Once Cash Is Banned They Will Be Able To Force You To Buy Products: “Just Tax Their Excess Account Balance”

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    cash-banIn recent weeks we’ve seen numerous reports of how banks are actively working with governments to restrict cash usage. JP Morgan Chase, one of the world’s largest banks, has advised their customers that storing cash in their safe deposit boxes is no longer allowed – for your safety, of course. The new policy sounds ridiculous but makes complete sense when you consider that you would then be left with no other choice than to hold your money exclusively in your bank account, where the bank will simply charge you for the privilege of depositing your funds in their fine financial institution.

    Any normal working class individual would have the same reaction you’re problem having right now to this news: take your cash out of the bank. While that may sound like a great plan, it turns out that bank employees have been told by the government that they should be reporting to law enforcement officials any suspicious looking cash transactions, especially withdrawals, even if they are for just a couple of thousand dollars so that enforcement agents can then seize those funds.

    They want to ensure total control and by controlling your cash flow, they control you. It’s as simple as that. As noted below, the ideal situation for the world’s central bankers and governments is a total ban on cash transactions. It is, after all, the 21st century. Who needs cash when you have a debit card or phone payment systems?

    Plus, there’s terrorism to contend with and we all know that only terrorists, criminals and shady underworld types use cash.

    Moreover, in the event the President or other bureaucrat declares a financial crisis, the government can move with unprecedented speed to stabilize the system by simply compelling you to spend money to boost economic activity. And by “compelling” we mean forcing you through direct taxation and withdrawal of your funds.

    If their intentions are not yet obvious, then the following report from Zero Hedge should make it perfectly clear.

    At this stage, a sane person might be tempted to call it a day on the monetary experiments, especially considering that at this point, the limits have been reached. That is, there are literally no more assets to buy and rates have hit the effective lower bound where rational actors will eschew bank deposits in favor of the mattress. But not so fast, say folks like Citi’s Willem Buiter and economist Ken Rogoff: the world could always ban cash because if you eliminate physical currency and force people to use a debit card linked to a government controlled bank account for all transactions, you can effectively centrally plan everything. Consumers not spending? No problem. Just tax their excess account balance. Economy overheating? Again, no problem. Raise the interest paid on account holdings to encourage people to stop spending. So with Citi, Harvard, and Denmark all onboard, we bring you the latest call for a cashless society, this time from German economist and member of the German Council Of Economic Experts Peter Bofinger.

    Via Spiegel (Google translated):

    Coins and bills are obsolete and only reduce the influence of central banks. This position represents the economy Peter Bofinger. The federal government should stand up for the abolition of cash, he calls in the mirror…

    The economy Peter Bofinger campaigns for the abolition of cash. “With today’s technical possibilities coins and notes are in fact an anachronism,” Bofinger told SPIEGEL.

    If these away, the markets for undeclared work and drugs could be dried out. In addition, it would have the central banks easier to enforce its monetary policy.The teaching in Würzburg economics professor called on the federal government to promote at the international level for the abolition of cash. “That would certainly be a good topic for the agenda of the G-7 summit in Elmau,” he said. (Click here to read the full interview in the new mirror .)

    Even the former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers and economist pleaded for an end to the already cash . Likewise, the US economist Kenneth Rogoff . He also argued that the interest rates of central banks have less clout when banks or consumer credit rather than hoard cash.

    Critics warn, however , such debates would only distract from the real problems of the current monetary policy.

    The idea is that either you start spending your money like a good Patriotic American according to the rules and regulations, or the government would just take it from you and reappropriate it as they see fit.

    But such a thing could never happen in America – that the government could force a private citizen to purchase a product or service, or face financial penalties and even jail time – right?

    To answer this question we direct you to the Patient Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

    Besides, you don’t own that money you’re depositing at the bank anyway, because once you deposit those funds, according to new banking rules, you become a creditor to your financial institution and they can pretty much do whatever they want with what was formerly your money.

    We can see that governments around the world are feverishly working to marginalize cash and criminalize those who use it.

    Naturally, that will force those who prefer to keep their spending habits outside of the purview of prying government eyes to go underground. Currency mechanisms like gold, silver, food, medicine, Bitcoin blockchains and other bartererable trade goods may become the cash du jour should the trend continue.

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      1. Barter. Fuck their system

        • I’ve read about this in a book before . . . cash is banned, as is barter and all forms of buying and selling goods without their permission . . . let me see where did I read that? Oh yeah it was in Revelation.

          • Shooting them is illegal but we will all eventually have to do that too to survive.

            • Funniest thing. I have no cash at all
              and am poor as a church mouse, how is
              it I seem to not only survive, but thrive
              as well. My my, life sure is a mystery.

              • Anyone who has had the bank screw up their account will understand just how important having cash is.

                Imagine going to the teller machine and getting nothing but a message claiming that they cannot process your transaction.

                You attend the bank in person on Monday morning only to find out that federal regulators have flagged your account for suspicious activity and it will stay flagged until they get around to doing an investigation.

                With no money for food your kids go hungry. With no money for gas or even bus fare you lose your job. With no money to pay your bills or your rent/mortgage you end up on the streets, the whole time sensing that the issue is a matter of your political persuasion.

                Weeks later your account is unflagged without so much as an apology, but what of it. Your life is now in tatters anyway.

          • Indeed this is becoming a nightmare of biblical proportions.

            • I withdraw cash from both banks monthly, then I get cash back when using debit in grocery store. I’m stashing the cash, but direct deposits keep on coming from 401k, SS and other stock and bond dividends. Can’t seem to keep up, so the overflo goes into a crappy low interest svgs acct.. I refuse to use any credit or debit in stores that have been breached like Target and Home D. these stores may go out of biz if people are afraid to use bank cards shopping there if cashless is mandated. I use cash when shopping in breached stores as they can never really be trusted (one strike they’re out for me)Target can go to hell and shut down for all I care. We would then be under total dictatorship (corp fascism) if we went cashless. Flea mkts and other off the books jobs would hurt those trying to work on the side/supplement income. This country would be trashed big time if all this happens and I don’t want to be alive to see it.

        • Just starve the Host. Don’t buy shit from the system, no homes, no cars, no tablets, no iPhones, no plane trips etc. Just basic necessities. Let the system collapse.

          You know civilization is at the end game when criminals can think this shit up and make it law. 😉

          • I think that is going to be my angle, starve them buy refusing to buy their crap. Trade, grow it or make it yourself.

            I am glad I know a lot of do-it-yourself people.

          • Rodster: Good advice. Just the necessities including PMs and other barter items. In the mean time, it’s much better to deal with a local credit union. Screw the big banks, or any for that matter.

            • The big banks have the control. They are the ones that run wsshington. A small bank ceo told me the big banks will not fail because the fed will print money. The FDIC is there to insure depositors in the event of a failed bank. Trouble is, FDIC went from last year reserve of 50 billion. To 20 billion this year. It gives you that feeling that big banks will be the only ones around in a year. They already passed laws that you are no longer a depositor, but an unsecured creditor. What do you get in the end. Bank stock. Look it up yourself. When the bank goes away what are to do with the stock. I guess you won’t have to buy toilet paper for a week because that is the only value it will have. You only have to go a far as cypress, and see what their banking system did. And it’s coming to a bank near you.

        • Hey, I am ahead of the curve. Already have no cash. Barter on dudes!

        • Amen!

        • well, you can’t get gasoline that way ….

          • That what a hose and can are for.

        • Zero is right on. I Barter as much as possible. I keep my cash in bank under 1k and buy essentials for barter. We are getting close when the stock market hits all time highs and interest rates are at all time lows while no one is working! Lock and Load.

          Semper Fi

          Gunny O

      2. Where’s the problem here give onto ceaser what is his.this ones easy people will always find a medium of exchange. I have a dozen 12 gauge rounds #4 shot
        This should get me something to eat drink place to sleep etc. Gold silver I see it being used shortly afterward and then being worthless when real food water and medical services are hard to find. I see it being used again once things stabilize. And supply and trade routes start to open up.make no mistake folks read your bible GOD IS ON OUR SIDE. And if he be for us ;WHO? could stand against us.

        • John d
          Everything belongs to God… To heck with Caesar

          • Nothing belongs to any God, but for your allegience. In the end, the Mother Earth claims you and everythng else. Oops,, sounds like sound science again.

            • Same sound science that was sure the earth was flat? Even though the Bible declared thousands of years ago that it is round????

      3. In the end it will all come to a head, outcomes and conclusion. Their are those who think they can run you, the populace, and the world better, but in the end IMO, it will become a dog eat dog world?
        They no longer hide the contempt they have for the fellow human being, because they (the power elite) are far superior than you, me and everyone else.
        I say f*ck their thinking, because if they believe they are better, than lets get the show on the road.

      4. The question is though, how long until they can actually do it and what are the intermediate steps in between?

        I suppose checks won’t be the first to go. They’re not cash but they don’t allow instantaneous tracking either.

        Maybe the charges for cash deposits will become higher from the banks, kind of the reverse of what we saw decades ago where the cash price was lower than the card rate?

        Maybe a withdrawal charge if you want cash? Say greatly increased ATM fees for usage and cash withdrawal?

        My friends I think we still have a little time, and I intend to keep making the most of it while I can, though if anyone has any thoughts on markers to look for as we move toward total financial lockdown I would love to hear them.

        • Its all around you this is what I’ve been saying its so slow like a creeping cancer you can’t see it or feel it till its to late.

        • I don’t think it’s going to be. What’s the advantage to being the world money if it’s all digits. Don’t forget when the gov spends a $100 bill they make 99.90 on the deal

      5. just had an interesting conversation with a friend that sells at a so. cal gun show…sold some stuff(radiation detection, and “ebola kits”) to a colonel from the usaf, has 30 years in and retiring in a couple months. she is in the medical field, and says they have been moving stuff (medical supplies) around the country at a “furious pace”….they don’t tell her much, but she tells of U.S. sending vouchers to kids in border towns(tijuana,….and others?) telling them to hand over voucher once they get across the border, and they will be fed, housed, and medically taken care of. this girl said as soon as she gets out, the very DAY, she’s moving north….she suspects that ebola is among the threats we will face from these “mexicans”….she says they SUSPECT that terrissts will be infecting many near border towns with ebola, and then they will get to america for treatment…soon to become a FLOOD of ebola infected people invading america…i don’t know how much conjecture is included in these here writings, but i thought it was food for thought, worth passing along. two things struck ME,….furiously moving medical supplies, and her moving north the DAY she gets out of the air force……………party like it’s 1941, people!

        • Bcd,
          Definite food for thought, of all the ways things could go down, bio seems like the most efficient, and hardest to defend against…. Of all the scenerios of a shtf , this is the one that troubles me most, and it seems other scenerios seem to get more attention, something always deflects suspicion from a bio shtf, if i were a desperate crook i wouldnt want a head to head with us citizens,
          Just sayin


      6. RII:
        I agree, I do believe we have precious little time to make sure we are fully prepared as we can be, before this tips over.
        We have been getting “cash back” in small amounts from every single purchase we make for years.Over time,it does add up. That cash is what we use for precious metals, Au, silver, lead and brass purchases locally. Again, we stay grey and go in small amounts regularly.Nobody bats an eyelash at us either.
        Stay grey, avoid any advertising or limelight(social media) and always ask for the “cash discount”, majority of the time we get it too.

        • You are being data logged as you write this, everything you do online (purchases, forums, everything)is stored in data files to your name and IP address. This is why NSA needed that big building in Utah, they are profiling everyone ON THE PLANET who has a data trail. No one is looking at it now (they need an artificial intelligence to sort it out, humans can not do it) but when the time comes they will have all the information on each one of us they need. Embrace who you are, don’t hide from it, be proud and have faith in your beliefs, we all have to die sometime might as well be standing up for yourself.

      7. Are there other folks like me out there? The more someone tries to tell (or regulate) me to not do something, the more I WANT to do it. Or are more people okay with letting others be the controllers? CONTROL ISSUES are at the root of ALL of our problems today. Or, rather, it’s most people are too damn lazy to take control or be responsible for their own lives, and that has been programmed into us for a very long time. Or, maybe it’s not really laziness, just many years of very bad education and parenting. No matter how you look at it we’ve failed ourselves, individually and collectively. Beam me up anytime now Scotty.

        • The end of cash is the end of what little privacy or control you have. Revolt will be very very soon afterward.

      8. time to live off grid, be self sustaining, and get an underground bartering system going

        • Much easier said than done, if you plan to live a somewhat ‘modern’ life.

          We’ve set ourselves up to be fairly self sustaining, raising 75% or more of our daily food intake, all of our electricity, water, etc….but it STILL takes a lot of out sourcing of products, tools, energy, etc.

          Even 160 years ago, settlers up the Missouri river were importing all kinds of things (nails, shoes, foods, etc). I stopped into the recovered riverboat museum Arabia in Kansas City some years back….sank in 1856, and was a floating Walmart serving river customers all the way to Montana.

          Self sustainability is largely a myth.

          • Tn, the difference is that we have had a long time to prepare and store these items. What they had was what they could carry. I have enough hardware to build a fookin warehouse. same with food. Tools out the yang and all the rest. Pioneers had to rely on what they could carry, we don’t. BIG difference. Our place is a long way from any store and it is stocked accordingly!

            • Yeah…. I stock a LOT of hardware…..25lb buckets of nails, screws, etc, a whole room of just bolts/nuts/etc, drawers of plumbing/electrical fittings…Heck, I’ve got TWO spare Outback inverters and 3 80amp charge controllers (that’s $6k of spare hardware)…..but,just for example, have you ever noticed when something like the water line breaks, your PVC glue is dried up, or you don’t have that oddball 1″ to 1/2″ female threaded bushing ?

              Yeah, I know you can “A-Engineer” up a solution a lot of the time, and get by…but the more complicated you live, the more stuff there is to break.

      9. Got a letter from my health insurer, Blue Cross. They claim that they need to know the Tax ID numbers (a polite way to say social security number) for my spouse and dependents, in order to generate a proof of coverage letter for Obamacare in coverage in January 2016. This doesn’t really ‘prove’ coverage – but it does open up all kinds of tracking – by both the government and by insurers. Insurers can now get your IRS information, state exchanges can check your IRS information, the IRS can match you employment records to the employer that provides your health care, your health care can be assigned a ‘value’ by the insurer a d if you have a ‘Cadillac’ plan the IRS will be able to tax any plan above a certain value. Your children, who used to live in a ‘freedom zone’ outside of IRS tracking (at least until they got a job), can now be tracked to whomever is providing health care coverage. Your level of any government benefits can now be tied to the number of dependents you have, and try claiming a dependent you do not have health insurance for! While it has been possible for the government to collect data from your employer and link it to your SSN, this new invasion now ties you to a specific insurer(s), ties a value of that insurance to the IRS, and adds the ability of the government to track your children and spouse.

      10. Sure the bankers would like to stop the use of cash but i think the whole system will crash and burn before much longer.

        Please don’t burn the banks building when riots start because you will be burning useful homes, home that will be free and so will land so you won’t have to work like a slave to own a roof over your head, a roof that does not come with land tax.

        If i am wrong then let the bankers push it to the brink and see what a man does when he is hungry and cold because he has no digits in the bank.

        My guess is that a man will burn anything he can find to keep warm in winter and that includes building, sheds , anything

        • i lieKs lietin fieRs.

          • What have you just written????? It’s not even legible.
            These aren’t words, what are you saying?

      11. A friend married a woman from Belarus that lived through the dissolving of the USSR. Belarus was not directly part of the USSR but as a satellite nation Warsaw Pack Member with solid political / economic ties they felt the same social economic impact. She said people continued to work w/o being paid because they didn’t know what else to do. Everything became money but money and gold was the best currency along with rare USDs. She ate beets and potatoes for a year.

      12. This whole Debit card cashless system will be based on Computers.
        Computer systems are routinely hacked and the whole system could /will crash.
        They do not have the resources to implement and enforce this as the Economy goes down.

        • It’s possible the collapse could come before they could ever ban cash. I won’t take any chip or any of that crap.

      13. Soon and very soon the total collapse will emerge.

        • Inevitable doesn’t mean imminent.

          It could happen tomorrow, or it could go on another 100 years. If you had told someone in 1920 that a $20 US gold coin would cost $1200 paper dollars today, they would think you quite nuts.

          When they can (and do) change the rules anytime, it fogs over your crystal ball.

      14. Frigging Guberment Screwing us and not going to give a kiss.
        I agree with ZERO Barter is the only way.

        • Sarge, Sorry man but that was not a well thought out reply you made about water filters. Please go back to the last thread and read what I said. Just lookin out for ya man 🙂

          • “G”
            I hope you are right. I don’t know where you live. What I told him was I live in Illinois and told him I have a creek running by my house and that there are Corn and Bean fields in the area. He told me that it wouldn’t be a good Idea to just use their filter because of the chemicals that they put on the fields and that their filter won’t take them out.
            What he told me was to only use Well water or City water in it.
            Just trying to make sure you are going to be OK.

            • Sarge, here are the lab results. Zen has a ceramic filter which is the best and activated charcoal. Look for yourself. ht tp://www.waterfilterlabs.com/ take out the spaces between t’s . They don’t want to say use creek water because they have no idea whats in it. But there is no other filter better to my knowledge than ceramic and charcoal. With .2 micron filtration it will clog fast with dirty water thats a given. Just keep the filter clean and KNOW you have great water.

              • Reduction of elements by Zen Water Systems:

                Aluminum: 89.6%
                Copper: 99.9%
                Arsenic: 99.5%
                Strontium: 90.9%
                Cadmium: 99.1%
                Cesium: 94.2%
                Mercury: 99.4%
                Lead: 99.9%
                Uranium: 99.8%

                When it comes to reliable removal of toxic elements such as lead, cadmium, arsenic and even uranium, the Zen Water Systems filter is one of the best performers available today. Its unique styling and see-through filter elements makes it more appealing in environments where “survival hardware” may not be the best choice.

                • The Zen Water Systems filter performed extremely well, removing 99% or better of most toxic elements.
                  The Zen Water System uses a 5-stage see-through filter element that also alkalizes the water by adding trace minerals after filtration.

                  • As far as I know activated charcoal is what traps pesticides and herbicides. If you have a lot of those in your water you can further your filtration making your own after filter. Activated charcoal is cheap on ebay and you can make your own setup with coffee filters and charcoal. I use this system to filter home made shnapps. Other than this all you can do is use distillation. Charcoal>>> ht tp://www.ebay.com/itm/5lbs-Pure-Virgin-Granular-Activated-Carbon-GAC-Coconut-Shell-Charcoal-/301309474831?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item462771b80f take out the space between the t’s 🙂

                • “G”
                  Thanks for the INFO.

                  • 2 other solutions:

                    Reverse Osmosis, and Distillation. If you want pure water no matter the source, distillation will work. It will even desalinate water.

          • Genius, thanks for the additional information. I was unaware of a quality alternative to The Berkley line of water filter products.I will look into the Zen Water Systems some more.

            • Justice, Your welcome. I have 2 berkey black filter systems and within 2 years all 4 elements failed. Look at the reviews on amazon and you will see I am not alone. Zen seems to be the best alternative to berkey and doesn’t have the thousands of complaints. Alkalized water is very healthy and thats a proven fact. So the best of both worlds with zen. I never give recommendations unless I actually use it and do some research. If you find something better I would love to know! 🙂

              • Where are you Old Couch? Shouldn’t you be chiming in about now?

                • Why should I bother?

                  • I’ll be damned, your actually learning lol.

      15. Hogwash. Just like last fall we were going to be up to our ears in Ebola cases by December. I called BS on that, and I call BS on this.

        Yes….”they” would love a nice, controlled, cashless society. Problem is, about 1/3 or more of the whole economy depends on CASH. Take it away, and you’ll have a near instant depression.

        Half the prison population is in there for some drug related offense. Take away cash, and you end the drug trade (see, they COULD have ‘won’ the war on drugs decades ago)….because nobody is putting their drug buy on a debit card. Think of the prison/legal/cop industry that depends on continuing to ‘lose’ the war on drugs….you’d have a massive layoff in those occupations.

        Then you have all the folks that work for cash off the books. The reason they work off the books is they don’t intend to pay income and payroll taxes. You suddenly take 30-40% of their earnings for those two taxes, and guess what ? Incentive to work off the books is gone. They quit doing it.

        Then, there is the whole population of “unbanked”….both of the above plus millions of illegals. There is a reason they haven’t been ‘brought into the fold’….they don’t want to be there, and most of them won’t be there in the future.

        THEN there is the matter of taxes that DO get paid on drug profits, under the table work and so on…..people that earn that money don’t stuff it in a mattress….they SPEND IT. And that generates a whole nuther level of taxes….sales, property, income/payroll on the store employees/owners, and so on….then additional taxes like that as that SAME money ripples out into the above ground economy.

        Yeah…cut out cash, and watch how quick the depression hits.
        So, unless they simply WANT a depression ( and there are far easier ways to cause one….FED could stop buying US debt and propping up the stock market, and put the economy in the toilet tomorrow ), then CASH WILL NOT GO AWAY.

        There….I’ve called BS again. Let’s see how it plays out.

        • I agree: what I see going on is the use of fear and manufactured crises to chase or push people and money into certain areas. So, take Ebola: what was really going on there was not a major epidemic in Africa – they have them all the time – Africa is a horrible place if you want to live past age 35 – but instead a deliberate fraud by the world’s governments and aid agencies to grab money for their economic development plans in West Africa. In particular, they needed the money so they could counter the influence of China.

          The naked greed and fraud is off the charts now; they are cocky because they got away with so much in 2007/2008. We are now in the modern equivalent of what used to happen with feudal lords: the lord, often acting on the pressure he would receive from the king, would go and shake down the peasants to get money and assets off them. Tax collectors would go village to village and just grab whatever tithe they thought they needed. If a village had nothing to give or faced starvation, then they would have to give what is their most treasured asset: the most beautiful girls and young women. They would either be raped there on the spot or taken away for future marriage or rape. We are experiencing this same system only now we have laptops, TV and jet air planes. But it is the same scam nonetheless.

        • TnAndy, as far as putting down the drug trade, I don’t see the CIA going along with that. By now, EVERYBODY knows the CIA funds it’s black ops with drug money. It would also put those cartels who work with/for the CIA out of business, and finally, The govt in general depends on being able to move dark finds around to fund coups and regime changes. I’m sure they wouldn’t want a digital record of their profits from the opium, meth and coca trades, nor would they want the data to point to them every time they funded a black op. THIS BLADE COULD CUT BOTH WAYS.

          In a purely digital world, the CIA drug trades would go out of business, because nobody could buy their shit undetected anymore. Without demand, there would be no product sold. Even drug heads are not THAT stupid.

          There would be no money to funnel secretly to ISIS and the other cartels on the govt payroll.

          I say, unless they keep only the common citizens on the digital system, the govt will basically put itself out of the covert black ops business, if they allow all cash to be banned.

      16. I too stated that EBOLA was gonna be a fizzle. MY SS Ponzi check just barely coverds my living expences. They are welcome to the pittance of the excess. And every new program cost money. it would cost more to implement it than the proceeds would be. Like Cuba A thriving Black market barter economy would emerge. I say its not gonna happen. at least it wont happen in my lifetime.

      17. shit Shaprptons Daughter is sueing NY for 5 mil for not watching where shes walking.. so if cash is going bust someone should tell that hoe

        • Enemy:

          That amount would just about pay daddy’s IRS bill.

          Daddy visits the Whitehouse numerous times….but should be in the BIG house along with the “little” tax dodgers.

          Ah what a wonderful country we live in!

      18. Sounds like they are trying to get a lot of bankers killed.

      19. Plus just wait until they attempt to make total slaves of us with their electronic money system. The implantable bio-chip is already here and some people are taking it and want it. This will be a new era of slavery for we the little people, while the high and mighty that want to rule the world will get their way. Yes definitely a biblical prophecy as the mark of the beast technology is slowly being implemented.

      20. I’m so broke I couldn’t pay attention to Johnny Cash on the radio.

      21. Editor: please read the info in the blue box. It did not translate correctly. In several places the reader must guess what is being said. Please read and correct.

      22. Digital Currency is the Checkmate move… Game Over.

        With DC the gov will be able to stop all purchases of gold… silver… guns… ammo… slingshots… certain foods… etc, etc. They will be able to raid your account whenever they like… they will be able to inflate the DC on into infinity uncheked. If you don’t think approved thoughts, good luck buying food & medicine. Everyone will have the same pin number… 666

        Good Luch Sheeple

        • Not everyone will no matter what the cost.

        • Barter will be illegal, and will flourish.

      23. I think it would be exceedingly hard to ban bartering…and certainly the black market for drugs, guns, prostitution etc would go to immediately to a barter system…perhaps even to a gold or silver system. The only problem for peppers would be coverting the digital currency in which most of us get paid in to barter goods…without leaving a paper trail that is going lead back to you.

        • it would be very difficult to eliminate bartering altogether, but eliminating 90% of it would be very easy. if they can match your car mileage to your gasoline usage, match your electricity usage to your time at home, and match your food purchases to your calorie needs, that right there will highlight most bartering or fugitive-harboring activity. they may lock your account until you answer their questions to their satisfaction – or more likely they’ll just seize your assets to the level of your presumed bartering and not even bother to take any other action.

      24. Cashless?

        I doubt that TPTB want all of their transactions tracked…


        I, also, doubt that the bankers want their cash laundering slush funds interfered with.


        I think a bail in pro-rated tax on deposits in the system, and on 401Ks, etc. would come before cashless, digital system.

        I also think the economy will collapse before this cashless idea could have a chance to be implemented.

      25. So what!?!?…we don’t need ‘govt.’..aka Mafia…never did, never will. There will no doubt be a huge underground, or black market…which gives the retardo thugs aka police…something to do…so they can get a paycheck…same as now…

      26. “The new policy sounds ridiculous but makes complete sense when you consider that you would then be left with no other choice than to hold your money exclusively in your bank account, where the bank will simply charge you for the privilege of depositing your funds in their fine financial institution.”

        No, we have another choice and that is to buy a safe, install it in our home, and become our own bank. Once that is done, do not keep any money in the bank other than the minimal amount needed to pay your monthly bills.

        A lot of this BS is coming from the BIG NY banks, so STOP DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM! This is not rocket science, people. We can inform these banks that their rules and procedures are not acceptable by refusing to do business with them. Get an account at a small local bank or Credit Union. They are MUCH more friendly towards small customers and considerate of our needs.

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