On The Ground Report From Greece: “So Much Anger and So Many Questions Unanswered”

by | Feb 13, 2012 | Headline News | 257 comments

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    Over the last couple years we have been corresponding with our friend and fellow SHTFplan contributor in Greece.

    Unlike those of us who have yet to experience the collapse of the world as we know it, Manos sees the consequences every day – right outside his front door. We’ve tried to keep our readers abreast of the economic crisis as it plays out, and if there’s anywhere on the planet where we can can get a glimpse of what’s to come in the United States and greater Europe, it’s Greece.

    In September of last year Manos warned Americans of the coming calamity when he wrote Be Safe and Stay Alert. It’s Coming. Today, we received another update from Manos following the widespread riots, violence, mass arrests and looting that we all watched on television or via live internet streams.

    For Manos and his countrymen, however, it wasn’t just a reality show – it was reality.

    Reprinted With Permission From Manos in Greece:

    My dear friends, thanks for your concern,

    So many things to say, so many thoughts that cannot be explained.

    So much anger and so many questions unanswered.

    We knew that the measures will be taken, and the related legislation will be voted.

    Majority of traitors 199 pro, against 101 against.

    Someday, probably during weekend, I’ll write down how our life changed, and of course how we ended up here.

    It may come in handy when the time comes.

    Yesterday, we gathered around 25,000 in Iraklion. In the rest of the cities of Crete, people rushed in the protests: Chania, Rethimnon, St Nicolas, Sitia, Ierapetra etc.

    We started to walk around Iraklion, by 20.00. After having completed 3/4 of the march, we saw police forces waiting for us at the last crossroad.

    They were around 3 platoons, fully equiped.

    All people started to shout and calling them to join the protest. They feel the weight of the austerity measures too. Their families are also hungry, they have bills to pay, and mortcages overdue.

    All of a sudden they started to throw tear gas grenades. The march held its unity, kicked out the grenades, and continued.

    The gas spread all over the crossroad, and entered in our path. The last road is a narrow one which works, more or less, like a tube leading from one square to the other. Tall buildings all around, made it impossible for the light breeze to clear the gas.

    All of us started to cough. Eyes started to hurt, the throat feels like eating sand, and the nose hurts too.

    The only problem occurred to children and senior citizens. But as soon as the people entered the second square, everything calmed down.

    By 24.00, the traitors voted for the 7th package. It includes, among others, the reduction of salaries in the private sector, and the further reduction of pensions. A new employee just entering the labor force, will be receiving something like 410 euros ($541) per month. For the rest of us who already work, the reduction will touch 22% to 25%.

    Cheap labor force for the German and Chinese factories, i pressume.

    As for the Athens protest, this got out of control. As i told you before, this “socialist” regime knows how to manipulate masses. All the “anarchists” clashing with the police forces, are actually policemen or police snitches. They enter the protest, start provoking incidents and riots, and that gives the “excuse” to the police for entering the dog-fight.

    The protest itself gathered around 700,000 people, who tried to hold their positions as long as they could. But unfortunatelly, you saw the rest.

    From now on the path is the same. After a couple of months they will “discover” that the previous austerity measures were not enough, that the economy is collapsing, and we must save the country, and bla bla bla bla. And so on, until the globalists achieve their goals.

    My boss is very happy, because his operating cost will be decreased by whatever percentage. Is he so blind or stupid, not to see his future? If the story continues like this, we both will be working in a chinese factory, producing  iPhones.

    I’ll keep you informed as much as i can. This week a general strike is being programmed in Spain. I’m curious to see if the Spanish brothers are going to handle it.

    A last remark. German police platoons, cooperated side by side with the Greek police forces – dressed in Greek uniforms followed their “friends”.  It’s not verified, but probably it’s correct. They belong to some European force of rapid entry, called EuroGendFor (http://www.eurogendfor.eu/).

    Be safe,


    As Manos suggested, this is not over. The Greek parliament, like our own Congress in recent years, simply chose to kick the can down the road further, bowing once again to global banking cartels and new world power structures. Politicians, regardless of whether they’re in Europe or the United States, will continue to do so until such time that the entire system buckles as a natural consequence of decades of extend and pretend policies.

    No amount of austerity, no amount of newly printed Euros or dollars, and no amount of political pandering is going to fix it this time.

    Take heed. Take the advice from someone who is experiencing, in real time, what it’s like when the basic fabric of life of an entire nation is systematically unraveling.

    Get ready, dear friends, for hard times await.

    We thank Manos for taking the time to share his experiences.


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      1. God, I pray for those people and pray it doesn’t happen here, but have no doubts that it will.

        • Learn what you can, while you can. Stock up on what you’re able to. Most importantly, pray.

          • “It’s the end of the world as we know it – and I feel fine.” – R.E.M.

            I know it’s not a laughing matter, but sometimes I have to laugh or cry. Recieved another 2,000 servings of long-term food storage and 400 reusable canning lids today. I choose to be content knowing I am doing my part. Having surpassed a reasonable person’s idea of prepared years ago, I keep plodding along with my monthly preparedness budget.

            • Better do more than stock piling physical goods “Pastor”. Without prayer and repentance, it won’t be any good. God is waiting for “His Children” to return to Him. He is our only hope.

              REPENTANCE or it’s over

            • Somehow, Socco, I *think* that the good Pastor has that end of things VERY well covered. In fact, he probably could and does give lessons in that. 😉

        • @ Durago Kidd

          There are at least 4 Covenants, Durango:
          Abrahamic (irrevocable and fulfilled in the Church)
          Mosaic (conditional, revocable, and ACCORDING TO GOD, voided by the Israelites themselves by their behavior)
          Davidic (done deal, fulfilled)
          New (fulfilled in the Church)

          Some Bible Believer you are—one who doesn’t believe the Bible.

          Jesus founded ONE Church, a visible Church to govern (Matthew 18:18), teach (Matthew 28:19-20), and sanctify (Matthew 28:18-19; John 20:23). See the singular for Church in Matthew 16:18. He didn’t found PLURAL 32,000+ Protestant cults with each bonehead his own Pope. Jesus insisted on ONENESS of DOCTRINE (John 17:11, 21). God is not an idiot. He did not intend to found thousands of cults with conflicting doctrines. The conflicting doctrines were Satan’s idea, not God’s.

          God founded ONE Church with ONE true doctrine. God gave us TRUTH, not lies of conflicting doctrines. It is the Father of Lies who gave you those lies.

          Get the memo. You are “free” to make any mistake you want—as long as you are willing to pay with your eternal soul.

          • WACK…….

          • Oh crap,not this again.

          • NOT Interested, really, and I don’t think anyone else is either. Find a group that appreciates your religious rants.

            You would have more fun and so would they. 🙂

            • ~DK~

              Actually DK, I think John’s position is valid, though evidently unpopular.

              His views are not false-dogmas…but are backed up via scripture.

            • Durang Kidd: thanks, John Q. is coming unhinged and wants to “save the world”. Take it elsewhere John, like the local street corner if necessary but please stay out of a this serious discussion. It’s under pressure where you can find a persons true character. When things heat up, some people melt like butter in a frying pan, and others harden like steel in a blacksmith’s forge. You can ususally tell by their actions: are they productive, preparing for the hard times to come. Or are they running around doing anything and everything else but preparing.

            • You, Durango Kidd, started the “religious rant” with your “Christian [laughing] Zionism” manifesto. You claimed your Zionism was a clear reading of Scripture. When you are asked to confront the Scripture that nukes your foolish exegesis, you puffed up your chest… and then turned around and ran.

            • Gunsmith: I don’t think a discussion of religious doctrine, particularly catholic dogma that has been developed over 2000 years to suit the Satanic Catholic Priesthood, or Scripture for that matter, is a profitable use of my time.

              Like abortion, assisted suicide for the near dead, or other moral questions that require people to decide for themselves what is right for them, religious doctrine and even Scripture, can be argued forever without a useful resolution.

              I defined “Zionism” for ME. I don’t care how others interpret it for them. Opinions are like assholes and everyone has their own.

              I have mine.

              I was stated my belief that “Zionisn” is merely the return of the Jews to the land that God gave them, and the return of JC to Jerusalem at the end of the Age of the Gentiles as prophesied, where God’s name is written in Hebrew in the land on the Temple Mount.

              I think one can be a Zionist looking for that return and not support the criminal acts of the Mossad, CIA, and/or GB’s.

            • JQP: I did not start a religious rant. I merely stated MY definition of Zionism. You are the one who introduced the religious rant with your catholic doctrine in support of the Mother of All Harlots,claiming it to be the “One True Church”.

              If anyone wants to find the “One True Church” I suggest they look for a church that preaches and practices peace, love, justice, and compassion.

              It should also demonstrate the “gifts of the spirit” including and not limited to: healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, and making the lame walk again. As the “Vicar of Christ” on Earth, and the Supreme Authority of His Word, have you ever seen or heard of the Pope doing that?

              Didn’t think so. I rest my case.

          • looks like somebody wants to pick a fight.

            • May I pick your nose?

          • I am not sure what started this thread, but John is right. There is only one Church and one doctrine. All this living together in peace is fine, because Jesus showed us the way to bring people to God is to go where they are and show them the love. However, when push comes to shove, He is the only way. I am not sure why he recieved so many thumbs down. Maybe it is because this view is so unpopular in today’s world or maybe he came across a little too preachy, but he is speaking the truth. I am sure I will get a negative rating too, but I dont care. When I became a believer, I wasnt instantly whisked up to Heaven because Jesus gave us one major commandment; go forth and preach His word and bring more people to Him. He didnt promise this was going to be easy, look what happened to His disciples. So thumbs up John!

            • Dude. He is getting a thumbs down because he is one of those Catholics of the sort that rejects Vatican II, self-flagellates in the closet, defends the lacivious Medici popes and their whores and catamites and indulgences, trims his pubic hair in the shape of a Hitler mustache, gets off on the Inquistion (keeping Foxe’s Book of Martyrs under the mattress), regards Protestants as satanic, probably has a wide and disturbing array of psycho-sexual problems stemming from his own catamite experiences, and hates the Jews with such a consuming, burning passion that it is all that he can think or write about, to the exclusion of any meditations on, say, the concept of Grace, because he is entirely lacking in Grace, filled instead with hatred and fear.

              Kind of like that creepy albino dude in the DaVinci Code.

              Not that there’s anything wrong with JQP letting his freak flag fly, but I kind of wish he would take his blather over to STFU Plan, or if there were some way we could lock him in a soundproofed room with an equally obnoxious snake-handling holy roller, as his thoughts are entirely lacking in wit, insight, guidance, or utility. I suspect I am not the only one who tires of his tediousness.

            • MAMA BEAR…..lol.lol.lol.

              STFU plan….way tooooo funny….

              I’m a gonna use it, kay ?

              Mac…Mama Bear named your next site for OPSEC..lol


            • Thank you, Jim (another Jim).

              Mama Bear, far from defending the Borgias (except St. Francis Borgia, a truly holy man) or Medicis, I castigate their wickedness—as I also castigate the Novus Ordo’s homosexual rapists, and heresies, including Judaizing, and Protestantinzing of the Church. How wise of you to form your opinions of the Catholic Church based on Judaic corporate “news” and H✡llyw✡✡d. I am certain that it must be very “tedious” for you to examine your “Bible Believer” beliefs—rather hard, especially difficult to reconcile tossing out 7+ books of the Bible. Toss out anything inconvenient to your manmade dogmas. As if your “personal relationship” with your wishful thinking will save you.

              @ Durago Kidd

              Contrary to your “I know there are two Covenants, the Old and the New,” there are at least 4 major Covenants (and a handful of lesser Covenants):
              Abrahamic (irrevocable and fulfilled in the Church)
              Mosaic (conditional, revocable, and ACCORDING TO GOD, voided by the Israelites themselves by their behavior)
              Davidic (done deal, fulfilled)
              New (fulfilled in the Church)

              Some Bible Believer you are—one who doesn’t believe the Bible.

              Jesus founded ONE Church, a visible Church to govern (Matthew 18:18), teach (Matthew 28:19-20), and sanctify (Matthew 28:18-19; John 20:23). See the singular for Church in Matthew 16:18. He didn’t found PLURAL 32,000+ Protestant cults with each bonehead his own Pope. Jesus insisted on ONENESS of DOCTRINE (John 17:11, 21). God is not an idiot. He did not intend to found thousands of cults with conflicting doctrines. The conflicting doctrines were Satan’s idea, not God’s.

              God founded ONE Church with ONE true doctrine. God gave us TRUTH, not lies of conflicting doctrines. It is the Father of Lies who gave you those lies.

              Get the memo. You are “free” to make any mistake you want—as long as you are willing to pay with your eternal soul.

            • Actually, JQP, both my knowledge and opinions were forged by the privilege of studying the Reformation at Oxford University, where there is a cross embedded in the street to mark the site where Cranmer, Latimer and Ridley were burned for “heresies” such as translating the Bible into English. It was a powerful complement to the franciscan college i attended and greatly respected. Also my graduate studies as a medievalist, reading everyone from Iraneus to Augustine to Aquinas to Luther, who so skillfully delivered a much needed ass kicking to the church, which she, alas, failed to heed. You should read him sometime…maybe you would learn something.

              I don’t think the church would have fractured if all the popes had been as spirit filled and demonstrably good as John Paul II.

            • @ Mama Bear

              “Reformation”? More like DEFORMATION. Luther was a besotted, fornicating, apostate priest.

              While he fairly criticized the abuses associated with indulgences, the rest of his man-made theology was so flawed that he had to tear nearly 8 chapters from the Bible to pretend there was higher authority backing his nonsense.

              As a medievalist you probably are aware (though you chose not to mention) that in 3 years English Protestants managed to martyr nearly 30,000 Catholics. In over 500 hundred years of the Holy Inquisition about 300 heretics were handed over to the state for prosecution. Not one was killed by the Church.

              With all the blood on Cranmer’s hands, it is sadly amusing that you choose to characterize him as a martyr.

            • JQP, My point with Cranmer is that I have studied this subject in depth, not that he is a saint. This was contra your snide comment that I get my history from movies, rather than the hundreds of medieval and renaissance and theological books I have on my shelf.

              I absolutely agree that both Catholics and Protestants are soaked with blood. I toured the ruins of the “dissolution of the monasteries” too, and was just as disturbed as by the markers for the pyres. And I would add several million starving Irish to the blood on the head of the Church of England. But to me, this is evidence that the entire Church (and as a Protestant I believe and confess the creeds including “the holy catholic Church, which encompasses Roman Catholics, Orthodox and the Protestants who are the unruly children of the Catholics) has been corrupted by Satan, just like the entirety of creation has been corrupted. Unlike you, I don’t point to the folks I don’t quite agree with (whether Catholics or Baptists) and call them the satanic ones. I’m not sure where your 300 number comes from, but the Inquisition certainly killed hundreds of thousands (10,000 at the stake alone) and likely broke/destroyed/stipped the land from millions. I think when it was getting started in the 1200s they probably polished off 300 Cathars an hour as a pre-breakfat snack. Of COURSE the churchmen didn’t do the torture and executions themselves. They commanded the lay authorities, over whom they ruled, to do it; That’s how the church worked back then as a temporal power, duh.

              Regarding Luther, I find it curious that you condemn him, but in other posts you, too, reject the current papal leadership, masses, teachings, etc. and you even reject the same things he rejected. Why are you allowed to do it and he’s not? As a monk, he nearly killed himself with fasting, confession, prostration and self-flagellation. He was probably the best Augustinian monk ever. Then he had his epiphany where he fully understood the concept of Grace (basically, a “born again” experience with the Holy Spirit). He did not intend to split the church–he earnestly wanted to correct the church, but after they tried to kill him instead of listening to him, well, to put it mildly, he didn’t back down. And he was fierce and brilliant and, of course, had his share of flaws.

              At any rate, the church should have responded with sackcloth and ashes and repentance to the 95 theses; instead they reacted with pride and violence, and hence we have a further fragmented church (it was actually first split in the 4th century with the arguments with the Orthodox, if not earlier).

              You rant against “conflicting doctrines” coming from Satan….well, everything on the Earth is fallen, so how could humans sustain a 100% unified church? It was riven with sectarianism from the get go. You are riven with sectarianism even within your own Catholic beliefs, ie, you castigate the current popes and their teachings.

              Regarding the canon, Luther did not reject the 7 Old Testament books; he taught that they were holy and should be studied but did not see them as “god-breathed.” I believe this stems from the much larger canonical fisticuffs that took place with the Patriarchs in the early church–there are many books that have been rejected from the Biblical canon, some of which are worthy of study and respect, and some of which should be rejected out of hand, such as the gnostic gospels.

              Regardless, I do sense you need a bit more Franciscan joy or at least some good Lutheran beer and a study on Luther’s meditations on Grace, and a little less jew-hatin’ (and protestant-hatin’ and DK-hatin’) in your life.

        • Mac: Please convey to Manos, all of our prayers for him and his country and thanks for the update.

          • C, I am sure he’ll see your post here. Thanks – mac

          • Sounds blown way out of proportion guys.

          • Manos, if you see this post please know that you are in my prayers along with your country, I wish I could say or do something to ease your butden and sorrow. I feel sadden that a place so rich in beauty and history is being ripped apart. More so that the lives of people are buing ruined for the selficsh gain of the elite. May God keep you and thank you for taking the time out of your life and trials to keep us abreast. THANK an GOD BLESS

      2. Yepp got the same e-mail this morning, I sent him some jokes to cheer him up. Strange how 1 man can suffer so badley and the only thing he ask for is a few jokes.
        There is not a moment of my day manos that you and yours are in my thoughts and prayers


        • 🙂

          • manos,

            Liking them video’s sent you today….LOL gotta love the budweiser girls..


          • manos,

            First 5 rounds of drinks, meet you in cuba….LOL


            • Ole Ole Ole 🙂

            • Manos ,

              Just looked at that e-mail again. Who do we have to hit to be hitting that? And just how far is cuba from Texas…LOL

          • Manos, what’s the situation like with utilities (electicity, water, sewage) in the bigger cities? Have workers at these types of plants gone on strike leading to disruptions of services? I haven’t seen any reports in this respect so that’s why I’m asking you. Thanks

          • Manos, my mate! You be safe there, you hear me? don’t you go karbloom when sticking your head out in those riots! watch out for those infiltrators and stay on the safe side. there will be time for action, but I don’t believe it is here yet.
            my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family!

            • Thanks Giurza,

              Your nation suffers too from those idiots.
              I pray for you and your family also.
              Be safe.

      3. WOW

      4. Good luck to those of you in the major US cities this summer. Its gonna be a rough one.

        • Im curious as to why maybe this summer?What would be the issue/event?I do agree major cities will be powder kegs,but what event will start it.

          • I think it could be a combination of factors. The OWS crowd is going to be more volitile i think. Another factor is a war with Iran. That would likely drive the price of gasoline to 5+ per gallon wich in turn makes everything else more expensive, most notably the price of food. When the food stamps start buying less and less and folks that are hurting see a bunch of other folks on tv that are “standing up to the MAN” they will likely join the party. What you end up with is a pissed off bunch of people with a mob mentality. When i see people rioting because their team lost/won some game, i shudder to think what they will do when they start getting hungry. When groups of mad, typically uneducated people get together you get rodney king riots. Add to this that the media is complicit in stirring the pot by glamorizing the OWS movement as well as likely trying to rationalize any move we make against iran b/c of the “nuclear threat”. I think this summer definitely b/c this could very likely be Barry O’s last summer in the WH. While i believe that the folks that pull a lot of strings in govt. pretty much control both parties, i think that some in the liberal camp are a trifle more radical in their methods than the “other side” and they know thier time is getting shorter with thier socialist messiah. I could be totally wrong and it wouldn’t be the first time but by reading sites like Mac’s you can really see the dominos being lined up.

            • rainyday,

              “Add to this that the media is complicit in stirring the pot by glamorizing the OWS movement”. Do you watch lame stream media? They have done nothing but put these kids down for everything…I think their cause is F.U. but at least they are doing something..They sleep in a f–kin tent while we sleep in our warm beds. They cook in the park while we pre heat our ovens.
              The worse part is am as guilty as you. I havn’t done shyt to try and save our country.Yes I come here and bitch, and yes I have wrote some letters or e-mails and in my own mind i think I am helping. But then it kicks in after talking with my bud Manos.. That none of it has helped anybody..Is this really what I have done to help our brothers and sisters of this great nation? I have to agree with another man that post heer. Black Rifle Warrior… I’m starting to feel like you, not a coward but more of a failure, If a stand does not happen, then our children will have to face this alone.

              PS Rant over

            • DPS, How about learning more about the Occupunks. Many are paid protestors. But if you choose to sympathize with them then you should go for it — go sleep in a tent and have your daily rantfest about whatever-the-daily-flavor-is. But at the end of the day will you feel accomplished? And what would that accomplishment be?

              I think you’re out of touch. Don’t think that every well-prepared Patriot is sitting back ‘doing nothing’. Many are watching, waiting, locked and loaded.

              Obama’s strategy to overwhelm the system has created the chaos required to overthrow and destroy America. How it actually plays out has not been determined yet. Don’t think that every person, every American is asleep. If you’re feeling weak or overwhelmed right now just remember that’s part of Obama’s strategy. So congrats — you lose and he wins. Are you really that weak? If so, you’ll never make it to the level of uprisings. Only the strong, the willing, and the truly determined will make it to the battlefield.

            • Zoltanne; very well put. There are many waiting in the wings. I believe those waiting in the wings are the ones the PTB are worried about. That is probably making them hesitant about overwhelming us. Their poles have been shown to be inaccurate (think Santurm’s victories in three states).
              Everything they are doing is to overwhelm us. When their patience runs out, then and only then will all hell break loose. We are in the position of awaiting the first strike. Reminds me of the phrase ” steady, ready, fire”. They eventually have to come to us.

            • Zoltanne,

              First show me some proof that anybody was paid for protesting with OWS? And sir you know nothing about me you say I’m weak, just how the hell would you know that by reading 1 post. I’m out of touch I think not.


            • @DPS
              I don’t mean to say that the OWS folks don’t make a valid point here and there. I think we can all agree that the geed exhibited by some on wallstreet has caused many problems. My problem with the OWS movement is that there are people behind the scenes stirring the pot and manipulating these folks to do thier bidding i.e. create disruption and violence. They will stir them up to a frenzy and then when it starts getting violent they will have their reason for clamping down on the population in general. They tried baiting the tea party folks into it when they were having their protests but there weren’t any takers, primarily b/c that movement was made up mostly of older more mature people. The OWS crowd is much younger and much more volitile. And as to the glamorizing by the media, maybe we just see it differently as it comes through the screen, but i think that especially the more liberal outlets do give them a pass on the deviant behaviors that have been shown by a number of them.

            • The media has to portray the OWS movement as punks. Maybe they should act more like the lame Tea Party folks and show up to businessman’s breakfast or dress up in 200-year old costumes and symbolically throw tea bags in water.

              The OWS movement is well beyond the comprehension of most conservative folks (Tea Party) because it is well outside the little box their mind occupies. Real change in this country will require real sacrifice and I don’t expect anything resembling real sacrifice from the Tea Party folks. Sure, they talk tough on message boards and all that jive, but they won’t sacrifice themselves or any of their material stuff until things get worse for them personally.

              One more reason the Tea Party folks insult and ridicule the OWS folks is because deep down the Tea Party folks know they are lame, loudmouthed, do-nothing wannabees and any real change will come about due to the folks who will actually do something to create that change. And then, when all is don’t, the Tea Party folks will want to come in and tell the folks who made the changes happen how to do thing their way and get made, once again, when things don’t go their way.

              Just look at history. By nature conservatism looks backwards, so revolutions and movements that moved society backwards are losers like Pol Pot, The Spanish Inquisition, all religious dogmas during the Dark Ages, etc… All of these are contrary to the natural flow of the universe and human nature, which is toward progress.

              All of you inside the box thinkers may now feel free to vote against this post.

            • Thanks.

            • @student of life

              I’m afraid you are sadley misguided friend.

            • “I think this summer definitely b/c this could very likely be Barry O’s last summer in the WH.”

              I agree, Rainy, but suggest that a nice hot war with Iran would be the perfect time to try for an FDR type 3rd term in office. Can’t risk not having the same brilliant leadership in power at a time like that, can’t upset the country with all the tribulations of an election, bla bla bla. 🙁

          • Pick a card … any card.

            • DK,

              And while I think about it thanks for the web site.. My office now is a damn grow room for fresh veggies…LOL


      5. Lookout Below!

      6. Greece…”meet the new boss, same as the old boss ”

        my thoughts and prayers are with you.

      7. While I don’t mean to downplay anything that Greece is going through, the scariest part for me is that 90% of Americans have no idea what’s going on if you asked them on the street.

        Ignorance or apathy? Pick your poison America.

        • The shopping malls and Wal Mart parking lots still look full to me. I would wager it’s pure ignorance- Pull some random person off the street and I bet they can’t tell you who is in charge of the Federal Reserve or what it even does. But ask them what new games are on Facebook and they can name them all.

          • How about it. Drudge Report says the Grammys had a record 39 million viewers last night. I came home from playing guitar and my girlfriend was watching it and I just happened to catch that sicko bitch Minaj doing her devil worship act and I flipped out. The huge majority of people in this country are fucked in the head! This country deserves whatever it gets but not all the people do. It sure looks like evil is winning doesn’t it? I just keep praying and hoping that things don’t turn out here like Greece, but I know better. Good bye USA, I sure did love you.

            • blackriflewarrior,

              39 million viewers, and 3 million preppers. Really sad but I see a brite side to this. How could we get this 39 million viewers on board? What would it take to get their attention? Its like back in highschool “how can I get that hot girl in bed”.
              After reading your post last night it seems that is all I can think about. “Unity” how to get these people to wake TFU before we are faced with our borther manos is going through.There just has to be a way.


            • DPS,

              You cannot save them all, some were meant to perish it’s the earth’s way of maintaining its balance. Just take solace knowing you were chosen out of all the people on earth to be the handful that carries on. Like a prophet you can continue spreading the word but in the end only a few were destined to heed.

            • DPS..Believe me, I have racked my brain trying to figure out how to unify. The problem is most people are lost causes. They want to watch the newest shiny object and “to Hell with my country and my kids future, I gots to get me that badass Ipad because everyone else has one”. Its tough being a dinosaur in todays world but I feel good about it. Take care my friend.

            • Beefcake,

              I understand that alot are meant to perish, But if we don’t keep trying to help people then what is the point of it all. I guess I’m a sucker, i believe that we should do more for others then we do for ourselves. We as humans should at least try and help people see the light. Becuase in the end we are are judged alone and we all will atone to our maker.And on that day I pray that I am allowed in the gates of heaven..


            • BRW,
              You to brother, and the search to motivate continues. Sooner then later ideas will happen.


              PS I just can’t keep typing your longass name, LOL. so now its BRW, what can I say my typing sucks.

            • DPS, Beefcake, and Black Rifle Warrior,

              I too have racked my brain in a vain attempt to think of a way to “get to” the people in this country and unify them. They either don’t know what’s really happening, or they’re believing what the MSM tells them, or they simply don’t seem to care, but in any event, the biggest problem with any attempt to reach out to the public and create the necessary unity to stop this current rush to disaster will be inevitably met with a visit from some of the very alphabet agencies that are in place for the sole purpose of protecting what is currently being destroyed before their very eyes, and you, and anyone like you who really cares about this country and its people labeled as a “domestic terrorist”, “an extremist”, and a “seditionist” attempting to “overthrow the government”.

              We’re in what could be considered a “no win” situation. If those agencies, which would come and take you away under their newfound authority granted by the unconstitutional NDAA, really cared about this country and its people, and were intent on carrying out their duty as specified in their oath of service – “to preserve, defend, and protect the Constitution of the United States”, then the entire nation would be witnessing on television the mass arrest of those people whose only aim is to destroy that constitution, and the current occupant(s) of our White House being led from the Oval Office in handcuffs for crimes against the people.

              The lack of courage and integrity within those agencies is appalling, and I for one have totally lost any respect I ever had for them solely because they are more intent on keeping their paycheck coming in than they are in fulfilling their responsibilities.

              So now they can track me down, and you, and when any one of us ceases our posts in discussions like this, then at least those who notice will know who the enemy really is.

          • Anyone spending money at Wal-Mart is knowingly or not complicit in the continued outsourcing of jobs straight into China, india, etc…. Where the cheap crap wal-mart sells is made from. A good part of it anyway.

            • beefcake unfortunately the only way that the people will ever unite will be once a 2 or 3 million of us are killed. Until that happens folks will just keep playing on Facebook, going to wal-mart, being dumbasses. We will change when hurts or roll over and paly dead; only for real.

        • can i get an Amen??

          • Amen.

        • Those of us who DO have a clue will be ready. We can be like Ferfal described, laying low and watching our favorite movies while chaos starts outside. I keep my curtains shut most of the time and my neighbors are used to that.

        • “Ignorance or apathy?”

          The hell of it is, it doesn’t matter a damned bit which it is. Both can be deadly.

      8. I see manos is in Crete which is an island,,,half of which is Turkish. Any idea how the Turks are acting? Aren’t they sworn enemies?

        • JRS,

          You mean Cyprus in eastern Med.

          Crete is 100% greek.

          • Sorry . Forgot my geography from school. Is Cyprus half Greek?

            • It’s a weird situation which is painfull for both countries; Turkey and Greece.
              The west part is Greek, and the East Turkish.
              But it’s not like that some sudden invasion changed things.
              Turks and Greeks lived together since the mid ages.
              Geo-politics decided that the island should be divided. This happened during the war of summer 1974.
              It was the last war the Greece was involved.
              My father bearly reached the island as a reservist. As soon as his company stepped on Cyprus, the war was over.
              As still remember my mom crying when my father came back, dirty, bearded, but relieved.

            • manos…Isn’t it always the politicians who start the wars but never have to go.Throw em all out!

            • Manos’ point leads to a suggestion. Next time there is a constitution, one important stipulation: Anyone who wants a war goes to the front lines. That would put an end to the chicken hawk politicians, rear-echelon Israel Firsters, and warmongering banksters.

          • It’s a thorny problem. IMHO it should have been allowed to reunify with Greece, but Britain chose to honor the Turkish “Minority”‘s right.

            Sri Lanka got rid of their pesky Tamils in a decades-long war. Nobody will say Sri Lanka is ‘superior’ to Greece, but the Sri Lankans pulled off what was the right thing to do.

        • Cyprus, not Crete is illegally occupied by the turks

          • Illegally perhaps. but the Greek Gov at the time tried to pull a fast one and got it’s sticky fingers cut off. When a crook tries to steal your car and drops his wallet and you pick it up: Is that theft?

            • It’s the “International Community” which showed the middle finger to Greece, because at that time the West needed Turkey as an ally and didn’t want to make it get upset.

              IMHO Kemal should have been chased to the ends of Cappadocia, captured , tried as a war criminal and hanged at Galipoli to avenge the Anzacs, and Turkey should have been divided into five or six countries.

      9. The reality is that there is far too much debt within the western economies, it will never be paid back. Make no mistake at all, the bailout for Greece is simply a sticking plaster. Greece is like a patient who is terminally ill, kept alive by inducing drugs, sooner or later Greece will default, it’s a mathematical certainty.

        Anyone that has looked at the detail concerning the bailout conditions will understand that the austerity for the Greek people will be unbearable, they will not achieve growth, as there is a major risk of a deflationary spiral. I believe that Greece is the canary in the mine shaft, much worse is yet to come. Meanwhile the stock markets are rallying, what a disconnect to the real world. I have made an animated cartoon to try to explain our problem and highlight the mindset of some people. The link is below:-


        • “Greece is like a patient who is terminally ill, kept alive by inducing drugs, sooner or later Greece will default, it’s a mathematical certainty.”

          I agree. Greece would be FAR better off to declare national bankruptcy, repudiate their debts, leave the EU, return to the drachma, and get on with building a REAL future for their people. Perma-debt is NOT a future. It is a form of legalized slavery. If Greece is allowed to default, it will certainly not be until after every drop of her resources has been sucked out and devoured. The empty husk can then be tossed aside to do as it will as a warning to other EU members of what happens when obedience is breached.

      10. I can usually come up with a comment on every article, but on this one I am truly speechless and sad.

        We will pray for you all for a peaceful and happy end to the whole mess.

        • im with you Bluto….just awe struck because i know that its coming to a city near me.

        • “We will pray for you all for a peaceful and happy end to the whole mess.”

          Yes, we will, even though we pretty much know that there will be very little happiness or peace to go around once the SHTF.

      11. its comming here folks and i dont know when. keep prepping and watch the news. right before she goes down, stock up on gas and all your essential stuff and keep your guns ready at all times. watch out for people, they can snap on you. you gotta know who you can trust,

      12. When you don’t have the right to keep and bare arms this is what you get!!! When you have a cradle to grave dependency on government this is what happens.

        They have substituted there God given rights for those of government. Now they are enslaved by the very government they kept wanting more from.

        In today’s world it is coming into focus that a person is not the Anti-Christ, Its government!!!

        While I feel bad for Manos, the Greeks did it to themselves and we are headed in the same direction with government and unions.

        • Patriot One,

          I agree on that about the arms.

          The first major dissarmament occurred back in 1936 from the fascist government of John Metaxas. All Greeks were forced to deliver their arms to local police stations.

          4 years later the WWII erupted, and guess what? German paratroopers were thrown by the thousands all over Crete.
          Our granfathers fought side-by-side with a small unit of British, Australian, and Canadian soldiers.

          The battle lasted for 10 days, and the locals used whatever they could find; forks, knives, shovels, sticks, and in the best case old gras rifles (1874 black powder).

          • can I ask you , Manos..
            why did they give “all” the guns up?
            why didnt some hide as many as they could?
            I see some of the same type of behavior here in the USA like when the prepper that was on a TV program called National Geograpics ..he gave them his guns , under force im sure..but why give them every dam gun you own?
            I sure as hell wont

            • Oh and by the way..any of the ones they do take from me, they are F-ing paying top dollar for them..I had to work to buy them,, they aint walking out with out paying me first.There will be no theft taking place at my house.It would be in their best interests to follow that rule at my place..

            • It was a time in the mid-war period in which people had a lust for peace.
              Greece was involved in continuous wars from 1897 until the 1922 Asia minor campaign.
              People didn’t see it coming. This dictator guy, created the conditions of a safe daily life, organized platoons of boy scouts, a good and efficient army, and a stable (fascist of course) government.
              Many guns were hidden, but what can you do with single-shot old gras, manlicher, and mausers, against the newly introduced MP40s, Smeishers, Walters, and MG40s?

            • Thanks for clearing that up for me..

            • Manos, mausers? *MAUSERS*? I’ll tell you what you can do. Its called shoot and scoot. One man. One rifle. One shot a day. …and a whole lot of people with their heads down. One shot. Get the hell out! Next day: one shot. Get the hell out. Vary the time. Vary the location. Demoralizing and high stress. Of course now, its a lot more difficult with drones and all but still, the sniper is a very valuable asset and very difficult to counter.

              …but, I see what happened. They brainwashed the populace that was tired of war. Its different here. They did that once and its almost like guns and knowing the government is out to screw you over is in the DNA of Americans. Asking Americans to give up their guns would be like asking a bear give up his teeth then trying to take them. G.F.L. with that scenario. THE BEAR WILL EAT YOU!!! Would be very much like sticking their hand in a sausage grinder: it comes out mangled and bloody. They know. They won’t. 2011 was a record year: over 3 million guns sold, I think. We know why we have the second amendment. Its not for duck hunting. They’ll try to get them through surreptitious means, however, only about 5% of the guns in the USA are even registered. They are registered when they are new but then they get resold over and over, no paperwork. Americans know what happens when the guns are taken and we will not stand for it.

            • Netranger,

              With the existing guns they implemented exactly what you mentioned: a hit and run technique.
              As the occupation continued, the resistance killed many nazis and took their guns.
              After a while the terms of the game were equal.
              And the nazi answer? 40 civilians executed for every german soldier. Tough men ….

              Viannos-Crete, 1943, 500 civilians executed.
              Kandanos-Crete, 180 civilians executed.
              Kondomari-Crete, 25 men executed.
              Distomo-Central Greece, 1944, 600 civilians executed (among them pregnant women, infants, school kids).
              Kalavrita-Peloponese, 1943, all the residents, around 600.

          • Governments come and go, but most civilizations do survive. What ever happens it won’t be the first time a civilization decapitated it’s government. It’s ironic that two iconic civilizations Egypt and Greece will fall within 18 months.

            It is my hope that Greece will emerge as a truly free country again with the God given right to defend yourself. I’m not that detached from Greece as a lot of my family is just a ferry ride over to Bari.

            Una faccIa una razza. Good luck Manos Si Vis Pacem, para bellum.

          • I am wondering if Greece could do what Iceland did and put it to a vote. The result was to screw the banks and not pay. They just hit reset and started over again. Any idea how that is working out?

            • Iceland is completely different they are not as nanny as Greece. Also the average Icelantic cop is about 6’6″. Must be the milk.

            • I work on a daily base with Icelanders. In the turmoil of their crisis many of them emigrated to Norway. This has stopped now and the country is better of though they are poorer then before. However they are optimistic now and on their feet again.

              The Greeks should do the same. Fire the Eurocrats, the Deutsche Bank and Merkozy. They should declare bankruptcy and not pay back all those well meaning loans.

              However, as Manos mentioned in his comment, the problem is not only the Germans, the banks and the EU, but the traitors within the system. All those politicians and businesspeople who have been bribed by cooperate power and a few who see an advantage in treason.

              I am afraid that this is a raid by so called “Greek” and foreign investors to acquire all the prime objects and keep the remaining population as debt slaves and cheap labor for the next hundred years.

        • Patriot One

          I beg to differ on one point..the Greeks did Not do it to themselves.
          They, like us and most of the free world, were perpetrated by the well crafted ponzi schemers by issuing government bonds .backed by worthless debt repackaged as value based derivatives and the like,and sold to the buyers as bonds etal..who never owed the debt in the first place.
          Now the same gangsters(banks) are demanding payment on a debt never incurred by the Greeks..
          supposedly the central banks have taken possession of many of the Greek islands as a collateral for the unpaid debt..

          It’s the perfect heist and coming,,already has, to a country near you..sound familiar?

          Manos..correct me if I’m wrong on this


          • Possee

            The problem is government, why do you think our founders tried so hard to limit government?

        • I agree, just imagine a government that can meet and decide to tell my boss in the private sector to pay me less. To me it is inconceivable. I am so glad I do not live in one of these socialist rat traps. AND I am so upset that half the people in this country are working so hard to turn this country into just another socialist rat trap.

        • The right to bare arms will never be an issue. However the right to bear firearms may be a didderent matter.

      13. Manos
        My thoughts and prayers are with you and yours… watch your back

      14. Oh fun. Can’t you just wait till we look just like this? If they can do it there, don’t believe they won’t try it here. We are in hock up to our eyeballs and in no way can ever pay off what we owe. Our debt makes Greece look like a popper. What in the hell do you think is going to eventually happen here? Just vote for that Sonofabitch one more time and we will see.

        • Hammerun, we can pay off what we owe pretty quickly, but the government would essentially have to shut down for a good long time with the exception of accepting money and just paying debt. They wouldn’t be able to spend a cent on anything but paying down the debt and even if that were to happen, it would take a dern long time.

          Whether they kick the can down the road and the depression/meltdown is worse later or if the whole crap system is shut down, I think the result will be the same. No more government funded anything. If the government had to simply pay its debt, the s really would htf. I feel for the folks in Greece, and I feel for all of the countries that are to follow in their path, us included here in the USA.

          • How about we kick these basturds out on their heads…disband the fed…and refuse to pay off THEIR debt?
            As I and others here have said so often THIS ISNT OUR DEBT its THEIRS!!…screw em,the debtors and the creditors…all the morons who participated in their corrupt scheme out of sheer greed…they took a stupid chance that WE THE PEOPLE would stand good for their corruption and deciet…guess what ,we shouldnt,hopefully we wont…problem is most of the sheep are mentally imbred so they believe everything the govicorp says….SAD!!

            • Good call on kicking the idiots out of office and disbanding the fed and telling them to stick their debt where the sun doesn’t shine. I think what you are saying is the essence of what I was driving at -just shut the crap-factory down and the s will htf because the majority of the populace doesn’t even know they have been decieved -learning this would be like a bucket of ice water over the head for the sheep. The other issue is that folks would actually have to learn to take care of themselves without the government dole. So it all equals the same thing in the end, it is just a matter of when. If the corrupt-itions were kicked out and the fed shut down tomorrow -“panic in the street”. If the can keeps getting kicked down the road and stuff eventually collapes -“panic in the street”. I truely believe its a when, not an if.

            • Fed Up….agreed!I hope that didnt come accrossed as “aimed” at you…sometimes I think Im posting a new post and I get in the wrong spot to do so and it becomes a response(pulls out some more scarce hair)…we are however agreed on this point 🙂

              I just cant see how a person (average sheep) can be so up on some dumb celebrity or TV show and so uninformed about how the world works,even worse is how they seem to not care,and then to have all the talk around about how are we going to pay this off…its mind boggling,its like all my neighbors buying new everything and then asking me how/when “Im” going to pay for it…Im not,its not my debt..I stay out of debt ! Neither is the fedgovs and bankers dealings…its not mine or yours its theirs and the sooner people figure this out the better…sorry just venting…Thanks 🙂

            • REB – It’s true, too true that most folks can tell you all about *insert pointless crap here* and yet don’t have the first clue how the system works or why it works the way it does. It’s really too bad because we the american people could make the needed changes if more folks were aware of what is and has been going on with our government.

              I didn’t see you as taking “aim” at being offensive in any way. I see you taking aim exactly where it needs to be taken -the corrupt system of crap that has been forced upon the people of this land. If you need to vent your frustrations over the ignorance and abuses that take place in our day to day lives, this is certainly the place! Save yourself some of that (scarce) hair and breathe the freedom to voice your opinions and feelings amongst friends!!

        • YEAH! Be sure and vote for the OTHER sonofabitch and everything will be OK!

      15. Patriot One,

        Sorry I could only give you 1 thumbs up

        When you don’t have the right to bear arms this is what you end up like.


        In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929
        to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

        In 1911, Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. ——————————

        Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

        China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

        Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable
        to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.
        —- ————- ————-

        Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

        Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

        Defenseless people rounded up and exterminated in the 20th Century because of gun control: 56 million.

        You won’t see this
        data on the US evening news, or hear politicians disseminating this information.

        Guns in the hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws adversely affect only the law-abiding citizens.

        Take note my fellow Americans, before it’s too late!

        The next time someone talks in favor of gun control, please remind them of this history lesson.

        With guns, we are ‘citizens’. Without them, we are ‘subjects’. During WW II the Japanese decided not to invade America because they knew most Americans were ARMED!

        If you value your freedom, please spread this anti gun-control message to all of your friends.

        The purpose of fighting is to win. There is no possible victory in defense. The sword is more important than the shield, and skill is more important than either. The final
        weapon is the brain. All else is supplemental.



        • Just a thought… What sort of govt do the Swiss have?


          • Fenris

            The Swiss have a republic based on parliamentarian control and plebiscites. Their democratic history goes back into the middle ages when they kicked out the ruling Austrian knights and Lords.

            Its a well run country with a decent balance of control by the government and liberty and welfare and freedom. The people have a very special mentality. Its a kind of cross-over of Latin and German in a good way. They have some bad habits like the “real” French and Germans have. But all over I like their mentality because of their sense of democracy and liberty, their interest in delivering good work and because most people there seem to be somehow honest.

        • Thank you for that history DPS.

          In addition to that, the Philippines under President Marcos, was placed under Martial Law in 1972. I was still young at that time, but I can still remember from the news that activists are disappearing from time to time. Prior to that, the government start confiscating the guns from the people.

          • cebuano,

            If you run across your sourtce for this info please post it. I would really like to add it to the list. I try to post this every where and every chance I get. I cut out most of the post because people get tired of me posting it. But we can never hear it to often..

        • I kept pushing on your comment. The problem in America is that the masses don’t believe the facts of history.
          What’s worse is the way this administration has move to rewrite history and moved It right into our schools. Example: America the story of us. Listen to the presidents intro to the series.

          • Patriot One, Absolutely! They don’t believe history. They are suffering from normalcy bias and the “normalcy” is set by a bought-and-paid-for and complicit media. They set what is normal and they portray history to be something other than what it is. They twist it so they can use it. …and us it they do, against us.

            • Net Ranger

              I was watching a new show on the secret service and I found it odd that in a review of the Kennedy assassination the described Dallas as a hot bed for right wing extremist. Humm?

        • The tyrant/criminal always tells his victim everything will be alright,that he means no harm,and we can work this out…IF the intended victim will just put down the gun!!

          I say if you mean me no harm then the gun I have is no threat to you,HOWEVER…..

        • Hitler had to leave Switzerland alone for the duration of WWII. It would have been far too costly to deal with a rifle behind every blade of grass.

        • So what will we do when the Second Amendment is negated by the Supremes and a small platoon of SWAT or regular Army shows up one house/neighborhood to take all guns? This very well may end very badly. We all better start deciding just how brave we really are. Remember WACO and Ruby Ridge. Only on a huge scale, if you have a wife and children that is something that has to be considered..

      16. Germans dressed as Greek police? Imagine, here, it could very well be UN troops dressed as local cops or US military. We are in for one hell of a ride.
        Can you imagine 700,000 Americans protesting at one location armed? I believe this is what the PTB would like to see.

        • If they have to disguise themselves, it just means the deceit continues.

      17. No real prepper would be marching on the streets or rioting in a SHTF situation.

        • Wrong.

          Someone has to stand up and say no.

          Prepping and being a patriot are NOT mutually exclusive.

          • Inclusive?

            • Nope, Shirley, exclusive. 🙂

              What I mean by that is that being a prepper does not mean that you cannot also be a patriot.

            • You seem to contradict yourself while acting as an Alfa person.

          • You are absolutely right. If you can sit and watch your friends family and countrymen die you are no way a patriot, I would also like to think a little more highly of the prepper community. If you plan to come out of a cave after everything Is over and done all you have prepared to do is be a coward!

            • Daisy and Diesel; right on. Coward-non trustworthy, won’t stand and be counted.

            • Yeah just like America watched the Kent State students get killed…..for what again?

              “The difference between a Hero and a Fool is the outcome”
              author unknown

            • I agree completely Diesel Dan, though for reasons of diplomacy I left out the “c” word. 😉

            • I will not be able to see anyone die while I’m in my cave. Knock before you come in and I’ll see.

            • Private Joker: The dead know only one thing: it is better to be alive.

            • I figure on sitting WAY back and watching the traitors die…everytime I squeeze one off… 🙂

        • Yeah i can see it now…..someone weighing in at 450 lbs in their electric wheelchair drinking a diet coke and eating double scoop ice cream or some 3rd generation welfare mother with her 7 kids in tow or some convict that keeps getting out because of lack of room…all out there marching and protesting.

          • +1

          • I was in school only a few miles north of Kent state at the time. You riot and burn down stuff, you get shot; fine by me.

        • Nor would many (if any) of them be striking at the heart of the beast. It’s going to take some brave Americans inside the corporation to blow it up.

      18. During the 1960s riots the chant was “Burn baby burn!”
        Hope it doesn’t happen again here in the US because this time there are non-american para-military troops, drones, and FEMA camps for the citizens. Also a more violent response will include shooting protesters, I expect, and people going missing.
        Good Luck!

        • J CT,

          My thought about your post is this’Also a more violent response will include shooting protesters”. When and if that happened in USA it will be the shoot the world would hear. The differance between Greece and USA is we are armed.


          • Yep…and here bullets fly “Both” ways 🙂

            • REB,
              And last time I went to the range my bullets went down range. People just don’t understand, Yes there are alot of tree huggers, but damn we are made up of country people. These are not people you want to fire a live round at. Chances are the wife will get you before the husband gets his boots on. Hell must of us got our first gun before we made it to 10 yrs old. And what makes anybody think they will take my granddads gun away from me?


        • Yes I suppose they will shoot them again. Remember Kent State?

          • JRS,

            That maybe be right, peaceful protest has always been met with violence. And how many at Kent State were armed?
            I have said it from the start of the OWS protest, it will take 1 shot and then you have real violence. And the people in greece will defend themselves if the police fire on them.


        • They know better than to try that. People going missing? Shooting protesters? FEMA camp roundups? If the government becomes the outward enemy of the people, how do you think that will work out for them in and among an armed populous that will consider it the highest honor to produce bullet ridden corpses of traitors and government henchmen?

          No, what will happen, will happen willingly. But, unfortunately, our criminal bastard class is very adept at manipulating the will of the people. However, the tools they use are slipping through their fingers.

          • Net

            As a natural born citizen of the Great State of the Republic Of Texas, I can not and will not stand for harm to come to myself or my family or for that matter any Sovereign Citizen of the Great State of Texas. Any attempts to disarm me is a direct act against my god given rights to bear arms as a human of the Republic of Texas.

            In the name of Jesus Christ I pray for a peaceful resolve,


            PS I have a god given right to STFU and to not give evidence against myself.

            Thats my story And I am sticking to it!!!

            • DPS…I was just wondering.why do you suppose those weasles gave you thumbs down,was it you mentioned Jesus Christ,or was it that statement about the Great Republic of Texas or…oh dear God(could it be) you said you have God given rights(and you dared to not give barry the glory for the air you breathe…gasp!…I agree with your statements… I just have to laugh and shake my head over some of the things that get thumbed down.. 🙂

        • I’d not recommend non American troops. Family fight is one thing, Gov invites outsiders That’s likely to piss some of us off real bad.

      19. I am reminded of a line from Alfred Lord Tennyson that I was, thankfully, required to memorize when I was in eighth grade: “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.” And I also remember my parents telling me of a line from a World War II patriotic song: “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.” Both seem amazingly more relevant today than ever before.

      20. Keep the faith, Manos! Keep standing strong against tyranny.

        I hope that when it happens on our on turf that we are as brave as you.

      21. BTW….What happened to the “Survival Blog” link?

        • Survival Blog just moved their major server out of the country for OPSEC. Some links may have broken but they are still there.

          • Thanks I found it. I knew he changed his IP address but I couldn’t find it in mac’s “Web Destinations” menu on the left.I see it is now under “Rawles Survival Blog” instead of just “Survival Blog”

      22. QUESTION :

        The EuroGendFor,(Euroforce); is this the same thing Obama wanted to create in the United States or similar too?

      23. Anything can happen!!! things are messed up!!!hang on dig in and maybe pray for us all!!!

      24. It would not surprise me at all to find out that the Germans were there in Greek uniforms. It may be half the reason the actual Greek troops there would not budge when asked to join them by protesters. With the Germans there keeping them in line and focused. I still say that Greece should just go tell the EU to shove it. After all, there is no equality between member states at all.

        Here’s a couple for ya Manos, Peace and keep your head down!

        Why do they bury Germans 20 metres under? Because deep down they are really nice.

        Heard about the new German-Chinese restaurant? The food is great, but an hour later, you’re hungry for power.

        • What’s with all the Kraut bashing? You think the germans like the euro? They were better off with the D-mark, and they know it. Do you think this debt crisis is some sort of twisted Fourth Reich conspiracy? As it is now,the germans will be paying war reparations and apologizing and grovelling to the tenth generation. No one will ever let them forget they were evil demonoids 60 years ago. If they were to act up again, we wouldn’t forgive them till, say, 2525 at least. Or maybe never.I think they get the message. We even gave them the chance to goose step all over Iraq and they didn’t take it. I don’t think the Germans are the people the Greeks ought to be worried about right now.

          • Yes. It is time people woke up to the fact that the banksters control 90% of the world’s economy.The common man has very little control over the situation (for now).It does no good to bash German people, Greek people or even your fellow Americans.The PTB love this division but in reality we are all being screwed by them.

          • Chris,

            With all the respect, but Krauts never learn from their mistakes.
            They started the bloodshed of WW1, they lose the war, they go to treaty, and never comply with it.
            In fact they started their military buildup, some years later.
            They start a second bloodshed, they lose it again, and then they become the planet’s financial miracle.
            The big Siemens company, used war prisoners in its factories during WW2.
            U.S. money were given to Germany by the billions in order to assist in its reconstruction.
            Germans never change their imperialistic attitude. They think that the world belongs to them.
            Even their national anthem verifies it : Deutchland uber alles (Germany above all).

            Be safe Chris.

            • Let’s be honest. The Serbians started World War I.

              They paid what they did in 1914 on 1999.

            • Well, I can’t argue with that. And, So, on the anniversary of the Dresden Firestorm, I bid you too, be safe.

            • Exactly Manos, Germany still owes reparations all the the way back to WW 1 that have never and will never be repaid. Peace

        • Oh my goodness Chris, get over it, there jokes thats all! People really take themselves seriously these days. My fathers parents are directly from Germany just prior to WW2 and I speak pretty good German myself thanks to my Grandmother.
          If you don’t think the Greeks should be worried about Germany’s leadership, then you Have not been watching any of the EU parliamentary proceedings, Schultz will see to it Greece is driven into the ground and made nothing more then a protectorate of the EU. The EU led by Germany and France have the goal of a united europe and this time they won’t need guns just money.

      25. Manos, I hope and pray things get better for you. Thank you for keeping us in the know. Regards


      27. The riots are caused because lowering of the standard of living over there, because they have been living on borrowed money literally. Now they are acting like the socialist pricks they are, now that they don’t get the equivalent to wellfare from borrowed money ; look at them. Fell bad for them, nah. They were living over their means for a long time. Ran the credit card up and now crying about the interest and paying it back. The same shit is gonna happen here soon. Greece is the blueprint of how it will be for a failed socialist system.

        • Diabolical D, you are a heartless moron.

          Suffering is suffering, no matter what the reason. Anyone who can look at that and say, nah, they deserve it, is certain to get a good kick in the ass from Karma one of these days.

          What you don’t seem to realize is that these people taking to the streets are just every day folks, accountants, shop clerks, and nannies. These people are marching because their standard of living has dropped to the point of starvation, through no fault of their own. These aren’t government employees or welfare bums having their dole taken away. These are everyday employeed people who are having their incomes slashed by 35% while their already high taxes double, with payments on those taxes due retroactively and immediately.

          There but for God’s grace go every single one of us. Hopefully if it was you and your family starving, others would look more kindly on you than you have on them.

          • I pride myself on being real and not letting too many bullshit emotions dictate my life. Thanks for the compliment. To DPS fortunately I own everything I have, everything no payments coming from me or fucking credit to get what I can’t pay for on my own. I support no war any where ever. I will be in in cardboard box before I line the pockets of banks. I have no pity for self created suffering brought on deliberately by others to themselves. Especially when they know better. Suffering is the necessary result of lack of anyones ability to control their behaviors. Causuality. Do you feel sorry for the gambling addicts or heroin users who do what they do to themselves? Perhaps a sex addict who gets aids? Nah…did it to themselves and I’m not paying for their bullshit or giving much time to the soap box on it; let em suffer it will do em good. You only change behavior if it hurts you or is destructive or costs you in the end. Think of it as giant process that never ends; called CHANGE from one thing to another. Happens all the time everyday in everything. They will accept what they have done to themselves or just fucking cry until quites hurting like a kid.

            • One more thing Manos is a man right?, let him stand up for his self. My post ain’t going anywhere. He doesn’t need protectors to rally his cause when he can speak for his self very well I am sure. Take your self-righteous shit and stuff it.

          • Why don’t you give them your money from savings or retirement to help them over there??

            • If not the shut the fuck up chulah.

            • One more retort; unless you guys are going to help everyone like God would on the planet or even here in this country for gods sake; then shut the fuck up. If you can’t help here right how can you possibly do anything for someone there in greece. Listening to their sob story isn’t helping them. Are you gonna cry when the wellfare fucks here start screaming that we all owe them something when it turns off cause were broke! Again if so then feed them with your money, point made.

            • My dear I am proud of you for standing up to this bully. Strike one for us all.

          • I’m let you work on my block when shit gets real bad….promise.

            • Leave Daisy alone. She has a right to her opinion, just as you do.

              If she feels like commenting, that is her right, or are you against freedom of speech?


            • My gosh, DD – a six post rant. Next time perhaps get all your thoughts together beforehand. It will sound far more eloquent and less like the broken ramblings of an angry bitter person.

              Hmmm….lets address your “points”, shall we?

              First of all, congratulations on being debt free. That is a big accomplishment in this day – truly. However, before you feel too smug about it, let’s see how long you “own” what you have when the government quite literally TRIPLES your property taxes, as they have in some places in Greece.

              Secondly, the decisions were made FOR the Greek people by a corrupt government. Now that the painful part is setting in, the Greeks are only demanding that the people who got them into this mess step down. They are asking for relief from measures so austere that people are homeless, starving and giving up their children.

              Third, if I thought donations would actually reach the folks that need help, I would happily send them. Since customs in Greece are as corrupt as all other government agencies, that isn’t an option at this time.

              Fourth, yes, I will feel very badly when people here are starving. Whether you “deserve it” or not, whether you’ve made mistakes or not, it is a terrible thing to not have a roof over your head or food in the bellies of your children. I will do everything in my power to help, no matter who the victim is or what they’ve done in the past. Even if it’s you, D.

              And finally, no thanks to your kind offer. I’ll find my own pimp.

            • Daisy I read nealy everything that goes on here on this site and a fellow by the name Uriel said you were fundamentalist prick and stupid and you proven what he said even further. You don’t need a pimp, you will find your own?? I am glad you didn’t refute or argue the fact of what I indirectly said about you baby. You have proven it both ways. Dumb as a rock and you closet sell twat and are in need of a pimp perhaps not me, nonetheless in need of a pimp. GOD THIS IS FUCKING GREAT!!!! GOD BLESS YOU GIRL for being honest.

        • Diabloical D,

          Let me ask you this are you a Amrican? Yes or no really doesn’t matter.
          If yes then did you vote to attack Iraq? Does your voice count in the vote for the dept our children will have to pay? I’m betting you have a new house and cars all on credit.. You sir are a slave to the corp!!


      28. Manos, has the power gone out yet? I’m waiting to see how the situation changes once this occurs. Stay safe.

        Semper Fi

        • godsofold,

          Not yet, but they announced increases in electricity, water, high-way toll, and bus tickets.

          I’m not commending on gas which is 1,80 euros per liter.

      29. this weighs heavy on the heart and mind.

        be well manos…

        thank you for putting this out mac

      30. Germany is not a member of The European Gendarmerie Force (EUROGENDFOR). Its not allowed to be.

        Germany does not take part, as their constitution does not permit the use of military forces for police services.
        End Quote


        Don’t let Greek anti German sentiment let them spread mis-truths.
        They may well have very good reasons for not liking the Germans, but what Manos is saying is NOT allowed.

        • Indeed, there were several reports circling the web a few days ago that a German ( or international) police force had been deployed to help Greek officials. Likewise, there were several reports indicating this was inaccurate.

          As you said, it’s not allowed, but there have been a lot of things that were not allowed by treaty in Europe throughout this crisis and nonetheless happened. Same here in the US. It has been established over several years that foreign troops are on US soil, and it’s believed that they will be deployed in a supporting, perhaps even lead role, during martial law scenarios.

          Nothing is out of the realm of posssibility at this point. Though, I do think it would be a bad political move by the Germans…. But let’s be honest, none of the leaders of these countries is thinking rationally at this point…

          • What! *WHAT*!!! Politicians doing things that are “Not Allowed” by law? No WAY!

            I’m so glad we live in *AMERICAN* where such things can’t happen.

            [rolls eyes]


            • “I am shocked that there is gambling in this establishment”

              “Your winnings sir”

              “Thank you”

          • Mac,

            That’s how I see it happening here. When SHTF, expect to find the foreign troops have been brought in on the down low to do the dirty work. Why should they care? We’re not their neighbors, friends, brothers or sisters. There is no concern for us. Just a boot on your throat. Stay safe everyone.

            Semper Fi

          • Germany wants very much to be out of the EU. It has been a disaster as would be expected when the wealthiest nation is suddenly expected to subsidize the rest of a sorry group,which are quite happy to not pull their weight and just ride in the wagon. Germany had a hard time and still does after re unification with East Germany as most from there did not know the meaning of working. The classic reason why Socialism cannot work, those that show up and work hard get tired of carrying those who are just along for the free stuff. It was tried here in the US at Plymouth Colony and at Jamestown and was a failure both times. As anyone could have told them human nature being what it is.

        • Eddy,

          You’re right about that. I have already seen the web site. That’s why i wrote to Mac that it’s not verified.

          My opinion is that Greece nowadays is a good training camp for police forces from all over the world.

          Why not send the riot police men, and get their training for free, and in the real thing?

      31. I didnt like to hear that your police force acted like that, least they forget who has really been paying their salaries and making what they had and have, is all up to the people they are repressing..Nice job assholes.
        guess what? soon enough you will be in the same possition as those you act against..soon you wont have anything to lose either.

        Hope the thin blue line over here is paying attention..dont start nothing, wont be nothing.
        I bet if you asked how well funded and to what percentage of your retirement and health plan are funded you’d be shocked. And without the working man to fund your position..guess what..poof your financial bridge just fell in
        It all works the same with any funded retirement plan..especially if they are playing with your money in the stock market..
        I am already seeing some , possibly many blue collar trades packages not fully funded..I’d look into it.

        But the point is, your suppossed to be working for us, because we pay the bills..those guys that have and hold your money, they aint yer friends..
        rules of engagement apply..who ever draws first blood is the agressor. I dont care how the media swings it.

      32. Max Kieser reported Germany is holding all the cards on the Greek crises. That Greece got dumbed on with bad debt, like a landfill.

        But the scareiest thing he said was America was in far worse shape. And seeing how our government likes war…WW3 to blame the comming collapse on?

        • Rachel: Germany may not be holding as many “cards” as they think. Ok, so the GB’s take a 50-60% haircut on their bonds and declare it a “rewrite” rather than a “default” for accounting purposes, and writes a portion of the loans off the books.

          Greece collects the cash, holds elections next month, the new government holds a referendum, and the electorate decides to exit the EU (and keep the cash). 🙂

          This isn’t over by any means people.

      33. Remember he who turns his sword into a plow will plow for those that don’t or get shipped off to a fema camp

        • Wow! The secret is out! Thomas Jefferson knew about FEMA camps!!!


          • A man ahead of his time…..he probably predicted Fast and Furious, too. In any evevt I’ll keep my guns and leave the plowing to my brother-in-law.

      34. Manos, I am a christian middle eastern, paid my dues heavily from 1975 to 1979. I know what you are going through. We had to fight to stay alive daily, but I lost family and friend fighters right in front of me when I could not so anything to save them. Mercenaries were brought in from africa and were paid $50 for each christian head (physically). Shells and smoke were the new breathing paradox for us. Ultimately today, being a survivalist and a prepper is a GOD-GIVEN gift among the 1% preppers of this nation. Keep up the fight because only the strong will win, but you can only win through faith.

        Stay focused, prep, stockpile. Get silver and ammo. But DO NOT lose faith.

        • Get silver and ammo? Are you phucking serious?
          They have NO guns and NO money. Idiot.

          • Are you feeling better, Mike?

        • Watchdog,

          Sorry to hear all that. Your suffering cannot be compared to ours.
          War and death is always sad.
          Thanks for your words, and God bless you.

      35. Manos,
        My family and I are praying for you and yours…such a sad situation, with nothing good coming down the road for any of us.
        I find comfort in these verses…
        “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
        2 I will say of the LORD,
        He is my refuge and my fortress:
        my God; in him will I trust.Psalm 91:1,2

      36. If you had a Glock 19, would you spend money on an AR15 and bullets or take three advanced pistol courses? Its one or the other in the next year….

        • Go for the guns and ammo. Advanced pistol course? I’m not feeling it, man. Take the gun(s) out for some break-in shooting, get to know how they function and stock up on ammo. There’s your advanced pistol course….

        • “The mission of the defensive pistol is to provide immediate protection against unexpected, life-threatening criminal violence. Unexpected is the point. Forewarned, one would go out of his way to avoid the situation, while calling in the gendarmes; or if that were impossible, he would fetch a rifle or shotgun, which are decidedly more effective tools for repelling boarders than any pistol…”


        • I’d rather have a beat up old rifle or shotgun any day of the week…

        • Buy a good 22 rifle and pistol, get 10,000 rounds ammo. still cheaper than an AR, then go SHOOT! forget the advanced courses, get the NRA books, Cheap and the Army manuals. NOTHING beats practice. Better a hit with a 22 than a miss with a bazooka.

        • ME? I’d take ONE shot and collect my new AR15!!! and ammo.

        • I just bought my son an S&W M&P 15-22lr, It is an 22lr on an AR platform. It was 400.00 retail. On an experiment I took an old motorcycle helmet out back and I couldn’t penetrate it at 30yds, but the first shot did crack it pretty well. It would absolutely ring someones bell. It is dead on accurate as well. Peace

      37. Manos, I feel bad for you but We are in the same fix here in the US. We are broke and getting broker. We are going to get our austerity measures too. It is inevitable. When we crash though it will make your predicament look like a sunday picnic. Don’t forget there are 300,000,000 guns in this country and a whole lot more ammo. I bet I have 10,000 rounds of ammo with in 12 foot of me. It’s time to purge the deadwood anyway. Unfortunatley it will be a bloodbath of biblical proportions. We are all in the same boat and it’s sinking.

      38. @Smoky… you got a verse for defaulting on responsibilities?

        • ROFLOL!! Anon..is that STILL bothering you? LOL!! Glad to know I got to you!! 😀

      39. Manos,

        I’m lost as to what it is you and other protesters want.
        If the government is broke where does the money come from to maintain the old status quo of wages, retirement benefits, etc. for Greek’s huge government work force?

        With the state of Greek’s economy, how do you expect private businesses to maintain high levels of employment, high wages, and generous retirement benefits?

        I fully understand the pain you suffering but what is it you want? It seems to me that decades of Socialism has brought Greece to the brink of disaster. I don’t understand how more of the same will cure Greece’s ills.

        This website has it’s share of good folks that can’t face the fact that socialist policies have brought the U.S. to the same brink. They, instead, chase the age old boogiemen – bankers. History has been down that road before to no good end, but hey, whatever makes them sleep at night.

        Personally, I blame our ills here on the American people, including myself, that allowed our government to become the monster it now is. I won’t protest austerity measures here that curtail government handouts that our constitution never authorized or we weren’t forced to participate in. Sure, I have my pet entitlement, Social Security. As someone who has paid into it, at the point of a gun so to speak, for over 45 years, I think this insurance policy should pay up when I reach 66 in a couple years. But, if the money is not there it’s not there, so I prepared for that as best I could.

        Anyway, I wish you luck and good health.

        • Of course..take the self blame avenue..and multiply it all over the planet..

          The central banks/planners have you right in their planned mindset..

          ..and of course.have the willing media worldwide propagating this mantra..socialism/communism/democracy/plutocracy.et al.

          it’s the [peoples fault.. I call B.S.!

          The same “divide and conquer” technique used for thousands of years..

          If many of you took the time off from Fox and all the others and did some research..you’d find the reality of the situation..and it’s been implemented here in the US as well..

          These wonderful bankers have sold toxic debt..repackaged it as a perfect investment..and utilized the EU and IMF to enforce the countries of Greece Spain Italy Portugal to owe the debt..serviced as bonds etc..

          Do some homework..

          the same scenario has been done to us via the housing bubble….all preplanned..

          enjoy your day..

          • This toxic debt is a result of clinton wanting every tom dick and harry to own a home wheather they can pay for it or not.

          • Well, possee, I’ll keep an eye out for the black helicopters once I get my tinfoil hat to fit.

          • And who wrote the playbook for all that? Yep, you guessed it, everyone’s friend, Goldman Sachs.

        • Inquiring Mind,

          Above all, no one denies that mistakes had been made, as well as over-spending.

          The basic demand has nothing to do with the decreasing of our life status and consuming ability.
          Greeks demand that the crooks who rule this place since 1974, quit immediatelly.
          There is no way that the same people who are responsible for this mess, they are going to save us from themselves.

          For every submarine we ordered from Germany, 10% was given to parliament members for bribery. The same applied to all sectors of the public life; health, education, taxation, contruction, industry.

          Why didn’t we hang’em high? Divide and conquer. They managed to had their trustees all over the country, so the 4% screwed the rest 96%.

          The Germans from their own point of view, have some logical arguments.


          1. Greece, Portugal, and Spain, were the best and most loyal customers of the German products. Miele, Siemens, Bosch, Heckler Koch, Reinmetall, Mercedes, BMW, etc. Now they decided that debt is bad? Ok, whatever.

          2. Germany ows to Greece around 350 billion (in current values), from the WW2 compensations. If i write down the Nazi crimes during the 4 year occupation, you will get angry. Just one thing: 850.000 soldiers and citizens died due to fighting incidents, resistance, hunger, death camps, and total destruction of cities and villages. This applied to the 16% of the population.
          Just imagine 48,000,000 Americans to die because of a Chinese invasion.

          So the most basic demands are for the Greek crooks to be held responsible for the collapse, and pay from their own property. And for Germany to pay back its own obligation to the Greek nation.

          Moreover, around 200 billion are deposited to Swiss banks. At least half of that money belongs to parliament members and their close buddies. If that money returns to Greece, and used wisely, then we can speek about development.

          Finally, the current prime minister (not elected), was the head of the central bank when Greece entered the euro zone. He along with the prime minister back then, manipulated the financial data, and managed to get Greece in.

          Good luck too

        • It’s not “socialist” policies but some welfare state policies within a very much capitalist economy.

          Real socialist policies under a real workers’ state will abolish the stock market and the Fed, nationalise much of key industry, revive manufacturing, seize the banks, nullify all debts the people owe the banks, pull the US out of all foreign wars, closed down all US military bases overseas, shoot all the banksters, politicians and lobbyists and institute an economy based upon production for social need, not private profit. In such an economy you will not have the kind of exploitation of people and resources to enrich a handful.

          This is the kind of solution needed in Greece, the US and other countries but it seems nobody is willing to do this.

      40. A previous poster wrote about guns in Greece. On the European main land there must be a shit pile full of WWII military weapons hid in civilian hands. The German stuff must be everywhere. At some point it’s very likely this stuff will reappear.

        Nasty times we live in.

        • No, Kevin2, there are no piles of weapons left from WWII.
          As many as possible were removed in years after the war to protect children from accidentally finding them.
          The same with mines and grenades. If there is anything left in the ground, it’s all rotten and rusted = useless.
          People did not stock pile/hide weapons after the war. They were tired of war and all the killings and death they witnessed. They craved peaceful lives. My grandfather told me this.
          Additionally, most European countries are pretty safe, so there was no reason to think one needs a gun for self-defense.
          I personally highly doubt any of the WWII era guns will reappear.

          • Zen

            I guess I’m looking through American eyes. If that stuff was laying around after a battle and the authorities came to clean up the guns here it would be, “Guns? What guns? We didn’t see any guns?

            Most of the US is safe too. I guess it’s an American thing.

            • I understand your point.
              And yes, the mentality and attitude toward guns (and war) is very different here than it is there.

            • If the stories I heard about Germany are correct. A whole bunch of stuff went underground.

      41. Nothing like this will happen until after November. They will hold EVERYTHING together until the people kick out the Criminal Bastard in Chief. Then, lookout.

        FedCo will get violent and it will get angry. It will thrash around killing and injuring people until it finally dies. Stay out of its way.

        • Sadly, I’m not sure the sheeple will vote out the criminal bastard out. If they did who would we get in return? Another criminal bastard!

          • Only one available that is not a criminal bastard. …or at least he hasn’t been for the last 40 years. But, sadly, you have a point.

      42. Mike, my comment on ammo and guns applies for everyone here and not just Manos “idiot”.

      43. Thank you so much Manos for giving us this insight. I’m keeping a close eye on the situation in Greece and I feel terrible for the Greek people. Everyone loses who isn’t in the ruling class.
        I’m one of those “Occutards” and know exactly what you mean about infiltraitors and police pretending to be “anarchist”. Just witnessed with my own eyes police men watching some “anarchists” breaking windows, but not even flinching. Then the trouble starters left and the police starting snatching people off the sidewalks. The people who had not been commuting vandalism and who had even tried to stop those people from destroying property. Crazy times.

        I have no doubt that the situation in Greece is coming to my area.
        I wish there was some way to help your people out.
        For myself, prep and target practice.





      45. i was in the us debt clock website and noticed that the whole world is in debt. If you look at all the ‘major’ countries, they are all doing very bad.

        • That is correct Joe and by comparison the US is in great shape! 🙂

          • Kinda like two guys caught in quicksand one is in up to his neck the other is in up to his knees. The guy standing in the quicksand up to his knees looks down at the other fellow and says “grab onto me and you’ll be fine” Peace

            • Good analogy

            • Funny! I like that. I am not discounting OUR financial position but compared to others WE look good. Really.

              Without an adverse event, WE might even work OUR way out of it.

        • all orchestrated by TPAB.

      46. Don’t forget to write for David Sarti!
        Long live SIXTH COLUMN!

      47. These people protesting may not want to hear this, but they are the masters of this disaster. How soon people forget the decade-long boom on easy money and credit. The long party of house-flipping and yearly pay raises. Well, all that money was ‘funny money’: borrowed from the savings of Asia and the tax payers of Northern Europe. And now the system is no longer willing to pay as much as they did (keep in mind they are still getting bailed out to the tune of billions).

        As for how Greeks divide up the wealth in their society, that is for them to decide.

        • Exactly Frank, it is up to the Greeks to decide. To bad they are not being allowed to decide it!

      48. As I used to say before getting into shape,
        “I’m in great shape, round is a shape!”

      49. One of the advantages of living in London is the sheer multi-ethnicity of the place. Means you get to see/hear a wide variety of perspectives – especially if you listen to the elders.

        Please don’t anyone think the German people want this anymore than the Greeks! The German people are being given no voice either!

        Democracy (the very idea of the people having a voice) is being crushed in it’s birth place to send a global message – The ptb are in charge! No matter where he lives or what nation he belongs to, the ordnary man has no say.

        This is civil war upon the people with MONEY being the weapon of choice. Everywhere man is being stripped of his rights. The Greeks want to default and reset – if they do this though, the bankers lose their power so it will not be allowed until it is unstoppable. All the current parliament has voted for is to prolong the suffering of the people until they are too hungry & weak to resist.

        Europeans want to trade with one another in a fair manner and to live peacably, while enjoying and respecting one anothers cultures and differences. The powers that be want a totalitarian continental regime based on an industristrial monoculturalism that suits noone but themselves.

        Donate what you can to medicins sans frontiers (non-politica version of the red cross) and pray for Europe.

      50. I can hear a lot of people saying, “That can’t happen in the US.” I would challenge them with “Why Not?!”

        Humans are humans. When your survival is threatened you will revert back to instinct and fight to survive.

        Be ready folks.

      51. If you haven’t already read this please do so

        It’s the best explanation of the “big picture” and the petrodollar I’ve come across and explains what is really happening on a global scale. It’s a long article but well worth an hour of your time.

        http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b01c2y2b/Panorama_Poor_America/ The state of play in the US for many of the poulation right now. SHTF takes many forms and is happening everywhere at different speeds depending on locale.

      52. 3 million preppers ,alas only 250,000 can squeeze through the eye of the needle, but who’s counting?

      53. DPS, You can do your own searches to find quite a bit on the payments to those Occupunks. Some are paid through unions and through the Soros-machine. I can’t post links because the comment won’t go through.

        You yourself claimed you felt like a failure, and that’s fine. But failure is a weak quality, not a strong one. Just step aside so that the stronger folks can come to the Nation’s assistance when needed.

        And next time, watch that bias. It would be more appropriate to say Ma’am. Not all strong Patriots are men, you know.

        • Sorry, but I run a manufacturing factory and I support occupy because I’m just not quite ignorant enough to believe either a dem or republican gives a shit about this economic mess. I know nothing of George Soros. Sean Hannity tell you that bullshit? I don’t care about your fucking infiltrators. I marched with a bunch of Americans. Smart ones. Fool.

      54. This is a make or break moment for the middle class. Uncle Ben, Uncle Buffett and I will do just FINE. You, I don’t think so.

        • yo rich 99 saw that pic awhile back,how about working on my block I’ll treat you real special baby. Even pic was fak iI bet you still got some fine cheeks.

          • I going to enjoy putting you work once shit falls apart and so will my boys.

      55. Manos,

        My prayers go out to you, your family and the people of Greece.

        Stay safe.

        KY Mom

      56. $40 will buy me a silver eagle.

      57. Just like the Byzantine Empire. Things just got worse little by little, but it lasted for 1,000 years, a good run. If the Venetian merc was not shot on the armor, the siege would have been lifted and Byzantium is going to stand today.

        Greece never recovered from what happened on 1922, when the Brits refused to attack, capture and hang the man who inflicted Britain’s greatest defeat in history.

      58. NetRanger says:
        February 13, 2012 at 10:07 pm

        Nothing like this will happen until after November. They will hold EVERYTHING together until the people kick out the Criminal Bastard in Chief. Then, lookout.

        FedCo will get violent and it will get angry. It will thrash around killing and injuring people until it finally dies. Stay out of its way.

        I have to agree with NetRanger. As long as people have their safety net coming in nothing will happen until after the election. Most are one paycheck or EBT card from being hungry and no pot to piss in.

        If there’s any possible way to get out of the city and into a small rural town, do it before it’s too late. Times are hard now, but will get harder soon.

      59. Manos, Great post.

        Does Greek organised labour have the power to bring down the present government of traitors and puppets of foreign powers, then pull Greece out of the euro, return to the drachma, nullify the debt, etc?

        Also, where does the Greek military stand in this. Why does it not launch a coup and topple this government or why cannot it?

        The two scenarios here are between a left-wing led revolution and a rightist coup but there seems no other solution, since the established democratic institutions such as parliament are part of the problem, rather than the solution.

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