One Sixth of Economy Nationalized: Here’s What Happens Next

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Do you LOVE America?


    If you weren’t sure before, this should pretty much close the deal for you. You are now living in a socialist country. Neal Boortz discusses what we can expect from our now socialized health care plan in Game Over…Let Me Tell You What Happens Next:

    Taxes, of course, go up immediately. How much in new taxes? Try one trillion dollars. A huge portion of these taxes will hit America’s small businesses … our jobs creation machine. There will be increases in Social Security Taxes and Medicare taxes. There will be new taxes for something called CLASS … a long term in-home health care program. Then there will be a new 3.8% (What the hell … call it 4%) tax on investment income. Just what our economy needed at a time when unemployment is rampant … new taxes on the very sector of our economy that creates jobs.

    Businesses will hunker down even more than they have been. Business planning is a long-term affair .. and businessmen will know that in a few years 50 will be the magic number when it comes to government health insurance mandates; and this includes part-time employees. So you will see businesses with just over 50 employees starting to cut back. People will lose their jobs so that the business can stay under the threshold. New business start-ups will alter business plans to make sure that they don’t meet or cross that threshold when the mandates kick in.

    Younger Americans with health insurance will drop their policies. Sure, they know that they will have to pay a penalty when they file their taxes, but that penalty will be much less than the cost of a health insurance policy … costs that will be going up. Besides … because insurance companies can no longer discriminate against people with preexisting conditions, there is absolutely no reason in the world to go out there and buy an insurance policy until you really become ill.

    Since health young Americans will be dropping insurance, or staying out of the market if they never had insurance in the first place, the insurance companies will find more and more that their customers are among the unhealthiest of Americans. This means more benefits paid, of course, which will result in higher premiums. What’s more, there will no longer be a lifetime cap on benefits. Even a government-educated ObamaSycophant could understand that this, too, will lead to increased premiums. But wait! There’s more! Children will be able to stay on their parent’s policies until age 26. What does this mean? Increased payouts on their parent’s policies. How can you not see where this is all going?

    With so many more people added to the insurance rolls – people who are not paying for their policies out of their own pockets – there will be a huge increase in people seeking medical care they don’t really need. Just check Boca Raton, Florida and the Medicare recipients down there. Do you remember the investigative report which showed the Boca Medicare crowd treated their weekly doctor’s visits as a part of their social life? They didn’t necessarily need care, they just wanted to see their friends and the doctor’s waiting room was the meeting place. Now that each and every American will have a medical care entitlement, not just the Boca Biddies, you can look for a huge increase in the demand for medical services. And guess what? This huge demand will hit at a time when doctors are deciding to hang it up. They didn’t sign on to work for the government, and the passage of ObamaCare is their signal to start making their escape plans.

    As the demand for medical services increases exponentially, the money to pay for those services will dry up, even with the increased taxes. The inevitable result, then, will be the rationing of health care. There are no words to adequately describe the base ignorance and stupidity of any American who does not realize that rationing is on the way.

    As health insurance premiums rise – as people start clogging doctors offices – as the quality of care gradually declines – there will be more and more cries from the dumb masses for the government to “do something.” The political class will be ready to do something all right. Politicians will start telling the dumb masses that the private insurance companies have shown themselves not to be up to the task. They were given the chance, and they blew it. So now it’s time for the government option … its time for the government to offer its own health insurance product.

    The new cure-all – the so-called “public option” – will not have any of the constraints placed on it that private insurance companies have to deal with. The government insurance plan will be able to draw from an inexhaustible supply of government grants and bailouts. Instead of raising premiums to cover benefits, the government plan will simply borrow more and more money. Net result: Slowly but surely government competition will force private insurance out of the marketplace. You simply cannot compete with an entity that can lose hundreds of millions of dollars a year without ever having to go into bankruptcy.

    Politicians have always known that the government option would work this way. It has never been anything less than a method to be used to destroy the private health insurance marketplace. What’s next? The magic Democrat wet dream … “single payer.”

    Single payer simply means that one entity will write all the checks. Whether it’s for a doctor’s visit, a prescription, physical therapy … whatever, the payments come from one source, and that source is the government. If the government is the only entity that is legally permitted to render payment for health care services … then that puts the government in complete and absolute control of all healthcare. If you don’t think that the person who controls your healthcare controls YOU … then you’ve never been really, really sick.

    Welcome to the new America.


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      1. Its time to water the tree…….

      2. Continue with longterm food storage.  In fact, its time to accelerate your longterm food storage. This latest healthcare bill was going to pass no matter how many people were against it. This is all part of the orchestrated collapse of the “Land of the Free”. 

        This needed to take place in order to fulfill the next step in their global agenda. This is deeply rooted in massive corruption on a scale never imagined possible.  Satan is unleashing his demons throughout Babylon. This bill is not going to work, and they knew that. That is why they passed it.

        What looks like a kind act of helping those in need on the outside is actually based on an agenda of control and manipulation. The “dumb” democrats who voted for this bill were “suckered” into believing this.

        I continue to say “Give me Liberty or give me death”

      3. I continue to say “Give me Liberty or give me death”

        Well it’s becoming clearer where the odds lie … Frankly, we’re considering immigration.   I figure I have maybe 2 more years of fight left in me, but I have to take care of my family first.

      4. I can point some other features of the public rationing and burocratic managed system:
        You should expect the end of free choice of doctors-you will have to stick with the one the system will asign to you.
        The rationing will bring long waiting times (months,years) to consultations, treatments, surgerys.
        In the end those who can afford will have to pay for private medicine to have quality, those who cannot pay will have  a second grade system.
        Not bad result for a reform that was justified under the slogan of social justice and to help the poor.

      5. Comments…..All hope is gone, yes, I agree we must prep for the worse.  All political/voting activity is fruitless. Live for self/family. America has no future.  Anyone doing talk shows, running for office or having a web site is beating a dead horse;  America is trashed forever. Don McIlvany suggests to unload/sell all unneeded items and buy survival items, etc. Truly, S will HTF anytime now. See:

      6. New bumper sticker

      7. I am sick to my stomach over this.   I am angriest at the masses and masses of people that don’t have a clue what this means, don’t know or care to know what’s in the healthcare bill and have abdicated their responsibility to be vigilant in the defense of our legitimate rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  The DC crowd can only get away with this because the people LET THEM with their ingnorance and apathy.  I don’t know where this will end … but it will end badly.

        It is past time to water the tree.  Unfortunately there seems to be too few of us to do the watering.

      8. Republicans have Failed should be no surprise to anyone 

        They Failed to stop the Health Care Bill.

        They Failed to support the Health Care Bill even though many of there concerns where addressed.

        They Failed a few weeks ago to support a Bipartisan Debt Reduction Commission even after they proposed it.

        They have Failed the Party of Reagan by following the policy of Nancy by “Just Say NO” instead of Ronald’s policies. 

        They hope that Obama Administration Fails as there leader Limbaugh has publicly shouted. 

        They Failed to see and stop the greatest financial crisis since the great depression.

        They Failed with fiscal responsibility by creating the 3 trillion in debt when they inherited a budget surplus.

        They Failed to put forth a honest budget in 7 years that ignored the 2 costly wars they started.

        They Failed to fund there own programs they have passed over the past decade. The Drug Program, No Child Left Behind to name a few of many that had the federal mandates but not the funding that seem so disgusting now for them.

        They Failed to keep us safe by entering into 2 wars with over 5K of our soldiers dead and another 30K maimed 

        The Failed to protect our homeland, it was there watch 9/11 occurred

        They Failed, as a party it is a complete failure, the only way forward is to disband and find a party that seeks success.

      9. We were the only Western Country without universal health care. Now we have it. Any other countries collapsing because of that? No. Deal with it, fascists.

      10. Fascist? Really. Better study what fascism means. Fascism is where we are headed. Universal Health Deform is what we are entering. God save us all!

      11. Comments…..This healh care bill passed not because they care about you, all they are doing is ear marking the money to the vetrenarians so they can start thining out the herd. their allegiance is to the chosen ones who think they are the only ones worthy of being called human. 55% of congress is made up of these people the other 45% is Gentile Masonic scum who sold you out, they resemble the pigs on animal farm,conspiring against their fellow animals. You better work hard and stay healthy or else you will end up at the glue factory.

      12. The Republicans did what they could. Every single republican voted against it. You would NEVER have seen Bush propose a government run anything.

      13. Right, Bush would NEVER do that. What about Dept. of Homeland Security?

      14. I hate comrade Barrack Hussein Obama so much. I hate that fucker so much.
        But let’s not forget that Bush-Cheney were also great friends of big government.
        Republicans must be taught.
        And those fascist-democrats must be punished and destroyed.

      15. You don’t need to look all the way to another country collapsing because of healthcare reform… just take a look at Massachusetts.  Their state treasurer predicts the same for this national reform.

      16. Tony, try Medicare D. We have been betrayed by both sides of the two headed one party system. By the way Hey You, the Fascists are the ones that have always advocated for Healthcare for the masses. Two books that address this are William Shirer’s The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, or Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism. By the time you get around to ordering them though they might already be burned, so you might want to order it off amazon in the next day or so.


      18. Just for the sake of Political correctness look up the definition of Fascism and Socialism. Arguements made with inacurate characturizations sound  really , sort of stupid.

      19. They have the American Public (and the world too) checkmated. If you rise up to fight against this illegal bill you will be violently crushed by the military police force. If you do nothing, they will pass more bills that will enslave you and keep doing until you do rise up in anger. But since if you strike first you lose moral high ground and they own the media. They will spin it the way they want, Government becomes the victim.

        It’s tough. Not sure what to do really. Although Fairbanks, Alaska seems to have a great solution.

      20. what we have here is just another installment of our never ending political drama.  The party NOT in power (in this case the R’s) raises holy hell no matter what the party IN power does.  It’s the same no matter which one is in and which one out.  That way, they both win because every few years, we switch back to the other one and never develop any other partys for fear of them being “spoilers”.  In spite of all our switching back and forth, the overall policies never change, and the end result is never altered.

        Case in point:  the recent bailouts.  Started by georgy-porgy, they get continued under home-skillet barry, even to the point that georgy’s stooges keep their jobs in order to finish carrying out the giant blowjobs, er, bailouts.  Naturally, these services are provided in secret.  The R’s (not in power) get to rail on the D’s for enforcing the policy that they themselves would have been enforcing, had they been elected.  They don’t have to vote for it, providing additional justification in the mind of the feebs, that “if only there were more of MY party in there, this wouldn’t have passed”.  Bullshit.  In this case, the R’s are only the lucky beneficiaries of being out of office.  Same thing with the D’s when we invaded Iraq in order to position at least one division of our combat troops near the last great patch of light sweet crude in the world.  It’s the EXACT SAME THING.

        The only difference that exists is in the minds of folks who are so feeble that they can’t see through the charade.  There is no difference whatsoever between a R and a D.  Axelrod and the R counterparts are on TV right this minute laying the groundwork for the huge mess of legal obfuscations that are right around the corner.

        You, the American voter, have been cheated and outraged by what’s going on, and you’re about to be blinded and baffled by bullshit once the legal fracas starts.  After the next big flap that comes down the pike, this will seem like a distant memory.

      21. This is only the beginning folks !  If anybody is thinking  that its over and now thay will rest on thier laurels , don’t beleave it for one second .  this president and congress will stop at nothing until thay have full control of everyones lives from cradle  to grave . Next will be the national ID card complete with microchip that will let them know where you are at all times.  Next how about saying bye-bye Rush , Sean , G-man ,Laura , Mike savage ,and Glen after all thay are not good for the people. then thay can move on to the internet and take out sites like this one .  And in the workers paradise we will all share everything like our gardens and the food we have stored up , we just can’t have hoarding , now thats not right !  we will even help those who are homeless by making available our empty rooms in our homes .  The living room and kitchen will be considered “Empty” And all  those churches will have a usefull purporse as well , making them “community centers’ or public toilets and bath houses.  And of course our dear leader will be “Elected for life” because we just cannot live with out him .  In the end there will be no safe refuge , no place to hide , nothing that you can do . No one will be allowed to leave the US  born here  you will die here Watch and it will happen , or somthing close to it .   FOR MAC – did you finnish the Day the dollar died series ?

      22. Comments…..Sam, no doubt you are just another islamonazi raghead cave dwelling anti-American.  The day of Islam is coming to an end. Mohammad the Pedophile will wind up in the dust bin of history along with Shicklegruber.

      23. Rush , Sean , G-man , Laura, Mike Savage ,and Glen are NOT good for the people.   Their rantings may feel good if they align with your predisposition on a subject, but they are polarizing and no more “right” than any other demagogue.   Not that I think anyone in the Dem party is any good either.  They all suck. 

      24. Given the choice between pelosi , reed and obama , I will take  Rush , Sean , G-Man, Laura , Mike and Glen any day!

      25. Airborne - I hope you don’t really believe your choices are  limited to-                                                                      a) “democratic”    propaganda,                                                                   b) neo- con propaganda                                                                                                                                                                 

      26. Comments…..Father John I see the truth hurts. Oh by the away I’m not a rag head my friends tell me I look like Luke Skywalker.

      27. Johnny V, you are exactly right. We have and have had a “two party – one agenda system”. They are ALL traitors. They have ALL sold out to their Jewish/Zionist masters. Speaking of which, how are you doing A71 and FJ? Still spinning your lies amongst the blogs are we? We’ll guess what? Your “tribe’s” little plan “AIN’T GONA WORK”. Do you actually think true Americans (at least the ones with “a set”, which you are obviously lacking 71) are going to put up with this shit much longer? Why don’t you tell your bosses to “pop the clutch”. Let’s get this show on the road. Once it’s done with and we’ve taken our country back, you and your kind will NEVER be welcomed here again. Once the whole world figures you out, there won’t be ANY safe place for you Devil worshipping ass- – – – – to hide.

      28. Comments…..MDF better be careful or father John up there will call you a rag head. I guess he’s never seen or heard of the christian priests walking down the street in Israel always being spat on by the Jewish clergy men.Christian or Muslim makes no difference they’re both suffering equally under that Nazi regime.

      29. I wish that we could just get all the religious wackos over to the middle east at the same time.  It would be like a huge field trip.  All the jews, christians, moslems, buddists, and any other religious honchos we could find, and cram them all into jeruselam at the same time.  naturally, there’d be no room for any furniture, so we’d give each of them a 4 foot long stick.  They could just shove the stick up their ass and sit on that.  When they couldn’t get along with each other anymore, they could just pull out the sticks and beat the shit out of each other with them.

        Meanwhile, the rest of us would get some peace and quiet.

      30. Comments…..I think it was the religious wackos the just shoved this health care bill up your ass. you probably can’t feel now but soon enough you will.It was a religious wacko that ruled your ass for eight years then sent all those innocent young men and woman to Iraq to die while killing 1.5 million innocent people.The founding fathers were righteous men that believed in God, upheld the constitution that was based on scripture, that’s what made America great.If you think a country will hold together without the true belief in the almighty, you have already failed.Soon you will be the one’s taking those sticks out and giving each other a beating.Civil war is around the corner, wait and see.

      31. Laura M:    Get a good nights sleep Laura. You can’t quit now, America needs you. The sun will come up tomorrow, your hope will be renewed, and you will be ready to kick ass and take names again!   🙂

        Illegal immigration is the next thing they will try to shove down the throat of the American people.   Lock and load everybody!

      32. EUGENIC’S 101  folks… it’s comin’ it’s now just a question of when.
        AMERIKA is now a truly FASCIST state. It is the “HOME OF THE SUPPRESSED AND ENSLAVED!”
        so be nice to them.

        ARM UP PREPARE it’s just a matter of time.

      33. Father John, please stop projecting your habits onto a Prophet of God.

        So how long do you guys reckon the shit will really hit the fan? I live in one of the worst places to live, NYC. I’m not sure either what exactly should be my plan, probably it should to leave ASAP, but I can’t just ditch my family and relatives and friends like that. I haven’t even started prepping yet, just prepped spiritually and mentally lol. If it does get bad as some of you have been saying, then at least I won’t die alone.

      34. Yassar, we’ve probably got anywhere from 3-5 or so years.  But you have to remember that things will be deteriorating all the while.  Lots of folks are riled up about the health care right now, but that isn’t even a major piece of this puzzle.  The important players are;
        1.  The US national debt
        2.  The willingness of other countries to continue lending at an ever increasing pace to the US
        3.  The financial stability of other industrialized nations (no one gives a shit if panama goes in the shitter, but if some EU nations do, watch out)
        4.  The stability of financial and derivatives markets here at home (these can go in the shitter at any time with no real warning for the average folks)
        5.  The actions of OPEC.  If they decide to embargo us again, our society will collapse within a month.  We don’t have oil reserves of any great size, and even if we did, it would take years to get it out of the ground, and even if we did get it out, the supply would be gone in 6 months.  We have no energy policy, and this is going to become CRUCIAL in the next few years
        6.  Natural disasters.  These are increasing in frequency and severity.  Parts of the nation could be damaged and therefore place great strain on the rest of the country for infrastructure help and resources, and money.

        Ironically, what the US needs right now is another giant terror attack.  If one were to happen, it would galvanize us together again and we’d be more effective at getting things done.  As it is, we’ve become weak with no real outside enemy to compete with.  We’re collapsing under our own weight.

      35. Thanks for the info Jonny, I started learning about all this like 5 months ago, and it was mind blowing. The short-term future isn’t looking too promising, and there’s so many ways that the shit could hit the fan and just collapse the whole system.

        Can you guys answer this question for me please, what would you do if you lived in NYC and couldn’t leave the city. How would you be prepare? (Mind you gun license laws here suck).

      36. Yassar, bad news buddy.  You have to get as far away from major cities as possible.  Think of it this way, all the stores in the whole area just ran out of food a few days ago, and now people are beginning to get hungry.  Real hungry.  What do you think is going to happen when 20 million people all start going apeshit at the same time?  Remember the Rodney King riots?

        Sam, I think you’re ascribing a little too much religion to our founding fathers.  These were men who had no problems whatever about going to whore houses and drinking huge quantities of alcohol while forming the country.  They had no problems with slavery either.  They expressly forbid the joining of church and state.  The laws were not based on scripture, but on the Magna Carta (dating back to the ancient Roman Empire), in conjunction with what they wanted to keep from the British laws.  Just because they used the phrase (granted by their creator) in the preamble of the document, doesn’t mean that the whole document somehow “relies” on “god’s authority”.  These were people looking to ESCAPE religion and persecution in England, not set up their own religion and persecution (at least for white folks) here.

        The rest of your stuff I like.  I’ve been hard on a few people lately, and I’m trying to mellow out.  This stuff gets me really pissed off because I know that there’s nothing we can do.

      37. Johnny, I think venting is healthy, and if you are pissed off, the best thing to do is let it out. At least here and other places online  you can do it in a free exchange of ideas.

        I think we could all use a freedom hug right now. It really is frustrating to realize that there is very little one can do at this point.

        100,000 people called Congress every hour last Friday. I am willing to bet that 99% of them DID NOT support the health care bill…. but it passed anyway. What more could we have done…. ? (other than not elected those clowns in the first place)

      38. Mac, the venting part does help, just don’t want to appear rude or anything.  As far as the health care, things don’t appear too promising, but the idea of reforming was a good one.  The problem with true reform is that everyone’s sacred cows would have to be gutted.  The dems would have to agree to tort reform and reasonable caps on coverage.  The r’s would have to agree to some sort of mass coverage for poor people and allowing unionized workers to keep what they have.  The pharm and ins corps would have to see their profits slashed.  Everyone wants reform at the other guys expense, and are not willing to kick in on their own.  What you end up with is a frankenstein bill that everyone hates.

        As far as doing anything, I ran for a state leg seat.  During that time, I was exposed to SOME of the inner workings of things.  Many of the people in government are really fucked up in the head.  There IS an “us and them” mentality, and when I say that there’s no difference between the parties, it’s because it’s TRUE.  Our system is so corrupted and diseased with lobbyists (everyone from the NRA to big oil to pharmaceuticals to the NARAL are ALL lobbyists) that nothing meaningful is likely to ever be done.  What we have here are about 30 thousand monkees all fucking footballs and basketballs at the same time.

      39. Wake up.
        If only 20 members of a Third Party existed as members of the House of Representatives, never would ObamaCare have become law.
        With 20 members in the House, never again could Democrats pass any laws promoting their agenda.
        And when the Republicans would regain a majority in the House, Republicans would be brought to heel like dogs, begging a 20-member party for votes.
        Heed not Republicans who scare independent-minded individuals with talk of fracturing the Republican Party.
        It is time to target Congressional districts in America where many liberty-minded persons live.
        Our tools to win these districts must be money bombs and flash mobs.
        Using the forces of group dynamics and peer pressure, we can lead and cajole local voters to follow their smarter-minded neighbors into voting for one of the 20.
        Forget the Southeast and the Northeast, since both are hot beds of Big Government for Republicans and Democrats, respectively.
        The message of the 20 must be easy and appeal to the disenfranchised.

        Full Support of the Bill of Rights
        Opposition of Natural Person Status for Corporations (leveraging the “evil Big Corp” image many have.

        The fewer the issues and stances, the greater the likelihood of getting more supporters.
        All it takes is 20 men and women in the House to put an end to the march of Big Government American-style Collectivism.
        The time has come. Are you with us?

      40. Comments…..Yassar, My calculation shows SHTF In six years time, although the economy and the people are suffering a slow death as we speak. Enlighten your family as to what is going on, as Jonny advised move away from concentrated areas, learn to become self sufficient, stay strong and don’t let the poison of fear enter your heart. Jonny you can vent without being vulgar, as for the laws of Rome they were based on God’s authority, the best work I can recommend on the subject is Gibbons Roman history, two thick volumes very elightening enjoyable read. History always reapeats itselt there is always the oppressed, the tyrant, and the saviour you just have to figure out who is who, on a international level and hope that you are on the side of the good.

      41. YASSAR:    If I absolutely wouldn’t leave NYC I would find or start a group of like minded individuals from around the City, meet on a regular basis, and develop a PLAN of action.

        That group could decide where the best location was to rendevous when TSHTF. Maybe thats a specific location within Central Park, or at the NYC Public Library. Maybe its a place on Long Island or somewhere underground.

        Maybe the group decides that each person has a suitcase, sleeping bag, and a duffle bag with survival items. Maybe several people bring water filters while others bring something else. Maybe you all join a gun club and meet there, store your weapons and ammo there, and bring what gear you can. Maybe its someones house. At the very least, get organized, because you are absolutely right about one thing:

        NYC is one of the worse places to be when TSHTF. Plan accordingly.

        SMACK: Right you are. After the Republicans sweep both houses in November we will have to worry about the Far Right instead of the Far Left.

        Corporations are legal entities not individuals and should not be allowed to spend money in elections. Government is to be “of the people, for the people, and by the people”. Corporations are not people.

        Eradicate the G-FLU:   R1D1L1   !!!

      42. Uhhhhhhhhh   “Of the people, by the people, and for the people” would be more accurate. But you get my drift.

        COFFEE !!!!!  MORE COFFEE!!!!!

      43. My first visit here, interesting thread.  Personally I am planning firstly for a short term SHTF, probably less than a month.  Food, water, ammo, generator, batteries, lights, radio, & cash.  In short, a period of hunkering down until things settle.  All of these are just common sense items that we should all have in case of any kind of emergency to include natural disaster.

        I don’t think I’m quite as pessimistic as some in this thred, as I see the pendulum of freedom swinging in the opposite direction within a two year time frame.  The notion of a foreign intervention to ruin or economy isn’t entirely likely IMHO as the U.S. is still the lynch pin of the World economy, but we should as a matter of National Policy end our dependence on foreign energy.  We should be drilling, off shore, in ANWAR , Oil Shales, whereve we can find it.  WE should be building nuclear power plants by the dozens, we should be doing practicle things and end the political correctness of PITA and the far left environmentalists.

        To accomplish these things we need the political will to change Washington (no easy task) but we have to apply pressure.  Call, visit, demand, influence, support opponents of the stupidity currently on display by whatever label.  Stay involved, inform the lemmings in your social circle, hell exhibit leadership!!
        Stay calm, don’t lose hope, pray to your God in your way.

      44. Appreciate the responses guys, time to get working.

      45. I guess not all Americans are stupid, not to know the difference between socialisme, fascism and solidarity. What kind of society are you creating when taxes are reduced to almost nothing, not willing to invest in your society as a whole. For a society to run properly you need solidarity to those who are willing to contribute to the society but are ruled out because of a failing economy, failing health care or failing infrastructure. In a civilized country everyone needs the basics, such as healthcare and educational facilities. You may all profit from the it, even if you pay for others, In that way you keep the work force of a society healthy in body and mind. If you don’t, in the long run, you end up paying it alltogether, and this price may be higher then you should have been paying in the first place. 

      46. I think everyone agrees that we need public education and health care reform. The debate is about what education and who’s heath care. What Americans want is fair and balanced education (not left wing propaganda) and quality health care for our citizens, not Obama care.

        We don’t want the Constitution shredded with government mandates imposed upon US; we don’t want 159 new government offices and agencies swelling an already massive government infrastructure;  and we don’t want 16,500 new IRS agents  “eating out our substance”.

        This is America, we want freedom of choice, freedom to fail, and freedom to succeed. We want less government intrusion into our lives, not more. Personal freedom liberates the individual to be all that they can be and do all that they can do. That is what life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is all about: expressing what is inside outside, within the confines of moral, ethical, and lawful behavior.

        Like the banks, when government is “too big to fail”: it will.   It has.


      47.  Do you guys live in trees? We have the greatest country going and you are so sickly depressed,yousit around bitching and moaning, what a great life. You sound uneducated and not very intelligent ,but you feed on each others’ paranoia and reinforce your pseudo wisdom.  what a group of experts.

      48. Comments… are stark raving mad ! private cos. have not been nationalized=you are a fear mongering idiot ,you have fools for readers, I have alot of money in many industries. I talk daily with many brokers no one seems to now tha we have had 61% of our private industry nationalized. that would have caused a world wide panic, do you guys believe that crap. You morons don’t even know what nationalization or socialism means. Get some education.

        Stop your childish whining !

      49. Joe, thanks for your comments. Since your brokers have told you that everything is OK, then everything must be OK, thus there is nothing to worry about.

        It sounds like you are upset about something, though it is difficult to tell what that ‘something’ is. Perhaps the nationalization explanation above, provided by Neal Boortz, struck a nerve and you have yet to realize it is true.

        Good luck with all of the money you have in the many industries in which you invest.

      50. I asked the guy who handles my investments what he thought the stock market was going to do, and he said he couldn’t tell us that because then no one would invest with them. That told me all I needed to know.  They’re not going to tell you because it would ruin their business.

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