’ fault that the big cities screw them over.

                3) Instead of minimizing income and screwing yourself over, how about this: take that extra income and spend it on land, preps, and PMs… things like that. I think you were trying to say that you weren’t going to go the extra mile because you’ll just get taxed more, correct?

                4) I don’t support Hollywood anyway, and haven’t since roughly 2001 or so. It’s laughably easy to do: don’t bother with movie theaters, don’t buy your DVDs/Blu-Rays/whatever new, and don’t spend money for movies and music (instead catch the local indie music scene, plays, and such… it gives the added benefit of supporting your local folks).

                5) Reasoning/arguing on the Internet with strangers is pointless anyway. Hell, I have in-laws and even relatives who went all-in for Obama. They will have to live with the results of their actions (and in at least one case, there’s no hope of changing her mind).

                You can’t force reason on the masses – you can only hope to influence. What you can do however is prepare, hope, pray, and convince on a local/neighborhood level.

                • @Odd Questioner: “I happen to live in a “blue” state – Oregon. OTOH, the only parts that are “blue” in political nature are Multnomah county (Portland), Marion County (Salem), and Deschutes County (Bend).”

                  Whoa dude! How in the heck could you not include Eugene in that list..???


                • My 2013 activities: continue krav maga and muay thai training; lose weight/continue training at the gym; complete EMT-basic; small group tactical training with militia; continue preps. I don’t care in the slightest about the outcome of this election…it doesn’t matter. The course has already be set over many years of planning and decision-making by various domestic infiltrators.

                • Everyone forgets about Eugene :p

                  In all seriousness though, those three are the biggies.

              • you should spend your time educating yourself. this false left right paradigm you have been thoroughly indoctrinated with is poisoning your soul. i feel sorry for people like you. you are a long way from Jesus.

                • I appreciate your comment, thank you.
                  We have been conquered… Not militarly but politically.
                  It happened 4 years ago, last night our conquerors decided on what tribute we must pay.
                  The only way to fight back is to minimize what they want, starve them of funds, cause them to infight over diminishing returns and cause theirdemise.

              • Larry Peterson, I and my household are also doing everything on your list. We’ve added a few more: Scrapping the plans for new wooden floors and counter tops in the kitchen and family room; making a list of essentials we will be needing so as not to spend a single extra penny, and we really don’t need very many essentials as we are well stocked on food, clothes, shoes, and other basics; no spending for Christmas with the exception of a couple of small gifts; paying off the mortgage with 6 years left on it by using money removed from the incredibly low interest CDs; not eating out unless it is a necessary lunch while off to doctors’ appointments; no wasteful driving; dropping subscriptions to magazines (so far today $48 saved by dropping two subscriptions); and not purchasing anything made in China if at all possible. We do need to invest in a lot more “precious metals” for the self protection devices.

                Best wishes to all of us who have prepped. Something tells me the excrement may be hitting the oscillator quite soon now. And the dumb sheeple will be standing in the streets baaaa-baaaa just like they are doing in NY and NJ, and yet they still voted for the Emperor again.

                • The money you are saving is going to be worthless. You should buy the floors and countertop. You will have something to show for your work.

                • Indeed, God Bless you and your family. We’re all in for a rough ride and it gives me comfort to know there are still good people out there, people like you. We have not yet completely fallen into the pit.

                  Even so, I cannot stop feeling very sad and tired.

              • And yours cannot be changed either.

                • Last night hate won elections.
                  Hate of independence, hate of self determination, hate of work ethic, hate of charity, hate of morality, hate of ethics, hate of decency, hate of freedom, hate of justice.
                  Hate won and hate has a very high price tag.

              • Which values are those? The stoing of disobedient children? Not eating pork? What? Be specific, please.

                • If bacon is wrong…I don’t wanna be right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


              • Amen I am the other side and I agree completely

              • Hey, chill out, will ya? In the end, we are all Americans, remember?

              • Problem with not spending money in a blue state is that you are failing to support those in that state who do not support the NWO. Washington state is blue in the west and fully red in the east. The Cascade mountain range is the divide. Feel free to visit and vacation in the eastern half of washington. The cities of the western half have most of the population and drive the demographics and the results.

            • Here is what I believe he will do…

              I think gun/ammo legislation will be a focus. If they can’t get legislation through Congress, there is always the president’s “auto pen” or a U.N. mandate. According to a recent executive order, (see below) we must now OBEY international regulations as dictated by the U.N.

              New EPA regulations will force the shut down of MANY coal fired power plants around the country in the very near future. Plan on electric costs to spike.

              The financial cliff beckons. Add more layoffs to this “recovery”.

              It is bad enough to know we are in a bus (financially) headed toward a large tree. They are flooring the gas. The ‘goal’ must be for maximum suffering and few survivors.

              Remember, Hitler came to power in Germany as an “elected” leader. In his second term was when the “gloves” came off.

              “Socialism is the prelude or ‘intermediate step’ towards communism,” according to the Communist Manifesto written in 1848 by Karl Marx (age 30) and Friedrich Engels (age 28).

              Norman Mattoon Thomas, a Socialist Party candidate 6 times: “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of ‘liberalism,’ they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.”

              Accelerating the March Toward One World Governance

              Does this mean “international law” will take precedence over our laws and Constitution?

              May 1, 2012 – Obama Signs Executive Order Declaring U.S. to Follow International Regulations

              Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation – 5/1/2012

              • Ky Mom,I don’think you’ve ever put up a post I didn’t agree with. Too bad everyone in this country is not as wide awake as you. My wife is slowly leaning towards the fact that I’m not such a nut after all, that reality is what it is. It is a scary time in America. The train is going down the track full speed, problem is, we are out of track. I don’t even think Romney would have saved us, but I was hoping he would slow the fall.

              • I think at the very least they will go after rifle mags over 10 rounds. I’m stacking P-Mags. Remember that mags DO wear out. Buy them not just for defense use. Also buy for barter.

                Most important thing though is to invest in your own training…they can only take that away by killing you.


              • KY Mom,
                Totally agree with you about the war on coal and increased electricity prices on the way. For anyone not currently using a clothesline to dry clothes, I recommend the Hills brand portable clothesline. I set mine up in the living room on laundry day and it will hold ALOT. Very easy to set up and put away and very sturdy. A little expensive up front but will pay for itself in no time. Especially considering the increases that are on the way…

          • Right. This is just like the Abbott and Costello routine “who’s on first”. I must note, however, that the first video SHOWED the “glitch”, while the second one only TOLD us about the “glitch”. I personally still don’t think it will matter one bit WHO sits in the oval office…we’re screwed either way.

            I guess people didn’t buy Robme’s outsourcing jobs to China as away to help OUR economy…nothing like getting called on your bullshitting.

        • By the way, I wrote in Ron Paul.

          I’m keeping my Ron Paul yard sign up for a few days after the election just in case Obama loses, so if an Obama flash mob of supporters/rioters come down the street, they’ll see I didn’t have a Romney sign and mess with my family.

          • Good for you Iowa, me too! I said I would and I did. I could not vote for the lesser of two evils anymore.

            • Thanks Arizona Ready!

              – Iowa Militia

              Remember the Iowa Motto:

              “Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We will Maintain”

              GOD BLESS AMERICA!

              • I guess my state doesn’t believe in Liberties or Rights anymore.

            • So we can thank you britches for the next 4 years’ misery.

              • One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.

          • I did also, so did my daughter. We talked about it and decided we couldnt openly support either candidate. My vote was my voice telling both parties that they suck and need to be abolished. Of course, it was a small voice that will be ignored, but I feel good about it

            • God Bless Jim!

              • I hate to break it to you two, but if Obama loses, and the mob riots, they won’t see your Ron Paul signs, they’ll see two white devils that wanna take away their malt liquor, snap cards and free “Obama phones”

                In any event, I don’t see that anything is going to stop the avalanche towards SHTF…nothing exotic like EMPs or vapor trails or solar flares, just a bunch of damned lemmings gleefully jumping off the cliff

                I’m just trying to stay out of the way

                • I don’t mind standing on the side of the road holding a sign:

                  CLIFF —>

                • @SoS:


                  I totally pictured that !

                  I wonder if they will get cellular service from the abyss –IMHO.


              • @ Iowa,


              • Guys, I love the Ron Paul vote as I couldn’t vote for either party as well. But Ron Paul is not even the Liberitarian candidate. Gary Johnson is. I love Ron also but Gary is the person to throw your support behind if you believe in the Liberitarian Philosophy of limited government, states rights, a free market, and limited foreign intervention. Ron Paul, as much as I hate to say this, has done some questionable things in the past couple years as far as saying or not saying certain things to further Rand’s republican career. A lot of Libertarians actually think he has “sold out.” All Ron Paul supporters need to look into Gary Johnson. He is promoting the same message as Paul, has a stellar track record, and does not have the baggage Ron has. Gary is going to need all of our support in the coming years as the Liberitarian party might have a real chance if enough people get fed up with how things are going. I know it is a very small chance but it is better than nothing.

            • REUTERS: ‘Victory puts Obama in position to expand government’s reach’


          • i wrote down ron paul as well yay im not alone

            • You’re not alone.

          • Me too. I don’t vote for lesser of 2 mass murdering psychos anymore.

            It wasn’t hard not to choose between a semi-communist Keynesian fascist with a fake birth certificate and a corporate raiding outsourcing flip-flopping fascist.

            The Ron Paul write-in voters are probably on a “terrorist” watch list.

          • By voting for Ron Paul, You allowed Obama to be reelected.
            Tighten your budget because what is to come will most devastating!!!

          • I suppose the political sign is a nicer way to do it, but since I never had one in my yard? I’ll have to use the corpse of the first looter to trespass as sufficient warning to keep off the property.


            • A warning shot for the next gang?

          • IDIOT! So YOU’RE one of the IDIOTS who lost the election for the right, eh? Shame on you IDIOT Ron Paulers!!!!

            YOU get what’s coming then, and don’t come crying to me for aide MORONS! Like RP even had a chance. Geez!

            • Honestly, the idiots are those who threw the support behind Romney in the primaries and allowed him to be the GOP candidate. If Ron Paul was against Obama there would be a different outcome right now. The GOP can blame themselves, not those who wouldn’t vote for someone who couldn’t/wouldn’t understand what the common American had to do to survive. Quit pointing a finger at the Ron Paul supporter because like Dr. Paul they are principled. Let the GOP learn from this in the next 4 years. Let them watch some of the videos from the Ron Paul rallies and see the DIVERSITY of the crowd, which was the reason the GOP lost. Don’t blame the voter, blame the party who put such a weak candidate up for the vote!
              Ron Paul deserved the vote.

              • I second that!

              • Oh geez, wkgmom, give up the pipe dream, for crying out loud!! As much I appreciate many–not all–of Paul’s views, he’s simply NOT electable nationally! Get a grip.

                The underclass have carjacked our society now and you’ve aided them. The massive dumbing down of America by unionized school teachers over decades has officially born its rotted fruit. And that fruit mindlessly votes for “cool.”

                They’re hypnotized by a million free “obama phones” and celebrity culture. They don’t know jack about the Constitution. Nothing! They don’t even know what the Electoral College is! Ask them, see for yourself! Yet somehow you think they’ll understand Paul’s take on Bernake’s machinations. Oh, God, sure.

                Paul would’ve been crushed in ten minutes by obama’s Chicago poli-gangs. Romney brought class, dignity and and smarts and for that alone, he was rejected.

                He’s a Trojan Horse conservative in the way that obama is the Manchurian candidate. He marketed himself wisely to lure all sides of voters to get through the door first. Why is this hard to understand for some bullheads?!

                But Romney was ruthlessly sabotaged by the corrupt media and deranged rightists who are so freaking headstrong. Learn to accept a steak before demanding the entire ranch be handed over first!

                Instead, enjoy your hunger and fill yourselves with empty grousing. It’s over. You’ve given new life to the Marxist to heap his dominance over you.

                • Look I am not just saying Ron Paul. They could have picked ANYONE other than the Robot and his Stepford wife. I am sorry, if they continue to pick these candidates that can not relate to people they are going to LOSE. I am not a snapper, I go to work everyday and it pisses me off I have to so someone else can sit on their ass, but…..Don’t ask me to blindly vote for someone because they are not Obama. Don’t give me the worst possible choice for me (middle class) my parents (senior citizen) and my son (20 year old) because he is not Obama. I am sorry Romney scared the shit out of me. I would rather throw my vote away on Ron Paul (Johnson wasn’t on my ballot) than cut my own throat. No pipe dream just fact.

              • RP has been in CONgress for way too long. His son took a page from the Kennedys and moved to another state where he thought he could be elected. If KY wouldn’t have had him, he would’ve moved on.

              • wkgmom = AUI (Another Useful Idiot)

                Like Team USA said, GIVE IT UP and GET A CLUE!!!

            • Well so far, Romney just proved that he isn’t electable. Guess we should have stuck with RP, but that was the Repub party screwing all of us for the sake of Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve. Either way, THEY win and we lose.

              • Geez, did you not read my post, harvest? You, and your ilk, are the stunningly stubborn-headed useful idiots who obama gleefully toasts.

                The Manchurian candidate successfully MARKETED himself as a caring, moderate, all American uniter. The sheeple bought it. Now the Marxist forges his ruthless agenda, but denies it publicly. It’s textbook Saul Alinksy, pal.

                Romney was doing the same in his middle of the road appeal, but as a cloaked conservative. He came close! Still, he was SANDBAGGED by corrupt forces that obama never has to worry about—the dark media snakes of sabotage. It never stops against conservatives. Is this news to you?

                Ron Paul had a chance of the Presidency in the same way you have a chance for a date with Megyn Kelly.

                • Give it up. You are just as guilty of being a sheeple as the snapper with an Obama phone. Guess what you are waking up today. The world is still here. You can cry, whine and throw a tantrum and blame everyone for your guy’s loss or you can accept it.

                  I don’t know who you are describing but it is not Romney. He was a liar. He lied about so much that there was no way to know what he would really do. In fact he wouldn’t even lay his plan out for you to see. He wouldn’t show his tax returns and when he did he payed less than 1/2 the % I did. Oh and save your breath on he payed more dollars. He still only paid 14% to my 32%.

                  Romney would have let Michigan and Ohio die. If you are from there you understand how bad that would have been. He is a corporate shrew that deserved to lose. He was bought and paid for just like Obama. So what difference does it really make?

                  You are screwed either way so those who chose not to play the game are not wrong they are just saying they expect something better next time. Maybe if more “conservatives” demanded better by voting Ron Paul, the message would be heard and we would get a real choice.

                  You can take the blue pill if you are a prepper too. Looks like you did. Your alternate reality is just as bad as the Snapper getting the free Obama phone. Wake up.

                • Thanks for tipping your left hand, “wkgmom.” You are clearly an obama boot licker here, you poser.

                  Anyone who complains about ANYBODY paying lower taxes, then parrots the Marxist’s class warfare crapfest and also salutes the auto bailout with our taxpayer money is shoveling obama’s steaming pile.

                  Take note: anybody can pay a 15% tax rate–even you!–if you had an attention span longer than a TV commercial. An investment held for a year and then sold at a profit is taxed at only 15%. That’s it. Meanwhile, labor income is taxed at a higher rate. (Bush tried to pull that lower than he already did, but was stopped by your favorite Democrats).

                  So—still paying attention?—Romney bought stocks, real estate, bonds, whatever, and sold them successfully after a year to take advantage of the smaller rate.

                  Of course, those investments are risks and he could’ve lost his money. That’s why the IRS allows such INCENTIVE for people to risk some bucks in the economy rather than keep it in a mattress and not circulating.

                  Here’s where you and your class warfare hero obama hate me, too: I bought Apple stock 14 months ago at $371 and sold it last month for $628. Net profit, $257 per share times just 35 shares = $8995. Of that beautiful return, I pay only 15% tax ($1349)! Take home: $7,646. I love it.

                  Romney did the same as I did, only on a much larger scale. (It’s interesting you don’t mention he gives away 30% of his YEARLY income to charity—more than obama & Biden in their lifetimes).

                  Finally, “wkgmom,” you’re a fake RP fan because he would never, ever, heap taxpayer money to ‘save’ any private enterprise like you love obama for doing.

                  But thanks for your politics of resentment—straight out of the Marxist’s playbook. You serve him well. Get out.

          • How did the sign plan work out for you?

        • These days it seems anything is possible.

          Remember this…

          Oct. 25, 2010 – Voting machine technicians are SEIU members

          Nevada voting machines automatically checking Harry Reid’s name; voting machine technicians are SEIU members

            • No matter who wins, they’re readying the KY for the voters for another 4 years!

              • What makes you think they’d have the decency to use KY?

                Haven’t for the last few years.

        • No matter who wins tonight or tomorrow

          All of us face getting up and going to work for ourselves
          be it for our employer or ourselves or, enjoying the fruits of our labor and not working at all..

          None of the lesser of 2 evils will make an impact on our lives any more than the system already has..
          It is a shame that we must vote, if we choose to, to vote for the lesser of 2 evils rather than the better of 2 greater goods..

          just saying to you all

          Sleep well..

          We must all face the next day no matter what..

          Unless we do not awake from out mortal coil..

          If that be the case..then hope that we all lived our lives to their fullest and enjoyed it..because that’s all we got in the end..


        • It’s called autocorrect! 🙂

        • My plans are the same today as they were before Obama was elected the first time. The problem with democracy has always been that eventually the people start to realize they can vote to take away from others. And when they realize that, they progressively vote for more and more “benefits”. We’re just now realizing that natural shift that is inevitable in democracy. The framers of the Constitution forgot one crucial thing…a provision that would have ensured that no free citizen could be compelled, forced, or required to perform ANY action. All taxation would have been voluntary (through sales/transaction taxes), of which a free man could avoid if he desired. This nation was doomed to fail from the beginning. And as the last (if not only) bastion of hope for freedom in the world, we and every other nation will eventually be absorbed into the world government that has been forming for over 50 years.

          I see one solution: buy a small farm on which you can grow your own food. And do it before all the rich city folk realize their only option for preserving wealth is owning and controlling a portion of food production as the world population increases.

          • Nate,

            The problem is not an inherent flaw with the fundamentals of democracy, the problem is the inherent corruption of man.

            Every system ever imposed or created has fallen to the flaws of man. Republic, democracy, socalism, despotism, communism, dictatorship, “divine” authority, ect.

            Point the finger where it deserves to be pointed. The fundamental rule of Government created by the American Constitution is a flawless theory in principle. Checks and balances, division of power from state and government, free market principles……The problem is that over time we have allowed the system to break down and the corrupt and greedy to take over. These greedy bastards then make new rules favouring themselves and whatever orginization they represent. Over time it gets us to where we are today.

            Nate, don’t blame the philosophy. Philosophy is a static player in a dynamic world. Everything sounds great in principle until man, in all of his glory, (or woman) comes in and dicks it all up.

            In conclusion, we could have the best government philosophy in the world (Which I believe we as Americans do have), but until we can figure out this whole corruption of man thing, it does not matter what philosophy we are employing, we are destined to fail. Damnit Eve, I hope that apple was worth it.

        • You really are one sick puppy. Do us all a favor and put yourself down.

      2. I vote for Romney. Not because I like Romney. He did after all sign a permanent “assault weapon” ban in Massachusetts as Governor. I voted for Romney because he has the best chance of unseating someone I consider to be wholly unsuitable to be President of the United States of America. Anyone who bows down before other world leaders cannot lead this great country and will not represent me as an American if I have anything to say about it.

        • Bowing down is a sign of respect. Other world leaders deserve as much respect as we do. Unless of course you truly believe one group of people are better in character than one another. That would be very prejudice.

          • ”…let them bow knee to nothing but their Creator” — General Patrick Ronayne Cleburne

          • You know, I didn’t see the king of Saudi Arabia bowing to Obama. I didn’t see the President of China bowing to Obama. If only one party is bowing, it is not a sign of respect, it’s a sign of weakness and servitude. I want a President who can look another world leader eyeball to eyeball and hold his/her head high as a proud American. There is nothing prejudice in that at all. That is who I want representing America on the world stage, not an apologist.

            I travel extensively overseas on business 40-50 times a year, and I NEVER bow or apologize for being American. EVER! I make no apologies about that.

            • I am sure you are familiar with the phrase “Be the better man”. I am sure you are also familiar with two wrongs don’t make a right. China may not have shown Obama respect, but Obama did. He set an example, a high standard. I hope every president so forth will bow to other countries as if to display a Arthurian “round table” notion of equality. I thought much like you until I saw the larger picture. Fact is, America doesn’t deserve any special privileges. We are a country, a powerful country yes, but that does not mean we are invulnerable. It doesn’t mean we can’t be touched.

              • GregorKlusar,

                Growing up I was taught to hold my head high and look people right in the eye when I talk to them. Treat them as equal, but never from a position of weakness.

                Your idea of respect is what I call pandering. It sucks every last ounce of dignity and self-esteem from a person and society, and if I have to spell that out to you, you will not understand it.

                Rest assure there are still Americans out there, like me, who will not bow down before foreigners. EVER!

                Bow down all you want, that is not for me.

                • “Growing up I was taught to hold my head high and look people right in the eye when I talk to them. Treat them as equal, but never from a position of weakness.”
                  Obama did not ever remain in the bow position while he was talking to global leaders. He did look them right in the eye. He was also on THEIR soil. He was THEIR guest, out of his own country and in the hands of another. Your theory of weakness is amusing. Obama bowed for a few seconds. He did not get on his hands and knees, kiss the feet of the leaders and pledge his allegiance to them. He bowed. It is the same exact gesture as a handshake, it just signifies more respect. The common people such as you and me have no reason to bow to one another. We have no high standing in society. A handshake will suffice for an introduction. I know a bit about the human psyche, perhaps that is where we draw the line and split opinions.

                • “American exceptionalism”. If the president extended his hand as a greeting and it was not accepted should he be offended? Why do Americans think their culture is the only one that is acceptable? THAT is one of the reasons we have so many problems around the world. Like GK says, it is merely a sign of respect and greeting much as a handshake is.People that get annoyed by trivial things like this are narrow minded individuals.

                • go back to sleep you stupid sheep
                  your country is a prison grid
                  a slave pit
                  a hell hole

                  and you are proud of it?


                  thumb me down all you like…… i dont care what a bunch of computer geeks think

                  i know your country is a satanic prison BUILT ON LIES

                  and to see you smugly and proudly defend your fake heritage shows what a mindless lemming you are

                  BACK TO SLEEP GEEK

                • JRS,

                  What others call narrow minded, I call pride. French men kiss each other as a sign of respect. Should I pucker up to greet other men as well? Hell no! It’s a matter of drawing the line on what I consider acceptable formal behavior.

                  You mention “American Exceptionalism” is one of the reasons we have problems around the world. I completely disagree. We have problems around the world because we have corrupt and out-of-control government agencies (i.e. ATF / Fast and Furious) and politicians engaging in unlawful imperialistic clandestine operations which are not in America’s best interest. Just my opinion.

                  No one is telling you not to bow, I personally won’t do it. Americans fought a bloody desperate war to free itself from British rule. I won’t bow before royalty and I certainly won’t bow to anyone else.

                  I am not a subject of any country or sovereign. I will never bow down before someone else, ever. I’ll shake hands or give a curt nod to acknowledge someone’s presence, but bowing is out of the question. It is offensive and repugnant to me.

                  BTW, as a citizen who swore an oath on a bible to defend and protect the Constitution of the Unites States, I do think America is an exceptional nation and I’m proud to say that. I think Americans have been told for so long now that America is not exceptional, sadly they are beginning to believe it. That must change.

                  I think Americans must have a renewed sense of pride in who they are, and progressives like Obama will not make that easy. I make no apologies for saying that. That may offend some people who are pushing anti-American policy, that’s too bad.

                • Hey Bob,

                  Ah, finally the hate mongers chime in. If the US is a hell hole, that makes your country what, the armpit of the world? You don’t even have the stones to tell us what country you live in! Sounds like you’re embarrassed, OR you could simply be a radical progressive supporter living right here in the USA.

                  Well I must say that this blog site must be doing a wonderful job if it upsetting anti-American trash like yourself!

              • That is the same position that a slave take in front of their masters

              • Gregor:

                With all due respect, suck my invulnerable ass you dimtard!

                I borrowed dimtard from a regular poster… sorry, but I can’t remember who or I would give full credit for the word – which, seems to be so applicable right now while describing this dick weed.

            • YH: Yeah but you’re not the President either. He bows, like the Bushes and others, to the Saudis because the price of oil is pegged to the US Dollar by agreement between Nixon and the House of Saud. If they should dump the dollar for any other currency or a basket of currencies, the price of oil in dollar terms would go up significantly and we’re screwed! He bows to the Chinese because they hold billions in US debt, they are our bankers of last resort. If they stop loaning us money, we’re screwed! Because of our foolish economic policies we have become like many of the old families of the South after the Civil War who lost their wealth. We are now the “Genteel Poor’ and we’d better get use to that role. Unless we can cut our spending down, we’re screwed! Basically, we’re just screwed !!

              • Gregory hit the nail on the head. Why would we Americans hold pride over our debt, failing economy and corrupt infrastructure? We are largely importers. We depend on other countries around the world to sustain us. We have absolutely no position to act as if we are better than other countries. If other countries were to cut ties with the U.S. we would completely fail. Some people on this site should really research the act of bowing. It means many different things and one of those is showing a notion of honor. If you don’t think a king, queen or other world leaders should be honored, than you really should never take a job in politics. Obama went to their countries and bowed down. He is at the grace of other world leaders. If the queen of England visited the U.S., I would expect her to show the very same respect to our President. If Obama bowed first to someone visiting on OUR soil, that would be a problem and I would agree with the haters here. But that is not the case.

                • Why do I have the dark suspicion that you are both the same person. Hmmm. I suppose that would be like me responding to myself as MamaBear2…but you know, it’s so crazy, it just…might…work.

                  At any rate, I agree, there are bigger fish to fry and the bowing is nothing to get your knickers in a twist over, especially since Michelle more than made up for it by slinging her arm around the Queen of England, plus they gave her a set of Obama’s speeches as a gift. LOL. Etiquette.

                • To Gregor
                  In old China, it’s customary to get on one’s knee and bow deeply to the emperor. So, should it make sense for Obama to get down on his knees for the Chinese premier? Handshake is more than adequate as greeting,

                • Our names are just a coincidence. The moderators see everyone’s IP address, so I’m sure Mac could confirm that Gregory8 and myself are not one in the same.

                • He needs to stop bowing down to the BANKING CARTEL! They deserve NO respect whatsoever.

            • Say what you want about Putin, but he looks out for Russia first, last, and always. USA has not had a nationalist president, or one that was internationally respected, since Reagan.

              GK is the kind of wuss that will be happy to see USA brought down, as though he will be spared the pain.

              Memo to GK: If you are an American, USA’s enemies hate you as much as they hate me.

              • Putin looks out for Putin.

          • Hey Gregor, have you considered that when our President bows to other “leaders” he’s shoving his ass in our face? That his “respect” for these POS piles of filth equals disrespect to us?

            A real President doesn’t help America by bowing to anyone; he does it by standing up for his fellow Americans

            • A switch across his arse would have straightened him up.

              That’s what I thought.

          • I could not agree with you more Gregor!! Only a weak person sees this as a sign of weakness.

            • Why are there soooo many trolls here today?

          • Gregor—As you marvel at obama’s groveling bows to world leaders as a “sign of respect,” you stunningly overlook that they NEVER bow to him in return. Never!

            Why not, Gregor? I tell ya why—he’s not deserving of their own “sign of respect.” On that measure then, millions of Americans agree with them that obama isn’t even worth the effort.

            • They didn’t bow back. That is correct. Obama showed a courtesy that they did not. By default it makes him the more honorable man. Although on this site where most of its users are right wing, I wouldn’t expect much support for him. If I went on a liberal website, people would be sticking about all of Bush’s and Romneys controversial acts and only a few people would be defending them.

        • You mean D I P L O M A C Y ?

      3. Oh, and thanks Mac. You’re a great patriot!

        • When you rob Peter to pay Paul,…. you can count on the support of Paul.

          We have a lot more Pauls in this country than Peters.

          I grieve for the late great USA.

      4. Don’t too surprised in Nobama is back in Office for 4 more years. The party that caters to losers has expanded their fan base with free phones, disability, food stamps and welfare checks.

        • In the final analysis, it does not matter who is elected. It will not avert the approaching socio-economic implosion. Slow death versus quick death.

          • Pragmatically I tend to agree. Optimistically I hold out a single hope that a serious push toward true U.S. energy independence could save North America.

            It’s a long shot. But my idea is that the reverse of Murphey’s Law applies to macro system degeneration models. Sometimes good stuff just happens and a single event can trigger a cascade of order from chaos.

            I have 14 grandchildren. I have to believe in a better future than Mad Max Thunderdome so I can fight for it, even while I prepare for the worst.

            Self delusional perhaps, but only partially.

            • Congrats on the grandchildren! Sound advice on planning for the worst. However, after hearing news out of Detroit that a radical left wing supporter pulled a gun at a polling location forcing a Republican poll observer to leave at gunpoint, and another punched a lady in the face, my faith in American civility is waning very quickly.

              • I couldn’t agree more. I think we are in deep shit regardless of who gets in. I’m just going to keep prepping like there’s no tomorrow. No way do I think anyone can fix the hole we’ve dug for ourselves!

                • +1!

              • YH Detroit’s in the US!!?

            • YSC. I would agree with you on energy independence, but this administration and its henchman …the environmental Nazis will do everything they can to get in the way of that happening. It would mean a more prosperous America and they certainly don’t want that to happen!!

            • Can we please… build thorium reactors now?

              • ^^^^THIS

            • “push toward true U.S. energy independence could save North America.”

              What you (and everyone else) is REALLY hoping for is a push towards true energy independence…while not changing the wasteful behaviors that we call “the American way”. And it’s simply not going to happen. If you want energy independence, learn about solar, wind, and geothermal. And also learn about the COST inputs into the “miracle” oil sands/tar sands/fracking, etc. And look at the decline rates of domestic shale gas wells. And look at global production, expecially statistics on net exports. AND don’t let other peoples fantasies and government propaganda confuse you about reality.


            • Some of the remnants of USA will be better. USSR is a model. The immediate future will suck canal water, however.

          • I keep hearing this “Slow death versus quick death” and I have to laugh.

            Who is bringing the slow and who is bringing the quick? and what’s that based on?

            • It is anything but a laughing matter.

              Just my opinion, but do you think the national debt will begin to decrease in the next 4 years? Do you think the deficit spending will stop in the next 4 years? Do you think our national debt monetization will stop in the next 4 years? Do you think we will repatriate our entire manufacturing base back to the US in the next 4 years? Will inflation be reigned in in the next 4 years? Do you think the next President can fix the abysmal state of distrust and hate Americans have for one another?

              Republicans cannot stop the downward trajectory of our society or economy. Democrats don’t know how to stop it, or have no interest in stopping it as it interferes with their progressive “social justice/wealth distribution” agenda.

              Beyond that, your convictions are based on your research and political bearing as are mine.

              • the difference to me, is which side is going to have you shot when the implosion occurs for clinging to Bibles and gun, homeschooling, being prior military, owning rifles and ammunition?

                • For me, it is who is going to try to shoot me for not holding a bible, for not bowing down to their mythological diety. This is much more likely than being shot for holding a bible. The bible is for fools and delusionals, and fools and delusionals are much more likley to do the shooting because they are… well fools and delusionals.

        • No surprise Odumber was reelected other than by the landslide. Hey at least the collapse will come quickly.

      5. Just little o’ me sitting here ‘athinkin’.
        Now if I was a failed pres. that preferred golfing, vacations, hanging with the beautiful peeps, hated those boring daily briefings, had a very nice.. NICE.. pension plan with full bennies and security service for life, a nice Hawaiian home ready and waiting… let me see – would I vote for me… nah! I’d hand this mess to the other guy and pray folks do the same. Sandy is going to be a legacy problem that keeps on giving and hopefully enough so that everyone forgets that Benghazi thing.
        Now Wee, sitting here, may never see the justice come to traitors that deserve what traitors / murderers should get… but I will never forget – EVER.

        • Eisenhower, I think, said any man who’s too gung-ho to be president is someone U shouldn’t vote for.

      6. someone said in the other thread, doesn’t the electoral college determine the president?

        • Article two, section one.

      7. I’m grimly fascinated by how close it appears in all the polls still. I honestly have no idea which way it would go.

        Not that it matters in the grand scheme of things, of course.

        • If obama wins, I’ll buy more lead. If Romney wins, I’ll buy more silver. If either obama or Romney win, I’ll buy more lead and silver.

          • If Romney wins and you have a little play money there will be some opportunities in the short term to make a whole lot of money. In the markets.

            • I guess i will be pulling my money. I dont know where i will put all the gold lead and steel. Hell i guess land. But i hate have that responsibility again.

          • Arco, I say Huzzah!!!

        • nope it doesn’t. that’s why we’re prepping LOL

        • Pretty sure Obama will win. The only state you have to watch is Florida. Once that’s in, we’ll know.

          • At this exact moment, Romney is ahead by 20 electoral votes.

            • Unless those belong to Florida, it won’t matter. Either way, I’m having another shot of bourbon.

              • Last vote in a northern Florida county was at 9:15 P.M.

                • Florida reports 49.6% for BOTH Obama and Romney. They are also tied for electorals, 154 each.

                • The problem with the Florida count is Miami-Dade is the county that isn’t counted. Most of the red counties are fully represented. M-D will be very blue and very large when the results are tallied. Which reminds me, another bourbon…

        • @ Daisy

          It all boils down to, that all of us were looking for more time to prepare for what the future holds. We are outside the mainstream line of thought and have been for years. Expect the words of ridicule to reach a crescendo against preppers, gun nuts, precieved cowards and bible thumpers. As we have been called. So bite the bullet and prep like hell.

          • I say yes, keep prepping; but I say let the clueless fucks and the howling mobs bite on my bullets

      8. It’s a depressing day in our countries proud history.

        • Well, I wouldn’t say “proud” history. Perhaps proud history of the working class American…but it didn’t take long for the government to become corrupt. I would not say I am proud of our governments history.

          • “I would not say I am proud of our governments history.”

            No doubt that’s because you have actually studied it and thought about it, and have broken free of the flag-waving propaganda. Well done.


        • Why depressing? Sounds like you are saying that aneletion result does not go your way, the result is somehow invalid. This election worked just as the constitution says it should. If you are unhappy, blame the republicans for their religious extremism and not being able to field a sensible candidate.

      9. I’m a values voter. Instead of trying to figure out who will do what is in my own best interest, I vote for the candidate whose values best reflects my own. That way I do not get blinded to other issues by one I am most passionate about. There is a lot of peace knowing I did the right thing no matter how things turn out.

        • I must not have been paying attention. Are you implying one of the mainstream candidates has values?

          • LOL

            he didn’t say they were good values !!!

            • @ Satori,

              Tank-U-Bery-Mush…Now Me Under-tand !?$#??&@@DFG%

              Anymore,any ethical character is plumb beaten-out of anyone, or ANYTHING getting over far in the political arena. Good observation Satori!

        • – Thanks, Mac – you know the reasons;)
          – I think I might just have startled my young work mates today. (they didn’t get the memo… don’t ask her about politics – keep it about gardens, canning,…simple stuff…etc.)
          Understanding in my very Neo-Con Rep. area it isn’t improper to ask “Did you vote today for the ONE”.
          ‘yes, I did my civic duty and voted OUT the socialists on my local school board that believe in wasting other peeps $, voted OUT a corrupt sheriff; I voted OUT a misguided rail-road commissioner , I did concede with an ‘okay’ for a less-than-acceptable US Congress-critter (no other contestant in the bread-circus ring) and YES, I did indeed for AGAINST the POTUS. You see, I have never voted FOR a president – only against one. But you have to weigh your choices… Let’s see… yes… it’s such a clear choice.
          HUMMM. I suppose I did, indeed, vote FOR the continuation of the slaughter of innocents in the NAME of oil & a wee plant called poppy… FOR the pursuit of MIC (gotta keep those Military Industrial Complex peeps working – yeah, team) because being a constitutional conservative minding our own damn business which just happens to be whirling down the toilet is so.. yesterday!
          Yes, dear children, I cast my vote for the last time AGAINST someone…. I give it up to you decide if it was worth my effort.’ I’ll make my amends in days going forward to the those ‘deer-meet-headlights’ youths.
          /rant off///… if not for this site I might have need medication.

        • I feel the same way.

          After we cast our vote, we can’t do any more as to this election.

        • So U didn’t vote? lol.

        • I can’t imagine who you could possibly have voted for then. The only thing a “values voter” could really do on election day is maybe mow the lawn.


        • There are no more black people…. They all got “watered down”.
          I used to work with a black guy right from Africa….he said the American blacks were “watered down”, not proud people and beneath him as a real African.

          Funny how all the “black panthers” are beige!!!!

          At any rate….


          Time for the white folks to focus on their skills and rebuild america.
          The watered down folks can join in.

          ooohh.. I just can’t wait to see the thumbs on this one.

          • Oh my, I have said that a thousand times — I have only met maybe one truly “black” person…the rest were various shades and different hues.

      10. I listened to Michael Savage a few nights ago.
        He told his listeners that Obama has purchased a home
        /mansion in Hawaii for 35 million $. This is in
        anticipation of losing the election. Interesting.

        • Anticipation for “loosing the election”? No, if this purchase is factual, then, this is where he will be vacationing for the next 4 years as CONmander in chief.

          Where did he get 35 million? Opps, Not suppose to ask those questions.

          I don’t see how he could loose. Too many ignorant people in America (not) qualified to vote.

          • It was purchase by a friend of his. This a fact. THe question has been why.

            • It’s Michelle’s new wicked crib to entertain the likes of JayZ and Beyonce. No one can expect her to entertain right in that drab old mansion on the Potomac. It’s so stuffy and smells of old white people. /sarc

            • I’d say the question is, what kind of influence as Prez did O use to help his friend generate at least 35 million, if not a billion?

          • It is “lose” not “loose”. Learn to use proper English before calling someone else ignorant.

        • Never had a real job…but can swing a $35M property. That’s really interesting.


        • More bullshit. But continue to believe in your fantasies.

      11. We are in Australia this week slowly chewing our nails to the bone! Whats at stake here is mind blowing….

        At risk are-
        – Supreme Court nominations against the 2nd Amendment.
        – Gun Control via EO for an AW Ban II on steroids.
        – Illegal Amnesty being rammed thru Congress or by EO.
        – Border Security being shelved again & again.
        – DHS & TSA becoming a “Federal Police” adjunct.
        – Fiscal conservative policies.
        – Higher corp and personal Taxes
        – Obamacare permanently intrenched in place.
        – Much Lower Estate Tax thresholds.

        Nothing much really, right !?

        • Wow …..half a world away and you are more aware than most Americans.If you move here,you can be my neighbor!

        • Real question how will this effect Australia???

        • Large cap magazines…that’s the route, I think. I don’t think they will try for a new AW ban because they would be afraid that Americans would laugh in their face! If a majority of Americans give a big middle finger to a new federal law…politicians would consider that too dangerous I think. They are well aware of preppers and militias and all that. They don’t have the huevos to attack these groups directly.


      12. If you do the research your vote for either is only the popular vote the electrical vote is the only one that counts everyone thinks there vote counts it does not only the political figures and governors and such have the vote you can research for yourself and see

        • Electrical vote? Funny typo there.

        • Article two, section one.

          The entire constitution is printed in little booklets and is 18 pages long. There is nothing in it about a plebiscite.

          The people should really only have to concern themselves with the affairs of their own state. The FedGov is a creation of the several states and therefor inferior except in maters of national defense and international trade. The 17th amendment eviscerated the states power by removing their representation in the legislative branch. Now the FedGov dictates to the states and the people are incapable of moving away from the tyranny since all of the creators have now become inferior to the creation.

      13. I pray God finds a little more mercy and grace for us, although I fear His hand has been lifted from our land 🙁

        • God never has his hand on this land because there is no god, just a figment of your imagination.

      14. I was talking to a friend the other day and he said obama never should have ran. That with what he’s done to this country, the honorable thing would have been to not run.

        That assumed he’s an honorable man.

      15. Vote ???

        Yeah … I Voted .

        I Voted on a “BULK ORDER” 500 rounds of .300 Win-Mag , 2000 rounds of NATO 5.56 w/ an added 2000 rounds of .22 Long Rifle , 1000 mixed rounds of 12 Gauge 00 Buck-n-Ball / 1oz Rifled Slugs and 500 Rounds of 10mm .

        “God Bless once free AmeriCa!” “The U.S. Constitution 1776” and “The 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution!”

        “Puck the NWO U.N. ZOG Freemasons and all the Lil’ FEDGOV STATEGOV Traitors who serve them on their knee’s mouth open tongue out !”

        *** Got enough Ammo ???

        ~N.O. ;0P

        • Even if it the vote means nothing the act of voting still does. You just gave them a win if you do not exercise your right to turn in a ballot.

          And what if you are wrong.

          • And local elections do effect the person who stays home and screams

            • @fbp-L … “What is your major malfunction, numbnuts? Didn’t mommy and daddy show you enough attention when you were a child?”

          • @fbp-L … “Dude you really are soft in the head … Who the Puck are You to think to , even try and tell me or anyone else here @SHTFPLAN what to do ???”

            huh ??? you really don’t have a pucking clue do you !!!

            “Your a pucking No-Body TROLL … YOUR A DAY LATE AND $0.99 CENTS SHORT … You need to PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS … An just PissOff DimTard .”



            “Go “jack-up” someone else’s posts you flamin’ rainbow brite pillow biter … you obviously Love Shoving your nose in other posters Ass Crack for a Big Whiff and Lick after they post .”

            Does it Taste Smell Good @fbp-L … it must as much as your always kissing my and other posters swamp ass here .

            @fbp = L for DumbAss Cool-Aid Drinking Fluoridated Cracker ;0p pssszzt

            *** Voting is for the ZOG MK ULTRA MSM WATCHING ignorant gmo eatin’ fluoride drinking carbon credit vat tax debt slave sheeple chumps who need to think they STILL HAVE A CHOICE taking the “blue pill” !

            “I’ll Vote with my ((+)) “trigger finger” when the time finally comes.”

            Eventually it Will Happen … “Revolution!”


            MY VOTE IS NOT TO VOTE in their ZOG AIPAC SPLC CIA political mafia corrupt controlled fraudulent illegal elections.

            WHY ENCOURAGE THEM. ;0p pssszzt

            ~N.O. ;0p

            • I’m so happy to see you boys getting along. I feel you’ve made some very important breakthroughs in your relationship! yay!

              • @MB ;0P slurp … wuv you too ;0) .

            • Fuck heads like you try to tell others what to do, specifically how they should vote. So why should someone not return the favor? Can’t take your own medicine, you poor pathetic soul.

        • I did vote, but also bought a new clip for my ruger 10-22 and my hipoint 9mm rifle, plus a few other things I felt I was a little short on. filled up all the gas tanks and cans

        • I have voted in ever election since I was 18. more than I care to say, until this year it matters not who wins this election what is coming to this once great nation is coming theres no stoping it. I also picked up 7.62- 39, 3006, 12g oobuck, 12g slug, 45acp, and 22 long rifle no such thing as to much. be prepared stay strong and be ready its coming sooner than most think.

          • I read if you can count your weapons, you don’t have enough, Johnny reb. 🙂

          • How does this have anything to do with the election. If you want to be the patriot that is the shot heard around the world go for it. You are so hot for this fight start it. But you are just the copy and paste queen of the lower planes. You truly are a weak man that has no character

            I am so happy your plan is to run to the woods who would want you in the rebuild of this nation when the time finally comes.

            • rebuild ??? that’s being a little too optimistic don’t you think ??? you truly are a dumbass …

              their plan is too destroy amerika completely economically – create a two class system – picture 3rd world country economics and turn you all 99% into true worker bee drone zombies – 90% cut in population growth , an education level of a 5th grader , eugenics managed life span of no more than 40 years , an eventual eugenics one child per family policy if you qualify even to breed .

              you really don’t have a clue do you of what is coming to once use to exist republic of ameriKa .

              dimtard moron .

            • Well spoken. All these “arm chair” patriots are quick to call for armed revolt, but slow to start it. I suspect at the first sniff of the cordite, these damn fools would be curled up in some corner crying in their piss, shit and spit.

        • That’s a little light on the 10mm crackhead

          • ;0) not really considering this is my 3rd shipment in 2 months . the 10mm is used only to get to my primaries – battle rifles and shotguns . ;0P

            (i went with the ported glock 10mm for only one reason battle field proven dependable and proven to defeat body armor).

            • Great round and in a auto loader.Heres a tip, for REAL 10mm ammo.

      16. There hasn’t been anything or anyone in recent memory that I’ve voted for. My voting strategy is simple. I vote against, the “no” vote is your real power. By not voting is the same as a yes vote. So I vote “no” on taxes, empowering the government, the establishment, laws that encroach on freedom, anyone that’s supported by the government unions, expanded entitlements and I especially vote no anything that touted as “it’s for the children” or “if it saves one life it’s worth it”, my scam meter pegs max when I here it.


        • @ DW
          On his cabinet, on his couch, in his bed…

        • What an idiot you are. There are nowhere close to 250 cabinet members. Get your facts straight. Oh, I forget, facts are irrelevant to many on this site.

      18. for God’s sake


        ““Anyone who wants to rule men first tries to humiliate them, to trick them out of their rights and their capacity for resistance, until they are as powerless before him as animals,” wrote Elias Canetti in “Crowds and Power.” “He uses them like animals and, even if he does not tell them so, in himself he always knows quite clearly that they mean just as little to him; when he speaks to his intimates he will call them sheep or cattle. His ultimate aim is to incorporate them into himself and to suck the substance out of them. What remains of them afterwards does not matter to him. The worse he has treated them, the more he despises them. When they are no more use at all, he disposes of them as he does excrement, simply seeing to it that they do not poison the air of his house.”

        and he ain’t just talkin’ about Obama

        keep voting for the lesser of two evils

        WHY do YOU want EVIL in a position of power??????????????????

        • You ever get the feeling you’re just bashing your head repeatedly off the same brick wall, Satori?

          NOT voting is a statement in and of itself.

          • ^^^ This is not to bash the people who chose to vote – it is to support those who chose NOT to participate.

          • yup

            preppers can be sheeple too

      19. I voted early, since I’m currently in the truck, about one and a half time zones west of home. Not saying who I voted for, but I will say…
        My wife and I pay for every drop of gas that goes in our cars.
        WE pay for our own cell phones.
        My employer and I split the cost of my health insurance, no gov agency is involved.
        Mrs okie and I pay the FULL cost of her medical needs, since she doesn’t have insurance.
        WE pay full price, in cash, for every bit of food we buy.
        WE pay all of our bills. All of them. On time.
        The first of the month, nothing exciting shows up in our mail box. No checks. Just more bills.
        We bought our country place 14 yrs ago. The first year was kinda tough.
        When the well went dry, we hauled drinking water from town. And flushing water in 5gal buckets from the pond (which wasn’t dry then.)
        When we first got there we bought a generator to use til we could afford to run grid power lines to the house. That meant about 3 hrs with lights and 21hrs without every day for over a month. But we survived.
        First winter there, while I was on the road, an ice storm knocked out the grid. And the propane tank ran empty, so my boys (13, 15 and 16 at the time) took turns cutting wood with an old bow saw to feed a borrowed little Franklin wood stove. And dragged the generator from the barn back up to the house. Mom and daughter (13) broke the pond ice and hauled in water for flushing. The kids had enough light to do their homework. We didn’t own a tv then.
        And through it all, NOBODY complained. About anything.
        WE paid for my daughter’s braces. When she got an after school job at 16, she helped pay for them.
        All my kids worked. They still do. They’ve got more integrity and work ethic among the four of them, than the whole sorry lot of carpet-munchers in DC.
        Today, the kids are all out on their own.
        Mrs okie and I still don’t have much. Just a few drought-stricken acres.
        On the land sits an old single wide trlr house, a rickety barn and a ramshackle chicken coop.
        But we’ve been blessed. With a strong faith, and with each other. And when we look at what we have, we can honestly, even defiantly, say:
        YES! I BUILT THAT!

        • Props to you sir. You’re living the REAL AMERICAN dream.

        • Amen brother!….and what we have inside us they cant take away and God wont help them if they try…keep on keepin on,tommorrows another day…God willing a better day! 🙂

          • If you truly believed in god, you would have a little more compassion for others and not be so self-centered. After all, where you be if jesus had been as self-centered as you are? Too bad he did not say, “Why should I pay for thier sins?”

        • It is a shame that most of our country is on its knees begging, instead of standing on its own two feet.

        • I wish you were my neighbor!

      20. This type of mentality ‘amazes, frightens me.’
        I have some acquaintances that informed me that
        if Romney wins, it is in his morman religion to
        ‘kill all homosexuals and pagans, witches.’
        I was flabberghasted and could not think of
        a verbal response. I mean, really??? Come on!

      21. Red, Blue the agenda is the same. Hopefully red will slow it down. Yet it is already set in motion..
        I like to consider myself RED WHITE AND BLUE. which used to stand for America. Remember our history and stay true to our freedoms. Fear God and be careful of man. Good luck, pray for the best and prepare for the worst… It is going to be a bumpy ride!!!

      22. Hmmm…..I’m in the voting booth now……Arsenic or Cyanide…..hmmmmm. Arsenic or Cynanide………..They will both give me the same result…..I can’t decide.

      23. Little birdy told me that some areas are having technical problems with their voting machines, software glitches, they have no clue how to fix, so they are telling pollsters they can do a written ballot that will count unless it’s a tie.
        I myself went back an double checked to make sure my vote hadn’t changed.
        Regardless, in the end it does not matter! Very interesting times ahead after this clown show is all said and done.

        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

      24. We’re basically screwed either way (surprise!), but Obama MUST go. I supported Ron Paul from early on, but voted for Mitt. Won’t matter in my state, but Obama’s supporters need a wake up call. They need to get mad, and the only way that’s going to happen is if the Romney gets elected. I may be wrong, but let’s be clear – this election is about whether we should place the deck chairs on the left or right side of the deck.

      25. anyone out there in another country watching this election here in america and what do you guys think of this BS! you want anyone in particular to win?

        • Clint I have been watching overseas broadcasts. The one I can understand. It like they are covering a whole different election compared to our own media.

          • thats not a bad idea was watching fox and hearing all the crap if ohio is not a winner its over for us. but after seeing romney was down about 8pm I turned it off, will watch later,i think whoever wins there are going to be racial fights.

        • Watching from Australia. Your elections are very strange to us. Really don’t understand this “Electoral College” thing. Sounds like it doesn’t really matter who gets the most votes overall; it matters WHERE they get them?

          Don’t like either candidate and tend to agree that it doesn’t matter who wins, it’s the corp that runs the world.

          • >> Sounds like it doesn’t really matter who gets the most votes overall; it matters WHERE they get them?

            Yep, you do understand. Exactly right. We have had several elections where a loser won the popular vote. It all goes back to the autonomy and power vested in the states. We fought a civil war over that very thing. States rights have historically been very important here.

          • Actually, our elections really depend on how easy it is to “cook the books”…and usually they are places with a lot of illegal immigrants, etc., with large populations and places where you don’t need identification to vote. Voter fraud is rampant.

            I can’t tell you how fun it is to have California Florida decide basically every president. Between the two, they carry 84 votes — almost one-third of what is needed to win…and that’s just two states. New York and New Jersey carry another 43 votes together. So with just four states, you would have 127 votes.

            Now, the other guy could carry 10 states and only come up with 50 votes.

            Can you see how insane it really is?

      26. Smokinokie

        I envy you………….go figure

      27. Okay, I honestly don’t know how people could even consider voting for Romney….

        • because they dont like communism and are not liberal.

          • Yeah. They’re fascists and fake conservatives. No real Republican would vote for Romney or Obama. Shoot, I’m a Republican and the only real one I saw was Ron Paul.

      28. I voted for Romney, not because I trust him, but to rid the White House of a traitor and thief of taxpayers money.
        If Romney wins, I look at it as a start to eliminating as many crooks and traitors as we can until Christ returns.
        There isn’t enough people willing to stick their necks out to physically remove them from office, so we are left with doing it one vote at a time.

        • Romney is just a crook with better hair

        • Hopefully you are right or the Joke is on us.

        • im sure you’ll still be singing the same tune when bibi netanyahu has his hand up romney’s ass puppeting him to champion a war with iran. traitors would never usher us in to the doorstep of world war 3.

        • Implying that Republicans are not traitors and thieves regardless of their known tendency to find ways to make themselves rich at the taxpayers expense…Right, okay….

        • What a great video. Little light on the bouncing girls that you mostly bring us. But Ray is dead on.

          • Nothin’ wrong with “Healthy Bouncin’ twin Pillows” they make everything … NICE !!! ;0p

            @fbp … Just so “You” don’t feel left out … if it makes “You” feel better I’ll try to find online something more your speed and post JUST for “You” some “young N.A.M.B.L.A. homo” stuff JUST for “You” .

            ;0P pssszzt

      29. I voted for Obama, I mean I know everybody is saying he has done nothing, but he actually did quite a lot considering the situation he was put in. Plus he thinks everybody should pay equal taxes, Romney wants the middle classs to pay more taxes than the rich, which isnt very fair.

        • How could you vote for Obama? I don’t care what Obama thinks. I don’t care about the “situation he was put in.” Using the it’s-Bushes-fault cliche’ lost any weight it carried after Obama’s first year in presidential office. His ACTIONS are what show his true unconstitutional colors. I don’t pitch one iota for Romney, but your pitch for Obama is weak at best. Obama has signed legislation selling the people down the river while the banks benefit.

      30. Pinched my nose and voted for Romney. I would like ot vote I but i know that the two party system would just cheat anyway so I voted for a slower road to HELL to give myself more time to prep and buy more ammo:)

        • Well said! Need a little more time!

        • The road to hell is paved with good intentions…lol.

        • People like you complain about corporations, but are too stupid to see that gun and ammo makers are corporations fleecing you by propogating irrational fears.

      31. umm

        if your on the slow road to hell


        the fast road to hell

        I have a suggestion


        • Just how is that done? We are not driving the train.

          • @ John W,


      32. I voted as if it was the same excitment as christams day.

      33. christmas day …oops typoooooooooooooooo

      34. omg do you seriously even know how much Romney will mess up this place? -___-

        • Not as much as Obama will.

        • Looks like we’ll never know now, will we Kay?

          Looks like we’re well on our way to all being equal..

          Equally miserable….

        • Kay,

          You’re kidding, right? You need to stop and understand that neither party cares about the people of the nation. Whether you get Obama or Romney, it does NOT matter. Either of them will sell us down the river to the banks. Stop playing the partisan card and unplug from the Matrix.

          • The American Flag Is RED, WHITE, AND BLUE.

            Why the fuck do we have only a red and blue party?
            Time to start the white party.
            Time to bring the likes of Crazy Uncle Ron , and Crazy Uncle Gary to the front lines. ( Crazy is sarc. from the way media treats them )
            Those here call themselves preppers, well let us prepare for the 2016. Let us make this happen. Make them hear us.All we do is bitch about what is wrong. Well time is here to stand up and start making our demands. Make them understand it is red white and blue not red and blue.
            I am officially calling the Libertarian Party the White Party.
            Just like Crazy Uncle Gary says ” I am more liberal then obama on civil liberties, And more conservative then romney when it comes to dollars and cents” We need the centralization. ( granted im a bit one sided being a centralist 🙂
            We need a third party to be on the front lines. We need those who want less goverment and mean it. We need those who understand that we are NOT for sale. We need those in office who respect our constitution and it is not the republicans OR the democrats. Did romney respect mass. 2nd amend. right? NO
            Did obama respect the constitution on dec 31 2011? NO he signed the NDAA.
            Do either the right or left try and help stop the destruction of our civil rights by the corp? NO
            It is time to stop saying the lesser of two evils and start sayign the right choice. It is time for us to stop saying well I will be throwing my vote away and realise if we will stop and think and organize and unite we will win. Libertarians are a strange group, embracing all aspects of what a country needs not just being con or lib but being both.
            I know we got a logn way til we get there but..
            GARY JOHNSON 2016!!!!

        • The Greeks are against austerity, while they go begging for a handout from the rest of the EU. Just curious, where are they going to get the money to continue the status quo? They don’t have to accept the austerity, but they shouldn’t expect the EU to keep shovelling money into the Greek money pit. If they truly have large deposits of natural resources, start digging. Oh, I forgot, manual labor is beneath them. I have yet to hear of protests demanding the chance to exploit said resources.

      35. someone clear this up for me please.
        If a black person votes from Mittens,
        that makes them a race traitor

        So wht does that make all the limp wristed Pasty White PROGS who voted for Barry?

        • Optimists.

        • I love riddles

        • To stupid to live? Of course i reached that conclusion 4 years ago.

        • Stupid.

      36. I hold all my wealth in silver and gold and some fully owned real estate.

        The dollar will be destroyed.

        At least I have enough for a hillbilly retirement… place in the country, well water, fire wood, garden and game.

        No way would I risk 20 years of work in the “market”.
        Think…. BERNIE MADDOFF!

        America is about to get fucked up the ass…no matter who wins.

        It’s over.

        The banksters have won.


        Stop spending money. Let it all crash and move to the hills.

        Let the scum have the cities.


        • perfectly summed up. i wish we all had the means to get out of dodge and head to the sticks.

      37. thank you Texas

        for that intelligent,informed comment

        your a positive asset to this site


      38. The fact that it is so close tells us that our country is in trouble. Whoever wins I see four years of trouble. We are so fragmented that we will not be able to get out of the way for what is coming.

        • The last election wasn’t all that close, as these things go. Not sure that helped us much.

          • California will go for Obama, Romney has nooooo….. chance.

        • and the sad thing is…if the prophesies are to be believed, O had to stay in power….Romney would not have stripped the constitution. Did you know Obama is the only president with a social security from a state he never lived in? Curious how that happened.

      39. the lesser of two evils?

        Really? this movie sucks.

        • @ Joerocker,

          Yeah, don’t it though… 🙁

      40. In my youth, I used to get so worked up over things I had no control over. I’ll be upset tonight if Obama is re-elected, but I already know I’m living at the end of an age and there is nothing I can do but take the necessary steps to protect my family.

        “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.”

        Good night, SHTF. The sun will rise tomorrow. Now whether it’s a red sun or not, I can’t say. 🙂


        • as long as it isnt a red star .

        • Threw another log on the fire, time for bed. Gotta get up early for work. Wake up tomorrow to the same world. whether or not it gets better, I’m going to keep prepping no matter what.

          God Bless, and pray for whoever wins.
          In HIS grip.

        • Great advice. Thanks, I needed to hear that. God bless

      41. Straight ticket Libertarian for me. Voted early last week here in Texas.

        • We will be getting “johnsoned” for the forseeable future.

      42. Ahem, i think we are at endgame here, get ready, if getting ready is even feasible with what is coming.

      43. Voting for Romney is like voting for rectal cancer. Voting for Obama is like voting for Testicular cancer. I think I would pass on either.

        • Obama IS a cancer .

        • what if you don’t have testicles?

          • Then you’re either female or an 0bama voter….

      44. Dont know why more people dont register for early voting and mail it in . Save a lot of hassle .

      45. dont you all know that it does not matter who sits on the throne,in the big house or who you vote for its all a big charade to give people an illusion of doing something once a year to feel like they have some control over this ,guess what we dont count!!!

      46. lead the way, trash.

      47. Being that Obama most likely is being re elected I would be real careful about posting a comment like that, both for your sake and the sites continued existence. Study up on the Tom Metzger event, Mac should for his own well being ban anyone making a comment like that.

      48. Obama loves to use holidays and such to keep our eye elsewhere while he drafts E.O.s , I wonder what he be drafting for us tonight while the biggest of games is on

      49. Just wanted to say thank you for all the information that was shared on here. I learned a lot. Good luck everybody!!!

      50. Correction. Hang.

      51. 10:15pm here in nc…looks like we’re fucked for 4 more years…gotta buy a shitload of ammo tomorrow

      52. Has anyone noticed..same s**t, different smell??

        • Its just you Same smell

          • Did anyone read what we said.

      53. are you really that stupid

        Of all the things going wrong you can’t come up with a real issue and have to stoop to name calling

      54. There is so much voter fraud and voting machine hacking / manipulation that who knows who wins any election anymore. Besides it really doesn’t matter who wins…it’s all a facade and a scripted play, made to give us the illusion of freedom and choice.

        Obama will win, unless at this point and time Romney pulls out a miracle….nope scratch that, NM and WI just went to Obama as well. Again, it doesn’t matter!!

        Just prep and take care as best as possible of you and yours. Keep your head down and seriously consider going gray and quiet…..this would mean no more chatter on the internet….Sorry Mac….but I think it’s that time. The gauntlet is dropping and the plane has been put on auto pilot and the cabin door is locked.

      55. this election night just continues to prove that we still have the illlusion of choice. people will never wake up untill that last chair is pulled out from under them. it’s way past too late for any peacefull change.
        I think that no matter who wins, if that’s what you want to call it, we will very soon be in a new world war. Both major parties favor continued war–so what’s the difference between them??? none.

        • and the chair was made in China…

      56. Ohio is gone Blue. Florida with its Latino and Older citizens afraid of Social Security and Medicare cutbacks, will also go blue.

      57. Cover your tail. Its all downhill from here.

      58. You made your bed, America. Now sleep in it.

      59. WAY TO GO, AMERICA.





      60. Well, that’s it. We’re screwed. Time to double up the preps, stack more silver, more ammo and food.

      61. Fox has called it. Before its even over. Down with electoral college. I’m done.

      62. It’s over. The Fraud won. Watch Gold and Silver go ballistic before the end of the year.
        Say good bye, once and for all, to the middle class. Say hello to:



        • Would have happened anyway…

        • All 5 people left in the middle class moved overseas.

      63. Well, if we forget that we are screwed either way, at least we can look forward to 4 years of work(and hopefully progress) rather than 2 and a half. We can also breathe a little with the fact that whatever Obama has started can hopefully be finished rather than someone else coming in and putting it all to a halt.

        • @ GregorKlusar.

          What Obama has started may put us all in the poor house.

          • What Obama started? Yeah, sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night.
            You know I really wish Romney would have won, just so that when they economy failed anyway, I could have said “I told you so.” It is unfortunate for Obama to have been elected again, because when the economy likely collapses under his watch, he will be forever blamed.

      64. We are f@#ked the ship is going to be sinking at lot faster now…..

      65. And the winner is…NO ONE!

        • Not exactly true.

          Now Michelle and her entourage can continue taking luxurious vacations for at least another 4 years on our dime. Sounds like she won big time.

          Unless we run out of dimes before then, that is.

      66. I can allready smell the s..t hitting the fan

        • Don’t worry I’m covered in it. Hope it doesn’t collapse while I’m in college.

      67. god i have to agree with you, this is so sad its unreal people just did. I agree, when businesses fail and you wonder why you lost your job and our military is weakend and gays are more important to people than the economy you deserve what you voted for. Not a bit sorry for what you just did to this nation.

        These people just put the worst person in again and preppers dont get mad be smart and prep and be ready for this idiot to be on vacation again while the nation crumbles. thank god thank god we held the house. elizabeth warren won, how the fuck did she win. people are so smart they have no common sense. Obama just divided us another step apart. Obama doesnt even like white people. why cant we say things about blacks, they talk crap and constantly say they are discriminated against and say we are racist when we try to help them and they loot our stuff and cause more problems in this country,

      68. I am not happy that Obama remained in power. I am happy Romney is still out of power. They both endorse the ruler/serf system which has overtaken the USA. The election is just puppet theater because those who run for office have their strings pulled by special interests who can afford to bribe them with contributions, and in some cases, outright bribes.

        A middle class does not exist in a serf society. All the wealth winds up in the hands of the ruling class and the overwhelming majority live near or in poverty. Then government passes out a pittance to the population in order to keep their support. That is where we are headed. Very few seem to catch on to the system; instead they suffer the delusion they are free because they can vote.

      69. To all the Republicans that made Romney leader I have to say Ha…HA! Should have put in Ron Paul, at least he has a different flavor of politics. Obama sucks the big fat one as does Romney.

        Proposition 37 in failing miserably in California. I guess they like their GMO there. I pity the American survivalists and preppers due to the FACT they are surrounded by complete morons.

        • @ Gravlore. You know what is sad, not one state, as of now, had a third party over 4%. Most states were 1% or less for a third party. The two headed viper of the two party system that continues to blled this country. Yet each time, so many fall into this trap of thinking that “this time” will change. This country and this world are in such trouble. Those that prepare are the ones that are still what is left of what was once strong and wise. I guess the two rates of 1% for the third choice of a leader and those prepare go hand in hand.

        • @gravlore, if the republicans were actually interested in winning, they would have gone with ron paul. they werent interested in winning.and they didnt.

        • Last I checked monsanto and fiends had spent over 35 million to defeat prop 37…Im working w/ some folks to get more like it going in as many states as possible….make monsatano pay.

      70. Texas_Dave,

        Yer a rebel without a clue. I hope the moderator deletes your post. You have no place here.

        • Oh the voice of PC indignation ……..1st amendment jackass , you dont have to agree with it but he has a right to say it , or do you folks so PC indoctrinated that you favor selective free speech .

          • He has the right to say it, these people also have the right to call him the idiot he is.

      71. Thank God it is over, no more horsesh&8 campaign ads, no more political garbage on the TV, no one of this crap. Did I vote, NO! I wanted so desperately to have a third party that had a chance and I just could not vote for either of these characters with a clear conscience, I couldn’t. Thank goodness now we ALL can concentrate on survival and preparedness, which benefits us all.

        It was terrible going through this stomach upsetting stress from this political manure. Now we all can share with each other all sorts of information on prepping and put this poison behind all of us. There is much to be concerned about, especially the northeast that is going to have some trouble from a low pressure system.

        Tonight I turned the TV set on at midnight eastern time and did not watch one second of this mess. I was looking at the faults and plates of the world to try to figure out what to look for next. That is what I call a positive evening of not letting this manure election stress me out.

        • Yep, it’s done. I don’t think I’ll ever again vote.
          Just utterly dumbstruck as to how this could happen.
          Now I get why you guys refer to us as sheeple.

      72. Ok, so we’re stuck with four more years of Ovomit. I kinda expected this. The globalists could use either Ovomit or Romney as their errand boy, so I don’t really see much difference either way.

      73. Analyze the situation. Stay off the radar. No bumper stickers, none, ever. Manipulate the situation to your favor, wherever you can. Find a company with Fed contracts and work for/with them. Gotta go where the money is.
        Can’t beat ’em, join ’em. ( at least act the part).
        Some might find it unprincipled, but I need to eat and pay for shelter. I’ll NEVER think like they do, but I’ll play their game, and survive. After all, is not that the goal,survival? Kinda like a dude living in a forclosed house for 2 years, until they get around to tossing him out.
        Well, I’m slightly depressed, but those are my thoughts.
        Keep your principals, but feed your family.

        • RICK:
          Those of us that are prepared and continuing to prepare, will be a threat to the government, now MORE than ever. KEEP YOUR PREPARATION’S TO YOURSELF!
          Don’t wave the RED FLAG in the bulls face.

      74. Ron Paul 2016!!

        • Heck at this point, I’d take Ru Paul, he certainly couldn’t do any worse!!!

        • Ron is nto runnign in 16 go with Gary Johnson. He was endorsed by ron after ron said he was done.

        • Ron is getting too old , start grooming his son Rand .

      75. We’re toast, I don’t even care anymore. This isn’t the same country I grew up in, and it never will be again.

      76. Evenin’ All,

        As a start I would like to say to those here whose dreams were not made manifest this evening; I grieve for you. You are our fellow Brothers and Sisters and whatsoever dashes the hope from you it harms us all.

        Having said that I will now show a new thing to you.

        This is not the Beginning,

        This is not the End,

        This is not the Beginning of the End,


        This is the Beginning of the End of the ‘Beginning’

        A new way will come, one in which human dignity and self-directed purpose will flourish. Do as you have been doing, tarry not in the doing of. Look into the recesses of yourself and find what you feel is lost…Your Brothers and Sisters will wait for you, we will not leave you behind.

        Red, White Black or Yellow…Pink with Purple Polka Dots….If you are Human then we will wait as long as we must for you to come to your selves again.

        “For Profiteth it a Man, to gain the Whole World, and yet lose his Soul?”

        Of Those Here Who Were Mindful of the “Illusion” Before the Fact I Say, “To Speak Kindly Does Not Hurt The Tongue”…Be Mindful Of What You Say To Your Sisters and Brothers Here, Neither Allow Youselves to Be Unduly Provoked…Much of What will be Said In Days To Come Will arise Out of The Pain Of The Soul…They Are Our Family, Neither Gloat, Nor Rub The Salt The Salt Of The Earth Into Fresh Wounds For All That We Say In Anger Returns To Haunt Us In Latter Days.

        “May The Lord Bless And Keep Us, His Chidren, Everyone Of Us…..AMEN.”

        • @ JustOneGuy. I truly see a lot of hope in each person out there that has a survival plan and supplies to go a long with them. I have for weeks now gone after the very critical concern about people losing that urgency to prepare because of false hope of a leader that cannot do anything to help the eventual demise of the country and likely world. Even those preppers out there that support BO, they must not get caught in the trap and think BO is going to do anything to help the country. Neither of these candidates were destined to do anything. I just hope that people see true hope in their preparedness, because this is what truly matters.

          By the way the next new moon is November 13, which means if Israel doesn’t like BO for the next 4 years, they could act on Iran. Everyone should be at least watching this potential danger period this month from Nov.8-18. Do you think that Israel will act because the election results, I am actually not sure?

          • I don’t see how they waited this long

        • CLEARLY,

          “For ‘What’ Profiteth it a Man, to gain the Whole World, and yet lose his Soul.”

          Apologies, originally typed in a dark, somber mood…
          was not watching what I typed….I beg y’all’s pardon 🙁

      77. Nothing we say here matters. We’re all preaching to the choir. The system is rigged and the winner is inconsequential. All you can do is attempt to provide for your family the best you can with the cards you’re dealt. Even if with Romney, the country is in shambles with a shiny blanket pulled over it. Our video games and movies and politics keep us blind to the reality that society no longer exists in the US. We don’t care about each other, we still fight over race, religion, sex, and caste, we don’t care about fixing problems, we rape each other for profit, etc. You can only do your best. So do it.

      78. Got a business sell it and shut it down, then hunker down,in the military ? when the enlistment is up do not reenlist, working a job say screw it and quit, work on the side for cash, we can get through it.

        This just gets better and better,
        I want to relay something I encountered while abroad and the feeling is still fresh in my gut. Being an old troop one of the things I revel in is spending time with young troops just shooting the breeze. During this trip I got to spend some quality time with a lot of troops from various different types of units. And what I heard was both encouraging and alarming in a positive way at the same time. Yeah I heard the normal bitching, whining, moaning, and complaining that troops do but there was a deeper theme. Almost to the man when it came around to politics I hear one common theme: “Fuck the president”. From a private this wouldn’t be alarming but folks I had a Colonel say that to me. A full chicken war college grad made that statement in a semi public environment. That’s serious – a senior leader publicly slamming the commander in chief. And no I will not identify him so you DoD fucks don’t even bother asking.

        The bottom line is almost every Soldier, Sailor, Airman, and god blessed Marine I spoke with pretty much hates Obama. From the Rules of Engagement (RoE) that ties their hands and causes a helluva lot more casualties nowadays to the lack of real leadership and genuine concern at the cabinet level the theme is the same – they feel shit on. Guys I talked with a Master Sergeant that has had one extraordinary career and is lined up to go to the Sergeants Major Academy and is being fast tracked to Command Sergeant Major (CSM) flat out state he’s retiring as soon as he gets back because he’s tired and isn’t willing to lead under (and I’m quoting as well as my memory serves) ” this chickenshit spineless policies of this circus clown administration”.

        You know what else I saw? A metric fuckload of Gadsen, OathKeeper, and Molon Labe patches and stickers. There’s been talk lately stateside about how the growing numbers of folks have turned libertarian and started prepping for when TSHTF. And the military folks I ran into ain’t no different – they’re turned on to the fact something bad is coming and they ain’t planning on sticking around for it.

        Take it for what it is but remember that these kids (and not so young kids) are getting just as much if not more of the shitty end of the stick as the rest of us. They’re fed up and tired of an administration that has become not only aggravating but lethal to them.

        • Thanks for the post. That is heartening. I posted something a few messages down from your that I think you might like to read. An email from a thread sent among friends, which very much captures the mood you have identified.

      80. I am very disaponted.. But this may be prophecy unfolding in front of us now.. And the end will unfold.. Nothing more we can do but prep and pray.

        Once obamacare hits at full swing.. All businesses – large and small will lay off millions of people..close up.. And unemployment will rise to 40%..

        Then and only then will the 99%Rs who voted Barack back in will truly see what big govt will do for them.. Because employers will be no longer their main source of income..

        America is now more than ever and once again.. In the hands of liberal fools..

      81. I am very disappointed that Obama won. He is a horses as.

        • From the woodpile to the While House…

      82. Grave times ahead, keep your loved ones close and tell them you love them every chance you get.

      83. i’m beyond sad…

      84. Hi BI,

        A somber evening for many I fear; many will search thier souls in the days to come. I do not envy them that having passed through it some time ago. I FEEL for all those whose Hopes and Aspiriations lay tied up in this thing that is now over. I grieve for them to be so injured.

        Even, in the last few days, as I watched, I saw your own frustration come to the fore. I know your intent is good; that your presence here is unselfish and outgoing. I felt for you and, in fact, us all watching this take place. When will it come that we can set aside our ‘small-ness’ and become Greater?

        I counselled everyone here to continue, as, “None knoweth the Hour or the Day….” and I reiterate that whole-heartedly. The disdain that others have felt towards those who are far-sighted may be dimishing in the future….those on our Eastern coast may soon see the light as it were. Oh Shoot!, I was so down when I typed out my last post I just saw my TERRIBLE typo… Gotta Go….Bye Bi for now.

      85. $10 BILLS IN #10 CANS 10ft DEEP FOR 10 YEARS, GOOD LUCK

        • hey mushroom, long time , no see.

        • TLR, You reasoning for storing away large quantities of $10 fiat currency just eludes me. Just in the last 14 years alone, those bills have lost value through inflation and outright dollar devaluation.

          I would ask you to explain, in some depth, your reasoning.

          Investing fiat dollars now in hard goods and commodities for future and current use will pay off for you.


          • TLR,
            Just to let you know,I have put aside one’s and fiver’s aside to cover some specific bases. Would not fill a #10 can though.

            I would fill those cans with pre-65 90% silver coins.

            What is your opinion on those two actions. Just asking!


      86. Well, there it is . We will surely pay for this in blood. That’s all I have to say. A sad day.

      87. I wonder if this is how the conservative Romans felt while watching their once great cities slip away into sloth and debauchery? Seeing the Obamaton’s celebrating while the country suffers and dies, I can do nothing but shake my head. I have uttered WTF over ten times to myself in the last hour.

        This free for all has got me thinking, This just may have saved us preppers, we need this to be quick so our supplies wont run out before the collapse. A long slow decline will just let those of us that can rebuild, grow old and die without being able to pass on our knowledge.

        The shtf will now speed along and will come to a head for us and the rest of the world that depended on a strong USA.

        I say how long before the first people start snapping and taking it to the lefist’s? or the muslim’s and russia become embolden enough to try and take us out?

        If you look at the red and blue maps the only areas that voted dem are large cities. More than 3/4 of even blue states are really red. If the food and water and fuel stop being shipped into those cities by the producers of this country the cities will wither within… what has it been in Jersey a week?

        When the revolution starts the cities and the libs
        wont last long.

        I just hope I can stay out of the way long enough and my supplies outlast the riots and zombie hoards to be able to go outside to cut wood or garden to replenish them without being cut down myself.

        I believe These are the times your descendants will read about in history books. If there is anyone left to write it down.

      88. along with U and your momma.

      89. Why would the Russians, Chinese, or Muslims be mad @ us? /sarc

        • Well. we Americans print more money, build more bases around the world, make life more miserable for others around the world because of our weak dollar being the reserve currency which causes spike in food and commodity prices. Why would they be made you ask, lol.

          I hope violence towards Muslims and others in the United States decreases. We can’t afford any more division. While at the same time curb illegal immigration.


        GOOD ;0p . Romney would of caused a “hard landing financial crash” in a Year . Obummer / Soetoro is gonna cause a “soft landing crash” over a 3-5 year period .





        DUMP THE LIQUID CASH in to PHYSICAL COMMODITIES try to stay as liquid mobile as possible to move with the NWO U.N. ZOG FREEMASON GLOBALIST tides of change at least till 2020 .

        BURY it DEEP .

        ~N.O. ;0p

        • agreed nina. hopefully the n in chief can hold off the nukes as well. i really wasnt looking forward to nuclear bombs falling around me in a couple of months. to benji nutanyahoo, i say go to hell!

          • nina is right though, this buys us some time to keep prepping, however it will become harder and harder each month for most people. the cost will be going up, up , up. under romney we would be cut off in a few months and nuclear war would be here. these are just facts. not emotional thinking, not wishful thinking, just facts. can we all just start sticking to the facts.

          • @eeder ;0) technically he’s a Mutt , an OREO FRAUD !

            (his real father was a Hawaiian african american black “nude” pornographer and his mother was a “White Trailer Trash” very real CIA ASSET who liked to poise model “full monty nude” for the camera and do other things nude as well … the words CIA WHORE PROSTITUTE comes to mind) ;0P

            So “Head NWO ZOG CIA Puppet Oreo Cookie Traitor in Charge” is more correct .

            Now if we just had some Milk to dunk (water-board) him in . ;0P


            ~N.O. ;0p

        • i think you are wishfully thinking man.

          it is too bad to last this long!
          Obama got elected by those who want the free ride to stay:
          more dependent on govmt help, all kind!
          including phone 🙂 lol:)

        • I’m missing something here, NO. How exactly does the re-election of the Kenyan give more time to prep?

          I’m being sincere – I don’t understand when the markets have already convulsed in reaction to the decision.

          To be clear, I am not a Romney fan. Most felt that if he were elected that would be the thing that kicked the collapse can further down the road.

          Can you clarify this?

          • Daisy He truly does not know nor care what he is talking about. I did believe he was a extreme nutjob. But i no longer know what “nina” is. There is no level though anymore coming from any of his posts. He has lost most of his followers. Very few deduction are left and i am starting to believe the only idea left is all nina does is a for profit scam.

            Why nina go after me with no ammo is his plan works with only short time readers. If you truly look at his posts everywhere you will see he is an expert at saying what the profitable crowd wants to hear.

            • Well, FBP, I completely disagree with you but I thank you very much for saying it politely.

              NinaO is not a scammer. There are only a few other posters from whom I have learned as much. I don’t agree with every word he says and he and I have rather different philosophies, but I’ve found that it all bears out with research – sometimes I draw a different conclusion from said research. But he doesn’t say things that aren’t true and aren’t researchable.

              He’s not nuts. He may not hold popular opinions but there are few around who are smarter or more informed. Tact isn’t his strong point, either, but I still like him a lot.

              If I needed advice on something related to prepping or current events, he’d be the first person I would want to ask.

              • @Daisy … You just have to view it All Globally from a position where you can see it all in play .

                AmeriKa is simply Financially caught in a Huge Financial Whirl-Pool 17 trillion and growing … there is no way to break free from it . It will just get bigger and bigger eventually the HUGE 10’S OF TRILLIONS DEBT Suck will pull AmeriKa financially down into the oceans depths . Its just a matter of time .

                So the Federal Banks as well as the International Banks from all countries are looking for a way to create a soft landing for the GLOBAL markets I.E. (SDR’S) … which involves the bricks countries . The bricks must help AmeriKa or they too will get sucked under and take huge losses as they own trillions of AmeriKa’s debts .

                That’s why there will be a soft landing now .

                Romney would of used a too Heavy a Hand .


                *** Whether we all like it or not we are just here for the ride till someone finally forms a Citizen – American FreeMan Patriot Militia of Strength to challenge the ruling party of globalists sitting in wash dc with force .

                ~N.O. ;0P

                • If I understand you correctly then we are just getting further into debt with the BRICs by not going belly up? I’m wondering if a “further away” crash timewise will mean a harder crash?

                  I did know that about VJ – and I’d be fascinated to know the source of her power – she knows some devastating secrets, I imagine.

                  Thank you for taking the time to explain that. 🙂

                  ~ D

                • dais, you have to look at it from a standpoint of , as long as chaos is held off and some sense of normalcy remains, than you have time. yes it will get more expensive. under mitt, our prepping would come to a screeching halt very soon. under obama it gets drawn out more. not too mention the fact we wont be going into a nuclear global war sooner than later. the “landing” is/will be hard no matter. look at it this way dais. under mittens we would essentially be hit with a tonne of bricks at once. under barry, we will get hit with a ton of bricks but will continue to be hit by them one by one. and barry has thrown alot of his bricks. mittens would have been starting from terrible as the re-election of barack obama was, it was the best available option.

      91. And the media and the republican party said no to Ron Paul, he can’t win….. Oh, lets see….. Mitt did not WIN either….

        Sad day for what used to be America.

      92. Here’s a question for you….

        How many optimists out there think we’ll ever even have another presidential election?

        Think about it…..

        • Depends on when Texas secedes and how fast you can get there…


          • Texas won’t do shit.

        • BraneFrees

          The powers to be control the important issues. Voting is necessary to placate the masses. They win regardless who of the Democrats or Republicans win in a Presidential race.

          • You are so right.

        • They have elections all the time in Communist countries. They are as fixed as this on was, but they have them.

          Being the snake that he is, Barry will find a way to be on the ticket in 2016, 2020, ect…..

          • By the time Obama finishes his second term the US electorate will be ready for “Change”. The players to bring that “Change” being unknown to us at this point will appear with a “Solution”. The body politic will be diverted to another road leading us all to the same place.

            Obama will step aside and transfer “Power” to another one groomed to do the bidding of the power elite.

            Obama is a rank amateur next to Bill Clinton. Depending on the circumstances he way assume the role of senior statesman but more likely I picture him more involved in the UN and Global Government post second term.

        • I guess I’ll answer my own question with a theory here.

          If the politicians (or whoever’s) policies cause the shit to very seriously hit the fan – will there be any recognizable semblance of our country left that would even make them think they need to play the game?

          I’m not talking about a world where we steadily descend into more and more government control. That might be preferable.

          I’m talking about real SHTF.

      93. Hi All,

        Saddened to see Obama win though not a fan of Romney either but believe he would have been a better choice to bring the US out of it’s depression.

        Thought you would all like to know that on the BBC’s Radio 4 program this morning the reporter in Beijing, China said that the Chinese were glad that Obama won as he is easier to manipulate than Romney would have been.

        Take heart and fight for your freedom.

      94. My friends, based on the polling going into the last month and the intensity of the Romney/Ryan events, it is my sincere belief that we were defrauded. Not sure of what follows.

        I had an excellent email exchange with several friends that I would like to share with all of you. Captures my thinking succinctly, and I think it has relevance for the ‘national’ conversation. Here it is:

        Not sure if we were misled to believe it would be close. There’s the rub. I think there was fraud. It’s simple to defraud the system since the 1993 motor voter law was passed. That allows the absentee ballot insanity without verification of citizenship. The ballot machines can certainly be hacked, even if it’s by re-calibrating the touch pad to select O rather the R. How many of those occur, which went unnoticed?

        Overall, it seems to me that governance how has gotten away from the people. Seems to me that the democratic party is a criminal syndicate, now in charge of government at the federal level and in many states, and which is run by psychopaths. They’ve raised a generation to believe that they are all victims, personal responsibility (the corollary to liberty) is not to be valued, and that the government is the savior. Also, runaway (illegal) immigration from kleptocratic and socialistic societies (combined with motor voter law issue above) means they will tend to vote in exchange for benefits.

        Seems like the lock is complete right now. Civil war might come (eventually). Probably from the very quarter that now runs the government. I keep going back to UN Agenda 21 and global government. They have a few ways to bypass the Constitution, particularly when the Supreme Court gets a vacancy. 51 votes to confirm in the Senate. Small arms treaty gets signed and implemented by EO, gets challenged in court, and while unconstitutional, gets upheld by SC. Simple, right? Plenty more such actions can occur.

        Sorry for the gloom. The tone of my original email below was profoundly negative. This one while negative, is an attempt to provide a philosophical basis for my concern (at least).

        I hope our military has the character not to follow unlawful orders. Because it will probably be used to implement agenda 21. That, as I understand it, among other things, seeks to have a world with a population of no more than 2 billion. As far as we go, Americans are not a very passive bunch, so we will probably get the short end of that should they succeed. They need passive people to have global government.

        Take care fellow SHTFPlanners. I intend to get away from thing like politics for a while, as I am in mourning. I am not entirely without hope, as our military has its oath after all..

      95. what a wonderful thing to see first thing in the morning another 4 years of Obumba… sigh..

      96. It is a very sad day.

      97. Prophesy is now confirmed.. Buckle up Folks..

      98. I voted in SW Florida. I thought, “WOW what a huge turnout”. The reality was that there was one counting machine and you fed in four pages of votes taking about one minuet per voter to process.

        I was fortunate to only wait three hours with little rain. Many voters waited five hours in the rain.

      99. I wrote in for Ron Paul also, could not take evil lesser or more, cut from the same cloth.can anyone tell me where to look for the amount of votes paul did get.

      100. Look for “executive orders” granting amnesty to 40 million illegal third worlders, more “wise Latinas” on the SCOTUS, more flagrant refusal from DOJ to prosecute racial crimes against Whites and only Whites, crushing taxation and draconian firearms legislation up to and including confiscation in the next few years.

        Above all, Obama (the puppet of the Marxist-Corporatist-Zionist cryptocracy) will, in “his” second term, preside over a total and irrevocable opening of the borders to the black and brown detritus of the third world, which will see Amerika inundated in a tidal wave of demographic sludge so gigantic that it will make the tidal surge on Staten Island seem like a puddle left over after a sun shower.

        Make no mistake — for Obama, Holder, and the debased ineducable primitives teemimg in Amerika’s foetid cities who believe that it was “they” who just reelected the mongrel, it’s ALL about race.

        The mentality of the main-stream, system-approved “opposition” in Amerika (i.e., those who think only in terms of Scofield bibles, the flag and stock portfolios) is such that these philistines will be at a loss whether to sh*t or go blind as they get colonized, because they have been trained — housebroken, really — to view any consideration of RACE as “evil.”

        The Somali Bantus (avg. IQ of 60) that are coming to small town picket-fence Amurika in Obama’s second term don’t give a cuss about your Murkin whitebread shibboleths of the “free market” or sound money, nor do they think a constitution has much use beyond using copies of it to wipe their arses. They are dumbfounded by your glassy-eyed, rote repetition of the meaningless formulae “We’re ALL Amurikans” and “we are a nation of immigrants,” but are nonetheless cunning enough to recognize and take advantage of your vapid stupidity.

        David Axelrod, Bernardine Dohrn (a.k.a. Mrs. Bill “Weather Underground” Ayers) and their mulatto puppet have DEFINITE plans for your complete third world transformation, Amurika, and your juvenile creed (part materialist, part circus-hawker and part Cromwellian Roundhead religious yahooist) leaves you supremely ill-equipped to deal with the existential threats being directed toward you.

        Now,the other “choice” in this fraudulent election, i.e. Mittens, billed himself not as a loyal servant of the Murkin public but rather of Israel (viz. his pilgrimage to the unholy land to swear fealty to Bibi and the Knesset, performed with a reverence he NEVER displayed toward any Amerikan).

        “our “alternative” to Obama, Mittens of the Magick Drawers, was a wholly-owned creature of AIPAC, even as he promised Amurika more and greater wars on behalf of Zion, and more domestic impoverishment through Gordon Gekko economic policies. Ron Paul, who was NOT perfect by any means, but was nevertheless a REAL ideological alternative with a pro-Amerikan agenda, was not ALLOWED to you as an anti-Obama alternative by your “betters,” who manipulate you solely to serve THEIR racial agenda in occupied Palestine and its vicinity instead of letting you serve your own interests.

        Amurika is now done, because it was never anything other than a business deal and legal arrangement, with absolutely no sense of “Blood and Soil.” Amurika is done because its idiot people have no ability to say “NO” to the yeshiva grads of the “left” and the “right,” who shape the debate, control discourse, vet your “choices” for the presidency and in the process have turned Amurikan national elections into nothing but a Yiddish-shtick version of “Family Feud.”

        Your worship of these people has, in the final analysis, cost you (and especially your children) your country. Are you now ready to face the consequences of your flaccid and cowardly decisions?

        • Here are the usual suspects gloating about Amurika’s demographic changes and concomitant net loss of political power for Amurika’s historic majority:

      101. I feel that we have lost any chance of a turnaround in unemployment. A reversal of inflation. Which means more hardship on our nation. I can not grasp the fact that so many Americans have failed to see the impact of an Obama second term, when so much information has been laid at thier feet to read.
        We have been betrayed by the Press and our politicians will again pass laws to able to read what is in them. Now Putin will hear what Obama had to say to him. If there is any indication of Foreign Policy strengthening, there is none. Four more years of coverup and a constant flow of Kool-Aid to an ever dependent populace. We have proved that we are a divided nation and that we fear Capitolism more than Socialism. Sad that we will suffer by our own self inflicted wounds. We will see the day when all the Obama stickers will be peeled away from sight and the denial of whom they voted for.

        Rest well, America in your bed you have made and when you awake, may the Chains of Tryanny rest softy upon your shoulders.

      102. With Romney we may have had a chance but now, evil is walking freely among us. This is destiny for a country that has spit in the face of morality and God. Keep your Family close to you, continue to pray for your own salvation and put a barrier between your self and the blood suckers who will come a calling. The country has spoken, the country that we have become, not the America that blood was shed to create but the new America, the NEW WORLD ORDER. It will most definately collapse because you can not build a house on a filthy slimy pit. Especially when the one orchestrating the building thinks of himself as God. I am sure it is all written somewhere in the good book and the ending is easy to figure out. Good luck and God bless those who are deserving.

      103. Most Americans are completely blind to what is coming.

        On our way to vote, my husband and I were chatting about our close friends as well as FB friends. It was running neck and neck for who would likely win. My theory was 50.5% will be happy and the other 49.5% will be miserable.

        The Obama fans are basking in the excitement of the election and the others are quietly praying and preparing.

      104. I believe that Barry has two paths which he can take.

        #1. Force The House to make a deal on the Bush Tax cuts, allow full blown Obamacare to finnish off small business, continue to stir the pot in the Middle East, and continue QE to keep the Big Banks and Stock Market going until the election of 2014. His last goal will be to take back enough seats in The House in 2014 so he can change The Constitution and become Pres. for Life. (Just like Hugo Chavez)

        #2. Allow us to go over the Fiscal Cliff, have Civil Unrest, declare an end to The Republic and make himself Pres. for Life. This choice is too dangerous, so #1 is the one he will choose.

        The Republican Party is over, it has gone the way of the Whigs. American will be molded into the Chinese model where Government and Big Business/Banks are one and the same. Our Rights and Freedom is a mist which will be blown away by the Red Wind of Obamunisim. When America is weak enough, Russia/China/Islam will attack what is left.

        I am, and will always be, a sinner saved by grace.

        • Another thing to consider is Obama’s planned cuts to the Military, which we all knows are huge.

          Also, it should be interesting what he does with his, “Internal Security Force, just as large and well funded as our Military”.

        • Russia will attack usa?…I seen a recent Putin interview on RT news shortly after putin won by margin of 68% votes.

          Putin distinctly said that he will use russian power and including russias Military power if necessary, to PROTECT Orthodox(chatolic) Christians. Regardless Where on earth or what nation they reside in.

          Putin Is an orthodox Christian. Baptised etc. All our MSM says of him aint always the facts nor truth.

          He booted out all the jewish oligarchs billionaires who Looted russia after 1990 soviet breakup.

          Some are in Prison but most have fled russia and came to america IE NY russian(jewish) Mob/mafia. MSM Always uses term of Russian Mafia…But which really are 100% Russian Jews.(same as usa msm is eh!).

          AHAB: has wrote the best most articulate, explanetary, informative, acurate, factual, truth filled posting we seen in quite awhile!

          Yet so many here suffer the exact Same “scofield bible translations”, it simply Terifies you all so badly that none can admit Ahab spoke truth as it is for certain regarding illeagles and hobammys plans.

          And worse yet, what Ahab articulated concerning the eliets jews whos behind all our troubles and runs BOTH political partys here.

          Is even Farther from Your collective relms of admitting it is factual Truth.

          Like he said “We are a nation of immigrants” is the leftist libs Fanatical religious creed, and 99% of americans have swollowed that crap Whole.

          There is NO nations which were not at their birth beginings made up of “immigrants” migrating to That nation.

          Yet Only here in usa do we fall for or even hear such nonsence as “we all imigrants”…

          How Many folks HERE this site were NOT natural Born citizens?…Or ask it this way instead…How many folks Here at This site WERE Born in america and ARE natural born citizens?

          I bet as many as 90-95% todays americans Are born here thus NO LONGER a nation of “Imigrants”…Rather Native Borns!

          I also bet just as so many here simply Ignore such a Profound acurate info post as Ahabs, and you hurry to add a post completely different on issues in the Hopes no others will begin continuing a post such as Ahabs.

          The exact Same will probobly occure to my post here as so many “wide awake’rs” here only awaken to what is Easy and never concerns Real problems like ahab wrote of.

          Do not be shocked if soon the very ones who will be Your murderers, will in fact be the same ziochristian scofield trained evangelicals, such as Haggee or Pat Robertson and the entire TBN-tv crowd of False pastors/wolves in sheeps clothes type Deluded jew worshiper co-zionist Fools,who actually believe they will get Vast Blessings from God for defending them russian kommie jews amoung us in usa.

          And defending zio jews here from all of You!

          “For the time will come, when them who Kill you, will believe they are doing a service for God”!!

          Look at america in 2012….Of all 300+ Million folks nationwide….WHICH ones in Your honest opinions seem Most likely to Fullfill that prophetic verse?

          Which americans are so fanaticaly glued to The Seeds of Satan, children of Satan?

          Turn on ANY TV preacher show any day of week…Watch their antics that They think is true God worship!

          Especially when the pastor builds up the crowds for his super-“Word of God” message such as “Bless the jews!!!”

          Now go Read what Jesus Hisself and most of the apostles wrote/said of them satanic talmudiacs…

          Ahab’s correct..and we sure got alot of troubles comming soon. And it Will be a combo of jew worshiper zio christians and armys of white guilt ladden protectors, of libs mantra of Worship on the altar of “Equality” by whitey taking second place(back of bus?) to them NOBEL Savages!

          Roaming america in search of Us!…Simply cause We speak Truth and Reject Their assinine principles as well as their Unatainable “equality”.

          ps…an FYI(go Look it up) this brand of forced equality was Invented in the Protocals of zion elders plans.

          In it they discuss and Laugh at stupidity of Goyims who Fall for what never existed in entire universe…Equality!

          Its all designed to RUIN Your Own “Individuality” etc…Works swell so far no?

          Bravo Ahab…Best posting in long while.Too bad most will reject it outright eh.

      105. Sorry, but I cant figure out if the KKK hoods receive a light or heavy starch.

        • Someday you will beg to join.

      106. Everybody DUCK!
        The S is about to H The F !

      107. Romney lost because he didn’t use the huge amount of stupid chit Obama has said over the years. Obama went negative and it worked. Mittens was Mr. Nice Guy and lost.

        I would have played the Obama, 3 Years proposition non stop.

        I would have played Obama talking about reducing the deficit by half and instead doubling it.

        Romney failed.

      108. Obama won over 40% of white voters…

      109. Sierra Dave,

        Romney did not fail, America failed. The majority chose the down hill path while Romney tried to lead them up the path to where the sun shines. There is a sub-culture that is taking over this country, they do not want to work for anything, they want to take what you have and they idolize a mortal who is their new God. Human suffering will reach new levels and those who care more about their right to murder an unborn baby and those who care more about their free stuff, will pay the ultimate price. These are dark times right now, the chain is clanking and it is around the necks of the human manipulators, the lazy, the immoral and the non believers. Eventually the chain will be heavy enough to drag them down the path with such ferocity that they will disappear into the depths of hell.

        To say that Romney should have played as dirty as Obama is not what he is or what he stands for. It was a clear choice, good versus evil. The people have spoken.

      110. While I don’t believe either of the two mainstream candidates have a red hairs difference between them,it is possible that Romney could have won but for one thing. When the RNC blew Ron Paul delegates off at the convention they sealed their fate. If they would have allowed some participation for this group to be included they could possibly have won the election. Paul supporters were huge across all walks of life to see and it turned my stomach to see the way they were treated. After that, I would have voted for Vermin Supreme before I would have voted for Mitt Romney. I said this at the time and I stick by this as the reason Romney was defeated.

        • So what you are saying is that your political opinions are more important than The Republic, is that right?

          Thanks, what chance do you think Libertarians have now?

          • non sequitur

      111. Fiscal cliff?

        Congressional Pay Back for an idiot population?

        Help me, I’m falling.

        Good God! The unthinkable, by most, is going to happen.

        Prep hard and Prep fast. We, the prepper nation, are the seeds of the new United States of America.

        • Fiscal cliff? Isn’t the $1T in cuts over 10 years? 500B cut from defense over 10 years is $50B/year. Hardly a huge cut, considering size of the defense budget.

      112. Darn, I was really looking forward to a president who wore magic underpants. Just think of the money that could have been saved by disbanding the Secret Service! Magic undergarments are bullet and fire proof!

        Just to be clear, I did not vote. When there is a viable third party candidate on the ballet that has been allowed to debate, I’ll give it another glance. It truly, in the end, does not matter who won the election as many on here have pointed out. Until then, it’s prepare prepare prepare.

        Heel out

      113. No folks. I think you’re all missing it. Romney probably did get the honest vote. Ballot machine fraud and absentee ballot fraud is what handed him the election and the dems the Senate.

        I cannot reconcile myself with the level of enthusiasm in the close weeks of the RR campaign (especially with the rally numbers), and the view that RR actually lost to the voting public. There’s plenty out there that talks about voting machine rigging, in particular this article:

        I really think it’s this simple.

        Romney/Ryan most probably had it in the bag otherwise.

      114. Stock futures selling off big time, time to cash out the old IRA?

        Reminds me of the old 1920’s song, “Brother can you spare a dime?”.

        • I’m screwed cant touch mine till Feb

      115. I think the obumma phone was the deciding factor for most voters…….

      116. Ecclesiastes 10, That’s all I can say!!!

        1. As dead flies give perfume a bad smell,
        so a little folly outweighs wisdom and honor.
        2 The heart of the wise inclines to the right,
        but the heart of the fool to the left.
        3 Even as fools walk along the road,
        they lack sense
        and show everyone how stupid they are.
        4 If a ruler’s anger rises against you,
        do not leave your post;
        calmness can lay great offenses to rest.
        5 There is an evil I have seen under the sun,
        the sort of error that arises from a ruler:
        6 Fools are put in many high positions,
        while the rich occupy the low ones.
        7 I have seen slaves on horseback,
        while princes go on foot like slaves.
        8 Whoever digs a pit may fall into it;
        whoever breaks through a wall may be bitten by a snake.
        9 Whoever quarries stones may be injured by them;
        whoever splits logs may be endangered by them.
        10 If the ax is dull
        and its edge unsharpened,
        more strength is needed,
        but skill will bring success.
        11 If a snake bites before it is charmed,
        the charmer receives no fee.
        12 Words from the mouth of the wise are gracious,
        but fools are consumed by their own lips.
        13 At the beginning their words are folly;
        at the end they are wicked madness—
        14 and fools multiply words.
        No one knows what is coming—
        who can tell someone else what will happen after them?
        15 The toil of fools wearies them;
        they do not know the way to town.
        16 Woe to the land whose king was a servant[a]
        and whose princes feast in the morning.
        17 Blessed is the land whose king is of noble birth
        and whose princes eat at a proper time—
        for strength and not for drunkenness.
        18 Through laziness, the rafters sag;
        because of idle hands, the house leaks.
        19 A feast is made for laughter,
        wine makes life merry,
        and money is the answer for everything.
        20 Do not revile the king even in your thoughts,
        or curse the rich in your bedroom,
        because a bird in the sky may carry your words,
        and a bird on the wing may report what you say

      117. Batten down the hatches…

      118. Any preppers in Panama ,Panama hurry,,,,time is running out….
        back in 4h 10.44 am

        • Very interesting map. And I do, and always have favored the “dogs” response to the choices available.

      119. This is the report that sent stocks tumbling this morning


        also posted at the Daily Crux

      120. I have come out of the bunker long enough to attend a funeral for the UNITED STATES and the CONSTITUTION. Our HOUSE,SENATE, and SUPREME COURT have become totally irreverent. We have just witnessed its MURDER by the people who VOTE for a living. With EXECUTIVE ORDER is now the LAW of the LAND. The PLOICE STATE has arrived.
        America’s casket was lowered into to the ground yesterday, let the mourning be short, and we now have to do something before the dirt is shoveled on it THE TIME IS NOW.
        May GOD bless you and yours. Stay the course, keep your head held high and give them ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

        • Glad to see you Copperhead – Stay Safe

          • HalfKin: Thanks, but going back to the bunker very soon. Needed to vent a little and pick up some more air refresher, the smell of the SH-T hitting the fan is strong.

      121. It’s hell when you’re mad at the world.

        I’m doing a little soul searching as to why I am so angry. I’m sure some of you feel the same way. It is as if someone pulled the rug, right out from under me. A wretched feeling that once again I will be made to pay for others mistakes and that there will be no accountability for thier actions. I am bitter as those who now celebrate, will be knocking at my door for help in the future. Contemplation of my actions for something that could have been avoided. It is my realization that the America I once knew, is gone and that self-reliance will become a lost art. Only time will tell how fast we desend into the pit of despair. You may tell me to hold on. I ask, To what?

        • slingshot: YOUR DIGNITY!

        • I’m with you Brother Slingshot….

        • I am certain no one has ever paid for any of your mistakes, after all, you must walk on water and raise the dead.

      122. Our future holds nothing to look foward to. The military will be gutted, unemployment will shy rocket up, the good old FRN will be worth less and less. Shortages will increase to all time highs, etc. Good sites like this one and many more will go down, who knows the whole inter net as we know it might. Look for massive gun control measures to go into effect, very soon.
        I think we all know now what is going to have to happen, if we want to take back this country. We must do some very, very deep soul searching, before that can begin.
        Get right with GOD. Prepare like you never have before if that is possible.
        Live life free while you can. Stand Tall and HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH!!!

        • We must survive its death. There is no other solution

        • Copperhead,

          We’ve known these things are coming–it’s why we prep. The distance has just been shortened and it’s now in our face. None of us are prepped as much as we’d like and we all, ALL, will feel the pinch of the hard times. Play the game these fools have initiated but hedge by prepping more and more to ease the pain on you and those you hold close to you until we can emerge on the other side. It’s likely to be a LONG battle, not a short one and we need to have the stomach for it.

      123. The sheeple have spoken. Wonder what they’ll be saying in 4 years or less?

        • They will say we didnt give enough so the governments could do the job on us.

        • They will say what they always do, “It’s Bush’s fault!!!”

      124. Conservatives didn’t have a candidate – it was either Socialist Romney or Marxist Obama. Why vote? Heads they win, tails we lose. In most states, the numbers are shaping up to be even lower than in 2004, said Curtis Gans, director of American University’s Center for the Study of the American Electorate. Every state is showing lower numbers than in 2008, Gans said.
        “This is one of those rare elections in which turnout in every state in the nation went down,” Gans said.

      125. We have gone over the edge. IT BEGINS!

      126. Look at it this way guys, win, lose…

        You didn’t REALLY expect the Man In The Magic Underwear to save us did you?

        At least we know WHAT to expect from the next 4 years. Shake it off, and do what you do.

      127. Choose your poisin, arsnick or cyanide!!!


        Dr. Pepper

        • Jack Daniels

      128. I voted yesterday. I hoped that the first time in my life that I ever casted a vote it would maybe make a change or slow down the train getting ready to fall off the cliff. My pollyanna bubble burst. I went to cast my vote and they told me I already voted. I said I never voted in my life… was rigged. It was all planned out. I know I knwo I read it a million times. I hear many here scream how it does not matter. I never voted in ,y life becase i never believed it counted. I had this inner hope that maybe i was wrong. I never am wrong but I was hoping I was wrong. I was not wrong neither were all those that said it was fixed. It was it was.I am sad for not my future but the children. I have to admit I actually cries because of the calamity which is coming. The sadness in my heart for all of those that died in vain. For all of our fellow Americans that can not see. They are blind. Please understand these people aka sheeple can not see. they have somehow been brainwashed to not see. We are fortunate that we see, wow all I can say is God Bless and keep each and everyone of us and our families. Now that the healthcare thing will take effect we will not even have noney to buy food each week. my shtf started for real last night. I am at a loss for words, my heart is heavy for all. Please everyone I know we have our differences but please put them aside and pray for one another and take care of you and yours.

        • How do you know you see and are not brainwashed? Those that you say are brainwshed are just as convinced that they see and you are brainwashed. How can you be so certain and those you criticize be so certain? You both cannot be right, but you both can be wrong.

      129. Barf!!!

      130. Vote Obama Out,
        My college student reports that her med school friends are really getting frustrated with the realization that they may spend all that time and money in school to make a little more than a ditch digger. Still paying their student loans when they are in the nursing home. Without student loans, very, very few people can go into medicine.

        I’m on board for the white protest…..

        • the white protest? Really, you think thats the answer?

      131. I thought Rush Limbaugh summed it up well in one sentence.

        “In a Nation of Children, Santa Claus Wins.”

        Direct link below

      132. Bill Maher is now comparing Republicans
        to the Nazi’s.
        Hey Bill, why don’t you fill your yap
        with cement and jump into the nearest

      133. WTH When is the shooting, looting and rioting going to start? I thought AJ said we’d see riots by now no matter who won.

        Guess everyone decided to bend over and take it up the rear for another 4 years.

        Kinda hoped folks would be a bit more pissed about the results.. Oh well guess I’ll have to wait for that whole Mayan thing….. Just about a month away…

      134. Spend nothing the next 4 years.

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