One Moviegoer With a Gun Could Have Prevented 70 Innocent People From Being Shot

by | Jul 20, 2012 | Headline News | 464 comments

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    In light of the incident at the Dark Knight premier early this morning, it’s worth noting that we as a law abiding society could have prevented the deaths of, at last count, 13 people and the injuries sustained by scores of others.

    Anti-gun fanatics will tell us that outlawing guns is the solution. In fact, before the smoke from the gunfire dissipated this morning special interests and politicians were already calling for more gun control. Mayor of New York Michael Bloomberg has asked our Presidential candidates to directly address the issue:

    No matter where you stand on the Second Amendment, no matter where you stand on guns, we have a right to hear from both of them, concretely, not just in generalities, specifically, what are they going to do about guns?

    No doubt Mr. Bloomberg (and his merry band of government nitwits) would be ecstatic if both candidates supported a Constitutional Convention to eliminate the second amendment.

    While Messers Obama and Romney will likely treat us to a host of platitudes regarding the issue, the fact of the matter is that prevention of such horrendous crimes falls not in the hands of the government, but of the people.

    Take, for example, the recent actions of a Florida man who spotted two armed robbers enter the internet cafe that he was patronizing. He just so happened to be a card carrying member of the personal responsibility club and had his weapon strapped to his belt.

    The two robbers burst through the doors of the Palms Internet Cafe in Ocala and ordered everyone to get down as they waved a handgun at dozens of customers.

    But they didn’t expect Samuel Williams to pull out his own weapon and fire…

    Via The Daily Crux

    When these thugs started waving their guns around and ordering people to the floor, Samuel Williams didn’t hesitate. He drew his weapon and opened fire. He may have saved dozens of lives by his actions.

    Video courtesy of Sherrie Questioning All:

    A witness summarizes how Williams took care of business:

    This guy kept poppin’. He didn’t stop. He just kept poppin’… I think he shot both of them.

    Seconds counted; the police were minutes away; Mr. Williams, not knowing what the intentions of the armed robbers were, took action.

    Lives were saved, the armed robbers were wounded (unfortunately), arrested and subsequently released on bail (because that’s how government “prevents” violent crime).

    The other ‘preventative’ measure put forth by a government that wants to ensure they and they alone have the right to impose their will by way of the gun would be to strip the rest of us of our right to defend ourselves. In a few days they may do just that when President Obama and Secretary Clinton join the United Nations in their never ending battle to restrict private ownership.

    But, as we’ve seen countless times – in the UK, Washington D.C., and most notably in Chicago, Illinois – when you ban guns, violent crimes (gun crimes in many cases!) actually increase. Crime has gotten so bad in Chicago that we can’t even call it crime anymore. As the police gang unit in the city described it, it’s a war zone not dissimilar to what soldiers see in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    At the risk of beating a dead horse, we’ll repeat the adage that when private law abiding citizens are banned from owning guns and defending themselves, only criminals will have the guns. And they will use them to indiscriminately murder innocent men, women and children.

    Mayor Bloomberg wants to know what we are going to do about guns?

    How will we prevent another Dark Knight rampage, or Columbine massacre or Luby’s incident?

    The answer is to allow American citizens to arm themselves. An armed society is a peaceful and respectful society. 

    And when you get that small percentage of people who truly have mental disorders, who don’t care about killing others or dying themselves, there is nothing – not a gun ban or a liberal group hug that’s going to stop them.

    Such an action as was committed by the psychopath in a movie theater today can be dealt with in just one fashion: DEADLY FORCE.

    The talking heads and politicians will analyze the gunman’s motives. Psychologist and doctors will explain to us how we need to find the troublesome people before they strike. Anti-gun advocates will cite statistics and organize protests.

    Here’s the reality of it.

    This is America. We have laws that allow Americans to own guns, so you’re just not going to get them off the streets. We can’t simply arrest people for pre-crime if we suspect them of having a mental condition, because as we know, the government now classifies millions of us as domestic terrorists and just plain nuts, so that option is akin to shipping us all off to re-education camps or worse.

    There is only one way to lower the violent crime rate and put the power back into the hands of peaceful people who intend to live their lives to the fullest and in a manner consistent with the rule of law.

    It’s simple, really.

    One moviegoer with a gun could have prevented 70 innocent people from being shot today.


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      1. when that idiot Bloomberg gives up his 24/7 security team
        that he no doubt enjoys
        then I might consider disarming myself

        people like him don’t have to worry about street crime
        the rest of us do

        • Fantastic point Satori. That goes for all of the politicians who would supplant the Second Amendment.

          • I read a story a few months or ‘our’ beloved senators was anti-gun, however he shot an intruder or robber in his home?
            You got some ‘splaining to do, Lucy!!

            • Of course he is anti-gun. Government wants you to be completely unarmed so they can go ahead and drop the we-care-what-you-think act and they can go ahead and expose their full monstrous selves. Then if you disagree, if you protest, they can mow you over and pump you full of bullets without fear of being shot back.

            • For the record, neither dc democrat or dc republican from Iowa will call you back if you don’t have money.

              Trust me.

            • Off topic, but not being covered in the MSM.

              “Monsanto Protection Act” threatens organic food supply

              “A so-called “Monsanto rider,” quietly slipped into the multi-billion dollar FY 2013 Agricultural Appropriations bill, would require – not just allow, but REQUIRE – the Secretary of Agriculture to grant a temporary permit for the planting or cultivation of a genetically engineered crop, even if a federal court has ordered the planting be halted until an Environmental Impact Statement is completed.”

              “All the farmer or the biotech producer has to do is ask, and the questionable crops could be released into the environment where they could potentially contaminate conventional or organic crops and, ultimately, the nation’s food supply. . .”



              To the troll who has recently posted “comments” in my name using “foul language” and about “farting”. That is not me. I have better things to do than write such garbage.

              Thank you Daisy for the link about trolling tactics. I found it very interesting. It made me think about these two rules.

              18. “Emotionalize, Antagonize, and Goad Opponents. If you can’t do anything else, chide and taunt your opponents and draw them into emotional responses which will tend to make them look foolish and overly motivated, and generally render their material somewhat less coherent. Not only will you avoid discussing the issues in the first instance, but even if their emotional response addresses the issue, you can further avoid the issues by then focusing on how ‘sensitive they are to criticism.’”


              5. “Sidetrack opponents with … ridicule.”

              from “The 25 Rules of Disinformation

            • jay jay and iowa thanks for posting that, its funny they are 2 faced and full of crap until something happens to them then they vote different. pisses me off and thats my state. I dont even know who this idiot is.

            • God Creation you put me in the same lots as Finx. This just prove you are insane. His posts last longer than yours do before they are hidden by Thumbs down. And if you have not noticed your are perceived as the professional troll.

              And so I don’t have a brain burst XXXX You. Game On.

            • M,

              Bravo, you are 100% correct.

            • Same thing in North Carolina about a year ago, a state rep, avidly anti-gun, shot a home intruder. It is odd how many anti-gun politicians either have armed security or carry weapons.

          • The Judaic banksters, financiers, and their toadies want to be sure that:
            (1) nobody armed can apprehend them for trial;
            (2) nobody armed can resist their depopulation plans;
            (3) no armed survivors can resist enslavement; and
            (4) nobody armed can resist their Zionist hegemony.

            • I just wonder how long it will be before the kids doing these shootings are going to start aiming at the right targets.

              Why go to a movie theater filled with innocent people when you can go to any one of 50 state capitals or DC and shoot a room full of criminals.

            • I’m way for the second amendment but you lost me with the neo nazi antisemitism.

            • Just for the record there Mickey the term antisemitism is a farce. Semites are all from the south west part of Asia. where is that you say the middle east so the individuals who claim to Semites are actually from eastern Europe not the south west of Asia or the middle east. it is essentially a trick to change direction in a conversation making the messenger the enemy of the world when they are only trying to bring forth truthful information to the rest of the world.

            • “It’s a Trick, We Always Use It.” (calling people “anti-Semitic” and harping on “the holocaust”) Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni

          • Mac – Great article. I think you wrote what a lot of people are thinking. Strength, courage and peace to the families and friends of the victims. And no three hots and a cot to the shooter.

            By the way, I posted a comment this morning and it disappeared and it looks like the order of the comments has shifted. Is someone noodling around with your site?

            Dangerous days and hard times are only going to get worse. Misneach, fianna.

          • Lets face it, the UN mandate on small arms treaty is set to be signed this month, so what better way to get the masses to not even think about raising an eyebrow towards this mandate.
            The more I read about who this shooter was and what he had in plan, was nothing more than a pasty for the ambitions of others. a lot of things just not jiving up?
            Just think about what happens in other countries, a lot more killings in high numbers than just what recently happened.
            If you are disgruntled, then why not go after more important figure heads than just innocent movie goers?? Unless, there was someone that was targeted in the movie, but I highly doubt it.
            The MSM plays it full to the hilt to the public to get people wanting to disarm America. Psyophs in full blow mode if you ask me.

            The real facts will never be found out, because in this society we live in, it’s all about destroying the truth, to get the agenda’s of enslavement passed as quick and fast as possible!

            B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

            • soapdish,

              Excellent!! I like your thinking!

            • It seems clear Fast & Furious was designed to raise anti-gun sentiment in preparation for the UN Small Arms Treaty signing (thankfully seems to have backfired on them). Just an admittedly “out there” thought: What if the Colorado tragedy was similarly orchestrated? I don’t put anything past this government. And if we receive news that the shooter has committed suicide in jail…well, he just sort of disappears doesn’t he? I know it sounds over the top. I just don’t trust the powers that be or their lap dog media anymore at all.

          • Mac,
            One person with a gun can make a positive difference. A potential “mass shooting” was avoided in Aurora, Colorado earlier this year. It happened back in April and nobody is talking about how one armed person killed the shooter before he could kill others in his rage. Check out this link, read through the story, especially the 4th paragraph.

        • It seems as if the more liberal a politician is, the more security they have, and more anti-gun they are.

          I have commented before that one of my senators travels with his own personel army, 2 bullit proof big suv’s stuffed with men and weapons.

          He is an important man, we are just slaves.

          shtfplan survey

          Green thumbs- f^ck him

          Red thumbs- long live the king

          • kevin good point on that, the more liberal they are the more guards they have. makes you wonder that they know they are doing things and changing laws that are wrong, only to earn money or points from their comrads etc. I never thought of that till you said this and its true. good point. I always wanted to say after clinton wanted to ban guns they ban the guns that your secruity team uses to protect your lying full of shit dumbass.

            • Strangely enough that is what i said as I heard of this. Only if I had been in that theater there would have been maybe a few shot and then one dead shooter. Then someone with a level head and the skills to hopefully save the the innocent. And when I went to the movies with my XXXXX a sheriff gave me a hard time because he knew I had a Glock on. And really took offence when he found out it was a 10mm.

              Congratulations Kevin I have never seen so many Thumbs up.

          • “FUCK HIM”…

            with a thumbs up the ass!

            • God’s listening…

            • John T.P.:

              You’re right sir. Forgive me.

            • Even if anyone in the theatre were armed, it would have been almost impossible hitting him, because not only was he armed to the teeth, he had full body armor on, plus the teargas would have impeded your aim and shot. No head shot, no kill.

            • Carry a 10 mm shatter his chest then move in for the kill shot

            • Carry a 10mm shatter his chest then move in for the kill shot

            • eww, thumbs?…a pine cone would serve a much longer and painful punishment.

          • Hi kevin,
            all to be glad to be the 67th thumb. I would also like to donate another finger directly at every scum sucker decrying “guns! guuuuunnnnssssssss!” while hiding behind their own

            stand strong until freedom dawns

          • Kevin, been clicking the thumbs up icon for an hour. Sorry man it’ll only let me give you one. I had to take my wife in to her work this morning after dropping her car off at the shop. On the way we discussed the shooting and I told her then that if only someone(s) packing could have dropped that guy it would have saved some lives. Where were they?

          • Right on Kevin, double thumbs right up their ass. Also, remember the Fort Hood shooting that took place on November 5, 2009, Nidal Malik Hasan, a U.S. Army Major serving as a psychiatrist shot and murdered 13 people in cold blood. How come I didn’t hear anything about taking guns away from the military? ? ? ?

            • Ok….I’m starting to wonder about all you guy’s that are wanting to stick fingers up other guy’s asses……

            • Oh, the nitwits like my AXXhole senator Barbara Boxer would love to disarm the military. That way, they can continue to build roads, schools, distribute aid rations, and generally cower whenever a superior “culture” wants them to. Oh-and don’t display the US Flag!
              I HATE the democrats, I dislike the republicans, and only wish that for ONE ELECTION, I could get every voter to elect a Libertarian. Just one, is all I ask.

            • As well, how come we don’t hear much about Hasan chanting “Allah Akbar” as he played the Muslim terrorist the MSM doesn’t want us to know?

            • Back in the early 1980’s, a military guy from 32nd St. San Diego (I think) opened fire in a fast food joint, wounding several customers and I don’t recall any deaths—we were in the drive-thru at the time and just pulled away as the first shots rang out. We had our new baby in the car. There was never any talk about disarming the military then, either. We quickly moved into off-base housing. Funny how the military will o all those evals to enlist people, then look the other way after they turn out to be psychos. Look at the ones they prosecuted for the most heinous crimes against women and children in Iraq. This society has just desensitized people to the lives and rights of others and this behavior is the consequence of that.

            • Stealth Spaniel: I met a Libertarian running for Congress in an elevator the other day. He was an imbecile and had about as much charisma as a week old cheese sandwich.

              No wonder Congress sucks.

          • don;t 4 get about your dogs!!! best door dell with in a 100 ft<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>

            • ment bell

          • “The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”

            Thomas Jefferson

          • @everone participating in the shtfplan poll. Thanks.


            Take notice.

            All we want to do is live well, free, and safe.

            LIKE YOU DO!!!!!!!



            • Here are a couple quotes for you guys: “Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Is it feared, then, that we shall turn our arms each man gainst his own bosom. Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords, and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American…[T]he unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.”

              “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms… disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”

        • The theater was declared a “Gun Free” zone by the owner’s of Century Theaters. Thank God the theater was made safe for everyone…

          • “Gun free zone????” Yeah how’s that working out for them.

            • The crazies and criminals NEVER get the memo..we’ll work on that.

            • Looks to me that “Gun Free Zone” and the mullwits that implimented it are in for a lot of lawsuits on the basis of failure to provide protection while summarily revoking the 2nd ammendment from citizens without regard to their constiutional right to such. I hope Century theatres has a BIG insurance policy. The bottom line is, the best way to deal with an irrational person commiting a violent crime using deadly force is a rational citizen trained and capable of dispensing deadly force until the threat is neutralized…

            • about the same or well better then our schools. That are also gun free zones. (noting more school shootings then theatre shootings )arm the kids, the 2nd says EVERYONE no age limit was set. Anything else would be a form of gun control. Or are we for some gun control after all? And yes I own and Yes I Carry and yes I have Served to protect our Constitution, and was forced to kill chidren And yes I have been shot at by Children with ak’s Women and Men with them also. Outside of schools, while disarming landmines outside the schools. ( in eurasia , just know some moe will say when did we have landmines around schools in the US )

          • As usual, the no guns allowed signs mean nothing to someone with criminal intent. The only people who pay attention to no gun signs are law abiding citizens like myself. As a concealed carry permit holder, I watch carefully for those signs and then take my business elsewhere. One good armed man could have potentially stopped that lunatic.

            My place of business has a sign on it that says: Lawful concealed carry permitted here. Management recognizes the second amendment of the constitution as a fundamental right of all citizens. We therefore support and encourage concealed carry!

            Where are the lunatics more likely to go, a place where no one is armed or a place that encourages concealed carry?

            • No Mickey it means “The lambs are here for slaughter” to those with evil intent that see the sign.

            • As a CCW holder as well, I ignore those signs and I urge others to do the same. Laws defining where I may carry were made clear at the time I undertook training for my permit, and at least in the State of Florida, public facilities are not among those listed, as courts, police stations, bars are listed. The state assembly passed a law in 2011 prohibiting ANY entity other than state govt. from passing firearm legislation, and as a result nearly every city/county/municipality in the state had to remove their posted prohibition against carrying in parks or other public spaces. It is irrelevant to me if a public facility such as a mall or business posts “no firearms” signs: if I am successful in carrying concealed as I do then they will never know in the first place. If I am seen to be carrying I must be asked to leave and only then, if I refuse, can I be charged with trespassing. While I agree with not supporting businesses or facilities which post such superfluous signs, I urge any one with a legal right to carry to ignore those signs as well. My right to protect myself and my family is not dependent on your capricious signage. As sad as it is to say, as much of an indicator of the times we live in as it is, I carry every time I go to the cinemas, or anywhere else, with my kids. Had someone doing the same been present in Aurora, the likelihood of such horrific death counts would have been much less likely.

            • Just to be clear: Do you believe that a man must ask the government for permission to carry a weapon to protect himself or his family?

          • RM, heaven forbid the gunman were to be wounded by an armed citizen and he returns later to sue the theater and victim(s) for damages.

            • YH: Only in an Uber-liberal states like Cal. or N.Y. most other states like here in Florida would just say “good shoot”. For people who believe that most people should be armed just watch Dr. Suzanna Gratia’s testemony before Congress on firearms. She watched both of the parents murdered along with 21 others in Luby’s Cafe in Killeen, Tx. in 1991. She had a gun but it was in her purse in the car because at the time Texas didn’t have a concealed carry law and she was affraid of being arrested. Had she been allowed she could have tried to save those people. Texas passed a CCL soon after this incident. Toll: 23 dead and 20 wounded all because no honest and sane person was allowed to defend themselves in the great state of Texas at that time.

            • A DA in Iowa once said “dead men can’t sue you”. It makes sense when you consider that cops usually shoot to kill, if they have to shoot at all…

            • Gregory8, I’ve lived in both CA and NY and have seen first hand the anti-gun brainwashing/conditioning at work which is why I no longer live or pay taxes in those states. I saw the video of Dr. Gratia some time ago and couldn’t help but notice the naked contempt on the faces of the politicians as she voiced her frank opinion of why so many innocent people died. Great video. This morning on FOX an FBI agent in Aurora for the first time referred to the massacre as terrorism, and rightly so. I’m sure MSNBC will edit that part out as per White House directives.

            • sixpack, I think that Iowa DA speaks the truth. Dead men tell no tales.

          • PERHAPS!!!!! the gunman
            DID read sign! A perfect place for him to shoot sitting ducks or should I say SHEEP!!

        • Thank you Mac for writing this article, thank you. In my area some terrorist(s) would be met with an immediate response and innocent people would be alive and the terrorist(s) would be the one(s) lying on the ground. Guns save people’s lives all the time. Firearms save people that would otherwise end up in the cemetary. I live in an area that self defense was considered wrong, and I have not even gone back to even visit that cess pit.

          Now these anti-gun, really anti-freedom, radicals will now call for more restrictions on pepper spray because of what one nut used in the movie theatre. It is like some nightmare George Orwell movie in which all rights are taken away and even the freedom to defend yourself, even against wild and possibly rabid animals.

          Michael Bloomlessburger you would think would see his own people, as bloomberg is a Jewish name, have many times saved many innocent Jewish people including children from dying or being made physically handicap by the terrorists, because some citizen has a firearm. You would think someone would be loyal to their own race as if those Israeli civilians did not have a firearm those massacres over there would have been each time closer to 100 rather than just a few. I wonder what his response would be if some muslim terrorist was stopped from commiting a slaughter at some synagogue.

          I truly do not understand how anyone that does not support criminals could ever support anti-self defense regulations. If someone hates firearms, this is one thing that is bad enough, but to also want elderly people and small people to have to be terrified to walk on the streets or even to live in their own home because they would not be allowed anything to defend themselves agianst man or beast. These anti-freedom weirdoes would have an old lady get ripped apart by some stray vicuous dog than aloow her to carry a stun baton. That in my book is just pure evil, and this is what I call empowering evil and what is criminally wrong.

          They want everyone to be unarmed with any self defense. They want some tiny little person to try to physically defend themselves against someone 3 times their size and 8 times their strength. I say this again to the anti-self defense characters, try to be in a cage with a hungry grizzly bear or a Bengal tiger and see how high and mighty they are to not use a loaded gun at their feet to save their life. These anti-self defense individuals are the biggest hyopcrites on the planet and would certainly use the gun to save themselves and then make some lame excuse for breaking their hard core priciples.

          These hypocrites when faced with a much tougher opponent like a 400 pound Siberian tiger or a nice silverback angry gorilla would use a weapon to save their hides. The 85 year old lady against some 20 year old 250 pound muscle bound criminal is about the same comparison to one of these anti-self defense politicians facing off against a tiger or gorilla.

          Thank you again Mac for a fine article. 🙂

          • Maybe Bloomberg doesn’t care about non-Jewish citizens. For that matter, maybe he also doesn’t give a shit about his fellow Jews either, unless they’re big campaign donors

            stand strong until freedom dawns

          • bloomlessburger or bloomassburger you got that right.

          • What is really astounding is the sheer logic of what you’ve said and how the criminal stupidity of the opposing position is never questioned by most! One of the most powerful things we can do BEFORE a revolution begins is to stand firm when idiotic arguments for gun control arise, answer calmly and DEMAND the other side defend their position. Too often I hear 2nd Amendment supporters on the defensive talking about how we have to be cleared to carry and we’re not going to shoot folks like a lunatic. WRONG. Take the argument to them and make them defend the end of tyrannical societies that have been disarmed, or the idiocy of expecting criminals to respect gun control laws. Don’t play defense, attack them and disarm their dumb@ss position as it deserves.

            • I think it has to do with fear. I own guns, carry concealed, and strongly support 2a now… but I grew up in an anti-gun household. It took until I was in my thirties before anyone ever introduced me to a shooting range. Until then, I never questioned the beliefs I grew up with, for several reasons: 1. of course, everyone has to start from their own family, no way around it, 2. I never heard anything else in the media – news stories always trumpet the Columbines and whisper the Samuel Williamses so many folks never know how often guns save people from harm, 3. the only strong association I ever seen with guns was crime, and 4. since I had had zero experience with guns personally, I knew almost nothing about them at all and hence, I feared them.

              All it took to turn me around was my first trip to a gun range. That’s when I found out how much FUN it was to shoot, I learned how to handle and take apart a gun, I learned safety, and it just went from there. The transformation was literally instantaneous. I had a very good teacher too, who made me feel that it was safe, and answered all my questions without making me feel stupid. You should have seen the grin on my face.

              I believe it is the ONLY way to change someone’s mind about this subject. Anti-gun people (leaving out the self-serving politicians here) aren’t necessarily stupid. They aren’t all “dumbass liberals” either. Usually they are people who literally don’t know anything about guns, have always associated them only with crime (or cops), and are simply afraid of them, often believing they are like bombs that can just “go off” by themselves. I used to think that, until someone patiently showed me and taught me different.

              You can bellyache all day long about how stupid you think people are, but if you remember there are always reasons (even if propagandized) for they way they think, you stand a much better chance of making friends with them, and then inviting them to the range.

              How many new people did you introduce to guns last week? I taught two.

            • @ Steam Table Survivor. YES! Those against personal self defense CANNOT support their positions because it goes against any common sense left in the minds of people. I constantly bring up the attacks from animals as something that the “primitive” minds of these anti-self defense wackos because they can visualize an animal attacking them, especially with rabies. Most cities now are filled with feral animals that contain disease, and not being able to defend yourself against such an animal actually makes sense to most people that have any of their mind still functioning.

              There is an old adage of don’t condemn someone until you have walked in their shoes. Most of these anti-self defense characters have not actually been brutalized by a stronger and/or by outnumbering opponents. They usually though have an elderly relative or a member of the family that is small and defenseless. This is why I use this analogy of taking on something much tougher than they are to these overinflated heads of these individuals that think they can defend themselves against any opponent with their bodies alone. I don’t know anyone that can personally fight off an African lion, Siberian tiger, a pack of hyenas, or a very mad fully grown gorilla without some form of self defense. This is exactly what some little old lady is up against a young muscle bound hood, or a bunch of them.

              There is absolutely no defendable set of words that an anti-self defense radical can come up with about how an elderly person can keep from getting beat up or killed without a weapon to at least give them a fighting chance to see the next morning. They might say a cell phone to call the police. Hey right, the elderly person would already be dead and getting stiff by the time the police got there to help.

              There are certain areas of the country that a non-lethal stun gun or stun baton is illegal to own. These areas I am sure are very dangerous when it comes to other personal freedoms, as these areas would rather have you get your arm chewed off by a 120 pound dog than be able to stop the animal with the long reach of a stun baton.

              Connecticut: ONLY legal in the home.
              D.C. : illegal period.
              Florida: Legal with some restictions.
              Hawaii: illegal.
              Illinois: legal with lots of restrictions.
              Massachusetts: illegal, romney’s state.
              Michigan: illegal.
              New Jersy: illegal
              New York: Of course illegal.
              Rhode Island: illegal.
              Wisconsin: legal with restrictions.

              Also Annapolis, Maryland: illegal.
              Baltimore, Maryland: illegal.
              Baltimore county: illegal.
              Denison/Crawford county Iowa: illegal.
              Philadelphia, Pennslyvania: illegal.

              These are places that one can imagine are also extremely limited on gun rights and other self defense. In my opinion good places for the freedom seeking person to exercise extreme caution to even visit. I just cannot fathom in the The United States of America that one single place would prohibit the ownership of a non-lethal device to stop an attacker from killing someone, especially wild animals with rabies. Avoiding getting even nicked by an animal with rabies is avoiding having to go through the rabies series, some people are allergic to it. This does not matter to the politicians that rival USSR KGB or Gestapo.

              It is interesting to note also that someone close enough to this psycho could have stopped him also with a mere TASER or even a stun baton. 8 states and DC would have thrown you into prison if you stopped a terrorist and stay 100 lives if you had use a non-lethal device to do so. Imagine that? Throwing a hero in prison. I mentioned romney because he is only a slightly better candidate than BO (obama)with freedoms because he did not improve self defense rights in Massachusetts, did not even try. I wish Ron Paul would have about more support, like 40% or more so he could win.

              I go back to bloombergless and the fact that his own race were rounded up into cattle cars and taken off bt the SS to be tortured at Nazi concentration camps because they did not have the weapons to defend themselves. You would think that someone would never want this to happen again to their own people. Of course like many black people sold their own kind to the captains of clipperships to be used as slaves in the New World, some jews will also sell their own people off and leave them defenseless.

              I also go back to the person that dislikes guns does not get it that when they take away one freedom, especially a freedom expressing given in the very foundation of the country (the Constitution), other freedoms lost are not far behind. I again go back to the hypocrisy of some many of these anti-freedom, anti-gun rights, anti-self defense individuals that WHEN faced with a life and death confrontation with a overpowering opponent, they will 99.9% of the time reach for that firearm that they hate so much and use it to save their life.

              One other thing, because this really is irritating about anti-gun wackos. IF some anti-gun radical was to witness something like this on going, and IF there was a high powered rifle within reach with a scope on it and everything so they would not likely miss, and they did not try to stop or at least slow down the terrorist then they would have to be viewed as sub-human. The same holds true when they try to restrict gun ownership and rights from someone that would have a firearm that could prevent a nut job with firearams from turning the first shots and thereafter into a total massacre.

            • @ Sarah. I think one of the best ways to acclimate someone to that does not like guns is to start off with the lowest caliber you can use, often the classic .22. Many times someone that is over enthused about getting their family gun aware will go out to the shooting range or out in the countryside somewhere and right off the back give them a nice magnum and say hit that target. The kickback is many times a real nerve jarring event for them. Or they will have them fire off a 12 gauge with buckshot or slugs in it and the person ends up with a sore shoulder.

              Going out and practicing with lightweight firearms and trying to hit a target from close up and then moving it back can be a lot of fun. Even these high velocity air rifles that don’t have much of anything when they are fired can be wonderful ways of getting someone use to hadling a firearm. The noise is another issue and people should always have some form of ear protection. A .22 has little noise, but anything else usually can be shocking to someone not use to it.

              Many of these anti-gun rights individuals if they took the time and effort to shoot at only paper targets safely at a shooting range and make a game of it, might just have a good time doing it. If these characters would get off their high horse and see that a gun is only a tool, and that many tools make much more noise and have a lot more vibration than any gun has AND can be a lot more dangerous to use. A lot of these anti-gun characters have never even held a gun in their hands, and when they do they find it is not evil, it is only a molded and connected series of metal. It is not some wicked demon or something.

              Other anti-gun wackos hate firearms so much that they cannot even look at a gun. That is until a firearm is the only means of them saving their life and their family from a deadly situation and then the firearm, all of a sudden, becomes a true friend.

        • No way Satori, I’m not disarming myself just because Bloomy gives up his body guards. I’m depending on them going down first!

        • Don’t forget, that only criminals are allowed guns in NYC!

          • The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.
            George Washington

            Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.
            George Washington

          • You can get a CCW permit in NYC if you know the right “connected” people, it’s disgusting….

        • I viewed the list of 6oo mayors against guns. Blacks, women, some latinos, a bunch of white guys from California, ( I am guessing gays ). What a bunch of pussies. All of them put together didn’t look like they had the balls to take on the criminals. We could probably replace them all with Dirty Harry. What are we going to do about the f*cking criminals??? Aren’t they the problem. Gabrielle Giffords shooter is where??? Solitary??? She will never get justice nor will anyone else there that day, not to mention the kids in CO. F*ck gun control!!! We the people need criminal control and stupid politician control. The cops arrest them and the lawyers and judges let them out. WTF!!! Pray for the victims. ( Please excuse my french )

          • When us rep Giffords was shot the msm and antigun assholes everywheres had a field day. Just as with “Little Trayvon”. All we seen & heard 24/7 when Giffords was shot was Total AntiWhite crap.

            The msm & antiguners labled az shooter every posible evil whiteboy name available. Neonazi-skinhead Racist etc etc…White seperatist-Christian identity hitler lover. etc.

            That went on aprox 5 days straight. UNTILL!!!

            The msm et al found out the shooter, Laughner I recall his name reported, was in fact a fellow member of the same Tribe as Giffords!…Yep…He belonged to Same Sinagiouge as she does!…Both he and she was friends and facebook pals etc.

            Soon as shooter was Proven to be Jewsih…MSM DROPPED story like hot potato and you aint hear a damn Peep ever since…..Same as if bad guy is Black or Mexican.

            So far this latest ordeal msm has Not said one word of shooters “race”…Hmmm….Either it is cause hes NOT White(dont look white to me, perhaps part white(?) but definatly not true white man.

            OR…MSM got Burnned bad after Travon crap calling for blacks to attack whites(implying it as much as posible). And is being cautious do to embaresment or whatever.

            But if this guy was white al sharpton and msm be all over it in a flash(then real Flash mobs of yooots would follow)….I wonder if this guy also will end up being of the jewsih tribe persuasion?

            • Does anyone remember the Judge’s name that died the day Giffords was shot? He was the true target.

            • I thought of that judge also. The REAL target perhaps.

              Rumor is he was involved some way with fast and furious. Any body got links to any good articles on that judges background and cases he was hearing at the time?

        • In my province they are considering banning machete’s. Gun control in Canada is stringent IMO so the weapon of choice are knives now. I would rather be shot than be stabbed with a 18″ blade. A Cricket mallet was used as well. Soon frying pans. Yup then your hands will be cut off and legs as they can kill too.

          Stupid assed societies we live in.

          My guess is if guns are outlawed the mass killing weapon of choice will be a molotov cocktail.

          • In the 90s I saw a Canadian returning home have throwing stars confiscated at Canadian customs. I could barely resist asking about their epidemic of throwing star attacks. I was later in one of the Home Despot-type stores and saw circular saw blades, which evidently were perfectly OK to own. After all, nobody would ever throw one of those.

          • …let us hope they drop them where they belong—at the bureaucrats who are responsible…

        • and all the anti gunners say that a legally armed person would shoot innocent people. the only people shot were the assholes love it!!!!!!!!

      2. Amen!

      3. First hand knowledge of self preservation and firearms would have helped stop this

      4. Spot on, I fear that this event will lead further down the police state road, we can’t be disarmed. I will not put my safety in the hands of the government, and I am hopeful that I am not alone, not alone by a long shot.

        It’s unfortunate whatever the cause, maybe he is part of a larger scheme, and was paid or forced to massacre those people, or maybe he’s just a wack job douche bag who is too selfish to realize how ridiculous his actions were. I hope they put down quick, he’s not worth keeping alive for life in cell on our tax dollars.

        • Is it coincidence this happened before the vote on the treaty with the U.N.

          • Was thinking the EXACT thing myself!!! I find it impossible that there’s NOT a connection!!!

          • Port Arther shootings in Australia!!! Guy goes nuts. Shoots up town, many killed. Govternment uses shooting as excuse to round up guns and disarm the public. Same thing happened in New Zealand and Britian. Interesting that so called massacres are used as a pretext to disarm everyone else!!
            And once those guns are gone the govt will have free reign to impose whatever they like on everyone else, without fear of an uprising or the possibility of being overthrown.

            • You are NOT from mars!!!!!!

              Exactly, The same pattern over and over.

        • I agree TPTB will use this event to push the “agenda” further down the police state road.

          The UN Arms treaty vote will occur within days.

          Two UN Treatys coming to vote soon – both that involve increased “international bureaucracy and control” and loss our freedoms and independence.

          Was it mere coincidence that a recent executive order was about following international regulations?

          May 1, 2012 – Obama Signs Executive Order Declaring U.S. to Follow International Regulations

          Here is another concern of mine…

          The U.N. LOST Treaty is not a “Done Deal” – It is just ONE vote short of passing.

          “The reports of the “LOST treaty no longer at issue” are patently false propaganda from a socialist media.”

          “All it takes is for Mr. Obama or Mr. Kerry to convince ONE, just ONE, of the people on the fence over this disastrous treaty to flip-flop.”

          “Senator John Kerry, who is in charge of the LOST senate committee, has vowed to keep fighting for its passage until he is successful.”


          • 5683 & Ky Mom :

            Both of you are very perceptive. I have been sick over this mass murder since it occurred. WTF is happening to our society?

            Public hanging for this POS is in order. No taxpayer living expenses for life, just dispatch the defective DNA. DONE. The BS-media will make a political football out of gun control instead of what is really required – varmint control.

            I have been waiting all day for an immediate & active Exec Order erasing the 2nd Amendment into history. Weekend is still young. The pending election may be the caution before the pen. You can bet if a second term is obtained, the 2nd A is gone.

            July 27th is the UN Arms Treaty signing. That will be a barometer of things to come for all us citizens.

            Stay safe everyone and maintain situational awareness for you and yours.

            • @ Viet-Nam 68… I don’t know about you but if that UN Small Arms Treaty passes our Senate I am going to be one of the biggest trouble makers they ever saw. I was a so called “problem child” when I was young and always staying one step from being in a Boys Home. My dad kicked my ass but it never stuck. My Pap, Dad and oldest brother were all USMC and taught me how to fight and shoot and hunt when I was little which I don’t know if that was such a good idea now. I caught the woods on fire near our house at 7yrs, stabbed a kid in the mouth with a pencil under the tongue at 8 yrs old. Ruptured another boys spleen in a fight sending him to the Emergency Room and also shot my neighbors daughter in the leg with my brothers pellet gun (WV State Police Called) she had to have surgery to remove the pellet when I was 10. At 11 I sneaked out my dads .22 and shot both of our neighbors beagles dead which I didn’t tell my father until leaving for boot camp at 17. When I was 13 a neighbor caught me in his barn killing rats with a BB gun and he bloodied me up and threw me out of the barn so I went back and stabbed one of his Hereford Steers in the hind quarter with my buck knife, it got infected and they had to shoot it(WV State Police Called again). Same year I was caught with a 6 pack of beer in my book bag. After 15 I mellowed out some and was just Suspended from high school for fighting every year until Dad and Mom signed me up for the Navy when I was 16 in my junior year of high school. I was still 17 in boot camp. So if the government wants me to relive my younger years let them pass that Arms Treaty!! I can think of many worse things now to do and I’m more resourceful.

            • Damn GatorNavy, you sound like some of the hoodlums I used to run with. What you wrote sure brought a smile to my face and a flood of memories.

            • @ GatorNavy: First of all, thanks for your service in defense of our country – I sincerely mean that. As I make that statement though, I’m assuming you completed at least one hitch in the Naval Service and got out with an honorable discharge – which may be a stretch based on your history prior to enlisting in the Navy. Either that, or you retired as the saltiest Master Chief that ever wore khakis, as it can work both ways.

              That all said, I’m not so sure I’d want you at my BOL when the feces hits the turbine. I’m not afraid of you, GN – but based on your post I simply wouldn’t trust you.

            • My dh was Vietnam 69.
              Tennessee boy.

            • The President cut a trip short and returned to Washington on news of this attack, so he just may be planning on some Executive Order.

            • @ Eagle 71… I never said I didn’t change when I got older and I was honorably discharged 85-93. I have my own support mostly older USMC & Army veterans to run with if the SHTF. We will be trying to do any fighting if we can while most of you hide away. We still stand by our Oath. TRUST!? I surely wouldn’t trust you either Eagle71 since you’re one of those little squirrels scurrying away to your BOL. I may have been raised roughly but I won’t cower like some when something needs to be carried out or completed in a bad situation. I wont die hiding in a pile of preps. Many people act scared as hell nowadays when they meet someone that seems to have some balls with some intestinal fortitude and determination. I had an ex Hells Angel for our Division Officer in the Navy who accomplished a worse record than my youth ever could but he changed and people can and do change but from all the thumbs down on my other comment about my youth… HOLY SHIT! I guess some of you bitches really are holier than thou! Most of you pansies won’t make it past a week if hell breaks loose and makes me seriously think twice about us standing by my Oath and fighting. You want to judge others and cut them down for their past?…. You can all Go Fuck Yourselves as far as I’m concerned!

            • GN, I’d say piss on em. That was then, this is now. When the SHTF I sure won’t have time to wipe nobody’s ass but mine.

            • Replying to GatorNavy below….you sir are just the kind I DO trust…those that live to the hilt scare those who only dream about living! “Live free or die tryin”

          • KYM…please look up the ability of a treaty to violate individual rights of American Citizens. The question has been put to the supreme court in 1956 I believe, it was quoted here on a previous thread. The court upheld a treaty can not violate a citizens constitutional rights. I know our court can do anything it dreams and wants. I wouldn’t trust that question to Kagan and Sotomayor, but in general I think our current court upholds that rule of law. Give Obama 2 more appointees (removing someone like Scalia) and I would be much more nervous about the UN treaty.

            Now that said how did the FBI get 100 agents to the scene of this disaster in 8 hours or less?

            • @Jim,,,the FBI probably was setting up some terror cells in Denver itself and surrounding areas, so calling them in was a mere cell phone call.

            • Local crew. How many agents in a large city?

            • @Jim treaty or no treaty, Supreme Court ruling or not, I will never give up my means of defending myself.

              @ Viet-Nam 68 : spot on for the public hanging option. Just look at those two piles of filth who killed that family in CT after raping a 12 year old girl and torturing them all for hours: they will be getting three slops and a flop for more years than that little girl was allowed to live

              @5683: also, right on the nose! How can we live in the day and age of Anthony “Twitter my package” Weiner and then expect THAT group of people to protect our lives and our rights? The average politician doesn’t have enough brains to successfully pick his own nose without a focus group, let alone keep us safe!

              stand strong until freedom dawns

            • Has anybody ever heard of “Shot Spotter”? It is a system set in in cities like Charlotte NC and police can track shots fired within 10 feet. Maybe they have something like this in Colorado.

            • What, you think there could even might be a chance that this butt wipe was hired or at the very least helped to do this so as to get the treaty passed or set up for the next round of gun bans? After seeing what the fbi has ignored concerning F&F and obamas background I can see them helping this happen. Just sayin’

            • Jim,

              I like to think that treaties cannot violate the constitutional rights of American citizens. Unfortunately, those currently in power disregard the constitution.

              Look at some of the recent laws (Obamacare) and executive orders. They are NOT constitutional.

              Obama Has Signed 126 Executive Orders In 40 Months!

              “Obama, knowing that he could not, and can NOT get what HE wants Constitutionally has circumvented the Constitution…”


              Imperial Presidency

            • @Jim: Agreed, you are quite correct ! What I was aiming at was that this current fed administration has little respect for the Constitution and rule of law. Congress is (has) been made essential irrelevant. Any circumvention of current law for socialist goals, well, do not be surprised.

              The Supremes are being stacked against the intent of the Founding Fathers writings IMO. Yes, one or two more appointees will finish off the Bill of Rights. Then we all will be subjects.

              Every day it seems I get stunned by more Czarist actions, Socialist “decrees”, and generally stupid, incomprehensible regulations.

              All of us are paying for the dumbest of the dumb to rule over us. Yet, I see even dumber ones voting and wanting more of this incredible insanity.

              As a side thought: when on the firing line, the quiet person will astound you with valor, the braggart will not be found.

            • According to an article I read, THEY KNEW MONTHS IN ADVANCE that this guy had just purchased the arms and riot gear and that that should’ve seemed out of character for him. I would’ve investigated AT LEAST to be sure someone hadn’t stolen his identity. The article states as follows—

              “A federal law enforcement official, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing probe into the rampage, said Holmes bought four guns from retailers in the past two months.

              Holmes bought his first Glock pistol in Aurora, Colo., on May 22. Six days later, he picked up a Remington shotgun in Denver. About two weeks later, he bought a .223 caliber Smith & Wesson rifle in Thornton, Colo., and then a second Glock in Denver on July 6 — 13 days before the shooting, the official said.”


              THEY KNEW THIS AND JUST SAT BACK AND WAITED! In a place where EVERYBODY is being watched, internet habits, GPS tracking our cars, our phones are bugged, where we are under TOTAL SURVEILLANCE— AND THE NEVER EVEN BATTED AN EYE about this guy! Tell me this isn’t what it looks like.

          • This event will prove to be very detrimental to the second amendment. This may well be the tipping point event against the right to own a gun.

            • I do Not believe so many are stocking ammo & guns even with worse scenario in usa since 1930 great depression era, simply to later on comply with ANY antigun hand em all in policy REGARDLESS What or Who says shit about OUR Rights!

              2nd: Now after 20 or more yrs since at least klinton kommie admin. We all see how many times just prior to or just after liberals cry for more antigun laws etc. A mass shooter event happens.

              Recall that crazy jamcian monky(black is how msm clled him)Colin Ferguson, shot 23 people on long island train and THAT led to us rep NY, McArthy(antigun bitch suprememo! her husband got killed and son vegetated by head shot)) got fastly elected?

              Then after 12 yrs as us rep and got ZERO laws or bills passed, and is a Proven usless idiot who still today needs nancy P or another lezbo liberal rep to “assist” her when she gets up to podium and Trys to give a One minit speech!

              Well after 12 yrs of usless rep, she goes on CSPAN TV-aka-(talmudvision on the Electric Jew in living rooms nationwide) and demands congress Pass Her new assualt weapons “renewal bill” etc.

              Then less than aprox 10 days Later and that Korean mental case “student”(foriegn exchange type) went to VA Tech univ. and shot what?….35 persons?….AND again due to “Gun FREE Zone signs” nobody was able to shoot the bad guy.

              We never in My 60 yrs of life in usa seen ANY school shootings, Untill all a sudden klinton and his Prune-Faced bitch sara brady got rolling with all type antigun demands. Then we get 13 schools shot to hell in 2 yrs time frame!!!…Then all a sudden…Zero schools shot up for 12 yrs UNTILL us rep liberal McArthy(NY dem female) needs to do something to “impress” her antigun dem voters prior to elections!

              20 or More yrs of so Many “coincidences”?….I refuse to believe in such type coincidinces Period. Manchurin trained?…BINGO!

            • “ABC News reported that Holmes told police “I am the Joker,” according to NYPD police commissioner Ray Kelly. The report also says Holmes had died his hair like The Joker.”

              more here:

      5. BOHICA

        • LAPUA 🙂

          • got one jim a savage .338 laupa with a nightforce scope! it goes thru a 3/4 inch steel plate. lol sometimes it does not. its right on the mark.

            • I had one of those before the boating accident 🙂 I loved that Savage. I could hit a 5 gallon bucket (filled with who knows what) at 600 yards with that thing – I needed a better scope to go further – getting old you now.

            • Jim I understand that. I just wish society could of stayed at the freedoms levels of the 70’s or even 60’s.

      6. And only 6 days away from the UN Arms Treaty, how convienient.

        • Yeah I agree, a little too convenient.

          • Now, boys; you don’t think he got them guns from the Attorney General, do ya?

            • Why not? The Mexicans did, why would the AG start being racially discriminative now?

      7. In a few weeks it will be reported that he bought guns on a secondary market or something and people will scream for tougher laws. The gov’t will give the people what they want, reluctantly.
        Does anyone ever wonder if there is something strange going on in denver. When the patriot act was up for renewal then there was the arrest of the denver taxi driver by use of patriot act. Patriot act renewed quietly. Now small arms treaty. Denver crazy guy shoots up movie theater.

        • Its not the people “screaming” for tougher laws, its the politicians and the msm.

          I am sure they can go interview a couple hundred to find 3-4 to put on the news supporting gun laws, but by the amount of weapons being sold the last couple of years tells me something else.

          • Kevin: I assume there will be anti gun rallies at some ultra liberal location where a policitian will talk about responsible gun ownership and how if you want to own a gun there should be tougher background checks and how the secondary market needs to be closed down completely.
            I have no faith in our population. I think most are like that kid on here yesterday who is completely blind as to what the windfall affects will be. So I think the population will go along with it because like that kid said yesterday, how can it be bad if it is supposed to make him safer.

            • Saddle Up is right about having faith in the population. Look at who we elected to be president! It is so easy to relax like sheep and hope somebody in authority is looking out for our best interest. But, we are learning the hard way that so many of our politicians are taking our tax money and using it to buy votes for themselves. We have to be careful about who we trust. Only ONE is worth trusting! Resist the darkness, Praise God, and Pass The Ammunition.

            • Qsadleup-

              15 years ago 1 out of the 4 houses of my extented family was armed, now its 3/4.(not including people I know who are aremed now who were not then, its alot)

              It can not be just me and the people I know.

              Perhaps the media’s role is to brain wash us to make us think we are a minority in our beliefs.

              The AG had a speach about that once.

              I do not believe the media on a majority of what they say.

              I am not buying that anymore(gun sales and gun totals tells me something else)

              Not that I have much faith in the piblic either, but I just think they are lieing.

              THATS THEIR JOB!!!!!

          • What burns me up that every channel is claiming used an assault rifle which by definition is select fire to fully automatic. They also report that he bought all his guns at Bass Pro Shop and Gander Mountain.

            I suspect that he had a semi-automatic rifle and not an assault rifle and the media that is not anti-gun is not smart enough to know the difference. I sent an email to Fox news to that effect.

            • AR15, 12ga shotgun,Glock 40 and a 45

            • Since the AR15 hasn’t been select-fire since Colt bought it from ArmaLite, was not carrying an assault rifle unless he modified it.

            • I have an assult bat

              I have an assult chain

              I have an assult 2×4

              if i use them to assult someone with..they would be tools of assult…yes?

              therefore that use of term is stupid, every weapon is potentially an assult weapon..even some peoples feet and fists are assult weaapons.

              they just need a sensational word to go along with their scare oxymoron if you will

            • An AR-15, semi auto or full, is considered an assault rifle to the main stream media. Hell my deer rifle is probably considered an assault rifle to half the media that knows no better. I gave up on real journalist getting that part right a decade plus – ago.

            • You can put a body kit on a VW bug to make it look like a Porsche, but it doesn’t make it so. If that were true adding a fifty round magazine to a teenager’s Ruger 10/22 would magically transform it into one.

            • oh believe me too that fires me up about saying assult weapon and not a semi-automatic rifle. they targeted on that you can tell and a high capacity mag. now i gotta get another one.

            • He had a shotgun, rifle, and two handguns. He went into the theatre with one handgun. Arrested in his car, the other weapons were there.

          • @ kevin: being one of those people who never owned a gun until very recently, I can assure you that

            A) they will NEVER take my guns, because…….

            B) I have zero faith in any politician’s promise to protect me. The only way they would ever help a regular citizen like me would be if they were nearby, had their armed guards with them, and mistakenly thought that the perp trying to kill me was actually trying to off one of their big campaign contributors 🙂

            stand strong until freedom dawns

        • They already said he bought them from Bass pro.
          Cops in that city are very millitant and shoot for very little reason. Here they had reason and didnt shoot him.. Something stinks here.
          Looks like they want a trial.
          A friend of mine owns a store there and cant get the cops to show up for 30 mnutes after the call and they say the cops were on scene and an arrest was made 1.5 minutes after the initial call.
          Again, More smelly caca…

          • yup agree . pretty stinky

            and that many fbi goons on the scene that fast?

            what did they know, and when did they know it?

        • @Saddle Up,,,I look for somewhere,(in small print) for the MSM to note he was on some kind of precription drug for a mental problem. I have nothing to go on, but his mother’s comment,”you have the right guy”, struck me as not only odd, but suggesting a “history”. Your comment about something strange going on in Denver is right on the money. not only has the CIA set up a move there, but many other government agencies. What do they know that we don’t?

          • Swift: Agreed about being on meds. But several things confused me about this. Within hours there were hundreds of federal agents on the crime scene. Today they raid his appt and find the entire thing wired. This to me doesn’t sound like standard procedure for the fbi to be there so quickly. They are usually called in after state agencies are exhausted.

            Not sure what is going on with denver. The thing that bothered me the most about that cabbie that was arrested by use of the patriot act, we never heard another word about the story. Just saw the fbi taking boxes out of his house. Then it dissappeared. This incident will stay in the spotlight for a while. But I am sure somehow someone will use this to take yet another freedom away from me.

            I have heard that the cia want to move to denver.
            Fusion center in denver.
            Rumors of a makeshift capital below the airport.
            Underground tunnels connecting the airport to military bases in the area.
            Who knows what the heck is going on in that city.

            • I live in Denver and totally agree with you that there is something about Denver….I watch and read the internet constantly because I know if TSHTF I have got to get out of here really fast.

              They have done drills to see how fast they can shut the city down. Just close I-70 & I-25 and you’ll lock in about 60-70%. Long time resisdents know all the back roads out of town so there is no way they would get us all.

            • @Saddle Up….

              Something that bothers me is…..Why would he go to all the trouble to boobytrap his apartment and then tell the cops about it?

              One usually sets a boobytrap so as to kill an unsuspecting or careless subject.

              So he sets the traps and then tells them his apartment is wired.

              Doesn’t add up.

            • @ Saddle Up_The FBI were probably in the area to watch out for Terrorist attacks and nosy local citizens at their Super Secret underground complex! They don’t want the people to know what they’re planning to use the site for! Keep Alert!!

          • swift, we are high ground, rememeber what sun tzu said.

            • @rik,,,yes, but me thinks you might be safer in
              Steamboat Springs, away from Denver and even farther away from Colorado Springs. Sun Tzu would approve.

          • @Swift: I think the fact that he has already told the cops “I’m the Joker” should constitute some sort of proof that he’s playing with one wheel short of a full Batmobile

            • Too funny! Thanks, I needed a laugh.

        • Exactly. The Bloombergs of the world will again claim that guns kill people and if this guy didn’t have access to guns this loss of life would have never happened.


          He could have walked into that theater with bottles of gasoline and a lighter just as easily as he booby trapped his apartment.

          An armed citizenry is essential to a safe society, that’s why OUR Founding Fathers insisted on the Second Amendment.

          How far do you think this guy would have got had he walked into an ARIZONA movie theater in that get up before being plugged?

          • Amen!…you know I have guns,and not a one of those guns has ever gone out on its own and killed anything,Ive never answered the door at 3AM and found a cop holding my gun and saying”REB” is this your gun?,we picked him up tonight shooting people downtown”(aw gee officer,I dont know why it wouldve done such a thing…its always been such a good gun… but it had been acting a bit jealous because I recently bought a new and sexy magnum and used it more lately…what can I say?”
            NOOOOOO! EVERYTIME its fired a round at a target its been ME who pulled the trigger,always!
            This could be a complete retard who did this or some kind of setup incident,but regardless it was this moron who “did the deed and we are not in grade school where the whole class gets punished because of what one kiddie did wrong,been there done that aint going back either…this clown did the deed(along with any inciters) and he/they only should bee streatching a new rope,enough of this BS!

          • durango kidd makes a great point! The bastard could have killed just as many people with molitov cocktails after people trampled over each other. In an earlier post, Clint Westwood made a real good point about the tear gas making it difficult to shoot back. But… from my army training I know that some there would have had time to squeeze off a few shots at his head! A theater is pretty small. And with a semi-automatic it would have taken him a while to get off that many rounds one-at-a-time. Who knows, a few armed folks could have made a difference. Even against body armor,I’ll bet that my 500 magnum would have stopped his shooting long enough for some guys to jump all over his butt!

            • I would have to disagree with part of your comment.

              “from my army training I know that some there would have had time to squeeze off a few shots at his head! A theater is pretty small. And with a semi-automatic it would have taken him a while to get off that many rounds one-at-a-time”

              I teach a new method of combat emergency shooting to escape and evade, and I can tell you first hand I can empty I glock, Springfield,Colt, S&W…etc……….. any gun, any ammo, semi automatic weapon 45, 9mm , 40, .223 you name it…. in seconds, the Ar-15 he had, The Smith & Wesson AR-15 with the 100 round snail drum can be emptied in 7-9 seconds flat….in 10″-20″ inch groups, stable.

              Basically I teach people to shoot any semi auto weapon, full auto (legally) no mods, and no bump firing, this technique, is to use massive suppressive fire to escape and evade with keeping your enemy either pinned down so you can relocate to a safer area, to keep him/her at bay or on a more positive outcome “Dead!”

            • bullets (of any higher cal.) puts a pretty good bruise on the body under the vest—even knocking the wind out of them before they hit the floor…wouldn’t THAT have stopped most or all of the carnage? He’s not as dangerous on his back on the floor, holding his torso, screaming in pain…

        • Saddle up:yes Denver Does play a Huge role. As does 9 More Citys nationwide. Are you folks aware that back when Nixon was prez, he did an exec order and “invented” Regional govnt.(others may actually invented it but nixon did it).

          Ever since way back in nixon era, americas 50 states NOW has a policy where an avg of 5 states( one zone has 6 I think and one other only has 4) Govners MUST answer to “Regional Govners”!

          Eash of the 10 regional govners are Appointed by a Prez and serves for 15 yrs! They answer to ONLY the current sitting Prez, and NONE was ever confirmed by congress etc!

          ALL 10 regional govners serves at prez decisions period. ALL 50 state govs Must agree to that set up to be sworn in to state highest offices.(not sure what if, a state gov refuses? Dont believe none ever has yet).

          Many and perhaps Most things concerns any of the 50 states Must be okeyed by regional govner aprovals etc. Such as fed emergncy cash etc. But I read alot more stuf goes Thru regional gov actions than we been told of.

          Most usa citizens never even heard of this scam!..You know its Not constutional to do this.They been scamming all of us a long long time now. aprox 50 yrs!

          Anyways Denver is one such regional center, in Mich where I am, it is the city of…Chicago!…Think chicago does whats right or legit in this regard?

          10 persons whos appointed by exec order of prez and serves 15 yrs and nobody can question nothing of it!

          That 10 can be said to be only lacking power to One person…A current Prez and None others!

          Now lets all keep the letters to congress and newspaper editors going while we all canvas our areas to get folks to VOTE!!…Cause that sure works swell last 50 yrs eh?

          OR: Figure how we can convince vast majority to STOP only dealing with One main issue such as “abortion” “Fag marriages” “Gun Kontrol” etc etc….AND come together as ONE group of fed up Americans to Fix it all First.

          PS:Disclaimer..I am against abortion also. However after watching priest for life crowds go every damn year on Jan 20th aniversery of row vs wade and do xact same speeches-parades-signs carried- and at end of day say “Ok folks thanks alot and we will see ya all next year, same place-same time-do xact same stuf and…..AND WHAT?!!

          Do it again same way as prior 40 yrs now with ZERO good results(maybe a few more converts to cause) and what about all OTHER stuf needs dealt with?

          We got millions good like minded folks in usa. But all are divided into “camps” for every cause can be thought of cause so much is wrong no doubt. Heres My answer to all them types.

          It is TOO Late to work within our system of govnt. Yet too soon to begin shooting the Bastards yet.

          Claire Wolfe quote from yr 2000…How long will it be too soon yet?…When will enough folks change causes to work as One Team?….Than all rest can be eaisly fixed.

          The Beauty of the second ammendt. is that if enough masses of armed folks DEMAND Our Type changes, none will ever need actually fire a gun. 50-100 Million as One group and No assholes nowheres will even think of doing anything else but what That group tells em. IE: Tells em all to Pack their bags and Exit america!…Traitors got zero const rights same as common criminals convicted lose rights….Get Out of usa and all can be swell. No muss no Messy stuf. If not?…..Sombody smarter can provide that answer.

        • Military bases in Colorado:

          Fort Carson
          Rocky Mountain Arsenal
          Buckley AGB
          Schriever AFB
          Cheyenne Mountain Facility
          Peterson AFB
          USAF Academy

          Army 15,002
          Navy & Marine Corps 955
          Air Force 13,290
          Active Duty Military 29,247
          Reserve and National Guard 20,916
          Total Personnel 50,163

          Buckley AFB is located in Aurora, Colorado just minutes from Denver. The base is situated against a backdrop of the Rocky Mountains.

          Good place for a covert/black ops…plenty of personnel on hand, easy access to civilians…AND weaponry.

      8. sorry about that.

        i just fear that TPTB will try to use this sad situation to there advantage and try to get that U.N. small arms treaty passed. but knowing them they will try to use it.

        what do you think will happen if this small arms treaty went in front of a lame duck congress?

        • I’ll see how pretty those blue helmets look through rifle sights

        • Think they will try to use it? Guaranteed they will use it.

          • Unfortunately so…. the next step by TPTB has been taken…

            • Justification for the U.N. Treaty to be signed!?!?

        • Bingo Omega you win The Internet today.

        • One thing that struck me was that several apartment buildings were “evacuated” and remain so, with residents of buildings other than the one the shooter lived in being “allowed” to make quick entries (escorted) into their own homes. Will this be used as “probable cause” to search every home nearby? Cops always make a big deal of any “hazardous” sitation. remember the FBI carrying boxes of “evidence” from Richard Jewel’s apartment? Turned out to be his mom’s Tupperware. Looks like a situation similar to Afghanistan, where, for little expense and effort they have NATO troops riding in million dollar trucks. With little effort, common criminals can cause “the authorities” to expend vast resources. The beast thus starves.

          • Don’t get caught up in a conspiracy thing. Until they disarmed the stuff in the apartment, it could have gone off and they had no real way of knowing there wasn’t 3000 pounds of semtex or something in there that would demolish a city block.

      9. The Blogs and anti gun trolls are in a frenzy, how convenient, that ATT is just around the corner, anything to keep the Public Whipped up, and take eyes off Fast and Furious..Bet this Dyed red headed loon, was a Comic Nerd, and Basement dweller…OWS anyone?

      10. going to a local (gulf coast alabama ) gun show tomorrow…am curious as to the climate of attendees and vendors re the colorado shooting

      11. He still would have shot up the theater only it would be with a gun he bought illegally on the street. Just hope it doesn’t come out that he was a prepper or survivalist. Back a couple months ago when the genius down here was walking down the FL Turnpile shooting up cars no one said a word about gun control. Hmmm wonder why?

      12. So I suppose now movie theaters get metal detectors ?

        Which makes the next one happen somewhere besides a movie theater.

        Its real simple:
        -Chicago – big time gun control and massive violence problem.
        -Phoenix – big time concealed weapons, not so much violence.

        I don’t care where you live, but with the world about three steps from a worldwide depression and possibly more people losing it like some are in Greece today or even worse like this loser; if you are walking around with nothing to defend yourself; you’re walking with luck and faith the next few years.

      13. Well this is a fine way for me to justify buying another case of 5.56mm.

        • @Tomahawk:Yea,I have very limited resources ,so I have to think_ AMMO or Food!

      14. The anti gun fucks will really beat the drums now.

        Here’s a thought….
        If the guy did not have access to a gun…maybe he would have built a bomb that would have taken out everyone.

        Great video on the older gent protecting freedom for all.

        Too bad people don’t realize that a well armed population lives free and the few crazies can’t get away with this type of thing as many would have gunned him down.


        ps. Crop failure….watch for panic buying.

      15. mac: you article is 1,000,000% on target. i’m not surprised one bit about the timing of this atrocity. my condolences to the families of the victims and the wounded; may the wounded recover quickly and totally. all the major shooting incidents in this country since the attempt on president reagan have been perpetrated by the antigun lobby to eliminate the 2nd amendment. the congressman in my district in memphis has a concealed carry permit and i have it on good autority that he’s in bed with the antigun lobby. 1 week from today obama and hillary sign the un treaty, from that point on, it’s only a matter of time before attempts are made at taking the guns. it’s going to end in tragedy for a lot of people on both sides. take care and keep prepping.

      16. WE should ALL support more Gun Control!

        Relax, steady you pulse, take careful aim, focus on your target. Ensure you have a proper sight picture. Control your breathing. Take a full breath in, then let it out half way. Steadily and evenly pull back on the trigger. Don’t jerk it. Don’t anticipate…

        • Spot on EJ :

          …always CONTROL your rate of fire…it sucks to run out of ammo before you run out of beer (lololololol)…

        • its not about guns its about control

      17. First off, I pray for healing for the wounded and healing of the years of pain that the families and victims of this horrible crime are going to have to go through.

        There is no doubt in my mind that this will be another talking point to TPTB who are spewing verbal litter about gun control. There are so many cases of someone with a concealed carry that took care of business like the article Mac referred to. Wonder why they are NEVER covered in the MSM???

        I agree with Saddle Up when he stated that he has no faith in the population anymore. What do TPTB think will happen when guns are banned? Do they think the gang bangers who have been arrested 1,856 times will do, just walk down to the nearest collection station and hand in their usually turned sideways glocks? No, they will be at home salivating that they are becoming more powerful as society disarms.

        The NRA is a powerful lobbiest organization. I encourage all here to become members as their voice collectively is heard much louder than our individual voices.

        Or write your congressman and get a form letter back from his secretary like I always do.

        We the people should own this country!!

        God Bless

        • we are supposed to own this country..
          maybe its time for a reminder to those that think otherwise?

      18. Random thoughts today.

        This movie theater’s policy resulted in the death of 12/13 of their customers and injury to 50+ more. THEIR policy allowed their customers to be sitting ducks. THEIR policy made their customers a target – just like college and high school kids are targets. Guilt should be in the forefront of their minds right now.

        No, they did not pull the trigger, they just set up the conditions so it could be done. Anti-Gun Hysterical Idiots.

        ABC really ticked me off today. No wonder no one watches their crappy “news”/propaganda anymore.

        Only one good thing can come out of this incident. Perhaps this will put a spanking on Hollywood & the movie industry – take them down a few pegs and back to reality. If people are afraid to go to movies – then the progressive lefty nuts that dominate that industry will take it in the wallet. Boo Hoo, no more $1000 Sarah Jessica Parker dinners for O-Idiot.

        Pray for the victims & their families.

        Pray that our government crazies don’t seize this opportunity to infringe further on our second amendment rights.

        • Oh, they will..they never let a crisis go to waste…never

          • Amen, I just hope those that view a family’s loss and suffering as a way to push their objectives down a people’s throats get what’s coming to them.

        • Did the madman not read the damn rules. Guns were not allowed. I can’t understand it, surely someone with his education can read english. Maybe the sign was not posted on the exit door he used as an entrance.

          If some law abiding person would have dropped the crazed SOB would charges have been forthcoming?

      19. Movie theaters will probably be manned by TSA gropers in the near future. “Government to the Rescue!”

      20. Stop allowing US citizens to bear arms.
        Round up all guns & stop gun ownership!
        The only guns should be in a GUN CLUB, PERIOD!

        • kev, wheres you mother to wash your mouth out?

          • @peteropolis,,yeah, and not just any soap, Fels Naptha!

            • Nah, LAVA

            • How about bleach?

        • and people of your sort should be more to blame than the actual shooter, it might not be entirely his fault they’re crazy, but it is your fault for being of pure ignorance…. I cant believe you would let all those people get shot…

        • kev- I’m in a gun club. It’s called the United States. My membership status is: Citizen. Mt carry permit number is: US Constitution. Our range is quite large, has an ocean on either side. Most of our members don’t even know each other, our only meetings are in small groups, and we aren’t even sure what the total membership is, somewhere in the millions (we purposely don’t keep track of such things). If you are a citizen, not a criminal, and not insane then you automatically qualify to join us. Oh, and the best part, there ain’t no dues to pay!

          • smokinokie-nice!!!!!!

          • @ SmokinOkie : excelent post ! I agree 110% . The wife & I have been
            NRA Life members for years . As we live in Texas ….I think it is time
            To start flying the ” COME AND TAKE IT ” flag . The media morons
            Just don’t understand the old saying of ” Guns Cause Crime , Like Flies
            Cause Garbage ”
            Stay Safe Y’all

          • That should be on a t-shirt! Brilliant

          • SmokinOkie: That’s Great! But – I’ve paid my “dues”. They are not monetary.

        • @kev….


        • Once again, I think you are on the wrong website.

        • Go screw yourself you Liberal POS !

          • This response was for Kev, the moron!

        • your a puss with no balls plain and simple kev. get off this site and get a real job.

        • @Kev:AMF!

        • yeah, so said Russia, China, Cambodia, Germany, and who knows how many other countries in the last century that exterminated their own citizens after they rounded up the guns. Kev, you want to lead the pack?

          • First they’ll round up the guns. Then once they have them all, they’ll come for you!!!

        • Kev-orkian idiot…. you go ahead and not have a way to defend yourself and just follow the rest of the lemmings/sheep to the gas chamber.
          You are an IDIOT…. LET ME REPHRASE THAT…
          In the 20th century there were many who thought as you did and of the course of the 100 years SOCIALISTS, COMMUNIST, and TYRANICAL REGIMES murdered, executed, euthanized or just plain out SLAUGHTERED 300 million people for their race, ethnic identity, religion or for just having been to school. Follow the path of self destruction and let them destroy you..

        • How bout some ole fashion LYE Soap!!!

      21. “There are over 550 million firearms in worldwide circulation. That’s one firearm for every twelve people on the planet. The only question is: How do we arm the other 11?”

        -Nicolas Cage/Lord of War (and my thoughts exactly)

        • One more, one of my very favorites

          “A strong body makes a strong mind. As to the species of exercise I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Let your gun, therefore, be the constant companion of your walks.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

      22. Hmmm how deep is the rabbit hole, This shooter has only had 1 traffic ticket in his entire life.. There is alot more to this story then meets the eye. And with 7 days left for the Un ATT to be voted on, well its one of those things that makes me say HMMMMM. I pray for the the families and hope they get answers soon..


        • agree…there has got to be some shit in the mix..too fuckin convienient

          • VRF,

            Yep and now the man has lawyered up and is not talking. What strikes me as odd, he recieved a phone and then went out to get his guns. Sure seems odd that a model student at the top of the top in his class would do this alone.. not to mention the bomb stuff they say he has in his apartment.. Something is rotten in denmark..


            • @DPS,,Don’t expect to ever learn the whole truth. Remember the “official” version of events that the FBI delivered on Waco? Holes in the story big enough to drive a Peterbilt through, yet not one special agent has had the moral character, or intestinal fortitude, to come forward about the mass murder. Spineless scum! Expect the same here.

            • yup..Waco rules..were back to that…again

            • I am glad I’m not the only one. Rather uncanny timing with that UN Treaty vote coming up.

        • yes, when the mom was called she said yep you got the right guy on fox news. she must of known he had bought weapons and talked about doing something bad or against people. you know what i mean, then it will be pegged saying rush and fox etc put thoughts into his head and he acted out. can see it in a few days after this cools a bit.

          • fox news said he took vicoden 100mg which is a good dose at once even for opiate users to put him a alert state but also knumbs the pain in his mind and made him a tad slower where he was still able to focus but numbed his mind where he didnt focus on the screaming and death of what he did. I have had 100mg of vicoden at once and can relate to the mindset not killing innocents ever. poor people that died and the 6 year old girl and a lot of people. this is sad. But on the flip side we will not lay our weapons down for some idiot liberals who think they know best, which they do know squat.

      23. criminals donot follow laws,, thats why they are criminals..

        they could un arm every legal gun owner( bad idea) and this shit would still happen but probably much worse.

        the fact that our legal system returns multiple offenders back out on the street for us to deal with, our medical field medicates people with dangerous drugs and waits to watch the time bomb go off. Well forgive me if i feel they are somewhat responsible..
        also when you have pistol or firearm free zones those are against the law abiding, not a criminal element..thus the criminal does not abide by laws. so those laws are not made for them, they are made AGAINST us.

        and to top it off i hold the state liable for all of these peoples deaths and wounds..if they would not uphold rule like firearm free zones, than there would be less opportunity for a nut case like this to feel like he can do this without any chances of getting shot back at.

        firearm free zones are killing fields, and I refuse to walk into them anymore..I am a law abiding tax payer, and I want to be recognized as who is paying their fuckin bills.

        our jail and prison system is broken, our court system is broken..our judges are broken. and our government is broken.

        but in their eyes it will be alright if we just disarm everyone..well than start with the president, and his family first..if he backs down and becomes a whitehouse without protection than I will go first.

        look at what our military is doing on a daily basis, look at all the politicians and movie stars with armed body guards..I’ll back down when they do..maybe

        No more fuckin hypocrites

      24. Could have easily been a car driven into a large crowd, but does that mean we should ban cars? Close minded folks need to educate themselves!

        • NRA Fan

          Moot point.

          “Close minded folks need to educate themselves!”

          Actually if you want to retain your rights you (I and everyone knowledgable) need to educate those close minded folks.

          • This is very true. I will try to do my part in educating others on fact and not fiction. Sadly there are many who are so brainwashed, that their ability to use logic is diabled altogether.

            • Correction, I meant disabled.

      25. Sorry one of the moviegoers (at least) was armed. What is being reported (and I am not sure if it is true or not) in the community here is that the suspect was arrested so easily because he had already been shot … like I said not validated yet but it comes from a source inside the Aurora PD.

        • nothing said about this ..yet, I have not read it anywhere..

          please link if you find


      26. Reports say he was armored to the hilt..chest, legs, groin and throat. Gas mask and kevlar lid. Maybe a good shot could have crippled an arm or knocked the wind out of him but he threw some kind of incendiary or smoke.He was dressed for battle in black and it was dark.I fear even if carry was allowed many would still have died.Just a very, very sick and sad situation.

      27. ogk; you can go to the bank on them going all out to take the guns now. even if the senate refuses to ratify the treaty, i can picture obama issuing an executive order to the effect. anyway they try to do it, it will be game on. the no. 1 enemy we have in usa is the federal government. in the entire history of this world, not one manmade government has existed without evil intentions towards the people they rule over. in the 20th century alone, more people died at the hands of their own governments than any other cause of death. go to for the history of gun control; it will blow your mind. jason, i’ll be looking for those same helmets through the scope on my m1carbine.

      28. I don’t know Mac, that’s a pretty tough call. Think of the scene, a dark movie house full of young people, the pulses and flashes of intense light from the movie itself, the amount of loud sound from the sound system, people making their noises and moving around and everybody’s attention on center screen not low left, right or front. A dark dressed assailant doing what nobody would ever suspect. Then the chemical agents and smoke. Shit, that had to be a chaotic son of a bitch. If someone had a gun, they would have to be in the just right position to fire at him and still have a clear background. Anybody with any sense would have a hard time pulling a trigger in there. I know I would.
        One other thing; you’ve seen he has a BS from UC Riverside, CA. I own a property just three miles it and used to live in the area for close to 20 years and know some employees there. Is it a left leaning institution? Without a frikken doubt, the whole thing is .

        • I agree and think that’s a very honest answer-I heard that exact same comment from a listener calling into the Medved show today.

        • thats why he took the vicoden before he did this, he must of had before and familiar with it and knew how it effected him and what he could do on it and to shoot as well, then when his mind was numb he did this. totally agree. He thought this out well after failing out of his grad school for neuroscience. just saying what fox is reporting at 730pm friday July 20.


        This recent shooting will consume the news time. Good time to beat the rush and make sure you have your butt covered. The crop loss from the drought will be biblical.

        Good luck my friends.

        ps. Protests in Spain over cuts.

        Starting to feel like the movie Soilent Green…too many people causing too many problems.

        ps. If you vote for Obama this year…..yep… YOUR A COMMIE!

        • So if i vote for asshole #2,what’s that make me?

      30. and over 200 dead in mexico , Brian Terry and Zapta dead..and the guilty walk the streets and run our government. all for the purpose to dismantle our 2nd amendment, and start a war with US citizens against the armed cartels , brought to you by your AG and the stuffed suit behind the podeum

        makes you wonder if they are behind this somehow too

      31. The only government action that could have prevented last night’s tragedy would be for the governments of the world to round up each and every firearm and have them melted down. Those of us who have a better grip on reality know that this would never work because the psychopaths and sociopaths that run these governments would never give up theirs.

        Pack ’em where they’re not outlawed, and where they’re outlawed, you might have to become an outlaw to keep you and your family safe.

        “Si vis pacem parabellum.”
        If you want peace, (be) prepare(d) for war…

      32. ther should only be 2 headlines to this story on shooting rampage gets gunned down by armed citzens caught red handed after shooting rampage, execution tonight at 9

        • Mark, you’re right on! If we can have Anti-discrimination laws that govern certain offences, why not a law to give swift justice? Maybe I’m just dreaming! With so many jerks in office, who would vote for it?

        • “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore the hearts of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.” Eccl. 8:11

      33. vrf, the government is totally responsible for everything we face in society today. it’s that same old pattern of problem,reaction, solution. when tshtf, all aspects of the system will go tits up. the gangs and everyone else will be out there looting, raping, burning, etc. forget dialing 911 because landline and cellphones will be out of service le will be nowhere to be found; they’ll be at home hunkering down with their families just like we will be with ours. courts will definitely not be in session. all the rules we’ve ever lived by will go straight down the tubes. it’ll be everyone for themselves and i fear that vigilantism will become the new order of the day. i fear and dread it as much as anyone, but its too late to stop it; i’m just going to keep getting everything i need and keep hoping for the best. take care and keep prepping.

      34. ej, that’s the true definition of gun control. kev, go find a country you like and relocate to it. vrf, it won’t bee too long now before tptb get their reminder. smokinokie, i’m in the same gun club and the way it appears now it’s not too much longer until party time.

      35. SMURFs

      36. Where is Forida Internet Cafe senior citizen when you need him?

      37. SMURFs!!!

      38. I bet James Holmes would have never shot all those people if he would have realized his rifle was unlawful to have.

        Yeah right.

      39. Ignore Victim Disarmament Zones and pack concealed anyway.

        lesson here only armed individuals targeted for a mass shooting can stop them in time to make a difference. The same goes for government-sponsored genocides.

        if this country become disarmed anytime in the future..our society will be dead within years of that date..take that to the bank

        history shows it, and I dont have time to dig it up. got to go, I have practice tonight

      40. mac why is this page loading like this?

        the last two comments made way before those above them are staying at the bottom of the page

        OmegaGrayKnight and jasoncookies..

        just seemed strange

      41. Neal Knox the founder of the NRA-ILA (and a very likable guy) once wrote an article about the strange coincidence between mass senseless killings and pending gun laws. For eight years when GW Bush was President there was a slim to none chance of increasing firearms laws and prohibitions. During that time there were very few senseless nut case shootings. Coincidence I’m sure.

        If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck it’s probably a duck.

        Does anyone have a link to a reprint of the above?

      42. When Obama gave his statement this morning regarding this horrific tragedy, he made the comment that he thought about his daughters. He wondered what if they had been there.


        Had they been there, they would have been accompanied by no less than half a dozen or so Secret Service Agents. The minute the smoke grenandes went off, they would have had their weapons drawn. And the second the shooter entered the theater, he would have been taken out.

        The point is…..had just one person in that theater been armed, there might not have been near the carnage that there was. At least the folks in that theater would have had a fighting chance, and not been mere victims.

        When you disarm people, you don’t make them safer. You just make them victims.

        Isn’t it interesting how these cowards never go after police stations? No….they hunt their prey in locations where they know they’ll find only the weakest and most defenseless among us.

      43. It appears that if confronted with a mad man like this who “came prepared” assume they are wearing body armor. The chances of running into someone like this in the act is extremely small (although the media will fuel thoughts otherwise) but returning effective fire to their groin or head is damn small too.

        I had a debate about this with an anti gun person and went out the door and brought in a piece of aluminum pipe about 10 ft long. I said if your worried about being shot by someone going postal you should be more worried about lightening. I said,” Here protect yourself, is a lightening rod because roughly 80 people per year are killed by lightening; far more then postal shootings”.

        The MSM is going to run the ball with this one.

      44. the next jackass that pulls a stunt like this ,needs to come out of it looking like a screen door

        • Jackasses are far to smart to do such a thing… 🙂 sorry had to defend the poor jackasses out there who never hurt anyone/anything…I do agree with your point however!

        • VRF

          This guy had body armor. What needs to happen and what is liable to happen are two different things. A good squirt of pepper gas in the face would be more effective then a 9mm bouncing off his kevlar. Now a good squirt of pepper gas to the face (so he does quickly effectively shoot back) followed up by a magazine of 9mm aimed at his head is preferred.

          This SOB came prepared for mayhem.

          • his face was not covered in kevlar…need i say more?

            although i agree with you..he came set for the was premeditated, and he was looking for the most impact he could render.

            not a typical encounter, and I also agree it would have been a very difficult environment to take out a threat like that in a crowded movie theater with all that panic going on..even the well trained would have been diving for cover..really hard to say how and if you could react in a fire fight like that.

            sad situation all around

      45. Just the other day a friend asked if I wanted to see latest Batman flick in Chicago. First thing in my mind is carrying a piece. Because normally a blade, blackjack is good for the streets in such a busy densely populated area for discretion. But no way I go into any theater with my back against the wall for an active shooter situation and therefore a firearm is necessary. And illegal rulings violating my 2nd Amendment God given rights will be ignored.

      46. Will someone please explain to me exactly how the government can seize guns from everyone in the USA? I’m not saying its impossible I just want to know how it would be done with all the high number of guns that have been sold in just the last few years. Realistically, how would it go down?

        • they could start by passing a law saying possession is now punishable by 10-20 in the Federal pen

          how many people would be willing to risk that ??

          • …same folks who grow weed,run guns,or who risk any other chance of getting caught for whatever… 🙂

            • exactly…and thats why i wouldnt fall for that trap

        • Chef: They would have to begin by announcing an amnesty period for voluntary turn in. Then stiff penalties for anyone still in possession. That would take many right off the top.
          When amnesty is announced there will be lines of people buying pvc from home depot.
          Later anyone that has a weapon would be viewed as a combatant to the gov’t.
          Just my thoughts on how it will happen.

          • @Saddle Up….

            A very astute point you make there.

            We’ve already seen this to some degree when California first instituted their “assault weapons ban” in the late 1980’s. They banned certain classes of rifles, but told people if they registered them, they could keep them. Later they changed their minds and said “you have to turn them in, or dispose of them out of state”. Of course, they had a list of people who had already registered their guns. So they didn’t need to go house to house. And of course, if for any reason you had some LEO inside your home doing a search and they find it…you are in beau-coup trouble.

            And of course, if you are in a martial law situation and they have that list, then they have probable cause to come looking.

            The laws that are being passed now remind me more and more of the Nuremberg Laws enacted by the Nazis before WWII. When they come to take you away, they want it to be all nice and legal.

            A chilling example of just how they do this stuff can be seen in the movie “Conspiracy”. Here is an excerpt from it. I highly recommend it.


          • Saddle up..when its time to Bury them..its past Time to use them!

            Semper Fi

        • @Chef,,,In my opinion, they will not come for the guns. Too many are in the ground. They will come for you. What good would it do for them to come to your house and you give them some tired, shot out rifles and pistols, then you go dig up the good stuff and kill them? They are fully aware of this and will take out the people. The FEDs and State are thugs, but they are not stupid.

        • Relocate people and don’t allow guns in the new location. We have no jobs here and we cannot hand out money for no work any longer so you must relocate, “Work Will set You Free” ; I read that somewhere.

          A friend married a woman from Belarus. The woman’s father has a legal Mosin Nagant rifle. He is some kind of retired cop. Hunters are allowed a gun too but with restricted ammo amounts.

          A bounty to turn in anyone with a gun.

          Severe punishment for using a gun (regardless if self defense).

        • Could you imagine an edict stating that business owners are no longer allowed to protect their business? Or stating a person living alone in a crappy neighborhood can no longer own a gun for personal protection? It makes me think really hard what would happen in this country if that was ever ordered.

          • Chief Nunzio

            Where do you live?

            Go to NYC and see the BS and fees to not just buy a handgun but to pay the tax on it yearly. Go to Chicago or Washington DC.

            Those edicts have been around for a while.

            • I live and own a tiny bbq restaurant in smyrna, ga.

        • First, they’ll have to bring in divers to get to the biggest stashes, then strip search everyone all at once while they demo every structure, looking for weapons stashes. All earthen areas will need to be excavated simultaneously and all fences guarded to stop people from throwing them back over…GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

        • Nunzio… I have my doubts that they can. Of course like Satori says threatening people with prison would make many hand them in. I’M NOT! One way or another they’ve already made criminals out of some of us especially veterans. I’ll keep all my guns and the only way they will get them is if they kill me and if I lost my 2nd amendment I would rather be dead…. than a slave. Don’t ever hand your guns over no matter what. have a good one!

        • I’ve said this before, but the only realistic way to get rid of all of them, I mean all, is to kick the door in at 4 AM of every house in the country, not once, but several times, and search at gunpoint. Buybacks, surrenders, draconian punishments, confiscatory taxes, whatever, will not get them all. The gov’t does not have enough people, nor will it ever, to do that. An attempt to do it will invoke a widespread revolt and civil war, not an intelligent political manuever.

          Even the liberals won’t put up with that.

      47. I didn’t read the comments yet because I wanted to get my rare comment out there before there are a bunch more. I’ve heard it a lot, that when guns are outlawed only criminals will have them. The problem with that is that a lot of us noncriminals will not turn in our guns so then there would be some truthfully noncriminals with guns. And I take great offence to being labeled as a criminal simply because of the possesion of an inanimate object. I do very much so enjoy this web site, have a nice day.

      48. posted on another forum where they are discussing this issue

        “a friend on fb just posted a well thought out piece….

        what think you?

        Bullshit is something we all ought to be able to smell, no?

        We know for a fact that US Attorney General Eric Holder has been involved in Problem/Reaction/Solution schemes before and that the puppet in the White House has studiously avoided the topic of gun control.

        Following the utter failure of “fast and furious” the emerging pattern is logical – a lone Caucasian gunman dressed in a sort of Mad Max costume shoots up a theater where most of those in attendance are white. He is captured alive. Sounds similar to the failed attempt on Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, the lone gunman attack in Europe last year or the Virginia Tech massacre.

        We are expected to believe that these are random acts of senseless violence and unconnected in any way.

        These attacks have several factors in common:
        1. Lone white attacker with ‘mental’ problems
        2. White victims
        3. Police response apprehends the shooter alive
        4. Takes place in politically ‘progressive’ regions
        5. There is never an armed citizen present who could have stopped the carnage

        Before 1990 and the concomitant acceleration of the gun control movement, incidents of mass shootings were almost unheard of.

        What we’re witnessing is a developing Hegelian Dialectic. A distinct ‘problem’ for which a predetermined reaction is anticipated and can be pointed to with the ‘solution’ offered. A scheme designed to bolster the argument for the UN gun ban treaty now pending and which has been getting bad press.

        The planned rise of violent crime in the 1970’s didn’t work. The extreme gun bans of the 1990’s proved to be politically suicidal. Gun control is a losing issue in the public arena. And We The People simply will not be allowed to remain armed and purchasing firearms at a greater rate than any other time in American history.

        As many people as possible need to be made aware of this and quickly.

        • “Before 1990 and the concomitant acceleration of the gun control movement, incidents of mass shootings were almost unheard of.”

          Actually it started in January of 1989 with Patrick Purdy in Stockton California which was the catalyst for the Assault Gun Bans proposed in several states and passed in a few. While there was a dramatic rise in the 1990s of people “going postal” it diminished significantly the next decade that gun control (prohibition) became unfashionable. Now, low and behold we have a dramatic increase in senseless mass murder that just happens to coincide with pending firearm restrictions.

          UN Treaty Being Debated. “How convenient” .. Church Lady From Saturday Night Live.

          • And if I recall Purdy shot up a Asian School, and had the Word Hezbolla Carved in the Buttstock of a AK 47 Clone,,naturally this was in Kommie Fornia, Liberal Sewer and we have Paid Hell Ever since…

          • Also, if I recall correctly, he had been arrested previously with weapons, had his charges dropped, and allowed to walk. Nothing to see here, move along, nothing fishy…

        • @satori….

          Very well said.

      49. As a Clinical Psychologist licensed in two states and a proud concealed carrier in one, I agree completely with this article. Good work (again) Mac!

        • since your in the feild do you think that with him going into neuroscience and probly has some chemistry background that maybe he cooked up a batch of something that fried his brain.

      50. Oh hell. Help keep criminals off the repeat offenders list; shoot ’em!!

      51. GLOCK…kills human roaches dead! MOSSBERG…kills human roaches dead! S&W…kills human roaches dead! you get the point.

      52. Look at that!

        A bunch of thugs being fucked up by a grey haired old man!


      53. I live in the Denver area, so of course it’s hot news here. All day on CNN (overhead monitor at work) it was all that was talked about. You’d think there was no other news in the world the way Communist News Network focused on this story. Of course the anti-gun folks are having a hey-day with it.

      54. This is the kind of incident the left loves. They can’t wait to exploit the situation to make a clearly psychotic mentally impaired person, the face of gun owners.
        It’s like saying the keyboard on their computer makes them type such idiotic columns in the newspapers, blogs and copy for their news shows.
        I for one will NEVER surrender my gun(s)!!
        I carry everywhere I go, and have a firearm in every vehicle I own.
        Bloomberg is an IDIOT, and clearly a “new world order kind of guy” I hate to say it, but my advice would be to go to the closest sporting goods store ASAP, buy as much ammo as you can afford, get a couple of guns that match, coat them in good firearm grease, put them in plastic bags (triple) dig a good hole with a post hole digger, seal them up in some 4’ PVC (capped on both ends) and bury them separately.
        Maybe tell your closest (trusted) relative or friend where they are. They may save your life someday, cuz the Nazis are on the move and they are coming for your weapon(s).
        Keep your powder dry & stay Sharp!!!

        • Amen, brother!

      55. its only a matter of time before the liberals in the house say, “how many more people have to die with assult weapons with high capacity magazines.” “too much bloodshed and violence in america the american people have talked and said they have had enough and want guns banned!” This will be from maxine watters, debbie blabbermouth, a lot of black al sharpton types and anti gun liberals will say this guaranteed. I want to know if obama will try and tie this with the UN treaty. Do you guys think if they do will ask everyone to turn in their guns in a certain time to the police station or people just ignore this or what do you guys think will happen with a possible ban or no ban or whatever?? Would like to hear

        • Over 300 million guns in the US, 10% of the population are more or less criminals, there not turning them in, 10% of the population are stubborn and arent turning them in,10% still believe in the Constitution and the 2nd amendment, there not turning them in, 10% know a little bit about history and either have escaped from or have had relatives escape from genocide, there not tiurning them in, thats an awful lot of guns that will not be turned in.

        • clint hospo

          The gun they want but at this point can’t manipulate events and the MSM (not too difficult to manipulate something you effectively own/control) is the highly accurate scoped rifle. The firearms sporting purpose is too entrenched with the core of gun owners as a hunting gun.

          There is an incessant never ending attack on civilian firearm ownership. The battle will be won or lost in the battle for public opinion. If the US public believes with a voting majority that they have a right to own guns and have a desire to do so and will vote accordingly the politicians wanting re-election will support their wishes.

          Someone once said ….. “The battle is on the soap box and the ballot box”. “If it’s ever needed to go to the cartridge box you have already lost”.

          Because the battle will be won or lost in the political arena you need information that is above reproach. The FBI Uniform Crime Reports are published annually. More people are murdered with blunt instruments or bare hands and feet then killed annually with a rifle of any type. Show middle of the road people that what they hear from the MSM just ain’t so!

        • THis would be the First Day of Civil War II,,,,Let them Come!!!!

        • What will happen? Massive non-compliance.

      56. Silverware leads to obesity, I motion to remove it from all households ,schools and public places.

        And to Omega gray night, the nefarious scenario of the UN small arms treaty is that it does not need to be put before congress only the senate need ratify it to become law of the land. It has a greater chance of passing in the senate than congress and they know that. If people are still on the fence about the underlying agendas of this administration they have to be full retard! Need to push the big reset button and sooner than later. Everyone needs to shed their panties and put some big boy pants on IMO.

      57. For me this stinks to high heavens, look out for another gun related deal in the very near future. They will sign the UN B-SH-T ( for the safety of the people).They are getting ready for gun turn-in program, then you know what will follow. I feel this is the beginning of the move to disarm us patriots. There will be a major tax increase on guns and ammo soon, very soon. As for TPTB they have to disarm the USA before they move for the NWO, to take over. Tough times ahead, CCR- BAD MOON A RISE’N. But thats just me.
        Live Free and Stand Tall

      58. i am all for gun rights…what disturbs me about this story is that someone, a neighbor, friend, relative, somebody who may have noticed that this guy was not quite right….should have called cops and turned him in to authorities before this took place…people have gotten so they dont notice what is going on around them and if they do they dont take note…instead, they ignore the signs and say “aint my job”.

        • This wasn’t noticed because the doctors are too busy declaring preppers with guns unfit.

        • Maybe someone did and it was covered up, sounds like this nut was some kind of gov’t “MK Ultra” sleeper finally given his marching orders, to gin up support for the UN Small Arms Treaty. Wouldn’t put anything past this administration/regime.

      59. All this conspiracy stuff about Denver reminds me of when I was in a juvenile group home at 16.

        One of the kids there was selling sell meth and his parents and him talked about the experience in group.

        The parents talked about how politicians would show up at their Kansas City home all the time to talk with their son and give him money. They basically said that the politicians were using their son as a revenue agent. It scared the hell out of them!

      60. I don’t pay much attention to tactical gear, not in the budget. What are the capabilities of the stuff this nut was wearing? Is a handgun effective against that or would you have to aim for a vulnerable spot in the middle of chaos?

        • well there are different level body armor and plates you can add over the kevlar and different brands of vests but most level 3a will stop (im not looking on the internet now but will be close)a 357, 40, 45 9mm 380 and smaller but the 5.7x28mm which his shot out of a ps90 or p909auto) and the handgun can penetrate a lot of level 3a vests but some may not its iffy. that round is fast and speed is what causes the penetration. but most vests cops wear can stop a 9mm or 45 or a 40 cal handgun to keep it simple. Most of these vests will not stop a ar-15 which is a .223 or 5.56 there or a .308 which is typically used for a sniper gun or a bolt action rifle. So if his vest he was wearing was a level 3a which is typical and smaller vests would of stopped a pistol round, but not a rifle round I mentioned. But you can buy SAPI plates which can stop these rounds and much higher, some of these doubled up with 2 plates can stop a 50 cal BMG(browning machine gun) but the energy in the bullet would crush your ribs and chest with anywhere from 7500 to 12000 ft lbs of force on the chest which would cause artery’s to rupture, lungs to collapse etc so would be dead. But there is new stuff out that im not familiar with that possibly can soften the impact so we will see soon whats comming out./// NEWS ALERT Its july 20 910 pm eastern time, just heard from police chief on FOX and he just mentioned he bought a drum round that shoots over 50 round of .223, I think he said that for people to hear large capacity on purpose. Now you can guarantee that they are going to try and ban these I bet money on it. I didnt like the way the police chief said that. sorry to add this in. But cops would of been able to bring this guy down with a ar-15 unless he had a level 4 which is over a grand typically and dont think most have this level but you can buy online or anywhere. hope that helps. sorry for my writing i didnt proof-read

          • sorry a couple of corrections, the 5.7x28mm is shot from a ps90 or a p90 which is auto. there is also a five seven pistol that shoots that round too, popular with some and not with others. Guns are all a preference to what feels right what you like and how you shoot with it. The 5.7 is a round that is like a .22 round but 1.5 times longer. Like a 22 magnum. if he had a vest on yes the cops could of killed him with a rifle or a shot which is not hard in the head if your a good shot and comfortable with your gun. Add in dark area with distractions and shooting from the back of the movie theather and he would be in front a head shot would be tricky but not impossible by any degree for many. but add in nervousness and not being able to see your sights in the dark on stock guns might be hard, but many guns have night sights or optics added to a pistol to be able to see much easier. A shotgun to his face would of dropped him etc. checkout safariland, they have all sorts of holsters all that tactical stuff. they make the best stuff, but expensive. my advise is practice with a gun that you can control meaning when you shoot it with being able to shoot rapidly on your target quickly and accurate. So for example if you shoot a 45 auto it has a bit kick so you might shoot and have to realign your shot, but lets say you had a .22 pistol which kicks like nothing, you could shoot quickly to the face and a .22 will kill someone that close to the head. so dont think bigger is always better. control and consequtive round shots on target quickly and accuratly is key my young friend.

            • i dont think he had a kevlar vest, I think he just had a tactical carrier which hold shells etc. lets wait and see what happens but i really dont think he was wearing kevlar, the media get so many important details wrong a lot of times or assumed by people and then they jump to the conclusion and go with it even though its wrong a lot of times. I wasnt there, I was just watching a 300 dollar purchase from a online tactical store which he bought gay crap and not the good stuff. I wish we could ever get to see what he did to his room. Im curious what caused the big hiccup with the cops not going in and to what detail did they see or what it more a hoax of wires or was in very professionally put together. Going to watch closely on that.

      61. This event is mind-numbing, sickening. I cringe when something like this occurs. I wonder how can someone do such a thing to innocent people.

        As many have pointed out already, this the timing of this event is auspicious, in a very bad way. Recall MK Ultra…

        Next week, the treaty will be signed, those who think it will not be used against Americans need to wake up. The American Republic is in grave danger.

      62. Although it’s not being reported, it’s clear that this POS and his attraction to the joker puts him in the OWS block, rumor about this film is the main character Bane makes speeches that are so like dear leaders it’s eerie. His connections should have already hit the streets but they won’t and beyond a topical form of reporting this story will go away fast.

      63. i’m really heart-broken over this and at a loss for words.

      64. Here’s something that’s pissing me off:

        They’re making Aurora, CO out to be this nice, peaceful place.

        I live in the Springs for a few years and Aurora was where bad stuff ALWAYS happened. Every day, 2-3 news items about Aurora, killings, carjackings, really bad stuff.

        I made up my mind to never set foot in Aurora, and so far I’ve avoided it. It’s a hellhole.

        • i second that . i witnessed a carjacking there myself , the mexican mafia runs those streets and 13 street posse !!!

          i use to live near an apt complex full of em’ west aurora co .

          not kids you want to play an attitude with , but they will respect you if you are known to be living in their neighborhood give them respect .

          it was the poor single parent white kids who did the most damage thefts in my neighborhood and it was their own neighborhood .

          go figure .


          • I never really found out what the racial composition of Aurora is. I just know, every day, on the radio, reports of bad crimes and it’s always Aurora.

            • Co-worker lived in Denver area. After first asking him if friends and family were safe and sound, he said ” my family wouldn’t live in that shithole”. “White flight some years back, now rookie cops are sent there to make their bones.”
              No personal experience, just passing on info from a trusted source.

      65. “Everyone reading this report today should go out and buy themselves a high-caliber rifle 5.56 , 7.62 , .308 . TODAY !”

        … and 1000 rounds , gun cleaning kit , gun oil , carrying case for it .

        A lil’ fedgov fly on the wall in the pentagon says your gonna need it real soon !!!

        The Greatest Threat to the American Citizen is their own Illuminati Zionist Banker Luciferian Freemason Hi-Jacked Gestapo Federal AND un agenda 21 luvin State Governments !!!

        Make no mistake preppers , it is coming !!!



          Second Amendment – Bearing Arms

          A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.


      66. This bunch that we have running this country are not- SMART ENOUGH TO HAVE A HEADACHE! Thats just my thought’s. The END approaches QUICKLY. Prep like there is no tomorow

      67. He has some knowledge of biology, hell he could have killed everyone there with some poisonous gas. Or lit the damn theatre on fire. Using a gun is about the *least* lethal way to commit mayhem he could have chosen.

        That being said, I’ll echo what someone else here (I forget the username, sorry) said, Why didn’t someone alert authorities to the guy’s extreme oddness? And I’ll answer – do that and get laughed at by your local FBI etc. agent. Get told, “It’s no crime for a guy to be a weirdo”. And well, no, it’s not a crime but …. what do you do in those cases where you just *know* the guy’s a ticking time bomb? What do you do in an at least ostensibly free society?

      68. This man who did this to those innocent helpless kids is a MK-Ultra trained CIA Agent of your own Gestapo Federal Government and a Freemason.

        This is a cia federally trained – Federal Agent !!!

        It is an intentional “Act of War” upon the once free tax debt slave American Citizens by their own Gestapo Zionist Fascist Commie controlled Federal Government !!!

        Get it ???



        • Aww…they would’nt do THAT…would they?

          • @justme … i bet you 5 ounces of silver that the batman aurora co shooter from san diego cali who just dropped out of medical school in june , was recruited by the CIA mk-ultra black ops branch while he was going to medical school at the denver med center college campus !

            he was recruited by the feds on his college campus !!!

            the kid is a fedgov trained brainwashed cia agent provocateur – trained by the feds to do just one thing kill innocent children in a fedgoc false-flag operation to force everyone else to cower in fear and turn to the very people attacking them their own gestapo police state fedgov for help !!!!

            this is a classic example of a nazi playbook Reichstag’s false-flag event by our own zionist nazi fascist gestapo run gangster cia fedgov !!!

            bet on it !!!

            “Puck the murdering Feds !!!”


      69. You know what really sucks.

        Most people from Colorado are good people. Why do they get these shootings, the NWO airport (bunker), wildfires, ect?

        From Iowa,

        God Bless the People of Colorado. May We Stand By Your Side Forever. Amen.

      70. Gun Free Zones aka Killing Fields. Remember Beslan Russia!

      71. If we just exercise our right to bear arms and strap on our pistols as the folks of the “old west” did, idiots would think twice about plotting a massacre against innocent civilians. A good friend of mine refuses to “carry concealed”, and regularly goes out in public with two 44 cal. revolvers strapped to his hips. He gets a lot of strange looks but he is always ready and nobody, even LE, messes with him. He is a good person at heart and loves his guns and freedom. Just sayin’.

        • Don’t you just love that picture? Strap ’em on, brother!

      72. “It’s a question of methods. Everybody wants results, but nobody wants to do what they have to do to get them done”

        “Every day for the past ten years, Loretta there’s been giving me a large black coffee, today she gives me a large black coffee only it has sugar in it, a lotta sugar. I just came back to complain. Now, you boys put those guns down”

        “We’re not just gonna let you walk out of here”

      73. If you want/need hi-cap mags you better get them real soon. Along with the other truck of stuff, bullets powder, brass, primers as well as ammo. A world of hurt’s a’comin’. It’s gonna be the rough-n-tumble style of “knuckle and skull, batter em down, and if you stay down you’ll get stomped”. Everyone needs to be at the ready.

      74. Everyone in the states need to change their laws to the same as Arizona!! You have a permit you may carry ur gun were it is seen..bars, resaurants etc..some places have a sign saying do not enter with a gun other than that….i think if people know others are packing, others tend to think twice…..

        • yes an armed society is a polite society..

        • I think Vermont has no laws at a;; requiring any permission.

        • Agreed. Open carry is an ongoing issue. Supposedly, it is legal by default in most places, but not generally accepted. If I am in rural areas open carry is no big deal. In town, though, it still isn’t accepted.

        • Abq. can be a rough place. Glad to see the girl defend herself.

      75. The troubling thing that scares me is if the treaty gets passed, It is well known that robbers, and all none abiding citizens NEVER follow the laws, they do as they please as they please DONT THEY GET THAT????

        • Of course they get it.

      76. Any decent person who goes unarmed from this point foward is an idiot.

      77. Screw the fact of if some one had a gun…. he reloaded! Sorry but people getting killed, he is out numbered a couple hundred to one and they watch him reload. Sorry for being a callous ass but this is not about guns, this is about people with no spine.

        • think that’s why he popped two cans of tear gas before firing

      78. sorry to blab to much on this page tonight, but it pisses me off all over the news they are talking about 100 round mags are not legal how did he get, now they are going to try and stop that too. my god no end to these people. there are millions and millions of us, I feel sad and hurt that all those people were shot but I guarantee they will be big on this ar-15 and high capacity mags now, no end. I have about every gun on the planet but not a ar-15. I know I better get one and a couple 100 round drum mags or 50 round magazines before they try and outlaw. that is the best round for midrange and even close up if good with a gun. good stopping power accuracy and speed.

      79. Lt this be a lesson to ya folks. As a general rule, I never go to/patronize any business that posts thier door. IF I cant carry there, I dont need to be there. MOREOVER, Im not giving those people MY HARD EARNED MONEY!

        • Word!

        • Same here! And I call them and tell them they lost my business…if more people did that, maybe that would change!

      80. in the 1980 I believe that there was more fun control leading to more crime. Could you see this happening in Texas ? I do not live there but eveyone with half a brain cell knows better. People are sick. They have anger issues, whatever and sick people do not need guns to hurt others. They could just eat faces off like in Miami, The could drive a car through a wall of a building, use some kind of chemical, etc. When people are sick they will find a way to do what they want to do, gun or not. I am sure you will hear the sob story how he was fom a broken home, his mommy did not kiss him enough, he was picked on at school yadda yadda yadda. He was ill in some fashion I am sure but I am sure there were signs of something. The prob. is that becasise of HIPPA laws nobody can do anything until something like this happens or personally I believe it would happen less if sickos out in the world thought most average peole were armed. I think they (sickos whack jobs and the like) have the sense to say ” Dang if I try and fo this I am liable to get a cap in my ass” the ones who can not wrap their brain around that concept should just be fed to the sharks.

      81. Make it the law like in Kennesaw Co. Georgia ……crime hit rock bottom because it was the law for everybody .

      82. WOrds of the day are M.K. ULTRA,

      83. Just some info I found, not 100% sure of its full on accuracy but thought it to be interesting

        James E Holmes
        1690 Paris St, Apt 10
        Aurora, CO 80010-2918

        James E. Holmes is 24 year old he is from San Diego CA

        Radical Left-Wing & Registered Democrat, Obama Supporter, Occupy Black Bloc Member James E. Holmes Shoots Up Aurora Co Movie Theater:

        Sources: Net

        White Punk Targeted U.S. Military Service members:

        The false stigmas of right-wing Tea Party radicals, once again being shattered in Aurora Colorado.

        A radical far Left-Wing and Registered Democrat and avid Obama Supporter

        The black block is a self-styled anarchist tactic. It is not an identifiable organization. It is a method of creating violence and chaos in the streets. They desire to be an effective street-fighting force to oppose the police. They think they’re being bold revolutionaries, when in actuality, they’re cowards hiding behind masks, wearing a terrifying uniform.

        That uniform is generally all black clothing, and they often carry dowel rods to which black flags have been affixed.

        They start fights with the police, they destroy property, they attack other occupiers, and they give the police an excuse to attack us.

        shooter a registered democrat and Obama supporter. Just like Kathy Gifford’s shooter, and that guy who shot those people at the Museum of Tolerance a few years ago

        Things I have found digging along with info that is coming out..true to the core? I dont know for sure, but wouldnt doubt it..anyone else investigating this?

      84. When my wife and I go out I never sit with my back to the door,never go into large crouds,carry/24/7 never want to be in some assholes sights.I dont care what laws are passed i will never give up my right to defend myself or my family.COME AND TAKE THEM!!!!!!

        • I am a middle-aged non tough guy. I won’t give up any, not besase of any lofty ideals, but because I know where it leads. I am constantly amazed at the stupidity if the gun ban, “protect me” crowd. They actually think their beloved government will not turn on them.

      85. off books cia black-op
        false flag
        u. n.
        shadow gov. action

      86. Go on line and type in

        United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs and get educated as to what is really coming at us ..full speed hard and heavy

        read about the control of ammo

        identifying ammo

        catagorizing ammo

        managing ammo

        stock pile management

        hands over the authority to control our ammo

        In the colorado story, they are already talking about the shooter having “stock piled 6,000 rounds of ammo”

        this my friends is in this UN Gun Grabbing ammo tracing, and limiting treaty

        go look it up if you dont want to believe me..
        again ..notice how this happened so close to the signing of this..and notice the wording used in the ammo section of this treaty..and this colorado event and the talk about his stock pile of ammo

        its a fuckin set up

        • A case of .22 ammo is 5000 rounds, and targets shooters regularly buy multiple cases at a time – to get a good supply of a given lot, and they go through a lot of ammo anyway.

      87. The scriptures tell us that the sins of the fathers(parents) will be visited upon the siblings>>as long as parents allow their children to indulge in warlike video games and as long as we glorify Hollywood and contribute to their blood and gore what can you expect >>>>parents get away from that tv screen and monitor what your child watches and reads>>get them out in the parks and woods and see true reality and nature…you churches out there>>you have miserably FAILED where are your youth groups and your summer camps>>>what happened to the scouting program>>>the Lord said you shall know them by their fruits>>>and we have become a withering branch of a once glorious tree and WE shall be “cut down” I have no predictions to offer as I am not a prophet I just pray for ALL of us to be guided by the Spirit within us through this long dark path before us PEACE

        • Remember after the Colombine tradegy? When one of the killer’s bedroom was searched, pipe bombs and sawed off shotguns were in plain sight. The parents claimed they had no idea such a thing was happening. Another parent putting on blinders and allowing themselves to be locked out of their teenager’s room.

          This freak’s parents quickly admitted that they knew their son was a nut, yet we hear about how he had no pattern of such behavior. Expect the parents to lawyer up and shut up.

        • Never let an emergency go to waste…

          Gun control legislation? Really? I thought it said “shall not be infringed”?

      88. I wish every trainer/teacher/instructor of weapon use would drop their fees; possibly by group instructing?? then every one of us would have that CCW and what could they do then??
        dh and I want that class, but the price is too steep always.

      89. News typically doesnt bother me. I hear people getting shot here, and people robbing over there and all this asshattery going on I typically tune it out. For some reason this hit home to me. I was genuinely upset at this. Not because the Brady Campaign will try to use this to lobby for gun restrictions but because of that 4 month old who got hurt.

        I have a 13 month old and I have him an extra hug when I got home today. I don’t know what I would do if I was in the movies and my little monster took a bullet. I would literally destroy countries with the amount of rage that would cause. I can feel my blood boiling just thinking about it.

        Please take note and make this a lesson to you. I have a rule


        Always B Carrying. It’s your duty to protect your family, friends, and fellow man in any situation that may arise.

        you say that you are preppers. Are you prepared to attempt to take a life, possibly ending yours in to protect your family? It’s clear that these people were not prepared for it. If they were then this could have had a better ending.

        not even trolling today because of the severity and sensitivity of this. Finx will be back at his regular trolling self tomorrow.

        • GTF outta here – you are a slimy low life weasel

      90. Outlawing guns saying it will prevent crime is like outlawing all Penises to prevent rape. It’s friggin’ ridiculous! This wack job also had homemade tear gas/inciniary devices too; possibly made from household chemicals….are they going to outlaw all of those too? What if the guy came in with a samurai sword and hack them all to pieces…are they going to outlaw all bladed weapons? These idiots in Washington all have security details…we happen to be our own. They all have screwed us and taken us for granted for years now stripping away one freedom after another…I say NO MORE!!!

        • Are they going to outlaw….?





          Just ask the Europeans. They were coerced into giving up EVERYTHING. …even the right of self defense with common household items. I’m told that in Britain, in particular, you’re not allowed to posess a “weapon” and will go to jail if you do. When you pick up a stick and attempt to use it as a weapon for self defense you then violate that weapons law and they will haul you off to jail.

          Burt? Can you confirm this asinine behaviour? I’m thinking of your wasp spray and how you’d be treated if you used it in Britain, proper…

      91. He should be shot by firing squad. Piers Morgan is talking about weapons control. Like many others have said if someone had a gun, it would not have been so bad.

        • JL, if he feels unsafe let him return to London where he belongs.

          • Londonistan

      92. Greetings Everyone!
        I used to disapprove of C.Carry type of guns.But times have changed and so have I.I would have put this story down to a “nutcase”,but…..
        None of it adds up to one.Killing and wounding so many and they let him LIVE? He didn’t RESIST?For a collage student he was very well “set up” to commit mayhem.Major layers of home “defenses” in the Apt.?.And MOST surprising of all,Cops responding in a timely fashion?
        I know things are falling apart world-wide,but this?To me it appears that the whole thing was “prearranged” by some major PTB.I find it hard to believe a “hard studying student getting good grades” spent the major amount of time necessary AND large sums of money to do this ALL alone.Something in this we’re NOT being told by the “news-corps”.There’s a strong whiff of “covering up their tracks” by the authorities,both local and otherwise.It looks like(to me)that someone planned this whole thing well in ADVANCE,AND used some form of mind control drugs to induce such behavior(if needed).”Total” Crazies don’t do things in such a well-organized fashion.Crazy mad-dog Governments and certain VERY mad dog middle eastern religions do.Very,very much so by either one.Seems Satan has been getting very busy as this wicked system reaches it’s conclusion.
        I could be wrong,but I doubt it very much.
        Best to All,
        Hope you have what you need this night.

      93. I take it that none of you preppers go and watch movies. I guess you are all saving the money for more paracord hehe.

        *thread hijack*
        The reason why preppers are important to society is because you all act as “nature reserves” for important foods. I am sure many of you have non GM modified seeds.

        I absolutely cringe at the thought of goverment controlling the food supply but allowing the public access only to seedless crops.

        I urge as many of you as possible to keep non GM modified stuff.

        *thread hijack off*

      94. Its been 24 hours.

        I find it compelling the FBI could land a 100 agents in the area within 6 hours, but we have no motive here a day later. The media is currently alluding to a mental case like in AZ. Here is the problem with that presentation: crazy people (mental break downs) don’t historically lead people into 60 days of preparations and planning which this shooter did. Sorry but mental collapse usually creates a spontaneous effort and this wasn’t spontaneous. Also crazy folks don’t go the effort of wiring up their home to kill more first res ponders.

        24 hours later no facebook page. How many college kids have no face book page, and especially those from CA. 24 hours and no link to anything political? Really? Tea Party – you know the left wants to blame them. How about OWS? Look it up in Colorado, and note that OWS is huge in Colorado / Denver area. No lists with names though. College students were far more likely to be part of the OWS then Tea Party. Maybe neither one, maybe a lone wolf as being presented, but its hard to imagine no agenda here.

        • Nooone noticed the witness saying he went out the exit..he returned by exit..

          • Jay jay it was said he propped the door open when he left, not unusual, but the thing that made me just want to punch someone was an attorney on TV saying the theater should be liable since they didn’t have “something” that noticed the door was used and held open. OMG.

      95. Any of you know how many people are killed by drunk drivers in a 24 hr period in the US EVERYDAY??? Statistics point out that 2 people die EVERY HOUR, And on average, 48 people die in a 24 hr period!!
        In Texas, the record stands at 170 people in a 24 hr period!!
        But we NEVER hear anyone calling for a ban on whiskey, beer, wine, etc!! This is a game to the gun control freaks…while we pray for the victims of tragedies like this shooting…the liberal gun haters are rubbing their hands together in glee, hoping that this will be the one that will finally give them what they’ve been hoping for!!

        • I got one for you all. Do you know how many drone strikes in Pakistan authorized by the POS in the Whitehouse, that has mistakenly killed innocent children? SsHHHHH, says the MSM.

        • yes we did hear that call…it was called the

          18th amendment it Established prohibition of alcohol (repealed by Twenty-first Amendment)ratified December 18, 1917 repealed January 16,1919

          If the second amendment is repealed it wont be comming back. Then you can kiss the rest of the whole constitution goodbye.

      96. A question??
        Question: How does an unemployed medical student afford $20,000 in weapons gear?

        If you start to look at the really big picture here, the obvious question arises: How does an unemployed medical student afford all the complex weapons gear, bomb-making gear, “flammable” booby trap devices, ammunition, multiple magazines, bullet-proof vest, groin protection, ballistic helmet, SWAT uniform and all the rest of it?

        A decent AR-15 rifle costs $1,000 or more all by itself. The shotgun and handgun might run another $800 total. Spare mags, sights, slings, and so on will run you at least another $1,000 across three firearms. The bullet-proof vest is easily another $800, and the cost of the bomb-making gear is anybody’s guess. With all the specialty body gear, ammunition, booby-trap devices and more, I’m guessing this is at least $20,000 in weapons and tactical gear, much of which is very difficult for civilians to get in the first place.

        • I was thinking the same thing. Weapons, ammo, ballistic gear, decent looking car, apartment. No job. Whats up. Who was his “enabler”?

          • Inadvertently the US taxpayer, I’m sure. A hellova note.

          • Credit cards? … I doubt that he intended to pay off the charges.

        • He more than likely put it on a credit card,knowing it would not be payed anyway.Just a hunch.

      97. Defend your right to own a gun, whilst what has happened in Aurora is an unbearable tradegy and my heart goes out to all the families who have lost a loved one or who has had a loved one injured in this nightmare. Do not let your government take away your right-to-bear-arms.

        Following the Dunblane massacre here in the UK the government banned the ownership of guns, excluding shotguns, since that ban gun crime in the UK has increased. Nearly every week we have a fatality involving a gun.

        If they take away your right to own guns then the only people left with guns will be the criminals. This is evident in cities like New York and Chicargo. Someone should ask Mayor Bloomberg why, in a city where guns are banned, New York has so much gun crime.

        • John

          I agree wholeheartedly

          Take care

      98. It should tell you everything you need to know about the true nature of liberals that when innocent people die… they only see it as an opportunity to advance their totalitarian agenda.

      99. I doubt I would take my weapon to a movie but now I will think twice. As a CCP holder, I find myself carrying more and more. I would not hesitate to pull it if warranted. Also, I know how to use it. Thanks to the military…

      100. the problem with our society is that we have been raised with a “let the ‘professionals’ handle it” mentality… regardless the issue, we have been brainwashed into thinking that every aspect of life requires an issue specific trained individual to sort it out… education of children/public school, emotional stress/shrinks and meds, crime/police… while there are time and place for all the various “professionals”, there are times when Johnny Q should be ABLE AND READY to “stand in the gap”, if you will, to handle things when they need handled, vis. the above mentioned internet cafe incident… unfortunately the emphasis has been to blow negative incidents out of proportion by politicians and the media in collusion while making Johnny Q look needy and inept… “American Individualism” would say, “I don’t have to put up with this, I will do something about it.” if armed, then there would come the attempt to stop a rampaging murderer… we’re not thinking, doing, caring Americans any longer, we’re sheeple, being led – ALLOWING AND WANTING ourselves to be led – down a path of serivtude and subservience… “aaaahhh, let someone else do it… let the professionals handle things”… meanwhile in this case, people die and overall, more of our freedoms die…

        i am armed, i will not run. i will not surrender.


        Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged
        His behavior doesn’t add up
        Holmes was clearly provided with exotic gear
        Mystery man Holmes has no background
        Question: How does an unemployed medical student afford $20,000 in weapons gear?

        • bugged the shit out of me too..something just dont add up here

        • How does an unknown, poorly documented community organizer become President?

      102. Why did my post appear in the middle, and not last as submitted??

        • strange i know, its happened to me too

      103. Yes: but the point is: THEY DIDN’T.

        In the most heavily armed society on the planet, NO ONE returned fire.

        You think more guns are the solution when all of the years of lax gun laws and open ownership failed to prevent this massacre? – and everyone similar to it?

        Why is it that the murder rate in the US is 10 times similar countries, when the only difference is the gun laws, if “guns don’t kill people”.

      104. Here in the UK we have some of the tightest gun laws in the world and it DOES NOT prevent the criminal element in society from acquiring firearms. With regards to the gunman being an unemployed medical student if its the same in the U.S. the time, the effort and the money it takes to qualify as a doctor to come out the other end with no job prospects, no hope for the future and a whole heap of debt (while Im not condoning his actions in any way) maybe this is a sign of where we’re headed. My thoughts are also with the victims and their families.

      105. remember all we honestly have to stand up for our 2nd admendment. If canada has bans its soon we will too unless we fight for our rights. We know Obama has never been a fan of guns in anytime of his life. We have to not surrender our weapons ever and not just say this we must do it regardless of the outcome. We are not against government but corrupt government big difference and confused or idiot liberals who think they can kill a baby but not defend yourself with a weapon. DOn’t ever give up when the heat is on, we all must ban together around this country and let them know it will be the biggest mistake the the already biggest mistakes that have made. Things are changing quickly and we must do this and not just say it even if your life could be in the sights of another weapon.

        • Right. “Compromise” has gotten us where we are today. I’ve heard people fron the gun ban crowd brag that they can give up 80% of what they are demanding, and will win anyway. Watch how they rabidly defend against any attempt to curtail abortion. They knoe how incrementalism works because they live it every day.

      106. Ive gave it thought and dont think that the UN treaty will effect us I really dont. its too quickly when obamas numbers are going down to win votes. He has to try and steal as many white votes as possible and He knows there are liberals who own guns that if he banned them that would seal the deal to take a small percentage of liberals that could vote for him. I could be wrong and they know that obama cannot get relected by the numbers but not telling us on msm and he will try to do this. But thank god and I mean that, we have a GOP house that would stop this. if we had all house senate and lying obama whos a traitor would ram a new gun ban and im not going to say assult becasue they drives me nuts thru. thank god we still have people in this country who are not complete morons or gay racial,sue happy,deadbeats or welfars. Not a gay hater just not a supporter.

        • You’re dreaming. The Small Arms Treaty is aimed squarely at the US. Even if it does not make it through the Senate, which I’d wager it will anyway, it will be used via EO, and bereaucratic regulation.

      107. Really makes me take another look at how I have slacked off at routinely carrying a concealed carry gun. Just taking a gun on vacation, or into a rough neighborhood is not enough. I’ve got to “put my money where my mouth is” if I really believe that we are safer by bearing arms. Really feel bad for those families that lost someone! This could be a real “wake-up call” for many of us. It is for me. Great article! Great website!

      108. Got to be more faithful about carrying a concealed gun. Even my 380 in the pocket would be better than none. Nobody can predict when they might need it! You may stay out of “bad neighborhoods” but sometimes the “bad neighborhood” comes to you. I feel bad for the relatives of those killed in thos massacre. It’s sure a wake up call for me.

      109. Mac, this was an excellent article and made a point that not a lot of people would care to print, though they might be thinking the same thing. With all of the armor the shooter was wearing it might have been difficult for one man to take him out, but it might have been enough to slow him down and then others could tackle the guy and control him. Obviously this was a planned attack, not a random act of violence. I’m probably more liberal than many of the people that come to shtfplan, but I believe people ought to be able to own guns and know how to use them effectively and safely. Why do these loonies have to take out innocent people? If they want to take the pipe, just do it and leave others alone. I can’t imagine the anquished sorrow the families and friends of the victims are feeling right now. As always, whether it’s a violent assault, a political “deal” or a bank taking obscene profits from crooked transactions, it’s the innocent that suffer. Courage, strength and peace to all the people who suffered at the hands of this man. And please, let’s not give hime three hots and a cot for the next 60 years. How do you rehab someone like that? We’re all in this together. Misneach, fianna.

        • if your liberal i give you credit to be able to talk to others without getting down or smearing others on here. I used to be liberal but not any longer, I do agree with abortions at the very early stage not weeks weeks later, like rapped victims or really dumb innocent girs or women who might of got drunk and did a good thing. you get the point but GOP far right as you can ger for freedom and 1/2 the regulations right now we have. I do believe anything should be legal as long as you dont hurt others

      110. Is anyone but me thinking this is a possible Manchurian Candidate incident?

        • Just FYI, this event was exactly 13 years and 3 months after the Columbine massacre, which was only about 10 miles, as the crow flies, away. Columbine was April 20, 1999, Batman July 20, 2012.

        • he was obviously well funded
          how does a college student own a nice car, have a decent apartment, pay tuition for a masters degree, and go for a PhD..and still have enough money to buy that kind of gear and explosives?

          something very very fishy here

          oh and to add to it..the cops and FBI are there within minuets?

          100 Fibi agents..and 200 cops..someone else needs to be investigating this other than our government and police depts.
          i smell a rat

          • Student Loans!

            The only thing I find fishy is that no motive is out and I don’t buy “crazy.” “Crazy” doesn’t plan like this, and this guys been preparing for this act for 60 days according to their statements (media). Why don’t they want us to know his motive? Working on how to spin it?

        • More like MK Ultra like I mentioned in an earlier post.

      111. BS. I don’t buy this idea that if one person had a pistol on their hip they could have taken this guy out.

        It was a dark theater, full of tear gas. The killer was dressed in head to toe BLACK, with body armor. You can’t hit what you can’t see.

        You John Waynes who think you would have capped this guy are nuts.

        • anyone on here ever hear of a lazer sight or flashlight on their carry weapon? huh?

          I have both on my 45 and if this dirt bag would have walked up my isle and been picking off individuals he would have been distracted by who he was aiming at, and thats when the red dot would have showed up on his forehead, and the killing would have stopped

          • and to top it off, tactically i would be laying on my back aiming up at his after my 225 grain bullet ripped thru his wouldnt hit anyone else because no one is 25 feet would be headded for the ceiling


            dont tell me what i cant do, when in training..ive already done it, repeditavely with very satisfactory results

            • Well said.

            • 225 grain bullet is a big bullet, lol I dont he would even have a skull after that shot.

          • According to sources he was wearing a K pot, throat armor protector, vest and groin protection. He according to sources put out tear gas too.

            Audie Murphy and Alvin York would have had their hands filled with this SOB.

      112. The tile of this article seems to be placing some of the blame for this tragedy on the unarmed moviegoers. This whole article is an exercise in intellectual dishonesty.

      113. The comments hereunder not withstanding, I am sorry to say that under these circumstances, the ability of one concealed weapon carrying moviegoer to drop this madman is totally unrealistic. A handgun vs an AR-15 wielded by the shooter decked out in body armor?

        Sorry, this premise falls flat on it’s face. 2nd Amendment Rights advocates, of which I am one, fall flat on their faces propounding on this theory.

        • Wouldn’t you have at least had a chance to fight back?

        • A bullet to his face he’d be down…dont know how you shoot but I hit what Im “looking” at,dont need to “aim”,was taught that method as a kid by a couple old time shooters and its always worked,sure it was a bad situation but there seems to be a few of you here who cant shoot straight and think no one else can and/or you think nobody here or out there in society in general has ever shot some punk in the face,lots of old vets and others have had to stop a well armed person in a fight and have done it,the fact is that taking the guns/weapons away from people only leads to ther death/enslavement,the founders knew this as well as every two-bit hoodlum tyrant in history…sad after only a couple centuries the nation forgots the lessons the founders learned the hard way…even worse are those people who are willfully ignorant of the truth,when they know better!

        • I think a carefull shot to the forehead by some CCW owner is probably wishful thinking, but just returning fire without hitting him means the attacker is going to shift his focus, duck and weave, and may even kill himself. Current police training now teaches to engage active shooters immediately, no waiting for backup, because once engaged the cowards quit, run, hide, or commit suicide.

          So, no, the theory doesn’t fall flat on it’s face. It’s valid as far as it goes. Fight back and live, cower and die, is the true premise.

      114. Colorado has CCW. I suspect that most CCW users are middle age or older. The demographic that goes to midnight violent movies is younger and less wise. Most malls and theaters ban CCW use because their insurance carriers tell them to. The courts have ruled that the police cannot arrest you for violating the mall rules but they can make you leave. You are responsible for your own safety. Not the police.

      115. I just finished reading Mathew Bracken’s novel called “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” and the Plot is EXACTLY this scenario, except in his book, the lone, white, aged 20 to 40, White man used an SKS to massacre people in a stadium at a football game. Then the politicians pass a Gun ban, laws, set up check points, etc..etc. Its eerie how much the same this story is to this book. I highly recommend that book to everyone. Its so interesting, I couldnt put it down. A group of Patriots who are being set up go on the offensive and take out a bunch of the Anti gun politicians. READ IT! GOD BLESS EVERYONE!! The 2nd Amendment is the line in the sand!!

      116. I was up pretty late last night by my standards and something kept bothering me about this shooting and hoped some on here could give me their perspective.

        This guy gets a phone call. Comes back armed with complete disregard for anyone’s life. Then completely surrenders passively and forewarns the police of his wired appt. That is a 180 degrees from the actions he just took in the theater. We went from complete disregard of life to exhibiting compassion for the police’s life. Why wouldn’t he just continue to take lives and allow the police to go into a rigged appt. It can’t be about punishment because he is going away for hundreds of years if not permanently.
        There are rumors floating around about him being part of the occupy crowd that dresses in black and wants to start riots with police. This again confuses me as to the warning to agents going to search his appt.
        I am getting concerned for the safety of the witness’ at this point. I am worried that they may begin dissappearing as well.
        Also I read on ATS where someone predicted this happening. Something about the occult and symbolism. It is entirely over my head and I stay away from that kind of stuff. But unsettling non the less.

        Anyone’s opinion on what may have caused this is appreciated.

        • SaddleUp, I also find that the 2 extreme behaviors particularly odd: violent terrorism with a ‘kill switch’ to total passivity.

          Maybe we’ll learn he’s a wannabe Mad Doktor who invented a chemical to switch from normal to killing-machine, then back again.

          Evil seeks fame no matter the cost. “The ends justify the means.”




        EYE FOR AN EYE..

        • the realist


          More often than not nuts like this commit suicide at the end of their rampage. Your correct that with his attire of body armor, K pot helmet, gas mask, groin and throat protection this madman would have absorbed handgun fire for some time.

          Sometimes things happen and there ain’t a damn thing your going to effectively do to stop it. The one window was the pause between weapons. If one survived the initial attack unwounded and was close enough, fast enough and lucky enough maybe, just maybe a very accurate shot or tackle might have ended this with less people killed.

          It’s really difficult to defend yourself from someone that is willing to die or at a minimum guaranteed get caught.

        • I agree smoke him in the parking lot. This is refered to as an accidental discharge for L E, I believe.

      118. Even the non-prepping crowd is jumping on this one. The topic of conversation over cocktails with friends addressed this same issue: one person, with a gun and skill, could have prevented or at least mitigated the damage during this massacre.

        The key is in training, practice, and of course obtaining a concealed license. Which reminds me, I need to get back to the range soon.


      119. I guess the theatres will bring in the TSA for some pat-downs before entering now.

        Gun-free zones: ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.

      120. Quote
        But, as we’ve seen countless times – in the UK,…. when you ban guns, violent crimes (gun crimes in many cases!) actually increase
        End Quote

        I don’t know where you get your facts about the UK from, but homicides have fallen over here, mainly, as the article below states, due to a drop in domestic violence.

        I don’t begrudge you having guns, but I do object to you portraying the UK being over run by gun toting criminals.

        I would rather live here during hard times without a gun, than in the USA with a gun.

        It seems like nobody is a winner in Chicago despite the prevalence of guns.

        Sometimes the logic in favour of gun ownership defeats me…

        • Eddy

          With what the UK did in Ireland in the first part of the 20th century it’s very understandable why they wanted a disarmed citizens, oops subjects. That mowing down defenseless civilians including women and children in India with aimed fire from 303 Enfield rifles shows just what civilized England will do to maintain power.

          We in the US have a Second Amendment because of the uncivilized behavior of the British government upon it’s Colonial subjects.

          “Sometimes the logic in favour of gun ownership defeats me…”

          Look up JPFO. Take note of the 55+ million murdered by their own governments in the 20th century. All governments that disarmed their population did not at a later date execute them but all that did execute them first disarmed them.

          The amount of people killed with a rifle of any type including semi auto rifles (misnamed assault rifles) account for roughly 350 per year or a tad less then a one in a million chance. Not much of a concern from a citizen safety standpoint compared to all the preventable causes of death it’s virtually insignificant.

          You feel safer in the UK unarmed when the SHTF? If your fellow subjects don’t get you the track record of your governments treatment of it’s own subjects raises a cause of concern for the reasonably prudent.

      121. maybe its time to return to the old west, where everyone carried a gun and the people had respect for other… unfortunetly we are the ones who have allowed these things to happen because we have let our kids have less restraints then we did and our parents let us have less restraints then they did… all this has been a snowballing affect of wanting to give the next genertion a better chance at life then the previous generation had and not one of us have stopped to concider the reprocutions of our actions… there is not one parent on this site that hasnt wanted better for their kids and relaxed the rules that we grew up with, thus by giving more so called freedom to our kids….. so we are all guilty of the problems in society today…. think it thru people…… now i will wait for the negitive comments

        • right on Deano you and I agree on many points here see my earlier remarks and I will now make a prediction>>this guy won’t make it to trial wait and see PEACE

      122. Does anyone connect these staged attacks to funding???
        Think about it.
        Hmmmm…terrorist attack at twin towers(yes, I know the truth, but for sake of argument)
        Shoe bomber
        Underwear bomber
        Senator shot/judge killed(we all know why he was killed)

        These would give rise to concern and SOME of the RIGHT people could get many billions to keep the streets safer.

      123. Amen Mac!

        If it were like the old West and everyone had a gun, this wouldn’t have been an issue.

        Unfortunately, I am sure they will use this event to crack down on law abiding gun owners.

        It is a sad, sad, time that we live in…

        • yep we could kill all of the scum and bad people that do harm to others good point!

      124. The media should discuss whether or not this guy has a history of taking anti depressant pharmaceuticals. Columbine kids and many other mass killers have that common thread.

      125. what this event should be telling all people is..its time to arm yourselfs…Now!

      126. 1) You seriously think one average person with a side-arm has any chance going up against someone with an AR15/Armor/gas mask in enclosed space full of tear gas, then you are an idiot.

        2) the odds that not a single person in that theater has a firearm in their possession is pretty tough for me to believe considering CO’s laws.

        3-5 armed civilians could have possibly taken him down, anything less would have only been a momentary diversion.

        • yes i agree to that but i think even 2 could of and depends how har back they are to the shooter and also if he was weaing kevlar or only a tactical carrier, meaning to carry mags, storage etc. Im not so sure he had kevlar but I could be very wrong. we are hearing from the media but they make tactical vests automatically kevlar bullet proof jacket, but on flip side the news said he had protective collar, legs protectors so maybe he did, but gnice3d user I do agree to that.

        • gnice3d,

          Even with body armor he could have been stop with a single bullet to the chest.. A 45 cal to the chest hitting body armor will knock anybodys ass to the ground.I won’t go through but it will put you down..


          • DPS

            Aim for his face and hope you hit him. There is no sense seeking cover because you have no effective cover; fire and close the distance. A solid hit to the K Pot or throat with a heavy bullet like a .45 ACP should ring his bell for a potential KO.

            One would need to be very very lucky on the most unlucky day of you life. That being said the only worse thing then dying is dying with a holstered weapon.

      127. But I do agree that scumbags like Bloomberg will use this as a way to further their agenda… Just saying one person against this kid in these circumstances would just gotten mowed down.

      128. Something is rotten in Denmark…

      129. john q public and cocopuff crackhead: i agree the colorado tradgedy has false flag written all over it and i support the 2A as much as anyone else on this forum, but PLEASE stop the antijewish rhetoric. although there are SOME jews in the antigun movement, SOME jews who have pushed through antigun legislation in congress in the past,SOME jews pushing the NWO agenda, it’s primarily GENTILES AND OTHERS pushing for all this crap. anyone who comes for my guns, i don ‘t care what your ethnic origin is, be ready to give up your own life. my grandfather was us army, 42nd infantry division in ww2; his outfit took part in the liberation of Dachau. when i was only 10, he broke down and told me what found there; his story just blew me away. all of us in this country, regardless of race, gender, etc. are going to be targets when tshtf. i just wish all the nazi types would just go away. take care and keep prepping.

      130. this case has some real red flag issues. first, he was wearing gear head to toe…no one could actually see his face now could they? Why tear gas being dispeased ibn a dark movie theater? The shooting happened at the same time as an action scene in the mocie to confuse the audienace. People reort more than shooter. Cops find man sitting in car, equipment abamabdoned outside. This stinks to high heaven…why create that much confusion, hide your face and then just wait for police? Makes no sense unless there was more than 1 shooter. The man had to prop the door open from inside to get back into the theater. How come the fire alarm did not go off? No, this case has false flag and more than one shooter….meaning you would need more than 1 armed citizens to fight back. At least two to fight back in this case and still a half dozen would be injured or killed. This was a military style attack on unarmed citizens that would require a military response by armed citizens. Get ready folks…They did this for a reason.

        • Good points.

      131. So the theater where the recent Colorado killings occurred just happens to be a disarmament “gun-free” zone. How “gun-free” was it really? This is exactly why America’s Founders acknowledged an individual’s God-given right to self-defense by bearing arms in the Second Amendment. Too bad that so many people have died disproving the liberal, marxist ‘politically correct’ brain-fungus known as illegal, unConstitutional disarmament – oops, I mean “gun control”.

        My heart goes out to the victims and their families but how many more disarmed Citizens will die before the People wake up and acknowledge the inherent right to self-defense? Since this was private property with such a ban, we must boycott these “gun-free” disarmament zones!

        • The weenies will cry that there should be more and larger signs on the doors.

      132. One question no one in the media want to ask…where did he get the thousands of dollars to buy all the ammo, materials to make the booby traps, the weapons, the gas mask and ballistic armor??? He was a full-time student in the process of dropping out. Two words: Manchurian Candidate? Jus’ sayin’

      133. You all know how safe Switzerland is, right? Google “Swiss gun laws” (I’ll paste below too). How is it that the Swiss have more guns, and less crime? I’ll tell you why: It’s the destruction of the family (thanks, radical feminists and gays). Here’s what Wikipedia says

        “If you were a Swiss man, you would be a soldier as well. Every able-bodied Swiss man must go to the army in Switzerland for 90 days (Rekrutenschule-Ecole de recrue) and then every 2 years until the age of 42, he must return for practice for 19 days. This allows the government to raise an army of 400,000 men, fully armed, within 24 hours, as every soldier has an assault gun in his house, complete with ammunition. But there is more to this than a picturesque democratic institution.”

        “Each individual is required to keep his army issued personal weapon (the 5.56x45mm SIG 550 rifle for enlisted personnel or the SIG 510 rifle and/or the 9mm SIG-Sauer P220 semi-automatic pistol for officers, medical and postal personnel) at home with a specified personal retention quantity of government issued personal ammunition (50 rounds 5.56/48 rounds 9mm…)

        • Switzerland has high employment due to it’s manufacture of ultra high quality goods untouched by the developing worlds high output / lower quality manufacturing. That coupled with a law abiding culture that severely limits immigration surely helps.

          Civilian gun ownership can result in a Somalia or a Switzerland depending upon the wealth and people. It’s seen on a smaller scale within the US looking at the inner city verses other areas where firearm ownership/use is higher.

          There are many variables that have input into crime. The availability of legal firearms neither adds or subtracts very much to the overall rate. If the people are law abiding the amount of guns does not matter and it they’re not law abiding guns may help protect those that are but the non law abiding population will commit robbery and murder regardless.

          One constant with non white collar crime is poverty. There are honest law abiding poor people but generally once the income goes below the “comfort zone” the rate of crime increases. Unfortunately things are very likely to get quite “uncomfortable” for quite a long time.

      134. Teddy Kennedy’s cars have killed more people than the guns of 99.999% of gun owners in America

      135. This was before the shooting, but shows just how utterly clueless the left is (and how life is always so cheap under the left)

        Mark Penn, Democratic strategist and former chief strategist for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, compared President Obama’s current situation to the aftermath of the 1994 “Republican Revolution.” Penn noted that it took the Oklahoma City bombing in order for President Clinton to “reconnect” with the American people. He followed that by saying President Obama needed a “similar event” to achieve that reconnection.

        Isn’t that a brilliant comment? Imagine what the media would do if Sarah Palin said that/ Personally, Mark, he’ll connect better with me if follows Jimmy Carter and takes a hike after November. You know, take a looooong vacation with Michelle-Marie Antoinette Obama

      136. Well, considering the shooter was covered head to toe in body armor, it’s hard to say how successful a moviegoer with a pistol would have been in taking him down…

        • check out the 7.62×25 will eat up level 3+A.

      137. We have one hope if we are to gain control of our country. Vote out every incumbent. As for President we have the same choice as we had before, the worst of the worst to choose from. Same as last time in 2008. Vote for neither and those who vote will get their way. What a sh@t hole situation we are in. I don’t know the answer but know what has been going on is not working. I am sick of the entire thing. We are constantly at war in places that does not matter, we are allowing everyone to be dependent on the government and punish anyone who trys to go it alone. For the Love of God some one tell me how we the bastion of democracy owes the communist Chinese more than any other creditor. WTF!!! I don’t even know how many billions are in a trillion but say every state was in debt 20 billion dollars that is only 100 billion dollars. Where the hell did the 15 trillion that we are in debt go? Again WTF??? Some thing is very wrong here and some thing very serious has to take place to right the ship as they say. Anyone have any ideas?

        • There are 1,000 billions to a trillion. 20 billion for each state’s debt as you posit is a trillion dollars, not 100 billion.

      138. I still dont think he had kevlar on, I think he was wearing only a tactical carrier vest for mags, pockets storage etc. I could be very wrong but Im watching abc which I lost respect for and would of not known how far left abc news is, saying he was wearing armor head to toe, we will find out soon how stupid the media has thrown out misleading info on this guy and bam they have already targeted in on high capacity mags, if you have a chance to get larger than 10 round buy them as soon as you can because anything else or another shooting with these guns will spark more gun control. Plus the gun on the news with the ar-or ak not sure which cant remember the video had a large capacity gun will continue to rob banks and sooner or later he is going to have a shootout. in 94 the assult ban allowed you to own them if it was made before 94 but NY would not allow it and get caught with a magazine round of larger than 10 and your a felon, but now the larger mags are stamped with dates so no you cant get arrested for that. I dont know how it works for NY and CA so your states could be very different but call and ask people that know and not confused cops find out the real laws and when they ban them, I wouldnt listen to the dumb asses. we have a right that the left wants to strip! control on us for everything. this is not america.

      139. I have tried for years to get my wife to understand my desire to carry my gun. She is anti-gun to the core. Has always made it clear that she didnt want the guns in the house. She said she would feel safer if they were not in the house. THis morning she asked me what she had to do to get a gun permit and what size she could safely carry. This is a good thing, but it is a sign of how worried people are starting to get. I think the number of preppers in this country is going to go from 1% to 2% real quick. When people like me start carrying guns and prepping, that isnt no big deal, but when people like my wife start thinking that way something is definitly wrong.

      140. How are we in debt if we print our own money?

        • It’s crazy huh?

          The Federal Reserve (A Private institution, essentially) prints the money… then, they LEND it to the US government at interest…

          And the debt goes on…

      141. What are the odds:
        – Gun Ban Bloomberg’s former head of NYC police Intelligence, Dan Oates, is chief of police for little Aurora Colorado.
        – Chief Oates has a gun ban dream of a shooting in his town out of all the towns in the country.
        – The shooting happens just before ratification of a UN gun ban treaty.
        – A broke unemployed student was able to spend 10’s of thousands of dollars on his gear. Even credit cards go only so far.
        – The shooter was able to obtain enough supplies to make 30 hand grenades etc without suppliers flagging the purchases.
        – The alarm on the fire door didn’t work and the shooter was able to re-enter that way.

      142. The laws are only legit if they have the consent of the governed…I for one do not give my consent to any thing or any body to disregard my Bill of Rights….they are God given and not to be taken by man…they are my line in the sand and will be defended as such…may many more of you share my thoughts and deeds…if it comes to being

      143. The fact that banning guns will eventually increase crime, is it wrong to think thats actually what the govt wants. I mean it seems to me like a good way to keep tabs on everyone.

      144. Fictional story: Circa July 1800; Idiot walks into crowded theater and opens fire on innocent patrons. 1 person is wounded. 114 patrons return fire. Idiot dies before hitting the ground. Never happens again because only an idiot would do such a thing. If only America of 2012 had the government it did in 1800.

      145. I Can not make this any clearer, the right of the people to KEEP and BEAR arms “shall NOT be INFRINGED.”

        Do these gun ban happy people know or care what the definition of the word “infringed”? Do you? do you care?

        That means that ANY restriction, assault ban,permit system,gun free zone,or any of the other “reasonable” restriction fly directly in the face of those concrete words in the second amendment.

        Even the most ardent pro gun person I talk to is conditioned to accepting that needing a ccw to carry their handgun is just fine or a full auto ban is ok because nobody needs one of those. That may be so but if that is the true will of the people then pass an amendment to the second amendment to say no full auto and you need a ccw to carry a gun concealed. Until then it is just as unconstitutional as a full gun ban as far as the letter of the constitution goes.

        I have not seen the amendment that says unless they are a certain length or size or caliber or as long as you get a permit or only used for sporting purposes, have you? The only way any change no matter how reasonable it seems can be made to the second or any other amendment is to go though the constitutional process of adding an amendment to the constitution.

        A law passed in the middle of the night or slipped into some other bill so as not to be noticed can not trump the constitution, no matter what a transient supreme court might say.

        • so true no gun control what so ever 🙂 8 year olds with ak’s woot will be just like being back in eurasia Love it.

      146. One thing I did not know on Friday is that the mall that this movie theater was in was a “GUN/Weapons FREE ZONE”!!!! I hate to be a cynical prick here, but when the hell are people going to realize that they are not safe in these zones!!!! Almost all of the big killing sprees have taken place in “Gun/weapons free zones”. I for one refuse to patron any place that is complacent with taking away my God Given Right to self defense! Also I would like to comment on Diane Feinstein’s comments this last Sunday on Chris Wallace’s Fox News show. First off this woman has absolutely NO understanding of what the hell she is talking about. For starters both my wife and daughter use AR-15’s for hunting deer and coyotes. Also if I were a rancher out in Arizona, thanks to Eric Holder and Barack Obama,….a C-drum (100 round drum)magazine would be essential equipment if you had to fight drug dealers off of your land. It’s a right afforded by the 2nd Amendment, but right away the Liberals don’t want a crisis to go to waste and try to make political hay with it….that woman has no shame! If it wasn’t a “Gun Free Zone”, someone could have shot this idiot. This guy simply waltzed in and shot 60 people because he didn’t have to worry about anyone else with a gun going after him. He didn’t worry about the laws that make it illegal to murder someone else. What makes Diane Feinstein think that her or any other politician can fix this problem. Why not ban violent movies too???? Nope only concern is to get rid of the guns…..think this bitch has an agenda???? YYEEEEEPPPPP!!!!!!

      147. Not even the special swat team in the book Rainbow Six would have taken out this shooter during the rampage. Let’s put your LCPs and other mouse guns away and realize the 90 seconds of activity was chaos. Loud movie, smoke, muzzle flashes, Gun noise, crowed theater up running to get out. Who my dime store cowboys would you shoot? Your only chance would have been when he was done. The news would say you saved all the others but there would still be 70 shot and 12 killed. This was a get your family and friends and run moment I don’t care how much fire power was in your belt. I train for these high risk events and let me tell your going from code white watching a movie to code Red will shake the schummer out of you. You will be shaking so bad as a minimally trained CCW holder that shoots paper on the weekends that you could fire 100 rounds and never hit the offender. This was not the movies just at the movies. Strategic seating is your first goal in a movie theater. If something happens how can I get my family out? Good luck with reality, I carry a 45 with 3 extra mags, If I can’t I don’t go there. I avoid movies and concerts because of this. Be safe.

        • Yeah Uncle Bill,

          I have defended my family with my gun before and I have been under fire. Some of us do have the ability to block out the chaos in order to ACT. I’ve proven it, all be it in a different environment, but I know for a fact that I would have had a singular focus to take that guy out rather than leave it to friggin’ chance that I could get all my 4 kids and my wife out safely without getting shot in the back! You are right about one thing…shooting paper is different than shooting at live objects. That being said the Rainbow Six boys would have shredded this punk ass bitch and done it in no time flat. I happen to know a few guys like that and they have ice in their veins and they don’t take shit from anyone. They know how to box out the fear and take out the trash! Be careful not to paint everyone with the same broad brush; and just because you can’t do it doesn’t mean that others can’t!

          Semper Fi

      148. He was wearing body armor. It would be more appropriate to say five people could have prevented it. He also had the gas, and if he knew people were carrying guns, chances are he would’ve just set some incendiary bombs off at all entrances instead.

      149. Colorado is a “Shall Issue” state where a citizen in good standing is to be issued a Concealed Carry Permit for personel protection. It’s my understanding that this movie theater and it’s parent company policy was “No Guns Allowed”. So, the law abiding movie goer follows this policy. It would seem to me that if your policy make it impossible for me to be responsible for my personal safety, YOU the policy maker must then take FULL RESPONSIBILITY!!

      150. “One Moviegoer With a Gun Could Have Prevented 70 Innocent People From Being Shot”

        Well, if that isn’t a classic “well, no shit” moment that the gun-grabbing lefto-communists never ever considered, I do not know what would be.

      151. This article misses an important point. An armed citizen might not have been able to see because:
        1) It was dark in the theater.
        2) The shooter had released smoke or tear gas, further preventing vision.

        The danger of shooting even with a flashlight is a crowded theater unless one is close enough to make a clean shot.

        What to do?

        Attack. Move aggressively toward the shooter, possibly making a contact shot.

        Even unarmed adults could have jumped on the shooter. Risky, but fewer would have been hurt in the long run. We need to teach all citizens to attack into the ambush, just like in the military.

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